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  • RAIN: 1.16 Witching Hour

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off about two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.16 Witching Hour

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    Fog covers the entire forest. We hear haunting music followed by shuffling noises. A white MAN with a beard in a tweed suit wearing a flat cap is holding onto a gun as he chases a WEREWOLF.

    MALE VOICE: (VO) I couldn’t believe it, a live werewolf before my very eyes. I had finally met one, face to face. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought this would occur; not in my lifetime.

    Still in the forest, the MAN is confronted by the WEREWOLF. It growls under the full moon. There’s a tense moment, where neither moves and then the MAN shoots it. The WEREWOLF grabs its bloody chest and howls in pain.

    MALE VOICE: (VO) I knew a silver bullet to the heart would kill it but what I didn’t know... the werewolf... it was my dear friend, Thorpe.

    At a snail's pace, the WEREWOLF transforms itself into a human being.

    THORPE: (gasps) Professor... you-you killed me...

    MALE VOICE: (VO) After that unfortunate incident, I thought I would never hunt another creature again. Yet I realized that I am needed out there... for there is no one else who knows about the supernatural.

    Soon the screen blurs and we see a different MAN, also white wearing a cardigan sitting on a lounge chair near a roaring fireplace. He closes a journal in his lap.

    MAN: I cannot imagine what the professor must have gone through realizing he had killed his friend... but as he said he was needed out there. (Sighs; leans closely smoking a pipe) Wait until next week when I read about his encounter with a vampire. That’s right... you heard me. A vampire. (Sits back) Good night everyone. I’ll see you next week for another entry of... The Professor’s Journal.

    The camera pans to a clock on the mantle. The clock chimes as the screen fades.

    CUT TO:

    We hear someone sobbing and then a thud. The camera pans around. It’s dark. The only light is provided by the street lamp outside. Pieces of glass are all over the floor, the tables and chairs are turned, some broken. Swiftly, the camera pans itself to the bar, behind it NEEVE, NICK and an African American GIRL are on the floor, hiding.

    NEEVE: (grabs onto the GIRL) Wh-what was that?!

    GIRL: (irritated) Neeve, touch me one more time, I will-

    NICK: (holds up a hand) -Shh...

    Abruptly, the camera flashes to the kitchen. Dishes and silverware are all over the kitchen, as if there has been a fight. We hear heavy breathing. A hand gripping onto a knife comes into view. It’s CJ fearfully looking around his surroundings. Behind him is BELLA clutching onto his shoulders.

    BELLA: (whispers) That knife is not going to kill it, you know.

    CJ: (anxiously) I-I know but I... feel safe with it.

    Again, the camera rapidly makes it way to the new break room. The cabinet doors are opened. Broken pieces of mugs and plates are scattered on the floor. A few tables and chairs are turned over. We hear noises coming from behind the couch. It’s MADELINE with a flashlight in her hand. She keeps glancing towards the door, obviously terrified.

    The camera leaves MADELINE and sweeps toward the new library just before the training center. The walls are lined with bookshelves but there are only a few books and supplies on it. We see there are labelled boxes throughout the room, some of them opened. Near the boxes there is a round dark wood table covered with an ancient cloth and some stones. A line of red powder circles the table. We hear whispers coming from the other room, the training center. Slowly, the camera follows the voices and then stops at the door. It quickly swings around, revealing RAIN and MICHAEL behind it.

    RAIN: (clutching onto a piece of glass) We need to get to the clock, Michael.

    MICHAEL: (in a huff) I know.

    The camera backtracks, leaving the training center, then the library. It goes down the steps passing MICHAEL’S new office and to the dining area. Then the camera pans over to the same clock on the counter from the TV series shown above.

    NEEVE: Oh god, we’re going to die!


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    Special Thanks: Thomas

    *Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    “About twenty four hours earlier” appears on the screen. Standing next to the same clock from above, NICK shows it off to RAIN and BELLA. At the counter CJ is engrossed with the menu.

    NICK: (excitedly) What do you think?

    RAIN: (shrugs) It’s an old clock.

    NICK: (ignores her) Bella?

    BELLA: Looks rusty.

    NICK: It’s not rust... its patina.

    RAIN: And what, exactly, is patina?

    BELLA: It’s like weathering or distressing on antiques and stuff. It’s supposed to be a big clue to whether they’re real or just some scammy fake.

    RAIN: Right, so... (smiles) rust.

    NICK: (affronted) Do you not know where this clock is from?

    RAIN: No, but I’m sure you’ll tell us.

    BELLA smirks.

    NICK: (smiles) This vintage clock is from the classic Sci-Fi TV series “The Professor’s Journal”. (Waits for an reaction; gets no response) Are you kidding me? (Gestures to CJ) He knew where this clock is from!

    BELLA: (swings around) Did you?

    CJ: (shrugs) Only because my grandparents watched it. (Explains) It aired in the 60’s.

    RAIN: Ahh... an oldie. (CJ arches a brow) Not your grandparents, the show.

    CJ: Nice save.

    RAIN grins.

    NICK: Anyway, CJ here... (Gestures) master of fixing antiques... (CJ bows; BELLA smirks) managed to get it in working order.

    RAIN: It still looks old.

    NICK: (ignores her) I have the DVDs. We’re all going to watch it together tomorrow night. I got a projector. It’ll be epic! (Twirls a finger at BELLA) I hear your maid makes really good popcorn, so be sure to bring some.

    BELLA scoffs at him.

    RAIN: (groans) A TV marathon? Aren’t they kind of... marathony?

    NICK: It was only on for a year. (Mutters) I hear they’re doing a re-make which is blasphemy. No one has an original idea these days. This show is a classic! I mean it was ahead of its time, it had...

    RAIN: (interrupts) If it was a classic why was it on for only a year?

    NICK: Fine. You know, Rain you could pretend to be a little interested.

    RAIN: (sighs) Okay, okay... if it means that much I’ll watch it with you.

    NICK: (happily) Thank you. I think you will like the vampire episode. The professor stakes it with- (stops himself) ah well, I don’t want to give away the details.

    CJ: (puts down the menu) What is it with you girls and vampires? (Stands up; approaches them)

    RAIN: (arches a brow) Pardon?

    BELLA: (nervous chuckle; pats CJ’s shoulder) Oh... CJ knows how much I love to read about vampires... (nervous nod; smiles) like you Rain.

    RAIN: (monotone) Right. I’m an avid reader of... vamps.

    MICHAEL comes into view carrying a clipboard. He doesn’t realize CJ is there.

    MICHAEL: (sees the clock) What’s this? (Points) Is it supernatural related?

    BELLA: (tries too hard) Yes it’s from a supernatural TV show... a Sci-Fi series. Right, Nick?

    NICK: (annoyed) That’s because it is from a Sci-Fi series, Bella.

    CJ arches a brow at the odd exchange from BELLA and NICK.

    MICHAEL: (shakes his head at them; to NICK) Even though we’re closed tomorrow the delivery truck is still coming in, so I need you here bright and early.

    NICK: (hits his head) Oh man! I forget about that! (Beat; winces) I have a date tonight, boss.

    RAIN: This late?

    NICK: (doesn’t respond; to MICHAEL) So... I was kind of anticipating that I could, uh, sleep in tomorrow.

    RAIN looks away. BELLA sees this.

    MICHAEL: Well I anticipate you being here tomorrow, bright and early.

    NICK: Boss... its Charlie.... (Smirks) the tattoo artist. She’s going to take me to this new vegan restaurant for breakfast tomorrow.

    RAIN rolls her eyes.

    MICHAEL: I won’t be here. I have errands to run all day. So... (Shoves the clipboard to NICK’S chest) I need you here, early and bright. Good night, everyone.

    RAIN: Night, Michael.

    MICHAEL gives her a nod.

    NICK: (chuckles; holding the clipboard) Oh, boss can I leave my clock here? I don’t want to bring it with me on my date-

    MICHAEL: (waves a hand) -Good night, Nick.

    NICK: (nods; puts the clipboard down) I’ll take that as a yes.

    RAIN: (claps hands) Well... I need to get going.

    BELLA: (cups hands with CJ) See you tomorrow, Rain?

    RAIN: (nods) Sure.

    EVERYONE leaves.

    RAIN: (OS) Nick, I thought the tattoo artist’s name was Cherie?

    CUT TO:

    Sitting before his desk MICHAEL is looking at a framed picture of his family. We see it’s a MAN with a beard presumably his father, JILLIAN his mother, MICHAEL, GRANT, DEVON all standing behind an older WOMAN. He puts the picture down, stands up and makes his way to the dining area. MICHAEL turns off the light, exits the restaurant and locks the front door. Slowly the camera pans to the clock standing next to a salt and pepper set. We see the second hand tick slowly to the twelve. The minute hand moves a fraction of an inch and the clock chimes midnight. A few seconds later, the salt shaker starts to quiver and jerks to the left.


    It’s lightening and thundering outside. The house is empty except for a six year old RAIN standing at the foyer. Tucked under her arm, we see a blue knitted bunny. Child like laughter echoes the house. From behind, GLORIA approaches RAIN.

    GLORIA: (smokes a cigarette) Sorry kid, I needed the money. The guy wanted me to raise you, so I took his offer. Anyone would be crazy to turn down a deal like that. (Flicks it) I had a steady pay check ‘cause of Daddy Warbucks. (Sighs) Look, at least you were well-fed and had a roof over your head. Most kids don’t have anything these days. (Exhales) So quit bitchin’ about it.

    TANNER sixteen years old is sitting on the stairs listening to his walkman.

    TANNER: (removes the headphones) Mom, must you talk to my sister like that? She may not be my flesh and blood but she’s still family. (Grins) Right Jelly Bean?

    Now near the stairs stands WARNER, SHERIDAN and a six year old BELLA dressed as if they’re going to have their photos taken. SHERIDAN fades and then is replaced with a pregnant NATALYA. Just then BELLA approaches RAIN. She hands her the purple knitted bunny.

    BELLA: We can trade because we’re sisters. (Beat; whispers) You belong with us, Spaz. We’re your family.

    WARNER: (smirks) Didn’t I already tell you this Rain? You should definitely know this by now, I’m sure.

    Unexpectedly, NATALYA falls to the floor. Her body is now covered in blood. We hear a baby crying. WARNER bends down and picks up the baby.

    WARNER looks over to NATALYA who is now dead.

    WARNER: (whispers) She looks just like her mother. Doesn’t she?

    SOLEDAD: (OS) I think she looks like her father.

    Near the office doorway we see SOLEDAD in her uniform licking a lollipop. She walks over to RAIN, bends down and gives her one from her pocket.

    SOLEDAD: (monotone) What you saw, no one will believe you. This never happened.



    Under the covers, RAIN quickly wakes up. She sighs rubbing her head. Then she makes her way for the bathroom. Right away, RAIN turns on the water. She takes her PJs off and steps in the shower, allowing the hot water to hit her. Yet she just stands there, lost in her thoughts. Soon we hear voices from 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land.

    RAIN: (VO) Was this him?

    BARBARA: (VO) Yes... this is him. He was older though with salt and pepper hair.

