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RAIN: 1.18 (And) One of Always Tells the Truth - Part Two - Season One Finale

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  • RAIN: 1.18 (And) One of Always Tells the Truth - Part Two - Season One Finale

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off about two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.18 (And) One of Us Tells the Truth - Part Two -

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    We hear Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams playing. In the same white dress that RAIN altered with the black flowered trim she slowly walks down the empty hallway. Suddenly, BELLA approaches her wearing her blue A-line gown.

    BELLA: (smiles) Come on, Rain! (Takes her hand) They’re waiting for you!

    RAIN: (resists BELLA; complains) But I don’t want to be Prom Queen.

    As they turn a corner, they enter the gym decorated eighties style. There is a sign above them that reads: “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”. The place is packed. Most of the students are dancing while others are just standing and drinking.

    Among the crowd is OLIVER dressed in a red velvet tux with his arms around JACKIE. He sees RAIN and gives her a wink. JACKIE just nods with a small smile. Also dancing is PRINCIPAL REYERS with MS. MARKS. He gives her the thumbs up. RAIN realizes NEEVE is waving at her from the back of the room as if they’re friends. In a green dress MIA approaches her.

    MIA: You have a busy night ahead of you. See you later.

    MIA departs. Right then and there, we hear the lyrics:

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody's looking for something

    Provocative Theory is on stage lip-syncing the song. NICK is not among them. We hear:

    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused

    Unexpectedly, someone grabs RAIN’S hand. It’s NICK.

    NICK: (spins her around) Dance with me.

    RAIN: Where’s Bella? We came in together.

    NICK: She’s busy doing her research project. (Beat) Now come on, dance with me.

    RAIN: (looks over to band) You-you’re not singing.

    NICK: I know. It’s called lip-syncing. You’ve heard of Milli Vanilli, right?

    RAIN: No, I mean why aren’t you up there with your band?

    NICK: I’m working a job. (Dips her) We’re hunting, aren’t we? (Pulls her up) What are we hunting for? Vampire? Demon? (Points at her) Your father?

    RAIN inches back. We hear:

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody's looking for something

    RAIN: No... (Shakes her head) I don’t want to know.

    NICK: (reaches out his hand) Wait... I want to help. (RAIN takes off) You haven’t taught me how to stake a vampire yet!

    Someone bumps into RAIN. It’s MS. MARKS reading a book.

    MS. MARKS: (mutters) Can you believe it? The stupid ass author killed her. (Tosses the book) I don’t know why I bother.

    MICHAEL appears wearing a tux. He has a tray of hor d’oeurvres.

    MICHAEL: (nods to MS. MARKS) Maybe she should read about the prophecy? That might be more interesting and satisfying reading material, what do you think, Rain?

    RAIN: I-I haven’t read it, yet.

    MICHAEL: That’s okay. I don’t think anyone dies in it (shrugs) but sometimes these things are vague. I do wish Oliver would hurry up and figure out the rest of the prophecy before you have a macho showdown with the ultimate evil. (Lifts his tray; grins) Try the shrimp. It’s really good.

    OLIVER and JACKIE come into view.

    OLIVER: (puts his arm around MICHAEL) I told you Michael, these things take time. Prophecies are really hard to decipher, especially when you’re missing a few pages.

    MICHAEL: You didn’t tell me that.

    JACKIE: That’s because he just found out. (Grins) It’s also missing words, like those Mad Libs games.

    RAIN: Have you seen Bella? I lost her.

    JACKIE: (holding onto tarot cards) We could find her through my cards, if you want.

    MICHAEL: (Points) There’s no need. Bella is over there... with that guy.

    RAIN turns around and sees BELLA talking to ROWE. He’s holding onto a mask. He leans in and whispers in her ear as he gives RAIN an eerie smirk. She laughs. We hear:

    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused

    MICHAEL: (Eats a shrimp) Isn’t that Madeline’s husband?

    OLIVER: I don’t think I’ve met him.

    JACKIE: It’s him but not him.

    OLIVER: That doesn’t make sense, dear.

    JACKIE: He’s wearing a mask of course it doesn’t make sense.

    RAIN feels someone tapping her shoulder. She swings around. It’s MADELINE wearing a sparkling black dress.

    MADELINE: What are we looking at?

    RAIN: (frantically) Madeline! Rowe has Bella!

    MADELINE: (looks in her direction) That’s not Rowe.

    RAIN turns around and sees BELLA now talking to CJ.

    RAIN: But he was just-

    MADELINE: (hugs her) -I can’t believe it. You’re graduating!

    MALE VOICE: (OS) Oh, I believe it. After all, I practically raised her.

    WARNER appears also in a tux.

    RAIN: (darkly) No... you didn’t, Tanner did.

    WARNER: (smiles) Ah... but I had a part in your upbringing. The woman you are today? Well that is because of me.

    OLIVER: (to JACKIE) Who is this guy?

    JACKIE: (whispers) That’s what we’re trying to figure out, Oliver. He has two different last names.

    OLIVER: You mean like a hyphen? I never understood those.

    MICHAEL: (to RAIN) Not long ago you were just a slayer with wiccan powers and now you’re going off to college. You are going to college, right?

    RAIN: I-I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.

    NICK runs up to her.

    NICK: There is a werewolf in the house! Let’s go kill it!

    MICHAEL: You can’t kill werewolves, Nick. It’s wrong. (Lifts his tray again) Shrimp, anyone?

    MADELINE: (arches a brow) Rain, I thought you were hunting for your father. (Looks over to WARNER) He looks like father material, doesn’t he?

    WARNER: (chuckles; fixes his bowtie) Now you’re being too kind.

    RAIN: No... I don’t want to know.

    MADELINE: (to RAIN) I’m not close to my father, if that helps.

    MICHAEL: I’m not either.

    WARNER: My father abandoned me.

    NICK: Mine’s in prison.

    MADELINE: (chirps) You win.

    NICK: (chuckles) What do I win? I’ve always wanted a blown up chess set.

    MADELINE: (grins) You get to be Prom King.

    NICK: (smirks) Maybe, you’ll win Prom Queen, Rain.

    RAIN: Please... just stop. (Frustrated) I don’t want to find my father or be Prom Queen!

    Holding hands with CJ, BELLA approaches RAIN. We hear:

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody's looking for something

    BELLA: What’s going on? Is this a supernatural meeting?

    CJ: I don’t think I’ve been initiated in your club yet. (Beat) Do you all wear rings or something? Capes perhaps? I don’t think I can do tights.

    BELLA: You could create a logo, Rain!

    MICHAEL: (to RAIN) You can do it. (Nods to everyone) She is very talented.

    WARNER: (smiles) I agree.

    Before RAIN is able to respond, NICK asks BELLA a question.

    NICK: Did you finish your research project, Bella?

    BELLA: I’m almost done.

    RAIN: (confused) But-but... you only have finals.

    BELLA: (giggles) I’m not studying for finals, Spaz. (Waves a hand) I can easy ace it. I’m really trying to find out the truth.

    WARNER: Would you care to elaborate on what that truth might be, Isabella?

    BELLA: I’m trying to find out if Rain is my sister, daddy. (Nods to everyone) And who killed her birth mother.

    EVERYONE looks over to WARNER. The song fades.

    WARNER: Why are you all looking at me like that? I didn’t know about Isabella’s research project.

    BELLA: (looks over to the stage) Oh look, they’re announcing the king and queen of the prom!

    All of the students move toward PRINCIPAL REYERS who is standing between two chairs. MS. MARKS is smiling at him.

    PRINCIPAL REYERS: (reads from a card) And the winner... of Prom King and Prom Queen is... Nick Caro and... Rain Mason!

    We hear applause.

    WARNER: (whispers to RAIN) Your birthmother wanted to give you a different name you know but Gloria beat her to it.

    MADELINE: (pushes her to the stage) Rain, you’re supposed to go up there with Nick.

    RAIN: (protests) But he’s not even a student! He’s over twenty-one!

    NICK grabs RAIN’S hand and together they walk up the stage and sit on the thrones. NEEVE crowns them.

    NEEVE: (grins) It’s your fault she’s dead you know. (Kisses her on the check) Congrats !

    WARNER is now up on the stage near RAIN.

    WARNER: Oh I almost forgot... I got you a graduation present. (Pulls out a piece of paper; the edges are covered in blood) It’s your birth certificate. It’s all there, in black and white.

    Before RAIN is able to read it, NICK takes her hand.

    NICK: (waves to the audience) We’re rock stars, Rain. (Leans in) You can lie all you want but I know you liked that kiss.

    Suddenly we hear:

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas
    Everybody's looking for something



    RAIN wakes up. She sighs as she rubs her head pulling the covers over her face not wanting to deal with the world.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    This is a scene from the BtVS episode 7.22 Chosen. BUFFY is addressing a living room full of potentials and her friends.

    BUFFY: So here's the part where you make a choice: What if you could have that power... now? In every generation, one slayer is born... because a bunch of men who died thousands of years ago made up that rule. They were powerful men. This woman (points to WILLOW) is more powerful than all of them combined. (WILLOW whimpers) So I say we change the rule. I say my power... should be our power.


    We can’t hear but RAIN and GLORIA are facing each other in the middle of an argument. GLORIA is wearing a stained bathrobe and no makeup. She has a cigarette in one hand. RAIN is dressed in khaki combat pants and a grubby white t-shirt. Her black worn out leather jacket lies over the back of a chair. She’s wearing black eye shadow and a studded leather bracelet. She has doodles in black marker on her hands and arms. Her hair is loosely tied back into a pony-tail with a rubber band. She is half crying with rage and misery.

    RAIN: (miserably) What do you see when you look at me?! You don’t see me at all!

    GLORIA: Sure I see you. Shit, Rain - you’re in my face every single day. You think I don’t see you?

    She moves up to RAIN, her face inches from her. RAIN reels a bit from her proximity and her eyes show apprehension.

    GLORIA: (viciously) Think I don’t see you playing me?

    She turns away from RAIN and walks to the counter. She stubs her cigarette out in the sink and reaches for another.

    RAIN: Mom… please, will you just listen to me for once?!

    GLORIA: (ignores her) You always wanna blame everything on me.

    RAIN: (almost screaming) You’re my Mom! Look at me! Would you just look at me!? I’m your daughter for crying out loud!! Don’t you even care?

    GLORIA: Just get the hell outta my sight.

