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  • Haven Episode 2.3 21. Headlights

    This is the third episode of "Haven" Season 2, an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 2.3 21. Headlights

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    “Steer” by Missy Higgins plays.

    A dark-haired woman in her early 20s walks down the street towards the camera in semi-slow motion. She has a neutral expression on her face until she makes eye contact with a man also in his 20s. They share a smile. She moves a strand of hair away from her face as she walks past looking pleased.

    ‘Feel it falling off like clothing
    Taste it rolling on your tongue
    See the lights above you glowing
    Oh and breathe them deep into your lungs’

    CUT TO:


    The parking lot is fairly empty. The woman looks around slightly before getting into the car. She closes her eyes looking relieved to finally be there. She starts the engine.

    ‘It was always simple
    Not hidden hard
    You've been pulling at the strings
    Playing puppeteer for kings
    And you've
    Had enough’

    CUT TO:


    There is an aerial shot as the car pulls out and drives out of the parking lot.

    ‘But the search ends here
    Where the night is totally clear’

    CUT TO:

    INT. CAR

    The woman drives the car forward, now on the open road. She looks relaxed.

    ‘And your heart is fierce
    So now you finally know
    That you control where you go
    You can ste-‘

    The music cuts off as she is blinded by the headlights of an overtaking car.

    CUT TO:


    The cars impact head on; the woman’s car’s bonnet is crushed as her car spins off the side of the road while the other crashes into the central reservation. Other cars swerve and beep their horns trying to come to a halt.

    CUT TO:


    The woman’s car scrapes down the barrier but steadily comes to a halt.

    CUT TO:

    INT. CAR

    The woman looks weak as she splutters, a speck of blood emerging from her mouth. The commotion of the accident can be heard faintly behind her. She looks down as best she can; the front of the car has crushed her lower body. Her eyes widen slightly but her head falls back as her gasping becomes shallower.


    FADE TO:


    Tegan, Sam and Bethany are sat at a table, a large selection of papers surrounding them. They are each scanning the papers, looking bored.

    Tegan: You know I’m finding a new found respect for when you had to do this every day.

    She looks at Sam; half smiling as she absently turns a page. Sam returns her smile.

    Sam: Was easier when I could just Google it all.

    Bethany sighs.

    Bethany: These are really depressing. Is it so risky to get another proxy server or whatever?

    Sam: Risky and not simple when you’re dealing with crime reports.

    Tegan: Plus by the time we get that sort of system running we might have another Michael or whatever.

    She looks a little awkward as she looks down at the paper. Sam turns a page. Bethany looks unfulfilled.

    Bethany: I have an urge to make beds.

    Tegan: I know, I know, but with the impending rush being not so impending, what’s the point? The people we did have aren’t coming back anytime soon when they think they’re worried they might get executed in their sleep. I think we’re gonna have to face that for the time being this is what we’re needed for and as pointless as it may seem...

    Something catches Tegan’s eye. Bethany narrows her and Sam looks up as Tegan trails off.

    Sam: See something?

    Tegan looks shocked as she reads.

    Tegan: kinda.

    Bethany and Sam look at one another and Bethany gets up, walking round to look over Tegan’s shoulder as Sam leans over too.

    Bethany: Something bad?

    She and Sam scan the page. They both read, frowning slightly.

    Sam: You think the other driver might come here?

    Tegan: No, no, it’’s her.

    She points.

    Tegan: I knew her.

    The camera moves down her arm to show the picture: it is the woman from the trailer; the report is about her death.




    “Black Black Heart” by David Usher plays. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in and out. People walk past in slow motion.

    FADE TO:


    The sun shines down upon the hotel as smartly dressed people walk in and out.

    FADE TO:


    The beat of the song kicks in. The screen has a blue tint. Blurred figures are seen in the background, walking to and fro.






    Blurred figures walk up and down the stairwell.






    Blurred figures work in the kitchen.






    Blurred figures sit and walk around.






    Blurred figures move in and out of rooms and walk down the corridor.






    The sun sets on the horizon.




    Guest Starring:

    JACKSON BRUNDAGE - Riley McArthur
    NICOLE COX - Teya McArthur
    MARLENE LAWSTON – Amy McArthur
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The camera moves up the bed to show a figure lying under the covers: Devyn. He is on his laptop and is at least shirtless. In the background Juliet walks out from the en suite, fully dressed, tying her hair back. She narrows her brow, smiling slightly.

    Juliet: You gonna work in here today?

    Devyn nods slightly.

    Devyn: Not exactly got much work to do so maybe.

    Juliet’s smile turns awkward. She nods.

    Juliet: You mind if I head off?

    Devyn: Go for it.

    He types without looking at her. Juliet frowns and exhales.

    Juliet: All right Devyn, what the hell is going on?

    He looks up hesitating.

    Devyn: Nothing?

    Juliet: Oh come on. You can barely look me in the eye. Is it...this-

    She indicates the bed.

    Juliet: Is this not what you wanted?

    Devyn: I think there were a few ways to tell this is what I wanted.

    He narrows his brow. Juliet looks annoyed.

    Juliet: You have a problem, sleeping together clearly didn’t solve it, so talk to me.

    Devyn looks at her, opening his mouth to speak but then he stops. He sighs and places his laptop next to him.

    Devyn: You won’t like what I have to say. This is a bad time, I’ll in my room, you should go do whatever it is you have to do.

    Juliet looks at him levelly.

    Juliet: You’d rather keep me guessing all morning than actually tell me.

    There is a knock at the door. Juliet exhales, looking annoyed at Devyn, and goes to answer the door. She opens it. Tegan faces her.

    Tegan: Hey, Jules, I wondered if...

    She notices the shape of Devyn’s legs under the covers. She smiles awkwardly..

    Tegan: Oh. You know, I can come back later-

    Juliet returns her awkward smile.

    Juliet: No, it’s fine, Devyn was just about to go.

