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Sirens - 1.04 - Bliss

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  • Sirens - 1.04 - Bliss

    Series: Sirens
    Episode: 1.04 – Bliss
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season One of Sirens runs strictly alongside Season Four of its brother series “Shadow Stalker”. To fully understand and appreciate Sirens, it is advisable to read Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Shadow Stalker prior to this series, and please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)




    The song starts as the camera pans across the top of ECHIDNA’S dresser. There is nothing on it, until it passes across a single object.

    Her wedding ring.

    Trouble will find you no matter where you go, oh oh
    No matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow, oh oh...

    The door to her bathroom opens and ECHIDNA exits from it into her room wearing a towel, clearly having just showered.

    She moves out of shot but then reappears, seemingly drawn by the power of the ring. She looks at it frowning. She tentatively reaches for it and slides it on to her finger.

    The eye of the storm wanna cry in the morn, oh oh
    You're fine for a while but you start to lose control...

    CUT TO –

    The camera focuses on her door from the inside of her room. ECHIDNA is dressed now and she opens the door. She is taken aback when she sees someone stood directly outside.

    It’s PAN.

    He smiles at her, holding a mug of coffee which he extends to her. She eyes his ring finger. She smiles embarrassed and takes the mug. She walks past him.

    He's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
    He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
    Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine


    She walks down the corridor and he leans against the door frame watching her leave. His wife.

    A small smile forms on her face as she sips her coffee, made just the way she likes it by her husband.

    Trouble is a friend, but trouble is a foe, oh oh
    And no matter what I feed him he always seems to grow, oh oh...


    ECHIDNA is stood in the supply room. She is stood in front of the photocopying machine. She places the sheet of paper into the machine. She presses a button. Nothing happens. She presses it again and still nothing. She hits it.

    He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh
    So don't forget as you ease on down my road...

    The door opens and she looks to see who is there.

    It’s PAN.

    She scowls at him. He flips the switch at the mains, turning the machine on. The copies are made. He smirks. She stands back, her arms folded.

    He's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
    He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
    Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine...


    ECHIDNA walks across the lawn of the school. She is instantly lynched by the mob outside protesting. She tries ignoring them but they surround her.

    Out of nowhere PAN appears.

    But he's there in the dark, he's there in my heart
    He waits in the wings, he's gotta play a part
    Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine...

    He pushes them out of the way, making a path for them both. He looks at her for a response but she moves quickly out of his way, avoiding eye contact. She looks embarrassed.

    He hurries after her but she continues moving faster. Eventually it looks as if he is running to catch up with her.

    So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm
    I roll down the window, I'm a sucker for his charm
    Trouble is a friend, yeah trouble is a friend of mine

    The song comes to an end.

    MELODY (O/S): My god!


    BROGAN and MELODY are stood watching the scene from the window in the Lobby. BROGAN furrows his brow.

    BROGAN: What is she doing?

    MELODY: Right now, she’s sprinting.

    BROGAN: This protest is really grating me now.

    MELODY: Oh it isn’t the protest she’s running from – that’s some serious man avoiding she’s doing there.

    BROGAN: (confused) What? Echidna and Pan? Their marriage is fake, there’s nothing there.

    MELODY pats him on the shoulder.

    MELODY: Sure big guy. Personally I think this is something Oprah should sort out, or Jerry considering the weirdness of it all.

    She laughs.

    MELODY: Can you imagine it: “I’m a goddess and I’m married to an Ancient King – love or resentment?

    BROGAN: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    MELODY sighs.

    MELODY: God you guys didn’t have chat shows in your dimension? It really must have been hell.

    She laughs again. Her laugh is cut short when she is startled by someone throwing eggs at the window. Her smile quickly turns into an angry frown.

    MELODY: Right, that’s it. My last nerve has now gone.

    She storms away from the window to the front door, BROGAN hurries after her.


    The door to the school opens and MELODY hurries outside, closely followed by BROGAN. The protesters look at her, stood in front of them are NICOLA and EDWARD.

    MELODY: (shouting) Ok! Who threw the eggs?!

    NICOLA waves at her with a suburban grin. MELODY moves towards her.

    MELODY: What the hell is your problem, Prime?

    NICOLA: (mimicking) I thought we were clear on the problem, Slayer?

    MELODY: What?

    NICOLA: We know all about you.

    MELODY: Yeah well your protest is doing jack lady.

    She turns to the group now.

    MELODY: All your precious little children are still attending Hogwarts so get used to it.

    There are epic boos from the crowd and many of them shake their signs angrily.

    BROGAN moves in front of MELODY. He addresses EDWARD who steps in front of his wife, defensively.

    BROGAN: I think what my “colleague” is saying is, can we not come to some sort of agreement?

    EDWARD turns to his wife and simultaneously they shake their heads.

    EDWARD: I really don’t think we can.

    There are cheers from the crowd. BROGAN grits his teeth and clenches his jaw.

    BROGAN: (to EDWARD) This is all one big circus. You were the ones that started this, you and your wife.

    EDWARD: It’s true Nicola and I are the ones running this...

    BROGAN: Then why don’t we talk, away from all the show. I’m sure all these people do have jobs to be getting to and maybe we can resolve this today.

    EDWARD looks at NICOLA. She doesn’t make a single gesture towards him except looking at him. He turns back to BROGAN.

    EDWARD: My wife and I will meet with you this afternoon.

    BROGAN forces a smile.

    BROGAN: Thank you. Shall we say three?

    EDWARD: Three sounds good.

    Confusion spreads amongst the protesters.

    BROGAN nods at both of them and then grabs MELODY and pulls her back into the school.

    EDWARD and NICOLA watch them leave.

    NICOLA smiles.

    NICOLA: We’re in.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a lilac mist begins to develop. Through the mist we can see a creature stood on a rock in the water. Behind the creature, in the distance, the water is lapping at the edge of Cropley Shores’ beach serenely. The mist then appears to be developing into a word. One single word.


    The mist fades.

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    URSULA is stood, leaning against a pillar. She looks helplessly ahead, her children eating lunch with SHELTER around the seating area. They’re laughing. She sighs.

    NEVAN (O/S): Is everything ok?

    URSULA snaps out of her stare and sees NEVAN stood nearby. She smiles at him.

    URSULA: Oh yes Nevan, thank you for asking.

    He nods.

    NEVAN: Sure?

    URSULA: Not really.

    She looks down.

    URSULA: My children are being... difficult.

    NEVAN: How so?

    URSULA: They won’t listen to reason...

    NEVAN: Sounds unreasonable.

    URSULA looks at him trying to hide the guilt.

    URSULA: Well it’s all my fault really, we haven’t had the most conventional of relationships.

    NEVAN: Well, considering what you do it’s not surprising.

    URSULA: Quite.

    NEVAN thinks for a moment. Then it hits him.

    NEVAN: So make it conventional, do something with them.

    URSULA looks intrigued.

    URSULA: What do you suggest?

    NEVAN: Well you could go to the pier I guess. My parents take my sisters and me down there every week.

    URSULA: What is on this pier?

    NEVAN laughs.

    NEVAN: What isn’t down there is the real question.

    URSULA considers this, nodding her head.

    URSULA: Hm, thank you Nevan. You’ve been most helpful. Now I just have to ask them...

    NEVAN: Well if it’ll break the ice, could you give this to your daughter?

    He hands her a card.

    NEVAN: It’s just to say I’m sorry for... you know, what happened.

