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Haven Episode 1.11 11. Worked Up So Sexual

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  • Haven Episode 1.11 11. Worked Up So Sexual

    This is the eleventh episode of "Haven", an original series written by me. I hope you enjoy reading it! If you have any feedback, positive or critical, please post it here, thank you

    Haven Episode 1.11 11. Worked Up So Sexual

    Written and Produced by Alex Hart
    Edited by Lex

    Special thanks to Heather

    Disclaimer: The series “Haven”, its characters, locations and ideas are all creations belonging to Alex Hart. The work is fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only. No unauthorised usage of anything in “Haven” is permitted without prior permission, thank you.


    OPEN ON:


    “Poster of a Girl” by Metric begins to play.

    Grace is lying in a double bed, the figure of a man on top of her, making love to her.

    ‘Can't stand by myself
    Hate to sleep alone’

    Grace arches her head back slightly, closing her eyes as she takes in the embrace.

    ‘Surprises always help’

    Grace opens her eyes but she does not look happy or sad. She is just staring. She strokes the arm of the man she is with. He gasps as he appears to climax.

    ‘So I take somebody home
    To find out how I feel’

    Grace blinks slowly as she arches her head again. Her bare leg bends as she presses her thigh into the man’s waist.

    ‘Feel like just a baby
    Portrait of a lady’

    The man’s face contorts as he bends his neck back, thrusting into Grace’s body. Grace stares at his face, as he stares into his own oblivion. The French section of the lyrics begins.

    ‘Poster of a girl’

    CUT TO:


    The man straightens his tie: he is now fully dressed in a suit. We see that the room they are in is very cramped and dingy. Grace sits on the bed, fastening her high heels. The man places his hand on her shoulder. Grace shrugs him off and looks at him blankly. She stands. The man stares back for a second and then takes his wallet. He takes some money and hands it to her. Grace takes it swiftly. The man smiles despite Grace’s cold exterior and then walks away. Grace counts the money, not really taking into account his departure. The song fades out.


    FADE TO:


    Grace is stood in front of her small dressing table. She wipes her face wearily and then opens a drawer. She winces slightly, rubbing her elbow as she bends her arm. She removes a small jar of pills and takes one out. She places on in her mouth, swallowing it with a glass of water. She swallows, exhaling and then turns.



    THEMESONG: “Not Gonna Get Us” - Tatu

    The eerie start of the song plays as we see grey smoke. “Haven” in black, torn letters fades in. It disappears as the drums start. The smoke is gone also. There are a series of quick shots: a gun being fired. A high-heeled foot stepping next to a pole. A syringe injecting someone’s arm. A knife being raised. A key turning in a lock. Coins scattering on a table. A close up of a woman’s lips as she applies lipstick. A shovel being forced into the ground. A close up of someone handcuffing another person’s wrists. A hand flicking a cigarette lighter on. A pair of pliers approaching someone’s finger. A dagger covered in blood hitting the ground. A hand grabbing on to someone’s arm. A close up of an eye opening wide.

    As the song suddenly becomes more energetic, there is a montage of criminal records, each face only seen for a fraction of a second.

    The camera zooms towards Juliet looking shocked.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Juliet walking with a neutral expression on her face. There is a shot of Juliet pointing a gun looking resolute. There is a shot of Juliet turning her face, looking serious. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of Juliet, Grace and Tegan running. There is a shot of the illuminated “Summertime General” sign.

    There is a shot of Devyn reaching out for something.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Devyn punching someone. There is a shot of him leaning against a wall. There is a shot of him smiling, a little smugly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a little girl with a knife in her hand. There is a shot of a gun being fired into the air.

    There is a shot of Tegan typing on a computer.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Tegan turning, the flash of sirens causing her to shield her eyes. There is a shot of Tegan putting her hand over mouth. There is a shot of Tegan cocking her head slightly, smiling. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of a woman walking down a corridor of Haven, purposefully. A shot of a man and a woman kissing.

    There is a shot of Gael holding out a large knife.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Gael hugging someone. There is a shot of a tear streaming down Gael’s face. There is a shot of Gael laughing. The credit flickers away.

    A shot of the main entrance opening. A shot of Mark and Aura turning looking surprised in Summertime General.

    There is a shot of Grace carrying a plate of food.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Grace putting her head in her hands. A shot of her putting her finger over her lips. A shot of her smiling a little. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of an explosion. A shot of Grace crying in Gael’s arms.

    There is a shot of Aura sat at one of the tables in Haven’s kitchen.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Aura turning looking shocked. A shot of her at the till in Summertime General. A shot of her smiling kindly. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a hand being placed on the identification pad. A shot of Bethany kissing someone.

    There is a shot of Mark walking down the first lower corridor.


    The credits flicker on to the screen. There is a shot of Mark looking troubled. A shot of Mark diving out of the way of something. A shot of Mark stroking someone’s hair.

    There is a shot of Royce punching someone. A shot of a man moving over a man’s bare stomach.

    There is a shot of Jackie sitting in a chair, her index finger on her temple. She looks thoughtful.


    The credit flickers on to the screen. There is a shot of Jackie turning, looking out of breath. A shot of her walking looking formidable. A shot of her examining a gun. The credit flickers away.

    There is a shot of a corridor in Haven. The camera zooms through to the lobby, spinning around, backing through the front entrance. The doors close.


    Guest Starring:

    CHARISMA CARPENTER – Callista Pearson
    JOSH DUHAMEL – Dominic Healy
    DAVID HEWLETT – Leo Falcon
    NASHAWN KEARSE – Dwayne Juniper
    JULIAN McMAHON – Mitch Pearson
    JASON MOMOA – Josef Porter
    JAMES PICKENS JR. – Royce Appleby
    Banner set made by Lex
    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    Grace sweeps the floor. In the distance construction work noises are heard. Grace looks annoyed.

    Grace: I am so not starting an eight hour shift to that.

    Gael is sat down, eating a chocolate bar. He nods.

    Gael: I know. Surprised Liliana actually got down and organised it all so quickly.

    Grace: Too bad she’s never useful when we want her to be.

    Gael smiles slightly.

    Grace: I don’t see the point of rushing. Twelve extra rooms is not gonna stop Amethyst from arresting everyone.

    Gael’s smile fades as he considers this. Grace does a double take as she sees his expression.

    Grace: Ok, please don’t be sombre this early. You should do that thing where you passively agree with my ranting.

    Gael smiles despite his previous look. Grace smiles back.

    Gael: Sorry. Just, you know, Amethyst are becoming more than just a name now. Starts to get a bit screwed up when you wonder about regulars not returning.

    Grace sighs, looking down.

    Grace: It is screwed up. But, as much as I insult her, Liliana’s doing something right, ‘cause here we all are, not arrested.

    Gael half smiles. Dominic walks in. Grace smiles at him. Dominic raises his eyebrows in greeting.

    Grace: Shift done?

    Dominic: Uh, yeah. Gotta say it’s kinda uneventful up there. Do you actually get customers?

