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RAIN: 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land

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  • RAIN: 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off about two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.15 Stranger in a Strange Land

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    March 1955 appears on the screen.


    CUT TO:

    In the background we hear a MAN chanting in another language. The camera pans over to a little BOY with similar features sitting on a small sofa. He tries to read his comic book but he’s watching the MAN, who is wearing protective glasses continue to chant. He is at a desk covered with designs of brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. As the camera pans closer to him, we see him holding onto two necklaces with heart shaped designs. There is a swarm of red light coming from his hand. It covers both necklaces, cementing a spell he’s casting. Eventually the light fades. The MAN removes his glasses admiring his work.

    MAN: (happily; doesn’t look up) What do you think, Trevor? (Beat) I think the design just might be my best work.

    TREVOR pretends to be reading his comic book. We hear a FEMALE voice coming from the front of the store.

    FEMALE: Elias? I’m here.

    MAN: (sighs) That’ll be your mother. (Glances at the clock; stands up) Always on time.

    Rather quickly TREVOR stands up taking his comic book with him but ELIAS stops him.

    ELIAS: (places his hand on his shoulder) Remember, this is our secret. Do you understand?

    TREVOR doesn’t respond.

    ELIAS: (firmly) Trev? Do you understand?

    TREVOR: Yes, daddy.

    ELIAS: Good boy.

    ELIAS carefully puts the necklaces on a jewellery stand. He opens the door and gestures for TREVOR to follow him. As the door closes, the camera turns back to the necklaces.




    We hear shuffling noises. Soon the screen fades and we see CJ coming from the back room holding a box filled with antiques. He sets it down on the glass counter and walks away. Slowly the camera pans over the box. We see different types of antique jewellery: chains, brooches and pendants all intertwined with each other like a nest of glittering snakes. Among them are the same necklaces ELIAS conjured a spell with. The charms seem to sparkle even brighter than before.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    Wearing a leather jacket, dark red blouse, jeans and boots SOLEDAD leans against her car. She appears to be anxious, looking around as if she has something to hide. She glances down at her knuckles examining the recent cuts on them and then looks up sharply as another a black van pulls up beside her. On the passenger’s side, the window rolls down. We see a MALE DEMON with red skin and piercing blue eyes also in a leather jacket. There is a faint sound of Bill Withers playing from the radio. SOLEDAD approaches the van inhaling the waft of smoke of clove cigarettes.

    DEMON: (takes a drag) Do you have it?

    SOLEDAD looks over to the driver who is also a MALE DEMON with similar features. After he takes a peek at the rear-view mirror he gives her a nod, acknowledging her presence.

    SOLEDAD: (to the FIRST DEMON) The place is clean?

    FIRST DEMON: As a whistle. There’s no trace of your friend at the country club.

    SOLEDAD: Good. (Pulls out a thick envelope) It’s all there.

    He counts it making sure. She takes a step back. With just two fingers, the FIRST DEMON salutes her. Then the windows rolls up and slowly the van drives away. She pulls out her phone dialling a number. We hear WARNER’S voice on the other line.

    SOLEDAD: It’s paid for.

    WARNER: Then that’s all... for tonight.

    He hangs up before she could reply. As she puts her phone away, she climbs in her car and cautiously takes off.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN enters the restaurant wearing a Haven High baseball hat and a foam finger. Behind them NICK carries BELLA over the threshold. She’s wearing her softball uniform. MICHAEL and a few customers look up.

    NICK: Hip-hip hooray!

    MICHAEL: (behind the counter) Do I take it the Haven High Softball team finally won a game?

    RAIN: (sits down; takes off the foam finger) Not even, they lost. Zero to eleven.

    BELLA: Put me down, Nick!

    NICK brings BELLA to the floor.

    NICK: (nods; pats her on the back) You’ll win a game soon. You’ll see.

    BELLA: Nick we suck, like really suck.

    NICK: (shakes his head) You’re the underdogs and the underdogs always come out on top in the end. You’ll see. (Winks at her) Trust me.

    BELLA: What makes you so sure we’re going to win a game? (Smirks) Can you predict the future or something?

    NICK: With my training, you’ll make it to the championship.

    RAIN: (small laugh) What training? You’ve never been even slightly involved in sports, Mr. I-Went-To-Band-Camp.

    NICK: You know it would be nice if you had a little faith in me. (Places his hand on his chest) I happen to like outdoor activities.

    RAIN: What? Standing in line all night for a U2 concert ticket?

    NICK scoffs at her while MICHAEL smirks.

    NICK: (thumbs toward the kitchen) As touching as this little pep talk is, I’m gonna get some ice cream. (ignores RAIN) Would you like some Bella?

    RAIN rolls her eyes.

    BELLA: Actually Rain and I are going to hang out a bit before I head home.

    NICK nods and the girls say their good-byes to everyone and leave the restaurant.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN and BELLA enter the apartment.

    RAIN: (sets down her hat and foam finger) I’m sorry your dad couldn’t come to the game.

    BELLA: (shrugs; puts her bag on the coffee table) He’ll come to the next one.

    RAIN: (Sees BELLA is doubtful; half smile) Well CJ was a great cheerleader. He had the poms-poms and everything.

    BELLA: (beams) Yeah, he’s an awesome boyfriend.

    RAIN: So is it official? You’re boyfriend-girlfriend?

    BELLA: (giggles) Its official. We’re boyfriend-girlfriend.

    RAIN: You’re such a dork.

    BELLA: (grins again; remembers something) Oh... before I forget. (Retrieves a small box from her bag) I saw this at CJ’s antique shop. He said we could have it.

    RAIN: (arches a brow; takes the box) What is it?

    BELLA: (gestures) Open it.

    RAIN obeys and discovers there are two necklaces with broken hearts in an art deco style. One heart says “best” and the other heart says “friends”. They are the same one from the teaser.

    RAIN: (Picks one up and admires it) It’s beautiful.

    BELLA: Isn’t it?

    RAIN: So CJ let you have these for free?

    BELLA: (nods) Yep. (Beat) The design is...different... isn’t it?

    RAIN: Looks like its art-deco. (Beat; touched) Thank you, Bella.

    BELLA: (with a grin; takes one heart) Let’s put it on.

    RAIN takes the other heart. At the same time, they each put their necklaces on and lock the clasp. They both smile at each other but the pendants glow causing both them to lose their balance. Gradually the glow from the necklace covers their bodies.

    BELLA: (uncertain) Rain, what’s happening?

    RAIN: (anxiously) I-I don’t know.

    In an instant the light switches from one body to another, zapping them, forcing them to lose their balance again.

    RAIN: (holds herself up) Whoa...

    BELLA: (rubs her head from a painful headache) What the... I’m you! And you’re... (glares at RAIN) what just happened, Bella?

    RAIN: (touches the pendant; anxiously) I-I guess we switched bodies somehow.

    RAIN as BELLA: (gestures at their situation) You think?! Is there anything else you’d like to add?!

    BELLA as RAIN: (winces) I-I’m sorry?

    CUT TO:

    Peering out the window of her motel room, SOLEDAD is talking on her cell phone. She’s in the same attire as she was earlier.

    SOLEDAD: (softly) What did the coven say? (Listens to the other line) No, I’m not going to tell him, father. Not just yet. It’s too soon.

    SOLEDAD hangs up still keeping her eyes on the view from the window.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA and RAIN stare at the mirror, inspecting their new bodies.

    RAIN as BELLA: (touching the necklace) We need to burn this thing, melt it or something. (Beat; shivers) That is just too surreal.

    BELLA as RAIN: (rather calmly) It’ll be okay, Rain.

    RAIN: Bella, don’t you get it?! This is a body swapping spell. Body swapping spells... (Gestures) spells bad news! Do you not remember the vessel thingy?

    BELLA: I’m sorry. I didn’t know the necklaces possessed magical powers and I seriously doubt CJ did. (Beat; smirks) But... You have to admit, it could be interesting, don’t you think?

    RAIN: (stunned hearing this) Are you nuts?

    BELLA: We could play tricks on Neeve or something.

    RAIN: (folds her arms) No thanks.

    BELLA: (to herself; shrugs) I wouldn’t mind a vacation from Sheridan.

    RAIN: As if I want to hang out with your stepmother- wait... (Disbelief) you’re... you’re not seriously thinking about keeping up with this facade?

    BELLA: Why not? It might be fun. See what life is like from another perspective.

    RAIN: (tries to be the voice of reason) There are factors to consider. (Counts with her fingers) There’s CJ... I’m sure you wouldn’t want me being all lovey-dovey with him. Then there’s your father... Michael... Madeline? They wouldn’t be too happy to hear about this. They’re finally starting to trust me. (Gestures) And what about my powers?

    BELLA: (shrugs) I wouldn’t mind staking a vamp for once.

    RAIN: Do you hear yourself? I mean really hear yourself?

    BELLA: I’m not deaf, Rain. (Beat) Let’s just try it... just for one day.

    RAIN: (sighs) This is crazy, Bella.

    BELLA: We can take it off now and then put it back on... (Hoping RAIN will agree) say at midnight?

    RAIN: This is a bad idea.

    BELLA: (imploringly) Please?

    RAIN shakes her head.

    BELLA: Come on, Rain.

    RAIN: (sighs; points at her) We meet at school first thing.

    BELLA nods in excitement.

    RAIN: (sighs) I can’t believe we’re going to do this.

    They take off the necklaces at the same time and resort to their original bodies without the glowy special effects.

    RAIN: (gives BELLA a look) I still think we should burn this thing.

    BELLA: Just one day, that’s all I ask.

    RAIN: All right, all right. At midnight.

    BELLA: (in agreement) At midnight.

    CUT TO:

    Just slipping into bed, BELLA turns off the light. In her hand, we see the necklace. She looks over to the clock. It’s 11:59 pm.

    CUT TO:

    Already in bed, RAIN is hugging her knees still feeling uncertain. The necklace is also in her hand. She anxiously looks over to the clock.

    The TV screen splits in half allowing us to see both GIRLS. The clock turns to midnight. At the same time, the GIRLS put the necklaces on. Within less than a second their bodies are switched. BELLA looks at her surroundings, acknowledging she’s in RAIN’S bedroom while RAIN does the same. They both pull the covers to their chin, feeling anxious and drift to sleep.


