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  • East Wick 1.13 Death Shadows

    East Wick:1.13 'Death Shadows'


    OPEN TO:



    The camera focuses on a yellow house that sits at the end of the street. A full moon hangs in the starlit sky over the house.

    CUT TO:


    Caption: 20 years ago

    GABRIEL GIOVANNI (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) sits on the couch by the fireplace. His feet propped on top of the coffee table and his chin rests on his chest; he’s asleep. A car magazine sits on his stomach. In the distance the sound of glass shattering is heard. GABE remains asleep. A few moments later a shadow of a person is cast over GABE.

    WOMEN VOICE: (O/S; demanding) Gabriel, wake up.

    THE WOMAN knocks GABE’S feet off the coffee table with her hand. Startled, GABE wakes up and looks up at the woman standing over him. Once he realizes who it is, he becomes angry. The camera whorls around to reveal a younger version of Selma, she’s in her mid-twenties.

    GABE (angered): What the hell do you want, Selma? I told you never to come back here!

    GABE stands to his feet. SELMA is dress to impress. Her hair is pulled back into a bun, and she wears a black suit and heeled shoes. Confused, GABE looks SELMA up and down.

    SELMA: Gabriel, I didn’t come here to fight with you. I came here for business. Calm yourself or I’ll do it for you.

    GABE: (angered) Is that a threat?

    SELMA: What do you think?

    Her eyes go black for a moment. GABE looks at her with disgust.

    GABE: God who are you? (beat) What did you come here for? To steal money out of my wallet so you can get cracked out on magic? It’s been almost a year, Selma, and you haven’t even seen the girls! I know you and I are done, but I didn’t know you would shun the girls too!

    SELMA: I’ve been getting help, Gabriel. The stealing and the lying was the old me. I’m not hooked on magic anymore. I’ve been clean for 5 months.
    GABE: What does that mean? (Looks her up and down once more) And what’s with the getup?

    SELMA glances down at her fancy clothes then she looks back up to GABE.

    SELMA: (sighs) I’m working for Wolfram and heart.

    Instant terror grows across GABE’S face. He stares at SELMA in disbelief as he takes a step away from her.

    GABE: (in utter shock) What do you mean you work for Wolfram and heart!? Are you crazy!

    SELMA: No, I’m not crazy, Gabriel, they’ve helped me out more than you’ve ever done!

    GABE: (yells) Stop calling me Gabriel! You never use to call me that!

    SELMA softens. She walks over to Gabe and gently grabs his face. She stares into his big brown eyes.

    SELMA: That’s because I show respect now. They’ve changed me in a way I can’t describe. (smiles) I’m a new woman who can control her powers. I’m healthy and fixed! Wolfram and heart has given me a home, a car, and a stable job. It’s beautiful and you should be happy for me.

    GABE pulls away from SELMA.

    GABE: What’s the price, Selma? There’s no way in hell Wolfram and Heart would take in a stray like you without a price.

    SELMA’S smile fades.

    GABE: (furious; yells) What do they want Selma!? Why are you here?!

    SELMA stares at GABE with sudden hatred.

    SELMA: Power.

    GABE rushes to SELMA and violently grabs her by the shoulders.

    GABE: (screams) What do they want?!

    SELMA points to the ceiling. Terror grows across GABE’S face once he realizes what she wants.

    GABE: The girls!

    SELMA: Only one, the powerful one… October.

    GABE: No, bitch! You’re not taking her! You can’t do that, Selma!

    SELMA pushes past Gabe and heads for the stairs that leads to the second level of the house.

    GABE: No!

    GABE rushes after her and grabs her and spins her around.

    GABE: Stop!

    SELMA’S eyes go black. She sends a surge of red energy at GABE and it hits him in the chest. He flies across the room and hit’s the fireplace mantel. SELMA turns and hurries upstairs. GABE stumbles to his feet as he groans in pain.

    GABE: (yells) No! Don’t do this Selma!

    He grabs his chests as he tries to catch his breath.

    GABE: Leave them alone!

    GABE runs upstairs.

    CUT TO:


    GABE runs into the room and he comes to a halt. SELMA stands in the center of the room with a toddler version of OCTOBER resting on her hip. OCTOBER’S head rest on SELMA’S shoulder.

    GABE: (demanding) Selma, put her down!

    SELMA: (devious smile) Shhh, Gabriel, you don’t want to wake her up.

    SELMA places her hand on October’s head.

    SELMA: Get out of my way! If you don’t I’ll give her a little shock and she’ll never wake up.

    GABE stares at SELMA, hurt.

    GABE: (whispering; holding back tears) Why are you doing this? (begins to cry)You don’t even love them! I love them, Selma! I’m there father, your nothing to them!

    SELMA: (with conviction) No, you never understood, Gabe! This is all about power and money. (gesture to October) She’s the money, she’s the power. They need her and I’ll retrieve. (beat. begin to cry) I never wanted the white picket fence, Gabe, but I still loved you.

    GABE: (shakes head) Go to hell, you never loved me.

    SELMA: (smiles) I did.

    YOUNG OCTOBER opens her eyes and she lifts her head up. She looks over at her father, scared. YOUNG OCTOBER reaches for her dad.

    YOUNG OCTOBER: (crying) Daddy!

    GABE holds back his tears as a forced smile stretches across his face.

    GABE: (crying) October, baby, stay still, okay?

    Sobbing, YOUNG OCTOBER nods her head.

    SELMA: Move away from the door!

    YOUNG OCTOBER bites SELMA on the shoulder.

    SELMA: Ouch, you little bitch!

    SELMA drops her to the floor.

    GABE: (to Young October) Run, baby, run!

    YOUNG October jumps to her feet and runs out of the room. GABE rushes over to SELMA grabs her by her hair.

    GABE: (yell; primal) Where the hell do you think you’re going?

    He throws her across the room into plastic playhouse. GABE rushes over to SELMA and pulls her to her feet. He stares into her eyes with fury.

    GABE: If you ever touch them again I will kill!

    Suddenly, GABE’S facial expression turns into pain and agony. SELMA stares into his eyes with tears in her eyes and a smile across her face.

    SELMA: (whispers) You’re wrong. You should’ve just let me take her. You still had the runt. (shrugs) Hey, I’ll take her too.

    GABE stumbles back away from SELMA. He looks down to reveal a knife imbedded in his chest.

    SELMA: (sympathetic) I love you, Gabe.

    GABE looks back up at his murder then falls to the ground, dead.
    Music begins to play in the background. The music gets louder and the lyrics become clear. ‘Somebody to Love’ by: Jefferson Airplane.

    When the truth is found to be lies
    and all the joy within you dies

    SELMA wipes the tears from her eyes and tugs and smooth’s out her clothes. She stares down at GABE’S body.

    Don't you want somebody to love
    Don't you need somebody to love

    SELMA: Kids, come out…mommy’s home.

    Wouldn't you love somebody to love
    you better find somebody to love

    CUT TO:


    SELMA emerges from the house with a smile. She carries a baby in one of her arms.

    When the garden flowers baby are dead yes
    and your mind , your mind is so full of bread

    The camera pan down SELMA’S other arm to revealing a crying YOUNG OCTOBER, being pulled behind SELMA.

    Don't you want somebody to love
    Don't you need somebody to love

    As they walk away from the house, the house explodes into flames.

    Wouldn't you love somebody to love
    you better find somebody to love…


    Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.



    THEME SONG: ‘Creep Show’ by Kerli

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell

    Jared Padalecki - Parker Doven
    Jeffery Dean Morgan - Gabe Giovanni
    Famke Janssen - Selma Eastwick
    Joshua Jackson - Charles
    Dustin Milligan - Abram Garity
    and Courtney Cox Arguette as The First/Geni

    Mandy Musgrave – Prudence Eastwick
    Connie Britton – Christina Anderson




    SONGS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: ‘Somebody to Love’ by Jefferson Airplane ‘All Along the Watchtower’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience


    DISCLAIMER: This is a spinoff of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
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    ACT I

    OPEN TO:


    Caption: Present Day

    There’s a close up on OCTOBER’S face. She stares ahead with a blank expression. Her face is tensed and tears form in her eyes.

    FEMALE’S VOICE/OCTOBER (V/O): We spend our whole lives putting labels on things.

    The camera moves back to reveal OCTOBER standing next to a sobbing DARWIN who buries his head in PARKER’S chest. PARKER holds DARWIN. Tears fill his eyes as well. OCTOBER wears a black fitted dress under a gray shawl. Her hair is pulled back in a stylish ponytail. PARKER and DARWIN wear black suits.

