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  • RAIN: 1.14 Family Portrait

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.14 Family Portrait

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    The air is dead silent. A clock on the coffee machine reads 5:29 am. After a few seconds, it turns to 6:00 am. The coffee starts slowly dripping into the pot as classical music plays in the background.

    CUT TO:

    A MAID with red hair neatly wrapped in a bun opens the curtains revealing the morning sun. Another MAID in a black ponytail carries a white table cloth and releases it in the air covering the entire dining room table. Behind her, the third MAID with blonde hair puts down the napkins and silverware. The first MAID leaves while the other two set the table.

    CUT TO:

    Standing in front of a cutting board, a CHEF chops an onion. As he finishes up, he slices mushrooms and some asparagus. He tosses the vegetables in the pan and it sizzles with olive oil. While the vegetables cook, he turns on another burner and places an omelette pan on top of it. He picks up a bowl that already contains a mixture of eggs and pours it in.

    CUT TO:

    The second MAID places the morning paper at the head of the table and pours a cup of coffee. She heads back to the kitchen.

    CUT TO:

    After the CHEF plates the second omelette he adds a slice of buttered toast. He hands both dishes to the first MAID while the second MAID grabs a silver pot of hot tea and a bowl of grapefruit.

    CUT TO:

    After the first MAID puts both plates down, the second MAID pours a cup of tea and places the bowl next to it. As both MAIDS leave, a third MAID appears and pours two glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice.

    CUT TO:

    Once the third MAID sets the pitcher of orange juice near the coffee maker, she departs the kitchen. The camera pans to the clock. We can see its now 5:59. Seconds later, the clock reads 6:00 and the music abruptly ends.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
    Banner by Digital Leonardo

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    ACT I


    BELLA is sleeping on the window seat. There are books on witchcraft scattered all over the floor. We hear someone closing the front door.

    CUT TO:

    Now awake, BELLA peers from the doorway. She sees SHERIDAN in a black dress carrying her shoes quietly walking up the stairs. BELLA sighs.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA emerges from the shower wearing a robe. She observes WARNER also just coming in but from a morning jog. He gives her a small smile and enters his bedroom.

    CUT TO:

    Fully dressed in a polo shirt and faded blue jeans, BELLA listens to B-52’s Love Shack, while she puts on pearl stud earrings. Then with her pinky, she smears on some lip gloss. She twirls around dancing before putting her shoes on. Grabbing her bag, BELLA turns off the music and exits the bedroom.

    CUT TO:

    Already in his suit, WARNER sprays his hair with hairspray. Nearby we hear Jerry Lee Lewis playing on the clock radio. Then he puts on some cologne and straightens his striped tie. Glancing approvingly at his appearance in a wall mounted mirror, WARNER grabs his briefcase and closes the door.

    CUT TO:

    Sitting before the vanity mirror, SHERIDAN embraces the Opera music coming from a vintage record player. Carefully she plucks her eyebrows. Next she applies a beige shade of lipstick and takes a tissue to her lips taking some of it off. SHERIDAN stands up and we see she’s wearing a cream blouse and grey pencil skirt. She turns off the record player and leaves the bathroom.

    CUT TO:

    EVERYONE is at the table eating in silence. SHERIDAN speaks up.

    SHERIDAN: (sets napkin down) Before I forget, we’re having our family portraits taken today. The photographer is coming at four.

    BELLA: (mutters) Why even bother?

    WARNER: (gives her a look; picks up the newspaper) Isabella.

    SHERIDAN: (sips her tea) You know we do this every year, Isabella.

    BELLA: Yeah and the photos always look all the same. (Beat) Lifeless, posed, as if-

    WARNER: (doesn’t look up) -We’ll be there.

    SHERIDAN: Thank you, Warner. (Turns to BELLA) The way you’ve been behaving lately... (Lowers voice) are you depressed or something?

    BELLA: (scoffs) You’re seriously not asking me that.

    SHERIDAN: You’re never home. You’re either with Ms. Mason or that boy-

    WARNER: (glances up) -Sheridan, back off.

    Stunned SHERIDAN and BELLA look at him.

    WARNER: (sets newspaper down) Rain and Bella have been friends since they were ten, their friendship isn’t going anywhere. You should know that by now. (Beat) And I happen to like Mr. Hodges.

    BELLA is taken aback by this.

    SHERIDAN: That’s because he fixed your father’s vintage pocket watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had him repair everything in the house. (Beat) Now, I’m just concerned about Isabella. She sneaks in all the time as if I can’t hear her-

    BELLA: (mutters again) –Look who’s talking.

    SHERIDAN: Excuse me?

    BELLA: (puts down her fork) Everyone knows, Sheridan. Even the staff. They talk about it all the time.

    WARNER sighs.

    SHERIDAN: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    BELLA: (coldly) You’re boning Tatum Reed’s father.

    WARNER: (stunned at BELLA’S bluntness) Isabella!

    SHERIDAN: (gasps) How dare you accuse me of having an affair? (Places her hand on his arm) I love your father. I would never-

    WARNER moves his arm way from SHERIDAN.

    BELLA: -You love his money. Without it, you’d have nothing.

    WARNER: All right, that’s enough.

    SHERIDAN: (gets up; to BELLA) You’re grounded.

    BELLA: (moves from her seat) You can’t ground me. You’re not my mother.

    SHERIDAN: I’ve had it up to here, Warner. Someone needs to set her straight. She needs to go boarding school.

    BELLA: Oh, you’d love to send me away wouldn’t you? I bet you have a few ideas where too.

    SHERIDAN: (snaps) Would you like to see the pamphlets?

    WARNER: (stands; firmly) Sheridan...

    BELLA: (bitterly; to SHERIDAN) I know you don’t like me. You never did. You’re nothing but a phony, a fake plastic b-

    SHERIDAN is about to slap BELLA but WARNER quickly grabs her arm.

    WARNER: (darkly) -You will not hit my daughter.

    BELLA’S eyes widen at the way WARNER is glaring at SHERIDAN. He lets her go. Embarrassed by the situation, SHERIDAN runs up the stairs.

    WARNER: (softly) You-you better go.... you’re already late for school.

    BELLA nods and grabs her bag. WARNER sits back down and after a few seconds we hear the front door close. He looks off toward the window listening to BELLA’S car exit the driveway.

    CUT TO:

    Carrying her textbooks, BELLA walks down the hallway. She stops short when she sees NEEVE verbally harassing RAIN near the lockers. BELLA sighs. The screen fades.


    In the middle of the parking lot a ten years old BELLA is fidgeting in her white gown. Holding a carry-on filled with makeup and hair products, SHERIDAN attempts to drags BELLA toward the entrance of the Country Club.

    BELLA: (pulls away) I don’t want to go, Sheridan!

    SHERIDAN: Isabella, stop this nonsense now!

    BELLA: I don’t want to do this! Don’t make me!

    SHERIDAN: (mortified of BELLA’S tantrums) If only your father was here!

    BELLA: He doesn’t know! You made sure of it!

    BELLA steps on SHERIDAN’S foot knocking the carry-on out of her hand. It hits the pavement. Not knowing where she’s going, BELLA runs in the opposite direction, far away from SHERIDAN. She eventually finds herself at a deserted park.

    Leaning against a tree to rest a bit, BELLA hears voices near the swings. She looks over and sees NEEVE standing really close to RAIN intimidating her.

    NEEVE: You’re a freak, Rain. No one likes you. You don’t belong here!

    NEEVE shoves RAIN who falls to the ground. Without hesitation, BELLA runs towards them. NEEVE looks up, her eyes widen. She realizes that BELLA is about to ram into her. They fall to the ground. Perplexed RAIN stares at BELLA as she throws punches at NEEVE.

    NEEVE: (screams) Get off me you creep!

    BELLA: (hits her again) Say please!

    Tearing BELLA’S dress, NEEVE pushes her off. There are leaves in her hair and dirt on her face. Once she realizes her cheerleading uniform is torn at the sleeve, she yells angrily at BELLA.

    NEEVE: My mother is going to kill me! I have a cheerleading competition to go to!

    BELLA: Then you should have thought about it before you picked on my friend.

    RAIN arches a surprised brow. NEEVE glances over to her and back at BELLA with disgust.

    NEEVE: She’s your friend? Yeah, right. (Beat; points at her) Your stepmother and my mother are going to know about this.

    BELLA: (stares at her) Tell them. (Lowers voice) Go on, I dare you.

    NEEVE: (surprised with BELLA’S attitude; glares) You deserve each other. (Takes off)

    With a smile BELLA turns around. RAIN walks over to the picnic table to grab her bag. BELLA follows just behind her and peering over her shoulder sees her drawings strewn on the table. She picks up a pad, admiring a beautiful drawing of a church.

    BELLA: Wow, this is gorgeous. Did you draw this?

    RAIN says nothing, takes the pad out of BELLA’S hand and puts it in her bag as well as her drawing pencils.

    BELLA: You’re really talented.

    RAIN looks at BELLA questionably and turns to walk but BELLA stops her.

    BELLA: Where are you going?

    RAIN: Home. (Picks up the rest of her drawings) What’s it to you?

    BELLA: Nothing. Just making conversation. (Smiles) I just ditched my evil stepmother at the Miss Pre-Teen Haven Pageant at the Country Club.

    RAIN: (stops short) You left? Just like that?

    BELLA: Yeah, it’s not my thing. I’m just itching to get out of this dress. (Realizes it’s torn and dirty) Yikes Sheridan gonna be pissed. (Shrugs) Oh well. (Beams again) Want to come to my house and hang out? We can eat some of Rosie’s gourmet popcorn and watch a movie.

    RAIN: (brings her bag to her shoulder) Who is Rosie?

    BELLA: My maid. She’s so nice and very funny. (Beat) We can watch E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It’s her favorite movie.

    RAIN: But, I mean... why are you doing this?

    BELLA: (Links arms with RAIN) Duh! Cause you’re my friend, spaz!

    RAIN gives BELLA a funny look. Still linking arms, they stroll out of the park.



    We’re back to BELLA watching NEEVE still pestering RAIN in the hallway.

    NEEVE: (inches closer) You owe me, Rain.

    RAIN: You know I didn’t have to return the purse to you. I felt sorry for you because you sold everything and couldn’t get it back.

