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Shadow Stalker - 4.06 - Never Ordinary

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.06 - Never Ordinary

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.06 – Never Ordinary
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series “Sirens”. Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The sound of breathing can be heard.

    SIN (V/O): Can you imagine what it must have been like?


    SIN is on the roof of the ruined Sunnydale High. She clutches her chest in pain as her humanity is forced back into her by DANTE. XAK watches and so does DANTE.

    SIN (V/O): There are few beings that know what it feels like...

    She breathes heavily, wanting to cry as every person whose life she ended flashes before her eyes. For a brief moment they are all stood around her, watching her with judging eyes.

    SIN (V/O): Humanity is worse than dying. I died a thousand times in those few seconds, just remembering what I did to this world.


    She scrunches her eyes and then the pain stops. She opens her eyes, panting. Her eyes search the ground of the roof, her lip quivering.

    SIN (V/O): I was just a small girl... and now look at me. Nothing.


    SIN walks out on to the streets of the ruined town, her father and her saviour behind her. She looks down as the Coma fade away and ECHIDNA’S beasts retreat. She avoids the surprised looks of the Syndicate and her family as they watch her walk towards them, silently.

    SIN (V/O): Every step and every breath didn’t make sense to me. Every stare and every judgement collaborated to make my new world. I had to make sense of that. I had to be human.


    The door to the Lobby in the old Syndicate base opens by XAK. He has his arm around his meek daughter, ushering her slowly and delicately into the building. She looks around at the structure, amazed.

    SIN (V/O): I recognised nothing but everything had been seen and experienced with my body and mind. I was just an effigy of my former self.


    SIN is stood on the sidewalk, staring at the building. Boxes line the street, waiting to be taken into the apartment. Her father, mother and their friends all carrying them in one by one. She embraces herself, rubbing her arms softly.

    SIN (V/O): And as the months changed, as the sun faded and grew and as the days ended and begun... I started to make sense of why I was here. It was my time...


    SIN is sat in her room now. She is in her clothes from the night she went out with DECLAN and LAREE. It is the morning after...

    SIN (V/O): It was not my time to repent. It was my time to be ordinary.

    She sits on her bed and looks down. Her clothes, her room, her life was nothing short of ordinary.

    CATE (O/S): What?!


    The camera shows XAK stood in front of CATE, DANTE and STEPHANIE. CHARLIE is stood behind him, leaning against the wall and STEPHANIE is knitting nearby in a rocking chair. She looks content.

    XAK: She’s at college.

    DANTE: And we’re talking freshman, keggers and sorority row college right?

    PETRINA: Well not quite. Stern College is a respectable business school and an important part of NYU. Some of the strongest business minds are created there.

    CATE looks to her.

    CATE: You knew?

    STEPHANIE: (laughing) Of course she did, look at how guilty she looks!

    PETRINA sighs.

    PETRINA: I helped instigate the venture, yes.

    CHARLIE shakes her head.

    CHARLIE: Why?

    PETRINA: Because that girl has done nothing wrong. Her body may have been an instrument of evil but the Sin you have been living here with is not the being that you fought last year. She deserves a life, a second chance...

    XAK: That’s my point. Sin is human. She is not a murderer...

    CATE: She looks an awful lot like one.

    DANTE: I’m gonna side with the defence on this one, but I can’t help but be concerned.

    XAK: Why?

    DANTE: We still don’t know what she’s capable of, Xak and she’s putting herself out there with the public, making friends and drinking...

    XAK and PETRINA share a look.

    DANTE: I mean I get that she deserves a life... but considering everything I’ve done and everything that I’ve been through... I can’t help but wonder.

    There is a pause. XAK looks to CHARLIE for input.

    CHARLIE: What? You know my thoughts on this. She introduced us as her siblings, Xak – she can never be fully truthful with these guys. They’re never gonna know her like we know each other. She’s just going to live a lie.

    PETRINA: I think she finds comfort in that fact.

    CATE: But can we? She’s put us through so much before and with everything that’s going on...

    XAK: I understand that you all have apprehensions. If I’m being perfectly honest I’m not completely at ease with it but I have faith in her. We’ve all touched with the dark side at some point or another and we’ve all come back from it stronger. Sin’s coming back from it and she needs to find her own way.

    CATE stands and looks at him.

    CATE: I get that, I do. Of all people I know what it feels like to have something take you over for ungoodliness.

    STEPHANIE laughs.

    STEPHANIE: (repeating) Ungoodliness... classic...

    CATE: But this is on you Xak... you have to realise that. You took this chance on her, she’s your responsibility.

    CHARLIE looks down and the room goes quiet. The only sound that can be heard is the scraping of knitting needles clashing with the repeated creaking of wood from the rocking chair.


    The camera pans up a woman standing on a balcony. She is dressed in a long green gown that extends an elegant train. It’s MEDUSA. She puts a finger and thumb to her lips and whistles, her eyes searching the skyline of the city.

    The night is black and it masks them well, but she can see them and they can see her. She steps back as her latest devoted fans soar on to the balcony. There’s approximately ten of them.

    The Sirens.

    She smiles as they approach her.

    MEDUSA: (maternally) Welcome, my darlings...

    She gestures to the suite.

    MEDUSA: Come. I have been expecting you.

    She turns and enters the suite once again, the Sirens follow.


    MEDUSA walks into the lounge, followed closely by the Sirens. She stops and turns to them. They stop and they bow to her.

    MEDUSA: I have to admit. I did highly enjoy the presence of the maids but having you all present is an extremely nostalgic experience for me.

    SIRENS: (in chorus) You do honour us, Medusa.

    She smiles.

    MEDUSA: Oh I know that wicked Prime family enchanted you to swoon so exponentially but I still do not tire of your false praises.

    Her smile fades.

    MEDUSA: You know why you are here?

    The Sirens nods.

    MEDUSA: Good. The United wish for the girl to be theirs. They believe her to be a formidable weapon but she requires my evaluation and I need you to collect her.

    She moves to a table and picks up something. She moves back to the group of Sirens.

    MEDUSA: Your task is simple. This is where you will find her.

    She throws the object on the floor and the Sirens peer at the object. It is a prospectus.

    A prospectus of Stern College.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.

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    The camera shows a number of students meandering through the entrance of Stern College all ready for another day of classes and studying and all of them blissfully unaware of what is coming.



    The song begins as the camera moves through the library until it lands on a group of three students working at a table: SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE.

    When she was 22 the future looked bright
    But she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night...

    DECLAN is looking through some books, LA-REE is typing on her laptop and SIN is resting her chin in her hand, looking vacantly ahead.

    LA-REE looks angry, she hits her laptop. DECLAN raises an eyebrow.

    DECLAN: Something wrong Ree, or just that time of the month?

    She shoots him a glare.

    I see that look in her face, she's got that look in her eye
    She's thinking how did I get here and wondering why...

    LA-REE: I can’t get this stupid machine to work. PowerPoint hates me so much. I want to die.

    DECLAN nods, figuring.

    DECLAN: Time of the month.

    LA-REE: Why have I been put in charge of the presentation anyway? I suck with technology.

    It's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over
    There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say
    'Til the man of her dreams comes along...

    DECLAN: You do not.

    LA-REE: Are we forgetting the iPod incident?!