    We see two children both about ten years old running through the forest. They’re laughing. One is a BOY dressed in a white collar shirt and white slacks. The other is a GIRL with black hair and Russian features wearing a white dress.

    BOY: You can’t catch me, Natalya!

    NATALYA: Oh yes I can!

    NATALYA catches up with the BOY. She pushes him to the ground. He rolls around laughing in the leaves. NATALYA falls down to her knees and quickly kisses him on the cheek.

    WOMAN: (OS) Warner, get over here this instant!

    They both look up in response to the WOMAN’S voice.



    With a sudden panic, RAIN gets up forgetting she’s in BELLA’S room. She looks over to the clock. It reads: 6:00 am. We hear Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth play as the alarm goes off. Quickly, RAIN hits the button, stopping the music.

    RAIN: (stays in bed; shivers a bit) What the hell was that?


    We’re underground when the MASTER is about to kill BUFFY in episode 1.12 Prophecy Girl.

    BUFFY is frozen with fear. THE MASTER waits a moment longer and then bends down biting her at the base of her neck. He drinks a few sips and lets her go.

    MASTER: Oh, God! The power!

    BUFFY falls to her knees.

    MASTER: And by the way...

    She falls face down into the pool of water.

    MASTER: I like your dress.

    Then we cut to when BUFFY is standing on the platform with DAWN moments before she jumps in the portal in episode 5.22 The Gift.

    FIRST SLAYER: (OS) Death is your gift.

    BUFFY: (OS) Death...

    FIRST SLAYER: (OS) your gift.

    BUFFY frowns and turns around slowly. There is a shot of the platform extending into the air. In the distance, holes seem to be opening in the sky. The sky is growing lighter as the sun tries to rise. BUFFY looks peaceful. She turns back to Dawn, who stares wide-eyed.

    DAWN: Buffy ... no!

    BUFFY: Dawnie, I have to.

    We see BUFFY running off the platform and jumping into the portal. Then we’re shifted to SPIKE killing the China Boxer Rebellion Slayer and then SPIKE killing NIKKI. Next DRU is slicing KENDRA’S neck with her fingernail; followed by images of various slayers being killed in episode 7.22 Chosen.

    BUFFY: (OS) But this is the work that I have to do... the hardest thing in this world ... is to live in it.



    Instantly, BELLA wakes up gasping. She hears AC/DC’s Highway to Hell play. She turns off the alarm and radio and sees its 6:00 am.

    BELLA: (under the coverers; whispers) God Rain...

    CUT TO:

    Standing before BELLA’S closet, RAIN groans. All she sees are bright shades of colors. She sighs as she goes through them, trying to find something comfortable to wear.

    RAIN: (frowns) Nothing but hearts and flowers. Grr-agh.

    CUT TO:

    Also in the closet, BELLA examines RAIN’S clothes. Most of them are black, red, blue and purple with band names as well as homemade designs and sketches but it doesn’t seem to bother her.

    BELLA: (Smirks) Your clothes rocks!

    CUT TO:

    RAIN emerges from the closet wearing a long sleeve shirt with purple hearts and a Top-Gun vintage tee over it as well as jeans with holes in the knees and Red converse sneakers. She looks in the mirror.

    RAIN: (shrugs) It’ll do. (Beat; turns around) Now... where is your backpack?

    Immediately RAIN sees it near at the end of the bed. She also spies a set of car keys on the dresser and then turns around. She picks up BELLA’S pink purse and stares at it with disgust. Instead, she retrieves the wallet and puts it in her back pocket.

    RAIN: (looks in the mirror again) I’m so ready to get out of this joint.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA comes out of the bathroom in a black AC/DC shirt, olive green cargo pants and black boots. She goes over to the desk and opens a drawer and finds RAIN’S keys and wallet. Before she closes the drawer, something grabs her attention, a picture of RAIN and TANNER when they were younger. In the picture, RAIN is holding onto a knitted blue bunny. BELLA arches a brow at this. She shrugs as she puts the picture back in the drawer.

    Now searching for something else, BELLA eyes a pile of clothes in corner. Quickly she goes through them and finds RAIN’S bag made out of various fabrics. Swiftly, she tosses in the keys and wallet. She returns to the bathroom and applies some red lipstick. BELLA makes a few kissy poses.

    BELLA: (smirks) This is so much fun!

    CUT TO:

    Now at the front door, RAIN opens it. She hears a voice from the dining room call after her.

    SHERIDAN: (OS) Where do you think you’re going, Isabella?

    RAIN: (mutters) School, duh.

    SHERIDAN: (OS) Get over here, now.

    RAIN: (closes the door; sing-song) Coming...

    RAIN sees SHERIDAN is at the table about to eat .

    RAIN: (thumbs to the door) I have school, so I should-

    SHERIDAN: -sit down. (Beat) There’s plenty of time. Besides, we always eat together, you know this.

    RAIN mumbles.

    SHERIDAN: What was that?

    RAIN: (sets backpack down; sits) Oh, nothing mother.

    SHERIDAN: (ignores her; sees her outfit) What are you wearing?

    RAIN: (breaks off a piece of a croissant; looks at her shirt) What’s wrong with it?

    SHERIDAN: You look like a slob. (Beat) Where did you find that ratty old shirt?

    RAIN: (snaps back) I happen to like this ratty old shirt.

    A MAID appears pouring two cups of coffee.

    RAIN: I’d like a cup.

    The MAID is taken aback. She looks at SHERIDAN for permission.

    RAIN: I don’t need permission. I’m eighteen, so pour. (Nods to herself) I’m going to need it after today.

    The MAID obeys and pours her a cup.

    SHERIDAN: Since when do you drink coffee?

    RAIN: (confused) Bella always drinks mochas at Starb- (stops herself) umm... what’s the problem, Sheridan?

    SHERIDAN: I’ve just never seen you drink coffee.

    RAIN: Well watch me. (Takes a large gulp; sighs) Ahh... mm... that’s good stuff.

    SHERIDAN: (arches a brow) What is going on with you?

    Before RAIN responds, WARNER appears. He sees RAIN wearing the Top-Gun shirt. RAIN awkwardly looks away from him.

    WARNER: (sits down) Morning Bella.

    RAIN: (glances back up) Morning Mr. Tal- I mean... dad... dy. (Coughs; feels weird calling him that)

    A MAID hands him his plate of sausage, eggs and whole wheat toast.

    WARNER: (takes a bite) I see you’re wearing your mother’s shirt. (Softly) You haven’t worn it in years.

    RAIN: (pulls the sleeve) This was... mom’s?

    SHERIDAN stiffens hearing this.

    WARNER: (arches a brow) Yes... don’t you remember? You used to wear it all the time when you were younger.

    RAIN: Right, of course. I-I forgot. It was in the back of the closet.

    RAIN sees SHERIDAN is uncomfortable with the way WARNER brought up BELLA’S birth mother.

    RAIN: (sticks it to her) How about that? (100 Watt grin) Daddy likes my shirt.

    SHERIDAN: (sighs; not in the mood to deal) I’m going to the Country Club.

    WARNER: You haven’t touched your breakfast.

    RAIN: (slurps her coffee; with a grin) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Wouldn’t you say so, Sheridan?

    WARNER sighs.

    SHERIDAN: (coldly; to WARNER) I’ll eat there. (Glares at RAIN) The company is much more pleasant.

    SHERIDAN gets up and leaves the house taking her purse along with her.

    RAIN: (raises voice) Have fun!

    WARNER: (cuts into his sausage; looks over to RAIN) I know that things are.... strained between your stepmother and you but I don’t want you to provoke her. It’ll just make things worse.

    RAIN: (decides to speak up for BELLA) She had an affair.

    WARNER: We already discussed this, Bella. That’s between Sheridan and me.

    RAIN: (backs off) Sorry. I didn’t mean-

    WARNER: (puts his fork down)- I know, honey. (Observes her for a minute) Seeing you in that shirt... can’t believe how much you look like your mother. (Chuckles) She was sure crazy about Tom Cruise.

    RAIN awkwardly eats the croissant. After a moment WARNER sees the necklace.

    WARNER: That’s a pretty pendant. Did Rain give it to you?

    RAIN: (touches it) Umm... I got it... for us.

    WARNER: Right. (With concern) How is she doing?

    RAIN: (taken aback) Good... Rain is good. (Beat; suspicious) Why?

    WARNER: Well, I’ve known her... (Softly) as long as you have, so naturally I care for her.

    RAIN: Right... yeah. Like I said, she’s good.

    WARNER: Do you know if she’s thinking about going to college?

    RAIN: (surprised at his interest in her) Probably... (Doesn’t know what else to say)... she likes art.

    WARNER: (nods) I’ve seen some her drawings. She’s very talented.

    RAIN: Yeah... she is... (Sips her coffee) Rain really loves her graphic design class.

    WARNER: (leans back) Oh? Do you think she wants to be a graphic designer?

    RAIN: She’s thinking about it... but she hasn’t told anyone. (Stop herself) Well obviously she told Bella... I mean told me...

    WARNER: Of course, you’re best friends. (Looks at his watch) I should get going. (Gets up; kisses her on the forehead) Love you, Tinker.

    RAIN: (frozen, unsure what to do) I-I love you too daddy.

    WARNER: I’ll see you after school.

    RAIN: Yeah-yeah sure.

    WARNER exits the house with his briefcase.

    RAIN: (lets out a big sigh; to the MAID) Can I have a cup of coffee to go? Make it black. And strong, really strong, like... dark side black.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA spies three cereal boxes on the top of the refrigerator.

    BELLA: What should I have?

    BELLA gets an idea and pours all three in the bowl. She grabs the milk, pouring that in as well. Grapping a spoon she looks at it for a moment and then gobbles it all down.

    BELLA: (last bite) Yum...

    Seeing the time, she grabs a small bottle of OJ, her bag and bolts out of the apartment. Happily, BELLA walks down the steps and out the door. She bumps into MICHAEL who is carrying groceries.

