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Shadow Stalker - 4.07 - A Long Time Coming

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.07 - A Long Time Coming

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.07 – A Long Time Coming
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series “Sirens”. Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The scene opens on XAK. He walks into the lounge where PETRINA is stood in front of DANTE, SIN and STEPHANIE. He sits next to SIN and then looks at PETRINA.

    XAK: Ok, so what happened?

    PETRINA: Well, their operation is most impressive. They’ve managed to amass a variety of individuals who they’re teaching with their personal advantages.

    SIN: That’s good, right?

    PETRINA: It is... but it would appear they’re facing difficulties.

    DANTE: I can see the local government and media being all over this.

    PETRINA: Ursula told me they did have some interference from a local family group who opposed the school but that’s not their concern anymore.

    XAK: So what is?

    PETRINA: Something is orchestrating a fleet of Sirens, they killed two students recently and they attacked the school as you know. There’s something powerful at work and it is in some way affiliated with The United.

    XAK looks to SIN and then back at PETRINA.

    XAK: Sin and I were attacked by some Sirens at Stern College while you were gone, they were working for The United but it maybe it just called in a favour... guess it wasn’t betting on its two Acolytes being taken down.

    PETRINA considers this for a moment.

    PETRINA: I suppose.

    DANTE: So this is good, right?

    Everyone looks at him confused.

    STEPHANIE: Well I for one am going to make a big batch of muffins to celebrate! Everyone loves blueberries.

    She stands now and moves out of the lounge. Everyone ignores her, used to her ramblings.

    XAK: How is this good?

    DANTE: The United is clearly weakened, I say we strike now.

    SIN: Isn’t that kind of impossible when we don’t know who or where The United is or Medusa? We don’t even know what they have planned or how to stop them.

    DANTE: Well we know that Medusa can be stopped... just not by who or what. I’m betting whoever these things or people are, they can put an end to The United too.

    PETRINA: These are pretty big suppositions.

    XAK: But they might be right...

    PETRINA: If they are, then we need more hands.

    DANTE: We need bigger guns.

    SIN: Where’s Cate?

    PETRINA: After everything that happened with her and Trafford, she’s taking some downtime...

    DANTE: I don’t understand what happened? I thought they were solid.

    XAK: Times are tough. I think we all know how hard it is to sustain relationships with people we care about when things are the way they are...

    Everyone nods, in sombre understanding and complete agreement.


    CHARLIE approaches CATE’S bed, with a large bowl of ice cream, a warm smile on her face. CATE is sat on her bed, her arms crossed. CHARLIE hands her the bowl.

    CHARLIE: Got you the extra fat good kind. In these sorts of moments, the healthy eating plan Petrina has you on doesn’t quite seem relevant.

    CATE takes the bowl.

    CATE: (quietly, glum) Nothing seems very relevant right now.

    CHARLIE sighs and sits down next to her.

    CHARLIE: Talk to me.

    CATE shakes her head.

    CATE: I don’t know what to tell you.

    She looks to her friend.

    CATE: Just seeing him hurt... I can’t go through that again. I can’t just let another lover die while I sit idly by...

    CHARLIE hesitates and looks down.

    CHARLIE: Are you sure that this isn’t to do with Melody?

    CATE doesn’t respond.

    CHARLIE: I only ask because I know what she can do to you, what she has done to you... and I just wondered if maybe...

    CATE: (cutting her off) No.

    She breathes deeply.

    CATE: Melody’s not a weight on my mind anymore. She’s got nothing to do with what I chose...

    CHARLIE: (interrupting) You know what? You don’t have to explain anything. That’s one of the perks of the best friend, you don’t have to justify yourself in times like this.

    CATE smiles at her weakly.

    CATE: Thanks...

    CHARLIE puts an arm around her.

    CHARLIE: You’ve been to hell and back. The last thing I’m gonna do is probe and pry. I’m just here to listen and steal your ice cream.

    CATE laughs. CHARLIE joins her whilst taking a large spoonful of ice cream. CATE’S laugh soon heightens and then changes into a cry. CHARLIE’S laugh stops and she looks at her friend concerned as CATE turns her head into her friend’s embrace. CHARLIE puts the bowl to one side and holds CATE tight as she weeps, broken. Again.


    CHARLIE enters the room, she looks sombre. XAK looks up to her.

    XAK: Are you ok?

    CHARLIE: I’m fine, it’s just Cate...

    XAK sighs.

    XAK: Not doing good, huh?

    CHARLIE: Not so much. She’s sleeping now but I don’t know how much use she’s gonna be.

    XAK smiles at her.

    XAK: She’ll be fine... it’s hard but she has you, she has us. We’ll get her through this, just like we did before.

    She smiles at him.

    CHARLIE: I know, you’re right.

    Suddenly a smashing noise can be heard. CHARLIE closes her eyes.

    CHARLIE: I guess my mom’s back to her usual self.

    She laughs slightly, realising what she just said.

    CHARLIE: Isn’t it odd how that is fast becoming her “usual self”...

    XAK brushes her hair back and holds her face gently.

    XAK: We’ll get her back.

    CHARLIE: I hope so... I just don’t see how.


    The camera shows a broken vase on the floor. STEPHANIE walks past and the camera follows her. She looks confused at the sound she just heard.

    STEPHANIE: It’s still not right.

    She eyes the toaster, intrigued. She walks to it and unplugs it. She lifts it high and is ready to drop it to the floor but then something hits her, a disturbance.

    She intakes breath sharply and leans against the counter. She places the toaster on the side, her hands shaking.

    She looks around at her own reflection... lucid.

    SEPHY was back...

    SEPHY: Oh god... she’s here...


    Times Square.

    It is dark in the sky but on the ground lights blur and sounds echo between the buildings. As is customary a variety of city folk circulate the area, smiling and laughing.

    The camera focuses on the large light displays on the buildings. They flicker.

    A few people on the ground look up to them, but then they resume to normal. They all continue moving.

    Then, it happens again for longer... this time it doesn’t stop.

    The people on the ground look around in fear, knowing something is wrong.

    Then, in the centre of it all a ball of pure energy appears. Everyone screams and backs away, running from the scene as the ball increases in size.

    Someone moves out of the energy, a woman.

    She is wearing a black pant suit, her perfect brown hair long and flowing. Her beauty causes people to stop and stare, some even drop to their knees instinctively.

    The camera rotates to show the woman’s face as the ball of energy dissipates.

    She is played by Courtney Cox Arquette.

    She looks around, smiling.

    WOMAN: (smiling) Finally.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.

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    Police officers are cornering off an area of Times Square. Various drivers beep the horns of their cars as traffic begins to build. The camera moves up into the air and turns down on the ground to show what the officers are cornering off.

    The ground is scorched and burned, a perfect circle.


    XAK is stood on a mountain peak.

    He looks around him and breathes deeply. The intake of fresh air is all that can be heard. That and the breeze.

    He walks along the summit, his feet bare. He stares through the clouds, squinting at the world below. The cloud begins to part but as they do he looks up. The sun is slowly disappearing, into thin air. A perfect circle... a scorching sphere.

    XAK looks down at his hands.

    XAK: Something’s so wrong.

    A person in a white cloak walks past him.

    He looks up at it as it walks to the edge of the mountain. He cocks his head, watching.

    XAK: I know you.

    The person nods.

    XAK: When am I going to meet you?

