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East Wick 1.14 The Wicked Will Rest At the Unholy Hour (Season Finale)

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  • East Wick 1.14 The Wicked Will Rest At the Unholy Hour (Season Finale)

    East Wick:1.14 'The Wicked Will Rest At The Unholy Hour' Part 2 of 2 (Season Finale)


    Caption: 1986

    We open up to a yellow house that is engulfing in flames. It’s the same house in the teaser of episode 1.13 “Death Shadow” The extreme heat of the fire shatters the window.

    CUT TO:


    GABE lies on the floor wincing in pain, blood seeps from his stab wound and soaks his shirt. The room is full of smoke and the burning wood crackles and pops. GABE rolls onto his side and stumbles to his feet and exits the room.


    He enters the smoke infested hallway as he coughs uncontrollably. GABE attempts to go down the stairs but the fire engulfs the lower level of the house. He stumbles away from the staircase as he looks down at his bleeding wound, defeated.

    GABE: (coughs) Someone help!

    He collapses to the floor.

    CUT TO:


    The back door burst open and a small, circular, white, ball of energy hovers into the kitchen. It’s due from a locator spell. A few moments later a man enters the smoky kitchen. He’s in his late twenties, he’s played by (by:Kyle Chandler)

    He brings his arm to his mouth to protect himself from the smoke. A younger CHRISTINA steps into the house and looks around the kitchen frantically.

    CHRISTINA: (caughs) Dante, he’s not in here!

    MAN/DANTE: That’s because the locator spell isn’t done!

    The white ball of energy moves up the rear staircase.

    DANTE: Tell Finnegan to bring the van around and make sure Selma doesn’t see you.

    CHRISTINA runs out of the house and Dante quickly moves up the rear staircase after the small energy ball.

    CUT TO:


    DANTE runs up to GABE and pulls him off the ground and throws his arm around his shoulders. DANTE carries GABE down the rear staircase.

    CUT TO:


    DANTE and GABE move across the kitchen to the back door. Suddenly, the ceiling above them collapses. Quickly, DANTE reacts and holds his hand up.

    DANTE: Stop!

    The piece of the fiery ceiling hovers inches above them. DANTE throws the piece of ceiling to the side with his telekinesis; they quickly run out of the back door.

    CUT TO:


    They run from the house to a black van that sits at the end of the driveway. CHRISTINA stands outside of the van and opens the sliding door to reveal three men. DANTE hands GABE off to the men in the van.

    DANTE: (to the driver) Finnegan, he has a stab wound to the abdomen. He doesn’t have a lot of time; take him to Millicent, she’ll know what to do! Hurry, we need him!

    FINNEGAN: On it, Sir!

    DANTE: Hurry!

    He shuts the door and the van speeds off. CHRISTINA gives DANTE a worried look.

    CHRISTINA: Dante…

    DANTE: (frustrated) Christina, I don’t wanna hear it.

    CHRISTINA: Well, I’m sorry, Dante, you’re gonna hear it! We took way too long, Dante, we can’t cut it that close anymore! If you’re going to lead us you need to think before you make decisions, this is serious!

    He turns to CHRISTINA.

    DANTE: (angered) Don’t tell me how serious this is, Christina, I know! I lost my family and that’s the only reason why I agreed to help branch off from the council! Remember that! (beat) Don’t ever question my dedication to the covenant!

    CHRISTINA: I am - -

    DANTE: (interrupting) I’m done with this conversation. We have Gabriel now and that’s what’s important. We have to make sure he’s going to make it, and then we start his training.

    DANTE takes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. In the distance sirens are heard.

    DANTE: I’m walking. Hurry up and get out of here.

    He lights the cigarette and takes a puff.

    CHRISTINA: (sympathetic) Dante, wait.

    DANTE: Leave me alone!

    He makes his way down the street. CHRISTINA looks up at the burning house, scared. She hurries down the street to a parked park.


    Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.



    THEME SONG: ‘Creep Show’ by Kerli

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell

    Jared Padalecki - Parker Doven
    Jeffery Dean Morgan - Gabe Giovanni
    Summer Glau - Margo Cromwell
    Lauren Cohan - Karen Moaker
    and Famke Janssen as Selma Eastwick

    Adrienne Barbeau - Millicent
    Kyle Chandler – Dante Peirce
    and Erica Durance as Millicent's Granddaughter

    Connie Britton – Christina Anderson
    Mehcad Brooks – Sullivan Banks
    and Ryan Merriman as Steven




    SONGS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: ‘Today’ by: Jefferson Airplane & ‘Aint No Rest For The Wicked' by: Cage The Elephant


    DISCLAIMER: This is a spinoff of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
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    ACT I


    MAUREEN and SPENCER sit in chairs; their arms are bound down to the arms of the chair with barbwire. Their blood drips into buckets that sit underneath the arm of the chairs.

    MAUREEN and SPENCER are pale and weak, they breathe heavy as their heads hang forward.

    MAUREEN: (winded; weak) Spencer, stay with me.

    SPENCER: (winded; weak) I’m still kicking, sis, but I can’t move really anymore. I kinda just wanna go to sleep.

    MAUREEN: Spencer, don’t do that, stay up!

    He musters up the strength to lift his head and look around the room.

    SPENCER: Maureen…

    MAUREEN: What is it?

    He doesn’t finish his sentence his eyes close and his head slumps forward.

    MAUREEN: Spencer?

    He doesn’t answer her.

    MAUREEN: Spencer, wake up!

    Suddenly, SELMA and DARWIN emerge from thin air. SELMA has a firm grip on the back of DARWIN’s neck.

    SELMA: (to Darwin) Don’t move!

    MAUREEN looks over at them.

    MAUREEN: (weak) Darwin?

    He tries to run to MAUREEN but SELMA pulls him back.

    SELMA: Move again and I’ll break your spine with the snap of my fingers!

    She looks at the two empty chairs. Her eyes widen with rage when she realizes KAT and RORRI have escaped.

    SELMA: (yells) Where’d those two little bitches scamper off to?!

    DARWIN: (pissed) Let me go, Selma!

    SELMA: Darwin, shut the hell up I can’t think!

    DARWIN pulls away from her and spins around punching SELMA across the face. She stumbles back and almost falls over.

    She snaps her head back to DARWIN, surprised; her bottom lip bleeds. DARWIN stares back at her with his jaw clinched and fury in his eyes. He gets in SELMA’s face.

    DARWIN: (with conviction) I’ll have revenge for her death.

    SELMA: I’d like to see that happen, sweetie, you don’t have the power to stop me!

    He shakes his head laughing at SELMA.

    DARWIN: That’s what you don’t realize, Selma, I don’t need power to stop you. I need passion and that’s something you don’t have. (shrugs) All you needed was a little love in your life(scoffs) but that failed. You’re the weakest person I know.

    His words pierce SELMA to her core.

    DARWIN: You’re built to bring yourself down.

    Unexpectedly, he throws another punch at SELMA. She waves her hand and sends DARWIN across the room and slamming into a wall. DARWIN to the wall pinned and off the floor. Angry, he tries to pull himself from the wall but cant.

    DARWIN: You won’t have your powers for long. October’s gonna reach the pentagono and break the seal!

    SELMA: (yells) Darwin, please shut your pie hole! (frantic; to self) We have to get everything ready for the ritual we don’t have enough time!

    DARWIN: We? Who is we? Look the hell around, you delusional bitch! You’re standing alone!

    Paranoid, SELMA looks around the room realizing she does stand alone.

    SELMA: (yelling into the air) Hey, Hey! She, he or whatever you are!? Come and help me we’re running out of time!

    She waits for a response from THE FIRST. Nothing happens. Panicked, SELMA moves over to MAUREEN and kneels down in front of her

    SELMA: (to Maureen) Hey, where did they go?

    MAUREEN moans she’s too weak to answer. SELMA grabs her head and looks into her eyes.

    SELMA: (impatient) Maureen, where’d they go, damnit!?

    MAUREEN tries to focus her eyes but cant.

    DARWIN: (yells) How can she talk to you if you’re draining her of her blood?

    SELMA: (yells) DARWIN, SHUT UP!

    She looks down at the buckets to see they’re almost half full of blood.

    SELMA: (realizing) God, you’re useless.

    She stands to her feet and places her hands on her hips. She paces back and forth with panic. MAUREEN lifts her head up and her eyes stare through her hair that drapes over her face.

    MAUREEN: (weak) The First dumbed your ass the minute you crossed it.

    SELMA turns to MAUREEN with anger, yet confusion on her face.

    SELMA: (angered) What’re you talking about? I never crossed The First!

    MAUREEN: (weak; chuckles) Yes, you did. (with conviction)The minute you
    thought you could surpass The First it cut you off.

    SELMA: (scared; tears) No, you’re lying we have plans!

    MAUREEN: (weak) I’m not lying to you The First told me itself. You’re no longer protected by The First, it’s done with you and it wants to go dormant.

    SELMA: (confused) Dormant?

    MAUREEN: Who knows for how long but you’re not part of its plan anymore.

    SELMA: (clinched jaw) Shut up!

    MAUREEN: (taunting) You’re stadium has collapsed.

    SELMA back hands MAUREEN and knocks her out.


    She stands in panic as she talks to herself. She stops and quickly moves over to SPENCER and picks up one of his buckets, the bucket slips from her hand and spills all over the wooden floor.

    SELMA: (frustrated) Damnit! No, no, no!