    She opens the door fully, and turns around, folding her arms. She raises an eyebrow at Devyn. Devyn is stood holding the covers around his waist. He smiles bashfully. Tegan looks embarrassed.

    Devyn: Hi.

    Tegan: Hi...

    Devyn: How...are you?

    Tegan holds up her hand slightly.

    Tegan: You’re really not wearing enough clothes for this conversation.

    Devyn: I guess not.

    Juliet: Devyn. You were going, remember?

    She gives him a look.

    Devyn: Uh, yes. Yes I was. I’m going to go in here now.

    He hesitates as he tries to lean down to pick up his clothes while keeping the duvet around his waist. Juliet rolls her eyes and looks at Tegan.

    Juliet: On second thought, let’s go to my office.

    Tegan: The corridor’s fine, really.

    Juliet narrows her brow slightly but nods.

    Juliet: Ok.

    Tegan nods and glances at Devyn.

    Tegan: Bye.

    Devyn: Bye.

    Tegan turns round quickly. Juliet gives Devyn another look as she and Tegan walk out, closing the door. Devyn exhales.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan turns back as Juliet stops next to her.

    Juliet: Sorry about that.

    She smiles uncomfortably.

    Juliet: I shouldn’t have let you walk in there, that was a moment of...immaturity which was...bad.

    Tegan: It’s ok. Are, uh, you two...?

    Juliet: Fine. We are fine.

    She smiles. Tegan looks unconvinced.

    Juliet: What did you want to talk to me about?

    Tegan looks more serious.

    Tegan: Right, uh, well the thing is I was looking through the papers-

    Juliet: You found something?

    Tegan: No, no, I mean yeah I did, but nothing that we need to be concerned about. Well nothing you need to be concerned about.

    Juliet looks confused. Tegan looks frustrated.

    Tegan: I was looking through the reports and-and I saw a picture of Dustin’s sister; she died. It was a-a car accident, three months ago.

    Juliet looks shocked.

    Juliet: Oh my God...oh my God why didn’t you say something, before are you-are you ok?

    Tegan: Oh yeah, yeah, I mean thank you, but I only met her a couple o’ times.

    Juliet: Still...

    She looks sympathetic. Tegan smiles in thanks.

    Tegan: The report is a little vague, I was kinda wondering if I could use the good internet...find out what happened to her...what’s happened to him?

    She looks hopeful. Juliet opens her mouth hesitating.

    Juliet: T...there is no good internet. Not anymore.

    Tegan looks surprised.

    Tegan: You mean there’s nothing? We’re completely cut off?

    Juliet smiles sadly, shrugging.

    Juliet: I’m sorry. I thought you knew.

    Tegan looks disappointed. She smiles weakly.

    Tegan: I figured at least Liliana would have something somewhere that she might have told you about.

    Juliet: She hasn’t; I can ask her though if you want?

    Tegan: No, no it’s ok. I doubt I’d find much anyway.

    Juliet cocks her head slightly.

    Juliet: Sorry.

    Tegan: Don’t be.

    She smiles and walks away. Juliet looks regretful and sighs. Behind her the door opens. Devyn walks out to see Tegan walk out of sight. He narrows his brow as Juliet at him.

    Devyn: What was that about?

    Juliet exhales.

    Juliet: Uh, the sister of someone she knew died. She didn’t know her too well but still...

    Devyn looks concerned.

    Devyn: Is she ok?

    Juliet: Well, no, but she’s bad as she could be, I don’t think.

    She looks troubled.

    Devyn: I should go talk to her.

    Juliet looks at him. She looks serious.

    Juliet: Don’t you think we should finish where we left off before that?

    Devyn hesitates, knowing he could walk away. However he nods and turns back into Juliet’s room. Juliet inhales and follows him inside.

    CUT TO:


    Jackie is sat at the reception, typing. Tegan appears from the staff corridor. Jackie looks up. She smiles sympathetically.

    Jackie: Any luck?

    Tegan shakes her head, but smiles.

    Tegan: Nah, looks like the days of bejewelled tournament are over.

    Jackie frowns.

    Jackie: I find it difficult to see how someone with contacts as impressive as Liliana is able to work without some form of internet communication.

    Tegan shrugs.

    Tegan: Maybe she has really well trained pigeons.

    Jackie smiles thinly.

    Jackie: I’m sure there’ll be a way for...for someone to find out what happened to, uh, sorry, what was his name?

    Tegan: Dustin.

    Jackie nods.

    Tegan: I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Anyhow, I can take over reception duty again now, you’re off the hook.

    Jackie hesitates.

    Jackie: I’d quite like to continue for a little longer if you don’t mind; this kind of work keeps my brain active.

    Tegan raises an eyebrow as she walks round to view the monitor.

    Tegan: I figured Free Cell would be the most thrilling activity you’d find unless there’s some bizarre twist where we actually get a new arrival.

    Jackie hesitates, glancing at the screen.

    Jackie: I’ve just been brainstorming a few ideas.

    Tegan: Like what?

    Jackie: Uh, well, I was thinking about Michael and Elliot...

    Tegan looks serious.

    Jackie: ...and that we were unprepared for that, and I think there might be a time in the near future when we’re going to have be prepared again, and so, I was just writing up a draft for what we might do in those circumstances. Involving everyone.

    Tegan looks impressed.

    Tegan: Wow, that’s good, great even.

    Jackie smiles weakly.

    Jackie: I thought while I have the time-

    Tegan: Of course, yeah. You should...uh, show that to Juliet when you’re finished.

    Jackie’s smile falters.

    Tegan: Jackie you’re gonna have to face her some time. Do it with this; see how it goes.

    Jackie hesitates but smiles.

    Jackie: Perhaps I will.

    Tegan nods. “My Greatest Memory” by Hope begins to play.

    Tegan: When you’ve had enough, let me know.

    Tegan smiles and walks away. Jackie watches her for a moment but then goes back to typing.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan walks into her room. She turns the lights on and closes the door behind her. She frowns slightly as she looks around, considering her purpose.

