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    Top 5 current shows (unfortunately, not for long- they are all ending in 2020!)

    1. BoJack Horseman
    2. The 100
    3. The Good Place
    4. Agents of SHIELD
    5. Dark

    Top 5 shows that ended or were cancelled in the last 2 years:

    1. The Americans
    2. The Leftovers
    3. Daredevil
    4. Jessica Jones
    5. Black Sails / Santa Clarita Diet (tie)
    You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


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      As we're having a General Election in teh UK, here are my top 5 Labour PM's (there's only been 6)

      1. Clement Attlee
      2. Harold Wilson
      3. Tony Blair
      4. James Callaghan
      5. Gordon Brown


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        Top 5 YouTube channels I'm currently obssessed with!

        1. Glam&Gore - Makup videos, both glamorous and FX
        2. WhatCulture - Top 10s in film and TV
        3. ALTER - Short films, mostly horror, between 5-15 minutes long
        4. Liam Duke - Reacts to BtVS/AtS, Dollhouse and OUAT
        5. Duo Reacts - Reacts to The Walking Dead
        "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"