    Someone else places a hand on his shoulder, a female hand. He turns around but the person is gone.


    The sun completely disappears from the sky, washing the mountain in darkness.


    The room is dark, the curtains still closed and the occupants of the bed are entwined in a protective embrace.

    The camera pans up XAK and CHARLIE’S bed. XAK looks troubled in sleep, his eyes flickering and his breaths become more erratic.

    Suddenly, his eyes open and he sits bolt upright, breathing heaving. CHARLIE also awakens, worried.

    CHARLIE: Xak!? What’s wrong?

    He looks around startled, scared.

    CHARLIE: (repeating) Xak!

    He looks to her now.

    CHARLIE: Are you ok?

    XAK: I just... I felt something.

    CHARLIE: What do you mean?

    XAK: I felt scared.

    She looks down at his arms and his chest. They’re covered in goose bumps.

    CHARLIE touches his skin.

    CHARLIE: It’s ok... nothing’s here. It’s just you and me.

    XAK: I’m not sure that’s true.

    CHARLIE: I don’t know what you mean?

    XAK: Don’t you feel it?

    They look at one another, silently.


    DANTE and PETRINA are stood in the kitchen, watching the news on the television. Both of them have a confused expression on their faces.

    TV NEWS REPORTER: Midtown is still shaken by the events of last night in Times Square. Police are searching for a middle-aged brunette that was seen at the epicentre of the scorched area.

    PETRINA: How very strange...

    SIN (O/S): What is?

    DANTE turns to see SIN enter.

    DANTE: You not seen the news?

    SIN shakes her head.

    SIN: No.

    PETRINA looks to her.

    PETRINA: Have you got school today?

    SIN watches the news, confused and shakes her head.

    SIN: No, it’s a study day... what the hell? Scorched pavements? That can’t be good right.

    DANTE: Apparently it happened last night... some woman was there.

    SIN: United related?

    PETRINA: Maybe... or maybe something new. It doesn’t exactly fit The United’s M/O...

    SIN: I thought we had no idea what the M/O was?

    PETRINA: True...

    CHARLIE enters the room now, she looks troubled and doesn’t talk to anyone as she enters. She pours some coffee. SIN, awkwardly, looks down. PETRINA notices and then turns to CHARLIE.

    PETRINA: Morning Charlie.

    CHARLIE doesn’t respond, her troubled mind on other things. She pours herself a mug of coffee.

    PETRINA looks at DANTE. He looks at CHARLIE.

    DANTE: Charlie?

    She looks up vacantly.

    CHARLIE: Huh?

    DANTE: Are you ok?

    She shrugs.

    CHARLIE: Just Xak didn’t sleep well, he just said some stuff – freaked me out.

    SIN: Well, he wasn’t the only one who didn’t sleep well.

    CHARLIE looks confused, SIN motions to the television.

    CHARLIE turns and looks at the screen. She watches the news story, a sudden wash of dread washes over her.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Where’s my mom?

    PETRINA: I’m not sure, she hasn’t yet awoken.

    CHARLIE turns and looks at her.

    CHARLIE: She hasn’t been in at all?!

    DANTE: What’s the big deal? She can have a lie in, can’t she?

    CHARLIE: Think about every morning you’ve woken up since my mom came out of her coma. Did you ever not see her in the morning? She’s always awake before us.

    PETRINA: She’s probably just in her room, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

    CHARLIE puts the mug down and hurries out of the room, running upstairs.


    The door opens and CHARLIE walks into the room.

    CHARLIE: Mom?

    There is no response.

    The camera pans around the room. It’s empty. The bed has not even been slept in.


    XAK is stood in front of CHARLIE, DANTE, PETRINA and SIN. Everyone looks worried as they try to remember the last time they saw STEPHANIE.

    XAK: So no one remembers when they last saw her?

    DANTE: No offence but Stephanie’s kind of one of those people you just get so used to being around you hardly notice they’re there...

    CHARLIE glares at him.

    CHARLIE: Well if that’s not you being offensive...

    XAK: Charlie... this won’t help.

    CHARLIE folds her arms. Resilient, she tightens her jaw.

    PETRINA: The last time I recall seeing her was at the meeting last night.

    XAK: Where did she go after that?

    SIN’S eyes widen.

    SIN: Everyone loves blueberries...

    XAK furrows his brow.

    XAK: What?

    SIN: She went to make muffins.

    DANTE: She always says that – I’ve not seen a single one.

    SIN: Yeah but she went to the kitchen.

    PETRINA: She’s not in the house, which means she’s been missing for over ten hours in a city that’s slowly being dominated by our sworn enemies.

    XAK and CHARLIE’S face drop as they realise the seriousness of the situation.

    XAK: It’s not safe for her to be out there...

    CHARLIE: The United tried killing her once...

    They hurry out of the room. PETRINA looks stunned. DANTE turns to her.

    DANTE: Well... don’t you just know how to make people feel better.

    PETRINA rolls her eyes.

    PETRINA: I’m just speaking the truth.

    SIN: Well the truth could kill her, come on...

    They all jump up and follow XAK and CHARLIE.


    SEPHY is wandering alongside the lake. It is peaceful. There is almost no one around. She dips her bare feet into the water. She looks around at the morning, touched by the nature. At peace.

    She closes her eyes.

    The camera moves around to show her smiling face. Behind her, the WOMAN who appeared in Times Square appears.

    The WOMAN stares at SEPHY intently.

    WOMAN: I thought I’d find you here.

    SEPHY turns around and looks at the woman, not fearing her.

    SEPHY: I’d forgotten how beautiful some parts of this world are. Just look at this park... think of all the violence and death that surrounds it... and still it thrives, in the city.

    The WOMAN moves to stand close to her.

    WOMAN: It has been millennia since I walked this world. It is true what the half-worlds say, this place still holds some rapture.

    SEPHY observes her.

    SEPHY: Why are you here?

    WOMAN: I should ask you that question - rumours are you’re broken.

    SEPHY: Don’t avoid the question...

    The WOMAN looks at her as the camera closes in on the WOMAN’S face.

    SEPHY (O/S): Kalipso...

    The third goddess.




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      ACT TWO


      The act and scene opens as the camera pans up a statue. The statue of LANCE.

      He looks in pain.

      A hand reaches out and touches his face. It’s DANTE. The camera rotates to show DANTE looking at him lovingly.

      DANTE: I can remember how many days and hours you’ve been like this, but I can’t remember the last time I kissed you...

      He swallows.

      DANTE: When are you gonna come back and kiss me?

      He waits after each response, never getting it.

      DANTE: Sorry...

      He looks embarrassed.

      DANTE: That’s kinda inappropriate considering how we left things. Just know you can still trust me. I’ll never betray you again and when we get you back, I’ll prove that to you.

      He looks down.

      DANTE: Is that why you told Charlie and not me?

      SIN (O/S): Told Charlie what?

      DANTE turns startled. He looks at SIN angrily.

      DANTE: What are you doing here?

      SIN: Xak’s looking for you... we gotta go.

      DANTE: I’ll be down in a minute.

      She nods.

      SIN: Ok...

      She turns to go back inside, but as she puts her hand on the door she stops. She turns back to him.

      SIN: I know you don’t trust me...

      DANTE looks at her now.

      SIN: But I don’t think there’s a lot of trust going around for either or us.

      DANTE: (quietly) What’s your point?