    ‘Today was the best day of my life’

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is sat on her bed, painting her toenails. She slips slightly.

    Tegan: Damn.

    ‘I found a road back to remind me of you’

    CUT TO:


    Tegan lies on her stomach on the bed, flicking through a magazine. She reaches the end and closes it looking bored.

    ‘The world keeps turning over’

    CUT TO:


    Tegan lies on her back playing on a Nintendo DS.

    ‘Wish I could have you closer’

    CUT TO:


    There is a close up of Tegan as she sits on her bed, staring into space, headphones in her ears.

    ‘Of every moment lived so far’

    CUT TO:


    There is aerial shot as Tegan lies back on her pillow, staring at the ceiling. The camera moves steadily closer to her.

    ‘This is my greatest memory
    You by my side
    And I can picture you here with me
    And if I tried
    This can't be a crime’

    She closes her eyes.

    ‘At least I can hold you in my mind’

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Juliet is sat on the bed. Devyn is leaning against the wall opposite. Juliet looks serious.

      Juliet: Michael? That’s what this is about?

      Devyn pauses, not looking at her.

      Devyn: Part of it.

      Juliet: Well what are the other parts?

      Devyn exhales looking up.

      Devyn: You made the decision, didn’t even think to ask me? Ask anyone?

      Juliet looks angry.

      Juliet: If you felt so strongly about this why did you say nothing? Why did you...agree to sleep together for the last few nights when you felt like this? You realise that kinda weakens your case here.

      Devyn hesitates.

      Devyn: I thought it would be easier not to fight you on this because I know that when you’re convinced that you’re doing the “right” thing, everyone else is wrong. And I think it’s easier for you to assume that I agree with whatever you decide than to face the possibility that I don’t.

      Juliet looks at him incredulously.

      Juliet: I appreciate your support; is that so wrong?

      Devyn: Of course not! A lot of the time you get it.

      Juliet: But I have to assume when those other times are, huh? Cause clearly it’s too much for you to actually tell me what you think.

      Devyn: I’m telling you now.

      Juliet: After pretending that nothing was wrong for days. Wonderful.

      She turns looking weary.

      Devyn: I didn’t be like this.

      Juliet looks at him. There is a pause.

      Devyn: Would you have listened even if I had said something? Would you have let Michael stay, would you have asked Bethany to go, would you...

      He trails off as Juliet looks at him, surprised.

      Juliet: Bethany?

      She realises what he means.

      Juliet: You-you think I should kick her out now?

      Devyn: No. I mean...not anymore.

      He looks down. Juliet purses her lips.

      Juliet: That was a completely different situation, you know it was. The Response...

      She trails off, not wanting to argue about this.

      Devyn: They’re always gonna be different situations but you’re always gonna be the one to decide.

      Juliet hesitates.

      Juliet: Someone has to. Nothing I do is going to satisfy everyone, or even anyone lately and we can’t all sit in a big circle together discussing what to do when things like this happen expecting a solution; we would never find one.

      Devyn looks serious.

      Devyn: I guess that answers my other question; would you have listened if I said something before?

      Juliet pauses.

      Juliet: I would have listened; but I would...probably have stuck to my original decision.

      Devyn looks like he knew this. He walks over to the bed and sits down. Juliet stares down at him.

      Juliet: And if it was you?

      Devyn opens his mouth but then hesitates.

      Devyn: You know I would have listened to you.

      Juliet nods.

      Juliet: And then you would have stuck to your original decision.

      Devyn says nothing. Juliet exhales and sits next to him. There is a pause as they both stare at the wall.

      Devyn: I remember when we all used to vote.

      Juliet: Yeah, that turned out great.

      Devyn looks at her, remembering their first major disagreement all those months ago. She looks back.

      Juliet: You think I don’t care what you think? You have no idea how much I do.

      Devyn nods very slightly. There is another pause, before he stands.

      Devyn: I should go.

      Juliet looks concerned.

      Juliet: You don’ don’t have to.

      Devyn smiles vaguely.

      Devyn: I know.

      Juliet nods realising he’s made up his mind. He turns and walks out, closing the door gently behind him. Juliet lets out a big a sigh as she closes her eyes.

      CUT TO:


      There is a knock at the door. Tegan opens her eyes, waking up.

      Gael OS: Tegan?

      Tegan sits up looking slightly dazed.

      Tegan: Uh, hi, yeah come in.

      The door opens and Gael walks in. He smiles, hesitating.

      Gael: I saw Jackie at the reception, which was unexpected. Wondered where you’d got to.

      Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: This was a good place to start.

      Gael nods.

      Gael: If you want me to leave you to it that’s ok, you know?

      Tegan smiles thankfully.

      Tegan: I think my time alone period has come to its organic conclusion. Stay.

      He slowly closes the door. Tegan exhales as he walks over to the chair next to her dressing table and sits down. Tegan glances away as he looks at her, criss-crossing his fingers.

      Gael: So how are you?

      He raises his eyebrows slightly. Tegan smiles sadly.

      Tegan: You know what’s bad?

      Gael shrugs.

      Tegan: I keep thinking about him...what he’s doing with his life...

      She looks down.

      Tegan: Not about her.

      Gael: You barely knew her right?

      Tegan: That’s irrelevant.

      Gael: Well, he was the one that had a major impact on your life. It’s not bad, T.

      Tegan sighs.

      Tegan: It doesn’t change the fact that she died in a...really bad accident and he’s out there, devastated...this shouldn’t be a poor Tegan thing.

      Gael nods.

      Gael: Can’t really make this about anyone else.

      Tegan looks troubled.

      Tegan: Then, don’t make it about anyone, I’d...I’d really appreciate that.

      Gael hesitates and then nods again.

      Gael: I saw Devyn before; he seems...on edge.

      Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: There’s a lot of that going around.

      Gael nods.

      Gael: I remember what you said about getting back to the way things are.

      He waves his hands slightly.

      Gael: We’re not gonna get there till everyone starts talking to each other again.