    Gael: Kinda the point. Hence why we try and make it unappealing as possible.

    Grace nods. Dominic accepts this.

    Dominic: Yeah, you definitely got that part down.

    He smiles. Gael looks a little awkward. Dominic looks at Grace.

    Dominic: You decide on a movie for tonight?

    Gael looks more interested.

    Grace: Well you never saw ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ like you promised so-

    Dominic: Oh, come on I wanna enjoy the evening. I don’t wanna watch psychotic people, we can do that just by watching the dining area.

    He smiles pleadingly, raising his eyebrows. Grace rolls her eyes, smiling..

    Grace: Fine, fine, but I don’t have any Disney crap or anything.

    Dominic: So that’s a no for ‘The Land Before Time’?

    Grace gives him a look. He grins.

    Dominic: Maybe I could look through your collection and see if I can find something that’s not awful?

    Grace looks mock offended and pushes the broom towards him. Dominic laughs. Gael watches, intrigued, but there is some concern behind his eyes also.

    CUT TO:


    Tegan is sat behind the reception. Devyn is leaning against it. He looks serious.

    Devyn: How long before she told you...who she was?

    Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: Uh, a couple of months I guess, though I had my suspicions.

    Devyn nods slowly. Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: I take it you didn’t?

    Devyn looks awkward.

    Devyn: I thought she had killed before...but not for a living.

    Tegan pauses.

    Tegan: What if I told you I stole from people who needed everything they had to survive?

    Devyn looks at her.

    Tegan: You’ve tricked people to give you their lives. Gael has sold drugs that I haven’t even heard of. Grace has done things for money that I dread to think about. Who’s to know we’re capable of all that?

    Devyn nods, taking her point.

    Devyn: My mind just never went there. Not with her...

    Tegan considers then but then smiles very slightly.

    Tegan: Cause of how you feel about her.

    Devyn looks at her. He opens his mouth, but closes it again. Tegan raises her eyebrows, smiling understandingly.

    Tegan: It’s ok. This doesn’t have to be something you find hard to explain. Because you don’t have to.

    Devyn exhales. He smiles awkwardly.

    Devyn: I don’t want...what I know now, to change anything.

    Tegan: Then don’t let it.

    Devyn looks unconvinced. Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: Don’t think about how many people she’s killed. Think about how many she’s saved even though she killed to save them. And she’s still saving people now. Us. Life that wouldn’t be, without her. That’s why I believe in her.

    Devyn considers this.

    Devyn: What about Trish and everything? Aren’t you worried about that?

    Tegan hesitates.

    Tegan: She said it’s taken care of. Trish isn’t here anymore...there are worse things to worry about.

    Tegan looks as if she is trying to convince herself, as well as Devyn, with this comment. Devyn looks seriously at her, wondering whether she truly believes in what she is telling him.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 11

    Bethany appears from the en suite.

    Bethany: You sure you don’t want my job? Cause I’m slightly in awe of your cleaning skills.

    Bethany smiles at Juliet who is stood by the bed, changing the sheets.

    Juliet: I’ve had less of my own work lately. Thought I shouldn’t leave you guys to do everything down here.

    Juliet looks distracted as she fits a pillowcase. Bethany narrows her brow.

    Bethany: You ok?

    Juliet looks over at her. She smiles.

    Juliet: I’m fine. Don’t worry.

    Bethany raises an eyebrow but exhales, nodding.

    Bethany: Are you thinkin’ about where, uh she went?

    Juliet looks at her. She nods slowly.

    Juliet: Yeah...

    Bethany nods.

    Bethany: Maybe you should take your own advice. She wanted to be on her own, that’s why she left so quickly. You obviously...helped her enough.

    Bethany smiles hopefully, but it appears she realises that things are more complicated than she is suggesting. Juliet smiles weakly.

    Juliet: I’ll try and keep that in mind.

    Bethany nods encouragingly.

    Bethany: I better go start my actual work. I’ll see you later.

    She smiles. Juliet tries to smile more genuinely as Bethany walks out. Juliet’s smile immediately disappears. She closes her eyes wearily and looks down. Something catches her eye.

    There is a tiny red stain on the floor close to the bed. Juliet stares down at it.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 11

    In a flashback, Callista swings a knife down at Trish as she struggles. Blood splashes on to the ground.

    CUT TO:

    INT. ROOM 11

    Back in the present Juliet, glances away, closing her eyes again. She exhales and walks over to a mop and bucket. She picks them up and then places down the bucket, taking the mop in her hands. She wipes away the last sign of what happened in this room two days earlier. The last visible sign that Trish was ever in Haven.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Jackie is sat behind her desk. Gina is stood behind her. They are both staring at a computer monitor.

    Gina: All these areas have all been searched thoroughly, but, without any result.

    Jackie stares at the screen.

    Jackie: Perhaps not thoroughly enough.

    Gina cocks her head slightly indicating that she agrees. Jackie types something. The monitor zooms in on one particular area. Gina watches. She then points at the screen.

    Gina: Trey Caylin and Carla Ross were both found here.

    Jackie: And searches continued throughout the area.

    Gina hesitates.

    Gina By looking at this map? Yes. But I’ve checked various reports ma’am.

    Jackie frowns.

    Jackie: Reports? Why haven’t I seen those?

    Gina: Probably because they show that our patrols’ orders don’t match what’s been recorded here. There is a large area of east Belview, near where Caylin and Ross were arrested, which has been entirely neglected over the last two months. I imagine that...if Mr Dalen knows anything about Haven’s location, but doesn’t want anyone else could be there.

    Jackie considers this. There is a pause. She then looks up at Gina.

    Jackie: Gina do you know anyone else who might help us?

    Gina shakes her head.

    Gina: I wouldn’t risk telling this to anyone.

    Jackie: You already did.

    Gina realises this as Jackie smiles at her.

    Jackie: But I agree. We’ll just have to do this on our own. Are you free tomorrow?

    [i]Gina nods.[i]

    Gina: After 3pm ma’am.

    Jackie: Then meet me here as soon as you can after 3. We’ll be going on a...patrol of our own.

    Gina looks a little anxious.

    Gina: With all due respect ma’ will we know where to start looking?

    Jackie looks at her. She smiles more confidently.

    Jackie: Leave that to me.

    Gina looks intrigued. Jackie looks back at the monitor. The camera zooms towards it, towards one particular building.

    CUT TO:


    The view changes from birds-eye view to normal.

    CUT TO:


    Grace is sat on the bed, Dominic lying next to her. Both are eating from bowls and are watching a television in front of them.

    Grace: This bit’s really good right here.

    Dominic looks up as he eats a piece of pasta. He watches for a second and then nods.

    Dominic: Hm...

    His tone isn’t too enthusiastic. Grace looks at him.

    Grace: Oh come on, you can’t say this is bad?

    Dominic: No, no it’s good...I just think there’s a lot of references all thrown in without much meaning.

    Grace rolls her eyes.

