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RAIN: 1.17 One of Us Always Lies - Part One -

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  • RAIN: 1.17 One of Us Always Lies - Part One -

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.17 One of Us Always Lies - Part One -
    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    A tired and worn out younger WARNER is pouring himself a drink. He swings around to a FIGURE sitting on the couch. It’s NATALYA, the woman from BELLA and RAIN’S dreams, wearing a drenched coat from the storm outside, she glances over to him. They start talking but the dialogue doesn’t fully match with the scene.

    WARNER: You’re pregnant... (bitterly) deserved to know...

    NATALYA: I need you now more than ever, Warner.... I love you...

    WARNER sits down next to NATALYA and looks at her as if he hasn’t seen her in a long time.

    NATALYA: I can’t do this without you...

    They stare at each other for a bit. Tears start to well in his eyes. NATALYA takes his drink away from him, putting it on the coffee table. She puts her hands on his face.

    Suddenly we’re shifted to the repeated memory of when BELLA was a baby. NATALYA approaches the crib and sings a Russian lullaby.

    NATALYA: (leans over the crib; whisper) Hello Tinker... that’s what your daddy will call you. (Pauses) You look so much like your mother. (Picks up BELLA) Shhh... don’t cry.

    NATALYA soothes BELLA, calming her down. She puts her back in the crib. For a long moment, she stares at BELLA. Then she puts her hand over BELLA’S heart.

    WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

    NATALYA: (OS) Isabella is strong... she will find her... sisters...

    In Russian, NATALYA whispers an incantation. Her eyes glows white and the lights from her eyes travel to BELLA’S. The light fades and BELLA drifts into a deep sleep.

    NATALYA: (OS) Our child is in danger... no one can know she exists.

    WARNER: (OS; angrily) There has to be another way...

    NATALYA: (OS) Anton is powerful... he is a warlock...

    WARNER: (OS; darkly) I’ll do whatever it takes...

    NATALYA: (OS) I know you will.

    The camera pans back and we see WARNER standing in the doorframe. He walks away.



    Slowly but still alarmed by the dream she just had BELLA wakes up.

    BELLA: (overwhelmed and intrigued) Who the hell is Anton?


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    We’re at the bookstore BELLA went to in 1.12 Truth & Consequences.

    CUT TO:

    MRS. O’LEARY is standing before a shelf tapping her fingers on some of the books.

    MRS. O’LEARY: Ahh... here we are... (pulls out a book) The Origins of Demonic Psychic Powers.

    She hands it over to BELLA who is on the floor reading another ancient text.

    BELLA: (doesn’t look up) Thanks, just put it with the rest of the pile.

    The camera pans over to a large stack of books.

    MRS. O’LEARY: I must say dear, I don’t think you have demonic powers.

    BELLA doesn’t respond.

    MRS. O’LEARY: (glances over to the books again) You know this is going to be an expensive order. You’re welcome to open an account with the bookstore, pay what you can now and the rest later.

    With her eyes still in the book BELLA pulls her credit card from her purse and holds it out.

    MRS. O’LEARY: (nods) Right of course... (takes the card) it’ll be a minute... (arches a brow) or a few.

    BELLA continues to read oblivious to MRS. O’LEARY’S concerns with her newfound obsession.


    Creedence Clearwater Revial’s Down on the Corner begins to play. The state fair is filled with various rides, games, food vendors and arts and crafts booths.

    BELLA about ten years or eleven years old and wearing a jacket, a Top Gun t-shirt, jeans and sneakers wanders through the fair, discovering new adventures. She passes the fried dough vendor enjoying the aroma of the fresh bread. We hear:

    Early in the evenin' just about supper time,
    Over by the courthouse they're starting to unwind.
    Four kids on the corner trying to bring you up.
    Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp

    Suddenly a crowd of little boys pushes her, running toward a water gun game booth. She smiles, not bothered by them at all. We hear:

    Down On The Corner, out in the street,
    Willy and the Poorboys are playin';
    Bring a nickel; tap your feet.

    Soon after, she sees RAIN looking at rings on a jewellery stall. RAIN has on a multicoloured tie-dyed t-shirt, a black skirt, striped leggings and converse sneakers. BELLA moves closer, studying RAIN fascinated by what she’s wearing. We hear:

    Rooster hits the washboard and people just got to smile,
    Blinky, thumps the gut bass and solos for a while.
    Poorboy twangs the rhythm out on his kalamazoo.
    Willy goes into a dance and doubles on kazoo.

    Down On The Corner, out in the street,
    Willy and the Poorboys are playin';
    Bring a nickel; tap your feet.

    Soon the song fades. Nearby NEEVE slowly walks up to RAIN.

    NEEVE: You’re not thinking of stealing that are you, Rain?

    BELLA arches her brow.

    RAIN: (protests) Steal I… no! No stealing! I have money.

    NEEVE: Yeah, right. I know where your mother works, at the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Maple Street. I can see you came from good money.

    Just as RAIN is about to respond NEEVE’S mother calls for her.

    AVA: Neeve! Get over here this instant!

    NEEVE rolls her eyes, gives RAIN a final disapproving look up and down and walks towards her mother.

    AVA: I told you, you have to stay at your booth! How do you expect to raise money for the cheerleading squad? Your father isn’t going to pay for it! (Beat) Now git!

    RAIN somberly puts the ring back and walks away sniffling not realizing BELLA is watching her.

    VOICE: (OS) Kids, these days. No class.

    BELLA looks round and sees that the voice belongs to a WOMAN sitting at her booth. We recognized her as JACKIE, OLIVER’S wife. JACKIE is wearing a white cotton blouse, a long flowing skirt and sandals. A pencil is holding her hair up in a bun. Her long silver earrings dance.

    A banner attached to the table reads ‘Oliver’s Occult Oasis’. It is covered with assortment of products that vary from incense to crystals and even some items of jewellery.

    BELLA: (smiles) Oliver, I presume?

    JACKIE: (laughs) That’ll be my husband. (Offers her hand) I’m Jackie.

    BELLA shakes her hand.

    JACKIE: (looks at her earnestly) You’re not like them.

    BELLA: (intrigued) Sorry?

    JACKIE gestures her to have a seat besides her. She takes BELLA’S hand warmly.

    JACKIE: Those rich snotty brats. You’re different. You’re not like them. (With a smile; points) You’re special. (Touches her chest) You’ve got heart.

    BELLA: (arches brow) How do you know?

    JACKIE: (waves a finger) Ah, that’s a secret. (Chuckles; plays with her beaded necklace) Would you like a reading, my dear?

    BELLA: (anxiously nods) May I?

    JACKIE: Just for you. Free of charge.

    BELLA: (flattered by her generosity) Wow. Thanks.

    JACKIE pulls out her tarot cards puts them in a pile between them. Suddenly, BELLA feels slightly afraid and is not sure why.

    JACKIE: (seeing this) Are you ok?

    BELLA: Uh… yes… I’ve just never done this sort of thing before.

    JACKIE: (chuckles) Oh, well... remember, it’s just some fun, girl. Not serious. But we don’t have to…?

    BELLA: No. It’s ok, let’s go.

    JACKIE pushes the cards toward her.

    JACKIE: I need you to handle the cards, shuffle them through. You can hold them as long as you like.

    BELLA looks at her quizzically, but does as she asks. When she is done, she puts the pack down. JACKIE has her lay out three cards off the top of the pack, in a row, face down.

    JACKIE: This first one will tell us about your past… the middle one, your present and… this last one, will tell us something about your future.

    BELLA nods. JACKIE indicates that she should turn the first card over. She is taken aback at the image – a man hangs upside down by his leg from a gallows made from a tree.

    JACKIE: (seeing BELLA’S reaction) No, this is not a bad card. Don’t be afraid! (Touches the card lightly, near the man’s face) Look at his face. He’s not upset to just be hanging there. His life is on hold. He’s not dead, or hurt – maybe uncomfortable – but he thinks he’s ok. (She taps the card with a finger) He’s let someone string him up there, but he’s not worried. This has been you, Bella – in your past.

    BELLA thinks about it.

    BELLA: I’m not sure I understand.

    JACKIE: Someone – I think it is a male person – has held you back, controlled you. But it’s been ok. You’ve been comfortable letting them… (Looks at her carefully) Your father, I think.

    BELLA: He can be pretty hard on me sometimes.

    JACKIE smiles gently.

    JACKIE: That’s because he’s your father and it’s important for parents to be like that when you are growing up. But I sense that you are nearly ready to spread your wings and become more independent.

    BELLA looks sidelong at the card again.

    BELLA: He looks comfortable for now… safe.

    JACKIE: Exactly. Sometimes you need that. Now, turn over the middle card.

    BELLA turns over the middle card. She chuckles.

    BELLA: It says ‘fool’! What does that mean?!

    JACKIE: Look at the card. See his expression; he’s really happy, having an adventure out in the world.

    BELLA: (studies the card) But - he’s not looking where he’s going at all! He’ll go off that cliff. Is that why this is the fool card?

    JACKIE: This is one of my favourite cards, you know. This guy (taps the card), knows no fear. He’s got courage aplenty and he wants to experience it all! He just needs to think a little ahead of the moment. That’s you, right about now in your life; this year and for the next few. You want to become your own person, have adventures, and meet new people. (She looks BELLA in the eye) Just remember to look a little ahead though – think about what you are doing rather than just leaping in, ok? Otherwise you might get into trouble. You need to think before you act.

    BELLA: (nods) Okay.

    BELLA: So... the third one?

    JACKIE: (smiles) Your future! Yes, yes - turn it over.