    DECLAN: Yeah I remember. It was the day I realised Apple should have installed a chip that stopped their listening devices catching fire all by themselves.

    LA-REE: Well I wrote a very stern letter.

    Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
    It seems so unlikely in this day and age
    She's got an alright job but it's not a career...

    DECLAN: Hand-written no doubt.

    LA-REE begins typing on the laptop again. She growls, angry. DECLAN laughs.

    LA-REE: I officially give up.

    She looks briefly to SIN.

    Whenever she thinks about it, it brings her to tears
    'Cause all she wants is a boyfriend, she gets one night stands
    She's thinking how did I get here, I'm doing all that I can...

    LA-REE: You’ll have to do this, Sindy.

    SIN doesn’t respond.

    LA-REE: (more forceful) Sindy.

    SIN blinks and looks at her.

    It's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over
    There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say...

    SIN: Sorry, what? iPod?

    DECLAN: Ree’s mood swings are gonna blow up the library, you need to be on presentation duty.

    SIN nods.

    SIN: Sure, ok...

    LA-REE hands her the laptop.

    LA-REE: You ok? You’ve been staring ahead a lot today, and not in a good way...

    SIN looks at her confused and then shakes her head. She types.

    'Til the man of her dreams comes along
    Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
    It seems so unlikely in this day and age...

    SIN: I’m ok... just my... brother and the others.

    LA-REE: Are they still giving you a hard time?

    SIN nods.

    SIN: Kinda.

    DECLAN: That’s retarded, so what if you went out? Who cares!

    LA-REE: You’re not a bad person sweetie and what happened in your past should not tar who you are now.

    She’s clearly touched by their concern.

    SIN: They just worry. There’s some... odd people out there.

    DECLAN: Yeah, I know, you’re studying with them!

    SIN laughs frantically typing with ease on the laptop.

    It's sad but it's true how society says her life is already over
    There's nothing to do and there's nothing to say...

    LA-REE: (annoyed) Ok, seriously... you guys are joking around?! We have a presentation tomorrow!

    SIN turns the laptop round to show the others.

    SIN: Well the PowerPoint part is done...

    DECLAN and LA-REE stare in awe at the professional looking presentation. LA-REE’S mouth drops open.

    DECLAN: Good job!

    LA-REE shakes her head.

    LA-REE: I swear you’re not human sometimes Sindy Thorn...

    'Til the man of her dreams comes along
    Picks her up and puts her over his shoulder
    It seems so unlikely in this day and age...

    The song ends as LA-REE looks down and DECLAN continues working. SIN looks at them both, awkwardly.


    STEPHANIE is walking around the kitchen removing various food items from the cupboards and throwing them on the floor. CHARLIE is frantically following her, picking up the items.

    CHARLIE: Please... stop...

    DANTE (O/S): Need a hand?

    CHARLIE looks around to see DANTE entering the kitchen, books in his hand. CHARLIE sighs.

    CHARLIE: She’s getting restless.

    DANTE: It must be frustrating not being able to remember...

    CHARLIE: No, what’s frustrating is running around after her picking up Lucky Charms...

    DANTE moves towards her and places the books on the counter.

    DANTE: Well, “they’re magically delicious!

    STEPHANIE laughs turning around with a box of Lucky Charms in her hands.

    STEPHANIE: (in an Irish accent) “They’re always after me lucky charms!

    CHARLIE rolls her eyes and notices the books.

    CHARLIE: What are the books for? Please say nothing to do with cereal...

    DANTE: No, spell books. I was gonna look into ways to help Lance. I might be able to contact him or find out how he is... if we can get him back.

    CHARLIE: Well here’s an idea...

    DANTE looks up at her, intrigued.

    CHARLIE: I don’t think you should be tapping into magic right now and I need a break from cereal collecting so why don’t we be each other for the day.

    DANTE: How do you mean?

    CHARLIE: You look out for “Stephanie”, maybe see if a fresh perspective can draw anything out of her and I’ll do the spells for you.

    DANTE considers this for a moment and then looks to her.

    DANTE: Deal.


    In the lounge XAK, CATE and PETRINA are stood over the coffee table which has a large spider diagram of what they know on The United.

    XAK: So L’Arcanas?

    CATE: Well the Sister was a dead-end, right?

    PETRINA: She was killed when we arrived back. I think she could sense The United nearby and it scared her.

    XAK: But Leigh is involved somehow?

    PETRINA: All she said was that The United came for her and that they used this sisterhood of witches to which she belonged to, to do it.

    CATE: Looks pretty much like she is somehow.

    XAK: But Leigh isn’t The United, she’s just linked to it somehow, which doesn’t surprise me – that woman’s always been a sucker for power.

    CATE: So once again we’re back to square one...

    PETRINA: Well we know The United is using Acolytes and Medusa to do its bidding...

    CATE: Make that just Medusa... we scrapped the Acolytes. Yay us.

    XAK shakes his head.

    XAK: It’s not enough. We can’t get close to Medusa without becoming stone and The United just seems one step ahead of us all the time.

    PETRINA: Well there is one thing we could try, but you won’t like it.

    XAK: Petrina, right now I’ll take anything... we can barely survive attacks from whoever or whatever this thing is and I want it stopped.

    PETRINA: Well I think it’s time to reconnect with the Syndicate.

    XAK looks away, pensive.

    XAK: Brogan...

    PETRINA: They just suffered an attack. Something knows about the army they’re trying to create, it’s obvious. Whatever’s happening here is linked to the events that occurred in the Shores.

    CATE: She is right, Xak. We need to know if they know anything and Ea and the others need our help.

    XAK looks unsure. CATE’S lips tighten.

    CATE: Ok, let me put it this way...

    He looks at her.

    CATE: My boyfriend and all of your childhood friends just got the hell kicked out of them, don’t you think we should check in?

    PETRINA: Cate and I can leave on a flight this evening. As well as helping the Syndicate and trading information I need to talk with Melody. Having her as a Slayer under my watch would give me vital leverage with the Council.

    CATE: (sarcastically) Oh right, Melody’s there... maybe we could stay after all.

    XAK: Look, of course I want to know how the Syndicate are. When we got the call I felt sick but I don’t wanna risk you two out there too...

    CATE: As much as I hate the thought of seeing Melody again, we need to take risks. I understand we need to be safe but whatever The United is, it’ll attack us and it already has.

    XAK looks at the chart, all the paths and avenues they’ve tried leading nowhere.

    CATE: We don’t have a choice.

    XAK looks up at them and then looks to PETRINA.

    XAK: Book a flight... but keep Cate away from Melody. The last thing we need is another murder.

    PETRINA: It will be at the top of my priorities.

    CATE: Really? How exciting.

    PETRINA: What will you do when we’re gone?

    XAK: We can’t really do much until you get back so we’ll regroup then...

    He smiles to himself.

    XAK: Besides, I have a top priority I’ve been neglecting...

    CATE and PETRINA look at one another intrigued.


    SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE are sat now by one of the corners of the library going through their presentation.

    DECLAN: But hang on... that brings us to over fifteen minutes. We have a maximum of ten.

    LA-REE: You mean we have to cut out five more minutes?!

    DECLAN: I’m afraid so...

    SIN: Plus, I don’t think our budget is working out so good. We’re about five grand over.

    LA-REE breathes deeply.

    LA-REE: I’m literally going to cry.

