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  • RAIN: 1.06 Acid Test

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.


    Episode: 1.06 Acid Test

    Created by: Beth (Obsessed)
    Written by: Beth & Odelia (Obsessed & SaltyGoodness)

    ~ ~ ~



    JULY 17th, 2004 appear on the screen.

    CUT TO-

    The morning sunlight hits the bedroom window as a disoriented MADELINE stares at the wall. Dressed in a suit, the same MAN we saw at the end of the 1.05 Back to School episode climbs into bed and puts his arms around her.

    MAN: (touches her forehead) I wish I could stay.

    MADELINE: (eyes still on the wall) I’ll be fine. It’s just a headache.

    MAN: Are you sure? I could make my grandmother’s famous chicken noodle soup.

    MADELINE: (turns to the MAN; attempts to smile) Really. (Beat; fixes his tie) Go to work, you don’t want to be late.

    The MAN kisses her forehead.

    MAN: One thing before I go.

    He hands her a gift.

    MADELINE: (surprised) What’s this?

    MAN: Open it.

    MADELINE: (fakes a smile) All right.

    Tearing off the paper, MADELINE fights her tears when she sees it’s a children’s book, Mary had a Little Ham by Margie Palaitni.

    MAN: (smiles; with genuine love) You said you wanted to read it to our children someday. (Touches her hair) I figured... (Takes her hand) maybe it’s time.

    Not knowing what to say, MADELINE plays with her wedding ring. The MAN assumes she’s touched and kisses her one more time. He gets up and as walks to the door, he gazes back at her lovingly.

    MAN: Happy Anniversary, love.

    She doesn’t respond but gives him a soft smile. He moves into the living room. The minute she hears the front door close, she climbs out of bed. Walking towards the window, with the book still in her hand, she slightly opens the blinds. His car backs up and exits the parking lot.

    Rushing to the bedroom, she tosses the book on the bed, and then stops abruptly, unsure. She paces the room back and forth a bit. Quickly, MADELINE changes her clothes and puts on her jacket and shoes. After she grabs her purse near the night stand, she sees the book on the bed. Grabbing it, she shoves the book under her arm, trying not to give it much thought as she exits the apartment.

    CUT TO-

    Sitting on a bench touching her wedding ring again, MADELINE watches a MARRIED COUPLE play with their LITTLE GIRL. The book is on her lap and she has a vacant look in her eyes. An AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN dressed in a gray suit sits down next to MADELINE.

    MAN: (gently) They look so much in love, don’t they?

    MADELINE looks away.

    MAN: It doesn’t often last though, does it? (Beat; MADELINE looks over at him warily) My name is Darius Abernathy, Madeline. (Beat) We can help you.

    MADELINE: (glances over to him sharply; whispers) Who’s we? How do you know my name?

    DARIUS pulls out an envelope.

    MADELINE: (takes the envelope) What is this?

    DARIUS: Your new life.

    MADELINE: (standing up, backing away) Wait. (Beat) Who are you?

    DARIUS: (nods; smiles softly) When you’re ready, give him a call.

    DARIUS gets up and walks away, leaving MADELINE staring at the envelope. She looks over to the loving family. Their laugher rings stronger in her ears. Once she sits down, she opens the envelope and is surprised by what she sees: a Slayer’s Council business card and a letter from RUPERT GILES.

    MADELINE opens the letter and reads-

    Dear Ms Reece,

    My name is Rupert Giles. Unlike most people in this world, we both know what walks in the night. I help run an organization that targets the forces of darkness. Without trying to touch an open wound, I want you to know that I am aware of what happened to you when you were young child. And I also know about your husband Rowe Edwards and the world he has recently succumbed to. The Slayer’s Council may be able to offer you an opportunity of value. We can help you in your present circumstance and, in return, believe you can be of assistance to us.

    Your intelligence and knowledge pertaining to your past experiences will benefit our organization immensely and will help save the lives of many.

    Please contact me at the number on my card, any time day or night, but I advise you to do so rather sooner than later before the situation you’re in becomes more precarious.

    Rupert Giles

    Folding the letter, she keeps the business card in her hand. MADELINE looks at her wedding ring and takes it off, then gazes at it. She places the ring in the lining of her jacket. The book has fallen open to the ground. Its pages rustle in the light summer breeze. MADELINE stares at it.

    VOICE: Excuse me, ma’am?

    MADELINE: (looks up; sees it’s the LITTLE GIRL) Yes?

    LITTLE GIRL: May I have my ball?

    MADELINE sees a yellow ball at her feet. She grins, picks it up and hands it to the GIRL.

    LITTLE GIRL: Thank you.

    Just as she is about to turn, MADELINE stops her. The LITTLE GIRL’S PARENTS approach them. Leaning over, MADELINE retrieves the book.

    MADELINE: (softly; to the LITTLE GIRL) Would you like this book? (Beat) It’s called ‘Mary had a Little Ham’. It’s about pig name Stanley who doesn’t want to live on farm and dreams of becoming a Broadway actor.

    LITTLE GIRL: (looks over to her PARENTS) Can I?

    Her PARENTS nod with a smile. MADELINE hands it to her, trying to hold back her tears.

    LITTLE GIRL: Thank you ma’am.

    MADELINE: You’re welcome.

    She watches the LITTLE GIRL run to her PARENTS, showing them her new book. With a sigh, MADELINE looks at the business card. Getting up, she dials the number. We see that her hand is shaking a little. She hears the line ring and then a MAN’S voice with a British accent answers.

    MADELINE: Rupert Giles? (Beat) Madeline Reece. I… I’m interested.




    THEME PLAYS - Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)

    Edited by: Odelia (SaltyGoodness)

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    The alarm clock rings in RAIN’S bedroom. Without delay she turns it off, climbs out of bed wearing black PJs covered with bunnies. She heads over to the kitchen, pours herself a bowl of Lucky Charms and a glass of orange juice. Returning to her bedroom with her breakfast, she puts it on her desk. When she grabs a sketchpad, a crumbled up business card falls out. It reads: “Slayers Council” with MADELINE’S name on it and her phone number. Seeing this, RAIN picks up her cell phone and scrolls to the WATCHER’S name. Just as she’s about to dial it, she changes her mind and dials MICHAEL’S instead but gets his voice mail. The camera slowly backs away to the end of the room while RAIN leaves an inaudible message.

    Between Two Worlds by Shawn Colvin is playing in the background.

    Off in the distance
    A cool wind is blowing
    I’m not who I was
    And I’m not where I’m going

    CUT TO-

    On the right side of the living room of MICHAEL’S apartment is a leather couch where he himself is deeply asleep under a worn out blanket. Near the couch, a homemade coffee table holds numerous ancients texts, a mug with day old coffee and a carafe. Beyond the table, a beat up TV rests on an old steamer trunk. In the corner there is a small, expensive-looking desk with an antique lamp that both look out of place in this old cabin-feel apartment.

    Compared to the living room, the kitchen is more up-to-date with stainless steel appliances. The cabinets are a shade of walnut, while the counter top is made of dark gray granite. There is a long wooden table that has a few more ancient texts as well as stacks of files covering it. To the far left of the kitchen, we see a door that leads to his bedroom.

    Outside, a dog barks, startling MICHAEL out of his deep stupor. For a few minutes he stares at the ceiling, eventually gets up bringing the coffee mug with him to the counter. After he sets the coffee machine, he starts making himself an egg-white omelet with Portobello mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese. While the cheese melts, MICHAEL dumps the old coffee in the sink rinses out the mug and pours himself a fresh cup. Once the omelet is done, he takes his breakfast and coffee to the end of the kitchen table, leaving it there.

    MICHAEL then walks toward the desk retrieves an old leather-bound journal from the bottom drawer and sits down at the table. Enjoying a bite of his omelet, he goes through some papers as well as newspaper articles from the journal. He writes in it, taking a quick sip of his coffee and picks up his cell phone. Seeing there is a message in his voice mailbox, he listens as the camera pans back.

    I’m so tired of knowing
    That there’s no way of knowing

    CUT TO-

    Sunlight streams through a break in the curtains while BELLA is asleep. We hear a loud argument coming from outside of her room. Her alarm goes off and BELLA’S hand reaches out from under the covers to grab at the clock.

    WARNER: (OS) –not a matter of choice. It’s an emergency, Sheridan!

    SHERDIAN: (OS) It’s your day off, for god’s sake! We have a dinner to prepare for and you are just--

    WARNER: (OS) --the dinner will take care of itself. It always does.

    SHERDIAN: (OS) It’s me, Warner! I take care of it. How do you think these things happen? (Sarcastically) It’s not the dinner party fairy!

    WARNER: (OS) I do not have time for this! I have a flight to Los Angeles in an hour!

    BELLA sits up slightly and yawns, looking toward her bedroom door. She sighs.

    SHERIDAN: (OS) So, you’re going to leave? Just like that? Leave me to tend to your friends? What do you think they will say when they realize you’re not here!

    WARNER: (OS; softly) Please, tell Bella I had to leave.

    SHERDIAN: (OS) Tell her yourself!

    There is a crash and BELLA flinches. Flicking the television, she turns it up loud, drowning out the volatile words between her parents. She pretends not to listen as the front door slams downstairs. A car bursts into life, revving in front of the house. The engine noise fades as the car drives off. BELLA sighs and lays down again grabs her cell phone and dials RAIN’S number.

