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  • RAIN: 1.07 All for One and One for All

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.07 All For One and One for All

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    It’s the third week of December and we’re starting to see snow. A limo passes by the magic shop.

    CUT TO-

    Sitting at the counter JACKIE reads her new novel of the week as she plays with her amethyst drop earrings. She is wearing a knitted scarf, a brown tunic, and a chevron skirt as well as winter clogs. Slowly, the door opens making an eerie creaking sound. It’s RAIN peering in nervously, letting in the cold air in.

    JACKIE: (glances up) Welcome to Oliver’s Occult Oasis.

    RAIN fidgets, shakes some of the snow off her leather jacket and picks up a small shopping basket near the entrance.

    RAIN: Thank you.

    She moves away from JACKIE who has resumed reading with the occasional glances. RAIN looks at various items, from books to incense. As she examines an assortment of bottled herbs RAIN finds herself more intrigued at the idea of doing more spells. Walking to one of the shelves, she observes the different styles of tarot cards. After she puts a deck of tarot cards in the basket, she flips through a variety of books on Witchcraft. RAIN finds one that grabs her attention and reads table of contexts which excites her even more. Hastily, she puts the book in the basket and brings it to the counter. JACKIE puts down her novel.

    JACKIE: (takes everything out of the basket) Is this everything?

    Before answering, RAIN sees an assortment of rings, bracelets and necklaces on the counter. She is immediately drawn to a ring with a tree-like design.

    RAIN: (picks it up) This is beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    JACKIE: It’s a lovely design, isn’t it? It means Tree of life; complete with nature, everlasting reminder of our interconnected existence to all things.

    RAIN: (hands it to her) I’ll take it.

    JACKIE: (puts it in a small box) For a friend, I presume?

    RAIN nods.

    JACKIE: (places the box in a bag) I am sure she’ll like it. (Beat; rings up the price) In fact, I am confident.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) Thanks.

    JACKIE: (examines the tarot cards) These are on sale.

    JACKIE pushes a few buttons on the cash register. The last item she picks up is the book on witchcraft.

    JACKIE: (taps it) This is a rare copy.

    RAIN: (half grin) Oh really? (Beat) It looks good.

    JACKIE: It has to be used with… guidance… someone who has wisdom, who can keep you grounded.

    RAIN: (swallows) I… I have guidance.

    JACKIE: (nods) Then you should be successful.

    RAIN starts to feel even more awkward.

    JACKIE: (puts the book in the bag; rings up the total price) Twenty-five dollars. (RAIN hands her the cash) Thank you, dear.

    Just as JACKIE gives her the receipt and a business card, she quickly grabs RAIN’S hand, squeezing it gently.

    JACKIE: (with great concern) If you have any questions… (Releases RAIN’S hand) please call. (Beat; tenderly) Be sure to come again, child.

    RAIN: (unnerved) Sure. (Takes the bag from JACKIE) Thank you.

    RAIN leaves the store with JACKIE watching her intensely.

    CUT TO-

    The restaurant is closed. NICK, MICHAEL, BELLA and MADELINE are sitting at a table near the kitchen. They appear to be playing a board game. We hear a roar of laughter.

    MADELINE: All right. (Look at a sheet of paper) I suggest it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the... rope.

    BELLA and MICHAEL look at their cards in private.

    NICK: (munching on a chip; marks his sheet) No card for you ma’am.

    MICHAEL shows MADELINE a card.

    MADELINE: (crosses her brow) No, you already showed me this card!

    MICHAEL smirks sipping his beer just as she sighs in frustration. EVERYONE laughs and they turn to NICK as it’s his turn but he doesn’t roll the dice.

    NICK: (Clears this throat; smiles) Ladies and gents, I accuse Colonel Mustard in the library with the knife. (Nods to MADELINE) Not bad for your first try.

    MADELINE gives him a look while BELLA retrieves the confidential case file envelope. Quickly MICHAEL tosses his sheet and picks up dirty plates as well as empty glasses and goes to the kitchen.

    BELLA: (mutters) You don’t need to be so cocky, Nick.

    NICK: Yes, I do. (Points) Now hand me the envelope, Talmadge.

    BELLA glares at him as she hands it to him. He opens it and beams. One by one he shows them the card indicating he was right. It was Colonel Mustard in the library with the knife. He throws the cards on the table. Then he puts his arms behind his head and leans back.

    NICK: (smirks) What did I tell you? I win every time. (Points to his head) It’s all up here.

    BELLA: I am surprised there is anything up there.

    NICK: (affronted) Are you calling me a bimbo?

    BELLA: That would be bimbo-magnet.

    MADELINE chuckles softly and then looks at her watch.

    BELLA: (observes MADELINE; softly) She said she’d be here.

    MADELINE: I know. (Beat) I am just disappointed. I was looking forward to this, you know? Hanging out with Rain and you guys... (Looks down the back up) especially after everything that’s happened with Rowe.

    NICK: (serious tone) They still haven’t found him?

    MADELINE shakes her head.

    BELLA: (gently) They will.

    MADELINE: (soft smile; gets up) Well, I better call it a night.

    MADELINE puts on her coat while NICK puts the game away. Moments later, RAIN strolls in holding on to the bag from the magic shop. EVERYONE looks up. Without drawing attention, RAIN hides the bag behind her as she walks up to the bar.

    RAIN: Hey guys. (Beat; winces) Did I miss game night?

    BELLA: (looks over to NICK) You didn’t miss much, just Nick’s gloating.

    NICK: (still putting the game away) I heard that.

    RAIN: (puts the bag down; to MADELINE) I’m surprised to see you here.

    MADELINE: (approaches her) Yeah well... I thought it’d be a nice change of scenery. (Beat) I was hoping to see you tonight.

    RAIN: Yeah, I’m sorry. I forgot. (Beat) I was doing some errands.

    MADELINE: That’s all right. (Smirks; looks over to NICK) When is the next game night? I need to harness my detective skills so I can beat Nick at Clue.

    BELLA: (muses) That’s something I’d like to see.

    NICK: (holding on the game) That’ll never happen, ladies. (Egotistically nods at them) Never.

    MADELINE: (grins; back to RAIN) Well, now that... things are starting to get back to normal for me, I think we should meet soon. You know, to concentrate on your powers, maybe go on patrol? Are you free Sunday?

    RAIN looks down at the bag resting near her feet. Then she glances over to MADELINE.

    RAIN: (feels guilty) Yeah sure. Sunday is good for me.

    MADELINE: (nods) Great. Well, good-night everyone.

    EVERYONE bids MADELINE good-bye. Soon MADELINE closes the front door; NICK goes to storage room to put the game back. Using this as an opportunity for a private moment, RAIN places the bag on the counter then grabs the box and and hands it to BELLA.

    BELLA: (takes the box) What’s this?

    RAIN: It’s a gift, you dork.

    BELLA: (surprised but pleased) Thank you, Rain. (Opens the box) Wow... it’s beautiful. (Puts the ring on) This design... it looks familiar.

    RAIN: It means Tree of Life. (Mentally tries to remember what JACKIE said) Complete with... nature, everlasting reminder of our... interconnected existence to... all things.

    BELLA gives RAIN a look.

    RAIN: What?

    BELLA: (shakes head) I dunno. Hearing you say that I just felt like I had déjà vu. Weird.

    RAIN: (soft nod) Yeah weird. (Pulls out the book on witchcraft out of the bag) I also got this. (Shows BELLA) Isn’t it cool?

    BELLA: (flips through the pages) Black salt, angelica cut, devils shoestring...uggh.... toad eyes... bat’s head root?! (Beat) Rain, are you going to show this to Madeline before you do any spells?

    RAIN: (takes the book from her) Yeah, I will. (Beat) I just want to look at it first.

    BELLA: (concerned) All right, well... have fun reading it.

    While BELLA goes to retrieve her blue pea coat at the game table, RAIN sits at the bar and skims through her book just as NICK appears with a wet cloth to clean the table. The door opens. It’s MADELINE shivering from the cold.

    MADELINE: I forgot my satchel.

    Once NICK finds it, he picks up the satchel and hands it to MADELINE. RAIN resumes reading and MADELINE, NICK and BELLA start a small last minute conversation.

    CUT TO-

    The phone rings and MICHAEL runs into the office holding onto a white towel.

    MICHAEL: Hello?

    We don’t hear the other side of the conversation.

    MICHAEL: Hey Jackie, what’s up? (Listens) She did? Did she buy anything? (Listens; grows concern) All right, thank you for letting me know. (Beat) Good night.

    MICHAEL tosses the towel and leaves the office. While MADELINE, BELLA and NICK are still conversing, RAIN is engrossed in her book just as MICHAEL appears at the door. He sees RAIN at the end of the bar still reading and becomes troubled when she starts whispering an incantation.

    MICHAEL: (distressed; puts up a hand) Rain, don’t–

    All eyes are on RAIN who just finished reading it out loud. Suddenly, there is a loud crackling sound.

    NICK: What’s that noise?

    In a matter of seconds, RAIN is covered in blue light just as her eyes glow white. The light from her body shoots off in different directions all at the same time, hitting MICHAEL, NICK, BELLA and MADELINE. Without delay, they all fall to the floor except for RAIN who has a stunned look on her face and is still sitting down at the bar.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Odelia (SaltyGoodness)

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I:


    Nervously, RAIN stands behind the bar. The camera pans to MICHAEL, BELLA, MADELINE and NICK who are now awake and sitting down side by side, rubbing their heads. RAIN thumbs the back of her jeans.

    RAIN: (apprehensively) H-How are you guys feeling?

    MADELINE pops a couple of pills from her purse.

    MADELINE: (drinks a glass of water) We’ll be fine.

    NICK has a damp towel over his head as he massages the base of his neck.

    NICK: (removes the towel) Speak for yourself.

    BELLA: (slowly drinks her tea) I’m sure the headaches will subside soon.

    MICHAEL observes the guilt on RAIN’S face.

    MICHAEL: Rain?

    RAIN: Yeah?

    MICHAEL: Don’t blame yourself. (Beat) It’s not your fault.

    RAIN: Not my fault? Of course it is... (Looks down) I shouldn’t have bought that book. (Glances over to MADELINE then to MICHAEL) I wanted to learn more about my powers. I rushed without thinking and (gestures to them) look what happened.

    MICHAEL: (softly) Don’t worry about it. (Beat) We need to know about the spell. Just give us the details, so we know what we’re dealing with.

    RAIN: (struggles to think) There was a list of ingredients, like herbs and other stuff I never heard of but I really.... (Fast) I was so excited that I just ignored the instructions and jumped right to the incantation.

    MADELINE: (to MICHAEL) Then the spell shouldn’t have worked if she didn’t have the necessary components. All she had was the book. The spell backfired.

    BELLA: (protests) But something happened... it knocked us out.

    MADELINE: Maybe the headaches are a side effect because it backfired?

    MICHAEL: (To RAIN) Where’s the book?

    RAIN: It should be around here somewhere.

    EVERYONE looks around for the book. Soon NICK finds it but it has been burned to a crisp.

    NICK: (hands it to MICHAEL) Boss, I think you’re going to have trouble reading this.

    MICHAEL: (examines it) We should get another copy.

    NICK: (worried) What for? All we got were painful searing migraines, right? (Sees MICHAEL is concerned; frantic) Are you saying I could turn into a monkey wearing a tutu any time now?

    MADELINE: (ignores NICK; to RAIN) Where did you get it? The book?

    MICHAEL doesn’t indicate he already knew where RAIN got the book.

    RAIN: Oliver’s Occult Oasis on Hastings Street. (Beat; nods to MICHAEL) You’ve bought supplies from them before.

    MICHAEL: (rather hastily) I’ll call the store tomorrow to see if they have another one available.

    RAIN: (anxious) What if they don’t?

    MICHAEL: (reassuringly) We’ll worry about that when the time comes.

    BELLA: What do we do in the meantime? Shouldn’t we research or something?

    NICK: (raises his hand without delay) I vote for research. (His right fist hits the palm of his left hand) I think we should nip this in the bud.

    MICHAEL: (half smile) We don’t know the details of the spell. I think we should wait.

    BELLA: What about a reversal spell? I am sure there’s a few that Madeline might-

    NICK: (grins excitedly) -Ahh... a reversal spell, good thinking. (Nods; to MADELINE) Yes, let’s do one, Blake. Do you know of any at the top of your head?

    RAIN: (apprehensive) Another spell? Is that really a good idea?

    MICHAEL: (firmly; to EVERYONE) Look, on the surface it seems nothing has happened to us. I think for the time being, we’re okay. I don’t see any reason to rush into this until we know more about the spell.

    MADELINE: (nods softly) Michael is right. We should proceed with caution.

    MICHAEL is taken aback that she is letting him run the show considering she is RAIN’S watcher.

    MICHAEL: (to RAIN) So no spells, no magic until we get another copy of this book. All right?

    RAIN: (puts her hands up) No problem. I’m magic-free Rain.

    BELLA: So you think it’ll be all right to go home for the night?

    MICHAEL: Yeah, I think that will be fine. (Beat) If there are signs that the spell did work, please call... (Looks over to MADELINE, then back to EVERYONE) Madeline or me.