      SIN: I’m just saying that if you want to talk about anything – Lance, Wolfram and Hart, anything... I can promise you that I know what it’s like. I know what you’re going through.

      DANTE nods.

      DANTE: Thank you Sin.

      She smiles at him.

      SIN: That’s ok. I’ll tell Xak you’re on your way.

      He smiles weakly, appreciatively. She turns now and leaves.

      DANTE turns back to his lover. He sighs and rests his forehead against the statue.


      SEPHY and the third goddess KALIPSO are walking around the lake in Central Park.

      KALIPSO: I find it odd.

      SEPHY: Find what odd?

      KALIPSO: How you are here, a vision of lucidity. Yet, you are broken beyond repair.

      SEPHY shakes her head, saddened.

      SEPHY: I don’t know what’s happening to me, Kalipso.

      KALIPSO listens intently to her old friend.

      SEPHY: I don’t know how but your presence catalysed something in me, the smallest instincts and the most basic of memories; I recall nothing deep. I don’t understand...

      KALIPSO’S lips tighten.

      KALIPSO: It is The United – they have become more powerful than I ever thought possible.

      SEPHY looks confused.

      SEPHY: You know about The United?

      KALIPSO nods.

      KALIPSO: News of its wrath shivered through our realm. Suspiria advised I should come... we sensed an imminent attack. My followers are unprepared... they need me.

      SEPHY shakes her head.

      SEPHY: The Syndicate are no longer here.

      KALIPSO: I am aware. They have their enemies but you have yours here and they will attack soon.

      SEPHY: I’m not sure you being here is wise.

      KALIPSO: It’s aiding you.

      SEPHY looks grave.

      SEPHY: You know that’s not what I mean. You being here has already caused problems.

      KALIPSO: I do not know what you are referring to.

      SEPHY: You recall what happened when your sister was in this dimension.

      KALIPSO: Glorificus shamed us, Persephone. She is a cautionary tale I do not plan on repeating. Besides, The United already know I am here.

      The goddesses stop. SEPHY turns to her, slowly.

      SEPHY: I sense it too.

      KALIPSO: Will you help me find them?

      SEPHY: We should inform the others.

      KALIPSO: I plan on wading through this situation un-noticed.

      SEPHY: You know this will not happen.

      KALIPSO: My intentions are honourable.

      SEPHY sighs.

      SEPHY: I have always had faith in you Kalipso, ever since our first meeting.

      KALIPSO smiles at her.

      KALIPSO: Then trust me now.

      SEPHY looks cautious.

      SEPHY: Ok.

      KALIPSO takes her hand.

      KALIPSO: Come. We must move south.

      She begins walking away now, SEPHY follows.


      The curtains are still closed and there is no movement.

      There is a knock at the door. The door opens and XAK fills the doorway.

      XAK: Cate?

      There is a pause.

      CATE: (quietly) What?

      XAK: Can I come in?

      CATE: Ok...

      He enters the room, he looks around.

      XAK: Uh, where are you?

      CATE: In bed...

      There’s a pause.

      CATE: You can open the curtains... I guess...

      XAK: Ok, thanks.

      He moves to the window and opens the curtains. CATE can be seen now, under the duvet, staring at the ceiling.

      XAK looks at her.

      XAK: Are you ok?

      CATE inhales and exhales.

      CATE: Not really.

      XAK: I thought not.

      He sits on the edge of her bed.

      XAK: I really wish I could be some sort of help to you but I’m not good at this stuff.

      CATE: I don’t need you to be.

      XAK: And I hate to be the one to add worry but Stephanie’s missing.

      CATE looks to him now, worried.

      CATE: What?

      XAK: I don’t want you to worry, I just wanted you to know what was going on. We’re gonna go find her.

      CATE: Well... let me get some clothes on, I’ll come with you guys.

      She tries to sit up. XAK stops her.

      XAK: I don’t want you to come.

      CATE: I need to...

      XAK: You need to be in a stable mind to help – it could be dangerous out there.

      CATE: Which is why I need to go.

      XAK: No, Cate. You can barely get out of bed...

      CATE looks down.

      CATE: (weakly) I’m sorry...

      XAK smiles at her and places his hand on hers.

      XAK: Don’t be. We all understand, we’ve all been there.

      CATE smiles weakly. XAK hugs her.

      XAK: We’ll call once we know more.

      CATE closes her eyes.

      CATE: Thank you...


      XAK enters, hurrying from the stairway. He looks at CHARLIE, DANTE, PETRINA and SIN.

      XAK: Ok, let’s go...

      They all begin walking out.

      SIN: How are we gonna do this?

      XAK: You, Dante and Petrina check uptown, Charlie and I will try downtown.

      DANTE looks to XAK.

      DANTE: Sure you’re ok with just the two of you going?

      XAK shrugs.

      XAK: You have Petrina... we’re pretty much even.

      PETRINA scowls.

      PETRINA: It comforts me to know that in the face of danger you can still find time to joke at my expense.

      XAK: I’ll always find time.

      CHARLIE sighs, tired of procrastinating.

      CHARLIE: Can we just go?

      PETRINA: Sorry. We’ll find your mother, I promise.

      DANTE: And who knows, maybe we’ll see if that mystery in Times Square has anything to do with our missing matriarch.

      XAK: Two birds with one stone? Sounds good to me.

      With this... all of them leave. The door shuts.


      SEPHY and KALIPSO are moving slowly downtown from Central Park. KALIPSO is constantly moving her head, wondering and curious. SEPHY looks to her.

      SEPHY: What are you sensing?

      KALIPSO: I am not sure. The Gorgon is close but there is something blocking her movements.

      SEPHY: A spell?

      KALIPSO: I think The United is hiding her, biding her time for when she is needed.

      SEPHY: I haven’t yet met her... well not in this century. Back then she was just a punished monster banished to an island.

      KALIPSO: Well I’m afraid she is a formidable adversary in this millennia, just as she was for the heroes of old.

      SEPHY: She can be stopped though?

      KALIPSO: Rumours in the half-worlds tell me that your Lance Emory has divulged some interesting information to your daughter.

      SEPHY: What would this news be?

      KALIPSO: The same news that relates to why you think I am present in this dimension.

      SEPHY: Then history may have an opportunity to repeat itself.

      KALIPSO: Indeed, the legends have become contemporary.

      KALIPSO stops now and she turns to SEPHY.

      KALIPSO: You do realise what will transpire?

      SEPHY looks confused.

      SEPHY: Explain.

      KALIPSO: If Medusa is vanquished, then the foundations will be set for your mythology to be finally quelled.

      SEPHY looks down frowning.

      SEPHY: (softly) It’s been a long time coming anyway...

      KALIPSO touches her face.

      KALIPSO: Dearest Persephone, you should not blame yourself.

      SEPHY: Who else should be to blame?

      KALIPSO: Your mortal mate made a choice.

      SEPHY looks hurt.

      SEPHY: He’s dead, Kalipso...

      KALIPSO: I am aware. You have my empathy.

      SEPHY: Oh you do? Because I have to watch everyone else I have grown close to suffer and die because my family will not accept a new age.

      KALIPSO: I understand it must be difficult for you.

      SEPHY: Understand? You couldn’t understand. You govern a simplistic, lesser known plane.

      KALIPSO’S expression hardens.

      KALIPSO: I take great offence to your accusation that I could not understand this situation. I may not have suffered to the magnitude that you have... but it would be unwise to assume that I have not endured misery.