    NEEVE: There was a tear in it.

    RAIN: The hole was there before I bought it from you. (Beat) Just sew it up. (Points at her) Oh wait, you can’t sew can you?

    NEEVE glares at her.

    RAIN: (smirks; folds arm) How’s does it feel to be a part of the working class, Neeve? Sucks getting a salary less than your weekly allowance, doesn’t it?

    NEEVE: (inches closer) One way or another you’re-

    BELLA: (OS; low voice) -Leave her alone.

    NEEVE: (doesn’t look at BELLA) This is between Rain and me.

    BELLA: (moves in front of RAIN) I said back off.

    NEEVE: (scoffs) Whatever! You know you two really do deserve each other. (Takes off)

    RAIN: (turns to BELLA) You didn’t have to do that. I could have handled it.

    BELLA: I know but... (Smirks) it’s fun sticking it to her.

    RAIN smiles. They walk to over their lockers.

    BELLA: Are you coming to the softball game next week?

    RAIN: I’ll be there with the foam finger rooting my girl on.

    BELLA: (embarrassed chuckle) Please don’t do that.

    RAIN: (grins; grabs a book from her locker) Is your dad going to the game? (Closes the door; sees BELLA is not herself) What’s wrong?

    BELLA: (sighs) I... had an argument with Sheridan this morning in front of daddy. It was really bad, Rain. I called her out (whispers) about the affair. There were a lot of ugly words and she almost hit me.

    RAIN: She did?

    BELLA: (nods) Daddy stopped her.

    RAIN: (puts her hand on BELLA’S) I’m sorry.

    BELLA: You should have seen the look on daddy’s face. It was... disturbing.

    RAIN: (can’t see it) Mr. Talmadge? Disturbing?

    BELLA: (Makes a fist) He was all “Do not hit my daughter” with this stone cold glare. I’ve never seen him like that.

    RAIN: He got all protective that’s all. You’re his only child and he loves you. You’re the apple of his eye. (With a small smile) And if I remember right, he wrote a song about it. How does it go? (Sings off key) You’re the apple of my eye... and that’s the reason why... I love the Is-a-bel-la!”

    BELLA: (laughs) Thanks, Rain. I needed to hear that. (Beat) I’m gonna go to the restroom before class, so I’ll see you at lunch, okay?

    RAIN: (nods) Yeah sure.

    BELLA turns around for the rest room. With concern RAIN watches her leave.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA approaches the mirror. She hears the toilet flush. It’s one of NEEVE’S friends appearing from one of the stalls. Soon we hear some of the lyrics to Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life play:

    Do you ever feel like breaking down?
    Do you ever feel out of place?
    Like somehow you just don't belong
    And no one understands you

    GIRL: (fixes her hair) Hello Isabella...

    BELLA doesn’t respond.

    GIRL: Isabella?

    BELLA still ignores her.

    GIRL: (scoffs) With those manners, you won’t go very far.

    BELLA slashes cool water on her face. We hear:

    Do you ever wanna run away?
    Do you lock yourself in your room?
    With the radio on turned up so loud
    That no one hears you screaming

    GIRL: (pretends to care) What happened? Did Rain hurt your feelings?

    Grabbing a paper towel, BELLA dries her face.

    GIRL: Did you finally break up? (Smirks) I hear Chocolate Chip cookie dough ice cream does the trick.

    Still ignoring the GIRL, BELLA turns for the door and walks out with her head held high. She strolls down the hallway and makes her way for class.

    CUT TO:

    MR. EBERLY is showing the class some footage of World World II on the projector. Someone passes BELLA a note. She looks over to CJ thinking he gave it to her but he frowns and gives her a slight shake of the head. As she opens it she realizes it’s not from him. The note reads: Bella is a freak like Mason. They hunt monsters together! There is a stick drawing of them in a coffin. We hear:

    No you don't know what it's like
    When nothing feels all right
    You don't know what it's like
    To be like me

    She tears it up and stuffs it in her bag. We hear some snickers coming from behind her.

    CUT TO:

    Holding onto a tray, BELLA sees RAIN and CJ sitting together. RAIN waves her over. Before BELLA can make her way to them, one of the FOOTBALL players bumps into her on purpose, knocking her tray out of her hand. We hear:

    To be hurt
    To feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you're down
    To feel like you've been pushed around

    FOOTBALL PLAYER: Oops, my bad. (Looks over to RAIN, then back at her) Maybe you can get your maid to clean up your mess. I’m sure Mason could use the money.

    He takes off laughing with his friends. MADELINE nears BELLA and helps her. We hear:

    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one's there to save you
    No you don't know what it's like
    Welcome to my life

    MADELINE: (softly) Are you all right?

    BELLA: (sighs) I’m used to it.

    CUT TO:

    We see the students are playing volleyball. BELLA attempts to serve the ball to another player over the net but it instead hits the cheerleader JAELYNN from 1.13 Notations. She turns around and picks up the ball looking for the person who threw it at her. Once JAELYNN realizes it was BELLA, she glares at her.

    JAELYNN: (walks up to her) I believe... (dodges the ball at her) this is yours.

    The ball hits BELLA and she falls to the floor. She sighs. We hear:

    Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
    Are you sick of everyone around?
    With their big fake smiles and stupid lies
    While deep inside you're bleeding

    Some of the other players run to her, including the gym teacher. BELLA pushes them away and gets up on her own.

    BELLA: (brushes off her shorts) I’m fine.

    JAELYNN folds her arms and gives BELLA a look.

    BELLA: Jaelynn, it was an accident. I’m sorry.

    JAEYLYNN: Just stay away from me freak. You and Mason.

    CUT TO:

    Standing before a row of books, BELLA searches for something. Soon TRENT appears. He arches a brow, checking her out. He glances over his shoulder then turns back to BELLA. We hear:

    No you don't know what it's like
    When nothing feels all right
    You don't know what it's like
    To be like me

    TRENT: (softly) Hey Izzie...

    BELLA: (mutters) Go away Trent.

    TRENT: (inches closer) Come on, don’t be like that.

    BELLA: Where’s your girlfriend?

    TRENT: (shrugs) Studying... (Chuckles) or trying to... (Whispers) you know I never had a chance to thank you for the other night.

    BELLA: What are you talking about?

    TRENT: When you tutored me... you know for chemistry.

    BELLA: It’s not like I had a choice.

    TRENT: Still thank you, I mean it, really... If you don’t believe me I could, you know (touches her arm) show you my appreciation.

    BELLA: (quickly moves away) No thanks. (Beat) Now you can you please go away?

    BELLA examines a book.

    TRENT: (sighs bitterly) What if I told you... (Lowers voice) your stepmother wanted us together?

    BELLA: (looks up) Excuse me?

    TRENT: She came to me about a year ago, offered money to date you.

    BELLA: (aghast; slams the book) You can’t be serious.

    TRENT: I’m not the only one, you know.

    BELLA: You must be crazy if you think I’m going to believe anything you tell me.

    TRENT: (sighs) I’m not lying. It’s the truth.

    BELLA: (still uncertain) Well, who are the others then?

    TRENT: (counts with his fingers) David Ritter, Jason Barnes, Todd Thornton ... a couple of more guys from baseball team. I can’t remember their names.

    BELLA: (hurt) Sh-she really offered them money to date me?

    TRENT nods.

    BELLA: W-what happened? I mean no one asked me out. (Snaps back) Did they want more money or something?

    TRENT: They refused to be associated with you because of your friendship with Rain.

    BELLA: (stiffens) Why didn’t you take Sheridan’s offer?

    TRENT: (nods over in NEEVE’S direction) Because I have a girlfriend.

    BELLA: (disbelief; gestures) You just made a pass at me and it’s not the first time. (Points at him) Plus I’ve seen you with other girls. It’s pretty obvious you’re not serious about Neeve.

    TRENT: (sighs) Look, your stepmother wanted us to be in a relationship, marriage, the whole enchilada but (shrugs) I was already with Neeve.
    (Softly) However... if you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind seeing you.

    BELLA: (eyes narrow) You mean like... on the side?

    TRENT: Yeah... no one has to know. It’ll be fun.

    Unbeknownst to BELLA and TRENT, CJ is now watching them.

    BELLA: (plays along) All right... it’s just that Rain... she can’t know about this.

    TRENT: Like I said, no one has to know. (Whispers) Besides you really think I’d tell the guys on the football team that I made it with Rain’s only friend? I’d be a laughingstock at Haven High.

    BELLA: (inches closer; seductively) I think....

    TRENT: (smiles) Yeah?

    BELLA: They’d be laughing at you if they saw you limping out of the library.

    TRENT: Huh?

    BELLA rams her knee between his legs. TRENT lets out a shocked wheeze and falls to the floor groaning.

    TRENT: (winces) Man... (disturbed) you’re just as crazy Rain.

    Gradually TRENT gets up and limps away. Impressed CJ leans against the bookcase with a smile.

    CJ: I was just about to swing in and do the whole white knight thing but I can see you can take care of yourself.

    BELLA swings around.

    BELLA: CJ... yeah... years of training as Rain’s sidekick.

    CJ: Sidekicks never get the reputation they deserve. (Beat) Do you have a costume, (smirks) ‘cause I’d love to see it.

    BELLA: (grins) I bet.

    CJ: (smiles back) So...

    BELLA: So...

    CJ: I was thinking... you and me at the dollar movie theater tonight?

    BELLA: I can’t. My stepmother wants us to do this family portrait thing that we do every year. It always takes forever. Raincheck?

    CJ: (nods) Sure. Call me?

    BELLA nods with a grin. Soon he leaves. As she watches him leave BELLA realizes TRENT is in the doorway leaning against the jamb while NEEVE fusses over him.

    BELLA: (whispers; bitterly) You’re going to pay for this Sheridan. I promise you that.

    CUT TO:

    BELLA is walking back and forth filled with anger. She calms down and sits on the bed looking at the photo of WARNER and her birth mother from the Halloween party.

    FEMALE VOICE: (OS) Hey chica.

    BELLA glances up and gasps. A WOMAN with red hair in her late thirties holding onto a gift bag leans against the door.

    BELLA: (stunned) Aunt Jaime?! (Embraces her) I can’t believe you’re here!

