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Haven Episode 2.4 22. The Ashes You Made

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  • Haven Episode 2.4 22. The Ashes You Made

    This is the fourth episode of "Haven" Season 2, an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 2.4 22. The Ashes You Made

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    “Orchestra” by The Servant plays.

    Dominic, aged 16, lies on his bed, his eyes closed. They open slowly, an entranced look on his face. He sits up.

    ‘Here I am
    A young man
    Come and get me if you can
    Up in my room covered in flames’

    CUT TO:


    Dominic pulls on a coat and then looks around at the house thoughtfully. He turns and opens the front door.

    ‘Meet me at the cinema
    You can take me in your car
    I'll lie in the back and stare at the planes’

    CUT TO:


    Dominic stands at the threshold of the house and lights a cigarette. He takes a drag as he walks away. He drops the lighter.

    ‘There's an orchestra in me
    Playing endlessly
    I even hear it now’

    As the lighter hits the ground, flames engulf the doorway behind Dominic and spread into the house. Dominic closes his eyes as the glow of the fire flickers on his skin.

    ‘They play in the devil's key
    An endless symphony
    I even hear it now’

    Dominic walks away, his wet footprints starting to catch alight as well.

    ‘And I listen to the music
    Beautiful music’

    Dominic turns a corner exhaling, smiling slightly.

    ‘Yes I listen to the music
    Beautiful music’


    FADE TO:


    Dominic stands next to the kitchen table, wincing slightly as he supports himself with his crutches. He looks in pain as he bends his leg, and prepares to sit. He cries out slightly as he does, sweat appearing on his brow. His hand slips slightly and he stumbles into the table, knocking over a glass of water. He breathes heavily, staring at the ground, looking annoyed as he sits down fully. The water drips off the edge of the table on to the floor. The door opens; Alandra walks in. Dominic looks over at her, not entirely pleased to see her. Alandra narrows her brow as she sees Dominic’s condition, concerned.

    Alandra: Hey...

    Dominic tries to appear fine. He smiles weakly, inhaling.

    Dominic: Hey.

    Alandra looks unconvinced.

    Alandra: Where’s Grace?

    Dominic: I think she’s having a shower, I don’t know...

    He exhales, picking up the cup. Alandra watches and walks over to the sink. She takes some kitchen towel and then walks back to the table. Dominic watches her, frowning.

    Dominic: You don’t need to do that.

    Alandra: I think I do. Water is a hazard in a work environment, after all.

    She raises her eyebrows, smiling weakly. Dominic does not smile. He looks down at the meal he has prepared for himself but does not eat. Alandra watches him.

    Alandra: Haven’t seen you this bad in a while; physio’s tough, huh?

    Dominic: Yeah...

    Alandra nods vaguely. She lifts the kitchen towel, now soaked with the water. She stands.

    Alandra: Without making you sound like an it really such a good idea for you to be active when you’re like this?

    Dominic sighs.

    Dominic: If I stop using the leg it’ll be worse.

    Alandra: Well, clearly trying to use it without anyone else around is a bad idea.

    Dominic looks down seriously.

    Dominic: Could you...find out if Grace can get down here soon?

    Alandra nods.

    Alandra: Sure; don’t go anywhere.

    She smiles weakly. Dominic smiles back slightly as she walks away. He stares at the table.

    CUT TO:


    Alandra approaches Grace’s door and knocks; there is no answer. Alandra hesitates and then knocks again.

    Alandra: Grace?

    Again, no answer. Alandra slowly opens the door and peers in. Her gaze rests on one spot and her eyes widen. Grace can be seen lying, motionless in the doorway between the en suite and the rest of her room. Alandra hurries over. Juliet follows, at first unaware of Grace’s condition. Her expression changes to shock as she sees Alandra kneeling down trying to rouse Grace. She hurries over too. There is a close up of Grace’s eyes. They flicker open slightly and then close again.




    “Black Black Heart” by David Usher plays. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in and out. People walk past in slow motion.

    FADE TO:


    The sun shines down upon the hotel as smartly dressed people walk in and out.

    FADE TO:


    The beat of the song kicks in. The screen has a blue tint. Blurred figures are seen in the background, walking to and fro.






    Blurred figures walk up and down the stairwell.






    Blurred figures work in the kitchen.






    Blurred figures sit and walk around.






    Blurred figures move in and out of rooms and walk down the corridor.






    The sun sets on the horizon.



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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The room is dimly lit by a lamp as Grace opens her eyes slowly. She is lying in her bed. Dominic is sat in a chair nearby, asleep. She watches him for a second, glancing at his leg before his face again.

    Grace: Dominic?

    He stirs slightly and wakes. Grace smiles at him and he smiles back, an element of concern in his eyes as he sits forwards.

    Grace: I’m guessing it’s late.

    Dominic: Early, by now. How do you feel?

    Grace sighs.

    Grace: Like that girl in Saw when she fell into the syringe bath.

    Dominic narrows his brow.

    Grace: Right, I forget you refuse to watch that.

    Dominic: I’ll get round to it.

    Grace smiles and then closes her eyes, wincing from pain. Dominic exhales.

    Dominic: Kathleen was here earlier; she’s pretty sure it was an attack.

    Grace looks at him.

    Grace: I never had one like it before, but from what I’ve heard fibromyalgia is like this for a lot of people; guess I’m one of ‘em too now.

    She looks annoyed. Dominic looks sympathetic. He indicates the bedside table.

    Dominic: I got your meds. Will they be enough?

    Grace smiles thankfully. She reaches for a glass of water and her pills.

    Grace: Only one way to find out.

    She pops the pills in her mouth and takes a sip from the glass. Dominic pauses as she swallows. She looks at him.

    Grace: Maybe this is a sympathy pain thing.

    She glances at his leg. He raises his eyebrows.

    Dominic: You should try and be a little less sympathetic.

    Grace: At least I’m conscious.

    Dominic smiles weakly.

    Dominic: As grateful as I am for that; I’d like to think we can do better.

    Grace sighs.

    Grace: Yeah...we’ll see.

    Dominic looks unconvinced; he stands slowly, looking in pain as he sits down on the bed and then lies down. Grace watches him, wanting to help but knowing she can’t. There is a knock at the door. The couple turn their heads.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Juliet is sat behind her desk. Kathleen and Liliana are sat opposite her.

    Kathleen: A change in severity in a fibromyalgia case is rare...a change back is even less likely.

    Juliet frowns.

    Juliet: What do you suggest?

    Kathleen: Grace has already been aware of what she needs to do for quite some time now.

    Juliet: And that would be?