    WARNER: (VO) ... I do care, Rain. You’re very much a part of this family. You know that, don’t you?

    RAIN’S eyes water and a tear fall down her cheek. Then she breaks down sobbing. The camera pans back.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA’s bedroom is empty. The bed has been made. There is a soft knock on the door. WARNER opens it. He is surprised BELLA is nowhere to be seen. Behind him, we see the maid ROSIE trailing down the steps with a laundry basket.

    WARNER: (swings around) Rosie?

    ROSIE: (stops in the middle of the stairs) Yes sir?

    WARNER: Where is Isabella?

    ROSIE: Didn’t she tell you sir? She went to the library.

    WARNER: This early?

    ROSIE: Yes sir. (Beat) Is there anything else?

    WARNER: No... thank you Rosie.

    ROSIE proceeds down the steps. With concern, WARNER glances over to BELLA’S bedroom.

    CUT TO:

    We’re in the back room. On the floor, BELLA stares at a crystal. OLIVER walks around her.

    OLIVER: (softly) Think of nothing else. Keep your eyes and mind on the crystal. (Beat) Deep breaths, in and out... that’s it. Now close your eyes.

    BELLA closes her eyes.

    OLIVER: (cont’d) Keep breathing. Take yourself to that night... to that room.

    In her seat, BELLA fidgets.

    OLIVER: Mentally picture yourself as a baby in the crib... listen to the woman’s voice singing the lullaby... (BELLA sighs) Keep going... look at her face... hear your cries...

    BELLA: (opens her eyes; frustrated) It’s not working, Oliver.

    OLIVER: You need patience, Isabella.

    BELLA: But why can’t I remember? (Looks down) I haven’t any memories at all since Rain and I swapped bodies. Was it just the necklace?

    OLIVER: (helps BELLA to her feet; smiles) I don’t think so.

    BELLA: (sighs) I just don’t understand, Oliver. Why the zero flashbacks?

    OLIVER: I think you’re blocking the energy, you’re not allowing yourself to relax. It’s almost as if you’re rushing it. You’ve only seen me once when we did the meditation. Then all of the sudden you’ve been meeting me every morning. (Pauses) I do wish we could get Michael in on this, or even Madeline. They could be of great help.

    BELLA: (picks up her bag; shakes her head) No... we don’t know what it all means. I’m-I’m not ready to tell anyone else yet.

    OLIVER: Alright... I’ll respect your wishes. (Beat) How is Rain doing?

    BELLA: (anxious) She’s good.

    OLIVER: (observes her) When you swapped bodies, you had Rain’s slayer and wiccan powers. You even had a vision, correct?

    BELLA: Yes, that’s right.

    OLIVER: Well, then it wouldn’t be surprising if Rain had this memory of yours. Did she say anything?

    BELLA: (fidgets) No she didn’t... (Looks at her watch) I should get going... go to school.

    OLIVER: Of course. (Beat) I’ll see you tomorrow morning?

    BELLA nods.

    OLIVER: Have a good day at school, then.

    BELLA leaves as OLIVER watches her feeling uneasy.

    CUT TO:

    The walls in the parlour are cream lined with various historic paintings and massive bookcases. Oriental rugs cover the hard wood floors. There is a Portuguese rosewood caned settee before a large fireplace surrounded by a coffee table and a couple of antiqued side tables with matching lamps. Toward the windows, JILLIAN from 1.14 Family Portrait is sitting at her desk writing notes in the natural light. She is wearing a pink suit with a skirt and her hair is kept in a bun.

    A MAID enters and approaches JILLIAN. She whispers in her ear.

    JILLIAN: (stunned; removes her bifocals) He’s here?

    The MAID nods.

    JILLIAN: (nervously) Let-let him in.

    As the MAID leaves, JILLIAN fixes her hair a bit. She quickly stands up straightening her skirt.

    MAID: (OS) You can go in.

    Slowly, MICHAEL comes into view holding flowers.

    JILLIAN: (smiles; softly) Michael... (Hugs him warmly) I-I can’t believe you’re here.

    MICHAEL: (anxiously; hands her the flowers) I-I got these for you.

    JILLIAN: (eyes water) Thank you, they’re beautiful. My favorite.

    MICHAEL: I’m sorry about grandmother.

    JILLIAN: (wipes her eyes) Me too. (Sets the flowers on the desk) Please... (Takes his hand to the settee) sit with me.

    MICHAEL: (sits down) Are you okay?

    JILLIAN: (softly) I am now.

    MICHAEL smile awkwardly.

    JILLIAN: (Puts her hand on MICHAEL) Are you coming to the funeral?

    MICHAEL: (nods) Of course... I’ll be there.

    JILLIAN: I miss you, you know.

    MICHAEL: (softly) I miss you too, mom. (Beat) Is dad here?

    JILLIAN: He’s at work as usual.

    MICHAEL doesn’t seem surprised at this. A voice startles them.

    GRANT: (OS) So... it took a death in the family to get you here?

    MICHAEL: (swings around) Grant... good to see you too.

    JILLIAN: (to GRANT) Don’t do this... (Gestures) he brought flowers, to pay his respect for your grandmother.

    GRANT: (to MICHAEL) How did you find out?

    MICHAEL: Devon called me.

    GRANT: (sighs) Our meddlesome sister.

    JILLIAN: Grant, please. He’s here... (Takes MICHAEL’S hand) with us.

    Soon, someone appears in the living room. It’s ADRIENNE. MICHAEL sighs.

    ADRIENNE: (carrying photo albums) Grant, do you really think- (stunned as she sees MICHAEL) –Michael...

    MICHAEL: (stiffens) Adrienne...

    GRANT: Mom... I need to talk to my brother for a minute, all right?

    JILLIAN looks over to MICHAEL.

    MICHAEL: (Nods) It’s okay, mom.

    JILLIAN kisses him on the cheek.

    JILLIAN: (to GRANT) Be nice.

    JILLIAN departs.

    ADRIENNE: I should go.

    GRANT: No, stay. (To MICHAEL; bluntly) Our grandmother died asking for you. I would have called you last night myself but I didn’t think you would make the time to say your good-byes considering how busy you are with the restaurant and your runaways.

    MICHAEL: I’m sorry.

    GRANT: (scoffs) You’re sorry? You broke her heart leaving us... to what? Surf the waves in Australia?

    MICHAEL: Grant, I didn’t come here to-

    GRANT: -Too bad. You’re going to listen. (Beat) When you returned from the Great Outback, you didn’t even bother telling us. It took a newspaper article announcing the grand opening to your restaurant that made us even realize you were back in Haven. How could you do that to us? To our grandmother? She loved you.

    MICHAEL: (anxious) I really should get-

    GRANT: -I know you were with Adrienne the night you left.

    ADRIENNE: (eyes widen) Grant!

    MICHAEL sighs.

    GRANT: (nods; bitterly) Yeah... I know about that. The little drinking party you both had.

    MICHAEL: Look Grant-

    GRANT: (inches closer; darkly) -Do not come to the funeral or the reading of the will. You left us. It was your choice and now you’re no longer a part of this family.

    GRANT inches back allowing MICHAEL to leave.

    CUT TO:

    From a distance, RAIN sees BELLA retrieving her books from her locker. At first it seems she wants to avoid BELLA but then changes her mind. She takes a deep breath and approaches her.

    BELLA: (looks up; holding a book) Rain... hey.

    RAIN: (softly) I missed you at lunch.

    BELLA: I went off campus with CJ. I texted you.

    RAIN: (forgot) Right... you did. (Pauses) Are you going to join Nick and me for the “The Professor’s Journal” tonight? We’re going to watch it in the new break room. (Smirks) I’m willing to bet Michael doesn’t even know about it. You could sleep over. We haven’t done that in a while.

    BELLA: (anxiously) I can’t... I’m busy.

    RAIN: Oh, you have plans with CJ then?

    BELLA: (distant) No I’m just busy.

    RAIN: (lets it all out) You know, Bella... we haven’t really hung much since we (lowers voice) swapped bodies. I know you have questions about why I ditched you that day but... I don’t want to do the avoidy thing like last time.

    BELLA: (closes her locker) I’m not avoiding you, Rain. I really am busy.

    RAIN: Really? You’re that busy?

    BELLA: I guess you could say I found a new hobby.

    RAIN: Really? So what is this hobby? (Sarcastically) Scrapbooking? Stamp collecting?

    BELLA: Something like that. (Beat) And I know you’ll talk to me when you’re ready.

    RAIN: That’s it?

    BELLA: When the time is right, you’ll tell me.

    RAIN: Why are you being so patient about this?

    BELLA: Because you’re my best friend.

    RAIN: (fidgets a bit) Oh. Right... thank you. (Pauses) So... have you heard from your aunt?

    BELLA: (nods) Actually I just got a postcard. Apparently she’s in Africa on assignment.

    RAIN: (sees she’s skeptical) Why the face then?

    BELLA: (sighs) It’s the way aunt Jaime left. She didn’t even say good-bye. No phone calls or text messages.

    RAIN: Didn’t your dad say she’s done that before being a restless spirit and all?

    BELLA: (shrugs) I guess. I suppose I’m just hurt. Anyway I should go. I got a... (quickly thinks of something) research project to do at the library. (Beat) Don’t you have an appointment with Ms. Marks?

    RAIN: (groans) Ugh... don’t remind me.

    BELLA: (sympathetic) It’ll be over before you know it.

    RAIN: (doubtful) I hope so.

    CUT TO:

    Already in the middle of a conversation on the phone, WARNER is at his desk.

    WARNER: She got the post card the other day. I was able to convince her that her aunt does this sort of thing, just ups and leaves without saying good-bye.

    SOLEDAD: And how long, exactly, do you think we can cover this up?

    WARNER: As long as it takes.

    WARNER hangs up, leans back into his chair and sips on his whiskey.

    CUT TO:

    Sitting on the edge of the stage, NEEVE has a clipboard in her hand as she talks to a small audience. We can’t see who is listening to her. One by one, the camera pans to their faces. First we see the African American GIRL from the teaser, followed by a GUY dressed like David Bowie, three GIRLS of different races, then JAELYNN, MS. MARKS, RAIN and RACHEL. We hear a car streaking sound as the camera backs up to RAIN who is slouched down in her seat with a bored look on her face.

    NEEVE: (sighs) As I understand it... we have new prom-committee member... Rain?

    EVERYONE looks over to RAIN.

    RAIN: (low voice) Yeah?

    NEEVE: Could you, like, stand up?

    RAIN mutters.

    MS. MARKS: I don’t think that’s necessary, Neeve. Everyone pretty much know each other, right?

    NEEVE: Fine... (Refers to her clipboard) as you know we’re having the prom at the gym. (Taps it with her pen) The DJ is all set. A local band, Provocative Theory is also playing.

    RAIN: (quickly looks up) Whoa... they’re playing at the prom?

    NEEVE: That’s what I just said, Rain. (Beat) And please hold all questions until the end of the meeting. Thank you.

    RAIN rolls her eyes.

    NEEVE: Let’s see... oh yes... the food. I really think we should do a sit-down dinner. I find hors d'oeuvres and buffets really tacky.

    The African American GIRL raises her hand.

