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List 10 things two characters have in common and a bonus one

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    1. Both had mystical beginnings
    2. Both had superhuman 'parents'
    3. Both had missing childhoods
    4. Both had identity issues
    5. Neither fulfilled their potential
    6. Both were disliked by the audience
    7. Both were deeply loved by their families
    8. Both were stubborn and often difficult to manage
    9. Both often felt lost and lonely
    10. Both had crushes on demons

    Next . . . Faith and Willow


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      Faith and Willow:

      1. Both had bad mothers
      2. Both enjoyed getting mystical powers as a way to get away from their previous life and feel new confidence
      3. Both went evil at one point and started abusing their powers
      4. Both have murdered humans
      5. Both regretted their evil turn and looked for redemption
      6. Both participated in the big final battle against the First Evil
      7. Both have kissed Xander
      8. Both thought Giles was attractive
      9. Both had a close friendship with Buffy
      10. Both have (arguably?) shown attraction to both genders

      (I was struggling to come up with 10 here)

      Let's have something easy:

      Angel and Wesley
      You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


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        1. Both were rogue demon hunters
        2. Both had a crush on Cordy
        3. Both had domineering fathers
        4. Both 'killed' their fathers
        5. Both visited Faith in prison
        6. Both had a very dark side
        7. Both were in charge of Angel Investigations at different times
        8. Both set great store by prophecies
        9. Both are involved with women who are sacrificed so other characters can come into being
        10. Both have turned to Willow for help

        Next - Xander & Angel


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          Xander & Angel:

          1. Both fell in love with their best friend, but in both cases it went nowhere (for different reasons though).
          2. Cordelia was involved in both cases, once as the girfriend who was cheated on and once as the best friend.
          3. Both did have father-issues
          4. Both were in love with Buffy at the same time.
          5. Both functioned as Buffy's bedrock
          6. Both men were often annoyed by Spike
          7. Both characters seriously suffered from writers who no longer knew what to do with them
          8. Both lost a best friend in the beginning of the first season.
          9. Darla was the first vampire to make a huge impact on them.
          10. Both saved the world

          Bonus: Both had an ex who murdered loads of innocent people. And neither woman really cared, they even returned/tried to return to their evil demonic self at some point.

          Lilah & Willow