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The Final Chapters - Chapter 5 - The Golden Acolytes

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 5 - The Golden Acolytes

    Chapter 5: The Golden Acolytes
    Replacing: Season 3 of Sirens (3.01 – 3.20)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Chapter 5 replaces Season 3 of Sirens.



    The camera shows the abandoned streets of Cropley Shores. It is a dark night. The sharp and twisting wind blows various fragments of religious propaganda across the streets and through the sands of the closed beaches. No one is around. No one walks the streets at night.

    The camera pans around to show where the Syndicate’s school once was. It is not a school anymore, abandoned or otherwise. It is now heavily fortified and taller – an able precursor for the building it would one day become. The camera moves closer through the scared night to one window near the top of the building where a light is still on. The camera moves through the window into the room.


    The camera pans around the room which is the office of EA BROGAN, where he is sat at his desk looking through a case file. His worn expression shows fatigue and confusion. In front of him is a clock that reads 11.05pm. He looks through the case and then turns to look behind him.

    BROGAN: (shouting) Melody?


    In the doorway, the beautiful Slayer - MELODY HARP - appears. She is in her nightclothes and she looks confused.

    MELODY: What is it?

    BROGAN: Helen’s report doesn’t add up. She’s got the dates wrong again. Can you ask her to sort it?

    MELODY: It’s late - can’t you sort it in the morning?

    BROGAN: She knows she has to follow protocol. If we mess up and anyone finds out that we’re the one running the largest vigilante front in the world, we’re in serious...

    MELODY sighs.

    MELODY: (cutting him off) Honey, I’m packing. My flight’s in the morning in case you forgot. If it’s Helen’s problem, then ask her about it – you know she’s not so good with paper work.

    He turns, distracted.

    BROGAN: I’ll get her to ask Declan...

    MELODY enters and walks closer to him. She eyes something under his case reports. It is PHINEAS’S journal. She looks at him with widened eyes.

    MELODY: Brogan, what is this?

    He pauses and looks at her.

    BROGAN: I’m sorry, I know.

    MELODY: I thought we were done with this?

    BROGAN: How can I be, it doesn’t add up.

    MELODY paces the room now, infuriated.

    MELODY: You’re getting all worked up over a report because it’s distracting you from your greater secret plan. Nice.

    BROGAN: You don’t understand...

    MELODY: (loudly) Yes, I do! But we lost them Brogan, they’re gone.

    He turns to her.

    BROGAN: This is Xak we’re talking about. After everything he’s not just gonna get eaten up by a big hole in the ground. We came back, so can they.

    MELODY: But we can’t keep doing this to ourselves. There’s nothing we can do. We have other fights that need fighting now, other people need us.

    BROGAN: And look at us – three years on and we hide in this fortress working black ops. There’s more to us than this, there always has been.

    She looks at him, disappointed.

    MELODY: I thought I was that something more in your life... that’s why I married you.

    The camera cuts to their hands. Both have wedding bands on their ring fingers. She kisses his head.

    MELODY: I’ll wake you before my flight. Don’t lose yourself in this, Brogan. I don’t want it to consume you...

    He nods weakly and MELODY then turns and leaves. He waits until she leaves and then turns back to PHINEAS’S journal. His eyes cast to three words on one of the later pages. The words are, “THE GOLDEN ACOLYTES”.


    The camera pans across a room in a cheap motel and shows LEIGH SINCLAIR sat on the edge of the bed. She was alive, three years after she fell deep into the chasm at the funeral. She breathes deeply and looks behind her.

    LEIGH: It’s time to go.

    Behind her sit a flock of Sirens who click in agreement.


    The camera pans around a large ornate stone balcony to a beautiful woman who is stood, looking out on to the world beneath her with longing. She is dressed in a long flowing golden dress and her hair is held high in a weave of wire. She is royalty. The woman is ELISE ARTAIR. From behind her, SUSPIRIA the goddess approaches.

    SUSPIRIA: It’s time, Elise.

    ELISE looks back at her, she hears SUSPIRIA’S voice.

    ELISE: I don’t know if I’m ready.

    She speaks clearly, understanding fully SUSPIRIA’S words.

    SUSPIRIA: We have done all that there is to do here.

    ELISE: But this is my home now, it was always my home. I don’t want to leave it again.

    She looks out again over the world and looks to where her old village was. They are in SUSPIRIA and KALIPSO’S home dimension – the origin world of The Kalipso Syndicate. SUSPIRIA looks at her with a frown.

    SUSPIRIA: Because of you and your work here, this place can be the haven for those that need it, should they ever.

    SUSPIRIA joins her, looking out over the world.

    SUSPIRIA: For while my sister remains hopeful that her son will succeed, I worry that he may not. And if we don’t return and help the Syndicate find him, then all of this will have been for nothing.

    ELISE sighs and then turns to her.

    ELISE: What if they don’t understand, why I left...

    SUSPIRIA: Elise, do not be concerned. You forget that I am coming with you.

    She smiles at ELISE and as she does...



    The camera pans around a large white pristine office, a storm raging outside. A handsome man dressed in a dark red suit is sat behind the desk smoking a pipe. He is watching a debate on a strange holographic device. The man is played by Robert Sean Leonard. His eyes are a deep yellow. He is not a man, he is a VAMPIRE.

