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Shadow Stalker - 4.04 - Partner

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.04 - Partner

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.04 – Partner
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series “Sirens”. Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    XAK is stood on the roof of Sunnydale High. He’s looking at SIN. She’s kneeling in front of him. His sword is raised. He swings it down.

    It hits next to SIN, embedding deep into the roof of the school. She looks at the sword, confused. She looks up to him. He turns to DANTE and nods.

    DANTE (V/O): I’m not a man anymore.

    DANTE waves his hand at SIN and she clutches her chest, she looks to be in pain. XAK crouches down near her and observes her, reaching out to her. DANTE turns.

    DANTE (V/O): And they know I’m not one of them.

    He walks away.


    It is the hospital LANCE was in from the flashbacks in the previous episode. XAK and the DETECTIVE are watching DANTE as he walks away from the argument with LANCE.

    DANTE (V/O): I’ve turned my back on them for too long.

    His face looks angry. He glares ahead and storms out of sight.

    DANTE (V/O): But it’s time they knew...


    It’s the base. Boxes surround the corridors – everyone was leaving.

    DANTE weaves around the boxes. A suitcase in his hand. He’d been working. He sees LANCE’S room. He stops. He contemplates entering.

    DANTE (V/O): It’s time they saw what I’ve become...

    He turns around and walks away.


    A cab pulls up to the building with XAK’S apartment inside. A man steps out. It’s DANTE. He looks rugged and worn out.

    He pays the cab driver and stands on the pavement, looking at the building.

    DANTE (V/O): A killer? Or a man who’s lost his way.

    He sighs and turns. He calls the cab back.



    We are back in the present.

    A great fire is raging. Through heated air we see CATE lying in the sand, her bloody head matting her hair. She coughs uncontrollably. Her eyes open and she struggles to breathe. She looks around her, at the fire and then to the beach.

    CATE: (shouting) Petrina!? Are you here?!

    She looks to the water, enticed by the cool air fighting through the heat.

    She sees PETRINA. She’s floating in the water. CATE claws her way over to the shore and pulls her Watcher out of the water. PETRINA is unconscious. She’s not breathing.

    CATE slaps her.

    CATE: (worried) Petrina! Wake up!

    She lies PETRINA flat, seeing no response. She places her hands on PETRINA’S chest and pumps her chest. She breathes into her mouth and waits. No response.

    She repeats the action.

    And again.

    PETRINA splutters to life, coughing out water she had swallowed. She gasps for breath and looks to CATE.

    PETRINA: (weakly) Cate?

    CATE: Thank god...

    PETRINA: (weakly) What... happened?

    CATE: I don’t know but we have to go now. I don’t think Sineya did this...

    She looks around.

    CATE: I think The United are here.

    PETRINA’S eyes widen. She looks around also. All they see through the flames is darkness.

    PETRINA: (scared) Let’s get out of here...

    CATE aids her to her feet and both Slayer and Watcher flee the scene. The fire continues to burn, but as they leave the flames die out.


    SEBASTIAN is sat on the sofa looking at XAK and CHARLIE who are talking to the side now.

    CHARLIE: We cannot trust him.

    He pauses.

    XAK: I know.

    CHARLIE looks at him surprised.

    CHARLIE: You hesitated? Xak this guy is from Wolfram and Hart. After everything they did to me, you and Sin and not to mention Dante’s involvement with them...

    XAK: I know Charlie... but we should hear him out. Something’s up with Dante and if we don’t deal with him he’ll become a liability that I won’t be able to stop.

    She looks unsure.

    XAK: We cannot take a step forward in looking for The United with him awol and without him fighting by our side.

    CHARLIE: Well you can take care of it. I want nothing to do with Wolfram and Hart. I’m gonna look into something that’s important.

    XAK: What’s that?

    CHARLIE: Anything.

    She looks at SEBASTIAN now and then turns and leaves. XAK clenches his jaw and then moves towards SEBASTIAN.

    SEBASTIAN: Trouble?

    XAK: It always is with Wolfram and Hart. This is the last time I want to be dealing with your company.

    SEBASTIAN stands and buttons his jacket.

    SEBASTIAN: Trust me, the sooner we’re rid of your sorry gang the better for all of us.

    He moves towards the front door. XAK looks confused.

    XAK: Where are you going?

    SEBASTIAN: I’m not going to talk to you about him here, he could come in. Meet me tomorrow.

    He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He hands it to XAK.

    SEBASTIAN: This time, this place.

    XAK looks at the piece of paper. He nods. He takes it. The skin of XAK’S finger grazes the skin of SEBASTIAN’S.

    XAK: Fine.

    SEBASTIAN: Don’t let me down, Xak. You’ll want to hear what I have to say.

    XAK: I said fine, now get out of my home.

    SEBASTIAN nods and takes his leave. He smirks on leaving.


    SEBASTIAN walks down the steps to the apartment building to the sidewalk. He retrieves his cell phone from his pocket and dials a number. He sighs, hearing the voicemail answer.

    He hears the beep.

    SEBASTIAN: Sofia, why aren’t you answering your phone? I told you to never turn it off.

    He continues walking. He looks around and sees no one around.

    SEBASTIAN: The meet is set. Xak is going to find out everything...


    It is dark. The camera pans around the bushes of somewhere unknown. The surrounding environmental sounds suggest it’s somewhere in the city. Water is nearby.

    The camera pans down to the ground in the bushes. It’s SOFIA’S phone. The screen is lit and SEBASTIAN’S name is on it as a missed call.

    She’s lying next to it.

    SEBASTIAN (V/O): And when he does, Dante’s world will crumble...

    Her eyes are open, blood covering her head.

    SOFIA ROSE was dead.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.

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    We see stock footage of a morning washed Manhattan, the dawning sun lighting the iconic sky line.


    The front door opens and CATE and PETRINA enter. CATE has a surgical bandage on her forehead and PETRINA looks delicate. Someone approaches them from the stairway. It’s CHARLIE. She looks at them both shocked.

    CHARLIE: What the hell happened?

    PETRINA: Spirit quest turned a bit dark.

    CATE: Fire exploded, knocked me out.

    CHARLIE: (confused) What?

    CATE: We think The United were there.

    CHARLIE: Are you ok?

    CATE: Bit shaken, but we’re fine.

    CHARLIE smiles at her.

    CHARLIE: Well we have some leads. We know some stuff.

    PETRINA: You know more about The United?

    CHARLIE: Come in, I’ll make you both some tea. You’re gonna wanna hear what we found out.

    The girls move further into the apartment, avidly following CHARLIE.


    XAK is wearing jeans. He pulls on a t-shirt. He is now dressed, ready for his meeting with SEBASTIAN. There is a knock on the door.

    XAK: Come in.

    The door opens and SIN enters. She has a shoulder bag, she seems happy.

    XAK: Hey...

    He notes the bag, confused.

    XAK: Going somewhere?

    SIN: I am, but I’ll tell you about it later?

    He smiles at her.

    XAK: I’d like that.

    He turns to his cell phone and wallet on the dresser and pockets them. He seems slightly distant. His daughter notices.

    SIN: Is everything alright?

    XAK: Yeah, sorry. It’s just with this new evil in town, it’s just got me on edge. We have some information but it’s not enough.

    SIN: Hm, it does seem strange being on the perplexed side for once rather than the one which had all the answers.

    XAK: Exactly. We need everyone we can get.

    SIN: Well I’ll pool all I can on this if it’ll help.

    XAK: It will, I’m sure. Right now I just need Dante.

    SIN: Why? What’s wrong with him?

    XAK: That’s exactly what I want to know...


    A woman is jogging. She looks to be at ease with her pace but none the less determined. Something catches her eye, in the bushes.

    It’s SOFIA.

    The woman’s eyes widen now as she stops abruptly, noticing. She screams.


    The scream continues into the next scene as the camera pans around the hotel room that DANTE is staying in.

    The room is trashed. Furniture is broken and the window is smashed. The camera moves up to the bed. DANTE is inside, naked. He’s covered only slightly by his sheets.

    His eyes open, almost as if he can hear the woman’s scream from downtown. He looks around confused, clearly hung over from the night before. He squints, adjusting to the light from outside and the noises from the city. He eyes the mess. He sees his suitcase, torn open, everything inside is destroyed.

    One object catches his eye distinctly, glistening in the light.

    A smashed glass ornament.

    Suddenly, he feels sober.


    The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

    DANTE and SOFIA are stood in a wood panelled elevator. He is looking down, sombre. SOFIA looks at him and smiles weakly.