    URSULA smiles at him, touched.

    URSULA: I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Thank you, Nevan.

    NEVAN nods, smiling awkwardly. He leaves now. URSULA watches him leave as MELODY approaches her.

    MELODY: (whispering in URSULA’S ear) Meeting room, 3pm... the wolves have been housebroken.

    As quickly as she approached URSULA, MELODY swiftly departs.

    URSULA watches her leave, confused.


    PAN is sat at the table of a coffee shop, a pot of tea in front of him. He’s reading a book. He looks up as the door opens and woman enters laden with shopping bags.

    The camera focuses on her as she moves to the counter. It’s ECHIDNA.

    ECHIDNA: (to the attendant) May I have a Latte please?

    The attendant nods. ECHIDNA stops for a moment and then turns to face PAN. She sighs. He smiles at her.

    ECHIDNA: Are you following me?

    PAN: Um, I’ve been here reading for an hour.

    ECHIDNA: Present scenario excluded.

    PAN: Look, we’re married, we should go places together. It looks as if something is up.

    ECHIDNA: From what I understand of marriage, problems are typical.

    PAN takes a deep breath before placing his book on the table.

    PAN: Why do you have to make this so difficult?

    She goes to answer but PAN’S phone rings. She stops herself. He answers his phone.

    PAN: (to the person on the other end of the phone) Hello? Melody?

    He pauses. ECHIDNA rolls her eyes.

    PAN: (to MELODY) Yes I am with her now.

    He looks confused at what she’s saying.

    PAN: Ok.

    He hangs up the phone.

    ECHIDNA: What did she want?

    PAN: Something about breaking dogs. We need to back to the school.

    ECHIDNA sighs incessantly.

    ECHIDNA: Great. No Latte and now some dogs are breaking.

    PAN: She made it sound like a good thing.

    ECHIDNA: Let’s just go.

    PAN: See you’re already acting like a 21st century wife.

    ECHIDNA: How?

    PAN: Giving me orders.

    ECHIDNA scoffs and the two of them leave the cafe arguing. As the door closes the cafe attendant turns around with a latte ready for her customer. Her customer had gone.


    BROGAN is stood opposite MELODY as they stand outside of the meeting room. They’re looking in to see that NICOLA and EDWARD are inside with the others, minus ECHIDNA and PAN. MELODY scowls at them as they shake the hands of SHELTER and TRAFFORD.

    MELODY: Look at them, acting all nice. I don’t trust them.

    BROGAN: We don’t need to trust them, we just need them to believe that we’re doing good.

    MELODY: We are doing good.

    BROGAN: Yeah, we know that and the kids know that but they don’t. So be cool.

    MELODY: Hey! I’m the coolest.

    BROGAN: Then be that and collected. No anger, keep it line. In fact don’t speak at all.

    MELODY: Fine – but if they have any eggs.

    BROGAN: They don’t.

    MELODY: Good.

    PAN (O/S): Sorry we’re late!

    BROGAN and MELODY turn around to see ECHIDNA and PAN hurrying towards them.

    ECHIDNA: What’s happening?

    BROGAN: Nicola and Edward Prime agreed to negotiations, they’re in there now.

    ECHIDNA: So the dogs are alright?

    PAN rolls his eyes.

    MELODY: I’m not allowed to speak.

    ECHIDNA: It’s probably for the best.

    BROGAN: And you better behave too.

    ECHIDNA: Me?

    BROGAN: Yeah, suit up nuptials. We’re going in.

    With this he leaves and enters the meeting room. MELODY, ECHIDNA and PAN follow him.


    URSULA is talking to NICOLA and EDWARD when they all enter.

    URSULA: Ah, here they are. Nicola and Edward this is Ea Brogan, Melody Harp and Idina and Parker Morgan.

    They all greet and shake hands. MELODY’S jaw is clenched tight.

    EDWARD: You all have such odd names.

    ECHIDNA laughs.

    ECHIDNA: Just a part of our rich and unique heritage, which we of course want to teach the children about.

    Everyone takes a seat respectively.

    NICOLA: Yes, well... I’m not too sure this “heritage” of yours is necessary to teach.

    BROGAN: I beg to differ. This world is dangerous and it shouldn’t be ignored.

    URSULA: We have no desire to expose your children or any of the others in this town to any direct threat.

    TRAFFORD: We just want to make sure they’re able to defend themselves should any danger present itself.

    NICOLA: Would that include the children that almost got arrested the other week?

    BROGAN: It was an isolated incident.

    EDWARD: From what I hear, the teenagers involved beat a man to an inch of his life? Is that what you teach?

    NICOLA: Can you honestly expect us to agree that our children should be exposed to such violence and darkness?

    BROGAN: We’re not exposing them to that; we’re the only thing that is standing in their way.

    EDWARD: Is that so? Well they seem to have coped well enough up until this point.

    BROGAN: Because we’re on the frontline. We won’t always be.

    URSULA: I certainly won’t be.

    She laughs but her joke falls on deaf ears. TRAFFORD looks down. MELODY nudges her.

    MELODY: Way to kill the argument Urs.

    URSULA: What I meant to say was that we were all once like your children.

    NICOLA: I beg your pardon?

    URSULA: We were uneducated in the ways of defending ourselves but with tutelage we were able to survive two wars with our skills.

    NICOLA: Well that’s all very well but I haven’t seen anything here that could convince me or my husband that what we’re doing is wrong? We’re just protecting our children, can’t you see that?

    MELODY sighs.

    MELODY: Can’t you?!

    BROGAN: (under his breath) Melody...

    MELODY: No Ea... I’ve had it with this. It’s ridiculous. We’ve done nothing but try to help you and the people of this town and all we’ve had in return is abuse and eggs.

    NICOLA and EDWARD look shocked by her outburst.

    MELODY: Now you’re gonna stop this damn protest of yours because I’ve had it with your stupid slogans. Don’t you have jobs?

    NICOLA: I don’t have to listen to this. If this is how you teach the people who come here then I dread to think what you’ll produce. Come on darling, we’re going...

    NICOLA and EDWARD stand now and walk to the door of the Meeting Room, leaving into the corridor.

    BROGAN snaps a glare to MELODY.

    BROGAN: Well done. You just got this school closed down...

    MELODY folds her arms defiantly. ECHIDNA looks around the room at her family. The devastation on their faces broke her heart. She stands and runs to the door. Everyone watches her.


    ECHIDNA hurries into the corridor and sees NICOLA and EDWARD walking quickly away.

    ECHIDNA: Mr. and Mrs. Prime?

    NICOLA and EDWARD stop walking and turn to face her.

    NICOLA: Mrs. Morgan, please. Save your breath. Your colleague said all that needed to be said.

    ECHIDNA walks towards them now.

    ECHIDNA: I really don’t think Ms. Harp’s intrusion helped and I’d like to apologise. Why don’t we talk privately...

    NICOLA and EDWARD look unconvinced.

    ECHIDNA: Over dinner?

    At this point the Syndicate move into the corridor now and watch ECHIDNA curiously.

    NICOLA looks to EDWARD, confused.

    EDWARD: We?

    ECHIDNA: You two and my husband and me. We’ll talk about this rationally away from any distractions.

    They look unconvinced. She laughs nervously.

    ECHIDNA: Who knows? We may have some fun in the process!

    She flashes her best suburban smile for the Primes.

    NICOLA smiles back.

    NICOLA: Sure. We’ll make the reservations. We’ll meet you in the Town Square at say... seven?