    Soon EVERYONE nods in agreement. Just as they get ready to put on their jackets and leave, RAIN stops them.

    RAIN: (apologetically) Guys... I’m sorry.

    MADELINE: (touches her shoulder) It’s okay.

    Not feeling convinced, RAIN gives a fake smile.

    CUT TO-

    We see RAIN emerging from one of the stalls, wearing a long-sleeved dark purple shirt, black jeans and biker boots. She is carrying her black leather jacket over a new bag she has made from different coloured corduroy fabrics.

    A crowd of TEENAGE GIRLS enter the bathroom, ready to hog the mirror. The leader of the pack turns around. It’s NEEVE who is a stark contrast to RAIN wearing a white-collared shirt underneath a v-necked navy blue cashmere argyle sweater in addition to her blue jeans and ugg boots. RAIN groans the moment she locks eyes with her.

    NEEVE: (folds her arms; holding on to her Coach purse) Look who decided to come back to school.

    The other GIRLS turn around.

    NEEVE: (to RAIN) I heard you were sick. (Beat) Are you feeling better?

    RAIN: (crosses brow) What are you doing?

    NEEVE: (smirks) Pretending I care.

    RAIN doesn’t respond and attempts to leave but NEEVE stops her.

    NEEVE: You know, you never told me how Bailey Sorenson died. Wanna spare me the details?

    RAIN: It was all over the paper. (Beat) You can read, can’t you?

    NEEVE: (ignores her comment) I thought I’d ask you, since you were there.

    RAIN: (sighs) All right fine. (Softly) She killed herself... by jumping off the roof of the school building. (Whispers) There were other eyewitnesses.

    NEEVE: Yeah, that part seems a little too convenient. They’re from (points to RAIN) your small social circle. I just find it strange that the other 100-odd students in the area couldn’t recall what happened. It’s as if they had their memories erased. (Beat) That doesn’t check.

    RAIN shakes her head and tries to leave the bathroom again but NEEVE grabs her arm. NEEVE’S friends look at each other nervously.

    RAIN: (firmly) Let go of my arm.

    NEEVE: (coldly) What are you doing to do? Kill me?

    RAIN tries to jerk away but seems to have trouble. She tries again but finds it difficult.

    RAIN: (vehemently) B*tch, let me go. (Locks eyes with NEEVE again; delicately) Look, Neeve, it’s true. Bailey really did kill herself.

    NEEVE: (scoffs) You expect me to believe someone like her would do that? She had everything at the palm of her hand.

    RAIN: (lowers voice) You didn’t know her as well as you thought you did.

    It takes a bit more strength for RAIN to push NEEVE off. This startles her. RAIN quickly opens the door, exits the bathroom. Seeing that NEEVE didn’t go after her, she briskly walks to locker. To make sure that no one is around, RAIN glances over her shoulder. Then for a few seconds, she stares at her locker, trying to open the door but nothing happens. Thinking she’s not trying hard enough, RAIN does it again but the door doesn’t open. Her eyes widen.

    RAIN: (whispers) Oh, no.

    RAIN pulls out her cell phone but sees the battery has died.

    RAIN: (shakes her phone) Don’t do this to me.

    VOICE: Hello, Rain.

    RAIN reluctantly turns around and sees it’s her guidance counselor, TOLEN MARKS. MS. MARKS is wearing a white blouse with a dark gray vest and slacks in addition to black high-heeled shoes. RAIN smirks when she observes MS. MARKS’ silver skulls earrings. MS. MARKS slightly touches the frame of her black glasses.

    RAIN: (acknowledges her) Ms. Marks.

    MS. MARKS: (ignores RAIN’S cell; bluntly) According to my planner, you were supposed to be in my office ten minutes ago.

    RAIN: (anxious) I need to talk to Madel– I mean Ms. Blake. It’s really important.

    MS. MARKS: Principal Reyers just told me her car broke down, so she won’t be coming in this morning. (Beat) Now shall we go to my office? (RAIN nods) We can talk about why you’re so edgy today.

    MS. MARKS makes a head start to her office.

    RAIN: (mutters in low voice; rambles) Why am I so edgy you ask? Oh it’s nothing really. I did a spell, it backfired. I lost my powers and I am willing to bet my friends have them. (Beat) And I can’t even defend myself against a frickin’ cheerleader.

    MS. MARKS: (turns around) What was that?

    RAIN: (smiles) Nothing.

    MS. MARKS gives a soft nod. Looking over to the lockers, RAIN wonders what the rest of the day has in store for her and skulks to MS. MARKS’ office.

    CUT TO-

    There is a TOUR GUIDE leading a small group of Haven High SENIORS through the museum. Trailing a few feet behind them is BELLA with a bored expression on her face. She has on a black Norway Nordic sweater, jeans and L.L. Bean sport boots.

    Soon the TOUR GUIDE stops in front of a display and starts explaining the history behind it. BELLA looks at her cell phone wondering why RAIN hasn’t texted or called her. A MALE VOICE calls after BELLA.

    MALE VOICE: Ms. Talmadge?

    A short MAN with an obvious black toupee that doesn’t come close to covering his bald spot approaches her.

    BELLA: (glances up) Yes, Mr. Eberly?

    MR. EBERLY: (scratching his moustache) What did I say about the phone?

    BELLA: (meekly) They’re ancient history?

    MR. EBERLY: (takes his hand out) The phone, please.

    BELLA: (lies through her teeth) But, sir. My parents... I am waiting for them to-

    MR. EBERLY: (throws the same hand up) –If they need to reach you, they can call the school. (Beat) Now, give me the phone.

    BELLA sighs bitterly and hands him the cell. With the phone in hand, MR. EBERLY walks away and puts it in his pocket. A white, handsome MALE STUDENT approaches BELLA. He has on an army jacket, a polo shirt, baggy pants with paint flecks and worn out Converse sneakers.

    MALE STUDENT: You’re victim number 6 today and the tour has barely even started.

    BELLA: (arches a brow) Sorry?

    MALE STUDENT: Eberly. (Beat) He took my iPod. (Points to some of the other students) And Bao-yu’s sidekick, Ashley’s Blackberry, David and Latoya’s MP3 players.

    BELLA: He’s a techno gadget Nazi, isn’t he?

    MALE STUDENT: (small chuckle; offers his hand) I’m CJ Hodges.

    BELLA grins but before she can tell him her name he stops her.

    CJ: (smiles) No need to introduce yourself, Bella. I know who you are. (Sees BELLA’S leery face; chuckles) I promise I am not a stalker. (Explains) Other than Advanced History, we also have computer science together.

    BELLA: (apologetically) Oh, I’m sorry. (Cringes) I don’t remember you.

    CJ: It’s all right. I keep to myself anyway.

    CJ sees MR. EBERLY sitting down drinking his coffee.

    CJ: I swear... that toupee. (Beat) One of these days, it’s going to fall off.

    BELLA: (smirks) I know! (Beat) I’d give to see that.

    Moments later, MR. EBERLY’S toupee in fact does fall off and lands in his cup.

    CJ: (covers his mouth; looks over to BELLA) Whoa! Did you see that?! (Beat) That’s so weird! The timing!

    BELLA: (grins; rubs her head in pain) That is weird. We just thought and then bam, it fell in his cup!

    CJ: (nods to himself) Yeah... like telekinesis?

    BELLA: (looks at him funny) What did you say?

    CJ: (turns to her) Like telekinesis... you know when you move things with your mind?

    BELLA: Yeah... like that. Huh.

    They glance back at MR. EBERLY who is clearly embarrassed as he picks up the soaked toupee and heads toward the bathroom.

    BELLA leans back, away from CJ a bit. She observes a trashcan that’s in the same direction as MR. EBERLY is going in. Focusing on the trashcan, she tries to tip it over and sure enough it falls right before MR. EBERLY’S feet. The minute he crashes to the floor, some of the STUDENTS rush to him including CJ. BELLA’S eyes instantly widen. As CJ and a couple of other classmates help MR. EBERLY to his feet, she glances over at the trashcan. Maintenance is now cleaning it up. Just slightly, BELLA rubs her head in disbelief and realizes that she has RAIN’S telekinesis power.

    CUT TO-

    A few cars drive by on the street while people are walking on both sides of the sidewalk with shopping bags, backpacks and briefcases as they pass various business establishments. The streetlights are covered with garlands and other various Christmas decorations.

    Holding on onto a steaming cup of hot chocolate, MADELINE strolls down one of the sidewalks while talking on the phone. She has on a buttoned-up brown polo jacket, dark gray slacks and winter shoes. Her cream coloured blouse peers through the jacket.

    MADELINE: Hello? Mrs. Hayes? (Beat) It looks like I won’t be coming in today after all. It’s going to take longer than I thought. (Beat) All right, bye.

    MADELINE hangs up. Just as she puts her phone in her purse, she sees a LITTLE BOY standing in the middle of the street, in the midst of oncoming traffic. Without much thought, she drops her hot chocolate and runs to the child, absentmindedly creating a force field protecting her and LITTLE BOY. MADELINE picks up him up and reaches the other side of the street. After she puts the boy down, she swiftly turns back and looks on in awe at the force field she has just created.

    The crowd on both sides of the street starts murmuring and pointing, not realizing she’s responsible for it. MADELINE observes a semi-truck gunning down toward the force field. Frightened for the truck’s driver’s safety, she lifts her hand up, looks away and mentally brings down the shield as she closes her eyes.

    MADELINE feels her hair blowing all over her face and hears the blaring horn passing her. She opens her eyes and sees the semi-truck safely driving on the street. By now MADELINE concedes she was able to shut down the force field.

    LITTLE BOY: (sniffles; scared) I want my mommy.

    MADELINE glances over to the LITTLE BOY and bends down. Seconds later a YOUNG WOMAN runs toward him.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (frantic) I’ve been looking all over for you!

    MADELINE: I found him in the middle of the street but (soft smile) I think he’ll be fine.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (picks up the LITTLE BOY; gasp) Oh... my! Thank you!

    MADELINE stands up.

    YOUNG WOMAN: (cries softly) Again, thank you.

    MADELINE: (tugs her purse) Of course, just doing what anyone would do.

    The YOUNG WOMAN still holding on her son walks in the opposite direction as MADELINE looks on.

    MADELINE: (looks at her hand; whispers) Sort of.

    CUT TO-

    Crossing the football stadium, NICK is wearing a chocolate brown suede jacket, a long-sleeved Frank Zappa t-shirt, jeans and boots. There is little snow on the field as he observes the team practicing in the chilly weather. NICK hollers for one of the players.

    NICK: (carrying his backpack; waves) Holden!

    HOLDEN doesn’t hear him. Smirking, NICK makes a snowball and throws it at his friend. To his surprise it hits HOLDEN pretty hard, right in the back of his head. HOLDEN turns around, rubbing his head and sees who is responsible for it. He smiles at NICK and gestures him over to the bench. Before NICK approaches him, HOLDEN whispers to a couple of his teammates.

    HOLDEN: (quickly turns to NICK) Pretty strong arm you got here, Caro.

    The two exchange a grip handshake.

    NICK: Sorry about that.

    HOLDEN: I’ll manage. (Beat) So you got the notes?

    NICK nods and opens his backpack and pulls them out.

    NICK: (hands it to HOLDEN) Here’s your copy.

    HOLDEN: (takes them) I appreciate it man. (Beat) So are you going to the Winter Break Party?

    NICK: Depends on finals.

    HOLDEN: I hear they’re going to do the Ice Luge.

    NICK: (arches a brow; intrigued) Ice luge?

    HOLDEN: (smiles) It’s where you carve a channel in a huge block of ice, and then you pour booze down it. To get that perfect, chilled shot, you gotta put your mouth at the end of the luge. (Beat) Sounds pretty rad, doesn’t it?

    NICK: (grins) It sure does. (Looks at his watch) I am late for class so I better jet. Talk to you later, man?

    HOLDEN: (smirks) Yeah, sure thing.

    Just as NICK is about to high five HOLDEN, two FOOTBALL PLAYERS grab NICK’S arm, forcing him to stay still.

    NICK: (startled) Wha-what’s the deal here guys?

    HOLDEN: (playfully) You really think I was going to let you get away with that?

    HOLDEN picks up the water cooler. Other PLAYERS on the field see the commotion and approach them.

    NICK: (sees the cooler) Aww, come on, Holden! It’s cold out here! (Beat) Look, I said I was sorry!

    NICK struggles a bit, tries to makes an effort to free his arms out of the FOOTBALL PLAYERS’ firm grip. Not wanting to get wet in this icy weather, he tries harder to escape. With this left shoulder, NICK yanks the FIRST PLAYER forward who flies in the air toward the bleachers. Then NICK pushes his right shoulder back, throwing the SECOND PLAYER into the air as well but in the opposite direction. The SECOND PLAYER makes a great impact and crashes into the field. Too stunned to move, NICK observes both PLAYERS’ attempts to get up, but to no avail. HOLDEN and the rest of his TEAMMATES look at NICK in shock. NICK then realizes right there that RAIN’S spell last night did in fact work.

    NICK: (whispers to himself) At least I am not a monkey in a tutu dress.

    HOLDEN: (looking at NICK quizzically, still in shock) Huh?

