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Shadow Stalker - 4.05 - The Audit

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.05 - The Audit

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.05 – The Audit
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series “Sirens”. Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The camera shows the exterior of a small cottage. It is thatched and a quiet road runs alongside it. A man in a suit is walking towards the house. It is VINCENT RAE. He looks troubled, rushed. Approaching the door, he sighs. He knocks.


    The door opens, a woman is on the other side. She looks at him annoyed.

    WOMAN: You’re late.

    VINCENT: I’m a busy man.

    WOMAN: Well they’re here.

    She turns and walks away. He follows her.


    The entire downstairs of the cottage has been stripped and its place is a large table. A meeting room. Around it are the senior members of the new Watcher’s Council. They all look as the woman enters the room with VINCENT behind her.

    One of the watcher’s, a mature BRUNETTE WATCHER looks at them both. She raises her eyebrows.

    BRUNETTE WATCHER: Vincent, you’re late.

    VINCENT: So I hear.

    He turns to the woman who answered the door. The BRUNETTE WATCHER looks at her, annoyed.

    BRUNETTE WATCHER: That’ll be all, thank you.

    The woman nods now and leaves. VINCENT now moves to the empty seat around the table. There is another seat empty.

    The GREY HAIRED WATCHER next to the empty chair looks at VINCENT. He looks with judgement.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: Will your wife be joining us?

    VINCENT looks unsettled by the tone of his colleagues.

    VINCENT: Silvana has returned to Tokyo, you know that.

    BRUENTTE WATCHER: Ah yes. It seems we’re having trouble keeping track. What with your wife and now your daughter on separate continents...

    VINCENT folds his fingers around one another, breathing deeply to keep his cool.

    VINCENT: Why do I feel like my family are under investigation?

    BRUNETTE WATCHER: You sent your daughter on a mission to tame a rogue Slayer, despite the fact the last Potential that she was in charge of was murdered and still our contact with her and her Slayer is minimal at best.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: And I have worked with Silvana since she moved to England – I’ve never known her not to contact the Council officially should she ever be unsuccessful in a mission.

    VINCENT: I understand all of your concerns, but in regards to my wife she is just being thorough. We always knew Tokyo would be difficult to tame and still she continues to try for our benefit.

    BRUNETTE WATCHER: And Petrina?

    VINCENT: I’m already in control of Petrina. She may have ignored my phone calls and other methods of contact but she won’t ignore me when I turn up on her doorstep.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: You’re going to America?

    VINCENT: Of course. Tomorrow morning. I may have allowed her freedom to deal with the Slayer’s associates as she wishes but people are dying and I will not let this Council be a repeat of last time.

    He looks away.

    VINCENT: (quietly) I resurrected this faction and I won’t allow my daughter to take advantage of that.

    BRUNETTE WATCHER: Good. We don’t want to doubt you Vincent but considering the past...

    VINCENT: I understand. Petrina will not repeat his mistakes.

    The Watcher’s nod in agreement.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: Then let’s move on to the next piece of business.

    VINCENT: Ah yes. Buffy Summers...


    The camera pans around the kitchen of XAK’S apartment. Broken plates and glasses are everywhere. Someone reaches for a box of eggs. They pick them up and throw them on the floor. The camera pans up to show SEPHY. She is in a dressing gown, her hair slightly frizzed. She looks confused at the sound.

    The camera turns around to show CATE entering the kitchen in sportswear. She looks annoyed.

    CATE: Sephy! No!

    SEPHY looks to CATE.

    SEPHY: It’s still not loud enough.

    She goes to pick up a mug. CATE quickly grabs her hand though.

    CATE: Sephy, please stop. We have no mugs left.

    SEPHY looks to her and smiles.

    SEPHY: I told you, it’s Stephanie, not “Sephy”. That’s an awful lisp you and your friends have accumulated.

    SEPHY/STEPHANIE looks around, trying to pin point any noise. PETRINA enters the kitchen.

    PETRINA: Did I hear more smashing?

    CATE nods and moves out of STEPHANIE’S earshot.

    CATE: “Stephanie”.

    PETRINA: She can’t help it.

    CATE: I know but I’m exhausted trying to stop her.

    PETRINA: I’ve been thinking about why she’s been smashing things...

    CATE: Why does she do it?

    PETRINA: She’s trying to figure out the last thing she heard.

    CATE considers this and then nods, figuring.

    CATE: The explosion... of course.

    STEPHANIE: It was a loud bang.

    CATE turns to STEPHANIE and then back to PETRINA.

    CATE: (to PETRINA) So do we really have to keep up this “Stephanie” pretence?

    PETRINA: For a while, until we figure out how to restore her memory. Trying to convince her of an identity which is unknown to her may confuse her mother and she might regress further...

    CHARLIE (O/S): Will she ever be my mom again?

    CATE and PETRINA turn to see CHARLIE stood in the doorway, looking sombre. PETRINA frowns.

    PETRINA: We’re doing all we can.

    STEPHANIE: I think I saw a TV set in the alleyway. I bet that’s loud.

    She looks up, confused.

    CHARLIE: I’m gonna go shower, I can’t watch this...

    She turns and leaves. CATE watches CHARLIE leave, saddened.

    CATE: (softly) I hate this so much...

    PETRINA looks at her.


    CHARLIE has a towel over her shoulder. She’s walking towards the bathroom when DANTE comes out of his room. She’s taken aback. He looks embarrassed, shy almost.

    DANTE: (quietly) Oh, sorry.

    CHARLIE: No, it’s fine. I guess I’m just not used to you being here all the time again... yet...

    DANTE: Yeah, uh... me either.

    CHARLIE: Are you ok?

    DANTE: As I can be...

    CHARLIE: You’re finding it harder than you thought, huh?

    DANTE: Suppressing this much power, not to mention my link with the other Partners, it... It takes a lot out of me. There’s not much left...

    She looks at him, trying to be supportive.

    CHARLIE: Well, we’re here for you.

    DANTE: You don’t have to be, you of all people must hate Wolfram and Hart the most.

    CHARLIE: I of all people also know how they can use you and spit you out. I don’t hate you, Dante.

    DANTE looks down and nods.

    DANTE: That means a lot, thank you.

    CHARLIE: And just give Cate some time.

    DANTE: I will.

    CHARLIE touches his arm. She moves past him now and he just stands there, alone.


    It’s morning and the scene opens on an alleyway in downtown Manhattan.

    There is a YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN backing against a wall. She looks scared.

    YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN: Please... no...

    Her attacker walks into shot. Two other women... The Handmaid’s of MEDUSA. They look at her sinisterly.

    HANDMAID #1: It is for the greater good.

    HANDMAID #2: You have no idea what your sacrifice will achieve. You should be proud.

    They grab her. They’re strong. They hold her against the wall.

    HANDMAID #1: (calling) Now, my lady! She is ready!

    Out of a doorway skulks a cloaked figure. It’s MEDUSA. She struggles to walk, clearly weak. Her breath is raspy.

    YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN: (petrified) Oh god, no!

    MEDUSA, nearing the woman, removes her cloak. The snakes on her head hiss angrily at her.

    The YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN’S eyes widen as she screams but as MEDUSA stares into them, her screams are replaced by a stony silence.

    MEDUSA is taken aback. The Handmaid’s then look to the YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN who is now but a statue. They remove their grip of her and look to MEDUSA.

    HANDMAID #2: My lady, are you alright?

    MEDUSA smiles, happily.

    MEDUSA: She was wise for her age – most impressive for this era. You have both done well...

    The Handmaid’s look at one another and smile.

    HANDMAID #1: But what now, my lady? Now you are stronger again?

    MEDUSA: The United has informed me that Persephone is awake. They are keeping a close eye on her for now but we must be ready.

    HANDMAID #2: For what?

    MEDUSA: Persephone is too big a risk, even in her lesser state. She needs to be eliminated.

    HANDMAID #1: (excited) Are you really going to kill Persephone?

    MEDUSA laughs.

    MEDUSA: Oh no my dear servants. Not me...