      Tegan says nothing. Gael looks frustrated.

      Gael: I don’t know how to approach that.

      Tegan shrugs.

      Tegan: Neither do I.

      Gael: Before, you said-

      Tegan: Look, I know what I said, I said it because...because I like to think that I’m not affected by the same issues as everyone else. Turns out I was wrong which I’m sure is a huge surprise.

      She exhales. Gael watches her.

      Tegan: I don’t know what to do, ok? I don’t...

      She looks down. There is silence.

      Gael: Maybe we’re all...suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or something.

      Tegan looks at him. She smiles slightly.

      Tegan: Only for our entire lives.

      Gael smiles back. Tegan exhales.

      Tegan: Trauma, stress and disorder aren’t exactly in short supply.

      Gael shakes his head.

      Gael: I don’t see how we can really begin to change that.

      Tegan looks troubled as she considers this.

      CUT TO:


      Alandra is studying several reports. Devyn is sat at the end of the table, looking distracted as he browses others. She glances at him, and takes a sip from a mug. She looks down at the reports.

      Alandra: Is it working?

      Devyn looks at her, confused. She glances at him.

      Devyn: Huh?

      Alandra: Reading that same report for the sixth time: taking your mind off of whatever it is you came here to get away from?

      Devyn looks annoyed and looks back at the report.

      Devyn: You know I really hate it when you analyse me.

      Alandra: But I’m so good at it.

      She smiles slightly. Devyn looks unimpressed and exhales.

      Devyn: Yes, I’m getting away from...things, but I don’t see how I’ve given you the impression that I want to talk about it.

      Alandra raises her eyebrows and glances away.

      Alandra: Ok; silence it is.

      She continues reading. There is a pause. Devyn glances at her several times looking undecided. Alandra however picks up two pages, one in each hand and narrows her brow as she examines them. Devyn notices and waits for a moment before speaking.

      Devyn: something?

      Alandra looks at him, troubled.

      Alandra: You seen these?

      She hands him the reports. Devyn takes them and looks at them. His brow narrows.

      Devyn: No, I hadn’t...

      He looks at her.

      Devyn: There any more?

      She nods and hands him two more reports.

      Alandra: Weird right?

      Devyn reads the reports and nods vaguely.

      Devyn: Mm...

      Alandra: That last one was less than two weeks ago.

      Devyn nods.

      Devyn: Yeah, yeah you should take this to, uh, to Juliet.

      He places the reports down. Alandra hesitates. Devyn looks at her, confused.

      Devyn: I-I think you’re right; this could be something.

      Alandra: Yeah, yeah it’s just unfortunately I have a better idea.

      Devyn looks intrigued.

      CUT TO:


      Jackie looks surprised as Alandra places the reports on the reception in front of her. Alandra gives her an even look.

      Alandra: These look familiar to you?

      Jackie takes the reports slowly, giving Alandra a cautious glance.

      Jackie: Let me have a look...

      She inhales as she begins to read. She looks a little disgusted as she reads.

      Jackie: This is a rather thorough degree of mutilation.

      Alandra: Read the bit about the candles.

      Jackie: Candles?

      Alandra: Yeah, one was left burning beside each body.

      Jackie frowns as she reads. Alandra looks impatient.

      Alandra: Anything?

      Jackie gives her a look.

      Jackie: No; this appears to be the work of a relatively new serial killer.

      Alandra: Well, yeah; he started just before we got here.

      Jackie: Or she.

      Alandra: No way.

      Jackie: You think it’s that unlikely? Look at the gender ratio around here.

      Alandra: That’s totally different; when it comes to serial killers there are like fifteen Ted Bundys for every Aileen Wuornos.

      Jackie sighs.

      Jackie: Well whoever is doing this, we need to be ready for them if they decide that this would be the perfect holiday resort.

      Alandra looks serious.

      Alandra: It’s not like we’re running a kill five get a 50% discount promotion. No one wants someone like this here.

      Jackie hesitates.

      Jackie: Yes, long as Liliana’s aides are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

      Alandra nods vaguely and picks up the reports walking away.

      Jackie: You’re welcome.

      Alandra looks back. Jackie sighs and looks at the monitor. Alandra hesitates.

      Alandra: Yeah...

      She turns and walks away. As Jackie’s typing is heard off-screen the camera lingers on the edge of the report.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        Grace is cleaning the table. She winces slightly, pulling back and rubbing her shoulder. Dominic appears next to her. She looks at him.

        Dominic: Do you think physio might help you too?

        Grace looks unconvinced.

        Grace: I find the whole massage thing an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved.

        Dominic: Even when it’s with me?

        He smiles but Grace barely returns it. There is a pause.

        Dominic: You’re mad at me.

        Grace looks at him. She tosses the cloth aside and sighs.

        Grace: No...I just don’t like being told potentially dangerous information and being unable to do anything about it.

        Dominic looks serious.

        Grace: I guess I know how everyone felt last week with Elliot Ross.

        Dominic nods slightly.

        Dominic: Everyone’s gonna know about it sooner or later, but I don’t see what good it’d do for them to find out now. At least we know, in case something happens with Juliet.

        Grace frowns.

        Grace: Forget Juliet; what about Bethany?

        Dominic: I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

        Grace: How do you know that? You haven’t even talked to her about this.

        Dominic looks awkward. Grace looks at him earnestly.

        Grace: I have supported everything you’ve said so far because I think you’re right; Amethyst could be doing something here...why did you tell me if all we’re gonna do is talk about it amongst ourselves? If something happens that we could have prevented-

        The door from the lobby opens. Grace and Dominic turn to see Tegan. They look awkward as Tegan smiles, realising she is interrupting.

        Tegan: Hey...

        Grace smiles weakly. Tegan looks awkward. Dominic looks at Grace.

        Dominic: Better get to physio.

        He strokes Grace’s arm as best he can while holding on to his crutches and begins to walk away.

        Dominic: Tegan.