    NEEVE: (irritated) Yes, Mia?

    MIA: My parents run a catering business. They could help.

    NEEVE: Do they serve soul food or something? Because not everyone like chitlins and ham hocks.

    The students murmur.

    MIA: (scoffs) Could you run that by me again? I don’t think I heard you right.

    NEEVE: I’m just saying soul food is an acquired taste-

    MIA: -Yeah I know what you’re saying, Red. (Beat) My parents run a successful company and they’re well known all over the tri-state area. (Leans back in her seat) And they cater French cuisine, thank you.

    MS. MARKS: (interjects) Do you think maybe we can get a discount since we have to go with the budget that’s given to us?

    MIA: (folds arms) I’d have to ask my parents but I’m sure it’s a’ight.

    NEEVE: (composes herself) Great... then that takes care of the food. Now prom is about a month and half away. So we need to vote on the theme. We came up with two “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” and “A Night in the Clouds”. If we can just-

    RAIN snickers. MS. MARKS lightly hits her.

    NEEVE: Something funny, Rain?

    RAIN doesn’t respond.

    NEEVE: (carries on) Okay just write down your favorite-

    MS. MARKS: -Actually, Neeve... since Rain just joined us I think it would be only fair if she shared some of her ideas.

    RAIN gives MS. MARKS a look.

    NEEVE: (displeased) Well, we already discussed these themes weeks ago and time is of the essence. We should just vote now-

    MS. MARKS: -Neeve?

    NEEVE: (feigns a smile) Yes, Ms. Marks?

    MS. MARKS: Let’s hear Rain out. Then we can vote.

    NEEVE: (bites her lips) Rain... care to share your ideas with the audience?

    EVERYONE turns to RAIN.

    RAIN: No that’s all right.

    MS. MARKS: (Nudges her) Come on, I know you have some ideas.

    NEEVE: Clearly, she doesn’t want to contribute, Ms. Marks-

    MS. MARKS: (holds her hand up) –Rain?

    RAIN: (low voice) I don’t know... (Shrugs) I guess you could have an eighties theme.

    NEEVE: (makes a face) Eighties? Really? There is a reason why shoulder pads and teased hair were a fad.

    MS. MARKS: (ignores her; to RAIN) What would you call it? The theme?

    RAIN: (sighs) I guess... “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”, something like that.

    MS. MARKS: (with approval) Good one. (Beat; turns to NEEVE) Looks like we have three themes to select from.

    NEEVE: (can’t believe MS. MARKS is serious; sighs) Write down the theme you want... and put it in (holds a basket) this.

    After everyone hands in their votes, MS. MARKS goes through them.

    MS. MARKS: (finishes up; soft smile) The Haven High Senior prom theme is... “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”.

    RAIN is taken aback.

    NEEVE: (stunned) Are you kidding me?! (Grabs the basket) I demand a recount. (Tallies the votes) Everyone voted for the eighties theme?!

    MIA: (smirks) Seems it was everyone but you, Neeve.

    NEEVE: (looks over to the guy dressed like David Bowie) Fisher, I thought you were going to vote for “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”. You told me you would.

    FISHER: I’m sorry honey but I have a better chance of looking good in spandex and leg warmers.

    RAIN slouches further into her seat as NEEVE glares at her.

    NEEVE: (doesn’t want to say it) Okay then... (Swallows bitterly) “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” is our prom theme. (Gets her purse) Before I forget, my mom booked Sol & Luna spa for tonight. So we have the place until midnight. (Beat) Sorry, Rain I didn’t know you joined the prom committee, so I can’t get you a certificate at the last minute. (Smiles) I’m sure you understand.

    RAIN: (mutters) I think I’ll manage.

    CUT TO:

    MICHAEL enters the restaurant and stops short when he sees all of the salt and pepper shakers on the counter are in alternating order by color. He frowns but shrugs it off. As he’s about to move on he spots the labels on all of the alcohol bottles are facing the front. What’s more, they’re in alphabetical order. MICHAEL swings around and looks at the tables, they’re all aligned in a straight line. The more he scans around the room, the more he finds clues that the restaurant is very organized. Soon, the sous-chef LUIS appears to see who came in.

    MICHAEL: (gestures around the room) Did you do this, Luis?

    LUIS: No, it was like that when I came in this morning. I thought maybe Nick did it.

    MICHAEL: Thank you, Luis.

    LUIS nods and returns to the kitchen. Picking up the clock, MICHAEL examines it. He brings it to his new office, sets it on his desk. Then he goes over to his bookcase and takes down a book. The title of the book reads: “Myths on Television Shows and Pop Culture”. He flips to a page showing the clock from “The Professor’s Journal”. There is a picture of the actor who played the professor. As he reads it, he sighs. Then he picks up his phone and dials a number.

    MICHAEL: Hello, Ms. Gaines? This is Michael Corbis. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could come in, do a reading? (Pauses) A clock. I could be wrong but I think there might be a spirit attached to it. (Listens) I understand you’re booked... (Pauses) Eleven-thirty? No that’s okay. Yes my restaurant. It’ll just me. No one will know. Thank you, I appreciate it.

    MICHAEL hangs up and closes the book. We hear the clock chime. He looks at it with uncertainty.

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      ACT II


      At the table, ROWE is eating a steak watching TV. With a smile, CALUM enters carrying a bag.

      CALUM: (sing-song) Evening, Mr. Edwards.

      ROWE doesn’t respond as he continues to eat and watch TV. CALUM puts the bag down. He hands a file to ROWE.

      ROWE: (sips his iced tea) I’m eating, Mr. Kipp. (Beat) Can’t business wait until I am done with my dinner?

      CALUM: (pushes it toward ROWE) You’ll want to see it. (Beat; joins him at the table) It’s the file on you. I finally managed to get it.

      Without delay, ROWE sets down his fork and flips through the file.

      CALUM: (cont’d) It was a Pur’laeh demon that did the cleansing on you in December. Very rare species and very powerful. They’re from another dimension and often travel between their home and here. Generally, they don’t work with species outside of their own but they’re willing, if the price is right. Most of the time, they prefer to keep to themselves. (Beat) They can only sense and read humans... not demons which I find interesting. (Nods to himself) That’s why you were able to sense Ms. Pong in Ms. Talmadge’s body. And not long ago you knew Ms. Talmadge was in the parking lot when we had a meeting with that client.

      ROWE doesn’t respond to this as he realizes CALUM is putting the pieces of his powers together. He resumes reading the file.

      CALUM: (cont’d) They are neither good nor evil, or possibly both, which certainly explains their powers as they can both heal and kill with them. These demons have a choice as to what side they want to be on. Their emotions are attached to their powers. That’s why the demon was able to cure you of your addiction, even though you got its powers somehow... (Thinks for a minute) unless the demon wanted to give it to you. It could have sensed something in you, good or bad. (Beat; continues on) It can also break spells- like when you were able to remove the love spell that girl was under. What I find it intriguing is that these demons can create and erase memories.

      ROWE looks up.

      CALUM: (searches ROWE’S face) You’ve done this? Erased someone’s memory? (Anxiously; touches his head) I-I hope it wasn’t me.

      ROWE: (sighs; shakes head) No... the bartender, Nick Caro. When I showed up at the Pavilion to break the spell, he saw me... got all suspicious, especially considering I was holding an axe. (Beat) I even... (Softly) tried to erase Ms. Talmadge’s memory but I wasn’t successful.

      CALUM: You never told me this. When did this happen?

      ROWE: When we had that appointment with a client at her father’s law firm. On the way to the conference room, you went to the restroom. I saw Ms. Talmadge in his office. She sensed me and passed out. No one was around, so I tried to erase her memory.

      CALUM: (confused) Why did you try to erase her memory? I mean... she doesn’t know it’s you.

      ROWE: (sighs again) Actually she does now... (CALUM’S eyes widen) I couldn’t let her go, I had to do something but it... didn’t work.

      CALUM: But that happened weeks ago! Why didn’t you say anything? She could have told Mason or your wife!

      ROWE: (puts his arms on CALUM’S shoulder) Mr. Kipp... calm down.

      CALUM takes a deep breath.

      ROWE: (leans back) Ms. Tamaldge is not going to say anything. I made sure of it.

      CALUM: (nods; thinks for a minute) Okay, I suppose you know what you’re doing. I do kinda wonder why you weren’t able to erase her memory though.

      ROWE: I’m not sure. I’m still trying to figure that out.

      CALUM: (In deep thought) Hang on. Something just occurred to me. (Beat) You knew about my sister... you knew because you read my mind.

      ROWE: (nods) Yes. You’re a tricky customer though. Your demon side blocks me sometimes.

      CALUM: Well I suppose that’s something. Do you think McCree or Mr. Alice know about you? Your powers?

      ROWE: I don’t think so.

      CALUM: So the Pur’leah demon just decided to give you its powers and not tell them?

      ROWE: (shrugs) We don’t know if the demon knowingly gave me his powers. It could have been a fluke. And even if Mr. Alice knew... I don’t think he would be all that concerned about it. He’s too occupied with something else - something much bigger than me.

      CALUM: Well, according to the file, it says you’re magic free. So maybe they really don’t know. Anyway... (Shows him another file) I found disappearances that occurred in Haven over the last twenty years. You were right; there is an increase in kidnappings but not necessarily with Haven residents.

      ROWE: How do you mean?

      CALUM: (points) Some of them are from out of state but were last seen in Haven.

      ROWE goes through the newspaper clippings.

      ROWE: (hands one back to CALUM) She’s not missing. She’s dead.

      CALUM: (reads) Eleni Dorcas? How do you know?

      ROWE: She worked for me when I was trying to figure out Rain’s powers. Mr. Alice considered her a loose end and had her killed.

      CALUM: (swallows) Oh okay... (Gives him a list) Well I matched the names of those who disappeared with the company database, to see if maybe they worked for Mr. Alice or were maybe his clients.

      ROWE: (inspects the list) There are only a few names here. (Looks up) They were all clients?

      CALUM nods.

      ROWE: (read the list again) Huh... they were kidnapped at least nineteen years ago...

      CALUM: So he... stopped with his clients and has now moved onto outsiders?

      ROWE: That’s what I’m wondering. (Refers to the list) These clients... they’re witches and warlocks?

      CALUM nods.

      ROWE: Interesting... (Putting the pieces together) especially with the Collector in the picture. In fact it’s starting to sound more and more like he’s helping Mr. Alice kidnap anyone with powers. He’s moving onto demons, slayers, and all kinds of supernatural beings- you name it. (Beat) Wasn’t Rain’s mother murdered just shortly after Rain turned eighteen?

      CALUM: I believe so.

      ROWE: But her mother... she had an alias... I remember it was all over the news.

      CALUM: Where are you going with this, sir?

      ROWE: I always thought it was odd that Mr. Alice wanted me to keep an eye on Rain. He has a lot of resources, it’s not like he can’t have someone else do it. He’s just using Madeline as leverage, to make sure I do my job.

      CALUM: Okay... we already know this sir.

