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Sirens - 1.03 - Falling On Deaf Ears

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  • Sirens - 1.03 - Falling On Deaf Ears

    Series: Sirens
    Episode: 1.03 – Falling On Deaf Ears
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season One of Sirens runs strictly alongside Season Four of its brother series “Shadow Stalker”. To fully understand and appreciate Sirens, it is advisable to read Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Shadow Stalker prior to this series, and please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The camera is looking through the window. The picket was still going strong outside the school. Angry parents, grandparents and even policeman and county officials are there. A riot was beginning and it showed no signs of relenting.

    The camera pulls back to show BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, SHELTER, ECHIDNA, PAN and URSULA all stood looking out the window.

    URSULA: This is absurd.

    MELODY: Way to sum up the situation Urs.

    URSULA: For the record Melody, I dislike nicknames.

    MELODY rolls her eyes.

    ECHIDNA: This is serious though, the student population has halved. Those still willing to come to classes are sneaking in through the back.

    PAN eyes the crowd and shakes his head, disapprovingly.

    PAN: How do they think they are keeping them safe by avoiding safety?

    TRAFFORD raises his eyebrows.

    TRAFFORD: Irony’s kind of ironic that way.

    MELODY: What are we gonna do?

    BROGAN: We’re gonna have to call a meeting with that Prime couple; they’re the ones who started this.

    ECHIDNA: You don’t really suppose those two started everything do you? I was under the impression they were just the spokespeople for the group.

    BROGAN: Of course I do. The press couldn’t have been more positive about what we’re doing, the students were queuing up, you all saw that. There were no problems then, but the second the Prime suspects spoke up...

    His voice trails off. URSULA wonders.

    URSULA: Could two people be that influential?

    He turns to her, his eyebrow raised.

    BROGAN: Are you kidding me? After everything we’ve seen?

    URSULA looks unconvinced.

    URSULA: Hm. Still... I find it hard to believe that two mortal people with no powers could be that persuasive.

    BROGAN looks at them all now, observing their faces. They all look deep in thought at what URSULA has just said. They’re all thinking the same theory.

    BROGAN: Then maybe they’re not human.

    The camera moves away from the pondering group now to the girl sat on the sofas on the other side of the Lobby.


    As the camera focuses on ELISE, all sound stops. Whether it is voices, footsteps, car noises, doors closing and opening, they all stop sounding.

    Everything is silent.

    She is sat with her legs up on the sofa, a large drawing pad on her lap, a pencil in her hand. She looks up at the gang. She watches their mouths move, talking to one another. She hears no voices.

    She frowns and looks down at her drawing, continuing to complete it.

    The camera looks over her shoulder now to look at the drawing. It is a drawing of ELISE in this exact moment; she is alone, she is drawing.


    Still everything is silent. We are in ELISE’S world now.

    ELISE is making tea. She looks ahead, content as she pours the boiling water into a large cup.

    Behind her, TRAFFORD and SHELTER are making dinner.


    Still everything is silent.

    ELISE is applying moisturiser to her arms as she moves towards her bed.

    She climbs into bed and pulls the covers over her. She looks comfortable. She reaches and turns the light off.

    She closes her eyes.


    Still everything is silent.

    She opens her eyes. It’s morning now. She looks around the room. Still everything is silent.


    Still everything is silent.

    The shower is on now and ELISE is inside it. Even the sound of the running water against skin and tile is something she doesn’t hear.


    Still everything is silent.

    ELISE pulls on a t-shirt and jogging trousers. She ties her hair back.


    Still everything is silent.

    She is walking across the lawn now, her eyes dead ahead. The picketers shout abuse at her but she just walks straight ahead, ignoring them with her other four senses.


    Still everything is silent.

    Many people are having fun, laughing and joking on the pier. ELISE jogs past them, oblivious to the noises they make.


    Still everything is silent.

    She is returning to the school now. The picketers continue to shout abuse at her. Again she just walks ahead.


    Still everything is silent.

    ELISE is pacing the classroom now, placing out books ready for her next class. The students begin to enter and she smiles at them. They continue talking to one another and she remains on her own.


    Still everything is silent.

    This night, PAN and MELODY are making dinner. ELISE is chopping some vegetables to help them, but behind her they are talking without her. Suddenly MELODY laughs. ELISE watches the movements of her mouth in wonder.


    Still everything is silent.

    Bubbles surround ELISE as she lies serenely amongst them, staring quietly at the ceiling. The camera shows a dripping tap that she cannot hear.


    Still everything is silent.

    As with the night before, ELISE moisturises her arms and climbs into bed.

    She takes one final look around the room and then turns off the light.



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a lilac mist begins to develop. Through the mist we can see a creature stood on a rock in the water. Behind the creature, in the distance, the water is lapping at the edge of Cropley Shores’ beach serenely. The mist then appears to be developing into a word. One single word.


    The mist fades.

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    The Syndicate are all sat in the Meeting Room. BROGAN is stood in front of them all.

    SHELTER is sat on the opposite side of the room from ELISE and translates.

    BROGAN: Ok, so... suggestions?

    MELODY raises her arm.

    MELODY: I vote PTA.

    ECHIDNA: What is this PTA?

    TRAFFORD: You really think inviting the crazy mob into the school is the answer?

    She eyes him and folds her arms.

    MELODY: It’s better than your lack of one.

    TRAFFORD: Well I think Ea’s right. We need to focus on Nicola and Edward Prime, they’re causing the problem.

    ECHIDNA: Well what do we know about them?

    URSULA: Nothing, although the fact they’re voicing their concerns does imply they have children.

    PAN: If that is true then we should target the children. If we can show them what good the school is doing then perhaps the parents will concede.

    MELODY: Right on. Fighting the big bad, one angry parent at a time...

    The camera moves away from the group now to SHELTER. The conversation still continues.

    She is translating for ELISE and she observes her closely. ELISE’S eyes fall away from SHELTER and look at the floor. She sighs softly.

    SHELTER waves her hand to get ELISE’S attention. ELISE looks up.

    SHELTER: (signing) Wanna get out of here?

    ELISE looks at her, considering this proposition.


    ELISE and SHELTER are now walking down one of the wooden walkways that stand above the sand. ELISE has her arms folded, letting her hair blow in the salty breeze. SHELTER eyes her, concerned.

    SHELTER: (signing) Are you ok? I’m worried.

    ELISE shrugs and unfolds her arms.

    ELISE: (signing) I don’t know. It’s just I understand how important it is to stop this picket, I do. It’s just no one’s looking at me for a solution. No one cares about my ideas...

    SHELTER: (signing) That’s not true. We all care about you and your opinion is more important than anyone’s, especially Melody...

    ELISE smiles weakly.

    ELISE: (signing) I know they love me, I do, but sometimes they treat me like a kid still - not like a woman. I’ve fought in two wars and I’m currently in my third. Surely that count for something?

    She looks away and shakes her head.

    ELISE: (signing) I just would have thought that the fact I’ve survived would show that I mean something.

    SHELTER: (signing) You mean everything. The things you’ve done are amazing; the school is furnished proof of that.

    ELISE: (signing) My random bursts of power don’t seem to count for much when it comes to the day to day running of a school.

    SHELTER doesn’t know how to console her.

    ELISE: (signing) And I know why. When quick decisions are needed they’re gonna go to the people they understand, and the people they can talk to.

    SHELTER: (signing) I know how you feel Elise. Don’t forget that.

    ELISE nods.

    ELISE: (signing) I know you do and if I didn’t have you and my brother... I don’t know how I’d get through each day.

    SHELTER smiles, warmed.

    ELISE: (signing) But things need to change... I need to be needed, even when it’s not important.

    SHELTER nods and both of them continue walking along the walkway.