    BELLA: Oh, Mr. Corbis! I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you!

    MICHAEL: (arches a brow) Mr. Corbis?

    BELLA: (winces) Oh right... Michael... I mean Michael. Sorry.

    MICHAEL: Off to school?

    BELLA: (grins excitedly) Yep.

    MICHAEL: You’re awfully chipper this morning.

    BELLA: It’s a new thing I’m trying. (Throws a fist in the air) Be positive because we all know how I can be so broody and negative, you know?

    MICHAEL: (chuckles) Okay, well I’ll see you after school.

    BELLA: (realizes he’s referring to work) Right, at work! I’ll be at work... working hard. (Nods toward him) Very hard.

    MICHAEL: See you later, Rain.

    BELLA: (small wave) take care, Michael!

    Confused at the way she’s acting, MICHAEL waves back.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN is smirking as she drives BELLA’S convertible enjoying the ride. It seems she’s speeding as well. A cop car appears from behind putting its sirens on.

    RAIN: Oh man... (pulls over)

    Slowly the cop walks over to RAIN. As the camera pan to cop’s face, we see its SOLEDAD in her uniform.

    SOLEDAD: Licence and registration please?

    RAIN fumbles for it and hands it to SOLEDAD.

    SOLEDAD: (pretends she doesn’t recognize the name) Tell me... Ms. Talmadge, are you aware you were going 70 back there?

    RAIN: No, officer. I’m very sorry. I won’t do it again.

    SOLEDAD: (hands it back to her) Please see that you don’t. This is a warning. (Hands it her a ticket)

    RAIN: (surprised) Yes... ma’am. Thank you.

    SOLEDAD turns towards the patrol car and leaves. RAIN sighs with relief.

    CUT TO:

    Awkwardly, BELLA starts the engine and right away we hear Led Zeppelin’s Houses of Holy playing.

    BELLA: Yikes... that’s loud, Rain. (Beat; with a smile) Let’s play a different song.

    She finds a radio station to her satisfaction and Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body plays.

    BELLA: (sings along) Don’t be so quick to walk away... (Dances in the car) dance with me... I wanna rock your body... please stay... dance with me.

    Unbeknownst to her, with a smirk NICK is watching her from the curb. Soon BELLA realizes this and quickly turns off the radio. He walks around the car.

    BELLA: (rolls down the window) Hey... Nick... (Nervous) sup?

    NICK: (bends down) You like Justin Timberlake?

    BELLA: Sure... what not?

    NICK: I just can’t... picture you liking this song. (Nods) Bella, maybe but you... nope. You’re more of a Led Zeppelin kind of chick.

    BELLA: Chick?

    NICK: Pardon me, woman... a Led Zeppelin kind of woman.

    BELLA: (smirks) Whatever, Nicky.

    NICK: Nicky? I told Bella not to call me that, (points at her) the same goes for you Rain.

    BELLA: Sorry. (Nervously; grins) Well... I guess I’ll see you at work later today... because we’re employees, you know? (Waves a fist in a gesture of solidarity) We work together side by side, day after day, for the good of all the hungry people of Haven... and beyond!

    NICK: (confused by her behavior; stands up) Right...

    BELLA: (anxiously waves)’K, then. Bye!

    BELLA pulls away from the street while NICK scratches his head and heads to the restaurant.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN pulls into the parking lot. She takes her final gulp of her coffee.

    RAIN: (anxiously looks in the mirror) Hello... I’m Bella! (With a grin) You can me Izzie... (Small smile) Yes, I’m Bella Talma- (sighs) That’s it I’m done.

    Slowly, fearing the world somehow found out about the body swap, RAIN gets out of the car with the backpack.

    She sees BELLA waiting for her in the front of the school. It feels surreal to RAIN seeing her body a few feet away from her.

    RAIN: (approaches BELLA) Don’t you think that’s a bit too much lipstick, Bella?

    BELLA: (self-conscious) Really? It seemed like the right thing to do. (Checks her out) Nice outfit.

    RAIN: (looks down at her clothes) It’s the best I could do without looking like-

    BELLA: -me?

    RAIN: (glances up) Sorry... um... (Tugs the shirt) I didn’t know this shirt was your mom’s.

    BELLA: It’s okay. I haven’t worn it since I was a kid. (Beat) Did daddy notice?

    RAIN nods.

    BELLA: (smirks) How did it go with Sheridan?

    RAIN: We had a little spat. (Grins) I won.

    BELLA: (intrigued) How did you win?

    RAIN: She left the table this morning without eating breakfast.

    BELLA: Ooh you’re bad. (Beat) Well I bumped into Michael. He caught on I was too cheerful. And Nick thinks you like Justin Timberlake.

    RAIN: Great, so you’re already ruining whatever’s left of my reputation.

    BELLA smirks.

    RAIN: (winces) Well You... kinda got pulled over for speeding... (BELLA’S eyes widen) but ... the cop let you off with a warning.

    BELLA: Sounds like you’re about to ruin my reputation. (RAIN smiles; remembers something) Oh... I had a vision too... a slayer one.

    RAIN: (Concerned for BELLA’S well being) Are you okay?

    BELLA: (nods) It was of Buffy when she died... (Confused) twice. (Beat) Did she really die two times?

    RAIN: It’s a long story. (Beat) So it was just of Buffy then?

    BELLA: (shakes her head) Buffy was the leading lady but there were minor characters too, other slayers I guess. I saw all of them die.

    RAIN: (nods) Sounds like death was the theme for you. I just hope it didn’t disturb you too much.

    BELLA: If I can handle Keeley’s nightmares, I can handle your visions.

    RAIN: (half smile) Well, I had a dream myself. Well at least I think it was a dream... I’m not sure really.

    BELLA: About what?

    RAIN: It was of your dad, but he was young. He was running in the forest chasing a girl.

    BELLA: (arches a brow) I-I haven’t had that one before.

    RAIN: Before? (Pauses) Do you think this was another memory or something? Like the one of your birthmother?

    BELLA: (doesn’t answer) What else happened in the dream?

    RAIN: (continues) The girl kissed your dad. And there was a woman calling after him but I didn’t see her.

    BELLA: Weird. (Anxious) Did-did the girl look Russian?

    RAIN: (shrugs) Russian? I don’t know. I guess. Your father called her Natalya. That’s a Russian name, right?

    BELLA: (taken aback) Natalya? That-that’s her name?

    RAIN: (softly) Bella, is there something you’re not telling me?

    BELLA: What do you mean?

    RAIN: I just... this memory or whatever... it didn’t really feel like a dream. It felt like I was walking through someone’s past. What’s going on?

    BELLA: (sighs) Honestly? I don’t know.

    RAIN: Does your father know about this?

    BELLA: He knows I’ve been dreaming about the woman a lot lately... just not the full details of the memory.

    RAIN: Wait... you told me it was your birthmother. (Realizes BELLA isn’t telling her everything) There’s more to these memories, aren’t there?

    BELLA: (bites her lips; ignores the question) We should get to school.

    RAIN: Actually, I think we should stop doing this.

    BELLA: Stop what?

    RAIN: This... (Looks around; softly) the body swapping thing.

    BELLA: No... I want to keep going.

    RAIN: These memories are yours, Bella. It’s not natural that I’m having them. I think we should switch back.

    BELLA: (disappointed) But Rain...

    RAIN: Bella, let’s be realistic about this.

    BELLA: (sighs) I suppose you’re right.

    RAIN: I’m sorry, Bella. I know you really wanted to do this.

    BELLA: (gestures) Let’s just do it. Like a band-aid.

    Together, they reach for the clasp at the base of their necks. They attempt to fiddle with them but nothing happens.

    RAIN: Weird... it’s stuck.

    BELLA: Mine too... (Nods to RAIN) try again.

    They give it another shot but to no avail.

    RAIN: (eyes widen) Bella...

    BELLA: (winces) Yes, Rain?

    RAIN: (annoyed) When I said I wanted us to be best friends forever, I didn’t mean in each other’s bodies!

    BELLA: (winces) I-I’m really sorry?

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      ACT II


      Pacing back and forth, RAIN mutters to herself while BELLA watches her. There are still a few students outside chatting.

      RAIN: (throws a hand up) We’re screwed. God... (Rubs her head) how am I going to tell Michael and Madeline? (Beat) They’re just starting to trust me again!

      BELLA: (rather calmly) Maybe we just have to wait it out.

      RAIN: (stops pacing) What do you mean?

      BELLA: Well when we tested it last night, we were able to take the necklaces off because we weren’t ready for it. (Beat) And now we’ve worn it longer, it’s testing us... our friendship to see if we can handle each other’s lives.

      RAIN: (arches a brow) You’ve thought about this for a while, haven’t you?

      BELLA: (half smile) I’m just saying that maybe we’re suppose to wear them until we’re both ready to take them off.

      RAIN: (nods incessantly) Oh, I’m ready. I’m ready to pry this (holding the pendant) off... but you Bella (Points at her) you’re not.

      BELLA: (sighs) I’m sorry, Rain. I really am. (Beat) Look, you don’t want Michael and Madeline to find out, right? So let’s just get through the day, maybe by then we’ll be back to ourselves.

      RAIN: You owe me.

      BELLA: (feigns a smile) I’m sure you’ll think of something. (Beat; nervous chuckle) It’s a good thing I don’t have a test today.

      RAIN: (glares at her) What’s that supposed to mean?

      BELLA: Well... (Explains) I mean we’re obviously good at different subjects (nods to her) for instance... (Gestures to RAIN) you excel at art and I’m (place her hand on her chest) really good with history, ya know?

      RAIN: Our classes are the least of my worries. (Beat) How am I supposed to act around CJ?

      BELLA: Oh right... um... just don’t flirt too much.

      RAIN: (rubs her head) I’m getting one hell of a headache.

      BELLA: There you go! Tell him you have a headache.

      RAIN: (bitterly) That’s because I do have one, Bella. (Moans) Grr... I’m supposed to meet Ms. Marks later today for a counselling session.

      BELLA: Don’t worry, I’ll wing it. (Beat; touches RAIN’S shoulder) Come on... let’s go to school.