    SHERIDAN is in the hallway disapproving of JAIME’S presence.

    SHERIDAN: Isabella, I’m cancelling the family portrait, so we’ll do it another time. (Looks over to JAIME and then BELLA) And don’t be too long. You still have homework.

    BELLA: (firmly) I think I’ll decide when to do my homework, not you Sheridan.

    SHERIDAN stiffens. With a glare, BELLA closes the door.

    JAIME: (smirks) So you’re back to calling her Sheridan then?

    BELLA nods. JAIME sees BELLA’S softball uniform draped on her hope chest.

    JAIME: And we’ve joined the softball team, have we?

    BELLA nods.

    JAIME: This must be killing Sheridan.

    BELLA: (mischievously) It is.

    JAIME: Well good for you. It’s about time you did something for yourself. (Swings the bag back and forth; sing song) I have prezzies.

    At the same time, they sit on the bed. BELLA opens her gifts. She admires a pair of earrings.

    JAIME: Those are from India. (Beat; points as BELLA holds more jewellery) I got the bracelet in China and the necklace is from Ireland.

    BELLA: They’re beautiful. (Hugs JAIME) I love ‘em. (Puts the gifts away) How long are you here for?

    JAIME: A week or so. Depends on my photo assignment. (Stares at BELLA for a bit) Bella... are you all right?

    BELLA: Yeah… I’m fine.

    JAIME: I know we don’t see each other often but... you can’t fool me. I see the worry lines.

    BELLA not wanting to tell her everything that’s on her mind just shows her the Halloween photo.

    BELLA: Dad gave me this…

    JAIME: (examines it; with a smile) Oh yeah… I took this picture. I went on my first road trip and your dad was one of my stops. I was with my boyfriend... (Tries to remember) Chuck. I went as Marilyn Monroe. I had the wig, the white dress, the beauty spot... really classy.

    BELLA: (small laugh) You and daddy... (Smile fades)

    JAIME: (softly) Iz honey? What’s wrong?

    BELLA: (sighs) I had this memory... (Quickly covers up) I mean... a dream about mom. (Not telling her everything) It’s not clear… but in the dream she had black hair. I told daddy about it and he said mom never dyed her hair. So he showed me this photo. He figured I got confused and saw it, and then I had the dream.

    JAIME: It makes sense. It probably triggered something for you. (Softly) You used to dream about your mother a lot when you were younger.

    BELLA: (shakes her head) But I’ve never seen this photo before, not until after I had the dream.

    JAIME: (sees BELLA is upset) It’s just a dream honey. (Unsure how to help) You know... I might more pictures of that Halloween party back at the motel-

    BELLA: (surprised) -You have them with you?

    JAIME: I carry everything I own wherever I go. (Small grin) You should know by now I’m a nomad, I live out of my backpack. (Beat) Meet me at the Tea Leaf Cafe at five. I’ll bring them. Maybe it’ll help you figure this dream out.

    BELLA: (grateful) Thank you Aunt Jaime. I appreciate it.

    JAIME: I’m happy to help in any way I can.

    JAIME gets up but before she heads for the door, she spies a photo of RAIN and BELLA taken at a booth taped to the mirror.

    JAIME: (takes it off the mirror; examines it) Who’s this?

    BELLA: (joins her; looks at it) Oh that’s Rain, my best friend. I’ve told you about her in my letters.

    JAIME: She looks so familiar. I’ve seen her somewhere before.

    BELLA: But you never met her.

    The camera pans to JAIME’S face who continues to look at the photo with uncertainty.

    CUT TO:

    With paperwork in her hand, a SECRETARY enters the office and puts it on WARNER’S desk. The SECRETARY leaves. However WARNER is distracted constantly looking at a framed family portrait of BELLA, SHERIDAN and himself. He sets it down on the table and pulls out a couple of photos from the lining in his pocket. One of them is of RAIN when she was a small child and the other is of the WOMAN with Russian features from BELLA’S dream 1.09 Runnin’ Down a Dream (P2). Soon we hear JAIME voices overlap with this scene.

    JAIME: (OS) I guess she just has one of those faces.

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      ACT II


      ROWE and CALUM are going over some images and maps of Haven.

      ROWE: This is for this week?

      CALUM nods.

      ROWE: Has your scanner friend sensed the Collector?

      CALUM: (shakes his head) No not since Dridge’s disappearance.

      ROWE: What about portal activity?

      CALUM: No, Mullin hasn’t sensed any portal activity either.

      ROWE: (gestures toward the laptop) I’ve read and re-read the article about your sister’s disappearance but I don’t see any connections between Mr. Alice and her.

      CALUM: I still don’t understand what you’re trying to determine, sir.
      ROWE: I’m looking into Mr. Alice’s extracurricular activities, anything that looks suspicious.

      CALUM: (searches ROWE’S face) And my sister aside; have you found anything?

      ROWE: (Shows him his own collection of newspaper clippings) There is a significant increase of kidnappings here in Haven. (CALUM skims over them) Now with the Collector in the picture, I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Alice is-

      CALUM: -Building an army of supernatural beings?

      ROWE: Perhaps.

      CALUM: (anxiously) Do you think Mr. Alice hired the Collector to kidnap my sister?

      ROWE: Well she is a demon, right?

      CALUM: (corrects him) Half-demon... but hang on... if he did kidnap her, why would he hire me to work for him? Why not do the same with me?

      ROWE: Can’t say.

      CALUM: And what about Rain? What’s his interest in her?

      ROWE: (leans in) Ah, now, that’s the curious part. All I know is that she’s very powerful, more powerful than any witch I’ve ever come across. Mr. Alice is definitely up to something though and I’m going to find out what that is. (Slaps CALUM’S shoulder; eerie smile) This is the only way I can get what I want, Mr. Kipp.

      CALUM: (nervously) Are-are you’re referring to Madeline?

      ROWE doesn’t answer.

      CUT TO:

      Celtic music plays in the background. BELLA and JAIME are sitting at the table. A WAITER appears holding onto a tray of food.

      WAITER: (hands her meal to BELLA) Curried Squash and Fennel Soup and (to JAIME) Mango Avocado Salad for you.

      The WAITER leaves. BELLA picks up a spoon.

      JAIME: (takes a bite of her salad) I’m telling you the soup is good. And just wait until you try the Grilled Salmon with Hazenut Butter. It’s so delicious.

      BELLA: I’ve never really eaten this kind of food. (Slurps her soup; surprised) Wow… this is good. (Beat) I’ll admit I’ve always wanted to eat here but Rain likes her burgers and fries and who am I to get between a girl and her burger and fries.

      JAIME: Well next time you can come here with her and get her to try the Portobello mushroom burger and their sweet potato fries. It’s to die for.

      BELLA: (grins) For someone who doesn’t visit Haven that much, you sure seem to know their menu pretty well.

      JAIME: I’ve tried to get your dad to eat this stuff but he’s a burger and fries kind of guy too, just like Rain.

      BELLA: I admit daddy surprises me sometimes when he craves for a burger. (Leans in) When Sheridan isn’t looking, he eats Spam!

      JAIME: (smirks) Speaking of your dad… (Retrieves her purse; pulls out some pictures) I was able to find some more photos of your mother and him from that Halloween party.

      BELLA: (intrigued) Oh yeah?

      JAIME: (nods; hands them to her) Just a few… I’m in some of them. I have the negatives so if you want to see the rest of them, let me know.

      BELLA: (stunned as she goes through them) Wow... this is wild. (Beat; holding up a photo) I can’t believe that’s daddy drinking beer from a can!

      JAIME: Sheridan really changed him.

      BELLA: (flips through; softly) Yeah she really has… (Stops at one; eyes widen) oh my god. I do-don’t believe this…

      JAIME: (Laughs) Do we look that bad?

      BELLA: Aunt Jaime… (hands her back the photo she’s looking at) this is the woman from my dream.

      JAIME looks at it. We see the same Russian WOMAN from BELLA’s dream repeated in episode 1.10 Runnin’ Down a Dream. The WOMAN is smiling, wearing a cat costume with her arms around WARNER.

      BELLA: (stammers) W-who is she?

      JAIME: (confused) I thought you dreamed about your mother?

      BELLA: (leaves out information) Honestly I-I wasn’t sure at first. I mean... the woman in my dream felt like mom but the black hair... it confused me. (Sighs) Nothing about any of this makes sense. (Beat; points to the photo) Who is this woman, Jaime?

      JAIME: You really don’t know who she is?

      BELLA: No. I’ve never seen her before. (Beat) What’s her name?

      JAIME: I don’t know. There were so many people at that party. I was snapping pictures almost the entire evening, not really making conversation with anyone. I was too busy playing with my new camera. (Softly) You know, Bella...your friend looks like her.

      BELLA: (arches a brow) You... you think Rain looks like this woman?

      JAIME gives a small awkward nod.

      BELLA: (anxious) Is there anything else you remember? About the woman?

      JAIME: She had a Russian accent, if that helps. The only reason why I remember is because she sang a song in her native language.

      BELLA: You don’t remember her name? At all?

      JAIME: No I’m sorry. It’s been so long. (Beat) Ask your dad, I’m sure he’ll tell you.

      BELLA: (softly) Dad doesn’t talk about the past.

      JAIME: He doesn’t talk about your mom?

      BELLA: He does but… just not often.

      JAIME: I know I didn’t grow up with your dad but the one thing I’ll always remember about him was how much he adored your mother. He wrote about her all the time in his letters.

      BELLA: (smiles; looks back at the photos) Looks like it was a good party. Who hosted it?

      JAIME: Your mom and dad. It was at their apartment.

      BELLA: I can’t imagine daddy living in an apartment.

      JAIME: Like I said... Sheridan really changed him.

      BELLA nods and then turns back to the pictures while JAIME just watches her.

      CUT TO:

      We hear rock music play while RAIN and NICK are upstairs painting the back room. They’re acting distant since the kiss.

      RAIN: (fusses) Nick! You’re getting paint all over me.

      NICK: (steps away; holding the roller) Sorry.

      RAIN: (sighs) Are you going to keep doing this?

      NICK: (without looking at her) Doing what?

      RAIN: Ignoring me. It’s been weeks. I thought we were friends.