    SCIENTIST HOLOGRAM: They cannot rule us. What they thought they were doing has not helped this world.


    SENATOR HOLOGRAM: There is an imbalance in the world thanks to them. These powers and deities were supposed to be implicit and now they’ve made them blatant to the world.

    HISTORIAN HOLOGRAM: But now they are here we must learn to coincide with them.

    SCIENTIST HOLOGRAN: The death toll is in the millions, this world has ceased to exist. They must be stopped and fast.

    SENATOR HOLOGRAM: These “gods” should not rule in this age...

    The SENATOR’S HOLOGRAM turns now to the VAMPIRE watching them.

    SENATOR HOLOGRAN: ...The President should.

    The VAMPIRE laughs, gruffly. He was not just a VAMPIRE, he was THE PRESIDENT. THE PRESIDENT looks at the holograms.

    THE PRESIDENT: Very well, run the debate – let our media discuss it at length.

    The holograms disappear now and a woman enters, dressed in the same red as THE PRESIDENT. She was young once and now she would be young forever with a yellowed gaze. She is THE FIRST LADY. She is played by Brenda Strong.

    THE FIRST LADY: We have the ferry goddess. She fell into one of our nets, travelling here. A team of your agents restrained her outside Old Manhattan.

    He looks at her, his eyes widen.

    THE PRESIDENT: Where is she?

    FIRST LADY: They’re bringing her in now.

    She smirks.


    THE PRESIDENT walks casually towards a large, heavily fortified cell. He has a smile on his face. THE FIRST LADY follows, closely behind him. He looks ahead at him at the person imprisoned inside the cell.

    THE PRESIDENT: Welcome to Pentagon 4.0 – the better and improved security front for those dwelling on the earth. You are in the high security ward in the south wing. I hope you enjoy your stay, Suspiria...

    The camera rotates to show that an old, rag attired SUSPIRIA is inside the cell. She is still alive in the 25th Century, but barely surviving. She looks at THE PRESIDENT with disgust.

    SUSPIRIA: I am against only those who have forced this world to turn its back on what should always have been.

    THE PRESIDENT: And instead of fighting to save a world that you’re so eager to wish for, you and your sister cower in the shadows, pulling people into your world where you think you are safe. It’s foolish. We have you now, and we will get Kalipso too, soon enough.

    SUSPIRIA: You stay away from Kalipso, you bastard.

    SUSPIRIA slams her hand against the cell wall and is electrocuted with an immense amount of energy. She falls to the floor, weakened. THE PRESIDENT laughs.

    THE PRESIDENT: Look at the desperation on your face; a goddess kept like the feral animal she is.

    SUSPIRIA looks up at him again.

    SUSPIRIA: The fact you’ve brought me here, rather than murder me on sight, suggests that you require something of me. Well, I will tell you nothing.

    THE PRESIDENT smirks.

    THE PRESIDENT: A lifetime of knowledge and you can only state the obvious.

    He moves closer and peers at her, above her.

    THE PRESIDENT: Tell me about The Golden Acolytes.

    SUSPIRIA looks at him, shocked.

    SUSPIRIA: They are who you want to know about?!

    THE PRESIDENT: You’ve been sympathetic to their cause for over 400 years and protected their followers ever since they announced themselves. This world has been turned upside down for their preachings and while their Queen is long dead, I know their practices still are taught in the under depths of my world. I want to know all about them, why they feel the need to contest my rule. I know they’re alive.

    SUSPIRIA: You know no such thing. None of them have ever talked to your government. You took out their greatest in the battle of 2024 and killed the rest when you assassinated their Queen in 2042. That is all that you need know.

    THE PRESIDENT: You lie.

    SUSPIRIA: You want intelligence on good people – all so you can hunt those who live in constant fear of believing in something better.

    THE PRESIDENT: I wish to protect them.

    SUSPIRIA: Why?

    THE PRESIDENT: Because this world will change soon and the humans will have nowhere to hide. I want to give them the opportunity to survive before it does.

    SUSPIRIA: You would never keep them safe. I wouldn’t have to fleet between my world and this one if this world didn’t require me to act in such a way.

    THE PRESIDENT: Then let me re-phrase this for you in a matter that you seem to understand. The Eulogy is ready.

    SUSPIRIA feels a deathly shiver run through her veins.

    SUSPIRIA: (shaky) The weapon to kill a god? It exists?

    THE PRESIDENT smirks.

    THE PRESIDENT: Have you changed your mind?

    The camera closes in on the goddess.

    SUSPIRIA: I will tell you what I know but not because I fear for my life. I will tell you because, for some reason, I believe that underneath your animalistic skin, you shall honour the agreement to protect the humans. They are after all a benefit to your race – their extinction ensures your own.


    THE PRESIDENT: Now that’s more like it.

    SUSPIRIA nods, trying to remain hopeful.

    SUSPIRIA: Then I will begin, but I want this recorded as the official truth behind the creation of the greatest human faction I have ever had the pleasure of fighting with: The Golden Acolytes.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.

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    It is night still in the year 2011, the same night that was being shown before in the Teaser.

    The scene opens on a large chasm in the middle of the once thriving neighbourhood, Blue Acres. The chasm looks identical to the one that formed in the graveyard in upper New York in 2008, the same one that took XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, CALEN and SEPHY.