    Dominic: Besides, Tobie Maguire and I have issues. It’s a ‘Spiderman’ thing.

    Grace smiles slightly.

    Grace: Ok, well that’s your prerogative. But you can’t say there’s no meaning.

    Dominic sits up. He smiles.

    Dominic: Oh really?

    Grace: Every single reference is a comment on change. Sin isn’t necessarily sin.

    Dominic: Wow that is deep.

    Grace gives him a look.

    Grace: Do not mock me.

    Dominic leans closer.

    Dominic: Or what?

    Grace smiles, narrowing her brow. Dominic suddenly leans in and kisses Grace. Grace looks a little taken-a-back but does not resist. After a second she brings up her hand slowly, stroking his cheek. They part. Dominic smiles at Grace. Grace looks uncertain as to what to say as she tries to return his smile. Dominic looks concerned.

    Dominic: Was that not ok?

    Grace: Uh, no, it was definitely better than ok.

    Dominic smiles, relieved.

    Grace: Just been a while since...I kissed anyone.

    Dominic narrows his brow.

    Dominic: But I thought you and Gael-

    Grace: We never kiss. Kissing would be weirdness beyond the unconventional relationship we already have.

    Dominic’s smile widens. Grace bites her lip and then goes in to kiss Dominic again. Dominic eagerly responds, as they begin to kiss more passionately, his hands caressing her arms. Grace begins to push Dominic down on to the bed, though Dominic looks unprepared for this. He smiles, surprised, trying to stop himself from lying down completely.

    Dominic: My bowl’s still on the bed-

    Grace kisses him more.

    Grace: Don’t mind that.

    Grace lifts the bowl and swiftly places it on the bedside table. She then tries to make Dominic lean back, but he resists as they continue to kiss. She places her hand under his shirt and with her other hand begins to unbutton it. Dominic begins to looks uncomfortable.

    Dominic: Grace...

    Grace breathes heavily.

    Grace: Stop talking.

    She takes off her own shirt, revealing her bra underneath. Dominic stares up at her as she straddles him, now frowning. Grace leans down to kiss him again and continues to unbutton his own shirt.

    Dominic: Grace...Grace!

    He forces her off of him and gets off the bed. Grace stares at him looking taken-a-back as Dominic stares back at her.

    Grace: I...I thought this is what you wanted.

    Dominic looks awkward.

    Dominic: I wanted to kiss you so I did. I didn’t want to get out of hand like this.

    Grace looks confused.

    Grace: Out of hand?

    Dominic hesitates.

    Dominic: This...isn’t fast for you?

    Grace looks like she has suddenly realised what’s going on. She looks embarrassed, grabbing her top and shoes.

    Grace: Sorry...

    She walks out. Dominic stares after her looking like he wants to say more.

    Banner set made by Lex
    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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      ACT II

      CUT TO:


      Grace is sat on a chair in front of a desk. A man is sat behind it, his hands clasped. He stares at Grace, who shakes her head, smiling bitterly.

      Grace: That’s it?

      The man nods.

      Man: Sorry Grace. But this-this fibryo, uh-

      Grace: Fibromyalgia.

      He nods.

      Man: It’s...not gonna go away. You said so yourself. Can’t have you freezing up with a client like today. You know how clients can be if they don’t get what they want-

      Grace glares at him.

      Grace: You’re not doing this because you care about my well being. You’ve never cared about me. Don’t pretend to now.

      The man looks down and then back at Grace.

      Man: You’re angry, I know-

      Grace: Oh you know? Oh, that’s ok then.

      The man narrows his eyes. He stands up.

      Man: I’ll give you a week to find another job, but I need you moved out by then.

      Grace looks down looking angry. She stares the man in the eye.

      Grace: So much for my “high demand”. Isn’t that what you said?

      The man hesitates.

      Man: You were one of the best Grace. Now you’re not. You better get used to it. Or you ain’t gonna survive.

      Grace stands slowly, giving her former boss a deathly stare. She leaves the room quickly.

      CUT TO:


      Grace walks along the street. She is covered in a large coat, which is wrapped around her tightly. She glances at a woman ahead of her. The woman is in high-heeled boats, a low-cut top and tight hot pants. She looks formidable, but as she sees Grace she smiles warmly.

      Woman: Hey sweet.

      Grace smiles despite her feelings. The woman glances into the night, scanning the passers-by. Grace carries on walking, staring forwards emptily. Her phone starts to ring. Grace leans down and looks at it before flipping it open.

      Grace: Hey Dwayne.

      Grace listens for a few seconds, as her frown becomes even more serious.


      FADE TO:


      Devyn walks in, looking tired. He sees Grace sat at the table, surrounded by cereal boxes. He smiles slightly.

      Devyn: Little early for you to be down here isn’t it?

      Grace looks up at him as she eats a spoonful of cereal from a bowl. She looks unimpressed.

      Grace: You give me your excuse, I’ll give you mine.

      Devyn looks awkward.

      Devyn: Point taken.

      He walks over to the fridge. Grace’s gaze follows him. Devyn opens the fridge looking disappointed. Grace swallows her mouthful.

      Grace: There’s cereal. I don’t know what most of these actually are but, they taste ok. Though there’s no milk as of ten minutes ago. Sorry.

      Grace shrugs slightly as an apology. Devyn half smiles and walks over to the table.

      Devyn: I actually prefer my cheerios without the interference of milk.

      Grace raises an eyebrow.

      Grace: Uh huh...

      She takes another mouthful. There is a pause. Grace looks awkward and swallows.

      Grace: So is this the part where we bond about our pre-7am awake status?

      She raises her eyebrows. Devyn eats a cheerio, considering.

      Devyn: Could be.

      Grace: So shoot. I need something good, I’m gonna be awake for the next 17 hours.

      Devyn smiles slightly, but hesitates.

      Devyn: I came down so avoid having to be here with Juliet.

      Grace digests this information. Devyn looks worried.

      Devyn: I know you might think I’m overreacting-

      Grace: No I see why you would freak out. I did, at first.

      Devyn looks surprised.

      Grace: We all did. Tegan might maintain that she wasn’t...but she was as shocked as we all were.

      Devyn nods.

      Devyn: How’d you get used to knowing...what you know?

      Grace shrugs.

      Grace: You realise that nothing’s really changed. She was who she is before you found out. What we think about her isn’t gonna change anything. She’s the only one who can change herself, and she has.

      Devyn considers this.

      Grace: Weirdly some ways I envy her.

      Devyn looks at her, confused.

      Grace: The people she many more would’ve gone on to kill if it weren’t for her?

      Devyn considers this.

      Grace: She’s saved a lot of people. How many of us can say that?

      Devyn realises this is true.

      Devyn: Thanks for that.

      Grace shrugs as if to say “don’t mention it”. There is a pause.

      Devyn: So if we’re bonding...are you gonna share too?

      Grace hesitates.

      Grace: down here at this time that shouldn’t really exist...because I’m finding it a little harder to change.