      RAIN fake cries as BELLA links arms with her.

      CUT TO:

      Nervously, RAIN walks down the hallway with BELLA still linking arms.

      BELLA: Try not to look like a deer caught in headlights, Rain.

      RAIN: I think Madeline is going to know, the minute she sees us... we’re done. We’re french toast.

      BELLA: Shh... here comes Neeve.

      Carrying a used hand bag, NEEVE strolls down the hallway. She sees RAIN and BELLA.

      NEEVE: Oh, how cute. (Observes their necklaces; childlike voice) Are you the vewy bestest of fwiends?

      BELLA: Go away Neeve.

      NEEVE: It’s public property, Rain. I can annoy anyone I want. Today I pick you.

      RAIN: (steps in front of NEEVE; glares at her) Stay away from us, bitch. Or I’ll rearrange your face on public property... starting with the lockers.

      NEEVE: (doesn’t back off) You’re a bit aggro today, Bella. Does your stepmother know you talk like that? (BELLA bites her lips) Oh, wait. She does know. My mother told me about how you managed to air Ms. Talmadge’s dirty laundry at the photo shoot in front of all of the socialites of Haven. Real classy, Bella. Real classy. I see you failed Miss Annabelle’s lessons on etiquette.

      BELLA: (snaps back) As if you know about how to behave.

      NEEVE: Huh... the mood to annoy you, Rain... it’s now gone. (Shrugs) I have nothing to say to you anymore. How about that? (Small wave) Lata.

      NEEVE walks pass them and turn to another hallway.

      RAIN: (bites her lips) I don’t think I can do this.

      BELLA: We don’t have a choice.

      RAIN: I think we should have lunch off campus. I don’t want to give CJ the wrong idea.

      BELLA: (nods) Whatever you want.

      RAIN: And we’ll meet here after school?

      BELLA: I have softball practice.

      RAIN: (waves a finger) No I have softball practice.

      BELLA: You’ll be okay.

      RAIN: (realizes something) You have to work today.

      BELLA: (nods) Most likely, yeah.

      RAIN: And patrol! (Moans) With Nick. He’s so going to figure it out-

      BELLA: (brings up a hand) -Rain stop. You’re driving me crazy worrying like this. Take a deep breath (RAIN listens)... there you go. We’ll take it step by step. You go to my history class and I’ll go your English class.

      RAIN: Keep your phone on.

      BELLA: I will. (Beat) I’ll see you at lunch. (Gives a small wave) Bye, Bella.

      RAIN just glares at her. BELLA winces and gives a small reassuring smile before leaving the hallway.

      CUT TO:

      Anxiously, RAIN enters the class room. She sees MR. EBERLY writing on the board. Then she looks over to CJ who waves at her. Reluctantly, RAIN sits next to him.

      CJ: Hey Sweet Cheeks.

      RAIN: (gives him a look) Sweet Cheeks?

      CJ: Don’t like that one?

      RAIN: (tries to be cool) It’s fine.

      CJ: I’ll cross it off the list. (Pulls something out of his bag; hands it to her) I made this for you last night.

      RAIN: (looks at it; confused) It’s a mixed tape. (Beat) Do they even still make tapes?

      CJ: (arches a brow) Umm... yeah. (Beat) I recorded some one-hit wonders from the 80’s. Songs like “Cars”, “Putting on The Ritz”, “She’s like the Wind”, “Whip It”... (Perplexed by the look on RAIN’S face; softly) “Key Largo”. I thought it seem fitting to put it on a tape.

      RAIN: (smirks) “Key Largo”?

      CJ: (sings) We had it all... just like Bogie and Bacall.

      RAIN: (plays along) Here’s lookin’ at you kid.

      CJ: (leans a little too close for comfort) That’s the spirit.

      RAIN quickly jerks back almost knocking herself out of her seat.

      CJ: Are you okay?

      RAIN: (clears throat) Yeah... thank you for the tape. I-I like it.

      CJ: (eyes narrow) Sure. (Beat) We can make fun of the songs later, if you want.

      RAIN: (nods too anxiously) I’d like that.

      MR. EBERLY: Ms. Talmadge, it’s your turn.

      RAIN doesn’t respond as she puts the tape in her back pocket.

      MR. EBERLY: Ms. Talmadge?

      CJ: (whispers; nods over to the teacher) That’s you babe.

      RAIN: (shoots up) Bella’s here! (stammers) I mean... I’m here.

      The class snickers.

      MR. EBERLY: (sighs) It’s your turn to read your history report. (Beat) Come on, we don’t have all day.

      RAIN: (nervously) Right... umm... let me look in my bag.

      RAIN mumbles to herself, goes through BELLA’S folders praying the report is in the bag. She finds it.

      RAIN: (too cheerfully) I found it!

      CJ arches his brow at her again.

      RAIN: (walks up to the front of the class; anxious) Yeah... my history report is on (reads directly from the paper; monotone) the Native Americans, The Lakota Tribe...

      We hear snickers again. Her voice trails off.

      CUT TO:

      MADELINE is leaning against her desk holding onto a book- “The Silver Kiss” by Annette Curius Klause. BELLA is sitting in front of the class, not RAIN’S usual seat.

      MADELINE: What’s Simon’s impression of Zoe when he sees her for the first time?

      CREED: He was intrigued by her. He thought she was beautiful... “dark like the night”.

      MADELINE: What else?

      RACHEL raises her hand.

      MADELINE: Rachel?

      RACHEL: Simon thought she was thin, as if another vampire had drank her before him.

      MADELINE: (nods) Rain? Anything else you’d like to add?

      BELLA: (quickly puts the book down) Oh, me? You picked me?

      MADELINE arches a brow at BELLA and nods.

      BELLA: R-right you picked me... because I’m Rain. Umm...

      We hear the class snicker.

      BELLA: He sensed that death followed her... you know because of her mom.

      MADELINE: Yes... (moves onto the next question) How does Zoe view herself... (voice trails off)

      BELLA lets out a sigh of relief.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN and BELLA are eating their lunch.

      RAIN: (sips her smoothie) You really remember Nick reading the book to you when you swapped bodies with Keeley?

      BELLA: Just a small passage but it was enough to give the right answers.

      RAIN: Madeline didn’t suspect anything?

      BELLA: Nope. (Beat) How was CJ?

      RAIN: Ahhh yes... (Pulls out the mixed tape) Mr. Hodges made this for you. You’re supposed to make fun of the songs later.

      BELLA: (cheesy grin) It’s a mixed tape. He gives me the best gifts. (Reads the songs) Key Largo! I love this song. He picked some good ones.

      RAIN: You guys are like the dorkiest couple I’ve ever seen.

      BELLA: (doesn’t look up) Not listening to you.

      RAIN: Well, I’m just glad he didn’t try to kiss me.

      BELLA: Me too. (Looks up; winces) Oh no...

      RAIN: (face falls) What? Is it CJ? Is he here? He wants to smooch, doesn’t he?

      BELLA: No... Nick he’s heading our way, like now!

      RAIN: Just be cool.

      NICK sees RAIN and BELLA at their booth. With a smile he approaches them.

      NICK: Hey girls... ditching school?

      RAIN: We have senior privileges.

      NICK: (nods) Cool. (To BELLA) So what time are we patrolling tonight?

      RAIN smirks at BELLA.

      BELLA: Oh... umm... is seven okay?

      NICK: (grins) I’ll bring Bonham.

      BELLA: Bonham?

      RAIN snickers.

      NICK: (arches a brow) Yeah... my stake.

      BELLA: Oh right.

      NICK: (makes karate poses) I want you to show me some slayer moves. We haven’t done that yet.

      BELLA: (nods anxiously) Slayer moves. Moves like a slayer, you got it.

      NICK: (happily) Awesome. All right ladies, I need to get my daily smoothie fix before heading back to work. (Throws in more karate moves) See you later tonight, Rain. (Goes to the counter)

      RAIN: (smirks) This is just too funny.

      BELLA: Yeah? Well... (nervously) do you think I even have your slayer powers?

      RAIN: You’ll find out tonight.

      BELLA whimpers with concern.

      RAIN: (smiling) You’ll be fine. Have Madeline go with you. Surprisingly she’s pretty good in a fight. (Glances over to NICK) Nicky is waving at you.

      BELLA: (waves back) Shut up, Rain.

      NICK continues to wave as he pushes the door with his back still holding onto his smoothie. We hear RAIN giggling.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN is sleeping on the couch.


      A Russian MAN argues with the Russian WOMAN who looks like from BELLA’S dream but she’s in her late teens.

      MAN: (with an accent) I do not want you dating him, Natalya!

      NATALYA: I love him, father. Please, why can’t you just be happy for us?

      MAN: I do not trust him.

      We hear a car honking. NATALYA looks out the window and sees a MAN in the car. It’s WARNER.

      NATALYA: (turns to her father) He’s here. I have to go. I’ll be late for school.

      NATALYA picks up her bag and leaves the house.

      MAN: (OS) Natalya, do not go with him! Come back!


      PRESENT TIME – APRIL 2005 –

      Anxiously RAIN is walking back and forth waiting for BELLA. Eventually she appears.

      BELLA: Can’t believe the day is finally over. Principal Reyers kept showing me his comic book drawings trying to convince me to go to art school and Mr. Tosti didn’t like my stick drawing at all. (Winces) Oh, and Ms. Marks signed you up to be on the prom committee.

      RAIN: (direct) I had another memory.

      BELLA: (surprised) You did?

      RAIN: (nod) I fell asleep at the library during your study hall period.

      BELLA: What did you dream about?

      RAIN: Natalya... only she was older, I think seventeen or eighteen. She was arguing with her father about her dating... your dad.

      BELLA: I figured that daddy dated before mom but-

      RAIN: (Concerned) -Bella, we need to end this spell.

      BELLA: (protests) No... let’s just wait it out.

      RAIN: Bella... it doesn’t feel right.

      BELLA: Please Rain... you’ve had two different dreams on the same day. I’ve had only one repeatedly for weeks.

      RAIN: (taken aback) You want to keep doing this because I’m getting more memories than you?