    SOFIA: I’m sorry...

    DANTE: I can’t believe I did this.

    SOFIA: Dante I never wanted to hurt you...

    He doesn’t respond. She looks at him earnestly.

    SOFIA: But you know what this company is like. We don’t have choices, only what the Senior Partner’s dictate.

    He looks at her.

    DANTE: I’m not angry at you, Sofia. You made your decisions...

    The elevator stops. The door opens.

    DANTE: And I made mine.

    He walks out of the elevator. SOFIA follows.


    The elevator opens up into a large circular room. Over a dozen large doors lead off from it. Each of them has a plaque on it, but it is not readable from the distance of the camera.

    One of the doors is open. DANTE and SOFIA move towards it.

    They are silent, almost respectfully so.


    DANTE and SOFIA enter the open doorway into a large office. It has no windows. He looks around it, bleak.

    DANTE: So this is it, huh?

    She nods, regretfully.

    SOFIA: Yeah...

    She moves further into the office.

    SOFIA: With Christian dead, Sebastian will be re-instated as your assistant.

    DANTE: What? Why him? Why not you?

    She shakes her head.

    SOFIA: I can’t, I’m sorry. I tried getting you Sophie, or someone from the old office but they said they negotiated everything by stopping Sin.

    DANTE: I see.

    SOFIA moves towards him and reaches into her pocket. She pulls out a glass ornament. It’s of a small wolf. She smiles more sincerely and places it into his hand, closing it around the ornament.

    SOFIA: He’ll forgive you. He’ll see why. Things just take time...

    DANTE: (quietly) I think you’re wrong about that.

    SOFIA: Just remember who you are.

    DANTE looks confused.

    DANTE: Why are you being so nice? You hate him. I chose him over you.

    She sighs.

    SOFIA: Does it matter anymore? Seeing you like this... it’s not what I wanted. Despite what you might think, I care about you.

    She turns now and walks towards the doorway.

    DANTE: Will I see you again?

    SOFIA stops and looks at him. Their eyes meet.

    She nods. She then leaves, closing the door behind her.

    DANTE looks around his new office.

    He moves towards the desk and places the ornament on it. He moves around the desk and sits behind it. He looks around and then clutches his head.

    He cries.




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      ACT TWO


      The college is buzzing. Students and lecturers move swiftly from room to room. SIN is almost indistinguishable as she moves around the students, apologising to each one for bumping into them. Suddenly someone grabs her. She turns swiftly to face the person who grabbed her.

      SIN finds herself face to face with a YOUNG WOMAN, beautiful and smiling. She looks to be very academic and professional. She is played by Bevin Prince. She looks at SIN, indifferent.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Whoa! Easy there.

      SIN: Sorry, just...

      YOUNG WOMAN: Not used to being grabbed, I get it. Just looked like you were having some problems with crowds.

      SIN: Kind of.

      YOUNG WOMAN: You’re Sindy, right?

      SIN nods, quickly.

      The YOUNG WOMAN holds out her hand.

      YOUNG WOMAN: I’m La-Ree. Or as the college likes to refer to me, Catherwood comma L.

      The YOUNG WOMAN/LA-REE laughs. SIN forces a weak laugh too.

      SIN: Nice to meet you, La-Ree. You guessed right. Thorn comma S.

      LA-REE: You know you don’t look like a Sindy.

      SIN raises an eyebrow and then realisation clearly hits LA-REE.

      LA-REE: Oh I’m not like some weird introducey girl, I’m here to show you round. Your class isn’t until two, with me, so you have some time to get used to the area.

      SIN smiles. LA-REE knew nothing about her past. She could start a fresh. This was her time to live.

      They begin walking now around the grounds. People begin looking at SIN. She looks nervous.

      SIN: Why are they looking at me?

      LA-REE: You’re the talk of campus. Someone joining the course this late with your marks – it’s impressive.

      SIN: How did they find out about my marks?

      LA-REE: Nothing stays a secret around here.

      She smiles and moves forwards, continuing with the tour. SIN stops, someone catching her eye. It’s a guy.

      He’s young, blonde and seemingly athletic. He’s sat with a group of students who look to be studying. He is played by Hunter Parrish. He smiles at her.

      LA-REE (O/S): Sindy! Come on!


      PETRINA is sat at SEPHY’S desk, compiling information on what they know so far on The United. CHARLIE and CATE are sat on the edge of SEPHY’S bed.

      SEPHY is still in her coma. Her eyes and body unmoving, her state unwavering.

      PETRINA: (to CHARLIE) So this surveillance from the head quarters suggests that The United is female?

      CHARLIE: At least partly, that’s for sure. Probably some pissed off goddess.

      CATE: Or not.

      CHARLIE: What do you mean?

      CATE turns to CHARLIE fully.

      CATE: Well think about it. This thing knows us, how to outsmart us and get to us personally. The United is part something and part something else. I think we should probably consider the fact that at the very least, at least part of this thing...

      CHARLIE: Is someone we know?

      CATE nods.

      CATE: Or something.

      PETRINA: Ok, this is good. Progress. So have you aggravated anyone?

      CHARLIE and CATE raise their eyebrows.

      CHARLIE: Where do we begin?

      CATE: Well if it’s a woman...


      The door opens and in one quick motion SEPHY stands in the doorway. Her face drops seeing that the noise she heard was caused by a person. A person she knows well.

      SEPHY: You...

      Her eyes are cast to something else.

      MELODY is stood in the room. She’s clutching a bomb.

      MELODY: Say goodbye goddess-bitch.


      CHARLIE raises an eyebrow at CATE.

      CHARLIE: Melody?

      CATE: What? Like it’s completely ridiculous?

      CHARLIE: It can’t be her. She’s with the Syndicate, I imagine they’re keeping her pretty well under control.

      CATE: How do you control something psychotic?

      CHARLIE looks down.

      CHARLIE: Well if we’re talking psychotic...


      The door opens and in one quick motion SEPHY stands in the doorway. Her face drops seeing that the noise she heard was caused by a person. A person she knows well.

      SEPHY: You...

      Her eyes are cast to something else.

      A.I.D.A is stood in the room. She’s clutching a bomb.

      A.I.D.A: Your daughter’s mine. Goodbye.


      CATE tuts.

      CATE: That’s a bit self-involved.

      CHARLIE: What and Melody isn’t?

      CATE: At least Melody’s alive.

      PETRINA rolls her eyes.

      PETRINA: Enough! My goodness. No wonder nothing is completed around here.

      CHARLIE: Well I don’t hear you coming up with any suggestions.

      PETRINA: Hm, yes well I haven’t known you all long enough to be of assistance in supposing personal vendettas but your choice in suspects are interesting.

      CATE: How do you mean?

      PETRINA: Well Melody Harp is known to betray you but she is not the only one and A.I.D.A. from what I read up on was personally addicted to the power of the group.

      CHARLIE and CATE consider this.

      CHARLIE: Melody. She betrayed us. She was with those who took Sin. Christian, Lance and...

      CATE: Leigh Sinclair.

      CHARLIE: Surely not. We haven’t seen her since the hotel.

      CATE: But she’s addicted to power and she hates us, not to mention Lance for turning against them and she probably thinks it’s our fault Christian died.

      PETRINA: You really think this Leigh Sinclair could be a suspect?

      CHARLIE: She is resourceful.

      CATE looks sad.

      CATE: She’s killed before.

      CHARLIE: And after what she did to Sin, the world almost ended.

      PETRINA: But she’s not been seen for a long time?

      Suddenly CATE’S eyes widen.

      CHARLIE (O/S): Like I said, not since the explosion at Devarro.

      CATE: (softly) That’s not actually true...

      CHARLIE looks at her, surprised.

      CHARLIE: What?

      PETRINA eyes her Slayer, curiously.

      CATE: In L’Arcanas. When I...

      CHARLIE looks away.

      CHARLIE: I remember.

      PETRINA: What happened?

      CATE: I think I saw her there...


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      LEIGH bites her nails and walks closely to CATE’S still body. She is lying on the bed, overdosed on Onyx Tonic.

      LEIGH: Cate?

      There’s no response.

      LEIGH: Cate? Can you hear me?

      She notices the syringe in her hand with barely a trace of liquid left. She takes it from CATE’S hand effortlessly.

      LEIGH: Oh god, what have you done?

      Then she realises and stares around the room. She looks to the doorway and then hurries to the window.

      LEIGH: Oh no...