    Now, in Blue Acres, every house was abandoned, except one. The camera pans away from the large chasm to show an estate car driving down the road towards it. As the car moves closer to the hole, it slows and then pulls into the driveway of the only occupied residence. The car stops and a woman steps out of the car, dressed in casual attire. She looks at the chasm and then she hurries to move to the trunk of the vehicle. She opens it and pulls out a bag full of magical ingredients. The woman is ECHIDNA, but she is not ECHIDNA anymore. She is IDINA MORGAN now.

    SUSPIRIA (V/O): And it begins on the night the stars shone for the last time...

    IDINA closes the trunk and then moves to the house quickly, unsettled by being out in the open. She reaches for her keys and then looks up. The sky is clear but only the moon shines brightly. The stars all are gone. She frowns and then opens the door and enters the house with haste.


    Vacantly, IDINA moves into the lounge of her house. PAN, now living as PARKER MORGAN, enters the room and looks at her, with a concerned expression.

    PARKER: Thank goodness you’re back, I was getting worried.

    IDINA: Sorry. I shouldn’t have scared you.

    PARKER: It’s ok, but we should hurry - the spell masking the chasm is going to fade soon...

    IDINA: (vacant) Sorry, they were out of arrow root.

    PARKER looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

    PARKER: Let me help you with those.

    She lets him. He looks at her, as she remains quiet.

    PARKER: Are you ok?

    IDINA pauses.

    IDINA: Have you seen the skies?

    He shakes his head.

    PARKER: No.

    IDINA: The stars are gone...

    He sighs.

    PARKER: It doesn’t mean anything.

    She watches him, longing for security but he dismissively moves into the kitchen with the magical ingredients. She looks down.

    IDINA: (quietly) It does, you know it does...


    HELEN PRIME is walking down a corridor in the Syndicate Fortress. In her hands is the report BROGAN was unhappy with. She sighs, approaches a door to one of the rooms nearby and opens it.

    HELEN: Declan, this report...

    She enters and then screams and hurries back out of the room, embarrassed. DECLAN HIX, now a member of the Syndicate, suddenly hurries into the corridor, only wearing boxer shorts. He pulls on a sweatshirt and smiles at her cheekily. She glares at him.

    HELEN: That is something I don’t want to see.

    DECLAN: Well jeez, try knocking next time.

    HELEN scoffs and then CHERRY LI appears in the doorway, wearing one of DECLAN’S shirts. She smiles, clearly embarrassed, and then turns to DECLAN.

    CHERRY: Hey, give us some girl time?

    DECLAN smiles.

    DECLAN: I love girl time!

    CHERRY hits him and he walks back into the room.

    DECLAN: (to himself) Women...

    He closes the door and then CHERRY turns to HELEN.

    CHERRY: Ok, before you say anything...

    HELEN: (stern) I thought you and him were done.

    CHERRY: We were but then...

    HELEN: But then nothing, sweetie. This is bad news, for the Syndicate and for you. Declan’s not over Sin and he never will be... we’ve been over this countless times.

    CHERRY looks down, beat. HELEN looks at her, sad.

    HELEN: I’m sorry, I just... I don’t want you getting hurt again.

    CHERRY smiles, hiding her frown.

    CHERRY: You don’t have to tell me again. Declan and I will never work...


    DECLAN is stood on the other side of the door, listening to everything the two of them are saying.

    CHERRY (O/S): (quietly) ...I know that.

    He sighs and hangs his head.


    The camera pans over a wall covered in documents on dimensional travel, ether beings and countless goddess profiles. GABE PETERS, now sporting longer hair and a thick beard, looks at the wall, longingly. At the centre of the information is a picture of ELISE ARTAIR. He looks at the picture and a tear rolls down his face from his tired eyes.

    URSULA (O/S): Gabe...

    The camera rotates to show URSULA LAKE stood in the doorway to his room. Her hair is also longer now and she looks older, more tired with age. Heartbroken.

    URSULA: I heard you were back.

    He doesn’t respond.

    URSULA: Was London any use? Now the Council are settled in their new location, were they able to help?

    GABE shakes his head.

    GABE: They wouldn’t even let me in the building. If we hadn’t found out through our back channels they had moved, we’d never have found them. I’d hoped being Melody’s friend would be enough, but turns out that Silvana isn’t a big fan of hers.

    URSULA looks down.

    URSULA: It was a long shot, we knew that.

    GABE turns to her now.

    GABE: I need you to get Ea to give me clearance to go to Shanghai.

    URSULA sighs.

    URSULA: Gabe...

    GABE: There’s a shaman there, he says he’s experienced in inter-dimension relations. He may be able to re-open the same doorway that Elise went through...

    URSULA: I can’t. Ea made me swear I would never promise you another route into finding her.

    GABE: How can you say that? This is your daughter...

    URSULA: I know and I love you for trying but it’s breaking my heart! I can’t keep getting my hopes up. It’s not fair on me, on Trafford or you.

    He shakes his head, angry.

    GABE: I don’t give a damn about fair. How is any of this fair?!

    URSULA wipes a tear from her eye and then looks at him.

    URSULA: Living like this is not fair, Gabe. You know I’m right...

    GABE glares at her and then swiftly moves out of the room.