      NICK: (ignores her question) I just want to finish this before band practice.

      After a while, MICHAEL appears with a tray of lemonade and a book under his arm. He sets the tray on a nearby table. MADELINE is behind him wearing a painter’s cap and overalls.

      RAIN: (turns to MADELINE) I dig the hat, Mad.

      MADELINE: I just thought I’d look the part. (Beat) This place is really coming along.

      RAIN: Looks great, doesn’t it?

      MICHAEL: (nods in agreement; hands RAIN a glass) Try this. It has a little bit of Rhubarb. I may add it to the menu.

      RAIN: (skeptical) Rhubarb?

      MICHAEL: (gestures) Trust me.

      RAIN: (sips it) Wow... this is pretty good. (Beat) Nick you should try it.

      NICK doesn’t respond. He continues to paint. MADELINE and MICHAEL pick up the tension between the two of them.

      MICHAEL: (shows RAIN the book) This came in today.

      RAIN: (hands MICHAEL the glass) What is it?

      MICHAEL: It’s a book.

      RAIN: (gives him a look) I see that, what kind?

      MICHAEL: Witchcraft... just very basic stuff with maybe a few advanced spells.

      RAIN: (Flips through it) It looks ancient.

      MICHAEL: It’s a few centuries old. I thought maybe you and Madeline could go over it together. Pick a spell or two to practice.

      RAIN: (with a hopeful grin) Can we Mad? Practice?

      MADELINE: Of course, that’s why we got it for you.

      RAIN: (surprised) For me? Yo-you both got this for me?

      MADELINE and MICHAEL nods.

      RAIN: (touched) Thank you.

      MICHAEL: (puts RAIN’S drink down) I better get back to the customers. (Beat) Later, Nick.

      NICK waves without turning around.

      RAIN: I can’t believe you guys got me this... like together.

      MADELINE: I know... who would have thought? (Beat; claps) Got an extra roller for me?

      NICK: (offers his) Here... take mine. (Looks at his watch) I gotta go anyway.

      RAIN: Nick...

      NICK doesn’t respond again. He trails down the steps.

      MADELINE: Did I miss something?

      RAIN: (sighs) It’s nothing. (Beat) Come on, let’s paint.

      CUT TO:

      A few people including BELLA and CJ emerge from the theater.

      CJ: Well... that was an interesting movie...

      BELLA: (blankly) Yeah... I still don’t get how she became an-

      CJ: (nods) -Alien? And then there the weird robot or whatever it was supposed to be.

      BELLA: I thought it was a spirit? It didn’t go ‘whooo’ but she just came out of nowhere. How do you explain that?

      CJ smirks.

      BELLA: And the vampire? What’s up with that?

      CJ: (points at her) That was werewolf. I thought the fur gave it away?

      BELLA: (hands on her hip) I have experience with vampires. (Thumbs back to the theater) That was a vampire and... it wasn’t fur... (Gestures) it was... (Disgusted) an excessive amount of hair.

      CJ: (amused) Really? You... have personal experience with vampires?

      BELLA: (saves herself) Yeah from research, you know, like reading and stuff?

      CJ: Let me guess, Anne Rice? Laurell K. Hamilton? Charlaine Harris?

      BELLA gives a small nervous chuckle.

      CJ: (doesn’t notice) Anyway, I think they crammed too many sci-fi themes into the movie.

      BELLA: No kidding. The only thing missing was the Loch Ness monster and I think that was just because they ran out of time.

      CJ: (smiles) You know... I’m glad your stepmother cancelled the family portrait.

      BELLA: Me too. (Realizes something) Oh I forgot my jacket. I left it inside.

      CJ: I’ll get it.

      BELLA: (smirks) My knight in shining armor.

      CJ: Sadly without sword and shield to protect milady.

      BELLA grins again as he runs back inside. She rubs her arms and suddenly gets an odd feeling. Her eyes trail over to the parking lot. She sees a MAN climbing out of a luxury car. BELLA inches closer, trying to get a better view. She catches sight of ROWE inside the car with CALUM. ROWE sees her as well. Unexpectedly she becomes dizzy.

      ROWE: (to the DRIVER) Get us out of here.

      The car takes off. BELLA tries to balance herself. She looks over to the MAN who got out of the car but he’s nowhere to be seen. Soon, CJ appears with her jacket.

      CJ: (concerned) Bella? Are you okay?

      BELLA: Do you mind taking me home? (Beat) I don’t feel too good all of a sudden.

      CJ: (puts her jacket around her) Yeah sure.

      Nervously BELLA looks around as they walk toward his truck.

      CUT TO:

      WARNER fills out some paperwork at his desk. There is a soft knock on the door.

      JAIME: (OS) Hey bro...

      WARNER: (stunned) Jaime...well this is a pleasant surprise. (Hugs her; returns to his seat) When did you get in?

      JAIME: (sits down) This morning. I took Bella out to eat at the Tea Leaf Cafe.

      WARNER: (disbelief) I can’t believe she ate there.

      JAIME: (idly looks over the paperwork) I see you’re working overtime as usual.

      WARNER: (leans back) It pays the bills.

      JAIME: Sheridan’s bills, I’d imagine.

      WARNER: (ignores the remark) Not that I’m not happy to see you but what brings you here? You usually call ahead when you’re coming to visit.

      JAIME: A job.

      WARNER: (surprised) A photo shoot? Here in Haven?

      JAIME: (nods) The socialites of Haven. (Sarcastically) I can’t wait.

      WARNER: (smirks) Pays the bills, I’d imagine?

      JAIME: Touché. (Taps the desk; pauses) Bella... told me you showed her one of the pictures I took from the Halloween party. The one Evie and you had back in the 80’s.

      WARNER: (nod) Ahh... yes... she’s been dreaming about her mother.

      JAIME: Yeah, she told me about the dream.

      WARNER: (anxiously) Did she?

      JAIME: (nods) I told Bella I had the rest of the pictures. I figured she’d like to see more images of her mother.

      WARNER: Th-that was nice of you to do that for her.

      JAIME: (sense something isn’t right) The thing is though... Bella now claims she didn’t dream about Evie... but about someone else who was in the photos.

      WARNER: Someone else?

      JAIME: A Russian woman, she was wearing a cat costume. (Looks at him in the eye) I may have forgotten her name but I do remember she was Evie’s friend. And I find it curious... that this woman looks so much like Bella’s friend... Rain.

      WARNER stiffens.

      JAIME: (eyes narrow) Rain is roughly the same age as Bella, isn’t she? (Afraid to ask) Warner... tell me you didn’t cheat on Evangeline?

      WARNER looks away, then back at JAIME not giving a straight answer.

      JAIME: If you’re worried if I said anything, about Evie and her being friends, I didn’t. I left that part out.

      WARNER: What did you tell Bella?

      JAIME: Just that the woman sang in Russian. (Beat) Is she still in Haven?

      WARNER doesn’t respond.

      JAIME: Warner, Bella is going to keep asking questions about her. She won’t let this go.

      Again WARNER doesn’t reply.

      JAIME: (realize she’s not getting any answers) Well... (Stands up) I should get going...

      WARNER: (clears throat) Yeah, sorry. It’s just... I-I’m really swamped with work.

      JAIME nods and makes her way to the door. She reads the name plate on it.

      JAIME: You know I figured you changed your last name because you wanted a fresh start after Evie died. I mean... it made sense to me. Talmage was your grandmother’s maiden name. (Lowers voice) But... I’m beginning to think you did it because you’re trying to hide something. (Looks over to him) If you are, you’re not doing a good job at it.

      JAIME turns to leave. WARNER glances over to the window bitterly. After a few seconds the screen fades.


      BELLA and RAIN, both ten years old are approaching the yellow Victorian House. Some of the windows are slightly open, letting the fall air in. From one of the windows WARNER is watching them.

      RAIN: (pulls her bag closer to her) I appreciate what you did back there… getting Neeve off my back but really… you don’t have to be friends with me. (Softly) I mean… I am used to it people thinking I’m a freak. (Looks down, kicks a rock) So, I’ll understand if you don’t want to... be friends, okay?

      BELLA: You goof. Of course I want to be your friend. (Puts her hand on her hip) Besides you don’t have any choice in the matter. You’re stuck with me, so too bad.

      RAIN gives a soft smile. Suddenly, a car pulls up and an infuriated SHERIDAN climbs out of the car.

      SHERIDAN: (marches towards BELLA) Isabella Natalie Talmadge!

      BELLA: (winces) Uh-oh. (Looks over to RAIN) She called me by my full name, that’s never good.

      SHERIDAN: (raises voice) I have worked hard to get you into this pageant. I can’t believe you ran off like that! What were you thinking! Do you realize how this will look to my friends? You only- (Sees BELLA’S dress) oh good lord, your dress! What did you do, Isabella?!

      BELLA gives RAIN a small smirk.

      BELLA: (turns to SHERIDAN) You know how I feel about these things. I hate them. The Tammy Faye make-up, these puffy dresses, the 80’s hair… it’s all just so... fake. (Beat) I don’t see why I can’t do the things I want to do, like dirt biking, skateboarding or softball. It’s not fair.

      RAIN arches a surprise brow at BELLA.

      SHERIDAN: (calmly) It’s for your own good. I don’t understand why you’re giving me such a hard time. Some day you will… (finally notices RAIN) who is this?

      BELLA puts her arm around RAIN and pulls her close. Its obvious RAIN is uncomfortable with BELLA’S friendly displays of affection.

      BELLA: (grins) This is my friend, Rain. We’re going to watch a movie.

      SHERIDAN: (crosses her brow) After that stunt you pulled back there? I don’t think so!

      A VOICE interrupts them.

      WARNER: (OS) I’d like some popcorn to go with the movie but I think I should get my own bowl this time.

      Everyone looks up at the entrance of the house. BELLA beams and runs up to hug WARNER. He warmly embraces her.

      BELLA: I thought you were out of town on business?

      WARNER: (touches her hair, then her chin) We finished early, so I took the first flight back. Shall we watch that movie you’re so anxious to see just you and me? My little girl and her daddy?

      BELLA: (takes her father’s hand) Actually, if it’s all right… (turns to RAIN) can my friend Rain join us?