    RAIN stares at GLORIA. She wipes away her tears. She grabs her jacket off the back of the chair and walks to the door opening it. She turns back into the room for a second.

    RAIN: (firmly) I’m already gone.

    We hear BUFFY’S voice again.

    BUFFY: (VO) From now on, every girl in the world who might be a slayer... will be a slayer.

    The door slams behind RAIN and the whole house shakes. GLORIA flinches. Trembling slightly, she leans back against the counter and takes a long drag on her cigarette.

    CUT TO:

    BUFFY’S voice continues in this scene.

    BUFFY: (VO) Every girl who could have the power...

    Angrily, RAIN trails down the steps. RAIN puts on her jacket and looks over to GLORIA’S pickup truck.

    BUFFY: (VO) ... will have the power... can stand up...

    RAIN strolls over to it. She rams her fist into the car door, creating a large dent.

    BUFFY: (VO) ... will stand up. Slayers everyone of us. Make your choice.

    RAIN: (astounded; looks at her bloody hand) What the...

    RAIN looks over to the house, then back at her hand. She approaches the back of the truck, goes through a tool box. Then she picks up a wrench. At first she looks at it with uncertainty. She makes a decision and bends it. Stunned, RAIN drops it and slowly runs away down the street.

    BUFFY: (VO) Are you ready to be strong?



    RAIN is wiping down the bar. Soon NICK emerges from the men’s bathroom in his tux. She is surprised how handsome he looks in it. He swings around like Michael Jackson.

    NICK: (poses) What do you think?

    RAIN: (clears her throat) You-you look good.

    NICK: Yeah? (Smirks) Think I could be prom king?

    RAIN coughs hearing this, recalling the slayer vision she had earlier.

    NICK: You okay?

    RAIN: (nods) Yeah I’m fine. (Gestures to the bar) There’s a package for you.

    NICK: (walks over to the counter) Oh yeah? (Opens it; grins) That’s just too funny.

    RAIN: What is it?

    NICK: (pulls it out) Check it out. It’s a blow up chess set.

    RAIN is taken aback when she sees it.

    NICK: (smiles) My brother Tyrell gave it to me.

    RAIN: (resumes cleaning) Oh... its cute. Why did he send it here, not your place?

    NICK: Tyrell and I used to play games together. So whenever he sends me a game he thinks I’ll like, I get Michael and Luis to play with me and we take pictures, make an event out of it.

    RAIN: (surprised) Michael really goes along with it?

    NICK: (nods) The boss is a big old softie, ya know? (Gives her a look) Don’t tell him I said that.

    Touched by NICK’S story she smiles softly. Oblivious to her reaction, he puts the chess set back in the box.

    NICK: Speaking of, where’s the boss? I want to show him the suit.

    RAIN: (shrugs) I don’t know. He hasn’t come in yet.

    CUT TO:

    MICHAEL is under the sink. He brings himself to his feet. MADELINE is leaning against the counter.

    MICHAEL: (turns on the faucet) It’s working now.

    MADELINE: Thank you... I appreciate it.

    MICHAEL: Sure. (Puts his tools away) Did you sleep okay last night?

    MADELINE: Yeah...

    MICHAEL gives her a look.

    MADELINE: (sighs) No I didn’t. I just... every once in a while I kept looking out the window, wondering if Rowe was out there watching... waiting.

    MICHAEL: I understand... but you’re safe here. The alarms are in working order... you have a wiccan-slayer who lives a few doors down and then... (Softly) there is myself.

    MADELINE: (small smile) Again... thank you.

    MICHAEL: Have you eaten?

    MADELINE: No I haven’t.

    MICHAEL: Well I’m just about to go and make breakfast, downstairs. You’re welcome to join me.

    MADELINE: I’d be crazy to turn down anything you cook.

    MICHAEL laughs.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA is in the closet, adding more papers to her secret wall. We can’t see what they are. A VOICE startles her. Quickly, she covers it with the corkboard and closes the door. In the middle of the bedroom, we see CJ waiting for her.

    BELLA: (surprised) CJ? What are you doing here?

    CJ: Your father let me in, I hope that’s okay.

    BELLA: (awkwardly sits on the bed) Yeah... it’s fine. I’m just surprised to see you.

    CJ: (run his hands through this hair) I was hoping we could talk.

    BELLA: Okay...

    CJ: (sighs) I wanted to apologize for last night. I didn’t... I don’t want to break up with you.

    BELLA: (hopeful) You don’t?

    CJ: (joins her on the bed) No... there’s something I didn’t tell you, something I should have but I just; well I... (Softly) My parents died when I was eight years old.

    BELLA: Oh CJ... I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?

    CJ: It’s a sore spot. I don’t talk about it a lot.

    BELLA: You don’t have to explain.

    CJ: No I want to, I need to... my parents... they died in a car accident. My grandparents took me in, raised me since. (Beat) When I saw you attacked by that (softly) vampire and it was all so fast, so sudden... my head went straight to my parents’ car accident, nothing else. I saw them on the operating table in the hospital; I could hear the doctor telling my grandparents they were dead, all of this echoed in my mind last night. (Pauses) I care about you Bella... so much. The thought of losing you too... I just couldn’t go there.

    BELLA is touched by CJ’S intense feelings for her but doesn’t know how to respond to it.

    CJ: (continues) Anyway... (sighs) I know this is a part of your life. And because I want to be with you I need to learn to deal with that. It’s not going to be easy but I’ll accept that part of you. (Smirks) Well all the parts of you.

    BELLA: Are-are you sure? I mean I don’t want to make you feel-

    CJ: -I’m sure.

    BELLA gives a small smile.

    CJ: So if you’ll have me, I’d like to take you to the prom.

    BELLA: (grins) You can have me.

    CJ: Yeah?

    BELLA nods.

    CJ: To go with the prom theme, I can throw in a mean moonwalk.

    BELLA: Maybe you can teach Nick some moves. He seems to be under the delusion he can dance.

    CJ smiles back and they slip into a warm embrace.

    BELLA: (whispers) I missed you.

    CJ: I missed you too. (Gazes in her eyes) I’d kiss you right now but I think your father might not like it.

    BELLA: (smirks) Well, that’s just too bad.

    She leans in and they kiss.

    CUT TO:

    This is the last scene from the previous episode as it occurs the next day. OLIVER is in the back room sitting at a table covered with ancient papers. Soon JACKIE appears with a cup of tea.

    JACKIE: Your tea, dear.

    OLIVER mumbles to himself, not listening. JACKIE smiles and sets it near him.

    OLIVER: Jackie... where’s the text Michael just bought me? The one about prophecies.

    JACKIE: Are you trying to decipher the prophecy again? It’s been awhile since you’ve touched it.

    OLIVER: (sighs) Ever since you told me about Bella... I just felt this need to go to back to it.

    JACKIE strolls over to a book shelf searching for the text. She returns with it handing it to him.

    JACKIE: Here you go.

    OLIVER: I don’t know what I would do without you.

    JACKIE: (leans over to kiss him) I wonder the very same thing.

    OLIVER: Funny.

    JACKIE: Have you been able to translate anything?

    OLIVER quickly reads a page from the book. He nods to himself with understanding.

    OLIVER: I went over the prophecy again from top to bottom. And after re-reading this (points to the page from the book MICHAEL got him) passage, it confirms my theory.

    JACKIE: What are you talking about?

    OLIVER: There is a prophecy that’s missing words, chunks of phrases. It doesn’t name it but I think this is the prophecy in question.

    JACKIE: Do you think that’s why you’ve been having trouble translating it?

    OLIVER: (nods) I’m also led to believe some of the pages are missing.

    JACKIE: (gestures to the table) I thought this was everything.

    OLIVER: (sighs) It’s not... (Annoyed) for years I’ve been translating this thing and it never occurred to me I didn’t have all of the pieces, not until now.

    JACKIE: We can try doing a spell, fill in the blanks .

    OLIVER: (waves a hand) I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll just keep translating with what we have.

    JACKIE: Well you know best. I just don’t understand why some of the words are missing.

    OLIVER: It was written this way to protect it at least according to this book.

    JACKIE: Do you think it would reveal itself if the prophecy was complete?

    OLIVER: Perhaps. (Infuriated) Without the missing pages I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to decipher the whole thing. (Beat; concerned) And we won’t be able to prepare Rain for what’s to come. And it makes me wonder who has the missing pages. I would hate to think it’s in the wrong hands.

    JACKIE: We need to tell Michael.

    OLIVER: Not yet... let me just continue translating with what we have.

    CUT TO:

    This is also the last scene from the previous episode. WARNER and A MAN are standing before rows of safety deposit boxes. At exactly the same, they insert their keys and twist. The MAN pulls out the box and carries it into another room with a table. WARNER follows him. To give him privacy, the MAN leaves. Slowly WARNER opens the box. The camera pans to what’s inside, missing pages of the prophecy.

    WARNER: (picks up the pages; to himself) I’m just doing what any father would do, Rain. You’ll understand you and Bella.

    CUT TO:

    Still carrying his tools, MICHAEL and MADELINE walk in. NICK is at the bar while RAIN is putting glasses away.

    MICHAEL: Looking sharp, Nick.

    NICK: (stands up) Thanks boss. (Beat; strikes a pose) What do you think Blake?

    MADELINE: You look very handsome.

    MICHAEL: (sets the tools down) What are you doing here, Rain? You’re not working today.

    RAIN: Oh I just... I’m just anxious about the prom. I want to keep myself busy.

    MICHAEL: Well there’s busy and there’s busy. (Pulls out his wallet; hands her a fifty) Here, go get yourself a manicure and pedicure.

    RAIN: (touched) I can’t take your money, Michael.

    NICK: (wide grin) I have no problem taking your money, boss.

    MICHAEL gives him a look.

    NICK: I’m not ashamed to admit that I get my nails done from time to time.

    RAIN: You’re such a girl, Nick.

    NICK: Hey! There are a lot of men who take care of themselves. It’s called being metro sexual.

    MICHAEL: (quickly takes RAIN’S hand; slips her the money) Please go. Now before this (points at NICK) little witty banter between the two of you turns into a melee.

    RAIN: (half smile) Michael, you don’t have to do this.

    MICHAEL: You deserve it. It’s been a long year and its time you had chance to get all-

    RAIN: -Girly?

    MICHAEL: (awkward) I was going to say pampered.

    MADELINE: (smiles) Rain, take his offer.

    RAIN: (sighs) Okay, okay I’ll go. Thanks, Michael. (Grins; waves the money) Later Nick.