    DECLAN smiles supportively and then looks to SIN.

    DECLAN: Ignore her, she always gets stressed near deadlines.

    SIN: I find them exciting.

    He winks at her.

    DECLAN: Me too.

    SIN blushes and looks away, embarrassed. She laughs nervously and looks up to LA-REE.

    SIN: Uh, coffee? Looks like we’re gonna be here for quite a while.

    LA-REE: Oh could you get an extra shot of miracle in mine please?

    DECLAN: Yeah ‘cause she’s had her quota on extra shots of sarcasm for the day, I’ve heard miracle evens it out.

    LA-REE throws a book at him, annoyed.

    SIN: Right, well I’ll see what wonders the coffee machine that charges twenty five cents for a coffee can do.

    She stands now and walks away. DECLAN and LA-REE continue working.

    LA-REE: You’re so sweet on her by the way, it’s so obvious.

    DECLAN laughs.

    DECLAN: Am not.

    LA-REE: I really cannot keep track of you Declan Hix. You drive me crazy.

    DECLAN smirks.

    DECLAN: Right back atcha.


    SIN is walking down a sparse corridor. There is a distant sound that sounds like singing. She opens the door to the food hall and lets it come to a close behind her.

    As it does it reveals another door opening and something entering the corridor and Stern College.

    A Siren.




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      ACT TWO


      PETRINA is sat on CATE’S bed while CATE moves around the room frantically, flitting from wardrobe to her chest of drawers. There is an open suitcase on the bed next to PETRINA.

      PETRINA: You really needn’t pack much, we’ll only be gone a few days.

      CATE: I don’t know what to expect when we get there... I thought maybe Elise or the other girls might want some clothes to cheer them up.

      PETRINA smiles.

      PETRINA: They mean a lot don’t they?

      CATE: The Syndicate?

      PETRINA nods.

      CATE: They didn’t use to. It was difficult when they came back into Xak’s life, his ex-wife was one of them.

      PETRINA: Ah yes, the infamous Kaia Thorn.

      CATE: But it turns out the rest of them are kind of amazing.

      Her face lights up thinking about them.

      CATE: Echidna’s a bit crazy – she’s kind of like how Sephy was when we first met her but she’s got a good heart. Shelter’s sweet, she’s kinda tragic but she’s the soul of the group. Ea’s tough, he’s hardened because of what’s happened but then who could blame him. Ursula’s the matriarch of the group, she’s done some questionable things but you can tell from just talking to her that she’d die for them. Then there’s Elise and I don’t think words can really describe how special she is and her brother...

      PETRINA: Trafford?

      CATE nods.

      PETRINA: How are things with him?

      CATE shrugs.

      CATE: Right now I’m more worried about seeing Melody again. That girl and I have unfinished business...

      She resumes packing and PETRINA furrows her brow, worried.


      STEPHANIE is sat on the sofa and DANTE sat opposite with a notepad. She looks at him.

      STEPHANIE: Is this going to be like that Oprah Winfrey show?

      DANTE: If that helps, yes.

      STEPHANIE: But you’re not a black woman.

      DANTE: Does that matter?

      STEPHANIE: Oh no, I can use my imagination!

      She winks at him. He blushes and looks down and then up again, clearing his throat.

      DANTE: Ok... this is how this is going to work. I’m going to say some things and I want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind, ok?

      STEPHANIE: Oh this will be fun!

      DANTE: Ready?

      STEPHANIE: No...

      She intakes a breath deeply and then exhales.

      STEPHANIE: Ok, now I am.

      DANTE: Ok... Leigh Sinclair.

      STEPHANIE: Chocolate éclair.

      DANTE: Ocean.

      STEPHANIE: The Little Mermaid.

      DANTE: Explosion.

      STEPHANIE: Pain.

      DANTE furrows his brow at this response.

      DANTE: Base.

      STEPHANIE: Guitar.

      DANTE: The Sisterhood.

      STEPHANIE: Witches.

      DANTE looks intrigued.

      DANTE: (continuing)

      DANTE: The United.

      STEPHANIE: Friend.

      DANTE’S mouth drops slightly, looking at her.

      DANTE: What?

      STEPHANIE blinks, confused.

      STEPHANIE: Uh... I...

      She looks around, tears filling her eyes.

      STEPHANIE: I have to go.

      DANTE looks shocked as she runs away.


      SIN walks through the food hall, ignoring the sound of the singing is louder in this room. There are various students stood in the room. All of them are still.

      SIN moves past them, juggling the change for the coffee machine around in her hand. She approaches the machine, enters the coins and then presses a button. She stands, arms folded in front of her. She sighs as the coffee pours. She picks the coffee out of the machine once it is finished but drops it.

      SIN: Damn...

      The coffee trickles along the floor and hits a student’s foot nearby. SIN looks at him.

      SIN: I’m sorry, I’m such a clutz today...

      Her voice trails off as she notices that the student hasn’t noticed the coffee staining his shoes. She furrows her brow and looks up at him. His eyes are closed, he looks like he’s stuck in ecstasy. She waves a hand in front of his face and pushes him lightly.

      SIN: (confused) Hey, are you ok?

      The student doesn’t respond. She looks around the room, everyone else is the same.

      SIN: What the hell is going?

      And then she realises as the singing gains volume.


      CHARLIE enters hers and XAK’S bedroom. She moves to the wardrobe and opens it. She kneels down and pulls out a large trunk. She opens it, revealing many ingredients. She reaches inside and pulls out eight candles, some dried plant roots and a bag of black sand.

      She closes the trunk and stands, walking out of the bedroom.


      The door opens to the roof and CHARLIE exits and looks around the roof. She closes the door behind her and places the spell ingredients on the ground. She looks ahead and smiles.

      CHARLIE: Hey.

      The camera rotates to show what she’s talking to and what she’s looking at. LANCE.


      SIN moves around the food hall, attempting to rouse the people. She slaps one of the students round the face.

      SIN: Hey, snap out of it!

      The student doesn’t respond.

      She panics, hearing the noise of the song getting closer. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cell phone. She frantically dials.


      XAK is stood in front of the counter, talking to the FLORIST.

      XAK: Can I have them delivered?

      The FLORIST nods. His phone rings. He picks it up seeing the name on the caller ID.

      XAK: (answering the phone) Sin? What’s wrong?

      SIN (O/S): (on the other end of the phone) Something’s wrong, the students...

      XAK: (replying) The students what? Where are you?


      SIN backs herself into a corner.

      SIN: (to XAK) I’m at college, something’s happened to the students, they’re not moving. There’s a song?

      XAK (O/S): (replying) A song?

      SIN: (to XAK) It sounds like a lullaby or something, everyone’s just stopped moving, their eyes are closed.

      XAK (O/S): (replying) But not you?

      SIN rolls her eyes.

      SIN: (to XAK) Obviously.

      XAK (O/S): (replying) Sin, get out of there... now. I’m coming to get you.

      SIN nods but then her face drops and she realises.

      SIN: (to XAK) I can’t...

      XAK (O/S): (replying) What? Why not!?

      SIN: (to XAK) Declan and La-Ree, they’re in the library... I have to help them.


      XAK looks anxious.

      XAK: (to SIN) Sin, I know you’re worried about your friends but...

      SIN (O/S): (replying) No, I have to save them... they’re all alone.

      The line goes dead.