    ECHIDNA smiles, relieved.

    ECHIDNA: Seven is perfect.

    NICOLA looks past ECHIDNA now to PAN.

    NICOLA: See you later then, Mr. Morgan.

    PAN nods, scared. NICOLA and EDWARD turn now and leave.

    ECHIDNA looks dumbstruck by what she has just suggested. She turns and faces the others.

    BROGAN: What did you just do?

    ECHIDNA’S eyes fall on PAN. He looks petrified.

    ECHIDNA: I have no idea...




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      ACT TWO


      The scene opens on ARRON and HELEN looking horrified.

      ARRON: Are you freakin’ kidding me?

      The camera turns to show NICOLA and EDWARD preparing dinner for their children. NICOLA narrows her eyes at her son.

      NICOLA: Language.

      EDWARD: And no we are not.

      HELEN: But it’s a disaster. The last dinner you had with a couple you ended up killing them.

      NICOLA: Now now, I’m sure that Hamilton couple aren’t dead.

      HELEN: You opened a black hole in their dining room mother, I think they’re gone.

      EDWARD: Well the Morgans won’t be as inquisitive. Their sole purpose in attending this dinner is to persuade us to stop this protest.

      ARRON: And what’s your purpose in attending?

      NICOLA: Well our power over those protesters is waning – jinxed propaganda doesn’t stand the test of time.

      EDWARD: And we are forbidden against the use of any direct magical contact with the mortals as it may cause alarm...

      HELEN: Again, I bring “black-hole-gate” up...

      NICOLA: Oh it was an isolated incident. One old couple who have no contact with anyone does not equate to enchanting hundreds of people. That sort of magic so close to the school leaves a trace that witch Ursula Lake could sniff out in a second...

      ARRON: Ok, so your reason is that the protest has to end anyway?

      EDWARD looks at his wife.

      EDWARD: Your mother and I have other reasons.

      HELEN looks down.

      HELEN: You’re hiding things from us again.

      NICOLA: We are not, don’t be silly.

      HELEN: (with resentment) Yes, you are. As a mortal I may be your daughter but you know that my powers far outshine yours.

      NICOLA slams her hand on the counter, breaking it slightly.

      Everyone is silent.

      NICOLA: You know sometimes I don’t know why I bother making you two dinner at all with the disrespect I receive.

      Both her children look down.

      NICOLA: Your father and I have our orders, and we give you yours. You must understand that. We are soldiers and unfortunately we outrank you.

      EDWARD: But we’re also a family. We must work together...

      HELEN looks up at them both, angry.

      HELEN: Then start acting like our parents, because this war blows and I hate it...

      She storms off, leaving ARRON considering what he has heard.


      ECHIDNA walks into the Lobby followed by the other members of the Syndicate.

      URSULA: Echidna, are you sure about this?

      ECHIDNA: Well thanks to Melody, we had no other choice.

      MELODY: Hey! That desperate housewife had it coming...

      BROGAN: There are other solutions, Echidna.

      ECHIDNA turns to face them all.

      ECHIDNA: Why are you all so worried about this? I can handle one dinner.

      TRAFFORD: I’m sure you can but you and Pan together, no way.

      ECHIDNA folds her arms and frowns at TRAFFORD.

      ECHIDNA: I’m sure I don’t know what you’re implying.

      URSULA: When I informed you that you would have to adopt this alias Echidna I had hoped you’d take to it naturally, in the aid of our course.

      ECHIDNA: And I have!

      URSULA: It’s imperative that we don’t alarm the public and we must keep your presence here a secret. You saw what happened with your sister...

      ECHIDNA clenches her jaw, looking away.

      ECHIDNA: (quietly) Don’t bring Persephone into this.

      Everyone pauses.

      BROGAN: Look Echidna, do you honestly think you can handle this? A whole evening as Idina?

      ECHIDNA: I’ve survived classes...

      She looks to PAN.

      ECHIDNA: Haven’t I?

      PAN nods.

      BROGAN: And Pan, you think this could work?

      PAN: I think we have no choice... the Prime couple will not change their views on this hotel unless we try. We can only try.

      BROGAN: Then do it. We don’t really have any other option... but this is it you guys. If we can’t stop the protest, then we’ll have failed.

      ECHIDNA: We’ll stop it, I assure you.

      She turns to MELODY now.

      ECHIDNA: Seeing as you’ve got us into this mess, you can ready my appearance as your punishment.

      MELODY tries to hide a smile.

      MELODY: Darn, being a troublemaker sucks.

      With this, MELODY and ECHIDNA leave the area.

      BROGAN turns to PAN.

      BROGAN: Come on, I’ll help you suit up. Shelter, can you give me a hand?

      SHELTER nods happily and the three of them leave.

      TRAFFORD and ELISE now look at one another and leave.

      URSULA hesitates.

      URSULA: Wait!

      TRAFFORD turns and ELISE notices. She turns to face URSULA too. URSULA looks nervous.

      URSULA: We are going out tonight?

      TRAFFORD looks confused. ELISE nudges him.

      ELISE: (signing) What did she say?

      TRAFFORD: (signing) She wants us to go out tonight...

      ELISE now joins TRAFFORD with a confused expression.

      TRAFFORD: Ursula, what do you mean?

      URSULA: We have bridges to build and we cannot do this by avoiding one another.

      TRAFFORD: I agree, but what will going out solve?

      URSULA: I’m taking a different approach.

      She walks towards them and hands ELISE the card from NEVAN. She smiles and walks past them.

      URSULA: Go and get ready, I’ll meet you back here.

      TRAFFORD looks surprised. ELISE looks at him expectantly.

      ELISE: (signing) What’s going on?

      TRAFFORD: (signing) Looks like we’re going out.

      Completely perplexed, the Artair siblings watch as their confident birth mother walks away with a smile on her face.


      MELODY is swiftly looking through ECHIDNA’S dresses while ECHIDNA sits at her desk watching.

      MELODY: Ok, what the hell is this?

      She pulls out a hot pink dress.

      ECHIDNA: A gift from Aphrodite.

      MELODY: Isn’t she supposed to be like amazing at appearances?

      ECHIDNA: She is... but we never had an amicable relationship.

      MELODY raises her eyebrows.

      MELODY: Clearly.

      ECHIDNA sighs.

      ECHIDNA: Just find me a dress, Melody.

      MELODY: I’m on it, don’t worry.

      She continues looking, but then pauses.

      MELODY: (quietly) I’m sorry I put you in this situation.

      ECHIDNA: It’s fine, I’m used to clearing up messes. One dinner with a mortal couple won’t prove too hard.

      MELODY: Still, I know I’m not making things easier... I just find it hard sometimes to fit in.

      ECHIDNA: I think that’s a problem we all have.

      The two look at one another in a moment of understanding. MELODY breaks the glance.

      MELODY: Well... um...

      She pulls out a dress. It’s a gorgeous red and white floral dress.

      MELODY: I’m thinking floral? You need to look more fabulous than Nicola but not so much so that it makes her feel bad.

      ECHIDNA: That surely shouldn’t be difficult? She’s a housewife, I’m a goddess.

      MELODY nods, unconvincingly.

      ECHIDNA: What?

      MELODY: It’s just... she does have good bone structure and she clearly does Pilates.

      ECHIDNA: Will that dress beat Pilates?

      MELODY reaches down and pulls out a pair of red heels.

      MELODY: With these shoes, hell yes.