    Her eyes pass on to the Handmaids’ necks. Her eyes glow. Instantly the Handmaid’s feel the extra weight around their necks and they look down.

    They are wearing necklaces. Each one with a lightning bolt burning across it. They know what this means – what they now are. They gasp in shock.

    They were now of the same rank pertaining to the late MILES ANDERSON.

    The man who killed DEMETER.

    The man who CHARLIE killed.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.

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    STEPHANIE is sat on the sofa, looking at someone.

    STEPHANIE: I told you, my name is Stephanie.

    XAK (O/S): It wasn’t always.

    The camera rotates to show XAK is sat next to her.

    XAK: You know that, right?

    STEPHANIE: I know that I don’t remember what happened to me. I also know that whoever my mother and father were, they would not have named me Sephy.

    XAK: It’s a nickname, like Xak is short for Xakiel...

    STEPHANIE: Such an odd name you have. Your parents must have been quite odd. I would imagine the oddest of parents in fact.

    XAK smiles weakly.

    STEPHANIE: But if this “Sephy” was a nickname, what was it short for?

    He goes to answer.

    CHARLIE (O/S): Xak, don’t.

    XAK turns to see CHARLIE stood nearby.

    XAK: We have to try...

    CHARLIE: I have been, but she just gets confused and angry and it’s hard enough seeing her like this without...

    XAK: I’m sorry. I’m just trying to help...

    She moves over to him and perches on his knee.

    CHARLIE: I know you are babe...

    She puts an arm around his neck. STEPHANIE laughs.

    STEPHANIE: Aw! You two would make a very good couple.

    CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

    CHARLIE: We are mom, we always have been.

    STEPHANIE’S eyes widen.

    STEPHANIE: Am I your mother?! Goodness me! What a shock!

    She then laughs, as if it never happened.

    STEPHANIE: Anyway, I stand by my opinion. You two do make a good couple. Not that there’s much choice around here – that skulking brunette left at the crack of dawn. She’s a peculiar one.

    CHARLIE furrows her brow.

    CHARLIE: Who, Sin?

    STEPHANIE: Is that the girl’s name? Must be short for Sindy. Now that is a beautiful name, with a “y” though... not an “i”... an “i” is just tacky isn’t it?

    She laughs again. CHARLIE sighs.

    CHARLIE: (to XAK) She’s out again?

    XAK: (quietly) I know...

    CHARLIE: That’s every morning this week, don’t you think it’s strange? She knows no one but us...

    XAK: I guess.

    CHARLIE: You guess? Xak this is the girl who nearly destroyed the world and now every day she’s disappearing?!

    XAK: I get that but she’s better now – she’s not who she was.

    CHARLIE: You know that for a fact?

    XAK looks away.

    CHARLIE: Exactly.

    She pauses looking at her deranged mother.

    CHARLIE: She knows how much we need help now and she’s out there doing god knows what. I mean who knows what dark twisted thing she could be doing...


    The scene opens on SIN yawning intensely. Someone nudges her. It’s LA-REE.

    LA-REE: (whispering) Dude, stay awake.

    The camera pulls back to show they’re in a large lecture hall, the LECTURER is stood at the front.

    SIN: (whispering) Sorry... was up early...

    LA-REE: (whispering) Well be up for just a bit longer, he’s announcing the project.

    SIN sits up straight and looks at the LECTURER.

    LECTURER: (finishing his sentence) ...and that is crucial if you are to survive in the business world.

    He pauses, moving towards his lectern.

    LECTURER: Now, I know a lot of you are keen to hear the subject of your project.

    The students all look keen to hear his news.

    LECTURER: You’ll all be put into groups of three and I want you to start your own businesses.

    SIN looks intrigued.

    LECTURER: Your business can be based around anything, but it needs to be original and you need to have thought through the financial details of the project. You will be issued a budget based on your proposal which I want to see presented to be next week. Good luck, this won’t be easy... but the best business will be shortlisted for the internship that this course is so prestigious for.

    The class look around, chattering with excitement. The LECTURER now blue-tacks a sheet of names and groups to the front of the lecture hall. He turns to the group.

    LECTURER: Class dismissed.

    SIN looks to LA-REE.

    SIN: Whoa... scary. Presentation?

    LA-REE: Duh. But this is huge, the internship is a yearlong placement and if you get it you’re basically financially secure forever.

    SIN: Where is it?

    LA-REE smiles.

    LA-REE: Could be one of three places across the globe. It’s always different.

    SIN: Wow, exciting!

    They’re distracted by the sound of a loud cheer from the front of them room. They look to see DECLAN working his way from the list to the girls.

    LA-REE: What news on the realto, then Dec?

    DECLAN: I love it when you go all Shylock on me.

    She rolls her eyes and DECLAN smirks.

    DECLAN: Ladies, look at me and then look at each other.

    SIN: Why?

    DECLAN: Because you’re looking at your team.

    LA-REE smiles.

    LA-REE: No way, he really picked us?

    DECLAN: He really did.

    SIN: Ok, so what do we do now?

    DECLAN laughs.

    DECLAN: Calm down freshman, we have a week – piece of cake.

    LA-REE: Trust me Sindy, if we’re a team then this internship is ours.

    DECLAN: In fact we’ll have an informal meet tonight – a brain storming session.

    LA-REE: Ooh at Coco-Leville?

    DECLAN: Oh yes.

    SIN: What’s Coco-Leville?

    DECLAN: A bar downtown, they do the best cocktails.

    SIN looks indifferent.

    SIN: You mean somewhere to dance? Are you sure that’s wise? This project is important.

    DECLAN: I thought you liked dancing?

    SIN: I do, but...

    LA-REE: But nothing, we should celebrate being team-buddies.

    SIN sighs, looking at her two friends. They smile at her, hopefully. Eventually she is seduced.

    SIN: Sure, why not.

    DECLAN: Excellent, we’ll meet at yours, ok?

    SIN’S smile instantly fades.

    SIN: Wait, what?! Why mine? Why not yours?

    LA-REE: I told you, remember. My apartment’s being renovated and well Declan hasn’t paid rent in two months and he can only enter his place between 2am and 5am while the landlord’s asleep.

    DECLAN chuckles, oddly proud.

    DECLAN: Come on Sindy, it’ll be fun. Your brother and sister won’t mind will they?

    SIN hesitates and swallows, nervously.

    SIN: (upbeat) No, of course not!

    LA-REE smiles.

    LA-REE: Sweet, text us the address?

    SIN nods and both LA-REE and DECLAN then move to the front of the room.


    The song starts as she looks terrified. There was no way of hiding her new life from her family.

    The truth was going to come out.

    You hit me once
    I hit you back
    You gave a kick
    I gave a slap...

    SIN closes her eyes briefly and then heads to the door herself.

    You smashed a plate over my head
    Then I set fire to our bed...


    As the beat of the song kicks in the next scene begins.

    CATE is running, fast. She overtakes some of the other joggers, clearly determined.

    You hit me once
    I hit you back
    You gave a kick
    I gave a slap
    You smashed a plate over my head
    Then I set fire to our bed...

    She turns a corner and the camera shows that as she merges on to another path, DANTE is jogging behind her. He notices her and tries to catch up. She doesn’t know he’s there.

    My black eye casts no shadow
    Your red eye sees nothing
    Your slap don't stick
    Your kicks don't hit
    So we remain the same
    Love sticks
    Sweat drips
    Break the lock if it don't fit...

    DANTE: Cate!

    She continues to run. She knows he’s there.

    He sighs and runs faster. She had forgotten what he was.

    A kick to the teeth is good for some
    A kiss with a fist is better than none...

    He catches up to her and grabs her shoulder. She turns around.

    CATE: What?!

    The music quietens. He looks embarrassed.

    DANTE: It’s just I called to you.

    CATE: I was in the zone, don’t like being disturbed...

    DANTE: You jog with Xak all the time.

    CATE: (dismissive) Yeah well... It just is the way it is, it’s not always fair - you should know that.

    She turns. He grabs her again. She looks at him severely.