      ROWE: (cont’d) See... he must have had his eye on Rain for a long time. I’m willing to be bet he had Rain kidnapped. (Small smile) He doesn’t care that she’s a slayer. (Shrugs) That’s just a plus. What he really wants are her wiccan powers. And now... she’s obviously no ordinary witch... there is something unusual about her. I felt it when I tried to steal her powers. Rain is special... (Eerie grin) I think I just found my bargaining chip, Mr. Kipp.

      CUT TO:

      Dramatic music plays as we’re jumped into a fight between RAIN and a VAMPIRE.

      RAIN: (vents) I didn’t sign up to be on the prom committee! (Hits the VAMPIRE) Bella did that... when she was in my body!

      VAMPIRE: (arches a brow) Huh? (He throws a punch)

      RAIN: (jerks back; rubs head) I can’t get out of it. I’m stuck. (Knees the VAMPIRE; he groans) Now I have to go to the prom because Ms. Marks thinks I have (mocks her) potential. I don’t do dresses! (Stands there for a minute) And I also have to deal with my arch-nemesis, Neeve. I mean she thinks I’m out to ruin her life but it’s not like I wanted to do this. (Kicks the VAMPIRE’S chin; he falls to the ground) And who is she kidding? “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”? What kind of prom theme is that?! (Cradles the VAMPIRE) And she never once thanked me for trying to save her life when that vamp attacked her in that alley. (Pulls out her stake) Where is the appreciation? Is it really that hard to say ‘thank you’? (About to bring the stake to the VAMPIRE’S chest) One thing is for certain, I better not win prom queen.

      RAIN brings the stake down with sharp force and the VAMPIRE explodes into a cloud of dust. She stands up looking over to MADELINE who is holding a cross bow.

      RAIN: (looks up) So... do you think you can get me out of it?

      MADELINE: (soft smile; lowers cross bow) I’m sorry, Rain but no. However I do think Ms. Marks is right, you do have potential. (RAIN glares at her; gestures) Think of it this way, you get to put your artistic talent to use.

      RAIN: (brushes off the dirt on her jeans) Whatev. (Puts stake away; approaches MADELINE) So what are you doing tonight? Nick and I are going to watch “The Professor’s Journal”. Why don’t you join us?

      MADELINE: “The Professor’s Journal”?

      RAIN: It’s a Sci-Fi series. It aired in the sixties. (Mocks NICK) According to Nick, it’s a classic and was ahead of its time.

      MADELINE: I don’t know. It’s kind of late.

      RAIN: Nick says we have to watch it at midnight... you know for the spooky effect?

      MADELINE: (smirks) All right. I’ll come.

      RAIN: Awesome... we should get some junk food on the way.

      MADELINE: You know Rain I know you’re concerned about the prom committee and Neeve... but I really do think this is a good thing for you.

      RAIN: She better stay away from me, that’s all I’m saying. If not, her face and my stake are going to have a short, sharp conversation... (Voices trails off)

      CUT TO:

      The new break room has cabinets, a sink, a microwave, an eating area as well as a TV and couch. NICK finishes up setting up the projector. RAIN and MADELINE stroll in with junk food from a local grocery store.

      RAIN: Hey Nick.... we’re here for the marathon thingy.

      NICK: (looks up; smiles) Blake! Come to watch “The Professor’s Journal” have you?

      MADELINE: Rain convinced me.

      NICK: I don’t know if Rain told you but a TV marathon means watching all of the episodes, one after the next, all of them in a row. It is not for the faint hearted. (Refers to a cooler he brought in) So... to help us stay alert, I brought an assortment of caffeinated beverages.

      RAIN: (puts the bags on the counter) You’re not serious, are you?

      NICK: I’m very serious about my marathons. And preparation is key. (Points at MADELINE) You know... you haven’t seen my clock-

      BELLA: (OS) –Great now he’ll never shut up about it.

      RAIN looks over and sees BELLA in the door way carrying a bag and a thick folder. CJ is also with her with his hands in his pockets.

      RAIN: What are you guys doing here?

      BELLA: (hands her the folder) Ms. Marks gave this to me. She said you left it at the auditorium. (Beat) I knew you were going to be here...

      RAIN: Oh thank you.... it’s just prom stuff. (Mutters) I kind of left it there on purpose. So... you both stopped by to give me the folder?

      MADELINE keeps to herself trying not to attract the attention of CJ.

      BELLA: (smiles) Nope, we’re going to watch the marathon with you, if that’s still okay.

      RAIN: I thought you couldn’t come.

      BELLA: Change of plans.

      RAIN: (low voice) Does your dad knows you’re here?

      BELLA: (nods; grins) As per Nick’s request, I brought Rosie’s popcorn.

      BELLA hands it to him.

      NICK: (grins) Yum.

      CJ: (out of the blue) Am I the only one who finds it odd Ms. Blake is here?

      MADELINE: (swings around; small awkward wave) Oh, er, hello, CJ.

      BELLA winces.

      RAIN: (covers up) She’s friends with my boss. (Beat) Sometimes she hangs out with us... not that she doesn’t have a life or anything.

      MADELINE: (glares at her) Thanks Rain.

      CJ: (awkwardly nods) So, you’ll be joining us then?

      MADELINE: I guess.

      CJ: Oh... okay.

      MADELINE uneasily grabs a bag of chips.

      BELLA: (glances around) Where’s Mr. Corbis?

      NICK: I haven’t seen him since last night. (Claps hands) Shall we get started?

      BELLA: (giggles) This is kind of fun.

      RAIN shakes her head. EVERYONE but NICK sits down. CJ still find it strange MADELINE is with them.

      NICK: Now a little introduction. (RAIN rolls her eyes) This show is about a college history professor who had a secret life, (gestures) hunting the supernatural. In the first episode he-

      RAIN: -Nick shut up and let us watch it.

      NICK: (nods) Right, of course.

      NICK turns off the lights and sits next to RAIN. She fidgets a little. NICK clicks on the remote and the first episode is projected onto the wall.

      We see the same clock on the mantle. The camera moves over to the MAN wearing a cardigan from the teaser. He is sitting by the fireplace, smoking a pipe and holding a journal.

      MAN: (puts his pipe down; smiles) Good evening, my name is Conrad Weston. During my thirty years as a police detective, I thought I had seen it all... but I was wrong. I would like to now share with you a story about a man, a brave man, a man who has seen things that the human mind never dared to dream of. I am talking about things that go bump in the night, the horrors that are in your closet, even under your bed. (Shows the journal) In my hand, I have his journal. It documents every monster he has witnessed, every demon he has fought. I feel it is vital that his story is told as a lesson to all. A lesson and a warning. And it will now become your responsibility to do the same. (Takes a sip of his cognac; opens journal) Now here is the first entry of... The Professor’s Journal...

      Suddenly the light flicks on. EVERYONE looks over to the doorway. It’s MICHAEL.

      MICHAEL: What are you doing here?

      NICK: (jerks out of his seat) Boss! (Grabs remote; pauses the episode) I wasn’t expecting you-

      MICHAEL: (sighs) –What’s going on? Why are you all here? (Looks over to CJ not recognizing him) And who is this?

      BELLA: (stands up) My boyfriend, CJ Hodges... (softly) you kind of met him last night. (Gestures) This is Michael Corbis, Rain and Nick’s boss.

      CJ: (offers a hand) It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Corbis.

      MICHAEL: (doesn’t take CJ’S hand) Seriously, why are you all here?

      CJ takes his hand back, feeling uncomfortable.

      RAIN: We’re here for the DVD marathon.

      MICHAEL: What DVD marathon?

      BELLA: (gestures toward the projector) The one that Nick is hosting.

      MICHAEL: (looks over to NICK) Is he now?

      NICK: (explains) My apartment is cramped and there’s no room to set up my projector at Rain’s place... so I figured we could watch it here.

      MADELINE: You didn’t ask Michael’s permission to do this?

      NICK: (to MICHAEL) You said the restaurant was going to be closed and that you’d be doing errands all day. I thought since I have the key-

      MICHAEL: -This is really a bad time.

      RAIN: What’s wrong, Michael?

      MICHAEL: (dismissing CJ’s presence) A psychic is coming in to do a reading on that clock Nick got.

      BELLA bites her lips as she looks over to CJ who arches a brow.

      NICK: (smirks) A psychic? Like a real psychic? (Grins) Does she look like Alison Dubois? (Stops himself) Wait... why are you doing a reading on my clock?

      MICHAEL: I think there is a spirit attached to it.

      CJ: (to himself) Spirit?

      BELLA looks over to him.

      NICK: (chuckles) Now come on, boss. I love a spirit as the next person but-

      RAIN: -I think Michael is talking about a real spirit, not Casper the Friendly Ghost.

      MICHAEL: (sighs) I found the restaurant extremely organized today. Everything was in order. I don’t have time to explain all of this but it’s something that spirits sometimes do. (Beat) Now you need to go, the psychic is coming any minute and she prefers anonymity.

      CJ: (raises his hand) Um, I know I’m new to the class but uh... you people... don’t actually believe in ghosts and stuff, do you?

      BELLA: CJ-

      FEMALE VOICE: (OS) -Hello? Mr. Corbis?

      MICHAEL: (sighs) Great... she’s here. (Leaves the break room)

      EVERYONE follows MICHAEL to the dining area. He approaches the psychic.
      It’s MIA the girl from the prom committee.

      MICHAEL: I’m sorry Ms. Gaines, I didn’t know they (gestures) would be here but ... they’re leaving... now.

      MIA: (sighs; waves a hand) No bother. It’s done.

      RAIN: (disbelief) Mia? You’re the psychic?

      NICK: You two know each other?

      BELLA: She’s a student at Haven High and on the Prom Committee with Rain.

      NICK: (to RAIN; smirks) You’re on the prom committee?

      RAIN: (ignores NICK; to MICHAEL) How do you know each other, Michael?

      MIA: (folds her arms) Is that any of your business?

      RAIN: (affronted) No- I just... I’m curious how you know my boss.

      MICHAEL: (keeps it short and sweet) I know her parents.

      RAIN: (intrigued) Oh... how does the psychic stuff fit in?

      MIA: (hands on her hips) Again, not really your business.

      RAIN scoffs.

      MIA: (ignores her) A’ight, where is this clock?

      MICHAEL: (points to the counter) This is it right here.

      MIA puts her hands on it and closes her eyes.

      CJ: (to himself) This isn’t really happening.

      BELLA doesn’t respond.

      MIA: (eventually opens her eyes) Interesting... (To MICHAEL) I don’t sense anything, (shrugs) just that it’s gaudy and old, like my grandma.

      NICK: (offended) It’s not old, it’s antique.

      BELLA: That’s it? No incense or candles? Chanting?

      CJ arches a brow at BELLA.

      MIA: That’s for calling spirits, sweetheart.

      MADELINE: You really sense nothing?

      MIA: (shakes her head) No... but there could still be a spirit attached to this thing. (Looks around the room) Something... (Eyes trail over to BELLA, then to MICHAEL) could be blocking it. I don’t know I’m not sure.

      NICK: Blocking?

      MIA: It can be anything, you know like negative energy or-

      A voice at the door grabs their attention. It’s NEEVE carrying a bag from Sol & Luna Spa. She keeps her attention only on MIA.