    Kathleen looks surprised.

    Kathleen: This may be an unusual situation Juliet but I still respect patient confidentiality; she’ll discuss it with you when she’s ready.

    Juliet frowns. Liliana looks at Kathleen. She catches Kathleen’s eye; Kathleen exhales.

    Kathleen: It’s not fatal; but it is debilitating. To the extent that even walking may become difficult for her. It won’t be easy.

    Juliet nods slowly looking distracted as she sits back. She looks at Liliana.

    Juliet: Do we have the capability to care for Grace the worst case scenario?

    Liliana smiles supportively.

    Liliana: We will. If necessary, we will.

    Juliet looks unconvinced. Liliana looks at Kathleen.

    Liliana: Thank you, Kathleen.

    Kathleen smiles awkwardly.

    Kathleen: Hardly. I’ll be returning to check up on Grace and...all of you, in a few days.

    Juliet: All of us?

    Kathleen looks at her.

    Kathleen: There are still wounds lingering from Amethyst...and I don’t think it would do any harm for you and I to have a talk, see where you are with, uh , everything.

    Juliet smiles, surprised.

    Juliet: I’m not sure how far we’d get.

    Kathleen: Still. Until then.

    She smiles quickly at them both before walking away. Juliet and Liliana watch her go as she walks out. Liliana looks at Juliet.

    Liliana: I think talking to her could do you some good.

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: I don’t think I’m a priority right now.

    Liliana looks unconvinced.

    Liliana: I’m sure you’d like to think that; but I doubt you truly believe it.

    Juliet looks around awkwardly. She smiles vaguely.

    Juliet: I’m doing my best to remember-

    Liliana: I know that, but there’s a reason why you haven’t been able to so far, and it’s unlikely you’ll get any further without some help. Kathleen is the best person for the job.

    Juliet nods slowly.

    Juliet: Great.

    Liliana smiles and stands, walking away. Juliet watches her, her smile fading.

    CUT TO:


    Mark picks up a plate from a table.

    Man OS: Hey!

    Mark turns back to see a man in his late 20s stood nearby. He looks annoyed and indicates the plate in front of him.

    Man: Was this stuff made by kindergarten or what?

    Mark narrows his brow.

    Mark: That’s unlikely.

    The man rolls his eyes.

    Man: You not got anyone who can cook a proper meal here?

    Mark frowns.

    Mark: Were you expecting caviar?

    He smiles incredulously and looks around but the few other guests are all looking equally unimpressed. His smile fades. The man who spoke shakes his head.

    Man: I was expecting something edible; or are we gonna have to starve down here in this hole with all of you?

    Mark stiffens.

    Mark: You can starve wherever you want, but that’d be kinda stupid, don’t ya think?

    One of the other guests smiles slightly at this, despite herself. Mark stares back at the man who looks annoyed at being challenged. Mark’s expression softens.

    Mark: I can try and get you something else on the menu, if you think you can bear to stick around.

    The man hesitates but then nods reluctantly. Mark nods in return and takes the man’s plate. He walks towards the kitchen.

    CUT TO:


    Alandra is stood by the oven, food frying in front of her. She looks back and smiles slightly, clearly stressed.

    Alandra: Hey.

    Mark: Hey, what are you doing cooking down here?

    He walks forwards. Alandra looks back at the food.

    Alandra: Oh, I don’t know how those things work, and I thought, well, how hard can it be to cook for a few people, you know, and well, it turns out...

    Mark puts his hand on hers. Alandra glances up at him.

    Mark: Let me take over for a little while.

    Alandra hesitates. She shrugs, smiling awkwardly.

    Alandra: I am...fine, really, the idea that I cannot cope with this is ridiculous-

    Mark: Alandra; you are not fine. In fact, you kinda suck.

    Alandra looks shocked.

    Alandra: Says who?

    Mark: At least one of the guests out there.

    Alandra: There are like...two!

    Mark: Then 50% of your customers are unsatisfied.

    Alandra looks annoyed.

    Mark: You don’t need to do all this alone

    Alandra smiles in thanks and relinquishes the frying pan. Mark looks at the food cooking.

    Mark: Where’s Gael anyway?

    Alandra sighs.

    Alandra: He heard about Grace.

    Mark looks at her seriously. Alandra looks away gravely.

    CUT TO:


    Gael is sat on Tegan’s bed, Tegan sat on the chair nearby. Juliet is stood near the door with her arms folded.

    Gael: We shoulda’ seen this coming.

    Tegan looks at him.

    Tegan: Shut up.

    He looks at her. She smiles supportively.

    Tegan: Grace deals with her condition like it’s nothing, no one could have done anything.

    Juliet: No; but it is something now.

    Gael and Tegan looks at her.

    Juliet: You both know enough to understand we can only wait and hope that Kathleen something.

    Gael: Like what?

    He frowns.

    Gael: You’re right that we know enough; this isn’t gonna go away. She could be like this for good.

    Juliet looks annoyed.

    Juliet: And we can keep worrying about that, but what good is it gonna do anyone, especially Grace?

    Gael says nothing. Juliet parts her arms.

    Juliet: I’m not gonna ask what’s been going on because, frankly, right now it’s not important.

    Tegan avoids looking at Gael. As she goes out of focus he can be seen to be doing the same in the background. Juliet looks between them.

    Juliet: Grace and Dominic need your support and so do I-

    There is a knock on the door. It opens as Juliet turns her head. Devyn peers his head round and steps inside. Juliet purses her lips. Devyn tries not to look awkward.

    Devyn: Uh, I just came to say, Gael...

    Gael looks up.

    Devyn: I think Alandra and Mark could use your help in the kitchen.

    Gael shakes himself.

    Gael: God, yeah, of course.

    He stands and smiles weakly at the others as he walks out. Tegan, Devyn and Juliet are left in silence. Juliet looks as if she wants to say something to Devyn but chooses not to. She turns back to Tegan.

    Juliet: I’ll be in my office.

    Tegan nods. Juliet smiles very weakly at Devyn before walking out. Devyn closes his eyes looking regretful. Tegan eyes him awkwardly.

    Tegan: Is it really that bad between you two?

    Devyn: Is it really that bad between you and Grace and Dominic?

    Tegan sighs.

    Tegan: I don’t know what that is’s gonna have to get better. We’re all adults, the whole not talking thing is pretty junior high.

    She raises her eyebrows. Devyn smiles vaguely but looks distracted as he stares at the ground. Tegan narrows her brow as she approaches him.

    Tegan: Is this still about Elliot Ross? Cause-

    Devyn: No.

    Tegan looks confused.