    CATE: I would really let go of me if I were you, Dante.

    DANTE: (pleading) I’m trying to change, Cate. I’m trying to be the man you all knew.

    CATE looks back at him, a glum expression on her face.

    CATE: You’re a Senior Partner, Dante. After everything that’s happened with us and that company... after everything they did to me...

    DANTE: I know... I mean I-I understand...

    CATE puts a hand up to stop him from talking.

    CATE: No good can come from this...

    She turns and begins running again. DANTE watches her leave with a grim expression.


    The Handmaid’s are sat on one of their beds, looking at their necklaces with pride.

    HANDMAID #1: Can you believe it?

    HANDMAID #2 laughs.

    HANDMAID #2: I know! We won’t let them down like Miles did...

    HANDMAID #1 nods, but her enthusiasm wavers slightly. Her sister notices.

    HANDMAID #2: What is it?

    HANDMAID #1: Do you think we can do it? Kill a goddess?

    HANDMAID #2: We have the power now. She has to die. Don’t be nervous...

    HANDMAID #1 smiles at her.

    HANDMAID #1: Thank you. It’s just...

    They stop. They shudder, sensing something.

    HANDMAID #2: Did you feel that?

    HANDMAID #1: Yes.

    HANDMAID #2: A new presence is in the city. A new authority...

    They both look out of the window.


    XAK, CHARLIE and PETRINA are stood in the hallway, looking through to the lounge as STEPHANIE strokes the fabric of the sofa happily. The door opens and CATE enters. She looks at them all.

    CATE: Hey, why are we lurking in the hallway?

    CHARLIE: Mom...

    CATE: (worried) Has something happened?

    CHARLIE: No it’s just...

    XAK: We think we might have a lead.

    CATE: What is it?

    XAK: Her memory loss, it’s not the only thing that’s a side effect of the explosion. Her mind is completely confused... It doesn’t know how to make new memories or how to establish a connection with what she feels she knows with what is happening.

    CATE: Do you mean she’s brain damaged?

    XAK: No, I mean the explosion wasn’t just a bomb. It was a spell.

    CATE: What?

    PETRINA: The United has used incredible power in order to keep Charlie’s mother in this state.

    CATE: Why? Just because she’s a goddess?

    PETRINA: Or because she knew something? She knew The United...

    MAN (O/S): Interesting theory.

    Everyone turns to look at the door and the source of the man’s voice. PETRINA’S eyes widen.

    PETRINA: Father.

    The camera rotates to show VINCENT RAE stood behind CATE, near the doorway. He looks PETRINA in the eyes intently and smiles at her.




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      ACT TWO


      MEDUSA is stood in the middle of the lounge looking out on to the balcony. She looks troubled.

      MEDUSA: (calling) Handmaids! Come!

      The Handmaid’s eerily instantly appear behind her.

      HANDMAID #2: You called for us, my lady?

      MEDUSA: I sense a disturbance in our plans – the attack will need to be tonight.

      HANDMAID #2: We have sensed it too.

      MEDUSA looks at them, intrigued.

      MEDUSA: What did you sense? Trust the powers of the necklace. You must act on instinct.

      HANDMAID #1: A new authority. A Watcher of Slayers.

      HANDMAID #2: A second has come.

      MEDUSA looks angry.

      MEDUSA: This will not please The United.

      She pauses.

      MEDUSA: We must eliminate them both. Without Persephone and the aid of The Watcher’s Council then Xakiel Thorn and his entourage will dwindle into nothing...


      XAK, CHARLIE, CATE and PETRINA continue to look at VINCENT. XAK looks to PETRINA.

      XAK: This is your father?

      PETRINA nods.

      VINCENT: (to PETRINA) Don’t I get a hug? Isn’t that what fathers and daughters do on meeting?

      PETRINA: (stern) What are you doing here?

      VINCENT: You’re ignoring the Council’s calls; they’re starting to think that you’re taking advantage.

      XAK: We’ve been busy.

      VINCENT turns to XAK, eyeing him up and down.

      VINCENT: Ah you’re the leader and the cause of all this drama, Xakiel Thorn?

      XAK looks away.

      PETRINA: (angry) Stop it, dad! I’m sorry I’ve not been working to the conditions set by the Council but there is too much going on right now. You’ve spent so long sitting behind a desk that you’ve forgotten...

      VINCENT laughs under his breath.

      VINCENT: Oh I know more than you think, my dear. I gave you a wide berth in allowing you to use free methodology in your mission but you have taken advantage of this. I need to verify for the Council’s peace of mind that you are indeed performing to standard.

      PETRINA laughs, incredulous.

      PETRINA: Oh you have to be joking? You’re doing an audit?!

      XAK: What?

      VINCENT: Petrina, your Slayer formally accepted your guidance, she’s therefore property of the Council and as such we must now be aware of whom she associates with personally.

      CATE’S eyes widen.

      CATE: Wait! Property?!

      VINCENT looks to CATE.

      VINCENT: Yes, and unless I feel that this faction is a worthy front against your opponents then I will withdraw Petrina from her post and disown the Slayer from the Council.

      XAK: This is ridiculous...

      PETRINA: (shouting) Dad! Go!

      VINCENT looks at her surprised.

      PETRINA: Just go...

      VINCENT: This isn’t over Petrina, we will discuss it later at dinner.

      PETRINA: Fine. Please go. I need to talk to them.

      VINCENT nods and then looks at XAK and the others.

      VINCENT: It truly is an honour to meet you all...

      He turns now and leaves. PETRINA watches him with a hard expression. As the door closes, everyone looks at her.

      STEPHANIE emerges from the lounge.

      STEPHANIE: He sounded British.

      PETRINA walks into the lounge. The others follow...


      PETRINA runs a hand through her hair, frustrated.

      PETRINA: I’m so sorry... my father can be intense, especially if I disobey him.

      CATE folds her arms.

      CATE: I’m still kind of reeling from the whole “property” thing?

      PETRINA turns to her, looking apologetic.

      PETRINA: You’re no one’s property Cate, don’t worry. The Watcher’s Council are stuck in their ways and they’ll always try to control the Slayer as they don’t have a purpose without her. They’ve done it time and time again...

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: We talked about this, things need to change.

      PETRINA: I know... but I have little power to alter tradition.

      XAK: That may be, but things are hard enough right now without your father and the Council coming down on us.

      PETRINA: I’ll meet with him tonight; convince him this audit is not only ridiculous but...

      XAK: Inconvenient?

      CATE smirks.

      CATE: I like that powerful authorities are an inconvenience to us.

      CHARLIE smiles at this.

      PETRINA: I’m not saying he’ll accept the request, but I will handle it. You should continue to worry about what’s important.

      She looks at STEPHANIE.

      PETRINA: What she knew could be the key to finding The United.

      CHARLIE: Well we’ll try but everything she had was in the base and that’s gone too...

      XAK: It won’t be easy but we can do this, even if it means going through that wreckage at the docks again – we’ll find out what she knew.

      CHARLIE: And I’ll look into a more mystical remedy.

      STEPHANIE (O/S): (enthusiastically) I’ll make cake!

      CATE: And I will stop the crazy lady from smashing up our kitchen again – one of the perks of being strong.

      XAK and CHARLIE smile, but as the front door opens once again they all look through to see who is entering.

      It’s SIN. She hurries past the lounge entrance and runs upstairs. CHARLIE looks at XAK.

      CHARLIE: (whispering) What is going on with her?

      XAK shakes his head, pursing his lips.

      XAK: I have no idea...

      STEPHANIE (O/S): I’m thinking something with coconut?

      CATE (O/S): No.


      The door to SIN’S room opens and she hurries in. She closes the door behind her and leans against it. She breathes deeply.


      PETRINA is sat at her desk, she’s looking up restaurants on the internet. Someone knocks on her door, she turns. DANTE is stood there, still clothed in his running attire. He’s got a book in his hand.

      DANTE: Hi.

      PETRINA: Dante, hello.

      She notices the book.

      PETRINA: Good book?