      She continues walking.

      SEPHY: Kalipso...

      KALIPSO stops and she turns to SEPHY. SEPHY’S expression, apologetic.

      SEPHY: I apologise greatly for what I said. I would never mean to harm you.

      KALIPSO: These are tough times Persephone.

      SEPHY: I know...

      KALIPSO: Remember that I am your greatest and most loyal ally, your sister in anguish.

      SEPHY: You shouldn’t be my ally.

      KALIPSO shakes her head, smiling.

      KALIPSO: You promote free-will and choice, opposing everything against the old ways. I am the only entity who knows your plight.

      SEPHY: You are.

      She smiles at her but the smile soon fades as both goddesses turn their heads sharply in the same direction. Both their heads and necks are angled in perfect synchronicity.

      SEPHY: Did you sense that?

      KALIPSO nods.

      KALIPSO: The United. It is here...


      DANTE, PETRINA and SIN are walking down a small street Uptown. They constantly turn their head in the direction of any movement. PETRINA looks unenthused by the exercise. DANTE notices.

      DANTE: You know you could try looking a bit more concerned seeing as you worried Xak and Charlie to an inch of their lives.

      PETRINA sighs.

      PETRINA: Of course I am concerned for Stephanie.

      SIN: Really? Because it doesn’t look like it.

      PETRINA: Do you honestly expect her to be wandering aimlessly around Uptown?

      SIN: What do you mean?

      PETRINA: Stephanie is an incredibly damaged being. If she has changed her routine by leaving the house then it won’t be to walk around streets she has never seen before. It will be because of familiarity and a feeling of security

      DANTE: Ok, theory number one. Theory number two – what if that sense of familiarity is in these streets now.

      PETRINA raises an eyebrow, highly confused.

      PETRINA: What on earth are you talking about?

      DANTE looks worried, unsure. He looks at SIN, a simple look of understanding.

      DANTE: Ok... I didn’t know how to tell you guys this but the other week...

      PETRINA and SIN stop now and turn to him. PETRINA looks concerned.

      DANTE: Charlie and I decided we’d switch places – she’d look after Lance and I’d look after Stephanie. But when I did... something happened.

      SIN: And what would that be?

      DANTE: Well I thought I could ask her some questions, test her responses. I thought by giving her less time to think about her answers she might respond more honestly, acting on instinct.

      PETRINA: Well what happened?

      DANTE: She said The United was her friend. That she knew it.

      SIN furrows her brow.

      SIN: I don’t understand.

      PETRINA: How could The United be her friend? It tried to kill her.

      DANTE: I have no idea.

      SIN: Do Xak and Charlie know?

      DANTE shakes his head.

      DANTE: They have enough to worry about, for all I know this could be more of Stephanie rambling. She hardly makes sense half the time, I’m not even sure if she knows or understands who The United is.

      PETRINA: Hm...

      She looks at them both.

      PETRINA: Or maybe Sephy has found a way to break out of her mortal prison and what she said could have given us the biggest breakthrough in finding out what this thing really is.

      DANTE: And now Xak and Charlie are out there and they have no idea.

      SIN: Even if this doesn’t make any sense to us, we need to find them...

      PETRINA: We should go downtown. Something is wrong.

      Suddenly DANTE looks around, curiously.

      DANTE: I know what you mean. I don’t sense anything remotely supernatural near here... it’s like everything has shied away from the city.

      SIN looks up to the sky. The sun is setting in a perfectly clear sky. Downtown a small circle of clouds has blotted the city, above midtown.

      SIN: Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it...

      PETRINA looks to her, blankly.

      PETRINA: Come on... we should go.

      They all move away, heading south.


      XAK and CHARLIE are hurrying down one of the sidewalks in Midtown. The noise and the lights in the distance suggest Times Square is near. CHARLIE motions with her head.

      CHARLIE: Look, Times Square is up ahead.

      XAK stops and looks up. The clouds in the sky are only a couple of blocks away. The circle is tighter, forming over a building.

      CHARLIE looks back to XAK.

      CHARLIE: Xak? Come on... we’re close.

      XAK looks down from the sky to her.

      XAK: I don’t like this.

      She moves closer to him.

      CHARLIE: What is it?

      XAK: Every step I take towards Times Square, the feeling I had last night creeps back.

      CHARLIE: I don’t understand.

      He shakes his head.

      XAK: Neither do I...

      He looks at her worried, feeling the hairs on his arm stand to attention.

      XAK: But do you believe me?

      CHARLIE smiles at him, she touches his face.

      CHARLIE: Of course I believe you. I never doubt you. You’re my world.

      He gives her a half-smile.

      CHARLIE: I just wish I could comprehend what it’s like.

      XAK: Something bad is going to happen to us, Charlie.

      CHARLIE shakes her head and grabs him, pulling him close in a tight embrace.

      CHARLIE: (whispering in his ear) No... it won’t.

      XAK closes his eyes for a moment, inhaling deeply. When he opens his eyes, SEPHY is stood in front of him.

      XAK: (softly) Charlie...

      She pulls away from the hug and turns to see SEPHY. She smiles and hugs her.

      CHARLIE: (glad) Steph... we were so worried.

      SEPHY hugs her back.

      SEPHY: Stephanie is my name now?

      CHARLIE pulls away from her and looks at curiously. Her eyes widen.

      CHARLIE: Mom?

      SEPHY nods.

      SEPHY: I’m back... at least, I think I am.

      A beaming smile crosses CHARLIE’S face.

      CHARLIE: Oh my god...

      She looks into SEPHY’S eyes, seeing the connection.

      CHARLIE: (softly) It really is you... but how?

      XAK: Last night.

      SEPHY looks at him, she pauses for a moment.

      SEPHY: Yes, it happened last night.

      CHARLIE: Did it have something to do with what happened here?

      SEPHY: As far as I can see, it has everything to do with what happened.

      XAK: And what was that?

      KALIPSO (O/S): It was me.

      XAK turns to see KALIPSO. His face drops. Their eyes meet.

      XAK: Oh...

      CHARLIE and SEPHY turn to look at them. CHARLIE looks KALIPSO up and down – she senses the grandeur but does not concede.

      CHARLIE: Who’s she?

      SEPHY: She was who arrived last night... in this dimension. She is Kalipso... the third goddess of the realm Xak and the Syndicate originated from. Glorificus was her sister.

      XAK and KALIPSO just stare at one another.

      CHARLIE suddenly remembers KAIA, the last woman from XAK’S past who came into their lives and turned their world upside down.

      CHARLIE: (childishly) Lucky her... Why is she here?

      XAK: I know why.

      The camera moves in on XAK as all of his feelings of dread disappear.

      XAK: She’s my mother.




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        ACT THREE


        The camera rotates around XAK as the realisation of his mother’s presence warps his mind.

        XAK (V/O): (echoing) She’s my mother...

        The camera stops as KALIPSO embraces him with both hands.

        CHARLIE is silent, suddenly staring at KALIPSO in awe.

        KALIPSO looks him in the eyes.

        KALIPSO: I am sorry.

        XAK pauses.

        XAK: Why?

        KALIPSO: For the life I gave you.

        CHARLIE looks to him.

        CHARLIE: I don’t understand. How is this possible?

        SEPHY: Darling, I would have thought that you of all people would understand.

        CHARLIE: But how did we not know about this?

        KALIPSO: Xakiel is one of my most well kept secrets. He was named after his grandfather, my lover, Elias Thorn’s father.

