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Sirens - 1.06 - Daughters Of Sineya

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  • Sirens - 1.06 - Daughters Of Sineya

    Series: Sirens
    Episode: 1.06 – Daughters Of Sineya
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season One of Sirens runs strictly alongside Season Four of its brother series “Shadow Stalker”. To fully understand and appreciate Sirens, it is advisable to read Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Shadow Stalker prior to this series, and please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)




    The song begins as the camera shows a high angle shot of the lobby. It is the night of the Siren attack. The attack happened five minutes ago and BROGAN, MELODY, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and CHERRY have just entered to the massacre.

    Well I met you at the blood bank
    We were looking at the bags
    Wondering if any of the colours
    Matched any of the names we knew on the tags...

    Time moves in normal speed this time and everyone hurries to help the injured. ECHIDNA to PAN, MELODY to ELISE, SHELTER and CHERRY to the others.

    BROGAN is on his knees.

    The camera rotates.

    CUT TO -

    When the camera turns around it is morning in the lobby. The morning after.

    You said, ‘See look, that's yours!
    Stacked on top with your brother's
    See how they resemble one another
    Even in their plastic little covers’...

    SHELTER is sweeping the lobby floor, broken glass and wood forming a neat pile. MELODY is on the floor, a cloth in her hand, mopping up the blood that’s staining the floor. A sombre expression on her face.

    And I said I know it well...

    The camera rotates again.

    CUT TO –

    It’s the next day, mid-afternoon. MELODY and URSULA are ushering in various delivery men who are bringing in new furniture for the lobby.

    That secret that you know
    But don't know how to tell
    It f***s with your honour
    And it teases your head
    But you know that it's good girl
    'Cause it's running you with red...

    The camera rotates again.

    CUT TO –

    Two days later.

    It’s night, the lights are turned off and only the moonlight from outside illuminates the room through the windows.. MELODY walks out of the training room. She touches her lip, almost tearful and then walks to her bedroom.

    Then the snow started falling
    We were stuck out in your car
    You were rubbing both of my hands
    Chewing on a candy bar...

    The camera rotates again.

    CUT TO –

    Another two days have passed.

    It’s morning and the Syndicate is meeting on the new seating area in the lobby. TRAFFORD looks in pain. PAN is not there. MELODY and BROGAN avoid eye contact.

    You said, ‘Ain't this just like the present
    To be showing up like this’
    As a moon waned to crescent
    We started to kiss...

    The camera rotates again

    CUT TO –

    That same evening.

    BROGAN and MELODY run into one another in the lobby. They look at one another awkwardly and then continue walking.

    Night falls.

    And I said I know it well
    That secret that we know
    That we don't know how to tell
    I'm in love with your honour
    I'm in love with your cheeks
    What's that noise up the stairs babe?
    Is that Christmas morning creaks?...

    The morning comes.

    The camera shows the Syndicate moving into the kitchen. All except PAN.

    The camera finally moves from its resting place and zooms in on BROGAN who stops and looks around the Lobby one final time.

    And I said I know it well
    I know it well...

    The song comes to a final end as BROGAN rejoins the rest of the Syndicate in the kitchen.


    URSULA and SHELTER are making a large tray of coffee for everybody whilst TRAFFORD and ELISE make breakfast.

    BROGAN: So...

    Everyone looks to him. MELODY doesn’t.

    BROGAN: Tomorrow’s the day.

    ECHIDNA: I still say we’re not completely prepared.

    URSULA turns to her.

    URSULA: We’ve repaired the furniture, Nevan, Gabe and Cherry are all doing ok...

    TRAFFORD: Oh, that reminds me, Gabe’s being released today. Elise’s going to help.

    URSULA smiles.

    URSULA: (to ECHIDNA) See, it’s fine. The school can open again and everything will be as it was. Gabe was the last casualty and he’s fine.

    ECHIDNA looks down.

    ECHIDNA: (sad) Not the last...

    URSULA looks awkward.

    URSULA: (quietly) Um, of course...

    MELODY: I think Echidna’s right.

    BROGAN looks purposefully away from her and assists SHELTER.

    MELODY: I mean yeah we’re ready with the whole school and students being all up to scratch but they’re gonna expect us to be able to explain what happened on the beach, people died...

    URSULA: Well we know what happened: Sirens attacked.

    MELODY: Yeah, but who’s behind them? Someone’s in charge and the students’ll want to know why two of their friends are dead, why another two were hospitalised and why the school got trashed and closed for a week.

    Everyone is silent.

    MELODY: I’m not saying we need to have the answers immediately but we should know something, be prepared at least.

    BROGAN nods.

    BROGAN: She’s right.

    He continues to avoid eye contact with her. MELODY sighs silently.

    URSULA: Well we do have one more day so we could start researching the gods – it surely must be them that the Sirens serve.

    ECHIDNA shakes her head.

    ECHIDNA: I think you’re wrong. I’ve been thinking and if it was a god or goddess controlling the Sirens then I would know – in this age they’d have had to be in proximity to the beach to control them in such a manner and to make them leave so succinctly.

    TRAFFORD looks confused.

    TRAFFORD: What are you saying?

    ECHIDNA: I know the face and presence of every single god and goddess pertaining to the Ancient Greek world and trust me when I say that there was not one of them present that day.

    She shrugs.

    ECHIDNA: Except for myself of course.

    MELODY: Well that narrows things down... significantly. What a relief.

    ECHIDNA: Please don’t be sarcastic.

    MELODY: Well the first part might have been but the second? Yeah, I am relieved we don’t have a freakin’ Greek god on our asses.

    Everyone now picks up their coffee and a slice of toast and they walk out of the kitchen.


    The Syndicate all move into the lobby now, they all stop instantaneously looking at the doorway. MELODY’S eyes are down.

    MELODY: I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s probably something bigger and badder out there, but this is one Slayer who’s gonna sleep easier tonight.

    She stops, sensing the Syndicate all have stopped. She looks up to where they’re looking.

    She drops her coffee cup. It smashes on the floor. The camera focuses on the coffee cup and the puddle of hot black liquid and it rotates to show two people stood in the doorway to the building.

    It’s CATE and PETRINA.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a lilac mist begins to develop. Through the mist we can see a creature stood on a rock in the water. Behind the creature, in the distance, the water is lapping at the edge of Cropley Shores’ beach serenely. The mist then appears to be developing into a word. One single word.


    The mist fades.

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    Silence fills the room as the Syndicate’s eyes fall on CATE and PETRINA. A smile forms on BROGAN’S face.

    BROGAN: (breaking the silence) Cate...

    She smiles at him. With this, the Syndicate move forward, each of them hugging CATE. First SHELTER, then ECHIDNA, BROGAN, URSULA and ELISE. MELODY hangs back, awkwardly. CATE’S eyes fall on TRAFFORD.

    CATE: Hey...

    He smiles at her.

    TRAFFORD: Hey.

    She hugs him tightly. He closes his eyes, inhaling her scent. ELISE and URSULA smile at one another.

    TRAFFORD: (whispering) It’s good to see you.

    She breaks the hug and looks him in the eyes.

    CATE: You too...

    She suddenly becomes aware of PETRINA’S presence.

    CATE: Uh, guys... this is Petrina Rae. She’s my new Watcher.

    PETRINA nods at them all. BROGAN extends a hand to her.

    BROGAN: Watcher, huh?

    PETRINA: You must Ea Brogan, the Syndicate’s leader.

    CATE rolls her eyes.

    CATE: (to BROGAN) Ignore her, she has this epic knowledge system. Trust me introductions to each of you are pointless, she knows you all already.

    PETRINA: You make me sound like some sort of monster, which is not the case.

    She turns to them all.

    PETRINA: Cate and I are here because we heard of the attack and we need your help.

    ECHIDNA: There’s news, in Manhattan?

    CATE: Something’s going down and we know there is here but we’re stumped.

    URSULA: As are we, my dear...