    BELLA hesitates for a second, takes a deep breath and turns it over. JACKIE’S face falls.

    BELLA: What is it?

    JACKIE: Nothing, it’s fine. Go on – tell me what you see.

    As BELLA studies the card, JACKIE watches her, her face growing more worried. She has an effort putting on a smile as BELLA lifts her head.

    BELLA: It’s a hand with a sword. Coming out of the clouds .

    JACKIE: (unable to keep the quaver out of her voice) It’s a very interesting card for you….

    BELLA: (looking up) Is it a bad card?

    JACKIE: (rather too quickly) No no no. It’s about finding out what kind of person you are. Becoming stronger. Learning things. (Admitting) It may not be just you that it refers to.

    BELLA: (smiles, with some excitement) Who?

    JACKIE: Someone new, someone very powerful will come into your life. (She swallows, considering how much to say) Things might… (Choosing her words very carefully) be tough with this person.

    BELLA: (wrinkling her forehead in thought) There’s a crown… what does that mean?

    JACKIE: (affects a warm smile) I think we’re done, sweetheart.

    BELLA gets up. She is perturbed by JACKIE’S increasingly apparent agitation.

    BELLA: We are? Oh, ok.

    JACKIE takes her hand and looks her straight in the eye.

    JACKIE: (with strong concern) You’ve got a very interesting life ahead of you, my girl. You need to stay strong.

    Immediately, they release.

    BELLA: (confused by her behavior) Ok…uh… thank you, then.

    BELLA stands up and leaves the booth. JACKIE watches her as she goes and sees BELLA almost loses her balance. Leaning on a pole, BELLA rubs her head. She looks over to JACKIE, as if looking at her first the time. JACKIE doesn’t do anything and just sits back down. It’s as if she had never met BELLA.



    Carrying her school bag, BELLA emerges from the back with OLIVER.

    BELLA: (smiles) Thank you for the meditation, Oliver.

    OLIVER: (walks over to the counter) Of course. I must say that you seem more focused, more driven then before. (Beat) Were you able to retrieve the repeated memory of the Russian woman you were having?

    BELLA: (not wanting to tell him everything) Just parts... but yeah.

    OLIVER: Good, I’m pleased. (Beat) Is there anything else I can do for you?

    BELLA: I’d like to get some tea, the chamomile blend.

    OLIVER: (smirks) I take it that the tea is working for you?

    BELLA: (nods) Yes... thank you.

    OLIVER: (hands her a box) Well here you go then. On the house.

    BELLA: (taken aback) That’s so kind but I can’t. You’ve done so much for me, Oliver...

    OLIVER: (touches her hand warmly) Please... take it.

    BELLA: (smiles) Well if you insist. Thank you.

    Unexpectedly, JACKIE enters the store carrying bags from the New England Nursery. She is stunned when she sees BELLA and instantly recognizes her. However, BELLA doesn’t recognise JACKIE.

    JACKIE: (quickly) Oh, excuse me! (To OLIVER) I didn’t realize you had a customer.

    OLIVER: Dear... this is Isabella.

    JACKIE: (nods) Oh... you’re Isabella? (Beat) I’d offer a hand but-

    BELLA: -It’s fine. (Smiles) You’re Jackie, I presume?

    JACKIE: Yes, that would be me.

    BELLA: Do you need help?

    JACKIE: No thank you. (Quickly) It’s nice to finally meet you, Isabella.

    OLIVER picks up on JACKIE’S nervousness but BELLA is oblivious.

    BELLA: Likewise. (To OLIVER) Thank you for the tea. (OLIVER nods; watches her leave).

    OLIVER goes to the back room. He watches JACKIE pulling out various items from the bag.

    OLIVER: What’s going on, dear? I can feel your emotions, they’re scattered, confused. What’s caused this?

    JACKIE: (turns to him) It’s her... (softly) I told you she’s come to us again. (sees OLIVER doesn’t understand) The tarot card session?

    OLIVER: (realizes what she’s talking about) That was Isabella?

    JACKIE nods as she brings her hands down.

    OLIVER: (points out) Are you sure? She didn’t remember you.

    JACKIE: It’s her powers. I sensed it just like before.

    OLIVER: (sighs) I wonder if we should tell Michael... or even Madeline.

    JACKIE: We could but we still don’t know what it all means.

    OLIVER: Precisely! With their help we can understand Bella’s powers better and she could be useful in aiding Rain’s battle in the prophecy.

    JACKIE: You haven’t been able to decipher all of it, remember.

    OLIVER: (mutters) Don’t remind me.

    JACKIE: (softly) I just meant we don’t know anything about this evil that Rain is supposed to fight. (Pauses) The only thing I could sense about Isabella is that her powers are powerful and ancient. There’s something special about her. I felt it then and I feel it now.

    OLIVER: (protests) But you said her magic is older than ours. That’s rare these days and frankly-

    JACKIE: (puts her hand on him; tries to reason with him) -She asked for your help. She clearly wants to keep this to herself. I think we should respect her wishes.

    OLIVER: (sighs) Of course, you’re right. It’s not our place to say anything. (Kisses her; turns to her bags) Did you get me anything? I’ve been craving for iced passion tea.

    JACKIE: (lightly hits him) I didn’t go to Starbucks dear.

    CUT TO:

    We’re towards the end of a class lesson. MADELINE is leaning on her desk questioning her students. She is holding onto a book titled “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin. RAIN sits in the middle of the classroom her classmates around her.

    MADELINE: Why do you think some of the heirs were assigned together?

    RACHEL raises her hand.

    MADELINE: Rachel?

    RACHEL: Well... Turtle was neglected by her mother who was focusing on her older daughter and her wedding. Flora’s daughter passed away with Down’s Syndrome. So Turtle and Flora were craving for a mother-daughter relationship.

    MADELINE: Good. (Points to CREED) Creed? Would you like to add anything?

    CREED: I think Grace and Hoo were paired together because she needed stimulation, a different kind of focus away from her children... and his restaurant gave her that. She helped him business-wise and in return he helped her with her chain of restaurants.

    MADELINE: (nods with approval; looks over to the clock) All right then that’s it for today. (Grins) Have a good time at the prom tomorrow. Remember I’ll be there chaperoning. (Rather too excitedly) I can’t wait to see you all dressed up!

    Some of the classmates snicker while others groan. RAIN just smirks. Soon the bell rings. The students get their bags and leave the classroom. Still in her seat RAIN puts her things together.

    MADELINE: Are you patrolling tonight?

    RAIN: (stands up; holds her bag) No. Is that cool? I still need to get a dress for the prom.

    MADELINE: Cutting it close don’t you think?

    RAIN: I was still hoping Ms. Marks would give in to my incessant whining and not make me go.

    MADELINE: (smirks) I think it’s fair to say that she’s not going to back down anytime soon. Besides, going to the prom is a rite of passage for all teenagers. You have to go. (Beat) Are you going with Bella?

    RAIN: (nods) And CJ.

    MADELINE: What about Nick?

    RAIN: What do you mean?

    MADELINE: I just assumed he’d go with you guys since he’s performing.

    RAIN: (shakes her head) No, he’ll be busy with his band anyway.

    MADELINE: What if you asked him to take you? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) Why would I do that?

    MADELINE: (gestures toward her) Oh I don’t know. Just so... you won’t be without a date, you know?

    RAIN: I can manage the prom dateless, Mad.

    MADELINE: (smiles back) I didn’t think you couldn’t. I just thought it might be... fun... to go with Nick. (Shrugs) Maybe he’ll ask you to dance or something.

    RAIN: Me dance with Nick? I don’t think so. (Gives her a look) Why does it feel like you’re trying to set me up with him?

    MADELINE: (anxious) Set you up with.., I-I’m not. Nope never even crossed my mind. Not even a little bit.

    RAIN: (waves a hand) Nick is friend, okay, emphasis on friend. We’re friends, compadres, amigos, buddies… friendly buddies, okay? (Thumbs to the door) Anyway I better go. See you tomorrow night.

    MADELINE: (cheesy smile) I’ll be there.

    Shaking her head RAIN leaves the classroom. Now sitting down at her desk, MADELINE knocks over her purse. Her wallet falls out. She sees a torn photo peeking out. The camera pans to it showing its ROWE in a wedding tux. She looks at it got a long second, then she puts it back but stays in her seat and continues her work.

    CUT TO:

    In a light blue shirt and slacks, ROWE looks in the mirror, examining his glamour. He seems tired of staring at a face that’s not his. The camera pans over to the table. We see it’s covered with ancient texts, notes, files and surveillance photos of MADELINE, signs of him falling apart. We hear Hysteria by Muse playing in the background.

    It's bugging me, grating me
    and twisting me around
    yeah I'm endlessly caving in
    and turning inside out

    Someone knocks on the door. With a sigh, he goes to answer it. It’s CALUM holding onto his bag and his laptop. ROWE gestures him to come in. We hear:

    CALUM: (quickly) I managed to- (sees the mess on the table) what’s this?

    ROWE: Just research.

    CALUM: (observes the notes) You’re reading about your powers again?

    ROWE sits down not replying.

    CALUM: I already went over this with you, sir. Every detail. (Beat; gestures toward the research) Is there something you’re not telling me? Is this about Madeline?

    ROWE: (ignores him) So what did you manage to do, Mr. Kipp?

    CALUM: (sighs) I managed to (puts his laptop on the table) get information on Mr. Alice.

    ROWE: (arches a brow) Did you, now? And how did you obtain this information?

    CALUM: I bribed a sensitive who works for the company.