    NICK: Er… nothing.

    CUT TO-

    On the kitchen counter, there are ingredients mise en plas such as spices, bottles of oils, sauces and other ingredients. The stove already has a copper frying pan ready to be heated on the left front burner. MICHAEL emerges holding a bag of fresh shrimp from Whole Foods. Approaching the sink, he puts the shrimp in the colander.

    Then he retrieves an apron and puts it on over his burgundy collared shirt and jeans. The moment MICHAEL ties on the apron, he faces the stove to test his new recipe. He turns the knob but there is no flame. MICHAEL takes a butane lighter to the stove yet the flame still doesn’t come on. He sighs and turns to another surface burner and finds the same problem occurring. Feeling a little impatient, he picks up the pan to move it to the back burner.

    Stunned, MICHAEL sees his hand is cracking with blue electricity. As the energy reaches from the handle of the frying pan to the surface burner, a flame is ignited. Taken aback by what just happened, MICHAEL looks at his hand; it’s no longer covered with electricity. Then he focuses on it, believing he can make it happen again. Sure enough, blue energy swirls around his fingers. Quickly, he douses it by closing his hand and a little smoke wafts through his fist. The camera pans to his face and we see he is deeply concerned. Soon a HISPANIC MAN in his thirties wearing an apron enters the kitchen.

    MAN: Everything okay, Michael?

    MICHAEL: Hey Luis. Yeah, something was wrong with the stove but it looks like its fine now.

    LUIS: Is it the burner?

    MICHAEL: I... lit a fire to it. It’s working now.

    LUIS: All right, well I’m going go and do some errands. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.

    MICHAEL: Yeah sure, see you later.

    LUIS leaves the kitchen just as MICHAEL turns off the burner. Taking out his cell phone, MICHAEL dials OLIVER’S number.

    MICHAEL: Oliver? (Beat; looks at his hand) We got a problem.

    CUT TO-

    On the left side of the library there is a mahogany antique desk with a lamp, a small antique clock, a leather notebook as well as a silver letter opener on top of it. To the right, the large window is dressed with two layers of curtains; a deep velvet chocolate brown for privacy and a sheer cream to let in the morning light from time to time. In front of the window there is a maroon leather couch. Opposite of the desk, there is a fireplace roaring with life. An oil painting is displayed above the mantle. On both sides of the fireplace, built-in bookcases are filled from top to bottom.

    Near the fireplace, a FIGURE sits on a dark brown leather chair. We can’t see his face. Next to the chair is a walnut end table with a glass top. A glass of cognac rests on a coaster. His hand picks up the glass. He takes a sip and then puts its back down just a CHINESE WOMAN approaches him and hands him a file. This is the same WOMAN who was assisting ROWE EDWARDS in 1.03 Eye of the Beholder when he was talking to the Glastnost demon in his office. The CHINESE WOMAN leaves.

    Still sitting in his chair, the FIGURE opens the file. We see a note attached to black and white pictures of RAIN. He reads the note before examining the images. As he flips through the pictures we see they’re from the night before, when RAIN lost her powers at the restaurant. He takes his hand to one of the pictures of her, touching her face, circling it. Then he pulls out his cell phone. It rings and a FEMALE VOICE answers but we don’t hear her side of the conversation.

    FIGURE: Why did I get the photos just now? (Listens) I don’t care. When something like this happens, I must be told right away. Not a day later. You understand?

    The FIGURE hangs up.

    FIGURE: (to the door) Jiao?

    JIAO immediately appears.

    FIGURE: (still holding onto the photos) I need to make a long distance call. Have the supplies ready for me in an hour.

    JIAO: Yes sir.

    JIAO leaves while The FIGURE picks up his glass and takes another sip of his cognac then returns it to its coaster.


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      ACT II


      MICHAEL hands MADELINE a cup of apple-cinnamon tea while listening to NICK and BELLA converse. It appears they are waiting for RAIN who is nowhere to be seen. There are no customers around.

      BELLA: (gestures) I just thought it and his toupee fell off!

      MICHAEL, NICK and MADELINE laugh.

      NICK: (sips his beer) I wish I had seen that. He sounds like a total douche bag.

      BELLA: (elatedly) And the trash can! (Gestures) I was able to make it tip over! (Beat) It seemed so easy.

      MICHAEL: (cleans a glass) Telekinesis can go two ways: either it’s fuelled by emotions, or a clear mental focus. (Beat; smiles) From what you said, it looks like it was emotional considering he took your cell phone away.

      BELLA nods as if taking notes.

      MADELINE: (to NICK) Are Holden and his teammates upset with you?

      NICK: (waves a hand) Nah, they were just too shocked at what happened. (Shrugs) They just let it go.

      MADELINE: Denial seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to the supernatural.

      MICHAEL: (soft grin) It must have freaked you out, Nick.

      NICK: (nods to himself) It sure did, boss. (Beat) So this means I have Rain’s slayer strength?

      MICHAEL and MADELINE nods.

      BELLA: (smirks) Now you can finally fight vampires and not run away like a girl.

      NICK: (mock laughs) Very funny.

      MADELINE: (realizing) I am surprised you got her slayer strength. (Beat) I would assume it would go to Bella or... me.

      NICK: What do you mean? Why?

      MADELINE: There are no male slayers, only females.

      NICK: (arches a brow) Really? (Cocky; flexes his muscles) Maybe it’s time for a change, eh?

      BELLA rolls her eyes.

      BELLA: This is all so weird. (Beat) At least you were able to save that boy, Madeline.

      MADELINE: (sips her tea; softly) He could have died if it wasn’t for me. It’s a good thing my car broke down.

      NICK: (nods) Yeah right place, at the right time and... the right power, for that matter.

      MICHAEL: But your car is up and running now?

      MADELINE nods.

      BELLA: Can you believe it? (Beat) We all have Rain’s powers!

      MICHAEL: You still haven’t heard from her?

      BELLA: No, when Mr. Eberly gave me my phone back at the end of the field trip, I checked it and there were no messages from her. School was over by then, so I came here. (Beat) You don’t think something happened to her, do you?

      MADELINE: (concerned; to MICHAEL) Maybe I should have called the school. I know you said to wait but-

      The entrance door opens and everyone looks up. It’s RAIN feeling defeated holding onto her bag. She approaches the bar and sits next to NICK.

      RAIN: (not amused; nods to herself) So who has telekinesis?

      BELLA shyly raises her hand.

      MADELINE: I have your force field power.

      RAIN: Michael?

      MICHAEL: (delicately) Fire raising.

      RAIN: I guess that means you, Nick... (Smirks) have my slayer strength?

      NICK: (crosses his brow) What’s the smirk for?

      RAIN: (playfully) Oh... nothing. (Beat) So... what now, boss?

      NICK: (takes his beer to his mouth) Hey, that’s my line.

      MICHAEL softly smiles, but it soon fades.

      MICHAEL: I called the magic shop this morning. The book you bought was the only copy but the owners are in the process of ordering another one. It’s a rare print, so it’ll be a few days.

      BELLA: (intrigued) How rare is it? (Eyes widen) Is it like centuries old?

      MICHAEL: (grins) Actually, more like... decades old. It was published in the ‘70s. (Beat) They only printed a limited number of copies.

      RAIN: (concerned) It’s the weekend. Can’t we get it somewhere else?

      MICHAEL: Oliver’s Occult Oasis is the only magic shop in Haven. I did call other local bookstores but they don’t carry it. (Beat) I know you’re apprehensive, but honestly I think you will be fine for a couple of days. Once we get the book, we’ll reverse the spell.

      RAIN: So... how am I supposed defend myself in the meantime? (Beat; mutters) As of today, a high school cheerleader who wears bubble gum lip gloss is stronger than me. If I can’t fight her, I don’t see how I can fight vampires or demons–

      MICHAEL: –Don’t patrol or go to the cemetery over the weekend.

      RAIN: Are you serious?

      MICHAEL: (nods) I am.

      MADELINE: (puts down her mug) Michael is right. You don’t want to go looking for trouble.

      NICK: (smirks; puts his arms around RAIN) Don’t worry, Rain. (Winks) I got your back.

      RAIN: (arches a brow; small grin) You’re gonna patrol? Cover my shift?

      NICK: (takes his arm away; laughs nervously) When I say I got your back, I mean-

      MICHAEL: -I’ll cover it.

      RAIN: Really?

      MICHAEL: (without hesitation) Of course.

      MADELINE: (chimes in) I’ll join you.

      Taken back, MICHAEL says nothing.

      BELLA: I’d like to help but my parents-

      MICHAEL: -Don’t worry about it. (Looks over to MADELINE and then back at BELLA) Madeline and I will take care of it.

      RAIN: (grateful) All right... sure. (Beat) Just be careful.

      NICK: (happily; pats RAIN on the back) There it’s settled. The elders will patrol this weekend.

      MADELINE gives NICK a glare.

      BELLA: (ignores NICK; to RAIN) Well, now that you’re human again. What are you gonna do tomorrow?

      RAIN: (shrugs) I don’t know.

      NICK: (drinks his beer) If I were you, I’d sleep all day.

      BELLA: (grins; faces RAIN more) You can do anything you want. Now you don’t have to do slaying anymore. No more magic. (Beat) You can just be, you.

      RAIN smiles as she lets her mind wander as we hear Yael Naim’s New Soul softly playing in the background.

      I'm a new soul
      I came to this strange world
      Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
      But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
      Finding myself making every possible mistake

      CUT TO-

      Sitting at her desk writing on a sheet of paper, RAIN then flips her pen back and forth, clearly focused. She has on a long-sleeved 2004 World Series Boson Red Sox shirt, jeans and gray striped socks. Satisfied with what she has written, she picks up the paper and puts it in her back pocket. Then RAIN puts on her Red Sox baseball hat, her boots, her leather jacket and grabs her keys as she leaves the apartment.

      CUT TO-

      We see RAIN talking to a SALESMAN who is shivering from the winter cold. He is standing before a used Black ’92 Ford Probe XL. Soon we hear the Rolling Stones’ Brand New Car playing in the background.

      SALESMAN: (gestures towards the trunk) You can use a pipe or a wood to hold the trunk-lid up. (Beat) Other than that, she’s in good condition. So you’re interested?

      RAIN looks inside the car and leans back.

      RAIN: How much?

      SALESMAN: 1,400.

      RAIN: (nods) I’ll take it.

      SALESMAN: All right then. Let’s go inside and we’ll work out the details.

      Just before RAIN joins him, she pulls out her list. We hear:

      I got a brand new car
      And I like to drive real hard
      I got a brand new car
      And I'm feeling good so far

      With her gloves on, she takes a pen and crosses out: buy a used car. RAIN smiles.


      We see a distorted image of the CHINESE SLAYER fighting SPIKE that occurred years ago in the China Boxer Rebellion. However the dialogue doesn’t match the scene.

      SPIKE: (VO; garbled) The music's just starting, isn't it... love the coat.

      ANGELUS: (VO; garbled) Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... no friends... no hope.

      The disjointed images of SPIKE and the CHINESE SLAYER continue but we can see enough to know that they’re sparring back and forth. We see a close up of the SLAYER slicing his brow and the blood dripping down his face.

      DRUSILLA: (VO; garbled) Be... in my eyes. Be... in me.

      At this point, the dream sequence has shifted to when SPIKE kills the CHINESE SLAYER. He sinks his fangs into her neck and as her life drains away he throws her on the ground. SPIKE licks the blood with pleasure.

      ANGELUS: (VO; garbled) You're a murderer, an animal, and you enjoy it. (Beat) Just like me.

      VOICE: (OS; clear) Bella? Bella? Tinker?


      Someone is trying to wake up a disturbed BELLA. She jerks up and gasps as she tries to catch her breath. She sees her father sitting at the edge of her bed deeply worried.

      BELLA: (breathlessly) Dad?!

      WARNER: (touches her arm) Are you okay? (Beat; concerned) I could hear you from the hallway.

      BELLA looks around brings herself back to reality.

      BELLA: Oh... I-I’m sorry.

      WARNER: What’s going? (Beat) Did you have a nightmare?

      BELLA: Yeah. (Rubs her head; calms herself down) I did... um... marathon of... horror movies with Rain at her place last night.

      WARNER: (arches his brow) It’s December. (Beat; smirks) Shouldn’t you be watching Christmas movies?

      BELLA: (chuckles) Yeah, but you know Rain.

      WARNER glances toward the window with a half smile.

      WARNER: (whispers to himself) Yes... I am afraid I do.

      BELLA: (arches a brow) Dad?

      WARNER: (clears throat; looks back at BELLA) Don’t tell your mother about the movie marathon, okay? We’ll never hear the end of it.

      BELLA: (pretends to zip her lips) My lips are sealed.

      WARNER: (grins; glances at his watch) You know, your mother is out for a charity breakfast. Why don’t you and I have breakfast together? (Beat) It’s been a while.

      BELLA: (surprised) Really?

      WARNER: Sure. (Beat; kisses her forehead) Now get dressed.

      WARNER gets up and walks toward the bedroom door.

      BELLA: (pulls the covers off her bed) Where are we going?

      WARNER: (turns around) I was thinking we’d go to Friendly’s.