      Devyn looks confused. Grace sighs.

      CUT TO:


      There are now several guests sat around, indicating that some time has passed. Mitch is sat looking serious, drinking a cup of coffee. Dominic appears next to him and takes a dirty plate away.

      Dominic: Surprised to see you up here without your other two thirds.

      Mitch looks at him.

      Mitch: I’m not allowed to spend time alone?

      Dominic shrugs.

      Dominic: Just making conversation.

      He piles another plate on top of the one he’s already picked up. Mitch glances at him.

      Mitch: Something’s up with her.

      Dominic furrows his brow.

      Mitch: I don’t know what.

      Dominic considers this.

      Dominic: Maybe you could, I dunno...ask her?

      Mitch rolls his eyes.

      Mitch: You have no idea how our relationship works.

      Dominic smiles, shaking his head.

      Dominic: No, I don’t.

      He walks away. Mitch watches him looking irritated and then takes another sip.

      CUT TO:


      Dominic walks into the kitchen and glances at Grace washing up. He walks next to her and looks down as she is doing.

      Dominic: If I talk...are you gonna talk back?

      Grace looks at him as she continues washing up.

      Grace: Sure...

      Dominic looks back at her as she looks down again.

      Dominic: Grace, I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed.

      Grace avoids his gaze.

      Grace: I, uh, I expected something that I shouldn’t have expected.

      She looks at him now and smiles weakly.

      Grace: You don’t have to explain.

      Dominic looks sceptical.

      Dominic: Apparently I do’ve been avoiding me all morning.

      Grace looks awkward.

      Dominic: Are you gonna let me do something to make this better?

      Grace turns to him and sighs.

      Grace: Like what?

      Dominic: I dunno, I...

      Dominic hesitates. Gael walks in but the others don’t notice.

      Dominic: I’m sorry if I disappointed you, I didn’t mean to, I to go slower.

      Dominic shrugs. Grace looks less irritated and more deflated.

      Grace: See this is the problem...I’ve never done “slow”. I do quick, I do clean, I can do a lot of...extra-curricular activities but...I do uncomplicated.

      Dominic pauses.

      Dominic: Ok. I don’t.

      Grace looks uncertain as to how to respond. Dominic looks away and then notices Gael. He looks hesitant as Grace turns to see Gael too. Gael smiles weakly, having just heard the end of the conversation, as Dominic walks away. Grace looks at Gael for a second and then back to the washing up. Gael slowly walks up to Grace looking hesitant.

      Gael: S’up?

      Grace sighs.

      Grace: Don’t even ask.

      Gael: To be honest, don’t really have to, since I just heard all that.

      She looks at Gael. He smiles understandingly. Grace throws the dishcloth aside.

      Grace: You know my stance on the whole relationship thing.

      Grace walks over to the table. Gael watches her.

      Gael: I know your experience of them isn’t exactly fun times, but neither is mine. And I think you want one more than you wanna admit.

      Grace looks at him.

      Gael: Grace, how often is it that someone comes in here who you actually like, and likes you back? And not just in a “let’s have sex before our 5 o’clock” shift way. Dominic seems to me like someone who isn’t judging you on anything but how you are now, he obviously reckons you’re worth more than just one casual night. Don’t wreck things just because you have to change gear.

      Grace looks away, looking serious. Gael goes out of focus in the background.

      CUT TO:


      CUT TO:


      Typing can be heard as the camera pans across the back of a computer to reveal a man in his mid-20s at the keyboard. He looks nervous, as Jackie sits behind him. From another angle his hands can been to be shaking as he types. Jackie glances at him.

      Jackie: Calm down Leo.

      The man (Leo) glances in Jackie’s direction without turning his head.

      Leo: I’m sorry Jackie, I tend to get a little nervous when my life is on the line.

      Jackie: It won’t be. And, you know, it’s ma’am now, remember? Not that I mind when it’s just you and me but...

      Leo: Right, right, you have the superiority and the power to make me do things like this.

      Jackie rolls her eyes as he presses the Enter key.

      Leo: Ok...I think I can get through this final block. I just have to make sure we don’t get detected.

      Jackie looks anxious but anticipative as Leo moves his hands back on to the keys to type once more. He looks at the computer leaning back as far as her can. Jackie looks at him.

      Jackie: For goodness’ sake it’s not gonna explode!

      Leo: I know!

      He turns his head as he snaps at her and then a beep is heard. He looks back at the screen. There is a list of files in a window. Leo begins to smile.

      Leo: I did it.

      Jackie looks pleased. Leo looks proud as he stares at the monitor.

      Leo: Ha. Bring it on Amethyst.

      Jackie’s smile falters a bit.

      Jackie: Don’t get too many ideas. If I catch you doing this for anyone who isn’t me, there’ll be trouble.

      Jackie raises an eyebrow, indicating that she might not be entirely serious. Leo’s smile fades nonetheless.

      Leo: I liked it better when you weren’t evil and my boss.

      Jackie: Better get used to it.

      She has already started to click on some of the files as Leo looks irritated by Jackie’s last comment. There is silence for a few seconds as Jackie continues to read.

      Leo: Can I go now?

      Jackie: No. I might need to blame all this on you if someone finds us.

      Leo’s eyes widen. Jackie gives him a look.

      Jackie: Just make sure no one comes in.

      She raises her eyebrows, nodding enthusiastically. Leo rolls his eyes and gets up. Jackie turns back to the monitor looking fixated on the files in front of her. She begins to read.

      CUT TO:


      Royce is mopping up something that’s spilt.

      Aura: Listen, thanks for clearing this up, I shoulda been more careful. Got a lot of stuff on my mind-

      Royce: ‘S all right. ‘S what I do.

      Aura smiles weakly as the camera moves over to show that Callista has now joined Mitch at his table, holding Rachel in her arms.

      Callista: It’s ok, I can get it.

      Mitch: Look, I don’t mind, she’s settled, you don’t wanna disturb her. I go in your room all the time, it’s not like there’s anything there I haven’t seen before.

      Callista’s expression looks like she is stifling another hidden look.

      Callista: Fine.

      She hands Mitch her key. Mitch takes it, smiling pleasantly and gets up. He walks away, his smile fading as he clutches the key in his hands. Callista looks down at the baby and then watches after Mitch, her brow narrowed a little.

      CUT TO:


      Mitch walks past as Juliet appears from the direction of her office. Tegan notices and smiles.

      Tegan: Hi.

      Juliet: Hey. I take the lack of head-splitting banging to mean work hasn’t started downstairs yet today.

      Tegan smiles.

      Tegan: Not yet. Hey uh, I wanted to ask you, did you check out Trish on here when she left?

      Juliet looks surprised.

      Tegan: I mean it’s totally fine, if you didn’t, I can do it now, I just wondered-

      Juliet: Uh, I didn’t, actually.

      Tegan nods.

      Tegan: Ok, well, do you want me to leave it open-ended? In case she comes back some time.