    ROWE: Sensitive?

    CALUM: A psychic demon. (Beat) Anyway, the sensitive scans everyone who works for Mr. Alice to make sure they’re loyal.

    ROWE: I didn’t get scanned.

    CALUM: Actually, you did... you just didn’t know it. It was when you first joined the company.

    ROWE: (sighs) Just tell me what you found out.

    CALUM: Mr. Alice’s real name is Anton Andreyevich Dashkov.

    ROWE: (not surprised by the origin of the name) I did detect a Russian accent. He let it slip once. (Beat) What else?

    CALUM: Ms. McCree showed up unexpectedly, so that’s all I was able to get out of him.

    ROWE: (annoyed) You made it seem like you got more than just a name.

    CALUM: Sorry.

    ROWE: Well, did Ms. McCree suspect anything?

    CALUM: (shakes his head) We have something to go on now though. (Pulls up a search engine on his laptop; grins) And the power of the internet.

    ROWE: I honestly don’t think we’ll find anything. Mr. Alice strikes me as a man who would do anything to cover up his past.

    CALUM: Can’t hurt to try.

    ROWE: (stands up) Then do your magic. (Beat) I have somewhere to go.

    CALUM: (concerned) Go? Where are you going?

    ROWE: New England Acres Nursery.

    CALUM: (concerned) A nursery? Why would you want to go to a nursery? It’s not for herbs for some kind of spell is it? Sir?

    ROWE doesn’t respond as he leaves the hotel room. We hear:

    'cause I want it now
    I want it now
    give me your heart and your soul
    and I'm breaking out
    I'm breaking out
    last chance to lose control

    CUT TO:

    Sitting on a lounge chair, BELLA reads one of the ancient texts on psychic powers she bought earlier this morning from Mrs. O’Leary’s Bookstore. Nearby CJ pushes a cart toward her.

    CJ: Hey girlfriend.

    BELLA: (quickly looks up) Hey boyfriend... (hides book) I didn’t know you were volunteering today.

    CJ: They’re short a couple of students and asked me to come in. (Beat) I’m glad you’re here. I need to talk to you.

    BELLA: Yeah?

    CJ: (bluntly) Even though softball season is over, you’ve been busy with the excessive studying for finals and doing a lot of research projects and we never had that conversation you promised about a certain slayer-slash-witch who hunts vampires and spirits.

    BELLA: (stands up; pulls CJ to the side) CJ! Whenever we talk about the... (whispers) supernatural were suppose to be, you know, discreet.

    CJ: (softly) Sorry but... that’s exactly why we need to talk. You’ve been vague about the whole thing. I have all of these questions that need answers. You said you’d fill in the details but you haven’t. (Lowers voice) How long has Rain been a slayer? How did you get into it? Why is Mr. Corbis running the show? What about Ms. Blake or Nick? Stuff like that.

    BELLA: We will talk about it I promise you... just not right now. The prom is tomorrow and we have finals soon.

    CJ: I’d just like to know what I’m getting myself into.

    BELLA: (arches a brow) What do you mean?

    CJ: Well... how dangerous is it? This gig?

    BELLA: Gig? It’s not like you’re a part of the team...

    CJ: I wasn’t asking for a decoder ring to your slayer club... but if there is a chance that I could be a bystander-

    BELLA: -Bystander? I thought you were okay with this? I mean you said you were amused by the spirit.

    CJ: I’m just looking out for myself, Bella. I just... I didn’t realize there were vampires and werewolves and all the other terrifyingly dangerous stuff in the picture too. Surely you can understand that? The the way all of you acted at the restaurant that night, it seemed like it was just another day at the office. I mean was that an everyday thing?

    BELLA: (uneasy) This feels more like an intervention or something.

    CJ: (sighs) I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to ambush you.

    BELLA: No-no... your feelings are valid. (Beat) We’ll sit down and have a long talk about this. I promise... (looks around again) just not now.

    CJ: (inches back a bit) I’m sorry I shouldn’t have-

    BELLA: -No, it’s okay.

    There is an awkward silence between them.

    BELLA: (anxious) I-I should go. I have class.

    CJ: I’ll see you after school?

    BELLA: (winces) Rain and I are going shopping. She doesn’t have her prom dress yet.

    CJ: (frustrated) All right... call me... whenever. (Quickly leaves with the cart)

    BELLA picks up the book from her seat and puts it in her bag. She glances over to CJ who is restacking some shelves. With a sigh, she leaves the library.

    CUT TO:

    A cut up and bruised JAIME is running through the forest looking over her shoulder. Someone is following her. It’s SOLEDAD. She appears to be annoyed. As she glances over her shoulder, JAIME trips over a rock. SOLEDAD quickly approaches her.

    JAIME: (frantically) Let me go!

    SOLEDAD: (sarcastically) What’s wrong? Is the cabin not comfortable enough for you?

    JAIME: Please! I’ll do whatever he wants!

    SOLEDAD: (pulls out the handcuffs) Looks like I’m going to have to tie you down this time.

    JAIME: (cries) Oh god!

    SOLEDAD bends over cuffing JAIME and then pulls her on her feet.

    SOLEDAD: This is getting annoying, Jaime. (Beat) You’re going to tell us everything.

    JAIME: I swear I don’t know anything!

    SOLEDAD: (pushes her) Your brother seems to think otherwise.

    As they continue their trail, they arrive at the cabin. SOLEDAD opens the door, we see WARNER inside, waiting for them. JAIME’S eyes widen. SOLEDAD shoves JAIME onto a chair.

    JAIME: (cries again) Warner, why are you doing this to me?

    WARNER: (monotone) Because you asked for it.

    Suddenly the surrounding room fades creating a ripple effect erasing the walls of the cabin followed by the grass, trees and sunlight leaving only WARNER, SOLEDAD and JAIME in a dark and gray room. Yet JAIME is unconscious and strapped down in her seat. There is an IV in her arm. She doesn’t have any cuts and bruises on her face as she did before.

    WARNER: (frustrated) This is not working.

    SOLEDAD: The demon said it takes time. Perhaps another scenario?

    WARNER: Do whatever it takes. I have other matters I need to take care of.

    SOLEDAD: Yes sir.

    WARNER exits the room.

    SOLEDAD: (OS) Let’s try this again, shall we?

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      ACT II


      There are teachers and students bustling about, putting up the decorations for the prom. A couple of students are setting up tables and chairs. While RAIN is painting a banner, NEEVE is yelling at her boyfriend who is holding a decorative arch with the help of two football players.

      NEEVE: (annoyed) Trent? People are supposed to get their pictures taken right after they enter the gym, not right before. (Points) Move it to the front.

      TRENT: (mutters) Yes, Master.

      The FOOTBALL PLAYERS snickers.

      NEEVE: (glares at him) You’re really going to call me that? After I sold my clothes for you?

      RAIN: (mutters) You were under a spell you bimbette.

      Just as RAIN turns back to her banner, MS. MARKS approaches her.

      MS. MARKS: Mason...

      RAIN: (looks up) Yes Ms. Marks?..

      MS. MARKS: (checks out the gym) It’s really coming along... (Smiles) and it’s all because of you.

      RAIN: (shrugs) Oh, I didn’t do much.

      MS. MARKS: (scoffs) You’re seriously not going to take credit for all of your hard work?

      RAIN: (Smirks) I would think after all of my hard work, I’d get a break and not have go to the prom? (Feigns a smile) What do you think?

      MS. MARKS: (shakes her head) Nope, I don’t think. You’re going. (RAIN sighs; softly) Have you picked a dress yet?

      RAIN: (mumbles) No...

      MS. MARKS: (turns to her) You know... there’s a vintage store that I frequent. I’m sure they have something would go with the eighties theme.

      RAIN: (sighs; gives in) What’s the name of it?

      MS. MARKS: Grandma’s Attic. It’s on Greenwood Street.

      RAIN arches a brow.

      MS. MARKS: Trust me, they have cool stuff there.

      RAIN: Okay I’ll check it out.

      MS. MARKS: (smiles) Great.

      She glances over and sees PRINCIPAL REYERS is watching her.

      MS. MARKS: (mutters to herself) Great... Ray-gun is here. (Back to RAIN; sing-song) See you tomorrow night.

      RAIN gives her a look. MS. MARKS turns to leave while PRINCIPAL REYERS tries to talk to her. Ignoring him she briskly leaves the gym. He sighs, looks over to RAIN and takes the opportunity to talk to her.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: (approaches her) Ms. Mason... how are you?

      RAIN: (dips her brush into some paint) I’m good.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: (softly) You know... I’ve been meaning to tell you this but... I just wanted to say... I’m proud of you.

      RAIN: (feels awkward) Oh, right... thanks.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: I mean it... you’ve come a long away. (Beat) Have you decided what you want to do after you graduate?

      RAIN shakes her head.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: Ah well, never mind. It’s okay these days if you don’t go to college right away. (Beat) You can take a break, figure things out.

      RAIN: (softly) I suppose I could do that. (Pauses) Thank you, sir.

      PRINCIPAL REYERS nods a “you’re welcome” and looks over to a couple of nerds fighting over a cheerleader.

      FIRST NERD: Admit it! You paid her to go to the prom with you!

      PRINCIPAL REYERS: I better go and take care of that.

      RAIN watches him leave and turns back to her banner. Just then NICK strolls in with his band. The band starts setting up on the stage. There is a DJ nearby. The band shakes hand with the DJ as they seem to know each other. NICK sees RAIN and walks over to her. As he does the DJ starts to test his equipment and puts on Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know. We hear:

      There's a boy I know, he's the one I dream of
      Looks into my eyes, takes me to the clouds above
      Ooh I lose control, can't seem to get enough
      When I wake from dreaming, tell me is it really love

      NICK: (from behind) I think it’s a masterpiece.

