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Haven Episode 2.2 20. The Victim

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  • Haven Episode 2.2 20. The Victim

    This is the second episode of "Haven" Season 2, an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 2.2 20. The Victim

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    Cars speed down the road. The camera focuses on one in particular.

    CUT TO:

    INT. CAR

    The camera moves up to show that Jackie is driving. She is dressed casually and wearing sunglasses and she is holding a mobile phone to her ear. The song quietens as she speaks. She looks weary.

    Jackie: We’ve been over this dad; she doesn’t want to see you.

    Jackie pauses.

    Jackie: You know I can’t, you’re going to have to do this yourself, please come on, don’t make me feel guilty-

    Police sirens are heard nearby. Jackie looks in the mirror and looks annoyed.

    Jackie: Crap. No, it’s not you dad, listen I have to go, Ellie will call you later this week ok? Ok, ok love you, bye.

    Jackie hangs up the phone and places both hands on the steering wheel, exhaling.

    CUT TO:


    Jackie pulls up. Behind her a police car pulls up also.

    CUT TO:

    EXT. CAR

    Jackie clutches the steering wheel thinking quickly. There is a tap on her window. She is startled slightly before lowering the window.

    Policeman: License and registration.

    Jackie smiles weakly and opens her glove compartment and hands him the documents. He looks at them and then glances back at her.

    Policeman: You realise you were pushing 90 ma’am? Not to mention that you were on one of those.

    He gestures at her cell phone. Jackie hesitates.

    Jackie: I know, I know I’m sorry, I had to take that call-

    Policeman: You think I haven’t heard that a thousand times before? Please step out of the vehicle ma’am.

    Jackie looks frustrated but obliges, opening the door and stepping out.

    Jackie: I wasn’t finished; I’m running late, and I didn’t want to keep my employers waiting on my first day.

    Policeman: Maybe you should have planned your morning a little bett-

    The policeman’s expression changes as he reads the documents more carefully.

    Policeman: Equitas? That’s who you’re working for?

    Jackie: Oh, yes, I must have mixed that up with my registration...

    She trails off as she notices the policeman’s expression.

    Policeman: I, uh, I think that we can let this one slide with a warning.

    Jackie looks at him, surprised.

    Jackie: Really?

    The policeman smiles and nods quickly.

    Policeman: Sure, uh, this was clearly an isolated incident ma’am, and someone like yourself obviously has places to get to in a hurry. Good luck on your first day.

    He backs away and returns to his car. Jackie watches, surprised for a moment. She looks behind her at Belview in the distance, the morning sunlight stretching over the landscape. She shrugs slightly and gets back in to her car.


    FADE TO:


    Jackie walks in from the staff corridor. Tegan is at the reception staring at her computer screen, leaning back in her chair looking bored. She glances up as she sees Jackie approaching.

    Tegan: Hey.

    Jackie hesitates slightly and smiles, surprised as she comes to a halt.

    Jackie: I think that’s the first time you haven’t shifted awkwardly when I enter a room.

    Tegan pauses.

    Tegan: Do you...want me to?

    Jackie smiles awkwardly.

    Jackie: I’ll adjust.

    Tegan smiles slightly and leans forward.

    Tegan: What’s up?

    Jackie: You’re uh, the one responsible for room allocation right?

    Tegan nods.

    Tegan: When there are people to actually allocate them to, yeah.

    Jackie hesitates and turns her head as Gael appears. He smiles in greeting.

    Gael: All right.

    Tegan: Hey, uh, yeah, just sorting out a little issue.

    Tegan looks at Jackie hinting that she should continue. Jackie looks uncomfortable now Gael is present but nods.

    Jackie: The thing is, Tegan, changing beds is a-a menial...task at the best of times, but I can cope with that, except...except when I have to change the same room three times in a week because we have thirty-four other rooms, and I’m sure each of them will make our guests equally as uncomfortable as Room 4.

    She looks a little frustrated, her pace quickening as she speaks. Tegan smiles awkwardly, glancing at Gael momentarily

    Tegan: Um, you know, Jackie, I didn’t realise, you’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll work on that.

    She shrugs. Jackie looks a little surprised that Tegan agreed so wholeheartedly but nods and smiles in thanks.

    Jackie: I appreciate that.

    Gael smiles uncertainly.

    Gael: Any...other excitement?

    Jackie: Uh, no that was the highlight of my day.

    She places her hands together awkwardly, smiling. As she does a red light flashes on the top of Tegan’s computer and a beeping sounds. Jackie looks a little alarmed for a moment before realising what is happening. Tegan sighs and looks from Gael to Jackie.

    Tegan: Now look what you did.

    She smiles slightly and then sees Juliet entering from the staff corridor, followed by Devyn. Jackie turns too. Juliet immediately glances away from Jackie, at Tegan instead. Jackie makes eye contact with Devyn for a second and he tries to look sympathetic. Gael and Tegan notice the tension.

    Juliet: Whatta we got?

    Jackie turns to Gael and speaks quietly.

    Jackie: I’ll leave you to it.

    She walks away without waiting for an answer. The others pause. Juliet looks at Tegan expectantly.

    Juliet: Tegan.

    Tegan shakes herself slightly.

    Tegan: Right, sorry, uh we have...

    She types something.

    Tegan: Uh, Elliot Ross...

    Jackie stops, almost out of the room. She backs up, frowning.

    Jackie: What was that?

    Everyone looks back at Jackie, surprised. Jackie stares at Tegan.

    Jackie: (urgently) Did you say Elliot Ross?

    Tegan looks confused and glances at the monitor.

    Tegan: I...I did why...

    Her eyes scan the text on the screen. Her expression slowly changes from confusion to concern. Jackie sees this, her concerns affirmed.

    Tegan: Oh...

    Devyn: What is it?

    He looks from Tegan to Jackie. Jackie swallows.

    Jackie: Elliot Ross was convicted of the assault of five men and the murder of two. It probably says that on your computer screen.

    Tegan nods slowly.

    Jackie: What it probably doesn’t tell you is that he assaulted five men and murdered two because they were gay.

    The others look shocked.

    Jackie: He was at Amethyst. He is meant to be on Death he’s about to be our guest.

    She looks at Juliet properly for the first time. Gael and Devyn both look at Juliet who looks shocked and far from certain about what to do.




    “Black Black Heart” by David Usher plays. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in and out. People walk past in slow motion.

    FADE TO:


    The sun shines down upon the hotel as smartly dressed people walk in and out.

    FADE TO:


    The beat of the song kicks in. The screen has a blue tint. Blurred figures are seen in the background, walking to and fro.