        He smiles slightly before walking out. Grace watches him go looking unfulfilled. Tegan glances at where he left uncertainly. Grace looks at her.

        Grace: Did you...want something?

        CUT TO:


        Tegan and Grace are sat next to one another on the bed.

        Grace: Wow...poor Dustin.

        Tegan nods.

        Tegan: Yeah...

        Grace glances at her and then away again. Tegan narrows her brow.

        Tegan: You think Amethyst released our names? That people on the surface know who we are? What we’ve done...?

        Grace considers this.

        Grace: I wouldn’t be surprised...they could make us out to be whatever they want.

        Tegan exhales.

        Tegan: Or just what we are.

        Grace frowns.

        Tegan: If...for some reason we’re able to get away from here someday...return to some kind of reality; the people we knew aren’t gonna wantta know us, are they?

        Grace pauses.

        Grace: Depends who they are, I guess. But the majority, probably not.

        Tegan nods. She looks at Grace.

        Tegan: Do you ever think of your last chance?

        Grace frowns.

        Grace: I don’t think of Dominic as a chance at all.

        Tegan shakes her head.

        Tegan: Right, sorry...

        Grace hesitates.

        Grace: But I didn’t expect him to come along when he did; I thought I was eventually gonna settle down with my fibromyalgic husband and live with our fibromyalgic children.

        Tegan gives her a look.

        Tegan: That’s so not a word.

        Grace smiles slightly and rolls her eyes.

        Grace: My point is...I think, in here more than anywhere, you have to wait for the unexpected.

        Tegan: So I should cancel my membership?

        They share a smile momentarily.

        Grace: As ridiculously clich├ęd as I sound...don’t give up.

        Tegan looks at her, thankful for her advice. She opens her mouth to speak.

        Tegan: I spoke to Gael earlier.

        Grace’s smile thins.

        Grace: What did about?

        Tegan: A lot of stuff.

        She hesitates.

        Tegan: Your name was mentioned...

        Grace gives her a look, exhaling.

        Grace: Uh huh...

        Tegan looks at the ceiling and then at Grace.

        Tegan: What happened to us? I mean...I know what happened but...

        She looks troubled. Grace shrugs.

        Grace: We finally found something we really, really disagreed about.

        Tegan: We’ve always resolved things before...

        Tegan looks serious.

        Tegan: Gael thinks there could be an aftermath from Amethyst and, well, everything that we may be avoiding.

        Grace looks down.

        Grace: We’re certainly avoiding something. I don’t think discussing it is gonna help.

        Tegan: It has to, Grace.

        She looks at her earnestly.

        Tegan: I know Jackie is difficult to accept but what is it gonna take to convince you she’s not here to kill us all?

        Grace: Jackie isn’t really the issue.

        Tegan pauses.

        Tegan: You mean Juliet.

        Grace nods. Tegan frowns.

        Tegan: This is hard enough for her without us accusing her of being some kind of secret Amethyst agent.

        Grace: I’m not saying she is, but...

        Tegan: But what?

        Grace hesitates.

        Grace: It doesn’t matter; but I’m not gonna be surprised, Tegan, and nor’s Dominic.

        She stands and looks at Tegan.

        Grace: If you want us all to talk; we’re gonna talk with Juliet too.

        Tegan says nothing but nods slowly. Grace walks away. Tegan watches her cautiously.

        CUT TO:


        Juliet is stood examining the reports while Alandra stands opposite, waiting.

        Juliet: This is gonna be big on the surface...

        Alandra looks interested.

        Alandra: How will we know if they find anyone?

        Juliet looks at her.

        Juliet: The same way we got the reports in the first place: Liliana.

        Alandra nods.

        Juliet: Thanks for bringing me these.

        She smiles civilly and turns away, walking over to her dressing table, which she opens to place the reports in. Alandra watches her.

        Alandra: There are a few others too, not as serious but you might wanna take a look.

        Juliet looks at her and nods.

        Juliet: I will.

        Her smile fades as she shuts the draw. Alandra narrows her brow.

        Alandra: Ok then, see you later...

        Juliet: Yeah.

        She looks distracted. Alandra heads to the door and walks away. Juliet looks deep in thought.

        CUT TO:


        Dominic walks down. One of the corridor’s doors opens and Liliana walks out. They share a smile.

        Dominic: Hey.

        Liliana: She’s already in there.

        Dominic: Great.

        Liliana nods and walks away. Dominic stops in front of the door and then opens it.

        CUT TO:


        Dominic enters. Kathleen is sat at a desk and looks up. She smiles.

        Kathleen: Good afternoon Dominic, how are you doing?

        Dominic nods, smiling.

        Dominic: Hey, not too bad, yeah.

        Kathleen nods.

        Kathleen: Well if you’d like to sit down.

        She indicates a seat next to her. Dominic prepares to do so and places his crutches against an examination table. He slowly eases down into the chair, gritting his teeth slightly as he bends his leg. Kathleen watches.

        Kathleen: How much pain are you experiencing?

        Dominic looks at her.

        Dominic: Well, a little actually; sometimes it’s fine but...the meds don’t seem to be kicking in as well lately.

        Kathleen nods. Dominic waits.

        Kathleen: You’ve been doing the exercises?

        Dominic: Yeah, yes, uh, they’re about as much fun as you said they’d be.

        Kathleen laughs slightly. Dominic smiles back, but looks away. Kathleen’s smile weakens slightly.

        Kathleen: Dominic-

        Dominic: Can we start, soon? There are things I need to get back to.

        He looks at her anxiously. Kathleen hesitates. She speaks more quietly.

        Kathleen: Dominic; I took the x-rays to some colleagues of mine that are more qualified in orthopaedics.

        Dominic listens.

        Dominic: Ok? What-what did they say?

        Kathleen: They...said that there have been complications in the healing process. You are suffering from something called osteomyelitis which is a chronic infection focused on a particular area of bone. The infection periodically interrupts and causes the relapsing pain that you have been experiencing.

        Dominic looks surprised, looking around. He looks at Kathleen and frowns.