    Then, MELODY and CATE’S eyes meet. CATE quickly looks away to TRAFFORD.

    CATE: Can we talk?

    He nods.

    TRAFFORD: Sure...

    CATE moves away from the others.

    CATE: It’s great to see you guys again.

    She smiles and walks away with TRAFFORD. PETRINA watches with a sombre expression.

    PETRINA: Well, I would love to get the opportunity to get to know you all but I presume you have a lot to cope with post-attack and we have a lot to get through.

    BROGAN: Yeah well, we closed the school for a week, we open again tomorrow.

    PETRINA: I see, well then we have one day.

    ECHIDNA raises an eyebrow.

    PETRINA: Trust me, you’ll want to hear what I have to say and I want to hear what you have to say.

    BROGAN: Well that’s me put in my place.

    PETRINA: Yes, it is. Now, come on...

    PETRINA moves further away.

    PETRINA: I presume there are some offices around here?

    As she walks away, BROGAN and ECHIDNA follow her. The camera moves to MELODY who walks to URSULA, watching PETRINA walk away.

    MELODY: Wow, Urs... she’s you, 30 years ago.

    URSULA raises an eyebrow.

    URSULA: 30 years?

    MELODY shrugs.

    URSULA’S expression softens.

    URSULA: You ok?

    MELODY looks awkward.

    MELODY: Yeah, sure... why wouldn’t I be?

    URSULA: Well you did just see who that was? Cate is here.

    MELODY: I think we both knew this day would come one day.

    URSULA: Yeah, but today?

    She touches MELODY’S arm supportively.

    URSULA: I did not see that coming.

    She moves away now with SHELTER. ELISE has left.


    TRAFFORD is sat on his bed watching as CATE paces the room, admiring it.

    CATE: It’s nice here. You guys did a good job setting it all up.

    TRAFFORD: Yeah, hard to believe this place was just a bomb site when you were last here. Elise healed it up good and proper.

    CATE moves towards him now and sits next to him. She reaches out and touches his chest. She moves apart the fabric of his shirt, revealing two deep scars, stitched together.

    CATE: Shame she couldn’t heal you...

    She smiles weakly at him and TRAFFORD takes her hand.

    TRAFFORD: Hey it’s ok... it’s one scar. Sucks she’s out of action and that I can’t heal myself but I’m fine.

    CATE: You might not have been.

    TRAFFORD: We’re in the middle of two wars, Cate. We knew things wouldn’t be easy...

    CATE looks down.

    CATE: I’m sorry.

    He lifts her head delicately.

    TRAFFORD: Don’t be. I know contact’s been difficult what with Petrina and everything with Sephy...

    CATE: It’s hard you know... things have changed since you left. Sephy’s now believes she’s some suburban housewife and has no recollection of what’s happened, Dante’s trying to relinquish any link as a Senior Partner, Lance is still in stone.

    She breathes deeply.

    CATE: Charlie’s not how she used to be, Sin’s in freakin’ college and Xak’s turned into super-leader... I blame Petrina.

    TRAFFORD smiles.

    TRAFFORD: Something tells me she’s more of a positive influence on you than you know.

    CATE: Why do you say that?

    TRAFFORD: You seem different from when we were together last. You look more powerful, more certain... more complete.

    CATE swallows, embarrassed.

    CATE: I’m not sure about that.

    He smiles at her.

    TRAFFORD: Lie with me?

    She nods tentatively and they both move back on to the bed. He puts an arm around her and they lie down, her head resting on his healing chest. She closes her eyes for a moment and holds his body tight.


    The camera pans up the private room to show GABE sat on the edge of the bed. His arm is in a sling, broken and his leg has a thick heavy cast on it. His face has minor cuts and bruises and he’s placing some clothes and personal items into a duffle bag.

    He looks up as the door opens and a flustered ELISE bursts into the room. She smiles at him, apologetically.

    ELISE: (signing) Gabe, I’m so sorry!

    He smiles at her.

    GABE: (signing) Don’t worry... everything ok?

    She nods.

    ELISE: (signing) Just had some unexpected guests, no big deal.

    GABE: (signing) Sure, ok.

    ELISE: (signing) So are you all ready to go home?

    GABE: (signing) All signed off, just a shame dearest mother and father couldn’t take time off their days to help me home.

    ELISE sits next to him.

    ELISE: (signing) Well, that’s what I’m here for.

    GABE: (signing) I appreciate it and all the visits this week. I know you have a lot to do this week with the school and your friends...

    ELISE shakes his head, silencing him.

    ELISE: (signing) I wanted to do it. You risked your life for us... so come on...

    She stands up and moves to the door, pulling something inside. A wheelchair.

    GABE: (signing) Do I have to?

    ELISE: (signing) I’m in charge and I say yes... at least for a few weeks or so while your leg heals.

    GABE sighs and then nods.

    GABE: Ok...

    With this, ELISE helps GABE into the wheelchair.


    MELODY and SHELTER are sat on the seating, collaborating lesson plans. MELODY looks up when ECHIDNA approaches.

    ECHIDNA: That Petrina Rae is exasperating. She has no respect for authority.

    MELODY: You’re not her authority. She’s a Watcher, they answer to no one.

    ECHIDNA: Well, I for one will not be involved with that woman... Ursula came in once my face turned red.

    MELODY smiles, awkwardly.

    MELODY: So... uh, why are they here?

    With this, BROGAN, URSULA and PETRINA walk into the lobby and approach them.

    PETRINA: (to BROGAN and URSULA) I’m so pleased we could talk this through.

    ECHIDNA snaps her head to the three of them.

    ECHIDNA: Oh good, is she leaving?

    BROGAN: Uh no...

    PETRINA: (smiling at ECHIDNA) But thank you for your welcoming nature.

    ECHIDNA turns to SHELTER who can’t help but laugh.

    BROGAN: Petrina and Cate are here to help during their stay.

    URSULA: Yes it may take longer than we thought if we need to uncover more about the situations both here and in Manhattan.

    MELODY turns to them.

    MELODY: So how long?

    PETRINA looks to MELODY. She observes her for a second.

    PETRINA: Long enough for everyone to get acquainted, don’t worry.

    MELODY looks down on hearing this, beat. BROGAN looks at her, frowning.


    NICOLA is sat on a sun lounger in her garden reading the newspaper. She frowns as she turns the page and sees an article:

    Defence school re-opens after beach attack.

    She sighs.

    NICOLA: This will not do.

    EDWARD (O/S): What won’t?

    The camera turns to show EDWARD on a sun lounger next to her.

    NICOLA: The school opens tomorrow. This Kalipso Syndicate are truly resilient.

    EDWARD: Well, maybe there’s a way we can keep an eye on them, keep one step ahead of whatever it is they have planned.

    NICOLA looks to him, intrigued.

    NICOLA: What do you mean?

    EDWARD: Those girls are dead... that leaves two empty chairs in the classroom. I think I know two willing pupils who would be perfect to occupy their space.

    The camera rotates and shows HELEN and ARRON sat at a table in the garden with a drink in their hands, talking and laughing. Both of them blissfully unaware of their parents plans.




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      ACT TWO


      The camera focuses on the school as evening approaches and then swiftly ends, replaced by a cold relentless night.

      Morning dawns.


      The doors to the school are open and all of the Syndicate are stood welcoming back the students. CATE and PETRINA are stood slightly further away, talking and observing.

      CHERRY enters the school. BROGAN steps forward to her. He smiles.

      BROGAN: I’m glad you’re here. You ok?

      She nods.

      CHERRY: It’s weird being back... it’s like nothing happened.

      BROGAN: Trust me... things will never be like they were.

      CHERRY’S eyes now fall on CATE and PETRINA.

      CHERRY: Who are they?

      BROGAN looks to them.

      BROGAN: Wavey hair equals Trafford’s girlfriend, the uptight one is her Watcher.

      CHERRY observes CATE.