      BELLA: (Stammers) No... I just... w-what if we have to wait exactly twenty-four hours? Maybe we’re supposed to take the necklaces off at midnight.

      RAIN: (sighs) Just so you know I really don’t like this.

      BELLA: (glances at her watch; nervously) You-you have softball practice.

      RAIN groans.

      BELLA: (nervously smiles) And I’m going to work.

      RAIN: (recalls something BELLA said earlier) Wait a second... did you say Ms. Marks signed me up to be on the prom committee?

      BELLA: (100 watt grin) Yes because you have a lot of potential.

      RAIN: (glares at her) Bella... we need to talk about exactly how much you owe me for this.

      Apprehensively BELLA chuckles.

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        ACT III


        On the bleachers, CJ watches the Haven High School softball team practice. A defeated RAIN is in the outfield. She is covered in dirt and grass from head to toe. Someone hits the ball to her.

        RAIN: (groans) Noo... not again.

        She attempts to catch it but misses it and falls to the ground.

        COACH: (annoyed) Everyone front and center!

        RAIN picks up the ball. She rubs her arm as she approaches the coach with the rest of the team.

        COACH: Look, I know it sucks we lost a lot of games but we cannot let it get to us. Do not let it affect you because if you do, we’ll never win. (Waves a hand) That’s it we’re done for the day.

        The team scatter apart and get their things. Relived practice is over, RAIN fetches her bag. CJ walks over to her.

        CJ: (small laugh) The coach is something else. Kind of obsessed about winning, eh?

        RAIN: Yeah... she sure is...

        CJ: (softly) So what are you doing now? I thought we could listen to those songs over some Chinese food.

        He touches RAIN’S hand but she pulls it back.

        RAIN: I-I need to go home. Mr. Talm- I mean daddy is expecting me.

        CJ: (nods) Oh right, yeah, of course.

        RAIN: Sorry.

        CJ inches closer but RAIN moves back.

        CJ: (confused) I was just going to kiss-

        RAIN: -I gotta go. I’ll text you.

        CJ arches a brow as he stares at RAIN hurriedly leaving the field.

        CUT TO:

        At the bar, NICK mixes a drink for a customer. Coming from the kitchen, MICHAEL hands a plate off to a waitress. BELLA arranges the glasses on the shelf.

        MICHAEL: (approaches BELLA) Rain?

        BELLA doesn’t respond, forgetting she swapped bodies with RAIN.

        MICHAEL: Rain?

        NICK: (glances over to BELLA) Yo, Mason!

        BELLA swiftly turns around.

        NICK: (Nods toward MICHAEL) Boss wants you.

        BELLA: Oh! Yes Mr. Cor- Michael?

        MICHAEL: (thumbs back to the waitress) Helen told me that you gave Vince and Frank chocolate martinis.

        BELLA: Yeah?

        MICHAEL: (gives her a look) They’ve always ordered Samuel Adams, nothing else. You know this. (Tiredly runs his fingers through his hair) It’s not just their orders you’re messing up but other customers as well. What’s going on?

        BELLA: (tries to cover it up) Bad day at school.

        MICHAEL: (nods with understanding) You know, I ordered a shipment of boxes for the (lowers voice) training center, why don’t you go through them, do an inventory?

        BELLA: (frowns in disappointment) Sure, boss.

        MICHAEL: Excuse me?

        BELLA: (beams) I’ll do it.

        MICHAEL shakes his head at her and goes back to the kitchen. BELLA sits at the bar.

        NICK: (pretends to have a lighter) Bad day?

        BELLA glares at him.

        NICK: (throws his hands up) Sorry. (Beat) Seriously, you all right?

        BELLA: I’m fine. (Beat) Oh... Madeline is joining us tonight.

        NICK: (smirks) Sounds like a threesome.

        BELLA: Mind out of the gutter, Nick.

        NICK: (nervous chuckle) My mind didn’t go there.

        BELLA: (doesn’t believe him) Yeah right.

        NICK: (softly) Seriously... it didn’t. (Looks around, then back at BELLA) I’m sorry.

        BELLA: I’m over it.

        NICK: No, not that. I was talking about... (glances around; whispers) the kiss. I don’t know what I was thinking. You’re right, we should just be friends.

        BELLA: (swallows) Ye-yeah... of course. (Leans back) Friends... we should be friends.

        NICK: I just wanted to say I’m sorry. And I didn’t mean to brush you off like that.

        BELLA: It’s all good.

        NICK awkwardly nods and returns to work. BELLA sneaks a peak at him wondering why RAIN didn’t tell her about their kiss.

        CUT TO:

        It seems that RAIN has been sitting at the bar for a while. Usually, she dances until the night is over but she can’t bring herself to do it. With a sigh, she grabs her jacket and leaves the club. As she walks past the building, RAIN hears a commotion coming from an alley.

        FEMALE VOICE: (cries) Please let me go!

        To her right, RAIN turns to an alley. She sees a VAMPIRE trying to bite someone.

        RAIN: Hey you! Get your fangs off of her!

        The VAMPIRE ignores her. RAIN looks around for a weapon and finds a broken pool stick. She attempts to hit him with it but it he barely feels it. He growls at her revealing his victim is NEEVE.

        NEEVE: Bella! Help me!

        Getting herself into a fighting position, RAIN grips the pool stick. The VAMPIRE smirks, carelessly tossing NEEVE aside. She falls to the ground knocking herself unconscious.

        RAIN strikes him again but the VAMPIRE grabs her hand and twists it forcing her to drop the pool stick. She screams in pain.

        A police car slowly passes the alley and then backs up. An OFFICER sees the VAMPIRE and climbs out of the car. The street light shines on her face revealing its SOLEDAD. She doesn’t bother calling for back up. Carefully she takes off her hat placing it on the seat and retrieves a something from the back.

        Inching closer, SOLEDAD approaches the alley. The camera pans to her hand holding onto a stake.

        SOLEDAD: (low voice) Hey Drac-wanna be, let the girl go.

        The VAMPIRE sneers at SOLEDAD and sees her stake. Smugly he drops RAIN. Like a rag-doll she falls to the pavement. Slowly, RAIN gets up and limps over to NEEVE.

        RAIN: (touches NEEVE’S face) Neeve... wake up.

        RAIN looks up over to SOLEDAD. She realizes it’s the same OFFICER who pulled her over this morning.

        VAMPIRE: What’s the crime, officer?

        SOLEDAD: You are.

        They start to fight, throwing punches, kicks, ramming each other into the brick wall. Stunned, at SOLEDAD’S resistance to the VAMPIRE’S strength, RAIN remains by NEEVE’S side.

        By now, SOLEDAD has the VAMPIRE against the wall. Before it can break itself free, she stakes him. Abruptly he transforms into dust.

        SOLEDAD puts her stake in the back of her pants. She turns to RAIN and NEEVE.

        SOLEDAD: (breathlessly) Are you okay?

        RAIN: Ye-yeah.

        NEEVE groans.

        RAIN: Neeve?

        NEEVE: (rubs her head) Wh-what happened?

        RAIN: You were attacked.

        NEEVE: (frightened) Oh god! Where is he?!

        SOLEDAD: He’s dust.

        NEEVE: (confused) Dust?

        SOLEDAD: He won’t hurt you anymore. (Bends down; examines NEEVE’S head) You don’t have any injuries. You’ll be fine.

        NEEVE: (to RAIN) Can I have my hand back?

        RAIN: Let me help you up.

        NEEVE: (slightly pushes her) I can get up myself, thank you.

        SOLEDAD and RAIN back off. On her own, NEEVE bring herself to her feet. She brushes the dirt off her clothes.

        SOLEDAD: I’m not going to report this.

        Quickly RAIN looks over to her.

        NEEVE: (not understanding the situation) Wh-why not?

        SOLEDAD: What you saw, no one will believe you. This never happened.

        SOLEDAD turns for her squad car.

        RAIN: (calls after her) Wait.

        SOLEDAD swings around.

        RAIN: Are you a slayer?

        SOLEDAD: (as if she knows the term) No ma’am, I’m not.

        SOLEDAD walks back to her vehicle.

        NEEVE: (rubs her arm) What’s a slayer?

        RAIN: (low voice) You don’t want to know.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA, NICK and MADELINE are patrolling the street with weapons.

        NICK: (plays with his stake) They’re never going to come out, are they?

        MADELINE: (holding a crossbow) Looks like a slow night. It happens. (Glances at her watch) We should go home, it’s late.

        NICK: (sighs) Just when I was ready to learn some slayer moves, the vampires decides to play hide and seek.

        BELLA: (smirks) So they’re hiding from you because they’re don’t want to deal with your lack of fighting skills? Is that it?

        NICK: No, I was just saying that-

        Someone grabs BELLA. She drops her stake. NICK and MADELINE turns around and sees a VAMPIRE is about to bite into her neck.

        NICK: (frozen with fear) What do we do, Blake?!

        MADELINE: (tries to get the cross bow to work; to BELLA) Rain, use your powers!

        BELLA: (struggles) I-I’m trying!

        BELLA elbows the VAMPIRE and pushes him away from her. He flies into the air and crashes into the pavement breaking bits of cement.

        NICK: (eyes widen) Whoa! You hit him pretty hard!

        MADELINE also looks at BELLA in amazement.

        BELLA: But that’s good, right?

        Slowly, the VAMPIRE stands up and growls at her.

        MADELINE: (instructing her) Fireball!

        BELLA: Now?

        MADELINE: Yes now! Throw it!

        BELLA: (looks at her hand) Come on hand... let me see wiccan magic.

        NICK: He’s coming, Rain!

        BELLA shakes her hand but nothing happens. Still frantically fiddling with her cross bow, MADELINE looks over to BELLA in confusion. Just then BELLA’S hand crackles with blue electricity. However before she is able to use her powers, the VAMPIRE tackles her. Together they fall to the ground. Now on top of BELLA, the VAMPIRE smirks at her.

        VAMPIRE: (runs his tongue over his fangs) You’re pretty.

        MADELINE finally manages to get the crossbow in working order and stake the VAMPIRE. The dust explodes all over BELLA.

        BELLA: Yeah well... (Coughs) you’re not.