    Blurred figures walk up and down the stairwell.






    Blurred figures work in the kitchen.






    Blurred figures sit and walk around.






    Blurred figures move in and out of rooms and walk down the corridor.






    The sun sets on the horizon.




    Guest Starring:

    JACKSON BRUNDAGE - Riley McArthur
    NICOLE COX - Teya McArthur
    BLYTHE DANNER – Sarah Stevens
    NELSAN ELLIS – Michael Warn
    SAM JONES - Lucas Pedance
    MARLENE LAWSTON – Amy McArthur
    MARY McCORMACK – Roberta Stevens
    STEPHEN MOYER – Elliot Ross
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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Tegan and Jackie are stood by the reception.

    Jackie: We should tell the others.

    Tegan looks at her.

    Tegan: You heard Juliet, she doesn’t want them to know.

    Jackie: Wouldn’t you want to know?

    Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: I find the less I know about people around here the better my day goes.

    Jackie looks unconvinced. Tegan sighs.

    Tegan: If he’s dangerous then he’ll go, but if not...this isn’t that out of the ordinary.

    Jackie frowns.

    Jackie: You haven’t seen the pictures of his victims. He stamped on a man’s face, he set another on fire...

    Tegan looks disgusted by this but tries to remain composed.

    Tegan: I think if you brought everyone here could make a photo album to top that.

    The front doors open. Tegan and Jackie turn in anticipation.

    An eerie sound like the wind plays as a man’s foot walks through the door. He places his other foot in front as he walks forward. The camera moves up his body, revealing that he is dressed in a fairly smart suit. The camera reaches his face; he is a man of about 30 and looks fairly average; there is nothing to give away what he has done.

    Liliana, Juliet and Devyn follows him, looking anxious as they do. Juliet stands before the new arrival. She glances at Liliana for a split second before looking at him.

    Juliet: I believe Liliana has already briefed you on what we require from you, given the details of your criminal record.

    Mr Ross (Elliot) nods slightly looking uncomfortable. Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: How long do you plan on staying here?

    Elliot looks at her.

    Elliot: I’ll be here a week at most. Depends how good the food is.

    He smiles slightly but the others do not return it. His smile quickly vanished. Juliet clears her throat.

    Juliet: You understand that if you talk about the crimes you have committed with any of the other guests or any of the staff you will be asked to leave?

    He nods.

    Elliot: Yeah, yeah I do.

    He seems to be thinking whether to speak.

    Juliet: You’ll need to notify-

    Elliot: Hey, I’ve been through this, ok? Why do we need to go through it again? Can’t you just let me in?

    Juliet pauses. Elliot looks frustrated.

    Elliot: You got someone here who’s gay or something?

    Juliet hesitates.

    Juliet: That’s not up for discussion.

    Elliot glances down exhaling. He looks Juliet in the eye.

    Elliot: I ain’t a threat.

    Juliet looks undecided for a moment.

    Juliet: Follow me, please.

    She turns and walks across the lobby and starts to walk up the stairs. Elliot follows her. Tegan, Jackie, Liliana and Devyn watch them with uncertainty. Jackie looks at Liliana.

    Jackie: Why are we hiding what he’s done?

    There is no response. Jackie looks annoyed.

    Jackie: I want to know. You don’t have a protocol for things like this?

    Liliana hesitates.

    Liliana: A criminal such as this has not been seen in Haven since...well for quite some time.

    Devyn looks intrigued by this.

    Liliana: The reactions could be...unpredictable.

    Jackie: He is unpredictable. It was hard work to put him behind bars in the first place, believe me.

    Liliana smiles patiently.

    Liliana: Put it this way: monitoring one person covertly is not nearly as difficult as monitoring everyone overtly.

    There is a pause. Tegan looks hesitant. She looks at Jackie.

    Tegan: He broke out of Amethyst?

    Jackie nods solemnly.

    Jackie: Several months before you did.

    Tegan looks at Liliana.

    Tegan: You warned us about the breakout; that we wouldn’t be able to handle people like this.

    Jackie and Devyn look confused. Liliana hesitates.

    Liliana: He is not the same; there are specific circumstances that apply.

    Jackie frowns.

    Jackie: I could go into a lot of detail about these specific circumstances-

    Liliana: Yes you could and that would convince me that vigilance and caution are needed on our part; not that we should turn him away.

    There is a pause. Liliana walks up to the reception.

    Liliana: If anything happens...I will take responsibility.

    Jackie looks unimpressed.

    Jackie: I’m sure that will be very reassuring for Gael.

    She turns and walks away. Liliana watches her, exhaling.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 9

    Elliot is looking around at the room vaguely. Juliet is stood at the doorway looking awkward.

    Juliet: The dining area is on the right of the lobby; it’s open from eight till nine.

    Elliot turns back and nods slowly.

    Elliot: Thanks.

    Juliet nods vaguely and turns to leave.

    Elliot: You’re afraid of me.

    Juliet stops and turns back. Elliot shrugs looking confused.

    Elliot: I’da thought you see killers every day. What the hell makes me so different?

    Juliet swallows.

    Juliet: If you need anything please ask at the reception.

    She walks away.

    Elliot: Hey, wait...

    Juliet carries on. Elliot frowns as the door closes and he is left alone.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet looks relieved to be out of the room as she exhales.

    CUT TO:


    Juliet turns a corner. Devyn is walking towards her.

    Devyn: Hey, was it?

    The two stop next to one another. Juliet sighs.

    Juliet: It being unprofessional.

    Devyn frowns.

    Devyn: Unprofessional? Jules you don’t have to-

    Juliet: Stop, we...we should do this in my office.

    She shakes her head smiling faintly. Devyn exhales.

    Devyn: We can’t. I said I’d keep watch.

    Juliet frowns.

    Juliet: Why? You never come down here, the others-

    Devyn: These days I don’t have much better to do. Liliana’s got the costs handled somehow; she doesn’t go into much detail. I’m fine doing this. I can be inconspicuous.

    Juliet pauses but then nods.

    Juliet: All right. Let me know if-

    Devyn: Don’t worry, I will.

    Juliet smiles and nods thankfully. She begins to walk on but then stops and turns around looking concerned.

    Juliet: What about Gael? Do you think I should go say something?

    Devyn smiles and shakes his head.

    Devyn: You don’t need to. Already covered.

    CUT TO:


    Liliana walks in as Gael stands, having just let her in. He begins to close the door behind him.

    Gael: You don’t need to check on me, you know?

    Liliana turns to look at him as he closes the door. She smiles awkwardly.