      The camera shows the window to The Room from the outside and LEIGH staring out of it, looking around the island. The camera pulls back at a rapid speed until the window is a mere dot...

      LEIGH (V/O): (whispering) ...They’re gonna come for you.


      The light dies down to show XAK and CHARLIE stood on the shore of the beach of an island in L’Azura. They look around in shock.


      CHARLIE appears in the doorway. Her jaw drop and she almost wants to collapse when she sees her friend on the bed.

      CHARLIE: Oh my god... No...

      CHARLIE kneels next to CATE as tears pour from her eyes. As CATE’S pulse stops she begins to pound her friend’s chest.

      XAK walks slowly towards her and kneels down. He reaches out and touches her shoulder. She’s startled and sits up.

      She doesn’t know what to say on seeing him, all she does is lunge at him and he holds her tightly, looking down at CATE lying motionless on the floor.

      XAK: Charlie I’m so so sorry...

      The camera leaves the embracing couple and pans down to CATE’S body. It pans up it from her feet to her head. It lies on her head for a while and fixates on her glazed eyes. Slowly... the glaze leaves her and her eyes close.

      She coughs.

      XAK and CHARLIE turn surprised.

      CHARLIE: Cate?

      CATE: (weakly, barely whispering) I’m sorry...

      CHARLIE laughs and her tears now turn to tears of happiness. Her and XAK smile as they move back towards her once again. This time they don’t need to save her. They just need to take her home...

      Despite being weak, CATE’S eyes briefly flicker open. The first thing she sees is an image of a woman in the doorway, which she could swear was LEIGH...


      The colours on the screen return to normal.

      CATE looks at CHARLIE, clutching her hand.

      CATE: I just thought she wasn’t really there. Like she was symbolic of something.

      PETRINA: But what if it wasn’t. What if Leigh Sinclair was in that world?

      CHARLIE: Xak and I were in trouble back in that place... someone helped us. Could have been her.

      CATE: Charitable help doesn’t exactly fit her M.O.

      CHARLIE: Unless she wanted us for herself.

      PETRINA: If I’m correct, L’Arcanas is where you go to be forgotten. It’s no wonder she fell off the radar for you all.

      CATE: Then I really did see her?

      CHARLIE: If you did, she could still be there.

      PETRINA: It would be a worthy headquarters; virtually untraceable, little contact with our world.

      CATE: But if she’s met someone there with power, then she could get back and forth with ease.

      PETRINA: And if that’s true, then we’re working with a composite: The United.

      CHARLIE stands.

      CHARLIE: Whoa whoa whoa, hold your British horses there, don’t get too excited. This is all one huge “what if”.

      PETRINA: Precisely, which is why I suggest we travel to L’Arcanas at once to discover if Leigh and our lead is still around.

      CATE: Isn’t that dangerous?

      PETRINA: Only reconnaissance, we won’t be in danger.

      CATE: I would believe you but you turned camping into a mass beach fire.

      PETRINA rolls her eyes.

      CHARLIE: Well it’s a great plan, but there’s a big flaw in your plan.

      PETRINA: What’s that?

      CHARLIE: The only time we went to L’Arcanas was through The Aperture in the Syndicate’s base. My mom closed that thing.

      PETRINA: You went to L’Azura before though, you have accessed the dimension.

      CHARLIE: With magic I had no control over, yeah, and how do you know that?

      PETRINA: I did my research.

      CHARLIE: Look, Petrina... This is all going too quickly.

      PETRINA: I realise that we are moving rapidly, but I am here now and I think things require a different approach. We’re going to L’Arcanas and we will find out if this Leigh Sinclair is involved or if she isn’t.

      CHARLIE looks at CATE.

      PETRINA: It’s time we took action and with Xak on his personal mission that leaves it down to us.

      The camera moves in on PETRINA.

      PETRINA: (sincerely) You’re an incredibly powerful witch, Charlie. Open a portal.


      XAK approaches the promenade on Battery Park. He walks towards the railing and leans against it. He breathes in deeply, taking in the fresh air. He looks out to Liberty Island, her torch a beacon.

      SEBASTIAN (O/S): Xak.

      XAK turns around. SEBASTIAN is sat on a bench. There is a laceration on his head with butterfly stitches running along it. XAK raises an eyebrow.

      XAK: What happened to you?

      SEBASTIAN looks up. He has tear filled eyes and his hands are shaking slightly. He motions to the road nearby.

      XAK looks over and sees an ambulance. A stretcher is being put inside it, placed on top is a filled black body bag. Next to it is a police car and a detective is talking to the woman who was jogging and found the body in the bushes nearby.

      XAK: Someone died?

      SEBASTIAN: (bleak) Someone was killed...

      He looks up at XAK.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      SEBASTIAN is walking along the promenade. He already has the stitched laceration on his head.

      He hears the scream from the jogger.

      He hurries towards the scream. He sees SOFIA. His eyes widen.

      SEBASTIAN: He got to you too...


      XAK doesn’t know whether to look sad or not; he had mixed feelings towards the deceased.

      XAK: Sofia Rose is dead?

      SEBASTIAN looks angry.

      SEBASTIAN: No, I told you... She was killed...

      XAK: Why was Sofia in New York? I thought she had to stay in hiding?

      SEBASTIAN: There’s so much you don’t know about what’s happened.

      XAK: Then maybe you should start at the beginning. Do you know who killed Sofia?

      SEBASTIAN nods.

      SEBASTIAN: I have a good idea...

      XAK: Who?

      SEBASTIAN: The same person who did this to me...

      He gestures to the cut on his head.

      SEBASTIAN: The same person who we’ve come here to talk about.

      XAK’S eyes widen.

      XAK: Dante?

      SEBASTIAN: I think it’s time you knew exactly what he is.


      The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

      DANTE is sat behind his desk. The office is fully furnished now and DANTE is hard at work, a stern expression pursing his lips.

      There is a knock at the door.

      DANTE: Come in.

      The door opens and SEBASTIAN enters.

      SEBASTIAN: Sir.

      DANTE ignores him. SEBASTIAN sighs, silently.

      SEBASTIAN: I just wanted to check you were settling into your new role alright.

      DANTE: Just fine, thank you.

      SEBASTIAN: Good. If it would be of assistance to you, I’d be more than willing to organise some of your things to be moved from New York.

      DANTE looks up now.

      DANTE: (sharply) No!

      He pauses.

      DANTE: They will never know.

      SEBASTIAN: Surely you’ll tell them all eventually?

      DANTE: All they need to know is the benefits of my deal. The negatives are mine to bear.

      SEBASTIAN: But...

      DANTE: That will be all Sebastian. Leave now. I will call for you when you are needed...

      SEBASTIAN turns now and leaves the room. He closes the office door behind him.

      On the door is a plaque now, like all the other offices in the circular room. It reads as follows...







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        ACT THREE


        The scene opens on XAK’S face, reality setting in. He knew the truth, how deep DANTE was into the company.

        DANTE didn’t work for the company, he was running it.

        XAK: What? How can that be possible?

        SEBASTIAN: Walk with me. There are too many people nearby.

        They begin walking together down the promenade along the water, away from the crowd of people surrounding the crime scene. XAK, incredulous.

        SEBASTIAN: The Senior Partners are ancient life forms blessed with unimaginable powers. They may appear to last forever but they are constantly replacing one another and finding new ways of incorporating fresh perspectives into a company that dominates the laws of ever evolving world.

        XAK: So they were due for a replacement and what, Dante was there?

        SEBASTIAN: No, there was a long trail of events that led up to Dante being chosen.

        XAK: Tell me.

        SEBASTIAN pauses.

        SEBASTIAN: There is a vampire, with a soul. His name is Angel.

        XAK: I’ve heard of him.

        SEBASTIAN: I am not surprised, he is infamous. For the last few years he has dedicated his being to taking down Wolfram and Hart and the Senior Partners naturally grew tired of his attempts. In a radical twist, they made him C.E.O. of the L.A. branch and tried to play him from the inside. Instead he played them and destroyed the branch.

        SEBASTIAN looks to XAK now.

        SEBASTIAN: It was the same with your daughter.

        XAK: Sin?

        SEBASTIAN: They tried playing her too, taking Charlie and taking your soul – it was all to control you all in the hope you would become their asset, but instead they were faced with the same problem.

        SEBASTIAN turns to XAK now and claps his hands together.

        SEBASTIAN: Two disasters, one big problem for the Senior Partners. It was time to bring in a new Partner... one who could fix all that had been done by Angel and your family and one who knew of both situations.