      CHERRY: She’s a Slayer? Like Melody? Do they know each other?

      BROGAN rolls his eyes.

      BROGAN: Less said about that matter the better.

      CHERRY turns to him.

      CHERRY: So, do they know Xakiel too?

      CATE and PETRINA overhear this, as does TRAFFORD.

      BROGAN: (whispering) How do you know that name?

      CHERRY: The Siren said it... in the fight. Who is Xakiel?

      BROGAN: Come with us... I’ll explain...

      He gestures to TRAFFORD, CATE and PETRINA. They all move away.

      The camera now moves to the door as NEVAN enters. He doesn’t look hurt or injured. URSULA approaches him, smiling.

      URSULA: Nevan.

      NEVAN nods to her.

      NEVAN: Hey.

      URSULA: I see those healing meditations I gave you worked a treat.

      NEVAN: They were tough, took a lot out of me... but it was worth it. How are the others?

      URSULA: Cherry’s already here and Gabe should be in tomorrow... he’s still adjusting to his wheelchair. Elise says he’s doing great though. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see you.

      NEVAN looks around.

      NEVAN: It’s strange... being back here.

      URSULA: I promise you it’s safe. We’ll make sure of that...

      Her voice trails off as her eyes are cast on two people entering the school.

      URSULA: Nevan, I’m sorry... will you excuse me?

      She moves away from him now to the two people. HELEN and ARRON PRIME.

      URSULA: Hello.

      HELEN looks to her.

      HELEN: Hey.

      ARRON: How are you doing?

      URSULA raises an eyebrow.

      URSULA: I know you two... you’re Nicola and Edward’s children, aren’t you?

      HELEN: That’s us, unfortunately.

      ARRON: We thought that with what happened to those girls... we should join, to protect ourselves.

      URSULA: Of course, I completely understand. Are your parents aware that you’re here?

      HELEN: They encouraged us. They want us to be safe and they know you can keep us safe in ways they don’t understand.

      URSULA smiles at them both.

      URSULA: Well then come into my office... we can discuss this further.

      URSULA turns and walks away to her office. HELEN and ARRON follow, sharing a look.


      MELODY is walking down one of the corridors to her classroom when she passes the meeting room. She sees BROGAN, TRAFFORD and CHERRY talking. CATE and PETRINA are inside the room too. She gulps, seeing CATE and then looks away and moves into her classroom where her students are waiting.


      CHERRY is sat with her arms folded, looking down at the table.

      BROGAN: I’m not sure what you heard... during the fight?

      She shrugs.

      CHERRY: Neither am I. Something about an affiliate to your group and something called “The United”?

      She turns to CATE and PETRINA.

      CHERRY: So when two people show up who happen to be somewhat from your neck of the woods, I thought it could be classed too easily a coincidence.

      CATE raises an eyebrow.

      CATE: She’s a feisty one.

      TRAFFORD: Certainly keeps us on our toes.

      CATE: I like her.

      PETRINA: Ea. If I could talk seriously for a moment?

      BROGAN looks to her and nods.

      PETRINA: I know you’ve wanted to keep your cause here to yourself but I strongly advise keeping perhaps one of the students in the loop would be wise...

      BROGAN looks unsure.

      CATE: Petrina, we can’t just waltz in here and offer suggestions like this. This is their call, it has nothing to do with you... or us.

      PETRINA: I understand that, but we’re all part of the same fight and this girl has already clearly seen a lot more than the other students.

      BROGAN: Enough...

      He looks to CHERRY.

      BROGAN: You really want to know?

      CHERRY: Do you think I should?

      BROGAN: I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world. But you need to realise that there is something bigger than what’s happening at Cropley Shores and that you knowing this will change everything for you.

      CHERRY looks around the room. TRAFFORD is looking down, seriously. Even CATE and PETRINA look sombre. A shiver runs through her.

      CHERRY: Ok, I’m starting to get freaked out. And coming from me that’s a big deal...

      BROGAN: Well I’d wait to hear what we have to say before committing to that feeling.


      URSULA is sat behind her desk, HELEN and ARRON are sat opposite her.

      URSULA: So, you both would like to join the classes? Is there anything in particular you felt like learning?

      HELEN: Ms. Lake... we realise we’re joining halfway through the courses that are running...

      ARRON: And we don’t want to cause any trouble so we were thinking...

      HELEN: Maybe we could take Carmen and Paulette’s places.

      ARRON: You know in their honour?

      URSULA looks down, pausing.

      URSULA: (quietly) To be honest with you, I had not given their places at this school much thought...

      She looks up.

      URSULA: Obviously this is a very delicate manner. Those girls had many friends in this school.

      HELEN: Of course. We understand.

      ARRON: We would never be disrespectful.

      URSULA nods.

      URSULA: Good. Well you have filled out all the preliminary forms. I’ll make sure one of us emails your new timetables to you this evening.

      ARRON: We really appreciate this.

      HELEN: And we promise we will work hard, in their memory.

      URSULA smiles at them both.

      URSULA: I would appreciate that, thank you.

      Both HELEN and ARRON stand now and walk toward the door. They share another look, a sly smirk passes between the siblings.


      The camera shows a wide angled shot of the room. Everyone is looking at CHERRY who is looking down in shock.

      The camera cuts to TRAFFORD who looks to BROGAN.

      TRAFFORD: She’s not saying anything. She should be saying things...

      CHERRY looks to him. She looks angry, almost tearful.

      CHERRY: I should? You drop that bombshell on me and you expect me to say what exactly?!

      BROGAN: I know it’s difficult...

      CHERRY: No, you have no idea. I mean yeah I knew there were vampires and witches and that Halloween pretty much rocks out through the whole calendar but I had no idea that we were actually coming to this school to be used in some sort of army?

      BROGAN sighs.

      BROGAN: It’s not like that Cherry. We want you all to be safe, to acquire skills that helped us fight wars.

      CHERRY: I’m not going to be used to fight your war. I don’t care about any of that.

      PETRINA: Well like it or not Miss. Li, this war is coming and everyone will be either a victim to it or fighting in it... a side needs to be picked.

      CATE touches her arm.

      CATE: Petrina, leave this to Ea...

      PETRINA: (defensively) I’m just saying...

      CHERRY stands.

      CHERRY: I think I’ve heard enough of what you all have to say...

      She begins walking away.

      CHERRY: Good luck with your war...

      She opens the door and leaves, slamming the door behind her. BROGAN, TRAFFORD, CATE and PETRINA all look around in dismay.


      CHERRY hurries down the corridor, her mind and heart racing. She bumps into someone. She looks up, it’s two people. HELEN and ARRON.

      ARRON: Whoa... you ok?

      She scowls at them.

      CHERRY: Who’s asking?

      HELEN: (upbeat) Hi! I’m Helen and this is my brother Arron, we’re new here...

      HELEN frowns, noticing CHERRY looks bothered.

      HELEN: You’re shaking...

      CHERRY notes their concern but shrugs them off her.

      CHERRY: I don’t know you...

      She begins walking away. HELEN looks to ARRON, intrigued. ARRON turns to CHERRY.

      ARRON: (calling after her) Could do if you want.

      CHERRY stops and turns to them both.

      CHERRY: What?

      ARRON: Get to know you.

      HELEN: You look like you could use someone to talk to right now.

      ARRON: And we have fake Ids?

      CHERRY looks at them both, suddenly intrigued.

      CHERRY: Alcohol?

      HELEN: Unless you have something better to do?

      CHERRY looks around at the school, almost disgusted. She looks back to them.

      CHERRY: I really don’t.

      A dark smile forms on the Prime siblings’ faces.


      The camera focuses on BROGAN who shakes his head. He turns to the others in the room.

      BROGAN: I need to go after her.

      PETRINA: Ea, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

      TRAFFORD: Yeah, I mean it’s not like she’s gonna go running to the press. She’s known about this Sirens situation for over a week now and she’s kept it to herself...