      NEEVE: -Mia, what are you doing here?

      RAIN: (stunned) You’ve got to be kidding me...

      MICHAEL sighs.

      MADELINE: Oh boy...

      MIA: (annoyed; to NEEVE) Did ya follow me?

      NEEVE: The spa is just around the corner, I got all suspicious when you just up and left like that- (sees RAIN; arches a brow) Is this a secret prom meeting or something? (Approaches RAIN) It is isn’t it? I knew it! You’re trying to take over my position. First everyone votes for your theme and-

      BELLA: -They voted for your theme? What is it?

      RAIN: (shrugs) “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This”.

      BELLA: I like it.

      MADELINE: (Proudly) Rain is going to do the decorations.

      NEEVE: Look at that Ms. Blake is here. Is she helping you with your homework again, Rain?

      BELLA: (ignores her) Can I help decorate?

      RAIN: If you want-

      MIA: (ignores them; waves a hand) -I don’t have time for this. (Turns to MICHAEL) I’m sorry Mr. Corbis but I didn’t feel anything... (Looks over to BELLA again) even if I tried it again, I still wouldn’t.

      NEEVE: I believe I was talking.

      MICHAEL: (to MIA) Thank you for coming in so late.

      MIA: (nods back; to EVERYONE) Later folks. (Beat) Neeve, we need to have a conversation about boundaries. When I say I have to go somewhere, it does not mean you follow me like a lesbian stalker. M’kay?

      NEEVE: Excuse me? I am not a lesbian.

      NICK smirks amused by the banter between them. Soon the clock chimes. It’s now midnight. NEEVE is about to open the door. Dramatic music suddenly starts to play. MIA turns around, as if she senses something and instantly locks on to it.

      NEEVE: What did you do that for?! If anyone is acting like a stalker, it’s you, Mia. (Beat) Now open the door.

      MIA moves in front of the door, preventing NEEVE from opening it.

      MIA: I’m sorry Mr. Corbis...

      MICHAEL: You sense it, don’t you?

      MIA: (nods) I couldn’t feel it before but it’s here now, strong, powerful. It’s like it’s just woken, as if something’s triggered it. (She looks up at the clock) It’s midnight... (turns back to EVERYONE) witching hour is now upon us.

      The clock chimes.

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        ACT III


        Still at the door, MIA continues to blocks NEEVE from leaving.

        NEEVE: Open the door, Mia!

        MIA: (ignores her; to MICHAEL) The spirit... it’s gone for now but it was checking us out... lurking.

        CJ: What’s witching hour?

        MIA: It’s when the spirits are at its strongest, between midnight and three A.M.

        CJ: Oh.

        BELLA looks over to him worried what he must be thinking. MICHAEL approaches NEEVE and moves her away from the door.

        NEEVE: (jerks her arm way from him) Excuse me! Who do you think you are?

        Now standing next to NICK and CJ, NEEVE tugs her purse and bag closer to her. CJ looks over to her and then to EVERYONE else confounded by the whole thing.

        CJ: (anxious chuckle) Are we really hiding from a... spirit? A spirit we haven’t even seen yet?

        BELLA: Umm... CJ-

        NICK: (sighs) -Look man... this is our life. We hunt things, supernatural things... (Smirks) much like the professor only we don’t have a journal. (To RAIN) Though that would be cool, don’t you think?

        RAIN rolls her eyes.

        CJ: (to BELLA) He’s joking, right? You don’t really believe in ghosts and monsters and actually, you know, hunt them?

        NICK: (shrugs) Not like The Collector but-

        CJ: -The Collector? (Realizes something; turns to BELLA) You mentioned the Collector, when we started dating. (Sees the look on BELLA’S face; with a nod) And that... answers my question. He’s not joking.

        BELLA sighs.

        NEEVE: (Pulls out her cell phone) That’s it. I’m calling the police and telling them you’re all holding me hostage.

        MADELINE: We’re not holding you hostage, Neeve.

        NEEVE: I beg to differ, Ms. Blake. I think there is something seriously wrong with this picture. (Gestures) You’re all doing something illegal I’m sure of it. I mean what kind of teacher hangs out with her students all the time? It’s drugs, isn’t it? You all make it here. This is your meth-lab.

        Unexpectedly the lights shut down.

        NEEVE: Wh-what just happened?

        MICHAEL: It cut the power.

        NEEVE: It?

        NICK: (glances around) They’re... (sing-song) here.

        RAIN hits him.

        NICK: In a time of supernatural crisis, it’s helpful to lighten the mood by shouting out random but not unconnected movie references. Personally I find it very soothing.

        RAIN rolls her eyes at him.

        MICHAEL: I’m willing to bet the phones are out too.

        NEEVE: (frustrated; shakes her phone) I can’t get a signal!

        EVERYONE checks their phones and confirm that they can’t get a signal as well.

        MIA: (puts her cell phone away) It’s testing us.

        NICK: Testing?

        MIA: (nods) The spirit wants to trust us.

        BELLA: (hopeful) So it’s a good spirit?

        NICK: (smirks to RAIN) Maybe it is Casper the Friendly ghost after all.

        RAIN sighs.

        MICHAEL: Don’t be too sure of that. It could be a trap.

        NEEVE: Please... just let me out. My father has money! He can pay the ransom!

        RAIN: (sighs; mutters to CJ) Man... I cannot believe this. I can’t even go to a DVD marathon without there being a real life spooky spirit; and now we’re trapped in here with her.

        CJ: Assuming that I believe we’re really hunting a spirit, how do you know it’s a woman?

        RAIN: I meant... Neeve.

        CJ: Ah.

        RAIN: So Michael... what do we do? (Mutters) A séance or something?

        MICHAEL nods.

        RAIN: Oh... I was being sarcastic.

        CJ: (to BELLA) Looks like you’ll get your candles and incense. Perhaps a little chanting too?

        BELLA nervously chuckles.

        MICHAEL: (to RAIN) But first we need to... (Nods to NEEVE) stop your friend from leaving.

        RAIN: (quickly) She’s not my friend.

        MICHAEL: Just... (Gestures) talk to her. (Beat; small smile) I have faith in you. (Thumbs back to his office) Mia and I are going to set a perimeter around the restaurant with crystals to prevent the spirit from escaping just to be on the safe side. Then we’ll do the séance upstairs.

        RAIN groans, walks over to NEEVE who is still trying to get a signal on her phone. MIA and MICHAEL head to his office.

        RAIN: (takes a deep breath) Neeve... (Softly) Um... remember that vamp, the one that attacked you in the alley?

        BELLA arches a brow at this remembering the bits and pieces of RAIN’S memories when they switched bodies. CJ, MADELINE and NICK listen in as well.

        NEEVE: (with an attitude) Vamp?

        RAIN: The guy with the fangs, bumpy forehead and creepy eyes? That was a vampire.

        NEEVE: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        RAIN: Neeve... it almost bit you. You were scared. I came in and tried to save you but then the police-

        NEEVE: (confused) -Wait a second... that wasn’t you. It was Bella.

        CJ looks over to BELLA who fidgets a bit keeping her eyes on RAIN and NEEVE.

        RAIN: (sighs; waves a hand) It doesn’t matter... but it was real. The vampire was real. There’s no denying it.

        NEEVE: (rolls her eyes) Fine... it was real. What’s your point?

        RAIN: Well, spirits are real too. There might be one in here. While I’ve never personally met one but I’m told they can be just as violent as vamps. So just to be safe we need to stick together here, we can’t let it escape and we can’t strike out on our own, so don’t leave, okay? Stay put.

        Soon MICHAEL and MIA return with the crystals. He goes in the back awhile she lines the front door.

        NEEVE: (to RAIN) You can’t be serious. (Beat) Is this like something you believe in? There’s a name for this sort of thing. It’s called a cult.

        RAIN: (annoyed) I’m not in a cult, Neeve. (Sighs) Look... you’ll just make things worse by leaving. We need to keep the spirit inside the restaurant, make sure it doesn’t escape, all right?

        NEEVE: (looks around) I don’t see any spirit, in fact I don’t see anything. I think it’s all just a figment of your twisted-psycho imagination, that or the drugs you’re cooking.

        CJ: Yeah well... (Points) then how would you explain that?

        CJ continues to point to a corner toward the back of the restaurant just before the kitchen. In black and white we see a bald VAMPIRE with long nails, cackling with laughter. The VAMPIRE flickers off and on like a TV.

        VAMPIRE: Do you really think you can kill me Professor? I am the First... the King. You cannot-

        Slowly the VAMPIRE disappears into flash of white light.

        NICK: Whoa...

        NEEVE: What was that?!

        BELLA: That was odd. (Beat) Madeline?

        MADELINE: Yes... it was peculiar.

        CJ: So the spirit was a vampire? (Turns to BELLA for confirmation) Assuming vampires are real?

        BELLA: (softly) They are.

        MIA: It’s definitely the spirit that released itself from the clock.

        NICK: (grins) You do realize what just happened?

        Before anyone can answer, a beautiful WOMAN with long wavy hair and piercing eyes materializes in black and white. She licks her lips with her snake tongue. Like the VAMPIRE, it flickers off and on.

        WOMAN: (smirks; seductively) Professor, I knew you were going to come. So tell me, do you really think you can kill me? Dare you face... a Succubus, at the height of her powers?

        Like the vampire the WOMAN disappears into white flash of light.

        NEEVE: (freaks out again) Oh god!

        MIA: Girl, you need to get a hold of yourself, a’ight?

        CJ: (to himself) Huh. So the spirit was really a... succubus, or whatever but wanted to be a vampire?

        MICHAEL: (appears from the back) What’s going on?

        Again in black and white, a short old wrinkled man with pointed ears hunched down giggles manically. As he speaks, he flickers off and on.

        MAN: (gruffly) I don’t know what bedtime stories you’ve been reading, Professor... but it’ll take more than that dagger to kill me.

        Soon the old man disappears.

        CJ: Okay so now it’s possibly a goblin. (Nods over to BELLA) Seems like the spirit has too many career aspirations and can’t make up its mind.

        BELLA: You’re not scared?

        CJ: No.... actually... I think I’m amused.

        BELLA smiles.

        NICK: (smirks) I know who our spirit is... it’s Conrad Weston!

        RAIN: (arches a brow) The narrator? From the TV show?

        BELLA: I think you meant the... actor who played Conrad Weston, Nick.

        MICHAEL: (sighs) Uhh... guys?

        NICK: (ignores BELLA and MICHAEL; explains) The spirit is re-enacting all of the death scenes from “The Professor’s Journal”! He’s trying to tell us something.

        MIA: (shakes her head) It’s not him.

        NICK: How do you know?

        MIA: The spirit is female. (Beat) I sensed it just now when it appeared as the goblin. It seems to be confused, not allowing to us to see her true form but you’re right, it’s definitely trying to tell us something.

        NICK: (points at RAIN) See? I told ya!

        NEEVE: (rubs her head) I’m going to have nightmares about this for the rest of my life.

        RAIN rolls her eyes again.

        MICHAEL: (annoyed; raises his voice) Will someone please tell me what’s going on?