    DARWIN chuckles at SELMA’s failure.She reaches for the blood but slips and falls to the floor, getting bathed in the blood.

    She stands to her feet as she holds back tears of frustration. DARWIN breaks out in laughter.

    DARWIN: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

    Pissed, SELMA claws at DARWIN and three scratches appear across his face; he yells in pain.

    CUT TO:


    OCTOBER sprints through the woods with a sword in her hand. She pushes her way through shrubs and low tree branches.

    CUT TO:


    KAT and RORRI stand over the pentagono staring down at it. RORRI kneels down and pulls at the steel beams.

    RORRI: It’s not budging we’ve tried everything, we can’t break this thing.

    KAT: We aren’t strong enough but the slayer is.

    RORRI: Where is she?

    KAT: I don’t know but it’s pissing me off! We don’t have enough time that things gonna come breaking through here.

    KAT looks back at the TURAK-HAN that stands on the others side of the force field banging on it. Suddenly, the TURAK-HAN is pulled back from the force field and into the bushes. KAT and RORRI watch with wonder.

    RORRI: Where’d it go?

    OCTOBER emerges from the bushes with a sword griped in her hand. KAT smiles at the fact that she has arrived. OCTOBER step up and knocks on the force field.

    OCTOBER: (eager) Let me in!

    They run up to the force field. OCTOBER stands eager on the other side.

    OCTOBER: Hurry!

    RORRI: Down.

    A ripple appears on the force field.

    RORRI: You can come through.

    OCTOBER breaks into a run pass KAT and RORRI. She drops her sword and sprints at the pentagon.

    Slow- motion: October raises her fist as she reaches the pentagono, she kneels down and slams her fist upon the iron beam and breaks it. End of Slow- motion. A gold-ish surge of energy burst from the pentagono throwing all three of them back.

    CUT TO:


    SELMA exits the kitchen with a butcher knife in hand she walks up to DARWIN who is still pinned to the wall.

    SELMA: If this whole thing would’ve worked out like I planned I actually would’ve kept you around (beat) You might not know this, Darwin, but you’re powerful. (chuckles to self) never would’ve thought, huh, too bad I have to kill you. I have to finish this myself. (angered) Screw The First!

    She raises the knife ready to stab. Suddenly, she grabs her stomach and yells in pain as she drops the knife. Her eyes go black then they turn back to normal.

    DARWIN is released from the wall and onto his feet. SELMA looks up at him and they lock eyes. A devilish smile grows across his face. With no hesitation DARWIN kicks SELMA in the chest sending her to the floor.

    DARWIN; (sigh of relief) God, I’ve been waiting ages to do something like that to you.

    He looks down at her as she lies on the floor moaning in pain.

    DARWIN: You didn’t have to kill them. (holding back tears) You killed my mom, October’s fiancé, your own husband, and you tortured Prudence and made her crazy. (beat; demanding) Get up! You’re not all badass without your powers. (yells) Get up!

    She stumbles to her feet holding her chest in pain. She looks DARWIN in the eyes and starts to laugh at him.

    DARWIN: What’s so funny?

    SELMA: You.

    SELMA lunges at DARWIN and grabs him by the neck, choking him. He tries to pry her hands free as they stumble around the room slamming into furniture.

    CUT TO:


    OCTOBER stands to her feet and walks over to the fracture pentagono. The hell mouth in the center of the pentagono glows bright. KAT and RORRI move over to OCTOBER, standing beside.

    KAT: (winded) I think you did it, October.

    RORRI: (worried) It’s glowing does that mean it’s good?

    OCTOBER: I don’t know…

    The ground starts the shake and the girls stumble around trying not to topple over.

    OCTOBER: This can’t be good! (beat) We should bounce…

    The girls turn to run but two TURAK-HANS stand in their way.


    KAT: Company…

    KAT generates a fireball. TURAK-HAN#1 charges at OCTOBER with full force. Quickly, she jumps in the air and over the TURAK-HAN and lands. The TURAK-HAN spins around and runs at her once again.

    She picks up the sword and swings it at TURAK-HAN#1 slashing it across the chest. KAT throws the fireball at TURAK-HAN#2 and hits it in the chest; TURAK-HAN#2 doesn’t budge. It snarls and narrows its eyes at KAT.

    CUT TO:


    Crazed, SELMA stares at DARWIN with a smile, she’s happy to have the upper hand. She squeezes his neck tightly and knees him in the gut, bringing him to his knees and gasping for air. She punches him to the ground.

    DARWIN spots the butcher knife a few feet away from him. He reaches for it but SELMA hurries over to the knife and picks it up. Suddenly, the cabin starts to shake. SELMA and DARWIN come to a halt.

    DARWIN: That doesn’t sound good.

    Furious, she swings the knife down at DARWIN and he rolls out of the away, and she stabs into the wooden floor. DARWIN jumps to his feet as SELMA pulls the knife from the floor and charges at him.

    CUT TO:


    The earth shakes violently as citizen of East Wick run frantically to safety. Large chunks of the buildings break off and land near cars and people.

    A red pick-up truck swerves out of the way, avoiding a falling piece of debris. The pick-up comes to a violent stop in front of Cromwell’s.


    PARKER hops out the pick-up and runs over to CARTER who lies in front of the store unconscious from the previous episode.

    PARKER: Carter, Carter!

    He kneels down next to CARTER and shakes him.

    PARKER: Carter, wake up, dude!

    He opens his eyes and looks around with confusion. He suddenly sits up and looks around, his eyes meet PARKER.

    CARTER: Where’s Maureen!?

    PARKER: I don’t know you were the only person hear.

    CARTER notices the earthquake.

    PARKER: (worried) Darwin is missing I can’t find him. What’s happening?

    CARTER: The end of the world is happening and they took Maureen!

    They stand to their feet.

    PARKER: Who are they?

    CARTER: The god damn Turak-Hans! Obviously Selma needs the other for something, including Darwin.

    PARKER: We have to go get them.

    CARTER: Lets go.

    PARKER: Where?

    CARTER: The black woods.

    PAKRER: (worried) Is it happening?

    CARTER: It’s been happening.

    CARTER and PARKER hurries back to the SUV.


    TURAK-HAN#2 pulls a screaming RORRI across the ground by her leg.

    RORRI: (screams) Let me go! Ahh!

    KAT walks quickly after them throwing fireballs at TURAK-HAN#2 hitting it repeatedly in back. It falls to the ground and releases RORRI.

    She frantically crawls away as KAT launches another fireball into the TURAK-HAN’s back. It rolls over onto its back and stares up at KAT, snarling.

    KAT: God, you’re one ugly son of a bitch!

    TURAK-HAN#2 chest glows a fiery red as it sizzles within. KAT lifts up her hand and generates another fireball and whips it into its chest; TURAK-HAN#2 explodes into dust. KAT hurries over to RORRI and helps her to her feet.

    KAT: You cool?

    RORRI brushes herself off.

    RORRI: I’m good.

    Suddenly, OCTOBER is slammed to the ground near the girl’s feet. They look up as TURKAN-HAN#1 charges at them. OCTOBER kicks it in the chest sending it back away from her. She kicks up off of the ground and onto her feet as she grips the sword in her hand.

    OCTOBER: (winded) A little help would be nice. Rorri, stay away from its claws and attack from behind.

    OCTOBER pulls a dagger from the inside of her coat and hands it to RORRI.

    RORRI: Thanks.

    OCTOBER: Kat, drill those fireballs.

    KAT generates a fireball.

    KAT: (smirk) Will do.

    KAT throws them repeatedly as she walks towards TURAK-HAN#1. OCTOBER charges at TURK-HAN#1 with full force; they violently collide.

    OCTOBER swings the sword and TURK-HAN#1 blocks the blow with its arm. She kicks it in the chest then swiftly jumps into a tornado kick, kicking TURAK-HAN#1 across the face, it stumbles back, stunned.

    OCTOBER: Son of a bitch!

    She drives the sword into its chest; nothing. It lets out a snarl as it throws her to the ground. The sword remains in TURK-HAN#1’s chest.

    RORRI: (O/S) AHHH!

    RORRI runs on screen and a jump onto TURK-HAN#1’s back and stabs the dagger into its neck; the blade of the dagger breaks.

    RORRI: Shit!

    It grabs RORRI by the hair and throws her off its back and into a tree trunk. She falls to the forest ground unconscious. KAT runs up to the TURK-HAN and kicks the sword deeper into its chest, it screeches in pain. OCTOBER jumps to her feet.

    OCTOBER: Kat, another one!

    She throws another fireball and it hits TURK-HAN#1 in the shoulder, wounding it. It stumbles back almost falling but it catches itself. It kicks KAT in the chest sending her sliding her across the ground.

    OCTOBER punches TURAK-HAN#1 across the face but it doesn’t budge. Furious, it slaps OCTOBER to the ground and walks towards KAT.

    KAT: (nervous) Umm, won’t go down that easy I see.

    She throws another fireball but TURAK-HAN#1 dodges it and continues walking towards her. She takes a step back as she generates another fireball. TURAK HAN#1 pulls the sword from its chest and throws it at KAT; she quickly reacts by throwing the fireball.

    The fireball and sword rip through the air and right pass each other. The sword impales KAT in the chest, she hunches over gasping for air. The fireball hits TURAK-HAN#1 in the face and it falls to the ground.

    CUT TO:


    SELMA and DARWIN are locked. SELMA pushes the knife down at DARWIN who pushes back on her arms. He yells in frustration.