      ECHIDNA smiles, weary.

      ECHIDNA: Thank you.

      There is a knock at the door.

      ECHIDNA: Come in.

      The door opens, it is PAN.

      MELODY looks awkward.

      MELODY: Um, I’ll come back later and do your make-up. Don’t want you looking like a hooker.

      ECHIDNA rolls her eyes and MELODY swiftly departs.

      PAN enters the room and closes the door behind him.

      ECHIDNA: What are you wearing?

      PAN: Ea and Shelter helped me pick out a suit. I’ll look smart, I promise. How did it go with Melody?

      ECHIDNA: I can’t quite decide if her punishment was more painful for me or her.

      He smiles, laughing slightly.

      PAN: Do you think we can honestly do this? Be Parker and Idina for a whole evening.

      ECHIDNA hesitates.

      ECHIDNA: We don’t have a choice. There’s more at stake than my own personal hardships.

      PAN: The school’s in trouble isn’t it?

      ECHIDNA: Ursula and Shelter do their best to hide it but I can see the numbers dwindling. If this protest continues, we’re done for... and we haven’t even begun.

      PAN: I had no idea.

      ECHIDNA: I know. Now go... get ready. I’ll meet you downstairs.

      PAN nods and turns. He opens the door, walks through it and closes it behind him. ECHIDNA sighs looking at the door for a moment. She then turns and picks up the dress MELODY picked out for her.

      Her disguise.


      TRAFFORD is pacing his room, confused.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) I mean we should hear what she has to say, right?

      The camera turns to show ELISE sat on the edge of his bed. She nods.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) But what does she want?

      ELISE: (signing) We don’t know. That’s the point.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) I’m sorry... I’m just confused.

      ELISE: (signing) Well it won’t do us any harm to just hear her out... or “watch” her out in my case.

      TRAFFORD smiles warmly at her. He exhales and sits down next to her.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) I said some nasty things to her.

      ELISE nods.

      ELISE: (signing) So did I...

      She turns fully to him now.

      ELISE: (signing) But we can’t take them back and she can’t take back what she did either. The only thing we can do is to move forward. That’s basically all we can do.

      TRAFFORD looks down, sombre.

      TRAFFORD: (signing) I just don’t want to forget mom.

      ELISE puts her head on his shoulder.

      ELISE: (speaking softly) We won’t...

      He puts his arm around her and kisses her head.


      EDWARD is zipping up NICOLA’S dress. A black dress. He is wearing a suit.

      NICOLA: How do I look?

      EDWARD: Stunning.

      He turns away quickly. NICOLA raises an eyebrow.

      NICOLA: Are you alright?

      EDWARD: Just thinking about what the children said...

      NICOLA: (bitter) The children are too rude for their own liking.

      EDWARD: I don’t like keeping them out of loop.

      NICOLA: Well that’s out of our hands darling, you know it is.

      EDWARD: I know.

      NICOLA: Besides, if things go well tonight then the children will be thanking us.

      EDWARD smiles again.

      EDWARD: That’s right.

      She moves towards him and puts her arms around his neck.

      NICOLA: The protest has served its cause – it’s delayed them for long enough. They’ll never have an army strong enough for what’s coming...

      EDWARD: And then we can be a family again.

      NICOLA: Yes my dear. Yes.

      They kiss, passionately.


      MELODY is stood in front of BROGAN, SHELTER and PAN.

      MELODY: Ok, are you guys ready?

      They all nod. BROGAN sighs, infuriated.

      BROGAN: Melody, they’ll be late... come on.

      MELODY: Fine fine fine...

      She gestures.

      MELODY: Ta-dah!

      She moves out of the way and reveals ECHIDNA as she walks around a corner into the Lobby.

      She looks stunning.

      Perfectly dressed, accessorised and made up, her hair is flowing long and free over one shoulder.

      PAN is completely taken aback.

      PAN: Wow...

      BROGAN: You scrub up good.

      ECHIDNA smiles.

      ECHIDNA: Thank you.

      MELODY: I totally rock.

      ECHIDNA: Yes, well done Melody.

      She now turns to PAN.

      ECHIDNA: Shall we?

      He nods and holds out his arm. She looks around, slightly embarrassed. She takes a deep breath.

      She takes it.

      MELODY: Good luck.

      BROGAN: Knock ‘em dead.

      MELODY: But not literally.

      ECHIDNA: We’ll do our best.

      They walk towards the door.

      PAN: You look beautiful.

      She blushes.

      ECHIDNA: You don’t look too bad yourself...

      They move off screen.

      The camera moves back to BROGAN, MELODY and SHELTER.

      BROGAN sighs.

      BROGAN: This is gonna be a disaster.

      MELODY shakes her head and joins him in a sigh.

      MELODY: Big time.

      SHELTER laughs.




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        ACT THREE


        TRAFFORD, ELISE and URSULA are walking down the walkway of the pier towards the entertainment. The music in the background is so loud that the vibrations shake the wood. ELISE shows a careful understanding of the beat.

        URSULA looks to TRAFFORD.

        URSULA: Thank you for agreeing to this.

        TRAFFORD smiles weakly.

        TRAFFORD: It’s ok.

        URSULA: I know we have a long way to go but...

        TRAFFORD looks awkward.

        TRAFFORD: (cutting her off) So what is actually on this pier?

        URSULA: Oh...

        She is thrown.

        URSULA: Well I had one idea...

        Arriving at the doorway to the building, URSULA opens the door. She enters, closely followed by TRAFFORD and ELISE.


        URSULA gestures at the room.

        URSULA: Ta-dah!

        The camera pans around the bowling alley to show a lot of groups enjoying themselves, be they family or friends. TRAFFORD and ELISE look at one another, horrified.

        ELISE: (signing) But I don’t know how to bowl!

        TRAFFORD looks to URSULA.

        TRAFFORD: We don’t know how to bowl.

        URSULA: Well neither do I, but come on! It looks like fun!

        TRAFFORD turns and gives ELISE an encouraging look.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) Come on... we said we’d try...

        ELISE rolls her eyes.

        ELISE: (signing) Fine.

        URSULA: Excellent! Come on then, I heard a rumour that there is specialised footwear supplied!

        She hurries off screen, laughing. ELISE raises an eyebrow, she turns to her brother.

        ELISE: (signing) You’re buying me a drink.

        TRAFFORD smiles and puts an arm around her. As they follow URSULA, ELISE finds herself unable to not smile too.


        ECHIDNA and PAN are walking, her arm linked with him. They approach the Town Square. ECHIDNA squeezes his arm.

        ECHIDNA: (whispering) Good god, there’s that evil witch now.

        PAN: (whispering) She’s not a witch... and sh!

        ECHIDNA: (whispering) She could be a witch...

        CUT TO -

        NICOLA and EDWARD are walking towards the Town Square from the opposite direction to ECHIDNA and PAN.

        NICOLA: (whispering) Is it wrong that I’m having a big flashback to the black hole incident?

        EDWARD: (whispering) Play it cool sweetheart. We just have to humour them for a few more hours.

        NICOLA: Longest hours of my life...

        EDWARD looks at her.

        EDWARD: Which one?

        NICOLA raises her eyebrows but then realises they are a couple of feet from ECHIDNA and PAN. She turns and smiles.

        NICOLA: Idina. Parker.

        ECHIDNA: Nicola. Edward.

        EDWARD: Parker. Idina.

        PAN: Edward. Nicola.