        XAK nods, understanding now.

        XAK: Dante.

        SEBASTIAN: Exactly. Dante was aware of both Angel and Sin and although he may be boisterous and rash, his length of involvement in the company and his experience with power made him the wisest choice.

        XAK: But Dante didn’t want it, and they knew it. They knew he wouldn’t agree to it.

        SEBASTIAN: I have no idea why the Senior Partners speak so badly of you, you’re extremely shrewd.

        XAK: Don’t test me. Just tell me what I need to know.

        SEBASTIAN: (sighing) The Partners sent in Sofia as a spy, in the hope that she could seduce him into the company.

        XAK: Couldn’t they have just forced him to make the decision? If they’d wanted to I mean.

        SEBASTIAN: Probably, but it was in everyone’s interests to keep Dante on side as once he became a Senior Partner, then he would be endowed with powers that are rarely touched upon by beings in any world.

        XAK looks suspicious now.

        XAK: But he didn’t choose Sofia. He chose Lance.

        SEBASTIAN: Exactly. Sofia Rose was not a big enough incentive, so the Senior Partners gave him a bigger compensation.

        XAK: (figuring) The world. They said they’d stop Sin from destroying it if he joined.

        SEBASTIAN: The Senior Partners took a great leap of faith with experimental powers in stopping Sin.

        XAK: What did they do?

        SEBASTIAN: They imbued Dante with the ability to en-soul people. He restored her conscious, her heart and her soul, destroying the part of her that Leigh and Christian had created. A mortal woman, no matter how evil their actions may have been could have continued with an apocalypse had they been aware of what they’d done.

        XAK: But I don’t understand... Dante gave me a choice he said she could live or die. He wasn’t blinded by the powers they gave him, he respected my decision as her father.

        SEBASTIAN: Oh yes, Dante has been proving very difficult in his new role – what benefits you actually hinders us. He still has all his emotions and attachments, just as he did when he was human, which is why he found it more difficult to perform with curing Lance’s paralysation becoming an obsession for him.

        SEBASTIAN moves closer to XAK now.

        SEBASTIAN: (lowering his voice) You must understand Xak, that a young Partner is very dangerous – the power combined with the emotional drive of a human is incomparable. A more “Senior” Partner can distinguish his immortality as being far from humanity’s realms and as such become respectful to the powers imbued unto him. So yes, Dante did give you a choice because he had barely begun to be what he has now become.

        XAK: I refuse to believe that he still doesn’t ally with mine. Thank you for telling me about this, Sebastian, we’ll deal with it... but trust me, Dante is not a bad person. I’ve seen his goodness.

        SEBASTIAN: Tell that to Sofia.

        XAK looks away now and sighs, finding it hard to comprehend.

        SEBASTIAN: I’m telling you Xak he is dangerous. He may not have been blinded by the powers by giving you the choice to save your daughter but right now he’s swinging a sword with his eyes closed and he doesn’t care who he hits. He’s forgetting the human way, the code of conduct you all stand by. He killed Sofia, attacked me and then left – Lance’s encasement in stone has driven him wild. His love has gone and with it his humanity.

        XAK: What are you saying? It’s time for an intervention?

        SEBASTIAN: It’s too late for an intervention. You’ve ignored this too long for that to be effective. It’s time for more serious action.

        XAK furrows his eyebrow.

        XAK: (quietly) You want me to kill Dante?

        SEBASTIAN: I’m just saying that once again you need to make a decision, Xak. Once again it’s the safety of your family and this world versus the actions of one sadistic killer. You need to make the choice, before he kills again...

        XAK looks away now as the realisation of the seriousness of the threat DANTE posed settles in. He looks at Lady Liberty as the sound of the ambulance driving away with SOFIA’S body reverberates in his ear and his troubled mind.


        CHARLIE, CATE and PETRINA are stood in a triangular formation in the lounge. All the furniture has been moved to the side of the room. They are all holding purple candles.

        CHARLIE breathes deeply.

        CHARLIE: We’re really going to do this.

        PETRINA turns to her.

        PETRINA: You’ll need to come with me.

        CHARLIE: What? Why?

        PETRINA: Because I can’t very well open the portal on the other side by myself and Cate will be little use.

        CATE (O/S): Hey!

        CHARLIE: Can’t you take like a walkie talkie or something?

        PETRINA: You know it doesn’t work like that.

        CHARLIE: Well who will look after my mom? I don’t want her on her own.

        PETRINA: Cate will stay.

        CATE’S eyes widen.

        CATE: Oh, I will, will I?

        PETRINA rolls her eyes.

        PETRINA: There are plenty of magazines I bought for the flight over, they’re in my case. Help yourself.

        CATE: Ooh, British tabloids – I bet they’re good.

        CHARLIE cocks her head and looks at her.

        CATE: I’ll look after Sephy too. Besides, I’m not sure I’m cut out to go back to that place...

        CHARLIE smiles weakly and apologetically.

        PETRINA: (to CHARLIE) See, you should be the one to join me.

        CHARLIE sighs.

        CHARLIE: Fine. Let’s just get this out of the way.

        PETRINA: Remember, if we find Leigh, we could end this tonight.

        CHARLIE looks from PETRINA to CATE.

        CHARLIE: Light your candles.

        Everyone pulls out a lighter and they light the wicks of their candles.

        CHARLIE closes her eyes.

        CHARLIE: (chanting) Open the door and light the way, to the world untold by moonlit day.

        The room begins to shake now and CATE and PETRINA look around, nervous.

        CHARLIE: Let the small tower of the forgotten appear: L’Arcanas the place of fright and fear.

        Her eyes open now and they appear white. CATE looks at her confused. She’d never seen this before. PETRINA also eyes her with curiosity.

        As her eyes open the light from the candles triangulates and a portal begins to appear in the middle of the light.

        CHARLIE: Open the door and light the way, the world untold by moonlit day. Let the small tower of the forgotten appear: L’Arcanas the place of fright and fear.

        She pauses.

        CHARLIE: (shouting) Open!

        The portal fully opens now and PETRINA and CATE stare deeply into it. The light on the candles go out and the portal wavers. It is clearly only temporary.

        PETRINA: This is it, Charlie! Come on!

        CHARLIE continues to stare with white eyes at the portal.

        CATE moves now and shakes her.

        CATE: Charlie?

        CHARLIE blinks and looks to her.

        CHARLIE: Petrina’s right, this is it.

        CATE: Be safe.

        She looks at PETRINA.

        CATE: Look after my friend.

        PETRINA nods and she reaches out to CHARLIE. CHARLIE takes her hand and together they jump into the portal.

        CATE watches as her watcher and her friend disappears. The portal closes and CATE is alone. She looks around the room. She feels cold.

        CUT TO – L’AZURA

        The portal opens and CHARLIE and PETRINA step out. PETRINA is taken aback by the scene, CHARLIE only looks at it with a horrible sense of familiarity.

        The island is exactly as it was before, the dark waters lapping against the edge of the shore.

        PETRINA moves forward.

        PETRINA: My goodness, this world is remarkable! The Watchers journals did not do this dimension justice. I’m so writing my thesis on this.

        CHARLIE looks at her, surprised.

        CHARLIE: This is not something to be in awe of Petrina, Cate died here. Her heart stopped and we almost lost her forever.

        PETRINA: I understand this world also gave you back your friend as well as Melody and Lance?

        CHARLIE: You know you’re really starting to freak me out with how much you know about us, what did you do? Wikipedia us?

        PETRINA: Don’t be ridiculous. Wikipedia is a ridiculous source of information.

        CHARLIE sighs and walks past PETRINA towards the tower.

        CHARLIE: Look, let’s just be careful ok. If Leigh or The United are here then they may already know we’re here.

        PETRINA: Yes, you’re right.

        CHARLIE: And I’ve been here before, It’s not pleasant.

        PETRINA looks up at the tower, the top of it near the moon.

        PETRINA: I bet.

        PETRINA walks towards the castle now, following CHARLIE who is merely retracing her old footsteps of the time she was last here.

        The camera pans up to a window in the tower.

        A woman is watching them approach.


        XAK is staring blankly ahead, the sound of the shaking train carriage doesn’t distract him.

        XAK: (quietly) Why do I have to make the choice?

        He looks to someone now. SEBASTIAN is sat opposite him.

        SEBASTIAN: Because it’s all about you, Xak. Whether you know it or not. You’re incredibly important to this world, even though you don’t belong to it. You have to save it.