      DANTE looks at the book.

      DANTE: Oh I’m not sure... it’s one of Lance’s. I thought I’d go read to him... not sure if he can hear me or not but it’s worth a shot.

      She smiles.

      PETRINA: Of course it is.

      There is a small pause.

      DANTE: Is it ok if I come in.

      PETRINA: By all means.

      DANTE enters the room now.

      DANTE: I don’t feel like we’ve had an opportunity to talk, since I’ve returned.

      PETRINA: I don’t know much about you, I mean I’d heard some things from Cate but I understand how difficult it’s been for you. It’s good you want to change.

      DANTE: Thank you.

      He pauses, hesitating.

      DANTE: Could you help me change?

      PETRINA: (confused) What?

      DANTE: You’re a Watcher. I know that the Council has had to deal with Wolfram and Hart on several occasions.

      PETRINA: Well, yes in the past.

      DANTE: You must have files on the Senior Partners. How to stop them?

      PETRINA: Dante those records are highly classified. I’m not even sure if the Council are still in possession of any documents on Wolfram and Hart or whether or not they even hold the key to your freedom.

      DANTE nods.

      DANTE: (disappointed) Ok. I understand...

      PETRINA: But I’ll try.

      He looks to her. She smiles supportively. He looks relieved.

      DANTE: Thank you, it means a lot.

      PETRINA: It’s no problem.

      DANTE: It is though. You’re doing so much for us all. Training Cate and looking into helping Sephy and Lance. It goes above and beyond your role. No wonder the Council are annoyed...

      PETRINA: You know about that?

      DANTE: Kinda heard the commotion with your dad, yeah. Thought I’d do another lap around the block...

      She laughs.

      PETRINA: Well, apologies. My father can be a very unreasonable man in front of other people. I’m even trying to find a restaurant where we can meet on mutual ground.

      DANTE: Well you’re in America and he’s in England, the only mutual ground is an ocean.

      PETRINA considers this.

      PETRINA: A fish restaurant, good idea!

      She turns and begins typing on her laptop once more.


      The camera shows the skyline of Manhattan and as the camera moves closer to the city, the sun sets and the night sky dominates, allowing the city to emit its bold lights.


      DECLAN and LA-REE approach the steps leading up to XAK’S building. They look at it.

      DECLAN: Whoa, check out the Upper East Side.

      LA-REE: You think the whole building is hers?

      DECLAN: I have no idea.

      LA-REE: I mean she said her parents own the building and that she’s living with her brother and sister but this is beyond just a three bed...

      DECLAN smiles.

      DECLAN: Are you gonna calm down, now?

      LA-REE: Sorry, you know property is a huge deal for me.

      They walk up the steps to the apartment.

      DECLAN: Hey, maybe that could be our business?

      LA-REE: Well that’s the work done for the evening, now time for playing...

      DECLAN: Now you’re speaking my language.

      He presses the buzzer.

      STEPHANIE (O/S): (through the speaker) Hello? Hello? Hello?

      DECLAN raises an eyebrow.

      DECLAN: Uh, hi... we’re here to see Sindy?

      The sound of STEPHANIE laughing can be heard.

      STEPHANIE (O/S): (through the speaker) Well come on in, friends!

      There is another buzzing and LA-REE pushes the front door open.

      DECLAN walks in, humming the theme from The X Files. LA-REE nudges him, laughing.


      There is a knock at the door and STEPHANIE hurries to answer it. She opens it and sees DECLAN and LA-REE stood there. She beams at them with a wide smile.

      STEPHANIE: You must be the people from the speaking box?

      DECLAN raises an eyebrow.

      DECLAN: Uh, yeah – that’s us!

      STEPHANIE: Well it’s truly lovely to see the sources of your voices. Please come in! Sindy is upstairs I think!

      DECLAN and LA-REE enter. CATE enters from the kitchen.

      CATE: Stephanie what are you...

      She stops when she sees DECLAN and LA-REE.

      CATE: Who the hell are you?

      DECLAN looks at LA-REE, nervous.

      DECLAN: (under his breath) This should be fun...


      VINCENT is sat at a table in a restaurant. He’s sipping on a glass of wine. He doesn’t look up as someone approaches the table.

      VINCENT: You’re late.

      The camera rotates to show PETRINA in a pencil skirt and a blouse. Her hair is up. She looks smart, but alluring.

      PETRINA: No, I’m on time. You’re just here early – coming after you doesn’t make me late.

      VINCENT: Still got your bite I see.

      PETRINA rolls her eyes and sits opposite her father.

      VINCENT: I took the liberty of ordering for you.

      PETRINA: Of course you did.

      VINCENT: Well you picked this restaurant, which by the way is a good choice.

      PETRINA: Well I know you appreciate fine dining.

      VINCENT: Almost as much as I appreciate loyalty.

      PETRINA: What are you implying?

      VINCENT: Do you think it’s easy for me to sit in Council meetings with judging eyes placed on me because of you. Even your mother is under suspicion.

      PETRINA: Why is that exactly? The Council sent me to my post and I abided. I’ve been doing all I can to be an excellent Watcher. I didn’t realise I needed to massage the Council’s ego every day as well.

      VINCENT: Your Slayer is indeed abiding to her training but it is who she associates with that troubles the Council – especially with The United being in such close proximity.

      PETRINA: We’re handling it.

      VINCENT: Is that so? So your excursion to another dimension with your Slayer’s friend resulting in the death of an innocent woman was “handling it”?

      PETRINA: I admit that the mission to L’Azura with Charlie ended on rocky ground but that woman committed suicide and whilst we were on that mission we learnt that Leigh Sinclair, an enemy of Cate and her friends was collected by The United for some reason. It’s one of our biggest leads.

      PETRINA smirks.

      PETRINA: But let’s be serious for a second, because this isn’t actually about my methods, is it?

      VINCENT: Elucidate me.

      PETRINA: You’re jealous that I’m a better Watcher than you.

      VINCENT laughs.

      VINCENT: Is that so?

      PETRINA: I take risks, but I still get results. I agree my excursion with Charlie didn’t go according to plan but every step I’m taking is furthering our investigation.

      VINCENT sips his wine once again.

      VINCENT: You’re so very wrong, Petrina.

      PETRINA: Really?

      VINCENT: You’ve softened.

      PETRINA: Oh here it comes... Why do Watcher’s have to be so hard? Do you not perhaps consider that our thick skin is why we fail so often?

      VINCENT leans forward.

      VINCENT: You should watch your mouth young lady. You maybe my daughter but you’re still an employee and you’re four years into a millennia of tradition.

      She looks away, clenching her jaw.

      VINCENT: If I don’t feel that you’re performing to standards then I will strip you of America and bring you back to England and have you filing our accounts.

      PETRINA looks down and then up at him, sternly.

      PETRINA: I think the important point you missed about that threat is the “my daughter” part.

      VINCENT leans back now.

      VINCENT: Well forgive me for not trusting you after everything your brother did.

      PETRINA’S eyes well up slightly and her breath is taken away.

      PETRINA had a brother.




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        ACT THREE


        DECLAN and LA-REE continue to face off against CATE. STEPHANIE stood next to them looking guilty.

        CATE: I said, who are you?

        LA-REE nervously extends her hand.

        LA-REE: La-Ree Catherwood, hi! Good to meet you. And this is Declan Hix.

        CATE looks at LA-REE’S hand and then looks at them both again.

        CATE: What are you doing in our house?

        STEPHANIE: Their voices came from the box! They’re here to see Sindy!

        CATE: Sindy?

        At this moment, XAK and CHARLIE walk in.

        XAK: Hey Cate...

        He sees LA-REE and DECLAN and looks confused.

        XAK: Who are these guys?

        CATE: Here to see “Sindy”, apparently.

        XAK: Sindy?

        SIN (O/S): You’re here!

        SIN hurries down the stairs. Her hair is curled and she’s wearing jeans, boots and a top. She looks ready for a night out. XAK, CHARLIE and CATE eye her, extremely surprised.

