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List 10 things two characters have in common and a bonus one

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  • List 10 things two characters have in common and a bonus one

    Okay, so this game goes like this, you give a pair of characters and the next person gives 10 things these two characters have in common and a bonus (So it's basically 11 things) but the bonus can be a silly similarity.

    For example:

    Xander and Spike

    1) They were both outcasts.
    2) Their main reason for disliking Angel is about a woman.
    3) They hide behind shields.
    4) They get along better with women than men.
    5) They tell it as it is.
    6) They're cheerleaders of freewill and spit on prophcies.
    7) They had unrequited love for Buffy.
    8) They don't take rejection well.
    9) Buffy falls in love with them after they change.
    10) Both of them don't believe Buffy when she declares her love.

    Bonus: Best way to get over being dumped is putting a love spell on your ex.

    Next Pair: Buffy and Willow.
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    Buffy & Willow

    1. They both disliked Cordelia and Anya
    2. They both loved Xander
    3. They both tried to kill each other and all the Scoobies
    4. They both became addicted to things that they considered bad for them
    5. They both suffered the loss of a loved one
    6. Both could be stubborn and headstrong
    7. Both were committed to the mission
    8. Both are kind and funny
    9. Both were surrogate parents to Dawn
    10. Both dated taciturn men

    And 11. Both slept with Slayers

    Next pair . . . Buffy and Darla


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      Buffy & Darla

      01. Both loved and were loved by Angel
      02. Both were killed by The Master
      03. Both sacrificed themselves for their (surrogate) child
      04. Both came back from the death after a magical ritual was performed
      05. Both found themselves opposing Angel in an emotional arc (arguably the best arcs in the verse)
      06. Both died several times
      07. Both had a father-figure who was not their biological father
      08. Both were often underestimated because of how they look
      09. Both had to grow up quickly (I guess we don't really know that part of Darla's backstory, but it's a safe assumption considering what we do know about her.)
      10. Angel was willing to sacrifice his (un)life for their life (IWRY & The Trial).

      (Bonus: If you ignore the comics; they both slept with The Immortal.)

      Wesley & Giles


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        Wesley and Giles

        1. Both were Watchers
        2. Both loved women who were murdered
        3. Both had difficult childhoods/teenage years
        4. Both were sacked by the Watchers Council
        5. Both work alongside demons
        6. Both have killed humans
        7. Both were murdered (I'm counting the comics)
        8. Both are English
        9. Both wear glasses
        10. Both have been possessed by demons

        And number 11. Both loved women who were in STEM

        Next . . . . Giles & Dawn


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          What is STEM?

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            Originally posted by flow View Post
            What is STEM?

            It stands for Science Technology Engineering Maths. There has been a big push over the last few years to try and get more women involved in those areas of work, which are seen as male dominated.


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              Giles & Dawn

              Both have performed dangerous magic rituals and regretted it
              Both love and are loved by Buffy in a familial way
              Both threatened Spike because of protectiveness over Buffy
              Both have found themselves once in am awkward sexually charged situation with vampires
              Both were told "I love you" by Buffy on the morning when she was trying to make herself say those words because she was scared she was losing her ability to love
              Both are close to Slayers but have no superpowers
              Both mourned Joyce
              Both had a falling-out with Buffy in season 7
              Both were affected by Willow's memory spell
              Both have approved of murdering humans in some situations (although Dawn only verbally)

              Next: Willow and Drusilla
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                This is a tough one! I am taking the DH comics into account but not the Boom!comics:

                Willow & Drusilla:

                1. They are both currently single
                2. They both loved a demon
                3. They both tried to destroy the world once
                4. They both supplied Spike with something to feed on while he was sick
                5. They both wanted Xander
                6. They both comforted a crying Spike
                7. Spike threatened both to kill them
                8. Buffy fought with both of them but couldn't defeat them
                9. They both killed a human
                10. Angelus stalked them both

                Bonus: They have both been to South America!

                Next: Willow and Xander

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                  Wow, Flow, good job on Willow and Drusilla!