        There is a pause. Everyone looks awkward.

        ECHIDNA: Well, this is nice.

        NICOLA: Oh yes.

        PAN: So glad we could do this.

        ECHIDNA: Where are we dining?

        EDWARD: There’s a small Greek bistro just around the corner.

        A shiver runs through ECHIDNA and PAN.

        NICOLA: One of the Shores’ best kept secrets!

        ECHIDNA: Delightful!

        PAN: We’re a fan of Greek food.

        NICOLA smiles at him.

        NICOLA: Good! So are we.

        They all move away now and walk towards the bistro.

        ECHIDNA shoots PAN a look and he knew what she was implying.

        A “Greek” bistro.


        A WAITRESS is stood over a table pouring wine into glasses. The camera pulls back to show it is ECHIDNA, PAN, NICOLA and EDWARD’S table. The waitress is eyeing ECHIDNA with a raised eyebrow.

        ECHIDNA: Can I help you?

        WAITRESS: Sorry, it’s just... you look familiar.

        ECHIDNA: Well once you’re done simply pouring our wine, you can ponder this elsewhere.

        PAN coughs and looks at ECHIDNA.

        PAN: (whispering) Calm down dear...

        NICOLA and EDWARD share a look.

        ECHIDNA clears her throat and then looks to the WAITRESS.

        ECHIDNA: (loudly and enthusiastically) Can’t wait for those appetizers!

        The WAITRESS moves away now. PAN turns to NICOLA and EDWARD.

        PAN: Sorry, we don’t eat out much.

        EDWARD: That’s quite alright.

        ECHIDNA: It’s an interesting place.

        NICOLA: Isn’t it just? The paintings are gorgeous.

        PAN: Yes, I noticed - the gods and goddesses of the Ancient world.

        NICOLA: Beautifully illustrated. Such a rich heritage, don’t you agree Idina?

        ECHIDNA clearly looks troubled.

        ECHIDNA: (shakily) Indeed.

        The WAITRESS returns with appetizers.

        ECHIDNA: Oh look! Food!

        EDWARD: You really must try the feta, it’s amazing.

        The couples begin eating their food.

        NICOLA: (to ECHIDNA and PAN) So please, tell us how you met. Clearly it wasn’t under ordinary circumstances, unlike me and my high school sweetheart here.

        EDWARD smiles proudly. ECHIDNA and PAN share a look.

        ECHIDNA: (to PAN) Why don’t you tell it darling. You say it so much better than I do.

        PAN: Ok... uh...

        PAN hesitates.

        PAN: It was four years ago. I had just matriculated from Sunnydale and was looking to teach in the local area. I’d just attended an interview but it had run on later than I’d hoped.

        He looks down.

        PAN: It was dark... and that’s when I was attacked. Four vampires tore my car apart to get to me. That’s when Idina and the other teachers at the school came to my aid. They’d been patrolling in the local area, trying to help the best they could... and if they hadn’t, I’d have died.

        ECHIDNA’S features soften at this story, even though it was a lie. PAN turns to her.

        PAN: I knew then, when I looked into her eyes... I knew two things.

        NICOLA looks slightly sceptical.

        NICOLA: And what were they?

        PAN takes ECHIDNA’S hand, completely seducing her.

        PAN: That I would never wake up another day unless the first thing I looked into were her eyes and secondly that if someone so pure can put her life on the line for a complete stranger... then I could do the same. I could make a difference too.

        EDWARD: That’s a truly inspiring story.

        NICOLA: Yes... it is.

        ECHIDNA continues to stare at PAN.

        PAN: Which is why keeping this school open is so important to me... to us. If it wasn’t for these people, I’d be dead and so would a lot more.

        NICOLA looks down.

        NICOLA: I know... we both do.

        ECHIDNA snaps out of her trance. She looks to NICOLA.

        ECHIDNA: Excuse me?

        NICOLA: We know what you’re doing is right... but it’s not safe.

        PAN: Without us it isn’t safe.

        EDWARD: Can you promise us that as a result of the skills learned from your school that people will not be put into dangerous situations?

        PAN looks stumped. He’d done his best...

        The camera moves to ECHIDNA.


        The song begins as...


        The song kicks in as we see various groups of people bowling on the various alleys on the pier.

        I don't need no TV, I don't need no news
        All I need is a bumpin’ beat to bump away my blues...

        A group of teenage girls bowl. Each of them scoring the perfect strike.

        The camera cuts to ELISE. She lines her shot up. She pulls her arm back and the ball flies behind her, narrowly missing her brother.

        ELISE has lined up her shot again. She bowls. It heads straight for the gutter.

        I don't give a damn what the people say
        I'm gonna do it, gonna do it my way
        Gonna let it all out an do my thing
        Boom boom boom an a bang bang bang

        We now see a group of men in bowling shirts all trying to perfect their game. All of them helpfully encouraging one another with drunken slurs.

        The camera cuts to TRAFFORD. He watches the men in bowling shirts and mimics their movements perfectly. Somehow his bowling ball bounces into the next lane, (the lane for the men in the bowling shirts), and knocks down one of their pins.

        Do your thing
        Do your thing, make my body sing
        Do your thing, your thing, my thing, oh oh oh oh...

        TRAFFORD smiles.

        TRAFFORD: Yes!

        The men look at him, angrily. He moves off screen.

        We now see a group of children at a birthday party. One small girl steps up and bowls. She knocks down all the pins but one. She jumps up and down angrily. The vibrations knock the last pin over.

        Say shut your mouth you're in a fatal tiz
        Free the mayhem in your mind, release the need inside of you
        You're gonna suffer, coz the crowds so loud...

        The camera cuts to URSULA who’s watching. She scoffs.

        URSULA: Oh for goodness sakes, this cannot be that hard.

        URSULA now steps up to the lane and she looks around.

        URSULA: (to herself) Come on Ursula... you can do this.

        She bowls. She knocks down all the pins. She looks surprised. She turns around to face TRAFFORD and ELISE who equally look surprised.

        URSULA: (cheering) Yes!

        TRAFFORD points to URSULA’S feet. She looks down, she’d stepped over the mark...

        URSULA sighs.

        URSULA: Oh for crying out loud.

        She looks to them both and laughs. They both laugh too.

        Do your thing, do you
        Boom boom boom an a
        Do your thing
        Do your thing, make
        Do your thing, your
        Give me ying-yang
        kick it like a tin can...

        URSULA: (signing) Cheese fries?

        They both nod enthusiastically.

        Do your thing, make
        Do do do...

        The song comes to an end.


        It is darker now. TRAFFORD, ELISE and URSULA are walking down the pier, eating their cheese fries. They see an empty bench looking out on to the dark water.

        URSULA inhales the deep clean air and then looks to them both.

        URSULA: (signing) I’m so sorry.

        They look at her, confused.

        URSULA: (signing) I wanted this night to be perfect.

        TRAFFORD: (signing) It doesn’t matter.

        URSULA: (signing) You have to understand.

        She looks at ELISE.

        URSULA: (signing) Both of you. I don’t want to be the person you think of as your mother because I don’t want to ever replace Aria. Despite what you may think of me, she was always a very, very dear friend of mine and she was always so supportive. She was a great mother to you both and I want you to never forget that.

        She looks tearful.

        URSULA: (signing) I am not perfect, nor do I make impeccable decisions, but I will always to the best of my abilities strive to protect you both. I will always be here for you.