        A small smile forms on her face.

        KALIPSO: Elias was a good man.

        XAK looks at the ground, nodding.

        XAK: (quietly) I met him... he warned me, helped me...

        KALIPSO: He lived an honest selfless life, caring for others in his community. He used to pray for those who were misfortunate at my temple. He was so sincere, so honest and the most beautiful thing I’d ever laid my eyes on.

        She looks down.

        KALIPSO: Then one day, misfortune struck him. His father, Xakiel was dying, suffering from a sickness that had plagued him in his old age. He came to me and prayed for his pain to ease.

        She looks at her son, recognising ELIAS.

        KALIPSO: His plight touched me so deeply. So much so I did what no goddess should do. I appeared to him and listened personally to his prayers. His mortal grace was so innocent, so perfect.

        CHARLIE: You fell in love with a mortal?

        CHARLIE looks to her mother.

        CHARLIE: Just like you...

        SEPHY nods.

        KALIPSO: Much to the protest of my sisters. They advised me against it, reminding me of the order of ways... but I did not listen. I fell with child.

        XAK stares down, in shock. Images of his father run through his head.

        KALIPSO: My sisters reacted in different ways. Suspiria pitied me, loving me with all her heart and tried to find ways to spare me from persecution.

        KALIPSO’S expression of appreciation suddenly fades to one of fear.

        A god afraid.

        KALIPSO: Glorificus though... she did not pity or condemn me. She wanted you...

        XAK looks up to her.

        XAK: Me?

        KALIPSO: Prophecies of a doom and grandeur surrounded a goddess bearing the child of a mortal. It began circulating the higher realms as another goddess in a different world also had sinned her lineage and affiliated herself with the theorised prophecy.

        CHARLIE looks to her mother.

        CHARLIE: You.

        KALIPSO: The child I would bear was said to do things gods themselves feared of. Glorificus wanted you as her own. She knew you could destroy her, she thought having you as her own would change her fate. She turned against Suspiria and I, so I hid you with the warmest of people. Flora and Gabe Winlow.

        CHARLIE: But the war started, the war that exiled her to this place.

        KALIPSO looks at CHARLIE.

        KALIPSO: Yes, but before she was done, she found him and used her twisted Shadow Stalkers to change and morph him into a monster. He was lost...

        XAK looks up at last. The final piece of the puzzle.

        She turns to CHARLIE fully now.

        KALIPSO: Until he found you, my dear.

        CHARLIE looks daunted by what she’s just heard.

        CHARLIE: What do you mean?

        KALIPSO: You gave him a life, friends, love and a child.

        XAK and CHARLIE look at one another now, silent.

        SEPHY moves to them both.

        SEPHY: Do you see now? Why the gods and the higher beings want you both dead? You are both born to goddesses and mortal men, you should not exist. The order of mythology, the workings of ancient laws and sacred boundaries have been broken.

        KALIPSO: My world suffered a tragic war and barely survived, now this world is facing the same fate.

        SEPHY: This is why it rests on your shoulders, both of you.

        KALIPSO: But you can’t do it alone.

        SEPHY: Not at this stage.

        KALIPSO: You’re not quite ready.

        SEPHY: That is why we’re here.

        XAK and CHARLIE look at one another, shocked.

        CHARLIE: I don’t understand.

        XAK looks back to his mother.

        XAK: What are you talking about?

        KALIPSO: It’s time to end this war once and for all.

        Suddenly a huge eruption of thunder sounds through the city.

        XAK, CHARLIE, SEPHY and KALIPSO turn their heads in the same direction.

        The clouds that had begun circling nearby were now thick black and had formed over a building.

        Rockefeller Center.

        CHARLIE: What the hell?

        KALIPSO moves forward in front of them all, protectively.

        KALIPSO: Persephone, we are too late.

        SEPHY looks on in horror but she stops and turns to KALIPSO, determined, breathing heavily.

        SEPHY: We can still stop it.

        CHARLIE grabs SEPHY’S arm.

        CHARLIE: (to her mother) What is it?!

        SEPHY wavers, looking at her daughter with sorrow.

        SEPHY: The United.

        CHARLIE looks back to the storm. The United was close. Her mouth goes dry.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) What’s it doing?

        KALIPSO: News reached our heavens that The United was readying a spell to give its assassin great powers.

        CHARLIE: Medusa.

        SEPHY: I’m afraid so...

        KALIPSO: I was coming to stop the spell before it could occur.

        SEPHY looks at CHARLIE.

        SEPHY: Charlie, this spell could kill millions...

        XAK stares angrily at the top of the building.

        XAK: We have to stop it.

        KALIPSO looks back at him. She shakes her head as the realisation that she may be too late suddenly hits her like thunder.

        KALIPSO: I think we might be too late.

        XAK snaps his head to look at her.

        XAK: No we’re not...

        KALIPSO looks down, feeling unaccomplished.

        XAK: Are you telling me you came all this way to turn my world upside down and then leave millions of people to die?

        KALIPSO: The United is strong... its various components, however many there are, all have their own individual abilities and strengths. It boasts no weakness.

        XAK: I said... we’re not too late.

        She looks at him, her son’s optimism forces a smile on her face.

        With this he runs towards the area, CHARLIE follows, but she stops and turns back to SEPHY and KALIPSO.

        CHARLIE: Well, are you coming?

        KALIPSO looks at SEPHY.

        KALIPSO: (smiling) You’ve raised them well.

        SEPHY: I’ve got them running towards a psychotic entity willingly, it’s not exactly how I planned on teaching children.

        KALIPSO: Maybe not, but then ours are no ordinary children.

        KALIPSO smiles and takes SEPHY by the hand. They both move after their children towards the dark clouds.


        DANTE, PETRINA and SIN are moving downtown as quickly as possible.

        SIN sighs, angrily.

        SIN: This is ridiculous. It’s gonna take us ages to get downtown.

        DANTE: Why do we even listen to Xak when he comes up with his stupid plans. Splitting up? Good one, Thorn...

        PETRINA: Xak is our leader... you must respect the hierarchy and the order of war.

        DANTE smirks.

        DANTE: Is that why Cate ignores everything you say?

        PETRINA rolls her eyes. They are approaching a corner.

        PETRINA: Oh good, another sly jibe at me.

        They turn the corner. SIN stops, immediately.

        DANTE: I’m fairly certain I wasn’t being sly.

        SIN: Guys...

        DANTE and PETRINA stop, they look in the direction that SIN is looking in.

        The vibrations of the thunder finally make their way to them, catching their attention. PETRINA’S eyes widen as they look at the clouds.

        PETRINA: Oh my...

        DANTE: What the hell is that?

        SIN feels a shiver rumble across her skin.

        SIN: Let’s just keep moving... we might be too late.

        They begin running.


        XAK, CHARLIE, KALIPSO and SEPHY make their way towards the entrance of the Rockefeller Center.

        CHARLIE stops, confused, looking around.

        CHARLIE: Where is everyone? There’s always people here...

        The camera pans around and shows the void of a human presence.

        XAK: This isn’t right.

        KALIPSO looks up at the building.

        KALIPSO: This is the center of Rockefeller.

        SEPHY: Yes, somewhat of a landmark for the city.

        CHARLIE tries looking to the building’s summit but sees only clouds. She shakes her head, confused.

        CHARLIE: Why here? Why is Rockefeller Center the number one attack point for The United?