    Liliana: I think I do. You left rather suddenly before Elliot’s arrival.

    Gael hesitates.

    Liliana: Are you...all right?

    Gael shrugs.

    Gael: I’m not exactly over the moon about this guy being here but...I’ll handle it. I imagine everyone else is gonna have to.

    Liliana nods faintly.

    Liliana: I understand if you this...affects you personally.

    Gael frowns.

    Gael: Why should it? Because I’ve slept with men?

    Liliana: I don’t know Gael, that’s why I’ve come to you.

    She looks concerned. Gael looks troubled.

    Gael: I told you I’ll handle it.

    Liliana pauses.

    Liliana: All right. It’s important that you do, I think. We don’t want to arouse suspicion among the others that something is different.

    Gael scoffs slightly.

    Gael: So that’s the real reason you came right? To make sure I won’t start mouthing off to everyone about what he’s done.

    Liliana looks offended.

    Liliana: You have made it quite clear that you don’t wish to discuss your personal life; please do not accuse me of being unfeeling because there are other considerations.

    She speaks firmly. Gael hesitates. He sighs and shakes his head slightly.

    Gael: Sorry. Dunno why I feel defensive.

    He rubs his neck and walks away looking troubled. Liliana watches him.

    Liliana: If I may suggest...

    Gael looks at her. She pauses.

    Liliana: That this has hit you harder than you expected. You don’t want to feel differently about this man than you would any other killer, but you do.

    Gael says nothing. Liliana knows she is right. She steps towards him.

    Liliana: I am not trying to psycho-analyse you, Gael, I just know that it can be difficult.

    Gael frowns slightly.

    Gael: What do you know?

    Liliana glances down.

    Liliana: I’m sure there have been times for all of us where we could not treat a guest objectively. There have been...times where I would not have been disappointed if certain guests were found by Amethyst...

    She looks sincere. Gael stares back at her seriously, surprised by what he is hearing. Liliana swallows.

    Liliana: Allow yourself to be affected. But then find a way to overcome it. That is how I managed.

    She walks to the door. Gael watches her go, considering what she has just told him. He stares into space as the door closes behind her.

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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      A congregation of people is just beginning to disperse in the background.

      Jackie OS: Thank you sir, I appreciate that but I...

      The camera moves down to show Jackie in the foreground, on her mobile phone. She is dressed in a black trouser-suit. She hesitates as she listens.

      Jackie: No sir, really, I would feel much more comfortable being there in person.

      Several metres behind her an elderly couple are talking to a woman in her 30s. They both look sympathetic as they talk to her. The younger woman nods, smiling thankfully before glancing back at Jackie.

      Jackie OS: Sir it won’t be a problem for me, I assure-

      Jackie frowns as she listens and exhales slightly.

      Jackie: All right sir. But I will be back on Monday morning.

      The other woman bids the elderly couple farewell and walks over to Jackie.

      Jackie OS: Thank you again sir.

      She hangs up exhaling and notices the woman approaching. She puts on a slight smile which the other woman returns weakly.

      Woman: Important call?

      Jackie clutches the phone awkwardly.

      Jackie: They always are.

      The other woman nods.

      Woman: Um, Christina wanted me to let you know that you’re invited to dinner tomorrow night. I think she thinks it’ll sound better coming from me.

      She shrugs as awkwardly as she smiles. Jackie looks uncomfortable.

      Jackie: All right. But I can’t stay long I need to get back.

      The woman smiles bitterly.

      Woman: Of course, can’t let dad’s death get in the way of work.

      She turns to leave.

      Jackie: Roberta!

      Jackie pursues.

      Jackie: Please-

      Roberta turns quickly.

      Roberta: You’ve made it very clear you don’t wanna be here, you show up two hours before the funeral looking like your dressed for a board meeting and you can’t even stay for a few days? Why don’t you make it easier for everyone and just go I’m sure Christina won’t be too devastated.

      Jackie looks angry as she places herself in front of Roberta preventing her from walking away.

      Jackie: I did not come for her, I came for dad.

      Roberta: And what about me, Jackie? What do I get? Another “see you next year”?

      Jackie says nothing.

      Roberta: You idea how much I needed you. How much he needed you.

      Jackie: You never asked me to come visit.

      Roberta: I shouldn’t have to ask! You knew what was happening. You knew mom was...on some Greek yacht somewhere. You knew how hard it would be. You left me to do it alone.

      Jackie has nothing to say.

      Roberta: You know I had this crazy thought that this might mean you actually started paying attention to this family, you might actually realise we’re still here trying to pick up the pieces you ignored?

      She shakes her head smiling sadly.

      Roberta: How stupid do I feel?

      She turns away angrily from Jackie who stares after her.


      FADE TO:


      Jackie walks down. Bethany is unlocking a door and looks up as she approaches. She smiles.

      Bethany: Hey.

      Jackie smiles back, but as she passes her smile fails. Bethany watches after her for a second but then shrugs and opens the door.

      CUT TO:


      Alandra is washing dishes. Grace is sat down eating lunch.

      Alandra: Why fruit though?

      Grace shrugs as she chews a mouthful of toast.

      Grace: Can you give a better alternative?

      Alandra glances at her.

      Alandra: I

      Grace gives her a horrified look.

      Grace: That would be gross.

      Alandra: Cars are gross and fruit aren’t? The metaphors are plentiful.

      Grace shakes her head.

      Grace: No, because cars, contrary to popular opinion, are fuelled by testosterone, not gas. Fruit are friendlier.

      Alandra raises an eyebrow.

      Grace: Seriously, you should try it.

      Alandra smiles slightly.

      Alandra: Maybe when the need arises.

      The door from the lobby opens. Alandra and Grace turn to see Jackie who looks awkward. Alandra turns to Grace.

      Alandra: So, tomato, for example?

      Grace rolls her eyes as Jackie walks forward hesitantly. The faint smile Jackie had begun to attempt vanishes. Alandra goes back to washing the dishes. Jackie walks up to the far counter as Grace eats in the silence.

      Jackie: Uh, is there...anymore coffee?

      Grace glances slightly.

      Grace: Lower cupboard, third from the right. Kettle boiled a minute ago.

      Jackie smiles weakly at her and opens the cupboard. Alandra places a glass down firmly to dry. Jackie looks behind her and then continues to make coffee. Grace looks between the two of them as she swallows another mouthful.

      Grace: There are uh, some more of these two, you know, if you want.

      Jackie turns back, looking surprised.

      Jackie: Are you offering to make me food.

      Grace gives her a look. Jackie smiles to herself.

