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Members Promote Your Fan Projects

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Members Promote Your Fan Projects

    So many wonderful fan artists, writers, interviewers consider Buffyforums their home. While Buffyforums remains committed to be free of outside advertising and soliciting, we realize sometimes members do projects too big to be posted on the forums.

    1. This thread is for posting links to your fan project such as web magazine, podcast, or special event at your fanart site (interviews with fanartists, book giveaways, holiday calenders).
    2. You need to be a regularly active member. If you just found us then, that's okay, but before you post again, you need to be joining in the community. Please read our Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines to make sure your posts are not considered spam.
    3. Links to new content only. Not for fanart website updates or repeated advertising for the same content.
    4. No links to sites with bulletin boards.
    5. No links to items for sale or trade.
    6. Moderators will take down any links as we feel necessary.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    On 1/1/11 I created a site for my fanfic. However, as it's very adult, I don't have a link on my fanart site 'cause I'd be embarassed if my mom saw it. LOL
    However, as a special treat, I'm happy to share the link with you guys!


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      I started a Buffy-related podcast on January 3 called "Buffy Thoughts." You'll hear discussions of characters, issues, themes, metaphors and other thoughtworthy topics in the Buffy universe or Buffy fandom. You will not hear episode reviews, season recaps or celebrity news (that's all fine, but you can get it better elsewhere). You can download installments at or subscribe on iTunes. The third installment is fresh out today. Thanks!


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        First item - I run a Smallville/Superman/DC online magazine called OSCK MAGAZINE. We cover all things Smallville, current things going on in comics/films and keep up with former Smallville stars w/ their latest projects.

        In our first three issues we've talked to Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen,) Elena Satine (Mera,) Christine Chatelain, Ryan Robbins, Emillie Ullerup, Allison Mack, Sharon Taylor (Faora,) and Allessandro Juliani (Dr. Hamilton) for RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING. Also we've interviewed Smallville composer Louis Febre & Dean Cain!

        Follow OSCK MAGAZINE to read our issues.

        My sister's and my Sci-Fi news site Multipleverses runs an online Radio show. Currently we have weekly discussions about the lastest SMALLVILLE episodes, but you can also find audio files for interviews as well. Find us at Multipleverse Blogtalk.


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          My podcast, Buffy Thoughts, released its 5th installment on February 28, and number 6 will be out March 15. I also have a FB page up, at


          I hope you'll check it out and "like" it.



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            I made a Tumblr blog dedicated to Giles. Here you'll find GIFs, Screen shots, quotes and more:



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              I like the Giles tumblr

              I have a new fanlisting... I have several fanlistings, but the newest and bestest is a mini River Tam fansite:


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                Mothers Opposed To The Occult

                (reposted from the main Buffy forum as it was pointed out that this was the place for it)

                My friend Henri and I are huge Buffy fans and have undertaken a slightly ridiculous challenge: to write a song about each and every episode of Buffy, in order, in the style of 80s power rock.

                Every time we've completed a season's worth of songs we'll release them as an album (obviously the first season is mercifully short so we're easing ourselves in!)

                Anyway, we've put the first song, Welcome To The Hellmouth (obviously) up here

                I write all the songs, sing, and play almost everything on an old yamaha keyboard (including drums!) then Henri adds his 80s guitar shredding over the top.

                We should have our first album finished in a few months and we'll putting some new songs up along the way. Probably best to 'like' us on facebook to stay up to date.

                Hope you like it!