        KALIPSO shakes her head.

        KALIPSO: I am unsure... but it is on the roof. It’s summoning power, great power.

        XAK: We need to go in now...

        He looks at his mother.

        XAK: Can we stop it?

        KALIPSO: I suppose... it must be possible.

        XAK: A supposition and a possibility is good enough for me.

        He walks inside the building, KALIPSO follows. SEPHY goes to follow but CHARLIE lingers.

        CHARLIE: (to SEPHY) Do you remember anything?

        SEPHY stops and she turns to her.

        SEPHY: No. Nothing past last night.

        CHARLIE: Are you back?

        SEPHY’S eyes twinkle with the promise of tears.

        SEPHY: I don’t know. I don’t fully understand what is happening to me but I know it’s related to Kalipso’s presence.

        CHARLIE: So when she leaves...

        SEPHY smiles weakly.

        SEPHY: I don’t know darling... I hope not. But if so...

        She moves closer to CHARLIE. She embraces her with both hands.

        SEPHY: I love you... and I’ll find a way back. I promise.

        CHARLIE nods, slightly tearful.

        CHARLIE: Ok... hurry.

        SEPHY: I will.


        XAK is walking towards the elevator room.

        KALIPSO (O/S): You’re a very strong, natural leader.

        XAK stops and turns back to look at her. His mouth stern at her pride.

        KALIPSO: You can find light even in the darkest of moments and bestow it unto others so casually. It’s remarkable.

        XAK: (quietly) I don’t know what to say to you.

        She breathes softly and moves towards him.

        KALIPSO: I don’t expect you to understand. I just hope one day you can understand why I had to do what I did...

        XAK: You know I’ve known Sephy for nearly five years. I’ve never met such a good hearted, strong willed woman to defy everything she has learnt to abide by in order to give her daughter a happy life.

        KALIPSO: I’m not as brave as Persephone.

        XAK: You went to war with your sister to keep me safe... you’re more like her than you think.

        He smiles weakly, overwhelmed. She is noticeably touched by his gesture.

        KALIPSO: (softly) I never wanted this for you.

        XAK: I believe you... I don’t blame you for what you did. I just wish you’d been around.

        KALIPSO: In many ways I was. Through the Syndicate’s belief and plight, I was kept near you at all times.

        XAK: Did they know?

        KALIPSO hesitates and then nods.

        KALIPSO: They did. Smith Artair and Ursula Lake came to my temple when you were young, they told me they’d always protect you but that they feared your arrival. I told them why you were so special... so unique.

        KALIPSO laughs slightly.

        KALIPSO: Well, almost unique.

        XAK looks away.

        KALIPSO: (pleading) Please, don’t be angry with them – all they’ve ever wanted is to protect you, it’s all any of your allies have ever wanted.

        XAK goes to answer but then the building shakes. Both him and KALIPSO grab the walls for stability.

        CHARLIE and SEPHY come running towards them.

        CHARLIE: (shouting, concerned) Xak?!

        XAK looks to her.

        XAK: We’re ok, let’s go...

        They move towards the elevator and press the button.

        CHARLIE: I’m not so sure an elevator is a good idea right now...

        XAK: We don’t have a choice...

        The door of the elevator opens and they enter, the door closes.


        DANTE, PETRINA and SIN walk across the sidewalk to Times Square.

        SIN nods in the direction of the storm.

        SIN: It’s over there, we’re not far.

        DANTE stops and looks around.

        DANTE: Guys... where is everyone?

        They all stop and look around. The area is vacant of any human presence.

        SIN: Oh my god...

        DANTE: I don’t think god has much of a place here, Sin.

        PETRINA: This is so odd...

        SIN: How could this happen?

        PETRINA: The United... it’s strong. It can control the masses.

        DANTE: You think whatever it’s doing right now means everyone in the city is affected?

        PETRINA: I think we’ve barely begun to experience what this thing is capable of.

        For a moment all three of them are silent as all that can be heard is the distant crackling of energy from Rockefeller.

        DANTE: Come on... our friends need us...

        SIN is the first, deeply concerned. They all run, metres away from their friends and metres from The United.


        The door to the elevator opens and XAK, CHARLIE, SEPHY and KALIPSO all exit.

        XAK: Come on... it’s this way I think.

        KALIPSO grabs his arm.

        KALIPSO: Xakiel. Remember who you are and where you come from. Don’t forget.

        XAK nods, confused. They carry on walking. They move to the escalator.

        CUT TO –

        The escalator reaches the top of the viewing platform. XAK and CHARLIE are first, the goddesses behind.

        As XAK and CHARLIE look ahead, their faces drop.

        Everything moves in slow motion. The camera rotates and shows what is on the roof.

        A person stood in a white cloak is hovering in the air. Energy is crackling all around it. It has its back to them. The energy is being focused on a radio transmitter at the top of the building.

        Even though it can sense them close by, it does not waver.

        It was The United.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          XAK and CHARLIE stand side by side, staring in terror at the entity before them. All this time, everything they had done, had led them to this moment...

          XAK: That’s really it...

          CHARLIE: The United...

          KALIPSO (O/S): Only you two can stop it...

          CHARLIE: What?

          KALIPSO: You’re unlike anything else in creation, you can do things that you can barely begin to imagine are possible.

          XAK looks at The United, uncertain. He shakes his head.

          XAK: Are you sure that’s all of it? There’s only one person there.

          KALIPSO: Trust me, there’s more than one entity under that cloak...

          SEPHY looks at her.

          SEPHY: Do you know what spell it is performing?

          KALIPSO shakes her head.

          KALIPSO: I am unsure. All I know is it’s readying the stage for its monsters finale.

          CHARLIE looks at it scared. She turns to SEPHY.

          CHARLIE: I don’t know how to take on that thing. The evil it’s spread... the amount of people it’s hurt and damaged... It’s powerful.

          SEPHY smiles reassuringly.

          SEPHY: Remember, The United may be strong but it’s never revealed itself to you. It fears you.

          XAK looks to SEPHY.

          XAK: Recognise it.

          SEPHY looks at it.

          SEPHY: I can feel the familiarity on the brink of my consciousness... but every time I get close, my mind wilts.

          XAK: Don’t worry... we’ll find out for ourselves.

          He looks to CHARLIE.

          XAK: Ready?

          CHARLIE: Not a little bit.

          XAK smiles at her.

          XAK: Me either.

          With this they turn to face The United. They charge.

          As soon as they reach the outside roof, The United stops the spell instantly. It drops to the floor, the energy stops.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          CHARLIE’S eyes widen as they close the distance between them and The United. Still with its back to them it runs. It runs around a corner, but XAK and CHARLIE are hot on its trail.

          With no motion of its hands or its head, The United causes part of the wall to crumble behind it, landing near XAK and CHARLIE.

          Acting on instinct, XAK dives through the rubble, missing every brick. CHARLIE uses magic to teleport past the rubble, continuing to run alongside her lover, closely behind The United.

          CUT TO –

          Behind the rubble, SEPHY and KALIPSO watch as the rubble falls and blocks their view of the chase. SEPHY shows clear concern.

          SEPHY: We should help... they’re our children, they need us.

          KALIPSO smiles.

          KALIPSO: No... they don’t.

          SEPHY looks at her.

          KALIPSO: That’s what they need to realise.

          SEPHY turns back to the rubble, considering this, wondering if she’s right.