      BROGAN: But it’s risky having her out there. You know how unpredictable she can be.

      CATE scoffs.

      CATE: Just give the girl some time.

      She walks out of the room now and into the corridor, shutting the door behind her.

      BROGAN, with a confused expression, looks to TRAFFORD.

      BROGAN: Is she ok?

      TRAFFORD shrugs.

      TRAFFORD: I hardly know anymore.

      PETRINA looks at both of them and then to the door, concerned.


      CATE is leaning against the wall of the corridor, her head lowered somewhat. She breathes deeply.

      MELODY (O/S): Ok, so let’s get started with some sparring. You all have your partners.

      CATE suddenly perks her head up, hearing MELODY’S voice. She looks in its direction.

      A classroom.


      MELODY meanders her class, watching everyone spar against one another. She nods, happy with one partnership. She looks at another.

      MELODY: Oh guys, watch your shoulders. You’re dropping them before you punch, it’s a dead giveaway.

      MELODY hears a laugh behind her. She turns, annoyed.

      MELODY: Ok, who’s...

      Her voice trails off when she sees it’s coming from the doorway. From CATE.

      CATE is stood leaning against the door frame with her arms folded, unimpressed.

      CATE: Please don’t tell me you get to lecture these kids in how to fight?

      MELODY pauses for a moment as the attention of the class focuses on them both.

      MELODY: I teach them how to stay safe.

      CATE: Didn’t you always drop your shoulder? That’s why you never won.

      MELODY shrugs.

      MELODY: I beat death.

      CATE: Big deal, so did I.

      MELODY: No, you survived suicide... that’s different sweetie.

      The class begin looking awkward. CATE’S face tenses, hearing this.

      CATE: Well why don’t you tell everyone why I resorted to such a low state?

      MELODY rolls her eyes.

      MELODY: Are we really going to do this here? Play the blame card.

      CATE: (angry) There’s no point in playing anything Melody. People are dead because of the cowardice you thrived on.

      MELODY: (with resentment) Yeah? Well who dragged me into this life in the first place?!

      CATE: Well don’t worry... I’ll happily take you out of it...

      She moves forward now, approaching MELODY. The students back further away from them both.

      PETRINA (O/S): Cate!

      CATE turns around and sees BROGAN, TRAFFORD, URSULA and PETRINA all stood in the corridor, watching. They look unsure of how to react to this situation.

      PETRINA: This will not be done here. These children have experienced enough violence this past month. They’ve come here to be protected, not obstacles to a feud!

      CATE looks at her for a second and pauses. She looks around the room. The students look scared.

      CATE: Fine...

      She walks out of the classroom.

      URSULA looks at MELODY.

      URSULA: Go, sort this out. I know your lesson plan...

      MELODY nods and look to her class.

      MELODY: I’m sorry about this everyone...

      She looks down and walks out of the classroom. TRAFFORD shuts the door and URSULA turns to the classroom. A broad smile beaming on her face.

      URSULA: Right... I believe we were sparring?


      CATE is walking away from BROGAN, TRAFFORD and PETRINA when MELODY steps into the corridor and the door is closed to MELODY’S classroom.

      MELODY: (calling after her) When are we gonna do this, Cate?

      CATE stops.

      MELODY: You wanna fight? I’ll give you a fight... just name the...

      CATE turns around.

      CATE: The graveyard. We’ll do this old school.

      MELODY: Fine.

      TRAFFORD and BROGAN share a look of worry.

      MELODY: See you at midnight.

      CATE raises her eyebrows quickly and then turns, walking away.

      CATE: Can’t wait...

      MELODY turns and returns to her classroom, TRAFFORD walks after CATE almost embarrassed.

      PETRINA sighs and looks to BROGAN.

      PETRINA: And I promised Xak there would be no murder.




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        ACT THREE


        TRAFFORD is sat on his bed while CATE paces the room, pulling out weapons from a duffel bag. He sighs, exasperated.

        TRAFFORD: Cate, this is crazy!

        CATE looks at him confused.

        CATE: What is?

        TRAFFORD: You fighting Melody.

        CATE: Um, how is it?

        TRAFFORD: Because you’re acting like this is not some normal spar.

        CATE: It isn’t.

        TRAFFORD shakes his head.

        CATE: Look we all knew it would come to this sooner or later and we have too much to think about without her in the way. She’s nothing but a liability, one that’s gonna get us all killed.

        TRAFFORD: You’re wrong.

        She looks shocked.

        CATE: Am I? We all thought she was dead for a year and I don’t remember anyone mourning the loss of such an outstanding woman.

        TRAFFORD: I’m not going to sit here and make her out to be a saint but I am going to defend that she’s done nothing but good for this school since she’s been here.

        CATE: So a few months of hard graft makes up for the lives that are no longer alive because of her? I see...

        He looks to her, earnestly.

        TRAFFORD: There’s nothing I can say to convince you is there?

        CATE: I doubt it.

        TRAFFORD: Can I say anything to convince you to talk to me?

        CATE: What?

        TRAFFORD: You’re not yourself. You’re like two people. One moment you’re perfectly content and the next you’re homicidal.

        CATE: In case you haven’t noticed, Melody Harp brings out the worst in me.

        TRAFFORD: I’m not talking about Melody, I’m talking about us...

        She looks to him.

        TRAFFORD: Ever since I moved here things haven’t been the same I was prepared for that and I know you have about a million things on your mind...

        CATE: Trafford we’re fighting a war here, what do you want from me? I’m doing the best I can.

        TRAFFORD: (softly) I get that. But sometimes, it’s like I don’t even matter.

        She walks towards him and kneels in front of him.

        CATE: Of course you matter...

        He swallows, his throat dry.

        TRAFFORD: How is it then that I feel like I don’t?

        She goes to answer but she doesn’t.


        MELODY is painting her nails, sat on her bed. PETRINA is stood in front of her and then begins pacing the room, agitated.

        PETRINA: I have no idea how you’re painting your nails; mine are down to the cuticle.

        MELODY shrugs.

        MELODY: Cate needs to get her frustration out... I owe her that much.

        PETRINA: Melody, she’ll kill you.

        MELODY: Maybe I deserve it.

        PETRINA shakes her head.

        PETRINA: You shouldn’t talk like that. You have a good life here.

        MELODY nods.

        MELODY: Oh I know... but just because I’ve been a bit selfless for a few months doesn’t mean everything I did before that just dissolves. Toole is dead because of me.

        PETRINA: And that’s tragic but look at Lance, look at Sin. They’ve changed their lives around and are making a difference the best they can. If they can, you could too...

        MELODY: Cate doesn’t have the history with them that she does with me. We’ve been through hell and back since kids and a lot of it is because of me.

        PETRINA sighs.

        PETRINA: You’re a very foolish girl.

        MELODY: Look, don’t worry. I know you’re probably here to recruit me. If I survive this fight, I’ll be your Slayer.

        PETRINA: Are you just saying that because you think you won’t survive?

        MELODY: Or I just really want you to be my Watcher?

        PETRINA: Well I highly doubt that.

        She notes the watch on her arm.

        PETRINA: Look I must go, the school is closing and I promised Ursula I would tell her all I know from Manhattan.

        She walks towards the door and then she turns back to MELODY.

        PETRINA: But please be careful. Don’t commit suicide just to please an angry woman. You can do good here Melody. I sense it.

        She smiles and then leaves. MELODY’S eyes linger on the door for a moment, considering PETRINA’S words. She sighs and continues painting her nails.

        BROGAN (O/S): Are you really gonna do this?

        She looks up and sees BROGAN standing in the doorway. Her expression hardens.

        MELODY: What do you care?

        BROGAN steps in the room now and closes the door behind him.

        BROGAN: Is this about the kiss?

        MELODY: No Brogan, your lips are not that good. But you’re inability to talk or look at me because of that kiss is causing some hostility between the two of us, yes.