      BELLA: (stunned) You haven’t taken me there since I was a kid.

      WARNER: I think it’s time we jump start the tradition, don’t you think? (Beat) In fact, I was thinking we’d spend the day together.

      BELLA: (beams back) I’d love that.

      WARNER gives a nod as she watches him leave the bedroom and closes the door. Soon we hear:

      ANGELUS: (VO; garbled) You're a murderer, an animal, and you enjoy it. (Beat) Just like me.

      BELLA’S smile fades.

      CUT TO-

      The owner of the salon is filing RAIN’S nails. We hear No Doubt’s Just a Girl playing in the background.

      Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
      I'm exposed
      And it's no big surprise
      Don't you think I know

      PANCHALI: (Indian accent) So I told him, it’s over. I’ll tell you honey, the man just won’t give up. (Beat) Do you have a boyfriend?

      RAIN: No, I don’t.

      PANCHALI: (surprised) Really? Beautiful thing like you? (Gestures) With your raven black hair? Your eyes? Unless... (Shrugs)... you swing the other way?

      RAIN: (laughs) No, I don’t do boyfriends. (Beat) I just... do boys.

      PANCHALI: (chuckles) I hear you honey. (Beat) Okay, we’re ready for color. (Looks at RAIN for a bit) I am guessing, black? I got these new skull decals. (Beat) A lot of the teenagers at Haven High go crazy for them.

      RAIN looks at her nails for a minute. We hear:

      'Cause I'm just a girl, little ol' me
      Well don't let me out of your sight
      Oh, I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
      So don't let me have any rights
      Oh...I've had it up to here!

      RAIN: Actually, I was thinking of doing something different.

      PANCHALI: All right sure. (Beat) No problem. What color do you want?

      CUT TO-

      RAIN is outside of the salon. We hear:

      Oh I'm just a girl,
      Guess I'm some kind of freak
      'Cause they all sit and stare
      With their eyes
      Oh I'm just a girl.
      Take a good look at me
      Just your typical prototype
      Oh... I've had it up to here!

      As she pulls the paper out of her pocket, we can see she has bright pink long nails. The camera pans to the paper showing: get manicure and pedicure. RAIN takes her pen and crosses it off as we hear:

      Oh I'm just a girl, living in captivity
      Your rule of thumb
      Make me worry some
      Oh I'm just a girl, what's my destiny?
      What I've succumbed to
      Is making me numb
      Oh I'm just a girl. My apologies

      CUT TO-

      Sitting before a table, NICK is writing down notes while listening to his iPod. He then looks up, glances around the room and observes other college students also preparing for their finals. NICK leans back, stretches his arms a bit, and fiddles with his iPod. He takes the earphones off, puts them and the iPod in his backpack. Then he pulls out a new martial arts magazine and flips through it with a smile. Yet we see he’s feeling restless. He puts down the magazine and gets up, walks past a couple of rows of bookcases, with the intention of going to the psychology section, but he then backs up and goes to the science-fiction section instead.

      Making sure that no one is around; NICK proceeds to take a book off the shelf titled: Witchcraft for Dummies. As he scans through the book, he chuckles and puts it back. Then he scrolls down looking at more books on witchcraft, scratching his head. He finds it funny he’s even doing this. NICK pulls another book out from the middle shelf, opens to a page and scans it a bit, finding it little interesting. Then he reads it out loud.

      NICK: (causally) Librum incendere.

      The page in NICK’S book bursts into flames. His eyes widen and he slams the book extinguishing the fire. Quickly, he puts the book back on the shelf and backs up. However, the book starts crackling with blue electricity and it soon spreads onto the other books only that shelf.

      NICK: (rub his head a bit) Aww... crap.

      The energy moves onto each book, as if it’s a slow seductive flame and one by one the books catch alight. NICK panics, run his hands through his hair, looking around for something to douse the flames. Once all of the books are covered with the blue electricity, it burns them in a matter of seconds, unlike a normal fire could.

      NICK mouth drops as he stares at the shelf in shock. He briskly walks around the bookcase, grabs his stuff, puts it in his backpack, throws on his jacket and tries his hardest to look cool as he leaves the library. Not realizing his nose is bleeding, he wipes it quickly as he bolts out of the library.

      CUT TO-

      There is a MAN standing on the stage before a crowd. He is holding on a piece of paper as well as a microphone. We hear a roar in the crowd.

      MAN: Okay, up next we have… (Looks at paper) Rain. (Beat) Rain, will you come up please?

      RAIN approaches the stage. There is a wave of applause. The MAN hands her the microphone. She nods to him and turns to the crowd as they cheer her on. The camera pans over her shoulder from behind. We can see a screen in front of her that displays the lyrics to various songs. She touches the brim of her baseball hat, closes her eyes channelling her rock god. The room is quiet but soon after we hear cheerful music playing in the background.

      RAIN: (takes a deep breath; opens her eyes) Raindrops keep falling’ on my head. And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed. Nothin’ seems to fit. Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’…

      The crowd roars again as RAIN sings. We hear that RAIN has a decent singing voice.

      RAIN: (getting into the song; points upwards) So I just did me some talkin’ to the sun. And I said I didn’t like the way he got things done. Sleepin’ on the job. Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’.

      RAIN continues on as the audience enjoys her performance.

      RAIN: (with more emotion) But there’s one thing I know. (Grabs her chest) The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me. It won’t be long til happiness steps up to greet me.

      Soon the crowd pulls out their lighters and sway together.

      RAIN: Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head. (Touches her eyes) But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red. (Walks the stage; points to herself) Cryin’s not for me. ‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’. Because I’m free. Nothing’s worryin’ me.

      We hear a trumpet sound in the background from the song.

      RAIN: It won’t be long til happiness steps up to greet me.

      RAIN stops in the middle of the stage.

      RAIN: (more passionate) Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head. But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red. Cryin’s not for me. ‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’. (Closes her eyes) Because I’m freeeeee. Nothing’s... (holding microphone tightly) worrrrryin’ meeeeeeeeee.

      RAIN opens her eyes as we hear the music fade. The crowd bursts into applause, hollering and cheering her on. Moments later, the same MAN who announced her hops onto the stage. RAIN hands him the microphone.

      MAN: (clapping) Give it up for Rain!

      The crowd cheers even louder.

      CUT TO-

      Leaning against her car, holding on to a gift voucher for Michael’s Haven, RAIN crosses off another entry on her list: sing karaoke. She puts the gift voucher in the lining of her jacket, climbs in the car and drives away.

      CUT TO-

      In the middle of the cemetery MICHAEL and a VAMPIRE are throwing hard core punches. It seems this sparring session has been going on for quite a bit. With his knee, MICHAEL rams it in the VAMPIRE’S stomach. Groaning, the VAMPIRE abruptly falls to the ground. Without delay, MICHAEL brings his stake to the VAMPIRE’S chest ultimately ending the whole fight into dust. MICHAEL gets up, brushes the snow off his leg just as MADELINE appears.

      MADELINE: (winces) Sorry I’m late.

      MICHAEL: (looks up) No worries. (Beat; puts his stake in the lining of this jacket) Everything okay?

      MADELINE: (shivers from the cold) I lost track of time, trying to find a resolution to the spell that Rain performed. I know you said to wait but-

      MICHAEL: -I understand. (Beat) I take it you didn’t find anything?

      MADELINE: (shakes her head) I really didn’t think I would anyway. I mean you’re right we don’t have anything to start with considering we don’t know the details of the spell. (Beat; looks around) Anyway are expecting more vampires? (Smiles) I brought my stake.

      MICHAEL: (small laugh) Did you?

      MADELINE: (scoffs) Did you just mock laugh at me?

      MICHAEL: (rubs his chin; smiles) Sorry. I didn’t mean-

      MADELINE: I saved that kid!

      MICHAEL: With Rain’s force field.

      MADELINE: (comes to a conclusion) You didn’t want me to come tonight, did you? (Beat) Did you think I’d be in your way? Is that it?

      MICHAEL: (stiffens a bit) Madeline just wait-

      MADELINE: (waves her stake at him; rambles) -I know that it seems like I don’t know what I am doing, that I come as if I am naive but you treat me as if I am a joke sometimes. You’re not really being fair I mean...

      Unbeknownst to MADELINE, there is a VAMPIRE sauntering towards her from behind.

      MICHAEL: (talking over her; inches closer) Now is not the-

      MICHAEL looks around, searching for a weapon while she continues to yammer not realizing the VAMPIRE is approaching her.

      MADELINE: (stake still in hand, gesturing) ... you’re the mystery guy who still hasn’t told us your story. I was going to let it slide for a bit because there’s been circumstances but-

      MICHAEL: (runs towards her) -Madeline!

      The VAMPIRE is now within touching distance ready to bite her. Still waving her arm with the stake, MADELINE surprises MICHAEL actually stabbing the VAMPIRE aiming right for the heart.

      MADELINE: -What?!

      The VAMPIRE bursts into dust.

      MICHAEL: Never mind.

      MADELINE turns around stunned acknowledging what she just did.

      MICHAEL: (smiles) Looks like you’re useful after all.

      MADELINE gives a glare.

      CUT TO-

      RAIN is lying on a massage table with a sheet wrapped around her. She doesn’t have the hat on. There are candles lit and a nearby. Her face is down in the horseshoe-shaped head support. We hear a door open and close.

      VOICE: Hello, my name is Bob. (Beat) I’ll be your masseuse this evening.

      RAIN: (doesn’t get up) What happened to Saffron?

      BOB: She had a family emergency. (Beat) Is that all right? It just happened, otherwise–

      RAIN: –No, it’s okay.

      BOB: Would you like some music?

      RAIN: Sure.

      BOB turns on the radio and we hear soft, tranquil music playing. He puts oil on his hands and starts rubbing RAIN’S shoulders.

      BOB: Am I rubbing too hard?

      RAIN: No, you’re fine.

      RAIN is beginning to visibly relax under BOB’S ministrations.

      BOB: You know, you’re pretty tense. (Voice lowers) It must be from all that slaying, I guess...

      RAIN: (still relaxed) Yeah... mmm (Realizing what BOB has said; her eyes widen) …wha–? Hey!

      Immediately RAIN gets up, standing behind the massage table, her sheet dropping. We see that BOB is a vampire, wearing a SOL & LUNA uniform covered in blood.

      BOB: (glances at RAIN’S chest) Nice!

      RAIN: (looks down) Hey!

      BOB: (points lower) No, I mean the tat.

      RAIN: (quickly grabs a sheet; wraps herself) Where’s Saffron?

      BOB: (nonchalantly) Um… Dead.

      RAIN: (mutters) I should have known. (Beat) I mean, ‘Bob the Masseuse’?

      BOB: (affronted) It’s my name. Bobby-Ray.

      RAIN: You couldn’t think of a cover name? Something like ‘River’, ‘Stone’, ‘Orion’? (Waves a hand) ‘Galileo’?

      BOB: Huh? I didn’t think that far ahead. (Beat) I just found out you were coming here. (Tugs the collar) I put this on... (Smirks) well, after I killed the entire staff. Anyway, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bag myself a slayer, since, well – since you’re no longer a slayer.

      RAIN: (arches brow) How do you know about that?

      BOB: Word around town is you’ve been stripped of your powers and your friends have them. (Grins) But it can’t be fun with those nasty headaches. (Beat) I pity your friends. (Pretends to think) Actually I don’t. I pity you though, Rain-formerly-known-as-slayer.

      BOB: Migraines. (Beat) I pity your friends. (Pretends to think) Actually I don’t. I pity you though, Rain-formerly-known-as-slayer.

      RAIN: (scoffs) Rain-formerly-known-as-slayer? Lame.

      BOB: (shrugs) Whatever. (Beat; bares teeth) You’re still fresh meat.

      BOB tosses the table, forcing RAIN to move back. She stumbles a bit and they circle each other. She sees the radio behind her and grabs it, aiming it at him but her throw misses and it crashes against the wall. BOB laughs. RAIN panics, wondering how she can she can fight the VAMPIRE without her powers. Just as BOB moves closer, she remembers the candles. She makes a decision and then looks over to BOB.

      RAIN: (scared voice) Let me go.

      BOB: (inches closer) Say please.

      RAIN: (grabs a candle; lights his uniform) Please.

      BOB’S uniform catches on fire. He screams in agony and stumbles back. Soon, he bursts into flames. RAIN sighs with relief.

      RAIN: (nods to herself) Yeah, I still got it. (Looking at her hand) Aw man, I broke a nail!

      CUT TO-

      Now in the car, RAIN looks at the last thing on her list: get a massage. She mutters, crumbles it and then tosses the list in the backseat. Then she gets her phone, ready to call the police pertaining to the gruesome scene inside but someone breaks the side window, hits her unconscious and drags her out of the car.

      We see two YOUNG TEENAGE BOYS hovering over her body. One of them opens the car door, jumps in the driver’s seat while the SECOND TEENAGER stares at RAIN. With the key already in the ignition, the FIRST TEENAGER starts the car. Soon we hear Alice Cooper’s Steal that Car playing in the background.

      It just ain't fair I was put in that position
      Somebody left their keys in the ignition
      I saw the unlocked door and made my decision
      I just can't help myself

      FIRST TEENAGER: (yells) Come on, man!