    ELISE is walking amongst her class. MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY is sat near the front. All the students are working on translating a piece of text into another language. She looks annoyed at them and the work.

    CHERRY is not in the room. There is an empty seat where she should be sat.

    ELISE moves towards her laptop rapidly, which causes the group to look up. She begins typing.

    ELISE’S LAPTOP: You’re doing it wrong.

    One of the students, a MALE STUDENT, sighs and throws his pen on to the desk, exasperated.

    ELISE’S LAPTOP: I don’t understand how you guys can’t get this, it’s simple Latin.

    MALE STUDENT: Maybe to a language whizz, to me it looks like gibberish.

    ELISE’S LAPTOP: That gibberish could save someone’s life. Some prophecies and cures for ancient illnesses are not published in the English language, you need to know this if you want to succeed.

    MALE STUDENT: Well it’s bull.

    ELISE scowls.

    ELISE’S LAPTOP: Well this “bull” is basic, so if you can’t understand it, then maybe there’s something wrong with you.

    The MALE STUDENT tuts and looks down.

    MALE STUDENT: (under his breath) Bitch...

    He is heard. MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY turns to look at him.

    MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: (angry) Hey!

    The MALE STUDENT looks to him, confused.

    He moves his mouth subtly and quickly to avoid ELISE lip reading him.

    MALE STUDENT: What? It’s not like she can hear me? All I do is cover my mouth and she’s completely oblivious.

    He laughs.

    MALE STUDENT: So much for being an expert on communications...

    ELISE’S LAPTOP: Get out.

    The MALE STUDENT looks up, startled.


    ELISE’S LAPTOP: Get out of my classroom. You’re not welcome here. Now go...

    The MALE STUDENT looks around at the other students who look away from him.

    MALE STUDENT: (quietly) Whatever...

    He stands now and walks out of the classroom.

    As he leaves the camera moves towards ELISE and shows her laptop.

    The computer did not just translate her words into voice, it also translated their voices into words for her to read accurately, should lip reading not work in a rapid conversation.

    She’d read everything.


    What? It’s not like she can hear me? All I do is cover my mouth and she’s completely oblivious.

    So much for being an expert on communications...


    The camera shows the MALE STUDENT walking along one of the corridor. He pushes past some of the other students.

    He passes URSULA’S classroom and the camera moves into the room, through the door.


    URSULA is teaching. NEVAN is sat there but as with ELISE’S classroom, CHERRY isn’t there either. URSULA smiles at the group.

    URSULA: Excellent work today everyone.

    She levitates some books off a shelf and they each land in front of the students. Unlike from their first lesson, they were used to the use of magic now. They look at their books, curiously.

    URSULA: For your homework I’d like you to practice one of the passages of these books.

    NEVAN opens the book and flicks through the pages, eager to learn. The pages in his book are thin and old.

    URSULA (O/S): The books contain passages that are harmless but they do contain some rather interesting aids for your allies.

    The camera cuts back to URSULA now.

    URSULA: I understand the picket makes it difficult to practice, so for the time being you may practice in the public parts of the school. Come to class with one of the passages learned.

    She looks at them all with pride.

    URSULA: I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

    She motions to them now and they all stand to leave.

    URSULA (O/S): Oh and if you know anyone in the picket, please try and convince them we’re fighting the good fight. I know we’d all appreciate it...

    NEVAN keeps the book open and begins reading from one of the passages as he leaves the classroom.


    NEVAN is reading from the book as he walks into the corridor.

    CARMEN (O/S): Hey, Barnes!

    He turns rapidly to see CARMEN and PAULETTE behind him.

    As he turns he drops the book and it lands on the floor face down. We see the book fall in slow motion and we see one of the pages fold over, clean and crisp.

    He bends down to pick it up and closes the book, oblivious. He places it into his bag.

    NEVAN: Ladies, thanks for scaring me there.

    PAULETTE: Sorry we were just psyched from class.

    CARMEN: Yeah, Mr. Morgan wore blue today!

    PAULETTE: It really accented his shoulders.

    NEVAN raises an eyebrow.

    NEVAN: Did you actually learn anything?

    PAULETTE: Idina was talking about some sort of Troll genocide or something.

    CARMEN: Depressing much.

    PAULETTE: Anyway, we just wanted to know if you’d heard from Cherry?

    He frowns and shakes his head.

    NEVAN: Not since that night, she hasn’t been in class since either.

    CARMEN: Yeah, we noticed.

    PAULETTE: Think she’s ok?

    NEVAN: I think she’s got some issues but if she needs us, or the school, she knows where we are.

    PAULETTE: Yeah, putting our bags on her seat.

    CARMEN: Vuitton was not meant for the floor.

    PAULETTE nods, agreeing completely.

    NEVAN: Well if I do hear anything, I’ll let you know.

    He turns to leave now.

    PAULETTE: Where are you off to in a hurry?

    CARMEN: Yeah, you don’t have any friends.

    NEVAN: Thanks for that reminder... I’m just gonna look over this text for class. It looks really interesting.

    CARMEN: You total geek.

    NEVAN: It’s called learning Carmen, you might wanna try it.

    He turns now and sighs, frustrated with them both.

    CARMEN and PAULETTE watch him leave, uninterested. Then CARMEN gets an idea.

    CARMEN: Hey, wanna go and watch Parker eat lunch?

    PAULETTE nods enthusiastically.

    PAULETTE: Yu-huh!

    They both leave now, excited.


    The camera pans around the lobby. CARMEN and PAULETTE are stood obviously watching PAN in the Kitchen with the other members of the Syndicate. They are all eating lunch. ELISE is not there and neither are TRAFFORD and SHELTER.

    The camera cuts to NEVAN. He is sat on one of the sofas.

    He takes the book URSULA just gave him out of his bag. He opens the book and comes across the page that folded. It’s created an invisible line down the middle of the page making half the incantation on the page visible and half the page behind visible. The fold is so unnoticeable, it would read as if it wasn’t there.

    So that’s what he does.

    NEVAN begins reciting out loud the incantation.

    It’s written in an ancient language and worried that he isn’t pronouncing the words correctly he repeats certain lines.

    CUT TO –

    ELISE enters the lobby.

    CUT TO –

    NEVAN is still reciting. He finishes what he believes to be the incantation. He smiles at himself, impressed.

    Then, a ball of light bursts from the page. It attracts the attention of CARMEN, PAULETTE and the other students. They look on in shock at the ball of light.

    ELISE turns and looks at it. As her eyes fall on it, the light targets her and hits her. She is thrown back into the air.

    The sight of ELISE flying through the air attracts the attention of the Syndicate in the Kitchen.

    ELISE hits the pillar near to where CARMEN and PAULETTE are stood. They scream and run.

    ELISE falls to the floor. NEVAN’S breath is taken from him in shock, worried about what he has done to ELISE.

    The door to the Kitchen opens and the Syndicate hurry out towards her. MELODY and ECHIDNA are the first to arrive.

    ECHIDNA: Goodness! Elise!

    ELISE looks up at ECHINDA, startled.

    MELODY looks at her, concerned.

    MELODY: Are you ok?

    ELISE’S head darts to MELODY now as it dawns on her what has happened.

    MELODY looks to ECHIDNA.

    MELODY: Let’s get Trafford. He’d want to know.

    ELISE grabs ECHIDNA’S arm. ECHIDNA turns to her.

    ELISE: I can hear...




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      ACT TWO


      ECHIDNA looks at MELODY, confused. Then MELODY turns to ELISE who is looking around the room, picking up whispers from every concerned student.

      MELODY: You can what?

      ELISE: I can hear... I can hear everything...

      BROGAN, URSULA and PAN arrive now. They look concerned.

      BROGAN: Is she ok?

      ELISE: I’m fine.

      BROGAN is taken aback, hearing her voice in the form of a reply.