      Juliet looks awkward.

      Juliet: That’s not gonna happen.

      Tegan: I know, it’s unlikely, but hey I didn’t think Greg and Marcia and the others were gonna show up but they did and-

      Juliet: Tegan. Trish...has left town, for good. I know she doesn’t plan on coming back.

      Tegan looks a little taken-a-back by Juliet’s tone but nods.

      Tegan: Ok.

      Juliet looks like she is trying to cover.

      Juliet: Anyway, uh is, uh, Devyn in there?

      Tegan looks reserved.

      Tegan: Um, actually he was up, way, way early. I saw him go to his room about an hour ago. I think he might have finished working up here already.

      Juliet takes this in. Tegan hesitates.

      Tegan: Are you avoiding him now?

      Juliet looks at her.

      Juliet: I’m not avoiding. I just want to not have an awkward situation before lunch, for one day. Is that too much to ask

      Tegan: So you’re gonna postpone it until dinner?

      Juliet doesn’t respond.

      Tegan: Considering how we are now, it’s easy for me to tell Devyn that he should think about all the good you’ve done and not the bad. Which is what I did, by the way.

      Juliet smiles, thankfully.

      Juliet: Thanks.

      Tegan: It’s fine. It’s true. But...I have to end that sentence with a “I was shocked too”.

      Juliet’s smile diminishes.

      Tegan: “Assassin” is a lot to take in. Especially when it’s someone you...

      Tegan trails off. Juliet glances at her, looking puzzled.

      Tegan: Someone you respect.

      Juliet exhaled, and nods. Tegan looks awkward at her attempt to cover.

      Juliet: I know I should give him time but...that’s something we can’t really afford right now. Either he’s gonna get past this or he isn’t. And I need to know. Today.

      Tegan hesitates but then nods.

      Tegan: All right.

      Juliet smiles slightly and then walks behind the counter in the direction of the staff corridor. Tegan looks back at her monitor, trying to concentrate, but there is a lot on her mind.

      CUT TO:

      INT. ROOM 13

      Mitch is lying down next to bed, searching under it with his arm, as if expecting to find something. He exhales as he stops and then gets up looking around the room looking suspicious. The door opens. Mitch turns quickly to see Callista stood at the doorway, Rachel in her arms.

      Callista: How long does it take to get a damn bottle?

      Mitch hesitates and then passes it to her. Callista takes it quickly and begins to feed Rachel as she walks over to the bed. She sits down on it, slipping her shoes off. Mitch watches her, something on his mind. Callista glances at him frowning.

      Callista: What?

      Mitch smiles slightly.

      Mitch: You’re lookin’ pretty stressed. Everything...ok?

      Callista nods, trying not to look shifty.

      Callista: Everything’s fine.

      She looks back at Rachel as she takes the bottle out of her mouth and begins to wrap her in the blanket more tightly. Callista looks back to see Mitch still watching.

      Callista: It’s uh, almost time for her nap, I’m gonna take a shower.

      Mitch slowly nods. Callista stands and places Rachel down in small crib. The baby gargles slightly and Callista smiles weakly. She walks over to the en suite and begins to unzip her blouse. Mitch walks over to the baby and looks down at her, smiling very slightly as he touches her cheek with his finger. He then glances in the direction Callista just went, a dark look across his face.

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:

        INT. DARK ROOM

        Grace opens the door of the apartment room. She looks around looking shocked as she sees furniture overturned, the remnants of smashed ornaments littering the floor.

        Grace: (quietly) Dwayne...

        She quickly steps over the rubble to another room where an African-American man in his late 20s is lying, heavily beaten, dried blood on his temple. Grace looks horrified as she rushes towards him.

        Grace: God, Dwayne!

        He stirs slightly, murmuring weakly as she feels for his pulse.

        Dwayne: G-Grace?

        Grace looks relieved to see Dwayne talk, but is still concerned.

        Grace: Told you I’d come didn’t I?

        Dwayne lifts his head to look at Grace properly, squinting due to his heavily bruised face.

        Dwayne: It’s you?

        Grace: Course. Who else is it gonna...

        ”My Favourite Game” by The Cardigans begins to play. The instrumental opening begins to build in tempo Grace suddenly begin to realise she is not alone as a silhouette appears behind her. Grace slowly turns her head.

        The camera zooms towards a lighter as it flickers and then towards Grace. The lighter falls and flames ignite on the ground as the song flies into full speed.

        Grace shields her eyes as the flames shoot along the side of the room, along the trail of petrol that had already been poured around. Dwayne looks around looking alarmed, but has difficulty in getting up properly. Grace realises that she doesn’t have long as the flames begin to engulf the room. She begins to help Dwayne off the bed, looking for an available exit.

        Grace notices the window. She carefully slips Dwayne’s arm off of her and attempts to push the window up.

        ‘I don't know what you're looking for
        you haven't found it baby, that's for sure’

        Though the window is stiff to budge, Grace manages to open it fully after a few seconds and quickly hurries back to Dwayne. She lifts him up and takes him to the window. She pushes him up upon the chest of drawers beneath it.

        ‘You rip me up and spread me all around
        in the dust of the deed of time’

        Dwayne winces in pain as he bends his limbs to fit through the window, but Grace helps him to fit through the tight space, and out of the burning building. Grace looks behind her as the room is the flames appear to be catching up to them and quickly prepares herself to follow Dwayne through the small window and to safety. A picture of Grace and Dwayne together can be seen burning.

        ‘And this is not a case of lust, you see
        it's not a matter of you versus of me’

        CUT TO:


        Dwayne and Grace make their way down the fire escape of the building, Dwayne still looking in pain. Suddenly an explosion blasts through the glass of the window. Grace and Dwayne cover their heads. Glass and burning material rains down for a second or two. Then Grace indicates for Dwayne to continue moving down the stairs.

        ‘It's fine the way you want me on your own
        but in the end it's always me alone’

        CUT TO:


        As the quieter chorus plays, Grace steps down from the last rungs of a ladder. Dwayne is bent over looking in pain, barely able to balance. Grace immediately goes to help him.

        ‘And I'm losing my favourite game’

        Grace: You need to go to the hospital.

        Dwayne: No! No, I’ll be fine.

        Grace looks exasperated.

        Grace: Do you know what your face looks like?

        Dwayne pauses, breathing heavily as Grace caresses his neck looking concerned. He places his hand on hers looking thankful.

        Dwayne: Think I know somewhere we can go.

        Grace looks curious.

        ‘You're losing your mind again
        I'm losing my baby
        losing my favourite game’

        The instrumental begins again but the song grows quiet as we:

        FADE TO: GREY

        FADE TO:

        INT. ROOM 13, EN SUITE

        The song is barely audible. Callista wraps a towel around her, having just stepped out of the shower. She picks up another towel to dry her hair. As she turns around she sees Mitch standing at the doorway to the main room. Callista jumps slightly and then exhales looking annoyed.

        Callista: God what is with you? You’re like the metro version of Jack Nicholson.