    RAIN: Hello?

    BELLA: Morning sunshine.

    RAIN: (softly; distracted) Hey.

    BELLA: (concerned) What’s wrong?

    There is a silence between them but soon we hear:

    You left me stranded
    Between two worlds

    CUT TO-

    There is a close up shot of an alarm clock showing its seven in the morning. MADELINE is awake staring through the French doors that lead to the porch. We can see she is naked under cream sheets as the sun touches her blonde tousled hair. A MAN wearing a wedding ring drapes his arms over her shoulder. She displays very little emotion. The camera pans to his face and we see it’s the same MAN from the teaser.

    MAN: (drowsily) Morning.

    MADELINE doesn’t respond. Pulling her closer, he holds her affectionately but she closes her eyes when he does this. As the MAN touches her hand, he feels her fingers as if he’s searching for something.

    MAN: You’re not wearing it.

    She looks away.

    MADELINE: I lost it.

    MAN: Why don’t I believe you?

    MADELINE: (sighs) Rowe, I have to get ready for work.

    MADELINE moves to get up out of bed, but ROWE climbs on top of her. It’s clear that she wants to be someplace else.

    ROWE: (caresses MADELINE’S hair) Take another day off.

    MADELINE: (doesn’t look at him) I have to go to work.

    ROWE: Maddie, do I have to ask again?

    MADELINE: (whispers) No, you don’t.

    She manages to struggle out of his embrace and out of bed, still covering herself with a sheet.

    MADELINE: I’m gonna shower.

    ROWE: I was thinking we’d check out the museum. (Beat; he reaches up to touch her face) I know how much you love art.

    MADELINE: (doesn’t smile) You know me so well.

    ROWE: (kisses her) That’s right. (Beat; puts on his boxers) I’m going make breakfast. Pancakes again, love?

    MADELINE: (gives a small nod) Sure.

    While ROWE head toward the kitchen, she throws on her silk robe, grabs her cell phone before entering the bathroom. After closing the door, she turns on the shower. She sits on the toilet and flips open her phone. Taken aback, MADELINE sees she has three messages in her voice mailbox. She listens to the first message.

    MICHAEL: Madeline? Umm... this is Michael... Corbis. (Beat) I know you’re surprised to hear from me. Don’t worry this isn’t about Rain. (Pauses) Well, it sort of is... Rain is really worried about you. She’s been trying to reach out to you. And you know that’s not like her. I mean for her to go out of her way like that. Um…Listen, this silence, it needs to stop. (Beat) I know you missed school yesterday. You wouldn’t ignore your duties as a teacher and as her Watcher unless something was ... really wrong. So please... call her or me, even. We’re... here for you. Bye.

    She takes a deep breath stunned to hear from MICHAEL. Pressing a few buttons, she then listens to the second message.

    BELLA: Hey Mad... I mean Madeline. (Awkward) Sorry. I normally don’t meddle. I am not a meddler. (Beat) Well, sometimes I am but for a good reason. (Beat) Rain would kill me if she knew I called you. Look, Rain is my best friend. She’s is seriously worried about you. I think she’s gonna get an ulcer. So... just call her... so that she doesn’t get one. Umm... bye.

    MADELINE’S eyes start to water. She looks toward the bathroom door and then back at her phone, listening to the last message.

    RAIN: Madeline, its Rain. -- Missed you yesterday at school. They’re saying you’re sick but we both know that’s not true. (Beat) I want you to know that you can trust me. So... could you just call me? Please?

    We hear a click. MADELINE closes her phone, staring at it. All of the sudden she starts sobbing uncontrollably, her hand over her mouth, being careful not to be heard.

    You turned me into a mixed up girl
    You left me stranded between two worlds
    Two worlds…


    December 1993 appears on the screen.

    CUT TO-

    A twenty-something MADELINE is observing a painting just when a young ROWE walks in holding on to a brochure. He immediately sees MADELINE and appears to be taken in by her beauty. Awkwardly he approaches her. We hear soft, lilting piano music and faint lyrics in the background, although we cannot really make out the words. It is the bridge from Don’t Believe Anymore by Icehouse.

    ROWE: It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

    MADELINE: (startled) I’m sorry?

    ROWE gestures the work of art.

    ROWE: The painting.

    MADELINE: (smiles; assessing him) You don’t have a clue what it means, do you?

    ROWE: (laughs; shrugs) Guilty as charged. I know nothing about art. (Beat) Are you an art major?

    MADELINE: English, actually.

    ROWE: (awkwardly, but with a boyish charm) But you really love art, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes.

    MADELINE: (blushes; faces him) Do you talk to all women you’ve just met this way?

    ROWE moves closer.

    …I never counted on this…

    ROWE: (intensely) No, just you.

    MADELINE: (smiles again) What’s your name?

    He offers his hand.

    …and I could see and I was sure
    and everything was young and new but…

    ROWE: Rowe Edwards.

    MADELINE: (takes his hand) Madeline Reece.

    ROWE: (warmly) It’s nice to meet you, Madeline.

    MADELINE: Likewise.

    ROWE: Perhaps you can give me an art history lesson someday.

    MADELINE: (grins nervously) Perhaps.



    Even though it’s now winter, snow hasn’t settle in but the air is chilly. MADELINE is drinking her hot tea outside, sitting near the cafe by the art museum. Wearing a suede brown jacket, a white sweater, jeans and brown shoes, ROWE approaches her with a smile. He hands her a box. On the radio, we hear that same bridge from Don’t Believe Any More.

    MADELINE: (puts down her cup) What’s this?

    ROWE: (sits down) What do you think?

    MADELINE doesn’t respond.

    …I never counted on this
    guess that's the way that it goes yeah…

    ROWE: It’s a gift.

    She sighs, opening the box she becomes very uncomfortable by what she sees.

    ROWE: I knew you didn’t lose it.

    MADELINE: (astounded) How... did you find it?

    ROWE: (touches her hair) You should know I can find anything.

    Reluctantly, MADELINE lets him kiss her but we can see she clearly has some strong feelings for him.

    …I don't believe anymore
    and this is all I know
    I know I've heard it before…

    ROWE’S cell phone rings. He pulls away from her to answer it.

    ROWE: (annoyed) I believe I told you no interruptions. (Beat) I see. All right. Good-bye.

    ROWE flips the phone closed.

    …I don't believe anymore
    and I remember your voice
    before this happened to us…

    ROWE: I have to go. Business.

    MADELINE: (surprised) Here? In Haven?

    ROWE: (Beat; looks her straight in the eye) Can I trust that you’ll return to your apartment safely?

    MADELINE: Of course.

    ROWE: Good. (Glances at the box in MADELINE’S hand) Let’s put this on.

    He picks up an antique diamond ring from the box and places it on her finger. Then he kisses her on the cheek.

    …you used to be someone I knew
    somebody I could understand but
    now I don't know what to do…

    ROWE: Still looks beautiful, doesn’t it? (Beat; searching for an answer from MADELINE but doesn’t get one) I’ll see you in a couple of hours, no more than three, okay?

    MADELINE: Sure.

    The camera pulls back and we see NICK talking to a girl near the art museum. He happens to glance toward where MADELINE and ROWE are sitting. Before he can wave at her, ROWE gets up and walks away. NICK sees MADELINE looking at her hand somberly.

    …I don’t know where to begin…

    CUT TO-

    Entering the restaurant, NICK is surprised to see RAIN and BELLA sitting at the bar. He sets his bag on a stool. There’s a laid-back and fun Sunday-sounding indie song playing on the bar’s stereo: it’s Crash into Me by the Dave Matthews Band.

    NICK: (shivers) Brrr. It’s getting cold out there. (Beat) So ladies, what are we doing here on a school day?

    BELLA: (smiles) We’re playing hooky! (Throws an arm up) Woot!

    RAIN rolls her eyes.

    NICK: Seriously?

    RAIN: Yeah.

    NICK: (walks around the bar) And what does Mike have to say about it?

    RAIN: He doesn’t support it.

    BELLA giggles.

    NICK: (points to BELLA) You’re my kind of woman.

    RAIN groans. Soon, MICHAEL appears holding a box. He sees NICK.

    MICHAEL: You’re late.

    NICK: Sorry boss. -- Had a field trip.

    MICHAEL puts the box on the counter.

    RAIN: Field trip?

    NICK: (leans against the counter) As hard as it may be for you to believe, Ms. Mason, I do go to college.

    BELLA: (arches brow; grins) Really?

    RAIN: That is hard to believe.

    NICK mock-laughs at her.

    RAIN: So where did you go? A strip club?

    NICK: You kill me. (Beat) I went to the art museum for my art history class, thank you very much. (Beat) Speaking of which, I saw your Watcher at the Tea Leaf.

    RAIN, MICHAEL and BELLA look at each other stunned.

    NICK: (stands up) Something I said?

    MICHAEL: (puts down a box cutter) You saw Madeline?

    NICK: (looking at the girls, indicating MICHAEL, in a stage whisper) He’s not slow, that one is he?

    BELLA: (ignoring NICK’S comment) Looks like she’s playing hooky again too.

    NICK: (nods) Yeah, I saw her with some guy.

    RAIN: (taken aback) A guy?