      RAIN: (swings around; looks over to the band) I... oh, thanks... So, where are your groupies tonight?

      NICK: (mock laughs) Funny... we’re doing a sound check. (Beat) Seriously, the banner looks very retro. (Glances around) You captured the soul of the eighties.

      RAIN: Thanks. (Small smirk) I guess its ace.

      NICK: Ace?

      RAIN: Yeah, ace! I’ve been throwing eighties slang about all day. Can you relate?

      NICK: (smirks) Yeah I got it. (Run his hands through his hair) So I was thinking...

      RAIN: (cleans up a brush) Yeah?

      NICK: (anxiously) Since I’m performing with the band tomorrow... (shrugs) maybe we could go to the prom together.

      RAIN: (picks up another brush) You mean like a date?

      NICK: No... just as friends. (Stammers) Y-you know because we’re friends.

      RAIN: (fidgets) I don’t know. Won’t it be kinda weird?

      NICK: What’s so weird about hanging out with your friends at a symposium?

      RAIN: (smirks) Do you even know what that word means?

      NICK: I most certainly do, it means “drinking party”. (RAIN smirks) Granted there’s no alcohol at the prom but you get the gist of what I’m asking. So what do you say?

      RAIN: (sighs) All right. Bella and I are going to change at my apartment, and then we’ll come here.

      NICK: (sees ELEANOR is waving him over) Okay... Ace. I better go, my band is calling me.

      NICK walks backwards with a small wave to RAIN, almost bumping into a student. She rolls her eyes. He apologizes to the student and looks over to her. However RAIN has turned back to her banner. We hear the last of the chorus:

      How will I know (Don't trust your feelings)
      How will I know
      How will I know (Love can be deceiving)
      How will I know
      How will I know if he really loves me

      CUT TO:

      WARNER is at his desk sitting before some files while speaking to SOLEDAD on his cell. She’s looking at JAIME who is knocked out and tied to a chair.

      WARNER: Did you get the intel?

      SOLEDAD: Yes.

      WARNER: Excellent. I knew you had it in you, Soledad. Have you thought about what I asked of you?

      SOLEDAD: (softly) Yes.

      WARNER: And?

      SOLEDAD: (monotone) I’ll do it.

      WARNER: You’ve never killed a human before.

      SOLEDAD: (doesn’t take her eyes off of JAIME) I said I’ll do it.

      She hangs up on him.

      CUT TO:


      From a luxury car on the other side of the street, we see RAIN and BELLA strolling down the boardwalk. The window in the back seat is rolled down slightly. However we see it’s an impatient ROWE watching them laughing. As they continue to walk, we hear additional lyrics from Hysteria by Muse:

      and I want you now
      I want you now
      I'll feel my heart implode
      I'm breaking out
      escaping now
      feeling my faith erode

      As they get closer to the vintage store BELLA gets a wave of dizziness but quickly brushes it off without RAIN noticing. This intrigues ROWE. Soon the GIRLS enter the vintage store while he remains in his seat.

      CUT TO:

      About thirty minutes later, RAIN and BELLA are still going through clothes.

      BELLA: (picks up a dress) What about this?

      RAIN: (shakes her head) Bleh.

      BELLA: (puts its back) Seriously, Rain why did you wait until last minute?

      RAIN: I kept hoping I could still get out of going to the prom. (Beat) Ms. Marks is sure one tough cookie, I’ll you that.

      BELLA: Well, I’m glad you’re coming with CJ and me.

      RAIN: (holding an A-Team t-shirt) Actually, Nick asked me to go with him.

      BELLA: (smirks) Did he now?

      RAIN: (glares at her) As friends, Bella.

      BELLA: (grins) If all of us go together, maybe Michael will let us take his car.

      RAIN: (shrugs; puts the shirt back) I don’t see why not.

      BELLA: (softly) Rain?

      RAIN: (checking out a pair of acid-wash jeans) Yeah?

      BELLA: (anxiously) I know Nick kissed you.

      RAIN: (embarrassed) H-how do you know that?

      BELLA: When we swapped bodies, Nick apologized for kissing you.

      RAIN: He did?

      BELLA: Yeah. He seemed sincere. (Small grin) He was actually really sweet about it.

      RAIN: Nick? Sweet?

      BELLA: Yeah sure, he can be sometimes, you know?

      RAIN: I was thinking more like dorky but-

      BELLA: -Do you like him?

      RAIN: (uncomfortable) I.. Look we’re getting distracted from the mission.

      BELLA: (scoffs) Mission? What mission?

      RAIN: (nods empathetically) Operation Prom Dress.

      BELLA: Rain... you’re skirting the issue. You like Nick, don’t you? Come on, it’s pretty obvious.

      RAIN: (to herself; return the jeans to the rack) Maybe I should ask the sales clerk for some help.

      BELLA: Rain-

      RAIN: (exasperated) –God! First Madeline and now you!

      BELLA: (arches a brow) Madeline?

      RAIN: She’s been pushing Nick toward me, just like (gestures toward her) you’re doing now.

      BELLA: Sounds like she agrees with me.

      RAIN: On what? That you’re both annoying?

      BELLA just smiles back.

      RAIN: (sighs) Look I don’t like him. Not that way. Besides-

      Suddenly, BELLA gets dizzy. In the window, we see ROWE walking past the store. They don’t see him.

      RAIN: (concerned) Bella? Are you okay?

      BELLA: (as if it’s nothing) Yeah... I just got a little dizzy. I’m going to step outside... get some fresh air.

      RAIN: Let me come with you.

      BELLA: (puts her hand up) No-no... keep looking. I’ll just be a minute.

      RAIN: Are you sure?

      BELLA: (nods) go find your dress.

      RAIN: Okay.

      Hastily BELLA exits the store leaving RAIN to continue her mission.

      CUT TO:

      Leaning against the brick wall, BELLA collects herself. A voice startles her.

      ROWE: (OS) Isabella...

      BELLA looks up and sees ROWE standing before her.

      BELLA glances over to the window for RAIN, then back at ROWE. She inches back.

      ROWE: I’m not going to hurt you... (looks through the window) or Ms. Mason.

      BELLA: What about Madeline?

      ROWE: (turns back to BELLA) That’s my business, don’t you think?

      BELLA: (pulls out a phone) I have Madeline on speed dial. I can call her-

      ROWE: (snatches it from her)- You don’t want to do that.

      BELLA: Rain is going to come out any second.

      ROWE: (leans over to the window) She went to the dressing room. (Back to BELLA; arches a brow) Think she finally found her prom dress?

      BELLA: H-how did you know that?

      ROWE: I read your mind.

      BELLA: (stunned) Y-you can do that?

      ROWE: Oh yes, let see, if a little proof is have a boyfriend. (Eerie smile) He’s your first, isn’t he? Sweet.

      BELLA: (disgusted) I don’t know what Madeline ever saw in you.

      ROWE: (stiffens) I wasn’t always like this. (Beat) But I didn’t come here to discuss my past. In fact I didn’t come here to discuss anything with you. I was just doing errands and then I felt your presence-

      BELLA: (unnerved) -Felt?

      ROWE: For some reason my powers... and yours... connect. I can feel you when I am a few feet away. (Gazes at her) Don’t you find that curious?

      BELLA: (firmly) No. No I don’t. Stay away from me Mr. Edwards.

      ROWE: (reads her) Interesting, you haven’t told Rain. I thought you were like sisters, braiding each other’s hair and sharing all of your dark little secrets. (Pauses again) You think someone is coming for your powers?

      BELLA: (scared) Mr. Edwards, please stop-

      ROWE: (leans in; whispers) –It’s not me who you should be worried about. It’s the Collector and who he works for. (Reads her again) I believe you know his name.

      ROWE winks at her, hands BELLA her phone back. He turns for the sidewalk.

      ROWE: (swings around) Oh... (Grins) good luck with all of the research you’ve been doing. It’ll be an interesting cliff-hanger, don’t you think?

      ROWE continues down the sidewalk. Heavily, BELLA sighs. A second or two later RAIN emerges from the store carrying a bag.

      RAIN: Hey, are you feeling better?

      BELLA quickly looks over to ROWE to make sure he’s out of sight. He’s nowhere to be seen.

      BELLA: (turns to RAIN) Much better, thanks. (Eyes the bag) Ooh, is that your dress?

      RAIN: (grins) Operation Prom Dress was a success after all. It’s totallyeighties but I am going to alter it so that it’s a little more modern, Rain-style.

      BELLA: (smirks) You are pretty handy with the sewing machine.

      RAIN: Actually, mine is broken. (Shrugs) I’m going to have to do it by hand.

      BELLA: Don’t be silly you can use Rosie’s.

      RAIN stiffens a little. BELLA notices it but doesn’t say anything.

      RAIN: (concerned) Will your dad still be at work?

      BELLA: (arches a brow at this) Yes... Sheridan isn’t home either so we’ll have the place to ourselves. We can raid through her jewellery box; see if there is something we can wear to the prom. It’s not like she’ll miss it.

      RAIN: (pleased) I still need to get some shoes though.

      BELLA: Just borrow mine. We’re the same size. (Small grin) This is going to be so much fun. Ooh we can make brownies!

      RAIN: Tempting but I’m more amused by the idea of wearing Sheridan’s jewellery.

      The GIRLS laugh as they walk down the boardwalk arm in arm.