        Mitch doesn’t look phased by this comment. Callista turns away and continues to dry her hair.

        Mitch: Cal...where’s the list?

        Callista turns quickly. She laughs slightly.

        Callista: Why’d you wanna see that? We both know you’re winning.

        Mitch: Right.

        Mitch smiles, but there is something else behind his eyes. Callista tries not to look shifty as she takes a dressing gown off of a hook and prepares to put it on. Callista glances back at Mitch.

        Callista: I don’t know where it is.

        She folds her arms. Mitch looks unconvinced.

        Mitch: You always know where the list is.

        Callista scoffs.

        Callista: Do you?

        Mitch narrows his eyes slightly.

        Mitch: Not yet.

        Callista’s unphased look begins to crack as Mitch steps towards her. She unfolds her arms.

        Callista: I’ll have a look for it, I’ll let you know if I find it.

        She attempts to walk past him but Mitch puts out a hand to stop her. Callista looks annoyed, but also a little hesitant. The song grows louder.

        ‘And I’m losing my favourite game’

        Callista: W-what are you doing?

        Mitch gives her a look.

        ‘You're losing your mind again’

        Mitch: I think you’re hiding something.

        Callista rolls her eyes on purpose.

        ‘I’m losing my favourite game’

        Callista: Do you like being paranoid? Cause seriously-

        Mitch: I’m not a fool, Cal.

        ‘You’re losing your mind again’

        Mitch’s gaze is deadly. He clutches Callista’s arm more tightly as she gazes at him. She winces.

        Callista: Hey! That hurts.

        Mitch does not relent. Callista begins to look scared now.

        Callista: Mitch...look, if you wanna talk about this.

        ‘I’m losing my baby’

        Mitch suddenly slams Callista against the wall, his hand around her neck.

        Mitch: You talk!

        ’Losing my favourite game’

        Callista gasps as Mitch looks furious. She tries to struggle, but his grip is firm. The final chorus begins as the song quietens.

        Mitch: Did you kill?

        Callista looks desperate.

        ‘I'm losing my favourite game’

        Callista: Mitch, I didn’t-

        Mitch: Did you kill!?

        Callista: All right, yes, yes I did, I killed, now let me-

        ‘You're losing your mind again’

        Mitch: Who?

        Callista pauses.

        ‘I’ve tried’

        Mitch: (screaming) Tell me!

        Callista: A woman on...on the street. When I went out the other day, ah!

        ‘I've tried but you're still the same’

        Mitch narrows his eyes as Callista struggles to breathe. He grits his teeth.

        Mitch: That it?

        Callista nods quickly.

        Callista: That’s it, I swear!

        Mitch hesitates and then lets he lets her go.

        ’I'm losing my baby
        you're losing a saviour and a saint’

        Callista clutches her neck as Mitch turns but he suddenly turns back and grabs Callista’s shoulders.

        CUT TO:

        INT. ROOM 13

        The instrumental continues as Mitch drags Callista into the room. The song drowns out the baby’s cries, awakened by the raised voices. Mitch pushes Callista in the direction of the bed. She falls back and bangs her shoulder on the foot of the bed. She gasps in pain and looks up at Mitch, scared of what he might do next. He turns away.. Callista takes the opportunity to grab his leg. She pulls sharply, and he falls back, banging his head. Callista gets up quickly, taking Rachel in her arms, as she runs from the room.


        The final note of the song plays as we see Juliet sat in a chair in Devyn’s room. Devyn is sat on his bed, his laptop beside him, not looking completely comfortable. Juliet exhales.

        Juliet: This place isn’t big enough for us to walk the other way every time we see each other. You can’t stay in here forever either, and you shouldn’t have to.

        Devyn nods slowly.

        Devyn: I didn’t wanna let finding out about this effect me.

        Juliet: I know, but it has.

        Devyn looks at her.

        Juliet: I’d probably be more worried if it didn’t.

        She smiles weakly but Devyn doesn’t. Juliet’s smile fades quickly.

        Juliet: You shouldn’t try and be ok with this if you’re not.

        Devyn: What, you want me to tell you I think you’re evil?

        Juliet: If...that’s what you think.

        Devyn: Of course not!

        Devyn hesitates.

        Devyn: You’re probably a better person than I am.

        Juliet: Don’t say that.

        She looks serious. Devyn looks surprised.

        Juliet: This is the last place you should look for “better people”.

        Devyn slowly nods.

        Devyn: I’m not. That was just my way of saying...that you’re an assassin. And...I don’t have a problem with that.

        He smiles to himself slightly.

        Devyn: Not something I ever thought I’d say.

        Juliet smiles despite herself. There is a pause.

        Devyn: The thing that gets to that I wanted to earn your trust. I thought I had something to prove to you. And then it turns out that...

        Juliet stares at him.

        Juliet: Turns out that what? I’m not who you wanted me to be?

        Devyn hesitates.

        Devyn: Are you who you wanted to be?

        Juliet stares at him.

        Juliet: I wanted to be someone who could make a difference. I never told you I was a victim, because I’m not. I’m not gonna pretend that I killed hundreds of people because of the good it’d do. I did it because it was a job that I was good at. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t do good. I did make a difference.

        There is a pause.

        Juliet: Trusting you...wasn’t the important part. I was given this position because I trust myself to do the best I can for these people. I had to make sure that you trusted yourself to do that. I...know now that you do.

        Devyn considers this.

        Devyn: I always did you know?

        Juliet hesitates but then nods, smiling slightly.

        Juliet: Yeah. Just remember that I have as well.

        Devyn nods.

        Devyn: I’m getting that.

        They share a smile. There is a frantic knock on the door. Juliet and Devyn turn.

        Tegan OS: Devyn, Jules you in there?

        Juliet looks concerned and quickly goes to the door and opens it.

        Juliet: T?

        Tegan stands on the other side of the door looking anxious.

        Tegan: Something that you need to deal with.

        Juliet looks worried as Devyn gets up.

        CUT TO:


        The camera moves down the corridor slowly; work has not yet finished, and the makeshift lights are fairly dim. Grace walks into view, her arms folded as she observes the construction around her. She looks pensive as she glances up at the ceiling and then at the walls. A silhouette of a figure appears behind her. Grace turns quickly looking alert... as she sees Dominic standing before her. He smiles slightly.

        Dominic: Hi.

        Grace relaxes slightly but there is still tension in the air as she surveys him.

        Grace: Hi.

        CUT TO: BLACK
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        Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          Grace is stood, positioning items on a dresser, but she is wearing more casual clothes, not her usual white shirt and black skirt work outfit. Her hair is also tied back.

          Voice OS: What’s he like?

          Grace turns to look at Gael, who looks several years younger, his hair longer. He looks interested.

          Gael: This guy of yours?

          Grace: Oh, he’s good,, I guess I can actually tell you...he’s a drug dealer.

          Gael’s smile falters as he considers this. Grace shrugs.