      XAK’S eyes widen.

      XAK: (to SIN, loudly) Sin!?

      He hears the dial tone and closes his phone. He looks to the FLORIST.

      XAK: Scrap the delivery... I’ll pick them up later.

      He hurries out of the store.


      The camera pans around the food hall, the room is void of SIN now. The entrance to the room is a door, left swinging in her wake.


      CHARLIE begins pouring the black sand into a large circle around LANCE’S statue, with space for her inside.

      CHARLIE: You know you’ve caused some problems, Lance Emory.

      She smiles to herself.

      CHARLIE: Cate’s going crazy without you and my mom’s awake at last... could definitely use your help.

      She looks up to his face, an expression of pain.

      CHARLIE: And Dante’s doing really good... you’d be proud of him. He’s doing all he can to be the man you fell in love with and he’s doing it all for you... yours and his future.

      She finishes pouring the sand and then steps inside it, placing the candles around the circle.

      CHARLIE: So get off of your stony ass and come back to us, ok?

      She sits down in front of him, the sand and the candles encircling them both. She reaches for the dried root.

      CHARLIE: Tell you what, I’ll give you a hand.

      She closes her eyes and crunches the root in her hand. In an instant the candles light.

      CHARLIE’S eyes open. They’re muddy grey.


      The camera shows the scene from someone’s perspective. The person is inside a cupboard, peering out into a corridor.

      A Siren walks past, singing.

      The camera cuts to show it is SIN inside the cupboard. She pulls out her phone and turns the camera on, she takes a picture.

      She pockets her phone and waits for the Siren to leave. She exits the cupboard, cautiously and quickly makes her way to the library on the other side of the corridor.


      CATE and PETRINA are sat in a taxi cab. CATE is looking aimlessly out of the window at the structure of the bridge while PETRINA is looking through some notes.

      CATE: (vacantly) They’ll be ok without us, right?

      PETRINA: I’m sure of it, The United took a blow with the loss of its Acolytes, we have some time to regroup. Now listen...

      CATE looks to her.

      PETRINA: Tell me more about Melody.

      CATE looks frustrated.

      CATE: Why, you already have this freakish gift for knowing just about everything there is to know about mine and everyone else’s lives.

      PETRINA: There are some things that you don’t get from the Council records. She’s lived a life mostly off of the radar, so what’s missing?

      CATE: How would I know, she kept so much from me.

      PETRINA: It’s understandable to feel negatively towards her. She caused you a lot of pain, but don’t you think she deserves a second chance?

      CATE looks hurt.

      CATE: No, Petrina this is not her second chance. Her first chance was when she bullied everyone at school and tortured Marie Kaloff, her second chance was when she haunted me and tried tearing me apart from my friends and her third chance was when she came back and made a deal with the people who turned Sin into a person that killed my fiancé...

      PETRINA looks away.

      CATE: So no Petrina, I don’t think she deserves a second chance.

      PETRINA: Well, I think this past year for you all has proved something...

      CATE looks away.


      CATE (V/O): And what’s that

      SIN moves through the library silently, meandering the mesmerised students and staff. She hurries to her friends.

      PETRINA (V/O): Sometimes people surprise you.

      She stops when she reaches them.

      DECLAN and LA-REE are lying on the floor, unconscious. They’re smiling, happy and content.

      SIN: Guys? What’s wrong...

      She kneels down in front of them, worried.

      SIN: (upset) What’s going on?

      VOICE (O/S): Sin...

      The voices echoes and disturbs the melancholy of the song. It hurts SIN’S ears and causes her to shiver. She turns tentatively to face the source of the voice.

      A Siren is stood behind her.




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        ACT THREE


        SIN stands, backing away from the Siren.

        SIN: What are you?

        The Siren sneaks towards her.

        SIREN: We make the humans sleep. We sing to them.

        She nods.

        SIN: You’re a Siren?

        SIREN: You are a wise girl, but then you are not a girl...

        SIN looks down at DECLAN and LA-REE. They do not rouse.

        SIN: I’m not that person anymore.

        SIREN: Irrelevant... you are required by The United.

        SIN: The United... is here?

        SIREN: No, it sent us for you... you are to be its new apprentice.

        SIN shakes her head, her mouth tight with resilience.

        SIN: Then it was a wasted journey. I bow to no master...

        Her eyes narrow.

        SIN: I never have.


        The song begins.

        Then she feels it: a static movement of energy simmering under her skin. It takes her breath away. She smiles, feeling nostalgic with power.

        SIREN: Then it would appear we shall have to resort to physical force.

        SIN looks down to her fist, She clenches it, tight.

        SIN: (whispering) So it would seem...

        Baby, can't you see?
        I'm calling...

        With this the Siren shrieks and lunges at her. SIN’S eyes widen and she holds her hands out to stop it. As her hands touch the creature a static charge exchanges between her fingers and the skin of the Siren. The Siren looks in pain and SIN uses the opportunity to throw it into a book case.

        A guy like you should wear a warning
        It's dangerous
        I'm falling
        There's no escape
        I can't wait...

        SIN looks from her hands to the creature which has landed on the floor. The broken wood and the books falling near to her friends. Worried she looks to the Siren.

        SIN: You’ll have to catch me...

        She turns and begins running away from her friends, steering the fight to a safe distance. The Siren shrieks in anger and hurries after SIN, furiously.

        I need a hit
        Baby, give me it
        You're dangerous
        I'm loving it
        Too high
        Can't come down
        Losin' my head
        Spinnin' 'round and 'round
        Do you feel me now?

        The Siren jumps into the air and flies, swooping down to grab SIN with its talons. She turns, sensing its closeness and spin kicks it. The kick lands and as with her fingertips, her foot sparks with energy on impact with the Siren. The Siren this time however is ready.

        SIREN: Your techniques are advanced.

        She shrugs.

        SIN: Hey, they’re new to me.

        The Siren swoops its wing at SIN but she rolls out of the way and tries to kick its legs from under it. It jumps, elegantly avoiding her, landing on her on the floor.

        With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride
        You're toxic I'm slippin' under
        With the taste of the poison paradise
        I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?
        And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic?

        SIREN: Your tricks will not save you this time, girl.

        SIN: We’ll see...

        She plants her hands on the Siren’s face and the energy from within her blasts the Siren backwards. SIN jumps to her feet, smirking with happiness at her power. She lunges at the creature and headbutts it sharply with her forehead – every node of contact is another spark of energy from SIN.

        The Siren pushes her backwards and brings its talons sharply down on to her leg. She screams as her leg cuts, blood seeping out of it. The Siren then kicks her, which sends her flying into a table of books. She upturns them and falls to the floor.

        With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride
        You're toxic I'm slippin' under...

        Almost magically, she rises and glares deeply at the Siren. Her leg heals.

        She charges at the Siren. She punches it repeatedly, each hit landing a spark. On the last hit she spins around and punches it to the floor. She jumps on top of it.

        SIN: Go to hell...

        With the taste of the poison paradise
        I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?
        And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic?

        She slams her hand on the creature’s heart and it shrieks in pain as her hand seems to burn the skin of the Siren. The shriek turns louder as the creature ignites and burns to ash within seconds.

        With the Siren dead, the song ends dramatically.

        SIN falls to her knees in shock. Her powers.