      His friend doesn’t listen and starts kicking RAIN. RAIN groans as she comes to and tries to get up. The SECOND TEENAGER kicks her again harder. With an eerie smile, he pummels her face, over and over, really giving her a beat down. Then he takes her Red Sox hat off and puts it on himself.

      Everybody knows
      I'm gonna steal that car
      My reputation shows
      I'm gonna steal that car
      I did some time in '99
      I'll do some time again
      Everybody knows
      I'm gonna steal that car

      FIRST TEENAGER: Hey, come on! Leave her alone!

      Soon, a cop car approaches. The OFFICERS see the car robbery in progress and turn the sirens on. Both TEENAGERS look up and instantly run away, not giving the OFFICERS any chance to catch them. We hear:

      Steal that car
      Steal that car
      Steal that car
      Steal it, steal it, steal it
      Steal it, steal it, steal it
      Steal it, steal it, steal it

      The camera pans to RAIN’S face. We see she is covered in blood, bruises and scratches from the broken glass. There are blood stains on her shirt. Red and blue flashing lights flicker everywhere as she moans in pain.

      RAIN: (weakly; mumbles) Tanner...

      Car, I want that car.
      I want that car
      I want that car

      We hear the OFFICERS talking on the police radio, calling an ambulance. In the background their voices are muffled. They approach her while the music fades in the background.


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        ACT III


        RAIN is on the bed resting. There are a few of butterfly bandages on her face as well as cuts and bruises. Soon, MICHAEL, MADELINE and BELLA quietly enter the room.

        BELLA: (softly) Oh god.

        Steadily, RAIN opens her eyes. Once she sees her friends, she smiles. MICHAEL walks around to the right side of the bed while the GIRLS approach the left.

        MADELINE: How are you doing?

        RAIN: (tries to get up; winces) Just peachy.

        MADELINE: (puts her hand on RAIN’S arm) Take it easy.

        MICHAEL: (softly) What happened?

        BELLA: Was it vampires?

        RAIN: (shakes her head) No it was a couple of teenagers- well one of them did this to me. The kid needs serious counselling. I mean talk about disturbed. The other one was trying to steal my car.

        BELLA: (arches her brow; surprised) You got a car?

        MADELINE: (touches BELLA on the shoulder) So it was just a car robbery? Nothing supernatural?

        RAIN nods.

        BELLA: (whispers) Oh Rain.

        MICHAEL: Have you given the police your statement?

        RAIN: (half smile) Signed, sealed and delivered.

        BELLA: Did they catch the car-jackers?

        RAIN: (shakes her head; to MICHAEL) When can I get out of here?

        A VOICE startles them, especially MICHAEL. It’s an ER DOCTOR in his early thirties, wearing scrubs and a stethoscope and holding on to a file.

        DOCTOR: Actually, Ms. Mason, I’d prefer to keep you here overnight, for observation.

        The DOCTOR strolls towards the end of the bed. MICHAEL is clearly unnerved by the DOCTOR’S presence and vice versa.

        RAIN: Do I really have to?

        DOCTOR: (remains professional; looks over her file) You’ve sustained a lot of injuries. There could be some internal bleeding. (Beat) I’d like to monitor you, just to be on the safe side.

        RAIN: I heal pretty fast.

        She stops herself realizing she doesn’t have her slayer strength anymore.

        RAIN: (Beat; irritated) Look, I really just want to go home.

        MADELINE: Maybe it’s best if you say overnight.

        Before MICHAEL can say anything, RAIN jumps in.

        RAIN: –I can’t... can’t stay here. (Beat) You can look after me, Michael. You’re only one floor up.

        MICHAEL sees the desperate look in RAIN’S eyes.

        RAIN: (half smile) I’ll superglue my cell to my side.

        MICHAEL: (nods softly) If that’s what you want. (Clears his throat; to the DOCTOR) If anything happens, I will bring her right back.

        DOCTOR: (to RAIN; firmly) If you leave, it is against medical advice.

        RAIN: (nods to herself) I have no problem ignoring advice from authority figures.

        DOCTOR: (glances over to MICHAEL then back to RAIN) All right. I’ll need you to sign these. (Hands her some forms; RAIN quickly signs them) I’ll have a nurse bring in a wheelchair.

        RAIN: Don’t need the wheels, Doc.

        MADELINE: (takes RAIN’S arms) Michael’s SUV is out front.

        RAIN gradually gets up with BELLA and MADELINE’S help. She groans a bit, touches her stomach, clearly in pain.

        BELLA: Wait. What about your car?

        RAIN: (sighs) It’s at the police impound lot. (Beat; tiredly) I’ll get it tomorrow.

        As they leave the room, the DOCTOR appears and stands in front of MICHAEL, putting the file to his chest.

        DOCTOR: What do you think you’re doing?

        MICHAEL: Excuse me?

        DOCTOR: How are you involved in this?

        MICHAEL: I don’t think it’s any of your business.

        DOCTOR: Is she another one of your runaways? (Beat) How many is that now?

        MICHAEL: (stiffens) I need to take Rain home. So, if you don’t mind I’d like to go and do that.

        DOCTOR: If you care about her, you’d have convinced her to stay overnight.

        MICHAEL glances around the emergency room and looks at the DOCTOR’S scrubs, noticing that his ID card is flipped upside-down. With what is to us an overly familiar gesture, MICHAEL reaches out and turns the badge around. The camera shows the DOCTOR’S name on his ID card. It’s GRANT CORBIS.

        MICHAEL: This place suits you, Grant.

        GRANT: (clears his throat; quickly) Mom wants you to come over for Christmas dinner. (Beat) She says its time.

        MICHAEL: Uh-huh. What about Dad?

        GRANT doesn’t reply.

        MICHAEL: (nods to himself) That’s what I thought.

        MICHAEL turns around and GRANT watches him leave the emergency room.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN has just taken a shower and now she stands in front of the mirror. She wipes the fog off. Holding on to her towel, she stares at herself observing each bruise and cut on her face. There is a slight lost look in her face. Images of the SECOND TEENAGER beating her flash before her eyes. She closes them, trying to push out the thoughts out of her mind.

        FIRST TEENAGER: (VO) Hey, come on! Leave her alone!

        Then suddenly another voice appears but we don’t recognize it.

        MALE VOICE: (VO) That’s what you get for not paying me back.

        Instantly RAIN’S eyes open. She sees her hand is shaking. Then she opens the medicine cabinet, grabs a bottle of over the counter sleeping pills. After she pops a couple of pills chased down with a glass of water, RAIN makes way for the bedroom. Still with her towel on, she slowly climbs into bed. Yet she doesn’t turn off the lights as her eyes fixate on the ceiling.

        FLASHBACK- JUNE 1996

        We’re at the same park where RAIN first met MADELINE. TANNER is pushing a nine-year old RAIN on the swing.

        RAIN: Higher!

        TANNER: I don’t think you can get any higher than that.

        RAIN: Yes I can!

        TANNER smiles but soon his face frowns as he sees three MEN from a distance. He grabs the chains, stopping RAIN from swinging.

        RAIN: (looks over to him) Why did you stop?

        He walks around RAIN and bends down; gently he puts his arms on RAIN’S shoulders.

        TANNER: (firmly) I need you to go home, but go through the woods and run as fast as you can.

        RAIN: (frightened) Keith? Why, what…?

        TANNER: (touches her face) I don’t mean to scare you, Rain. (Softly) But I need you do this. Can you do this for your brother?

        RAIN: (nervous) I can do it.

        TANNER: That’s my girl. (Beat) Now go, now.

        RAIN sprints off into the forest without the three MEN noticing her. As they finally approach TANNER, they don’t bother striking up a conversation. They just start throwing punches at him. TANNER tries to fight back but the MEN hold him down and each of them take a hit. Blood gushes out of him. Meanwhile, RAIN is in the forest, but she has not run home. She crouches just out of sight, watching the MEN continue to shift back and forth, taking turns hitting her brother. She lets out a quiet whimper. RAIN’S body is frozen with fear as she witnesses these MEN repeatedly beat TANNER.

        FIRST MAN: That’s what you get for not paying me back, Keith. You hear me? (Pulls out a knife) And now, I’ll just have to settle the debt by–

        There is a siren coming from an approaching police car. All of the MEN scatter like ants. Two OFFICERS climb out of the car. The FIRST OFFICER chases after them, while the SECOND one talks on the radio. Then he approaches TANNER. Just he bends down, we see his face. It’s JOSHUA O’MALLEY, the detective who interviewed RAIN in the second episode. He observes TANNER who is covered with blood and bruises. TANNER gasps and winces in pain.

        O’MALLEY: Take it easy.

        TANNER: (weakly; mumbles) Rain...

        O’MALLEY: Help is on the way.

        Soon an ambulance arrives and paramedics quickly get to TANNER. They check his vitals and place him carefully on the cot. Within a matter of minutes, TANNER is gone. The FIRST OFFICER returns and O’MALLEY greets him. As they converse, O’MALLEY catches movement out of the corner of his eye. He looks over to the woods but he sees nothing but trees.

        FIRST OFFICER: What is it?

        O’MALLEY: (rubs his eyes) Nothing... it’s nothing. (Beat) My eyes are playing tricks on me.

        FIRST OFFICER: (patting O’MALLEY on the back) Tell you what, Rookie. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee – pitch black. (Beat) These late hours, get to ya, especially around these parts. There are… (He pauses, searching for the right words; glances around them slightly nervously) … things out here at night, yah know?

        O’MALLEY: Things? What do you mean?

        FIRST OFFICER: Didn’t you hear yet? (His confident façade is back on; smirks) There are vampires lurking about.

        O’MALLEY: (laughs) Very funny. (Beat) Do you think the kid will be all right?

        FIRST OFFICER: Looks like. (Beat) I’ve seen worse than this. I’m sure you can imagine.

        O’MALLEY turns around and looks at the trees, then back at his SUPERIOR OFFICER.

        O’MALLEY: I can’t, sir. (Pauses; whispers) I really can’t.

        RAIN is sitting against a big tree further in the woods. Unable to move, she hugs herself as the summer night gets colder.


        PRESENT - DECEMBER 2004

        It’s the following day, later in the afternoon. RAIN is on the couch restless in her sleep clearly disturbed by a recurring dream. Nearby the coffee table is covered with empty bags from Michael’s Haven, sandwich wrappers and a few pictures of TANNER and RAIN at the deserted park. Slowly, she wakes up and rubs her head. Her eyes travel to the photos and she picks one up of TANNER pushing her on a swing. Grabbing her cell phone, RAIN scrolls to his number as if she’s about to dial it. However, she puts the cell phone down and brings her knees to her chin as the camera pans back.

        CUT TO-

        MICHAEL is sitting at the kitchen table talking to the webcam attached to his laptop. On the other side, OLIVER is trying to fix his but seems to be frustrated.

        OLIVER: Must we do this, Michael? I really hate this thing.

        MICHAEL: I am not comfortable with the idea of leaving Rain. I’m sure you can understand. (Beat) Besides we’ve done this before.

        OLIVER: (still playing with the webcam) Yeah but that’s different, you were in Australia.

        OLIVER finally positioned his webcam in the right spot. In the frame, JACKIE appears handing him a cup of tea and then sits next to him.

        JACKIE: How is Rain doing?

        MICHAEL: I think she’ll be fine but she was pretty shaken by what happened.

        JACKIE: Of course, that’s understandable. Poor child.

        OLIVER: Not to be insensitive to the situation but we should talk about the spell, ascertain what happened.

        JACKIE: (to OLIVER) You know that spells backfire, especially without guidance. It happens.

        MICHAEL: (disagrees) I am not so sure about that.

        OLIVER: What do you mean?

        MICHAEL: (Beat; explains) The spell required specific ingredients but Rain didn’t have them. She only read the incantation.

        JACKIE: Regardless, she skipped the instructions, everything. The spell backfired because there was no clear objective.

        MICHAEL: (certain) I think the spell worked. (Beat) Rain bought the book because she wanted to learn more about her powers. When she read the incantation, she was thinking about them, thus somehow splitting her powers.

        JACKIE: (suggest a theory) Perhaps the spell was actually meant for something simple, like removing a painful memory or exercising a demon from within, but in Rain’s case, it removed her powers.

        MICHAEL nods.

        OLIVER: (shakes head) But what you’re saying... that’s impossible. There’s just no way it could have worked. (Beat) I mean this spell called for ingredients with proper instruction that Rain clearly ignored. To suggest that it did work just based on the incantation alone-

        MICHAEL: (with conviction) -We underestimated Rain’s abilities. (Beat) I think she is more powerful than we thought.

        OLIVER: (sighs; mutters) I wish I never ordered that book.

        JACKIE: (puts her hand on his shoulder) Oliver, it’s an advanced paperback on witchcraft, not a thousand-year-old ancient text.

        OLIVER: (waves a hand) It doesn’t matter. Magic is magic. (Beat; to MICHAEL) We should do something before this gets worse, not only for Rain’s sake but for you and her friends.

        MICHAEL: (surprised) You’re not suggesting we do magic, are you?

        OLIVER: Yes. Let’s find our own way to remedy the situation, reverse the spell.