    NICK: (smirks) Well, she is female. I presume she is human and appreciates some male company every now and then. Unless you expect -- (connecting the wrong dots)… you think she would have been with another girl?! (Sees RAIN’S glare) Okay, okay. Look, I didn’t see much. They were sitting down outside the cafe. All of a sudden the guy got up and left. Madeline didn’t look too happy about it. (Beat; shrugs) Well, I’m going to grab a bite at Smoothie Addict before lunch hour. (Walks around the bar) Later peeps!

    MICHAEL: You know, Nick, I am inclined to think you don’t like the food here.

    NICK: (at the door; grins) Yah, your food sucks.

    MICHAEL smiles back as NICK departs the restaurant.

    BELLA: (folds her arms, looking after him) Is he actually from this dimension?

    RAIN: (to MICHAEL; with concern) This has to be reason why she’s avoiding us.

    BELLA: (jumping to the soap opera answer) Maybe it’s an old boyfriend! They rekindled their relationship or something?

    MICHAEL and RAIN shake their heads in disagreement.

    RAIN: (rolling her eyes) Are you from this dimension? She has shown signs of fear, Bella. I think this guy has a hold over her or something.

    The main door swings open. EVERYONE looks up. It’s ROWE EDWARDS with an eerie grin on his face.


    May 1994 appears on the screen.

    CUT TO-

    MADELINE is walking through the gallery. It’s clear that it’s empty.

    MADELINE: Rowe? Where are you?

    There is no response.

    MADELINE: (impatiently) I am not kidding, Rowe. Tell me where you are.

    She stops to one of the galleries and sees ROWE sitting at a table. The table is set with the finest china, two candles lit and a bouquet of red roses. ROWE, dressed in a tux, nervously gets up. From somewhere, softly, music is playing. We hear cellos but it isn’t a classical song. It’s the opening of Flames by Vast.

    MADELINE: (puzzled, a smile on her lips) Rowe... what’s going on?

    ROWE: This is where we first met.

    MADELINE: (inches closer) Right.

    ROWE: (points) In front of that painting.

    MADELINE looks over to the painting and back at him.

    …close your eyes
    let me touch you now…
    let me give you something that is real…

    MADELINE: What are you doing? (Beat; looks around) How did you do this?

    ROWE: You should know by now I have connections.

    MADELINE: (smiles softly) Rowe... this is... very romantic.

    ROWE: (bringing her over to the table) I should hope so. I’d hate to think I was losing my touch.

    She laughs as ROWE reaches in his pocket and pulls out a black velvet box. On bended knee, he opens it, revealing the same antique ring we’ve seen MADELINE wearing earlier in the episode.

    …close the door
    leave your fears behind
    let me give you what you're giving me
    you are the only thing…

    ROWE: (takes a deep breath) Madeline Blake, will you marry me?

    MADELINE: This is your grandmother’s ring. I couldn’t.

    ROWE: (warmly) She would want you to have it.

    MADELINE: (sits on ROWE’S knee; touches his face tenderly) Yes, Rowe Edwards, I’ll marry you.

    The two kiss passionately. He places the ring on her finger.

    …when I am with you
    there's no reason to pretend
    that when I am with you I feel flames again
    just put me inside you
    I would never ever leave you…

    ROWE: I asked your father for permission and he gave me his blessing.

    MADELINE: (gazes into his eyes) So old fashioned.

    ROWE: Yeah well... I was afraid the old geezer would skin me alive if I didn’t ask.

    MADELINE jerks her head as she laughs, putting more weight on his leg.

    ROWE: (strained) Maddie, my knee, it’s hurting.

    MADELINE: (tries to get up) Oh! I am sorry!

    She loses her balance forcing both of them to fall to the floor.
    …I would never ever leave you…

    Their laughter echoes through the gallery as they roll around on the floor, kissing each other again.



    MICHAEL moves in front of RAIN and BELLA. It become clear he recognizes ROWE.

    MICHAEL: (quietly but urgently) Girls... uh, just head out back, would you?

    BELLA: Rain, what’s going on?

    RAIN: I don’t know. (Beat) Michael?

    ROWE strides towards them, clearly showing his demeanor is a threatening one.

    MICHAEL: (to the GIRLS) Just get out of here!

    He steps in front of RAIN and BELLA and pushes at them, pushing RAIN backward.

    RAIN: (affronted) Hey! What the hell?! No--!

    BELLA: (nervously) I knew we shouldn’t have played hooky.

    ROWE looks at MICHAEL and realizes MICHAEL recognizes him.

    ROWE: (politely) Have we met?

    MICHAEL: (darkly) I know who you are.

    ROWE: (nods) I see. And you are? (Holds his hand up) Wait, let me guess; the owner of this establishment? Michael... (Grins) of “Michael’s Haven”?

    MICHAEL: (menacingly) Get out.

    ROWE: (looks around; takes of his gloves) It’s bad for business you know, treating your customers this way.

    MICHAEL: There’s nothing on the menu for you here.

    ROWE: (raises a brow) I don’t know about that. (Looks at RAIN; gives an eerie smirk) I think I’d like the special.

    RAIN: Michael, who is this guy? What’s going on?

    MICHAEL: (ignores RAIN; forebodingly) Edwards, you’re not welcome here. I suggest you leave before--

    ROWE: --before what? Before you call the cops? (Beat) We both know you’re not going to do that, especially since you’ve obviously read my resume. So you should know small town cops and threats mean nothing to me. (Beat; glances over to RAIN) But the slayer on the other hand... well, she just might.

    RAIN: (a little frightened) Michael?

    Glancing over to RAIN, MICHAEL urges her to stay back. Rowe looks at him with irritation and lifts his right arm toward him.

    ROWE: (matter-of-factly) Immobeliss.

    RAIN and BELLA’S eyes widen in horror as a charge of dark purple, electrical-looking energy shoots from ROWE’S hand. It MICHAEL square in the chest, launching him up into the air and smashing him against the back wall with a crunch. He slithers to the floor, unconscious.

    RAIN: Michael! (Turning to look at ROWE) What the hell? What--?

    ROWE disappears.

    BELLA: Where did he go?

    RAIN: (looks around; startled) Stay behind the bar, Bella.

    BELLA does what she asks while RAIN adopts a fighting stance.

    RAIN: (nervously, circling; shouts) Come out! Want to speak to me? I’m here!

    Manifesting directly behind her, ROWE grabs her around the throat with one hand. She’s caught by surprise. With his free arm, he pins her and speaks politely into her ear as she struggles.

    ROWE: (fighting to hold her; calmly) I’d be interested to see how you fight, Slayer, how you will get out of this. (RAIN continues to struggle) You’re physically very strong, that’s true. What else can you do?

    Abruptly, he lets her go, disappears and manifests standing astride a table in the centre of the room. She whirls around, looking for him, angry, terrified, and confused.

    RAIN: Who are you?!

    He folds his arms and studies her.

    ROWE: (stating) I think the question, really…would be… who are you?

    Glaring at him, RAIN gathers herself and runs at the table. In mid-leap, ROWE raises his hands and utters something in Latin. She smashes into an invisible shield he has created around himself, exploding back from it hitting the floor with a bang, face down, a few feet away.

    ROWE: I know there’s much more to you than this slayer strength. Don’t be coy.

    He jumps down and walks toward her, coat flying out behind him. RAIN struggles to get up. There is a cut on her face. Still behind the bar, BELLA is crouched down attempting to dial her phone.

    ROWE: Come on, Slayer. This is most disappointing!

    She looks up, both anger and terror raging in her expression.

    ROWE: (raises his arm) Momentum instantia--

    Before ROWE can finish the spell, RAIN’S eyes turn eye, moving the table behind him with force, swatting him to the floor. She gives a sharp cry of triumph that ends in a half-sob and a deep, shaking breath. There is a rumble from under the table. He literally flies up from underneath the wreckage to stand before her.

    BELLA: (trying to get a signal) Come on stupid phone!

    Forming a fist, ROWE punches it into RAIN’S diaphragm. She screams and doubles over. His hand remains connected to RAIN and his head is thrown back. A bright white-blue energy is pulled out of RAIN and into ROWE. He laughs. Her eyes fading, RAIN shakes from the drainage.

    Suddenly, she pushes him forward with both arms and, with astonishing force, pushes a huge fiery burst of white-hot energy out of her, through his arm and into his chest. ROWE hurls backwards, his shirt and coat on fire. His burnt flesh is burnt where the energy went into him. For the first time, we see a flash of fear in his eyes as he looks at RAIN.

    Stunned entering the restaurant NICK drops his coffee, causing ROWE to turns around. He quickly disappears. Lying in a heap, RAIN looks up in disbelief. Panting, dripping with sweat and completely drained, she faints.

    Slowly, MICHAEL regains his consciousness as BELLA emerges from behind the bar. All three move to RAIN.

    MICHAEL: (touches RAIN’S face softly) Careful. She’s very weak but I think she’ll be okay.

    BELLA: Michael, who was that guy?!

    MICHAEL doesn’t respond.

    NICK: Guys... I’ve seen him before.

    MICHAEL and BELLA shoot him a look.

    BELLA: What are you talking about?

    NICK: That’s the guy I saw... with Madeline -- at the cafe.

    There is a noise coming from the back door. EVERYONE is surprised to see MADELINE walking toward them. She looks at RAIN with great concern and then back at MICHAEL, NICK and BELLA.