    SELMA: (crazed) I’m gonna kill, you like I did your mother! (laughs) I enjoyed watching her neck snap as she bitched at me about what’s right and wrong!

    Pissed, DARWIN head-butts SELMA and pushes her away. He charges her and tackles her through a window.

    CUT TO:


    DARWIN and SELMA burst through the glass and lands to the ground. They lie a few feet from each other, hurt and weak.

    DARWIN sits up, dazed, his face is cut up from the shattered glass. SELMA turns onto her back revealing a piece of glass imbedded in her shoulder.

    SELMA: (breathing heavily) Damnit, look what you did to me!

    She yells in pain as she pulls the piece of glass out. DARWIN looks down to notice the knife inches away from his hand. He quickly grabs the knife and swings his arm around stabbing SELMA in the stomach.


    She breathes heavily, panicked, not knowing what to do. DARWIN releases the handle of the knife, leaving it inside SELMA. She looks down at the knife, shocked. DARWIN stumbles to his feet and looks down at SELMA with hatred.
    DARWIN: In your death, I’m still ruined.

    SELMA stares up at him with confusion and pain. He chuckles as he lets out a sigh of relieved.

    DARWIN: You have no clue what you’ve done.

    She pulls the knife out of her stomach

    SELMA: (scream; pained) Ahhh, damnit!

    She holds her wound as blood seeps through her fingers. DARWIN stares at SELMA with no expression. GENI’s face flashes in DARWIN’s head. He jumps back and grabs his head in frustration.

    DARWIN: (angered; to self) Damnit! Stop it!

    Another flash of GENI’s dead body flashes in his head. He jumps back and lets out a scream as he turns his back towards SELMA.

    He begins to sob as he punches himself in the head with frustration and anger. He calms down as his breaths become stagnant.

    DARWIN: (to Selma; clears throat) Not only did you destroy my mother, but you destroyed me. (beat) Before you came into my life I was a gay and happy teenager from Albany, New York. (sobs harder) You took that away from me!

    ‘Today’ By: Jefferson Airplane begins to play. Over DARWIN’s shoulder we see SELMA standing to her feet holding the butcher knife.

    Today I feel like pleasing you more than before
    Today I know what I want to do but I don't know what for

    DARWIN: (sobbing) That gay and happy kid is long gone. I keep searching and I can’t find him anywhere! All the horrible things you’ve done to my family have sucked my body of humanity…

    He shakes his head as he wipes the tears from his face.

    DARWIN: I’m not sad but I’m not quite happy… I’m just cold. Empty. All thanks to you.

    To be living for you is all I want to do
    To be loving you it'll all be there when my dreams come true

    SELMA: (menacing) Where’s my trophy?

    SELMA charges at DARWIN from behind with the knife in hand. DARWIN spins around and holds his hand out towards SELMA. She stops in her tracks; her feet are magically bound to the ground. SELMA stares at DARWIN, surprised. His eyes are black now.

    DARWIN: You’ve created a monster.

    He cracks his neck and moans with pleasure as the dark power moves through his body.

    DARWIN: It kinda feels good… the power that is, it’s much easier to tap into it with fury. After while the fury dissipates and the power settles in the darkest place in your mind can go… it’s kinda nice to settle there.

    Today you'll make me say that I somehow have changed
    Today you'll look into my eyes, I'm just not the same

    SELMA tries to move but she doesn’t budge. She stares at DARWIN, scared.

    SELMA: Dar - -

    DARWIN: (demanding; interrupting) Shut up!

    DARWIN balls his hands into fists and a crushing sound is heard. SELMA grabs her throat grunting in pain. She goes to her knees and looks up at DARWIN with tears in her eyes.

    To be anymore than all I am would be a lie
    I'm so full of love I could burst apart and start to cry…

    DARWIN: Larynx crushed. (beat) I’m not happy what I’m about to do to you, but after your dead, I’ll never kill another human being again.

    CUT TO:


    The music stops. OCTOBER stands to her feet with a bloody nose. She looks over at KAT who stands stiff, her face petrified with fear. The sword is imbedded in her chest as the point of the sword protrudes from her back.

    OCTOBER: (screams) Damnit! No, no, no, Kat!

    She rushes over to KAT and stops, she’s afraid to touch her. Shaken, KAT looks down at the sword in her chest as tears roll down her eyes.

    OCTOBER: (crying) I’m sorry.

    KAT holds her hand out to her. OCTOBER grabs her hand and squeezes as she gives her a soft smile.

    A snarl is heard coming from behind OCTOBER. She turns around to see TURAK-HAN#1 trying to get to its feet, she turns back to KAT crying even harder.

    OCTOBER: (sobbing) This shouldn’t have happen to you.

    She lets go of KAT’s hand and quickly pulls the sword from her chest. KAT yells and falls to the ground, dead.

    OCTOBER approaches TURAK-HAN#1 with fury and stands over it. Half of its head is blown off, it’s singed and smoky.

    The TURAK-HAN#1 screeches in pain as it claws at her. She lets out a primal scream as she chops TURAK-HAN#1’s head off; dust.

    The earthquake becomes stronger. RORRI comes to and slowly gets to her feet, dazed. She sees the seal is glowing and runs over to OCTOBER.

    RORRI: October, we have to go! Where’s Kat?

    OCTOBER: She’s dead.

    RORRI: (shocked) What?!

    OCTOBER: (crying) Yeah, she’s dead.

    RORRI: (looking behind October) No, she’s not. She’s behind you.

    OCTOBER whorls around to see KAT standing with mere shock plastered over her face. Her hands and shirt are soaked with blood. OCTOBER runs over to KAT and grabs her by her face, staring into her eyes.

    OCTOBER: Oh my god, Kat, I thought you were dead?!

    KAT: (shaken) I - - I was.

    OCTOBER takes a step back looking her up and down with shock.

    OCTOBER: How are you standing right now? I saw you die. There’s a lot of blood! Where’s the blood coming from?

    KAT: (crying; shaken) Its gone, it went away…

    OCTOBER: (confused) What…

    KAT lifts up her shirt to expose her blood stained chest. There is not a stab wound where the sword entered her.

    KAT: It went away…

    KAT stares at OCTOBER with worry.

    KAT: I need Asher.

    The ground stops shaking; the earthquake is over. Trio looks over at the seal of the hell mouth and it stops glowing.

    CUT TO:


    The music continues. SELMA stares at DARWIN, petrified. She holds her throat crying silently.

    Today everything you want, I swear it all will come true
    Today I realize how much I'm in love with you

    DARWIN: Wanna know a little secret? I’ve been practicing the craft for months now. I had to keep it on the DL ya know? I had to keep the persona; the young and weak teenager. I knew once my mom and I left Black Blossom that I would have to man up.

    SELMA sobs in pain as she stares up at DARWIN not knowing what he’s going to do next.

    DARWIN: I’ve known this day was gonna come for a long time. You were bound to self-destruct and I was bound to take you out. I got serious with the craft. (beat) I have the power to make your heart stop beating.

    With you standing here I could tell the world what it means to love
    To go on from here I can't use words, they don't say enough

    The jagged pieces of glass from the shattered window levitate off the ground. SELMA stands to her feet, her eyes fixated on the pieces of levitating glass. She looks at DARWIN with fear in her eyes. The shards rotate around her.

    DARWIN: This is the moment I’ve been waiting for....

    The shards of glass stop rotating around SELMA; it’s silent and we can only hear SELMA’s wheezing.

    DARWIN: …Me killing you.

    Please, please listen to me
    It's taken so long to come true

    Suddenly, the shards of glass shoot into SELMA’s body like a pin cushion. A large piece of glass impales her in the back of the head.

    Her face relaxes and all the blood vessels in her eyes burst. She collapses to the ground; dead. DARWIN breaks down crying as he falls to the ground.

    And it's all for you
    all for you...

    The music slowly fades away.

    MAN: (O/S) Darwin, Darwin!

    GABE emerges from the woods with a gun in his hand; he spots DARWIN. He slips the gun into his holster. Surprised, he stares down at SELMA’s body as he approaches DARWIN.

    GABE: Darwin, you okay?

    GABE kneels down face to face with DARWIN. At the site of his uncle DARWIN breaks down crying even harder. He throws his arms around GABE squeezing him. GABE holds back tears as he wraps his arms around DARWIN.

    CHRISTINA, DANTE and a tall, muscular, African American man played by: (Mechad Brooks) emerge from the woods. Each of them carries a weapon. GABE looks up at them with tears in his eyes; they stare back at him with sympathy.

    GABE: The threat is down. Go check inside for survivors.

    DANTE: (to African American Man) C’mon Sullivan.

    DANTE and SULLIVAN quickly move into the cabin. CHRISTINA lowers her sword and walks over to GABE and DARWIN. She stares down at them with sorrow.

    CHRISTINA: Do you need help?

    GABE: (crying) I have him, Christina, I have him. Go help the others.

    CHRISTINA: Alright.

    She hesitates for as moment before she walks into the cabin. GABE looks down at DARWIN who sobs uncontrollably.

    His eyes are still black as he convulses uncontrollably with power. He looks to GABE yearning for his help. GABE grabs DARWIN by the face and stares into his eyes.

    GABE: Darwin, calm down. I’m here, okay, it’s over.

    His eyes go back to normal and his heavy breathing subsides. GABE hugs him again.

    CUT TO:


    OCTOBER, RORRI and KAT emerge from the black woods and into East Wick playground. The rising sun breaks through the night sky.