        DECLAN and LA-REE smile looking at SIN.

        DECLAN: Hey there, party girl.

        LA-REE: Ooh love the boots, are they the ones you told me about?

        SIN: Uh-huh...

        CHARLIE and CATE share a look, bewildered.

        XAK: Um, Sindy... who are these people?

        SIN turns to see XAK, CHARLIE and CATE stood nearby looking at her, expecting answers.

        SIN: My friends – Dec... Ree.. You know, the ones I told you about?

        SIN laughs nervously and she looks to DECLAN and LA-REE.

        SIN: Come on! We have some wine in the kitchen.

        She drags them to the kitchen.

        STEPHANIE: Coming!

        STEPHANIE follows the friends into the kitchen and XAK, CHARLIE and CATE are quick to do the same.


        SIN: Ok, we have red wine, that good?

        DECLAN: Yeah, sure.

        XAK: Uh, Sindy – I don’t think you have told us much about your... friends.

        LA-REE looks to XAK.

        LA-REE: You must be her brother, Zack right?

        SIN looks nervous as she begins pouring some wine into glasses, her hand shaking slightly.

        SIN: Yep! That’s him!

        LA-REE: (to CHARLIE) And are you her sister?

        CHARLIE: Excuse me?

        SIN turns around now with the wine.

        SIN: Ok! Here we...

        She trips and spills one of the glasses of red wine all over DECLAN’S shirt. She gasps.

        SIN: Oh god... Declan, I’m so sorry.

        He laughs.

        DECLAN: Uh, it’s fine...

        STEPHANIE: Oh my, that’ll never come out!

        DECLAN looks at XAK and the others.

        DECLAN: Sorry to impose, but I don’t suppose you have a spare shirt I can borrow?

        XAK: Uh, Dante might... His room’s on the second floor, second door to the right.

        DECLAN: Awesome, thank you.

        DECLAN leaves the room now. SIN looks upset.

        LA-REE: Hey, Sindy! Don’t worry, accidents happen.

        SIN: I just feel stupid.

        She avoids making eye contact with the others in the room.

        LA-REE: Well I’m gonna go freshen up, we’ll finish our drinks and then... Coco-Leville!

        She smiles.

        SIN: Sure...

        LA-REE goes to leave the room.

        STEPHANIE: I will show you the various bathrooms we have!

        LA-REE: Uh – that would be nice!

        With this STEPHANIE and LA-REE leave the room.

        XAK, CHARLIE and CATE immediately turn to SIN.

        XAK: What is going on?

        SIN looks scared.

        SIN: They’re my friends.

        XAK: Since when did you have friends?

        She looks at them all.

        SIN: (quietly) I should check on La-Ree...

        She quickly hurries past them and out of the kitchen.

        CHARLIE: I don’t know how to talk to her at the best of times... but now this?

        CATE: Xak, it’s obvious she’s up to something.

        XAK: You think?

        CATE: I know girls and I know when they’re hiding something. She’s changing her name and bringing strangers into the house? 8 months ago she wanted to kill everyone in the world and now she’s doing this? Don’t you think that’s odd?

        XAK looks unsure.

        XAK: I don’t know what to do...

        CATE: I hate to say it... but you need to put your foot down.

        CHARLIE looks at CATE, surprised that she said this but as the words set in, she turns back to XAK.

        CHARLIE: I think she’s right...

        XAK runs a hand through his hair and breathes deeply.


        There is a knock on the door. There’s no reply.

        The door opens slightly and DECLAN pokes his head through.

        DECLAN: Hello?

        Again, there is no reply. He pushes the door open and walks inside.

        DECLAN: Ok, elusive empty room in the weirdly huge and largely occupied house...

        He moves to the wardrobe and opens the door. He looks inside and finds a bold blue shirt. He looks at it and smiles.

        DECLAN: Sweet...

        He begins taking off his shirt. He lets it fall to the floor as the door opens. DANTE enters, book in hand still.

        DANTE: (defensively) Hey!

        DECLAN looks up shocked. He instantly smirks at DANTE, noting his good looks.

        DECLAN: (more seductively) Hey...

        DANTE: Who are you?

        DECLAN extends a hand.

        DECLAN: Declan, Sindy’s friend.

        DANTE: Sindy?

        DECLAN: Yeah – she got all ditzy downstairs and spilled wine on my shirt. Zack said I could use one of yours?

        DANTE: Oh Xak... ok.

        DECLAN: Is it ok if I borrow this one?

        DECLAN holds up the blue shirt.

        DANTE: (nodding) Sure, go for it. I don’t wear that shirt much anymore...

        DECLAN begins pulling the shirt on. As he does, DANTE can’t help but look at his abs.

        DECLAN: I get it, gift from an ex?

        DANTE laughs nervously.

        DANTE: Uh... something like that.

        DECLAN keeps buttoning his shirt up. He leaves the top two unbuttoned and moves towards DANTE.

        DECLAN: Well that’s the good thing about exes. They’re in the past.

        They’re close to one another now. DECLAN looks down at the shirt he’s wearing.

        DECLAN: Perfect fit.

        He looks up at DANTE again, a smile on his face.

        DECLAN: See ya.

        He leaves DANTE’S room now and DANTE clenches his jaw. He closes his eyes and breathes, taken aback. He grips on to the book tighter.


        The waiter brings PETRINA and VINCENT’S meals to their tables. VINCENT eyes his daughter.

        VINCENT: Eat, Petrina.

        PETRINA: (quietly) I’ve lost my appetite.

        VINCENT: Stop taking what happened to your brother to heart. He’s gone...

        PETRINA looks up to him now.

        PETRINA: I think this dinner is over.

        VINCENT sighs.

        VINCENT: Oh Petrina, your resilience to waste perfectly fine swordfish is a weak protest to the audit.

        PETRINA: There’s no need for an audit. You know we can handle ourselves and I’m certainly handling things fine.

        VINCENT: Well once I see that, then I’ll be on my way.

        PETRINA: But I told you, I had things under control.

        VINCENT: Ok, so say I believed that. What is it you know about The United that wasn’t known before you came to Manhattan – what difference have you made?

        PETRINA: Well, Xak and Charlie discovered some security footage from the wreckage of the Syndicate base that proves The United is part-female. Cate and I went on the spirit-guide which was disturbed by The United which I concluded to mean two things.

        VINCENT: Which were?

        PETRINA: One - that there was something that would have been told to us that The United didn’t want us to know and two that The United pre-dates the Slayer-line as it is able to overpower the power of Sineya’s spirit.

        VINCENT nods his head slightly.

        VINCENT: Interesting.

        PETRINA: And that was only within the first few weeks of my arrival...

        VINCENT: It is impressive Petrina, I do believe you have remarkable initiative. However, since you’ve been here many victims have fallen to the monster from Greece, your Slayer was involved in a deadly fire and a woman was killed as a direct result of your actions.

        PETRINA: There are always casualties of war, mother taught me that. Our victories are outweighing our losses, but that’s not enough is it?

        VINCENT: Don’t be arrogant Petrina, I arrived today to see you’re pinning all your hopes on a demented woman regaining her memory. I would hardly call that a victory.

        PETRINA stands now, infuriated.

        PETRINA: Goodbye father. Thank you for dinner, it was exactly as I expected.

        VINCENT looks up to her.

        PETRINA: You know what’s sad... distancing me from you as your daughter is probably another victory for you I’m sure.

        VINCENT: Don’t be so ridiculous. You know I love you, Petrina.

        PETRINA: I used to, before things changed at the Council, but now? I don’t.

        She turns now and leaves.


        The door opens from the restaurant and PETRINA walks out. She maintains composure, blinking quickly to stop herself from shedding a tear.

        VINCENT (O/S): Petrina.

        PETRINA turns and sees him stood in the doorway. She looks emotional.

        PETRINA: I don’t understand what I need to do to make you proud of me?

        She pauses.

        PETRINA: I’m risking my life against mythology here. I’m fighting gods and monsters I’ve only read about and you think that I’m taking advantage of the Council?