      WARNER tries to act like this is the first time he has seen RAIN.

      SHERIDAN: Warner, your daughter ran off in the middle of the Pre-Teen Haven Pageant. (Gestures towards BELLA) She ruined her dress! Do you know how much I spent on it? On everything?! She shouldn’t be getting rewarded with movies and popcorn. She should be grounded.

      Not listening to his wife’s yammering, WARNER’S mind is still on RAIN’S presence. He takes a deep breath, struggling to make his discomfort inconspicuous. Once his mind clears, he moves past his wife and briskly walks toward RAIN.

      WARNER: (clears throat; offers his hand) It’s nice to meet you, Rain. I’m Isabella’s father. I’m sure you’ve met… (Nods to SHERIDAN) Sheridan, Bella’s stepmother. (Looks in RAIN’S eyes; gives a gentle but nervous smile) You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.

      RAIN: (shakes his hand awkwardly) Thank you, Mr. Talmadge.

      WARNER: (warmly) Please, call me… Warner.

      RAIN doesn’t reply as she still feels ill at ease.

      BELLA: (proudly; nudges RAIN) Daddy is a big movie buff so we have a huge collection of movies. I’m talking huge! (Drags RAIN to the house) Come on, we gotta pick the movie before daddy does. He’s such a romantic sap. He always picks the lame ones.

      Before WARNER makes his way toward the house, SHERIDAN put her hand to him.

      SHERIDAN: (bitterly) That was not grounding her.

      WARNER: (lowers voice) You know how Bella feels about these pageants. You set this up on purpose knowing I was away on business because I wouldn’t make her do something she doesn’t want to do. (Softly) Sheridan, let her be a kid. Let her do what her heart desires. You’re only going to push her away if you don’t let up.

      SHERIDAN: (persistent) I’ve done these pageants since I was a child and I know how much it could benefit her. It’s a great way to meet friends and make connections. It’ll shape her. Mold her to become… (Sees she’s losing WARNER; pauses) ... I’ve been trying to get her to socialize with my friends’ daughters but she never once made an effort to talk to them. (Gestures) Then all of the sudden she finds… (points to the house) that kid to play with?

      WARNER: (stiffens; takes it personal) What’s wrong with Rain?

      SHERIDAN: (stunned) Warner, she’s not from here. You can tell she’s from the other side of town.

      WARNER: So? Why does that matter?

      SHERIDAN: (scoffs) Did you not see what she was wearing? Her clothes are black. Her sneakers have holes in them. (Whispers) She’s wearing a necklace that has a skull on it. And her bag… (Disgusted) it looked like she made it herself. (Folds her arms) I don’t see how someone like her could possibly be a good influence on Isabella.

      WARNER: (firmly) Well... you’ll just have to let it go. You’ve been pestering Bella to make friends… well now she’s got one. Let’s be happy for her, okay?

      SHERIDAN starts to protest but BELLA is in the door way.

      BELLA: (gestures WARNER to come inside) Daddy, we’re waiting for you!

      WARNER: (acknowledges her) I’m coming! (Runs up to BELLA) So what are we watching?

      BELLA: You’re not going to believe it but Rain hasn’t seen ‘The Goonies’!

      WARNER: (puts his arm on BELLA’S shoulder) Well, it was released the year before she was born, (smirks) same goes for you Tinker.

      He stops himself realizing he let out a slip regarding RAIN’S birthday but neither BELLA nor SHERIDAN catches this.

      BELLA: (throws her hand in the air) But we’re talking about an about an all time classic!

      WARNER chuckles as he closes the door while SHERIDAN stands staring at the closed door, stunned at the way he dismissed her.


      PRESENT TIME – MARCH 2005 –

      A HISPANIC WOMAN in her late twenties is carefully scanning her surroundings from a parked vehicle. Soon a MAN enters the passenger’s side. It’s WARNER. He hands her an envelope. She opens it revealing they’re photos but we can’t see them.

      WARNER: Will you do it?

      The WOMAN doesn’t answer. She puts the photos back inside the envelope.

      WARNER: If not, I’ll find someone who will.

      WOMAN: (monotone) I’ll do it.

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        ACT III


        We see we’re at a Halloween party in a cramped apartment. It’s packed with people in various costumes. They all have eyes on the Russian WOMAN in a cat outfit singing in her native language. In the crowd, JAIME stands next to a guy who isn’t in costume. Near her is WARNER as Sonny Bono. He has his arms around another WOMAN dressed as Cher. It’s presumably his wife, EVANGELINE.

        EVANGELINE: Isn’t she beautiful... her voice...

        WARNER: (drops his arms; softly) She is... she’s very beautiful...


        BELLA wakes up from the confused dream she has just had. Slowly, she gets out of bed. She retrieves the Halloween pictures, flipping through them. She stops at the one of the Russian WOMAN. With a small sigh, BELLA puts them away. She decides to look out the window for a bit. Something catches her attention. A car pulls up. It’s SHERIDAN with a MAN. They kiss for a few minutes.

        BELLA: (whispers) You’re unbelievable Sheridan. (Beat) You sure got balls, I tell you that.

        Moving way form the window, BELLA returns to bed and goes back to sleep.

        CUT TO:

        Writing notes, BELLA listens to MR. EBERLY yammer on about World War II. Yet she finds herself distracted, unable to focus. CJ notices this.

        CJ: (leans over; whispers) Bella? You okay?

        BELLA: Yeah I’m fine.

        Before CJ responds, MRS. HAYES the school secretary appears with a note. She hands it to MR. EBERLY.

        MR. EBERLY: (read it) Ms. Talmadge? You’re wanted in the admissions office.

        We hear the class murmuring. Taken aback, BELLA looks over to CJ who has a concerned look on his face. She grabs her things and leaves the classroom.

        CUT TO:

        In front of the mirror, ROWE studies his glamour. A knock on the door startles him. CALUM cautiously peeks in.

        CALUM: Mr. Edwards? Are you decent?

        ROWE doesn’t respond but just sits on the bed and starts putting his shoes on.

        CALUM: (closes door; holding a cup of coffee) Morning. (Sets it on the nightstand) This is yours, pitch black.

        ROWE grabs a tie that was draped on the headboard.

        CALUM: Umm... I’m curious do you think Isabella saw us in the parking lot last night because I-

        ROWE: (tightens his tie) -Oh she definitely saw us.

        CALUM: (nervously) That’s not good.

        ROWE: It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t know who I am because of my (gestures) glamour.

        CALUM: (nervously) Makes me want go out and get one. (Watches ROWE for a bit) It’s just that- I can’t help but wonder... you weren’t all that surprised when you saw her. I mean the way she looked at you, it was as if-

        ROWE: (stands up; ready to go with the coffee in his hand) -Shall we get going? We don’t want to be late for our meeting.

        CALUM: (stammers) Of course... let’s go. The car is waiting for us.

        CUT TO:

        Anxiously BELLA sits before MS. MARKS who is going over a file. She pushes her glasses up on her head and looks over to BELLA.

        MS. MARKS: Do you know why you’re here?

        BELLA: (shrugs) Mrs. Hayes said you needed to see me.

        MS. MARKS: Some of the faculty members are concerned about your grades.

        BELLA: What about my grades?

        MS. MARKS: They’re slipping. (Beat) Is everything okay back home?

        BELLA: (tries to keeps a distance) Everything is just dandy.

        MS. MARKS: (leans back) Well, something’s going on. What’s the distraction?

        BELLA: There’s no distractage.

        MS. MARKS: (smirks) We can do this all day if you want Bella. (Beat) I’d be happy to cancel all of my appointments.

        BELLA: (shrugs) You wouldn’t understand.

        MS. MARKS: Try me.

        The camera stays focus on BELLA.

        BELLA: (sighs; sarcastically) Fine... (Leans forward) It’s not easy being my best friend’s sidekick. She doesn’t realize that I too deal with the forces of darkness. I mean there are demons left and right. Not that I mind because I want to help her fight them but it’s stressful for me too! Plus there is this guy that I keep getting a weird vibe from. I feel him, like whenever he’s around. And when I do see him, it’s almost as if he’s two-faced. Like a hypocrite. I’m not sure what to make of it. Then there is this weird memory of my birthmother that I keep getting but she died right after I was born. That’s impossible, right? Why would I have a memory of her? And it doesn’t even look like her, at least not from the photos I’ve seen. (Gestures) It’s Cher but not Cher, you know? Or is it the Russian cat-woman? And my father, he’s all secretive. He thinks I don’t notice but I do. Who goes to the gym at five in the morning? (Beat) Oh and my stepmother tried to pay a bunch of guys to date me and she’s having an affair with Tatum Reed’s father. (Sits back; folds her arm) How was that?

        Swiftly, the camera pans over to MS. MARKS who arches a concerned brow.

        MS. MARKS: (writes in her planner) I think we have quite a bit to talk about there. We should meet once a week... maybe twice.

        BELLA sighs again. We hear a couple lines from Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life:

        No you don't know what it's like
        Welcome to my life

        CUT TO:

        Strolling down the hallway, BELLA carries a bag from Friendly’s. She passes a few offices and finds the one she’s looking for. As she enters the room, she realizes WARNER is not there.

        BELLA: (turns around; asks a MAN nearby) Excuse me, do you know where Warner Talmadge is? I’m his daughter, Isabella. (Shows the bag) I brought him an early dinner.

        MAN: He stepped out for a minute. You can stay in his office until he returns.

        BELLA: Thank you.

        The MAN nods and briskly walks away. BELLA enters the office and just then a tidal wave of dizzy spells overwhelms her. She glances over to the door and sees ROWE walking pass the office. He gives her an eerie smile. His face is distorted as if fighting itself, trying to make itself clear. BELLA then falls to the floor.

        Moments later, BELLA finds herself waking up on the couch. There is a YOUNG WOMAN sitting next to her.

        YOUNG WOMAN: There you are... are you okay?

        BELLA: (recognizes the WOMAN) Claire? (Touches hear head) Wh-what happened?

        CLAIRE: I found you on the floor. I think you fainted. Do you want me to call your father?

        BELLA: (pushes CLAIRE out of her way) No, I-I’m fine.

        CLAIRE: (stands up) Are you sure? You might have hit your head.