        XAK: How exactly is killing Dante saving the world?

        SEBASTIAN: If you do not resolve this situation with him, regardless of how you choose to do so then the Senior Partners will take action.

        XAK: How?

        SEBASTIAN: They will take out your friends to secure their long term investment and groom him into one of them and if you fall then so does this world. The planet will lose its defender against the darkness of The United.

        XAK looks at him surprised. He looks around the carriage. Not one passenger is paying attention.

        XAK: You know about The United?

        SEBASTIAN: Naturally the company has taken an interest. I can give you what I know if you do this for us.

        XAK: I don’t make deals with Wolfram and Hart.

        SEBASTIAN: You’re not, you’re making it with me – a man. A man who was attacked by his boss and a man whose colleague and friend was just murdered in cold blood.

        XAK: I will not kill Dante. I don’t even know you.

        SEBASTIAN: But you know deep down that what I’m saying makes sense. You believe it whether you want to or not.

        XAK: I still won’t kill him.

        SEBASTIAN: Then don’t. Just make him believe he does not belong with you anymore. He will go and you can continue your fight without him.

        XAK: We need him.

        SEBASTIAN: No you don’t. You never did.

        TRAIN ANNOUNCER (V/O): (through the tannoy) The next stop is 42nd street, Times Square.

        SEBASTIAN: This is it. Are you coming?

        XAK watches as the carriage comes to a halt. The doors open.


        The corridor is quiet as SIN and LA-REE make their way through it. LA-REE points at a door.

        LA-REE: ...And that just brings us back to...

        SIN: The quad.

        LA-REE looks at her surprised.

        LA-REE: Wow, I’m impressed!

        SIN: Why?

        LA-REE: Just not many people on their first day get the layout of this place. You won’t stick out as a freshman.

        SIN: Good, because I don’t want to stick out; I just want to do well at the course.

        LA-REE: Are you kidding?

        She laughs and SIN looks confused.

        SIN: What?

        LA-REE: Sindy, to do well you need to stick out. You need something about you that other students don’t have.

        SIN: Oh...

        LA-REE: It’s just something to think about. You seem smart and really nice, wouldn’t want to see you lost in the rubble of students that end up unemployed.

        SIN thinks about this but is quickly interrupted as someone grabs LA-REE. She screams. SIN eyes the person confused. It’s a man. He’s tickling her. It’s the guy she saw earlier.

        LA-REE: Dec! Get off of me!

        The man lets her go. The GUY looks at LA-REE and then to SIN.

        GUY: You love it, Ree. Who’s this?

        LA-REE: Oh sorry. Declan Hix, meet Sindy Thorn.

        SIN shakes his hand, smiling weakly.

        SIN: Nice to meet you.

        The GUY/DECLAN looks confused.

        DECLAN: Sindy, huh? You don’t look like a Sindy.

        LA-REE turns to him.

        LA-REE: That’s what I said.

        DECLAN: So, you’re the new girl?

        SIN: Apparently so.

        She suddenly realises she’s blushing. Uncontrollably. LA-REE notices.

        DECLAN: I bet Ree gave you the grand tour?

        LA-REE: Sure did.

        DECLAN: She show you what we do after class though?

        LA-REE looks at him, annoyed. She folds her arms.

        LA-REE: Declan it’s her first day, we have class.

        DECLAN: That’s why I said “after, Ree.

        She smiles at her cheekily. SIN eyes his every motion, fascinated by the tone of his voice and his body language. She shivers when he turns to look at her.

        DECLAN: What do ya say, new girl?

        SIN: I don’t know what you mean?

        LA-REE: It’s safe trust me, but I’m coming too – I’m not having you drag her into a pit.

        DECLAN holds up his hands. SIN looks confused by this expression.

        DECLAN: Of course. I’ll meet you guys there.

        LA-REE: Fine, bye Dec.

        She grabs SIN’S arm now and they walk away.

        The girls resist turning but if they had they’d see him watching.


        CATE enters SEPHY’S room with an armful of Vogue, Hello!, and Ok! Magazines. She jumps on to the bed next to the unconscious goddess.

        CATE: Well Sephster, it’s just you, me and every scandal involving Paris Hilton and some woman called Katie Price. I have a lot to catch up on!

        She smiles and looks at the magazines. After a few moments of reading she stops and looks to SEPHY.

        CATE: We’ll get you back, you know.

        CATE looks at her sorrowfully.

        CATE: I promise.

        She squeezes SEPHY’S hand tightly and then turns back to her magazines. With CATE’S eyes turned, she doesn’t see SEPHY’S eye twitch.

        CUT TO – L’AZURA

        CHARLIE and PETRINA are inside the tower now, traversing the very empty corridors. They’re moving slowly, unaware of what is here and what isn’t.

        PETRINA: What was that back there?

        CHARLIE: What?

        PETRINA: At the apartment. Your eyes.

        CHARLIE: I don’t know what you mean.

        PETRINA: They went white.

        CHARLIE looks confused.

        CHARLIE: It was probably just the spell.

        PETRINA raises her eyebrows.

        PETRINA: Perhaps. It has been known to be a side effect of some sort of trauma to a witch though. Is everything alright?

        CHARLIE stops and turns to her.

        CHARLIE: It’s fine. You know if Leigh is here she’s probably heard your crappy analysing and run a mile, so shut up.

        PETRINA: Ok. Sorry.

        They move around a corner. This corridor just as quiet as the last.

        PETRINA: It is unnervingly quiet. Was it like this last time?

        CHARLIE scoffs.

        CHARLIE: You weren’t here, so yes.

        She sounds cold and speaks sharply. PETRINA notices it. She sighs.

        PETRINA: You know you were very brave to do what you did when you came here.

        CHARLIE: She’s my friend, it was a no brainer.

        PETRINA: I don’t think there’s a person in the world who would do that for me.

        CHARLIE: I wonder why.

        PETRINA looks hurt by this.

        CHARLIE exhales and turns to her.

        CHARLIE: I’m sorry that was out of line. I just...

        PETRINA: It’s fine...

        CHARLIE: No it’s not, it’s just this place...

        PETRINA: Charlie, it’s fine, I promise. I know I’m hostile and I’m not the easiest person to co-exist with, but I have to be this way. I am not like this because it pleases me. I was made this way; all Watchers are made this way.

        CHARLIE looks confused.

        CHARLIE: I don’t get it...

        PETRINA: What?

        CHARLIE: The Watcher’s Council was destroyed and you rebuilt it exactly the same. You didn’t change one of the most obvious flaws of how it works.

        PETRINA: I didn’t get a say.

        CHARLIE: You should.

        CHARLIE turns around and then continues moving down the corridor. PETRINA follows and smiles.

        PETRINA: I’ll take that as a compliment.

        CHARLIE: Sure.

        She smiles at her but it fades quickly as she realises where they are.

        CHARLIE: That’s it...

        She nods to a doorway. The Room.

        CUT TO – L’AZURA

        CHARLIE and PETRINA enter The Room. CHARLIE’S whole body shivers uncontrollably as her eyes flash to the bed where she found CATE.

        CHARLIE: This place gives me the creeps.

        PETRINA: It is strange to think that...

        Before PETRINA is allowed the opportunity to finish they are attacked. A screaming BLONDE WOMAN jumps at PETRINA tackling to the floor. Her identity is unknown as her hair covers her face.

        She looks feral.


        DANTE’S suite is empty. The sound of running water from DANE’S en-suite can be heard. It stops. A few moments later DANTE emerges.


        He has a towel around his waist. He grabs another towel and dries himself. He looks around the trashed room, trying to remember what happened to him last night. His eyes widen...

        He remembers.


        The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.


        The camera shows an extremely busy street in Manhattan. People are moving everywhere and in any direction. A lot of people are wearing suits and the skyscrapers are tall. It’s the Financial District.

        Is Dexter ill, is Dexter ill, is Dexter ill
        Is Dexter ill today?
        Mr Kirk, Dexter’s in school.
        I’m afraid he’s not, Miss Fishborne,
        Dexters truancy problem is way out of hand...

        Some people’s attention is drawn to a lone wanderer. The person is creating a scene. It’s a man. He’s walking down the street.

        The Baltimore County School Board have decided to expel
        Dexter from the entire public school system
        Oh Mr. Kirk, I’m as upset as you to learn of Dexter’s truancy
        But surely, expulsion is not the answer!
        I’m afraid expulsion is the only answer!
        It’s the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane...