    RAIN leaves.

    NICK: (looks at his nails, critically) You know boss, since I’m performing at the prom, it seems only fair-

    MICHAEL: -Aren’t you working today?

    NICK: (scoffs) Excuse me?

    MICHAEL arches a brow at him.

    NICK: (Mutters) Okay, okay. Just let me get out of this monkey suit.

    CUT TO:

    In a bag BELLA’S prom dress hangs on the closet door. We see her shoes and a make-up case ready to go. Anxiously looking over to the door BELLA turns to her laptop and types “Warner and Evangeline Talmadge” in a search engine. She clicks on a link that leads to a wedding announcement. It’s a picture of WARNER and EVANGELINE. The caption reads: Warner Fairbourne of Old Town, Maine and Evangeline Young of Haven, Massachusetts announce their engagement.”

    BELLA: (whispers) Fairbourne... I don’t get it. That’s Aunt Jaime’s last name...

    BELLA recalls the memory she had.

    EVANGELINE: (VO) We’re going to name her Isabella Natalie Fairbourne.

    NATALYA: (VO) Evie... I’m so touched.

    BELLA: Wait... Natalie... was I named after Natalya?

    BELLA continues with her search by typing “Natalya and Haven”. A few links come up. She clicks on a newspaper link. We only see the headline: Haven Woman Missing as well as a picture of NATALYA .

    BELLA: (gasps) Oh my god...

    The camera pans to another picture, showing a search party. Among them is WARNER.

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      ACT II


      This flashback continues on the same day when RAIN discovered her slayer powers. Sombrely, RAIN is walking down a sidewalk. She hears footsteps. Quickly, she looks over her shoulder.

      RAIN: Who’s there?

      There is no response. RAIN continues down the sidewalk. We hear footsteps again.

      RAIN: (swings around; not holding anything) I’ve got mace. I’m not afraid to use it.

      A MAN comes into view.

      MAN: I’d like to see you try.

      Scared RAIN inches back.

      RAIN: (points at him) Stay away from me.

      The MAN licks his lips, eyeing her up and down. Disgusted RAIN turns around but the MAN quickly moves in front of her.

      RAIN: (gasps) How-how did you do that?

      The MAN’S forehead transforms into bumps while his eyes turns yellow.

      MAN: (opens his mouth, revealing his fangs; smirks) Magic.

      RAIN: (moves away; frightened) Oh god... wh-what are you?

      MAN: (confidently) A vampire... (Gestures) I thought the fangs gave it away? (Inches closer) Now... you have a choice. You can just let me drink you or-

      RAIN: (knees him in the groin) –You really think I’m just going to stick around for small talk with you looking like that?

      Without a thought RAIN takes off. The VAMPIRE slowly gets up and goes after her. He jumps on her, knocking her to the ground.

      RAIN: (screams) Get off me!

      VAMPIRE: This wouldn’t have happened if you’d just listened to me-

      With everything she has, RAIN manages to push him off; he flies into the air and crashes into some nearby trash cans.

      RAIN: (eyes widen) Oh my god!

      VAMPIRE: (groans) Bitch... you’re a slayer!

      Gradually, the VAMPIRE stands up, brushing off the trash.

      VAMPIRE: (points at her) Where’s your stake, sweetheart?

      RAIN: (confused) Stake? What are you talking about?

      VAMPIRE: Look slayer, I think it would be a fair fight if you got yourself a stake, have us a little dance. Don’t ya think?

      RAIN: (inches back) I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

      VAMPIRE: You’re strength, the way you flew me across the sidewalk... can only mean one thing. You’re a slayer.

      RAIN: (plays along) And how... does a slayer kill vampires?

      VAMPIRE: (realizes she doesn’t know; nods) All right...

      The VAMPIRE looks around, sees a mail box. He kicks it, breaking it into pieces.

      VAMPIRE: (holding onto to a piece of wood) After we do our tango, you’re suppose to jam this thing into my chest, then I’ll turn into dust. (Tosses it to towards her on the pavement; smirks) Of course, that won’t happen since you’re a newbie. (Walks backwards) I’m going to find myself a helpless victim and you’re going to try to stop me. Think of it as a part of your training. (Beat; winks) See you in a bit, slayer.

      The VAMPIRE runs away. Gradually, RAIN gets herself on her feet, picking up the stake. She grips it tight looking at it with uncertainty.

      RAIN: (drops the stake) Screw it.

      Then she scurries off the opposite direction.


      PRESENT TIME – MAY 2005

      The salon owner from 1.07 All for One and One For All is at the front reading a romantic novel. RAIN enters.

      PANCHALI: (looks up; beams) Rain! (Puts down her book) It’s been so long!

      RAIN: (smiles) Hey Panchali...

      PANCHALI: What can I do for you honey?

      RAIN: I want a manicure and pedicure.

      PANCHALI: What’s the occasion? (Sing-song) Is it a boy?

      RAIN: (small smile) No, I’m going to the prom tonight.

      PANCHALI: (beams) Oh, the prom? (Waves a hand) Go ahead and have a seat, I’ll be with you in a second, okay?

      RAIN finds a seat. She removes her shoes, rolls her pants up, leans back and turns on the massager. We hear someone come in. A voice startles her.

      FEMALE VOICE: Everywhere I go, you just magically appear.

      RAIN opens her eyes, its NEEVE wearing a blouse and a skirt.

      RAIN: (sighs) Neeve...

      NEEVE: What are you doing here?

      RAIN: What does it look like? I’m about to get my nails done.

      NEEVE: (looks at RAIN’S nails) I can see why.

      RAIN: Can I just enjoy my day in peace, Neeve? We’re both going to the prom tonight, then we graduate from high school and hopefully we’ll never see each other ever again.

      NEEVE: I’m counting on it. I’m going to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modelling.

      RAIN: (enjoys the massager chair) Best of luck to you then.

      NEEVE: (scoffs) I don’t need luck. You on the other hand-

      RAIN: -Neeve, I’m tired. Aren’t you?

      NEEVE: Are you kidding me? I’m wide awake. There’s so much to do for the prom tonight.

      RAIN: (looks over to her; softly) No, I mean... tired of us fighting. (Beat) That’s all we’ve ever done. I know we’re different, we live on opposite sides of Haven but in spite of that, we both have dreams, we both want to do something with our lives. That’s the one thing that makes us the same, wanting something more than just a high school diploma.

      NEEVE doesn’t know how to respond.

      RAIN: (cont’d) And... there was a time when we were kids, we played in the same sandbox. You, me and... (Softly) Tatum.

      NEEVE: (stiffens hearing this; folds her arms) So what are you saying? You want to be friends, is that it?

      RAIN: No I’m not expecting us to be BFFs, but I think we can at least be mature and civil with each other from now on, don’t you?

      Before NEEVE answers PANCHALI and another employee appears.

      EMPLOYEE: (looks at her watch; smiles) As always, right on time, Neeve. (Sits down before her; turns on the water) What would you like?

      NEEVE: Hey Hadley, I’d like the french tip.

      PANCHALI also turns on the water and sprinkle some bath salt in RAIN’S bin. While their feet soak, NEEVE looks over to RAIN. There is an awkward silence between them.

      NEEVE: (softly) Rain?

      RAIN: Yeah?

      NEEVE: What do you think happened to her? To Tatum?

      RAIN: (softly) I don’t know.

      NEEVE: My mom thinks she ran away but... she was my best friend. I don’t think she’d do that to me, to her family.

      RAIN doesn’t respond. She just looks away.


      We see the same VAMPIRE gripping onto a teenage GIRL. With the same stake in hand RAIN runs toward them. The VAMPIRE turns around with his hand still around the GIRL’S neck.

      VAMPIRE: Slayer... you found me. (Beat) Change your mind, I see? Let’s start our training session, shall we?

      GIRL: (gasps) Rain... help-help me!

      RAIN: Oh god... Tatum.

      VAMPIRE: I see you know each other. Even better.

      RAIN: (grips onto the stake) Let her go!

      VAMPIRE: (with pride) Good, you’re getting into position but before we start... (touches TATUM’S face) I’m going to have a drink.

      RAIN: Wa-wait, you said we were going to fight. So let’s fight.

      VAMPIRE: If you want to learn how to be a slayer, you need to watch a vamp in action. You need to know everything about us, how we move, what makes us tick. You need to become one with us so you can calculate our next move.

      RAIN: (frightened for TATUM) But...

      The VAMPIRE pulls TATUM closer to him. He moves her hair away from her neck.

      TATUM: (struggles) Rain... please, help me!

      VAMPIRE: (to TATUM; softly) This will just hurt a little.

      Quickly he sinks his teeth into her neck and drinks her in front of RAIN. She just stands there frozen with the stake in her hand, stunned at what she’s watching. The VAMPIRE continues to drink TATUM. Her body falls to the ground, he licks his lips.

      VAMPIRE: (nonchalantly) See, slayer? Nothing to be scared of.

      A tear falls down RAIN’S cheek.

      VAMPIRE: (inches closer) You’ll want to bury her.

      RAIN: Bury her? (Voice breaks) Sh-she’s dead? (Frantic) But you said you were only going to drink her!

      VAMPIRE: (shrugs) I lied. (Beat) Be ready when she turns.

      RAIN: (distracted by what just happened) Turns?

      VAMPIRE: You’re not ready for me. (Gestures) Now there’s a shed in the woods, it has some shovels. Bury her there, wait until she rises and stake her right in the chest.

      The VAMPIRE leans in. RAIN doesn’t move. He wipes away her tears tasting them.

      VAMPIRE: (whispers in her ear) Don’t miss, sweetheart. (Beat) And when you’ve staked her, come find me. (Smirks) And we’ll have that tango I promised you.

      The VAMPIRE walks away leaving RAIN standing before TATUM’S deceased body.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN is leaning against a tree near the shed. She pulls her leather jacket close to her. There is a fresh mound of dirt, presumably where TATUM is buried. Soon, we see a hand emerging from the grave. Stunned by what’s she’s seeing, RAIN stands up, gripping her stake. Successfully, TATUM frees herself. Unknowingly, she has her vamp face on. She looks over to RAIN.

      TATUM: (confused; looks around) Rain? (Brushes off the dirt) What’s going on?

      Tentative RAIN doesn’t reply.

      TATUM: (Touches her fangs and the ridges on her forehead) Oh god... what happened to me?

      RAIN: (hides her stake) Th-that man, the one who drank you... (anxiously) I guess he turned you.