    MALE VOICE/DARWIN (V/O): An arm is an arm. A block of wood is a block of wood, fire a chemical reaction. Dreams are prophecies and dreams are not prophecies.

    KAT, ASHER and RORRI stand in a row. All three of them have the look of remorse plastered on their faces. KAT wears a white blouse with a black pencil skirt.

    ASHER wears a black button down under a brown leather jacket, with black slacks. RORRI wears a white button down under a gray sweater with black slacks. The spring wind blows heavily.

    OCTOBER (V/O): Needless to say, my head is reeling.

    On the other side of OCTOBER stands CARTER. He has his hand rested on her shoulder, showing support. He wears a black suit. Next to him stand MAUREEN and SPENCER. Both look sad as well. MAUREEN wears black, lacey blows, under a beige trench coat, and black slacks. She rubs her large, pregnant stomach. SPENCER wears a black button down, tucked into his black, pin striped slacks.

    DARWIN( V/O): Death is indefinable, yet we still refer to it as death. We squeeze the concept into a neat little package for us to memorize and recognize, to break out conveniently when needed. Trivial Knowledge. Uselessness.

    The camera moves out to reveal all nine of them standing at a funeral ceremony. They stand under a large willow tree. GENI lies in the grave with no casket; she’s one with the earth. She’s dressed in a white sun dress and a crown made of white lily peddles. Her hands are placed over her chest. She looks like she’s resting.

    OCTOBER (V/O): Our brains never stop working, never stop churning, trying to make sense of it all. Constantly sorting through facts and theories. Giving love a purpose, a name.

    DARWIN (V/O): In the end all we know is gray.

    The camera continues to moves back to reveal the female priest who is talking.

    FEMALE VOICE/PRIEST: Her spirit has moved on; let her body rest with the earth. (bow) Bless it be.

    OCTOBER, MAUREEN, RORRI, SPENCER, and CARTER repeat the Priest words. “Bless it be.” The Priest closes her book. She looks over at OCTOBER. The PRIEST bows to the family.

    THE PRIEST: (to October) I will give you some time with your loved one.

    The Priest respectfully moves away from the gang. The gang breaks formation and turn to each other. CARTER gives OCTOBER a hug. They break apart.

    OCTOBER: (to Carter) Thanks for setting this up in so little time.

    CARTER: It’s no problem. Are you okay?

    OCTOBER: I’ll be okay when I slit Selma’s throat open.

    MAUREEN and SPENCER move over to OCTOBER giving her a hug. OCTOBER turns to DARWIN who is still crying in PARKER’S arms. OCTOBER moves over to them.

    OCTOBER: Darwin, honey, you wanna get out of here?

    He lifts his head up. He looks at OCTOBER which makes him start cry even harder. DARWIN quickly moves over to OCTOBER and embraces her in big hug. He cries loud with no control. OCTOBER tries to hold back tears but cant. She breaks and begins to sob as well.

    OCTOBER: I love you.

    DARWIN: (breaking down) I can’t believe she took my mom!

    OCTOBER: (crying) I know, I know, honey. Selma will pay.

    OCTOBER can’t take anymore. She kisses DARWIN on the head and breaks away from him.

    OCTOBER: Parker, can you take Darwin back to your dorm?

    PARKER: Of course.

    OCTOBER: I’ll come get him later. Take care of him.

    PARKER: I will.

    She hands DARWIN off to PARKER. PARKER and DARWIN walk down the hill to the vehicles. OCTOBER wipes the tears from her face. She turns to the gang. They all look back at her with sympathy in their eyes. OCTOBER clears her throat.

    OCTOBER: Carter, can you help me burry her?

    CARTER: Yeah, of course.

    OCTOBER: The rest of you can go home. I’ll keep in contact with all of you, and thanks for coming. I really appreciate it.

    KAT: No problem, girly.

    KAT walks over to OCTOBER and hugs her. KAT steps aside and ASHER hugs her as well. They break apart.

    KAT: (to October) Tell me when you need us, and we’re there.

    OCTOBER: (soft) You know it. Bye.

    KAT: See ya later.

    ASHER: Bye, October.

    KAT and ASHER leave. MAUREEN moves in and hugs OCTOBER. They break apart.

    MAUREEN: If you need anything just ask me, alright?

    OCTOBER: Okay.

    MAUREEN: Don’t worry, October, it’s all gonna be okay in the end.

    MAUREEN gives OCTOBER a peck on the cheek. She moves over to CARTER and gives him a hug. She then heads down the parked vehicles at the bottom of the hill. SPENCER moves in and hugs OCTOBER.

    SPENCER: Sorry.

    He breaks apart and leaves. RORRI steps up to OCTOBER.

    RORRI: Don’t worry I’m not going to hug you.

    OCTOBER: (chuckles) Thanks.

    RORRI: I don’t know what to say. There nothing to say when things like this happen. So… (shrugs) I’m sorry.

    OCTOBER: (smile) Thanks.

    RORRI leaves. It’s now OCTOBER and CARTER. Instantly, OCTOBER breaks down crying. CARTER quickly moves over to her and wraps his arms around her. She collapses but CARTER moves with her, guiding her to the ground.

    CUT TO:


    SELMA stands on the porch of the cabin gazing into the woods. The wind blows her long, dark hair back out of her face. She wears a black, silk dress. The sun peaks through the top of the tree. Selma takes in a deep breath.
    The front door opens and CHARLES emerges from the house. He wears a black t-shirt, under a red leather vintage jacket, with blue jeans. CHARLES pulls a cigarette out.

    CHARLES: (to Selma) Where’d you go?

    SELMA doesn’t turn to CHARLES. She stares out into the woods.

    SELMA: On a walk. I had to be with nature for a bit.

    CHARLES: (sarcastic) Cool. Sounds like a fun time.

    CHARLES lights his cigarette and takes a puff. SELMA turns around to CHARLES. She leans up against the railing.

    SELMA: Give me a cigarette.

    CHARLES: Really?

    SELMA: Give me a damn cigarette!

    CHARLES: Alright, gees.

    CHARLES pulls the pack from his jacket pocket and pulls out a cig. He gives it to her. SELMA places the cig in her mouth. CHARLES lights it for her.

    SELMA: Thanks.

    CHARLES: You’re welcome, boss.

    SELMA: Don’t call me that.

    CHARLES: Why not?

    SELMA: Because I’m not boss, Charles.

    CHARLES: Wow. I’m surprised. What’s with the change of heart? Why so modest?

    He takes a drag of his cigarette.

    CHARLES: Because you killed your sister? I bet that made you feel powerful.

    SELMA takes a drag of her cigarette as she studies CHARLES.

    SELMA: Are you trying to press my buttons?

    CHARLES: No. I’m trying to let you know what you did was reckless.

    SELMA: (angered) Excuse me?

    CHARLES: You heard what I said, Selma. I may be working for you and The First, but I’m nobody’s bitch. This war is coming and it’s coming fast. We don’t need anything to speed up the process. That little game you pulled with your sister was so stupid!

    SELMA: (annoyed) Charles, don’t say another word.

    CHARLES: Another thing! You fail to realize how smart your daughters are. October is smart, Selma, she has come close to shutting us down multiple times. So the sooner you accept that, the sooner we win this war. (beat) You added flame to the fire. Now she’s gonna come at you full force. She’s gonna start doing things that you would’ve never thought of, but that’s the choice you make when you’re a destructive person.

    SELMA stares at CHARLES with fury. She’s quiet. She takes another drag of her cig. CHARLES locks eyes with her with a smirk.

    CHARLES: Am I lying?

    Swiftly, SELMA pulls a dagger from the inside of her dress and plunges it through CHARLE’S jaw and up into his head. CHARLES is frozen in shock. The blade is visible through his mouth. His eyes roll in the back of his head.

    SELMA: Damn, lier.

    SELMA pulls the dagger out. CHARLES collapses to the ground, dead. SELMA takes a drag of the cigarette.

    FEMALE VOICE (O/S): Well done.

    SELMA turns to see THE FIRST who’s in the form of GENI. She wears a white dress.

    THE FIRST/GENI: What was your reasoning for that?

    SELMA: He was useless and he annoyed the hell out of me!

    THE FIRST: (shrugs) Fare enough.

    THE FIRST: I have some news for you.

    SELMA: What is it?