      Jackie: Of course. Never mind.

      There is silence again.

      Jackie: Where, uh, where’s Dominic?

      Grace: Physio.

      Jackie: He’s there a lot lately.

      Alandra: That’s what happens when a wall collapses on you.

      Grace glances at Alandra. There is another pause. Jackie glances at Grace hesitantly.

      Jackie: Gael...

      Grace looks at her.

      Jackie: Should be through, soon.

      Grace looks confused.

      Grace: Ok?

      Jackie nods, taking the cup of coffee she just made, and walks to the door.

      Alandra OS: As far as conversation starters go, how much did that suck?

      Jackie pauses as the door closes behind her, hearing Alandra’s last remark. She exhales and walks on.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 6

      Bethany places a duvet cover in a basket with several others. Sam’s head peers round the door.

      Sam: Beth.

      Bethany jumps slightly and turns round. She exhales look annoyed.

      Bethany: Sam, I swear to God, make noise when you’re walking near me.

      She turns back looking flustered. Sam walks in awkwardly and closes the door. Bethany looks back at him again and hesitates.

      Bethany: You know who else used to whisper behind closed doors? Mark and Aura. Let’s not be them.

      [i]She picks up the basket and walks towards the door.

      Sam: I spoke to Dominic.

      Bethany stops suddenly looking appalled.

      Bethany: Sam! He’s gonna tell Grace and then everyone will know!

      Sam: They’re not. He’s keeping his opinions low key, so’s Grace. Besides, I didn’t mention you.

      Bethany looks confused.

      Bethany: Then...why are you talking to me about this?

      Sam: Because it doesn’t change what happened. And what could happen to Juliet.

      Bethany looks awkward.

      Bethany: Dominic thinks something’s up?

      Sam: He’s as uncertain as us, but I think we needta have this discussion. And if necessary I think you needta talk about what happened.

      Bethany looks uncomfortable.

      Bethany: She’s not gonna remember anything for the time being. I’ll wait, and you’re gonna wait too.

      She looks at him firmly but doesn’t wait for a response as she carries the basket out. Sam chooses not to follow but looks unfulfilled.

      CUT TO:


      Jackie walks in to see Devyn and Tegan talking at the reception. They look over to see her. Jackie walks over with her coffee, frowning slightly. Devyn smiles slightly.

      Devyn: Jackie.

      Jackie: Hello; aren’t you supposed to be watching Elliot?

      Devyn cocks his head towards the dining area.

      Devyn: Feel free to check he’s still in there.

      Jackie hesitates but then smiles awkwardly. She walks back in the direction of the staff corridor. Devyn and Tegan watch her go.

      Tegan: You’d think he was about to explode.

      Devyn looks at her.

      Devyn: She has a point.

      Tegan sighs.

      Tegan: I know. But come on, the idea of him being a threat is way scarier than the actual reality which is that this is a guy, armed currently with a coffee mug and a sandwich or two. I think we can take him.

      She shrugs slightly. Devyn looks over at the entrance to the dining area.

      CUT TO:


      Elliot is taking some water from the dispenser. He looks down as a ball hits his foot. He looks over to see Riley looking at him expectantly from several metres away. Amy is stood near him watching warily. Teya is sat at a table nearby. Elliot picks up the ball and walks up to Riley.

      Elliot: Here y’are kid.

      Riley takes the ball and turns back to Amy. She hesitates and then holds out her hands. Riley throws her the ball and she catches it. Elliot turns his head to see Mark wiping a table nearby. He walks over to him.

      Elliot: Hey, uh, what’s with them?

      Mark looks at him and then at the children.

      Mark: The kids? Uh, well their mom was here but she’s outta the picture now.

      Elliot: And y’all keep ‘em here?

      Mark shrugs.

      Mark: Kinda our responsibility. Besides, they know enough to see us all put away so...

      Elliot smiles, surprised, shaking his head.

      Elliot: Thought this place’d be full o’ guys covered in tattoos and scars, smashing beer bottles over each other; seems more like day-care to me. Can kinda see why y’all didn’t want me disturbing it all.

      Mark looks at him frowning.

      Mark: And how would you do that?

      Elliot looks at him, realising his mistake. He smiles awkwardly.

      Elliot: Don’t matter. Guess I’m uh, more of the real kind o’ criminal.

      Mark considers this.

      Mark: I don’t see any tattoos or scars on you. If you really wanna smash a beer bottle or anything else for that matter, I’d prefer it if you did it on one of the tables I haven’t got to yet.

      Elliot pauses and nods before walking away. Mark watches him go, frowning slightly. He looks over at Amy who has been watching. He smiles at her and she smiles back slightly before looking back at her brother, indicating for him to throw the ball.

      CUT TO:


      Devyn walks towards Room 9, followed by Elliot. Devyn takes out a key.

      Devyn: ‘Fraid I’m gonna have to lock you in.

      Elliot smiles bitterly.

      Elliot: You people really gone to a lot of trouble over me.

      Devyn: Yeah, well, we have to estimate how much of a threat you are from what we know-

      Elliot: Which is what, exactly?

      He looks annoyed. Devyn frowns.

      Elliot: You think I’m gonna go round at night killin’? That ain’t me. I been much since what I did, and I know what I did, but...why’s this gotta follow me here? Whatta you need me to do to show you I’m not gonna kill anyone?

      Devyn pauses.

      Devyn: You have to go in your room and let me lock the door.

      Elliot shakes his head slightly, looking down, but obeys. Devyn watches and then pulls the door closed, locking it behind him. He sighs and then walks away. The camera lingers on the number “9” for a moment.

      FADE TO:


      CUT TO:


      Liliana and Devyn are sat near Juliet’s desk. Juliet is sat behind, listening.

      Liliana: He may not be one of the individuals I was referring to at that time, but I do believe this surveillance is necessary.

      Devyn: If you think he’s so dangerous why’d you let him in the building in the first place?

      Liliana: Because it’s not up to me whether he stays or goes.

      She glances at Juliet. Juliet frowns.

      Juliet: You think I think should ask him to leave?

      Liliana: No...I just think things should remain as they are. I’d rather we were not surprised by someone who could be very good at putting on a front.

      Devyn: I don’t think that’s what he’s doing, you haven’t talked to him; you’ve only read about him.

      Liliana: And have you read about him? In full? His conviction chip stores a lot of information about each crime. The most recent was less than a year ago. Jackie is right to be wary of him and I think we should continue to be also.

      Juliet glances at Devyn.

      Juliet: Are you ok to monitor him still? I can ask someone else if you want-

      Devyn: No, no you don’t need to.