      TATUM: Turned me?

      RAIN: (nods) Into a vampire.

      TATUM: (frantic) I’m a vampire? (Scared) Oh god... I remember him hurting me, biting my neck. (Disgusted) I think he liked it too much.

      RAIN: (softly) He can’t hurt you anymore.

      TATUM: Am I really a vampire?

      RAIN: (sincere) I’m so sorry Tatum. I d-didn’t know what to do. I’ve never done this before.

      TATUM: What are you talking about? Never done what before?

      RAIN lifts her stake up.

      TATUM: (Eyes widen) What are you doing, Rain?

      RAIN: (inches closer) I have to kill you.

      TATUM: (doesn’t move; hurt) But why?

      RAIN: Because... (Uncertain) I think I’m a vampire slayer.

      She brings the stake to TATUM’S chest. In pain and confused by what just happened, TATUM grabs onto RAIN refusing to let go. As TATUM’S body slides down, she slowly turns into dust. Overwhelmed by what just happened, RAIN falls to the ground and sobs.


      PRESENT TIME – MAY 2005

      RAIN climbs in her car just as NEEVE emerges from the salon. She attempts a smile but NEEVE doesn’t reciprocate and walks away.

      CUT TO:

      BELLA walks in the store but there is no one to be found.

      BELLA: (approaches the counter) Hello? (No answer) It’s me... Bella. I wanted to buy some of that organic make up you have. (No response) Oliver? (Tilts her head) Jackie?

      Glancing over her shoulder, wondering why there’s no response, she walks over to the back. She pulls the curtain realizing neither of them is there.

      BELLA: (softly) Huh...

      Uncertain if she should even be there alone, she turns around but something on OLIVER’S desk catches her eye. It’s the prophecy peeking out of an ancient text. Rather too curiously, she walks over to it. Just as she’s about to pull it out, OLIVER appears in the doorway.

      OLIVER: Isabella... what a lovely surprise.

      BELLA: (swings around) Oh hey!

      OLIVER: (looks at his watch) Shouldn’t you be getting ready for the prom?

      BELLA: Yes... that’s why I’m here. I wanted to buy some of that organic make-up you have.

      Unbeknownst to them BELLA is touching the corner edge of the prophecy that’s still tucked in the book. It instantly creates a soft white glow which
      escapes the attention of either of them.

      OLIVER: (small smile; waves a hand) Of course, come on dear.

      BELLA moves her hand away and the glow disappears.

      OLIVER: I’m afraid I don’t know much about make-up. That’s Jackie’s department but I’m sure we can find you something.

      Together they make their way to the front of the store. The camera pans back to the prophecy as we hear intense music play in the background.

      CUT TO:

      SOLEDAD is on the phone. There is a cut on her leg. She’s tending to it with her other hand.

      SOLEDAD: Joshua... please, I told you I can’t. (Listens to the other line) I know but-

      There is a knock on the door.

      SOLEDAD: (looks up) I need to go. (Quickly) We’ll talk about this tomorrow. (Hangs up)

      SOLEDAD answers the door. It’s ROWE. She lets him in.

      ROWE: (sees the cut on her leg) Cat fight?

      SOLEDAD: Demon.

      ROWE: We’re a hunter now, are we?

      SOLEDAD doesn’t respond.

      ROWE: What kind?

      SOLEDAD: Claw.

      ROWE: (winces) Nasty little buggers. (Beat) You might get an infection. Their claws are poisonous.

      ROWE looks over to her limited supply of medication on the nightstand. Then he turns to the walls covered with pictures.

      ROWE: For someone who claims to know a lot about the supernatural, I would think you’d know some local remedies to take care of the wound better.

      SOLEDAD: It’s minor. I’ll be fine.

      ROWE: (nods; not caring) Okay. Before we proceed, I’ll need to say my good-byes.

      SOLEDAD: (disagrees) I don’t think so. We don’t want to give your boss any reason to think you’ve broken the contract. Or he’ll go after your wife.

      ROWE: (firmly) I need to do this...

      SOLEDAD: Then let me do it.

      ROWE: (shakes his head) No-

      SOLEDAD: -She won’t recognize you with (gestures his face) the glamour. (Beat) Look Mr. Fairbourne has worked very hard to make this happen. He’s been very careful, very discreet. He’s not going to risk it all because you refuse to follow the rules. You can say good-bye through me. You do want her to be safe, don’t you?

      ROWE: (looks out the window) Fine... we’ll do it your way.

      SOLEDAD: How does the hotel room look?

      ROWE: Like it’s been ransacked.

      SOLEDAD: Did you leave a trail?

      ROWE: Yes.

      SOLEDAD: Good... be sure to call your assistant at the timeframe we gave you.

      ROWE: Then what?

      SOLEDAD: Then... you die.

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      • #4
        ACT III


        Reading on the couch, MADELINE flips through some pages of an ancient text on demons. Soon someone knocks on the door. She answers it. It’s a messenger. Once MADELINE gets the package and signs for it, she closes the door. She opens the package and discovers a DVD inside. There is a phrase written on it in a sharpie pen, it reads: Memento Mori. Stunned, MADELINE doesn’t know what to think. She then looks over to her laptop. With the DVD in hand, she sits down and inserts it. As a window pops up, we see ROWE in his glamour sitting on a chair in an empty room.

        ROWE: (clears his throat) Maddie... it’s me... Rowe.

        MADELINE: (bewildered) What...

        ROWE: (gestures to his face) I know... my face. It’s a glamour. You saw me... at the strip club? I introduced myself as Reece Cooper.

        MADELINE looks away trying to recall this. We hear voices from 1.11 Runnin’ Down a Dream P2.

        GILES: (VO) Who are you?

        ROWE: (VO) Reece Cooper. I was just minding my own business and (gestures) these demons started attacking us. (Beat) They were going to kill her! I was just trying to do the right thing!

        MADELINE: (brings a hand to her mouth) Reece... (thinks of her real last name) I can't believe I didn't...

        ROWE: (Beat) There is a reason why I have this glamour. Against my own will I’ve been, (nods a bit) sort of... working undercover for a company. For your safety I can’t give you any further details. You can’t tell anyone you saw me. Trust me when I tell you that if you do, you’re only putting yourself and everyone around you in danger, especially Rain.

        MADELINE arches a brow.

        ROWE: In the envelope is my wedding ring. I’m letting you go, Maddie. I’m saying my good-byes. (Softly) I’m sorry... for everything I put you through. (Pauses; looks away then back at the camera) You would have been an amazing mother.

        MADELINE’S eyes water.

        ROWE: I love you. I always have. (Beat) Please destroy the DVD when you’re done.

        Stunned and confused at what she just heard, she looks at his wedding ring uncertain what to do.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA is on the bed putting her shoes on. We see the article she was reading this morning sticking out of her bag.

        RAIN: (OS) Bella hurry up! Michael and Madeline are waiting for us.

        BELLA: (puts the article in her purse) I’m coming!

        BELLA grabs a small blue purse, turns off the light and runs down the hallway. She stops short when she sees RAIN anxiously looking out the window.

        RAIN: (turns around) Oh Bella... you look so beautiful.

        BELLA: (fidgets) Really?

        RAIN nods.

        BELLA: Thank you... (gestures) you look amazing in that dress.

        RAIN awkwardly smiles back.

        BELLA: I can’t believe it... we’re going to the prom... together. Who would have thought?

        RAIN: (approaches her) I didn’t but... (anxiously) I guess my vision is coming true.

        BELLA: (arches a brow) Vision? (Curious) You had a slayer vision of us going to the prom?

        RAIN: (shrugs it off) It’s nothing... just of us having a great time.

        BELLA: (doesn’t believe her but lets it go) Shall we?

        RAIN: Let’s... oh wait... I forgot something.

        RAIN makes her way for the bedroom. Quickly BELLA pulls out the newspaper article of Natalya.

        BELLA: (softly) As scared as I am about finding out the truth, you deserve to know, Rain. We both do.

        RAIN appears now wearing the charm bracelet that BELLA gave her for her birthday. Quickly BELLA puts the paper away and applies some lip gloss.

        BELLA: (anxiously) We should get going.

        RAIN and BELLA link arms exiting the apartment.

        CUT TO:

        In the same black dress from RAIN’S vision, MADELINE sits at the bar drinking a glass of water. Nervously, she looks at the clock. She fumbles through her purse, bringing out a chain with her wedding ring and ROWE’S. Soon MICHAEL appears from the office with a camera.

        MICHAEL: Are they here yet?

        MADELINE: (quickly puts the ring back) No, not yet.

        MICHAEL: They should be here by now.

        RAIN: (OS) Us girls like to be fashionably late...

        MICHAEL and MADELINE look up and see RAIN and BELLA at the entrance in their prom dresses.

        RAIN: (smiles) ... especially on a night like this.

        MADELINE: (stands up) Oh girls... you look so beautiful.

        Quickly MICHAEL takes a picture.

        MICHAEL: I couldn’t agree more.

        RAIN: (points at him) Don’t embarrass me, boss.

        MADELINE: The necklace looks lovely on you, Rain.

        RAIN: (touches it; embarrassed) Thank you.

        MICHAEL: Madeline tells me you made the dress.

        RAIN: (walks towards both of them) Altered it...

        MICHAEL: (softly) Well, it’s lovely. (Beat) Another picture?

        RAIN and BELLA nods. They pose a few times together for him. Soon we hear a car honking.

        RAIN: (swings around) What’s that?

        MICHAEL: I’m willing to bet that’s Nick.

        They all walk outside greeted by a limo. CJ emerges wearing a dark purple tuxedo. He smiles as he locks eyes on BELLA. Soon NICK climbs out. The minute he sees RAIN, he’s speechless by how beautiful she looks but he quickly brushes it off. BELLA and CJ give each other a kiss on the cheek.

        CJ: (whistles; whispers in her ear) Wow... so pretty.

        BELLA: (blushes) Thank you... (smirks) you look pretty too.

        CJ: I don't think I've been told I'm pretty before but I'll take it.

        BELLA smirks.

        RAIN: (Gestures) What’s this?

        NICK: (bows) This baby is our ride.

        RAIN: I thought we were going to take Michael’s SUV.

        NICK: (shakes his head) No, you girls gotta arrive to the prom in style.

        RAIN: (touched; to BELLA) Did you know about this?

        BELLA: I’m just as surprised as you are. (Beat) Are you in on this CJ?