    THE FIRST: Laurel Bough. That Sound familiar to you?

    SELMA: Yeah, she’s a trader, what about her?

    THE FIRST: Well the weapons she promised your daughter. They’re being shipped in to her manor tonight by a large white semi-truck.

    SELMA: I’ll pay her a visit. (beat) Then after that we start the second ritual.

    THE FIRST: (smiles) Sounds like a wonderful plan in my book. You should head to Laurel’s at sun down.

    SELMA: I’ll do it when I’m done with my hot bath.

    SELMA takes another drag of her cigarette then flicks it away. She walks into the cabin. THE FIRST stands with a smirk on its face.

    CUT TO:


    DARWIN sits on the edge of PARKER’s bed. He stares ahead blankly as tears steam down his face. PARKER shuts the door and turns to DARWIN. He stares at him with sympathetic eyes.

    PARKER: Wanna lie down?

    DARWIN: No.

    PARKER: You should relax though.

    DARWIN: Parker, stop. I’m fine.

    PARKER kneels down and takes DARWIN’S shoes off for him.


    DARWIN: Parker.

    PARKER looks up at him and DARWIN gives kisses him on the lips.

    DARWIN: Thanks. (beat) I think I’m just gonna take a shower and go to bed.

    PARKER: Alright. Want me to get you something to eat or drink?

    DARWIN: No.

    DARWIN stands up and takes his suit jacket off and he walks in the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. PARKER stands from his knees as he lets out a stressful sigh.

    Knock. Knock. Knock. PARKER goes to the door and opens it. ABRAM stands on the other side of the door and he holds a small black book in his hand.

    PARKER: (surprised) Hey.

    ABRAM: (nervous; sympathetic) Hey, Parker, is Darwin here?

    PARKER: (annoyed; sighs) Yeah, he’s here but he can’t talk, he’s taking a shower. What do you want?

    ABRAM: I brought him something. Can you give it to him?

    ABRAM holds the black book out towards PARKER.

    PARKER: (curious) What is it?

    ABRAM: It’s a journal. I figured he’d need it. When you lose someone close to you usually the world around you is foreign. What helped me when my grandfather died was writing to myself. Maybe Darwin would do the same.

    PARKER: Yeah, maybe.

    PARKER takes the book from ABRAM.

    ABRAM: (smiles) Thanks.

    He turns to walk away.

    PARKER: Abram, wait.

    ABRAM turns back to PARKER.

    ABRAM: What’s up?

    PARKER: Thanks. Thanks for thinking of him. I appreciate it.

    ABRAM: No problem.

    ABRAM smiles and gives PARKER a nod. He continues down the hallway. PARKER walks back inside and shuts the door.

    CUT TO:


    OCTOBER and CARTER stand on top of the hill, under the willow tree. The night sky is lit with stars and the moon shines upon the hill; both of them have shovels in their hands. GENI’s grave is now full of dirt. OCTOBER throws her shovel to the ground and wipes the sweat from her forehead.

    OCTOBER: (winded) Thanks, again, Carter.

    CARTER: October, stop saying thanks. You’re not charity, you’re family.

    OCTOBER: (soft smile) You’re family too.

    CARTER: So what’s one your mind?

    OCTOBER: The fact that my aunt just died and that her son is dying in the inside.

    CARTER: Not that, October. What you’ve been planning in your head for Selma?

    Her impression quickly turns cold.

    OCTOBER: The only reason I haven’t strikes back is because I had to take of Darwin. Now that the funeral is over I’m going after Selma.

    CARTER: I figured. When?

    OCTOBER: Tonight.

    Carter is surprised by this.

    CARTER: Tonight?

    OCTOBER: Yeah.

    CARTER: October, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

    OCTOBER: It’s a perfect idea and you’re not changing my mind. She killed another one of my family members. I’m stopping her and that’s it. (beat) We have the perfect opportunity.

    CARTER: …And that is?

    OCTOBER: Remember, Laurel Bough?

    CARTER: Yeah, the lawyer from Wolfram and Heart?

    OCTOBER: Yes, her. She called me today and told me her shipment of weapons is coming in. She told me if I sign the contract I get first dibs.

    CARTER: So you’re meeting with her?

    OCTOBER: No. We are. You and I. We’re gonna stop Selma.

    CARTER: Wait when did Selma get into the mix? What are you talking about?

    OCTOBER: Selma’s smart. I know she’s gonna be there to get those weapons. That’s where we will meet and that’s when I will kill her.

    CARTER: I’m going to be honest with you, it’s a little risky.

    OCTOBER: It’s more than a little risky, Carter, and you know that, but it has to be done. She won’t see it coming, and even if she does it won’t help her.
    CARTER: (sighs) You’re set on this?

    OCTOBER: I am.

    CARTER: Alright, I’m behind you on this. We need the others?

    OCTOBER: Yeah. I was gonna call a meeting tonight and let them know what they can do.

    CARTER: Good idea. I’ll get everyone together. We can meet at Cromwell’s.

    OCTOBER: Sounds good. I’m gonna go home and shower.

    She gives CARTER a hug. They break.

    OCTOBER: If anything happens to me, Carter, look after Darwin.

    CARTER: You know I will. (beat) You ready?

    OCTOBER: Yeah.

    They turns and walk away from the willow tree.

    CUT TO:


    Steam moves around the the bathroom. DARWIN stares into the mirror. He has nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His wet hair is slicked back. He holds back tears. Suddenly, he grabs his stomach grunting in pain.

    DARWIN: Ouch!

    He looks in the mirror to see that his eyes are black. Another pain shoots through his body. DARWIN hunches over as he yells in pain. He looks up in the mirror to see that his hair goes jet black and black veins emerge from his skin.

    DARWIN: (pained; yells) Oh, god! Ouch!

    He touches his face. He yells because of another shooting pain. DARWIN stumbles back into the corner of the bathroom and slides down into a sitting position.

    DARWIN: Oh my god, Parker! (yells) Parker, help!

    He convulses in pain as the dark energy begins to rotate around his hands. The bathroom door swings open and PARKER rushes over to DARWIN. He’s shocked at what he sees.

    PARKER: Darwin!

    PARKER: (panicked) What’s wrong?!

    DARWIN: (yells; panting) It hurts! I -- I don’t know what it is! It freaking hurts!

    PARKER notices his black eyes.

    PARKER: Darwin, your eyes! What’s wrong with them?

    DARWIN grabs PARKER’s arm.

    DARWIN: Parker, it hurts!

    A surge of energy shoots from DARWIN’s and into PARKER. PARKER breaks into convulses and smashes into sink, knocking him out cold. Pained, DARWIN stumbles to his feet as he holds his stomach.

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      ACT II


      DARWIN stumbles out of the bathroom. He goes over to the bed and lies on his side. He shakes violently and he yells bloody murder. Black veins stretch across his entire body. Several surges of black and purple power shoot through his body.

      DARWIN: (yells) Someone help!

      DARWIN clutches his stomach as he yells in pain and agony.

      DARWIN: (to self) C’mon, Darwin, get a hold of yourself!

      He starts to rock back and forth. His heavy breathing slowly calms and he stops convulsing. The energy dissipates and his hair goes back to its normal color.

      DARWIN: (to self) Calm.

      The black veins fade from his body as his eyes go normal. DARWIN curls up in a ball, sobbing.

      CUT TO:


      OCTOBER enters the apartment. She turns on the light as she slips off her heels.

      OCTOBER: (to self) Screw these shoes.

      She makes her way into the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator and grabs a water bottle. She opens it and takes a sip. Someone knocks on the door. OCTOBER moves over to the door and opens it. PRUDENCE stands on the other side of the door.

      OCTOBER: (surprised): Prudence!

      PRUDENCE forces a smile across her face.

      PRDUENCE: I am. Doesn’t mean I want to though.

      OCTOBER: Well I’m happy you’re here.

      OCTOBER hugs her, but PRUDENCE doesn’t hug her back. They break apart. OCTOBER moves aside gesturing PRUDENCE to enter.

      OCTOBER: Come in.

      PRUDENCE enters the apartment. She turns to OCTOBER.

      PRUDENCE: Damn. It’s been awhile.

      OCTOBER: It has. A lot has happened since you disappeared.

      PRUDENCE: I know. I heard about Aunt Geni. I’ve been keeping contact with the council.

      OCTOBER: So you knew about Aunt Geni and you’re just now coming back here. Did you not care about the women who died? I hope you know it was her funeral today!