      He smiles slightly. Liliana smiles awkwardly.

      Liliana: I’d much rather be wrong about this but-

      Devyn: Yeah, well I guess this way we’re not gonna know which of us is-

      Gunshots are suddenly heard in the distance. Juliet stands hurriedly and each of them run as they make their way to the door.

      CUT TO:


      Juliet, Devyn and Liliana hurry down the corridor when suddenly the man from the trailer of “A Better Place” bursts out of Room 9, his left hand clutching his right which is bleeding heavily. Jackie appears behind him pointing her gun.

      Jackie: Stop him!

      Devyn acts quickly and lunges at the man, pushing him to the ground. Juliet turns from him to Jackie looking shocked. Jackie lowers her gun looking relatively relieved. Tegan appears behind Devyn and Liliana looking confused also.

      Tegan: I heard shooting what’s...

      Juliet looks at Jackie for some kind of answer. Jackie breathes deeply.

      Jackie: In there...

      She indicates Room 9 behind her. Juliet looks wary as she begins to approach. “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” by Martina McBride plays as she does so.

      ‘I beg your pardon’

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 9

      Juliet walks around the threshold, her eyes widening with horror as she does.

      ‘I never promised you a rose garden’

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 9

      The camera moves over to the bed to show Elliot, lying on the bed, his ankles and wrists tied. There is a large amount of bruising on his neck. He is dead.

      ‘Along with the sunshine
      There's got to be a little rain sometimes’

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 9

      The others appear next to Juliet and look equally shocked. Juliet turns back to Jackie who looks at her seriously, still breathing heavily from her encounter.

      ‘When you take you got to give so live and let live or let go
      I beg your pardon
      I never promised you a rose garden’

      The song fades out.

      Banner set made by Lex
      Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        A car speeds past.

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        A mobile phone ring tone is heard. Jackie is driving, faster than last time and is wearing her business suit. She uses one hand to pick up the phone, without waiting to slow down.

        Jackie: Nothing’s official yet, Leo.

        Jackie looks mildly irritated as a horn beeps from the opposite lane.

        Jackie: You know I can’t talk about it in any more detail than that.

        CUT TO:

        EXT. STREET

        Jackie swerves, narrowly missing a woman who is trying to cross the street.

        CUT TO:

        INT. CAR

        Jackie sighs.

        Jackie: You know if I get the job, first thing I’m going to do is crack down on j-walkers.

        Jackie rolls her eyes as she listens.

        Jackie: No, it’ll be a side project while I ensure world peace.

        A beeping is heard.

        Jackie: Listen I have another call, I’ll be in touch.

        She hangs up and then presses another button.

        Jackie: Hey Berta, listen I re-arranged my meeting so good news, I’ll be with you earlier than-

        Jackie stops, smiling awkwardly.

        Jackie: Oh, Christina hi, sorry I...

        Her smile begins to fade. As she drives onwards her face freezes, the outside noises fading into silence as she listens. There is a close up of her hand on the wheel, loosening grip slightly. She comes to a halt in a small traffic jam. She tries to compose herself.

        Jackie: Um...

        She is barely audible.

        Jackie: Um...thank you for, um...I’ you need me to be there...?

        She waits, closing her eyes, looking in pain.

        Jackie: Of course. I’ll get on a flight as soon as I can. Is there anyone you need me to call?

        Jackie looks put out as she moves the phone away from her ear, only static is heard. Jackie stares out of the window, but does not see the other cars or the buildings. Her hand holding the phone rests limply on the passenger seat. She waits a few more seconds and then picks up the phone again. She slowly dials a number and then puts the phone to her ear once more, swallowing as she prepares for the call. She adjusts her rear-view mirror slightly. Another few seconds pass. Her expression changes.

        Jackie: Mom? It’s Jackie.

        She looks as if she is struggling to speak.

        Jackie: I’m not ok; I have bad news.

        She stares forwards. The traffic in front of her is stationary.

        CUT TO:

        EXT. CAR

        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:


        Devyn and Jackie are stood to one side. Jackie looks cautious.

        Jackie: I don’t feel comfortable carrying a gun.

        Devyn: Yeah neither do I, but you’re gonna feel a lot more uncomfortable being attacked with no way to defend yourself.

        She tries not to look phased by this. He hands her what appears to be his gun.

        Devyn: Not like you’re gonna need it today or any time soon but if you’re checking on Elliot, you should take it.

        Jackie swallows and then takes the gun.

        Devyn: Key to room nine.

        He hands it over.

        Jackie: You don’t think Juliet will object to this?

        Devyn: I think Juliet will cope. It’s almost 9:30; you should check on him, make sure he doesn’t think we’ve left him in there to starve.

        Jackie hesitates as Devyn walks away.


        Gael is placing empty trays in the canteen. The caption says “Fifteen minutes earlier”. Grace appears next to him with a tray full of cutlery which she begins to sort out. Gael glances at her and smiles slightly, which Grace returns.

        Gael: Hope last night wasn’t too much trouble.

        Grace raises an eyebrow, half smiling.

        Grace: Are you kidding? I could run this place by myself right now if I had to with the amount of non-demand we have; not that I plan on doing that.

        Gael smiles vaguely. Grace glances at him.

        Grace: You...feel better?

        Gael looks at her and then half glances at the canteen. Elliot is, of course, not there. He smiles.

        Gael: Yeah, yeah I’m fine now, thanks. An early night did the trick.

        Grace nods.

        Grace: Good.

        There duo continue their work as the silence lingers. Grace looks as if she wants to speak but thinks better of it and walks back to the kitchen. Gael glances after her looking regretful. “Front Row” by Metric begins to play.

        CUT TO:


        Jackie walks down the corridor and towards the door which she begins to unlock.

        ‘I'm in the front row with a bottle
        Don't know what I can't decide’

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 9

        Jackie stops herself as she walks in as she sees Elliot’s body. She looks horrified as she steps forwards, placing her hand over her mouth.

        ’I'm in the front row I'm a model
        Don't know what I can't describe’

        Behind her, out of focus, there is movement.

        ‘Burn out stars they shine so bright’

        Jackie senses this and slowly turns around, reaching for her gun. The killer faces her from near the door. There is a pause.

        ‘All of us
        Burn out stars they shine so bright’

        Suddenly the killer rushes towards her. Jackie takes the gun and shoots but hits the wall. The killer tries to wrestle the gun from her hand and then forces her against the wall. The killer grabs her by the neck and by the hand, but concentrates on removing the gun from her hand rather than attacking her. Jackie looks in pain as he squeezes her wrist but she manages to kick him in the thigh, causing him to recoil in pain.