      CUT TO:

      ROWE enters the hotel room with a bouquet of roses. CALUM is on the couch writing notes. He looks up and sees the flowers.

      CALUM: (anxiously) For Madeline? (Stands up) Look, I know how much you want to be with her but I really think it would be a good idea if you keep a distance from her before Ms. McCree or Mr. Alice... (realizes ROWE is not himself)

      ROWE places the flowers on the table takes of his jacket and strolls over to the window.

      CALUM: Sir? Something wrong?

      ROWE: (softly; rubs his temples) She’s powerful... so powerful and she doesn’t even realize it.

      CALUM: Who? Rain?

      ROWE: They both are... (turns to CALUM) Rain and Isabella... they’re connected. Somehow there’s something that links them.

      CALUM: (arches a brow) What do you mean?

      ROWE: I ran into Isabella today... well... I followed her really.

      CALUM: Why would you do that?

      ROWE: I had to know.

      CALUM: Know what?

      ROWE: Our powers... they intensify when we’re close. I can easily read her mind; what she’s thinking, but it won’t let me learn about her powers. (Beat) It’s as if they’re protecting her.

      CALUM: Her powers?

      ROWE: Yes. I was able to sense that they’re similar to Rain’s but at the same time they’re not. I can’t pinpoint how or why. (Pauses; thinking to himself) And then there’s the research Bella is doing.

      CALUM: Research? What research?

      ROWE: (looks at him in the eye) I think Rain and Isabella... are sisters.

      CUT TO:

      Carrying bags BELLA and RAIN enter the house. They instantly hear WARNER’S voice coming from office.

      RAIN: (upset) I thought you said your dad would be at work.

      BELLA: (apologetic) He must have got off early. (Beat) Go ahead to my room. I’ll just be a minute.

      RAIN reluctantly nods, taking BELLA’S bags and strolls up the stairs.

      CUT TO:

      BELLA appears in the doorway.

      BELLA: (grins) Whatcha doing?

      WARNER hangs up the phone and quickly hides some surveillance photos.

      WARNER: Just paperwork.

      BELLA: You’re home early.

      WARNER: Yes... did you have fun shopping?

      BELLA: (nods) Yeah, Rain found her dress at long last. She’s come back with me to make some alterations to it.

      WARNER’S demeanor changes, BELLA notices this.

      WARNER: (softly) Oh, so she’s here?

      BELLA: Yeah she needs to borrow Rosie’s sewing machine. Is Sheridan home?

      WARNER: No your stepmother is still at the spa with Ava. (Beat) Why?

      BELLA: (apprehensive) Oh, no reason.

      WARNER: Is Rain going to the prom with Mr. Hodges and you?

      BELLA: (nods) We’re going to get ready at her place.

      WARNER: Okay but be sure to stop by... I want to take pictures.

      BELLA: (small grin) Just don’t embarrass me in front of Mr. Hodges.

      WARNER: (smirks) I wouldn’t dream of it. (Beat) You know, Bella I want to apologize for not attending your softball games. I really feel bad about that.

      BELLA: (waves a hand) We didn’t even make the playoffs anyway. Plus I know you’ve been super busy with work. I understand.

      WARNER: (small smile) Well, when you go to college, you can try out again.

      BELLA: Good idea. (Thumbs to the door) Well, I should get going.

      WARNER: Have fun.

      BELLA nods and leaves the office. He pulls out the photos again. We see they’re of ROWE in his glamour talking to BELLA in front of the vintage store, Grandma’s Attic. He sighs as if to acknowledge who ROWE is and puts them away. WARNER pulls a thick envelope from the top drawer. He grabs one of the cell phones from the bottom desk drawer and dials it. SOLEDAD answers.

      WARNER: I will need a package delivered. Use one of your messengers.

      SOLEDAD: Okay, meet me at the usual spot in an hour.

      WARNER: See you soon.

      He hangs up and pulls out a newspaper clipping about a missing woman.

      WARNER: (eerily) We’re getting closer, Natalya. It’s a shame you’re not alive to see it all happen.

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        ACT III


        BELLA is holding onto SHERIDAN’S jewellery box, looking for something suitable. She picks out a necklace and turns to RAIN for an opinion. Before she can speak she sees that RAIN is reading a book.

        BELLA: (sets the box down) What are you looking at?

        RAIN: (holds up a book about psychic powers) What’s this?

        BELLA: (stammers) Wh-where did you get that?

        RAIN: I was moving your stuff around and all of these books fell out of your backpack. (Beat) Is this what you’ve been spending all of your time on? Reaching about psychic powers?

        BELLA: (takes it from her) What? No-no... I got them for Mia. She’s into this sort of thing.

        RAIN: Oh. (softly) That’s nice of you. (Beat) Are you friends now or something?

        BELLA: Yeah.

        RAIN: (gestures) Though it’s a lot of books to get for someone else, don’t you think?

        BELLA: (puts the book on the bed with the rest of them) I just thought I’d be helpful. She’s cool, ya know?

        RAIN: She’s all right, pretty blunt about things, speaks her mind but yeah I guess she’s cool.

        BELLA: (Sees RAIN’S dress on the bed) Is this it? The dress?

        RAIN: (brings it to her shoulders) Yup! So... what do you think?

        RAIN stands before the mirror. The dress is white with a puffy skirt and sleeves.

        BELLA: (makes a face) I can see why you want to alter it.

        RAIN: (smirks) You’re just crunchy.

        BELLA: You seriously got to stop with the eighties slang. And no, I’m not jealous.

        RAIN: (ignores her) I’ll just remove the puffy sleeves, let out the skirt and add a border. I’ve got black flowered trim in my bag that will complete the look. I know you can’t see my vision yet, but trust me, it’ll look good. (Beat) Anyway, where’s your dress? I haven’t seen it yet.

        BELLA walks over to the closet and takes it off the hanger revealing her blue dress is an a-line with a sweetheart neckline.

        BELLA: I got it on sale. (Beat) You should have seen the look on Sheridan’s face when I told her that.

        RAIN: (with approval) It’s cute.

        BELLA: That’s all I get? Cute?

        BELLA strolls over to the mirror holding the dress up to her shoulders.

        RAIN: I stand by what I said. It’s cute. We’ll both be looking hip tomorrow night for sure.

        BELLA: Get real, Rain.

        RAIN: Make me, homefry.

        BELLA: Are you going to keep doing that?

        RAIN: (smirks) You bet. (Beat) Maybe we should get a hairdog.

        BELLA: (groans) I’m not teasing my hair.

        RAIN snickers.

        BELLA: (small grin) Oh Rosie said to go ahead to the laundry room and use her sewing machine. (Beat) I’ll be there in a second.

        RAIN: (picks up her dress) Thank you.

        As RAIN leaves, BELLA hangs up her dress. Unexpectedly, she’s gets dizzy. She brings a hand to her head.


        There are flashes of an underground cave. DRIDGE, HARPER’S husband from 1.12 Truth & Consequences is strapped to a table. He’s in pain screaming. The camera pans to MR. ALICE holding onto a syringe with an eerie grin. Then we’re shifted to the LEADER of the coven. His voice is garbled.

        LEADER: You are wasting your time, Anton. (Beat) Trackers have nothing to offer. I’ve told you this.

        MR. ALICE: (holding the syringe) Then we’ll do it again.


        PRESENT TIME – MAY 2005

        Still in front of the closet BELLA jerks back, stunned and confused by what just happened.

        BELLA: (confused) What the frak was that?

        BELLA walks unsteadily over to her bed and sits down to collect her thought. She shakes her head. Then we hear the dialogue between MIA and BELLA from 1.16 Witching Hour.

        MIA: (VO) You have the gift.

        BELLA: (VO) What gift?

        MIA: (VO) The gift of seeing. You can see the past and future.

        Stunned, BELLA realizes something.

        BELLA: (brings her hand to mouth) Oh god... was that a vision?

        CUT TO:

        Holding onto grocery bags, MADELINE approaches her door. She sees a box of flowers. Frowning she adjusts her bags and picks it up before letting herself in. From a distance ROWE is watching her.

        CUT TO:

        After she sets everything down, MADELINE opens the box, revealing red roses. With a hint of fear, she reads the card. It says: Memento Mori. This phrase was engraved on her wedding ring and mentioned in episode 1.06 Acid Test. MADELINE grabs the box and throws it in the trash. Then she looks over to the windows, scanning her surroundings but ROWE is nowhere in sight.

        CUT TO:

        MICHAEL is putting away books on the shelf. Compared to the previous episode, 1.16 Witching Hour, it seems that the new library and office as well as the training center is finally coming together. There is a soft knock on the office door. MICHAEL answers it. It’s MADELINE wearing an expression of fear.

        MICHAEL: (with concern) What’s wrong?

        MADELINE: (enters the office) I-I didn’t want bother Rain with this because she’s getting ready for the prom.

        MICHAEL closes the door and gestures for her to sit down.

        MADELINE: (sits; edgy) I came home from grocery shopping and found a box of flowers.

        MICHAEL walks around the desk and slips into his seat.

        MADELINE: (hands him the card) They’re from Rowe.

        MICHAEL: (surprised) Your husband? (Reads the card)

        MADELINE: Yes. There’s no name but that phrase... it’s engraved on my wedding ring.

        MICHAEL: (gives her the card back) Has he done anything like this before? Try to reach you since he disappeared?

        MADELINE: No... but there have been moments where I’d feel he was near me but I’ve always shrugged them off.

        MICHAEL: There are no reports about his whereabouts. My sources have come up dry. (Beat) Do know what flower shop they’re from? We could maybe question the owner.