        VINCENT: It’s not...

        She holds up her hand.

        PETRINA: I am not finished! Do you think it’s easy for me to be here, away from you? I looked up to you my entire life and with every ounce of power you received I ended up becoming less of your little angel and more your little worker.

        VINCENT: (earnestly) I’m sorry.

        PETRINA looks taken aback slightly, her mouth aghast.

        PETRINA: I don’t understand why it has to be this way. I don’t understand why we can’t just be a family.

        VINCENT: There are things that you don’t know, Petrina.

        PETRINA: I’m not even going to ask. I know you won’t tell me.

        VINCENT: Do you resent me for that?

        PETRINA: Of course.

        She pauses.

        PETRINA: Goodbye father...

        She turns to leave.

        VINCENT: At least let me drive you home. Manhattan’s streets aren’t safe for you.

        PETRINA stops.


        LA-REE is sat on the sofa in the lounge and she’s looking uncomfortable. The camera pulls back, to show STEPHANIE is sat beside her.

        STEPHANIE: You’re a young girl. Tell me something...

        LA-REE looks to her.

        STEPHANIE: Do you like hop scotch?

        She smiles widely.

        LA-REE looks up to SIN, who is stood nervously nearby, with a desperate expression. XAK, CHARLIE and CATE are stood nearby too, observing the scene.

        LA-REE: Um, Coco-Leville, please?

        SIN: Sure, just as soon as...

        The sound of footsteps descending the stairway can be heard and DECLAN re-appears into the lounge.

        DECLAN gestures at the shirt.

        DECLAN: Well?

        LA-REE: Look at you, all blue and everything.

        He smirks at her. DANTE now walks into the lounge and looks immediately at XAK.

        DANTE: Who are these people?

        XAK: I have no idea.

        SIN grabs LA-REE’S hand and then DECLAN’S.

        SIN: Ok, we’ll be going now!

        XAK: Sindy...

        She looks to him.

        XAK: When you get back, we need to talk.

        SIN: (mouthing) Thank you...

        She leaves now, DECLAN and LA-REE following. DECLAN eyes DANTE as he leaves the room.

        DECLAN: It was awesome to meet you guys.

        LA-REE: Yes! Your home is incredible!

        CATE: (sarcastically) Please, come again!

        The sound of the front door opening and closing can be heard.

        CHARLIE: What on earth just happened?

        CATE: Looks like she’s made some friends.

        XAK: But where from? Where’s she been meeting them?

        CHARLIE: Beats me, but I don’t like this... something’s wrong.

        STEPHANIE: Well I think you’re all taking this much too seriously. They seemed absolutely lovely to me.

        She smiles at them all and then leaves the room. There’s a pause and then the sound of something smashing can be heard.

        CHARLIE rolls her eyes.

        CHARLIE: I’ll go...

        She sighs and walks out of the lounge now too.


        SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE all are walking away from the apartment now. DECLAN and LA-REE look to SIN.

        DECLAN: That was... interesting?

        LA-REE: Yeah, they seemed... nice?

        SIN smiles weakly and they move off screen. As they do, a black car pulls up outside the apartment block. It stops and the rear door nearest to the sidewalk opens. PETRINA exits the car and VINCENT follows her.

        PETRINA: Thank you for driving me home.

        VINCENT: You’re welcome...

        PETRINA: So, I’ll see you tomorrow, as I assume you’re still continuing this audit?

        VINCENT nods.

        VINCENT: I’ll come in with you and explain it to the Slayer and her friends. They should know how this works.

        PETRINA: Fine. Do what you must.

        She turns and walks towards the apartment now. VINCENT follows.


        The front door opens and PETRINA and VINCENT re-enter the apartment.

        PETRINA: (calling) I’m home...

        CHARLIE, holding a broken vase walks in from the kitchen, followed by STEPHANIE.

        STEPHANIE: Oh! It’s the British man again!

        XAK, CATE and DANTE enter from the lounge. XAK looks at PETRINA.

        XAK: So?

        PETRINA: I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do... It’s official Council business, I have no say...

        CATE: I’m not jumping through hoops for the Council.

        VINCENT laughs under his breath.

        VINCENT: That won’t be necessary my dear. All I need is your cooperation. I need to know everything about your operation. That will be all.

        XAK: Why?

        VINCENT: Because once we know what you know, we can assist you more effectively.

        The camera moves closer to VINCENT now.

        VINCENT: After all, you’ve not gotten very far – have you?

        With this, two beams of light hit PETRINA and VINCENT from behind and they are thrown forwards. PETRINA hits CHARLIE and they both fall to the ground. STEPHANIE backs against the wall, scared.

        VINCENT is hurled into the staircase banister, which breaks. He slumps to the floor. XAK, CATE and DANTE immediately turn to the source of the power.

        It’s the Handmaids. Both are dressed in white dresses, accessorised only with their necklaces. They look around the group.

        HANDMAID #1: I would say you’re probably not going to get much further.

        CHARLIE looks up from the floor. Her eyes are immediately drawn to the necklaces around their necks.

        She’d seen this type of necklace before. It was around the neck of the man that killed her grandmother and it was the same one she tore from him when she put a bullet in his head.

        CUT TO BLACK



        • #5
          ACT FOUR



          The camera pans around the club as the song begins. People are dancing and talking on the sophisticated dance-floor. Everything is stylishly designed.

          Tonight out on the streets
          I'm gonna follow you
          Tell you all about a scene
          That you would kill for
          You're gonna love what's
          Burning right in front of you
          But you won't see it
          By the light of the sun...

          SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE enter. They head straight to the bar. DECLAN gets the attention of the barman.

          DECLAN: Three Bostons please.

          LA-REE looks to SIN.

          LA-REE: So I hate to say it, but that was odd.

          SIN: I know, I live in a madhouse.

          The barman brings over the cocktails and DECLAN passes them to the girls.

          DECLAN: Who were all those people.

          SIN: Cate’s a family friend and uh... Dante’s her brother.

          DECLAN smirks.

          Come out Tigerlily
          You're caressing me
          I'll take you up
          I'll turn you on
          I'll take your apathy
          I wouldn't lie to you Blossom
          Won't you let it go
          I'm gonna give you all you want
          And don't you know...

          DECLAN: Is he single?

          SIN: Uh, no. It’s kind of a touchy subject.

          DECLAN: Hey, touchy is all good with me.

          LA-REE smacks him in the arm.

          LA-REE: Behave. What about that Stephanie woman?

          SIN: She’s my... aunt. She had some problems when her husband died and she hasn’t really been the same since.

          She looks away while she talks, looking awkward as she lies.

          That you
          I know you better than this
          I could be here when you call
          I'll make you top of the list
          And in the crush of the dark
          I'll be your light in the mist
          I can see you burning with desire
          For a kiss
          Psychobabble all upon your lips...

          LA-REE touches her arm.

          LA-REE: Hey, I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.

          SIN: No it’s fine... it’s just, we’ve been through a lot recently. Some big changes have been made and I’m not too sure what they really think of my lifestyle choices.

          DECLAN: What school? How will they not be pleased?

          SIN: There are some things about my past that will make them not trust me.

          DECLAN: Ooh, what sordid little things have you been up to, Sindy Thorn?

          SIN blushes, embarrassed.

          They can sell it all they want
          But you cannot agree
          I don't like the taste
          Of their morality
          You'll find your bread and your butter
          Where you fake it
          And put your face in the gutter
          Of a snake pit...

          LA-REE: Seriously Declan, lay off.

          DECLAN looks at LA-REE, she raises her eyebrows. He turns back to SIN.

          DECLAN: (sincerely) I’m sorry...

          SIN smiles at him, weakly.

          But our communication
          Is telepathy
          What you give is what you get
          Out of us naturally
          And we can wait til’ the shadow grows long
          And turn the page of a story
          That has long since found a home...

          SIN: It’s fine... let’s just have fun. I mean that’s what we came out for, right?

          LA-REE: You are very right.

          DECLAN: I’ll toast to that.

          They hold their drinks up.