        ‘He's not perfect he's my hero
        Smashing the piano
        Spitting on the front row

        Chronic confrontation
        Psychic conversation
        Radical compassion’

        The gun falls from her hand and she reaches down to grab it. As she does so the killer reaches also, but Jackie is quicker.

        ‘Louder than the action
        Of all of us’

        She fires again, this time hitting his hand. He cries out in pain as blood streams from his wound. Jackie looks stunned as he heads for the door, and opens it frantically. She takes pursuit.

        ‘Burn out stars they shine so bright
        All of us’

        CUT TO:


        The scene from before plays out as the others arrive.

        Jackie: Stop him!

        ‘Burn out stars they shine so bright’

        Devyn does so once more. Jackie watches, her breath heavy as Juliet looks at her for an answer.

        ‘All the stars’

        The song fades.

        CUT TO:


        Tegan approaches Gael who is stood near the door to Juliet’s office. They share a worried smile.[/i]

        Gael: How they taking it?

        Tegan: As expected. Riley asked if there was blood.

        She smiles uncomfortably. Gael looks unimpressed.

        Gael: So no one’s freaking out?

        Tegan: Liliana’s keeping them calm, but I think we convinced them there’s no immediate danger from this guy.

        Gael nods. Tegan glances at Juliet’s office.

        Tegan: How about in there?

        Gael: Heard nothing so far.

        Tegan looks awkward.

        Tegan: Why do I feel like this is gonna be an “them and us” event?

        Gael shakes his head,

        Gael: It’s them and Juliet; that’s how she wants it.

        Tegan nods slightly.

        Tegan: I’m gonna see if Jackie and Devyn need anything.

        Gael hesitates.

        Gael: How bout you go on to Devyn; I’ll check on Jackie.

        Tegan: Sure?

        Gael: Yeah.

        He smiles slightly. Tegan nods and walks away. Gael exhales and walks in the opposite direction to the lobby.

        CUT TO:


        Alandra, Grace, Dominic, Sam, Bethany and Mark are stood around. Juliet is leaning against her desk, feeling their gaze upon her.

        Sam: Has he said anything? Why...?

        Juliet shrugs.

        Juliet: By now, maybe. We’ll find out. I can’t really give an incentive though; he’ll be gone soon either way.

        There is a pause.

        Dominic: You said the door was locked?

        Juliet: Yeah, he must have...gone in there before, stayed there all night...

        She looks uncomfortable.

        Juliet: He would have gotten out if...if it wasn’t for Jackie.

        Bethany: Is she ok?

        Alandra scoffs slightly. Bethany gives her a look.

        Bethany: This coulda been way more serious, Alandra.

        Alandra: Maybe not, if she hadn’t been going in there on her little secret mission on her own.

        Juliet looks serious.

        Juliet: You realise this is exactly the reason why I didn’t tell you all. If it had been up to me no one would have known about this.

        Mark: How is that realistic? Isn’t the whole point that we all know what’s going on, so we can all try and stop things like this from happening? I mean keeping it quiet didn’t exactly work out did it?

        Juliet: I’m aware.

        She speaks with a deadly seriousness.

        Mark: You know I’m not sure why anyone’s really surprised at this, ‘cept maybe Grace. Welcome to the club of not knowing what’s going on.

        Juliet looks at Grace, but she does not look back.

        Grace: Mark shut up.

        She looks at Juliet for a split second before looking at the others.

        Grace: What would you have done if you’d known? What would any of us done differently?

        Sam: You can keep telling yourself that, but that’s not the point.

        Bethany: To be honest...I don’t really care.

        Sam: Beth?

        She looks at him.

        Bethany: I’m sorry Sam, I don’t. Our bruised egos are less important that what happened today. Grace is right.

        There is a pause. Dominic looks at Grace. She looks back and he smiles sadly.

        Juliet: This was my decision, the others...they were only doing what I asked them to do. Be angry at me, not them.

        Dominic: Elliot was his name right?

        Juliet nods.

        Dominic: So why let him in? What was it so important to risk it?

        Juliet pauses. She shakes her head.

        Juliet: I don’t know. But it was. Maybe I thought...maybe I hoped this wouldn’t end like I feared it would.

        Bethany: And it didn’t.

        Juliet looks at her. Bethany smiles supportively. Juliet exhales speaking to herself more than the others.

        Juliet: Yeah.

        There is a long shot as the group remain silent.

        CUT TO:


        Jackie is sat at the table. Gael appears next to her and holds out an ice-pack.

        Gael: This should do all right.

        Jackie smiles slightly as she takes it, placing it on her wrist, wincing as she does. Gael sits down.

        Jackie: You really don’t need to wait on me.

        Gael: I’m not. This is all you get.

        He smiles slightly. Jackie smiles back weakly, staring at the table. Gael’s smile fades.

        Gael: It’s ironic; I’ve spent the last day thinking...I am so lucky to have never been attacked, abused by anyone. I was terrified that this could be it, this could be the moment my luck runs out. But now this...

        Gael looks concerned.

        Gael: You’ll be ok.

        She looks at him.

        Jackie: This is normal isn’t it?

        Gael looks solemn.

        Gael: Don’t think we have a normal anymore; if we ever did.

        Jackie glances away.

        Jackie: I have spent months telling myself that I would never fit in here; I never wanted to and I still don’t. But now this...

        She raises her wrist slightly.

        Jackie: It feels as though I’m part of it.

        Gael: Whether you like it or not.

        She looks him in the eye.

        Jackie: Do you believe in the death penalty? For people like him?

        Gael frowns slightly and shakes his head. Jackie nods, glancing away.

        Jackie: I thought I did; I strove to get it for him, I felt nothing but contempt for what he had done...but seeing him that way...

        She closes her eyes for a second and then looks down.

        Jackie: I can’t see it as anything else but...sick...wrong.

        Gael hesitates.

        Gael: Way I see it...death doesn’t change just because the law says it ok.

        Jackie looks serious.

        Jackie: I know you believe that, and I know you hated Elliot for what he did.

        She looks troubled.

        Jackie: How can you throw away your convictions? How can you do it?

        Gael hesitates, glancing down.

        Gael: It was difficult. It gets...easier.

        Jackie: I don’t want it to be easier.

        Gael: People you consider awful aren’t gonna stop coming and going.

        Jackie looks at him seriously.

        Jackie: There has to be a line; I don’t believe in your philosophy, God knows I hate what it allows...but there has to be a point where we say no.