    GABE rushes down the corridor, infuriated. TRAFFORD ARTAIR watches him and then looks to URSULA as she moves out of the room, tearful. He sighs and moves towards his mother.

    URSULA: I don’t understand why any of this is happening, Trafford.

    He sighs and hugs her tightly. She clings to him as she sobs, a mourning confused mother.


    The camera shows the old pier, now closed for business, as the night fades and the weak sun rises.


    HELEN is stood in the kitchen making a mug of coffee when TRAFFORD enters. He smiles at her.

    TRAFFORD: Hey...

    Her face lights up, seeing him.

    HELEN: Hey.

    TRAFFORD: Mug there for me?

    HELEN: You bet.

    She grabs another mug and pours him some coffee. She looks at him, nervous.

    HELEN: You ok? I heard about your mom last night.

    He sighs.

    TRAFFORD: Yeah and the cycle continues on the saga surrounding my sister’s disappearance.

    HELEN: You know she’s ok, don’t you? That’s why you’re so cool and collected about her being gone.

    TRAFFORD: I know my sister, better than anyone. If she left, she left for a reason. I know that she’ll come back some day.

    HELEN: And what happens when she does?

    He pauses, trying to contemplate.

    TRAFFORD: I really don’t know.

    HELEN shakes her head.

    HELEN: I know we don’t talk about it because of the many reasons why it makes sense to want to forget what happened to us all and what we lost. But this isn’t done... what happened wasn’t the end. This world is messed up because of what we did - we can’t just pretend that it isn’t. We need to help it move forward, not just keep it spinning the way it is.

    He nods.

    TRAFFORD: I know. I know you’re right.

    HELEN: So we have to be prepared, we have to get people prepared. We can’t be sleeping around, running off finding Shamans and a bunch of old British people to fix something that isn’t even the thing that’s broken. We’re spinning, we’re not moving.

    TRAFFORD: I know, but what can we do, Helen? Everyone’s so wrapped up in their personal stuff. I swear, sometimes it’s only you and me who are the ones that have got it together...

    He shakes his head and then walks away. She smiles and watches him longingly, knowing she can never tell him how she loves him.


    MELODY, armed only with a purse and a plane ticket, hugs BROGAN tightly at the front entrance to the building.

    MELODY: I’ll be back by dusk.

    BROGAN: If you need more time with her, I understand.

    MELODY shakes her head.

    MELODY: I won’t, I promise. I wanna make this quick and I’m sure she will too.

    BROGAN nods and smiles weakly.

    MELODY: You gonna be ok, today?

    BROGAN: Gabe came back last night and there are a few briefings to take care of; just a normal saving-the-world-one-small-job-at-a-time sort of day.

    MELODY: Standard.

    She smiles and pauses.

    MELODY: You know, I meant what I said last night.

    BROGAN sighs.

    BROGAN: I just can’t shake the feeling that the way we live now is not the way it should be for good.

    MELODY: I hate that we lost them, too, but it could be a lot worse. I know this going to take more than three years to get used to, but we will.

    He smiles and then kisses her.

    BROGAN: I believe you.

    She smiles.

    MELODY: Lock the doors behind me, ok?

    BROGAN: Be safe, I love you.

    MELODY: I love you too.

    She smiles and she lingers for a moment, then finally she turns and leaves. BROGAN closes his eyes and then moves towards the door and begins locking it. He is about to lock the final lock, when there is a knock at the door. He sighs.

    BROGAN: Mel, did you forget your passport?

    He unlocks the locks again and opens the door. His face drops when he sees who is on the other side. It’s not MELODY. The camera rotates to show LEIGH stood on the other side, the flock of Sirens stood behind her. She smiles at him.

    LEIGH: You just open the door to anyone these days?


    LEIGH is now sat on one of the chairs, sipping coffee. She looks around the room, where BROGAN, TRAFFORD, GABE, HELEN, CHERRY, URSULA and DECLAN are stood. She smiles, nervously.

    LEIGH: So, you guys beefed up security a bit.

    HELEN: Kinda had to.

    LEIGH: Figures.

    DECLAN shakes his head.

    DECLAN: I’m so sorry, Leigh.

    She looks at him, entreatingly.

    LEIGH: Declan, don’t. What happened to me was not your fault, I promise.

    DECLAN: But what happened? It’s been three years.

    CHERRY looks down, knowing who is on his mind.

    LEIGH: I don’t know what to say. When I fell...

    FLASH TO –

    The camera shows LEIGH falling into the chasm, DECLAN looking at her desperately and apologetically. She falls at an alarming rate looking around her at the darkness when suddenly she hits a ledge and passes out instantly.

    FADE TO -

    LEIGH’S eyes begin to open slowly as she lies on the ledge in the chasm. She eyes something rushing past her which roars a deathly archaic tone. It flies out of the chasm and she passes out again.

    FADE TO –

    LEIGH’S eyes open again to see something different moving towards her in the air, hovering on wings dark. It is a small flock of winged demons, specifically Sirens.


    Back in the room, LEIGH closes her eyes, shaken. She shrugs.

    LEIGH: (quietly) They nursed me back to health and well, here I am.

    DECLAN: Did you see any of the others?

    HELEN looks at CHERRY who purposefully avoids eye contact.