      ECHIDNA: She can hear.

      URSULA clutches her chest, choked.

      PAN looks around the room, clearly aware of the student body.

      PAN: (quietly) Maybe we should go somewhere more private...

      BROGAN nods.

      BROGAN: Good idea.

      He moves to help her up. She declines his help.

      ELISE: Ea, I’m fine...

      She looks down, incredulous.

      ELISE: I can hear.

      She moves away now and URSULA, ECHIDNA and PAN follow. BROGAN moves to MELODY.

      MELODY: What the hell, this is insane. How the hell does a deaf woman just suddenly regain her hearing?

      BROGAN: Did you see what happened? All I saw was aero-Elise...

      MELODY shrugs, oblivious.

      NEVAN (O/S): Uh... I think I might have something to do with this...

      BROGAN and MELODY turn to face him now. He is stood nearby, his bag on his shoulder and he is nervously clutching the book. He looks scared.

      BROGAN: What would make you think that?

      NEVAN: Because, uh... I did it.

      BROGAN: (firm) You did this?

      NEVAN: It was a spell...

      MELODY turns to BROGAN.

      MELODY: Go see to Elise, I’ll take care of him.

      BROGAN nods. He watches as she grabs him and moves him down one of the corridors.

      MELODY (O/S): Come on you...

      BROGAN looks around the room at the students who are still gathered, watching him.

      BROGAN: (addressing them) Ok everyone you can go now.

      Everyone begins moving again but the whispers don’t stop.

      BROGAN: (quietly) Show’s over...

      He moves off screen.


      ELISE is sat on her bed, URSULA is stood nearby and ECHIDNA is sat next to her. PAN enters with a mug of tea for ELISE.

      PAN: Here, I made you some tea.

      He passes it to her. She smiles at him.

      ELISE: Thank you but really, I’m fine...

      ECHIDNA: Elise, do not presume we’re not happy for you, but this is a shock.

      URSULA looks confused.

      URSULA: The spell Nevan performed could not have been potent enough to have caused this; there’s just no way...

      ELISE shoots her a look.

      ELISE: I’m sorry to break expectations.

      On this, BROGAN enters with TRAFFORD and SHELTER.

      BROGAN: I found them.

      ECHIDNA nods.

      TRAFFORD tentatively approaches his sister.

      TRAFFORD: (nervous) Is it true?

      A shiver runs through ELISE.

      ELISE: Your voice...

      TRAFFORD looks at her confused.

      ELISE: Sorry, it’s just... you’re an adult. You sound like a man.

      Tears well in his eyes and he lunges forward and hugs her tightly. She laughs.

      SHELTER takes a step back. URSULA looks down.

      ELISE: Definitely a man... strong...

      TRAFFORD releases her.

      TRAFFORD: Oh... right sorry, it’s just... wow, I can’t believe it.

      ELISE: Yeah I know, it’s all...

      PAN: (cutting her off) What are we going to do?

      TRAFFORD: What do you mean?

      PAN: Well we’re no stranger to magic and the repercussions that can unfortunately accompany it.

      BROGAN: Why does there have to be a problem with this? This is good news.

      ELISE sighs quietly and looks down, biting her tongue.

      ECHIDNA: Ursula was just saying that the spell Nevan performed was not strong enough for this to have happened - there must be a reason behind it.

      TRAFFORD: Well where is this Nevan now?


      NEVAN is sat at the kitchen and MELODY is stood with her arms folded in front of him.

      MELODY: Come on then, spill...


      TRAFFORD’S eyes widen.

      TRAFFORD: Melody? Great, we’ll probably end up with a dead student.

      BROGAN: Hey, she saved our asses the other week.

      TRAFFORD: And was the cause of many asses dying before, or have you forgotten?

      ELISE: (shouting) Stop it!

      Everyone stops and looks at ELISE.

      ELISE: Just shut up all of you. This is all you ever do, this is how I’m always treated. You all just talk over me. I’m sick of it; I’m out of here...

      She puts the tea on the side and stands, walking out of the room

      TRAFFORD: Elise, I’m sorry...

      She ignores him and continues walking. SHELTER goes to go after her but she is held back. She looks behind her to see URSULA stood there.

      URSULA: I’ll go...


      ELISE is scowling at the floor as she walks on it, rapidly away from her bedroom.

      URSULA (O/S): Elise!

      ELISE stops and turns.

      ELISE: What? Want to talk over me some more?

      URSULA: Of course not, but I do want to talk to you.

      ELISE looks away from her as she approaches, closer.

      URSULA: (softly) There’s so much I want to say to you.

      ELISE nods, tentatively. She looks at her now.

      ELISE: I know, but I don’t want you to say it.

      URSULA: But we must talk about it, it’s important.

      ELISE: Why is it? Because of some revelation during an apocalypse? Which by the way you’ve not acted on at all.

      URSULA: You must understand how difficult it’s been for me?

      ELISE: Oh yeah, your life must have been so difficult, hiding this from me and Trafford.

      URSULA looks hurt.

      URSULA: It nearly ruined my marriage.

      ELISE: (with resentment) That was a choice you made! And it was a choice that ruined my parents’ marriage as well.

      URSULA: This isn’t all on me Elise.

      ELISE: Well my father’s in hell so when I see him next I’ll be sure to give him a slap on the wrist.

      URSULA: (desperately) Can’t we start a fresh? Now things are different?

      ELISE looks aghast at this request.

      ELISE: I can’t believe you’re asking me that, after everything I’ve been through... to just put it aside so you can feel less guilty...

      URSULA: (cutting her off) But I’m your mother!

      ELISE points her finger at URSULA.

      ELISE: (angry) Don’t you dare shut me down, especially to say that to me!

      She takes a deep breath.

      ELISE: Aria Artair was my mother and she died a long time ago!

      URSULA looks hurt.

      URSULA: She may well have been your mother Elise.

      She gulps.

      URSULA: But I gave birth to you.

      ELISE almost laughs and gestures at herself.

      ELISE: Well thank you for giving me life, as you can see I’m rocking at it so far.

      She turns, disgusted and continues walking now.

      URSULA clutches her mouth as tears begin falling from her eyes to the floor her daughter scowled at.

      CUT TO –

      ELISE is walking down a corridor now, a different corridor to the one her and URSULA were in, replaying the words said in the argument over in her head.

      Then it hits her.


      Car horns. Doors slamming. Shouting. Whispers. Waves crashing. Children laughing. Babies crying.

      Her mother crying.

      She clutches her head in pain, the noises overwhelming her.

      She grabs the nearest door handle and opens the door. She staggers into the room and slams the door shut behind her, exiling the noise.


      The door to the Kitchen opens and BROGAN, TRAFFORD, SHELTER, ECHIDNA and PAN enter. They all look at MELODY and NEVAN.

      ECHIDNA nudges BROGAN.

      ECHIDNA: (whispering) See, I knew she wouldn’t have killed him.

      BROGAN: (whispering) Quiet “Idina”... student present.

      ECHIDNA turns to the very nervous looking NEVAN. She instantly transforms into her alter ego. PAN was already equipped.

      TRAFFORD: (to MELODY) What did you find out?

      MELODY: Not a lot; won’t talk. He’s too...

      She uses air quotes.

      MELODY: “Shaken”... pfft...

      NEVAN looks at them all.

      NEVAN: (quietly) Is she... ok?

      TRAFFORD: She’s shaken, after what you did to her and all.

      NEVAN: I don’t know what happened...

      BROGAN: I think you do. Just tell us what you did.

      NEVAN: Ursula Lake had given us some homework. It was just a simple recitation of a passage from an old foreign book that...

      BROGAN: Wait, a book? Where is it now?

      NEVAN reaches into his bag and pulls out the book.