        Dominic: Is it...serious?

        Kathleen: It isn’t terminal, but, as I’m sure you are aware it is debilitating.

        Dominic swallows.

        Dominic: What can you do?

        Kathleen: I can do my best to provide antibiotics, which will stop the pain temporarily.

        Dominic: But not completely?

        Kathleen: No. No I’m afraid that will require an operation, and unfortunately even that may not completely stop the infection from returning.

        She looks sympathetic. Dominic looks serious.

        Dominic: This could be me...forever?

        Kathleen hesitates.

        Kathleen: It’s only a small chance, Dominic. Surgery may-

        Dominic: Surgery was difficult enough last time!

        He looks angry. Kathleen closes her eyes.

        Kathleen: I understand your concern-

        Dominic: Do you?

        Kathleen frowns.

        Kathleen: Yes, Dominic, I do. And I will do everything in my power to help you.

        Dominic does not look reassured. He looks at the ground and then back at Kathleen.

        Dominic: Why didn’t you tell me there was a chance this could happen?

        Kathleen looks surprised.

        Kathleen: I warned you that there could be complications-

        Dominic: This is a little more than a goddamn complication! I can’t live like this for the rest of my life!

        He is almost shouting now.

        Kathleen: Please, Dominic, this can be treated-

        Dominic still looks upset but says nothing.

        Kathleen: I will arrange for you to go to soon as I can, if that’s what you want.

        Dominic does not look at her but nods. Kathleen nods back and stands. She walks to the other side of the room and goes out of focus as Dominic leans his head back, wishing he could not think about what he’s just heard.

        CUT TO:


        Liliana is sat looking at the reports. She looks at Juliet who is sat behind her desk.

        Liliana: I’ll make sure every agent sees a copy of this, but...if this killer decides to come here; I see no way that we’ll be able to know their identity before they do.

        Juliet nods slowly.

        Juliet: You can tell them to keep an eye out for any other reports like this?

        Liliana nods.

        Liliana: I’ll have to.

        She stands and walks away.]

        Juliet: Liliana hang on a second.

        Liliana turns back. Juliet stands to and walks forwards, hesitating. Liliana narrows her brow, waiting.

        Juliet: When I was were pretty much in charge, right?

        Liliana looks surprised.

        Liliana: Well, I introduced to the others to this place so...yes in a way I suppose I was, but, everyone was involved in-

        Juliet: You could have stayed in charge even when I returned; why didn’t you?

        Liliana frowns.

        Liliana: I’m not you; you’ve always been the one’ve always been the face of the hotel.

        Juliet: Why? Says who? You? What gives me the right to make decisions that affect everyone?

        Liliana pauses. Juliet exhales trying to calm down.

        Liliana: You think we should have some kind of election?

        Juliet shrugs.

        Juliet: Maybe.

        Liliana: What kind of result would that produce?

        Juliet considers this.

        Liliana: This is about Michael, isn’t it?

        Juliet looks away but nods. Liliana tries to look understanding. Juliet looks at her again.

        Juliet: Do you agree with my decision? Be honest.

        Liliana pauses.

        Liliana: Honestly...I’m not sure that I could have done it. But you can, and I admire that.

        Juliet: But you don’t agree.

        Liliana: Juliet...since you first came here, you’ve thought of what is best for everyone, often without considering what is best for you. You ask others’ opinions when you need to and you know when you can’t afford to. The others all trust you, regardless of what they may say.

        Juliet: And what happens if they stop trusting me? When I make a decision they can’t accept?

        Liliana frowns.

        Liliana: It’s already happened...I’m sure it will happen again. And if anyone can’t accept your decision...then that’s just the way it is.

        Juliet looks unconvinced. Liliana looks her in the eye. “November” by Azure Ray begins to play.

        Liliana: As long as you are here I will do everything in my power to support you.

        Juliet smiles weakly.

        Juliet: Thank you.

        Liliana smiles back.

        Liliana: Well I should get on to finding the information you’ve asked for.

        Juliet nods thankfully. Liliana turns and walks out. As she does she looks relieved.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan leaves her room and walks down the corridor. She passes Dominic. They share a weak smile, both fading as they break eye contact. Dominic looks pained as he makes his way to Grace’s room.

        ‘So I'm waiting for this test to end
        So the light of days can soon begin'

        CUT TO:


        Tegan enters but looks surprised to see Alandra, Mark, Devyn, Sam and Bethany all sat on the ground looking through crime reports. Teya, Amy and Riley are sat nearby, playing. Devyn gets up and walks over to Tegan.

        Devyn: Hey, I was looking for you earlier.

        ‘I'll be alone but maybe more carefree
        Like a kite that floats so effortlessly’

        Tegan smiles.

        Tegan: I’m fine.

        Devyn: Sure?

        Tegan nods. She looks over at the others.

        Tegan: What’s going on?

        ‘I was afraid to be alone
        Now I'm scared that’s how I'd like to be’

        Devyn: Well, there wasn’t really enough space in the storeroom was a storeroom, and because there are no guests right now we figured...why not do not it here? Closer to Jackie if we need to ask her about any of them.

        Tegan looks at the others, working together.

        ‘All these faces none the same
        How can there be so many personalities
        So many lifeless empty hands
        So many hearts in great demand’

        Tegan smiles.

        Tegan: Whose idea was this?

        Devyn smiles embarrassed. Tegan smiles.

        Tegan: Yours.

        Alandra looks over at them from across the room, curiously. Devyn hesitates.

        Devyn: Wanna join us?

        Tegan looks at the others. She notices those who are absent...her closest friends. However she smiles at Devyn and nods.

        ‘And now my sorrow seems so far away
        It's all taken by these bolts of pain
        But I turn them off and tuck them away
        Until these rainy days that make them stay
        And then I'll cry so hard to these sad songs
        And the words still ring once here, now gone’

        She and Devyn walk over to the others and sit.