      PRUDENCE: October, don’t give me that shit! I’m not a heartless bitch; I just don’t feel as sympathetic as you. I was with Selma for most of my life. I never got to know Darwin and Aunt Geni that well. You did. (with conviction) So don’t make me look like the bad guy. There’s an entire past that you don’t even know!

      OCTOBER: I’m sorry, Prudence, you’re right. (sighs) What brings you here? If we don’t, then what does?

      PRUDENCE: To help, to help bring down Selma. (beat) Selma killing Aunt Geni was the last straw. When I heard the news it made me feel for Darwin. He lost a mother and I can relate.

      OCTOBER smiles at PRUDENCE proudly as she holds back tears.

      PRUDENCE: After thinking for about two seconds, I came to realize that Selma needs to be killed, and only by us.

      OCTOBER: I agree. I talk to the gang and we’re gonna attack tonight.

      PRUDENCE: No, October, I say screw the gang. All the weapons and all the people isn’t a good choice. It’s too loud and she can smell that coming from a mile away. If we want to beat Selma at her own game, we need to think like her.

      OCTOBER: Did you have something in mind?

      PRUDENCE: I actually do. Selma is like a cat which means she’s very sneaky, and she only thinks about herself. That’s the only thing that’s keeping her alive in this world. We have to play her game to bring her down. It’ll be her worst nightmare.

      OCTOBER: What is this nightmare that you keep talking about?

      PRUDENCE: Selma thrives off power. Our family’s blood is the power source. The only thing that can end her is our bloodline. If you, Darwin and I bring our power together we can end her. Leave the gang out of it and let us handle it. We would be powerful enough to stop this bitch once and for all.

      OCTOBER: What? Prudence, that sounds crazy. Darwin doesn’t have the power to do that.

      PRUDENCE: (surpised) Do you not feel his energy everywhere you go in this town? He’s sad and pissed off. His powers are ready to explode. If he puts all that anger and energy into Selma’s death, we’ll win.

      OCTOBER: (flustered) Prudence, I – I don’t know about this. It’s too dangerous and one of us could die.

      PRUDENCE: That’s the chance we have to take. If one of us dies we will save millions of people. I’m fine with that. You should be fine with it too, since you’re a slayer and all.

      OCTOBER: I don’t know about this.

      PRUDENCE steps closer to OCTOBER and stares into her eyes.

      PRUDENCE: October, this is the only way and you know it! (beat) It’ll work. We get her lone, rip her powers and kill her. You, me and Darwin, we can do it.

      PRUDENCE steps up to OCTOBER and grabs her by the shoulders.

      PRUDENCE: We have to! It’s quiet and it’ll spare a lot of people their lives. After we kill her we break the pentagram over the seal and the world will be saved.

      OCTOBER: Easier said than done. I’ve tried to kill her many times.

      PRUDENCE: It’ll work if all three of us go at her.

      OCTOBER ponders for a moment. She’s worried that the plan might go sower.

      OCTOBER: (sighs) Fine, Prudence, I’ll do it. We have to talk to Darwin. We have to see if this is what he wants to do.

      PRUDENCE: My bet is that he’s dying to do this.

      OCTOBER: We have to make sure, though.

      PRUDENCE: Okay, we will.

      OCTROBER: And another thing. We have to have a plan. What’s gonna go down and the spells, the whole enchilada.

      PRUDENCE: We will. Once Darwin’s in on this we’ll make a game plan, but I see we hurry. We should get this done before she releases the second plague.

      OCTOBER: Agree. I’m gonna change then we can go pick up Darwin from Parker’s.

      PRUDENCE: Sounds like a plan Stan.

      OCTOBER hurries to her room.

      CUT TO:


      MAUREEN stands over the open dish washer as she loads dishes inside of it. She stops and gasps as she places her hand over pregnant stomach. CARTER enters the kitchen; he’s still wearing his suit.

      CARTER: (to Maureen) What’s wrong?

      MAUREEN: (chuckles) Nothing. The baby just kicked.

      MAUREEN continues to load the dishwasher.

      CARTER: Sorry. I’m a little on edge.

      MAUREEN: Yeah, so is everyone. Where’d you come from?

      CARTER: Just got back from Geni’s grave site. I’m gonna take a shower and change. Then we have to call a meeting.

      She lets out a stressful sigh as she shuts the dishwasher. She turns to CARTER.

      MAUREEN: I need to talk to you.

      CARTER: (curious) About what?

      MAUREEN: About everything. Can you we go into the living room.

      MAUREEN heads to the living room, and CARTER follows behind her, nervous.

      CUT TO:


      MAUREEN and CARTER sit on the couch facing each other. She takes a CARTER’s hands and look into his eyes.

      CARTER: What is it?

      MAUREEN: After I have the baby, I’m leaving East Wick and going to stay with Carths Wiccan Covenant.

      CARTER: (confused) Are you trying to take my kid away from me?!

      CARTER pulls away from MAUREEN.

      MAUREEN: No, no, Carter, I’m not trying to do that. (she grabs his face and stares into his eyes) I would never do that!

      CARTER: Then I don’t get it!

      Maureen slowly backs off.

      MAUREEN: Being here is too dangerous for me and the baby. We’re in the middle of an apocalypse and I’m seven and a half months pregnant. Anything can take me out at any moment. I just don’t feel safe here anymore. (shrugs) I ever did, but now a child is involved. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

      CARTER: Of course I understand, but I want to see my kid. What is this covenant shit?

      MAUREEN: You will. I talked to the covenant and they want the baby in your life as well. They’re willing to pay for all the expenses when you come to visit, or when I come to visit. At any time you want, and for however long.

      CARTER: (shakes head; torn) Maureen, I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

      MAUREEN: It’s perfect, Carter, the baby and I will be protected, the child will learn how to control its powers. You can visit anytime.

      CARTER: Stop repeating that! I know I can see my kid anytime.

      MAUREEN: Carter, you’re needed here and you know this. Stay and protect. I’m not pushing you away I just know you and I know you love doing this… you love to protect. I could never ask you to leave your life behind.

      CARTER: Do you not understand that you and the baby are my life. I thought we were gonna work it all out, be a family?

      MAUREEN: I know we are, bu---

      MAUREEN stops talking and she takes in a deep breath. She looks away from CARTER then back to him. Now she has tears in her eyes.

      MAUREEN: -- I just can’t be with you. I can’t raise the baby here, and I can’t be with you anymore. I know we said we’d work things out (holding back tears) but I can’t, and I’m so sorry for that.

      CARTER stares at MAUREEN with a blank stare. A tear strolls down his cheek.

      CARTER: Fine. I’m not gonna argue with you or convince otherwise. You’re not taking my kid. If you think so you’re crazy!.

      He stands and walks off into the bed room, slamming the door behind him. MAUREEN sits on the couch crying.

      CUT TO:


      DARWIN sits on PARKER’s bed dressed in a house robe. His hands are crossed over his chest and he looks down at the floor. PARKER stands in the center of the room, frustrated. He holds an icepack to his wounded forehead.

      PARKER: What happened to you?

      DARWIN: I’m upset.

      PARKER: That doesn’t answer my question, Darwin.

      DARWIN: I’m emotionally unstable, and I can’t control my abilities, my powers, whatever the hell they are! (crying) As the pain grows, I get more frustrated and angry. (looks up at Parker) I’ve tapped into something more powerful then myself, and I don’t think I can handle it!

      PARKER’s face drops with sadness. He sits the icepack down on his desk. He kneels down and looks into DARWIN’s eyes.

      PARKER: Listen to me, babe, you can control it! Don’t ever say you can’t, okay?

      DARWIN nods his head as he sobs.

      DARWIN: But I can feel it inside me, Parker, its waiting!

      PARKER: (confused) What’s waiting?

      DARWIN narrows his eyes into PARKER’s eyes.

      DARWIN: The darkest power that I’ve ever felt…

      PARKER: Explain.

      A knock on the door interrupts there conversation.

      PARKER: Shit! (to Darwin) Hold on, sir.

      He gives DARWIN a kiss on the lips then he goes to the door. He opens it to OCTOBER.

      PARKER: Hey, come in.

      OCTOBER: Hey, Parker, where’s Darwin?

      PARKER steps aside to reveal DARWIN to her.

      DARWIN: What’s up?

      OCTOBER: I need to talk to you about something important. Put some clothes on and I’ll give you the detes outside.

      PARKER: Outside? He shouldn’t be going anywhere.