    CARTER and PARKER run up to the girls in a panic. They rally around them with worry and questions. The camera moves back and up into the sky to a bird eyes view of the gang.

    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

    Banner By: Pandora's Box


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      ACT II


      KAT enters the apartment and shuts the door behind her. She stops and scans the studio apartment for ASHERE. Her face shows no expression; her eyes are puffy and red from crying.

      KAT: (calls out) Asher?

      No answer.

      KAT: (calls out) Asher, where are you?

      Her jaw tightens as she tries to hold back tears. Her eyes well up as she continues to scan the room for ASHER. The handle to the front door jiggles causing KAT to spin around to face the door as it opens.

      An Elderly Woman wearing a pink robe and gray, fuzzy slippers enter the apartment, she surprised to see KAT. The ELDERLY WOMAN comes to a halt when she notices the large blood stain on KAT’s shirt.

      ELDERLY WOMAN: (concerned; boggled) Oh, Kat, dear, you’re alright! What happened to you?! Did you get stabbed too?!

      KAT: Stabbed?

      ELDERLY WOMAN/MISS. STERNS: I’m worried, Kat, I go out and get the morning paper and I stumble upon Asher in the walkway! Poor boy was stabbed!

      KAT’s face brightens up at the sound of ASHER’s name.

      KAT: You’ve seen Asher? (realizing) He was stabbed? Is he okay?

      MISS. STERNS: Yes, he’s fine, dear, I called 911 and they picked him up. They called me about a half hour ago and told me he’s in stable condition. (beat; suspicious) Where’ve you been all night? I thought maybe someone robbed you guys! I thought you were dead!

      MISS. STERNS stands back and look at KAT’s bloody shirt.

      MISS. STERNS: (accusing) Why do you have blood on you?

      KAT wipes the tears from her face.

      KAT: Thank you for helping, Asher, I appreciate it, but the fifty one questions are annoying me.

      She grabs Miss. Stern’s arm and leads her to the door.

      MISS. STERNS: (angered) Get your hands off me, little missy, you have some explaining to d - -

      She opens the door and gently pushes MISS STERNS out of the apartment.

      KAT: Have a nice day.

      She shuts the door in MISS STERNS’s face. She leans against the door and she lets out a sigh of relief. She takes in a couple breaths before she walks into her bed room.

      CUT TO:


      KAT stands in front of a body length mirror that hangs on the wall. She takes off her jacket then her shirt and studies the spot where the sword impaled her. The wound is gone, no scar, no blemish, nothing. She stares at herself with amazement.

      KAT: (to self) What am I?

      In the reflection she sees a picture of her and ASHER. KAT snaps back into reality and hurries over to her closet. She opens the door and pulls out a black top and slips it on, and runs out of the apartment.

      CUT TO:


      GABE and DANTE stand talking in the middle of the shop. OCTOBER, RORRI, CARTER and PARKER enters and move over to the two men conversing.

      OCTOBER: Gabe!

      GABE and DANTE bring their attention to the others.

      OCTOBER: It’s done I broke the pentagono .

      GABE: (smiles) I know I can feel it, honey, I’m proud of you.

      He gives her a hug but she’s reluctant; they break.

      OCTOBER: Guys this is Gabriel Giovanni, my father.

      RORRI, CARTER and PARKER give her a confusing look.

      OCTOBER: I’ll explain once I know more myself.

      CARTER: (to Gabe) Where’s my wife?

      OCTOBER: (to Gabe) Yeah, we went back to the cabin and the mausoleum, both were empty. Where’s Selma?

      GABE: Maureen and Spencer are upstairs with Christina they’re both fine. (to Carter) Maureen’s been asking about you. You guys should go check up on them.

      CARTER: Thanks.

      CARTER and RORRI hurry up to the apartment.

      PARKER: Where’s Darwin?

      GABE: He went back to October’s place with Sullivan, one of the members of our covenant, he’s being looked after.

      With no goodbye PARKER is out the door and on his way to OCTOBER’s apartment. GABE steps aside to reveal DANTE.

      GABE: This is a close friend Dante Peirce.

      OCTOBER: Nice to meet you, Dante Peirce.

      DANTE: Nice to meet you too.


      GABE: (to Dante) I need to talk to her alone.

      DANTE: Okay, I’ll go smoke a cig.

      DANTE exits the store and OCTOBER narrows her eyes to GABE.

      OCTOBER: You have a lot of explaining to do.

      GABE: Before we dive into that I have something to tell you.

      OCTOBER: What is it? Selma didn’t get away did she?

      GABE: (shakes head) No, she didn’t. (beat) Selma’s dead.

      OCTOBER: (surprised) She’s dead? Did you…

      GABE: No, not me…

      OCTOBER: Then who?

      GABE: Darwin.

      OCTOBER is taken back, her face plastered with shock.

      CUT TO:


      CARTER and RORRI rush into the apartment. They move into the living room to see Spencer standing near the bay window staring out over the town.

      RORRI: Spence.

      SPENCER turns around to ROORI and CARTER. He’s weak and pale, and holds a glass of green liquid in hand, his arms are wrapped in bandages.

      SPENCER: Hey…

      RORRI: You okay?

      RORRI goes over to him and gives him a big hug.

      SPENCER: I’m coolio, sis, just a little dried out.

      He chuckles to his own joke.

      CARTER: Is Maureen in her room?

      SPENCER: Yeah, with Christina, she’s resting.

      CARTER hurries in the room. RORRI looks down at SPENCER’s drink.

      RORRI: (grossed out) What is that?

      SPENCER: A believe it’s a spinach shake. Christina made it for me (saractis) it puts some iron back into my blood.

      RORRI: Very gross.

      SPENCER: (shrugs) Not that bad.

      He walks over to the couch and sits.

      SPENCER: (exhausted) I can’t believe it’s over.

      RORRI: Yeah, me too the Pentagono is no more.

      She plops down next to him.

      SPENCER: Selma’s no more either.

      RORRI: (shocked) Are telling me Selma’s dead?

      SPENCER nods as he takes a sip of the spinach shake.

      RORRI: How?!

      SPENCER: Helpless, little Darwin. (chuckles) Well not so helpless anymore… I owe that kid my life.

      RORRI: Wait, so Darwin Easwick killed Selma?

      SPENCER: Yeah. (stressful sigh) Poor kid won’t be the same, and apparently he’s been practicing magic under wraps for months now.

      RORRI: What!? That completely came out of left field. Where’s he now?

      SPENCER: (shrugs) Back at October’s apartment.

      RORRI: Question for you… who are these people? I mean that man down stairs claims to be October’s dad. I thought her dad was dead?

      SPENCER: You’re asking the wrong person, Ror, all I know is that they’re here to help.

      RORRI: (curious) Help?

      SPENCER: I guess something’s coming, something big, and don’t ask me what it is cause I don’t know, they were pretty hush about it. I’m assuming they’ll tell us when the time comes.

      RORRI: (sighs) So much for relaxing, how we can relax when we’re fighting for our lives every fifteen minutes.

      SPENCER: (sighs) Agree on so many levels. (beat; change of mood) Wanna go for a walk?

      RORRI: No, I don’t and I don’t think you shouldn’t be going either. You can’t go walking around after your blood has been drained out of your body.

      SPENCER: Rorri, I’m fine.I can’t sit in this apartment all day, I almost died, Rorri, I need to get out do something lively.

      RORRI playfully rolls her eyes.

      RORRI: You can’t make me change my mind that easy?

      SPENCER: Can you please just take a walk with me?

      RORRI: (giving in) You really wanna go on a walk?

      SPENCER: Yes, Rorri, I really wanna go on a walk.

      RORRI: Fine. I’ll go on a walk with you, but after that you go to bed.

      SPENCER: (big smile) Fare enough.

      CUT TO:


      MAUREEN lies in bed looking up at CARTER who sits in a chair next to her. He stares down at her with a smile.

      CARTER: Goodness, you’re beautiful.

      MAUREEN: (laughs) You sweet talking me?

      CARTER: (smirk) Yeah, a little bit.

      He holds her and hand with one hand and rubs her pregnant belly with the other.

      CARTER: I’m just happy you’re okay, you and the baby.
      He kisses her on the forehead.

      MAUREEN: I wouldn’t let anything happen to me and our baby.

      CARTER: I know.

      CARTER looks back to CHRISTINA who stands at the dresser putting crystals and candles in a warned, leather briefcase.

      CARTER: So she’s all good?

      CHRISTINA: (to Carter) She’s fine, Carter, I had to be careful of her because of the baby, but I did a simple healing spell. I opened and rotated her heart chakra and crown chakra. Her body is healing itself but slowly, so she should stay in bed for a while.

      CARTER: I won’t let her leave my sight.

      CHRISTINA: (smiles) Good. If you two need anything let me know.

      MAUREEN: (weak; to Christina) Bless it.

      CHRISTINA: Bless it be.

      CHRISTINA closes her bag and exits the room. CARTER looks down at MAUREEN with a smile.

      MAUREEN: I need to sit up. Help me.

      CATRER: Okay.

      MAUREEN lifts up and CARTER guides her. She rests her back on the backboard of the bed. Exhausted, she lets out a sigh.

      MAUREEN: Remember what I told you before the Turak-Hans came?

      CARTER: (nods) Yeah. What about it?