    Tegan: Then what?

    Devyn hesitates, but then pushes the door closed behind him gently. Tegan looks ambivalent as he draws a breath.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Dominic aged 16 is sat down, his fingers intertwined as he stares at the table looking scared. A policeman is stood behind him. Dominic looks up as the door opens. Another policeman walks in followed by a woman in her 40s. Dominic begins to smile looking relieved, but it quickly fades as he stares at her face. The woman tears her eyes away from Dominic as she looks from one cop to the other.

      Woman: Would you boys mind giving us a few minutes?

      The policeman who just walked in looks at the other and then back at the woman.

      Policeman: Lisa, we can’t leave you in here unsupervised-

      Lisa: Please, Bill. It’s important.

      Bill hesitates but then nods.

      Bill: You got five minutes.

      She smiles at him thankfully but her smile fades quickly as he and the other policeman walk out, shutting the door behind them. Lisa stares at Dominic as she walks up to the empty chair opposite him. She slowly sits down and tries to smile as she looks him in the eye.

      Lisa: I hope Bill and the others’ve been treatin’ you all right?

      Dominic nods slowly, glancing at the table and then at her again.

      Dominic: How’s Susan?

      Lisa’s smile vanishes. She looks at her lap, pursing her lips before looking back at him.

      Lisa: Well she’s...she’s still unconscious. The doctors say may be a while before she’s talking to us all again.

      Dominic looks hurt by what she is saying. Lisa watches him as he cannot look at her. He shakes his head.

      Dominic: Mom I...I swear to God I thought she was with you-

      Lisa: Don’t you dare!

      He looks up. Her eyes flash with anger as she grits her teeth. There is a pause. She screws up her eyes trying to compose herself as she breathes deeply, her eyes staring at her lap once more.

      Lisa: Dominic...I need you to tell me that...that this time...

      She looks at him, her eyes filling with tears.

      Lisa: That this was an accident.

      She sobs slightly. Dominic’s face contorts as he holds back his own tears.

      Dominic: Mom?

      Lisa nods, gathering herself.

      Lisa: That you didn’t mean it; it just happened. Because Dominic, if...if protecting you all these years every time something like this...

      She closes her eyes and then slowly opens them again, speaking slowly.

      Lisa: If your daddy and I protected you just so that you could put your sister into a coma I don’t-

      She shakes her head.

      Lisa: I don’t think I could ever forgive myself...or you.

      Dominic looks at a loss for words.

      Lisa: So please, please Dominic, I’ll believe what you tell me now; please tell me that you didn’t start that fire on purpose.

      She looks at him pleadingly as tears run down her face. Dominic opens his mouth, staring at where the ground meets the wall. He speaks very faintly.

      Dominic: Mom I...I can’t help what I do-

      She bursts into tears, covering the lower part of her face with her hands.

      Lisa: Oh God!

      Dominic looks devastated to see her this way and reaches out.

      Lisa: No!

      She shouts as she stands, backing away from him angrily and then turning away as she holds her face in her hands. Bill and several other policemen rush in as Dominic stares sadly at his mother, unable to give her the lies she wants.


      FADE TO:


      Dominic steps out of Grace’s room using his crutches. He closes the door behind him gently, wincing slightly as he puts all his weight on his good leg. He breathes heavily trying to focus, but cannot seem to shift his pain.

      Devyn appears from the end of the corridor. He’s sees and walks over quickly.

      Devyn: Hey, you want a hand?

      He goes to support Dominic’s arm without waiting for an answer; Dominic smiles awkwardly.

      Dominic: I got it.

      Devyn looks at him, pulling back slowly. Dominic repositions his crutches. He looks back at Devyn, trying his best to mask his trouble.

      Dominic: Not like I can’t close a door myself.

      Devyn nods.

      Devyn: Obviously.

      Dominic: If I wanted help I would’ve asked, ok?

      Devyn frowns.

      Devyn: Ok.

      Dominic nods and begins to walk away. Devyn looks confused.

      Devyn: Are you...going back to the kitchen?

      Dominic exhales and turns back.

      Dominic: Yeah, I am.

      Devyn: You sure...that’s a good idea?

      Dominic sighs, irritated.

      Dominic: What’s your problem?

      Devyn: What, besides the fact you have a serious injury and you should be resting?

      Dominic: It’s not that serious.

      Devyn looks at him levelly.

      Devyn: Why hide what’s going on with you man?

      Dominic shakes his head.

      Dominic: You don’t know what’s going on.

      Devyn: I have a pretty good idea. I saw you, Dominic; after you saw Kathleen the other day. There are complications with your leg aren’t there?

      Dominic pauses.

      Dominic: You wanna know why I don’t tell the others? Because they’ll look at me like you are right now.

      Devyn: Like what?

      Dominic: Like you don’t believe me. What I feel right now isn’t half the pain Grace has to endure every day; she’s the one that needs the help.

      There is a pause.

      Devyn: She’s not gonna get it from you, if you can’t walk. Be realistic here; you’re both damaged. I know a little bit about pain ok? You need to focus on yourself.

      Dominic looks angry, shaking his head.

      Dominic: Do me a favour and let me decide what I can focus on.

      He walks away. Devyn frowns.

      Devyn: You know I’m right Dominic.

      Dominic does not respond, looking resilient as he walks on. Devyn looks annoyed that he has been ignored and glances at Grace’s door.

      CUT TO:


      Jackie is sat down, alone in the room taking a sip from a cup of coffee. She looks back as footsteps approach; Bethany appears next to her.

      Bethany: Still avoiding the kitchen huh?

      Jackie hesitates and notices Bethany is holding a cup in her hand.

      Jackie: I suppose that would make two of us.

      She glances up at Bethany who half smiles. She slowly sits down next to her.

      Bethany: We both have our reasons.

      Jackie nods slowly. Bethany glances at Jackie, holding her cup in her hands.

      Bethany: I guess 9:30’s gonna be a little early for the current guest population.

      Jackie smiles, as does Bethany, for a moment. There is a pause as Jackie glances at Bethany thoughtfully.

      Jackie: No sign of the kids either; they’re usually up at this time.

      Bethany: Oh, they’re with Gael. Think he wanted to take his mind off of Grace and her fibro-whatever.

      Jackie: Mm, yes I heard about that.

      Bethany: Sucks to be her.

      Jackie: I imagine so.

      She narrows her brow looking confused.

      Jackie: Bethany...

      Bethany looks at her.

      Bethany: Yeah?

      Jackie: What are we doing?

      Bethany’s eyes shift left and right. She smiles, puzzled.