    LEIGH: No, none of them. When they knew I was ok, the Sirens tried looking for them, but they couldn’t find anything. The hole goes deep for miles.

    BROGAN: So it took you three years?

    LEIGH: A year’s recovery. I hurt my spine badly and it’s not as if I could have checked myself into the hospital or anything. It took a long time for me to heal – I had to learn to walk again with their help. Then I spent the rest of the time lying low.

    BROGAN: Why? You coulda come here, you know that.

    LEIGH: Ea, bear in mind I had just orchestrated the deaths of the final two Olympians. By the time I was healed, you guys were pretty much off the radar. I had to be careful - I didn’t think I’d be a popular girl exactly, let alone safe, with what I may have unleashed.

    URSULA furrows her brow confused.

    LEIGH: I couldn’t just walk up to the building until I knew the time was right and that my presence here could actually make a difference.

    URSULA: What?

    TRAFFORD: What do you mean, unleashed?

    LEIGH: Please tell me you guys know about this? That chasm - the hole that formed that day at the funeral - it wasn’t the only one.

    GABE: We know of the one in Blue Acres, but it happened a few months after.

    URSULA: Idina and Parker are stationed there, observing it. They use magic to cover it so they can study it.

    LEIGH: That explains why I could never find the twelfth. I should have guessed you guys would be behind it.

    She looks at them all, with a deep expression.

    LEIGH: I’d be interested to see what they’ve learned.

    HELEN looks at GABE.

    HELEN: We’ll go straight away, if it would help? There’s a travel clearance spot coming up, we can take it.

    BROGAN looks at GABE and then URSULA.

    BROGAN: I think that’s a great idea.

    CHERRY: But what did you mean “find the twelfth”. There are twelve of these chasms?

    LEIGH: Along with the graveyard chasm, there are ten others. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know what they mean but for them to just open up and take Xak and the others - it can’t be a coincidence.

    URSULA: The Morgan’s have tried everything and found nothing. All they have been able to do is map the chasm here and in New York.

    BROGAN: If we’d known there were others...

    GABE: (cutting him off) That’s what happens when you ignore the obvious.

    BROGAN narrows his eyes at GABE now, angry. CHERRY turns to them all.

    CHERRY: I don’t understand, I thought we finished with all of this?

    BROGAN shakes his head.

    BROGAN: No, it’s not over. It wouldn’t be that easy. We all feel the darkness around us, lurking. It’s made everywhere unsafe – the world is uneasy, worse than before.

    He looks at LEIGH.

    BROGAN: What do you know?

    LEIGH: Nothing about these chasms and not much about anything else. When I was healing, I tapped into the ether to draw on its strength. There’s great talk and intrigue there that the Greek threat did not die with the deaths of Zeus and Hades. So I used the time I had to study very carefully what happened on the first few days in 2008 and it would seem that the ether gossip was spot on.

    The Syndicate fall quiet.

    LEIGH: Think about it, it makes sense. Despite living like Idina and Parker, Echidna and Pandion still exist and so do the Sirens. At first I didn’t understand why: their whole belief system should be dead, right?

    The Syndicate look at one another.

    LEIGH: Wrong. The Greek world isn’t dead - it’s just torn and fraying. The belief is in disarray and it’s affecting the way the world lives. It’s why everyone’s on edge. The world is confused and everyone’s lashing out because they’re frightened and they can’t explain it.

    CHERRY eyes DECLAN and URSULA can’t help but look at GABE.

    CHERRY: Guess that explains a lot about our behaviour over the last three years.

    GABE looks down.

    LEIGH: Maybe. I don’t know if what is happening is directly affecting us as individuals but you have to admit that it makes sense. There’s a darkness still lurking the earth because the archaic culture of the Greeks still maintains where it should not.

    URSULA: And it’s connected to the chasms?

    LEIGH: I can’t be certain. I know that they all formed pretty soon after the death of the gods.

    TRAFFORD: Where are the other ten chasms?

    LEIGH: Locations all over the world; Los Angeles, the Atlantic Ocean, the ruins of Sunnydale. They’re just everywhere...

    She looks at them all.

    LEIGH: I don’t know what’s going on with this but I know we can figure it out together. Once I figured out you were here, the Sirens looked for you. They told me about your missions; relocating your students to areas over the globe to fight remotely where they’re needed. And while that’s all great for helping out the here and now, you’re needed for the reason the Syndicate originally formed.

    The Syndicate all look around, scared and uncertain while a smile forms on BROGAN’S face.




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      ACT TWO


      BROGAN and LEIGH are walking down one of the extensive corridors of the Syndicate Fortress.

      LEIGH: So, here’s the most stupid question anyone could ask. How’s it been, since it all went down?

      BROGAN: Hard. I welcome the constant threat of attack from every big bad out there because it takes my mind off the other stuff. I’m not too sure why, but we’re all like that now.

      LEIGH: So you took the Syndicate global as a distraction?

      BROGAN: Something like that I guess. We spread ourselves so thin though, I hardly feel like it’s still the Syndicate. Everyone was so damaged by what had happened, we were too scared to carry on fighting for the cause. We lost who we were fighting for and we lost each other. Even though we have enough pointing us in the direction that this isn’t over, we just ignore it.

      LEIGH: It’s not your fault.

      BROGAN: Isn’t it?