      MAUREEN: I want you to believe me about what I saw. I know it’s hard and it doesn’t make sense but it’s true. You need to see it for yourself. I need you to go to 2362 Meadow Drive. Her name is Millicent and she’ll have the answer you want.

      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

      Banner By: Pandora's Box


      • #4
        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        Panicked, KAT rushes into the lobby and up to the front desk. A nurse sits behind the front desk.

        KAT: Asher Armstrong, where’s his room?!

        NURSE: I’m sorry visiting hours isn’t till ten thirty, innless you’re family.

        KAT: I’m his damn wife! Where is he?

        The nurse gives KAT a dirty look as her eyes go to the computer screen. She types on the keyboard and glares back up at KAT.

        NURSE: (cert) He’s in room 108.

        KAT runs down the hallway.


        ASHER lies in the hospital bed, unconscious. The room door opens and KAT enters the room.

        KAT: Asher!

        She goes over to him and grabs his hand and kisses it.

        KAT: (relieved) God, baby, you scared me.

        ASHER: (weak) You smell really good.

        ASHER’s eyes open and he look to KAT as a soft smell grows across his face. She holds back tears as she rubs his head gently.

        KAT: You’re awake!

        She grabs his face and kisses him on the lips.

        KAT: God, I’m so happy you’re okay, baby. You scared me I thought you were dead.

        ASHER: Never. I’d never leave you alone.

        KAT: What did the doctors say?

        He pulls back his blanket to reveal the bandages taped to his chest.
        ASHER: (smiles) Doctor said that I have tight ribs. They protected all the important stuff.

        KAT: (sobbing; smiling) Good. I’m really happy you have tight ribs.
        He chuckles at her comment as he wipes the tears from her face.

        ASHER: C’mon, baby, lie down.

        He winces in pain as he shifts his body to the other side of the bed making room for KAT. She lies down next to him and gently rest her head on his chest. He wraps his arms around her.

        ASHER: The Turak-Han took you to Selma.

        KAT: They did take us to Selma.

        ASHER: Us?

        KAT: Selma’s dead,and October broke the seal.

        ASHER perks up at the sound of that.

        ASHER: (surprised) Are you serious?

        KAT lifts her head up and looks up at ASHER as she wipes her tears away.

        KAT: (smiling) Very. It’s a long story and I’d rather discuss it later. (sighs) I wanna just lie here with you is that all right?

        ASHER: Of course.

        She rests her head back onto his chest. ASHER chuckles a bit and lets out a sigh of relief.

        ASHER: So it’s over? That’s it? I didn’t even do anything.

        KAT: (smiles) You got lucky.

        The smile leaves KAT’s face; she’s worried.

        KAT: Asher, I have to tell you something, well show you something.

        ASHER: What is it?

        KAT sits up and stares him in the eyes, scared. He perks up again, worried.

        ASHER: Babe, what is it?

        KAT: You promise not to freak? Cause it’s something crazy.

        ASHER: You generate fire from your hands what could be crazier than that?

        KAT: Believe me, Ash, it’s crazier than that.

        ASHER stares at her with wonder.

        CUT TO:


        PARKER rushes into the apartment and he stop to a gun pointed in his face. SULLIVAN stares PARKER down; he clocks the gun. Scared, PARKER holds his hands up.

        PARKER: Whoa! What’s with the gun?

        SULLIVAN: You are?

        PARKER: Parker Doven. Darwin’s boyfriend, a guy name Gabe told me I can find him here.

        SULLIVAN laughs as brings the gun to his side.

        SULLIVAN: Sorry about that, man, I’m supposed to protect him and all.
        He sticks his hand out to PARKER.

        SULLIVAN: I’m Sullivan Banks.

        Nervous, PARKER shakes his hand.

        SULLIVAN: You’re boy is in the bathroom.

        He steps aside and PARKER heads to the bathroom.

        CUT TO:


        DARWIN stands at the sink and stares into the mirror. He turns the faucet on and throws water on his face.

        PARKER: (O/S) What happened out there?!

        DARWIN dries his face with a cloth as he rolls his eyes. He throws the cloth on the edge of the sink and turns to PARKER who stands in the threshold of the door.

        PARKER: No one is telling me a thing. I don’t even know who half of them are. What’s going on, I’m worried.

        DARWIN: (sighs) I killed her, Parker, I killed Selma.

        PARKER: (in utter shock) You did?! (confused) When tonight?

        DARWIN: October broke the seal, and I killed her… I was the on to kill her, weird, huh?

        PARKER: No, not weird but I didn’t expect it. (beat) Are you okay, babe?

        PARKER moves towards him DARWIN stops him from coming closer.

        DARWIN: I can’t, Parker, I’m sorry…

        PARKER steps back, confused.

        PARKER: What’s this all about?

        DARWIN’s eyes well up with tears and he turns to PARKER.

        DARWIN: Parker, you don’t know me. I’m not the same person you met that night in your dorm room.

        PARKER shakes his head in disagreement.

        PARKER: No, no, Darwin! What are you doing? What the hell are you doing!? You’re not about to push me away, I know you and I know when things get bad you push people away to drown in your own sorrow. I’m not letting you do that to me. I love you too much, I can help, baby.

        DARWIN: I don’t need your help.

        PARKER: (shakes head) I’m helping you whether you like it or not!

        DARWIN: (yells) I don’t need your help, nor do I want it! I don’t love you and I won’t be able to for a long time, Parker! There isn’t any room for you in my life anymore.

        PARKER is taken back by this. He continues to shake his head in disbelief as tears fill his eyes.

        PARKER: (raises voice) I - - I don’t know what happened out there tonight, but I want to be there to help you! (crying) It’s not fair that I can’t help you! I don’t know if you need me but I sure as damn need you, Darwin!

        DARWIN: (shakes head; crying) You don’t need me, Parker.

        PARKER: Don’t tell me I don’t because I do! I need you, you’re the reason I stayed for Christ sakes! Everything that’s screwed in this town you make it better for me! (breaking down) Please don’t do this…

        PARKER walks towards him again but DARWIN steps away from him.

        DARWIN: (coldly) Parker, leave.

        PARKER: (crying) I’m not leaving.

        DARWIN lets out a stressful sigh. He blinks and his eyes go black. He stares PARKER down, trying to scare him away.

        DARWIN: (demanding) Leave now before I hurt you!

        PARKER: (angered) Hurt me, do it, I don’t care!

        He steps closer to DARWIN.

        PARKER: The magic bullshit doesn’t faze me! That’s what Selma did and look where it got her!

        DARWIN: (with conviction) I’m not like her!

        PARKER: Please don’t get lost in the darkness, Darwin, I’m begging you.

        DARWIN’s eyes go back to normal and they narrow to PARKER. He stares at him with conviction and fury.

        DARWIN: I’m already lost in the darkness. The only person who can get me out is myself, and I’m not doing that right now. (demanding) Get out, Parker!

        PARKER: (yells) I’m not leaving, damnit!

        DARWIN: I’m not telling you to leave, I’m asking you. Please leave me alone. We’re done, we’re over. There’s no we, no us, just me.

        PARKER: (realizing; crying) You’re serious…

        DARWIN: Very.

        Beat. PARKER stares at DARWIN, speechless. He storms out of the bathroom.

        CUT TO:


        OCTOBER takes a puff of a cigarette. GABE steps out the back door of Cromwell’s and stands beside her.

        GABE: So you smoke cigarettes now?

        OCTOBER: The last time we saw each other I was a toddler, get over it.

        GABE: Whoa, I was just asking.

        OCTOBER: So Darwin killed Selma? (takes a drag of her cigarette) Wow…

        GABE: (nods) Yeah, I know, poor kid, is gonna have so much on his shoulders.
        OCTOBER: I honestly can’t believe it. I always thought I was gonna be the one to do it. (beat) I wish I had. I just can’t believe that little shit lied. He’s been studying magic under my nose this entire time and I had no clue.

        GABE: Honey, don’t beat yourself up for it. This is the destiny Darwin chose and he’ll have to live it out. He won’t be the same after this, but I think he’ll be a better person. (beat) What do you think about Darwin coming back with my covenant? We can help him; he and Prudence can be together.

        OCTOBER: No, he’s staying here I can help him. (beat) Prudence is too far gone to help. (she takes a drag of the cigarette) I’ve been in my own world not paying attention to him, that has to change.

        GABE: I trust you can do it. Just be careful because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

        OCTOBER: How can you trust me if you don’t even know me?

        She turns to him with tears in her eyes.

        OCTOBER: (demanding) Look at me!

        GABE turns to her.

        OCTOBER: (crying; frustrated) Where the hell where you!? You’ve been alive all this time and you haven’t bothered to tell us?!

        GABE holds back tears, dreading to watch his daughter sob. He nods.

        GABE: I was alive but I couldn’t come back to see you girls without risking my life, and yours. (beat) There’s something you don’t know, October, something that’ll affect you till this day.

        OCTOBER: Keep talking.

        GABE: (sighs)The night Selma thought she killed me, she didn’t. I was saved by a covenant called White Heart. They use to work for the Council but went rouge the same year Selma tried to murder me. A seer in the covenant saw something about our family, about you…

        OCTOBER is instantly pulled in.


        The camera soars over the luminous city. Captions appear at the bottom of the screen: 1986

        CUT TO:


        GABE lies unconscious and shirtless in a bed; the blankets come at his waist. An older woman with big, curly hair, dangling jewelry, and heavy makeup up sits in a chair next to him. She’s played by: (Adrienne Barbeau)

        The woman’s hands hover over GABE’s abdomen and a quartz crystal sits on the center of his chest. She chants to herself repeatedly in a different language. CHRISTINA stands near the window watching in silence, nervous.