      Bethany: This would be known as a coffee break. Is that ok?

      Jackie: Well, yes, o-of course, but, this isn’t the first time you’ve gone out of your way to make an effort with me.

      Bethany hesitates. Jackie continues to frown.

      Jackie: Do you want something?

      Bethany gives her a look, smiling slightly.

      Bethany: Right, I have a master agenda.

      Jackie smiles, embarrassed.

      Jackie: I’m sorry; I just look at how you act with...Mark.

      Bethany’s smile vanishes. Jackie looks worried.

      Jackie: And how you look when I mention his name.

      Bethany nods vaguely.

      Jackie: You try and act as if he isn’t here because of what he did to you. And yet, you helped me when we rescued Juliet, you talk to me as if I was a friend when I...

      She inhales. Bethany looks at her.

      Bethany: What Mark did, Jackie, I’s complicated and...

      She exhales.

      Bethany: The reason I ignore him is because I can feel myself starting to forgive him, because that’s what I’m good at. Empathising with people and forgiving them is really easy for me. Lucky you.

      She raises her eyebrows.

      Bethany: I mean the whole point of Haven is everyone has their own story right? And you know, you ever wanna tell me yours, consider me as someone who’ll listen.

      Jackie smiles slightly. They both turn their heads as footsteps and voices are. Bethany smiles as Gael and the kids walk in.

      Bethany: Here they are.

      She stands and walks over to them. She smiles at the kids and then at Gael.

      Bethany: You ok?

      Gael nods wearily.

      Gael: Yeah; these guys were hungry so thought it was about time we came through.

      Bethany looks around at the kids and puts her hands on her hips.

      Bethany: Oh, hungry huh?

      The kids nod.

      Bethany: Well I think pancakes could be arranged, how does that sound?

      Teya: Yay! Can we have syrup too?

      Bethany: We’ll see.

      She looks at Gael, her smile fading slightly.

      Bethany: Would you mind?

      She cocks her head indicating the kitchen. Gael nods, understanding and walks away. Jackie watches as Bethany leads the kids to their seats. She and Bethany share a smile. As Bethany looks away, Jackie notices Riley scratching his leg. She narrows her brow as she notices a tear down his trousers. She takes a sip from her coffee, looking concerned.

      CUT TO:


      Gael walks in from the dining area. Alandra and Mark is washing dishes. Dominic is leaning on the counter nearby, putting away clean items. Gael looks surprised to see him. Alandra turns her head.

      Alandra: Oh, hey Gael, are the kids in yet? Cause you know they can be kinda particular with their breakfast orders.

      Gael: Uh, yeah, yeah they’re out there. Pancakes is the request.

      Alandra rolls her eyes.

      Alandra: God, again? Seriously those kids are gonna have a sugar addiction before the week is done. And I’m so not gonna be their babysitter when that happens.

      She grins at Mark who rolls his eyes smiling back. Gael however looks at Dominic.

      Gael: Dominic.

      Dominic looks back and smiles weakly, nodding. Alandra looks over at him.

      Gael: How-how are you feeling?

      Dominic looks back again.

      Dominic: Fine...thanks.

      Gael nods. Mark and Alandra look awkward.

      Alandra: Grace is good too, right Dom?

      Dominic: Uh huh.

      Gael looks at Alandra and smiles thankfully.

      Gael: I’m surprised not to see you with her, actually. Thought you might need some company.

      Dominic turns round properly this time, wincing slightly. Alandra steps forward to help but he holds up his hand. He looks at Gael seriously.

      Dominic: Why don’t you be company for her?

      Gael hesitates, looking surprised. Mark and Alandra watch uncertainly.

      Gael: I don’t...want to impose.

      Dominic: That’s crap! Jesus, everyone is so afraid of imposing, and we’re all wondering why no one’s talking!?

      The others are silent.

      Dominic: Get over yourself, and go and see her! You’re supposed to be her best friend and I...

      He looks down.

      Dominic: I have to keep things going while you be that.

      Gael looks serious. He turns away and walks out. Dominic exhales deeply, closing his eyes tightly. He tries to reposition his leg as he opens his eyes again. Alandra steps forwards again.

      Alandra: Dom, do you need-

      Dominic: No I don’t need you!

      Alandra looks taken-a-back. Mark frowns.

      Mark: Hey, man, she’s just trying to help.

      Alandra: Mark, it’s ok.

      Dominic looks irritated and begins to walk away on his crutches.

      Mark: No it’s not, he can’t just speak to you like that-

      Alandra follows Dominic.

      Alandra: Dominic, wait-

      She reaches out to him, but he waves her away with his arm. In doing so he suddenly falls forwards, on to his bad leg. He cries out in pain. Alandra’s eyes widen. Mark runs over.

      Alandra: Oh my God...

      Mark comes to his assistance but looks at a loss. He looks up at Alandra.

      Mark: Get some help, quickly!

      Alandra hurries off, hurrying towards the camera. Dominic sees her go, and pulls his head back in pain.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Dominic is sat on the floor leaning against his bed, barefoot and with his shirt unbuttoned. He is sweating, looking devastated. He is clutching something in his hand. He lifts his hand up to show that it is a lighter. Beside him are the ashes of paper he has already burned; he takes another piece in his right hand and holds the lighter up to it. He tries to light it but no flame emerges. He looks angry trying again and again but the lighter is out of fluid. He grits his teeth in frustration and throws the lighter at the wall. It smashes. He watches the pieces for a moment.

        Footsteps are heard outside; the door opens and Aura hurries in, obviously hearing the breakage. She looks from Dominic to the broken lighter to the ashes. Dominic gives her a dark look.

        Dominic: What?

        Aura holds her ground. She eyes a bottle of beer, lying half empty on the bedside table. Several others are lying empty on the ground. Aura hesitates and then closes the door behind her. Dominic rolls his head away, looking pained. Aura watches him in the background and walks towards him.

        Aura: You’re gon’ drink yourself to death down here?

        Dominic laughs bitterly.

        Dominic: Whatta you care?

        He stares at her angrily. She sighs.

        Aura: Need to pull yourself together; not gonna get her back.

        She walks over him, about to take the bottle. Before she does, he holds her leg. She down at him seriously.

        Aura: What you doing?

        Dominic: I never thought you were...this-this-this-this beautiful.

        Aura looks sceptical.

        Aura: You don’t want

        Dominic closes his eyes, blinking away angry tears.

        Dominic: You have no idea what I want. But I...there’s uh, there’s a risk of...please just, if you-if you don’t stay then I-I-I don’t know what I might do...