        MICHAEL: You of all people should know we shouldn’t mess with this, especially when it comes to her powers. (Beat) We need that book.

        OLIVER: (distressed; nods) You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m just... (Lowers voice; quickly) Ever since we found out she was deliberately hidden from us, demons and warlocks have been after her powers left and right. (Beat) Rain not having her powers, it really troubles me. This changes everything. (Concerned) If we don’t fix this soon, I don’t see how we can prepare for what’s to come.

        MICHAEL looks back at OLIVER grimly.

        CUT TO-

        It’s an hour later and we see business is slow tonight. There is a couple eating hot comfort food, drinking hot cider and hot chocolate. BELLA is typing on her laptop. Seconds later, NICK appears from the kitchen holding onto a hot steaming cup of tea. He brings it to BELLA.

        NICK: (Puts the cup near her) Your fourth cup of peppermint tea, ma’am.

        BELLA doesn’t respond. She is engrossed in the latest website she’s been researching from. We can see it’s the same demon database that CORDELIA used when she first started working for Angel in Los Angeles.

        NICK: (reads the title of the database) Demons, Demons, Demons. (Beat; muses) Clever title.

        BELLA: (looks up) Huh…? Sorry. This database... it’s amazing!

        MICHAEL emerges from his office and walks around the bar.

        BELLA: (cont) Did you know that there is a flesh-eating Indian demon that enters victims through the mouth and eviscerates from within? (Goes back to the database; reads) It’s called a Piasca demon.

        NICK: (makes a face) You don’t say? (Beat) I think I had enough of this demon talk, especially ones that... (Disgusted) evi– eviscer–, do that thing.

        MICHAEL smirks as NICK starts restocking some of the alcohol behind the bar.

        MICHAEL: (nods to BELLA’S laptop) Bella, you’re going to scare my customers away.

        BELLA: (shoots up; closes the laptop) Oh, I-I’m sorry. (Looks at the couple; whispers) It’s just that I’ve always known about this sort of thing because of Rain slaying (Lowers her voice) ... vampires and killing demons. (Beat) I’ve even done my own research (sees MICHAEL arches his brow) but nothing like this... it’s like a whole another world out there.

        MICHAEL: (small grin) You don’t have to do this, you know. (Points to her laptop) I don’t think you’re going to find anything that will help Rain.

        BELLA: (softly) I know, but... I feel useless. (Beat) I am afraid to use her telekinesis power again. So I might as well do this, keep myself useful. (Shakes her head) I certainly don’t want another migraine that’s for sure.

        MICHAEL: Likewise.

        Soon, a waitress from the kitchen hands MICHAEL a brown bag with hamburger and fries.

        MICHAEL: Want to bring this up to Rain?

        BELLA: Actually, do you mind doing it, since I brought her lunch? (Beat; concerned) I want to go back and look for more sites, try to find something... to help her.

        MICHAEL: (smile gently) All right.

        CUT TO-

        MICHAEL knocks on the door but there’s no answer. He knocks on it again. Then he tests the door knob and to his surprise, it’s unlocked. Gradually, he enters the apartment.

        MICHAEL: Rain? I got your dinner, hamburger as usual with extra avocado.

        MICHAEL sets the bag on the kitchen table and calls her name again. Not wanting to invade her privacy, he slowly walks further into the apartment. As he stops at RAIN’S bedroom, he sees it’s empty. Scanning the room and the rest of the apartment, he realizes her cell phone that was on the coffee table is gone. He examines the photos of TANNER and RAIN and puts them down.

        CUT TO-

        Happily finished with their meal, the couple leave the restaurant almost bumping into MADELINE. She observes BELLA typing on her laptop not realizing NICK is crouching behind the bar.

        MADELINE: (approaching the counter) Have you seen Rain? (Beat) I’ve been calling to let her know I was going to come by but she’s not answering.

        BELLA: (confused) You mean for like a slayer lesson? She’s really in bad shape, Madeline. (Smirks as if waiting for NICK to appear) Maybe you should spar with Nick instead.

        NICK stands up with a couple of bottles of imported beer in his hands.

        NICK: (Puts down the bottles) What are you implying, Talmadge? (Makes some light boxing moves) That I can’t fight? Hold my own?

        BELLA: Just pointing facts. You have Rain’s slayer strength, makes sense to train with her Watcher.

        MADELINE: (anxious) Have you seen her?

        BELLA: We’ve been checking in on her since this morning. I brought up food just this afternoon. (Beat) Michael is with her now.

        MICHAEL enters the restaurant.

        MICHAEL: (concerned) She’s not there.

        MADELINE: She’s not in her apartment? (Beat) I don’t understand. After what happened last night I would think she’d want to stay in.

        BELLA: Rain has been cooped in her apartment all day. She probably wanted to get some fresh air. (Beat; softly) Considering what she’s been through, I am not surprised she didn’t tell us where she might have gone.

        NICK: (offers an answer) Maybe she went to get her car at the impound lot.

        MICHAEL: (shakes his head) We already picked up the car this morning before you came in. (Distracted) I parked it in the back.

        BELLA: (observes MICHAEL) You’re worried.

        MICHAEL: (softly) There’s pictures of her and Tanner all over the coffee table. (Beat) I think... something’s wrong.

        BELLA: They weren’t there the last time I saw her.

        MICHAEL: I’m going to check to see if she took the car.

        BELLA now has the same worried expression.

        FLASHBACK- JUNE 1996

        We see RAIN shivering against the tree, still hugging herself. It’s the following morning after she witnessed the MEN beating TANNER up.

        MADELINE: (OS; to BELLA) Do you have any idea why she’d leave?

        In slow motion, TANNER, now all patched up, walks towards her. He hugs his sister tight as if he doesn’t want to let go, while still in pain. RAIN sniffles, and TANNER wipes her eyes.

        BELLA: (OS; softly) No I don’t.

        TANNER gives her water to drink and puts his jacket around her. Together, RAIN and TANNER walk out of the woods, hand in hand.



        RAIN is on the swing, gazing at the stars. We can see the entire park is covered with snow. In her hand there is a picture of TANNER and her hugging each other while their mother in the background with a detached look on her face. After staring at the picture, RAIN tears it in half. She puts the half of TANNER and her in her jacket pocket. Then she brings a lighter to the other half of her mother, sets it on fire and lets the flame fly in the cold air.

        VOICE: Kinda dramatic, don’t you think?

        Quickly RAIN gets up, dropping her lighter in the snow. She sees a FEMALE VAMPIRE with long blonde hair dressed in a maroon-zipped leather jacket, matching leather pants and boots standing a few feet away from her.

        FEMALE VAMPIRE: (tilts head) Family issues, huh? (Saunters toward RAIN) Aw, life just sucks doesn’t it... slayer? (Stops, puts her hand over her mouth) Oops, my bad. (Smirks) I forgot ... you’re not a slayer anymore and (glares; lowers voice) ... you’re not a witch either. You’re pretty much nothing now, aren’t ya?

        RAIN: (nervous chuckle) I guess all the vamps in town know about my non-slayer status, eh? (Beat) Did you guys team up; try to see who can take me down?

        The VAMPIRE grins as she licks her fangs. She doesn’t realize RAIN is trying to take a picture of her with her cell phone.

        FEMALE VAMPIRE: (continues) And you don’t have any family. (Beat) They’re gone and dead... (Grins) just like you will be.

        RAIN: Just make sure I am dead-dead, not vampire-dead, okay? (Beat) The whole blood sucking thing really grosses me out.

        She takes hold of the swing and hurls it at the VAMPIRE but she’s nowhere near it.

        FEMALE VAMPIRE: You missed.

        RAIN bites her lip.

        CUT TO-

        MICHAEL is standing at the back door and sees RAIN’S car is just where he left it. Then he gets a text message from RAIN. The camera pans to his phone; we see a photo of the FEMALE VAMPIRE baring her teeth.

        CUT TO-

        NICK, MADELINE, BELLA are talking to each other. Immediately MICHAEL appears with his jacket on, carrying a duffle bag.

        MICHAEL: (rushing) Rain is in trouble. A vampire has her.

        MADELINE: (turns around) What? How do you know that?

        MICHAEL hands her his cell phone, points to the picture.

        BELLA: Did she take the car?

        MICHAEL: It’s still there. She left on foot.

        MADELINE gives BELLA the cell phone.

        MICHAEL: Do you know where she might be Bella?

        BELLA: (looks at the photo) I th-think so. (Beat; shows MICHAEL) I recognize the picnic table. It looks like she’s at that park on Palmer Street.

        MICHAEL: I know where it is. (Beat; still holding onto his duffel bag) I brought weapons.

        NICK: (anxiously) You know Madeline; I may need some sparring tips after all.

        MICHAEL opens the bag and pulls out a crossbow, a couple of stakes, a sword and some holy water. NICK eyes widen.

        NICK: Nice arsenal you got there. You’ve been holding out on me, boss. (Beat; chuckles) Does the rest of the staff know you got this stuff?

        MICHAEL hands MADELINE and BELLA a stake each, passes Nick the crossbow and keeps the sword for himself.

        NICK: (carefully handling the crossbow; apprehensively) Do I really have to use this?

        MADELINE: (serious tone) Nick, I know you’re frightened but we’re it. We’re all she’s got. She’s alone out there with no way to defend herself.

        NICK: (gestures) B-but I have no idea how to use this. I am not a fighter. It’s not who I am. I am all about peace make love not war. (Anxious; rushing) I never even took karate classes as a kid. I went to band camp and because of that I was constantly picked on. It took years of therapy to get over that! (Raises his voice) And I almost burned down the campus library today just by saying a bunch of words in Latin!

        MADELINE: (puts her hand on his shoulder; softly) We need you Nick. You have Rain’s slayer strength. I know you can do this. We’re all scared but you need to snap out of it.

        NICK: (still holding on to the crossbow; softly) Can’t I have the holy water, instead?


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          The FEMALE VAMPIRE walks to RAIN and stops as her face changes back to normal.

          FEMALE VAMPIRE: (smirks) You don’t remember me, do you?

          RAIN stands guard.

          RAIN: (mutters) How could I not? I can smell the tacky perfume you’re still wearing.

          FEMALE VAMPIRE: (rolls her eyes; observes the cuts and bruises on RAIN’S face) What happened to your face? (Beat; grins) Did you run into a tree?

          RAIN doesn’t reply and is cautiously looking around for something to kill the VAMPIRE.

          FEMALE VAMPIRE: I don’t know if you remember my name but it’s Paris.

          PARIS sees RAIN smirk at hearing her name.

          PARIS: (displeased) I suppose I should get a new name. (Nods to herself; thoughtfully) I heard other vampires have done that. (Beat) It would sure end the Hilton jokes.

          RAIN is not amused as she is still scanning her surroundings. She spies a trash can but it’s behind the VAMPIRE.

          PARIS: (cups hands) Well, it’s been too long, hasn’t it? (Smirks; in a sing-song voice) I miss you.

          RAIN: (quickly glances up) Sorry to disappoint you, but the feeling is not mutual.

          PARIS: (ignoring RAIN’S remark; small grin) Remember the day when we first met? (Reminiscing) I was having a drink with that football player under the bleachers. It was the Homecoming game at your school.

          RAIN: (points at her) You were drinking the football player.

          PARIS: (shrugs) Eh, whatever. (Presses on) You just showed up with no weapons, nothing, just you and your sloppy fighting skills. (Beat) You’d think that fighting a slayer would be the highlight of my day but sadly it wasn’t. (Smiles evilly) Want to know what was the highlight of my day?

          RAIN: (annoyed) Must we do this?

          PARIS: Aww, come on! It’ll be fun going down memory lane! (Remembers fondly) During half time the Haven High cheerleaders had time for one more stunt. (Smirks) The squad leader wasn’t on the field yet but when she was about to join the girls... someone bumped into her carrying a ridiculous amount of junk food. (Counts with her hand) We’re talking popcorn, nachos, fries, chilli hot dogs, soda; the works. (Pretends to forget) Do you remember who it was?

          PARIS sees RAIN is not amused.

          PARIS: (points at RAIN with both hands) Oh wait, it was you! (Laughs) The funniest part is when Neeve got nacho cheese all over her hair extensions. (Beat) I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that pissed off. (To herself; rambles off) Oh wait... there was one time when her parents took away her credit card.

          RAIN: (surprised) You know Neeve Fournier?

          PARIS: (playfully) We met at cheerleading camp when we were kids. (Beat; evil grins) I guess you could say I was her mentor... well it was all before I turned.

          RAIN: (nods in realization; fold her arms) So you’re the one who lured Neeve to the dark side, training her to become the ultimate evil and destroy all of mankind. (Thumbs up) Kudos. You’ve done a great job. (Sarcastically) You’d be so proud.

          PARIS: (small grin) You’re still full of puns and lame-ass witty comebacks, aren’t you?

          RAIN: (irritated) Are we done with the “Bring it On” flashbacks? (Pulls her jacket closer to her, rubs her arms) It’s freezing out here. I’d like to kill you and go home and have a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate. The real stuff– not the packaged kind with those little bitty marshmallows.