        MADELINE: I d-don’t know. The box and the card... they both were blank.

        MICHAEL: Well obviously he doesn’t want you to find him.

        MADELINE: (nods) I just wanted to let you know... even though it doesn’t tell us where he is or what he’s up to.

        MICHAEL: (observes her a bit) You know... one of my apartments is empty. It’s furnished. You’re welcome to stay there for a few days. Just to be safe.

        MADELINE: (flattered) Oh, I couldn’t.

        MICHAEL: I have security cameras on each floor. I just installed alarm systems in each room. It’s pretty secure. If you need anything, I’m on the top floor or a phone call away.

        MADELINE: (fidgets) I don’t know. Maybe Rowe won’t do anything-

        MICHAEL: (softly) –Madeline... stay here, please, just for a few days until we figure things out.

        MADELINE: What about Rain? I don’t want her wondering why I’m there.

        MICHAEL: Tell her your apartment is being fumigated or painted, something like that.

        MADELINE: You’d do that for me?

        MICHAEL: Of course.

        MADELINE: Okay... (Stands up) I guess... I’ll get my things.

        MICHAEL: Let me come with you.

        MADELINE: No, there’s no need. You’ve done enough.

        MICHAEL: (ignores her; grabs his keys) I insist. I’ll drive you.

        MADELINE: (nods) You’re not going to budge, are you?

        MICHAEL: It’s just to be on the safe side. (Gestures to the door) Shall we?

        MADELINE nods.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA is in the closet hiding all of the books she bought from the store early this morning.

        RAIN: (OS) I finished the dress.

        Startled, BELLA instantly gets up and closes the closet door. She rubs her head a bit from a tension headache but RAIN doesn’t notice.

        BELLA: (admires the dress) Wow... Rain, you did an awesome job. I love it.

        RAIN: Thanks... (Softly; puts the dress back in the bag) I thought you were going to come watch me sew.

        BELLA: Sorry, I had some homework I forgot to do.

        RAIN: (Frowns) Homework? All we have are finals.

        BELLA: Yeah, it’s just extra credit.

        RAIN: You sure have been doing a lot of studying.

        BELLA: Being prepared, that’s all.

        RAIN: Right... Well I’m officially calling you totally prepared. So it’s time to put down the books and ring the bell for break time... I was thinking we could grab a dinner at the Red Vein. CJ can come.

        BELLA: (smiles) What about Nick?

        RAIN: What about him?

        BELLA: Invite him. (Cheesy grin) It’ll be like a double date.

        RAIN: (mutters) You’re reaching, Bella. (Beat; gives her a look) Just call CJ.

        BELLA: (looks at her watch) Actually... (winces) would you mind if CJ and I meet you at your apartment first? (Gestures their prom dresses) I’ll bring all of our stuff.

        RAIN: (arches a brow) Huh? You’re my ride home Bella.

        BELLA: (fidgets a bit) Yeah I just I need to talk to CJ. I haven’t talked to him about the warlock that trapped us in the restaurant and well... about us... how we’re all involved in all of this. He’s been asking for weeks.

        RAIN: (shrugs) All right. It’s fine. I could use the walk. Meet in a couple of hours?

        BELLA: (nods; small grin) Sure.

        RAIN leaves and BELLA’S smile fades.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA knocks on the door. The door opens to reveal MIA.

        MIA: (smiles softly) Come in.

        BELLA: (enters) Thank you. (Beat) I appreciate you seeing me on such a short notice.

        MIA: Of course... follow me.

        They stroll down a narrow hallway leading to a room surrounded with candles, a round table and ancient artifacts on the wall.

        BELLA: Is this where you do your readings?

        MIA doesn’t respond but just smirks as she pours them some tea.

        MIA: (hands her a cup) Have a seat.

        BELLA: (sits down) I thought we were going to start... you know?

        MIA: (joins her) You thought we’d hold hands, chant, commune with the spirit world?

        BELLA: (nervously sips her tea) Something like that.

        MIA: (takes a spoon to her cup) There’s no need for that. Your powers are already talking to me.

        BELLA: (sets her cup down) A-are you serious?

        MIA: Isn’t that why you came to me? To figure out your powers?

        BELLA: (anxiously) Yeah but I didn’t think-

        MIA: -Just relax Bella. Drink your tea.

        BELLA: (sinks into her seat) Sorry. (Beat) Where’s your family?

        MIA: My parents are catering a charity event and my grandmother is visiting a friend. It’s just us. (Beat) So... you had a memory this morning?

        BELLA: Y-you picked up on that?

        MIA: (nods) It’s fragmented.

        BELLA: Yes... it doesn’t make sense.

        MIA: It’ll come to you when the time is right. (Beat) You also had a vision.

        BELLA: This is just too weird. (Stammers a bit) My-my powers are really telling you this?

        MIA: (doesn’t answer her question) Tell me about the vision.

        BELLA: I’m not sure. (Beat) How much do you know about the supernatural world? I mean... besides spirits?

        MIA: I know there are vampires, demons and other supernatural beings.

        BELLA: How did you-

        MIA: -I can sense them. (Explains) Just their presence. I don’t fight them, not like your friend Rain.

        BELLA: You knew?

        MIA: You know that there are a small number of us students who do actually notice Rain and the supernatural chaos seems to come into play when she’s around.

        BELLA: Really? I just figured everyone was in denial whenever Rain saves the day.

        MIA: Your vision... it came true.

        BELLA: It did?

        MIA: (sips her tea) Remember... you can see the past and the future.

        BELLA: So I’ve been told but look, I don’t understand why or how I even got these powers.

        MIA: (leans in; firmly) Bella I know you’re anxious to know about your powers but if you rush it, you’ll just get overwhelmed. You just had your first vision. It doesn’t make sense, none of it does but your powers they are guiding you. I can tell you that much. Let it happen naturally, don’t force it.

        BELLA: (sighs) Well I suppose I can try. I guess I’m just frustrated is all.

        MIA: You have a lot on your plate.

        BELLA: I appreciate this. (Smirks) Is there any chance you can tell me how you know Michael or even Oliver?

        MIA: (glances over to the clock) You don’t want to be late for dinner with your friends.

        BELLA: (pouts) I hate it when you do that.

        MIA just gives a small smile.

        BELLA: (picks up her bag) How much do I owe you?

        MIA: It’s free of charge.

        BELLA: Are you sure? (MIA nods) Are you going to the prom?

        MIA: Hell yeah. Think I’d miss a one-time event like that?

        BELLA: (laughs) Well... thanks again.

        MIA: You’ll be fine, Bella.

        Feeling uncertain, BELLA smiles back.

        CUT TO:

        MADELINE is at the bar eating a steak. Soon RAIN, BELLA and CJ appear dressed for the Red Vein.

        RAIN: Madeline... I’m surprised to see you here.

        MADELINE: (wipes her mouth) Hey, yeah umm... (Looks over to MICHAEL who is mixing a drink) actually, my apartment is being fumigated, so Michael offered me a place at one of the apartments here.

        RAIN: (arches a brow) Is that right?

        BELLA: (smiles) So Rain and you will be neighbors, then?

        MADELINE: Just for a few days. (Beat) Are you okay with this, Rain?

        RAIN: (waves a hand) Yeah, I’m fine.

        MADELINE: Good. So did you find your dress?

        RAIN: I did. I had to alter it but it came out really nice.

        BELLA: Is Nick around?

        RAIN gives BELLA a look.

        MICHAEL: (hands off a drink to a customer) He’s in the break room.

        BELLA: (grabs RAIN’S hand) Come on... let’s ask him to come.

        RAIN groans. CJ stays behind.

        CJ: (joins MADELINE) Ms. Blake...

        MADELINE: (picks up her fork) CJ...

        They awkwardly sit in silence.

        CUT TO:

        NICK is watching a Beverly Hills 90120 episode. He looks over to RAIN and BELLA as they enter the room.

        NICK: Wow look at the hotties! So, where are you fine ladies going to night?

        BELLA: (joins him on the couch) The Red Vein.

        NICK: (nods) A very happening place, I hear.

        RAIN rolls her eyes.

        BELLA: CJ is coming with us. (Begs) Join us, please?

        NICK: And party all the time like Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend?

        BELLA giggles.

        RAIN: Oh brother...

        NICK: I’m game. (Turns back to the TV) Let me just finish this episode. Dylan just found out his father had a secret storage unit that someone just broken into.

        BELLA looks over to the TV.

        RAIN: (sits on the arm rest) I can’t believe you watch this.

        NICK: It’s quality television. They tackle a lot of important issues like teen pregnancy, rape, homosexuality, drugs, the list is endless.

        RAIN: CJ is here, Nick. He’s waiting for us. Maybe the teen angst of the rich and privileged can take a back seat just for tonight?

        NICK: All right, all right. (Turns off TV; stands up quickly) I’m ready. (Does a little dance) Let’s par-tay.

        BELLA laughs and sneaks a look at RAIN who is not amused by NICK’S silly behavior.

        CUT TO:

        The door opens and we see its SOLEDAD. She flicks on the light. The camera pans to her face. There is deep cut above her brow. The room is covered wall to wall with pictures of vampires, demons, supernatural beings, everything unknown to man. Her bed is scattered with occult books, papers with notes scrawled on them and a Haven High School year book. The book is already open, where RAIN’S picture is circled in red.