        CJ: (serious voice) It seems the spirit is appearing as different characters from the TV show “The Professor’s Journal”. It makes sense really since it’s attached to the clock Nick bought that was on the set. (Muses) I’m also willing to bet the spirit was an avid fan of the show.

        EVERYONE gives him a look.

        CJ: What? I can’t participate?

        BELLA smirks.

        MICHAEL: (to MIA) We should start the séance.

        MIA: Actually... you may not need to.

        MICHAEL: Sorry?

        MIA: The spirit... she was careful, making sure she could trust us... but she doesn’t yet. She’s scared. She’s trying to communicate with us but because the veil between the spiritual world and ours tend to get criss-crossed, she’s appearing as these characters. She wouldn’t be able to tell us everything even if we held a full séance.

        MICHAEL: But a séance could speed things along, help us decipher things, to figure out exactly what she wants.

        MIA: I don’t think so. I think we should pretend nothing is happening, carry on a conversation like-

        RAIN: -We’re all friends? (Glances over to NEEVE) I don’t think I can do that.

        MIA: A séance might upset her. We don’t want to force her to communicate. She’s already appearing to us on her own. I say let her do what she needs to do.

        NEEVE: (disbelief) We’re really not going to do anything?

        MICHAEL: Looks like don’t have choice. (Sighs) We have to sit down and ... talk to each other.

        RAIN groans.

        CUT TO:

        At the bar RAIN and NICK are sitting next each other while BELLA and CJ are on the other side. Meanwhile MICHAEL and MADELINE are at a table near MIA and NEEVE.

        NICK: (sips his coffee; tries too hard) Boy... (Gives the perfect sign) this coffee is really good boss.

        MICHAEL sighs. MADELINE and CJ smirks.

        RAIN: You’re being a dork, Nick.

        NICK: I’m just trying to carry a conversation, ya know? (Nods to MICHAEL) I really like the hazelnut flavor, boss.

        RAIN: You want to have a conversation? Fine. (Beat) When were you going to tell me your band is playing at the Haven High school prom?

        BELLA: (pleasantly surprise) Provocative Theory is playing?

        NICK: Oh yeah... (Sets his coffee down) Eleanor is responsible for setting up the gigs. (Beat) I got no say in where we play.

        RAIN: You could have said something.

        NICK: (shrugs) Sorry, I forgot.

        NEEVE: (from her table) What’s the problem? It’s not like he’s, ooh, trying to take over as head of prom committee.

        MIA: Oh lord... there she goes again.

        RAIN: (swing around) Neeve, this may come as a shock to you, but I have no desires to take over your position. In fact, I could care less about the whole thing.

        NEEVE: Then why did you join? It’s not... (Gestures) you. You don’t care about stuff like this.

        BELLA winces knowing she’s responsible for RAIN being on the prom committee.

        RAIN: (nettled) You don’t know anything about me.

        NEEVE: Clearly. (Stares at her a bit) So are you and Bella like secret agents or something? Fighting vampires and spirits?

        CJ looks over to BELLA, not clear on the details of the supernatural side of her life.

        RAIN: (mumbles) And other things.

        NEEVE: Well one thing is for certain, Bella can’t fight.

        BELLA: (protests) I can too.

        NEEVE: No offense Bella, but when that vampire attacked me, you barely did anything.

        RAIN and BELLA look at each other.

        MADELINE: (arches a brow) I’m confused. Rain, you told me you tried to save Neeve in the alley from the vampire.

        NEEVE: No, I assure you Ms. Blake, it was Bella.

        NICK: (nods to himself with realization) Ahh... this is when you swapped bodies, right?

        BELLA’S eyes widen.

        CJ: (not sure he heard right) Excuse me?

        MICHAEL: (sighs) Nick, you really need to think before you say something.

        NICK: (shrugs) Sorry boss but in situations like these, the truth is going to come out, no matter what.

        NEEVE: Was it like Freaky Friday?

        MIA: (whispers to herself) This was not the kind of conversation I had in mind.

        CJ: Let me get this straight... (Points to RAIN and BELLA) you actually swapped bodies? (To BELLA) You were in Rain and (to RAIN) you were in Bella?

        RAIN just looks over to BELLA who sighs and nods to CJ.

        CJ: (runs his hand through his hair) Wow... (Chuckles) ...not really sure how to respond to that. (Concerned; to RAIN) Wait... did-did I kiss you?

        MICHAEL and MADELINE start to feel awkward.

        RAIN: (assures him) It was when you gave me that mixed tape. And it was just for a couple of days. So there were no kissage.

        CJ: (sigh of relief) Good to know. That explains why you weren’t all that excited about it. (Shrugs) And you were kind of all avoidy.

        RAIN: I had to go along with it.

        BELLA: I’m sorry CJ.

        CJ: (softly) I’m sure you’ll fill in all the details another time.

        BELLA nods.

        NEEVE: (disbelief) So... then... it wasn’t Bella who tried to save me?

        RAIN: (sighs) No... it was me. A spell caused us to swap bodies.

        NEEVE: A sp... this is just too weird.

        NICK: (to NEEVE) Just out of curiosity... if Rain wasn’t able to save you from the vamp... how did you escape? They’re pretty strong.

        RAIN: (stammers a bit) It-it doesn’t matter how it happened.

        BELLA realizes that RAIN doesn’t want to discuss it as it involves SOLEDAD, an acquaintance of WARNER’S. MICHAEL picks up on RAIN’S anxious behavior.

        CJ: I’m kinda curious myself.

        NEEVE: (explains happily) Well, I was coming from the club and I passed this alley. Then all of the sudden, this vampire grabbed me and dragged me away from the street. (Can’t believe she’s talking about this) It literally tried to eat me and then... I guess Rain showed up to fight the vampire (shrugs) but she barely did anything until that cop showed up-

        MADELINE: (perks up) -Cop? (To RAIN) You didn’t tell me about the cop.

        MICHAEL arches a brow at this.

        NEEVE: Anyway it turned out the cop killed the vampire. (Clarifies) I didn’t see it because I was knocked out... but when I came to, the cop was all like “I’m not going to report this”. Then she said (low voice; dramatically) “What you saw, no one will believe you. This never happened”. After that, she took off. Weird right? (Looks over to everyone) Well... maybe not weird to you. (Remembers something) Oh then Rain asked if the cop was a slayer.

        With concern MICHAEL and MADELINE looks over to RAIN who clearly doesn’t want to talk about this.

        NEEVE: (cont’d) But then the cop said no... (To RAIN) what is a slayer anyway? You refused to tell me.

        RAIN groans and lowers her head on the counter.

        MIA: (folds her arm) This is why I don’t like people in my business.

        CJ: (whispers to BELLA) Just taking a wild guess here... a slayer is someone who hunts vampires and spirits?

        BELLA nods.

        CJ: Are you a slayer?

        BELLA: (scoffs) No way.

        MICHAEL: (tired of the teenage drama) Uhh... Mia? Nothing is happening. Maybe we should do the séance?

        MIA: (unsure) I still think we should-

        MIA is interrupted as some of the tables are suddenly turned over and smash heavily against the wall. EVERYONE stands up. The photos on the wall rattle violently. Then all of them fly off crashing into the floor. Glass shatters everywhere.

        MIA: Something’s not right here.

        NEEVE: Duh!

        MIA: Michael... this isn’t her. It’s another spirit... and he’s mad as hell.

        NEEVE: (aghast) Another spirit?

        MICHAEL: (to MIA) He doesn’t want us to do the séance.

        MIA shakes her head.

        MICHAEL: All the more reason to do it.

        RAIN: (mutters) Great, now we gotta deal with two spirits.

        MICHAEL: Nick, stay here with Neeve. Madeline, we need candles, they’re in the cabinets in the break room. Matches too. Bella, bring me all of the spices from the kitchen. Rain, Mia... come with me.

        EVERYONE nods and does what MICHAEL requested. Quickly RAIN and MIA follows MICHAEL to his office.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA and CJ hastily walk into the kitchen.

        CJ: Go get the stuff. I’ll man the door.

        BELLA picks up a nearby bin. She starts grabbing all of the spices and tosses them inside.

        BELLA: (breathlessly) Okay, I think I got everything.

        CJ attempts to open the door.

        CJ: The door is stuck. (Grunts) I can’t get it... (Slams into the door with his shoulder)... it won’t budge.

        BELLA: (glances over her shoulder) CJ... um... I think it’s because... (Fearfully) the spirit... is here with us.

        CJ looks in BELLA’S direction. He sees several knives floating in the air. His eyes widen. The knives hurl themselves towards BELLA. Stringing into action, CJ grabs BELLA, pulling her to one side and wrapping his arms around her protectively, bringing her down to the floor. The knives hit the tiled wall and bounces off with a loud clatter.

        CUT TO:

        MADELINE opens the cabinets. She moves things around searching for the candles. Right after she finds them, she grabs some matches. Unbeknownst to her, the door slams shut. Hearing this, she swings around. MADELINE approaches the door and tries to open it.

        MADELINE: (calls out) I’m locked in!

        All of a sudden, dishes from the cabinet float into the air and then ram themselves hard into the opposite wall. MADELINE turns to cover her face.

        CUT TO:

        Behind the bar, NICK and NEEVE are on the floor hiding, unsure what to do. She grips onto him rather too tightly.

        NICK: (winces) Um... do you mind? Your nails are-

        NEEVE: -I’m not letting go.

        NICK: Look Shortcake-

        NEEVE: (glares at him) -Shortcake?

        NICK: (disturbed) You know when you glare at me like that your eyes-

        Out of the blue, some of alcohol bottles from the shelf hover over them. NEEVE’S eyes widen. Instantly, NICK covers her to protect her from the glass. All of the bottles drop to the floor.

        CUT TO:

        MIA and RAIN are upstairs setting up the table for the séance. MICHAEL is downstairs quickly going through some books, flipping pages back and forth. Pleased with what he found, he runs up stairs with an ancient text. In that moment, they hear a loud crash from next door.

        RAIN: What was that?

        MICHAEL: I’ll check it out.

        MIA: (volunteers) No, let me. (Hands RAIN a bottle of red powder) This needs to be poured in a circle on the floor around the table.

        RAIN: (nods) Right then.

        MIA trails down the steps and leaves the office. Abruptly, the door slams shut. All of MICHAEL’S books in the office fly off the shelves.

        RAIN: Michael, what’s going on?!

        MICHAEL: It’s separating us.

        RAIN: (mutters) Great. (Gives MICHAEL a look) Now what, Professor?

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          RAIN and MICHAEL are kneeling behind the table. It seems things have died down a bit.

          MICHAEL: We should be safe here for now.

          RAIN: Are you sure? I mean shouldn’t we-

          MICHAEL: -Shh... (Calmly) I need to think for a minute... (Remembers something) When “The Professor’s Journal” was cancelled, they sold everything but the clock. Phil Milton, the creator of the show kept it. He had it for years and when he died, it was passed down to his daughter Nancy but then she committed suicide in ‘85. There was a myth that her spirit attached to the clock. I think the spirit appearing to us is Nancy.

          RAIN: How do you know all of this?

          MICHAEL doesn’t answer this.