      OCTOBER: (to Parker) It’s me. He’ll be fine.

      DARWIN: I don’t get it.

      OCTOBER: There’s nothing to get, just get your ass up and dressed.

      DARWIN: Whatever.

      He gets up.

      DARWIN: I’ll be back.

      He walks in the bathroom. PARKER looks to the OCTOBER as he shuts the door.

      PARKER: What’s going on, October?

      OCTOBER: Nothing. We just have some witchy things to do. It’s normal after which dies.

      PARKER tries to understand but he doesn't.

      PARKER: Sure. (beat) October, watch out for him. He’s tapping into something dark, and he says it’s powerful...

      OCTOBER expression turns into worry.

      PAKRER: … but it didn’t come from me.

      OCTOBER: Your secret is safe with me.

      CUT TO:


      OCTOBER and DARWIN exit the PARKER’s dorm room. DARWIN is now dressed in street clothes. OCTOBER grabs DARWIN by the hand pulls him down the hallway. DARWIN stops and OCTOBER turns to him.

      DARWIN: Hold on! Where the hell are we going?

      OCTOBER: We just have to go.

      DARWIN: No. I’m not leaving. I have to talk to Parker.

      OCTOBER: Prudence came back. She’s down stairs in my car.

      DARWIN: (shocked) What?

      OCTOBER: She has a plan to kill Selma. We need your help. No one can know only us three. I can understand if you don’t want to d - - -

      DARWIN: (interrupted) I’m down! I’m in. You don’t have to ask me twice.

      OCTOBER: Are you sure you want to do this?

      DARWIN: Positive. She killed my mother, October!

      OCTOBER: Alright then let’s go.

      OCTOBER walks off and DARWIN follows behind her.

      CUT TO:

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        ACT III

        CUT TO:


        The 1965 black mustang drives down the road.

        CUT TO:


        OCTOBER stares ahead at the road. PRUDENCE sits in the passenger seat and DARWIN sits in the back. He sits forward resting in-between the driver and passenger seat.

        DARWIN: So that’s the plan to kill Selma? Sounds pretty good and well
        planned out, but I don’t know if I can do what you guys are asking. That’s a lot of power that I can’t even handle.

        PRUDENCE: You have power, Darwin, and a lot of it. That pain in your chest that you feel every day, that urge you can’t quite pin point. That’s the power within you that needs to be released. Channel that into what we are trying to do and all that will be gone.

        He ponders for a moment and sits back.

        DARWIN: You really think that will work?

        PRUDENCE turns around to face DARWIN.

        PRUDENCE: What do you think? You know you can do this.

        She turns around and in her seat and faces DARWIN.

        PRUDENCE: I feel what you feel, Darwin, I have felt what you’ve felt! I’ve lost a mother. (beat) Do it for Aunt Geni. I mean this isn’t the best way to tap into you’re powers, but it is what is it is.

        DARWIN: (hesitant) Fine, I’ll do it.

        He turns and stares out the window.

        CUT TO:


        OCTOBER transfer weapons from her chest and into a black duffle bag. PRUDENCE enters the apartment carrying a small satchel.

        PRUDENCE: Got the crystals.

        October zips up the duffle bag and throws it over her shoulder.

        OCTOBER: Got the weapons.

        She moves over to PRUDENCE.

        PRUDENCE: Where’s Darwin?

        The bathroom door opens and DARWIN exits. His eyes are red and puffy; he’s been crying.

        DARWIN: Here.

        OCTOBER: Ready to go?

        DARWIN: Yeah. (beat) Are you gonna tell Carter about this?

        OCTOBER: No. He thinks we’re meeting tonight. We need to do this alone. It’s faster, less victims and it’s our revenge.

        The trio exchanged, all agreeing to what is about to go down.

        PRUDENCE: Alright. Let’s head out.

        PRUDENCE exits the apartment, leading the way. OCTOBER and DARWIN follow behind her.

        CUT TO:


        CARTER stands outside of the store. He stares up at the starlit sky. His eyes are welled up with tears. MAUREEN exits the stores. She stares at CARTER, worried.

        MAUREEN: Can we talk?

        He quickly wipes his tears and turns to her.

        CARTER: What, Maureen?

        MAUREEN: I’m not doing this to hurt you.

        CARTER: (angered) Then make me understand, Maureen, because I’m pretty frickin’ lost!

        MAUREEN: Carter, I want you to come with us, but you can’t.

        CARTER: Why do you keep saying that!?

        MAUREEN: (sighs) I have something to tell you.

        CARTER: What?

        MAUREEN: Last week I went to a seer. I wanted to get input about staying here with the baby and she told me something…

        CARTER: What is it?

        MAUREEN: She said something big is coming within the next 6 months.
        Something big and ugly and it’ll cause a lot of death. She told me if I stayed here that I wouldn’t make it, she told me to take the baby and go.

        CARTER: Does she know what’s coming?

        MAUREEN: Of course she doesn’t know, that would be too easy. (beat) Carter, if you came with us it wouldnt be good for anybody.

        MAUREEN steps close to CARTER. She places her hand over his chest.

        MAUREEN: You need to stay here to help the others, help the world. The seer said if you leave with me the gang won’t survive; if they all die, thousands will die along with them. (hold back tears) If you haven’t noticed, you are the motor, the heart, you keep everything running. I won’t take that away from the world. You have to stay, Carter. I can feel it. If you leave it won’t be good.

        He shakes his head in disbelief.

        CARTER: (hurt) Why are you telling me this? You’re telling me to choose between my family and a lifestyle that can kill me one day. I’m going to choose you and the baby. (beat) And who’s this whack job you’ve been talking too. This could be a trap.

        MAUREEN: (annoyed) It’s not a trap damnit! Trust me alright! You have to stay in East Wick!

        CARTER: (demanding) Take me to this seer.

        MAUREEN: (sighs) I can’t do that. I’ve already said too much.

        CARTER: Take me to her, Maureen.

        MAUREEN: No, I can’t, and I’m done with this conversation.

        She turns to walk away but a TURAK-HAN stands in front of her in her path.

        MAUREEN: AHHH!

        Swiftly, the TURAK-HAN grabs Maureen by the neck. Carter runs at them, but the TURAK-HAN slaps CARTER to the ground.

        MAUREEN: Carter! (screaming) Rorri, Spencer!

        MAUREEN looks over to SPENCER and RORRI being carried out of the shop by two other TURAK-HANS’. The TURAK-HAN holding MAUREEN head butts her.

        BLACK OUT

        CUT TO:


        ASHER and KAT exit the building. They walk towards ASHER’s pickup truck.

        KAT: After we fight we’re gonna have a lot of sex.

        ASHER: (smirk) I agree.

        KAT grabs ASHER’s and stops him. They turn to each other.

        ASHER: What is it?

        KAT: When whole Selma thing clears I want to leave East Wick and start a new life minus demons. (smiles) We’re married now and I want to spend long years with you. Staying here won’t be good, ya know?

        ASHER: (nods) I know. I agree with you. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now actually.

        KAT: (excited) Really?

        ASHER: Yeah. It’s a good idea but let’s discuss this after. I want to get this shit over with so we can move on with our lives.

        KAT: (smile) I love you.

        ASHER: I love you too.

        They kiss. They continue to walk towards the pickup truck. Behind them in the distance a figure falls from the building. It makes a thud when it meets the ground. KAT stops and turns around and looks. Nothing.

        KAT: Asher, did you hear that?

        ASHER: What?

        ASHER continues to walk to the pickup. KAT scans their surroundings.

        KAT: Nevermind.

        She turns and continues toward the truck. Suddenly a TURAK-HAN emerges from the darkness, charging at KAT from behind. ASHER gets to the truck and looks up at KAT.

        ASHER: (yells) Kat, behind you!

        Swiftly, KAT spins around and kicks at the unknown attacker. The TURAK-HAN catches her foot; they lock eyes.

        KAT: Oh my, god!

        ASHER runs back to help his wife. KAT generates a fireball in her hand. THE TURAK-HAN extends his hand hitting KAT directly in the chest. He releases her leg and she flies to the concrete; out cold. ASHER pulls a knife from his holster. He swings at and slashes it across the face. The TURAK-HAN brings his head back up with a large gash across its eye.

        ASHER: Son of a bitch!