        CJ: Nope. It’s all Nick’s doing.

        NICK: (arms around CJ) So, how do we look? Rico Sauve?

        They both pose for the girls. RAIN rolls her eyes while BELLA giggles.

        MADELINE: You both look very handsome.

        NICK: (nods to himself as if remembering something) Oh... before I forget.

        NICK goes back to the limo and retrieves a box. Then he pulls out a corsage.

        NICK: (chuckles; to RAIN) I got you this.

        RAIN: (flattered) You didn’t have to-

        NICK: -I know but this is the prom... (Places it on her hand) you deserve the greatest hits. (Looks up; whispers) It goes with your dress.

        MICHAEL and MADELINE give each other a look while CJ and BELLA hold hands, watching them.

        RAIN: (awkward) Th-thanks... thank you.

        NICK: (softly) Welcome.

        MICHAEL: (gestures with the camera) Now that you’re all here, I’d like to take some pictures of you together.

        Rather quickly, NICK puts his arms around RAIN, making her uncomfortable but he doesn’t notice.

        BELLA: Speaking of... CJ’s grandparents and my dad want to take pictures too.

        RAIN attempts to hide her emotions when hearing about WARNER. MICHAEL starts taking pictures of the gang. The camera pans back.

        CUT TO:

        We see a limo parked on the curb before the store. The camera pans to the store window. CJ’S grandparents are taking pictures of CJ and BELLA.

        CUT TO:

        Awkwardly, RAIN and NICK sit in the limo. He taps his fingers, nervously humming to a beat.

        RAIN: (clears throat) Thank you.

        NICK: (Looks over to her) For?

        RAIN: (gestures her hand) The corsage... limo. You didn’t have to do all this.

        NICK: I know you think this stuff is kind of lame but I just figured every girl should have a freeze frame moment, ya know? (Shrugs) The prom is one of them.

        RAIN: (small smile) Well like I say... thank you. I mean it.

        NICK: (nods) No problem.

        Soon we hear Lifehouse’s You and Me playing in the background. We hear:

        What day is it? And in what month?
        This clock never seemed so alive
        I can't keep up and I can't back down
        I've been losing so much time

        As NICK looks through the window toward the store, RAIN takes the opportunity to give him a long appraising look. We hear:

        'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
        Nothing to lose
        And it's you and me and all other people
        And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

        NICK: (smirks) I can’t believe CJ’s grandparents are still taking pictures.

        We see through the store window that CJ’s grandfather is straightening CJ’S tie while the grandmother converse with BELLA. RAIN looks away from NICK letting out a nervous sigh. We hear:

        One of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
        I'm tripping on words
        You've got my head spinning
        I don't know where to go from here

        NICK: (turns back to RAIN) Are you thirsty? (Retrieves bottled water; about to hand it to her) I’d go with water because you don’t want to get gas on your prom night, trust me.

        RAIN: (small laugh) I’m good. I take it your prom wasn’t a freeze frame moment?

        NICK puts the bottle away. His right hand slightly accidently touches RAIN’S arm. She moves it away from him.

        NICK: (leans back; doesn’t pick up on RAIN’S emotions) It certainly wasn’t but I have a feeling your prom will be a night you will never forget-

        Suddenly, RAIN kisses him. NICK is stunned; unsure what to do but quickly getting over his shock he starts to kiss her back. We hear:

        There's something about you now
        I can't quite figure out
        Everything she does is beautiful
        Everything she does is right

        He takes his left hand and cups her face, touching her lightly. RAIN responds back kissing him more. She takes her hand to his shoulders, bringing him closer. They continue to kiss. We hear:

        'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
        Nothing to lose
        And it's you and me and all other people
        And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you
        and me and all other people with nothing to do
        Nothing to prove
        And it's you and me and all other people
        And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

        Unexpectedly, BELLA opens the door. NICK and RAIN quickly break up the kiss and wipe their lips. At the same time they both let out a sigh. BELLA and CJ join them on the opposite side.

        BELLA: (chuckles) Sorry, it took so long. His grandparents are so funny. They took pictures with a Polaroid camera. Who even uses those?

        CJ: (smirks) My grandparents, apparently.

        BELLA doesn’t pick up on NICK and RAIN’S awkward behaviour.

        BELLA: Ready to dance the night away then?

        RAIN nods. She takes a deep breath. NICK nervously glances out the window. We hear:

        What day is it?
        And in what month?
        This clock never seemed so alive

        NICK: (loosens his tie) Whoo... it’s sure hot in here.

        CUT TO:

        Just as BELLA, CJ, NICK and RAIN enter the house WARNER appears from his office.

        WARNER: (smiles) You look lovely, Isabella. (Brings his eyes to RAIN) Both of you.

        RAIN fidgets feeling uncomfortable with WARNER’S presence. He acknowledges this. On the cheek, BELLA kisses WARNER.

        BELLA: (gestures) Daddy... this is Nick. He’s a friend of ours.

        WARNER: (takes NICK’S hand) Nice to meet you.

        NICK: Likewise.

        BELLA: (to WARNER) Do you have your camera? (Beat) We’re running a little late.

        WARNER: It’s in the office. Let me-

        BELLA: -I’ll get it for you. (Leaves)

        Uneasily RAIN sighs but feels relieved not to be in the foyer alone with WARNER. In attempt to break the awkwardness between the four of them, NICK speaks up.

        NICK: This is lovely home you have, Mr. Talmadge.

        WARNER: Oh thank you...

        CUT TO:

        Eyeing the camera on the desk, BELLA walks over to it. She picks it up from a stack of bills. Something stops her from leaving. The first bill is for the same storage unit that WARNER uses. Suddenly, BELLA remembers a line that NICK said in 1.17 One of Us Always Lies.

        NICK: (VO) Let me just finish this episode. Dylan just found out his father had a secret storage unit that someone just broken into.

        Looking over her shoulder, BELLA quickly opens the bill, reading it.

        WARNER: (OS) Isabella? Did you find it?

        BELLA sees WARNER’S keys and picks them up realizing there’s one for a locker. Next to it is an access card to the storage facility. Hastily she takes the card, lock key and the bill placing it in her purse.

        BELLA: (now holding onto the camera) I found it daddy!

        CUT TO:

        OLIVER is sitting before the table about to pull out the prophecy from the ancient text.

        JACKIE: (hands him something) Here... try this.

        OLIVER: (leans back) What is it?

        JACKIE: Memory dust.

        OLIVER: For?

        JACKIE: The prophecy. It can’t hurt to try.

        OLIVER: (scoffs) Jackie... this is a powerful prophecy. Memory dust isn’t going to help.

        JACKIE: Dear... you’re frustrated. You’ve been translating this for years and then just found out you don’t have everything. (Beat; sighs) Let me do it.

        JACKIE pulls out the prophecy but before she opens the jar, OLIVER stops her.

        OLIVER: (puts his hand up) Jackie wait!

        JACKIE: We have to try something.

        OLIVER: (gestures to the first passage of the prophecy) Look!

        JACKIE: (sets the jar down) I don’t understand... there were words missing.

        OLIVER: Ho-how could have this happened? (Stops himself) Oh dear god...

        JACKIE: What?

        OLIVER glances over to the door frame, then back at JACKIE.

        OLIVER: Isabella... she was here earlier this afternoon.

        JACKIE: (taken aback) She was? You didn’t tell me.

        OLIVER: She bought some make-up for the prom but I found her here... (gestures) standing right here.

        JACKIE: Do you think she did something to the prophecy? A spell? (To herself; disbelief) No, Isabella doesn’t even know about this or anything for that matter.

        OLIVER: I don’t know what to think. I just... I seriously doubt the prophecy has the ability to just reveal itself and why only the first passage?

        JACKIE: Can you translate it?

        OLIVER: Let me look at it... yes, I... (mumbles to himself; stunned) I-I don’t believe it. This can’t be right.

        JACKIE: What does it say?

        OLIVER: We already knew the first few lines... it speaks of someone harboring two powers, slayer and wiccan. And that she will face evil but I never in my wildest dreams thought...

        JACKIE: Dear, please... tell me.

        OLIVER: The Ancestors... they’re alive.

        JACKIE: (stunned) Th-that can’t be... do you realize what this means, Oliver?

        OLIVER: I’m afraid I do. (Beat) They’re the ones who are after Rain.

        CUT TO:

        The limo is on the curb. BELLA, CJ, NICK and RAIN trail down the steps while WARNER stands in the doorway. He waves at them and closes the door.

        OLIVER: (OS) I think they’ve been in Haven all this time... watching Rain from a distance.

        Just as NICK and CJ climbs in the limo, BELLA stops RAIN. She looks over to the house, then back at her.

        BELLA: (softly) Rain... I-I left something at your apartment.

        RAIN: Okay, we’ll just go back.

        BELLA: (shakes her head) No, you three go ahead, go to the prom. I’ll just take my car.

        Not giving RAIN a chance to protest, BELLA runs over to her car.

        RAIN: But Bella, we can just-

        BELLA: (unlocks car; waves a hand) –It’s fine Rain, just go on without me. I’ll be there soon. (Climbs in)

        RAIN arches at a brow.

        CJ: (leans out of the limo) What’s going on?

        CUT TO:

        NICK, RAIN and CJ stroll in the gym. We hear Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams playing. Hearing this song RAIN gets a chill. Everything is decorated just like it was in her vision. The place is packed. People are dancing while others are just standing, drinking. As they move to toward the center, RAIN observes PRINCIPAL REYERS breaking up a couple who were dancing too close. MS. MARKS is leaning against the wall, watching him. She sighs and pulls out a pack of cigarettes from her purse and exits the gym.

        CJ: (softly; points near the bleachers) I-I’m just going to stand over there... and just stand.

        RAIN: Bella will be here soon, CJ.

        CJ just nods and heads over to the bleachers.

        NICK: (feels bad for CJ) I wonder what’s up with Bella. It was kind of abrupt... her leaving like that.

        RAIN: She said she forgot something at my apartment.

        NICK: We could have gone back.

        RAIN: (nods) That’s what I told her. (Softly) Nick... about what happened-

        NICK: (sees his band) -I need to confer with my band. (Anxious) I-I’ll be right back.

        RAIN sighs. MR. TOSTI walks over to her.

        MR. TOSTI: Ms. Mason...

        RAIN: (awkward) Hi...

        MR. TOSTI: (hands in his pant pockets) You look very pretty.

        RAIN: (embarrassed) Thank you.