        It’s DANTE. He walks down the road as the trumpets to the song begin. He is drunk, cradling a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

        Taxis honk their horns at him, angry. People shout and he eventually sidles on to a street, down an alleyway.

        That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic,
        That boy needs therapy, purely psychosomatic
        That boy needs therapy,
        Lie down on the couch! What does that mean?
        You’re a nut! You’re crazy in the coconut!


        In the alleyway DANTE slumps and slides across a wall. He falls to the floor and downs the rest of the drink. He throws it into the air and uses some sort of telekinetic ability to slam the bottle into a wall.

        Then he senses it.

        What does that mean? That boy needs therapy
        I’m gonna kill you, that boy needs therapy
        Ranagazoo, let’s have it to you
        On the count of three
        That, that, that, that, that boy, boy needs therapy
        He was white as a sheet
        And he also made false teeth...

        Someone he knows, a familiar scent moves nearby. A man. He looks to the mouth of the alley at the other end.

        DANTE: (quietly) Lance?

        The music ends.

        He stumbles to his feet and moves to his destination. As he arrives he looks out to see the person crossing the road.

        He watches intently, though confused. The man moves into a park.

        Battery Park.

        SEBASTIAN (O/S): Dante?


        The colours return to normal and DANTE blinks, hearing SEBASTIAN’S voice. SEBASTIAN was back in the suite.

        DANTE: One second...


        DANTE emerges with jeans and a black t-shirt on.

        DANTE: What is it?

        He stops when he sees who’s in the room.

        DANTE: Oh...

        The camera rotates to show XAK stood with SEBASTIAN. XAK’S face looks regretful.

        DANTE: What are you doing here?

        XAK: I know.

        DANTE: You know what? That I’m plushing it in some sweet hotel room on Times Square?

        XAK: I know you’re a Senior Partner.

        DANTE doesn’t show it but worry crosses his mind and his throat dries up. He turns to SEBASTIAN.

        DANTE: Is that so.

        SEBASTIAN steps back until only XAK and DANTE are visible on the screen.

        XAK: I think we need have a talk, don’t you?

        CUT TO BLACK



        • #5
          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows a group of students gathering outside a bar in Chelsea, talking and moving inside the bar. A poster outside says:


          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera pans around the bar to see a group of students watching Little Boots playing on stage. She begins a song.


          The crowd look watch as the camera moves to a table near the back. SIN and LA-REE are watching her perform. DECLAN approaches them with drinks.

          DECLAN: Ladies, rum and cokes all round.

          LA-REE: (smiling) Thank you!

          SIN: Rum? I haven’t tried rum before.

          DECLAN raises an eyebrow and turns to LA-REE.

          Withdraw into your other world
          I'm speaking but you do not hear a word
          Glaze over colder than a lake
          Frozen by our distances of late...

          DECLAN: Where did you find this girl?

          He laughs and LA-REE laughs too. SIN joins them and sips her drink.

          In the back of her mind she considers that if they’d laughed at her a year ago she’d have killed them instantly.

          SIN: (ignoring her thoughts) So how did you guys meet?

          LA-REE looks embarrassed.

          It's clear as glass you smash
          My apparitions melt before your eyes
          My skull is full of dreams
          And nothing's as it seems
          In the black air under the trees...

          LA-REE: Oh we’re not a couple.

          DECLAN eyes LA-REE and then turn to SIN.

          DECLAN: We met on our first day here, class buddies ever since.

          LA-REE: Well that’s what he thinks. I just tolerate his narcissism.

          SIN smiles and looks around the bar.

          Do you even know that I'm here
          I might as well be a ghost
          It's true you walk right through me
          Look in the mirror and you
          You see nothing but yourself
          It's true I see right through you...

          SIN: This place is... cool.

          DECLAN: It’s completely random.

          LA-REE: The first time we came here they hand drum and bass bridge night. It was the oddest thing.

          DECLAN: So naturally we fell in love with it.

          SIN was warming to them - they accepted the strange.

          Blank pages surrounding your eyes
          Overthrow the colours in your mind
          Science has always been a liar
          I can see you shiver in my fire...

          SIN: Well, here’s to random. I’m certainly beginning to like it.

          She raises her glass and they all toast.

          DECLAN: (in unison) To random.

          LA-REE: (in unison) To random.

          LA-REE and DECLAN sip their drinks.

          LA-REE: So tell us about yourself, Sindy?

          SIN looks worried.

          I'm falling like a snowflake
          Catch me quick before I disappear
          I'm fading like the sun
          And soon as I'm gone everything will come undone...

          SIN: What do you want to know?

          DECLAN: Anything – be random.

          He smiles again. She notes how white his teeth are.

          SIN: Ok... um...

          She pauses.

          SIN: My parents are pretty rich. My grandmother is in a coma and we’re not too sure if she’s gonna make it. I live in the Upper East Side by the park and I want to make a difference to this world.

          LA-REE nods, listening.

          Do you even know that I'm here
          I might as well be a ghost
          It's true you walk right through me
          Look in the mirror and you
          You see nothing but yourself
          It's true I see right through you...

          LA-REE: Wow.... that was random.

          DECLAN: She’s learning.

          The song ends and the crowd applause. Another song begins to play. SIN, LA-REE and DECLAN all clap too.


          The upbeat tempo of the music causes DECLAN to smile.

          DECLAN: We’re so dancing.

          SIN looks horrified.

          I can see you stalking me like a predator
          I've been here before
          Temptation calls like Adam to the apple
          But I will not be caught...

          SIN: What?

          LA-REE: Come on, it’ll be fun!

          SIN: But I don’t know how to dance.

          LA-REE: You’re at college now, you have to know.

          Both LA-REE and DECLAN take SIN’S hands and pull her up to her feet. They usher her to the dance floor with the other students.

          ‘Cause I can read those velvet eyes
          And all I see is lies...

          As the chorus kicks in LA-REE and DECLAN dance, smiling. SIN watches them in awe.

          No more poison
          Killing my emotion
          I will not be frozen
          Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh
          Stop stop preying
          ‘Cause I'm not playing
          I'm not frozen
          Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh...

          DECLAN looks at her.

          DECLAN: Come on, just let it go.

          SIN breathes deeply.

          She let’s go.

          Move while you're watching me
          Dance to the enemy
          I've got a remedy
          Oh Oh...

          She dances and she moves fluidly. She closes her eyes and forgets that other people are watching. DECLAN eyes her distinctly.

          Move while you're watching me
          Dance to the enemy
          I've got a remedy
          Oh Oh...

          LA-REE notices.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The song ends as the scene cuts to the next.

          XAK and DANTE are stood opposite one another.

          XAK: Why Dante?

          DANTE breaths, exasperated.

          DANTE: You know why. It was either this or an apocalypse. I thought you understood more than anyone the sacrifice for the greater good.

          XAK: Not if it turns you into a killer.

          DANTE laughs.

          DANTE: What? You been drinking the kool aid?

          XAK: I know you killed Sofia.

          DANTE’S face drops, a feeling of dread passes through him.

          DANTE: (quietly, choked) What? Sofia’s dead...

          SEBASTIAN: We saw her Dante. Dead. And you attacked me, don’t deny it.

          A few small tears well up in DANTE’S eyes.

          DANTE: Where was she? And what the hell are you on Seb?

          XAK: Battery Park.

          SEBASTIAN: Ring any bells?

          DANTE had been to Battery Park.

          DANTE: I didn’t...

          He looks at the floor.

          DANTE: I didn’t kill her...

          CUT TO – L’AZURA

          CHARLIE looks shocked at the FERAL WOMAN. PETRINA kicks the beast off of her and CHARLIE holds her back with a barrier spell. The FERAL WOMAN looks up. It’s not LEIGH.

          The FERAL WOMAN is older, dishevelled and worn. She is played by Diana Scarwid.

          PETRINA stands and moves to CHARLIE’S side. They both look shaken but CHARLIE holds the FERAL WOMAN at bay.

          PETRINA: Who are you?

          FERAL WOMAN: Your amateur magicks will not hold me. I am a Sister.

          CHARLIE: Come again?

          FERAL WOMAN: I am Sister Arabella and I belong to the Sisters of the Old World.

          THE FERAL WOMAN/SISTER ARABELLA’S head twitches.

          SISTER ARABELLA: But you can call me Bella.

          She laughs.

          SISTER ARABELLA: You can let me go, I’m quite harmless.

          PETRINA: Yeah, sure. You’re a veritable kitten.

          CHARLIE: Trust me, in this place, she is.