        CUT TO:


        Dominic sits on the bed, opposite Grace who is sat in a chair. She looks upset as Dominic looks at the floor. Her hands are clasped in his. She looks down also.

        ‘And they echo through my head everyday
        And I don't ever think they'll go away’

        CUT TO:


        Gael is about to knock on Grace’s door but then pulls back. He looks down and instead walks on.

        ‘Just like thinking of your childhood home
        But we can't go back, we're on our own’

        CUT TO:


        Tegan smiles as she talks to Amy. She turns her head as she sees Juliet has appeared. Devyn looks over. He and Juliet stare at one another. Behind him Tegan watches. However she looks at Amy instead and does her best to smile.

        ‘But I'm about to give this one more shot
        And find it in myself
        I'll find it in myself’

        CUT TO: BLACK
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


        • #5
          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Gael walks away from Grace’s door but then stops. He sighs and looks annoyed with himself. He turns back and walks up to the door once more. He knocks and waits.

          There is a pause. Finally the door opens. Grace and Gael make eye contact; Gael’s anxious expression changes to concern as he sees Grace’s. She looks awkward.

          Gael: Grace?

          Grace: Gael this...this isn’t the best time.

          Gael’s eyes wander; he sees Dominic sitting in the background staring at the ground. Gael looks back at Grace and nods understandingly.

          Gael: Ok.

          Grace doesn’t look at him but nods. She turns away and closes the door. Gael is left standing in the corridor alone.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Mark places a report in line with three others. Alandra looks at Sam and Bethany.

          Alandra: You two have anything interesting?

          Bethany: We would have told you if we did.

          She rolls her eyes.

          Bethany: Didn’t you already find something earlier?

          Mark: Yeah, the candlestick murders, but that doesn’t mean we stop.

          Sam’s expression changes slightly. Bethany sighs.

          Bethany: Well it means I do, I’ve done this enough today. We all have.

          Alandra shrugs.

          Alandra: You wanna go, you can go.

          Sam gets up.

          Sam: Yeah, uh, let’s go Beth.

          Bethany: Don’t need to tell me twice.

          She smiles slightly at Tegan as she and Sam leave. Alandra and Mark watch. Tegan looks at them and smiles awkwardly.

          Tegan: You know, guys, I think I’m gonna go too.

          Alandra sighs.

          Alandra: Ok, well, I guess I’ll get Jackie to come back and we can braid each other’s hair.

          Mark gives her a look.

          Mark: Am I involved in this?

          Alandra raises an eyebrow. Tegan smiles.

          Tegan: I think Beth may have a point, besides, the kids are hungry, right?

          She looks at them and they look up and nod.

          Riley: Are there any dead guys?

          Mark shakes his head smiling slightly.

          Mark: No, Riley, sorry to disappoint man.

          He starts to clear up the reports together. Tegan goes to help him. Alandra hesitates.

          Alandra: Hey Mark, Tegan and I can handle this, why don’t you go with the kids and check what’s for dinner?

          Tegan looks surprised. Mark nods.

          Mark: Oh, ok. We have about a ton of spaghetti.

          Amy: Spaghetti again?

          She looks unimpressed. Mark shrugs.

          Mark: We can try and do with it?

          Amy sighs and gets up.

          Amy: Fun. Come on Teya.

          Mark rolls his eyes, smiling, and puts his hand on Riley’s shoulder as they walk away. Alandra continues to clear up the reports. Tegan smiles politely at her.

          Tegan: A lot of bad stuff here, huh? Even if none of them are technically linked.

          Alandra: If they all show up at once I guess we’re back in business.

          Tegan narrows her brow but smiles. Alandra watches her for a second and then looks down at the reports.

          Alandra: I heard about your friend.

          Tegan looks at her. Alandra smiles sympathetically.

          Alandra: That really sucks.

          Tegan smiles sadly.

          Tegan: Thanks don’t have to-

          Alandra: Not exactly straining myself.

          Tegan does not look at her but smiles weakly. Alandra hesitates.

          Alandra: It must be weird to think about your ex out there still. I know it’s weird for me when I think about mine.

          Tegan looks at her.

          Alandra: There are a few, believe me.

          Tegan smiles.

          Alandra: One in particular, Joe...he and I never really ended things exactly. Sometimes I wonder...

          She shrugs. Tegan looks sympathetic.

          Tegan: You shouldn’t. We’re down here’s just worth hanging on to something up there.

          Alandra nods.

          Alandra: I know, you’re right.

          Tegan hesitates.

          Tegan: What about Mark?

          She raises her eyebrows. Alandra smiles.

          Alandra: I dunno; he’s sweet I guess, but there are a few things that make me a little Aura.

          Tegan’s smiles fades slightly. She nods. Alandra gathers herself.

          Alandra: What about you? Anyone you got your eye on?

          Tegan smiles awkwardly.

          Tegan: Not exactly.

          Alandra looks curious. Tegan looks at her, realising she may have said too much.

          Tegan: No, no I don’t.

          She looks away and finishes clearing the reports. She gets up.

          Tegan: I’m gonna go see if Mark needs a hand.

          She begins to walk away. Alandra stands too.

          Alandra: Tegan...

          Tegan stops and looks back. Alandra smiles understandingly.

          Alandra: This may not be my place but...I think if you have the opportunity to find a little happiness, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from getting it.

          Tegan frowns.

          Tegan: What are you saying?

          Alandra: I’m just trying to give you some advice.

          She smiles. Tegan however looks serious.

          Tegan: You’re’s not your place. And I don’t need your advice.

          Alandra: Well, you have’s up to you what you do with it.

          She looks at Tegan knowingly for a moment before walking away. Tegan considers this seriously. She then looks at the empty reception.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet leans against the desk. Devyn is stood before her.

          Juliet: You can sit down, if you-if you want.

          Devyn: No, it’s ok thanks, I’ll stand.

          Juliet nods. She sighs.

          Juliet: Maybe we should talk in one of our rooms-

          Devyn: Here’s fine Jules.

          He narrows his brow. Juliet stares back at him.