        She breathes heavily, thinking. Her phone rings. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cellphone. The caller ID:


        She answers the phone.

        SIN: (quietly, to XAK) Hey...

        XAK (O/S): (replying, panicked) Sin? Are you ok? I’ve been ringing.

        SIN: Yeah... I’m fine. There was an attack but I’m fine... I stopped it.

        There’s a pause.

        XAK (O/S): (replying, quietly) How?

        SIN looks down at the pile of ash.

        SIN: (to XAK) I don’t know...

        XAK (O/S): (replying) Are there more?

        SIN: (to XAK) Yes.

        XAK (O/S): (replying) Where are you?

        SIN: (to XAK) The library... they got to Declan and La-Ree. They’re ok... but...

        XAK (O/S): (replying, cutting her off) Stay where you are. I’m outside. I’m coming to find you.

        SIN: (to XAK) No, Xak...

        He hangs up the phone. She hears the dial tone and frowns.

        SIN: (to no-one) There’s a song...

        She ends the call, silencing the dial tone. She just sits there in a pile of ash.


        XAK is stood looking around him. Ahead of him was Stern College. It looked quiet. No one was around. He takes a deep breath, unsure of what to expect.

        He walks towards the doors.


        As he gets closer he sees a student. She is sat on the steps with a book in her hand. Her eyes are closed and she is smiling. The song sounding from inside the school.

        As XAK approaches the school he looks at the student. He hears the song but he continues walking.

        Like SIN, the song does not affect him.

        He reaches for the door and opens it, stepping inside.


        DANTE hurries down one of the corridors in XAK’S apartment. He looks troubled.

        DANTE: (calling) Stephanie?

        He keeps walking.

        DANTE: (repeating) Steph?

        He hears quick breathing. He stops. He turns to see one of the utility cupboard doors ajar. He moves towards it.


        DANTE opens the door and sees STEPHANIE rocking back and forth behind a mop. He kneels down and moves the mop out of the way. Her eyes are welled with tears and she is looking at the floor, breathing quickly.

        DANTE smiles warmly at her.

        DANTE: Sorry about that down there.

        She looks to him.

        STEPHANIE: (upset) I don’t understand.

        DANTE: What don’t you understand?

        STEPHANIE: How I know what I said downstairs. I don’t know how I know.

        DANTE: It’s ok.

        STEPHANIE: It scares me...

        She looks away. DANTE frowns, saddened at her frustration.

        DANTE: Do you remember anything more... about The United?

        She looks to him, confused.

        STEPHANIE: About what, dear?

        DANTE sighs... her lucidity was gone. He smiles at her.

        DANTE: Nothing.

        STEPHANIE: Am I in a utility closet?

        DANTE: Yes.

        STEPHANIE: Oh... ok...

        She nods her head, confused and then looks at him, curiously.

        STEPHANIE: Have we any chocolate éclairs?


        CHARLIE’S eyes are still grey. She stares ahead, not saying anything. Slowly, she opens her hand and the crushed dry root levitates. It begins swirling around the air and each bit eventually catches light from the candle flames. Around CHARLIE and the statue of LANCE now fly tiny specks of light.

        CHARLIE (V/O): (telepathically, ethereal) Lance... Can you hear me?

        There is a faint gruff whisper.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Is that you?

        The whisper replies. A single tear falls down CHARLIE’S face, even though her mouth does not open or her face show any expression.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Are you ok, where you are?

        The whisper replies.

        CHARLIE (V/O): I’m sorry. I wish I could help you...

        There is a pause, then the whisper speaks.

        CHARLIE (V/O): (shocked) What?!

        The whisper repeats what it said.

        CHARLIE (V/O): How can we get close enough?

        The whisper replies.

        CHARLIE (V/O): Lance, please... I need to know more...

        Then the specks of light drop to the floor and with the candle flames they extinguish.

        CHARLIE blinks, her eyes turning back to normal. She breathes heavily, regaining her strength. She stands slowly and moves to LANCE. She touches his face.

        CHARLIE: We’ll kill her... I promise.


        XAK cautiously moves through the corridors of Stern College. There is no one around but he can hear the sound of the song resounding throughout the building. He reaches down to his boot and pulls out a knife, he holds it carefully and continues further down the corridor.

        Someone approaches him from behind, grabbing his shoulder. He spins around and rams the person against the wall, holding the knife to the person’s neck.

        It’s SIN.

        His eyes widen seeing her.

        SIN: Déjà vu...

        He instantly pulls away, awkwardly.

        XAK: Sorry... was on edge. What’s going on?

        SIN: I don’t know but there are Sirens here. The one I killed said they’re here for me...

        XAK figures.

        XAK: The United sent them.

        SIN nods.

        SIN: It needs a new ally... I guess it’s running thin.

        XAK smiles.

        XAK: And you killed the Siren?

        SIN nods, not noticing the smile.

        SIN: Yeah I don’t know how. It was like every punch was a static charge. I was cut and I healed and I burnt it to ash.

        She shrugs.

        SIN: I guess there’s some juice left in me

        She looks to him now, seeing the smile.

        SIN: What? Why are you smiling?

        XAK: You fought and protected your friends all by yourself and didn’t give in to The United. They were all worried for nothing...

        SIN smiles to herself but it fades with embarrassment.

        SIN: It’s not over yet. There’s more and we need to stop them before they hurt anyone.

        XAK: The students. They’re sleeping?

        SIN: It’s the song, the Siren song.

        XAK: Well then why aren’t we catching z’s with the rest of the student body?

        SIN goes to answer but then realises that she can’t. As she tries to figure out the obvious flaw, her eyes widen.

        SIN: They’re coming...

        With this the sound of tapping talons fill the hallways. XAK and SIN stand back to back and look all around them...

        The Sirens were here.


        CATE is sat in the departure lounge of the JFK airport. She is staring blankly at the floor, thinking.

        PETRINA (O/S): I’m going to grab a drink, want something?

        CATE looks to her.

        CATE: Huh?

        PETRINA: Drink? Pepsi? Dr. Pepper? Don’t you have something called Gatorade?

        CATE shrugs.

        CATE: Whatever’s cheap.

        PETRINA: It’s an airport... nothing’s cheap.

        CATE smiles at her weakly.

        PETRINA: I’ll work with it.

        She walks away and as she does she reveals two girls walking arm in arm. They look young and cliquey. They’re gossiping, having fun. They laugh.

        She used to be them.


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

        CATE is sat at a cafe in Sunnydale. She looks younger, a couple of years younger. She is watching two young girls gossiping and walking down the high street with bags in their arms, shopping. She sighs. She’s sat with someone.

        CATE: Do they remind you of someone?

        The person she is sat with turns to look at the girls. The person she’s sat with is MELODY. She scoffs.

        MELODY: If you’re referring to us, then no.

        She turns back to CATE.

        MELODY: We were never that slutty.

        CATE raises an eyebrow.

        CATE: Speak for yourself.

        MELODY: Can we go now? I’m over this coffee and I wanna hit the Gap before it closes.

        They stand and begin walking down the high street together now. CATE looks confused.

        CATE: Since when do you shop at the Gap? Being a Slayer doesn’t mean you have to lose your style.

        MELODY: It’s not for me, it’s for Ash.

        CATE: (taunting) Ooh, buying him presents? I think my Melody’s in love!

        MELODY: Am not!