        He looks up at her pitifully. She hesitates. He slowly drops the piece of paper and begins to unzip Aura’s boot. “Do No Wrong” by Thirteen Senses begins. Aura looks conflicted but does not resist. He slips the boot off of her foot and then unzips the other. He raises his hand up her leg. Aura looks more uncomfortable now.

        Aura: Dominic-

        Dominic pulls himself up and sways slightly as he faces her. She looks him in the eye and he quickly pulls her back, falling on to the bed.

        The song bursts into life as Dominic lies on top of Aura, scrambling at the belt of her skirt, trying to pull it down. Aura supports his body, looking uneasy as he begins to kiss her neck. She closes her eyes, half enraptured, half on edge. Dominic begins to thrust on top of her and she gasps, staring at the ceiling as she realises what she is doing. But she does not stop.

        ‘Satellites contain us
        Traffic lights control us’

        The camera moves away from them to the floor as they continue. Aura’s boot lies upon the ashes Dominic made.

        ‘Rockets shoot us up into the stars
        Rockets shoot us up into the stars’

        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:


        There is an aerial shot of Dominic, only the melancholy instrumental of the song heard. The camera slowly zooms in closer on his face as he contorts his face in pain.

        CUT TO:


        The song fades out as Gael walks down the staff corridor. He stops as he sees Grace locking her door. The two pause for a moment.

        Gael: Hi.

        Grace smiles back weakly.

        Gael: Didn’t expect you to be up?

        Grace: Please; I feel like I’ve been sleeping for my entire life. Though I guess Jules has me beaten on that one.

        They share a smile. There is another pause as the scene becomes awkward once again.

        Grace: Well I need some water so...

        Gael: I can get it for you...I mean if you want, we could um...have a chat or something?
        Grace hesitates.

        Grace: I don’t really have enough energy to talk about...things, right now.

        Gael’s hopeful look fades.

        Gael: Oh. Well, maybe a bit later we could-

        He stops as footsteps approach hurriedly. He turns back as Tegan appears.

        Tegan: Guys, Dominic’s in trouble!

        Grace’s eyes widen. Gael looks equally surprised.

        Gael: What?

        Grace has immediately started hurrying towards Tegan but she flinches as she grabs the wall. Gael and Tegan move to help her. She looks at them both for a split second.

        Grace: Let’s go...let’s go!

        She looks at them impatiently before they continue.

        CUT TO:


        Mark and Devyn are carrying a stretcher with Dominic on. He is conscious but looks faint, as they place him down on the ground.

        Devyn: Dominic? Can you hear me?

        Dominic does not respond as his eyes roll vacantly. Bethany, Sam, Jackie and the kids are stood near the dining area with several guests, all looking in helpless concern. Grace, Tegan and Gael appear. Gael looks shocked to see Dominic this way. Grace however has a knowing look on her face. Alandra, Juliet and Liliana appear from the direction of Juliet’s office. Juliet and Liliana share the others’ shock.

        Juliet: What the hell happened?

        Alandra: He just fell; it was like his leg just gave way.

        Devyn: We need to get him some attention right now.

        He looks at Liliana who nods.

        Liliana: I’ll contact Kathleen immediately.

        She turns back quickly. Juliet notices the congregation from the dining area.

        Juliet: Beth, Sam can you...

        She gives them a signal. Bethany understands.

        Bethany: Ok, everyone let’s just go back inside, nothing we can do here right now, come on!

        Riley: Is he gonna die?

        Bethany hesitates. Sam kneels down next to him.

        Sam: Dominic’s a strong guy ok buddy? He’ll pull through, now come on.

        He takes Riley’s hand and they make their way with the others into the dining area. Jackie remains, looking anxiously at Dominic’s body. Tegan looks around at the others.

        Tegan: There must be something we can do while Liliana lets Kathleen out of this other dimension that she hides in when we need her most.

        Grace: There isn’t.

        The others look at Grace. She walks forwards, and despite her pain manages to kneel down next to Dominic. She places her hand above his leg but then retracts it.

        Gael: I was just with him, he didn’t...I mean he wasn’t bad-

        Grace: It’s not your fault.

        She doesn’t look at him; instead she turns to Juliet.

        Grace: He needs surgery.

        The others looks confused. Juliet walks towards Grace.

        Juliet: Why?

        Grace sighs, knowing she must tell them.

        CUT TO:


        Alandra and Mark are sat at the table eating dinner. Mark watches as Alandra, her chin in her palm, stares down at her plate, forking over her food feebly. He sighs and eats some from his own plate.

        Mark: Mm, how’s yours?

        She looks at him and he raises an eyebrow. She rolls her eyes smiling a little.

        Alandra: I’m sure it’s great.

        He gives her a look.

        Alandra: I think I’m developing an allergy to MSG.

        Mark furrows his brow.

        Mark: Then why did you get Chinese?

        She throws down her fork.

        Alandra: Because I’ve been cooking random meals all day and I wanted this one to involve minimal effort.

        She looks at him, irritated. Mark stares back, raising an eyebrow.

        Mark: Your logic is flawed.

        He looks down and continues to eat. Alandra watches him incredulously for a moment and then begins to laugh. Mark smiles also. They look at one another. Alandra takes a mouthful. She grimaces slightly.

        Alandra: Now I know how Anne Frank felt.

        Mark furrows his brow.

        Mark: You think Anne Frank had take out?

        Alandra: You know what I mean! Fed rations, hidden away down here.

        Mark shrugs. Alandra looks at him thoughtfully.

        Alandra: Why did you choose to stay?

        Mark looks surprised by the question.

        Mark: I...have to.

        Alandra: You don’t. You’re not protecting anyone now. You know where your family are, you’re almost certainly not on Amethyst’s hot list. You could leave if you really wanted to. But you don’t, do you?

        She looks intrigued, but Mark looks uncomfortable.

        Mark: Who says my family want to see me?

        Alandra hesitates. Mark exhales and looks back down.

        Alandra: I look at everyone around...Juliet, Dominic, Tegan all of them...they’re already trapped. But that’s not enough, they just wanna retreat further. They each have their own Haven. This is what this life does.

        Mark looks at her. She shakes her head.

        Alandra: If I knew what it really, I never would’ve shown anyone the way here. I never would have come here myself.

        Mark hesitates.

        Mark: Well I’m glad you did. Makes it a lot easier to stay.

        Alandra smiles slightly.

        Mark: I know that the others have their drama and it’s all hidden under the surface right now, but believe me, it’s better that way. Though things have a way of revealing themselves, and I have a feeling that could happen soon. Best you and I can hope for is that we’re in the audience, several rows back.