        ASHER swings again but The TURAK-HAN catches his hand. The TURAK-HAN rotates ASHER’s arm and forces ASHER to stab himself in the stomach. ASHER goes stiff and he stares at The TURAK-HAN in shock. He falls to the ground with the knife still imbedded inside. THE TURAK-HAN throws KAT over its shoulder and walks off.


        The camera cuts to various shots of the Victorian style rooms in the Manor. The camera stops on the empty, dark foyer. The large Oakwood door opens to reveal OCTOBER, PRUDENCE and DARWIN. OCTOBER carries the black duffle bag and PRUDENCE is armed with a sword. DARWIN is armed with a crossbow. Their footsteps echo through the foyer as they move into the house.

        DARWIN: It’s really quiet in here, where’s Laurel?

        OCTOBER: I don’t think anyone is here.

        The trio scans the dark and eerie manor.

        PRUDENCE: I think you’re wrong.

        PRUDENCE points down the hall to a door. Beneath the door a light shines through.

        PRUDENCE: Someone’s in that room back there.

        A blood curdling scream is heard from inside the room.

        DARWIN: That’s our queue!

        OCTOBER runs down the hallway towards the door. PRUDENCE and DARWIN follow behind her. OCTOBER kicks the door open.

        CUT TO:


        OCTOBER step into the room, she comes to a halt as anger consumes her face.

        OCTOBER: Just the bitch I was looking for.

        The camera whorls around to reveal SELMA holding LAUREL BOUGH up by the neck, SELMA has a knife impaled into LAUREL’s chest. SELMA looks to OCTOBER and smiles.

        SELMA: You’re the bitch I was looking for.

        She pulls the knife from LAUREL’s chest. LAUREL falls and hits the marble floors.

        PRUDENCE and DARWIN enter the room and they come to a stop next to OCTOBER. They aren’t surprised who they see.

        SELMA: Oh, how nice. All three of you wrapped in a little package. I like.

        SELMA: (to Prudence) I thought your sorry ass ran off?

        PRUDENCE: Well I’m back.

        SELMA: (scoffs) God, you’re a dumb; you can’t even find your place in the world. (looks to DARWIN) Oh, and you… (beat) How’s your mom?

        Furious, DARWIN takes a step forward, but OCTOBER stops him.

        OCTOBER: (to SELMA) Don’t talk to him.

        OCTOBTER stands still as PRUDENCE and DARWIN move into position. The trio surrounds SELMA standing in a triangular formation. OCTOBER stands in front of SELMA, PRUDENCE and DARWIN stand on the opposite sides of her.

        OCTOBER: Talk to me.

        SELMA looks to OCTOBER, then to PRUDENCE, then DARWIN. She smirks.

        SELMA: You guys are smooth. I didn’t see it coming.

        OCTOBER: What do you mean?

        SELMA: Don’t play dumb with me, October. All three of you being here right at this moment, you guys are here to kill me.

        OCTOBER: (Latin) Coram nobis in generationibus abrumpat creationis!

        SELMA ****s her head to the side, curious.

        DARWIN: (Latin) Lungite aperire negativam esse naturale!

        He raises his cross bow and shoots. The arrow rips through the air and impales SELMA in the back of the shoulder.

        SELMA: (in pain) Ahh!

        PRUDENCE: (Latin) Benedic sit.

        SELMA: Whatever you’re doing it’s not going to help, you can’t kill me!

        She snatches the arrow out of her back. The point of the arrow begins to sizzle.

        SELMA: (confused) What the - -

        She glances back at her wound which is sizzling as well. She looks to October, scared. DARWIN shoots another arrow into SELMA’s back.

        SELMA: Damnit! (angered) Stop doing that!

        SELMA spins around and sends DARWIN a blast of dark power. It hits him in the chest and throws him across the library and slamming into a bookshelf. OCTOBER quickly unzips the black duffle bag and she pulls out a dagger.

        OCTOBER: Hey!

        SELMA turns to her. OCTOBER throws the dagger into SELMA’s chest. SELMA lets out a loud scream. She pulls the sizzling dagger from her chest. She looks up at OCTOBER with black eyes.

        SELMA: (chuckles & in pain) You can’t beat me, bitch.

        OCTOBER: (Latin) Somno.

        SELMA drops to the floor out cold.

        CUT TO:

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          The night is quiet and still. Yellow light shines from the cabin.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CABIN-NIGHT

          We see a beautifully burning fireplace. The camera moves over to four individuals tied down to chairs with brown sacks on their heads. The chairs are in a circular formation. They are heads are slumped over. Person#1 head rises.

          PERSON: (male) Hello!

          The person next to him reacts.

          PERSON#2: (female) Spence!

          PERSON#1/Spencer: Yeah, it’s me! Maureen?

          PERSON#2: It’s me. You okay?

          SPENCER: I’m fine. Are you okay? The baby?

          MAUREEN: We’re good.

          A TURAK-HAN enters the room. It pulls the sack off of MAUREEN’s head. She jumps back at the site of The TURAK-HAN that stands over her, snarling. It moves to SPENCER and pulls the sack off. SPENCER looks around the cabin.

          SPENCER: Misery part two?

          MAUREEN: Spencer, be quiet

          It pulls off the sack of Person#3 to reveal KAT who is unconscious. The TURAK-HAN moves to person#4 RORRI. The TURAK-HAN exits the room.

          MAUREEN: Spencer, who are the others.

          SPENCER looks back at the others.

          SPENCER: It’s Kat and Rorri?

          He turns to MAUREEN.

          SPENCER: Why are we all here, and why just us.

          MAUREEN: I bet it’s because we’re we aren’t mystically born.

          SPENCER: And that means.

          MAUREEN: You, Rorri and I are wiccans and Kat’s half demon. We’re all powerful, she needs us for something.

          SPENCER: Isn’t Gretchen a slayer, where the hell is she?

          MAUREEN: Out of town with her parents.

          SPENCER: Lucky.

          MAUREEN: (calling out) Rorri, wake up!


          MAUREEN: Rorri!

          RORRI wakes up. They look around the room with confusion.

          MAUREEN: Rorri, wake up!

          RORRI: I’m awake! Where are we?

          MAUREEN: Some cabin in the woods.

          KAT’s head shoots up. She has a cut on her forehead. She looks around spotting the others.

          KAT: Why are we tied up to chairs?

          MAUREEN: Selma. She needs us for some reason we don’t know; most likely a sacrifice.

          KAT: Us?

          MAUREEN: All of us have something in common. We’re supernatural beings, powerful, something she needs. I just don’t know what for.

          KAT: Screw that.

          KAT pulls at her restraints.

          MAUREEN: Don’t do that know. There’s a TURAK-HAN in the other room.

          KAT: I don’t care! I’m getting sick of this! I want to break the pentagono so ASHER and I can go and spend the rest of our happy married lives together.

          Everyone looks surprised.

          MAUREEN: You and Asher got married?

          KAT: (sighs) Yeah.

          RORRI: Wow. (beat) Congrats.

          SPENCER: Yeah, congratulations.

          KAT: I just can’t sit here and wait to see what happens next. I’m gonna try and make it to that pentgono and break it.

          RORRI: Before we make any rash decisions we should use ours powers to get out of here.

          MAUREEN: Already tried. There’s some kind of hold in this house. She knew we would try to use powers.

          KAT: I have an idea, follow my lead.

          She opens her hand and faces her palm towards the ropes that bind her hands. She generates a flare that burns through the rope. KAT pulls her hands free and she quickly unties her feet and she stands.

          SPENCER: Hellz yes, get it red!

          MAUREEN: (to Spencer) Shhh!

          KAT quietly moves to RORRI and unties her hands and feet. She stands beside KAT. The TURAK-HAN enters the room. Its eyes shoot to the KAT and RORRI. It snarls.

          MAUREEN: Girls, run!

          KAT and RORRI break into a sprint. They run out of the cabin and into the dark woods. The TURAK-HAN runs after them.

          CUT TO:


          SELMA’s eyes shoot open. She looks down to realize that her arms and legs are chained down. She lies on top of a concrete tomb. The mausoleum is lit with candles.

          OCTOBER: (O/S) Hey!

          SELMA quickly lifts her head up to see OCTOBER, DARWIN and PRUDENCE standing at the end of the tomb staring down at her.

          SELMA: Oh, look, it’s the three musketeers.

          The trio doesn’t respond.

          SELMA: Good job, guys, you pinned me. So is this the big finish? Is this where the power rangers end the monster?

          OCTOBER: Something like that.

          SELMA: (chuckles) Then kill me what’s taking you so long!? (beat) I have a question for you?