        BROGAN: What do you want me to do, Melody?

        MELODY: Show me some recognition, that would be a start.

        BROGAN: I don’t know how to do this.

        MELODY: Well clearly you want it kept from the others, which is fine by me... but if you don’t want them to know then completely avoiding me is a sure fire way to make them suspicious.

        He looks at her, pleading with his eyes.

        BROGAN: (quietly) Don’t fight tonight.

        MELODY stands and pushes him out of the room.

        MELODY: Goodbye Ea.

        She closes the door.


        The song begins and she turns her back on the door. She breathes heavily, her eyes glassy. She moves away from it, distancing herself. She opens her wardrobe. She kneels down and looks at her weapons case. She pauses and then stands, sifting through her many outfits.

        If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
        Well I guess I'll make my own way
        It's the circle, I mean cycle
        I can't excite you anymore...


        TRAFFORD has left the room now. CATE is left alone. She pulls on a pair of knee high boots and places a knife into the leg of them. She zips them up and takes a deep breath, standing up and moving off screen.

        Where's your gavel? Your jury?
        What's my offense this time?
        You're not a judge, but if you're gonna judge me,
        Well sentence me to another life...


        MELODY pulls on a black jumper. She eyes herself in the mirror and then holds her hair up and then releases it. She repeats the motion and decides to leave her hair down. She moves off of screen.

        Don't wanna hear your sad songs
        I don't wanna feel your pain
        When you swear it's all my fault
        'Cause you know we're not the same (No!)
        We're not the same (No!)
        Oh we're not the same...


        CATE is tying her hair tightly into a ponytail. She too is wearing a black top. She looks at herself in the mirror and sighs deeply. She looks around the room, noting its emptiness. She reaches out for her jacket. She moves towards the door and then leaves the room.

        Yeah, the friends who stuck together
        We wrote our names in blood
        But I guess you can't accept that the change is good (Hey!)
        It's good (Hey!)
        It's good...


        MELODY is applying dark red lipstick. She puckers her lips and then rubs them together, evening out the application. She moves towards her window and opens it. She takes one last look at her room and then jumps out of the window.

        Well you treat me just like another stranger
        Well it's nice to meet you sir
        I guess I'll go
        I best be on my way out...


        The camera shows a high angled shot of the graveyard as two women approach one another from opposite sides. Seeing one another they stop and note one another’s presences.


        It was time.

        You treat me just like another stranger
        Well it's nice to meet you sir
        I guess I'll go
        I best be on my way out...

        The song ends quickly.


        An empty bottle of beer slams down on a table in a booth. The camera pulls back to show an intoxicated CHERRY sat in front of it.

        CHERRY: You know America has it all wrong...

        The camera rotates to show HELEN and ARRON, with glasses of water in front of them.

        CHERRY (O/S): Underage drinking should be legalised.

        HELEN raises an eyebrow.

        HELEN: Why is that exactly?

        CHERRY: Life’s too freakin’ short. Look at Carmen and Paulette. Everyone deserves to get trashed once in their life.

        ARRON: I’m sure they had their fun.

        CHERRY scoffs.

        CHERRY: Not enough of it. Well I’m not gonna be like them, or my parents...

        HELEN and ARRON share a look.

        CHERRY: I don’t care about what’s coming... my life is my own. I’m nobody’s pawn...

        HELEN: What happened with your parents?

        CHERRY: Damn vamps... took ‘em.

        She shakes her head, drunken and tearful.

        CHERRY: They died and we had only just started our lives together...

        She looks at them both.

        CHERRY: So tell me please why the hell you think it’s a good idea to go to that school? Death comes anyway... there’s no point in trying to fight that... Just enjoy the ride. I mean am I right?

        She pauses, almost anticipating a response.

        CHERRY: Because I sure as hell can’t see a point in going to that school every day.

        She moves away from the booth now and moves towards the bar.

        CHERRY (O/S): (shouting at the barman) Hey! Another beer!

        HELEN looks to ARRON.

        ARRON: I think we just found our reason for attending.

        HELEN looks at him curiously.


        BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA, URSULA and PETRINA are all sat on the seating arrangement in the lobby.

        TRAFFORD shakes his head.

        TRAFFORD: We should have stopped her.

        ECHIDNA: Which one?

        TRAFFORD: Cate. We have enough muscle to hold her back... this is wrong.

        BROGAN: Melody says they need to do this.

        URSULA: Both of them need to reconcile their differences. This may be the only method that allows them both to express their feelings freely – they are both Slayers after all.

        TRAFFORD: You didn’t see her earlier Ursula, she’s going to kill Melody.

        ELISE lip reads her brother. She looks concerned. She taps him on the shoulder.

        ELISE: (signing) She won’t. Cate’s not a killer... she would never do that.

        TRAFFORD looks at his sister, SHELTER nodding in agreement.

        SHELTER: (signing) She may be angry, but she knows what is right and wrong.

        TRAFFORD smiles at their reassurances.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) I hope you’re right... both of you.

        BROGAN looks to PETRINA.

        BROGAN: You should have stopped her.

        PETRINA looks at him.

        PETRINA: Trust me Ea Brogan, Cate is not an easy woman to stop when she sets her mind to something.

        BROGAN: You’re her Watcher. Is that why you came? To watch her kill another human?

        PETRINA: I came here because you needed our help and we needed yours. I brought Cate with me because I believe that both those Slayers could be a formidable force once their differences have been resolved.

        ECHIDNA: (to PETRINA) Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t both of them entangled in a prophecy that decrees only one will survive?

        PETRINA blushes, embarrassed.

        PETRINA: Perhaps, but not all prophecies are indeed true.

        ECHIDNA: But you are still willing to take that chance?

        PETRINA: I have faith that Cate will do the right thing. So yes, I’m going to allow my Slayer to vent. Lord knows she deserves it after everything she’s been through...

        ECHIDNA purses her lips frustrated.

        PETRINA: Now I’m going to make some tea, would anyone care to help?

        SHELTER scoffs, annoyed. She turns to ELISE and hands her ten dollars. ECHIDNA laughs. PETRINA looks at them confused.

        PETRINA: What?

        ECHIDNA: Elise made a bet with Shelter you’d mention tea before the day was done.

        PETRINA sighs.

        PETRINA: A British joke, how very juvenile.

        She moves off screen now.

        TRAFFORD turns to BROGAN.

        TRAFFORD: Do you think Petrina’s right... do you think all this will be is a few punches and then bed time?

        BROGAN: I honestly don’t know. She’s your girlfriend, shouldn’t you know?

        TRAFFORD nods and looks down.

        TRAFFORD: (quietly) You’re right... I should.


        The song begins.


        The song continues into the next scene as it shows a calm scene in the graveyard. The wind gentle caresses the tombstones and crypts while the dark green grass flows in the wind.

        Sometimes they'll want to cut you down
        Betta scratch that itch cos the time is now
        They tell you that you gotta have a heart of steel
        If you want to keep up can you afford to feel?

        Suddenly, MELODY is thrown across the screen, slamming into a tombstone and breaking it. Her lip is cut. She rolls to her feet and stands. She circles her opponent, CATE.

        CATE smirks, she too has some cuts on her face. A knife in her hand.

        CATE: Shoulda brought a weapon.

        MELODY: It’s me you wanna fight so just fight...

        CATE: Fine...

        She throws her knife to the floor and the girls charge at one another.

        When the system's wrong you gotta tear it down let it fall to the sea bed like a rusty crown
        To the stars in the moonbeams glare
        Shackles on your feet gonna disappear...

        CATE spins and kicks MELODY in the stomach, MELODY tenses her muscles, not showing the impact. She grabs CATE’S leg and throw her into the tomb wall. CATE quickly recovers and dodges a punch from MELODY, forcing MELODY’S hand to drive into the tomb wall.