        OLDER WOMAN: (Romanian) Vindeca rana care se află în faţa mea.

        The older woman moves her hands up GABE’s chest.

        OLDER WOMAN: (Romanian) Mama de lumina de lucru energie.

        The quartz brightens with warm light as her hands moves over the crystal and up to his head. GABE’s eyes shoot open and he sits up in a sitting position. Startled, the older woman jumps and GABE jumps from the bed.

        GABE: (scared; yells) Who the hell are you!?

        The older woman chuckles as she stares GABE up and down with pleasure.

        OLDER WOMAN: (smirk) Calm down, honey, no one’s gonna touch you here.
        She speaks with a raspy, yet sultry voice. Confused, GABE looks down and realizes he’s naked. He’s angry now.

        GABE: (to: yells) Where are my girls, where’s October, and Prudence!?
        She brushes her hair back and smiles at him.

        OLDER WOMAN: I can be your girl if you want me to, sugar.

        CHRISTINA steps over to GABE.

        CHRISTINA: Millicent, shut up.

        Startled, GABE spins around to CHRISTINA.

        CHRISTINA: Mr. Giovanni, please calm down, we’re not here to hurt you.
        GABE lunges at CHRISTINA and grabs her by the neck, choking her. Her eyes shoot open with fear as he forces her to her knees.

        OLDER WOMAN/ MILLICENT: (laughs) You better leave her alone, Mr. Govanni, she’s doesn’t like being manhandled.

        GABE: (furious) Where are my daughters? I’ll kill you right here if you don’t tell me where they are!

        Dark power shoots from CHRISTINA and sends GABE flying over the bed and hitting the opposite wall of the room. He falls to the floor moaning in pain. CHRISTINA stands to her feet, pissed. Her eyes black with fury.

        CHRISTINA: (angered) If you ever touch me again I will kill you before you can blink! (her attentions shifts to Millicent) Millicent, get out!

        MILLICENT: Alright. When you’re done with him send him my way. (grin) Don’t hurt him too bad, Chris.

        CHRISTINA: (cert) Bye, Millicent.

        MILLICENT shrugs and walks out of the room. CHRISTINA walks around the bed and over to GABE who lies on his side falling in and out of consciousness. She stares down at him.

        CHRISTINA: (stern) Mr. Giovanni, you’re safe here, you’re safe with us.

        GABE raises his hand to protect his face as he looks up at CHRISTINA.

        GABE: (exhausted) I just want to know where my daughters are?

        CHRISTINA: We’ll tell you what happen to your daughters and how we can help you, but you have to treat us with respect. (angered) We respect you, you respect us, and those are the rules and if they’re broken I’ll hurt you really bad. Do you understand?

        GABE: Where are my daughter, bitch!

        Angry, CHRISTINA sends a shock of dark energy through GABE’s body. He convulses uncontrollably as he screams in pain. DANTE enters the room.
        DANTE: Christina, stop!

        She snaps her head back at DANTE.

        CHRISTINA: (angered) He disrespected me, Dante!

        DANTE: And you chastised him enough, Christina, you need to calm down.
        She takes in a deep breath and her body relaxes. Her eyes go back to normal and she narrows her eyes to GABE.

        CHRISTINA: (to Gabe) Don’t you ever put your hands on me again.

        DANTE: Christina, leave.

        She turns and heads for the door. Dante glances at her with a small smile as she passes him.

        DANTE: (to Christina) Little over dramatic you think?

        CHRISTINA: He touched me.

        She walks from the room and shuts the door behind her. DANTE turns his attention to GABE who stumbles to his feet. He breathes heavy, furious.

        GABE: (yells) Where’s my daughters!?

        DANTE: They’re with your wife at Wolfram and Heart. We can help you get them back.

        GABE: Selma... (realizing) Selma, stab - - she - -

        He looks down at his chest amazed that his wounds are gone.

        GABE: Selma stabbed me.

        DANTE: She stabbed you and took October and Prudence. (sarcastic) Millicent sprinkled some of her gypsy dust on you and healed your wounds. You’ll be fine. (beat) Next step is getting your daughters back, Mr. Giovanni.

        GABE: (weak) Who are you?

        DANTE: I’m Dante Peirce I’m a member of White Heart covenant. Our seer led us in your direction. You’re part of something big now, Mr. Giovanni, you’re going to save the world.

        GABE looks at him with confusion.

        DANTE: You should get dressed there are clothes in the closet for you. Meet us in the living room when you’re done.

        He exits the room. GABE stands in confusion for a moment. He moves over to the bed and sits on the edge and buries his head in his hands and sobs.

        GABE: (frustrated) Damnit!

        Noise from outside catches his ear; city noises. Curious, he stands to his feet and walks over to the window. He’s surprise when he scans the city of New York. His eyes move over to the twin towers.

        GABE: Holy shi - -

        CUT TO:


        GABE sits on the couch dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. He nervously fidgets with his hands.

        CHRISTINA: (O/S) Here you go.

        GABE looks up as CHRISTINA who hands him a mug of coffee.

        GABE: What is that?

        CHRISTINA: It’s just coffee

        GABE takes the mug from her and takes a gulp. DANTE stands near a window with his arms crossed over his chest. MILLICENT sits in a chair across from the couch. She stares at GABE undressing him with her eyes. CHRISTINA takes a seat next to GABE on the couch.

        DANTE: We’re here to help you…

        GABE: (curt) You’ve already said that, Dante, explain to me why Selma took my girls and why I’m in the middle of New York City?

        DANTE: Christina and I use to work for The Council we were both in the watcher program.

        He gestures over to MILLICENT.

        DANTE: She’s Millicent Hearn a very powerful gypsy more on the freelance side but she does her duty.

        GABE: (sighs; annoyed) Can you please spare me the introductions.

        CHRISTINA turns to GABE.

        CHRISTINA: Last month Dante and I sat in a meeting with the head watchers of the council. Information arrived that a witch gave birth to a vessel of dark power for years previous. The origin of the dark power is still unknown, the witch is Selma.

        GABE sits his coffee down on the coffee table, intrigued.

        GABE: Are you talking about October?

        She nods.

        GABE: What do you mean when you say a vessel of dark power?

        CHRISTINA: The council believes your daughter is a source of some big evil coming our way years down the line.

        He shakes his head in disbelief.

        GABE: I don’t believe any of this my daughter is not evil.

        CHRISTINA: We know she’s not evil but when she turns twenty three that’s when the dark power will reach her. We don’t know how or why but it’ll use her to end the world.

        GABE: Where the hell are you getting your information?

        CHRISTINA: By a very powerful source who use to work for council…

        MILLICENT: It was me. I was on the council; a seer, I gave them all the information they needed. All we know is that your daughter is vessel to something very powerful and evil, but it can be stopped. We just have to stop the ritual.

        GABE: There’s a ritual?

        MILLICENT: (scoff; rolls eyes) Honey, there’s always a ritual.

        DANTE: (continuing; to Gabe) That’s why we’re here to help you. The council became scared and ordered a hit out on your daughter.

        GABE: They what?!

        DANTE: (nods; sympathetic) That’s when all three of us stepped back and left the council. We didn’t want to be a part of something like that. We know we can save the world and your daughter, so we went rough and started a covenant of our own… White Heart.

        GABE stands to his feet and begins pace.

        CHRISTINA: Theres more…

        GABE: (sarcastic) Oh let’s hear it.

        CHRISTINA: Wolfram and Heart also found out about your October. They want to raise her until she’s twenty three, and then take in the dark power. They paid Selma off to give her up.

        GABE: What about Prudence? Did they need her too?

        CHRISTINA: Yeah, in case something happens to October the dark power would go to Prudence.

        GABE: What happens next?

        DANTE: We plan, we get you ready and teach you the craft. Then we get your daughters back.

        CHRISTINA: But… there’s a draw back. You won’t be able to see your daughters until it gets closer to the ritual.

        GABE: (angered) Are you telling me that I can’t see my daughters for nineteen years?

        CHRISTINA stands up and approaches GABE.

        CHRISTINA: I’m sorry but you need to stay dead to them.

        GABE: (frustrated)Why!?

        CHRISTINA: Because if Wolfram and Heart finds out you’re alive, they’ll kill you. You’re an interference for them; you don’t come with the package.

        DANTE: The council, Wolfram and Heart, and Selma have no clue we exist. We can keep it that way and sneaks through the back door and stop it.

        MILLICENT: (to Christina and Dante) Stop sugarcoating it and tell the man the truth.

        GABE: What’s the truth?

        MILLICENT: Honey, you died in that fire we weren’t meant to save you. We don’t want to change history. We have a little information and if they know you’re alive we’d be stuck nowhere. You stay dead, the plan goes as needed and we win.

        Defeated, GABE sits back on the couch as he holds back tears.

        GABE: I don’t know if I can do this.

        DANTE: Don’t think about yourself, think about your daughters.

        GABE looks up at DANTE.



        Caption: Present Day

        October drops the cigarette butt to the ground and steps on it.

        OCTOBER: So that’s the story?

        GABE: Well, yeah, but I don’t know if you want to call it a story, it’s the truth.

        OCTOBER: So this dark power comes in a year or so?

        GABE nods.