    MADELINE: What happened? (Beat) Is she all right?

    MICHAEL: (darkly) How do you know Rowe Edwards?

    MADELINE: (swallows) He’s my husband.


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      ACT II


      There is a closed sign hanging on the door.


      While BELLA sweeps the floor, NICK throws a piece of the table in a large garbage can.

      NICK: (mutters) This is stupid.

      BELLA: (Looks up) Well, yah.

      NICK: Why doesn’t he tell us what’s going on?

      BELLA: How long have you known Michael?

      NICK: A few years. He’s a good guy but he’s just...

      BELLA: Secret-ops.

      NICK nods.

      BELLA: (low voice) I’ve never seen Michael like that way before. Have you?

      NICK: (picking up a splinter of wood) Sure. He’s not a fun man to talk to when you mess up an order.

      BELLA: (laughs softly) Not like that. I mean... did you see the look on his face when Madeline said that Rowe guy was her husband?

      NICK: (grabs another piece of wood) No, how could I miss the rather large vein on his forehead throbbing, ready to pop?

      BELLA: (observes NICK) You’re scared.

      NICK: (stops; glances over to BELLA) Yeah, I am. (Scratches his head) I’ve never seen Mike like that before.

      CUT TO-

      Replacing a cold cloth with a fresh one on RAIN’S forehead, MICHAEL looks at her, touches her face tenderly. In the doorway, MADELINE is surprised by his demeanor towards RAIN.

      MICHAEL: (without looking up) Why are you still here?

      MADELINE: We have to talk.

      MICHAEL: (shoots a look at MADELINE) Talk? (Gets up and walks over to her; whispers) Now you want to talk.

      Shutting the door with the wash cloth still in this hand, he then drapes it over the bathroom sink before making his way to the living room.

      MADELINE: (follows him) Please, Michael. Hear what I have to say.

      He sits down on the couch and rubs his eyes.

      MICHAEL: I find it interesting, that it’s only after RAIN is injured that you finally want to bare your heart and soul. (Points to RAIN’S bedroom, tries hard to control his emotions) That girl has been worried sick about you. Sick! Hell, even I called you -- left you a message but you didn’t call back. (Beat) Big surprise there.

      MADELINE looks distressed but doesn’t respond.

      MICHAEL: (cont’d) You know what Rain has been through. (Gestures) The way her... mother raised her treated her like crap. In the time you’ve known Rain; you know she doesn’t respond well to authority. (Beat; shakes his head) She trusted you.

      MADELINE: ( scoffs) Trust? You think she trusts you? (Beat) We know nothing about you. Nothing. We don’t have the faintest idea how you seem to know about Rain, her powers or how you know a lot about magic. You always seem to come to the rescue at the right time but we can’t ask you how you’re able to save the day? You got a funny way showing Rain should trust you.

      MICHAEL: (quickly gets up; rushes to MADELINE and gets in her face) Do not make this about me. This is about you! I would never hurt Rain. If I knew the kind of danger she was in with your husband in the picture, I would have got her the hell out of Haven. (Beat; softly but firm) I am always careful. I always cover my tracks to make sure there is no danger threatening us... but this, Madeline! You practically made Rain, Edwards’ target. It’s like you picked her up and put her in front of him. You practically offered her to him on a plate.

      MADELINE: (unconvincingly) He won’t kill her. He just wants her powers.

      MICHAEL: (backs away; scoffs) Oh, he won’t kill her, won’t he? (Beat) And what, exactly, do you think he was in here doing tonight, then, huh? Asking her out for coffee?! (Beat) Or maybe he wanted a little side action, a mistress perhaps?

      MADELINE: (Hurt) Michael, please. (Takes a breath) I just need you to listen to me. I don’t have much time. I need to find Rowe before--

      MICHAEL: (walks away from her) --I am done listening.

      MADELINE: Please! I didn’t know Rowe was going to go after her until he showed up in my apartment two nights ago. (Beat) I tried to distract him, keep him focused on me but... then when he said he had to take care of some business today, I knew he was going to see Rain but (tears well up in her eyes)... it was too late.

      MICHAEL: (turns around) You’ve never heard of a cell phone?

      MADELINE: I tried calling... but the calls never went through. I got here as fast as I could.

      MICHAEL shakes his head.

      MADELINE: (softly) Michael, you have to know I’d never hurt Rain.

      MICHAEL: (glances up at her coldly) Well, you have.

      He gets up, dials a number on his cell.

      MICHAEL: (line rings) Nick? I need you guys to watch Rain. I have to take care of some business. (Waits for NICK to answer) All right, come up now. Bye.

      MICHAEL hangs up.

      MADELINE: What are you doing?

      MICHAEL: Unlike you, I am going to figure out a way to keep Rain safe from your husband.

      MADELINE: (stands in front of him) You can’t defeat him. Nothing can. He’s... too powerful. Even Rain can’t go up against him. People will get hurt.

      MICHAEL pushes MADELINE out of his way, almost knocking her over.

      MICHAEL: (at the door) You should have thought of that before you married him.

      Her eyes water as she hears the door slam.


      July 16th, 2004 appears on the screen. It’s the day before MADELINE was approached by DARIUS ABERNATHY. We hear a dark, and initially slow, song begin. There is piano and violins but it gradually builds into an electronic, industrial sound. It’s Devil in my Life by Grace Jones.

      CUT TO-

      ROWE is sleeping while MADELINE is wide awake, looking ill and shivering as well as sweating in her tank top and a pair of his boxers.

      Isn't a crying shame how you became
      Isn't a crying shame how you became
      The devil in my life

      Gradually, she gets up and walks toward the bathroom but something under the bed grabs her eye. Quietly as possible, MADELINE heads over to ROWE’S side. Seeing an an empty syringe and a small vial on the floor, she picks them up.

      Welcome in tonight
      Wide open arms
      Freeze-dried smile…

      Upon reading the label on the bottle, a betrayed look appears in her eyes. Soon, she feels nauseous and runs to the bathroom. We can hear her vomiting through the door but ROWE, asleep, is oblivious to the violent sounds of MADELINE’S pain.

      Drop your names
      Just like a bald campaign
      Collaborate while being exploited
      And we celebrate by drinking poison…

      CUT TO-

      MADELINE has her head over the toilet. Leaning back, she sits against the tub and wipes her face and mouth with a wet cloth, hoping this is the last of it. Suddenly she starts groaning, grabs her stomach and attempts to get up. She tries to reach for the doorknob but the pain she is experiencing is unbearable.

      Devil in my life
      Treading on thin ice
      With you words so wise

      As MADELINE looks to the floor, she sees drops of blood. She steps back wondering where the blood is coming from and follows the trail to her legs. Reaching down, she touches herself and discovers her hand is covered with blood. Stunned, she looks over to the sink and sees the syringe. MADELINE inches back, hits the wall, covers her arms shaking her head in disbelief. Then she looks over to the wastebasket and picks it up. Her eyes start to water as she sets it on the toilet lid. She covers her mouth to stop herself from crying.

      The camera pans to the wastebasket showing the contents inside. We see there is an opened pregnancy test box. Tossing in the syringe and vial, MADELINE also throws in the bloody boxers and towels from the floor. Quickly she washes the blood off her hands and arms. Making sure the blood is gone, she rinses the sink.

      Always in disguise
      Devil in your eyes
      I see it in your lies
      Slowly mesmerized

      CUT TO-

      We see the bathroom door is still closed. Soon, the door opens and we see MADELINE has her robe on and a pair of jogging pants. Wiping her eyes, still feeling raw, she comes out of the bathroom, holding onto a small trash bag. She observes ROWE still snoring away. Discreetly as possible, she leaves the bedroom, finds a pair of flip flops in the living room and takes the bag to the dumpster outside the apartment building.

      CUT TO-

      MADELINE returns taking off her robe and flip flops. Before joining her husband, she is overcome with emotion but fights it, trying not to wake him up. As she climbs into bed, ROWE wraps his arms around her tenderly.

      Roll back my eyes tonight
      Call to you inside
      Tie my tongue
      Try to stop all your lies

      ROWE: (murmurs) I love you, Maddie.

      MADELINE: (tears wells up in her eyes) I-I... love you too.

      I ask myself
      Who am I?



      NICK is watching TV while BELLA is making herself some mint tea. After she finishes the tea, she joins him on the couch. There is an awkward silence.

      BELLA: When did he say he was coming back?

      NICK: He didn’t. (Beat; glances over to BELLA) Shouldn’t... Rain be at the hospital or something?

      BELLA: (shakes her head) No, its mystical... not medical. She’s just really drained.

      NICK: (plays with the remote) Does that happen often? I mean... the draining part.

      BELLA: (nods; sips her tea) Does all of this freak you out?

      NICK: I could play it cool, and pretend it doesn’t... but yeah... it does. I mean, I’ve only known Rain for about a month and I find out there are vampires, demons and... whatever that Rowe character is.

      BELLA: I think he’s a warlock... at least that’s my theory.

      NICK: So he’s human?

      BELLA: Yeah.

      NICK: You seem uber-calm. This stuff doesn’t freak you out?

      BELLA: Actually... no. (NICK gives her a look; puts down her tea) I’m serious. I find it interesting. I even do research on my own... course my resources aren’t really what Michael would call “valid”.