                  Willow and Xander

                  1) Both came from neglectful homes.
                  2) Both loved Buffy.
                  3) Dawn thought they were both cool.
                  4) They like watching Bollywood movies.
                  5) Both cheated on their significant others.
                  6) They both brought Buffy back from the dead.
                  7) Both were the emotional support Buffy needed at multiple of times.
                  8) Both are Buffy's second in command but aren't afraid to take the lead when she isn't around.
                  9) Both admired Giles and looked up to him.
                  10) They both hate their past and high school and wish they'd never go back there again (#6 S10 when both discovered right away that the past universe was fake)

                  Bonus: They both see home coming queen and prom queen titles as travisty and worth of mocking.

                  Next: Xander and Wesley
                  Made by Trickyboxes
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                    Xander & Wesley (this was a tough one)

                    1. Both had difficult relationships with their fathers
                    2. Both had crushes on Cordelia
                    3. Both assisted Giles with his work
                    4. Both grew into very good demon fighters
                    5. Both gained self-confidence over time
                    6. Both made wrong calls about Faith
                    7. Both loved women who died
                    8. Both had secret romantic relationships
                    9. Both were happy to sacrifice themselves for the mission
                    10. Both found more happiness with their chosen families than their real ones.

                    Bonus - both of them very much liked and admired Willow

                    Next . . . Angel & Cordelia


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                      Hm, I'm a bit hopeless at this. I'm sure that I'm missing some obvious ones...

                      Angel & Cordelia

                      1. Both moved to Los Angeles
                      2. Both were given the visions at one time or another
                      3. Both have died
                      4. Both have been trapped in an alternate dimension
                      5. Both were given a mission by the PTB
                      6. Both loved Doyle
                      7. Both weren't effected by Ethan's spell on Halloween
                      8. Both have been skewered through the torso by a re-bar
                      9. Both have been possessed by ghostly spirits twice
                      10. Both have a natural eye for fashion

                      Faith and Anya
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                        Faith and Anya:

                        1) Both have killed.
                        2) Both speak their mind without a hint of tact.
                        3) Both can be spiteful and jealous.
                        4) Both are looking for love and acceptance from one person.
                        5) Both cling to that one person and don't bother to expand their circle of friends.
                        6) Their way of thinking is shaped by their horrible past.
                        7) Both are defined by their job.
                        8) Their view of men is extremely cynical.
                        9) Both have tortured men.
                        10) Willow disliked both of them.

                        Bonus: Both had the pleasure of having gratifying intercourse with Xander the Viking in the Sack Harris.

                        Next: Giles and Spike.
                        Made by Trickyboxes
                        Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life. Teenage Dirtbag


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                          Giles & Spike

                          1. Both are English
                          2. Both have worn tweed
                          3. Both can quote Shakespeare
                          4. Both love Buffy Summers
                          5. Both have kissed Anya
                          6. Both have kissed Dru
                          7. Both have admired Angel
                          8. Both have hated Angel
                          9. Both speak several [demon] languages
                          10. Both are often exasperated by Buffy

                          Bonus - both love music and are heard singing in the show

                          Next . . . Spike & Angel


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                            Loving reading these guys. Sorry I don't have the time to contribute at the moment, I'm really impressed at how well everyone is doing to think of their lists.


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                              Spike & Angel

                              1. Both were vampires with a soul
                              2. Both had pretty much the same name (Liam & William)
                              3. Both had a romantic relationship with Buffy and Drusilla
                              4. Both did end up in LA after a life-changing period in Sunnydale
                              5. Both vampires were the bad guy in BtVS season 2
                              6. Both really didn't like The Immortal for all the wrong reasons
                              7. Both loved their leather coat
                              8. Both were extremely petty when the other was involved
                              9. Fred was very dear to the both of them
                              10. Both were mocked because of their hair

                              Bonus: They were the only people in the world who liked Spike's poetry (until the people in NFA did as well..... but Angel already did it before it was cool!)

                              Connor & Dawn