        MELODY’S eyes widen as she notices she is stuck. CATE grabs MELODY’S head and slams it into the tomb wall. She recoils in pain and then with all her might pulls her hand out of the wall, bringing with it some rubble.

        She turns, throwing the rubble at CATE, causing her to become disoriented. MELODY pushes her to the floor, and jumps on top of her.

        What if I tried to tell you to do what for?
        Can't you see baby life's knocking right at your door
        She said, ‘Ooh I just don't know for sure’
        What if I tried to tell you to do what for?...

        MELODY pins her to the floor further, CATE looks angry.

        MELODY: I don’t want you to forgive me... I just want you to know I’m sorry.

        CATE: I’m sick of you apologising.

        MELODY: So am I... but I am sorry.

        CATE: Not as much as you’re gonna be.

        CATE knees her in the groin and then pushes her off of her. CATE rolls away.

        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up...

        MELODY looks at her, desperately.

        MELODY: Fine... Just end this...

        CATE glares at her and then both Slayers launch themselves at one another, trading punches and kicks. One of MELODY’S rings catches CATE’S forehead and MELODY feels a rib crack from one of CATE’S kicks.

        She's got a talented face and a suitcase
        Ain't got no desire to go no place
        In her case she's got no desire with her hand in the flame say's she don't feel the fire...

        MELODY, grabbing her side in pain headbutts CATE away from her. She turns and begins moving away from her to regain ground but CATE does not let her.

        CATE drops to the floor and knocks MELODY’S balance off with one low kick. MELODY falls to the floor.

        To the 'yes' in the evenings air demons in your head got to disappear
        To the stars under the moon means glare
        The shackles on your meat will disappear...

        MELODY kicks her away and crawls to her feet once more, CATE also jumps up but MELODY grabs CATE by the hair and spins her into a tree, pinning her there. CATE reaches out and pulls a branch effortlessly from the tree and hits MELODY sharply over the head with it, causing her head to bleed.

        MELODY falls to the floor.

        MELODY: Are you really going to kill me?

        CATE doesn’t reply. She continues to glare at MELODY, stern.

        MELODY: I’m not fighting anymore...

        What if I tried to tell you to do what for?
        Can't you see baby life's knocking right at your door
        She said, ‘Oooh I just don't know for sure’
        What if I tried to tell you to do what for?...

        She stands, heavily injured and begins limping away.

        MELODY: If you want to kill me, you’ll have to do it without me fighting back...

        CATE watches her walk away, breathing heavily. Her breaths become quicker and shorter.

        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up
        Don't give up don't give up...

        She then lunges at MELODY, knocking her again to the ground. MELODY turns around in shock. Their eyes meet as CATE’S hands grip MELODY’S throat tightly.

        MELODY begins to choke as CATE’S grip intensifies. CATE stares angrily, tears falling from her.

        What if I tried to tell you to do what for?
        Can't you see baby life's knocking right at your door
        Don’t tell me, ‘Ooh I just don't know for sure’...

        MELODY: (choking) Cate... please...

        CATE does not relinquish her grip. MELODY’S life begins to fade.

        CUT TO BLACK

        What if I tried to tell you to don’t give up...



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          ACT FOUR



          The wind that was disturbed now regains its authority as the dominant sound in the graveyard.

          The camera passes along the ground, over the dark green blades and lands on someone. A woman. She is sat, leaning against a gravestone. She looks sombre, oblivious to the drips of her own blood cascading down her face and on to her clothes.


          She looks down and sniffs, holding back further tears.

          CATE: I’m sorry.

          The camera rotates to show MELODY.

          She is alive.

          She is sat leaning against another gravestone opposite her a few yards away. Her throat is red.

          MELODY: (hoarse) You have nothing to apologise for.

          CATE laughs.

          CATE: Who are we kidding. I’m a big bitch.

          MELODY laughs.

          MELODY: You’re not a big bitch. Obviously training with Petrina’s toned you up some more... you’re a toned bitch.

          CATE: Either way... the bitch part stays.

          She looks down, the camera moving closer to her.

          CATE: You’re the last person I can possibly be angry with about Toole’s death. Lance, Dante, Christian, Leigh, Sin... everyone’s bore the brunt of my grief and you’re the last.

          MELODY is silent, she just listens.

          CATE: You were my best friend Mel... and you betrayed me.

          MELODY’S eyes well.

          MELODY: (quietly) I know...

          CATE: You coulda been honest. If you’d told me the truth I could have helped...

          MELODY: Oh don’t worry I think I’ve been through every possible “what if” scenario. It’s not a secret that I could have handled the situation a lot better...

          CATE: I bet you have. You know I’d deny it if you ever told anyone I said this but... you’re a good person.

          MELODY looks at her confused.

          CATE: You were willing to die for me just now.

          MELODY: I deserve it.

          CATE shakes her head.

          CATE: No Melody, no you don’t. It would be easy to blame you for everything but the truth is that we’re all being played. Much bigger forces were to blame for what tore our lives apart two years ago.

          CATE stands now and walks towards her.

          CATE: And we’re gonna make them pay together.

          She holds out a hand to MELODY.

          CATE: I’m so sorry Melody... for everything you’ve been through.

          MELODY: I’m sorry too.

          MELODY grabs her hand and CATE pulls her to her feet. CATE smiles at her as MELODY wipes a stray tear from CATE’S eye.

          MELODY: Let’s go home...

          CATE nods and they walk away together, towards the exit as the camera pulls back.

          CATE: Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?

          MELODY: Don’t give yourself too much credit, you’re not that strong...

          CATE laughs.

          CATE: Shut up.

          MELODY: Oh and I totally had a move to get out of your death grip.

          CATE: Pfft, yeah right.

          CUT TO – BLUE ACRES

          EDWARD and NICOLA are lying on the sofa together, watching a movie. They seem absorbed in it but when the door opens and their children enter, they turn.

          EDWARD: You kids are an hour over curfew.

          ARRON: We had to take a student home... she was too drunk.

          NICOLA sits up, concerned.

          NICOLA: The school permit drinking?!

          HELEN scoffs and rolls her eyes.

          HELEN: No, mother...

          Both of the siblings eye one another.

          HELEN: We found an ailing heart.

          EDWARD: What do you mean?

          ARRON: Cherry Li. Her parents were killed by vampires when she was a kid.

          HELEN: Looks like it’s weighing on her mind so much that she’d be willing to die for revenge.

          NICOLA and EDWARD share a look.

          NICOLA: Hm, this could be interesting.

          EDWARD: With the school pre-occupied with the Sirens, the last thing they’ll expect is a fox in their perfect little hen house.

          NICOLA smiles proudly at her children.

          NICOLA: You two have performed brilliantly.

          HELEN and ARRON smile at one another.

          NICOLA: Befriend this orphan, we’ll give her revenge... but in return, she’ll have to give us something too.


          The camera focuses on PETRINA who is sat on the sofas in the lobby. Everyone else is sat around her, quietly staring at the floor. PETRINA is sipping on her tea. She finishes it and places it with the other empty mugs on the table. She sighs, satisfied.

          PETRINA: Would anyone like some more?

          BROGAN and TRAFFORD simultaneously sigh and stand.

          BROGAN: That’s it...

          TRAFFORD: We can’t just sit here and wait for a corpse to show up, this is ridiculous.

          They turn and move towards the front entrance but stop immediately.

          Bloody and beaten, MELODY and CATE stand in the lobby.

          BROGAN and TRAFFORD look at them horrified.

          TRAFFORD: (quietly) Oh my god...

          He hurries to CATE and inspects her wounds.

          TRAFFORD: Are you ok?

          CATE nods, smiling.

          CATE: I’m fine...

          She looks to MELODY who looks at her.

          CATE: (softly) We’re both fine.

          The others in the room stand now and move towards them both.

          URSULA: Is this over now?

          CATE considers this.

          CATE: What;s happened has happened... nothing can change that now. But we an amazing chance to change things forever.

          MELODY: Yeah, what she said.