      NICK: What do you mean?

      Picking up her bag beside her, BELLA pulls out a couple of books, Witchcrafts for Dummies and Idiot’s Guide to Magic. NICK gives a chuckle.

      NICK: Why do you read this stuff?

      BELLA: Rain is my best friend. I want to help her.

      NICK: How long have you known... about Rain.... being a slayer and all?

      BELLA: She told me. Not right away though. (Beat) The magic powers were like a... Cracker Jack surprise.

      NICK: (chuckles) I can see why you would think this would be intriguing. It’s like something out of science fiction novel. (Beat: smirks) I bet you read those for research too.

      BELLA: (grins) How did you guess?

      NICK: (leans closer) Me personally, I’ll stick with Charmed.

      BELLA: (arches brow; grins) You watch Charmed?

      NICK: (hits BELLA’S books) You got your resources and I got... (Points to himself) mine.

      Before BELLA could respond, there is a soft moan from RAIN’S bedroom.

      NICK: Sounds like she’s waking up.

      They both rush to the bedroom door. Staying in the doorway, NICK lets BELLA tends to RAIN.

      BELLA: (very softly) Rain? Hon?

      Disoriented, RAIN opens her eyes and tries to focus on BELLA. She is panting, her skin grey and clammy.

      RAIN: Bella?

      BELLA: (takes her hand) You’re okay. You’re going to be all right.

      RAIN: (frightened; confused) Where he’d go? Bella... it’s not safe... y-you have to get out of here!

      Struggling to sit up, RAIN stop suddenly, dizzy and overwhelmed. NICK, feeling uncertain as to how to help RAIN, stays behind.

      BELLA: Stay still, Rain. Don’t try to move too soon.

      RAIN: (panics) He’s here... I have to--

      Her skin suddenly pales to chalk, her eyes roll back into her head and she goes limp. BELLA eases her back down.

      CUT TO-

      NICK and BELLA briskly walk from the bedroom.

      BELLA: (dials her cell phone) Michael? She’s not doing so well. (Beat; listens to other end) Oh... okay.

      BELLA hangs up.

      NICK: What did he say?

      BELLA: He’s coming back with a friend.

      NICK: A friend? Who is this friend?

      BELLA: (shrugs) Some guy named Oliver.

      NICK: (mutters; nods) Probably another warlock.

      CUT TO-

      Rummaging through ROWE’S suitcase, MADELINE looks for something in particular. She stops and then goes to the closet, and searches through a couple of his suits but doesn’t find anything. Soon her phone rings. She sees its ROWE calling her.

      MADELINE: Rowe? Where are you? (Beat) I’m on my way.

      Hastily, she grabs her jacket and purse and leaves apartment.

      CUT TO-

      From RAIN’S bedroom, OLIVER emerges with a large leather bag. MICHAEL follows him out, looking worse for wear but better than earlier. He escorts OLIVER to the door, turning back to BELLA and NICK who have scrambled to their feet.

      NICK: Is she okay?

      BELLA: Can we go in?

      MICHAEL: (reassuringly) She’s okay.

      Appearing in the bedroom doorway, RAIN looks tired, otherwise okay.

      MICHAEL: Actually -- Rain? Why don’t you tell them how you’re doing?

      BELLA and NICK turn around.

      BELLA: Rain!

      BELLA races over to give her a big hug. NICK grins with relief.

      RAIN: I’m good... just tired. (Beat) Very tired.

      We see RAIN and MICHAEL share a look.

      NICK: (catches RAIN’S glare at MICHAEL) You guys about ready to tell us what’s going on now?

      MICHAEL sits down at the kitchen table and the others follow suit. He brings his hands together and looks at RAIN.

      MICHAEL: Edwards... he’s serious business; delusions of grandeur, sponsored by some important and powerful dark powers. We could be... (Glances at RAIN; grimly) we’re in for some trouble.

      NICK: (mutters) And on top of that, he’s Madeline’s husband.

      RAIN: (arches brow) Excuse me?

      BELLA: (winces) Oh, right -- you haven’t heard… um, yeah -- Madeline told us.

      RAIN: (shocked) You’re not serious?

      MICHAEL: Edwards is her husband. She admitted it after he tried to absorb your powers.

      BELLA: It looked like he was successful. He has second-degree burns over twenty percent of his body!

      NICK: Look at you, Dr. Talamge.

      MICHAEL: (lowers voice) No... he wasn’t successful.

      RAIN: (shoots him a look) What do you mean, he wasn’t successful? He put a pretty big dent in my armor. I mean... I’ve never been this drained before. And of all of the demons I’ve fought, he’s the toughest so far. We need to finish this guy. How do we do it?

      MICHAEL: You can’t Rain. (She attempts to protest) I’m serious.

      BELLA: Is he a warlock?

      MICHAEL: No, he’s human.

      RAIN: How is he not a warlock? His powers were--

      MICHAEL: --he doesn’t enough personal aptitude for wicca to become a warlock. His power is all borrowed.

      BELLA nods as if she’s mentally taking notes.

      MICHAEL: (cont’d) He helps demons and other dark powers gain footholds in this dimension and in return--

      NICK: (interrupting; sharply) --this dimension? Now there are more dimensions? (Looking for confirmation) As in, there’s more than one?

      RAIN: (annoyed with NICK) Yeah, there’s even one without shrimp.

      NICK: Huh? (Beat) Why would there be a dimension without shrimp?

      MICHAEL: Nick, please.

      BELLA: (to MICHAEL) How do you even know about this guy?

      MICHAEL: Underground.

      RAIN: (scoffs) Underground, of course.

      MICHAEL: (ignores RAIN; cont’d) I have an associate who runs an organization like a supernatural version of America’s Most Wanted. Edwards is on the list.

      NICK: This couldn’t get even weirder.

      BELLA puts a hand on NICK’S arm to shush him.

      RAIN: So, what kind of business is he in exactly? Extortion? Revenge? Is he a loan shark? What?

      MICHAEL: Worse.

      He looks at them all in turn.

      BELLA: (quietly) Law?

      MICHAEL: Property.

      CUT TO-

      MADELINE walks to one of the motel rooms and opens the door. Sitting on the bed, ROWE tends to his wounds.

      ROWE: (looks up) It’s not bad as it looks.

      MADELINE: That’s a shame. (Takes out a gun; shaking)


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        ACT III

        PRESENT TIME - DECEMBER 2004 -

        MADELINE still has the gun pointed at ROWE.

        ROWE: (smirks; buttons his shirt) What are you doing with a gun, Maddie? (Beat) We both know you don’t like guns.

        MADELINE: I bought it since you’ve been stalking me. (Beat) Leave Rain alone. She is of no value to you.

        ROWE: (gets up, moves toward her) Ah, Rain. That’s what all this is about. (Beat) On the contrary, Maddie, she is of great value to me.

        MADELINE: If you don’t back off, I’ll kill you.

        ROWE: No you won’t. You love me. (Beat) That night you left me, I was... hurt and angry... really angry... especially I after I did a hit and... then a second one and the one after that. (Pauses; coldly) I didn’t like the way you left with (he gesticulates, arms in the air) those men. You were hard to find – especially when you changed your last name, but... I forgive you.

        MADELINE: (shakes her head) You forgive me? (Beat) Unbelievable. You injected me with drugs! With poisons!

        ROWE: (shouts at her) I was trying to bring us closer! (Beat; talks to himself) Maybe I should have just done the simple stuff, eh?

        MADELINE: Rowe, it’s not funny! It doesn’t matter what it was, it’s about trust. (Beat) And that mystical compound is far more dangerous than any street drug! You know this! (Beat) You were willing to put my life in danger!

        ROWE: (throws his hand in the air) It was one dose!

        MADELINE: (yells) I don’t care if it was one dose or twelve! (Taps her chest) You betrayed me! (Pauses) The day after you injected me, you remember when you gave me that book? -- About the pig?

        ROWE nods.

        MADELINE: You said you it was time to start a family. (Beat) That is what would have brought us closer. Starting a family... but you changed during those last few months of our marriage. I mean, it was like overnight, almost. And those injections you took, they made you a different person. (Beat) In fact you are a different person. I don’t know you anymore. Just look at you... you’re still high! You are still craving for more power... but it’s not enough and it will never be enough. That’s why you’re after Rain.

        MADELINE runs out of bluster suddenly and stops, shocked, but satisfied, at her vehement outburst. Her grip tightens on the gun. ROWE doesn’t respond which makes her nervous. Within a matter of seconds, he grabs for her gun. They struggle for it and moments later, the gun goes off.

        CUT TO-

        Standing up, arms folded, RAIN, looks exhausted and at a loss. NICK is behind the kitchen counter, aimlessly polishing glasses. BELLA’S head is down, resting on the kitchen table. The door opens and its MICHAEL, holding on to a paper bag from Oliver’s Occult Oasis. Once he sets the bag on the table, he takes off his jacket.

        NICK: (puts down the cloth) What’s this?

        MICHAEL: Supplies... to hide Rain... (Seeing the look on RAIN’S face) It’s just temporary.

        NICK: Are you going make her invisible? (Beat; muses) That’s not a bad power to have, Rain. (Smirks to himself) It would be good for the showers at Haven University... (Nods) or in your case Haven High.

        RAIN: (glares at NICK; to MICHAEL) I thought you had a solution. I don’t see how hiding me is going to help.