        BELLA: (now in the door frame) Really, I’ll be okay. (Anxious) I-I need to go.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA briskly walks to her car without trying to arouse any attention. However a luxury car pulls up near her. ROWE steps out.

        BELLA: (sees him; fumbles with her car keys) Come on...

        ROWE: (OS) You know who I am.

        BELLA: (glances over) I’m afraid I don’t sir. Now if you’ll excuse me-

        ROWE: (puts his hand on the car door) –Don’t lie to me, Ms. Talamadge. You saw my true face, didn’t you?

        BELLA: (laughs nervously) True face? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        ROWE: When you passed out, I tried to erase your memory... but for some reason it wouldn’t work. (Arches a brow) I find that a bit curious. (Stares at her a bit in a creepy way) It’s as if you’re... special.

        BELLA: (shocked) You-you tried to what?

        ROWE: (leans in closely; whispers in her ear) You cannot tell Madeline you saw me.

        BELLA: (eyes water) Please-

        ROWE: (grabs her arm) -If you tell anyone, including your slayer friend about me, it will only make matters worse.

        BELLA: (frantic) Let me go, Mr. Edwards.

        ROWE: (releases her) Not one word about this.

        ROWE steps back allowing BELLA to open the car door. He watches her quickly exit the parking lot.

        CUT TO:

        At the bar, NICK flirts with a customer. Also there, VINCE and FRANK drink their beers chatting with each other.

        NICK: (smirks) So you roller-skate?

        WOMAN: (nods) Yeah, for a team. (Shows him a flyer) See?

        NICK: (reads flyer) Ahh, roller derby. (Arches a brow) Doesn’t it hurt?

        WOMAN: I get my fair share of bruises but it’s worth it. (Bites lips) Why don’t you come tomorrow, be my cheerleader.

        NICK: (leans back; chuckles) Oh I don’t cheerlead, I may yell but there’s no cheerleading.

        WOMAN: (smirks) I like yelling.

        NICK: (points at her) You’re frisky. I like that. (Nods) All right, I’ll come. (Flips over the flyer) Why don’t you write down your phone number-

        RAIN: (at the bar) -Nick!

        NICK: (glances over) What do you want, Rain?

        RAIN: (holding onto a tray with drinks) You messed up the order.

        NICK scoffs.

        VINCE: (to FRANK; whispers) This should get interesting.

        FRANK laughs as he sips his beer.

        NICK: (to the WOMAN) I’ll be right back. (Approaches RAIN) I don’t mess up my drinks, Mason. Maybe you took (gestures to another waitress) Helen’s order or something. (Shrugs) It happens.

        RAIN: (gives him a look) Nick, man up to your mistakes. You made the wrong drinks.

        NICK: No I didn’t. It’s not my fault you can’t tell the difference.

        RAIN: Even you can screw things up too.

        NICK: (annoyed; points at her) Don’t project your-

        RAIN: (defensive) -You need to back off or I’ll-

        NICK: (gestures) -Use your wiccan-slayer powers on me? I’m so scar-

        MICHAEL: (OS) -You two, in my office, now!

        They look up to MICHAEL who is standing near them with his arm folded. RAIN and NICK lower their heads and hastily walk to his office.

        VINCE: (arches a brow) What’s a wiccan slayer?

        FRANK: (shrugs) Must be a Warcraft thing. Something kids are into these days.

        CUT TO:

        RAIN and NICK are sitting on the couch while MICHAEL stands before them.

        MICHAEL: (folds arms) Want to tell me what’s going on with you two?

        NICK: I didn’t do anything boss. She attacked me-

        RAIN: (affronted) -Attacked you? As if! You screwed up an order-

        MICHAEL: (hands up) -Silence! (Shakes a finger at them) I can’t have this in my restaurant. You’re scaring the customers. Either you work it out, or I’ll have to let both of you go.

        RAIN: (taken aback) You wouldn’t do that would you?

        NICK: (nods to himself) Oh he would.

        MICHAEL: This has been going on for too long. Enough is enough. (Beat) If you want to keep your jobs, do not leave until you resolve your issues.

        NICK: (stands up; gestures) But Pamela-

        RAIN: (corrects him) -Payton.

        NICK: (annoyed) Payton... she’s waiting for me.

        MICHAEL gives him a look and leaves the office. NICK sighs. Very faintly we hear Landon Pigg’s Coffee Shop play:

        I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you
        Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
        I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down I wanna come too
        I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you

        NICK: (throws a hand in the air) Nice going, Rain. You managed to screw up my shot at getting a date with-

        RAIN: -It wasn’t the spell.

        NICK: Huh?

        RAIN: When you kissed me that night-

        NICK: (awkward; waves a hand) -We don’t need to talk about that.

        RAIN stands up. We hear:

        No one understands me quite like you do
        Through all of the shadowy corners of me

        I never knew just what it was
        About this old coffee shop I love so much
        All of the while I never knew

        RAIN: Yes we do. (Softly) You were not under the influence of the spell.

        NICK: (scoffs) Duh. My name was on the wall.

        RAIN: You didn’t write it yourself, right? Someone else did.

        NICK: Yeah? So?

        RAIN: Madeline did research on the symbol. The spell involves using something personal of a loved one, like blood or someone’s hair. Since you didn’t write your own name at the Pavilion... you were never infected. So that means you... kissed me... (softly) spell-free.

        NICK doesn’t know how to respond. We hear:

        I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you
        Yes there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
        I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine now I'm shining too
        Because oh because I've fallen quite hard over over you

        RAIN: (walks around him; softly again) I’m sorry Nick... but I really just want to be friends.

        RAIN opens the door and closes it leaving NICK alone with his emotions. We hear:

        If I didn't know you I’d rather not know
        If I couldn't have you I'd rather be alone

        CUT TO:

        The song fades. It’s now closing time. RAIN is putting plates and glasses in a bin while NICK is at the bar cleaning up. They’re not talking to each other. MADELINE appears from the back with RAIN’S spell book.

        MADELINE: (shows RAIN) We should do this one.

        RAIN: (reads) Transformation spell?

        MADELINE: Yeah... transforming one object into another. It’s a bit advanced but it’ll be good for you as it requires a lot of mental focus.

        RAIN: (excitedly) Cool. Can we do it-

        Just then BELLA enters the restaurant. She’s looking a bit edgy especially when she sees MADELINE.

        RAIN: (puts down her bin) Bella?

        BELLA: Can I talk you, Rain? Privately?

        RAIN: Yeah... let’s go outside.

        Together they walk out of the building.

        RAIN: (touches BELLA’S arm) Is everything okay?

        BELLA: I just... I can’t talk to CJ about this because he wouldn’t understand.

        RAIN: Did something happen today?

        BELLA’S eyes widen when she sees ROWE across the street. He puts his forefinger to his lips, signalling her to be quiet.

        RAIN: (concerned) Bella?

        BELLA: (shakes her head) Oh, I just... (Rambles; reveals a little) This morning I saw Sheridan with Tatum Reed’s father, making out in the car in front of the house. And then Ms. Marks called me in because I’m not doing well in my classes. I have to see her once a week once a week to talk about my feelings.

        RAIN: (small smile) That just means you’re a nut case like me.

        BELLA gives a small laugh.

        RAIN: Ms. Marks isn’t all that bad. She’s pretty cool.

        BELLA smiles and then looks over to the street but ROWE isn’t there.

        RAIN: (puts her arm around BELLA) Come inside, get some tea in you. (Beat) I can show you the spell that I get to do under Madeline’s supervision.

        As they go inside, ROWE re-appears from a side alley and watches as MADELINE converses with RAIN and BELLA. Then he slowly walks away.

        CUT TO:

        There are opened boxes throughout the room. Files and paperwork are scattered all over the place but we can’t see what they are. A VOICE is coming from the other side of the door. The same Hispanic WOMAN who was sitting in the car with WARNER in the end of Act II appears talking on her cell phone. She is wearing a grey sweater and jeans.

        WOMAN: I understand father. I know I promised but... (Sits down on the bed) I don’t think I can do it. (Pauses; sighs) Of course I haven’t forgotten.

        She tosses a couple of candy bars on the bed. They land near some photos. We see the same envelope that WARNER gave her the night before.

        WOMAN: It’s just that this is murder... we’re talking about killing a human being.

        One of the photos is JAIME FAIRBOURNE.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          We’re in the middle of a photo shoot. There are photo equipment everywhere as well as a make-up station and a clothes rack. JAIME is fiddling with a camera. She looks up and sees BELLA approaching her.

          JAIME: (smiles) Hey, I’m glad you could make it. (Hugs her) Now... (Takes a quick picture of BELLA) you can see me in action.

          BELLA: (a bit surprised as she looks around) When you invited me, this wasn’t the kind of photo shoot I had in mind.

          JAIME: (shrugs) I know... but its extra money. And I mean money. (Glances around) I should warn you though, Sheridan will be here soon.

          BELLA: (mutters) Wonderful.

          JAIME: (points to a nearby couch) Just sit over there and relax. And if she attacks you, I’ll knock her with (referring to her camera) this.

          BELLA laughs and sits on the couch. A group of WOMEN walks in. Among them are SHERIDAN and AVA. SHERIDAN doesn’t see BELLA as of yet. Soon a few more WOMEN mostly dressed in suits enter the room.

          SHERIDAN: (recognizes someone) Kimber! (Kisses her on the cheek) It’s so lovely to see you. (Beat) I wanted to thank you for the donation you made to the Restore Art Foundation.

          KIMBER: (waves a hand as if it was nothing) Oh, it was a pleasure Sheridan. (Beat; arches a brow) You didn’t tell me your daughter was going to be here.

          SHERIDAN turns around and is stunned when she sees BELLA.

          SHERIDAN: If you’ll excuse me, Kimber.

          KIMBER: Of course.

          SHERIDAN and KIMBER depart.

          SHERIDAN: (nears BELLA; clears throat) I didn’t know you were coming to see me Isabella. I really do-

          BELLA: (doesn’t look up) -That’s because I didn’t. I came to see Aunt Jaime.

          SHERIDAN: Still, I’m happy you’re here.

          BELLA: (eyes trail over to SHERIDAN; scoffs) Really?

          SHERIDAN: Of course... I want you to meet my friends.