        TRAFFORD and ELISE’S eyes well up.

        URSULA: (signing) I’m sorry that I took you on a terrible night out, but I always consider you my family and I wanted us just for once to forget all the terrible things we’ve experienced so that I can enjoy being in the company of two remarkable people.

        She stands now and kisses them both individually on the forehead. She dries her eyes with her sleeve and turns, walking away. TRAFFORD and ELISE look dumbfounded, unsure of what to do.

        The camera follows URSULA who takes various deep, well needed, breaths.

        TRAFFORD (O/S): Ursula wait...

        URSULA stops and she turns around. TRAFFORD is stood there with ELISE. They smile weakly at her.

        She looks at them expectantly.

        TRAFFORD: (quietly) This is gonna have to take some time...

        URSULA nods.

        URSULA: (softly) I know...

        TRAFFORD: (quietly) It’s just we need to...

        URSULA: (softly) I know...

        ELISE breaks away from her brother now and walks towards URSULA. As she reaches her she stops and they look at one another. URSULA reaches out and strokes ELISE’S face.

        ELISE looks at her dead in the eye and they smile at one another. The girl reaches out to the elder and hugs her tightly. URSULA holds her back.

        URSULA: Oh I’ve missed you so much my darling darling Elise...

        She’s cut off by TRAFFORD hugging them both too. They all laugh and the camera pulls away to them on the bright, vibrant pier. A small speck of light in the darkness of the night.


        ECHIDNA and NICOLA are stood in the ladies’ restroom, looking at their appearances in the mirror. NICOLA is re-applying her make-up and ECHIDNA is fixing her hair.

        NICOLA: Your husband is a catch, you should hold on to that one.

        ECHIDNA: Oh I intend to.

        NICOLA laughs.

        Then out of nowhere, something catches ECHIDNA’S eye. A painting on the back wall, reflected in the mirror. It was a painting of the goddess of monsters. It was a painting of her.

        She didn’t know whether to look offended that she was hanging in the restroom or to be more worried that if the waitress had recognised her from this painting, perhaps NICOLA would too...

        Her eyes widen and she looks to NICOLA.

        ECHIDNA: So come on, confess... How are we doing?

        NICOLA looks at her, confused.

        NICOLA: What do you mean?

        ECHIDNA: We’re trying to impress you, you know we are. We want you to like us because this is important to us.

        NICOLA: The school?

        ECHIDNA: Not just the school. I mean acceptance. It was the hardest thing we ever did coming out the way we did...

        NICOLA looks down, pursing her lips.

        NICOLA: I’m sure it was.

        She looks to ECHIDNA now, smiling slightly.

        NICOLA: Personally, I do think it was... brave.

        ECHIDNA: Thank you.

        There is a pause.

        ECHIDNA: Are you scared?

        NICOLA: Of what?

        ECHIDNA: Of what’s out there.

        NICOLA: Everyone is... why do you think they’re reacting in this way.

        ECHIDNA: You shouldn’t be, not if you join us. We can stop whatever’s coming.

        NICOLA considers this for a moment.

        NICOLA: You truly believe you can stop something you have no comprehension of?

        ECHIDNA nods slowly.

        ECHIDNA: I do.


        PAN and EDWARD are still sat at the table. The waitress brings them both a scotch.

        EDWARD: Do you drink?

        PAN: I’ve always been one to enjoy the finer things in life.

        EDWARD sips on his drink, enjoying it intensely.

        EDWARD: I don’t blame you for fighting for this world when it houses wondrous things like this.

        PAN drinks too.

        PAN: That is a good scotch.

        EDWARD nods at him, smiling.

        PAN: So, what do you think our wives are talking about?

        EDWARD: I dread to think.

        PAN looks at EDWARD and breathes deeply.

        PAN: Thank you for agreeing to meet with us.

        EDWARD: Your wife is a very persuasive woman.

        PAN laughs.

        PAN: She is at that.

        EDWARD: You really love her, don’t you?

        PAN: I’d die for her.

        EDWARD: I believe that.

        PAN: But I’d also die for this war. It’s dangerous and I don’t know what the outcome will be.

        EDWARD listens to him closely.

        PAN: But it’s worth fighting for. I think if you truly felt for Nicola the way I do for Idina, you’d believe the same.

        EDWARD nods slightly, sipping on his drink.

        EDWARD: I do.

        With this the husbands notice their wives approaching the table. As ECHIDNA takes to her seat again, PAN stands politely and she smiles regarding the gesture.

        NICOLA and EDWARD look at one another.

        NICOLA: (to ECHIDNA and PAN) Listen, you two...

        ECHIDNA and PAN look at the Prime couple.

        NICOLA: Edward and I did not come to this dinner with the intention of relenting... but it’s clear to us now that what you are doing is the right thing.

        ECHIDNA smiles.

        ECHIDNA: I’m pleased that you can see that.

        NICOLA reciprocates the smile.

        NICOLA: The protest will end tomorrow, I’ll even voice our decision to the press if it will help.

        PAN: I’m sure we can come up with a way to solve this.

        EDWARD: Excellent! Well why don’t we celebrate?

        ECHIDNA: How?

        NICOLA: Oh there’s a lovely little bar downtown we always go to.

        PAN: Sounds perfect.

        ECHIDNA: Well at least let us settle the bill.

        EDWARD: Are you sure?

        PAN: Of course. It’s the least we can do to thank you.

        NICOLA: Lovely! We’ll meet you outside.

        With this, ECHIDNA and PAN stand and they make their way to the waitress station to pay.

        PAN: Did we just pull this off?

        ECHIDNA looks to him.

        ECHIDNA: I think we just did.

        As PAN goes to pay, ECHIDNA looks at him smiling.

        CUT TO –

        The camera cuts back to NICOLA and EDWARD who look at one another slyly - their expressions blank but able to be read in a thousand ways.

        EDWARD: Well that went, swimmingly?

        NICOLA laughs slightly.

        NICOLA: Didn’t it just?

        EDWARD: We were right weren’t we? They’re not an ordinary couple.

        NICOLA: Oh I can’t put my finger on Parker Morgan but Idina? I know that’s not her real name...

        EDWARD leans in, curious.

        EDWARD: So what do you think she is?

        NICOLA: She’s one of us - a being in hiding.

        EDWARD: A disguise?

        NICOLA: And not a very good one

        EDWARD: Idina Morgan... the goddess.

        NICOLA and EDWARD turn to look at ECHIDNA now who is approaching the door with a smile on her face.

        EDWARD (O/S): Who’d have thought?

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          BROGAN and SHELTER are playing cards, sat in the lobby. BROGAN looks at his cards.

          BROGAN: Go fish.

          SHELTER looks distracted. BROGAN looks at her, confused.

          BROGAN: Shelter, go fish.

          She snaps out of her delusion and looks at him apologetically.

          BROGAN: What’s wrong?

          She nods to something behind BROGAN. He turns around to see MELODY pacing the room. He sighs.

          BROGAN: Melody, stop. You’re driving us insane.

          MELODY: They should be back by now.

          BROGAN and SHELTER stop playing cards and they look to MELODY fully.

          BROGAN: You really care?

          MELODY: Of course I care, don’t you two?

          BROGAN: No we do but this is more important to us...

          MELODY: How is it?

          BROGAN: Because they’re like our family.

          MELODY: Ok so we differ in that respect but this project is important to me – what if they’re having trouble convincing the Primes to stop the strike!