          Gael: Right. But...what’s he actually like? “Drug dealer’s” a bit vague.

          Grace looks pleasantly surprised to find Gael genuinely wanting to know more.

          Grace: He’s one of the few people I’ve been able to rely on. He brought me here. When he comes back he’ll have finally gotten us what we both wanted.

          Gael: Oh? What’s that?

          Grace hesitates.

          Grace: Freedom.

          Gael smiles. Grace rolls her eyes.

          Grace: I know that sounds ridiculous-

          Gael: No. No it...makes a lot of sense actually.

          Grace smiles a little.

          Gael: People often come here after doing a lot of running. Some ways, it’s kinda the finish line.

          Grace considers this nodding.

          Grace: He owed people money. We had a near miss last week.

          Gael: Guess that explains the various bruises.

          Grace smiles weakly nodding. Gael realises this is serious for her.

          Gael: You don’t have to worry about them now...whoever’s looking, they won’t find Haven.

          Grace looks sceptical.

          Grace: Unless they’re like us.

          Gael hesitates.

          Gael: Juliet, you met yesterday...she won’t let anything bad happen.

          Grace nods slowly but doesn’t look entirely convinced. There is a knock at the door. Grace looks up looking confused.

          Grace: Come in?

          The door opens. A man of about 40 appears, smiling.

          Man: Sorry to disturb, uh, Gael, you’re needed upstairs?

          He raises his eyebrows expectantly. Gael nods and gets up.

          Gael: Just coming Tony.

          The man (Tony) nods and smiles at Grace before leaving. Grace looks at Gael.

          Gael: Y’all right for now then?

          Grace: Yeah, sure. Don’t worry about me.

          Gael nods.

          Gael: K.

          He walks to the door. Grace watches him.

          Grace: It’s ”Gael”, right?

          Gael nods. Grace smiles back as Gael walks out. Grace is left alone. She takes out a photo-frame with a photo of her and Dwayne in and places it on the dresser. She hesitates and then turns back.

          FADE TO: GREY

          FADE TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          Grace and Dominic are sat in the same room in the present day. It is dark and the room is only partially renovated. Both of them are staring into space. Dominic looks around.

          Dominic: Didn’t realise it was so big down here.

          Grace doesn’t reply. He looks at her.

          Dominic: What happened?

          Grace exhales.

          Grace: We dug too deep. A gas main burst and, everyone who didn’t suffocate...

          Dominic looks grave.

          Grace: Jules didn’t wanna risk trying to salvage anything. Not that there was much left.

          Dominic nods.

          Dominic: Guess Liliana thinks it’s worth trying now cause of the space issue.

          Grace scoffs.

          Grace: Right.

          Dominic smiles slightly at her expression. Grace can’t help but smile too.

          Grace: You may have noticed I’m not so big on her.

          Dominic smiles more widely and nods. Grace looks down as her smile fades. Dominic’s does too. There is a pause.

          Dominic: What happens now?

          Grace looks in his direction, but doesn’t make eye contact, her head still slightly bowed.

          Grace: I think that depends on how you respond to what I’m about to tell you.

          Dominic stares at her, but indicates he is listening. Grace looks him in the eye.

          Grace: This sounds really cliché, and so you are permitted to leave or, exclaim with disgust or whatever but...

          Dominic half smiles but looks eager for Grace to continue.

          Grace: The last time...that I invested my heart in someone...I think they kept it.

          Grace looks at Dominic somewhat sadly, but she does look upset, more weary. Dominic frowns.

          Grace: His name was Dwayne. He...brought me here, showed me a whole new life, which I wouldn’t have believed anyone could do...

          Dominic senses something.

          Dominic: But?

          Grace hesitates.

          Grace: After we came here, he had to go and finish a deal, said he owed someone, and it was more than money. So apparently it mattered. And he went. And he didn’t come back.

          Dominic looks at Grace seriously. Grace avoids eye contact with him as she stares into space.

          Grace: I still don’t know what happened but, ever since, anything more than instant gratification just hasn’t seemed worth it.

          Grace looks him in the eye.

          Grace: Till you came along.

          Dominic looks touched. Grace smiles slightly shaking her head.

          Grace: Damn you.

          Dominic laughs slightly. Grace looks down again.

          Grace: So...that’s my tale of woe. Feel free to say something along the lines of “your prolonged trauma is both over-exaggerated and sentimental”-

          Dominic: If you really believed that, you wouldn’t’ve told me.

          Grace pauses.

          Dominic: I’m glad you did. Cause it does make sense, and you know, I don’t blame you if you only want to keep things casual. But it won’t be with me.

          Grace stares into his eyes.

          Dominic: Cause I want way more than that. There is way more that we can both have. You’re denying yourself so much if you keep hold of one bad experience.

          He pauses and stands slowly.

          Dominic: I believe I can give you another kind of new life. If you’ll let me.

          He stands in front of her. She looks up at him. He slowly bends down and kisses her on the lips for a second and the pulls back. He smiles kindly.

          Dominic: I’ll be in my room.

          He walks away. Grace watches him, the kiss she just had still lasting.

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 13

          Juliet is applying ice to Callista’s shoulder. Callista closes her eyes as she braces the cold, and the pain. She walks around as Callista takes the ice pack.

          Juliet: Are you gonna be able to keep that on there?

          Callista: He didn’t break my arm; I can hold a pack of ice.

          Juliet looks awkward. Callista seems to be thinking.

          Callista: Mitch’s room is locked right?

          Juliet nods.

          Juliet: It will be when he’s inside. I have to talk to him first.

          Callista nods slightly.

          Callista: Good.

          Juliet looks like she wants to say something but is hesitant. Callista looks unimpressed.

          Callista: Sooner the better, right?

          Juliet nods quickly and begins to walk away. She then stops, knowing she has to say something.

          Juliet: Callista, I really am sorry that I asked you to-

          Callista: Oh please, don’t start the apology speech.

          Juliet stops, cut off.

          Callista: You didn’t make me kill that lady. I did it ‘cause I wanted to. You didn’t make Mitch attack me. He did that ‘cause it’s one of the only things he knows he’s good at.

          Juliet still looks awkward. Callista stands and walks over to the crib where Rachel is sleeping. She looks down at her child.

          Callista: Getting even with him...

          She smiles to herself.

          Callista: Is worth way more than a bruised shoulder.

          Callista looks at Juliet.

          Callista: I’m not scared of him because of what he did. I’m angry, yeah, but...the only thing I worry about is that he might use our daughter to get back at me.

          Juliet looks appalled at this notion.

          Callista: You think he’s above that? You clearly didn’t read our file too carefully.

          Juliet considers this looking unnerved. She gathers herself.

          Juliet: I’ll let you know if he wants to say anything to you-

          Callista: Don’t bother.

          Callista looks completely unconcerned as she looks at the baby. Juliet looks serious but walks away.

          CUT TO:


          A side view of Mitch shows him staring at the ground.

          Devyn OS: Are you happy now?