        MICHAEL: Edwards could come back... try again. (Beat) In fact, I’ll bet on it.

        BELLA: But he got a lot of power from Rain, enough to burn himself. Why come back for more?

        The same question in her eyes, RAIN looks at MICHAEL.

        MICHAEL: Because he’s not a warlock, the power he collects dissipates. He can’t hold onto it for too long. He needs fixes. That’s why he didn’t kill you. (Beat) He’s aware you’re a threat to him. That’s another reason why he’s testing you. It wasn’t just to find out how much power you have.

        NICK looks up, his expression very grim.

        NICK: He wants what? -- His own personal, “Duracell bunny”?

        MICHAEL: (nods) Yes. (To RAIN) But, he needs a way to contain you.

        RAIN: (worried) Great. I’m liking him more and more. (Beat) What’s he good at? (Talks with her hands) He must have a “thing” -- they always have a “thing” -- like a particular weapon... or a power source... or something that I can use against him, that could be his weakness?

        BELLA: He kept disappearing and reappearing all of the time. Can we use that against him?

        MICHAEL: Temporal magicks. (Nods) Yes, maybe we could get at him that way. Good thinking, Bella.

        BELLA smiles.

        RAIN: Time bending?

        NICK: (throws his arms in the air) Great. Next you’ll tell me there are little green men--

        BELLA gives him a look.

        NICK: (to BELLA) What?

        BELLA: (turns to MICHAEL) What can we do with that? -- The temporal magicks?

        MICHAEL: (shrugs; unsure) I’d have to make some calls. I’ve never encountered someone like Edwards. (Beat; looks up at RAIN) I still think we should hide you--

        RAIN: (annoyed; defensive) –--I hit him good! He left the restaurant with a hole the size of Sunnydale in his chest! I can fight him, Michael.

        MICHAEL: (firmly) Rain, he’s the toughest supernatural being you’ve fought thus far. You’ve experienced a major power surge that has left you unconscious for way too long. (Gestures) You’re still weak. (Points to RAIN’S bedroom) If it wasn’t for my friend, you’d still be in that bed, out of it.

        Before RAIN can attempt to protest, her cell phone rings.

        RAIN: It’s a text message... from Madeline. (Gasps) Oh god...

        MICHAEL: What is it Rain?

        RAIN shows them a picture of MADELINE strapped to a table.

        RAIN: (troubled) Edwards has her! He wants to do a trade at the Autumn Sun Motel.

        MICHAEL: (shakes his head) It’s a trap. (Beat) He wouldn’t just trade his wife for you.

        BELLA: He’s right, Rain. This guy has been keeping Madeline on a tight leash. I don’t think he’s going to let her go.

        RAIN: I am going to help her. I have to... (Concerned) it’s Madeline!

        MICHAEL: (inches closer to RAIN) I know you’re worried but please don’t do this. You’re going to get yourself killed. Let me call my contacts and we’ll come up with a solid plan.

        RAIN: (puts on her jacket) Well, when you come up with a solid plan, call me. Until then, I’m going to start one myself.

        MICHAEL tries to block her but RAIN slightly pushes him out of her way and leaves the apartment.

        NICK: Great... now what, boss? (Beat) Got any aliens to pull out of the hat?

        CUT TO-

        Walking pass the front entrance, RAIN bumps into a WOMAN in her forties with red hair.

        RAIN: Oh, I am sorry.

        WOMAN: That’s all right, child.

        RAIN sees the WOMAN’S name tag, MANAGER- BARBARA.

        RAIN: (puzzled) What happened to the previous manager?

        BARBARA: (touches her name tag) Oh you mean Lloyd? He just up and quit. Imagine after twenty years. No warning or anything. (Beat) Is there something you need?

        RAIN: (surprised) No, I’m fine.

        The WOMAN nods and enters the motel. Remembering the task at hand, RAIN finds the room and knocks on the door. There is no answer. She opens the door and finds the room empty. From behind, a hand reaches around RAIN’S head and covers her mouth with a cloth, slowly RAIN faints.

        CUT TO-

        Unconscious, MADELINE is strapped to table. ROWE touches her hair. After injecting her, her body starts to shiver. He puts the syringe down and kisses her. The camera follows him leaving the patient room. Down the hall, he enters a large electro-shock therapy room where RAIN is also knocked out strapped to a table. Slowly she wakes up.

        ROWE: You’re awake. Just in time.

        RAIN: (groggily) Where am I?

        ROWE: (looks around) You’re in the electro-shock therapy room of an abandoned asylum. (Beat; smirks and chuckles to himself) Sounds like a line from a bad 50’s movie! Kind of appropriate though, you in here –-considering what I am about to do to you.

        Immediately, RAIN starts to struggle but realizes the straps that are holding her down are made out of metal.

        ROWE: I wouldn’t bother. It’s metal. -- Steel, plus some extra magical strengthening. But I doubt that even with your... unique powers, that you’ll be able to break them.

        RAIN: Where is Madeline? (Screams; kicks her legs) What the hell did you do to her?!

        ROWE: (puts down syringe) I didn’t ask you over for marital advice.

        RAIN: You said you wanted to trade. So let’s trade. Release Madeline and you can do anything you want to me –- you can have all my powers.

        ROWE: (smiles) Did you really think I’d trade my wife for you? I mean, not that you’re fine looking young woman. (Softly) Madeline is the love of my life. She’s my soul mate. I’ll never let her go. (Smirks) You’re just a bonus.

        Lifting his arms, ROWE starts chanting in Latin. RAIN struggles under the straps. Soon there is a big gust of wind in the room. Electricity emerges from ROWE’S hands and targets RAIN, covering her entire body as it violently shakes.

        CUT TO-

        MICHAEL, NICK and BELLA are walking down Lockland Street.

        BELLA: This isn’t the way to motel.

        NICK: Yeah, what gives boss?

        MICHAEL: (looks at his phone) She’s not at the motel.

        NICK: How do you know? (Beat) Do you have powers of your own?

        BELLA: It’s Oliver, right? He’s helping you again?

        MICHAEL remains silent, texting.

        NICK: The warlock guy?

        BELLA: He’s not a warlock. He owns a magic shop.

        NICK: Right. (Beat) Are we going to be able to do this?

        MICHAEL: (looks at NICK and then BELLA) We’ll find them.

        BELLA: (dryly) Is that your idea of a pep talk? Cuz it needs more work.

        MICHAEL doesn’t smile.

        CUT TO-

        MADELINE gradually opens her eyes and blinks them a bit, attempting to clear the fog in her head. Once she can see again, she realizes she’s strapped to the table. Wiggling, attempting to break free, she groans in pain, recognizing the throbbing headache, a side effect of the drugs ROWE has injected her with. All of a sudden she hears screams.

        MADELINE: (breathlessly) Rain!


        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          The door bursts open and MADELINE is shocked to see MICHAEL, BELLA and NICK.

          MADELINE: (weakly) Michael, he’s got Rain!

          MICHAEL: (to NICK) Help me with the straps.

          NICK runs around MADELINE and helps MICHAEL with the straps while BELLA remains at the doorway as lookout.

          MICHAEL: Are you okay?

          MADELINE: Don’t worry about me. We have to find Rain. He’s going to hurt her.

          MICHAEL: Let’s just get you out of here first.

          Together, MICHAEL and NICK help MADELINE to her feet but she loses her balance.

          MICHAEL: Bella?

          BELLA: Coming.

          She puts her arm around MADELINE replacing MICHAEL.

          MADELINE: Wait, what’s the plan?

          MICHAEL: The plan is for you to leave the building. (Beat) I’m going to take care of Rowe.

          MADELINE: Michael, you’re going to get yourself killed. Please. Let me talk to him. You can’t do this alone.

          MICHAEL: I’m not doing this alone. Rupert Giles sent help.

          MADELINE: (softly) Rupert? Who did he send?

          NICK: Ahh... Mr. Rupert Giles. (Nods to himself; knowledgably to BELLA) He’s Rain’s third boss. Snooty guy, apparently.

          BELLA shoots him a shut-up look.

          MADELINE: (ignores NICK; to MICHAEL) He’s sending Black Ops isn’t he? They’re going to kill Rowe?

          NICK: (arches brow; whispers) Black Ops?

          Screams echoes through the building. Everyone responds to the agony floating in the air.

          BELLA: (cries) Oh... god.

          NICK: Ah... Mike?

          MICHAEL: We gotta get moving. (Meets MADELINE’S eyes) I will do everything in my power to save Rain. Everything... just trust me.

          MADELINE: I trust you. (Beat) Michael, I’m sorry.

          MICHAEL doesn’t reply. He nods to NICK and BELLA to leave with MADELINE while he walks further into the asylum following the screams.

          CUT TO-

          Panting, RAIN writhes in pain, as ROWE breathes in some of the power he’s has borrowed from her.

          RAIN: Please... stop...

          ROWE: (deep sigh) I’ve never tasted anything like this. The rush is amazing. I thought I tried it all but... I was wrong. (Looks at RAIN obsessively) You have no idea, Rain, just how powerful you are. No idea.

          RAIN: (breathlessly) You’re a sadistic bastard. You know that? I can’t see what Madeline ever saw in you.