        NICK helps BELLA to her feet.

        MADELINE: What was that, Rain?

        BELLA: (brushes the dust off her) What do you mean?

        MADELINE: Are you not feeling well? You barely fought.

        BELLA: Really? I thought I elbowed him pretty good there.

        NICK: (puts his stake in his jacket) Well, no matter, now we can go home. I just want to take a nice hot bath- (sees BELLA is amused) What? Even grown men take baths.

        MADELINE watches BELLA closely for a few seconds, feeling something isn’t right but lets it go as the three of them walk down the street.

        CUT TO:

        In bed, RAIN talks on the phone with BELLA as they discuss their day.

        RAIN: I’m just glad you’re all right.

        BELLA: (also sitting in bed) Me too. (Pauses) I admit it’s not what I thought it would be.

        RAIN: What do you mean?

        BELLA: I don’t know. I-I saw your life in a different way. I mean... on the outside you like this cool superhero, fighting crime. I knew it was violent but being a wiccan-slayer isn’t the only thing about you. You’re an amazing artist. You have people who care about you, Rain. Your teachers, the principal, even some of the staff at the restaurant speak highly of you. I thought that by keeping up with this... (looks at hands) facade, I could get a break from Sheridan, from my life, that it would be a like a vacation but it wasn’t.

        RAIN: Sounds like you had an epiphany.

        BELLA: Something like that. (Beat) Plus I miss CJ... daddy and Rosie’s apple pie.

        RAIN: (small chuckle) You’ll going have to come up with a good excuse when you see CJ. He tried to kiss me... he knows something’s up.

        BELLA: I’ll figure something out. (Sighs) By tomorrow morning, we’ll be back in our own bodies and this will be a distant memory.

        There is a knock on the door. WARNER peers in the doorway.

        RAIN: (rather immediately) Hey daddy.

        BELLA listens in on the conversation, longing for home.

        WARNER: It’s late, Bella. (Looks at his watch) It’s after ten. Tell Rain you have to go to bed.

        RAIN sees he’s wearing a polo shirt from a local restaurant. It reads: Morrie’s Burger Emporium. She doesn’t think anything of it.

        RAIN: I will. Good night daddy.

        WARNER: Night, Tinker.

        WARNER closes the door.

        RAIN: (to BELLA) Sorry... I need to go.

        BELLA: It’s so surreal hearing you call him daddy.

        RAIN: It feels surreal calling him that.

        BELLA: Okay, so midnight... we take the necklace off.

        RAIN: It better work.

        BELLA: And if it doesn’t?

        RAIN: Then we’ll have to talk to Michael and Madeline. I’ll call you if it doesn’t.

        BELLA: (reassuringly) It’ll work. (Beat) I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.

        RAIN: All right.

        BELLA: (Softly) Good night, Izzie.

        RAIN: (small grin) You too Spaz.

        RAIN hangs up. She touches the necklace and looks over to the clock. It’s 10:26 pm. Tired from the long day, RAIN reluctantly falls asleep.


        We see we’re at the same Halloween party from the photos that we’ve seen in previous episodes. The party is packed with people in various costumes. They all have eyes on the Russian WOMAN presumably NATALYA in a cat outfit singing in her native language. In the crowd, JAIME stands next to a guy dressed as one of the band members from KISS. Near her is WARNER as Sonny Bono who has his arms around Evangeline who is in her Cher costume.

        EVANGELINE: Isn’t she beautiful... her voice...

        WARNER: (drops his arms) She is... (softly) she’s very beautiful...

        Suddenly, the room is empty. There is a spot light shining on a GIRL in her teens with Russian features dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. The GIRL is not NATALYA. It’s as if this GIRL doesn’t belong to the scene. Her voice is garbled.

        GIRL: (Russian accent) Rain... please listen... it was suppose to be you... not her... he’s coming for you... evil... your father... you need to be ready.

        We’re now shifted to a violent scene. The thunder rolls across the sky. A very pregnant NATALYA is running down the stairs, looking over her shoulder. There is blood all over her clothes and hands. At the top of the stairs, we see black shoes slowly trailing down the steps. The camera pans to a hand. It is gripping onto a bloody knife .

        WARNER: (VO) ... you’re pregnant...

        Next we’re transferred to another scene; NATALYA on the floor about to give birth. We hear her utter a Russian incantation, followed by cries and thunder.

        NATALYA: (VO) I’m sorry I kept this from you.

        We also hear additional voices that do not belong with the scene.

        EVANGELINE: (VO) We’re going to name her Isabella Natalie Fairbourne.

        NATALYA: (VO) Evie... I’m so touched.

        We can’t see who it is but a MAN is now carrying a bloody baby. Lightening flickers from a nearby window.

        EVANGELINE: (VO) We’re best friends, aren’t we?
        NATALYA: (VO) Yes... (softly) we are.

        We hear WARNER and NATALYA exchange words again separate from the previous voices.
        NATALYA: (VO) I need you now more than ever, Warner.
        WARNER: (VO) Good-night, Natalya.
        The MAN puts the baby down and brings his hand to NATALYA’S mouth and slowly smothers the life from her.


        PRESENT TIME – APRIL 2005 –

        Swiftly RAIN jumps out of bed forgetting where she is.

        RAIN: (runs her fingers through her hair) What the hell...

        Anxiously, RAIN rubs her arms feeling scared by the dream she just had. She looks over to the clock and sees it’s after midnight.

        RAIN: (acknowledges she’s still in BELLA’S body) Crap. (Fiddles with the necklace but it doesn’t budge) Damn it!

        RAIN grabs her phone on the nightstand and sees BELLA called a few times. She dials the number but there is no answer. As she puts the phone back, she knocks over something. She bends to pick it up. RAIN realizes it’s BELLA’S knitted purple bunny under the bed. She arches a brow as it triggers a familiar feeling. She looks at the bottom, searching for a tag but it’s torn. Then she tosses it on the bed. RAIN sits on the edge looking around BELLA’S room. She sees a framed photo on the nightstand. It’s of BELLA and RAIN taken at a local State Fair when they were about ten or eleven years old. There is another picture peering out of the frame. RAIN pulls it out. It’s the Halloween photo of WARNER with his arms around the Russian WOMAN.

        RAIN: (taken aback) This-this is her... (whispers) this is Natalya.

        Biting her lips, she stares at the door for a bit. Quickly she puts the photo back inside the frame. Then she puts on a robe and opens the door. All of the lights are off. Eventually, RAIN makes her way to the first floor. Over her shoulder, RAIN looks up at the top of the stairs making sure no one is in sight.

        In an instant, she enters WARNER’S OFFICE. Hurriedly, she walks over to the desk and turns on a lamp. She pulls a drawer but only finds office supplies. She tries another drawer but it’s locked. Without much thought, she finds a paper clip and fiddles with the lock. To her surprise, it opens. We see a wallet for business cards on top of a box. She grabs it, and flips through. She is stunned when she finds two that are familiar to her: Kilpatrick Auto Detail Shop and Autumn Sun Motel.

        Her mind drifts to a memory from 1.08 The Domino Effect when the Autumn Sun Motel manager told RAIN someone asked about the previous manager’s disappearance.

        BARBARA: (VO) Shortly after you inquired about Lloyd’s disappearance, a man asked me about him too.

        RAIN: (VO) Is there anything else you remember about him?

        BARBARA: (VO) ... just that he was really handsome. He did ask for a business card. (Beat) Oh, he was wearing a polo shirt; it had the name of a restaurant on it.... I can’t remember which one but I think it’s a local. Does that help?

        RAIN shakes her head, not wanting it to be true.

        RAIN: (looks at the business card again) No... (whispers) it can’t be.

        She glances over to a photo of BELLA and WARNER on the desk.

        RAIN: (disbelief) It was you all this time? Oh god...

        RAIN puts the cards back in the wallet. As she puts the wallet back, she checks out the box. Realizing it’s locked as well; she uses the same paper clip to open it and discovers an array of cell phones.

        RAIN: (aghast) What in the world?

        RAIN looks over to the door way, then back at the phones. She picks one up and hits redial. A FEMALE VOICE answers.

        FEMALE VOICE: Hello?

        RAIN recognizes the voice. It’s SOLEDAD, the police officer.

        SOLEDAD: Hello? Warner? Are you there? Is everything okay with Rain?

        RAIN’S eyes water. Without delay she hangs up.

        END OF ACT III
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        • #5
          ACT IV


          BELLA pulls in the driveway and climbs out of the car. As she approaches the door, WARNER comes out carrying a briefcase.

          WARNER: (startled) Rain?

          BELLA: (stammers) Mr. Tal-Talmadge... I came to pick Bella up.

          WARNER: She left for school already.

          BELLA: (confused) Oh... I guess there was a misunderstanding.

          WARNER: (nods) Well... have a good day. If you’ll excuse me... I’m late for work.

          BELLA: (awkwardly moves out of his way) Ha-have a nice day.

          WARNER gives a nod, climbs in his car and takes off.

          BELLA: (looks around; softly) Where are you, Rain?

          CUT TO:

          Her mind a whirl of intense and bitter emotion RAIN pulls in the motel parking lot. She abruptly walks in the office. The cat belonging to BARBARA the motel manager jumps on the counter.

          BARBARA: (to the cat) Lanky lizards! You scared me, Elvis! (Calms herself; looks over to RAIN not recognizing her) Can I help you?

          RAIN: (forgets she’s in BELLA’S body) Barbara...

          RAIN pulls out the Halloween photo of WARNER and NATALYA.

          RAIN: (points to WARNER) Was this him? Was he the one asking about Llyod’s disappearance?

          BARBARA: (confused) Um... who are you dear?

          RAIN: Oh... right. I’m sorry. (Composes herself) I’m here for a friend. She stayed here for the Christmas holidays. You know her. Rain?

          BARBARA: Of course. Lovely girl. How is she?

          RAIN: She’s good. I just I need to ask you something for her.

          BARBARA: Why can’t she come here herself?

          RAIN: (rather quickly) She’s out of town. Rain asked me to come. It’s really important.

          BARBARA: What does she need to know?

          RAIN: (points to the photo again) This man... was he asking questions about Lloyd’s disappearance?