          He glances up at Devyn who is sat opposite him. Gael and Tegan are stood near the door. Mitch glances at them and then at Devyn. He shakes his head, smiling bitterly.

          Mitch: No. Not anymore.

          Tegan looks disturbed by his tone. Mitch notices and looks around at everyone.

          Mitch: You all think I’m the worst man in the world? You haven’t seen Callista kill a family of four, just so she could be two points ahead of me. You haven’t seen her knock me out so she can go down the street and stab an old woman to death.

          There is silence.

          Mitch: You think she deserves your sympathy? Cause I gave her a bruise? If I gotta have you all stare at me like I’m should really think about how you stare at her, next time you see her, with the baby, like she could actually care about something other than winning against me.

          Everyone appears unnerved by this, even Devyn doesn’t have a retort. The door opens and Juliet walks in. Devyn turns his head and then stands up.

          Devyn: Jules I don’t think you wanna talk to this guy.

          Juliet frowns. Devyn stares at her earnestly.

          Devyn: Believe me when I say you won’t get anywhere. We’re done here.

          Juliet opens her mouth to respond.

          Tegan: He’s right.

          Juliet looks at her. She then looks at Gael who nods. Juliet then looks at Devyn and nods slightly.

          Juliet: All right.

          Devyn nods and then takes Mitch by the shoulder and leads him out of the room. Gael follows. Juliet and Tegan are left watching after them. Tegan folds her arms looking uncomfortable.

          Tegan: Musta thought he was...”winning” all this time I guess. Maybe she got careless.

          Juliet nods slowly, staring into space.

          Juliet: Maybe.

          Tegan looks at her. “You Picked Me” by A Fine Frenzy begins to play.

          Tegan: You think the baby is-

          Juliet: I can tell she cares about her. The baby’s safe.

          Juliet does not look at Tegan while she says this but Tegan nods regardless, still looking concerned. Juliet purses her lips.

          FADE TO:


          Aura is at the counter, scanning items for an old woman. The camera pans away from her as she glances at Mark, nearby, stacking the shelves. He looks back at her and smiles slightly, but it is clear that his mind is troubled.

          ‘One, two, three, counting out the signs we see
          The tall buildings fading in the distance
          Only dots on a map’

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM 13

          Callista lifts Rachel out of her crib, smiling down at her. A dark look comes across her eyes.

          ‘Four, five, six
          The two of us a perfect fit you’re all mine, all mine

          CUT TO:


          Dominic opens the door to reveal Grace standing before him. Dominic smiles looking pleased. Grace hesitates.

          ‘And all I can say
          Is you blow me away’

          Grace lifts her hands to his neck and moves his head down slightly to kiss him on the lips. After a few seconds they part. Grace smiles looking nervous but glad. She bites her lip.

          Grace: You know your shift is about to start.

          Dominic grins and walks out, locking the door behind her. He tries to take her hand. Grace gives him a look.

          Grace: Ok, intimacy is one thing, but I’m not holding hands with you in the corridor.

          Dominic smiles, nodding slightly and walks side by side with Grace as they continue down the corridor very slowly. Grace rolls her eyes and grabs his arm in a playful manner. Dominic laughs as he follows her.

          ‘Like an apple on a tree
          Hiding out behind the leaves
          I was difficult to reach
          But you picked me
          Like a shell upon a beach
          Just another pretty piece
          I was difficult to see
          But you picked me
          Yeah, you picked me

          CUT TO:

          INT. ROOM IN HAVEN

          The song finishes. Juliet is sat on the bed in the room looking weary.

          Juliet: I figured you were maybe the one person who I’d be able to look in the eyes and see something other than judgement.

          She hesitates look pained.

          Juliet: Trish just...brought so much I’d forgotten about with’s still here.

          She rubs her temple.

          Juliet: Callista coulda’ died today because of me. I don’t care what she says, I was the one who gave her the opportunity.

          A figure next to her leans forwards. It’s Royce. He looks to be considering what Juliet has said.

          Royce: If she was as...desperate to kill as you say...then she would’ve found her own victim sooner or later.

          Juliet looks at him.

          Juliet: And that makes it all right? ‘Cause it was Trish?

          She looks to be in despair as she considers what she has done. Royce pauses.

          Royce: You had to protect yourself. No one needed her. People need you. Don’t forget that.

          Juliet hesitates but then exhales as if some weight has been lifted from her.

          Juliet: I had to come to you, I’m sorry-

          Royce: Don’t be.

          Juliet looks at him.

          Juliet: But what I said to you about Eric-

          Royce: Was justified, considering your position. I’m not going to hold that or anything else against you, Juliet. Just as I hope you don’t hold what I did against me.

          Juliet hesitates but then nods.

          Juliet: Thank you.

          Royce nods. Juliet exhales again and then stands. She smiles awkwardly.

          Juliet: I have to go and meet Liliana.

          Royce: All right.

          Juliet pauses, something on her mind. Royce waits patiently for her to continue.

          Juliet: Royce...I know I didn’t go into detail about what Trish knew about me but-

          Royce: You should keep that to yourself. Some things don’t need to be shared.

          Juliet immediately looks grateful and then turns, nothing more to say. As she walks out the camera lingers on Royce. He stares into space...perhaps reflecting on his last comment.

          CUT TO:


          CUT TO:


          Jackie walks down the corridor quickly, purpose in her expression. She stops next to a door and knocks twice. She waits a second and then opens the door.

          Her enthusiastic expression vanishes as she enters the room. A chair swings round to reveal Jackie’s boss. Jackie searches for words.

          Jackie: Uh, Mr Dalen, sir I was-was expecting to meet-

          Mr Dalen: Gina Mayes? Yes, I know.

          Jackie’s forced smile begins to fade. Mr Dalen fixes her with his own overly pleasant expression.

          Mr Dalen: I’m afraid that she’s been called away, unexpectedly.

          Jackie looks worried.

          Jackie: Oh?

          Mr Dalen: Yes, something about a stranger picking her children up from school. Very bizarre.

          Jackie’s expression freezes. Mr Dalen holds the silence for a second.

          Mr Dalen: Luckily they were unharmed, but, you can understand why she had to go in such a hurry, without informing you.

          Jackie maintains a composed look, using all her strength.

          Jackie: Yes, yes of course...sir.

          Mr Dalen smiles more widely, but there is no genuine compassion behind his eyes. He and Jackie maintain eye contact as he stands. He walks very close to her.

          Mr Dalen: You’re an intelligent woman, Jackie, and a very promising addition to our team.

          Jackie does not reply. Mr Dalen narrows his eyes a fraction.

          Mr Dalen: Don’t pursue this. There could be...a lot, at stake.

          There is a pause. Jackie finally nods.

          Jackie: (quietly) Yes...sir.

          Mr Dalen smiles and nods, before walking out. Jackie is left alone, her eyes wide. She stares, not quite taking in what just happens, as she realises her plans...are no more.

          CUT TO: BLACK

          THE END
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