          CUT TO –

          The United turns a corner on the roof and heads towards the edge. XAK and CHARLIE see it.

          CHARLIE: Oh my god...

          The United dives through the window barrier and dives off the roof to the city below.

          XAK and CHARLIE run to the edge of the roof, the wind blowing their hair. They look over the edge.

          The United lands on a lower roof and smashes a window, re-entering the building.

          XAK grits his teeth, angrily.

          XAK: Damn it...

          CHARLIE grabs his hand.

          CHARLIE: Come on... we’re going after it.

          XAK looks at her seriously.

          XAK: Charlie, we might die.

          CHARLIE: We’re dead anyway if this thing gets its way.

          XAK looks down, unsure at the streets below.

          CHARLIE: We’ve waited too long to let this thing win...

          She grabs his hand.

          CHARLIE: So we’re going, whether you like it or not.

          She pulls him off the roof.

          CUT TO –

          XAK and CHARLIE fall, ready to land. The lower roof approaches them fast, and so do the streets below. They land, near the edge. XAK loses his footing and stumbles backwards. CHARLIE pulls him forward to safety. He breathes quickly.

          XAK: You’re insane.

          CHARLIE: (smirking) That’s why you love me.

          He smiles back and they run through the smashed window after The United.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK and CHARLIE run through the corridor, at the end they see The United turn a corner. They speed up, turning the corner.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK and CHARLIE turn the corner into a large lobby in one of the upper floors. It’s empty, two closed and inactive elevators at the end of it. XAK and CHARLIE look at one another.

          XAK: Where is it?

          CHARLIE motions in one direction. She moves in the other. They move away from one another, moving silently through the room.

          XAK keeps his guard up, listening intently for any movement. CHARLIE reciprocates, her whole body ready, charged with magic.

          Suddenly, something rushes past XAK, knocking him to the floor. A white blur.

          CHARLIE aims a bolt of energy at it but misses. The blur stops and looks at CHARLIE. It’s The United. She tries to look at its face but it is covered by the cloak. It throws, without any effort, a ball of energy. It slams into CHARLIE and drives her back into the wall. She groans in pain. XAK jumps up and runs to CHARLIE.

          XAK: Charlie?! You ok?

          CHARLIE looks up to him, her lip cut.

          CHARLIE: I’m fine, go after it...

          XAK looks around and The United walks casually into the now open elevator. He looks back at CHARLIE. She looks at him, angrily.

          CHARLIE: Don’t you dare protest. If we lost it now... we’re screwed.

          XAK: I love you.

          She rolls her eyes and smirks.

          CHARLIE: Shut up and go.

          He nods and runs after The United. The door is about to close. He stares at it, focused. Just as the door closes, he swears he sees a dark smile on its face.

          The door closes.

          He slams his hand against the door, angry. He grits his teeth, determined as he begins prising the doors open with his fingers. Ever muscle in his arm tightens and tenses as he pulls the doors open. He looks down... the lift descends.

          He knows this is his only chance.

          He jumps.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          He lands on the roof of the escalator and looks through the glass roof to see The United stood, deadly still, inside.

          XAK clenches his fist, staring at The United, determined.

          XAK: This is the end...

          He punches through the glass and falls on The United. He grips on to the cloak and slams it into the wall of the elevator. His eyes widen as the cloak falls back...


          The United had gone.

          For a moment, XAK’S breath leaves him and then he collapses to the floor, gripping on to the cloak tightly.


          KALIPSO is walking through the entrance hall of Rockefeller Center. Behind her is SEPHY who is holding up CHARLIE, her visibly pained daughter.

          They’re all moving towards an elevator door that opens.

          XAK moves out of it, clutching on to an empty cloak... he looks at his mother, blankly. She looks at him, expectantly.

          KALIPSO: Well? What happened?

          XAK throws the cloak on the ground, CHARLIE, SEPHY and KALIPSO look at it, confused.

          XAK: It got away. Somehow in the elevator... it got away.

          He looks down, swallowing. His eyes stare at the cloak. CHARLIE leaves her mother and hobbles towards XAK.

          CHARLIE: Hey...

          He looks at her. Her bloodied lips smile at him.

          CHARLIE: You did all you could.

          XAK: It wasn’t enough.

          She looks at him with a furrowed expression.

          DANTE (O/S): Guys!

          CHARLIE and XAK turn to see DANTE, PETRINA and SIN hurrying towards them. SEPHY turns also, smiling. KALIPSO observes, interested.

          PETRINA: Thank goodness we found you! We were so worried!

          CHARLIE: How did you know we were here?

          DANTE: Big thundering clouds of doom? We knew you’d be close.

          PETRINA looks at SEPHY.

          PETRINA: You found Stephanie.

          SEPHY smiles at her.

          SEPHY: Actually, it’s Sephy... again. I think.

          PETRINA smiles.

          PETRINA: I’m glad you’re back.

          DANTE observes KALIPSO.

          DANTE: Who’s the broad?

          XAK looks at KALIPSO.

          XAK: This is uh... Kalipso.

          SIN watches her, studying the goddess.

          DANTE looks at PETRINA.

          PETRINA: As in the Syndicate?

          SIN: As in... my grandmother?

          XAK looks at SIN.

          XAK: Yeah.

          KALIPSO looks at SIN, a warm smile spreads across her face.

          KALIPSO: You must be the third.

          DANTE looks in shock, he turns to XAK.

          DANTE: But that would make her...

          XAK nods.

          XAK: Yeah.

          DANTE: Huh...

          Everyone is silent now. DANTE notices the cloak.

          DANTE: So... uh, what’s with the white cloak?

          CHARLIE looks at XAK.

          CHARLIE: Hey...

          He looks at her, vacantly – his mind elsewhere.

          CHARLIE: Let’s go home...

          He nods.

          XAK: Yeah... we should.

          He looks around at everyone. His lover, her mother, his daughter, his friends... his mother.

          His family.


          The camera shows the Manhattan skyline as the clouds clear around Rockefeller and the city rejuvenates with the life of the lights.


          The door opens, PETRINA enters. The light is on now, CATE is sat in her bed, staring blankly at the bed sheets. PETRINA smiles at her.

          CATE is dressed in a robe, she has no makeup on and her hair is tied back.

          PETRINA: Hey...

          CATE smiles weakly at her.

          CATE: (quietly) Hey.

          PETRINA moves over to the bed.

          PETRINA: How are you feeling?

          CATE shrugs.

          CATE: I bathed.

          PETRINA raises an eyebrow.

          PETRINA: That is good.

          CATE: But in terms of whether or not I feel happy... or any better about what I did? I honestly don’t know.

          PETRINA touches her hand, supportively.

          PETRINA: I’m sorry.

          CATE looks at her curiously.

          CATE: Have you ever been in love?

          PETRINA looks down, sombre.

          PETRINA: No... never.

          CATE nods.

          CATE: You don’t realise how lucky you are.

          PETRINA: Well, as hard as it might be for you. You’ve got your family here who love you and care for you. That’s one thing I realised tonight.

          CATE looks confused.

          CATE: Why? What happened?

          She sighs, angry at herself.

          CATE: God! How selfish am I... I didn’t even ask...

          PETRINA smiles.

          PETRINA: That’s ok... I doubt you’d even believe me if I told you.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          CHARLIE is sat on the sofa, DANTE attending to her wounds. SIN and SEPHY are sat nearby. SIN looks down, thinking. SEPHY watches CHARLIE, curiously.