        CATE: You can tell me you know. I’m not gonna go off the rails just ‘cause Toole and I are over. How pathetic would that be?

        MELODY smiles at her.

        MELODY: I know you’re there for me, Cate. I appreciate it.

        CATE puts an arm around her.

        CATE: Good, ‘cause I love you Melody Harp.

        MELODY looks away and then looks back, smiling fraudulently.

        MELODY: I love you too.

        CATE: Good, ‘cause we’re one of a kind.

        They continue walking down the street, sisters.

        A man walks past them on a cellphone. He briefly looks at them and continues walking away from them.

        MAN: The Slayers are safe. I’m coming back, Ea.

        He closes his cellphone.

        The man is TRAFFORD.


        We’re back in the airport now, the colours return to normal.

        CATE continues to stare at the floor.

        PETRINA (O/S): Turns out water is cheap.

        CATE looks to her.

        CATE: Say again?

        PETRINA passes her a bottle of water.

        PETRINA: Wow, you’re really somewhere else today, aren’t you?

        CATE: Just this trip...

        PETRINA frowns and sits down next to her.

        PETRINA: It’s not going to be as easy as trading information is it?

        CATE: Most definitely not.

        PETRINA: You know I’m here for you Cate.

        CATE looks at her.

        PETRINA: I know you might not necessarily trust me but I really am.

        She smiles at her.

        PETRINA: Now, drink your water.

        CATE nods and takes the water.


        The camera circles around XAK and SIN as the Sirens get closer. The sound of the song is almost deafening with the Sirens now in the room.

        XAK: (whispering) You ready to do whatever the hell it is you did earlier again?

        SIN: I have no idea but something tells me yes.

        One of the Sirens jump at them. XAK ducks and SIN rolls over his back instinctively and grabs the Siren. She slams it into one of the walls, XAK watching in awe and surprise. She slams her hand on to its chest and burns it to a cinder.

        She breathes heavily and turns back to XAK.

        SIN: Was that ok?

        XAK nods.

        XAK: I’m gonna go with yes.

        She smiles at him. One less Siren, one less singer. SIN’S face drops as one of them jumps at XAK from behind.

        SIN: Behind you!

        XAK turns, his knife ready. He stabs the Siren in the neck and kicks it away from him. The Siren falls to the ground and fades out of sight, as if it was never there. With this, the others attack.

        SIN launches on the back of one of them but it headbutts her off and kicks her into another Siren. It wraps its wings around her, smothering her in dark feathers. She struggles, suffocating.

        The camera cuts back to XAK who handles the Sirens with ease. He grabs one of the Sirens heads and twists it sharply, breaking its neck – like the other Siren, the body of this Siren fades into nothing. Two more attack him, angry. He looks at both of them cautiously.

        XAK: You can walk away... or fly away, whatever it is you things do.

        The Sirens hiss at him.

        SIREN: This task does not concern you heathen. Your spawn will come with us.

        XAK: I’m afraid I have to oppose.

        He throws the knife at the Siren, embedding it deep into the Siren’s heart, it falls to the floor dead and fades, leaving the knife on the ground of the corridor.

        He turns around and faces the other Siren which slashes at him with its claws. The talons rip his shirt but barely graze his skin. He stumbles backwards. He reaches down and grabs the knife off of the ground. He quickly throws it at the other Siren but it blocks it with a wing, causing the knife to slide across the floor, out of reach of XAK.

        The Siren jumps on him now, shrieking. He grapples with the creature, struggling. He grabs the base of the wings and pulls them with all his strength. The veins in his arms bulge as he pulls with all his might. The Siren suddenly screams and a ripping sound can be heard. XAK stares with widened eyes as he tears the wings from the Sirens and throws them across the corridor. They fade away and as the Siren falls backwards, it fades too.

        The camera cuts back to SIN, struggling to breathe under the wings of the Siren. She struggles, thrashing her limbs and then she goes still. Her limbs do not move.

        Seconds pass.

        Then, she is back. She grabs on to the wings tightly and as with the Sirens before... it burns under her grasp. Soon the whole body of the Siren burns away, leaving SIN surrounded by ash. She gasps for breath and finds XAK stood in front of her.

        XAK: You ok?

        SIN nods.

        SIN: Fine.

        They turn to see three Sirens remaining.

        XAK: Think we can take them?

        SIN: I think so...

        The last three Sirens approach them, the song waning...


        With the song dying somewhat, the students begin to rouse. The student who SIN spilt coffee on opens his eyes. He looks down at his sodden shoe.

        STUDENT: (annoyed) Hey!


        The female student who was asleep whilst XAK entered the school suddenly opens her eyes. She slaps herself around the face, annoyed she fell asleep. She returns to reading her book as if nothing has happened.


        The camera moves through the library and shows that the students here too are beginning to rouse as the song loses its mass effect.

        As the sun begins to set, the camera reaches DECLAN and LA-REE.

        DECLAN’S eyes open.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          DANTE is sat on the sofa of the lounge, looking at the chart made on The United. He looks at all the arrows. Not one of them points to any sign of it being a friend.

          CHARLIE (O/S): There you are...

          He looks up to her. He smiles.

          DANTE: Hey?

          CHARLIE looks around.

          CHARLIE: Where’s my mom?

          DANTE: Sleeping... she got tired out after we hit the bakery.

          CHARLIE: Bakery? I miss all the fun.

          She walks towards him and sits next to DANTE.

          CHARLIE: I spoke to him.

          DANTE looks to her, his mouth drops, amazed.

          DANTE: (quietly, in shock) H-how?

          CHARLIE: I used a spell, but none of the books that you had would have helped so I used one of my dad’s.

          DANTE: Rack?

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: He used to deal some heavy stuff, sometimes the client wouldn’t wake up so he’d have to help them.

          DANTE listens.

          CHARLIE: He made a spell that he nicknamed The Homecoming Glow. Simple spell but he’d try to guide them back to reality by speaking to them telepathically.

          DANTE: Well why didn’t you try that on Cate, when she O/D’d?

          CHARLIE: Cate was dead, she had no brainwaves. I wanted to use this spell on Lance to prove he was alive in there... that was still hope...

          DANTE: And there was?

          CHARLIE nods, smiling.

          CHARLIE: I got to him.

          DANTE: (hopeful) So we can get him back?

          CHARLIE frowns slightly.

          CHARLIE: We can...

          DANTE furrows his brow.

          DANTE: Why do I sense a “but”?

          CHARLIE: Probably because there is one...

          She smiles nervously.

          DANTE: What is it?

          CHARLIE: The only way to reverse what happened to him is to kill Medusa.

          DANTE: Then we’ll go “Clash of the Titans” on the bitch.

          CHARLIE pauses and DANTE notices her doubt.

          DANTE: Why is that not a good idea?

          CHARLIE: That’s not all he said, Dante.

          DANTE: What else is there?

          CHARLIE: He said that only special people can kill the ones pertaining to mythology.

          DANTE: And who are they? We got all kinds of special on this group let’s face it.

          CHARLIE: I know... but he didn’t say who it was and if it was even someone amongst us who could...

          DANTE tightens his jaw and looks away.

          DANTE: So what you’re saying is that to get him back, we need to kill Medusa but only a certain specimen of someone can kill her and we don’t know who that is?

          CHARLIE: I know it sounds bleak but Dante...