        OCTOBER: How did I get away from Wolfram and Heart if they had me?
        GABE: Selma got selfish and took you and Prudence for herself. She was gonna wait until you turn twenty three. Somehow made the lawyers believe you and your sister were dead, but since Selma became sloppy Wolfram and Heart has found out you two are alive.

        OCTOBER: Wow, that’s a lot to take in. (beat) You can leave now.

        GABE looks at her with confusion.

        GABE: I don’t understand.

        OCTOBER: I appreciate the help last night but I have things to do, important things. (holds back tears) I’ve survived years without you I don’t need your help now.

        GABE: (sympathetic) October, no - -

        OCTOBER: (angered; interrupting) You and your covenant can pack your things and leave my town.

        She pushes pass GABE and he grabs her by the upper arm, stopping her. Swiftly, spins around and punches GABE across the face. He falls to the pavement and she stares down at him, pissed.

        OCTOBER: (crying) You didn’t try hard enough! I don’t need help from you or your covenant! (with conviction) I dare Wolfram and Heart to come after me and mine, I will end them!

        GABE looks down at the ground, defeated. She turns and storms off down the street. GABE stares after her, yearning for her love.

        END OF ACT III
        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          ASHER sits on the edge of the bed in his hospital gown. KAT paces back and forth in the middle of the room; she holds a scalpel in one hand.

          ASHER: Are you gonna show me or create holes in the floor?

          She stops and turns to him.

          KAT: (takes in a breath) Alright, I’m ready.

          She walks over to ASHER and pulls her sleeve up, exposing her forearm. She slides the blade of the scalpel across her arm, cutting her skin open.

          ASHER: Kat, no!

          He snatches the scalpel from her hand.

          KAT: I’m fine, Asher, just look.

          ASHER looks back down at the cut as it heals itself.

          ASHER: (disbelief; speechless) What - - Kat, you can… you can heal?
          KAT: I guess!

          She steps away from ASHER and begins to pace in the center of the room again.

          KAT: I didn’t know I could do that! I couldn’t do that before it just popped out of nowhere!

          ASHER: Maybe your abilities are expanding, maybe older you get the more powerful you get.

          KAT: The demon side of me harnesses fire, not healing after being impaled in the chest. If my dad wasn’t such a lying prick I would’ve had the answers I need.

          ASHER: Once I’m out of the hospital, you and I can hunt for answers together.

          She thinks for a moment.

          KAT: My minds gonna dwell on it until I understand more about myself.
          ASHER: And that’s completely understandable, honey, but until then I’ll calm you.

          ASHER pulls KAT to him and wraps his arms around her waist, and she drapes her arms around his shoulders.

          KAT: I hope so.

          ASHER: It just makes you more special.

          CUT TO:


          OCTOBER enters the apartment. SULLIVAN sits on the couch with his legs resting on the coffee table. He reads a magazine.

          OCTOBER: (to Sullivan) Time for you to leave.

          He looks up at OCTOBER.

          SULLIVAN: Did you talk to Gabe?

          OCTOBER: Tell Gabe he can go screw himself I don’t need your help. Get out.

          SULLIVAN: (shrugs) Alright.

          He closes the magazine and places it on the coffee table and stands to his feet. He walks over to OCTOBER.

          SULLIVAN: For all it’s worth, October, your father really cares about you. You and your sister is the only thing he talks about. You probably denied his help but you should rethink it.

          OCTOBER: (cert) Bye.

          SULLIVAN: See ya soon.

          He exits the apartment. OCTOBER spots DARWIN through the balcony doors. He stands on the balcony looking over the town. She takes in a deep breath and walks to the balcony door.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. BALCONY – DAY

          DARWIN stands with his arms crossed over his chest as he stares off with no expression. OCTOBER steps out onto the balcony.

          OCTOBER: Hey.

          DARWIN: You heard?

          OCTOBER: I did.

          She puts her hands in her pockets as she steps forward standing beside DARWIN; they both stare out at the sky.

          OCTOBER: How do you feel?

          DARWIN: That’s a dumb question.

          OCTOBER: (stressful sigh) Why didn’t you ask for my help?

          DARWIN: Because I didn’t need it. I couldn’t ask you to help me, October, it would’ve been too messy and Selma would’ve seen it coming from a mile away. (beat) She didn’t see me coming.

          OCTROBER: No, she didn’t but do you know how much havoc you put on yourself for a life time?

          He turns to her.

          DARWIN: She killed my mom, October! I did what I had to do and I don’t regret it. I don’t need any crap from you or anyone else, understand?

          OCTOBER: Of course I understand I just wish I would’ve helped you or something. Take some of the weight off your shoulders.

          DARWIN: The weight has been lifted do you think I can’t handle the consequences?

          OCTOBER: To be honest with you I don’t.

          He sighs and rolls his eyes.

          DARWIN: (agravated) Then you really don’t know me. I’m done talking about this crap I did everyone a favor and all I get is a bunch of bitching!

          OCTOBER: I’m not bitching, Darwin, I’m concerned.

          DARWIN: You’re way too late for that.

          He turns and walks away.

          DARWIN: (leaving the apartment) I’m going out, please don’t wait up.

          OCTOBER: (stressed) Goddamn.

          She turns around and walks back into…

          INT. APARTMENT

          She walks over to the couch and lies dowm. She stares up at the ceiling as she lets out a stressful sigh. Her white cat jumps from the floor onto her chest.

          OCTOBER: (petting the cat) Hey, girly. (beat) I still need to name you, huh?

          CUT TO:


          CARTER’s pick-up truck pulls in front of a small, mustered yellow, house that sits at the end of the dead end street. He climbs out and makes his way onto the porch; he knocks. He waits for a few moments but no one answers.

          CARTER: (calling out) Is anyone home? It’s Carter Michaels; I’m Maureen Cromwell’s husband.

          Still there isn’t an answer.

          He moves over to the window and peers into it. He squints as he looks through blinds to see a body lying on the floor.

          CARTER: Damnit!

          CARTER breaks the door open with his shoulder and falls into the dark house. He runs up to the body and flips it over. It’s MILLICENT; she lies dead with several stab wounds to her chest. She stares lifelessly up at the ceiling.

          CARTER: I’m sorry.

          He stands up and scans the living room, cautious. The room is small and lit candles surround the room.

          A alter sits in the corner of the room and it’s surrounded with dead flowers. Several books are piled onto the couch. A table sits in the middle of the room with tarot cards on them.

          Intrigued, CARTER moves over to the alter and studies it. He kneels down and picks up a quartz crystal that sits in the middle of the alter.

          WOMAN’S VOICE: (O/S) Who the hell are you?

          Alert, CARTER stands to his feet and turns around to a beautiful woman, she's pissed. She holds back tears as she pulls a shotgun into view. She’s played by: (Erica Durance)

          WOMAN: (angered) Did you kill my grandmother?!


          RORRI and SPENCER make their way down the sidewalk; RORRI stares up at the clear, starlit sky.

          SPENCER: (takes in a deep breath) It’s so nice out tonight.

          RORRI: It is.

          SPENCER: We haven’t talked one on one in while.

          RORRI: I know, dude, a little something called Selma Eastwick in-between us.

          SPENCER: How are you?

          RORR: I’m alright. I have a confession to make.

          SPENCER: Start repenting.

          RORRI: I failed most of my classes this semester it set me back a year.
          She gives him an awkward smile.

          SPENCER: (surprised) What!

          He stops RORRI.

          SPENCER: Sorry to bug out but you’ve never failed anything in your life.

          RORRI: That’s not true. (beat) It’s just hard to balance school and the damn mystical world of vampires, demons and evil bitch witches.

          SPENCER: I can see that but you’ve always been able to balance your life.

          RORRI: Yeah, that was when my life wasn’t threatened on weekly bases. (beat) Has it been hard for you?

          SPENCER: Yeah. That’s why I dropped out last week.

          RORRI: (surprised) Really? Why didn’t you tell anyone?

          SPENCER: The world was about to end it didn’t matter.

          RORRI: So what’s your plan? Gonna stay here or leave?

          SPENCER: (shrugs) I don’t know yet, but I’m not in rush to find out, it’ll come to me.

          RORRI: It’ll defiantly come to you.

          SPENCER: Does school make you happy?

          RORRI: Of course, I love learning.

          SPENCER: Ok, then just wrap up this semester and start fresh this fall. Things around here will be somewhat normal and at that time you should try again.

          RORRI: True but we also live in East Wick and being young here is a death wish.

          SPENCER thinks for a moment then nod agreeing with her.

          SPENCER: Very true.

          RORRI: I just don’t wanna waste time in school when I can be helping people.
          SPENCER: If you can’t do both then do the one that makes you feel good, duh.

          He gives her a playful nudge.

          RORRI: (sighs) Easier said than done.

          RORRI looks over SPENCER’s shoulders to see a bloody guy running at them.

          RORRI: Move!

          She pushes SPENCER out of the way and The GUY slams into RORRI and they on fall to the ground. The GUY is on top of RORRI staring down at her, yelling frantically, RORRI stares up at him screaming.

          CUT TO:


          OCTOBER lies asleep on the couch. A knock on the door awakes her from her slumber.

          OCTOBER: (groggy) Coming!

          She gets to her feet and walks over to the door and opens it. We can’t see who’s on the other side.

          WOMAN: (O/S) Sumnus puer!

          OCTOBER’s eyes roll in the back of her head and she falls to the floor out cold.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CAVE-NIGHT

          A pair of eyes shoot open they look frantically around. The camera moves back to reveal OCTOBER; her arms and legs are shackled to the cave wall.