      NEVAN: She said the book only contained strengthening spells, things to help your allies.

      MELODY: Strengthening?

      PAN: As in strengthening an ailment of ally?

      TRAFFORD: Like being deaf...

      BROGAN: (to NEVAN) Hand me the book...

      NEVAN opens the book to the page he was reading from and hands it to BROGAN.

      The Syndicate peer over the pages. ECHIDNA furrows her brow.

      ECHIDNA: Something’s wrong.

      She reaches out to touch the page and notices instantly. She unfolds the pages. TRAFFORD sighs.

      TRAFFORD: The pages were folded over.

      PAN looks at NEVAN.

      PAN: You read half of one incantation and half of another.

      MELODY rolls her eyes at NEVAN.

      MELODY: You idiot.

      NEVAN: (earnestly) I didn’t know!

      BROGAN: Don’t worry just go.

      TRAFFORD turns to BROGAN.

      TRAFFORD: Ea we need him, he may know more.

      BROGAN: He didn’t even know what he was reading, he knows nothing.

      NEVAN grabs his bag and skulks out of the room, leaving now. He closes the door behind him.

      BROGAN moves forward and then turns looking at them all.

      BROGAN: We need to look into this spell.

      MELODY: Why exactly? I mean she’s ok right, better than ok in fact?

      BROGAN: Because we don’t know what this spell actually does. We don’t know if it only gave her hearing back or how long this spell will last.

      ECHIDNA: Magic always has consequences; a price is always paid for a spell that’s cast incorrectly or without sincerity.

      MELODY: Well something tells me Mr. Barnes didn’t exactly know what he was doing.

      TRAFFORD shakes his head.

      TRAFFORD: We can’t turn her back.

      BROGAN turns to him surprised.

      BROGAN: I wasn’t planning on it. I’m just saying we need to know how and why some amateur student can completely restore Elise’s healing when you, an experienced Healer, has spent twenty years or so trying and failing.

      TRAFFORD looks away.

      BROGAN: I don’t want to hurt her, or you.

      TRAFFORD: I know, it’s just...

      ECHIDNA touches his arm.

      ECHIDNA: I know.

      She smiles reassuringly at him and then turns to the group.

      ECHIDNA: What should we do about Elise? She seemed angry with our behaviour.

      MELODY: Why was she angry?

      BROGAN: A mixture of smothering and not appreciating her. I think...

      MELODY: I wouldn’t worry about it. She’s a girl, it’s what we do.

      TRAFFORD looks at her, infuriated.

      TRAFFORD: I’m pleased my sister’s turmoil can be rationalised so easily.

      MELODY: I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant let her find her way. Let her take some down-time doing what she needs to do.

      ECHIDNA: She’s right Trafford. Allow her some time to adjust.

      TRAFFORD nods.

      TRAFFORD: (quietly) Ok.

      BROGAN: Ok...

      He turns to ECHIDNA and PAN.

      BROGAN: Hey Ancients...

      He throws NEVAN’S book to PAN. ECHIDNA looks irritated.

      ECHIDNA: I wish you would refrain from calling me that.

      BROGAN smirks.

      BROGAN: I hope you’re up for a bit of translating. We need to know what both these spells do and what could happen when the two halves Nevan read are read together.

      PAN: Of course, anything we can do to help.

      BROGAN turns to TRAFFORD.

      BROGAN: Hey...

      TRAFFORD turns to BROGAN now. He looks sombre.

      BROGAN: She’ll be fine. We’ll do everything we can to help her...

      TRAFFORD nods weakly.

      TRAFFORD: I know.

      He sounds unconvinced. The camera pans around to SHELTER. She doesn’t look convinced either. She was worried.


      ELISE slams the door shut, the noises completely blinding her. The camera quickly pans around to show where ELISE is: the Training Room, which is laden with gym and physically enhancing equipment.

      She crouches on the floor and clutches her head in pain.

      Car horns. Doors slamming. Shouting. Whispers. Waves crashing. Children laughing. Babies crying.

      Then, the noises stop, except one.

      Her mother crying.

      She looks up and she sees a woman in front of her. It’s ARIA ARTAIR. Her mother.

      ELISE: Mom?

      Suddenly the image fractures, replaced by a new one. All the people that were killed in her childhood are in the room. They’re all dead.



      All of them lying on the floor, in the same position as if it were the Winlow cottage. ELISE’S eyes widen in fear.

      ELISE: (choked) Not again...

      Then she realises.

      ELISE: The day I lost my hearing... This is what I screamed for...

      She looks around at the scene breathing heavily.

      ELISE: (shouting) No!

      She picks up some weights nearby and throws them at the images of the bodies. They fracture. Her strength is heightened.

      ELISE: (shouting) Not again!

      She pushes aside some gym equipment. It soars across the room.

      Something was wrong. She could do more than just hear. She couldn’t stop.

      The equipment crashes around the room and the images begin to fade. Some of the gym equipment falls on the stereo on the table to the side of the room. It turns on.


      The song begins and causes ELISE to instantly stop. Her mood changes.

      Three little birds, sat on my window.
      And they told me I don't need to worry.
      Summer came like cinnamon
      So sweet.

      Music. She’d never heard it before.

      She moves towards the stereo slowly, the singer’s voice lulling her into a stupor. Tears fill her eyes.

      Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.
      Maybe sometimes, we've got it wrong, but it's alright
      The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same
      Oh, don't you hesitate.

      She smiles, softened.

      As the chorus kicks in she begins moving to the music, dancing to the first tune she wasn’t humming in her head. She dances to music, not caring about what just happened or what she looked like.

      Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
      You go ahead, let your hair down.

      The only voice she could hear was the singer’s.

      Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
      Just go ahead, let your hair down.

      The noises were gone.

      You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow...

      She was free.




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        ACT THREE


        ELISE is walking away from the school now. The protest has finished for the day and the light of the day is fading. Her arms are crossed in front of her, a thousand thoughts running through her head. She passes a sign.

        The picket will resume at 9am – signed, the concerned parents of the world.

        The camera cuts across the street, near the beach walkway, to see a man stood at his car. It’s MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY. He has a surfboard in his arms. He eyes ELISE and smiles. He rests the surfboard against the car and hurries across the street. She notices him and stops.

        He waves at her.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: (signing, slowly) Hello. My mame is...

        ELISE looks surprised.

        ELISE: You can sign?

        He looks confused. He’d never heard her speak before.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: (testing) You can hear?

        ELISE: I can. But I can also see you spelt “name” with two m’s.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY laughs.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: Sorry, still learning. But I mean wow, you can hear? How?

        ELISE: Long story...


        There’s an awkward silence.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: I just wanted to see if you were ok? That guy was a jerk today.

        She looks awkward.

        ELISE: I’ve dealt with worse.

        She looks behind her, nervously, desperate to avoid the Syndicate’s attention.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: I’m sure you have... and I don’t mean to, I mean I didn’t mean...

        ELISE: Listen, I kinda have to go.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: Right of course you do.

        ELISE: I’ll see ya...

        She walks away now.

        MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY watches her go and suddenly a wave of curiosity washes over ELISE.

        She turns back to look at him and he’s watching her. He looks awkward and instantly looks away, nervously.

        ELISE turns her head back to her path and smiles meekly.


        ELISE is now sauntering the sidewalks of town, then she hears it again. Her new solace.


        She turns to the source, a nearby bar. She goes to enter the realms of intoxicating aural pleasure but her ears observe an interruption.

        A fight.

        She looks around and no one else has noticed it. The noise is coming from the side of the bar, the alleyway next to it. Curiosity, and an odd delusion of grandeur causes her to inspect.

        She moves to the mouth of the alleyway and peers around.