        Alandra smiles slightly.

        Mark: You better sit next to me when it happens.

        Alandra smiles nodding slightly. Mark leans back. Alandra’s smile fades.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet is sat down, in the corridor outside of Kathleen’s office. She looks up as she sees Devyn stood at the end of the corridor. She looks as he slowly approaches.

        Devyn: What are you doing here?

        She looks at him, confused.

        Juliet: Waiting, what else?

        Devyn: For Dominic?

        Juliet nods.

        Juliet: Grace is in there with Gael...and Tegan too, I think.

        Devyn turns his head to the nearby door but then looks back at Juliet.

        Devyn: Why aren’t you in there?

        Juliet: I get the impression that they have things to talk through. I’m not part of that.

        Devyn sits down next to her. Juliet looks uncomfortable as they sit in silence for a moment.

        Juliet: You don’t have to sit here.

        Devyn: I know.

        Another pause. Juliet looks at him.

        Juliet: I take it you haven’t reconsidered my offer.

        She looks at him levelly, waiting for a response. He shakes his head slowly. Juliet looks disappointed.

        Juliet: I don’t understand.

        He looks at her, frowning.

        Devyn: I already told you-

        Juliet: I know what you told me. But I also know you told me that I need to let other people handle the pressure. Or was that just a meaningless speech?

        Her eyes challenge him. He shakes his head.

        Devyn: I meant it. It’s just...complicated.

        Juliet frowns, smiling weakly.

        Juliet: You can do better than that.

        Devyn looks at her, conflicted.

        Devyn: When...

        He inhales.

        Devyn: When you were in Amethyst I...spoke to Liliana about the possibility of someone taking over. She was kinda the temporary leader but we all knew she was waiting for you. And-and so was I but...

        He pauses.

        Devyn: I guess I was more willing to face the fact that you wouldn’t be back. And I asked Liliana what she thought.

        He looks sad.

        Devyn: Do you know what she did? She showed me something.

        Juliet looks confused.

        Devyn: An address. It’s the place my folks are living. And I had no idea they were even still alive...all this time they were less than three hours away. Living on.

        Juliet still looks confused. Devyn looks earnestly at her.

        Devyn: Jules I...I would help you if I could’ve here been for five years because you took charge and I...I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but I know that I have the chance to go. I am gonna go, and I don’t want anything stop me.

        A shadow of realisation passes over Juliet’s face as she sits back. There is a long pause. Devyn tries to find the right thing to say.

        Devyn: I still think you’re the best person to do this Jules, and I will help you-

        Juliet stands. Devyn looks worried. However Juliet smiles at him sadly.

        Juliet: Thank you for telling me.

        She walks away, her smile fading. Devyn watches her, his brow narrowed.

        Devyn: Where are you going?

        He stands, about to follow, but then thinks better of it as Juliet turns the corner out of sight.

        CUT TO:


        Grace is sat down looking nervous. Gael is sat nearby watching her seriously. Tegan is walking alongside the wall, browsing the shelves. She looks at the others and smiles awkwardly.

        Tegan: I guess the good news is we don’t have to worry whether the health care bill gets through.

        The others do not smile. Tegan exhales, realising her joke fell flat.

        Tegan: Want me to have a look through the door again?

        Grace looks up to see she is talking to her. She shakes her head.

        Grace: No, no we can’t tell anything from out here.

        Tegan nods slightly and sits down, exhaling. Grace turns her head slightly and catches Gael’s eye. She looks away seriously.

        Grace: If you’re angry that I didn’t tell you about should know that he specifically asked me not to tell anyone.

        Tegan looks at Gael for a moment but then smiles weakly.

        Tegan: We’re not angry.

        Gael: Just confused.

        Grace looks at him.

        Gael: This is Dominic; he’s not an idiot. I don’t see why he’d act so carelessly.

        Grace frowns.

        Grace: You don’t know how he acted.

        Gael: He was working today, when he knew he should be taking it easy. If that isn’t careless then-

        Grace: I know.

        She looks angry.

        Grace: If you think talking about this right now is a good idea, then you’ve clearly misunderstood why I wanted the two of you here.

        Gael looks like he wants to object but he says nothing staying put. Tegan looks awkward. Grace looks at her instead.

        Grace: You don’t know everything about him.

        She looks like she wants to say more but she does not. The door nearby opens. Everyone looks over as Kathleen walks in, dressed in scrubs. Grace stands. Kathleen smiles weakly, hesitating.

        Kathleen: We’ve not been as successful as I would have liked but...he’s stable. There’s still more to do.

        Grace looks serious.

        Grace: What about his leg?

        [i]Kathleen hesitates.

        Kathleen: There’s a small chance we can save it. But I can’t make any promises, I’m sorry, we’ve done all that we can so far.

        Grace looks grave. Behind her Gael closes his eyes solemnly.

        Kathleen: There are a few minutes; if you want to see him.

        Grace nods. She walks forwards without looking back at Tegan and Gael, and follows Kathleen into the further room. Gael and Tegan watch anxiously.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet bursts through the door. Liliana is stood on the balcony and looks somewhat alarmed by Juliet’s sudden entrance. Juliet looks at her, seething.

        Juliet: Just when I was beginning to think you weren’t so bad.

        Liliana frowns.

        Liliana: Juliet?

        Juliet: I know. I know why you employed me as chief of staff. You think that this is it for me, that I will never walk out of here again! Admit it!

        She glares at her. Liliana hesitates, trying to choose her words carefully.

        Liliana: It was a factor-

        Juliet scoffs incredulously.

        Liliana: But not the only reason! I value what you bring to-

        Juliet: Oh please; you don’t value me at all.

        She stares bitterly. Liliana looks troubled.

        Liliana: I would not have employed you if I didn’t think you could do the job. It was years before I even considered creating your position, you must understand how difficult it was to find someone without...

        She trails off.

        Juliet: Without what? Without hope? You think I’m without hope?

        Liliana swallows, pursing her lips.

        Liliana: Without a reason to suddenly vanish. And yet I was wrong, wasn’t I?

        Juliet looks angry.

        Juliet: You have no right to monopolize my private life.

        Liliana: “Private life”?

        She looks surprised.

        Liliana: Look around you. This is your private life. If you feel that you can no longer serve Haven as you have done then by all means tell me now, but otherwise...I will continue to rely on you as you rely on me. And Haven will survive.

        She stares back sternly. Juliet says nothing for a moment.

        Juliet: So it all comes back to Haven. That’s all you care about. We’re all just pieces that fit together to make it work.

        Liliana pauses.