      LEIGH: It’s hard to act on something when you feel you don’t know how.

      He sighs.

      BROGAN: I don’t know how anyone feels these days. Elise disappeared and no-one knows where she is. Echidna refuses to be herself and Pan’s just running around in her make-believe world, hopelessly in love. Ursula’s only half of what she was when Smith was alive – she barely does anything with him and Elise gone; Gabe’s even worse. Trafford spends all his time just keeping her together and well, our latest recruit is too busy breaking hearts to break bones.

      LEIGH: Yowzers, talk about drama.

      BROGAN: Everyone just ignores it though. We all just walk around, half living, too scared to do anything active to make this world better by fighting the things that used to make us whole.

      LEIGH: Hey, don’t try and beat me in the “who had the most depressing three years” story line. Try spending two years with Sirens as your only company.

      BROGAN laughs.

      BROGAN: Ok, I guess you win.

      She smiles.

      LEIGH: See it’s not all bad.

      She eyes the wedding band on his finger.

      LEIGH: And judging by the ring, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say things with Melody are going good?

      BROGAN smiles, thinking of his wife.

      BROGAN: Melody saves me every day, just by being there for me. I don’t how I’d have gotten through the last few years without her by my side – she’s amazing. She’s so selfless she didn’t even want to leave us, but I booked her a flight. It’s important to her.

      LEIGH raises an eyebrow, intrigued.

      LEIGH: Where is she?

      BROGAN: She has some unfinished business that’s been a long time coming.

      LEIGH: Cryptic.

      BROGAN: Let’s just say that we can ignore what’s happened in our pasts but she can’t...

      They move off screen now.


      The camera pans around a surprisingly empty bar in a casino in Las Vegas. MELODY enters the bar and looks around nervously. She eyes the WOMAN she is seeking and frowns. She cautiously moves towards the WOMAN, who is working behind the bar in a skimpy toga costume. MELODY sits at the bar and looks at her.

      MELODY: What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?

      The WOMAN turns to respond and her face drops instantly, seeing MELODY. MELODY smiles weakly.

      MELODY: Hey Marie...

      The WOMAN is MARIE KALOFF, the other Slayer from the prophecy surrounding MELODY, CATE, BREE and SKYE. She is still beautiful, youthful and incredibly powerful. She is played by Michelle Williams. She looks at MELODY indifferent.


      MELODY and MARIE are sat at a booth now in the bar, a glass of wine in front of each of them. There is a deathly silence, which is soon broken.

      MARIE: I thought you were dead.

      MELODY: You know things aren’t that black and white these days.

      MARIE raises her eyebrows.

      MARIE: I guess so, what with you sat here.

      MELODY: How are things with you? You’re a barmaid now, that’s cool...

      MARIE narrows her eyes, angry.

      MARIE: I’m not a barmaid, I’m working undercover. The Slayer I work with has me on a job.

      MELODY: Still working for Faith? I heard that chick has issues.

      MARIE pauses and looks around, wondering if anyone can hear them.

      MARIE: How do you know about Faith?

      MELODY: I’ve been looking for you for a long time; you’re a hard girl to track down.

      MARIE: With good reason.

      MELODY: I’m not gonna hurt you.

      MARIE: Don’t flatter yourself.

      MELODY: I just mean that it’s not my aim in being here. I’ve changed.

      MARIE: So have I. I’m not the same little girl in High School that you and Cate used to bully.

      MELODY pauses now, hearing her name. She looks down and then up to MARIE.

      MELODY: (softly) Cate’s dead.

      MARIE’S face drops hearing this news.

      MELODY: She died, four years ago.

      MARIE: (quietly) What happened?

      MELODY: You knew Cate’s secret, the entity that tried to tear us apart in school?

      MARIE nods.

      MELODY: Well it came back. It tore apart everything and tried to destroy the world. She wouldn’t let it. It had taken too much of her life already and she wouldn’t let it take the world too. So she sacrificed herself, she saved the world.

      MARIE looks down, awkward as MELODY wipes a tear from her eye.

      MARIE: I’m sorry, I had no idea.

      MELODY laughs, incredulous.

      MELODY: Even after all these years, you still apologise to me.

      MARIE: Isn’t that what you want?

      MELODY looks at her, desperately.

      MELODY: No! You don’t have anything to apologise for anything, Marie. I’m not here to make you feel guilty about Cate’s death - you had nothing to do with it.

      MARIE: Then why the hell are you here, Melody? Why do you think I would want to see you after all these years?

      MELODY: Because there’s a point to this – to all of us that were once in that stupid little clique. We were all dealt the same hand with our powers and we’ve all ended up down such different paths because of it. I know that what happened to us was messed up, but I also know now why I came back. I know why I survived, when perhaps I shouldn’t.

      MARIE: Why?

      MELODY: So that I could sit here in front of you.

      MARIE looks at her, confused.

      MELODY: You’re the one who wins this damn prophecy, Marie. You deserve it more than any of us.

      MARIE: Why me? Looks like you’re still standing.

      MELODY: (nodding) True, but standing isn’t winning.

      MELODY shows MARIE her wedding ring. MARIE looks at it, taken aback.