          DECLAN: To friendship.

          LA-REE: To family.

          SIN: To the future.

          They clink their glasses together. DECLAN then puts his arms around them both.

          DECLAN: Come on ladies. It’s time to get that groove on that’s been tempting me.

          They all laugh and move off screen.

          I know you better than this
          I could be here when you call
          I'll make you top of the list
          And in the crush of the dark
          I'll be your light in the mist
          I can see you burning with desire
          For a kiss
          Psychobabble all upon your lips...

          The song ends as...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera focuses on the Handmaid’s who are still stood in the doorway. They observe the group.

          XAK: Dante, help Vincent...

          DANTE moves to VINCENT who looks dazed. He inspects his head for wounds.

          CHARLIE who is holding PETRINA, passes her to STEPHANIE. She stands and moves towards XAK, all the time not removing the Handmaid’s from her eyesight.

          CHARLIE: I know who you are...

          XAK looks to her.

          CHARLIE: I’ve killed one of you before.

          HANDMAID #2: We know, but he was cocky.

          HANDMAID #1: And he succeeded in his task. There was little use for him.

          XAK: Why are you here?

          HANDMAID #1: We’re here on behalf of The United.

          HANDMAID #2: They want the authority of your group quelled.

          XAK: Then come and get me.

          HANDMAID #2 laughs.

          HANDMAID #2: Oh you poor boy, The United wants you for itself.

          HANDMAID #1: You mistake us. We refer to the senior authorities...

          CHARLIE looks at her mother and DANTE looks at VINCENT.

          HANDMAID #2: They’re causing too much of a problem...

          CHARLIE holds out her hand, magical energy crackling between her fingertips. VINCENT turns, hearing the energy.

          CHARLIE: You’ll have a hard time doing that.

          HANDMAID #1 sniggers, noting the magic.

          HANDMAID #1: Is that so?

          With this, her necklace begins to glow and the beam of light that hit PETRINA and VINCENT now aims itself for CHARLIE. She holds out her hand and tries with all her might to fight the beam of light.

          She holds it at bay momentarily but her eyes turn grey once again. Her nose begins to bleed and her power begins to wilt. The beam throws CHARLIE back into the wall and XAK looks from her to HANDMAID #1. He charges at her and knocks her to the ground.

          CATE looks to CHARLIE. Her friend looks in pain.

          CATE: Charlie!

          She runs to her but HANDMAID #2 has eyed her. She aims her necklace at CATE. DANTE sees this.

          The necklace illuminates and its beam readies itself. The beam emits and travels towards the Slayer.

          DANTE: (shouting) Cate! Get down.

          CATE turns around but it’s almost too late to duck. DANTE jumps in front of the beam, his right shoulder taking the full brunt of the blast, burning a hole in his skin. He falls to the floor in pain. CATE looks at him.

          CATE: You ok?

          DANTE nods.

          DANTE: We need weapons!

          PETRINA looks to STEPHANIE.

          PETRINA: Get me to the kitchen, there are some there.

          STEPHANIE helps PETRINA up and they move off screen.

          The camera cuts back to DANTE who looks to CATE.

          DANTE: Go, help Charlie. I can deal with this bitch.

          CATE nods. She smiles at him and then quickly leaves to go to CHARLIE’S side. DANTE stands and he looks to his shoulder. It heals. HANDMAID #2 looks intrigued.

          HANDMAID #2: You are not human.

          DANTE: Oh sweetheart. You don’t know the half of it.

          He motions with his hand and HANDMAID #2 falls back into a table. He runs towards her.

          As he runs towards her, he runs past XAK and HANDMAID #1.

          XAK has her pinned to the ground, punching her repeatedly. She does not bruise, she does not bleed. She then frees one of her hands and holds his wrist at bay. She frees her second and does the same with his other wrist. She raises her eyebrows, they make eye contact. With seemingly no effort she throws him off of her and he hurls through the hair, spinning. As he nears the floor, he steadies himself and lands smoothly. He looks to VINCENT who is nearby.

          XAK: (with resentment) Don’t worry... we got it.

          The camera cuts to CATE and CHARLIE.

          CATE: Are you ok? You’re bleeding?

          CHARLIE: I’m fine... Seriously. It just took a lot out of me.

          CATE looks at her friend, clearly weak.

          CHARLIE: Go. Help them.

          She looks at VINCENT.

          CHARLIE: Prove that toff wrong...

          CATE smiles at her. She kisses CHARLIE on the cheek and then she hurries back to the fight.

          The camera moves back to DANTE as he picks up HANDMAID #2 from the floor. He throws her, with his extreme strength into a wall and then drives her head further into the wall with his fist. She pulls her head out and glares deeply at him. Her necklace aligns with his chest. It emits its beam. He tries to stop himself from falling, gritting his teeth in pain as the light from the necklace burns his skin badly. He looks to be wavering but then someone grabs the necklace.

          It’s CATE. She turns the necklace on itself and the beam of light hits HANDMAID #2 dead on in the chest. She falls back. Screaming in pain.

          PETRINA (O/S): Cate!

          CATE turns to her to see PETRINA stood with a knife. She throws it to CATE who swiftly catches it and drives it deep into the Handmaid’s chest. Briefly they make eye contact and HANDMAID #2 looks at her desperately.

          HANDMAID #2 screams and it instantly draws the attention of her sister. HANDMAID #1 looks at her longingly as the life slowly drains from her and her hand falls limply to her side, dead.

          HANDMAID #1 turns her attention to the murderer. She glares deeply at CATE.

          HANDMAID #1: You killed my sister.

          CATE: So?

          HANDMAID #1 charges at her now but she is stopped by a mystical barrier. CATE looks to CHARLIE who is leaning against the banister, trying to steady herself. She has her hand outstretched, trying with all her might to stop her attacking.

          HANDMAID #1 looks at them all, angered.

          HANDMAID #1: You do no favours to yourselves by killing us. It will only further the anger of The United.

          XAK walks closer to CHARLIE to help her.

          XAK: Tell us who The United are and we will let you go.

          HANDMAID #1 laughs inanely.

          HANDMAID #1: You have no idea do you? You have no clue who...

          An arrow is fired, it hits HANDMAID #1 dead on in the forehead. She slumps to the floor dead. Everyone looks to the source of the arrow.

          STEPHANIE is stood holding a crossbow.

          STEPHANIE: I thought it might be useful.

          PETRINA sighs.

          PETRINA: Stephanie, that was very bad.

          STEPHANIE: But she was hurting you all.

          VINCENT (O/S): She is not in the wrong. The woman had to die...

          XAK turns to VINCENT who stands, clearly injured. He looks at the bodies of the Handmaid’s.

          XAK: Oh and what would you know?

          CHARLIE: Xak, he’s right. Whoever they were, they had the ability to kill us in a second...

          She looks at the necklace.

          CHARLIE: They just wanted us out the way to get to Vincent and my mother.

          CATE: Why?

          CHARLIE: I’ve met someone like them before.

          CATE: In Greece?

          CHARLIE: Yes. He killed my grandmother, before she even knew what was happening and hundreds of people died in the process... We wouldn’t have stood a chance if they’d have gotten past us.

          CHARLIE looks at STEPHANIE and smiles.

          CHARLIE: Stephanie did nothing wrong. She just saved us all.

          CATE: Hey, so did I!

          CHARLIE: Way to be modest.

          PETRINA looks to her father.

          PETRINA: What are they?

          VINCENT: I’ve heard of these necklaces – forged in the heavens and used on the behalf of gods. They’re given to humans who have proved their allegiance to their master and in return they receive the power to funnel the power of the gods through them. They’re called Acolytes, but I’ve never actually come face to face with one...

          VINCENT reaches down to HANDMAID #2 and pulls the necklace from her neck.

          VINCENT: I will take this back to England to study it. Keep the second here - you may require it.

          XAK: So wait a minute...

          Everyone turns to him.

          XAK: If they were Acolytes and they said they were working for The United, then that means we’re definitely dealing with a god... or two...