          BARBARA: (puts on her glasses; sighs) Yes... this is him. He was older though with salt and pepper hair.

          Bitterly, RAIN looks away.

          BARBARA: (picks up the picture) Say... this other woman, she really looks like Rain doesn’t she?

          RAIN: (takes it from BARBARA) Really? You think she looks like me... I mean Rain? (Anxiously) You think she looks like Rain?

          BARBARA: (nods) Yes... is this her mother?

          RAIN: No... (Unsure what to think) I don’t think so.

          BARBARA: Is that all, dear?

          RAIN: Yes... thank you.

          BARBARA: Be sure to tell that Rain girl (pets the cat) Elvis and I miss her.

          RAIN: I will. (Soft smile) And for what it’s worth she feels the same.

          BARBARA smiles back. Awkwardly RAIN nods a thank you and leaves the motel with the picture. She pulls out her phone realizing that BELLA has been calling her. Her eyes start to water again.

          CUT TO:

          Still in front of the house, BELLA dials her phone again. Finally RAIN answers.

          RAIN: Hello?

          BELLA: Rain? What’s going on? I thought I was going to pick you up?

          RAIN: I’m sorry. I needed to run an errand.

          BELLA: An errand? What kind of errand?

          RAIN: It’s not important.

          BELLA: (confused at RAIN’S distant behavior) What happened last night? You didn’t call back.

          RAIN: (distractedly) Sorry... I fell asleep.

          BELLA: Shouldn’t we go see Michael and Madeline then?

          RAIN: Not yet... just... I need more time.

          BELLA: More time for what? Did you have another memory?

          RAIN: (bites her lips) No I didn’t.... listen I’m not going to school. Don’t tell Madeline. Promise me, you won’t tell her. Not even Michael.

          BELLA: I-I promise.

          RAIN hangs up.

          BELLA: (baffled) What...?

          CUT TO:

          Sitting at the bar, BELLA plays with a straw wrapper. NICK and MICHAEL are in the doorway near the kitchen. They’re both looking at BELLA with concern.

          MICHAEL: How long she’s been there?

          NICK: Since this afternoon. She won’t drink or eat. Something’s wrong, boss.

          MICHAEL: (hands him a plate) Take this to table four.

          NICK: Sure.

          MICHAEL walks around the bar.

          MICHAEL: (concerned) Is everything okay, Rain?

          BELLA looks at her text waiting for RAIN to respond.

          MICHAEL: Did you get into a fight with Bella?

          BELLA still doesn’t answer.

          MICHAEL: Rain... talk to me.

          BELLA: (looks up) I don’t know what’s going on, Mr. Corbis.

          MICHAEL arches a brow.

          BELLA: Rain- (annoyed with the body swap by now) I mean Bella is out there brooding and won’t respond to my text messages.

          MICHAEL: Oh...well I’m sure she’s fine. Bella is pretty resilient. (Sees BELLA’S necklace) That’s really pretty.

          BELLA: (mumbles) It’s all right.

          MICHAEL: Where did you get it?

          BELLA: (sighs) Bella gave it to me.

          MICHAEL: It’s a curious design.

          BELLA: I guess... if you like art deco.

          MICHAEL: I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.

          BELLA: (mutters) Like I really have a choice.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN is standing before GLORIA’S grave. It seems RAIN is distracted, recalling something she said to MICHAEL in 1.04 Melting Pot.

          RAIN: (VO) Tanner told me that on Halloween night Gloria just showed up with me covered in bloody blankets.

          She pulls out the picture of WARNER and NATALYA and looks at it.

          RAIN: (VO) I thought… I wanted to know what happened, how I came to be here, who are my birth parents but now… I’m not so sure...

          RAIN puts the photo back in her pocket.

          RAIN: (VO) I feel like… I am in the middle of something… something much bigger than I’d ever imagine... And it scares me.

          We now hear WARNER’S voice from a flashback in 1.14 Family Portrait.

          WARNER: (VO) ... I do care, Rain. You’re very much a part of this family. You know that, don’t you?

          RAIN begins to violently sob.

          CUT TO:

          Now sitting on the dock, BELLA sombrely gazes at the stars. Soon a defeated RAIN appears with her hands in her pockets.

          BELLA: (thrilled to see her) Rain! (Runs up to hug her) Where have you been?!

          RAIN: (wipes her eyes) Just walking. I needed some time to myself to think.

          BELLA: (worried) You’re scaring me, Rain. Please tell me what’s going on.

          RAIN: (anxiously; about to pull out the picture) Do-do you think I look like-?

          RAIN’S eyes widen as she backs away putting the photo back in her pocket. A VAMPIRE appears and grabs BELLA throwing her to the ground. Quickly BELLA jumps to her feet. She pulls out a stake from her jacket forcing herself to get into slayer mode. The VAMPIRE lunges after RAIN and pushes her up against the wire fence.

          RAIN: Stake it, Bella!

          BELLA runs up to the VAMPIRE and jams the stake right in the heart. It turns into dust. Without a thought BELLA drops her stake. It rolls away from her.

          BELLA: (touches RAIN’S arm) Are-are you okay?

          RAIN: (gasps) Yeah... I’m fine. (Catches her breath; smirks) You staked your first vamp, Bella.

          BELLA: (waves the dust away) It-it doesn’t count.

          RAIN: Still... it was pretty cool to see you in slayer action.

          A voice startles them. At the end of the stairs, they see MICHAEL holding the stake.

          MICHAEL: (approaches them) So... (Looks over to BELLA and then RAIN) who should I give (twirls the stake) this to?

          RAIN and BELLA look at each other realizing he knows they swapped bodies.

          CUT TO:

          MICHAEL is at his desk. In front of him is an open phonebook. MADELINE and NICK appear in the doorway. They look over to BELLA and RAIN on the couch.

          NICK: Is it true? They really switched bodies?

          BELLA: (sighs) Yes, Nick. It’s true.

          NICK walks toward them. MADELINE closes the door.

          NICK: (nods as if he knew) I thought it was odd that Rain listens to Justin Timberlake. And it explains why you sucked so epically at slayage, Bella.

          BELLA: Gee, thanks.

          NICK does an eye exam on RAIN.

          RAIN: (hits him) What are you doing, Nick?

          NICK: Checking your eye sight.

          RAIN: My eyes are fine, Nick.

          NICK: Well... they’re not your eyes. They’re Bella’s.

          BELLA shakes her head.

          NICK: (leans back) So weird... it’s like our own Freaky Friday.

          MADELINE: (a little skeptical) You really didn’t know this was going to happen?

          RAIN: (puts her hands up) Scouts’ honor.

          MICHAEL: You’ve been like this for more than twenty-four hours. Why didn’t you say anything?

          RAIN: Well...

          BELLA: (quickly) I wanted to keep doing it.

          MADELINE: (not understanding) Why would you want to do that?

          BELLA: (doesn’t explain her whole reason) I just thought it would be fun to be a wiccan-slayer but... it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

          NICK: (smirks) You’ve seen each other naked, right?

          RAIN: Gross, Nick. (Beat; to MICHAEL) Can you help us?

          MICHAEL: (nods) I recognized the designed... it’s a local jeweller. He’s known for adding mystical components to his creations. We’re going to pay him a visit.

          CUT TO:

          MICHAEL, MADELINE, RAIN and BELLA all walk in the jewellery store. They see a MAN in his early twenties talking to a customer. The customer leaves.

          MAN: Can I help you?

          MICHAEL: Yes... is Elliot Jones here?

          MAN: (sighs) I’m afraid not.

          MICHAEL: Where is he? We need to speak to him.

          MAN: That won’t be possible.

          RAIN: (anxiously) Why not?

          MAN: He passed away several years ago. (MICHAEL sighs) I’m his son, Trevor. I now own the place.

          MICHAEL: (points to RAIN and BELLA’S necklaces) Did your father make these?

          TREVOR: (recognizes the design) Yes... (swallows) is there something wrong? Are you not happy with the purchase?

          RAIN: (mutters) You could say that.

          BELLA feeling guilty fidgets.

          MICHAEL: (bluntly) Was your father a warlock?

          TREVOR: (nods; sighs) Let me guess... (Looks at RAIN, then over to BELLA) you swapped bodies?

          MADELINE: How did you know?

          TREVOR: (embarrassed) My father... he liked to meddle with people’s lives through witchcraft. (Sincere) I’m so sorry.

          BELLA: Are you a warlock?

          TREVOR nods.

          MICHAEL: (glances around) Continuing your father’s work?

          TREVOR: I assure you, I’m not. I only make and fix jewellery. (Beat) Has it been twenty four hours already?

          BELLA: It’s been more than that. Why you ask?

          TREVOR: All of my father’s spells were temporary. They last between an hour to twenty-four hours.

          MICHAEL: (not approving of his father’s work) Doesn’t make it right.

          TREVOR: (agrees) Of course not. I was with my father when he made these necklaces. They’re supposed to only last up to twenty-four hours (Looks over to BELLA and then RAIN) but in this case it means that one of you is having a hard time letting go. Your emotions are gripping onto the spell, making it harder to break it.

          BELLA: Oh we’re so ready for this spell to end. (Beat) Right, Rain?

          RAIN looks away.

          TREVOR: Eventually you will get back into your correct bodies.

          MADELINE: But you can speed things up? Do it for them?

          TREVOR: Yes. (To RAIN and BELLA) You’re not meant to be in each other’s bodies so we’re only returning things back to their proper state. (Beat) It should take about fifteen, twenty minutes. Tops. Shall we go to the back room?

          BELLA and RAIN look at each other with mixed feelings. At the same time they all follow TREVOR.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA and RAIN are standing next to each other while MICHAEL and MADELINE are behind them. Holding onto an ancient text, TREVOR approaches them. He puts the design schematics in the book and closes it.

          RAIN: What are you doing?

          TREVOR: My father never used the same spell twice. (Beat; gestures to RAIN and BELLA) The spell he used in your pendants is in this text. I’ve simply put the design schematics in between the pages. It’s how my father infused his work with the magic. Once the schematics have soaked up the magical energies I’ll be able to transmit them across to the jewellery itself.