          CATE laughs.

          PETRINA: Well this has been an eventful night.

          ECHIDNA: Yes, I think the best thing we should do now is sleep...

          URSULA: Agreed, come on everyone.

          CATE nods.

          CATE: I could certainly use some sleep.

          TRAFFORD puts an arm around her and they both move away. ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and URSULA follow behind. MELODY lingers for a moment and looks at them all as they leave. BROGAN watches her.

          She then moves, limping slightly to the kitchen.


          MELODY is stood in the corner of the room. She tentatively pulls out a first aid kit.

          BROGAN (O/S): You should get Trafford to look at you.

          MELODY doesn’t turn around.

          MELODY: I’m pretty sure he’s got his hands full tonight.

          BROGAN moves on screen now and walks towards her.

          BROGAN: Let me help then.

          He takes the first aid kit from her. She looks down, meek.

          MELODY: You really don’t have to.

          BROGAN: I want to.

          MELODY nods.

          MELODY: Ok.

          He begins tending to her wounds.

          BROGAN: You really took a beating.

          She shrugs.

          MELODY: I’m a Slayer, I’ll heal quick.

          BROGAN: You didn’t have to do that you know. You didn’t have to fight.

          MELODY: I really did, Ea.

          She looks to him.

          MELODY: I needed to pay for what I did and I was lucky she showed me mercy.

          BROGAN: You call this mercy?

          MELODY: Yeah I do.

          He shakes his head, disagreeing.

          MELODY: I’m not saying it was easy and I don’t expect you to understand but tonight had to happen.

          BROGAN: I was worried about you.

          MELODY: Tending to my wounds is all you need to do right now, I don’t need a morale boost...

          BROGAN: I know. I just want you to know...

          He touches her face.

          BROGAN: I know I’ve been an ass this last week but I’m not good with caring for new people. I didn’t think I would be able to do that again...

          A tear falls down MELODY’S cheek, stopping at one of her cuts near her lip.

          MELODY: Are you going to kiss me?

          The camera moves towards BROGAN but as it gets closer it moves past him, out of the kitchen and into the lobby.


          The lobby is empty as the camera moves to the corner it adopted in the Teaser. It lingers for a moment before rotating.

          On its first rotation it shows MELODY leaving the kitchen, moving towards her bedroom.

          On the second rotation it shows BROGAN leaving the kitchen, moving towards his bedroom.

          On the third rotation it shows nothing.

          On the fourth, morning has dawned.

          The lobby is full of the students. Present are NEVAN, ARRON and HELEN. GABE is at the front in a wheelchair. CHERRY is also in the crowd, lurking at the back, nursing a hangover.

          Stood in front of them is the Syndicate: BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and URSULA. To the side are CATE and PETRINA. Both MELODY and CATE look healed, courtesy of TRAFFORD.

          BROGAN looks at the students.

          BROGAN: Thank you for coming early to hear what we have to say. I had meant to say something to you all yesterday but I’m saying it now.

          He clears his throat.

          BROGAN: What happened to Carmen and Paulette the other week is a tragedy that we will never forget. They died because there are dark forces at work here in Cropley Shores.

          HELEN and ARRON share a look.

          BROGAN: But we’ve recently come upon new information. Some allies of ours...

          He gestures at CATE and PETRINA.

          BROGAN: Have come all the way from New York and have supplied us with some intel that we are working on day and night to make sense of.

          He smiles at them all.

          BROGAN: With this information we can prepare you all better, we can make you stronger and wiser. You will never be victims and we are gonna make sure that whatever it is that caused that attack... will pay for taking those girls’ lives.

          The camera cuts to CHERRY who looks pained to hear this.

          BROGAN: We’ve all got updated lesson plans and you’ll receive more advanced projects to work on. This morning’s lessons will start in half an hour.

          He nods at them all.

          BROGAN: Be safe...

          With this the students begin talking to one another.

          The camera focuses on ECHIDNA who swiftly moves away from the lobby, hurrying down one of the corridors.

          CUT TO –

          CHERRY sighs and moves to one of the sofas, grabbing a bottle of water that is placed on the table. She drinks from it.

          HELEN (O/S): Nursing some wounds?

          CHERRY looks around to see HELEN and ARRON approaching her with warm smiles.

          CHERRY: I feel like death.

          ARRON laughs.

          ARRON: You did drink a lot of beer.

          CHERRY looks embarrassed. HELEN and ARRON both sit either side of her.

          CHERRY: Yeah, about that...

          She looks at them.

          CHERRY: I’m pretty sure I accidentally told you guys some stuff last night.

          HELEN smiles, understanding.

          HELEN: Kinda, yeah...

          CHERRY: I know you guys don’t know me but that stuff is very personal to me.

          She hesitates.

          CHERRY: I’d really appreciate it if you kept that stuff to yourselves?

          ARRON nods.

          ARRON: Of course.

          HELEN touches CHERRY’S hand.

          HELEN: We’re friends, we understand.

          CHERRY nods and breathes a sigh of relief.

          CHERRY: Thank you...

          HELEN and ARRON look at one another again, dark smiles circulate between them.


          The camera focuses on the doorway. ECHIDNA appears in the frame, she smiles awkwardly and knocks on the doorframe.

          ECHIDNA: Hi...

          PAN (O/S): (weakly) Hi...

          The camera rotates and shows PAN in bed. He is only wearing pyjama bottoms as he lays on his bed. His stomach bound in thick bandages. He looks pale and extremely weak.

          ECHIDNA moves closer to him.

          ECHIDNA: You missed the big speech.

          PAN smiles.

          PAN: Did Ea shine?

          ECHIDNA: He’s turning out to be a good leader I have to admit.

          She pauses.

          ECHIDNA: Cate and Petrina are leaving soon. It’s a shame you missed them.

          PAN: I’ll catch them next time.

          ECHIDNA: I’m sure they’d like that. Mind you, that Petrina Rae is actually a rather unruly woman.

          PAN: You just hate her because she rivals you in the wisdom department.

          ECHIDNA punches his leg.

          ECHIDNA: Don’t insult me.

          PAN laughs.

          PAN: Ow, injured man here.

          ECHIDNA: I wish you’d just let me or Trafford heal you.

          PAN suddenly looks more serious. He shakes his head.

          PAN: I don’t want you to. I’m mortal now... it’s the way it should be.

          ECHIDNA nods, looking down.

          ECHIDNA: Ok...

          PAN: I’ll be fine. I promise.

          She smiles weakly. There is a pause and PAN observes her.

          PAN: Sit with me for a while?

          ECHIDNA: I have half an hour until lessons. I’d love to.

          The camera pulls back and out of the room.


          CHERRY is now walking slowly across the lobby, making her way to her morning lesson when CATE approaches her. In the background PETRINA is saying her farewells to the Syndicate – all of whom are present minus ECHIDNA and PAN.

          CATE: Cherry?

          CHERRY turns to look at CATE.

          CATE: I’m Cate, I didn’t introduce myself yesterday.

          CHERRY: You’re Trafford’s girlfriend, a Slayer?

          CATE nods.

          CATE: I was like you once. I remember when I found out about this war and what had to be done to win. Sacrifices have to be made, like those poor girls.

          CHERRY: They shouldn’t have died.

          CATE: No, they shouldn’t have. But they died for a reason. Their deaths have touched these people who are running this school so deeply. They want to help you all even more now.

          CHERRY: No, they wanna use us to win a war.

          CATE: Just remember this.

          CHERRY listens.

          CATE: They’re fighting a war because they have no choice. They care for you because they want to.

          The camera shows HELEN and ARRON walking into the lobby. They see CHERRY and CATE talking.

          CHERRY sighs.

          CHERRY: I’m sure once this bitch of a hangover’s worn off that what you just said actually will make a lot of sense.

          CATE laughs.

          CATE: I hope it does. Trust them. They’d die for you.