          BROGAN: Ok so let me get this straight. You’re just worried because the school might get closed down, not because they actually should be home by now and the fact that they’re aren’t might mean that they are in danger?

          MELODY: Uh, duh!

          She resumes her pacing. BROGAN turns back to SHELTER now.

          BROGAN: She drives me crazy.

          SHELTER smiles and then she fishes.


          The door opens and ECHIDNA, PAN, NICOLA and EDWARD walk into the bar. Instantly ECHIDNA looks horrified.

          ECHIDNA: Oh my god!

          The camera rotates to show that this is not just any bar... It’s a karaoke bar.

          NICOLA: What’s wrong?

          ECHIDNA: This is a karaoke bar isn’t it?! Where you sing and look ridiculous.

          NICOLA laughs.

          NICOLA: Don’t be silly! It’s fun!

          EDWARD: We come here all the time. Once you have a few shots inside you, you sort of let loose.

          ECHIDNA gulps.

          ECHIDNA: Shots?!

          NICOLA: Look, Idina... this is our way of extending the hand. We’re accepting your way of living and every now and again Edward and I have to cut loose from suburbia – this is the perfect place.

          PAN puts his arm around ECHIDNA.

          PAN: Come here...

          He takes her to one side.

          PAN: (quietly) What’s wrong?

          ECHIDNA: I didn’t even think I could make it through dinner and now I have to endure this?!

          PAN: We just managed to keep the school open - why can’t you just have fun and celebrate?

          ECHIDNA: I can have fun. I’m the epitome of fun.

          PAN laughs.

          PAN: Sure...

          ECHIDNA: I don’t like the tone of doubt in your voice, “darling”.

          PAN smirks, cheekily.

          PAN: Oh yeah, prove me wrong then.

          The camera quickly cuts to NICOLA and EDWARD who look at one another.

          We then cut back to ECHIDNA who looks around the room. Everyone was having fun – no one was in pain, no one had a care in the world.

          Even the fat woman who was singing a bad version of “Build Me Up Buttercup” had the biggest smile on her face.

          ECHIDNA looks back to her husband.

          ECHIDNA: Get me a shot.

          PAN smiles, widely.

          PAN: Alright.

          PAN turns to NICOLA and EDWARD.

          PAN: Let’s celebrate.

          ECHIDNA looks at them too to see EDWARD already with a bottle of tequila at the bar. He is pouring four shots and he passes them amongst the group.

          Eventually, each of them has a shot.

          NICOLA: What shall we toast to?

          PAN: Reconciliation?

          EDWARD: Too easy.

          NICOLA: Friendship?

          EDWARD: Not quite right.

          ECHIDNA: (quickly) Bliss.

          She looks at them all and then her eyes land on PAN.

          EDWARD nods, agreeing.

          EDWARD: Bliss it is.

          They all clink their shot glasses together and down their shots.

          ECHIDNA breathes deeply.

          ECHIDNA: Oh my!

          PAN: Whoa...

          EDWARD smiles at his wife who smiles back.

          EDWARD: Another round?

          ECHIDNA smirks already feeling the effects of alcohol corrupting her.

          ECHIDNA: Why not!

          She laughs.


          ELISE is walking ahead of TRAFFORD and URSULA. They’re walking along the lapping coast line. ELISE looks content as she feels the water covering her feet, blissfully unaware of the conversation being had behind her.

          TRAFFORD: Do you thinking he’s out there somewhere?

          URSULA doesn’t need to ask who he means. She knows.

          URSULA: I think he is. I think he’s safe...

          TRAFFORD: Do you think that we’ll ever see him again?

          URSULA looks at TRAFFORD.

          URSULA: Do you want to see him again?

          TRAFFORD: I don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that.

          URSULA: Well we should have, he’s your father after all.

          TRAFFORD: He hasn’t been my father for a long time.

          He shakes his head.

          TRAFFORD: I spent a lot of time hating him for everything he did, but with everything that’s happened... Constance’s death, Kaia... and now the school.

          He looks to URSULA.

          TRAFFORD: I just kind of wish he was here.

          URSULA: I don’t think anyone would like to admit it but I think you’re not alone in that wish.

          He smiles weakly at her.

          TRAFFORD: Are we gonna be ok?

          URSULA: We’ll do our best.

          She smiles at him convincingly. He believes her.


          PAN is sat at the table with EDWARD. Both of them do another shot of tequila. PAN looks dazed.

          PAN: Whoa, how many was that?

          EDWARD looks remarkably cool. It’s almost as if the alcohol is not effecting him.

          EDWARD: Uh, that’s your sixth.

          PAN: That’s a lot of tequila for someone who’s never drunk it before.

          EDWARD laughs. PAN looks up to the stage to hear someone singing.

          It’s NICOLA.


          NICOLA looks gorgeous and seductively. She clutches the microphone with ease and her eyes command the room. Everyone is completely entranced by her presence.

          NICOLA: (singing) “Never know how much I love you
          Never know how much I care
          When you put your arms around me
          I give you fever that's so hard to bare...

          The camera moves back to PAN who is struggling to focus on NICOLA.

          PAN: Whoa... that’s your wife up there.

          EDWARD: Yeah, Nicola loves a song.

          PAN laughs.

          NICOLA (O/S): (singing) “You give me fever
          When you kiss me
          Fever when you hold me tight
          In the morning
          Fever all through the night...

          PAN: Have you seen Ech-Idina?

          EDWARD: Sorry, what?

          PAN: Idina! Her name’s Idina!

          EDWARD raises an eyebrow.

          EDWARD: No I haven’t. She must be around here somewhere.

          PAN: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right.

          EDWARD eyes him carefully. PAN’S eyes are struggling to focus.

          EDWARD: (dark) My wife and me? We’re going to kill you all...

          PAN looks confused.

          NICOLA (O/S): (singing) “Captain Smith and Pocahontas
          Had a very mad affair
          When her daddy tried to kill him
          She said daddy oh don't you dare...

          PAN: What did you say?

          NICOLA (O/S): (singing) “Fever
          I'm his misses
          Daddy won't you treat him right...

          EDWARD smiles at him.

          EDWARD: I said “my wife is killing this song”...

          PAN laughs.

          PAN: She’s not that bad.

          EDWARD: Well you’ve clearly had too much tequila.

          Suddenly there is a round of applause and cheering as NICOLA finishes. She does an embarrassed curtsey and moves off the stage to EDWARD and PAN.

          NICOLA: So? How did I do?

          PAN: Edward said you killed it.

          NICOLA laughs and punches EDWARD playfully.

          NICOLA: Oh did he now?

          EDWARD: You know I love you though.

          NICOLA: You better.

          PAN looks around, worried.

          PAN: Seriously, where is Idina?

          NICOLA laughs and she points to something that is causing a commotion.

          NICOLA: Oh my god! Look!

          PAN’S eyes follow to where NICOLA is pointing. His eyes widen...

          CUT TO –

          The music of a song begins to play as ECHIDNA makes her way on to the stage. She is holding a microphone.

          She’s clearly drunk.

          CUT TO –

          PAN. He looks horrified.

          PAN: Oh my god...

          CUT TO –

          The stage. Everyone is cheering, a grand following is watching her.

          SONG: ALI LARTER...

          The music properly begins now.

          Her lips are poised.

          SONG: ... I TOUCH MYSELF

          ECHIDNA: (singing) “I love myself
          I want you to love me
          When I'm feelin' down
          I want you above me...