          No answer.

          SELMA: Do you honestly think you can kill me? October, I know that you know, that you can’t kill me.

          OCTOBER: Darwin, Prudence, take your places.

          DARWIN moves over to the right side of the tomb. PRUDENCE moves to the left side and OCTOBER remains at the end of the tomb.

          SELMA: (sighs) Can you please answer the question?

          PRUDENCE: The thing is, Selma, we can kill you. (sighs) When I was gone I learned something about you.

          SELMA: Yeah, and what is that?

          PRUDENCE: You thrive off of our family line, our blood…

          SELMA: (annoyed) Get to the point, Prudence!

          PRUDENCE: Fine. I talked to a shaman and he told me some very interesting things about the pentagono and detaching your power from it.

          SELMA: You’re lying. There’s no spell that can do that. Believe me I would know that.

          PRUDENCE: (chuckles) That’s what he said you’d say. (beat) You should’ve dug deeper, honey, because there is a way to stop you. We take our blood (gestures to October and Darwin) and we take franklin’s root mix it together, say the incantation, then bam! Our blood cell attack yours, which will weaken your connection with the pentagono, then BAM! You equal dead!

          SELMA: (worried) Bullshit!

          PRUDENCE: Is that worry that I hear in your voice?

          PRUDENCE looks to DARWIN.

          PRUDENCE: (to Darwin & October) Guys we don’t have all day.

          DARWIN nods as he stares down at SELMA with fury. OCTOBER kneels down and opens a duffle bag. She retrieves three daggers. She throws a dagger to DARWIN and PRUDENCE. She keeps one for herself. SELMA looks at the three of them, worried.

          SELMA: (worried) What are you doing? October, don’t trust, she’s not telling the truth!

          OCTOBER: Selma, shut up.

          OCTOBER pulls up her sleeves and she puts the blade to her forearm and cuts herself. DARWIN does the same. PRUDENCE puts the blade to her skin then she stops. She looks to OCTOBER, then to DARWIN. A smirk grows across her face as she brings the knife away from her arm.

          OCTOBER: What are you doing?

          PRUDENCE: What I should’ve done a long time ago.

          OCTOBER becomes worried. She looks over at DARWIN who’s swaying back and forth. He looks down at his cut to see it’s sizzling.

          DARWIN: (to October) She did something to the knives.

          He falls to the ground. OCTOBER eyes shoot to PRUDENCE.

          OCTOBER: What did you do?

          PRUDENCE: (shrug) Selma was right. You should’ve listened to her.

          OCTOBER looks down at her cut to see it’s sizzling. She looks back to PRUDENCE.

          OCTOBER: You lied to me.

          PRUDENCE: You left me. Goodnight, sis.

          OCTOBER collapses to the ground. PRUDENCE looks at SELMA as she crosses her arms over her chest.

          SELMA: (smile) Told you. (to Prudence) That’s my girl. Untie me!

          PRUDENCE: Just because I can’t kill you, doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you.

          PRUDENCE chuckles. She raises the knife/dagger and stabs it into SELMA’s chest with it.

          CUT TO:

          INT. CABIN – NIGHT

          MAUREEN pulls on her restraints, trying to free her hands.

          SPENCER: Don’t even try to get free. Did you see those things? Hope they make it.

          MAUREEN: They will. We just have to get the hell out of here!

          SPENCER: Maureen, we shouldn’t try to leave. We can’t fight those things; I bet there’s more lurking around here somewhere.

          WOMAN’S VOICE: (O/S) The Cromwells…

          MAUREEN and SPENCER look over at the doorway to see GENI/THE FIRST; she wears a white cotton dress and white heels. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

          THE FIRST shifts its attention to MAUREEN.

          THE FIRST: You’re pregnant.

          It walks over to MAUREEN and kneels down, becoming eye level with her. MAUREEN stares into THE FIRST’s eyes with anger.

          THE FIRST: They’re not going to make it. (gestures to the front door) Your sister and that fire crotch will be dead and drained soon enough.

          MAUREEN: So that’s what you want from us, our blood?

          THE FIRST nods.

          THE FIRST: Correct. Sad to say but I need more power, and I need it now. I’m so happy there’re witches and half demons walking around this town it makes it very easy to start an apocalypse.

          MAUREEN: You’re going to fail again.

          THE FIRST smiles.

          THE FIRST: All your blood will shoot this apocalypse process into high gear. Everything you know will be destroyed. (beat) Guess what?

          MAUREEN doesn’t answer; she clutches her jaw with anger.

          THE FIRST: After I drain you of all your blood…

          THE FIRST leans into MAUREEN and whispers in her ear.
          THE FIRST: … I’m going to rip that baby from your belly and have a field day with it.

          MAUREEN: (furious; yells) Screw you!

          MAUREEN screams with furry and she cries as she tries to pull free from her restraints.

          MAUREEN: (crying/yelling) You won’t touch him!

          THE FIRST: (laughs) I will.

          It stands to its feet and takes a few steps back.

          THE FIRST: Boys, c’mon.

          A few seconds later two two TURAK-HANS enter the room, each carrying two buckets. Each other TURAK-HANS#1 goes to MAUREEN and TURAK-HAN#2 goes to SPENCER. They pull barbwire from the buckets and they wrap it around MAUREEN and Spencer’s arms.

          SPENCER: Ouch!

          The TURAN-HAN pulls on the barbwire and it rips through SPENCER’s skin.

          SPENCER: Ahhhh!

          The other pulls MAUREEN’s barbwire tight as well. MAUREEN lets out a yell. They sit buckets underneath the arm of the chair. The blood drips into them. THE TURAK-HANs step back from the chairs.

          THE FIRST: Thanks, boys, you may leave.

          The TURAK-HANs exit the room. MAUREEN stares up at the first with anger.


          KAT and RORRI sprint through the dark wooded area. ‘All Along the Watch Tower’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

          RORRI: (frantic) Kat, what’s do we do next?

          There must be some kind of way out of here,
          Said the joker to the thief,
          There's too much confusion,
          I can't get no relief

          KAT glances back to see the TURAK-HAN running after them.

          KAT: Just keep running!

          She grabs RORRI’s hand and quickly cuts a left into bushes, pulling RORRI behind her.

          Businessman they drink my wine,
          Plowman dig my earth
          None will level on the line, nobody offered his word, hey

          KAT glances back again to see that the TURAK-HAN is no longer following them. Suddenly, they slam into an invisible force. The girls fall to the ground.

          Guitar Solo

          RORRI: Ouch!

          KAT: Damnit!

          They get to their feet.

          KAT: (confused) Is that a…

          No reason to get excited,
          The thief, he kindly spoke, there are many here among us
          Who feel that life is but a joke

          RORRI: It’s a force field!

          The girls’ looks pass though the force field to see the pentagono.

          KAT: Bingo. We need to get on the other side of this?

          KAT glances back. The TURAK-HAN emerges from bushes a few feet away. It stops and looks to the girls, ready to attack. KAT turns back to RORRI.

          But you and I, we've been through that
          And this is not our fate
          So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late

          KAT: Can you use your powers yet?

          RORRI: I don’t know,maybe!

          KAT: Get us through that force field and now!

          KAT glances back as the TURAK-HAN charges at them. She turns around standing in front of RORRI. She generates a fireball and throws it at the TURAK-HAN, hitting it in the face. It stumbles for a moment but continues to run at them.

          Guitar Solo

          KAT: (nervous) Rorri, hurry!

          The TURAK-HAN gets closer. Suddenly, KAT is pulled back through the force field by RORRI.

          RORRI: Close!

          All along the watchtower
          Princes kept the view. While all the women came and went
          Barefoot servants, too.

          The hole in the force field closes and the TURAK-HAN slams against the force field. Inside the force field the girls jump back.

          KAT: (winded) Good job!

          RORRI: Yeah. We’re far away from the house.

          The TURAK-HAN bangs on the force field.

          KAT: Is this gonna hold?

          RORRI: Yeah, it should for a bit.

          Outside in the cold distance
          A wildcat did growl

          KAT and RORRI spin around to see the massive, iron pentagram stretched across the ground. In the center of the large pentagram, the hell mouth seal glows.

          CUT TO:


          PRUDENCE paces back and forth with a dagger in her hand.

          Two riders were approaching
          And the wind began to howl...

          The song slowly fades. OCTOBER and DARWIN hover in the air. Their hands and legs has a band of energy around them, preventing them from moving. OCTOBER slowly comes to and DARWIN is still unconscious.

