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  • False. I like Season 7 just as it is, and the potentials didn't need anymore air time

    Statement - Season 12 was pointless and added nothing to the story of Buffy


    • False. (I think!) I haven't reread it yet and worked out all my points of view and thoughts on it all yet, but I'm going with false. The future for Fray (time travel in BtVS Nina) was literally amended and it appeared to be for the better. I think it can also be looked on for progression for Buffy too in that she accepted another aspect of her own character in seeing that she doesn't actual want a quiet life. She wants/needs to integrate both aspects of her world, 'normal' and supernatural, as she has been steadily facing over the years sure, but it is more than that. She doesn't enjoy the down time and wants to keep herself busier when she isn't fighting literal demons too. The emphasis on the idea that you can always reassess and change your situation and reshape your future gave a level of hopefulness to her outlook that I think she has lacked before. There was a hint of it at the end of S7 when they changed the slayer rules of succession, but she felt so uncertain of how to reshape her life that it went fairly off the rails in the initial attempts. A few years later and she is altering her life again but there is a sense of comfort/ease to doing so that she has lacked before. She started S12 misjudging what was bothering her as illustrated by the split with Spike that she said early on she then saw wasn't the problem, but by the end of the season she has reconsidered and established something that she wants to try instead for herself. And, I'd argue, the clear ongoing affection between her and Spike and their talk of wanting to be in each others lives still, of having time apart for 'a bit', all really underlined that focus on the future always being something which can be reconsidered and reshaped. This the Fray altered timeline underscored.

      Statement: Retconning Warren and Rack's deaths undermined the darkness of Willow's S6 arc.


      • Absolutely true. And it was done for no valid reason because neither Warren nor Rack fulfilled any purpose after their deaths were retconned.

        Statement: Fred ending up in a hell dimension in season12 is not only ironic, because that`s where Angel rescued her from years ago. It also means, that his fear has come true - nothing he does matters.

        I'll eventually respond to the entire thread.
        If there is a statement or an answer to ist, that you want to respond to in more detail, you can of course always open a separate thread for it!

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        • False. Fred went into that battle alongside Illyria and went through the portal willingly. I think it's made clear that she is on board and of course she knew there was a chance that they wouldn't make it (although as part Old One, isn't the chance of her being killed questionable?). We'd seen in other seasons too that Fred and Illyria were aware of what the other was doing and could even assert themselves if they wanted. So you could argue that Angel freeing her and her joining AI and getting hollowed out by Illyria then resurrected with the new seed all led to being there at that moment and being able to do what they did together. Consequently it could be seen as proof what Angel did does matter, as does her choice to fight and sacrifice herself heroically to protect her friends.

          Statement: It was ridiculous to change the Vampyr book into this powerful magical item when it was never presented as anything special before.
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          • True - because I don't read the comics

            The Mayor was the first person who ever loved and coddled Faith
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


            • False. I think he was the first person who Faith though loved her, but it was a strange sort of love that involved a lot of manipulation.

              Statement - We should have seen more of Olivia and the Giles/Olivia relationship


              • True. As it stands, we don't care much about her or the fact that Giles (probably) lost her due to his secret coming out, and that was bad writing. We should care about every character, regardless of screen time.

                Statement: Giles was unable to move on from Jenny because he didn't get any closure, not because she was his soulmate/true love.
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                • Disagree. I think Giles did move on from Jenny. Being a watcher kept him from marrying Olivia and having kids, not his devotion to Jenny.

                  Statement - Angel's most interesting relationship on either show was with Spike


                  • Obviously not true or false as it's a matter of opinion. But I disagree, since I think his most interesting relationship was with Darla.
                    His relationship Spike might be second. There were times when their relationship was incredibly interesting and complex, but also other times when it was just stereotypical dick-measuring, testosterone-filled pissing contest, or lame buddy comedy.

                    Statement: Viewers would have a lot more sympathy for Xander and wouldn't judge him so harsh for his immature decisions and remarks, if he had been played by an age appropriate actor, or at least one that looked like a teenage boy in seasons 1-3 and a 21 year old in season 6.
                    You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


                    • Disagree. It is an interesting idea, whether it would have changed some people's perceptions, but I think generally people not considering the context and age of the character when the whole setting is about being young and growing up are choosing to not look sympathetically towards him.

                      Statement: Jonathan's canon story finishing with a regressed/resurrected version of himself as a vengeance demon is disappointing.


                      • Agree. I really don't know why they needed to resurrect Jonathan, let the poor guy rest in peace.

                        Statement - BOOM! Buffy lacks personality (bit niche I know, as a lot of people don't read the comics)