          She touches CHERRY’S arm and then walks towards the Syndicate. CHERRY watches her walk away, breathing softly. An indifferent smile forms on her face. She walks away.

          CUT TO –

          PETRINA: We’ll be in touch.

          She smiles at them all.

          PETRINA: If I hear anything from the Watcher’s Council on anything concerning you all, I will be sure to tell you. And Melody?

          MELODY looks to her.

          PETRINA: You’re my Slayer now... good luck.

          MELODY smiles at her, as does URSULA.

          URSULA: Thank you Petrina, It was wonderful to finally meet you.

          PETRINA: Ditto. I just hope next time that it’s not as eventful as this one.

          CATE (O/S): Well you’ve jinxed it now.

          They all turn to CATE who rejoins them. PETRINA rolls her eyes.

          PETRINA: Being well versed on jinxes I can assure that was not one.

          CATE: Yeah, well... we’ll see.

          She looks at them all.

          CATE: I really miss you guys.

          BROGAN: We miss you too, Cate.

          URSULA: Please give our love to Xak and the others.

          CATE: You can bet on it.

          She hugs them all tightly, minus MELODY and TRAFFORD, and then turns to PETRINA.

          CATE: Uh, I’ll meet you at the car, ok?

          PETRINA nods.

          PETRINA: Of course. Once again, lovely to meet you all.

          She turns to ELISE.

          PETRINA: (signing) By the way, your signing is exquisite.

          She winks at her. ELISE laughs. Smiling at them all, PETRINA departs from the lobby and the building.

          The Syndicate depart from the scene now, apart from MELODY and TRAFFORD, all making their way to their lessons.

          CATE turns to MELODY.

          CATE: So.

          MELODY: So.

          CATE: How about we make a promise.

          MELODY: What do you mean?

          CATE: One day, we’ll find Marie Kaloff and we’ll deal with prophecy bull once and for all.

          MELODY smiles at her and nods.

          MELODY: That sounds like a plan.

          CATE nods.

          CATE: Take care of yourself.

          MELODY: You too.

          CATE smiles at her and then she leaves. She heads towards the door, opening it and leaving. The camera moves to TRAFFORD who watches her leaving, confused.


          The song begins.

          And after the storm...


          CATE is walking down the path towards PETRINA who is stood at the car by the road.

          TRAFFORD (O/S): Hey!

          CATE stops and she turns around, seeing TRAFFORD. He approaches her.

          I run and run as the rains come
          And I look up, I look up
          on my knees and out of luck
          I look up...

          TRAFFORD: What? No goodbyes?

          CATE looks down, awkwardly.

          TRAFFORD: The girl you beat half to death gets a promise and I don’t even get a goodbye.

          CATE looks up at him.

          CATE: I didn’t know how to say it... so I thought it would be best not to say it at all.

          Night has always pushed up day
          You must know life to see decay
          But I won't rot, I won't rot
          Not this mind and not this heart
          I won't rot...

          TRAFFORD nods, clearly hurt.

          CATE: I’m sorry. I know this hasn’t been the reunion that you hoped for.

          TRAFFORD: I’d say that was pretty accurate.

          CATE: I’m sorry.

          TRAFFORD: You keep apologising but I’m not too sure why you have to.

          CATE doesn’t respond.

          TRAFFORD: I don’t why you’re being like this. This shouldn’t be a sad awkward time for us – we should want to relish and adore every second we have together.

          CATE: I know we should... but I don’t.

          TRAFFORD’S face drops.

          TRAFFORD: I don’t understand...

          And I took you by the hand
          And we stood tall
          And remembered our own land
          What we lived for...

          CATE: I just don’t feel like this is going to work. I want it to but it’s not.

          TRAFFORD looks thrown, unsure of what to say.

          TRAFFORD: (wavering) Well... we can make more of an effort... I-I can fly to New York, we can meet halfway. We can even do this Skype thing that Shelter showed me... we can make this work.

          CATE’S eyes begin to well with tears.

          CATE: I don’t know Trafford, maybe it’s not the right time or maybe this just wasn’t supposed to be...

          TRAFFORD’S lip quivers.

          And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears
          And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears
          Get over your hill and see what you find there
          With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair...

          TRAFFORD: Cate, please...

          CATE touches his arm, shaking her head.

          CATE: Trafford...

          She reaches up to his face, placing a hand on his stubbled cheek.

          CATE: You will always be the guy that healed me and I will never forget that. But we live different lives and who knows... one day...

          TRAFFORD nods, tears falling silently out of his eyes.

          TRAFFORD: But not today?

          She shakes her head.

          And now I cling to what I knew
          I saw exactly what was true
          But oh no more
          That's why I hold
          That's why I hold with all I have
          That's why I hold...

          CATE: I’m sorry. I am so so sorry...

          She kisses him on the cheek and then turns, walking away.

          TRAFFORD wraps his arms around himself as he watches her leave.

          The camera then moves to CATE who breathes deeply. She wipes the tears from her face and walks towards the car. PETRINA meets her with a frown.

          PETRINA: (worried) Cate?

          CATE holds up a hand to stop her.

          I will die alone and be left there
          Well I guess I'll just go home
          Oh God knows where
          Because death is just so full and mine so small
          Well I'm scared of what's behind and what's before...

          CATE: Please, just drive...

          PETRINA nods. They both enter the car, closing the doors behind them. PETRINA starts the car and CATE watches TRAFFORD as he remains rooted to the spot.

          The car drives away and the camera pulls back above the school. It rotates.

          And there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears
          And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears...

          On the first rotation the car is gone.

          On the second, TRAFFORD is gone.

          Get over your hill and see what you find there
          With grace in your heart...

          On the third, nothing.

          CUT TO BLACK

          And flowers in your hair...

          END OF EPISODE


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          Extremely Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:


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            If you would like to give me feedback on Sirens, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and I always comment on the feedback! Thanks in advance!


            - This episode was the 60th episode I have written in total and it was the first crossover episode for Shadow Stalker and Sirens and in many respects it was a happy episode for reconciling Cate and Melody but it also served as a goodbye for Cate and Trafford. Thoughts?

            - Up until now Nicola and Edward have been the dominant members of the Prime family but the kids are stepping up now and they’re wrapping Cherry around their little finger. What do Helen and Arron have planned?

            - I used quite a few songs in this episode, my favourite being the final one by Mumford and Sons – an upcoming band in the UK. They’re from the same UK Folk scene as Laura Marling, who I have used before in 4.01 when Petrina returns to the series and the Syndicate leave. I also saw Laura Marling play live recently and Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of Mumford and Sons, played guitar for her. A truly random fact.

            - I do not hate Alex, he is still the Editor of both my series; but I needed this episode released quickly so I had to do a quick edit myself, (apologies if I have missed anything!) The reason I am leaving the country is that I am taking part in a HUGE competition with MTV. I am one of the lucky 100 people to be chosen to attend the 2009 Sony Ericsson FanWalk from Hamburg to Berlin to attend the 2009 MTV EMAs. I fly tomorrow and the walk starts on Tuesday – I’ll be walking 300km in 10 days and if you want to keep track of what I’m doing you can do via the daily webisodes on the FanWalk website (just Google it). Also one of the FanWalkers gets the lucky opportunity to present an award at the EMAs so your resident writer may indeed be on tv! Tune in to check it out!

            - The next episode of Sirens is “1.07 – Family Tree”. It is a Shelter centric episode and will deal primarily with her doomed prophetic life. Her mother will also make an appearance and although I haven’t fully planned the episode yet, I’m thinking of including some flashbacks of her early life leading up to her integration into the group. It’s gonna be a fun episode as up until now Shelter Elm has been lurking in the background somewhat.

            - But first, (once I return from Germany) I will be writing Shadow Stalker’s latest episode – “4.07 – A Long Time Coming”. It really is going to be a groundbreaking episode that will change everything you know about the series and will change the way you perceive a certain character forever. Enjoy.