        A human, a YOUNG WOMAN is fighting a VAMPIRE. The VAMPIRE is in his early thirties and looks to be dressed in young punk-rock clothes. He looked ridiculous, but dangerous.

        The YOUNG WOMAN obviously has the upper hand in the fight and uses quick reflexes to deflect his attacks and inflict maximum damage. The YOUNG WOMAN turns in the direction of the mouth of the alley having pinned him on to the floor.

        ELISE’S eyes widen, recognising her.

        The YOUNG WOMAN pulls out a stake.

        ELISE: Cherry?

        The YOUNG WOMAN, who is now identified as being CHERRY LI, the rogue student, looks up at the voice. She looks confused. The VAMPIRE seizes the opportunity. He pushes CHERRY off of him, causing her to smash into a wall and jumps to his feet. He turns to look at CHERRY.

        VAMPIRE: You’re dead little one. By sunrise your veins will be dry.

        CHERRY looks up at him in pain as he hurries away down the alleyway. ELISE uses the opportunity to hurry to CHERRY’S side.

        ELISE: God, are you ok?

        CHERRY: (flinching in pain) I was until you showed up, I almost had him.

        ELISE looks at her, apologetically.

        ELISE: Sorry...

        CHERRY: It’s alright; it’s not your fault you guys at that school are completely...

        She realises.

        CHERRY: Wait a minute... you can hear me?

        ELISE sighs.


        The room is dormant. There is a knock on the door. There’s a pause.

        The door opens and SHELTER peers through the gap. She looks around the room and sees nothing. ELISE is not there. SHELTER looks concerned.


        SHELTER is hurrying down a corridor now, looking for her friend.

        She stops when she comes across an open door. She moves to the open door and walks through it.


        Her eyes widen in shock as she looks around the room. It was completely trashed. Equipment was everywhere, signs of ELISE’S mad strength.

        Seeing a lack of ELISE causes SHELTER to turn and run out of the door.


        CHERRY eyes ELISE curious. She folds her arms.

        CHERRY: Hm, so it’s all a front, huh?

        ELISE: Not even slightly. I was walking through the lobby in the school and one of Nevan’s spells misfired. It hit me and next thing I know?

        CHERRY laughs.

        CHERRY: Nevan Barnes? The skater geek? He did this to you?

        ELISE nods.

        ELISE: Strange, right?

        CHERRY: Much.

        She moves past ELISE now and out on to the streets. ELISE looks after her and then follows.


        CHERRY is walking ahead of ELISE. ELISE stays behind, purposefully.

        ELISE: What were you doing with that vampire?

        CHERRY: I’d have thought that would have been obvious. I was slaying.

        ELISE: Alone? Didn’t the other week teach you anything?

        CHERRY turns to her now.

        CHERRY: And didn’t the fact that if you hadn’t shown up just a second ago, that vampire would have been one less undead thing walking show you that I don’t need your help...

        ELISE: Is that rhetorical?

        CHERRY sighs.

        CHERRY: Haven’t you gotta go rat me out to your brother and the others?

        ELISE: I’m not like that.

        CHERRY: Really? I doubt that very much.

        ELISE: (infuriated) Why are you so unwilling to accept our help?

        CHERRY looks away and turns around, continuing to walk. ELISE follows.

        CHERRY: I’m not...

        ELISE: Then why aren’t you coming to classes?

        CHERRY stops again and turns back to her.

        CHERRY: Look Elise, I appreciate you thinking you’re helping me, but I don’t need it. I have my own stuff to deal with and I thought you out of everyone at that school would appreciate that.

        ELISE: I do, which is why you should let me in.

        CHERRY: Why should I?

        ELISE: Because you signed up to the school for a reason.

        CHERRY has no reply.

        ELISE: I came to my senses today Cherry, I think it’s time you came to yours.

        CHERRY shows weakness. Her face softens. She looks up to ELISE.


        ECHIDNA is sat on her bed, looking through the spell book that NEVAN read from, flicking from page to page.

        PAN is sat at her desk, accessing the internet through her laptop. He has a furrowed brow.

        PAN: I find this machine confusing.

        ECHIDNA: Trafford showed you how to use it, it should be enough. I had less time.

        PAN looks at her.

        PAN: You’ve had more time than I have to adjust.

        A sad look fills ECHIDNA’S expression.

        ECHIDNA: That may be, but I’ve not completely adjusted to this life yet.

        PAN: Then why do you persist?

        ECHIDNA: Because my father will destroy this world if he has his way. He must be stopped, and that comes down to those mortals and the group in New York. I am a goddess to this world, not to him. Just as you were king to it. We have to protect it...

        PAN smiles at her.

        PAN: You’re not at all like I remember you being.

        She looks up to him.

        ECHIDNA: You too...

        There is a pause.

        ECHIDNA: Uh, we should continue researching.

        PAN nods.

        PAN: Of course, or in my case begin...

        He looks to the laptop screen.

        PAN: Ah, now... what is this, “Google”? Some sort of magical gateway I presume?

        ECHIDNA sighs.

        ECHIDNA: Right. You are on the books. I will work the computer.


        MELODY is stood in her classroom armed with punch pads on her hands which BROGAN is sparring with. She jumps from foot to foot, keeping him on his toes. She smirks.

        MELODY: Come on boyo, thought you were a natural born warrior?

        BROGAN nods, mocking.

        BROGAN: (sarcastically) Yes. I was made to quell the world of evil rubber pads.

        MELODY: Still gotta be prepared, not matter what your enemy is.

        BROGAN: You’re seriously giving me advice?

        She rolls her eyes. The door to the classroom opens and TRAFFORD and SHELTER enter, looking flustered. BROGAN turns to them, his brow flustered.

        BROGAN: What’s up?

        TRAFFORD: It’s Elise, she’s gone.

        MELODY: I told you, just give her some space. She’ll be fine.

        TRAFFORD: Well we gave her some space and she used it to trash the Training Room.

        BROGAN: (surprised) What?

        TRAFFORD: Shelter went to check on her and she’s completely ruined everything, it looks like a bomb went off in there.

        MELODY: But that Training Room’s full of big gym equipment, even Ea struggles with it.

        BROGAN looks embarrassed slightly and moves from foot to foot.

        BROGAN: Not that I like to admit it, but she is right.

        TRAFFORD: Something’s wrong.

        BROGAN: The spell?

        MELODY: Have Echidna and Pan found anything yet?

        TRAFFORD: I don’t know but we have to find her.

        MELODY: Are you sure this is something to worry about? She might have just been taking out her frustration; I heard she went all Tomb Raider on those vamps that time in the base.

        SHELTER shoots a glare at her and TRAFFORD scoffs, angry.

        TRAFFORD: You know what, I don’t like you – so anything you have to say to me about anything is moot.

        MELODY looks down as he turns to BROGAN now who is considering the situation.

        TRAFFORD: Ea please. It’s Elise...

        BROGAN looks up to him.

        BROGAN: Let’s do it.


        The door to CHERRY’S apartment opens and CHERRY enters. ELISE, surprisingly, is behind her. She looks around. She smiles at CHERRY.

        ELISE: It’s nice.

        CHERRY turns around to look at her.

        CHERRY: You’re a terrible liar.

        She shrugs.

        CHERRY: It’s not much, but it’s home for me.

        ELISE smiles warmly.

        ELISE: I know how that feels.

        CHERRY moves further inside.

        CHERRY: So can I fix you a drink or something? Think we’ve got some whiskey around here somewhere...

        CHERRY’S GRANDMOTHER (O/S): (calling) Cherry?

        CHERRY: In here.

        CHERRY’S GRANDMOTHER shuffles on to screen, groping the walls for support as she enters. ELISE eyes her curiously, then she realises.

        ELISE: She’s blind...

        CHERRY turns to her and nods.

        CHERRY’S GRANDMOTHER: Who’s there? Cherry, who’s there?