          She grabs his hand.

          CHARLIE: Lance is alive. We’ve not just been harbouring hopes for nothing. We’ll find out whoever it is that can kill Medusa and we’ll have him in your arms again.

          DANTE looks to her and then grabs her, holding her closely. She smiles warmly and hugs him back.

          DANTE: (whispering) Thank you so much, Charlie.

          CHARLIE: You’re very welcome.

          She breaks the hug.

          CHARLIE: Well, I don’t about you but I have Homecoming Glow in my hair so I think I’m gonna take a bath.

          DANTE laughs and nods.

          DANTE: Sure.

          CHARLIE stands and begins walking towards the stairway in the hallway but as she reaches the door she stops and turns back to him.

          CHARLIE: Oh, my mom...

          DANTE looks up to her.

          DANTE: What about her?

          CHARLIE: Did she say anything? Did you get any sense out of her at all?

          DANTE hesitates and looks down at the chart.


          He looks up to her and smiles.

          DANTE: No, nothing that made sense.

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: I figured... thank you though.

          DANTE: (softly) Any time...

          With this, CHARLIE turns and leaves and DANTE leans back in his seat. He tilts his head back and breathes deeply, relieved.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          DECLAN is lying on the floor, his eyes open. He shakes his head and lifts himself up, looking around confused. The other students in the library are looking around too. Something had happened, books were all over the floor. DECLAN looks to LA-REE.

          DECLAN: (quietly) Ree...

          She doesn’t rouse. He shakes her.

          DECLAN: (quietly) Hey, Ree!

          Her eyes open now. She looks to him, dazed.

          LA-REE: Declan?

          She looks around too, sharing his confusion.

          LA-REE: What the hell is going on?

          DECLAN: I dunno.

          LA-REE: Where’s Sindy?

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN is fighting against one of the Sirens, blissfully unaware that the students are awakening. The Siren is quick and flies above her, swooping down and slashing her with its talons. Each of them cutting deeply but then healing almost instantaneously. She grits her teeth in pain at each cut but she focuses as best she can.

          The camera cuts to XAK who is grappling with another Siren. He dives for his knife and as the Siren dives for him he grabs it, rolling it over him, throwing the creature into the wall of the corridor creating a loud bang.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          DECLAN and LA-REE look to the door, hearing the bang. LA-REE looks frightened.

          LA-REE: What was that?

          DECLAN stands.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN readies herself as the Siren swoops towards her. She runs at the wall, dodging it and jumps at the wall. She springs herself into a backwards flip and lands on the Siren’s back. She reaches around and grabs its chest tightly. The burning sensation begins and in seconds the Siren is ashes. She falls to the floor and lands gracefully.

          The camera cuts to XAK who is still fighting the other Siren. He jumps to his feet and juggles the knife in his hand. He looks at the Siren he just threw against the wall. He goes to throw the knife but he doesn’t have time, the third Siren tackles him to the ground. There is a brief struggle between XAK and the Siren and then nothing. The Siren fades. The knife embedded deep into its heart...

          XAK lies on the floor, breathless. He looks up to see SIN stood over him. She holds out a hand. He takes it and she pulls him to his feet.

          SIREN (O/S): You foolish foolish half-bred beings.

          XAK and SIN turn to the last Siren.

          SIREN: Do you think you have won simply because you have vanquished but a dozen of us?

          XAK: I’d say we’re rocking the victory flag a bit more than you guys, yeah.

          The SIREN laughs.

          SIREN: No matter who of us you kill, The United’s plans still further... just as my masters further theirs. You will not survive this war, no one will.

          SIN steps forward.

          SIN: Go back to your masters, to The United. Tell them that they don’t know who they’re messing with.

          She smirks.

          SIN: ‘Cause I just got back in the game and finally, I’m on the side I should have always been on.

          XAK smiles.

          XAK: Hey, you heard the girl.

          DECLAN (O/S): “Heard the”... huh?

          XAK and SIN turn with widened eyes to see a confused DECLAN standing in the doorway to the library.

          SIN: Declan...

          XAK: We can explain...

          DECLAN: What about? The mess in the library or the mass comatose. Guess this project got to us more than we thought, huh Sindy?

          SIN turns around and sees that the Siren has gone. The song had ended and everyone was safe.

          SIN smiles, warmed.

          SIN: Yeah, I guess so.

          DECLAN looks to XAK.

          DECLAN: Oh and while you’re here...

          XAK looks to him, an eyebrow raised.

          DECLAN: Stop giving her a hard time, she deserves to have some fun.

          XAK laughs.

          XAK: Don’t worry, I won’t.

          SIN turns to look at him and is warmed further by his smile. His approval.

          CUT TO – JFK

          WOMAN (V/O): (tannoy) This is the final boarding call for Flight 406.

          PETRINA is stood near the gate, waiting to board. She turns around to look at CATE.

          PETRINA: Are you ready?

          CATE looks around.

          CATE: I dunno... but let’s just say, you don’t have to be on murder watch.

          PETRINA smiles.

          PETRINA: (joking) Always a good thing to announce in an airport.

          CATE laughs.

          CATE: Come on, let’s get this over with.

          And with this the girls walk through the gate together, toward their plane. One step closer to Cropley Shores, the Syndicate and a completely unpredictable reunion...


          SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE are walking through the grounds together, the sun setting over them.

          LA-REE: God, we really slept til’ sundown? That’s insane.

          DECLAN: All except Sindy. Guess we did need that coffee after all...

          SIN smiles.

          SIN: Looks like.

          DECLAN looks at her, curiously.

          DECLAN: So tell me how this all went down?

          SIN: I bought the coffee, came back and saw you guys sleeping... thought I’d leave you be seeing as you were all stressed about the project.

          DECLAN: And the library being all trashed?

          SIN: I guess we’re not the only stressed ones. Surprised it didn’t wake you up.

          LA-REE: Was it that uptight girl, you know the Chinese one with the weird tooth problem? I always knew she’d snap. I saw her once wailing on a door that she was trying to “push” when it was “pull”.

          SIN: Uh yeah... check, one crazy Chinese tooth girl. She just went... nuts...

          LA-REE: Figures. So how come your brother’s here?

          SIN: Well while you were sleeping I got to thinking...

          They stop and she turns, looking at them.

          SIN: You guys were right. I needed to show him that I wasn’t a bad person, that I could be trusted and that what happened in the past is in the past.

          LA-REE: Did it work?

          SIN nods.

          SIN: It did, thank you.

          LA-REE smiles and looks at DECLAN.

          LA-REE: Yay! We helped!

          DECLAN: I’m feeling very after school special right now. This must be what compassion feels like... it tingles.

          LA-REE rolls her eyes.

          LA-REE: Well it’s about the only worthwhile thing we did today.

          DECLAN: As much as I hate to admit it, we do have a lot to do and in even less time than we had earlier.

          SIN: We can do it, I assure you.

          LA-REE: I dunno... we have a lot to do...

          SIN: Look you two head back to the library and I’ll meet you there in a little while. I’ll come prepared with a variety of caffeine filled treats to keep us perky.

          DECLAN looks to LA-REE.

          DECLAN: (about SIN) I like her, can we keep her.

          LA-REE nods enthusiastically.

          LA-REE: Sure!

          She looks to SIN.

          LA-REE: Where are you going?