          PARIS: (places her hand on her hip; smirks) With what? I’m guessing now that you’re human you didn’t bring any stakes or holy water, did you? You thought you wouldn’t need them. (Beat) And I know am not going to see any of your magic tricks. (Grins) Shame though, I would have like to see that.

          RAIN doesn’t respond.

          PARIS: (Shakes her head at RAIN) Tsk, tsk, tsk, Rain. Haven’t I taught you anything? Always, come prepared, even when you think you’re not going to be attacked. (Beat) Now that you finally have a Watcher, you should know not to come to a deserted park like this one at this hour without any way to defend yourself. (Points to her head) Not a bright move, don’t ya think?

          RAIN: (unconvincingly) Just because I am not a slayer anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t take you. (Beat; points at her) I killed Bobby Ray last night. There are flames and everything.

          PARIS: You’re assuming I came alone. (Raises her brows; smirks) Well... I didn’t.

          One by one, three FEMALE VAMPIRES emerge from the woods. They all line up ready for a good bite or possible kill. They are dressed variously in leather jackets, dark blouses, jeans and boots but their hair color and styles range from red and short to blonde and curly to brown and straight.

          PARIS: (eyes only on RAIN) The girls and I talked. We think that because this isn’t really a fair fight... (Moves her hand up and down at RAIN) with you being human and all, we’re going to let you have a head start.

          Panicked and full of fear, RAIN doesn’t move.

          PARIS: (sarcastically) I’d start running… like now.

          RAIN moves back and almost slips on the snow. She turns around, quickly runs in the opposite direction.

          PARIS: (to her friends) What did I tell you, ladies? I said I’d take us out for a drink.

          PARIS turns back to RAIN who is still running through the other side of the park.

          PARIS: (vamps out; licks her lips) I’m ready for my cocktail!

          CUT TO-

          A COVEN of FIGURES wearing robes are arranged in a circle in front of a roaring fire. We hear them chanting in an ancient language.

          The FIGURE who flipped through the black and white photos of RAIN and her friends earlier appears, but we can only see his back. It seems he is carrying something. He is approached by one of the other FIGURES, the LEADER of the COVEN. The camera pans to the LEADER’S face and at first sight, he appears to be human with the exception of his red eyes, the scar tattoo on his forehead and his fangs. When he speaks to the FIGURE, his voice is garbled but it’s clear enough for us to understand.

          LEADER: They are ready to begin, sir. (Beat) Do you have it?

          FIGURE: (firmly) This better work.

          LEADER: (lowers his head) When have we ever disappointed you? (Gestures to the COVEN) We have been loyal to you for many years. We betrayed our–

          FIGURE: –that’s why this has to work. (Beat) The witch must have her powers back. (Tightly) All of them.

          LEADER: (nods softly) Of course. (Beat) May I have it?

          The FIGURE hands him what he needs but the LEADER is offended as he sees it’s the same book that RAIN bought at Oliver’s Occult Oasis. The torn cover has retro decals and the title is styled in a seventies disco font.

          LEADER: (reads the title) “Living Wicca: Groovy Spells and More for the Solitary Witch: A how to guide for advanced witches”? (Beat; insulted, glares at the FIGURE) Our magic is old. We have been here for centuries and this is what you’ve given us- a book on amateur witchcraft from the disco era that mortals can use? Surely, you don’t expect us to-

          FIGURE: –At the salary I’m paying you, yes I expect you to use it. (Beat; taps the book) You’ll find the reversal spell on page 56. (Hangs him a big bag from Oliver’s Occult Oasis) I had my assistant get the supplies for you.

          Flabbergasted, the LEADER takes the bag from the FIGURE. The FIGURE walks away.

          CUT TO-

          RAIN reaches at the end of park, near the empty parking lot. She turns around frantically as all of the VAMPIRES causally approach her. PARIS puts her hands up to her friends. Her face returns to normal as she saunters toward RAIN while the others stay put. RAIN holds herself up, grabbing on to a newspaper stand, trying to catch her breath.

          PARIS: (fold arms; still a few feet away) Do you need to a break? (Looks around) You know, Haven is a small town. (Back to RAIN) We got the time in the world to play the cat and mouse game.

          RAIN: (breathlessly; stands up) What’s the point of all this? (Nods to the FEMALE VAMPIRES) You know I can’t take Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and you all at once.

          PARIS not amused with RAIN’S Sex and the City pop culture reference, glares at her.

          PARIS: (icily) Its more fun this way torturing you, now that you have no slayer strength and no wiccan powers surging through your blood. (Eyes narrow) Just like before, you still think you’re better than me... (Face vamps out) well you’re not. (Beat; snarls) And I’m going to remind you of that.

          RAIN quickly looks around the parking lot and spots a fallen branch but PARIS takes it and easily snaps it.

          PARIS: (tosses it) This is the best weapon you could find? (Beat) Looks like you still suck at being a slayer.

          Inching back, RAIN looks for something else. She spies another trash can, picks it up and throws it at PARIS. Garbage flies in the air as hits her but it barely knocks her over. She lunges at RAIN knocking her down on the cold pavement. The VAMPIRE picks her up, holding her as if she was a Raggedy-Ann doll. Then she drops her, grabs RAIN’S arm and twists her wrist, almost breaking it. RAIN grimaces in pain.

          PARIS: Oh, I’m sorry, did that hurt? (Twists RAIN’S wrist again) How about now?

          RAIN screams. Grabbing some snow, PARIS stuffs it in RAIN’S mouth. Then PARIS takes her knee rams it under her chin. RAIN’S head shoots back and her body hits a parking barrier. She rolls over, spitting the snow out of her mouth. PARIS straddles RAIN who weakly tries to break free. Smirking, PARIS strikes her with her fist. The VAMPIRE hits her again and again causing RAIN to cough and gasp for air. Leaning back, PARIS gives an evil grin.

          PARIS: (callously) See, Mason? All you have is your pathetic witty comebacks that can’t save you. No slayer strength, no powers and no friends to come rescue your trailer-park ass.

          PARIS forms another fist, with the obvious intention to hit RAIN again but something stops her. She arches her brow and looks down, observing a wooden spike protruding from her chest but not near her heart. At the same time, PARIS and her FRIENDS swing around and discover MADELINE, MICHAEL, NICK and BELLA standing armed before all of them.

          MADELINE: (holding on to the crossbow; darkly) I believe you said something about her not having any friends coming to the rescue?

          PARIS sneers as she pulls the spike out of her chest. Without delay, RAIN pushes her off as hard as she can. PARIS falls to the ground.

          RAIN: (bitterly) I never lived in a trailer park, b*tch.

          Just as RAIN hits PARIS, she winces in pain. She pulls back and grabs her fist, tending to it. Worried for her friends’ wellbeing, RAIN instantly turns around to look for them. They are near the swing set and picnic table. The other VAMPIRES approach MICHAEL, NICK and BELLA. Before RAIN can make a move to help them, she hears PARIS groaning, trying to get up.

          MADELINE sees the VAMPIRE slowly balancing herself. She makes another attempt to strike PARIS with the crossbow but misses again. RAIN sees one of the stakes on the ground and tries to retrieve it but PARIS kicks her in the face, causing her nose to bleed.

          PARIS: (glares) Your friends, they’re just decoration! They can’t defeat me!

          RAIN: (wiping the blood) This isn’t a cheerleading competition, Paris. (Beat; lowers voice) Cheerleading-camp is over.

          PARIS: (sneers) I’ll decide when this fight is over.

          MADELINE sees PARIS is about to pummel RAIN and without a thought she lowers her crossbow and creates a force field between them.

          PARIS: (stares at the field in confusion; steps back) What the hell?

          PARIS shoots over to MADELINE, realizing she’s creating the force field. She glares. Frantically RAIN watches PARIS make her way to MADELINE knowing she can’t do anything to save her Watcher.

          The RED-HEADED VAMPIRE decides to go over to MICHAEL as the BRUNETTE approaches BELLA and the BLONDE VAMPIRE aims for NICK.

          MICHAEL, still holding on to the sword, inches back as the RED-HEADED VAMPIRE stalks him.

          REDHEAD: You’re cute. (Smirks) Can’t wait to drink you.

          MICHAEL: (grips on to his sword) Not going happen, Red.

          As they circle each other, the BRUNETTE is now near BELLA. Nervously, BELLA tightly holds onto the stake.

          BRUNETTE: You’re shaking.

          BELLA: (anxiously shrugs) So what if I am.

          BRUNETTE: (darkly) You’ve never killed a vampire before.

          BELLA: (nods anxiously) True. But I’m going to give it a shot, anyway.

          BRUNETTE: You’re going to fail.

          BELLA: Quite possibly.

          BELLA mentally focuses on RAIN’S telekinesis power and a bottle of holy water flies out of NICK’S hand, smashing the BRUNETTE’S head. She screams in agony as her face burns. NICK quickly looks at his hand and then over to BELLA with a smile. Meanwhile the BLONDE VAMPIRE dances toward NICK. He apprehensively inches back holding on to his stake.

          NICK: (points at her) You just stay right there. No sudden moves, all right?

          BLONDE: (scoffs) This is called a fight. I make a move, you make a move. (Arches a brow; smirks) It’s almost like sex.

          NICK: (nervous chuckle) I don’t know about that.

          The BLONDE moves closer.

          NICK: (puts a hand up to her) Bup-bup-bup! (Beat) That’s as close you’ll get.

          The BLONDE rolls her eyes at NICK. By now PARIS is near MADELINE who is struggling in pain as she continues to hold the shield up.

          PARIS: (glaringly) Drop the shield.

          PARIS observes a trail of blood coming from MADELINE’S nose.

          PARIS: (sarcastically) Your nose is bleeding. Let me take care of that.

          Just as PARIS is about to hit MADELINE, MICHAEL moves with the sword toward the REDHEAD and throws a fire ball at PARIS. She flinches as she realizes it singed some of her hair.

          PARIS: (glares) A little too close for comfort, old man.

          The REDHEAD takes this opportunity to grab MICHAEL’S sword, pulling the tip of the blade towards her and then thrusts it so the hilt is forced into MICHAEL’S chest, pushing him back. The sword falls to the ground.

          Seeing that MADELINE is weaker than before PARIS sighs and strikes her hard. MADELINE tumbles near the swing set and instantly the force field drops. With a smile, PARIS pulls the chain from the swing using her vampire strength and manages to break it from the metal beam. RAIN runs toward MADELINE just as the VAMPIRE gets ready to wrap the chain around her neck.

          PARIS: (smirks) You must be the Watcher, so protective of your protégé. (Beat) You’ve done a fine job training her.

          At this point, the REDHEAD is about to bite MICHAEL while the BLONDE has NICK in a headlock. BELLA, however, is still facing the BRUNETTE who has thrown a couple of moves towards her, but she manages to dodge them.

          Still with the chain in her hand, PARIS starts laughing observing RAIN’S friends. She turns around and finds RAIN is holding onto an old but sturdy skateboard. Instantly, RAIN hits PARIS with it, knocking her over and causing her lip to bleed. After removing the chain from around MADELINE’S neck, RAIN helps her to her feet.

          Right then, MICHAEL elbow the REDHEAD and picks up his sword. With all of his strength, he beheads her. At once she turns into dust. Getting up, PARIS scoffs at what just happened, wiping her lip.

          Suddenly, there is a crackling noise.

          NICK: (still in a headlock) Oh no, there’s that noise again.

          Instantaneously, MICHAEL, BELLA, NICK and MADELINE are covered in the same blue light like RAIN was in the teaser. The VAMPIRES, each stunned back away in confusion, letting their victims go.

          BELLA: (looks at her hand tingling) Whoaa!

          With a flash, the blue light discharges from MICHAEL, BELLA, NICK and MADELINE’S bodies and guns for RAIN’S. Her body shoots up, absorbing all of the blue light while her eyes glow white. Then RAIN falls to the ground.
          Still standing, MICHAEL, BELLA, NICK and MADELINE appear not affected by the removal of RAIN’S powers. All of the VAMPIRES look at each other.

          PARIS: (nervous chuckle) I’m ready to call it a night, you?

          They nod at the same time and they all run out of the park.

          RAIN’S friends run to her, as she moans.

          RAIN: (mumbles) Help me up.

          MICHAEL and NICK gradually help her to her feet.

          MADELINE: Take it easy.

          BELLA: What just happened?

          MICHAEL: (surprised as she is) It looks like... Rain got her powers back.

          MADELINE: (crosses her brow) How is that possible?

          MICHAEL: I’m not sure. (Beat) How are you feeling, Rain?

          RAIN slightly pushes MICHAEL and NICK away, attempting to stand on her own. She sees PARIS and the other two VAMPIRES running toward the main road. RAIN slowly walks towards them, getting a perfect view. Her friends follow her from behind. She looks at her hand and with a flash blue energy tingles all over. She creates two small fireballs, playing with them like marbles. With a smile, she throws them, aiming for the BRUNETTE and the BLONDE. They both burst into flames. PARIS stops quickly. She looks over to RAIN, realizing she is going to finish her as well, turns back and continues to run.

          RAIN: (glances over to BELLA) Stake?