        MR. TOSTI: (glances around, then back at her) I hear that you’re responsible for all of this.

        RAIN: Well... (Stammers) I-I helped. I’m a helper.

        MR. TOSTI: (folds arms) I spoke with your graphic design teacher.

        RAIN: (arches a brow) Oh?

        MR. TOSTI: The website you created, it really blew her away. She said you’re very talented but then (small smile) I already knew that.

        RAIN: (not taking his compliment seriously) It-it was just a mock website. Not real... ‘cause that’s what mock means... you know? Not real?

        MR. TOSTI: (small smile) You need to stop being modest about your art, Rain. (Looks over to the students) Half of these kids... they won’t achieve their dreams.

        RAIN gives him a look.

        MR. TOSTI: (shrugs) It’s reality... some will be stuck here, lost... wishing their lives was better than this. Others will succeed, move on. (Glances over to RAIN; softly) I know you’ve struggled... you’ve had a tough life but it doesn’t have to be like that forever if you just... believe in yourself. (Small smile) Make the best of this test, Rain.

        RAIN: (smirks) Green Day?

        MR. TOSTI: I may be old but I do have great taste in music.

        RAIN laughs.

        MR. TOSTI: (glances over to the drinks) I better go... I think someone is about to spike the fruit punch.

        RAIN: Thank you, Mr. Tosti.

        MR. TOSTI nods and leaves. Just then, MIA appears.

        MIA: Hello, Rain.

        RAIN: (turns around) Mia... hey. (Glances around) I guess we’re a hit.

        MIA: We did a great job didn’t we? (Beat) Where’s Bella?

        RAIN: (shrugs) She forgot something at my apartment. She’ll be here soon. (Beat) How’s the (softly) psychic business?

        MIA: (smirks) You like to ask questions... like how I know your boss.

        RAIN: Just curious, that’s all.

        MIA: Well I guess I can let you in on that little secret. My parents went to culinary school with Mr. Corbis. (Beat) Well, I should go.

        RAIN: That’s it? That’s all you’re giving me?

        MIA: Yup, you have a busy night ahead of you. See you later.

        RAIN recalls MIA saying this in her vision. A little freaked, she watches MIA stroll over to her date.

        CUT TO:

        WARNER makes his way around the desk. He picks up his bills, going through them. He stops at the storage unit envelope and finds it curious it’s open with nothing inside. He then picks up his keys, realizing the lock key is missing. Ominous music plays in the background.

        CUT TO:

        Slowly, BELLA pulls up to one of the storage units. She looks at the bill, trying to find WARNER’S. Locating the right one, she parks the car and climbs out. Taking the lock key with her, she strolls over to the unit. Anxiously, she looks over her shoulder. She inserts the key, hearing a click. Surprised it worked BELLA bends down, lifting the door. As she enters, she flicks on the light. She’s stunned as she sees an array of stakes, axes and swords on the wall.

        BELLA: (gasps; walks further inside) Oh my god... (doesn’t know what to make of what she’s seeing) I don’t believe this. All this time...

        BELLA picks up a text nearby. It reads: Mystical Energies, Portals and Dimensions.

        BELLA: (puts the book down) You knew? You knew about this stuff?

        BELLA sees a file cabinet. She opens it. She pulls out a set of photos.

        BELLA: (goes through them) What the...

        They’re all pictures of RAIN and TANNER when they were younger.

        BELLA: But you didn’t know him. (Takes a deep breath) This can’t be happening...

        BELLA glances around trying to take everything in. With a cold glare, she grabs a few files, going through them one by one.

        CUT TO:

        It’s now a few minutes later. The camera pans back revealing, she is holding onto a file looking at an old newspaper clipping. It’s the same article she read on the internet.

        WARNER: (OS) What are you doing, Isabella?

        BELLA: (looks up) Daddy... (Darkly) or should I call you Mr. Fairbourne?

        Holding onto an access card, WARNER brings down the door and inches closer.

        WARNER: Isabella...

        BELLA: (eyes water) How-how could you do this daddy? (Beat) All this time... (Gestures around the storage unit) you knew about the vampires and demons? How did you know about all of this?

        WARNER says nothing.

        BELLA: And Rain? You knew she was a witch and slayer?

        WARNER nods.

        BELLA: (A tear falls down her cheek) I always thought it was odd, the way you looked at her, as if she’s your-

        WARNER: -You don’t understand-

        BELLA: (bitterly) -You’re right, I don’t understand. I don’t understand how my father- (stops herself) how you could do this to her? To me! She’s my best friend, my-

        WARNER: -Tinker...

        BELLA: (points at him) Don’t call me that!

        WARNER: (softly) Isabella... please.

        BELLA: (nods to herself) That’s why you allowed us to be friends... you wanted her close, so you could keep an eye on her... from a distance. (Angrily) Were you that ashamed? (Disgusted) You cheated on mom ... did- did you kill her? Natalya?

        WARNER: (firmly) Of course not. (Beat; softly) Have you had the memories yet?

        BELLA: (stunned) Wh-what?

        WARNER: You’ve had them, right? One or two? Maybe even a vision?

        BELLA doesn’t know how to respond to this.

        WARNER: They’re her memories. And the visions-

        BELLA: (angrily looks away) -She implanted them in me... didn’t she? (Doesn’t want to say it;turns back to WARNER) And you let her! I saw it daddy! I saw you in the doorway!

        WARNER: There is a reason why I did all of this. Rain’s mother... (Softly) Natalya... she asked me to hide her, to protect Rain... to protect the both of you.

        BELLA: (wipes her tears) She’s... (Voices breaks; still holding onto the file) she’s my sister, isn’t she?

        The camera pans back. He moves closer to BELLA, gesturing for her to read the rest of the newspaper clippings in the file. As she scans through them, WARNER points at the articles but we can’t hear what he’s saying. BELLA wears a stunned expression. He continues to speak. Soon after he puts his arm on hers but she flinches, pushing it away from her throwing the articles at him. WARNER continues to talk adding more information. She shakes her head, refusing to believe him. He pleads with her. Breaking away from him, BELLA opens the door. She doesn’t give him a chance to stop her and runs to her car. WARNER sighs.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          In a corner, we see a photo booth. TRENT and NEEVE climb out of it admiring their photos. MIA is sampling the buffet, approving of her parents’ work. NICK and RAIN are awkwardly standing by the drinks. The DJ plays Foreigner’s Waiting for Girl Like You. Most of the students start slow dancing.

          NICK: (leans in; softly) We might as well dance... at least until Bella gets here.

          RAIN: Wh-what about your band?

          NICK: We’re not playing yet. (Offers a hand; reassuring grin) Come on, dance with me.

          RAIN: (takes his hand) Okay...

          NICK gazes in her eyes and pulls her close, making RAIN more nervous. We hear:

          So long, I've been looking too hard, I've been waiting too long
          Sometimes I don't know what I will find, I only know it's a matter of time
          When you love someone, when you love someone
          It feels so right, so warm and true, I need to know if you feel it too

          NICK: (smirks; whispers) Do you think the teachers will realize I’m over twenty-one?

          We hear:

          Maybe I'm wrong, won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong
          This heart of mine has been hurt before, this time I wanna be sure

          RAIN: (doesn’t look at him in the eye) If you tell them you’re in the band it shouldn’t be-

          NICK: -I knew you liked that kiss.

          RAIN: (looks up; anxiously) It shouldn’t have happened. It was a mistake.

          NICK: No... our first kiss... when everyone was under that love spell.

          RAIN: (scoffs) Our first kiss? It was you who kissed me.

          NICK: Still... (Smirks) you liked it.

          RAIN: (stammers) Nick, I-I don’t think-

          NICK: -You’re sexy when you’re all nervous.

          RAIN: (eyes widen) Nick!

          NICK: Well... you are.

          RAIN blushes.

          NICK: (Softly) You really do look beautiful tonight. You should wear dresses more often.

          RAIN: Thanks... (Arches a brow) Wait... are you saying I am ugly when I’m not in a dress?

          NICK: Did I say that? No... it’s just when you’re all titivated, you stand out more. You make it hard not to stare at you. (Beat; glances over to PRINCIPAL REYERS) Even the Principal can’t stop looking at you. It’s kinda pervy but still... (Looks back at RAIN; smirks) you are hot.

          RAIN: Did you just actually use the word, titivated?

          NICK: I could have gone with beautified. I have this really cool vocabulary book; it gives you tips on how to memorize the words. You’re supposed to read it for fifteen minutes every day. (Dips her; cheesy grin) Such a perfect song for this moment, don’t you think?

          RAIN: I-I guess... if you like eighties ballads.

          NICK: (pulls her up) What’s not to like? I think your prom theme is total success tonight. (Looks over to NEEVE who is dancing with TRENT) Even your arch-nemesis is having a good time.

          RAIN: (glances over to NEEVE) Yeah... looks like.

          NICK continues to stare at RAIN intensely. Her eyes trail to CJ who is standing alone constantly looking at his watch.

          RAIN: Bella should be here by now.

          NICK: I’m sure Bella will be here soon.

          RAIN: (uneasily) Nick... about the kiss...

          NICK: Yeah?

          RAIN: It was a mistake.

          NICK: Why does it have to be a mistake? Now is that freeze frame moment, Rain. (Dips her again) I’d kiss you right now but the Principal is still looking over here and might break us up. (Pulls her up) And honestly... I like being this close to you.

          RAIN: (softly) Nick-

          BELLA briskly walks into the gym as RAIN and NICK continue to dance. Soon MADELINE appears from another entrance to the gym.

          NICK: (nods) -I know you think I’m a player. I’ve been with... (Swallows) a lot of girls. That’s true but... you’re different, Rain. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s the truth. I really think-

          BELLA: (breathlessly) -Rain, I need to talk to you.

          NICK and RAIN move further away from each other. The song fades. Rod Stewart’s Some Guys Have All the Luck plays. Instantly the students start dancing to the beat.

          RAIN: (to BELLA) Where have you been? (Sees BELLA is upset) Wh-what’s wrong, Bella?

          From a distance, CJ observes BELLA talking to RAIN. NICK is still standing awkwardly near them. MADELINE strolls over to them.

          BELLA: (frantically; eyes water) I’m sorry. I needed to know... for the both of us.

          RAIN: What are you talking about?

          MADELINE: (now near them; concerned) Bella? Are you okay?

          CJ is about to approach BELLA but NICK puts his hand on him signalling him to wait.