          Juliet: I asked Liliana why...I am the one she wants to lead.

          Devyn says nothing.

          Juliet: She, kindly said it was because she thinks I’m the only one who can. But I don’t agree.

          Devyn looks confused.

          Devyn: Who do you think should? Her?

          Juliet: No.

          She walks closer to Devyn.

          Juliet: If you want to...I’ll support you, I’ll make sure the others understand...

          She looks eager for an answer. Devyn frowns, looking away. He shakes his head.

          Devyn: That’s not what I want.

          Juliet looks disappointed.

          Juliet: Please.

          Devyn looks surprised.

          Juliet: Please, Devyn, I...I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t see why I should. I’ve thought about this, it’s my decision...

          Devyn continues to frown.

          Devyn: You shouldn’t just...give up.

          Juliet looks surprised.

          Juliet: I’m not!

          Devyn: This place almost fell apart without you here.

          Juliet: I’m still gonna be here, I just don’t want this-this responsibility that I never asked for-

          Devyn: Liliana was right, Juliet, people have respect for you that they don’t have for anyone else, not me, not her, not anyone. Don’t do this.

          Juliet looks frustrated.

          Devyn: I can help you; let me help you decide what to do...

          Juliet looks at him pleadingly.

          Juliet: I’m not asking you to do it forever, just for a while, please Devyn.

          She looks weary. Devyn looks angry. There is a pause.

          Devyn: If you wanna walk’re gonna have to find someone else to take over, because it’s not gonna be me.

          He walks away and leaves, slamming the door behind him. Juliet closes her eyes and then stares at the ground regretfully.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Tegan is sat at the reception. Devyn appears in the background looking angry from his conversation with Juliet. Tegan turns and looks concerned. He looks uncomfortable that she has seen him like this.

          Devyn: Hey.

          Tegan: Hi...what’s wrong?

          Devyn looks around, seeing that they are alone. He shakes his head.

          Devyn:’s nothing.

          Tegan: Devyn.

          She looks at him earnestly. He exhales and walks closer to her.

          Devyn: You ever think what you would do if you were in charge of this place?

          Tegan looks surprised by this question.

          Tegan: I try not to think about traumatic situations like that.

          Devyn frowns.

          Devyn: You think it would be that bad?

          Tegan: Yeah, I do; I think Juliet only manages because she’s been doing it for so long.

          Devyn nods vaguely. Tegan frowns.

          Tegan: Why are you asking me about this? We don’t need anyone else to we?

          Devyn hesitates.

          Devyn: I hope not.

          Tegan opens her mouth to speak.

          Liliana OS: Tegan.

          She turns her head, as does Devyn. Liliana walks in from the main entrance. She smiles politely

          Tegan: Hi; I didn’t realise you were gone.

          Liliana: Oh, I wasn’t I just...well Juliet asked me to do something.

          Tegan and Devyn look confused.

          Devyn: What do you mean?

          Liliana: Well, she told me what you asked her about finding information on Dustin Rose.

          Tegan looks surprised.

          Tegan: I knew it was a long shot-

          Liliana: I have contacts on the surface; I asked them to find out what they could; and I came to tell you what they found out.

          Tegan smiles slightly. However her smile fades as she sees Liliana’s expression.

          Tegan: What is it?

          Liliana smiles weakly.

          Liliana: He is still living in Belview...but he was honourably discharged from the army.

          Tegan narrows her brow.

          Tegan: What does he do now?

          Liliana exhales.

          Liliana: The man driving the car that killed his sister...was drunk. Three times over the legal limit. I think that was enough to convince Dustin that he had to do something.

          A look of realisation comes across Devyn’s face.

          Devyn: Are you saying...?

          Liliana looks grave.

          Liliana: Dustin Rose now works as an agent...for Amethyst.

          Tegan looks shocked. Devyn looks at her seriously. Liliana looks at the ground and then at Tegan.

          Liliana: I’m sorry, Tegan; I wish I had better news.

          Tegan looks stunned but looks back at her.

          Tegan: No, no thank you for telling me.

          Liliana nods understandingly and walks away. Tegan places her hands over her mouth looking worried. Devyn looks down at her.

          Devyn: This doesn’t mean he knows about...about you.

          Tegan looks at him. She smiles sadly.

          Tegan: I’m not that naive.

          Devyn realises he is probably wrong. Tegan gets up.

          Tegan: But thanks for saying it.

          She walks around Devyn and begins to walk away. Devyn looks after her.

          Devyn: T, wait.

          She turns back.

          Devyn: I haven’t had dinner yet...if you want some company I...

          “The Wrong Girl” by Missy Higgins begins to play. He smiles kindly as Tegan looks back, contemplating his offer. She smiles slightly.

          Tegan: Sure; just give me a minute.

          He nods. Tegan turns and begins to walk away.

          ‘So the flood gates open
          But nothing comes out’

          CUT TO:

          INT. TEGAN’S ROOM

          Tegan walks and closes the door behind her. She leans against it, closing her eyes, trying to come to terms with everything she has just learned.

          ‘I’m feeling no relief in my head, just doubt’

          She opens her eyes again and stares forwards. She looks over at her desk and narrows her brow.

          ‘But my heart keeps telling me, hold your ground
          You’ll never learn a thing if you bail out now’

          She walks over to the desk; the report of Dustin’s sister’s death is lying on it. She picks it up re-reading it. She looks up at the mirror and stares at herself for a moment. She looks like she has come to a conclusion. She folds up the report and throws it away.

          ‘And I’m lonely again tonight
          I can feel it like a knot in my side
          They keep saying this is part of the ride
          But I’m not getting stronger’

          She walks away and opens her door.

          ‘Yet hold me against the light
          Can you see any bullet inside?

          CUT TO:


          Tegan walks forwards, a neutral look on her face. She breathes out.

          ‘You wouldn't find one if you magnified
          Because you've got the wrong girl’

          The song dies out.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
          Banner set made by Lex
          Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6