          MADELINE: And that will work?

          TREVOR: Yes. The schematics are a representation of the necklaces so they will act as a conduit for the magics. Once that conduit is in place using the same spell to reverse the effects is child’s play.

          BELLA: Okay enough with the splainy. We’re gonna have to trust you on this because I think we both would like to be back in our real bodies just as soon as possible.

          TREVOR: Then I’ll start the incantation. (Beat) First hold hands please.

          RAIN and BELLA obeys.

          TREVOR: Ready?

          EVERYONE nods. TREVOR brings the book to his chest and mutters words in Latin. Both pendants glow covering their bodies. The glow moves away from them and then swaps with each other. Respectively, RAIN and BELLA are back in their own bodies. However, they seem to be stuck, unable to move, their hands still grip each others. The camera pans over to BELLA’S face, particularly her eyes. There are images flickering in them but they’re in bits and pieces. We also hear overlapping muffled voices. It becomes clear BELLA is seeing RAIN’S perspective from the last two days.

          The first thing BELLA sees is RAIN in BELLA’S bedroom trying to decide what to wear. Then we’re shifted to RAIN eating breakfast with SHERIDAN and WARNER.

          WARNER: I see you’re wearing your mother’s shirt. (Softly) You haven’t worn it in years.

          Then in that moment, CJ is giving RAIN the mixed tape in History class.

          CJ: We can make fun of the songs later, if you want.

          Next is when RAIN is in the alley trying to hit the VAMPIRE with the pool stick followed by SOLEDAD coming to the rescue.

          SOLEDAD: Hey Drac-wanna be, let the girl go.

          Soon the images start to slow down. We’re now shifted to RAIN looking at the Halloween pictures in BELLA’S bedroom.

          RAIN: This-this is her... (softly) this is Natalya.

          Suddenly RAIN is flipping through WARNER’S wallet in his office and stumbles onto two business cards: Kilpatrick Auto Detail Shop and Autumn Sun Motel.

          RAIN: No... it can’t be... it was you all this time? Oh god...

          After RAIN finds the cell phones, she looks over to the door way, then back at the box. She picks up a phone and hits redial. A FEMALE VOICE answers.

          SOLEDAD: Hello? Warner? Are you there? Is everything okay with Rain ?

          We’re now at the motel when RAIN asks BARBARA who was questioning about previous manger’s disappearance. RAIN pulls out the Halloween photo of WARNER and NATALYA.

          RAIN: (points to the photo) This man... was he asking questions about Lloyd’s disappearance?

          BARBARA: (puts on her glasses; sighs) Yes... this is him. He was older though with salt and pepper hair.

          Bitterly, RAIN looks away.

          BARBARA: (picks up the picture) Say... this other woman, she really looks like Rain doesn’t she?

          RAIN: (takes the picture) Really? You think she looks like me... I mean Rain? (anxiously) You think she looks like Rain?

          BARBARA: (nods) Yes... is this her mother?

          RAIN: No... (Unsure what to think) I don’t think so.

          Suddenly the images stop. RAIN and BELLA quickly catch their breath. To MICHAEL, MADELINE and TREVOR the girls didn’t move for a just few seconds. Yet for RAIN and BELLA, it felt longer than that. Stunned and confused BELLA looks over to RAIN who is just pleased to have her body back. Instantly, RAIN takes off the necklace tossing it the ground and smashing it with her boot. It breaks into pieces.

          CUT TO:

          Irately RAIN walks out of the store just as BELLA runs after her. Slowly MADELINE and MICHAEL appear from behind.

          BELLA: Rain, wait. (Beat) Can we talk about this?

          RAIN: I’m going to walk home.

          MADELINE: (arches a brow) It’s pretty late, Rain. It’s not safe out there.

          RAIN creates a small fireball and then quickly diminishes it feeling good to have her powers back.

          RAIN: I can handle myself.

          MADELINE: (concerned) Rain...

          BELLA: (touches MADELINE’S arm slightly) Let her go.

          Pulling her coat closer to her body, RAIN strolls down the boardwalk. Not sure what’s going on, MICHAEL and MADELINE look over to BELLA for some answers.

          MICHAEL: Did something happen, Bella?

          BELLA doesn’t respond. She keeps her eyes on RAIN who is still walking further away from them.

          CUT TO:

          MADELINE pulls in the driveway. BELLA doesn’t move as of yet.

          MADELINE: Bella?

          BELLA: Umm?

          MADELINE: (nods to the house) We’re here.

          BELLA: (snaps herself out of reality) Yeah... sorry. (Hand on the door handle) Thank you for the ride.

          MADELINE: (quickly) Bella, would you have done it if you knew what was going to happen? Swap bodies?

          BELLA: If you had asked me that after you staked that vampire, I would have said no.

          MADELINE: And now?

          BELLA: (with no doubt) Yes. I would have still done it.

          MADELINE: What changed?

          BELLA looks over to the window acknowledging WARNER is watching her.

          BELLA: (eyes on her father) I’m not sure yet... (darkly) but I’m going to find out.

          Puzzled by BELLA’S response, MADELINE watches her getting out of the car and trailing up the steps to her house.

          CUT TO:

          Already in her PJs, RAIN brews herself some jasmine tea. There is a soft knock on the door. RAIN answers it. It’s MICHAEL carrying a bag from the restaurant.

          MICHAEL: I got you a burger and fries. Extra avocado.

          RAIN: (half smile) Thank you but-

          MICHAEL invites himself in and sets it on the table.

          MICHAEL: (swings around) -I just wanted to check on you. You need to eat.

          RAIN: (hugs herself) I’m okay.

          MICHAEL: (doesn’t believe her) Good... (softly) I know you did the spell for Bella... but was it worth it? Seeing life through her eyes?

          RAIN: I admit... I liked the maids waiting on me, driving Bella’s convertible and... (Surprised at herself for saying it) even playing on the softball team. (Fights her emotions; bitterly) But no... it wasn’t worth it. I wish it never happened.

          MICHAEL arches a concerned brow.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is on her knees. The camera pans back a bit and we see she is tacking something on the wall. It’s a map of Haven. We hear overlapping voices with this scene.

          WARNER: (VO) You should have told me right away.

          BELLA puts up a sheet of paper with her handwriting. It reads: Kilpatrick Auto Detail Shop and Autumn Sun Motel.

          SOLEDAD: (VO) I’m sorry. You’re right but the coven told my father it was temporary. They could sense it. That’s why I didn’t say anything.

          BELLA adds some colorful tacks to specific areas on the map such as the high school, Rain’s old home as well as her apartment, Bella’s house including Nick and Madeline’s house, the restaurant, WARNER’S work place, Oliver’s Occult Oasis, the auto shop and the motel.

          WARNER: (VO) They’re back in their own bodies?

          SOLEDAD: (VO; softly) Yes.

          Finally BELLA pulls out the Halloween picture of WARNER and NATALYA. She glances it before tacking it to the wall.

          WARNER: (VO) The next time you withhold sensitive information, you may need to remind yourself why you’re working for me.

          At that moment, we hear dramatic music. BELLA looks at the floor and picks up her purple knitted bunny. She recalls the picture she saw of RAIN holding onto the blue knitted bunny with TANNER. She examines the tag but discovers it’s torn. Bringing a pen to the sheet of paper, she writes “knitted bunny” with a question mark.

          SOLEDAD: (VO) Once again, I apologize. It won’t happen again.

          BELLA picks up a corkboard covering this portion of the wall, and then groups her clothes close together to hide it better.

          We now see WARNER at his desk staring at a surveillance photo of JAIME.

          WARNER: I’ve worked too hard for this to fall apart.

          In slow motion, BELLA gets up, still carrying the bunny and turns off the light.

          WARNER: (VO) Nothing will get in my way. (Darkly) Nothing.

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Sheridan Talmadge (Lisa Thornhill)
          Soledad Hernandez (Sarah Shani)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • I really enjoyed writing this episode. The the body swap spell is inspired after the BtVS episode "Who Are You". It's one of my favorite episodes but I wanted this spell to be my own, not forced upon using a different type of magic. Bella and Rain have different perspectives about each other's lives. On the surface they have an idea of what it's like but in the end they really don't know what their lives are like behind closed doors. I admit I had trouble writing this episode forgetting who was who. I had fun showing how the girls handle each other's lives at home, school, work and in the field (fighting).

          • What happened to Jaime? Naturally you'll have to wait to find out.

          • Sorry, it's official- Bella and CJ are a couple. I know some of you don't want them together.

          • Due to the body swap, Rain experieces more than one memory of the Russian woman who we now know as Natalya. And Natalya has a strong connection to Warner. What's more Rain looks a lot like her. What's up with that?

          • I enjoyed writing the breakfast scene between Sheridan and Rain. Rain is civil with her in her own body but when she has the opportunity to stick it to Sheridan, she speaks up for her best friend.

          • I read “The Silver Kiss” by Annette Curius Klause for a children's lit class. It was written in the late 80's or early 90's. It's before Twilight, so it's not a rip off. Funny I actually had this book when I was a teenager but I never read it. I wasn't into vamps then. Who would have thought I'd end up reading it for a college course?

          • Bella learns Nick kissed Rain. What she will do with this information remains to be seen.

          • It seems Soledad does more than just errands for Warner. She fights vampires and she's pretty good at it. Heck she even knows what a slayer is. On top of that, she's connected to a mysterious coven. And Neeve is exposed to another supernatural being. What's next for this cheerleader?

          • Just as Rain starts to feel a little comfortable calling Warner "daddy", she gets a violent memory of Natalya being murdered, possibly her own birth and a Russian girl warning her of what's to come. In addition, Rain learns that Warner has been secretly keeping tabs on her for since Thanksgiving and has a police officer doing his bidding. Looks like we're getting closer to the truth, eh? It's no surprise Rain isn't interested in finding out but that won't stop Bella from snooping around. Also, two curious things- Rain had three memories of Natalya and Warner while Bella had one. Also Bella was able to see Rain's memories after they returned to their respective bodies. Weird!

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.16- Witching Hour. You can read the summary in the index. Thank you for reading!
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