          ROWE: I wasn’t like this before... when I read the kinds of things you can experience with mystical chemicals, I couldn’t pass it up. (Beat) I thought... it would bring Madeline and me closer but... she’s resistant. She’ll change her mind. You’ll see. (Beat) Now let’s try again.

          RAIN: (shakes) No... please!

          Chanting in Latin, ROWE uses his powers to steal RAIN’S again. Her body starts to tremble violently, as her eyes roll into the back of her head.

          Without warning, someone shoots ROWE with tranquilizer darts. He turns around and sees a firing squad aiming their guns at him. MICHAEL peers in from behind.

          ROWE: (takes the darts out of his body; tosses them on the floor) You think you can stop me?

          MICHAEL: We can certainly try.

          Just as ROWE attempts to attack MICHAEL with his powers, a voice calls his name. It’s MADELINE, holding herself up against the door frame. BELLA and NICK catch up from behind.

          BELLA: (to MICHAEL; catches her breath) She insisted on coming back.

          NICK: (annoyed) She kicked me.

          MICHAEL: Madeline, I said I’d take care of this.

          MADELINE: (walks around the firing squad) Rowe... stop this. Please.

          About to take a step toward her, ROWE sees the firing squad raise their guns higher. He puts his hands up. Soon, he chants in Latin, with the intention of bending time but nothing happens.

          ROWE: (surprised; looks at MICHAEL) W-What happened?

          MICHAEL: (picks up one of the darts) These... can stop temporal magiks. (Smirks; points at ROWE) So, no more disappearing acts from you.

          ROWE: (nods) Clever. -- A little ancient magic in modern weapons. I like the way your mind works, Corbis. (Beat; backs up) However, I can still hurt Rain the old-fashioned way.

          MADELINE: Rowe, don’t!

          ROWE does a quick power thrust and zaps RAIN, forcing her into a seizure.
          Looking away, BELLA cries in NICK’S arms. One of the firing squad agents calls for Black Ops paramedics. Within seconds, they arrive. The paramedics wait for instructions from MICHAEL.

          MADELINE: (cries) Rowe, she’s seizing! Let the paramedics through! Please!

          Ignoring her, ROWE throws another power surge at RAIN. A song slowly begins with the sound of soft, sad cellos. It’s Inscape by Stateless.

          MADELINE: (yells) I was pregnant!

          ROWE freezes suddenly and looks over to MADELINE.

          NICK: (whispers) Did she say she was preggars?

          BELLA: (sniffles, trying to listen) Quiet.

          MADELINE walks closer to ROWE while MICHAEL instructs the squad to hold their fire to let the paramedics in. Straight away, the metal straps click open allowing the paramedics to work on her. ROWE stares at MADELINE in shock.

          We wake with our forms all tangled up
          Frozen in silence, no sound save breathing
          I can feel your skin on my skin
          How did it get so cold in here?

          ROWE: What did you say?

          Able to control RAIN’S seizure, the paramedics take her away while BELLA and NICK follow. The squad and MICHAEL stay in position.

          MADELINE: (holding back tears; inches closer) I was two months pregnant. I was going to tell you the night of our anniversary, as a surprise. (Looks down) But... then you injected me with those chemicals, the rush was so strong, I couldn’t tell you... I knew something wasn’t right. (Pauses) There were side effects... later that night... I miscarried.

          …I need to crawl inside your shivers
          We let go of ourselves sometimes…

          ROWE: (overwhelmed) Why didn’t you tell me?

          MADELINE: (stands before ROWE) I was so shocked and overwhelmed with grief over losing the baby. And I was just... so angry with you because I never thought my husband would do that to me. (Beat) After seeing you’d get jealous and hostile... I was afraid of you... (Stands taller; strongly) But I’m not anymore.

          ROWE: (Touches her hair) Maddie... I’m so sorry. (A tear falls down his cheek; distraught) I... can’t believe I did this... (He grabs her; clinging on her)... to our baby -- our child... oh god.

          MADELINE: (breaks free) It’s done, Rowe. It ends here now.

          And we rise in the air from our cradle shell
          Like tears we fall onto the ice
          We lay entangled, ice against skin
          How did it get so cold out here?

          And at that moment, the firing squad grabs ROWE, throws him down and cuffs him. MICHAEL wraps his arms around MADELINE as she sobs. Not bothering to fight back, ROWE lets the squad drag him away.

          …How did it get so cold out here?

          MICHAEL: (his arms still around her) It’s over.

          MADELINE: (whispers) No… It’ll never be over.

          The music fades.

          CUT TO-

          There is a helicopter and an armored car in the parking lot but the majority of the firing squad is on the ground, some with minor bullet wounds. Emerging from the building, MICHAEL holds onto MADELINE who has a blanket wrapped around her. The LEAD AGENT approaches MICHAEL.

          MICHAEL: (looks around) Agent Parson, what just happened here?

          AGENT PARSON: The suspect escaped.

          MADELINE: How?

          AGENT PARSON: (grimly, irritated) We were ambushed. A black van showed up, took a round of shots at my men, grabbed the suspect and drove off in (points) that direction.

          MICHAEL: Something is not right here.

          AGENT PARSON: I don’t think the suspect planned the escape, sir. (Beat) He was just as surprised as we were.

          MADELINE: What’s going on, Michael?

          MICHAEL: Your guess is as good as mine.

          FADE TO WHITE

          Inscape by Stateless fades up again. July 17th, 2004 appears on the screen. It’s the same day MADELINE was contacted by GILES via letter, but it’s later in the evening.

          CUT TO-

          As the thunder rolls across the midnight sky, MADELINE sits calmly drinking her tea on the couch.

          …We wake with our forms all tangled up
          Frozen in silence, no sound save breathing
          I can feel your skin on my skin…

          Soon, ROWE enters the apartment soaked, holding a briefcase.

          ROWE: (more excited than usual) Hey, honey.

          MADELINE continues to drink her tea. He puts down his briefcase on the coffee table and takes off his jacket.

          ROWE: It’s unbelievable out there.

          Just as MADELINE gets up, ROWE walks towards her with a smile but she backs away.

          ROWE: (grins in confusion; upset) You don’t want a kiss?

          MADELINE doesn’t respond.

          How did it get so cold in here?

          ROWE: What’s wrong? Are you still not feeling well?

          Leaning back, he sees a suitcase near the couch.

          ROWE: (with a catch of fear in his voice) What’s this?

          …I need to crawl inside your shivers
          We let go of ourselves sometimes…

          Two MEN emerge from EDWARD’S office; it’s GILES and DARIUS.

          ROWE: What’s going on? (Beat) Madeline, who are these guys?

          MADELINE: (see his eyes are dilated) I found your stash, Rowe. The syringes, the vials, so don’t deny it.

          ROWE: (glances over to GILES; agitated) Is this supposed to be an intervention or something?

          GILES: (tilts his head) In way, yes.

          ROWE scoffs turns to MADELINE but she puts her hands up.

          MADELINE: You’re an addict. You’re using with... magic. (ROWE starts to protest) Don’t tell me “magic” is not real. You obviously know it is. (Takes a deep breath) For months I’ve known something was wrong. You’ve been coming home late at night, you’ve been angry, jealous and then… (Shivers, remembering a violent episode) that time--

          ROWE: (becoming agitated) --Maddie... that was an accident. I didn’t mean to–

          MADELINE: –-Let me finish. The night of our anniversary... I know you gave me those drugs. (Pauses) I found out what it was (looks at him with disgust) –- horrible stuff, dangerous! You never know... it’s like Russian roulette. You just don’t know. And you... injected it in me. Your wife of ten years... (Looks down) the woman you wanted... (Voice breaks) -- to have a family with… grow old with.

          ROWE: (softly; his hand starts to shake a little) Madeline.

          MADELINE: (whispers) It’s over, Rowe.

          ROWE: (pleading) Don’t say that. (Beat; takes her arm) Not after everything we’ve been through. After your mother died... my brother--

          MADELINE: (angrily; breaks free) –-Don’t you dare use our family as way out of this! (Beat) What I don’t understand is... why? For power? To become a warlock?

          ROWE: (runs his fingers through his hair) No... it wasn’t... like that. Not at first.

          GILES: (interrupts) That’s how it starts. (Beat; takes off his glasses, cleans the glass and puts them back on) The compound you’ve been taking, it’s specifically designed for humans to possess warlock-like powers, but of course, like any narcotic in general, there are side effects. Addiction is one of them.

          ROWE: (annoyed; throws his hands at GILES) Who asked you?

          GILES: (nods towards MADELINE) Ms. Reece did.

          ROWE: (angrily) Its Edwards! Her last name is Edwards!

          MADELINE: Not anymore. (Beat) I’m leaving, Rowe. Now.

          MADELINE picks up her suitcase but ROWE stops her.

          ROWE: (imploringly; grabs MADELINE) Maddie... please don’t leave me. (Cups her face; kisses her all over) I love you. (Whispers) I’ll quit. I know I can. I’ve only been on the stuff for a few months. How hard can it be to kick it?

          GILES gives DARIUS a nod to escort MADELINE out of the apartment. He takes her suitcase, pulls MADELINE away from ROWE. They make it to the door as MADELINE tries hard not to cry.

          …And I'm crawling inside your shivers
          Oh, we let go of ourselves sometimes
          And I'm crawling inside your shivers…

          ROWE attempts to go after her but GILES steps in front of him.