        Gael hesitates.

        Gael: If there wasn’t before, there is now. Juliet knows that; she’s only ever trying to protect us.

        Jackie: And yet here we are beyond her protection.

        Gael says nothing.

        Jackie: Defending the indefensible and recovering from the latest attack...that is what’s taken to mean normal here, isn’t it?

        Gael nods slowly.

        Gael: Too much of the time it is. It’s hard...until you look around, and think about who’s gonna defend you.

        Jackie looks uncomfortable.

        Jackie: I’ve never wanted to be defended.

        Gael looks at her, troubled.

        Gael: I don’t even know what it is you’ve done.

        Jackie looks at him.

        Jackie: You could.

        Gael listens. Jackie hesitates.

        CUT TO: BLACK
        Banner set made by Lex
        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          A woman’s hand stirs two mugs of tea. The camera moves up to show it is Jackie. She takes the two mugs and walks through to another room.

          CUT TO:


          A woman in 70s is sat in a small armchair. She is evidently fairly crippled, a walking stick resting next to her chair. She stares into space. Jackie places both mugs on a small table in between the woman’s chair and an empty one, which she begins to sit down in. The woman glances at her.

          Woman: Yours isn’t on a coaster. You’ll need to get one from the drawer.

          Jackie hesitates and then smiles weakly, walking over to the drawer. She opens it. The woman watches her.

          Woman: Your it...all right?

          Jackie turns her head slightly.

          Jackie: Yes, it’s fine.

          Woman: You’re still aiming for that promotion?

          Jackie exhales as she brings the coaster over.

          Jackie: No, mom I got the promotion, remember?

          She places the mug on the coaster and then sits down.

          Jackie: I start in my new position in less than two weeks.

          Jackie’s mother (Sarah) nods slightly.

          Sarah: Oh.

          Jackie glances at the ground and then at her mother.

          Jackie: There are some things we need to go over concerning Roberta’s will-

          Sarah: I’m not looking at that thing again, Jacqueline. Not after what she’s decided to give that vile Christine woman.

          Jackie: Christina.

          Sarah: What does it matter?

          Jackie hesitates looking serious.

          Jackie: Maybe if you had gotten to know her-

          Sarah: Don’t be ridiculous; she didn’t even invite me to your father’s funeral for goodness sake. She wasn’t going to be happy until I was completely out of your lives.

          Jackie stares at her somewhat incredulously. Sarah’s expression softens slightly.

          Sarah: At least I have you. Even if you are so far away I never see you.

          She sighs, taking a sip of her tea. Jackie stares at her and then at the floor once more.

          Jackie: You know...I’m sorry.

          Sarah looks at her and smiles faintly.

          Sarah: You have your priorities.

          Jackie: Not for you.

          She looks at her now. Sarah looks surprised. Jackie purses her lips.

          Jackie: I’m sorry that I...stood back, and let all this happen.

          She shakes her head.

          Jackie: I’ve sorry I’ve always been afraid to say anything to you because of what you might do, but now mom, now you’re old and you’re alone and you can’t do anything.

          Sarah looks angry.

          Sarah: I don’t like your tone, Jacqueline. Show some respect.

          Jackie: That’s all I’ve ever tried to show you, mom! That’s all anyone has ever tried to show you, but you throw it all back! I saw it all.

          She looks angrier still.

          Jackie: I’m sorry you’ll never wrong you’ve always been. About everything. I wish you could, but it’s more than too late.

          She grits her teeth.

          Jackie: And what I’m most sorry about is...

          She has an intake of breath.

          Jackie: That I ruined half my life trying to be you...because that’s what I thought I should be. Now...I am what I am, and you’re still what you always were. I’ll never forgive you.

          Sarah stares at her, her eyes narrow. Jackie looks away.

          Sarah: Have you finished?

          Jackie looks at her. She nods.

          Jackie: Yes.

          Sarah: Good; then get out.

          Jackie hesitates and then stands. She makes her way to the door looking upset when suddenly she hears gasping behind her. Jackie turns looking surprised. Her mother stares at her, her breathes shallow and weak.

          Sarah: Oh, Jacqueline I...oh goodness I think I’m...I think I’m having a seizure. Oh...

          She looks in pain as her limbs fall limply beside her. Jackie approaches hurriedly and then stops. Her mother looks up at her pleadingly.

          Sarah: Call 911, quickly!

          She tries to lift her arm but knocks down her mug of tea. It rolls off the table and smashes on the ground. Jackie stares down, not moving. Sarah looks confused as she sees her daughter not rushing to help her. Her head falls back against the back of the chair. Jackie stares down still and then looks away. She stares at the wall and then down at the small table. She walks over to it and then picks up her own tea, still full. She walks over to the kitchen.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie pours the tea down the sink. In the background her mother can be heard gasping weakly. Jackie stares down at the sink as she turns on the tap, washing out her mug. She then walks over a handrail which has several dishcloths hanging over it. She takes one and dries the mug, staring intently at it as she does. She goes over to the cupboard and places the mug next to many others. There is one space left. She closes the cupboard and then stops. She turns back, looking at the living room. There is only silence now. She swallows and then walks over to a chair next to the kitchen table. She puts on her coat and then places her bag over her shoulder. She walks out.

          CUT TO:


          Jackie closes the door to the apartment behind her. She pauses for one moment and then walks down the corridor towards the camera.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:

          INT. HAVEN CELL

          The camera moves away from the door to show Devyn facing the killer. The man glances at the table solemnly. Devyn exhales and then stands, walking out.

          CUT TO:


          Devyn locks the door behind him and then walks around to a flight of stairs which he climbs.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          As Devyn walks out from a corridor, Liliana spots him and walks over.

          Liliana: Did you learn anything?

          Devyn: Yeah; I need to Juliet.

          Liliana narrows her brow.

          Liliana: Devyn whatever...whatever he said, it can’t change anything-

          Devyn: She needs to hear it herself. Maybe you should too.

          Liliana looks uncertain as Devyn walks in the direction of the main corridor. She follows.

          CUT TO:


          Alandra serves soup to one of the guests. As the guest walks away she looks at Mark talking to the kids. He looks up and then says something to them before walking towards the counter.

          Mark: How’s it going in there?

          He indicates the kitchen. Alandra smiles awkwardly.

          Alandra: Surprised you can’t hear them.

          Mark smiles weakly.

          Mark: Thought you’d be in there too.

          Alandra shakes her head.

          Alandra: I fight my corner when no one else will; right now, the others are doing a pretty good job. Besides, it’s not even about who was told what and who’s on which side anymore. It’s about Juliet; and I don’t wanna argue about her, cause I don’t know who I’d end up agreeing with.