        Liliana: Important pieces. And believe me, I am no more free to go than you are.

        She looks pained but Juliet ignores her. She shakes her head.

        Juliet: There’s no one else who’s stupid enough to trust you. And you know what, I will keep my position. But not for you. For them. And we will survive.

        She turns and leaves as abruptly as she entered. Liliana watches her and breathes a sigh of relief. Despite Juliet’s words she looks glad.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Grace faces Dominic looking serious. Both of their injuries are more recent.

          Grace: Why are you telling me this?

          Dominic hesitates.

          Dominic: How can I not? I...I wasn’t me, I had no idea what I was doing and she was there and...

          Grace glances at the ground and then back at him.

          Grace: And I wasn’t.

          Dominic looks like he doesn’t know what to say. Grace looks around the room blankly.

          Grace: Is this how it’s gonna be?

          She looks at him again.

          Grace: Whenever things get tough you become so “depressed” that you fall on top of the nearest girl you can find?

          Dominic: When you were gone I have no idea how close I was to burning something, anything more valuable than paper. I got it out of my system. I had to.

          Grace’s expression does not change.

          Grace: I can’t understand what it is that happens to you. What it is that turns you into that kinda guy. I need to know how you can get better.

          Dominic looks down.

          Dominic: You know I can’t get “better”, if I could I wouldn’t be here would I?

          He looks up at her but she does not return his look.

          Dominic: What I am sure of is that you are the one who’s been able to help me not be this. I love you.

          Grace says nothing. Dominic looks awkward.

          Dominic: I’m trying with your help, I’m trying. When you were taken I had no way of coping with that and I had to-I had to do something to stop. I wish I had done anything else but I don’t know if that would have done anything I...can you understand that part?

          He looks at her pleadingly. Grace hesitates.

          Grace: Did it work?

          Dominic nods sadly.

          Dominic: For a little while. Maybe if Amethyst hadn’t come along...

          Grace rubs her hands together, staring thoughtfully at the ground. She nods to herself.

          Grace: You’re gonna have to talk to me. Every day about how you’re feeling, how close or not close you are to burning something or doing something else that you’re gonna regret. I don’t know how to do this either, but I’m gonna learn. We will find a way.

          Dominic nods profusely looking hopeful.

          Dominic: You forgive me?

          Grace hesitates, exhaling.

          Grace: I will.

          She smiles very weakly before walking away. Dominic watches her go, knowing he can’t follow.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:


          Kathleen walks in followed by Grace. There are three other doctors and nurses surrounding Dominic who is lying down on a surgery table. Kathleen nods at her team and they immediately head for a nearby exit. Kathleen turns to Grace and smiles.

          Kathleen: Come through when you’re ready. Be brief, for his sake.

          Grace nods in thanks. Kathleen follows the others through the door. Grace turns to Dominic who appears unconscious. However as Grace approaches, his eyes open slowly. He smiles as he sees her and she returns it warmly. He exhales slightly, clearly groggy.

          Grace: It’s ok. Don’t try and talk.

          He nods slightly. She looks over at his leg for a moment and then back at him.

          Grace: Do you know what I think we should do? We should get a TV. If Liliana can build something like this and bring a medical team out of nowhere, then I think we’re not asking too much.

          Dominic smiles.

          Grace: We should watch ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. I know you always wanted to.

          He nods. Grace smiles but only briefly.

          Grace: And...and one other thing I think we need to do is finally talk to Juliet about everything. I don’t think we I can keep everything I feel locked up inside any longer. You get that right?

          Dominic looks serious but nods. Grace looks glad.

          Grace: We’ll find a way.

          Dominic caresses her hand with his. She leans in and kisses him before standing up straight again. She nods.

          Grace: You have to have an operation now.

          Dominic: I do.

          Grace hesitates.

          Grace: Survive.

          Dominic nods slowly.

          Dominic: You too.

          Grace begins to walk away. As she turns her smile vanishes and she closes her eyes, trying not to cry.

          FADE TO:

          EXT. HAVEN – DUSK

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Jackie is sat at the reception, typing. Juliet appears in the background. Jackie doesn’t see her at first but Juliet approaches, clearing her throat. Jackie looks up, surprised. There is a moment of silence. Juliet looks determined.

          Juliet: I want to talk to you about Amethyst.

          Jackie hesitates.

          Jackie: I’ve already told Liliana all that I-

          Juliet: I want you to tell me. This should have been the first thing I asked you hold the key to our very survival and I think it’s important that I know how much you...know.

          Jackie looks unconvinced.

          Jackie: What do you think you can do with any information I have, Amethyst are no doubt still doing what they did before-

          Juliet: In which case, I would like to know when we can expect them to make an appearance, before they do.

          She pauses.

          Juliet: I told you we should speak when we have to. I think we have to. Please.

          Jackie looks surprised by Juliet’s genuine tone. She nods slowly.

          Jackie: Very well. When?

          Juliet: Soon.

          She nods decisively and then walks away. Jackie watches her curiously.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet walks down but stops outside her door, noticing that it is ajar. She hesitates before pushing the door open warily. She looks inside to see Devyn sat on the end of the bed. She breathes a small sigh of relief.

          Juliet: Hey.

          Devyn smiles back but within seconds the pair both look serious.

          Devyn: You spoke to Liliana?

          Juliet swallows, pushing the door to behind her.

          Juliet: I did.

          Devyn hesitates and then stands.

          Devyn: This was not supposed to be about you, and-and I know I should have told you sooner but...I didn’t think about that. I just didn’t. And I’m sorry for that, but I can’t...

          He looks troubled. Juliet looks calm however.

          Juliet: I understand, Devyn. It’s ok.

          Devyn looks surprised.

          Devyn: You don’t have to understand-

          Juliet: Well I do. You have a life outside of this, me? Not so much, that’s the way it is. It’s the way it’s going to be, probably for the rest of my life and I hope that when you do go, your family accept you with open arms as they should. You’re a good man. You are.

          Devyn looks serious despite Juliet’s words. He reaches out towards her but then reclines.

          Devyn: You’re hurt.

          Juliet smiles bitterly.

          Juliet: No. I’m glad that I know the truth. And I have to lead for us all.

          Devyn looks unconvinced as Juliet looks pained. He walks up to her; she allows herself to slide into his arms as he holds her close. She rests her head on his chest as they stand. For a few moments they are still. Then at last, they part.

          Juliet: I should go back; Dominic...

          Devyn: You don’t need to.

          Juliet: What if something-

          Devyn: When he’s awake someone will come for us. Take some time.