        CHERRY: Just a friend.

        She moves to ELISE now, out of her grandmother’s earshot.

        CHERRY: (whispering) If you want to know why I am the way I am... then come with me.

        She moves away now and ELISE looks from the old blind woman to the girl in question. She follows CHERRY.


        ECHIDNA is now sat at the laptop, researching.

        ECHIDNA: There’s nothing on the book itself, it must be old. If we had Ursula’s help we could do this a lot quicker.

        PAN: Something tells me she’s finding this difficult to deal with.

        ECHIDNA raises her eyebrows.

        ECHIDNA: (sarcastically) Very perceptive.

        PAN furrows his brow, confused, observing the book pages itself.

        PAN: This is odd.

        ECHIDNA: What’s wrong?

        PAN: The text looks similar to something I’ve seen before but it’s not...

        He stops as something clicks.

        PAN: (quietly) Of course.

        ECHIDNA: Pandion! What is it?

        PAN: It’s Ancient Indian, incredibly rare to find in books of mystical origin.

        ECHIDNA moves away from the screen to the book now.

        ECHIDNA: Can you translate?

        PAN: I’m a bit rusty, but I will try.

        PAN folds the pages and begins reading what NEVAN would have read. His eyes widen.

        PAN: Oh my goodness...

        MELODY (O/S): Hey ancients...

        ECHIDNA turns to the door to see MELODY walking into the room. ECHIDNA sighs.

        ECHIDNA: Melody, stop that.

        MELODY: Sorry, it’s just we’re gonna go find Elise, wondered if you wanted to come with?

        ECHIDNA: (confused) Why exactly?

        MELODY: She went all skitz and trashed the Training Room. Trafford and Shelter are all worried, personally I think it’s just a tantrum.

        PAN looks up to MELODY.

        PAN: You couldn’t be more wrong. We have to find her now...

        He jumps off of the bed and ECHIDNA stands too. MELODY suddenly looks worried.

        MELODY: Why, what’s wrong?

        PAN: That spell will kill her...


        URSULA is lying on her bed, staring at the wall of her room.

        TRAFFORD (O/S): Ursula.

        She looks up to see TRAFFORD stood in her doorway. The door open.

        TRAFFORD: I’ve been knocking.

        URSULA: Sorry, I didn’t hear.

        TRAFFORD purses his lips.

        TRAFFORD: Fine. We’re going to find Elise, she’s gone.

        URSULA: Ok.

        There’s a pause.

        TRAFFORD: I take it by your stoicism you’re not coming.

        URSULA: She doesn’t need me. I’d be the last person she’d want finding her.

        He shakes his head, incredulous.

        TRAFFORD: Fine.

        The camera cuts back to URSULA. She stares at the wall for a moment longer and then looks to TRAFFORD to say something.

        He’s gone.


        BROGAN and SHELTER are stood by the entrance. She looks worried. BROGAN places a hand on her shoulder.

        BROGAN: Hey, she’ll be ok.

        She touches his hand, warmed by the gesture. She was still petrified. They turn their heads when they see TRAFFORD walking towards them.

        BROGAN: Ursula?

        TRAFFORD: She’s not coming.

        MELODY (O/S): Guys!

        They turn to see MELODY, ECHIDNA and PAN hurrying towards them.

        TRAFFORD: Have you figured out what the spell is?

        PAN: Yes, and we need to find her straight away.

        ECHIDNA: It’s an Ancient Indian spell book and quite deadly.

        BROGAN: But I thought the spells were only meant to enhance your allies’ strengths?

        PAN: Separately yes, but when the two passages that the boy read are chanted together, they are not.

        TRAFFORD: (worried) Well what do they do?

        PAN: One of the spells seems to enhance temporary awareness by heightening your senses. It was a way for the ancient tribes to sleep easier.

        BROGAN: And the other one?

        PAN: It’s a dangerous spell, which converts mental power into physical prowess.

        TRAFFORD looks panicked.

        TRAFFORD: So what does this mean?!

        PAN: If I’m right then it means that her hearing only survives intermittently, but the fact that she does means she may experience hallucinations and heightened strength. Her hearing now drains her mind. The longer she hears... the less time...

        TRAFFORD: The less time what?

        ECHIDNA steps towards him now and reaches out.

        ECHIDNA: (apologetically) Trafford...

        He shakes his head.

        TRAFFORD: No.

        SHELTER looks away, a tear falls. BROGAN notices. He turns to them all.

        BROGAN: Right, we have to find her now. Echidna, Pan – will you guys stay here, we’ll need you guys when we return.

        ECHIDNA: Of course.

        PAN: I should be able to brew an antidote.

        BROGAN: Good. Trafford, Shelter and Melody – you’re with me. Let’s get our girl back...

        They all move towards the door now and ECHIDNA and PAN move away to brew an antidote.


        ELISE and CHERRY are sat on CHERRY’S bed. Her room is dirty and covered in ragged linen and beaten furniture. CHERRY hands ELISE a framed photograph of two beautiful people – a man and a woman, both Asian.

        CHERRY: They’re my parents.

        ELISE fixates on their smiles.

        ELISE: They look so happy.

        CHERRY: They were, we were... until...

        ELISE: (concerned) What happened?

        CHERRY: Vampires.

        ELISE looks sombre, her jaw tightening.

        ELISE: I’m sorry.

        CHERRY: You didn’t kill them, don’t apologise. I was left on my own and I was forced to move here and live with my grandmother. She needs me and I need her.

        ELISE nods.

        ELISE: But that’s why you hunt? To hurt the things that did this to your family?

        CHERRY: I joined the school to become stronger, but I don’t feel stronger...

        She takes the photograph from ELISE now.

        CHERRY: I have to find the ones that did this. I have to.

        ELISE: I understand.

        CHERRY: How could you?

        ELISE: My mother was killed by insane hell-god and my father’s in hell.

        CHERRY looks shocked.

        ELISE: May not be case similar, but I know what you’re going through.

        She looks down now.

        ELISE: I know how it feels to be weak, to be futile.

        CHERRY: I’m sorry.

        ELISE looks to be thinking.

        CHERRY: Did you want me to walk you home?

        ELISE looks to her now.

        ELISE: No. Let’s patrol.

        CHERRY: What?

        ELISE: I lost you that vampire earlier, let’s get him.

        CHERRY smirks.

        CHERRY: Check you out, little girl.

        ELISE raises an eyebrow.

        ELISE: I’m the same age as you.

        CHERRY: To your friends you’re the little girl.

        ELISE: I’m not with my friends so that doesn’t really...

        She is cut off as suddenly the noises flood her brain again. She clutches her head, confused.

        Car horns, crying, babies crying, water dripping, laughter, coughs, music.

        Her eyes instinctively move to the shabby mirror in CHERRY’S room. She sees herself. ARIA standing behind her.

        She gasps.

        She turns. Her mother is not there.

        A rush of adrenaline pumps through her veins. CHERRY eyes her, concerned.

        CHERRY: Are you ok?

        ELISE sharply intakes breath and snaps her head to CHERRY.

        ELISE: (certain) Let’s go.


        ELISE is walking through the graveyard now, actively striding amongst the plots. CHERRY skulks behind. Both of them with stakes in their hands.

        CHERRY: You’re not exactly sly, are you?

        ELISE: Don’t you want them dead?

        CHERRY: Yeah I do, but I have a routine and a way of doing this.

        ELISE: Yeah well, you’re studying at my school now “little girl” so it’s time to learn. Consider it extra credit for missing classes.

        CHERRY rolls her eyes.

        CHERRY: Whatever, it won’t work. It’s easier to get a jump on a vampire when you surprise him.

        VAMPIRE (O/S): I agree.