          BELLA: (disbelief) You have friends?

          SHERIDAN: Stand up, Isabella.

          BELLA sighs and obeys. SHERIDAN takes her hands and drags her toward a group of WOMEN.

          SHERIDAN: (hand still gripping BELLA’S) Girls, girls... this is my daughter, Isabella. (Makes introduction; BELLA dutifully shakes their hands) This is Kimberly Carmichael but we girls call her (uses air quotes; laughs) ‘Kimber’. Her daughter Katherine is a sorority sister of Kappa Mu Alpha at Haven University. (Gestures toward a WOMAN with brown hair who offers a polite nod) This is Jillian Corbis...

          BELLA arches a brow realizing she’s meeting one of MICHAEL’S relatives.

          JILLIAN: (warmly shakes BELLA’S hand) Your stepmother has told me wonderful things about you.

          Before BELLA could respond, SHERIDAN moves her away.

          SHERIDAN: Come Isabella, there are more people I’d like you to meet. Let’s see... (Points slightly; lower voice) That’s Octavia Reed... she never got over the death of Tatum... it’s a real shame. (Whispers) I hear she’s been popping pills.

          Aghast at SHERIDAN’S behavior, BELLA shakes her head.

          SHERIDAN: (sees this) What?

          BELLA: (abruptly) Nothing.

          SHERIDAN: (in a huff) What is the problem?

          BELLA doesn’t respond.

          SHERIDAN: (sighs) I’m just trying to be nice here, introduce you to all of my friends and you’re being rude-

          BELLA: -Not everything is about you Sheridan.

          JAIME looks up with concern.

          SHERIDAN: (feigns a smile) You don’t need to get snippy with me. (Beat; lowers voice) And I really don’t appreciate your tone. If your father-

          BELLA: (glares) -Don’t you dare bring daddy into this.

          A few heads turn over to them.

          SHERIDAN: (touches BELLA’S arm) Isabella, you’re making a scene. We can talk about this later when we get home. Your father will know about this-

          BELLA: (inches back; coldly) –Don’t touch me, Sheridan.

          A few heads turn to them.

          SHERIDAN: I think it would be best if you-

          JAIME: (approaches them) -Is everything okay here?

          SHERIDAN: I can handle this myself, Jaime.

          JAIME: It’s just that I see you berating my niece here and-

          SHERIDAN: -This is really none of your business. It’s between Isabella and me. We’re just having a mother-daughter discussion.

          BELLA: (raises voice) God! You’re not my mother! (Eyes water) You didn’t even want to adopt me!

          SHERIDAN brings a hand to her mouth. By now everyone is watching them.

          BELLA: (cont’d) Yeah I know about that! (Scoffs) I don’t understand why you married daddy. You don’t love him, you never did. (Disgusted) I saw you yesterday making out with Mr. Reed in front of our house! Our house! If you’re going to have an affair, at least do it at a cheap motel like every other desperate housewife!

          SHERIDAN: Isabella!

          Crying BELLA walks off. JAIME goes after her. Dumbfounded, SHERIDAN glances around feeling uncomfortable at what just happened. After a few seconds OCTAVIA approaches SHERIDAN.

          OCTAVIA: (glares) What’s this about you sleeping with my husband?

          SHERIDAN: (stammers) Octavia, I’m not sleeping with your husband! (Brings a hand to her chest) My daughter is just upset because she found out Warner and I wanted to send her to boarding school. (Waves a hand) You know how kids are.

          OCTAVIA: (slaps her) Stay away from Duncan, you hear me?

          The WOMEN all stare at SHERIDAN, gossiping about her.

          CUT TO:

          On the couch, RAIN and MADELINE read the spell book together. Different objects are scattered over the coffee table. Nearby there are bottles of nail polish all in different shades of blue.

          MADELINE: Okay, you just want to focus on the object you want to transform.

          RAIN: (picks up a small black Buddha knick knack) I want to transform Bob.

          MADELINE: (smirks) Bob?

          RAIN: It’s his name. I sometimes rub his belly for good luck. In fact, I’ll do that now. (Rubs it) Wish me luck Bob.

          MADELINE: (laughs) Pick another one.

          RAIN: I pick... (Grabs a red turtle knick knack) Harry.

          MADELINE: Do you name all of your knick knacks?

          RAIN: Yep, my toys too. (MADELINE give her a look; defensive) It’s a thing. (Shrugs) People do it.

          MADELINE: Just focus on the turtle, that’s what you want... Bob to turn into. Do not take your eye off the object. Keep still while you (Points to a specific page in the book) repeat this chant.

          RAIN: I say this incantation over and over?

          MADELINE nods.

          RAIN: Sounds easy enough.

          MADELINE: It’s not, Rain. This is an advanced spell but it’ll help with your focus. Keep in mind that it may not work on your first try.

          RAIN: (shakes her shoulders; tries to get her mind ready) Here we go.

          She starts the incantation, keeping her eyes on the turtle. Nothing happens. RAIN pushes herself, repeating the words again and again but nothing changes.

          MADELINE: (softly) Rain...

          RAIN: (sighs) It’s not working.

          MADELINE: It worked... sort of.

          RAIN: (gives her a look) No... Bob is not Doppelganger-Harry yet. (Picks up the Buddha) See?

          MADELINE: Look at your nail polish.

          RAIN’S eyes widen. Apparently, she has transformed the different shades of blue into one, red. The same color as the turtle.

          RAIN: Huh.

          MADELINE: (shrugs) It’s a start.

          RAIN: (mumbles) Maybe I should have rubbed Harry’s belly for good luck too.

          MADELINE rolls her eyes at her. There is a knock on the door. RAIN answers it. Softly Landon Pigg’s Coffee Shop plays again.

          RAIN: (surprised) Nick... hey.

          NICK: (awkwardly; holds a bag) Delivery... for Blake. She forgot to pick it up.

          MADELINE: (gets up) Oh I’m so sorry, Nick. I got distracted helping Rain with a transformation spell.

          NICK nods as he hands it to her and then turns for the stairs.

          RAIN: Nick wait... (Closes the door; they stand in the hallway for a bit) ... are we... are we cool?

          NICK: Yeah. We’re cool.

          RAIN: I don’t like fighting. (Beat) And I think Vince and Frank seem to enjoy it too much.

          NICK: (half smile) I don’t like it either.

          RAIN: You’re one of my good friends... and you know I’ve never been friends with a guy before. So that’s something, right?

          NICK: I guess... (Nods; relates) I’ve never had a girl friend... (Corrects himself) I mean... a friend who’s a girl.

          RAIN smiles.

          NICK: I better go. I’m going to a roller derby event.

          RAIN: Oh good... (Gestures) you were able to get in touch with Pamela.

          NICK: (points at her) Payton. (Eyes narrow) You were testing me, weren’t you?

          RAIN: (smirks) Maybe. (Beat) Have a good time.

          NICK: Thanks. (Runs his fingers through his hair) You know, I could be up for some slayage tomorrow night.

          RAIN: Yeah?

          NICK: Yeah... I’ll even bring my own stake this time.

          RAIN: (surprised) You have one?

          NICK: I made it with African Paduck wood.

          RAIN: Impressive. Does it have a name?

          NICK: I was thinking of calling it Bonham.

          RAIN: (nods with appreciation) Led Zeppelin, nice.

          NICK: Anyway... see you tomorrow.

          RAIN: Bye Nick.

          He awkwardly nods back. RAIN watches him leave. We hear:

          All of the while I never knew
          All of the while all of the while it was you

          She returns to her apartment. At the table, MADELINE eats her meal.

          MADELINE: (mouthful) Michael is an amazing chef... the spices on this chicken are- (sees RAIN is not herself) ... what’s wrong?

          RAIN: (sits down) I don’t know.

          MADELINE: (sets down her fork) Is everything okay with Nick and you?

          RAIN: I hope so.

          MADELINE: Not that it’s any of my business but... did something happen?

          RAIN: (fidgets) Sort of... and now things are different.

          MADELINE: How so?

          RAIN: There are too many variables.

          MADELINE: (pushes her plate to the side) You know Rain... shockingly... I was a teenager once. And it was pretty obvious Nick has been... sending signals that he likes you.

          RAIN: (taken aback) You knew?

          MADELINE: My assumption is that you told him the feeling wasn’t mutual and that shifted your friendship to the point where you’re weren’t comfortable with each other. Am I right?

          RAIN: I told him I just wanted to be friends, which is true because it’s new territory for me, being good friends with a guy.

          MADELINE: You know... sometimes friendships can lead to something more.

          RAIN: (rather quickly) Nick and me in a relationship? No way.

          MADELINE: You never know.

          RAIN: (dismisses her) Can we just do the spell again?

          MADELINE: (smirks; softly) Yes, we can... (Picks up her fork) after I eat this.

          RAIN smiles back but it soon fades as she thinks of NICK.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is sitting on the window seat, hugging her knees as she looks outside. We hear a soft knock. Slowly, WARNER enters the bedroom and closes the door.

          WARNER: (sits on the bed near her) Everything okay?

          BELLA: (doesn’t look up) I wish people would stop asking me that.

          WARNER: Sorry... I’m just concerned. (Beat) I spoke with Jaime just now... she told me what happened at the photo shoot.

          BELLA glances over to WARNER bringing her arms and legs down.

          BELLA: (eyes wells up) I just... Sheridan gets to me daddy. I don’t think I can do it anymore.

          WARNER: Do what, honey?

          BELLA: (wipes her eyes) Be around her. (Sighs) She hates me... and the feeling is mutual.

          WARNER: She doesn’t hate you, Isabella. She’s just not good with... children.

          BELLA: (softly) I told her I knew she didn’t want to adopt me.

          WARNER: (inches back) How-how did you know about that?

          BELLA: I-I overheard you two talking about it when I was younger... I was like six or seven.

          WARNER: (sympathetic) You never said anything. (Looks away, then back at BELLA) I’m so sorry, Tinker.

          BELLA: Why did you marry her daddy?

          WARNER: I wanted a mother figure for you-

          BELLA: -You don’t love Sheridan.

          WARNER doesn’t respond to this.

          BELLA: Did you know she was having an affair? You weren’t all that surprised when I brought it up yesterday morning.