          Everyone’s eyes turned to the bodies on the floor. They were the confirmation they needed.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          MEDUSA falls the floor of the lounge. Her eyes burning with anger. She breathes intensely.

          MEDUSA: My loyal darlings...

          She tries to slow her breathing.

          MEDUSA: You were not ready...

          A tear falls from her eye and it lands to the floor a pebble.

          MEDUSA: They will suffer for this.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          DANTE is stood next to the fridge freezer in the kitchen. He looks in pain and opens the freezer. He pulls out an ice pack. He struggles to do so but he pulls off his shirt, revealing that the burn on his shoulder is not fully healed and that his skin around the area is bruised significantly. He applies the ice pack to it and closes his eyes, feeling the intense pain clash with the harsh cold of the ice.

          CATE (O/S): You ok?

          DANTE looks up to see CATE stood there.

          DANTE: Uh, battered and bruised but I’ll be ok.

          CATE: I didn’t think you could be harmed?

          DANTE: I may not have ignored my powers much in the fight but I am now and it’s not doing the war wounds any good.

          He shows her the burn and bruise on his shoulder. She looks at the wound and then walks towards him. She opens a cupboard.

          CATE: Well that ice pack won’t do much – it’ll only help with the swelling.

          She pulls out a first aid kit and moves towards him. She opens it and begins pulling out some bandages.

          DANTE looks down.

          DANTE: You don’t have to.

          CATE looks to him.

          CATE: I want to.

          DANTE: Thank you.

          She stops and looks at him.

          CATE: I’m sorry if I’ve been hard on you.

          DANTE: It’s fine.

          CATE: I just love Lance. I didn’t think I would after everything that went down, but he really surprised me.

          A small smile forms on his face.

          DANTE: He’s good like that.

          CATE: You really had my back out there. You surprised me, just like he did.

          DANTE looks to her, upset slightly. He swallows.

          DANTE: I guess he’s rubbing off on me.

          CATE smiles.

          CATE: I won’t forget what you did.

          DANTE: Thank you...

          They say no more. She begins helping him get better.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera shows SIN stumbling down a sidewalk near to XAK’S apartment. Her boots are in her hand and she seems pained with each step, clearly drunk.

          She looks up as she approaches XAK’S apartment. She breathes deeply and ascends the steps.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The door opens erratically. SIN enters. It’s dark. She fumbles to find the light switch. She finds it and turns it on.

          Once her eyes adjust to the light she looks around in shock at the destruction from the fight. The bodies of the Handmaid’s have gone.

          XAK (O/S): Have fun?

          She looks up to see her father sat on the stairs looking at her with a serious expression.

          SIN: What happened here?

          XAK: A fight. The United attacked.

          SIN: God, was anyone hurt?

          XAK: Yes. Do you care?

          She looks away.

          XAK: What the hell have you been doing? I took a huge chance on you. I alienated people who have always stood by me to give you a chance.

          SIN looks at him, almost appalled.

          SIN: (raising her voice) What? What do you think I’ve been doing?! Killing?

          XAK: (shouting) Well how would I know!? You’ve been disappearing every day and then you bring home two strangers and they’re calling you Sindy? Last time I checked being all mysterious and hiding things never turned out too well for this group.

          SIN laughs, looking away.

          SIN: (resentful) Yeah, like I’m part of the group. No one even looks me in the eye!

          XAK: (quieter) Well we need you.

          SIN looks at him now.

          XAK: And I want you to be a part of this family and stand by us but that’s not gonna happen if things don’t change. Now I’m doing all I can to fight for you and they are coming around and you know that they are, but doing this? Hiding things from us... it’s not helping.

          SIN considers this.

          XAK: So just tell me... What’s going on?

          The camera moves away from XAK now and moves in on SIN.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The darkness of the night ends and the sun begins to dawn on the park, reflecting beautifully in the water of the lake.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          PETRINA is stood on the sidewalk in front of VINCENT who is stood next to his car by the curb.

          PETRINA: So what happens now?

          VINCENT: I’ll do my best to convince the Council that things here are working... in accordance to Council regulations.

          PETRINA smiles.

          PETRINA: Thank you.

          VINCENT: We’ve heard of these Acolytes before. They’re incredibly powerful and if you’ve managed to vanquish three between you then you are handling things just fine.

          He smiles back at her.

          VINCENT: But be careful Petrina – if The United is using Acolytes then while it may be weakened, it will continue to escalate its plans, perhaps more so with one of its defences down.

          PETRINA: Oh it still has a strong defence, we’ve faced it.

          VINCENT: The Gorgon will be tough, but I will look into her, don’t you worry.

          PETRINA: I’d appreciate that, thank you.

          VINCENT: And I’ll keep you up to date if we have any news on what god The United is.

          PETRINA smiles again.

          PETRINA: Thank you.

          VINCENT: For cancelling the audit? Not a problem really... You’ve told me all you have discovered and I saw the Slayer in combat, she’s strong – you’ve done well with that one. I’ll just fill the paperwork out on the plan.

          PETRINA shakes her head.

          PETRINA: I’m not thanking you for that... well, not just that.

          VINCENT: (confused) Then why?

          PETRINA: For acting like my father.

          She puts her arms around him and hugs him tightly.

          PETRINA: I love you.

          He puts an arm around her and kisses her forehead.

          VINCENT: I love you too.

          PETRINA shivers.

          PETRINA: I know.

          He breaks the hug.

          VINCENT: I better go... I’ll miss my flight.

          She nods, tearful.

          PETRINA: Of course.

          VINCENT: I’ll be in touch.

          PETRINA: Have a safe journey...

          VINCENT nods and he gets into the back of the car.

          The driver immediately drives away. PETRINA sighs and watches him leave, pensive.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          VINCENT’S expression hardens as he moves away from the apartment’s side and his daughter.

          He retrieves his cell phone from his pocket and dials a number. He waits for an answer. He gets one.

          VINCENT: It’s me. We need to keep a close eye on Petrina.

          He listens for a reply.

          VINCENT: Yes. I think she needs her mother. You need to come out here now.

          The person replies. The person is his wife. SILVANA...

          VINCENT: The Slayer? Yes... it is as you thought. I’m sorry.

          CUT TO – UNKNOWN

          The camera pans around a room. It’s too dark to tell where it is, but there is a large armchair and a fire nearby. A woman with blonde hair is sat with her back to the camera, looking at the wall. She has a phone to her ear. It’s SILVANA.

          SILVANA: (to VINCENT on the phone) Do the Council still believe I’m in Tokyo?

          VINCENT replies.

          SILVANA: Good. Keep them and their inquisitive nature at bay. I’ll come to Manhattan and deal with Petrina as soon as possible. It’s time to end this.

          She hangs up the phone and places it on the table next to her.

          Next to the phone is a gun.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
          ?? as SIVLANA RAE

          Special Mention:


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            - Dun dun dun. So that was 4.05 which gives you a deeper yet still confusing look into Petrina’s life. I won’t say too much on it as I want to keep a lot of the Silvana stuff a secret but you’ll find out eventually...

            - So things have advanced slightly elsewhere too. Sephy is now Stephanie, at least for the time being, Sin’s secret is about to come out, Declan and La-Ree have met the gang and more importantly... Dante.

            - The club that Sin, La-Ree and Declan went to is called Coco-Leville and its name is inspired from a similar sounding club in L.A. which was featured in an episode of The Hills I was watching when writing that scene and I was trying to think of a name for a club.

            - I also got to use one of my favourite songs at the moment in this episode which is La Roux’s Tigerlily.

            - Next episode will be 4.06 – “Never Ordinary” and it is a Sin centric episode as her secret life is finally revealed to the gang and she has to deal with juggling both of them which proves difficult as The United decide to pay a little visit to Stern College. Also, look out for the first ever cross over with Sirens as Cate and Petrina get re-united with Melody Harp...

            - It’s gonna be a fun episode to write but first tune in to Sirens and it’s fifth episode – “The Song” which sees the death of two characters in what will be an iconic episode of the series that will hopefully see it gain its VS status...