          PRUDENCE: You’re awake.

          OCTOBER: Prudence. (sighs) Really? Are you really doing this?

          PRUDENCE: Yes. I don’t know why you’re so damn surprised. (smirks) I can’t believe you bought my little story, though! (beat) I guess you are changing. Its a bit late to start listening to me now.

          OCTOBER: You bounded my powers?

          PRUDENCE: That I did, sis, couldn’t have us magically brawling, it’s too messy.

          OCTOBER: (shakes head) I didn’t know you would take it this fare. Are you that angry, Prudence?

          PRUDENCE: Angry is an understatement, bitch! (points at her) You have no idea how I feel, October! You never have, you never will, you don’t care, and quite frankly I don’t either anymore.

          OCTOBER: I’m not saying that I understand because I don’t, but this isn’t a good time for your revenge plot. We’re in the middle of an apocalypse we don’t have time for your shit!

          PRUDENCE: See, sis, that’s what pisses me off about you! You don’t even care, you don’t care that I hurt, that I cry! That’s a mistake because after all these years of neglect I’ve became a little disturbed!

          She cracks her neck. She runs her finger up and down the blade. DARWIN comes to and he looks around with confusion.

          PRUDENCE: Oh, look, Darwin, you’re awake. How are you feeling?

          DARWIN: (confused) What are you doing?

          PRUDENCE: (to Darwin) I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other on a better level. It sucks that it has to end like this?

          DARWIN: What do you mean end? (turns to October) What does she mean end?

          OCTOBER: I don’t know. (to Prudence) What do you mean?

          PRUDENCE: It was easy to come back here and convince you I wanted to help you. (chuckles) I knew you would buy it, October; me being submissive to you, me giving in and going under your wing.

          OCTOBER: (shakes head) That’s not what I want.

          PRUDENCE: Little did you know all I wanted was revenge. After I left East Wick I realized that our family, our bloodline is shit! (tears roll down his eyes) We bring pain and sorrow to ourselves and the people around us. We’re a virus, and viruses need to be stopped. I’m going to purge the world of it.

          OCTOBER: (worried) Purge the world of us?

          PRUDENCE: I’m ending our lineage! I’m saving the future generations from suffering from their father’s sins. I’m ending it tonight. We all go.

          SELMA’s head lifts up and she looks at PRUDENCE. The dagger is still buried in her chest.

          SELMA: You’re going to try to kill us all, well I have some ****ing news for you... I can’t die unless that pentgono is broken!

          PRUDENCE: It will be.

          SELMA:And how is that?

          PRUDENCE: The pentagono won’t make it through the spell.

          Everyone looks worried besides PRUDENCE. She has a smile across her face.

          PRUDENCE: I had to kill a lot of witches to harness this power I have. I have a spell that’ll erase us off the map but the sad thing is its too powerful. I’ll wipe half the town away. (turns to SELMA) Since your precious pentgono is about a mile away I’d rather kill hundreds, then thousands.

          OCTOBER: Prudence, you can’t do that! You’re going to kill a lot of innocent people in the process!

          PRUDENCE: I know that but it has to be done. (shrugs) I’m sorry.

          SELMA pulls frantically on her chains.

          SELMA: (angered) Let me go know or you’re going to be sorry, Prudence, I swear it!

          PRUDENCE: You can’t threaten me anymore, Selma. Burn.

          Prudence holds back tears.

          PRUDENCE: I’ve already made my decision. I’m ready to face the maker. (she looks to Selma then to October) Are you two?

          She looks to DARWIN.

          PRUDENCE: (sympathetic) Darwin, I’m sorry you were born into this. (smiles) You’re really nice.

          DARWIN: I thought you were too.

          PRUDENCE: I had potential.

          PRUDENCE steps back. She goes to the center of the room and faces everyone. The dagger drops from her hand. PRUDENCE puts her arms out and tilts her head back. She holds the crystal above her.

          PRUDENCE: Fiat.

          Her eyes shoot open; now black. Dark energy begins to swirl around her. Her skin starts to glow and a ripping sound is heard coming from within her. She lets out a scream. Panicked, OCTOBER and DARWIN wiggle around trying to free themselves.

          SELMA: (to October) Stop her!

          SELMA pulls at her chains. Suddenly, the door burst open. A figure of a man enters and he points a gun at PRUDENECE.

          OCTOBER: (screams) Prudence, watch out!

          He shoots the gun at PRUDENCE and she falls to the ground, and the power dissipates. The crystal falls from her hand and onto the ground. A tranquilizer dart is imbedded in PRUDENCE’s neck. She lies unconscious.

          MAN VOICE: Sorry, little lady.

          SELMA, OCTOBER and DARWIN watch in awe as the man steps out of the shadows. The man is GABRIEL GIOVANNI; October and Prudence’s father.

          OCTOBER: (in shock) Dad!?

          SELMA: (shocked; scared) I - - I killed you.

          GABE walks over to PRUDENCE. He kneels down beside her and rubs her face.

          GABE: My little nugget...

          He kisses her on the forehead. He grabs the crystal and slips it into her pocket. HGABE looks up at SELMA with hatred.

          GABE: (angered) Look what you’ve done to them!

          OCTOBER: (crying) Daddy.

          GABE looks up at OCTOBER with a big smile.

          GABE: Hey, princess.

          He looks at DARWIN.

          GABE: (to Darwin) Sir, you’ve gotten big since the last time I saw you.

          GABE stands to his feet. He looks down at PRUDENCE, sad.

          GABE: (yells out) It’s clear. Come take her.

          Two men and a red head woman enter the mausoleum. The two men pick PRUDENCE off the ground and exit the mausoleum with her. The red head woman (played by: Gillian Anderson) stands by GABE side.

          OCTOBER: Where are they taking her?

          GABE: To heal her wounds; mental. She’ll be gone for a while, but you’ll see her again. Don’t worry I’m gonna take care of her.

          GABE extends his hands towards OCTOBER and DARWIN.

          GABE: Dimittere.

          OCTOBER and DARWIN’s bounds break free and they fall to the floor. They stand to their feet. OCTOBER stands inches away from her father. She looks at him as she begins to cry. He walks over to her and they hug.

          GABE: (holding back tears) God, I love you!

          OCTOBER: (crying) I love you too!

          He kisses her on the head. He steps back and looks into OCTOBER’s eyes. The woman smiles at GABE and OCTOBER.

          GABE: (crying) I’m sorry.

          OCTOBER: You don’t have to say that. I know it’s not your fault.

          GABE smiles and kisses OCTOBER on the forehead. They break apart. GABE hugs DARWIN; they break.

          GABE: (big smile) Darwin, you’re a handsome young man.

          DARWIN: (smile) Thanks.

          GABE steps aside to reveal the red hair woman.

          GABRIEL: October and Darwin meet my wife, Christina Sandford.

          OCTOBER and SELMA are taken back.

          SELMA: (furious) I killed you.

          GABE: That’s what you thought, Selma, but you didn’t. (shakes head) I still can’t believe that you’d exchange your entire family for mindless power. (shrugs) Why even have children and husband?

          SELMA: (teary eyed) You’d never understand, never have.

          GABE: (furious) Then speak the hell up! You’re child; you’ve never grown from your selfish ways! I hope you rot!

          She doesn’t respond to him. She stares at him with tears, yet hatred in her eyes. GABE turns to OCTOBER.

          GABE: October, go break the seal.

          OCTOBER: Okay.

          She hesitates for a moment. She looks at her father.

          GABE: Honey, go now, your friends are in trouble! I’ll take care of her.

          OCTOBER: (surprised) My friends?

          GABE: Yes, now go.

          OCTOBER pulls a sword from her duffel and runs out of the mausoleum.

          SELMA: Gabe…

          He turns back to SELMA.

          GABRIEL: What!?

          SELMA: I did love you.

          Suddenly, SELMA pulls the chains and they break. She rips the dagger from her chest and quickly sits up. She throws the dagger at CHRISTINA. GABE steps in front of CHRISTINA and holds his hand out in front of him, stopping the dagger in mid-air with his telekinesis.

          SELMA hops off the tomb and quickly grabs DARWIN.

          GABE: No!

          SELMA teleports out of the mausoleum and she takes DARWIN with her. GABE runs to the spot where they were standing.

          GABE: Damnit!

          CHRISTINA: It’s okay, we’ll get him back.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          END OF EPISODE
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