        SOLEDAD grabs a cold brew from a Styrofoam cooler and starts taking off her clothes. She makes her way to the bathroom with the beer still in her hand, turns the water on and sprinkles in a packet of bath salt. As she gets in the hot water, we see her bare back is covered with bruises. SOLEDAD takes a long gulp of her beer and sets it on the rim of the bathtub. She leans back and closes her eyes.

        CUT TO:

        There is a ruckus coming from the front door, someone is clearly trying to break in. Instantly, SOLEDAD’S eyes open. She gets out of the tub, puts on her robe and removes the lid of the toilet cistern, reaches in and retrieves a small hand gun in a clear plastic bag. Slowly she walks out of the bathroom. Dripping wet, SOLEDAD lifts her gun. Entering the apartment’s main room she sees ROWE sitting down in the only chair, holding onto the same thick envelope WARNER had SOLEDAD deliver earlier today.

        ROWE: I got your message.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          INT. MOTEL – EVENING

          SOLEDAD is now dressed in a tank top and jeans still holding onto the gun.

          ROWE: (smirks) No need for the gun, officer.

          SOLEDAD: (puts it in the nightstand; pours herself a drink) There was no need to break in. (Beat) Knocking would have been sufficient.

          ROWE: Force of habit. (Beat) You’re not going to offer me a drink?

          SOLEDAD: (sighs; hands it to him) Did you read everything?

          ROWE: (sips it) That’s why I’m here.

          SOLEDAD: (leans against the dresser) And?

          ROWE: I have some questions before-

          SOLEDAD: -I’m not here to answer them, Mr. Edwards.

          ROWE: You can’t blame me for asking, for being curious. I just want to be cautious.

          ROWE attempts to read her.

          SOLEDAD: (folds her arms) Don’t bother using your powers.

          ROWE: (fascinated) Huh... you’re blocking me. How is that possible? (Arches a brow) Are you a witch?

          SOLEDAD: Are you interested or not?

          ROWE: Why should I trust you... or your boss?

          SOLEDAD: (sighs; puts her arms down) Go ahead... use your powers on me. Read me.

          ROWE reads her.

          SOLEDAD: (quickly folds her arms again) So are you in?

          ROWE: (sips his drink again; eerie grin) I’m in.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN, NICK, BELLA and CJ are exiting the building from the back. They’re all laughing. They all walk pass a dumpster on their way to the parking lot.

          NICK: I’m telling you, it’s a true story.

          RAIN: I find that just a little bit hard to believe.

          CJ: (small grin) There were some sci-fi elements to it.

          NICK: (frowns) I’m hurt, guys. We do hunt vampires.

          RAIN: Yes but there’s no such thing as aliens, Nick.

          CJ: (run his hands through this hair) I still can’t believe you actually do that.

          BELLA sighs, knowing where CJ is going with this.

          NICK: What? Hunt vampires?

          CJ: (nods) Isn’t it dangerous? Putting your life at risk?

          NICK: Ahh but that’s it!... it’s the rush, the excitement when you’re chasing a vamp-

          RAIN: -In your case, it’s tripping over a vamp.

          NICK: (ignores her; cont’d) Holding onto Bonham, feeling the-

          CJ: Bonham?

          RAIN: It’s what he calls his stake.

          CJ: (arches a brow) Stake?

          RAIN: Weapon. A wooden stake to the heart turns ‘em into dust. (Beat; looks over to BELLA) I thought Bella told you everything?

          BELLA winces.

          CJ: Actually no she hasn’t yet-

          Suddenly, a VAMPIRE appears from an alley behind them. It hisses and then attacks, heading straight for BELLA. EVERYONE swings around. CJ’S eyes widen.

          CJ: Bella!

          BELLA manages to dodge the attack and moves quickly to the safety of the group. The vampire hisses again but stands its ground as it appraises them.

          RAIN: I didn’t bring my stake!

          NICK: (pulls out his stake) Take mine! (Tosses it to RAIN)

          For himself, NICK finds a piece of word from a nearby broken crate.

          CJ: (anxious; unsure what to do) Shou-shouldn’t we call the cops?

          NICK: (grips it) And tell them what?

          CJ: Right.

          NICK: Don’t worry, Rain will get it.

          The VAMPIRE, looks behind him searching for a way to escape but realises that it’s only exit is through the group. With a snarl it attacks, launching itself into the fray, throwing kicks and punches, without regard for its targets. One backhanded punch catches BELLA on the cheek sending her flying into the wall and the VAMPIRE makes a break for the sudden opening. Before it can take more than five steps though it freezes and explodes into a cloud of dust, revealing Rain, Stake in hand, stood behind it.

          RAIN: Are you all right Bella?

          BELLA: (breathless, getting up and dusting herself down) Yeah, I’m fine.

          CJ runs up to BELLA and hugs her.

          CJ: (touches her face) Did the vampire hurt you?

          BELLA: (small smile) Just a little but I’m fine.

          NICK: Talk about odd timing, eh? We just were talking about vamps and then bam, out of nowhere, one attack Bella.

          BELLA: (brushes off the dirt on her jacket) That’s Haven for ya, (smirks) especially when we got our very own wiccan-slayer here in town.

          RAIN: (glares at BELLA) Oh so you’re blaming me for the unusually high population of vamps? I think they heard Nick boasting how he can kill ‘em in two seconds. So they all came here to prove him wrong.

          NICK: (amused) You really think they know about me?

          CJ looks at them, stunned at their calm behavior after such a strange and violent incident.

          RAIN: Seriously Nick-

          CJ: (dumbfounded) –You’re all like super calm. A vampire just attacked Bella.

          BELLA: (looks over to him) They’re always like this after a melee.

          NICK: (pats CJ’S back) You gotta have a sense of humor about these things. You’ll see. (Beat) Can I have my stake back, Mason?

          RAIN hands it to him. He examines it.

          RAIN: What are you doing?

          NICK: Making sure there are no splinters.

          RAIN: I didn’t break your precious stake.

          NICK: Just making sure.

          CJ: (softly to BELLA) How can you be okay about this?

          BELLA: (sighs) CJ, this is my life... I’m used to it.

          NICK: (points at RAIN with his stake) Do you know how long it took me to make this?

          RAIN: Awww… did the little green men help you?

          NICK: Hey! That was a true story. To this day I have nightmares-

          RAIN: -If you don’t shut it, I’m going to take Bonham away from you.

          BELLA giggles. With concern, CJ looks at her. NICK and RAIN’S voices trails off as they continue the walk to CJ’S truck.

          CUT TO:

          MADELINE is emptying a box of herbs and potions. With a glass of iced tea in hand, MICHAEL comes into view.

          MADELINE: (takes it) Thank you.

          MICHAEL: (gestures) No, thank you... for helping out. I’d ask the kids but-

          MADELINE: (sips her tea) –It’s good for me; get my mind off of... Rowe.

          MICHAEL: Well, yeah. Say, how’s the apartment treating you so far?

          MADELINE: Very well.

          MICHAEL: Good... (Looks around) the place is really coming together.

          MADELINE: (nods in agreement) It sure is.

          MICHAEL: Are you chaperoning the prom tomorrow night?

          MADELINE: (nods) I’m looking forward to it. I never went to my senior prom. I wish I did. (Beat) Did you go to yours?

          MICHAEL: (softly) Yes. (Beat) Anyway... I need to head back to the bar.

          MADELINE: Michael?

          MICHAEL: (swings around) Yeah?

          MADELINE: (softly) Thank you... for everything.

          MICHAEL: Sure. If there is anything you need, just let me know. Okay?

          MADELINE nods. He in returns nods back and leaves the library to the dining area.

          CUT TO:

          CJ and BELLA are in the car. There is an awkward tension between them. Soon The Scientist by Coldplay begins. We hear:

          Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry
          You don’t know how lovely you are
          I had to find you, tell you I need you
          Tell you I set you apart

          CJ: Why did Rain think you told me everything?

          BELLA: (stammers) I just... I told her I was going to talk to you before we went to the club but the timing was all off-

          CJ: -You’re not the same, Bella. You’re distracted... you’re different.

          BELLA: I know I’ve been busy with school but-

          CJ: -Is this is what you really do?

          BELLA: Do? What do you mean do?

          We hear:

          Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
          Oh, let’s go back to the start
          Running in circles, coming up tails
          Heads up on the science apart

          CJ: Fight vampires.

          BELLA: Sometimes its demons but yeah.

          CJ: (aghast) There are demons? (Sighs) How long have you been doing this?

          BELLA: Since Rain became a slayer. So about a couple of years.

          CJ: And Nick?

          BELLA: Not quite as long. Look... are you scared about what happened? I’m fine really. Rain staked the vamp. It’s all good.

          CJ: Are you exposed to violence almost every day?

          BELLA: (shrugs) More like every other day. Michael and Madeline have done this a lot longer then we have. There are other people who help us from time to time but they all know what they’re doing. We’re prepared for this sort of thing.

          CJ: (looks over to her) Rain forgot her stake.

          BELLA: She sometimes forgets her car keys. It happens.

          CJ: I would think bringing a stake is kinda crucial. It seems to be an important aspect of a slayer’s job, staking vampires.

          BELLA: (touches his face) CJ... look at me, I’m in one piece.

          CJ: (small smile) And I-I’m glad you’re okay, more glad than you know. I mean for a start there’s giant sigh of relief that you’re not going be drinking blood and howling at the moon.

          BELLA: (smirks) I don’t think vamps bay at the moon.

          CJ: (looks way, then back at BELLA) I just don’t... I don’t know if I can do this.

          BELLA: You don’t have to fight ‘em. Nick doesn’t. He thinks he does but he doesn’t, really. He just stands there and waits for Rain to slay the vamp and then he talks about how she couldn’t have done it without him.