          MICHAEL: (continues) I don’t think she really committed suicide.

          RAIN: She was murdered?

          MICHAEL: She keeps showing us scenes of monsters about to be killed, right?

          RAIN: Yeah but why is she trying to separate us?

          MICHAEL: I don’t think she is... (Looks around) I think the other spirit is responsible for this to prevent Nancy from telling us what really happened to her.

          RAIN: So the throwing-a-temper-tantrum-spirit murdered Nancy?

          MICHAEL: (small smile) This is purely an educated guess because I have nothing else to go on but yes I do. I mean it’s violently slamming the doors, throwing books, organizing the restaurant in excruciating detail. That’s a textbook description of an angry spirit, right there.

          RAIN: Okay let’s suppose Monk did murder Nancy, how did-

          MICHAEL: (arches a brow) –Monk?

          RAIN: Yeah ‘cause Monk has OCD? The angry spirit tried to organize your restaurant from top to bottom? (Sees MICHAEL doesn’t get this reference; sighs) I keep forgetting you don’t watch TV. (Continues) If Monk murdered Nancy, how did they both get trapped in the clock?

          MICHAEL: I don’t know. It could have been a witch... some kind of spell. I wish we had more to go on, some time to research all of this

          RAIN: Well we don’t and we don’t even have everything we need to do a séance to reach out to Nancy now that Monk has us under a supernatural lockdown. If only we could get through to Nancy, if only she could tell us...

          In that moment, a handsome MAN with a goatee and black and white hair at the temples wearing a trench coat materializes. He grips onto a cane with a Phoenix handle. Like the other TV characters, he flickers off and on.

          MAN: (smirks) You’re the Professor? You’re taller than I expected. (Beat; nods) It must be hard for you... you can’t decide whether or not you can kill me. I am human after all. (Lifts up his hand; creates a fireball) Now don’t worry... my powers won’t kill you right away. You’ll have time to say your good-byes.

          The MAN disappears into a white flash of light.

          RAIN: (frustrated) It would sure help if Nick was here to make sense of these scenes.

          MICHAEL: (to himself) He was a warlock.

          RAIN: (gestures) Yeah, I see that.

          MICHAEL: No, I mean... (Not wanting to use the name RAIN picked) Monk was a warlock. (Beat) I know what we need to do. We need to create a bomb.

          Stunned at what she just heard, RAIN gives him a look.

          CUT TO:

          Still behind the table RAIN observes MICHAEL putting together an assortment of supplies on the floor.

          RAIN: (uncertain) We’re going to what?

          MICHAEL: (opens a jar of black powder) It’s not really a bomb... more like a ripple effect.

          RAIN: (gestures the lack of supplies) Do we have enough stuff to make it?

          MICHAEL: (nods; points to the bowl) This spell will detonate like a bomb would but instead it creates this powerful ripple effect throughout the building. It won’t harm us but it’ll hurt him, rattle him a bit.

          RAIN: Won’t that just piss Monk off? I mean he’s not the most even tempered of spirits to begin with and...

          MICHAEL: (pours the powder in the bowl) He is not a spirit.

          RAIN: (confused) What? How can Monk not be a spirit?

          MICHAEL: (explains) Nancy gave us a couple of clues just now. Not only is Monk a warlock but he never died. I think after he killed Nancy, he must have cast a spell, trapped her in the clock and somehow in the process he trapped himself.

          RAIN: (amazed) You came up with this theory from that (thumbs back) five second scene back there?

          MICHAEL: (embarrassed) Umm... yeah.

          RAIN: But what about Nancy, won’t this spell harm her?

          MICHAEL: (softly) It’s mostly designed to hurt spirits temporarily but I figured since Monk is in the same spiritual plane as she is, it might harm him too, get him to let go of this grip he has on us. (Sees RAIN is concerned for NANCY) We don’t have any other option, Rain.

          RAIN: (sighs) Okay... then what?

          MICHAEL: Once we’re no longer under lockdown, we’ll release him from the clock.

          MICHAEL opens a small box from the bookcase.

          RAIN: (concerned with this plan of action) You want to release him? That’s what he probably wants.

          MICHAEL retrieves a piece of glass in the shape of a tube.

          MICHAEL: (nods in agreement) Yes... and we’ll trap him with this.

          RAIN: We’re going to trap a warlock in a... test tube?

          MICHAEL: (small smile) It’s from another dimension... the demons there would imprison criminals with this crystal.

          RAIN: (astonish) These dudes actually have their own form of law enforcement?

          MICHAEL: (Hands it to her) You’ll see that there are some etchings on it. It’s an incantation. Once you get to the clock, you’re to read it. It will draw him out and trap him in the glass.

          RAIN: (complains) It’s kind of hard to read.

          MICHAEL smirks as he hands her a sheet of paper.

          RAIN: Oh... this is the incantation?

          MICHAEL: Yes.

          RAIN: So you just happened to have this?

          MICHAEL: Clearly it was worth the investment.

          RAIN: So what’s next?

          MICHAEL: Next, you’re going to do the spell, create the ripple effect.

          RAIN: Oh... right, so the lives of everyone in this restaurant, falls on me. No pressure then?

          MICHAEL: (grins) You can do it.

          RAIN: Wish I shared your confidence. (Beat) What do I do?

          MICHAEL: (hands her a book) Read this bit... and light the flowers with your fire power.

          RAIN: My firepower? Don’t you think that might be dangerous?

          MICHAEL: I haven’t unpacked everything. I don’t have a lighter or matches on me. (Beat) Just... be careful.

          RAIN reads a page from the book puts her hand over the bowl and creates a small fireball the size of the marble.

          RAIN: (sighs) Here we go.

          RAIN drops the marble in the bowl. Quickly, RAIN and MICHAEL run toward the training center and hide behind the door. The flowers and powders burst into flames, and then it explodes creating an enormous blue ripple effect. It collides into the walls and throughout the entire restaurant.

          CUT TO:

          “Now” appears on the screen. Swiftly, the camera pans itself to the bar, behind it NEEVE, NICK and MIA are on the floor, still hiding.

          NEEVE: (grabs onto the MIA) Wh-what was that?!

          MIA: (irritated) Neeve, touch me one more time, I will-

          NICK: (holds up a hand) -Shh...

          CUT TO:

          A hand gripping onto a knife comes into view. It’s CJ fearfully looking around his surroundings. Behind him is BELLA clutching onto his shoulders.

          BELLA: (whispers) That knife is not going to kill it, you know.

          CJ: (anxiously) I-I know but I... feel safe with it.

          CUT TO:

          MADELINE is behind the couch holding a flashlight in her hand. She keeps glancing towards the door, obviously terrified.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN and MICHAEL are behind the door.

          RAIN: What’s taking so long? (Clutching onto a piece of glass) We need to get to the clock, Michael.

          MICHAEL: (in a huff) I know.

          RAIN: The ripple effect should have-

          Unexpectedly, the office door swings open.

          MICHAEL: (sees this) It’s open! Go!

          RAIN sprints down the steps and to the dining area.

          NEEVE: (from behind the bar) Oh god, we’re going to die, we’re all going to die!

          MICHAEL now in the office doorway leans over the counter.

          MICHAEL: (to NICK and the GIRLS) Move away from the bar, now!

          All at the same time MIA, NEEVE and NICK run around from the bar.

          NICK: (moves further back) What’s going on?

          CJ, BELLA and MADELINE are now in the dining area. As RAIN holds onto the glass, she reads the incantation from the paper. The clock starts to shake. EVERYONE backs up except for RAIN. She continues to reads. It starts to crackles with electricity. A stream of light emerges from the clock. It hovers a bit and then the light transforms itself into a MAN with brown hair in his forties dressed in a gray suit. The MAN gasps and falls to the floor.

          MAN: Oh... (Catches his breath) goodness... you really did it... you freed me. (Gradually stands up; straighten his tie) Thank you... (Smugly) it was really cramped in there.

          Suddenly RAIN and MICHAEL realize something isn’t right as the MAN is now standing before them.

          RAIN: (frantic) Michael, what do I do?! It’s not working!

          MAN: (chuckles) That’s because it’s broken, Witch. (Beat) You can’t see it but there is a hairline fracture in the glass. Clearly not worth the investment, was it Corbis?

          NEEVE: (frantic; to RAIN) You-you’re a witch too?

          CJ: Huh.

          RAIN inches back.

          MAN: (smirks again) Now... I know it’s been several years since I’ve used my powers... but let’s see what else I can do besides moving crap around? Mmm? It should be fun to do some killing, get some blood on my hands again like- (gasps; spits blood) –old times.

          He looks down and sees something has jammed its fist into his chest. As his body drops, we see another character flickering in black and white behind him. It’s the PROFESSOR, in a tweed suit and flat cap. His hand drips with blood. He fixes his suit by pulling down the lapel.

          PROFESSOR: (grins) Yes I’m here to kill you. (Beat) My name? Oh I’ll never reveal it... (Touches his cap with a nod) but you may call me the Professor.

          The PROFESSOR fades and turns into a WOMAN in her thirties, with blonde perm hair wearing a hot pink t-shirt, acid wash jean skirt and high top sneakers.

          RAIN: N-Nancy?

          NICK: (in awe of what’s happening) What the...

          NANCY bends down, touches the MAN. His body vanishes like all of the TV characters did in the previous scenes.

          NANCY: (looks up to RAIN and MICHAEL) Thank you.

          She stands up and fades into a beacon of light. Slowly the light dissolves.

          NEEVE: I don’t get it.

          MIA: (softly) She’s at peace.

          NEEVE: Are-are we safe now? They’re both gone? Like really gone?

          MICHAEL nods.

          NEEVE: (with relief) Thank god! (Steps around some of the broken pieces of furniture) I am outta here.

          MICHAEL: Rain... (Nods over to NEEVE) ... you might want to make sure she doesn’t...

          RAIN: (nods) Right. (Calls after her) Neeve wait-

          NEEVE: (at the door) -It’s late and my parents are probably wondering where I am.

          RAIN: (concerned) Don’t-don’t tell anyone about this... (softly) about me, all of us.

          NEEVE: (scoffs) You really think I would tell my friends that I (uses air quotes) hung out with you? With all of you freaks? And a couple of creepy spirits that tried to kill me? As if.

          NEEVE unlocks the door and leaves.

          BELLA: (nears RAIN) She won’t tell anyone.

          RAIN: Even if she did, no one would believe her.

          CJ: (brings his hand to his chest) And for my part, I won’t say anything.

          RAIN smiles.

          MIA: Well... (Swings around) Mr. Corbis, I’m going have double the fee, this (gestures) wasn’t what I had in mind when I said I’d come in for a reading.

          MICHAEL: (nods) Of course. I’ll send you the check.

          MIA: (glances around the room) Looks like you got a bit of cleaning to do (picks up her purse) and I ain’t no maid. (Waves a hand) So later folks. (Exits)

          NICK scoffs.

          MICHAEL: Is everyone okay?

          NICK: Other than a few minor cuts... yeah.

          The other nods that they’re fine.

          BELLA: (to RAIN) How did you know what to do?