          BELLA: (wipes her eyes) I found your birth parents.

          RAIN: (nervous) Wh-what? My birth parents?

          BELLA: I know, Rain. You can’t deny you’ve been wondering ever since we swapped bodies.

          MADELINE and NICK are stunned as they hear this. They sense that this is something that needs to be discussed between RAIN and BELLA without interference. CJ remains quiet as well.

          RAIN: (aghast and disturbed at the same time) Is that what you’ve been doing this whole time? Researching on my birth parents?

          BELLA: You need to know who they are, Rain.

          RAIN: (inches back) No... I don’t want to know.

          BELLA: Trust me. You need to know the truth.

          The camera pans back. BELLA talks to RAIN, filling in more details but we can’t hear what she’s saying. RAIN is stunned as she listens. Soon MADELINE touches the back of RAIN’S shoulder for support but RAIN moves away from her. She bolts out of the gym. NICK, BELLA and MADELINE go after her while CJ stays behind.

          CUT TO:

          Obviously perturbed, CALUM leans against the wall. ROWE is sitting on the couch.

          ROWE: Mr. Kipp?

          CALUM: (fretfully) But I-I don’t understand. What about finding out what Anton wants with Rain? Finding my sister... (gestures) your wife?

          ROWE: I need you do to this for me.

          CALUM: (anxious) I don’t think I can do it.

          ROWE: You’re the only one who can do this, Calum.

          CALUM sighs.

          CUT TO:

          Drinking a scotch, WARNER anxiously looks out the window. We hear repeated knocking on the door. He sighs, sets down the glass dreading answering the door.

          CUT TO:

          The restaurant is empty. MICHAEL is restocking a shelf.

          MICHAEL: (looks up) Oliver... what are you doing here?

          OLIVER: (approaches him; clears throat) I’ve been translating the text again… the prophecy.

          MICHAEL: (arches a brow; leans back on the counter) Yeah? I take it that book I gave you helped?

          OLIVER: Somewhat. (Sighs foolishly) It seems we’re missing some pages. Not everything is there. That’s why nothing made sense. It’s even missing words and phrases.

          MICHAEL: Really? I wonder what happened to the pages... or who has them. Maybe I can go underground, get in touch with my sources, and put the word out-

          OLIVER: (waves a hand) -That’s not important right now. You see, I was able to translate some of the the passage.

          MICHAEL: What did it say?

          OLIVER: (Shakes his head) Really I don’t see how it could be... (Rambles) it’s impossible. There is just no way because they were all killed-

          MICHAEL: -Just spit it out Oliver.

          OLIVER: (Deep breath) It revealed that the witch who possess slayer powers… is a direct descendant of the Ancestors.

          MICHAEL: (astounded) The Ancestors?

          OLIVER: (nods) I know. I am just amazed as you are.

          MICHAEL: (whispers) I don’t believe it. (To himself) I never suspected, not once.

          OLIVER: Well there’s absolutely no reason you should have. Neither I nor Jackie ever gave it the faintest thought.

          MICHAEL: (shakes his head) No... you don’t understand, Oliver. (Softly) My wife… Natalya… she is a direct descendant, the only one.

          OLIVER: (taken aback) You-you never told me this.

          MICHAEL: I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell anyone, not even you.

          OLIVER: (Shakes head) How can this be? All of the Ancestors were slaughtered thousands of years ago… all of them.

          MICHAEL: Not all of them. (Softly) The Keeper... she survived.

          OLIVER: (bewildered) The Keeper survived?

          MICHAEL: Oliver, I’m sorry. I was sworn to secrecy.

          OLIVER: (looking for confirmation) Then this must mean... Rain is Natalya’s daughter?

          MICHAEL: I can’t believe I’m saying it... (Softly) but yeah.

          OLIVER: (confused) But how, Michael? Natalya has been missing for years. Did you know she was pregnant... (Softly) before she disappeared?

          MICHAEL: (softly) No, she never told me.

          OLIVER: Michael... this means that-

          MICHAEL: (whispers) -Rain might be my daughter.

          A VOICE at the entrance startles them.

          RAIN: (OS) So it is true.

          MICHAEL and OLIVER look up. RAIN is in the doorway. Her hair is messed and her makeup is smudged. It appears she’s been crying.

          MICHAEL: (inches closer) Rain...

          RAIN: (slowly approaches him; sniffles) I-I’m your daughter?

          MICHAEL doesn’t respond.

          RAIN: (angrily) How long have you known?

          MICHAEL: I swear, Rain. I didn’t know. I’m not even sure...

          RAIN: But you think I am...

          MICHAEL: I-I don’t know, it’s possible. How did you-

          RAIN: -Bella... she’s been trying to find my birth parents ever since she
          started having memories of Natalya.

          OLIVER is surprised as BELLA didn’t tell him everything.

          MICHAEL: Memories? (Glances over to OLIVER) What memories?

          The look in OLIVER’S face confirms he knew about the memories.

          RAIN: It doesn’t matter.

          MICHAEL: But how did she-

          RAIN: -You know her father.

          MICHAEL: (arches a brow) I’ve never met Bella’s father.

          RAIN: (bitterly) Yes you have. You were good friends... (swallows) you knew him as Warner Fairbourne.

          MICHAEL: (stunned; inches back) Warner? He’s Bella’s father?

          RAIN: You grew up together... Warner, Evangeline, Natalya and you... all of you were best friends.

          MICHAEL: (runs his hands through his hair) I-I don’t believe this...

          OLIVER realizes MICHAEL’S past is slowly coming out. We hear voices from the memories RAIN had in 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land.

          BOY: (VO) You can’t catch me, Natalya!

          NATALYA: (VO) Oh yes I can!

          RAIN: (to herself) It must have... (Looks up at MICHAEL; searches for the resemblance) it must have been you as a little boy.

          MICHAEL: (confused) I’m sorry?

          We hear more voices from RAIN’S memories.

          MAN: (VO) I do not want you dating him, Natalya!

          NATALYA: (VO) I love him, father. Please, why can’t you just be happy for us?

          RAIN: Were Natalya and you childhood sweethearts?

          MICHAEL: Yes... we were.

          RAIN: (voice breaks) This can’t be true… I mean you? My boss?

          OLIVER: (moves to leave) Perhaps I better-

          RAIN: -Don’t bother… (wipes her eyes) I’m leaving.

          RAIN turns around, opens the door.

          MICHAEL: (calls after her) Rain, wait!

          RAIN runs outside into the pouring rain. MICHAEL goes after her. Voices from previous episodes echoes in her mind.

          GLORIA: (VO) You’re not my daughter.

          TANNER: (VO) All I remember is Mom just showed up one rainy night holding you with a wet, bloody blanket. She said you were ours.

          The camera stays on her as she continues to run down the street.

          WARNER: (VO) But I do care, Rain. You’re very much a part of this family. You know that, don’t you?

          RAIN: (VO) Who am I, Bella? Who do I belong to?

          She struggles, holding onto her prom dress, crying against the rain.

          BELLA: (VO) Maybe this limo guy kidnapped you… arranged some kind of under the table adoption plan with Gloria.

          Soon, RAIN finds herself in the same deserted park she frequents. Not paying attention to where she’s going, she falls to the ground. Startled, she realizes she tripped over a dead body. RAIN turns it over and gasps as she recognizes the body. It’s MS.MARKS surrounded with cigarette stubs. RAIN cries as she places her hand over her mouth. Slowly she moves MS. MARKS’ hair away from her neck and observes bite marks.

          VOICE: Admiring my work?

          RAIN quickly looks up and sees it’s the same VAMPIRE who killed TATUM in the flashbacks.

          RAIN: (aghast) You...

          VAMPIRE: Miss me, slayer? (Beat; points at her) Say... don’t you owe me a tango?

          With these words the VAMPIRE launches itself at RAIN with a snarl. RAIN manages to dodge the attack, whirling to her left in the nick of time. The VAMPIRE merely smiles and flashes her a look that could almost be approval. The two circle each other each watching the other carefully. Then, without warning, the VAMPIRE feints one way and then breaks to the other trying to get around RAIN but she immediately recovers and lands a kick square into its chest. Enraged the VAMPIRE springs back and rushes at her wrathfully knocking her to the ground. The two struggle furiously. Then one of them seems to get the upper hand. The VAMPIRE stiffens, an expression of pained surprise painted briefly on its face before it disappears in a cloud of dust revealing RAIN lying prone with a small piece of fallen branch held firmly in both hands.

          RAIN: (bitterly) I hate ballroom dancing.

          As the dust disappears RAIN sees MICHAEL and BELLA running toward her. MADELINE and NICK are behind them. Now on her feet RAIN drops her weapon. She inches back. Her hair drenched has fallen to her shoulders, her makeup is watered down and her dress is soaked covered in blood and dirt.

          MICHAEL: Rain… are you all right?

          RAIN doesn’t say anything. NICK examines her frightened with concern.

          BELLA: (moves toward her) Let’s go home. (Puts her arm around RAIN) Get you out of this dress. You’re soaked.

          Slightly, RAIN pushes her gently away.

          BELLA: Rain… please.

          MADELINE: Listen to Bella. I know you’re hurting but we’re here for you, all of us.

          NICK takes off his jacket and attempts to put it around RAIN, she backs off.

          NICK: (worried) Rain, you’re shivering.

          RAIN moves away from him. MICHAEL cautiously approaches her.

          MICHAEL: Rain… you’re injured. (Points to her the deep cut on her arm) We need take care of that. Let’s just go back to the restaurant, patch up the wound and get some coffee in you, all right?

          RAIN: (voice breaks) I-I… I can’t do this. (Looks up at him, deep in his eyes) I’m sorry… I just can’t. (Beat; to EVERYONE) Please, don’t follow me.

          Quickly RAIN moves around them and takes off running down another street. Just as MADELINE is about to go after her MICHAEL stops her.

          MADELINE: Michael... we should-

          MICHAEL: -Let her go.

          The four of them watch RAIN run further and further away from them as the rain continues.

          CUT TO:

          We hear the rain patter against the window. WARNER is pouring two glasses of cognac.

          WARNER: I thought we agreed to keep a distance at least for awhile.

          As WARNER turns around, we get a view of who is sitting on the couch. It’s JAIME holding onto her purse. WARNER hands her a glass.

          JAIME: I know... (sips it) I just... I wanted to thank you.

          WARNER: Of course. Though I wished you told me sooner. I didn’t like having to do the dream state session on you.