          ROWE: (enraged, desperate) You can’t just barge in here and take my wife away from me! (Threateningly) I might have only been on this stuff for months, but you don’t know how powerful I can get and what I can do to you and your friend.

          GILES: (gets in ROWE’S FACE; darkly) Now listen to me. You’re a low-level amateur but you’re spiraling out of control. You’re going to hit hard and fast. And you’re never going to get back up. I’ve seen addicts like you on this stuff. (Beat) You’re high right now. It’s fading though but I can see right through you. Soon, in a couple of hours, you’ll have another hit and another and another. (Looks over to MADELINE; softly) Do you really want your wife to see what happens then?

          ROWE glances over to MADELINE who is still at the door, waiting for him to let her go. He clearly starts to shake a little more, showing signs of wanting another hit.

          ROWE: (looks away; voice breaks) You –- you’d better go, Madeline.

          Quickly, DARIUS and GILES take MADELINE out of the apartment and close the door behind them, never giving her a real chance to say goodbye to him.

          As he loosens his tie, ROWE sits on the couch. Staring at his briefcase, he opens it and we see a couple of filled syringe inside, on top of some files. Picking up one of the syringes, he looks at it, and immediately injects himself. His eyes swirl of yellow as he gets a strong rush.

          And we rise in the air from our cradle shell
          Like tears we fall onto the ice
          We lay entangled, ice against skin
          How did it get so cold out here?

          Leaning back on the coach, he almost knocks over a picture frame on the end table nearby. He picks it up and sees their wedding photo. ROWE touches MADELINE’S face, tenderly. In a burst of violent anger, more than we’ve ever seen, he throws the picture frame across the room.

          Oh, we let go of ourselves sometimes…

          FADE TO WHITE


          There is a knock on MADELINE’S apartment door. As she answers it, she’s surprised to see MICHAEL holding a box.

          MADELINE: Michael... umm... come in. (MICHAEL enters)

          MADELINE: (closes the door; hugs herself) What are you doing here? (Beat) Is Rain all right?

          MICHAEL: Yes, she’s fine. Healing nicely. (Beat) I would have called but... I felt you should see this.

          They walk towards the couch. MICHAEL sets the box on the coffee table.

          MADELINE: Have you heard anything about Rowe?

          MICHAEL: No. There’s no trace of him. Giles has his team looking for him but you know... it’s too soon. (Beat) I am sure we’ll find him.

          MADELINE doesn’t look convinced.

          MICHAEL: I have my sources looking for him too.

          MADELINE: (grins) Thank you. I’d ask what kind of sources but I won’t... for now. (MICHAEL smiles) So what’s in the box?

          MICHAEL: Agent Parson found these at Edwards’ apartment here in Haven.

          MADELINE: I figured he’d been staying in Haven. (Nods) So... this is some of his stuff?

          MICHAEL: Yeah. (He pulls out a file) Remember the Glasnost Demon that attacked Rain a month ago?

          MADELINE: Yes, of course.

          MICHAEL: (shows her the file) He was on Edwards’ payroll. (Beat) Edwards has been in town at least since then.

          MADELINE: (examines the file) But that doesn’t make sense. A Glasnost demon’s only purpose is to kill its victims.

          MICHAEL: True but... I think Rowe was testing Rain’s strength... her powers. Or maybe he did want to kill Rain but later realized how powerful she was and changed his mind. I don’t know.

          MADELINE: (sees a tape in the box) What’s on the tape?

          MICHAEL: It’s footage of the Glasnost demon tracking us... and there are other tapes of just you.

          MADELINE: Oh... I–I don’t want to see that.

          MICHAEL: That’s fine. I’ll take it with me. (Beat; gently) Also... I found this.

          MICHAEL hands her a book.

          MICHAEL: It was in a safe. In fact, it was the only thing in the safe. I figured you’d want it.

          Dumbfounded, MADELINE slowly takes it from him.

          MADELINE: (eyes wells up) I don’t believe it. (Beat; tenderly) Michael... thank you.

          MICHAEL: (softly) Sure. (Beat) There’s more stuff inside the box but I’ll let you go through it alone.

          Quickly she hugs him, taking him by surprise and MICHAEL, in return, hugs her back.

          MICHAEL: (releases her; smiles) There’s just one more thing.

          MADELINE, puzzled, gives him a look. Taking the tape with him, he walks towards the door and opens it. Smiling in the doorway, RAIN is holding a bag from Michael’s Haven. She enters the living room, allowing MICHAEL to quietly leave the girls alone.

          MADELINE: (eyes well up; softly) Rain.

          MADELINE puts the book on the coffee table and walks towards Rain.

          MADELINE: (to RAIN) This is a nice surprise. (Beat) When did they release you from the hospital?

          RAIN: This morning.

          MADELINE: I bet you’re tired.

          RAIN: Yeah. Totally. (Beat) So... are we gonna hug or what?

          MADELINE: (smirks; folds arms) I don’t do hugs.

          RAIN rolls her eyes and warmly, if awkwardly, embraces MADELINE. They sit on the couch at the same time.

          RAIN: (puts food down; picks up the book) Mary Had a Little Ham! I love this story!

          MADELINE: (arches her brow) You’ve read it?

          RAIN: I love children’s books. (Lowers voice) It’s my dark little secret. (Beat) Don’t tell Nick, he’ll never let it go.

          MADELINE: (smirks) You’re secret is safe with me.

          RAIN: Who gave it to you?

          MADELINE: (somberly) Well... it’s a long story. I don’t want to bore you with the details.

          RAIN: I am a good listener. Just ask Bella.

          MADELINE: (grins softly) Okay... well... this is my hus-- Rowe’s copy. I didn’t realize he would have it… (Her voice trails off).

          There is a silence between them.

          MADELINE: Rain... I am truly sorry for what I put you through. I haven’t been your Watcher for weeks. I don’t see how I can see even...

          RAIN: Madeline, you didn’t know he’d come after me until it was too late. (Beat) And I know you’d never hurt me intentionally.

          MADELINE: (nods softly; still wearing her wedding ring) I... loved him, you know. (Takes the ring off) I really did.

          RAIN takes the ring from MADELINE’S hand and observes it.

          MADELINE: It belonged to his grandmother.

          RAIN: It’s beautiful. (Reads the inscription) Memento Mori?

          MADELINE: He added the inscription. It means, “remember that you die” (she gives a half laugh) -- Remember that you have to die. It’s Latin. (Sees a perturbed look on RAIN’S face) It’s supposed to be romantic. Like- “til death do us part”, you know? -- Devotion until death; to remind us to live in the now. -- That sort of thing. (Beat) I’m going pawn it... again.

          RAIN: (nods) Are you sure... you want to do that?

          MADELINE: Not really but... just take it.

          RAIN: Okay. (Puts it in her pocket) Do you want me to stay?

          MADELINE: (gives a small smile) I’d like that. (Beat) So what did you bring me for lunch?

          RAIN: A salad.

          MADELINE: What?! Are you kidding me? (Takes the bag; looks inside) You liar! It’s a double bacon cheeseburger and... chili fries! (Beat) You know, you never should lie to your Watcher. I am gonna have to mark you down for that.

          RAIN: (laughs) Now that’s my English teacher talking.

          MADELINE: (with growing confidence) And after lunch, I’ll tell you a story… about me and a guy…

          Watching MADELINE take the burger and fries out of the bag, RAIN smiles softly. The camera pans away as we observe MADELINE hungrily eat her burger while RAIN grabs a fry. Soon MADELINE’S laughter echoes in the background.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruffud)
          Darius Abernathy (Tyrees Allen)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)
          Sheridan Talmadge (Lisa Thornhill)
          Oliver (Gerry Becker)
          Agent Parson (Matthew Glave)


          Rupert Giles (Anthony Head Stewart)



          • So we finally get to see what's been bothering Madeline since 1.04 Melting Pot. Its her crazy husband! As I mentioned before- Odelia developed her character as well as Rowe's. I picked the name but she selected the actor. For some readers, maybe I revealed too much about her background but I felt it was important do this because it forces Rain and Madeline to trust each other- it brings them closer. Yet I vaguely explored Madeline's supernatural background, how came it into that world. This will be revealed as the series progresses.

          • As some of you may know I prefer to try to stay away from the Buffy Season 8 Comic series. Meaning- as far as creating storylines about the cast of Buffy, that's not something you'll see here in the future of Rain. You will see Giles again but only in a manner where I'm just borrowing him, his lines. I rather stay focus on Rain and those around her.

          • This was my first time handling the lyrics. Usually, that's Odelia's department. I think I did a decent job.

          • As usual, Michael seems to know everything- even about Rowe. This will be explained down the road. Also we see Bella is becoming more involved, doing her own research but she doesn't have the appropriate resources. She's a little naive in that aspect.

          • Oliver makes an appearnace again but this time- in front of Rain, Bella and Nick. It seems like no big deal- "oh yeah Michael's got a secret, what else is new?" Yet its much more and we'll learn a little more about Oliver in the following episode.

          • Mary Had a Little Ham is my favorite children's book. I read it for a college course. I even checked the date of when the book came out to make sure I could use it for the story.

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode 1.07 All for One and One for All- you can read the summary in the index before checking out the transcript or if you prefer to just go straight to the episode, click here. Many many thanks for reading!
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