          SISTER ARABELLA: Oh the monsters are long gone, they killed them when they came for the young girl.

          CHARLIE and PETRINA exchanged a confused look.

          CHARLIE: What?

          SISTER ARABELLA: The United. It was here. It used the Sisterhood to access this realm and it came for the young girl.

          CHARLIE: Young girl?

          PETRINA: Leigh Sinclair?

          SISTER ARABELLA: Oh yes, that’s her name. Odd.

          PETRINA: Where did they go? Did you see The United?

          SISTER ARABELLA: We were not permitted to look upon it with our own eyes, but I feared its presence greatly. It was its fault that I am stuck on this plane. It forgot me and I was not strong enough to come alone. Silly silly.

          PETRINA sighs and rolls her eyes. She turns to CHARLIE.

          PETRINA: We’re not getting anywhere. We should go.

          SISTER ARABELLA looks horrified.

          SISTER ARABELLA: Please! Young ones! I implore you, do not leave me here!

          CHARLIE looks conflicted. She turns to PETRINA.

          CHARLIE: She knows stuff, more than anything she knows The United came here for Leigh. This is important.

          PETRINA: No, you’re right.

          CHARLIE turns to SISTER ARABELLA.

          CHARLIE: Bella?

          SISTER ARABELLA: Yes, my dear?

          CHARLIE: If you promise not to attack us, will you come with us back to our world and help us?

          SISTER ARABELLA: If you remove me from this tower I will do anything you ask.

          CHARLIE pauses for a moment and then lets her barrier fall.

          PETRINA: I hope you know what you’re doing.

          CHARLIE: This is the strongest lead we’ve had. We need this.

          CHARLIE moves to SISTER ARABELLA and helps her out of the room. The woman chatters incessantly to CHARLIE. PETRINA watches as they both leave the room and she then follows.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK and DANTE continue to look at one another. XAK tries not to falter but he can see that DANTE is shaken by the news of SOFIA’S death.

          DANTE: I promise you, I didn’t do it. I don’t know what you’ve been told.

          He shoots SEBASTIAN a look.

          SEBASTIAN: We saw the body.

          DANTE: Xak, he’s lying.

          XAK: Look, when did you last see Sofia?

          DANTE: It was about a month ago...

          FLASH TO - UNKNOWN

          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

          DANTE is shutting down his laptop. He closes the lid and turns off the light in his room. He goes to walk out when SOFIA bursts into his room. She is wearing a suit and she is crying. Her suit is covered in blood. DANTE’S eyes widen seeing her.

          DANTE: Sofia? What the hell?!

          She’s shaking.

          SOFIA: I can’t do it Dante. The things they have me doing now. I can’t, I just can’t do it...

          DANTE clenches his jaw.

          DANTE: I know it’s hard. But it’s the job.

          SOFIA: It doesn’t have to be.

          DANTE: What are you saying?

          SOFIA: Please... please release me from my contract.

          DANTE sighs.

          DANTE: You know I can’t do that...

          SOFIA: (panicking) You’re a Senior Partner! You know you can. I wouldn’t ask but please Dante I just... I can’t be a killer. I can’t do these things. I can’t...

          DANTE embraces her.

          DANTE: Shh, please, Sofia.

          She sobs into his shoulder.

          DANTE: I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you.

          SOFIA looks up at him.

          SOFIA: You will?

          DANTE: But you have to disappear, you can never contact me again.

          SOFIA smiles widely.

          SOFIA: Thank you... Thank you so much...

          He strokes her hair, troubled.

          Maybe some good could come from this role.


          The colours return to normal. The blur is non-existent.

          XAK: So she just left?

          DANTE: You don’t believe me, do you?

          XAK looks away. DANTE laughs, incredulous.

          DANTE: You believe this jumped up assistant over me, after everything? (shouting) I turned my back on the company for you!

          XAK: And it’s my fault you joined it?

          DANTE: I didn’t just do it for you.

          XAK: Right. Lance. He seems to be the top of your excuses for your actions.

          DANTE: Don’t bring him into this.

          XAK: (ignoring DANTE) You’re just the same as you always were. Looking out for number one, blaming everyone else for the way things are.

          DANTE: You’re wrong.

          XAK: You joined the company to save your own ass, you stopped caring about Lance the second he became a dent to your new power trip but with him unable to answer back he just becomes an even easier excuse for the way things are. You even signed his father’s death warrant so you could get one up in the company.

          DANTE looks angry.

          DANTE: Shut up...

          XAK: And maybe now you’ve just signed his too, and Sofia’s.

          DANTE glares at him deeply. His eyes a dark black.

          DANTE: I said shut up!

          He lunges at XAK now and they embrace in a grapple.

          XAK: See. You’ve not changed a bit.

          He headbutts DANTE back. SEBASTIAN watches from the side of the room. Intrigued.

          DANTE: Think you can take on a Senior Partner of Wolfram and Hart, Xak?

          XAK: I think it’s time I tried.

          A sinister smirk appears on SEBASTIAN’S face.

          DANTE swings a punch at XAK but XAK holds his fist. DANTE swings XAK and slams him into the wall. XAK is shocked by the strength DANTE now has.

          XAK looks hurt but he looks up at DANTE who approaches him.

          XAK: You’re a liability I can’t have on the team anymore.

          DANTE: Yeah? Who says you got a team?

          XAK jumps to his feet and then punches DANTE around the face. He moves quickly, but DANTE was faster. Though XAK lands the first punch, DANTE motions with his hand at XAK and he is lifted off the floor. DANTE slams him into the ceiling with his ability. He lets him fall to the ground.

          XAK coughs and chokes, visibly hurt and beaten. He couldn’t fight back.

          DANTE: I guess I am strong enough to beat you. How about that, partner.

          He lifts XAK up by the neck now and XAK slowly feels the life being squeezed out of him. DANTE looks into his eyes but then he notices something.


          He was smiling at the scene.

          Then DANTE remembers and the black fades from DANTE’S eyes.


          The colours on the screen are blurred, as is the whole image, it looks static.

          It is the night before. DANTE crosses the street and follows the man he thought was LANCE. As he gets closer he realises it is not LANCE. It’s SEBASTIAN.

          He moves behind a tree and watches as SEBASTIAN moves into the park. A woman was coming to meet him. He saw them talking.

          SOFIA ROSE.

          DANTE squints, confused.

          DANTE: I swear I know those guys...

          He turns drunkenly away from the scene and staggers away.

          As he turns the camera shows SEBASTIAN attacking SOFIA, beating her to the floor.


          The colours become more defined, more clear. Everything was clear.

          DANTE looks at SEBASTIAN with widened eyes.

          DANTE: (quietly) It was you.

          He releases his grip on XAK, who falls to the floor.

          DANTE: (to SEBASTIAN) You killed Sofia.

          XAK looks up, confused. He turns to SEBASTIAN who looks at the two of them deadpan.

          Through the window, the sun can be seen setting.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The scene is quiet. It’s evening and it is a quieter street on the Upper East Side.

          A portal opens. A portal from L’Azura and the island L’Arcanas.

          CHARLIE, PETRINA and SISTER ARABELLA step out of it.

          PETRINA: Well that was easier with two witches, no candles and only a simple incantation. (to herself) I must make a note for my thesis.

          SISTER ARABELLA smiles.

          SISTER ARABELLA: (to CHARLIE) My yes, you’re quite the young wicca my dear. I remember the first time I...

          She stops and gasps.

          SISTER ARABELLA: (scared) Oh dear...

          CHARLIE looks at her, confused.

          CHARLIE: What’s wrong?

          SISTER ARABELLA clutches her head.

          SISTER ARABELLA: It’s here! It’s here! The darkness.

          She runs down the street, away from CHARLIE and PETRINA.

          CHARLIE: Bella! Wait!

          SISTER ARABELLA continues running. Her eyes are shut and she holds her head. CHARLIE and PETRINA hurry after her.

          SISTER ARABELLA makes it to a cross road. She stops. She turns to face CHARLIE and PETRINA.

          SISTER ARABELLA: (whispering) She’s going to kill you all.

          CHARLIE and PETRINA look at her confused.

          SISTER ARABELLA closes her eyes, at peace. At this moment a large truck mows her down. She disappears under the vehicle, which skids to a halt.

          CHARLIE and PETRINA instinctively grab one another, gasping in shock.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SEBASTIAN is laughing. XAK and DANTE looks horrified.

          XAK: You did this – you wanted me to find her. You want this to happen.