        ELISE and CHERRY turn now to see the VAMPIRE from the alleyway behind them. He smirks cheekily.

        VAMPIRE: Which is why you won’t win.

        ELISE: There’s two of us and one of you.

        CHERRY: She’s a teacher, trust me – she knows her math.

        VAMPIRE: Who said there was one of me?

        Various growls fill the grounds of the graveyard now. The girls look around to see four other vampires circling them.

        The VAMPIRE points at CHERRY.

        VAMPIRE: Don’t think we don’t know who you are little one. You kill us...

        CHERRY: There’s a reason, you’re the walking dead.

        VAMPIRE: Oh really? I was thinking you wanted us dead on the account of your parents.

        Rage fills CHERRY now.

        CHERRY: (seething) What did you say?

        She lunges forward at the VAMPIRE now.

        ELISE: (shouting) Cherry, no!

        CHERRY disregards ELISE’S voice. She fights intensely. She swings a punch and lands it. The VAMPIRE is caught off guard as she spins and back hands him across the face and then kicks him to the floor.

        ELISE watches helplessly as the other vampires close in on her. She looks at them all.

        ELISE: I’m fairly certain you don’t want to do that.

        They all charge at her. She breathes deeply and then undercuts one. Her strength is extraordinary – she sends the vampire flying through the air, landing on a gravestone.

        She spins around, letting her instincts take over. She kicks one back and then plunges the stake deep into its heart. The vampire dusts.

        She turns and head butts one of the other vampires and then grabs its hair, before driving it into the other vampires head. Both of them are thrown aside.

        Suddenly, a massive wave of head rush hits her.

        All around her are graves. The names she recognises:



        CUT TO –

        CHERRY is continuing to fight the main VAMPIRE. With the VAMPIRE on the floor she readies the stake. She goes to slam it deep into his chest but he flips her over. Her head crashes into a statue and she is knocked unconscious.

        The VAMPIRE stands and eyes CHERRY – his dinner. Then the sound of heavy breathing catches his ear.

        He turns to see ELISE. She is staring at empty ground breathing heavily, vacant.

        CHERRY would now be dessert.

        CUT TO –

        ELISE looks around her at the graves of her friends, of her family. She looks at the grave of her father and goes to reach out to the calligraphic writing. Whispers chatter in her ear, incessantly, torturously. She tries to block them out, but she couldn’t.

        They were driving her insane.

        ELISE: (closing her eyes, whispering) Please stop...

        The VAMPIRE tackles her to the floor. She doesn’t scream. He straddles her and looks down at her.

        VAMPIRE: Don’t worry little one. Soon all the pain you feel will just end.

        ELISE looks content. She couldn’t cope.

        The VAMPIRE leans into her neck.

        His teeth puncture her skin.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          ELISE’S eyes widen as the VAMPIRE drinks her blood. The noises flooding her ears. She closes her eyes and all the noises stop. All she can hear is her heartbeat.

          Then, the VAMPIRE is thrown off of her. ELISE doesn’t move, but she sees it was MELODY that threw him off. TRAFFORD rushes to her side, as does SHELTER.

          TRAFFORD: (tearful) Oh my god... Elise...

          She looks at the movements of his mouth, confused.

          CUT TO –

          MELODY and BROGAN face off against the VAMPIRE and his cohorts.

          VAMPIRE: You just spoilt my meal.

          MELODY: You want me to apologise for stopping murder? God you guys are sick.

          One of the minions attacks her but she reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a stake. She drives it straight and strong into his heart.

          The VAMPIRE’S eyes widen.

          VAMPIRE: (to the two remaining vampires) Kill them!

          The two remaining vampires turn on BROGAN and MELODY now.

          MELODY: (to BROGAN) Remember, stay prepared.

          BROGAN rolls his eyes.

          They fight together.

          BROGAN receives a punch from the vampire he is fighting. He looks unfazed but his lip is cut. He punches back, causing the vampire to spin, he jumps and kicks the vampire in the back so that the vampire falls into a gravestone which crumbles. BROGAN pulls out a stake and goes to destroy the vampire when the vampire turns and throws rubble at BROGAN, forcing him to fall back.

          MELODY pushes the vampire back and then drives her knee deep into his crotch. He looks in pain but she does not relent. She punches him repeatedly in the chest before head butting him and pushing him to the floor.

          CUT TO –

          ELISE’S head moves from side to side, watching MELODY and BROGAN fight. Her brother’s mouth continuing to move. He touches her neck and heals the wound.

          CUT TO –

          BROGAN’S face is cut by the rubble and he comes to his senses to see the vampire advancing towards him. He flips the vampire over sending him flying into a crypt wall. He jumps to his feet now and hurls his stake at the vampire. It lands perfectly in his chest. He dusts.

          MELODY eyes the slay.

          MELODY: Fine.

          She turns to her vampire and grabs his hand. She spins him around so that she is holding him close to her. His back to her. She smiles.

          MELODY: See ya.

          She plunges the stake deep into his heart till soon all she is holding is dust.

          She pats the remnants off of her.

          MELODY: I love this job.

          She is tackled to the ground by the lead VAMPIRE. BROGAN eyes the attack.

          BROGAN: Melody!

          MELODY: I got it.

          She kicks the VAMPIRE off of her and then jumps in the air and kicks him in the head so that he turns. She quickly drops the floor and with her shoes she sharply breaks the VAMPIRE’S legs below the knee. He cries out in pain and falls to the floor. BROGAN looks confused. MELODY reaches down and lifts him up by his hair.

          BROGAN: Melody, what are you doing?

          MELODY: What needs to be done.

          She turns to TRAFFORD.

          MELODY: Hey.

          He looks to her.

          MELODY: You finish this. It was your sister he almost killed.

          TRAFFORD looks down at ELISE’S neck. Her wound is healed. SHELTER nods to him and he leaves his sister with her friend.

          He stands and moves towards the VAMPIRE. He takes the stake from MELODY. The VAMPIRE looks at TRAFFORD, snarling.

          VAMPIRE: You fools have no idea what you’ve begun.

          TRAFFORD looks at him blankly.

          TRAFFORD: When you go back to hell, tell it to stay away from my sister.

          He stakes the VAMPIRE. He dusts. He stares blankly at the ash covered grass before looking up at MELODY.

          TRAFFORD: Thank you.

          She nods. They move back to ELISE now. She sits up, coughing slightly and clutching her throat.

          BROGAN: Elise, are you ok?

          ELISE: It hurts...

          MELODY: We know what’s wrong with you. Pan and Echidna are brewing the cure, right now.

          Tears fall from ELISE’S eyes.

          ELISE: Please... make it stop.

          She looks down.

          ELISE: I don’t like this anymore. Please make it stop.

          SHELTER hugs her tightly and ELISE clutches to her friend fiercely. She looks over her shoulder and sees...

          CHERRY had gone. She’d left ELISE for dead.


          BROGAN, MELODY, ECHIDNA and PAN are all sat with bottles of beer in the Lobby. ECHIDNA looks intrigued with each sip.

          ECHIDNA: My goodness, this is potent.

          MELODY: Actually, yours is alcohol-free.

          ECHIDNA raises an eyebrow at her.

          MELODY: What? I didn’t know what alcohol would do to a goddess.

          PAN notices BROGAN’S sombre attitude as he absent-mindedly drinks his beer.

          PAN: Are you ok, Ea?

          BROGAN: Just thinking about Elise.

          ECHIDNA: She’ll be ok – she has us.

          MELODY: I think she’s just shaken more than anything.

          PAN: She told her brother that she was helping out Cherry Li.

          MELODY scoffs.

          MELODY: That girl is trouble...

          BROGAN glances at her. MELODY rolls her eyes.

          MELODY: Ok, ok, point taken.

          ECHIDNA: Perhaps. But we shall certainly have to keep an eye on her.