          CJ: No I mean... seeing the vampire try to bite you... (Sighs again) I can’t be around that kind of life, Bella. You may be in one piece tonight but what about tomorrow or the next day? What then? I don’t want to go through it; the thought of losing you like that, it would just kill me.

          BELLA: But you were uber calm when the warlock trapped us at the restaurant. I thought you were okay with all of this supernatural stuff.

          CJ: I just... I didn’t know it was this extreme... (sighs) I’m sorry, Bella...

          BELLA: (eyes water) Are you’re breaking up with me?

          CJ doesn’t respond. We hear:

          We hear:

          Nobody said it was easy
          It’s such a shame for us to part
          Nobody said it was easy
          No one ever said it would be this hard
          Oh, take me back to the start

          BELLA: But... the prom... I got the dress and everything.

          CJ: (glances away) You-you better get going.

          BELLA wipes her eyes and quickly gets out of the car. She turns watching him leave. We hear:

          I was just guessing at the numbers and figures
          Pulling the puzzles apart
          Questions of science, science and progress
          Do not speak as loud as my heart

          But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
          Oh I rush to the start
          Running in circles, chasing our tails
          Coming back to as we are

          The song fades.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN is in the hallway about to approach her apartment. She looks over and sees MADELINE emerging from hers carrying a small box.

          RAIN: Hey Mad.

          MADELINE: (looks up) Oh hey, Rain. (Beat) I was about to see if you were home.

          RAIN: What do you need? (Sarcastically) A cup of sugar?

          MADELINE: (small laugh) No... (Hands her the box) I wanted to give you this... for your prom.

          RAIN: (touched) Gifts are for birthdays and Christmas, Madeline.

          MADELINE: Just open it, will you?

          RAIN: (opens the box; it’s a necklace) It’s beautiful. (Shoots her a look) It’s not mystical is it?

          MADELINE: (laughs) I assure you it’s not.

          RAIN: I love it. Thank you.

          MADELINE: You’re welcome.

          RAIN: (awkwardly) Well... I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night.

          MADELINE: I want to take pictures.

          RAIN: (groans) Do I have to?

          MADELINE: We need to document your rite of passage, Rain. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

          RAIN: (sighs) Very well.

          MADELINE: Oh, before I forget... do you still have my wedding ring?

          RAIN: (surprised) Yeah...

          MADELINE: I’d like to have it back.

          RAIN: Really?

          MADELINE: Yeah, I’d like to pawn it.

          RAIN is taken back.

          CUT TO:

          ROWE is just coming from the shower. Quickly, he wraps himself with a towel. He looks in the mirror. We hear a little bit of Hysteria by Muse playing.

          ROWE: (with an eerie smile) It’s going to happen, Maddie. (Low voice) We’ll finally be together.

          CUT TO:

          WARNER is on one of his cell phones from the bottom drawer.

          WARNER: Did he read you?

          SOLEDAD: I let him, just briefly to get him to trust me.

          WARNER: Good.

          SOLEDAD: I didn’t think he’d agree to work with us.

          WARNER: You’re a member of a powerful gypsy coven. You should have sensed he’d turn to our side.

          SOLEDAD: (dismisses his comment) Should we be concerned about his assistant, Calum Kipp?

          WARNER: I wouldn’t worry too much about him.

          SOLEDAD: Hmm well if you say so... When will all of this take place?

          WARNER: (looks at his watch) Tomorrow night.

          SOLEDAD: If I may be bold, sir... you’ve planned this for so long, how certain are you that this will go to plan?

          WARNER: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is under the covers crying. She wipes her eyes and closes them. The chorus from The Scientist by Coldplay continues again.

          Nobody start it was easy
          Oh, it’s such a shame for us to part
          Nobody said it was easy
          No one ever said it would be so hard
          I’m going back to the start


          This is one of the memory sequences that RAIN had in 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land. The thunder rolls across the sky. A very pregnant NATALYA is running down the stairs, looking over her shoulder. There is blood all over her clothes and hands. At the top of the stairs, we see black shoes slowly trailing down the steps gripping onto a bloody knife.

          WARNER: (OS) ... you’re pregnant...

          Next we’re transferred to another scene; NATALYA on the floor about to give birth. Soon we hear her utter a Russian incantation, followed by cries.

          NATALYA: (OS) No one can know she exists.

          We also hear additional voices that do not belong with the scene.

          EVANGELINE: (OS) We’re going to name her Isabella Natalie Fairbourne.

          NATALYA: (OS) Evie... I’m so touched.

          We can’t see who the FIGURE is but he is now carrying a bloody baby.

          EVANGELINE: (OS) We’re best friends, aren’t we?

          NATALYA: (OS; softly) Yes... we are.

          The FIGURE puts the baby down and brings his hand to NATALYA’S mouth and smothers her.


          PRESENT TIME – MAY 2005 –

          With a gasp, BELLA wakes up, disturbed by the memory she just had.

          BELLA: Oh god... daddy... what’s going on?

          She looks over to the closet and strolls over to it. BELLA moves the clothes bringing down the corkboard. On the sheet of paper that has a list, she writes in Fairbourne with a question mark.

          CUT TO:

          OLIVER is in the back room sitting at a table covered with ancient papers. Soon JACKIE appears with a cup of tea.

          JACKIE: Your tea, dear.

          OLIVER mumbles to himself, not listening. JACKIE smiles and sets it near him.

          OLIVER: Jackie... where’s the text Michael just bought me? The one about prophecies.

          JACKIE: Are you trying to decipher the prophecy again? It’s been awhile since you’ve touched it.

          OLIVER: (sighs) Ever since you told me about Bella... I just felt this need to go to back to it.

          JACKIE strolls over to a book shelf searching for the text. She returns with it handing it to him.

          JACKIE: Here you go.

          OLIVER: I don’t know what I would do without you.

          JACKIE: (leans over to kiss him) I wonder the very same thing.

          OLIVER: Funny.

          JACKIE: Have you been able to translate anything?

          OLIVER quickly reads a page from the book. He nods to himself with understanding.

          OLIVER: I went over the prophecy again from top to bottom. And after re-reading this (points to the page from the book MICHAEL got him) passage, it confirms my theory.

          JACKIE: What are you talking about?

          OLIVER: There is a prophecy that’s missing words, chunks of phrases. It doesn’t name it but I think this is the prophecy in question.

          JACKIE: Do you think that’s why you’ve been having trouble translating it?

          OLIVER: (nods) I’m also led to believe some of the pages are missing.

          JACKIE: (gestures to the table) I thought this was everything.

          OLIVER: (sighs) It’s not... (Annoyed) for years I’ve been translating this thing and it never occurred to me I didn’t have all of the pieces, not until now.

          JACKIE: We can try doing a spell, fill in the blanks.

          OLIVER: (waves a hand) I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll just keep translating with what we have.

          JACKIE: Well you know best. I just don’t understand why some of the words are missing.

          OLIVER: It was written this way to protect it at least according to this book.

          JACKIE: Do you think it would reveal itself if the prophecy was complete?

          OLIVER: Perhaps. (Infuriated) Without the missing pages I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to decipher the whole thing. (Beat; concerned) And we won’t be able to prepare Rain for what’s to come.

          CUT TO:

          WARNER and A MAN are standing before rows of safety deposit boxes. At exactly the same time, they insert their keys and twist. The MAN pulls out the box and carries it into another room with a table. WARNER follows him. To give him privacy, the MAN leaves. Slowly WARNER opens the box. We hear OLIVER’S voice from the previous scene.

          OLIVER: (VO) It makes me wonder who has the missing pages. I would hate to think it’s in the wrong hands.

          The camera pans to what’s inside, missing pages of the prophecy.

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Jackie Vallon (Imelda Staunton)
          Jeffery Reyers (Zach Galifianakis)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver Vallon (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • The overall theme is about not knowing something that's important. Secretly Bella is "doing" research, trying to find the truth about Rain's birth parents, tapping into the memories of her father and Natalya. And it doesn't stop with her- there are lies among some of our characters and how they can hurt. We also see Rain is extra fidgety whenever she hears the name "Warner". On top of that Bella gets a vision. I also want to note that some of the memories she got recently she didn't have before- Rain did. Something to think about.

          • I really enjoyed writing the gym scene when Rain paints the banner. That was a bit of fun, esp. with all of the 80's references. I actually looked up some of the slang.

          • It seems that Jackie actually met Bella years ago. However Bella doesn't remember this. Interesting, eh? I also had fun writing this scene. The state fair is actually a place I personally grew up going to. In an later Season Two episode, this fair will be mentioned and featured.

          • Rowe is stalking his wife again. Dang, can't the dude just leave her alone? Warner and Soledad bring Rowe into their little secret club. What's up with that? Is it because he's getting to close to learning about Bella's powers? And I wonder who Warner wants Soledad to kill? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Poor Bella, CJ dumped her- the day before the prom! Not cool! She also discovers her last name may really be Fairbourne not Talmadge. Meanwhile Bella and Madeline hint to Rain about Nick's interest in her but ahh is the feeling mutal?

          • Last but not least- the prophecy is back and Warner has the missing pages. Oh dear... This can't be good especially when he has something to do with Jaime's disappearance.

          • Special thanks to Odelia- she helped out with the tarot card scene (the meaning behind the cards). When we first partnered up, she wrote this scene and I've kept it since! Thanks again, Odelia!

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.18- (And) One of Us Always Tells the Truth (Part 2). It's the second part of the season finale! You can read the summary in the index. Thank you for reading!
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