          JAIME: (fidgets) Yeah... that wasn’t fun. (Leans) Ho-how did you know to do that? That weird dream trance? It felt like magic.

          WARNER doesn’t reply, just sips his cognac.

          JAIME: Right... you said no questions.

          WARNER: The important thing is you’re safe now. Soledad was able to get as much as she could from your memories before you were shot at the country club.

          JAIME: (touches her shoulder) It was just a graze...

          WARNER: Playing dead saved your life.

          JAIME: (anxiously) Th-they won’t find me?

          WARNER: They committed another robbery shortly after. Only this time, they killed someone. So they will be in jail for a long time. You were lucky.

          JAIME: How did you manage to prove they committed that murder? Was it your friend, Soledad? She acts like a cop.

          WARNER: (looks at his watch) You should go.

          JAIME: (not moving) Ever since Evangeline died, you changed. You became cold. You’re different. I wouldn’t put it past you to commit a crime or two yourself to get your way. I mean... you’re now into the black arts, whatever that is.

          WARNER gets up setting his cognac on a nearby table.

          JAIME: (places her down) Sorry... but I’m your sister. (Stands up) I’m supposed to meddle.

          Awkwardly WARNER gives a small smile. They approach the door. He opens it and she starts to leave but swings around.

          JAIME: Is that girl your daughter? Bella’s friend I mean.

          WARNER: No, she’s not. (Beat) Do you have enough money?

          JAIME: Soledad gave me some. (Beat) I’ll send Bella a postcard; let her know I’m alive and well.

          WARNER: Please do.

          They exchange good-byes and he closes the door.

          SOLEDAD: (OS) Personally I hate good-byes.

          WARNER looks up. It’s SOLEDAD in the door frame that leads to the dining room.

          SOLEDAD: (thumbs to the back) Sorry... I came in from the back.

          WARNER: Did anyone see you? Were you careful?

          SOLEDAD: Always.

          WARNER: (fixes his tie) And Edwards?

          SOLEDAD: It’s happening now.

          WARNER: Good.

          CUT TO:
          EXT. WOODS - EVENING

          CALUM is in the woods holding a shovel. There is blood all over him. He stares at ROWE in the grave. He takes the shovel and starts burying him. The camera pans back and the screen fade again. We now see CALUM leaning against the wall still covered in blood lost in his thoughts. MS. MCCREE looks around the room surprised by the violent crime scene. There is blood everywhere. Furniture has been overturned, papers and files scattered everywhere.

          MS. MCCREE: (sighs; picks up EDWARDS’ laptop) Just great... just... (Looks over to him) Mr. Kipp?

          CALUM doesn’t respond.

          MS. MCCREE: (annoyed) Mr. Kipp?

          CALUM: (distracted) Y-yeah?

          MS. MCCREE: What did you do with the body?

          CALUM: (whispers) I-I buried it.

          MS. MCCREE: Where?

          CALUM: Th-the woods... by the country club.

          MS. MCCREE pulls out her phone.

          CALUM: What are you doing?

          MS. MCCREE: Calling a cleaner... (Observes CALUM) You need to see Ger’aldik.

          CALUM: (arches a brow) I’m sorry?

          MS. MCCREE: The sensitive? He has to read you.

          CALUM: What for?

          MS. MCCREE: To make sure you’re telling me the truth.

          CALUM: (scoffs) Of-of course I am... why would I make this up? (Upset) I found him dead... I-I buried him... my boss! How can you even think-

          MS. MCCREE: (not caring) –Take a shower first before you go.

          CALUM: (stammers) He-here?

          MS. MCCREE: I can’t let you out looking like that. Now go. You can wear something of Edwards.

          Stunned at how cold she’s acting, he leaves for the bathroom.

          CUT TO:

          The gym is packed with faculty staff members, parents including students dressed in their graduation gowns. There is a guest speaker talking to the audience but we can’t hear what he is saying. Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) plays.

          The camera pans over to the students. Some of their graduation caps are decorated in glitter and bright colors marking this day in history. We hear:

          Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
          Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
          So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
          It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time

          It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
          I hope you had the time of your life

          We see familiar faces fading in and out, BAO-YU, CREED, RACHEL, FISHER, LATOYA, JAELYNN, MIA, TRENT and NEEVE. Eventually CJ and BELLA appear on the screen. However, BELLA has a somber look on her face as she glances over to an empty seat presumably set aside for RAIN. We hear:

          So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
          Hang it on the shelf in good health and good time
          Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
          For what it’s worth it was worth all the while

          It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
          I hope you had the time of your life

          BELLA’S eyes trail over to MR. EBERLY, MR. TOSTI, MADELINE, PRINCIPAL REYERS and the rest of the staff as they listen to the guest speaker. MADELINE takes this opportunity to give BELLA a small reassuring smile but she doesn’t smile back. BELLA’s attention shifts over to the audience, a mixture of friends and family members. Among them are NICK and MICHAEL. Gradually MICHAEL glances over his shoulder. In the far corner, he sees WARNER. Their eyes meet, acknowledging each other. MICHAEL gives him a disapproving glare but WARNER simply looks away.

          The screen fades again to the students only they’re now all standing up, some of them throw their caps in the air. We hear:

          It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
          I hope you had the time of your life

          Soon the screen and song fades.

          CUT TO:

          In the closet, MICHAEL retrieves a box. He sets it down, brushing off the dust. With a sigh, he opens it and pulls out a photo album. Taking it with him to the couch, he sits down. MICHAEL flips through the pictures of his wedding day with NATALYA. The wedding party includes WARNER and EVANGELINE. We also see other photos of the wedding reception with DEVON, GRANT, ADRIENNE, JILLIAN, RICHARD and an older WOMAN as well as an older RUSSIAN MAN. The camera pans back and it fades into the next scene.

          Standing before a pawn shop, MADELINE looks away. She then pulls out ROWE’S wedding ring, including her own and enters the building.

          We’re now at the Red Vein where NICK is rehearsing with his band but we can’t hear anything. Distracted, unable to focus, he calls a time out. He walks over to the bar ordering himself a beer. We can see NICK is wearing the necklace RAIN gave him for Christmas. He sips the beer, thinking about her.

          We shift to WARNER in the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee. Carrying a bag, BELLA walks in but she stops short when she sees him. Not giving him a chance to say anything, she turns around.

          Now we’re outside, in front of the house. Just as BELLA starts her car, WARNER opens the front door and calls after her but we can’t hear his voice. The car backs up onto the street. Bitterly, BELLA glances over to the rear-view mirror catching a glimpse of WARNER in the yard looking in her direction. She continues to drive on. The screen fades into the last scene.

          We see RAIN on the floor playing with different colored blocks, smiling and laughing. From behind, TANNER walks over to her, handing her a glass of iced tea. The camera slowly swings around and we see she is playing with ANGIE who is babbling. TANNER joins them on the floor and tickles ANGIE while RAIN sips her tea. We hear RAIN’S voice from 1.04 Melting Pot.

          RAIN: (VO) I thought… I wanted to know what happened, how I came to be here, who are my birth parents but now… I’m not so sure. (Beat) I feel like… I am in the middle of something… something much bigger than I’d ever imagine. (Trying to breathe) And it scares me.

          The camera pans back. RAIN’S smile soon fades as she looks away, toward the window.

          CUT TO:

          MR. ALICE is sitting on a couch, drinking a whiskey. MS. MCCREE stands before him.

          MS. MCCREE: He’s telling the truth, sir. The sensitive read him a dozen times.

          MR. ALICE: Who killed him?

          MS. MCCREE: The computer tech guys went over Edwards’ laptop, his files, everything. He was doing some side work for a former client of ours... a demonic tribe. It’s looks like they did this.

          MR. ALICE: Where’s the body?

          MS. MCCREE: Near the country club. (Beat) I can get a digger to remove it, put it somewhere else.

          MR. ALICE: (waves a hand) No... leave it. It’s best if we don’t know where the body is, we don’t want to draw any attention.

          MS. MCCREE nods and turns to leave.

          MR. ALICE: Oh, Ms. McCree?

          MS. MCCREE: (swings around) Yes sir?

          MR. ALICE: Take care of the tribe.

          MS. MCCREE: Very well. (Leaves)

          MR. ALICE stands up, walks over to his desk. He pulls out an old blue knitted bunny from the drawer.

          MR. ALICE: (sips his drink) We’re getting closer, little girl. Soon, your powers will be mine... after all we’re family.

          Soon the last verse of the song plays. We hear:

          It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
          I hope you had the time of your life


          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Jackie Vallon (Imelda Staunton)
          Jeffery Reyers (Zach Galifianakis)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver Vallon (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • It's been wayyyy too long but I'm pleased that I was able to complete the first season. Woot! I hope you enjoyed it!

          • I had a blast writing the vision prom sequence. I seem to have fun with 'em as well as dreams, memories and flashbacks- there's more room for creativity I think. It's also neat to play with foreshadowing and witty dialouge.

          • We got to see when Rain became a slayer. Remember, she didn't have a watcher for over a year. So she was pretty much on her own. And it was hard having to kill her first vampire who was a childhood friend. This should be an interesting storyline as Neeve doesn't know anything about this.

          • So is Rowe dead or not? Soledad's role in all of this is also a mystery and shall be for a while!

          • We know that Bella can see the past (through Natalya's memories) and the future but what's her connection to the prophecy? How was she able to influence the passage? And who are the Ancestors? The Keeper? How does it all tie in with Rain and Bella?

          • Yay! Rain kisses Nick! And Nicky's clearly in lurrvvve...

          • So Warner is not Rain's father after all. I hope I was able to trick you all into believe he was cuz I like being evil. I worked so hard to make sure that there was no obvious connection between Rain and Michael. That's why I didn't write a lot about him. I wanted to shift the attention to Warner and how he's been watching Rain ever since she was born implying he was her father. That's why the memories that Rain had of Natalya and Michael were written in a way to make her think it was Warner. Even Bella thought the same thing.

          • Poor Ms. Marks- she ended up being vampire food. I liked her.

          • Jaime's alive! Warner was helping her out trying to find out who robbed her. He just resorted to supernatural elements to capture the bad guys. Yet there is still a dark cloud hovering over him...

          • So is Anton a.k.a Mr. Alice Rain's grandfather, uncle, older brother...? Yeah I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to read Season Two!

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 2.01- Father of Mine. You can read the summary in the index. It's the first episode of Season Two! Thank you for reading!
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