          CHARLIE grimaces at the pain from an antiseptic wipe. DANTE smiles, apologetically.

          DANTE: Sorry...

          CHARLIE reciprocates the smile, weakly.

          CHARLIE: It’s ok.

          She sighs.

          DANTE: Are you alright?

          CHARLIE: We were so close, Dante. We were only a few feet from it... but it was so quick, so powerful.

          DANTE tightens his lips.

          DANTE: Did you see who it was... or what it was?

          She shakes her head.

          CHARLIE: I tried to see but the cloak hid everything... it could have been anything.

          DANTE: At least we’re closer to stopping it. You stopped that spell at least - Medusa can go get her kicks elsewhere.

          CHARLIE shrugs.

          CHARLIE: I don’t know what it was doing but I don’t think we stopped it completely...

          DANTE: Ok, cup half empty.

          CHARLIE: Sorry... just feel a bit bleak.

          DANTE: But you got your mom back and... well you weren’t the only one.

          CHARLIE: I don’t quite know how to feel about that.

          DANTE: Surely it’s more of an issue for Xak?

          CHARLIE: Oh no completely... but it just, it showed me something tonight that I was kind of scared of.

          DANTE looks confused.

          DANTE: What?

          CHARLIE: Xak and I were meant to be. We’re this chosen, fated couple prophesised to destroy an entire mythology. I kind of had this naive idea that when we met that night in the alley behind The Bronze that it was just a chance, love at first sight... but I guess not.

          DANTE: Screw the prophecies. Look at everything that’s happened. Most prophecies just turn out to be a load of crap anyway...

          CHARLIE: I know but his mother is Kalipso, the freakin’ goddess. Mine is Persephone. It seems unlikely that this isn’t leading to somewhere where a prophecy will either be fulfilled or Xak and I end up buried. Either way I’m not crazy happy++ about the outcome.

          DANTE puts a hand on her shoulder, supportively.

          DANTE: Hey stop beating yourself up... you and Xak can deal with this.

          CHARLIE: How do you know that?

          DANTE: You said it yourself. The United is powerful... but it ran from you... scared.

          CHARLIE: Yeah... I guess...

          DANTE: I think we should all just get some rest and figure this out in the morning.

          CHARLIE: You’re probably right.

          DANTE: I’m a Senior Partner, I decree it.

          She smiles weakly. He winks at her.

          CHARLIE turns to SEPHY.

          CHARLIE: Mom, think we should sleep? Talk in the morning?

          SEPHY looks at her, her eyes vacant.

          SEPHY: I can’t sleep.

          CHARLIE: No me either, but I’m at least gonna lie in bed with my eyes open until Xak comes home...

          SEPHY: (cutting her off) No. I can’t sleep because...

          Her words look like they struggle to be released. Then she blinks and smiles at CHARLIE.

          SEPHY: Because the muffins will burn before they’re risen if I go to bed now.

          CHARLIE’S face sinks as she looks at her mother, sad. SEPHY was gone... again.

          STEPHANIE was back.

          STEPHANIE stands and walks aimlessly into the kitchen area. CHARLIE looks down, she feels a hand on her shoulder. She smiles and looks to DANTE, but he has gone. She turns and looks in the other direction... it’s SIN.

          She smiles at her mother.

          SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS - 0048 0729

          The song begins as CHARLIE squeezes her hand back.

          SIN: Get some rest...

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: You too.

          SIN: I’ll look after her.

          She motions to the kitchen.

          SIN: Someone should take watch.

          CHARLIE: Thank you.

          CHARLIE releases her hand from SIN’S and walks away out of the room, inhaling a deep breath.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          It is deep into the night. The song continues into this scene, washing the darkness with a sense of clarity.

          The camera shows the lake that SEPHY and KALIPSO were walking alongside earlier in the day.

          In the dead of night though, KALIPSO walks with a man. Her son. XAK.

          KALIPSO cocks her head, looking around the lake. XAK notices.

          XAK: What are you sensing?

          KALIPSO: I’m trying to find a weakness in the dimensional walls – a way of me travelling to my next destination.

          XAK looks surprised.

          XAK: You’re leaving?

          She smiles at him.

          KALIPSO: I have to, my boy.

          She exhales softly.

          KALIPSO: I shouldn’t even be present here and I have another matter that requires my help.

          XAK: But we need help.

          KALIPSO: I came to stop The United’s spell and I did.

          XAK: You did more than that.

          She stops now and turns to him fully.

          KALIPSO: I know what I did tonight has hurt you deeply but I had to.

          XAK: (desperately) There’s just so much more I need to know. There’s so much more you have to tell me.

          KALIPSO: I know... and one day I will tell you all you need to know and all the things you probably don’t. There’s a lifetime of words I want to speak to you but right now you must survive with the gift of knowledge I have bestowed unto you.

          XAK looks down, tearful. His eyes welling.

          KALIPSO: You are the son of a goddess... and the son of a marvellous mortal man. You have powers you’ve barely begun to touch upon. Powers that will give you and your family the peace you seek.

          Tears fall silently from his eyes now. KALIPSO looks pained.

          KALIPSO: Please don’t cry.

          XAK: (quietly) I’m sorry...

          KALIPSO: I promise you I will return... and I promise you I will be the mother to you that I always wanted to be. The mother you deserve to have.

          XAK’S blurred vision notices a portal opening at the side of the lake. KALIPSO turns to face it, the bright energy reflecting in the black of her eyes.

          She turns back to him.

          KALIPSO: It’s time.

          XAK: Please, don’t go... I-I... I don’t know how to win this. I don’t know what to do.

          She touches his face and caresses it softly. She looks saddened, the goddess holds back her tears.

          KALIPSO: When the moments that require you to know draw near... you shall realise what you must do.

          The portal is fully open now. It subtly crackles in the serene background, beckoning.

          KALIPSO leans in to XAK and kisses him on the cheek. Her soft lips meeting with her child.

          KALIPSO: (softly) I love you.

          XAK closes his eyes, his lip quivering. He opens them, his mouth ready to reply.

          His eyes look around.

          The portal has closed.

          His mother was gone.

          He falls to his knees and the camera pulls back as the song comes to a tragic end.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
          ?? as THE UNITED

          Special Mention:
          OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0048 0729


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            - So there you go. The episode I’ve been thinking and imagining about for years has finally been written. Every word I wrote was so exciting and exhilarating and now you know the truth. Charlie isn’t the only one with a goddess for a mother. I know a couple of you had already guessed that Kalipso may indeed be Xak’s mother and well, congratulations for being so intuitive. I applaud you, oh so aware reader.

            - I left Cate out of this episode as she had a big focus on her recently with Trafford and Petrina’s arrival so I thought I’d let her sleep and wallow instead! She’ll be back more next episode though in the mid-season finale!

            - I did something in this episode that I haven’t done for a long time. I took out all music and made sure that Kalipso was the only guest star. I included one song though, one of the Olafur Arnalds song. Bear in mind the songs from Olafur only occur during key moments in the series. 4.08 will feature the song 3326. A truly beautiful piece of music so please take a listen prior to the episodes release as it may give you a tiny clue as to the general feel when the episode ends.

            - Sephy came back for a brief moment! But I assure you... Stephanie will not be here forever. Sephy will make an eventual return to the series but when? I cannot tell you that my dears.

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