          RAIN: Michael figured out Nancy was murdered by that man who was a warlock. He cast a spell trapping her in the clock and ended up doing the same to himself.

          MADELINE: (puts it together) So he wasn’t a spirit. He was just trying to prevent Nancy from telling us what happened to her.

          MICHAEL nods.

          RAIN: I was supposed trap him with (shows them the glass) this.

          NICK: (arches a brow) Is that a test tube?

          RAIN gives a small smile.

          MICHAEL: (Sighs looking at the mess) Why don’t we call it a night? We can clean this up tomorrow.

          With palpable relief EVERYONE nods in agreement.

          CUT TO:

          The restaurant is closed. We see the dining area is cleaned up but missing some furniture. At the bar, RAIN and MADELINE wait on NICK who is pouring them a couple of sodas. He hands the drinks to them. MICHAEL appears with two plates.

          MICHAEL: (to RAIN) Here’s your bacon cheese burger with an egg and some fries. And for Madeline, your tuna fish sandwich. Extra pickles.

          RAIN/MADELINE: (in unison) Thank you.

          MICHAEL walks around the bar. He retrieves a beer from the fridge.

          RAIN: (to MICHAEL) Madeline told me you did more research on Monk.

          NICK: (throws a towel over his shoulder) Monk?

          RAIN: Oh that’s what I called the warlock... you know because he had OCD?

          NICK: (smirks) Gotcha.

          MADELINE arches a brow not getting this reference either.

          MICHAEL: (opens the bottle) Monk’s real name was Gregory Roberts. He was Nancy’s husband.

          RAIN: Really?

          MICHAEL: (Nods; sips beer) There were reports of domestic violence. She wanted a divorce. She was going to leave him. Nancy’s death was filed as a suicide and Gregory was reported missing.

          RAIN looks over to MADELINE.

          MADELINE: What? Do I have mustard on me?

          RAIN: Oh... no. I thought hearing this might have made you think of, well, of Rowe.

          MICHAEL and NICK look at each other feeling a bit awkward.

          MADELINE: (softly) It did... but I’m fine. Really. (Nods to RAIN) Continue with your questions.

          RAIN: (Turns to MICHAEL) Umm... what about the clock? Should we be worried about it? In case something like this happens again?

          NICK: Nope. (Mutters) It’s broken.

          RAIN: That might be a good thing, Nick.

          NICK: (mumbles) Yeah, whatever. (Claps hand; smiles) You know... we barely started our marathon.

          RAIN: And he’s back...

          NICK: (points at them) Ladies... tonight... in the break room, we’ll watch “The Professor’s Journal”. (Turns to MICHAEL) If that’s... okay with you boss?

          MICHAEL: (smirks; sips his beer) Yeah... it’s fine.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is doing her homework. A voice startles her.

          MIA: (OS) Fancy seeing you here.

          BELLA: (looks up) Mia... hey. (Beat) How are you?

          MIA: (gestures to sit down) May I?

          BELLA: Please.

          MIA: (sits down; puts her purse to the side) I’m glad I bumped into you.

          BELLA: (arches a brow) Oh?

          MIA: I wanted to talk you about something.

          BELLA: (anxiously) About last night?

          MIA: Sort of. (Looks around) My strong suit... (Lowers voice) is communicating with spirits. Yet sometimes, I do get a feeling about people. Not often; just a little vibe here and there.

          BELLA: (not getting her point) Okay....

          MIA: When I was reading the clock, I said that I didn’t sense anything. I also said that it was possible that something was blocking me. (Pauses) It was you, Bella. You blocked me.

          BELLA: (nervous chuckle) Me? Wh-what are you talking about?

          MIA: (touches her hand) It’s okay you don’t need to be scared.

          BELLA takes her hand way from her.

          MIA: You have the gift.

          BELLA: (swallows) What gift?

          MIA: The gift of seeing. You can see the past and future.

          BELLA: (stunned) You-you’re not serious?

          MIA: I wouldn’t lie about something like this.

          BELLA: How-how do you know-

          MIA: -I just do.

          BELLA: Okay, not that I believe you but... how or why did I block you?

          MIA: It was your negative energy. I sensed that... you’re not ready. You’re rushing to understand your gift. My powers and yours in the same room... it was like they were short circuited. (Beat) I know this is hard to comprehend, but you are very powerful, Bella. Your magic is ancient; ancient and incredibly strong.

          BELLA: (scoffs) Ancient?

          MIA: The psychics in my family go back at least a century... but you Bella... your powers go back even further than that.

          BELLA: For someone who doesn’t often get a feeling about people, you sure seem to know a lot about me.

          MIA: (smiles softly) That’s because your powers told me.

          BELLA: (aghast) Okay now you’re freaking me out.

          MIA: (picks up her purse; stands up) I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. I just felt you should know. (Whispers) And be careful. There are people... who would do anything for powers like yours. Evil people.

          BELLA: What evil people?

          MIA: (doesn’t answer) If I were you, I’d get some rest tonight. (Beat) Try the chamomile blend from Oliver’s.

          BELLA again looks at her stunned watching MIA leave the library.

          CUT TO:

          The lights are off. RAIN, NICK and MADELINE are sitting on the couch watching the “The Professor’s Journal” on the projector.

          We see the PROFESSOR is in a science lab fighting a giant bug.

          PROFESSOR: (VO) I admit I did not know how I was going to proceed. I had never fought one this size before. We are talking about a giant insect, “Periplaneta Americana” to be exact. That’s “American ****roach” for those of you who didn’t study insects as a young child like I did.

          Soon MICHAEL appears with four bowls of popcorn. He passes them out to everyone and sits down.

          NICK: (to RAIN; whispers) This is my favorite part.

          The PROFESSOR electrocutes the giant bug. It withers on the floor, guts oozes out of it as it dies.

          RAIN and MADELINE groans. MICHAEL smirks as he eats his popcorn.

          PROFESSOR: (VO) However I was pleasantly surprised that I was successful in terminating it. I will tell you this though I will never look at insects the same way again.

          Soon the picture on the screen blurs and we see CONRAD WESTON sitting on a chair near the fireplace. He closes the journal.

          CONRAD: (holding onto a pipe) That could not have not been an easy feat, killing the giant insect. I am sure the Professor did not appreciate having to do an exterminator’s job but sometimes in life we have to fight other people’s battles. (Puts down the pipe) Now, I am particularly looking forward to next week when I will read you the chilling tale of the Professor’s encounter with the swamp man in the bayou. That’s right. The swamp man is also real. Good night everyone. I’ll see you next week for another entry of... The Professor’s Journal.

          NICK: (grins; pauses the episode) Okay, ready for the next one?

          EVERYONE nods.

          NICK: Yeah! (Cheesy grin) Admit it guys, you like this show. You’re hooked.

          RAIN: I wouldn’t go that far but yeah... it’s kinda cool.

          MADELINE: (smirks) I do wish Bella could have joined us.

          RAIN: (with a little sadness) Yeah... me too.

          MICHAEL notices this.

          NICK: (points) Now the next episode, “The Professor and the Swamp Man” is not my favorite. The plot is weak and the writing alone-

          RAIN: -Nick just let us watch it.

          NICK: Right, right. Sorry.

          NICK hits the play button. We see CONRAD sitting by the fireplace with the journal.

          CONRAD: Good evening, my name is Conrad Weston...

          The camera pans back and the screen fade into the next scene.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is under the covers sleeping. On the night stand there is a mug with a chamomile tea bag.


          We’re seeing the repeated memory of the Russian WOMAN and BELLA as a baby. The WOMAN approaches the crib and sings a Russian lullaby. After a moment, the WOMAN steps into the moonlight a bit, allowing us to see her face. It’s NATALYA.

          WOMAN: (leans over the crib; whisper) Hello Tinker... that’s what your daddy will call you. (Pauses) You look so much like your mother. (Picks up BELLA) Shhh... don’t cry.

          The WOMAN soothes BELLA, calming her down. She puts her back in the crib. For a moment, she just stares at BELLA. Then she puts her hand over BELLA’S heart. In Russian, the WOMAN whispers an incantation. The WOMAN’S eyes glows white and the lights from her eyes travel to BELLA’S. The white light fades and BELLA drifts into a deep sleep. The camera pans back and we see a FIGURE standing in the doorframe. It’s WARNER. He walks away.

          WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

          WOMAN: (OS) Isabella is strong.


          PRESENT TIME – MARCH 2005 –

          Abruptly, BELLA wakes up.

          BELLA: (gasps; apprehensively) What the frak?

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Adrienne Corbis (Sophia Myles)
          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Grant Corbis (Michael Trucco)
          Gloria Dubois (Daphne Ashbrook)
          Mia Gaines (Amber Stevens)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver Vallon (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Tanner Dubois (Shane West)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
          Soledad Hernandez (Sarah Shani)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • Originally this episode was called "Inventory". It was suppose to be about a spirit moving stuff around- nothing serious. I wanted to create some tension between Bella and Rain after they swapped bodies. Michael, Nick and Rain were suppose to be the ones only trapped in the restaurant while Bella and Madeline helped them from the outside. However, I felt this concept wasn't enough. I liked the idea of throwing in more characters together in a time of crisis- kind of like the BtVS episode "Older and Far Away". I thought it would be interesting to see Neeve interact with the others in another supernatural environment. I also wanted to challenge myself and focus on a specific time frame which I think I was able to do so in the last two acts. This was the hardest episode I've ever written. I really want to thank Tangent for his help in this respect.

          • This is another episode I enjoyed writing. I especially loved the TV series I came up with- "The Professor's Journal". In fact I think I had too much fun creating it. I got the idea from John's journal in Supernatural. Then I thought since Nick is a TV geek, maybe I could make it into a TV series. The narrator's last name Weston is actually from Burn Notice- Michael Weston, one of my favorite shows.

          • Mia Gaines is inspired after a good friend of mine and yes she does talk like that. In addition, CJ learns a new side to Bella. This will be explored later on.

          • Even though I've lightly touched the tension between Rain and Bella, I like to think I showed how distant they've been since they swapped bodies. Rain is having a hard time coming to terms with what she learned regarding Warner while Bella is ready to dive in, learn as much as possible. Meanwhile Bella also discovers her powers are ancient thanks to Mia. And there is more to this repeated memory of Bella as a baby in the crib. To her surprise Natalya just may be responsible for giving Bella her powers. What's more Warner might have let it happened! Confusing, eh?

          • A little of Michael's background is revealed. He apparently just up and left for the Great Outback and returned years later to open the restaurant. His departure sure caused a big rift between him and his family. Grant is sure pissed, eh? Tsk-tsk, that Adrienne is something else.

          • And I obviously didn't share much about what exactly Warner did with Jaime. I've also explained more about Rowe's powers- how they work which is important to know as the series progresses. In addition, Rowe realizes Mr. Alice has a bigger endgame then he's been letting on. Michael and Madeline finds it odd a cop helped saved Rain and Neeve from the vampire. So this intrigues them. And the prom is coming soon! Woot. I find it amusing that Rain is on the prom committee especially when she has to work with Neeve.

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.17- One of Us Always Lies (Part One). It's the first part of the season finale! You can read the summary in the index. Thank you for reading!
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