      MELODY: On the surface I’ve had a great second chance at life - don’t get me wrong - but this world is certainly a lot darker because I’m in it. It’s a lot darker because Cate was in it and who knows what Bree and Skye could have eventually brought to the table but chances are that they’d have gone the same way as us with the attitude they had.

      She pauses.

      MELODY: I don’t think I’m a bad person but I’m certainly no almighty hero to this world. So yes, I may be still standing but I know now why that is.

      MARIE just listens.

      MELODY: Because it means I get to be the one who sits in front of a true hero today and tell her that the first ever Slayer believed in her abilities to make a difference to this world. I get to sit in front of a strong, beautiful woman who always knew her limits and never punched above her weight. That’s you, Marie Kaloff. That’s why you survived and that’s why you lived. That’s a winning Slayer right there...

      MELODY smiles at her and then moves to stand. MARIE shakes her head, confused and then looks to MELODY as she begins to walk away.

      MARIE: (quietly) I don’t feel like a winner...

      MELODY looks back at her.

      MELODY: I don’t think anyone does these days, but trust me sweetie... you are.

      MARIE: Will I see you again?

      MELODY pauses, considering this.

      MELODY: I don’t think so.

      MARIE accepts this and nods.

      MELODY: Be safe, Marie. I’ll do all I can to keep this world one worth fighting for.

      MARIE nods.

      MARIE: Thank you, Melody.

      MELODY smiles at MARIE. She winks and then turns and leaves. MARIE watches her leave and as MELODY disappears from the bar, she turns back to her wine and a warm glow ignites in MARIE’S soul.


      BROGAN and LEIGH walk into the large lobby of the Fortress and TRAFFORD, CHERRY and URSULA approach them both. The flock of Sirens surround the room, inspecting the grandeur of the decor with intrigue and surprise.

      CHERRY: (to BROGAN) Helen took Gabe to get Idina and Parker. It shouldn’t take too long.

      He nods.

      BROGAN: Good thinking.

      URSULA holds out her hand to give LEIGH something.

      URSULA: And we have this for you.

      LEIGH looks at the object: PHINEAS’S journal.

      BROGAN looks at URSULA, annoyed.

      BROGAN: Ursula, you went into my office?

      URSULA: What would you have me do? We need it. Leigh is the only one who understood how the corporation worked. There may be things in there that only she can decipher.

      LEIGH looks at the book.

      LEIGH: Is this what I think it is?!

      TRAFFORD nods.

      TRAFFORD: Gabe and Parker got it in the Underworld, grabbed it just before the realm went all Sunnydale and caved in.

      LEIGH: (astonished) I thought it was lost! What does it say? Have you managed to find anything?

      URSULA: Most of it is just incoherent ramblings of a mad man.

      TRAFFORD: Yeah, whatever this guy was smoking, it must have been pretty potent.

      CHERRY: But there was something in there.

      BROGAN: When we first opened it...


      Back in 2008, BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA, CHERRY, HELEN and GABE all have just burst through the gateway to the caverns of Punta Del Faro just as it closes and seals forever. They had all just survived the demise of the Underworld and orchestrated the death of the god, HADES.

      They all breathe heavily on the floor, devastated. GABE looks back at the sealed doorway, worried. URSULA lies on the floor, staring at the darkness. MELODY looks around, hearing nothing but silence. She looks to BROGAN.

      MELODY: We did it... it worked...

      BROGAN nods, slowly.

      BROGAN: But at what cost?

      ECHIDNA lies motionless on the floor, incredibly weak. PAN sits with her. CHERRY looks to HELEN and hugs her supportively.

      TRAFFORD: (to himself) She has to be ok...

      HELEN looks at him and then to PAN.

      HELEN: What does the journal say?

      PAN passes the book to BROGAN and he and MELODY open it.

      The journal is covered in ink and charcoal words and drawing. Each page is made up of a variety of languages. BROGAN turns to the final page and begins reading what is written. Now we can see what is written:


      When the gods from above, middle, and below are finally felled, and the threat of the twelve from Tartarus toppled, then The Golden Acolytes will rise to spread the word of the new age.

      His eyes widen and then he looks at them all, horrified. He looks at MELODY.

      BROGAN: This isn’t over...


      Back in 2011, LEIGH is also looking at the page. She shakes her head, confused.

      BROGAN: We knew we had to find Xak, to stop whatever this age was that was supposedly coming to pass, but then Cherry found Declan and the chasm and it all just seemed to end...

      LEIGH: But it didn’t, it just hid itself very well.

      TRAFFORD: What do you know of this group, “The Golden Acolytes”?

      LEIGH: I’m not sure. I’ve not heard of them before but I’m not certain if this is a group that have yet formed.

      BROGAN: What do you mean?

      LEIGH thinks, deeply.

      LEIGH: The god of “above” must mean Zeus... “middle”, Poseidon... and “below” Hades. But this age and this group that he speaks of doesn’t come after they are killed, it comes after...

      She gasps. She looks at them.

      LEIGH: I know what’s happening...

      As she says this, a blinding white light forms in the middle of the room and sends BROGAN, TRAFFORD, URSULA, CHERRY and LEIGH flying backwards.


      There is a knock on the door of IDINA and PARKER’S house. The door opens and reveals PARKER in the doorway. He looks at the people outside, indifferently. They are GABE and HELEN.

      HELEN: Hey, long time...

      PARKER looks at them both and then back to the interior of the house.