          PAN: And the picket, they will return tomorrow.

          MELODY: I know, right. Did you see their perky message they left?

          BROGAN: We’ll deal with it, but right now we need to be here for Elise.

          ECHIDNA: Ea, she has the antidote. She’ll be fine.

          BROGAN: I think it goes beyond simple mystical side effects; I’m not just talking about the physical cure.

          He shakes his head, worried.

          BROGAN: I really think this whole event has just made things worse.

          PAN: I suppose you could take one positive thing from this: we know more about Cherry. Elise was brave enough to probe into her life and we have pivotal information now as to how to help her.

          BROGAN: That’s Elise for you. Even when she’s dying she’s thinking of others.

          He looks to them all.

          BROGAN: We have to treat her as one of us, because she is, she always was and she always will be.

          He sighs, depressed at his realisation.

          BROGAN: Our perceptions changed her.

          The others look around at one another. They all take a sip from their drink.


          URSULA is still lying in bed, staring ahead as she was when TRAFFORD first came to her room.

          TRAFFORD (O/S): You sucked today.

          She turns to see TRAFFORD stood, once again, in her doorway. She looks confused.

          URSULA: I beg your pardon?

          TRAFFORD moves further into her room now. He looks angry.

          TRAFFORD: In case you didn’t realise, we needed you today. Both of us.

          URSULA shakes her head.

          URSULA: Elise made it very clear I was not needed.

          TRAFFORD: So you just take that!? She’s a girl, they always mean the opposite. She’s scared and confident all the time and you’ve been in her life as long as I have and you still don’t know anything about her?

          URSULA: I guess I don’t.

          TRAFFRD: She almost died tonight.

          URSULA’S eyes widen and she sits up, looking at him.

          URSULA: What?

          TRAFFORD: A vampire got her, we killed him – in fact Melody kinda did it. She helped more than you and she’s known my sister for only a month. And you know what the funny thing is? Even if the vampire hadn’t killed her, the spell Nevan cast – the book you made available to him, the one you gave willingly – would have killed her too.

          URSULA closes her eyes, deeply regretful.

          URSULA: I’m sorry Trafford, I didn’t know.

          TRAFFORD: You didn’t want to know. You haven’t cared about our lives for a while now.

          URSULA: No, I just kept my distance as I thought that that’s what was best...

          TRAFFORD: Well you were wrong.

          He pauses.

          TRAFFORD: Do you even care about us?

          URSULA: (entreatingly) Of course I do!

          TRAFFORD: Then you know how hard it’s been for us. I haven’t spoken to Cate for weeks, Elise is suffering in silence every day and you’re just on the sidelines watching... “caring”...

          URSULA: I just wanted you to come to me when you needed me. I had dropped a huge bombshell...

          TRAFFORD: Yeah, which is what confuses me. You told us because you wanted to act on it, didn’t you?

          URSULA: It all depends on whether the two of you want me to?

          TRAFFORD: I don’t have a choice on who my parents are Ursula so don’t try and give me one and act like you’re doing the right thing.

          He walks towards the door now.

          TRAFFORD: You have a choice to parent or to not...make up your mind.

          He leaves the room now, leaving URSULA, his biological mother, reeling.


          ELISE is sat on her bed, a blanket wrapped around her. A bandage is on her neck and she has a mug in her hand holding the antidote. She only has a small amount left. She drinks it and closes her eyes, hoping the effects to be immediate. She sighs and holds the mug close to her. She opens her eyes and almost as if she knew, she looks to her door.

          SHELTER is stood there, smiling warmly at her. ELISE smiles back.

          She pats the bed, asking silently for SHELTER to come and sit with her. Her friend obliges.

          ELISE pauses and then looks to her.

          ELISE: (softly) I’m sorry I didn’t see you much today.

          She pauses, embarrassed.

          ELISE: I’m sorry I was such a bitch as well – crazy Indian spells do the funniest things. I didn’t know what to do, how to feel. I mean the things I saw... I was a mess.

          She looks to be choking on her words.

          ELISE: (composing herself) I told you today that I was worried that I was pointless because I had a deficiency, but side effects aside, even when I could hear normally, I knew something was wrong: I just wasn’t me anymore.

          ELISE: I thought what I wanted more than anything was to hear again and yeah it was fun for a while.

          She smiles.

          ELISE: I mean that Corinne Bailey Rae woman rocks.

          She laughs slightly.

          ELISE: But... I thought it would make me normal and then I could make a difference and be counted like everyone else. But it turns out I’m just not cut out to be that person; the world is a much harder place when you have to hear it, and I know now I wasn’t made to listen.

          A small smile forms on her face.

          ELISE: And I’m ok, I’m ok with that. I like being me, I like being around me, and if I want things to change... well, I guess I’ll just have to speak a little louder. I’ll make the world hear me instead...

          SHELTER smiles at her, proudly. She moves forward and hugs her friend tightly. ELISE hugs her back and smiles to herself.


          The night begins to fade and with it ELISE’S ailment.

          The rays of the sun begin to touch the school.


          The sunlight pours in through ELISE’S window, stirring her. She awakens. She ponders for a moment, then she knows she is back.

          She listens to the silence all around her.


          ELISE is sat on a bench. It is early morning. She watches the early morning and lapping waves.

          Someone approaches her. She looks up. It’s MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY. He is carrying a surf board. He sits down beside her.

          MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY: (signing) I’m Gabe. Gabe Peters.

          She watches MYSTERIOUS CUTE GUY/GABE with curiosity.

          GABE: (signing) I’m not sure if you’re deaf or if you’re not, but I wanted to introduce myself. I tried to yesterday but...

          ELISE smiles apologetically.

          GABE: (signing) You’re smiling, which I presume is good?

          ELISE: (signing) You’re signing is very good.

          GABE: (signing) I’ve been learning.

          ELISE: (signing) Over night?

          GABE: (signing) All night.

          He smiles at her, intoxicated by her presence. She is taken aback by the gesture.

          GABE: (signing) Well, I better go. Surf’s up.

          He makes a sign with his hand. She laughs softly. She nods and then stands.


          The ending of the song begins to play as she walks away and he watches her. She smiles as she walks through the sunlight.

          You’re gonna find yourself somewhere...

          CUT TO BLACK


          CAPTION: For my sister, who deals with this disability with such grace and dignity every day.

          END OF EPISODE


          Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

          Special Mention:


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            - This episode was very difficult to write for me. As most of you know, my sister is deaf and this is just a subject that’s very close to me. I really want to raise more awareness about deafness and I think Elise is a great vessel. Too often deafness is shown in TV shows for comedic value i.e. Family Guy or Skins, and it’s not shown in this context enough. This is why this episode means a lot to me as it’s the first time Elise has been such a prominent character for important reasons.

            - Big revealing behind Cherry’s erratic-ness but there is more to it and expect to discover more about it as the series progresses.

            - So what will happen with Ursula? Some mega developments are made with her after the mid-season finale but until then she’s gonna take a bit of a back seat.

            - Melody’s becoming more accepted and so is Pan, but is Trafford really convinced? And if he is, what will that mean for him and Cate?

            - The next episode is “1.04 – Bliss” and it is an episode centric on Echidna and Idina and how she finds it difficult to be both. Also expect some developments in Pan’s character and also expect the Primes to return. Oh and expect some karaoke...

            - But, before then I will be writing Shadow Stalker, “4.04 – Partner” is the next episode and will be released hopefully in June. It is a Dante centric episode and will explain more about his involvements in Wolfram and Hart and his secret will be revealed. Also expect the death of a character you’ve known for a while. However I can’t make any promises on when this episode will be released as basically I finish university for good this month so I have a lot on! So unfortunately Shadow Stalker and Sirens will go on a slight hiatus!