          She has a beautiful voice, enchanting and mesmerising. She begins dancing as she sings, seducing the audience with her writhing body.

          CUT TO –

          PAN, NICOLA and EDWARD are stood watching.

          EDWARD: She’s not bad you know, Parker.

          NICOLA: Yeah killer voice and the moves are not bad.

          The camera closes in on PAN who watches her, his mouth slightly aghast.

          PAN: (softly) Yeah... she’s really something...

          CUT TO –

          ECHIDNA continues her singing and dancing, not caring about how she looks.

          ECHIDNA: (singing) “I don't want anybody else
          When I think about you
          I touch myself
          I don't want anybody else
          Oh no, oh no, oh no...

          She moves off the stage now and meanders throughout the audience, slowly. Everyone’s eyes follow her.

          She passes PAN and winks at him as she passes. He looks embarrassed.

          EDWARD cheers and NICOLA laughs.

          ECHIDNA: (singing) “You're the one who makes me happy honey
          You're the sun who makes me shine
          When you're around I'm always laughing
          I want to make you mine...

          ECHIDNA then quickly moves past them to the bar. She jumps up on to it. The room cheers.

          ECHIDNA: (singing) “I close my eyes
          And see you before me
          Think I would die
          If you were to ignore me
          A fool could see
          Just how much I adore you
          I get down on my knees
          I'd do anything for you...

          She struts up and down the bar, kicking people’s drinks out of the way.

          ECHIDNA: (singing) “I don't want anybody else
          When I think about you
          I touch myself
          I don't want anybody else
          Oh no, oh no, oh no...

          Then suddenly. She screams, slipping on a lime.

          She falls off the bar and collapses to the floor.

          NICOLA: Oh my god!

          PAN quickly rushes to her side.

          PAN: Are you ok?

          She looks up at him laughing.

          ECHIDNA: Oh I’m having a great time. Tequila has never been so good!

          PAN: I don’t think you’ve ever had it before.

          ECHIDNA: I know, but there’s no way it could be better than this.

          She laughs and then she clutches her head.

          ECHIDNA: My head hurts...

          PAN smiles at her and holds out his hand.

          PAN: Come on; let me take you home...

          She nods, absently. She takes his hand and he helps her up. NICOLA and EDWARD walk over to them both.

          EDWARD: (to ECHIDNA) Are you alright?

          PAN: I think I should take her home.

          NICOLA: Maybe we should retract the retraction on the strike – now we’ve seen what you get up to out of hours.

          PAN laughs.

          PAN: One time thing, I assure you.

          NICOLA: Don’t worry, get her home safe?

          PAN: She’ll be fine. Thank you again for a truly eventful evening.

          EDWARD nods.

          EDWARD: It really was, we should do this again.

          ECHIDNA: Oh most definitely!

          PAN now walks away with his arm around ECHIDNA, supporting her.

          PAN: Come on... let’s get you home...

          ECHIDNA: Yes “hubby”!

          She laughs and then hiccups and then they leave the bar together.

          The camera cuts back to NICOLA and EDWARD.

          NICOLA: Dear lord, that was degrading.

          EDWARD: Not exactly what I was expecting.

          NICOLA: But still none the less our plan is working well.

          EDWARD: She’ll be so inebriated the others will be too distracted tonight to stop the summoning.

          NICOLA: Darling, shh... anyone might hear! We’ve worked too hard for tonight. It has to work.

          EDWARD: Oh it will. No one can stop us now.

          NICOLA: Another shot?

          EDWARD: Of course.

          They move towards the bar. Meanwhile, in the background another woman takes the microphone and heads the stage.

          As she starts singing the sound is muted and another song begins playing over the scene...



          PAN walks into the doorway with ECHIDNA in his arms.

          You've been acting awful tough lately
          Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately
          But inside, you're just a little baby...

          ECHIDNA: (vacantly) You really didn’t have to carry me.

          PAN: When you can’t stand, it’s kind of a necessity.

          He walks over to the bed and places her down on it. She laughs.

          It's okay to say you've got a weak spot
          You don't always have to be on top
          Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you're not...

          ECHIDNA: (slowly) Did I do good tonight?

          He sits next to her.

          PAN: You did very good.

          ECHIDNA: Are you sure?

          PAN: Very sure.

          ECHIDNA: We saved the school.

          PAN smiles at her.

          You're vulnerable, you're vulnerable
          You are not a robot
          You're loveable, so loveable
          But you're just troubled...

          PAN: Yes we did, and it’s all because of you.

          ECHIDNA: You know...

          She pauses. Her eyes flickering slowly.

          ECHIDNA: (quietly) Being married to you isn’t so bad...

          He looks away, blushing slightly.

          Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
          Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot...

          PAN: You know...

          He is cut off as he looks back at her. She’s asleep. He smiles again.

          He leans down and kisses her forehead.

          He stands now and walks away to the door. As he leaves he turns off the light and she is only illuminated by the light of the corridor.

          The ring on her finger glistens

          You've been hanging with the unloved kids
          Who you never really liked and you never trusted...


          TRAFFORD is stood in the middle of ELISE and URSULA, his arms around them both as they walk away from the shore to go home.

          But you are so magnetic, you pick up all the pins
          Never committing to anything
          You don't pick up the phone when it ring, ring, rings
          Don't be so pathetic, just open up and sing...

          The camera moves slightly away from them to show two figures moving towards the shore further down the beach.

          FADE TO – BLUE ACRES

          HELEN is lying on her bed. She has lots of homework around her. She looks at it all with a glum expression.

          I'm vulnerable, I'm vulnerable
          I am not a robot
          You're loveable, so loveable
          But you're just troubled...

          The camera rotates to show her door is open. ARRON walks past her room and sees his unhappy sister inside, which forces him to look away.


          PAN is lying in his bed. He looks at the ring on his finger. Ordinarily he would take it off.

          Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot
          Guess what? I'm not a robot, a robot...

          Tonight though, he leaves it on. He turns the light off as the song comes to an end.

          A robot...

          CUT TO – BLACK


          The two figures seen earlier make their way slowly to the shore. As they get closer to the water, the light from the moon illuminates their faces.

          It’s NICOLA and EDWARD.

          NICOLA: I can feel them. Can you?

          EDWARD: Oh yes my dear... they’re so close.

          NICOLA: (whispering) It’s time for them to come home.

          EDWARD turns and looks back at Cropley Shores.

          EDWARD: A lot of people will die. This is where it starts.

          NICOLA: It’s going to be incredible, isn’t it?

          EDWARD: The United will be most pleased with us.

          At this, they turn to one another. They smile and join hands. Together, they walk towards the water, stepping inside it, only so their ankles are covered.

          They close their eyes. They do not move their mouths but a deep whispering and a sense of darkness comes from them.

          The words mix with the water and with the sand. It fills the sea air and it travels out into the dark night.

          Then, out of nowhere, the night responds to their calls.

          The camera shows the moonlit sea water. Something is out there. Flying above the water, heading for Cropley Shores. As the camera pans up it is shown that the creature is not alone. Behind it are hundreds more.

          All creatures of darkness, all of them heading to a poorly protected seaside town.

          The strike had served its purpose. No one was ready.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:

          Musical Guest Stars:
          ALI LARTER


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            - Fun fact for us all. In “Charmed”, in the episode “Sense and Sense Ability” (I think), Rose McGowan’s character Paige sings “Fever”. It all just comes full circle with me, doesn’t it?!

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