          OCTOBER: This is annoying!

          She tries to pull the shackle but she isn’t strong enough.

          FEMALE VOICE: (O/S) It’s no use, October, they relaxed your muscles.

          She looks over to MARGO and KAREN who are tied to the cave wall as well.

          OCTOBER: (confused) Are you serious? How did you guys get here?

          MARGO: (shrugs) Last thing I remember Karen and I got on the jet from the Council and we woke up here.

          OCTOBER: How long?

          KAREN: We’ve been here for two days now, you arrived an hour ago, and I believe we’re in East Wick.

          OCTOBER: Why do you say that?

          KAREN: It only took them thirty minutes to bring you back.

          OCTOBER: Who’s them?

          KAREN: (shrugs) We don’t know their cloaked, but they keep chanting your name in latin.

          OCTOBER stares at them with worry.

          CUT TO:


          SPENCER pulls the guy off of RORRI and onto his feet. He raises his fist to punch…

          RORRI: Spencer, stop, he’s not attacking us, he’s afraid!

          SPENCER looks the frighten guy up and down. His jeans and button down shirt are shredded. He has bloody gashes all over his body. He’s played by: (Ryan Merriman)

          THE GUY: Please, help, please help!

          RORRI gets to her feet and rushes to him.

          RORRI: What is it?

          She looks around as well trying to see what he sees.

          RORRI: Is someone after you?

          He shakes his head as he cries.

          RORRI: Then what is it!?

          THE GUY: Something is after me.

          Suddenly, a howling sound is heard in the distance. THE GUY freaks as the howling echoes through the air.

          SPENCER: Man, what’s up?

          THE GUY: There coming, run! Please run!

          He breaks from SPENCER and runs in-between houses disappearing into the darkness.

          THE GUY: (O/S) They’re coming!

          RORRI: What the hell was that?

          SPENCER: (paranoid) He’s running from something, maybe we should listen to him.

          Growling sounds are heard from across the street. RORRI and SPENCER’s heads shoot over the houses across the way. In-between two houses a glowing, yellow pair of eyes stare them down. The siblings are alert; their eyes are fixed on the glowing eyes.

          RORRI: (whispering) I’m guessing werewolf.

          SPENCER: Werewolves.

          Two werewolves emerge from in-between two other houses.

          SPENCER: Can we run now?

          RORRI: Yeah!

          SPENCER and RORRI turn and run in-between house s. The three werewolves break into a run after them.

          CUT TO


          SPENCER: Hurry, run!

          RORRI and SPENCER sprint down the street. RORRI glances behind them as the three werewolves zooms around the houses and after them.

          RORRI: Spencer, their coming fast!

          SPENCER: Keep running!

          They turn onto another street; the werewolves cut the corner quickly after them. Werewolf#1 run up a parked car and leaps off of it and lands on RORRI’s back; they crash to the pavement. SPENCER stops to help RORRI but the other two werewolves are charging at him.

          SPENCER: (scared) Holy crap!

          He runs down the street cutting in-between house and into the woods, the wolves following behind him.

          RORRI gets to her feet and stands, frozen in terror. Werewolf#1 stands a few feet away from her showing its teeth and snarling, its eyes glowing with fury.

          RORRI: (scared) I know you’re a person inside there and you don’t want to hurt me!

          Werewolf#1 leaps at RORRI; in midair Werewolf#1 is hit by a speeding car and sent across the road slamming into the sidewalk, dead. The car comes to a sliding stop. RORRI stands in shock breathing heavily.

          The car door opens and the Bloody Guy from the previous scene get out.

          THE GUY: You okay?

          He limps over to RORRI.

          RORRI: (breathing heavily) Yeah, I’m fine, thanks so much, but we need to go help my brother!

          CUT TO:

          EXT. WOODS – NIGHT

          SPENCER sprints through the woods jumping over logs and dodging trees. Werewolf#2 and #3 run closely behind him. Close ahead SPENCER notices a drop-off.

          SPENCER: (glances back; taunting) C’mon, little bastards!

          Before reaching the drop off SPENCER jumps into the air and grabs onto a branch from above. The two werewolves try to come to a halt but can’t,and they slide right off of the drop-off and to their deaths. SPENCER drops to the ground, panting as he walks over to the ledge and looks down.

          SPENCER: (laughs) You didn’t get this little pig.

          RORRI and THE GUY run up to SPENCER. They look down at the dead werewolves. SPENCER turns to the guy.

          SPENCER: Why were you being chased by werewolves?

          THE GUY: Werewolves? Are you crazy?

          SPENCER: (serious) Did one of them bite you… what’s your name?

          THE GUY: Steven and yeah I did get bit.

          SPENCER and RORRI exchange worried glares.

          THE GUY/STEVEN: (worried) What is it?

          CUT TO:


          ‘Aint No Rest For The Wicked' by: Cage The Elephant DARWIN makes his way up the hill and goes under the large willow tree. He kneels down by Geni’s grave and puts his hand on top of the dirt; he begins to sob.

          I was walkin' down the street
          When out the corner of my eye
          I saw a pretty little thing approaching me

          DARWIN: (crying) Why did you leave me, why?

          He breaks down and lies on the ground.

          DARWIN: (crying) Why, why? I love you so much, mommy, please come back!

          She said I never seen a man
          Who looked so all alone
          Oh could you use a little company

          The camera moves away from DARWIN to the tree trunk of the willow tree. The tree starts to decay and turn black. The decay moves up the bark of the tree and up to the branches. The leaves on the willow tree wither, a leaf falls from the branch and lands on DARWIN’s shoulder.

          DARWIN: (crying) Please, I can’t live without you, mommy, I can’t.

          CUT TO:


          A hand pushes open a room door; we can’t see the person. They step into the hospital room, its ASHER’s room. The MYSTERIOUS PERSON walks over to the bed and stands over a sleeping ASHER.

          And if you pay the right price
          Your evening will be nice
          You can go and send me on my way

          The MYSTERIOUS PERSON pulls a knife from its inner coat. ASHER awakes and looks up at the mystery person.

          ASHER: (panicked) Someone hel - -

          The Mystery person quickly covers ASHER’s mouth, shutting him up. ASHER reaches up at the person trying to push him away. The person stabs ASHER in the chest.

          ASHER’s eyes are wide open with shock. The knife is pulled out and stabbed into ASHER’s chest again. His body tenses up and his arm falls to his side. THE MYSTERY PERSON pulls the knife out.

          I said you're such a sweet young thing
          Why you do this to yourself

          ASHER’s eyes roll in the back of his head and they close. The monitor goes flat line and the loud, droning, beep echoes through the room.

          CUT TO:


          The elevator doors open and KAT steps out with coffee in her hand. She walks down the hallway. Suddenly, doctors and nurses run pass her and into ASHER’s room. Panic quickly over takes her. She drops the coffee and runs after them.


          KAT runs into the room but she comes to a halt at the sight of ASHER lying bloody in the hospital bed. The doctors surround him trying to bring him back. KAT’s mouth drops in utter shock. Her eyes well up with tears as she shakes her head in disbelief.

          KAT: (screams) NOOOOO!

          When I saw the shadow of a man creep out of sight
          And then he swept up from behind
          He put a gun up to my head

          She runs towards him but two nurses stop her.

          NURSE#1: Ma’am you need to go outside!

          KAT: (screams; frantic) NOOOO!

          One of the Doctors steps away from ASHER’s bed.

          DOCTOR#1: Call it. He’s gone.

          KAT: NOOO! OH MY GOD, NO!

          No there ain't no rest for the wicked
          Until we close our eyes for good

          She falls to the floor broken, shattered. The camera zooms in on her face; her eyes glow red with fury.

          CUTS TO BLACK

          Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.

          END OF ACT IV
          END OF EPISODE
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            East Wick : 1.14 ‘The Wicked Will Rest At the Unholy Hour’ Part 2 of 2 (Season Finale)

            - This is the 14th of East Wick and the Season Finale. YAY, I’m finally done!
            - It’s been a long time to get here but I’m proud to say that season one is put to rest.
            - All the characters faced serious life changes in this episode.
            - This episode I had to shift Darwin to a completely different person that was my favorite about writing this episode. The Darwin and Selma battle
            - In this episode Kat was faced with a lot. First, her new abilities, and second is losing her husband, Asher. It’s sad to say but Asher is dead, and he won’t be returning in season two. In season two Kat will learn more about the demon side of her and she will find out her killed her lover.
            - I’m sorry you Asher fans. RIP.
            - Yes! Darwin Eastwick is the one to take Selma’s life. At the beginning of the season I knew Selma would meet her maker at the end, but I didn’t know who would guide her there. Darwin was perfect because Selma would’ve never thought her nephew would take her life.

            Selma believed if she ever died it would be from October’s hands, it was a smack in Selma’s face that she died by the hands of a “weak” person.

            In season two Darwin will learn to control his new found power, and a sexy, young warlock will help him out with that.
            - In the next season we will see who has October, Margo and Karen.
            - We will see more of Gabe and the White Heart Covenant.
            - This episode we met some new characters, Noah, Millicent’s Granddaughter, Dante, and Sullivan. They will appear in season two.
            - Parker and Darwin’s relationship is put to rest, it’s sad but needed to happen.
            - I hope you enjoyed season one stay tuned for season two which will be airing soon.
            - Season two will come back with fire!

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            East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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