          Mark looks serious. He speaks more quietly.

          Mark: Sam and Dominic talked to you?

          Alandra nods.

          Alandra: Yeah.

          There is a pause. Mark looks behind him.

          Mark: Guests are clearing out.

          Alandra: Yeah, I guess that’s the sign that we need to start dinner.

          Mark narrows his brow.

          Mark: Forget about that; come sit with me and the kids for a while.

          Alandra hesitates.

          Alandra: They don’t really know me.

          Mark cocks his head.

          Mark: So introduce yourself.

          Alandra smiles and then walks round. Mark looks pleased as they walk over to the table.

          CUT TO:


          Tegan, Gael, Grace, Dominic, Sam and Bethany are stood around. Jackie is sat at the table still, looking like this is the last place she wants to be. Tegan looks angry.

          Tegan: If she remembered anything, she would have told us.

          Dominic: What she remembers has nothing to do with it, in fact what she doesn’t remember is the worrying part.

          Gael: You want to confront her, we get it; but you’re just gonna make this ridiculously more difficult for everyone if you do.

          Dominic: I never said anything about confrontation, but I do wonder how long we can afford to let Juliet make these big decisions like deciding who to let in the hotel, when none of us know what really happened and we probably won’t until she does.

          Grace looks tired as she exhales. Gael looks at her.

          Gael: You agree with what he’s saying?

          He speaks inquisitively rather than accusatively. Dominic looks at Grace also. Grace shakes her head.

          Grace: Do not put me in this position.

          Bethany: Oh it’s great, believe me.

          Sam glances at her. Gael looks annoyed.

          Gael: I’m not trying to put anyone in any position; I just wanna know what it is that’s got you so convinced there could be something wrong here?

          He looks at Dominic for an answer. Dominic tries hard not look at Bethany, but Sam does. Jackie is the only one to notice. Dominic shakes his head.

          Dominic: This was a bad idea; forget it.

          He walks away. Grace watches him sadly. Tegan clutches the back of her neck with both hands looking troubled. Jackie watches looking awkward. There is silence.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet, Devyn and Liliana walk up to door. Juliet looks at Devyn uncertainly.

          Juliet: I’m not gonna like this am I?

          Devyn pauses.

          Devyn: I didn’t.

          Juliet nods slightly and walks in, her gun in her hands.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN CELL

          The killer stands in the corner, his hands cuffed. He glances at the gun.

          Man: You don’t need a gun.

          Juliet: I’ll be the judge of that. Sit.

          He hesitates and then does so. Juliet does also while Liliana and Devyn stand behind her.

          Devyn: Tell her what you told me Michael.

          Michael hesitates. Juliet stares at him.

          Michael: I...I didn’t mean to make trouble for y’all.

          Juliet remains resolute.

          Juliet: I think you’re probably intelligent enough to know that this would make trouble.

          Michael reclines slightly looking pained.

          Michael: That guy deserved to die; you know what he was.

          Juliet: We have rules, what people deserve doesn’t come in to it.

          Michael looks angry.

          CUT TO:


          The woman seen tied to the bed in the teaser of “A Better Place” speaks but only silence can be heard. A boy of about fifteen pleads with her but she shakes her head looking disgusted.

          Michael VO: People hate you for the choices you make; people hate me for what I am. You have no idea what that’s like.

          He tries to put his arms on her but pushes him away, walking into the house. Tears run down the boys face as she slams the door behind her.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. STREET

          From the bushes, Michael is watching.

          Michael VO: I stop those people.

          CUT TO:


          Juliet listens looking serious.

          Michael: Elliot Ross targeted a club, a club I went to. I didn’t know anyone there but...that could been me, you understand?

          Juliet does not respond. He looks at her pleadingly.

          Michael: Please, look, I won’t do anything like that again, just let me stay here for a while, I gotta lie low.

          His eyes dart from Juliet to Devyn to Liliana. Liliana watches Juliet. Juliet looks grave as she shakes her head.

          Juliet: I understand what you did, did it here. You cannot stay here.

          Michael looks scared.

          Michael: They’re lookin’ for me! What am I gonna do?

          Juliet shakes her head.

          Juliet: I don’t know.

          ”Turn and Turn Again” by All Thieves begins to play. Juliet gets up and looks at Liliana and Devyn before walking out. Michael looks close to tears. Liliana and Devyn share a look before following her. Devyn closes the door.

          CUT TO:


          Dominic and Grace lie on his bed together. Dominic strokes his fingers through her hair. Grace smiles weakly.

          Dominic: Grace...there’s something you need to know.

          Grace’s smile fades. She tenses up. Dominic realises, shaking his head.

          Dominic: Not about that.

          Grace relaxes slightly but looks confused.

          Dominic: It’s about Bethany.

          Grace prepares to listen.

          CUT TO:


          Gael is sat at the table. Jackie is at the sink. She dries the cup she has just washed up. She places it in the cupboard next to the others.

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Tegan walks across the lobby to the reception where she sits down. She looks over as Liliana enters. She looks interested as Liliana prepares to speak to her.

          ‘Worn from walking this far
          So worn from talking this much’

          CUT TO:


          Alandra and Mark sit with the kids. Alandra smiles at something Riley has said, as Amy laughs. Mark looks pleased.

          ‘And what we found and what we've seen
          As the road curves down
          And the lights come up to meet us’

          They go out of focus as Bethany and Sam can be seen in the background, clearing plates away. Sam watches them, half suspiciously. Bethany gives him a look and he stops.

          ‘Silent for the evening
          We enter this town
          Like new born creatures’

          CUT TO:

          INT. HAVEN LOBBY

          Gael walks in followed by Jackie. Gael smiles as Tegan and Liliana look over. He looks at Jackie supportively and she looks back, smiling vaguely.

          ‘Those I know I see anew
          And the space between us is reduced
          For I am human
          And you are human too’

          They all turn to see Devyn walk in followed by Michael and Juliet. Michael looks at those whose decision it has been to turn him out. Devyn walks to the door and opens it, waiting. Jackie and Gael stare at Michael, never knowing the connections they have to him. He does not see them look however and walks through the main door. Jackie turns, oblivious, clutching her wrist slightly as she walks away. Juliet follows Michael and the door closes.

          ‘So turn and turn again
          We are calling in all the ships
          Every traveller, please come home
          And tell us all that you have seen
          Break every lock to every door
          Return every gun to every draw
          So we can turn
          And turn again’

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
          Banner set made by Lex
          Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6