          SIN looks to something.

          SIN: I have some stuff to sort out first. I’ll see you guys in a bit, ok?

          They nod and begin moving back towards the building. SIN watches them leave, happy.

          She turns now and begins walking towards something.

          CUT TO –

          SIN moves towards a bench and sits down. She pauses, looking around the grounds.

          SIN: So... how does the freshman compare with loner bedroom girl?

          She looks to the person sat next to her. It’s XAK. He smiles.

          XAK: They don’t.

          SIN looks down, embarrassed.

          SIN: I’m sorry.

          XAK looks confused.

          XAK: What for?

          SIN: For hiding this from you. I should have told you as soon as Petrina approached me about it, but I thought...

          XAK: I’d be angry?

          SIN nods.

          SIN: Yeah.

          XAK sighs.

          XAK: It’s hard. You know Charlie and I talked when you were a baby about you one day going to college but I didn’t think it would be when you were only technically two and after everything I certainly didn’t think it was a possibility...

          SIN: I don’t blame you. I wasn’t exactly living a life worthy of pride and ambition.

          XAK looks down, guilty. She puts a hand on his.

          SIN: You didn’t give up on me. I gave up on me. You fought a part of me that I couldn’t resist. You fought me when I could not.

          His guilty eyes turn to her now.

          XAK: I should have done better for you. You were my daughter.

          SIN: I still am... I mean yeah obviously it’s odd because we’re almost the same age.

          XAK laughs.

          SIN: But I’m still here because you and Charlie made me...

          XAK: Well after a day like this, I for one am glad we did.

          She raises her eyebrows, unconvinced.

          SIN: Not too sure the others see it that way.

          XAK: They will.

          SIN: Yeah, you keep saying that.

          XAK: Gotta have hope, right?

          SIN: If you didn’t, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be sat here talking to you.

          She smiles at him.

          XAK: So, Sirens attacking the college. I guess The United is grasping at straws for allies.

          SIN: Maybe, or it’s just trying to distract us. Who best to worry the group than the unstable daughter?

          XAK: Maybe you’re right.

          He looks at her.

          XAK: Well who says anyone has to know about today but us?

          SIN looks surprised.

          SIN: You’d keep this attack from them?

          XAK: As much as I think if they’d seen you today they’d feel easier, I can’t help but feel if they only heard about what happened, it would just cause further distrust and that’s the last thing I want for you.

          SIN nods.

          SIN: I guess you’re right.

          XAK: But they are coming round. You got me, Petrina and Dante on side.

          SIN: Well that’s something. But you know... I’m not even too worried. This is my life now and though I think I’m starting to realise that I’ll never be ordinary, it’s something that’s mine. I earned it just as much as everyone else and while I’m not too sure what it is that I can do and what I’m capable of doing... I know now for certain that I can make a difference. I can do good.

          XAK nods, agreeing.

          XAK: Well today was a very good example of that.

          SIN: Oh I can assure you, not every day is that exciting.

          XAK: It might be though... you have to know that.

          SIN: I do. I’m ready for the unexpected. I just hope the unexpected is ready for me.

          XAK: Time will tell.

          The street lamps begin turning on now. XAK notices.

          XAK: It’s getting dark, wanna go home?

          SIN inhales the imminent night air deeply.

          SIN: No, I think I’m gonna stay. I made a commitment to those guys, this project is important.

          She looks to him.

          SIN: But if you want, when I get home later we can do some research? Try and figure out what the hell a dozen Sirens are really doing here in Manhattan?

          He smiles.

          XAK: I’d like that, but do you think we can re-schedule for the morning? I have something to take care of tonight.

          SIN: Of course. I’d like that.

          She stands now and begins walking back towards the building.

          XAK: Sin...

          She turns back to him.


          The song begins.

          XAK: Be safe.

          She just nods and then turns back and walks towards the school.

          XAK watches his daughter leave proudly, without worry. He then turns and walks in the opposite direction. Not home. He had one more stop first.

          I might have been a singer
          Who sailed around the world...

          FADE TO – SKY

          The scene fades to first class in an airplane. PETRINA is resting peacefully, her eyes closed and her head tilted away from CATE who is sat in the window seat. She is staring with troubled eyes out of the window. She breathes deeply and tilts her head back.

          A gambler who wins millions
          And spent it all on girls
          I might have been a poet
          Who walked upon the moon...


          DANTE walks out on to the roof of the building, a smile on his face. He approaches his stoney lover and reaches out to touch his face. He reaches out and kisses him on the lips.

          A scientist who would tell the world
          I discovered something new
          I might have loved a king
          Been the one to enter war
          A criminal who drinks champagne
          And never could be caught...


          The camera moves over the bed and shows STEPHANIE lying in bed under the covers. She is crying profusely, gripping the pillows in anguish.

          But among your books
          Among your clothes
          Among the noise and fuss
          I've let it go...


          CHARLIE walks down the stairway in a dressing gown. She raises an eyebrow confused when she sees XAK enter the room. He approaches her, a smile broadly beaming on his face. He moves towards her and produces an impressive bouquet of CHARLIE’S favourite flowers.

          I can't stop and catch my breath
          And look no further, for happiness
          And I will not turn again...

          She smiles and takes them, smelling them. They kiss passionately and then he picks her into his arms and walks upstairs.

          ‘Cause my heart, has found its home...


          The camera pans around the now empty library and shows a group of three. SIN and her friends DECLAN and LA-REE.

          Everyone I'll never meet
          And the friends I won’t now make
          The adventures that they could have been
          And the risks I'll never take...

          They’re sat together with their work around them. Half empty coffee cups, an assortment of doughnuts and an empty pizza box surrounds them. LA-REE is telling them a story and the other two laugh.

          But among your books
          Among your clothes
          Among your noise and fuss
          I've let it go...

          The camera moves in on SIN’S face. An uncontrollable urge to smile fills her and she gives in...

          I can't stop and catch my breath
          And look no further, for happiness
          And I will not turn again
          ‘Cause my heart, has found its home...


          The song ends as MEDUSA is pacing the roof an unknown building. She looks angry, her hair is hissing in wrath.

          MEDUSA: (seething) What do you mean they’re all dead?

          The camera rotates to show she is talking to the final Siren. It is bowing before her.

          SIREN: My lady, the girl and her father were there. They are more powerful than any of us anticipated.

          MEDUSA growls.

          MEDUSA: That damn Xakiel Thorn is causing more problems than I thought he would.

          She turns to the SIREN now.

          MEDUSA: Return to Nicola and Edward Prime, tell them of what you have learned here.

          The SIREN nods.

          MEDUSA: (shouting) Go!

          With this the Siren takes flight and departs.

          MEDUSA closes her eyes and breathes softly as her serpentine hair. She looks touched by the snakes’ affection.

          MEDUSA: (soothing) Shh my darlings... this will all be over soon and we shall live in pure bliss as promised.

          She walks towards the roof edge.

          MEDUSA: Xakiel Thorn has been pushing his luck for too long. If my minions are not strong enough to vanquish him and his family then I will see to it myself...

          The camera pulls back to show what building she is stood on.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera shows the roof of the Rockefeller Center.

          MEDUSA: (echoing) I will kill this city with a single glare until nothing is left between me and them.

          She laughs.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Extremely Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:
          LILY ALLEN - 22


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