          Juliet hesitates but then nods. Devyn leads her over to the bed.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Mark and Alandra walk through the lobby. Teya is in Mark’s arms, apparently asleep. Riley and Amy walk either side of Alandra. Jackie is behind the reception. As she watches the group Riley smiles at her. She smiles back but it quickly fades as they disappear out of sight. She stands up.

          CUT TO:


          Bethany is cleaning the floor. She looks up.

          Bethany: Oh, hey.

          Jackie: Hello.

          Jackie smiles but looks awkward. Bethany looks puzzled.

          Bethany: What’s up?

          Jackie: Well, uh, this may come across as a little out of the blue but...I was wondering about the kids.

          Bethany leans the mop against the table.

          Bethany: What about them?

          Jackie: Uh, are we sure that...this is a healthy environment for them?

          Bethany hesitates.

          Bethany: Obviously not perfect, but what can we do? Their mom is still out there right? We can’t exactly offer them up to social services.

          Jackie pauses. Bethany looks curious.

          Jackie: I don’t know what Amethyst have done with their mother. I’m sure she is still alive but...I doubt she will be returning in the near future.

          Bethany shrugs.

          Bethany: The kids are happy here, we’re keeping them as safe as we can, what do you suggest?

          Jackie: I suggest we rethink why it is that we’re keeping them here. And whether that is really what’s best for them.

          Bethany frowns and picks up the mop again.

          Bethany: I’m not really the best person to ask about this-

          Jackie: Bethany you’re one of the few people here who will look me in the eye.

          Bethany looks at her.

          Jackie: Tell me I’m wrong.

          Bethany hesitates. Footsteps are heard.

          Gael OS: Hey.

          Jackie and Bethany look round to see Gael stood nearby.

          Gael: Just thought you should know...Kathleen’s done. Dominic should wake up soon.

          Jackie nods, smiling. She looks back at Bethany one last time before they both head out.

          CUT TO:


          Dominic’s eyes open slowly. Grace is leaning over him. She looks nervous but smiles as she sees him awake. Dominic smiles back.

          Dominic: I you asked...

          Grace nods.

          Grace: You did.

          Dominic’s smile fades slightly. He looks scared.

          Dominic: What about my leg?

          Grace hesitates when Kathleen comes into view.

          Kathleen: You’re lucky your makeshift surgery doesn’t include a makeshift surgeon.

          She smiles at him. He leans up to see both his legs intact. He leans his head back on his pillow in relief.

          Kathleen: It will take at least a day before the feeling returns completely. From now on you’ll need to take the concept of “bed rest” much more literally.

          She raises her eyebrows. Dominic looks humbly at Grace.

          Dominic: Turns out I can’t do everything.

          Grace smiles slightly.

          Grace: It means a lot that you tried. Just promise me you’ll never try again.

          Dominic stifles a laugh. He looks her in the eye. He exhales heavily.

          Dominic: You’re walking; how’s the pain?

          Grace: Less. Now.

          They share a smile. Kathleen clears her throat.

          Kathleen: Not to interrupt but...I think you have some concerned people to talk to.

          Grace looks at her and nods. She looks at Dominic and smiles again before walking away. As the door closes behind her. Dominic quickly turns to Kathleen looking worried.

          Dominic: Kathleen...

          She looks at him, surprised.

          Kathleen: What is it, are you feeling pain?

          Dominic: No, worse. You remember what we talked about? The fire...

          Kathleen looks wary.

          Kathleen: You feel it again...

          Dominic nods looking uncomfortable.

          Kathleen: Do you think it was the anaesthetic from the operation?

          Dominic: I don’t know.

          Kathleen: How serious would you say this is?

          He hesitates.

          Dominic: For now I can keep it under control, I mean it’s not too bad but...I don’t know for how long.

          Kathleen looks at the door, knowing it will open any moment.

          Kathleen: I will help you but-

          The door opens and Grace followed by Tegan, Gael, Juliet, Bethany, Mark, Sam and Alandra.

          Tegan: Oh God, you scared the hell out of us!

          Kathleen backs away as they move round. Dominic puts on a smile, breaking eye contact with Kathleen.

          CUT TO:


          Liliana is sat in front of the computer terminal, typing. Behind her Devyn comes into focus.

          Liliana: I was wondering how long it would take.

          She looks back, well aware of who she is talking to. Devyn looks serious.

          Devyn: How did she react?
          Liliana smiles weakly.

          Liliana: What do you think?

          Liliana stands.

          Liliana: She was going to blame at least one of us. I take it the two of you still...?

          Devyn looks pained.

          Devyn: Yes. We’re much...better, now.

          Liliana gives him a pitying look.

          Liliana: Don’t feel guilty about this. Everyone got what they wanted. Juliet has a renewed drive to take lead, she has you and you have her. This was an inspired idea. Well done.

          Devyn looks guilty despite her words. Liliana sighs.

          Liliana: She won’t find out about your real family. I’ll keep that confidential, I promise you.

          Devyn nods.

          Liliana: Now, I hear Dominic has woken? You should go and celebrate his recovery with the others.

          Devyn nods.

          Devyn: Will you join us?

          Liliana smiles levelly.

          Liliana: I doubt it. Go, enjoy yourself.

          Devyn hesitates but then walks away. Liliana watches him. As she turns around “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse begins to play. She sits down again and begins to type, her mind on business and business alone.

          CUT TO:


          The group move in semi-slow motion as they gather around Dominic, happy that Dominic is well. Dominic smiles at them all, thanking them for their support. He looks at Kathleen for a moment. She walks away, with a troubled look on her face.

          ‘I know you've suffered
          But I don't want you to hide’

          Bethany looks back as she sees Jackie stood by the door. Jackie smiles weakly but then walks away, not yet ready to join the others as a group.

          ‘It's cold and loveless
          I won't let you be denied’

          Devyn walks in. Tegan and Juliet both watch him smiling. Devyn however looks right at Juliet. Tegan watches as he walks over to Juliet. She pretends she was not watching him and smiles back at Dominic, but her eyes flicker back as Juliet puts her hand on Devyn’s.

          I'll make you feel pure
          Trust me
          You can be sure’

          The camera moves round the group slowly from Devyn and Juliet to Dominic and Grace. From Grace to Gael who looks at Grace from behind, a hint of regret in his eyes. From Gael to Tegan who is trying to enjoy the celebration. To Sam and Bethany who appear to avoid eye contact. To Alandra and Mark. Mark smiles at Alandra and she smiles back for a moment. What Mark does not see is Alandra staring intently at Dominic, her smile growing as she does.

          FADE TO: BLACK

          THE END
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