          BELLA smirks as she hands it to her. Swirling it around, RAIN creates electricity with her hand, letting it travel to the stake. She throws it using her slayer strength. EVERYONE watches the stake aim for PARIS’ back. Within an instant, her body turns to a unique form of dust as it crackles with blue energy.

          RAIN brushes the snow off her jacket and turns to everyone.

          RAIN: (nods) Now I’m good.

          MICHAEL, BELLA and MADELINE smile at her.

          NICK: (frantic; pointing to the park) Okay, will somebody tell me what just happened?!

          MICHAEL: (scratches his head) No clue. (Beat) Your guess is as good as mine.

          MADELINE: You really have no idea?

          MICHAEL shakes his head at her.

          BELLA: (to RAIN) So... you’re a witch and slayer again. (Beat) You okay with that?

          RAIN: (arches her brow) Are you kidding me?

          RAIN loses her balance for a bit, MICHAEL grabs her. Soon, they all walk down the main road. BELLA has a disappointed look on her face.

          RAIN: What’s wrong?

          BELLA: Oh, I’m just bummed. (Lowers voice; makes a face) I really wanted to stake that bitch.

          RAIN: (grins) At least you got her with the holy water. (Beat) That was pretty cool.

          BELLA: (nods) True. But she was all like (imitating the BRUNETTE) “I bet you never killed a vampire.” Mocking me. (Beat; shrugs) Whatever.

          NICK: (puts his arm around BELLA) It’s all right Talmadge. See, it’s all about predicting your opponent’s next move.

          MICHAEL: (muses) So you predicted you’d end up in a headlock?

          NICK: (defends himself) That was my plan. (Gestures) That elbow thing you did with the redhead? (Nods to himself) I was going to do that but... (Guns him) you beat me to it.

          MICHAEL: (smirks) Right.

          RAIN rolls her eyes.

          NICK: (ignores RAIN; to MADELINE) But the force field you did there, Blake, (nods) nice work.

          MADELINE: It wasn’t easy holding it up. We were obviously not meant to have Rain’s powers, hence the headaches and... nosebleeds. (Beat; to RAIN) I don’t know how you do it. All of it, really.

          RAIN: (grins; genuinely) I got my friends.

          EVERYONE gives a small smile but NICK smirks.

          NICK: (points to himself) So, I’m a friend of yours? (Beat) I’m part of this gang now?

          BELLA: Sure why not? (To RAIN; giggles) You know we should name ourselves.

          NICK: (nods enthusiastically) Yeah, we should! (Grins; to RAIN) You’re the superhero and we’re your sidekicks, like the comic books. (Too enthusiastically) It’s like Birds of Prey! Rain’s Helena, the Huntress. (Starts rambling) Bella’s Dinah Redmond (nods) without powers of course. Madeline you’re The Oracle and boss you’re Wade, the guidance counselor!

          MICHAEL: (arches a brow) I'm the guidance counselor?

          NICK: (nods) Yeah, you guide Rain... ya know? (Gestures) From right and wrong? (Shrugs) You could be the Oracle if you want. I mean it kinda fits you considering you’re the base of the operations and you seem to know everything. (Beat; nods to himself) And Madeline is a teacher anyway, so it could work.

          MADELINE: (shakes her head at NICK) What are you on about?

          BELLA: (argues) Nick, you’re talking about the television series, not the comic book.

          NICK: (gives her a look) So?

          RAIN: (grins) What character are you, Nick?

          NICK thinks for a minute.

          BELLA: (shouts) He’s the butler!

          NICK: (shakes his head) No... no... (Boasting) I am Detective Jesse Reese.

          RAIN: Uhh... Nick, that character was played by Shemar Moore.

          NICK: (acknowledges RAIN’S point) Oh, I know. (Beat) I just identify with him because he’s good looking, confident and (gestures) a take-charge kind of guy.

          BELLA: (smirks) You think Shemar is good looking?

          NICK: (affronted) What? No! I just meant– look, we need a name for our team. (Thoughtfully) You know, something like–

          MADELINE: (smiles to herself) –‘The Scoobies’. (Sees EVERYONE looking at her funny)... but you can’t use that... because it’s already… (Soft voice) taken.

          Just then RAIN and BELLA link arms.

          NICK: (motivated) All right girls, let’s think of some names. How about–

          MICHAEL pulls NICK away to give the girls some privacy.

          NICK: (hollers) We’ll compare notes later okay?

          RAIN and BELLA snicker while others walk ahead of them.

          BELLA: (serious tone; softly) Rain... um... I need to ask you something.

          RAIN: (apologizes) Yeah, I’m sorry I left like that and didn’t leave a note. You must have been so worried-

          BELLA: –oh no... that’s not it. I mean I was worried but actually I wanted to ask you about something else.

          RAIN: What is it?

          BELLA: The visions... do you have them often?

          RAIN arches a brow.

          BELLA: (looks down) I had one.

          RAIN: (taken aback) Really? You got my visions? Not Nick?

          BELLA: Yeah... but I just had one... it was jumbled. (Sighs; glances back at RAIN) Though it was enough to see... what was going on.

          RAIN: (concerned) What did you see?

          BELLA: Well, there were overlapping voices that didn’t make sense and I saw this vampire with... a girl. I think she was a slayer. It was during the Boxer Rebellion. The vampire drank her before he... (A little disturbed) snapped her neck.

          RAIN: (nods) I’ve had the same dream.

          BELLA: (surprised) Really? What does it mean?

          RAIN: (shrugs) I know that it really happened. (Beat) Each slayer is connected to the ones that died before. That’s how Madeline explained it but... (Voice softens) I already knew before she told me.

          BELLA: (bewildered) So you’ve dreamt about other slayers?

          RAIN nods again.

          BELLA: (lowers voice) And you’ve seen how they die.

          RAIN: (looks down) Yes.

          BELLA: Why didn’t you tell me?

          RAIN: (glances up) What is there to tell? Why tell you the gory details of my visions? (Beat) I mean... it goes with the gig. (Shrugs) Slayers die. You know that.

          BELLA: (protests) But… I am your friend, Rain. (Sighs) I wish you’d told me. It could help me understand you better, as a slayer.

          RAIN: I’m sorry. (Beat) The vision... it really bothered you didn’t it?

          BELLA: (nods) Well, yeah. I just didn’t realize… you have these visions every day… this – all this (gestures around her, indicating the darkness of the night and all the dark things in it) …every day, in your head; even when you’re asleep.

          RAIN: (shrugs) Well, not every day. I don’t think about it.

          BELLA: So just like that? You shrug it off?

          RAIN: I have to. (Thinks of the violence she saw regarding TANNER and herself) I don’t really have a choice. If I think about it too much then…

          Her voice trails off; she shrugs again and keeps walking. BELLA gives her a somber look.

          RAIN: This is my life now, I mean it has been for a least a year and half. (Pauses) I have to accept it. (Beat; changes subject) Come on, I see Nick keeps looking over here. I can tell he still wants to talk names.

          RAIN lets BELLA go, and runs to join the others. BELLA watches everyone converse with each other. She looks at RAIN, still feeling sad for her and realizing how different RAIN’S life is now.

          CUT TO-

          The FIGURE is at his desk drinking a cognac and going over some paperwork. JIAO appears.

          JIAO: The spell was successful, sir. The witch has her powers back.

          FIGURE: All of them?

          JIAO: Yes, sir.

          FIGURE: Thank you.

          JIAO leaves just as the he touches the rim of the glass. He gets up, taking a file with him. It’s the surveillance photos of RAIN we saw earlier. One by one, he tosses them in the fireplace and stands there watching them burn.

          CUT TO-

          Shivering from the winter cold in their coats, EVERYONE stares at RAIN’S new car in front of the restaurant.

          RAIN: (folds arms; leaning against the car) So what do you think?

          MICHAEL: How much was it?

          RAIN: (stands up) Fourteen hundred.

          NICK: (muses) Could have gone a bit lower with the broken window.

          BELLA hits him.

          NICK: What?!

          BELLA: (hits him again) The car-jackers did that!

          NICK: Oh, sorry.

          MADELINE: (nudges RAIN) Well, I like it.

          RAIN smiles.

          BELLA: (with a cheesy grin) I think it looks like KITT.

          NICK: (mutters to himself) More like mini-KITT. (Beat) This thing is in no-way a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

          MADELINE: What on earth are you talking about now? What is a kit?

          BELLA: (stunned) You’re kidding me, right? (Beat) You’re like forty!

          MADELINE: (corrects BELLA) I’m thirty-two.

          BELLA: (stares at her) So? Knight Rider. (MADELINE gives her a blank look.) It aired in the ‘80’s.

          BELLA waits for response but doesn’t get one. She glances over to MICHAEL.

          MICHAEL: Well, don’t look at me. I prefer to read.

          BELLA rolls her eyes.

          NICK: (to RAIN; rubs his hands together) So, are you going to give us a ride in this baby or what?

          RAIN: (dangles the keys with a smile) Let’s go.

          RAIN walks around the car and gets in driver’s seat. After opening the door, NICK climbs in the back, letting BELLA sit in the front. Just as RAIN inserts the key in the ignition, the car brims to life. We can see the electronic dashboard lightening up as the seatbelts automatically buckle in RAIN and BELLA. With a smirk, BELLA starts humming the KNIGHT RIDER theme song. RAIN glances over and shakes her head at her.

          NICK: (low mono-tone voice) Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

          The GIRLS stare at NICK for a bit, and then they burst out laughing. Soon we hear B.J. Thomas’ Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head playing in the background.

          Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
          And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
          Nothin' seems to fit
          Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

          NICK: You know Rain; you should get a watch like Michael Knight’s. (Beat) Keep in touch with us, when you go on patrol.

          BELLA: You’re such a dork, Nick!

          NICK: I’m serious. (Looks at his own watch; to himself) I think it could work.

          As the camera pans back, we see MICHAEL nodding goodbye to MADELINE as he heads to the restaurant while she walks in the opposite direction to her car. We hear:

          But there's one thing I know
          The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me
          It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

          RAIN’S car backs up, pulls onto MAIN Street and drives away. Moments later, the snow starts to fall.

          Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
          But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
          Cryin's not for me
          'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
          Because I'm free
          Nothin's worryin' me

          We hear trumpet sounds, then the last verse of the song.

          It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

          Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
          But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
          Cryin's not for me
          'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
          Because I'm freeee
          Nothin's worrryin' meeeeee

          BELLA: (OS) Uh… Rain? What’s with the nails?

          The song fades as the credit rolls.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Grant (Michael Trucco)
          Jackie (Imelda Staunton)
          Officer Joshua O’Malley (Jamie Bamber)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver (Gerry Becker)
          Paris (Brianne Davis)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)



          • I've been slowly bringing the gang together- especially in 1.04 Melting Pot and 1.06 Acid Test. Its still not at the stage of where I want it to be yet because Rain doesn't easily trust people. Yes she has accepted Madeline and Michael in her life but she still keeps them at a distance. Nick is finally a part of the gang- even though he's not close with everyone (just Michael), I felt it was important to sort of seal it. Its offical, they're a family even though not everyone trust each other completely.

          • Michael is still the mystery guy and because there's been unique circumstances, there hasn't been the right moment to confront him about it. He takes over a lot when it comes to Rain but only because he knows more about her than he's letting on which is why he doesn't give Madeline room to do her job. Its not on purpose- I can at least tell you that much. So Madeline is sort of just temporarily taking a backseat with her Watcher role.

          • I was nervous writing this episode- as its suppose to be funny overall but still serious at the same time. I don't know if I did the job (make you laugh). Some of the inspirations for this episode are personal ones- I myself grew up on the TV show Knight Rider. I am an hard-core 80's fan. A friend of mine actually has the same car as Rain. I told him years ago that it looked like a mini-Kitt. So through this episode, I was able to share that story.

          • Rain's normal day without her powers may be strange. Yet that was the whole point. I wanted to take her out of her element- buying a car, getting a manicure, sining karaoke and a massage. Even though Rain is tough, she's still girly and can be a goofball. I did karaoke myself at my college and actually won a prize! Again, I used my experience in this episode. And I'm sure you're starting to see that Rain is a Red Sox fan (like me!). When I was a kid- my father would sing me Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head by BJ Thomas. I wanted Rain to sing something about 'rain' (just to be silly) and this just came to me.

          • The theme of this episode I think pretty much says it all. Rain is her own person, doesn't like to ask for help or rely on people. When she loses her powers, it forces her to realize its okay to ask for help- its all about trust. Her friends came through in the end. She's not used to that- people being there for her. Tanner left her when she was 10 and her mother treated her like crap so Rain is used to disappointment.

          • The reason why I had Rain beaten up by a human is because she's used to vampires/demons. To her that's not real. I wanted the car robbery to really shake her- bring the bad memories re: Tanner to the surface. Yes we've see that Rain had a hard life but she hasn't really confronted all of her issues. Now that she's on her own, an adult, she has to fend for herself with the help of her friends/family.

          • And as you've read- there is a mysterious figure lurking about. Who's that guy, you ask? Not telling ya! He's somebody uber-powerful, that's for sure.

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky Odelia and I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.08 The Domino Effect- you can read the summary in the index before checking out the transcript or if you prefer to just go straight to the episode, click here. Many many thanks for reading!
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