          WARNER: That’s between Sheridan and me.

          BELLA: (realizes something) Oh my god... she’s had more than one affair?

          WARNER doesn’t answer.

          BELLA: I don’t get it, daddy. I don’t understand why you’re even with her.

          WARNER: Isabella...

          BELLA: (softly; not wanting to ask) Daddy... did you have an affair?

          WARNER: (stands up) I don’t think this is the kind of conversation I want to have with my daughter.

          BELLA: (stares out the window again) You’re right... its none of my business.

          WARNER: (moves to another topic; softly) I know you’ve been having trouble sleeping.

          BELLA: Not anymore. (Softly) I’m okay now.

          WARNER: Claire said you fainted in my office yesterday. What happened?

          BELLA: I didn’t eat enough protein... something like that.

          WARNER: I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

          BELLA: (looks out the window again) I should have called first.

          WARNER: Did you have a good time with Jaime?

          BELLA: I did. I learned a lot... (lowers voice) about her job as photographer.

          WARNER: Oh yeah? What did she tell you?

          BELLA: (looks back at him) A picture is really worth a thousand words.

          WARNER gives her an unnerving look.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN and BELLA are on the floor playing Scrabble. There is an empty box of pizza nearby.

          BELLA: That’s not a word, Rain.

          RAIN: Yes it is.

          BELLA: (arches a brow) Spellaxin’?

          RAIN: Yeah it’s a combo... spell and axin. (Beat) It means relaxin’ while doing a spell.

          BELLA: (sighs) Fine, I’ll accept it.

          RAIN: (grins) Yay!

          BELLA: You’re unusually cheerful.

          RAIN: It’s the awesome company.

          BELLA attempts to smile.

          RAIN: I’m sorry... (softly) about what happened today with Sheridan at the photo shoot.

          BELLA: (shrugs) Honestly, I don’t care. I’m just tired. Soon I’ll be graduating and going off to college. I won’t have to deal with her as much.

          RAIN: Still... you shouldn’t have to feel that she doesn’t appreciate you. (Sits up straight) I think we should do an informal adoption. You know like the Cabbage Patch dolls?

          BELLA: (shivers) Those dolls creep me out.

          RAIN puts her right hand up and her left hand on her chest.

          BELLA: What are you doing?

          RAIN: I, Rain Kay Mason adopt Isabella Stinko Talmadge to be my-

          BELLA: (gives her a look) -Stinko? Are you saying I smell?

          RAIN: You sure do.

          BELLA: (scoffs) Well, you can’t adopt me. I adopted you like months ago. So I own your ass.

          RAIN: Oh really?

          BELLA: That’s right.

          RAIN: You know what this calls for?

          BELLA: (eyes widen) Oh no...

          RAIN: Yep. A pillow fight!

          RAIN grabs one and throws it at her. BELLA picks it up and beats her with it. RAIN is laughing. Unbeknownst to them, WARNER is watching them in the doorframe.

          FADE TO FLASHBACK – JUNE 1998

          At the door steps, an eleven year old RAIN is holding a duffel bag. She knocks on the door.

          SHERIDAN: (swings door open) What are you doing here?

          RAIN: I… I was wondering- is Bella home?

          SHERIDAN: She’s at a piano lesson. (Eyes narrow) I thought you knew each other’s schedules by heart?

          RAIN: (shakes her head) Oh right… I-I forgot.

          SHERIDAN: What’s with the bag? You’re not thinking of sleeping over because-

          WARNER: (OS) -Who is it, Sheridan?

          SHERIDAN: It’s Isabella’s friend but… (Turns to RAIN) she’s just leaving.

          WARNER: (moves around SHERIDAN) Rain? (Sees RAIN’S eyes are raw from crying; observes the bag) Is everything okay?

          SHERIDAN: I’m sure she’s fine.

          WARNER: Sheridan, I got this. (Looks at his watch) You don’t want to be late for your book club.

          SHERIDAN: (scoffs) Well of all the nerve… (She grabs her purse; pulls out her keys) I want her gone by the time I get back.

          SHERIDAN walks down the steps, gets in her car and take off.

          RAIN: (eyes watery) I’m sorry, Mr. Talmadge… I shouldn’t have come.

          WARNER: Rain, did you walk here? From your house?

          RAIN: Yes. (A tear falls down her face) I… I wanted to see Bella but I forgot she was at her piano lesson.

          WARNER: Do you want to come inside and wait for Bella? She’ll be home in an hour.

          RAIN: (lip quivers) It was a mistake coming here.

          RAIN turns around and walks away.

          WARNER: (runs after her) Rain… (Touches her shoulder) what’s wrong? (Gently turns her around) Did you have a fight with your mom?

          RAIN: (More tears falls down her face; nods) It’s okay Mr. Talmadge, you don’t have to act like you care.

          WARNER: But I do care, Rain. You’re very much a part of this family. You know that, don’t you?

          WARNER embraces RAIN who falls into his arms crying nonstop. He doesn’t let go, holds her like a father would hold a daughter.

          WARNER: (pulls away; wipes her eyes) Come inside. (Takes her bag) I was just about to order a pizza. What kind of toppings should I get?

          Together, WARNER and RAIN strolls across the lawn and to the steps. He opens the door, letting her inside first and then closes it.


          PRESENT TIME – MARCH 2005 –

          In empty parking lot, we see JAIME walking towards her car carrying her purse and photo equipment. She’s on the phone.

          JAIME: (pulls out her keys) Peter, it’s a side job, extra money. I know it’s not serious art. (Pauses) No I never lived here but- (sighs) I need to go. I’m tired and I’ve had a long day. We can talk about this later. Yes... I love you too.

          JAIME hangs up. Just as she brings her keys to the car door, she sees a FIGURE in the window. She swings around. The FIGURE is pointing a gun directly at her. Quickly the screen fades to black and we hear gun shots.

          CUT TO:

          Mysterious ominous music plays in the background. DETECTIVE O’MALLEY is talking to another POLICE OFFICER. His face beams when he sees someone entering the station. It’s the same HISPANIC WOMAN we’ve seen thus far. She’s holding a small paper bag. The POLICE OFFICER leaves.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: Hey Soledad... (Kisses her) I miss you. (Sees a nasty scrape on her knuckles; holds her hand) What happened?

          SOLEDAD: (brushes it off rather quickly) Oh, I fell outside... (Beat; shrugs) it’s nothing.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: Want me to kiss it?

          SOLEDAD: (takes her hand back; chuckles) No, that’s okay.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: Am I embarrassing you?

          SOLEDAD: (small smile) Yes...

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: Okay I’ll stop then.

          SOLEDAD: (Hands him a bag) I got you a donut and coffee.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: (smirks) You just had to go there, eh?

          SOLEDAD: If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: (moves the bag away from her) No, I’ll take it. (Smiles) Thank you. (Sets it down; pauses) So... have you thought about it? Marrying me?

          SOLEDAD fidgets, runs her hands through her hair not giving him an answer.

          DETECTIVE O’MALLEY: (sighs) I just... you suddenly come back into my life after all of these years with no explanation about what made you leave in the first place. (Sees SOLEDAD is upset) I’m not pushing for answers... I just I don’t want to lose you again. I know you’ve always been a restless spirit... that’s what I love about you (SOLEDAD smiles softly) but if you’re thinking of leaving again-

          SOLEDAD: (quickly inches closer) -No Joshua... no... don’t think that. I just... there is so much going on with my family... I... just need more time, all right?

          JOSHUA nods. She kisses him on the cheek.

          SOLEDAD: (half smile) Anyway shouldn’t you get back to work?

          JOSHUA: You’re right. (Kisses her wounded hand)

          He gets up, grabs the bag and heads for his office.

          JOSHUA: (turns around) Oh, Soledad?

          SOLEDAD: (smirks) Yes Detective?

          JOSHUA: (points to the clock) You’re late.

          SOLEDAD grins. Soon her smile fades as she parks herself at her desk. We see a name plate that reads: Officer Soledad Hernandez.

          CUT TO:

          A car pulls up. It’s WARNER wearing his gym clothes getting out of the car. He’s carrying a brief case. With a key, he unlocks the storage unit and closes it. Next, he turns on the lights. There are various types of weapons on the walls that range from stakes to swords. On a shelf, we see all sorts of herbs, incense, bottles of potions, crystals, everything that a magic shop would carry. The bookcase is stocked with ancient texts from top to bottom. Nearby there is a locked file cabinet. WARNER approaches it, also opening it. Once he finds the file he wants, he takes it out. Then he opens the brief case, pulling out a newspaper article and adds it to the file. He puts the file back in the cabinet.

          WARNER stops short when he pulls out a picture of RAIN when she was six years old from the briefcase. The screen fades.

          WARNER: (whispers) I’d do anything to protect you Rain, anything.

          We hear the same gunshots echoing. The screen fades.

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Jaime Fairbourne (Dina Meyer)
          Joshua O’Malley (Jaime Baber)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Sheridan Talmadge (Lisa Thornhill)
          Soledad Hernandez (Sarah Shani)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)
          Trent Whittington (Chris Carmack)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • As you've read, we really see what life is like for Bella- at home and at school. Her family is clearly haboring a lot of secrets, eh? And poor Bella gets taunted everyday for being Rain's friend.

          • I partically enjoyed the writing the Sheridan/Bella scenes a bit too much. Does that make me evil?

          • The flashbacks between Rain/Bella were written when I first started the series. So I've been quite anxious to include them!

          • We learn Warner has a sister. And Bella's mother was friends with this mysterious Russian woman from the dreams/photos. On top of that the woman "looks" like a lot like Rain- at least according to Jaime. This should get interesting, eh?

          • I wonder what this Soledad character is up to and how is she connected to Warner?

          • Bella finally learns Rowe is alive and well in Haven but she's too scared to tell her friends. And I wonder why Rowe wasn't able to use his powers on her.

          • Poor Nicky- Rain reveals he kissed her spell-free but she wants to be friends. Love sucks, doesn't it?

          • I enjoyed writing the storage unit scene- all of the little details. I got this idea when I was watching an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Dylan learns his father had a storage unit. Inspired by a 90's TV show- classic!

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.15- you can read the summary in the index. Thank you for reading!
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