          SEBASTIAN: You know I just love working for Wolfram and Hart. Being an assistant for a Senior Partner, now that job comes with perks. The power to persuade is my favourite.

          DANTE: You bastard...

          SEBASTIAN: What do you think was going to happen Dante? You cannot just abuse your powers, going around ignoring your meetings with clients and releasing employees from their contracts. You may have great power but you’re new. The elder Partners trump you.

          DANTE: (angry) So Sofia deserved to die?

          SEBASTIAN: She had to, for the bigger picture to finally be seen by you.

          He turns to XAK now.

          SEBASTIAN: I didn’t completely lie to you, Xak. If Dante continues to lose focus then the other Senior Partners will take a stand and intervene. Someone will pay the price for this.

          XAK: I’ve heard it all before. I even killed The Fates themselves. Do you think I care what some jumped up suits have to threaten me with?

          SEBASTIAN: You should.

          DANTE glares deeply at him. SEBASTIAN looks at him, boldly. He isn’t scared of DANTE.

          SEBASTIAN: This isn’t like your previous job. You can just relinquish your responsibilities because you don’t like what they entail. The abuse of your position is something you will pay for.

          He looks at them both.

          SEBASTIAN: The Senior Partners used to stand for something. You’ve sullied it. I killed Sofia Rose for this company and I had you two manipulated into a fight to the death. Don’t think I won’t go further. Next time, someone dies...and it won’t be difficult for me.

          In an instant, SEBASTIAN disappears in a blur. He teleported. XAK and DANTE are taken aback slightly by the motion. They turn to one another beat, apologetic.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN, LA-REE and DECLAN are walking through the park. SIN is smiling.

          SIN: I’ve decided I definitely like dancing. It feels good.

          DECLAN: That’s what dancing should do.

          SIN stops and turns to them.

          SIN: Thank you both. You’ve made me feel very welcome.

          LA-REE: Oh don’t mention it - was so good to meet you.

          SIN: Will I see you tomorrow in class?

          DECLAN: Of course, don’t be ridiculous.

          Her smile widens.

          SIN: Ok. Goodnight.

          She turns and walks towards the nearest exit in the park, her smile still beaming.

          LA-REE and DECLAN watch her leave.

          LA-REE: Could you be more obvious?

          DECLAN: What do you mean?

          LA-REE: You like her.

          DECLAN: I like every girl... and guy come to that matter.

          LA-REE rolls her eyes.

          LA-REE: You’re impossible.

          DECLAN and LA-REE now turn and walk away from SIN.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK and DANTE are sat on the floor of the suite, leaning against the sofa. They’re nursing their wounds with towels. They’re silent.

          XAK: I’m sorry.

          DANTE smiles weakly.

          DANTE: It’s ok. Sebastian may have had power over you, but what you said was true.

          XAK shakes his head.

          XAK: I just don’t get why you didn’t tell us, after everything.

          DANTE: I didn’t want you all to see what I was becoming. I tried to hold on but it just got worse.

          XAK: You need to keep holding on, Dante. We’ll help you. We know the truth, we know deep down you’re a good man – you saved Sofia.

          DANTE: Yeah and look what that did for her.

          XAK looks at him, apologetically.

          XAK: (softly) I’m sorry she’s dead, I know you two had a connection.

          DANTE: She was troubled, badly bruised. The company changed her, turned her into a monster. She just wanted to be free, just like my old assistants, just like me...

          DANTE looks tearful.

          DANTE: You have to believe me that I would never have hurt any of you.

          XAK: I know.

          DANTE: I was trying so hard to help from afar, but I was coming up with nothing... and now, without him, I have nothing.

          XAK: You have us.

          DANTE laughs weakly.

          DANTE: Yeah, good one.

          XAK: I’m serious. Wolfram and Hart may have invested a lot in you but so have we.

          DANTE: Why on earth would you want me back after everything I did?

          XAK: Let’s not forget you’re not the only one. Cate beat up Elise for drugs, Sin tried to destroy the world, Lance betrayed us all and I killed my girlfriend. We’ve all done stuff, but it’s only making us stronger. So be strong... let this be the end of your transgression.

          DANTE looks unconvinced. XAK puts a hand on his shoulder so their eyes meet.

          XAK: We’ll get him back, we will. And whatever comes, we’ll deal with it.

          DANTE nods, slowly.

          DANTE: Things will change, I’m not going anywhere this time.

          XAK: (smiling) Good. We need you.

          DANTE looks contemplative.

          DANTE: Screw the company. Even when I’m one of them, I’m just a toy for the Partners.

          XAK: You just need to know that they are gonna come for us. They won’t stop this time.

          DANTE looks to XAK now.

          DANTE: Bring it on.


          The song begins as XAK stands and he holds out a hand for DANTE. DANTE looks at it, unsure.

          There’s spiders in your room
          But there always will be
          There's people to be fooled
          And there always has been...

          He reaches out and takes XAK’S hand.

          Hold out your hand
          Hold out your hand
          Or we'll carry you
          Hold out your hand
          Hold out your hand
          Come back to me...

          XAK pulls him to his feet.

          XAK: It’s done now. Let’s move on. Come on...

          They turn now and leave the suite. It was time to go home.

          Come back to me...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SOFIA is lying on a table in the morgue. A sheet is covering her body but her pale face is still uncovered. The camera moves up and it almost looks like she’s smiling.

          With your back to the wall
          You've got one place to fall
          Sometimes it’s all better unknown...


          CATE is lying on the bed now. She’s got magazines all around her. She looks peaceful.

          With your back to the wall
          You've got one place to fall
          Sometimes it’s all better unknown...

          A bang.

          The song ends sharply and CATE sits, up startled. She looks around the room. She gasps.

          SEPHY wasn’t in the bed...

          CATE: (whispering) Seph?

          She hears a bang again. It’s coming from downstairs. She jumps out of bed.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera focuses on the entrance to the lounge and sees CATE enter, her face drops as she looks inside the room.

          CATE: Sephy...

          The camera rotates to show SEPHY stood there. She’s throwing various objects around the room. DVDS, CDS and anything else she can throw. Each making a bang.

          SEPHY eyes CATE distinctly, her lips pursed.

          CATE: Sephy, are you ok?

          SEPHY’S expression turns to confusion now as she cocks her head.

          SEPHY: Who’s Sephy?

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          SUMMER GLAU as SIN

          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:

          Musical Guest Star:
          LITTLE BOOTS
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            If you would like to give me feedback on Shadow Stalker, visit my thread here! I'm always happy to hear from you and I always comment on the feedback! Thanks in advance!


            - A very big big huge episode with much going on! Dante’s revealed as being a Senior Partner to Wolfram and Hart, Sin had her first day of school and met two new characters, La-Ree and Declan. Not to mention surprise musical guest Little Boots and finding out that Leigh Sinclair is somehow linked to The United and of course the death of season two veteran Sofia Rose. See? BIG EPISODE.

            - Apologies for the hiatus in episode releases. I had to finish my degree which is now over and I am currently job hunting at home, which recently has turned into writing and planning Anyway, I am back now so fingers crossed episodes shall be released more regularly.

            - A.I.D.A and Melody was inspired by an idea in a conversation with Alex Hart. Similar to the suppositions Veronica has in Veronica Mars as to who actually killed Lily Kane. I loved that effect and was pleased to use something similar in this episode, so muchos thank for Alex for his wicked suggestion.

            - Stern College is something I’ll definitely have to apologise for. Obviously I know little about how the building looks and what the classes are exactly like seeing as I live in England but just go with it, imagine they’re studying in a new wing or something

            - La-Ree and Declan will be important to the season in terms of plot development but also more importantly because they will help shape Sin into a human. Or will they only hinder her progression? And will they only affect Sin in the group?

            - Little Boots, first musical guest in a long time. Just obsessed with her but when Declan said that the bar was random, it clearly is as in this season’s timeline all those songs by Little Boots wouldn’t have even be written. It TRULY is a random bar

            - The next episode of Shadow Stalker is “4.05 – The Audit”. It is a Vincent Rae centric episode and expect there to be some more problems for Dante and of course Petrina. Also the gang will be introduced to La-Ree and Declan, which will be interesting for one character in particular.

            - Before that though, check out Sirens as I will be writing “1.04 – Bliss”. It is an Echidna centric episode and it will involved exploring her difficulties living married life as a mortal whilst still being a immortal goddess and it will also show a lot more of the Prime family who are back in this episode so expect some fireworks there.