      PARKER: (calling) Idina?

      IDINA now appears from within the lounge and looks at GABE and HELEN with a frown on her face.

      IDINA: What are you two doing here?

      GABE: Nice to see you too.

      HELEN: Leigh Sinclair’s back.

      PARKER: What?

      HELEN: She turned up at the Fortress this morning and she has information that can help us.

      IDINA: We don’t need any help.

      GABE: (angry) I understand that you’re happy ignoring what’s happened and living the domestic bliss, but it’s all false. What you think you’re living isn’t real.

      HELEN: (entreating) Idina, you know this isn’t right! The chasms, Xak and the others going missing... Elise.

      GABE looks away.

      HELEN: We need your help. Leigh needs you to bring all the information you’ve gained from the chasm here in Blue Acres and bring it to the Fortress.

      IDINA shakes her head. Subtly, her eyes pass up to the sky where the sun masks the secret that the stars are all gone.

      IDINA: It’s not safe out there...

      GABE: Are you kidding me, an agoraphobic goddess?

      IDINA purses her lips.

      IDINA: It’s hard to be a goddess for a belief that doesn’t exist anymore.

      HELEN: But you are still one and you know you are. The Sirens still exist and so do you.

      PARKER: The Sirens?

      HELEN: They’ve been helping Leigh survive the last three years; they’re just as confused as everyone.

      She looks at IDINA.

      HELEN: Please, after everything that we’ve been through together, you have to know that we wouldn’t ask you to get back in the game if we didn’t need you.

      IDINA: It’s easy for you, Helen. You were made human by default, I am not. You don’t face every threat in the world just by existing.

      PARKER: Idina...

      She looks at him, surprised.

      PARKER: They’re right. We need to do this.

      IDINA grabs his arm, desperately.

      IDINA: Parker, we can’t. We’re happy here, aren’t we?

      PARKER: Yes, but we’re not safe and you know it.

      He strokes her cheek.

      PARKER: I don’t want you to live in fear anymore. It’s not what I want for us.

      The camera cuts away to the nearby chasm. Something rises from it, deeply shrouded in shadows. A dark archaic whisper clicks and snaps as it whispers to its brothers and sisters a message through the ether.

      The camera moves back to PARKER now as he breathes deeply, oblivious of what is happening in the chasm.

      PARKER: I’m always going to be with you, you know that. But we’re never going to have a life together, not really. We’ll never be Idina and Parker unless we face what we’ve been ignoring for three years.

      She looks at him, her faith wavering.

      PARKER: I know that I try to re-assure you that the things that are happening don’t mean anything, but we both know that my lies are pointless. We both feel the truth... don’t we?

      She looks at him and closes her eyes, feeling her true blood begin to pump and surge through her aged heart once again.


      The blinding light dies down in the lobby revealing BROGAN, TRAFFORD, CHERRY, URSULA and LEIGH all lying on the floor. The Sirens all scream and hiss at the dying light, angry. DECLAN rushes into the lobby, startled by the commotion.

      DECLAN: (concerned) Hey guys are you...

      He eyes what is in the room now the light has died down.

      DECLAN: (quietly) Whoa.

      The camera pans around to show two figures floating in the middle of the room, the figures of ELISE and SUSPIRIA – both of them in regal attire. BROGAN’S eyes widen at seeing them both. An uncontrollable beaming smile spreads across TRAFFORD and URSULA’S faces.

      TRAFFORD: Sis...

      ELISE nervously smiles seeing them.

      SUSPIRIA: The Kalipso Syndicate.

      BROGAN: Suspiria?

      Then the front door opens. SUSPIRIA and ELISE turn to see GABE and HELEN have returned, IDINA and PARKER in tow. They all look at the two floating women in awe. GABE’S body goes numb and he stares in shock. A tear falls down his cheek.




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        ACT THREE


        ELISE and SUSPIRIA lower themselves to the floor now and the glow begins to recede into their skin. URSULA stands and looks at them both.

        URSULA: (to SUSPIRIA) By your surprise... you’re the entity, aren’t you? The one behind all of her powers?

        SUSPIRIA nods.

        SUSPIRIA: Yes, Ursula Lake... I am.

        URSULA: Then that means that you’re her mother.

        SUSPIRIA: She may have my genetic make-up and possess powers of the ether that only I can channel, but you are her mother. There is no denying that.

        She pauses now and looks at the Syndicate.

        SUSPIRIA: I want to apologise to you all, for taking Elise from you. I needed her help restoring our world so it would be safe for you all.

        BROGAN: Safe?

        GABE moves closer to SUSPIRIA, unfazed by the goddess’s presence.

        GABE: So you just took her? Without a thought of what we would all think? Do you know how worried we’ve been?! I had only just got her back!

        ELISE turns to him.

        ELISE: Gabe, it wasn’t like that!

        Everyone falls silent now. ELISE had heard him.

        TRAFFORD: (breathless) You can hear?

        She turns to her brother.

        ELISE: No, Trafford. Suspiria has just taught me how to hone my powers. I can translate the vibrations in your voice. I’ve learnt so much from her.

        She looks at them all now.

        ELISE: Please don’t be mad with her. It was my choice to leave because I wanted to keep you all safe...

        BROGAN: What do you both mean? Do you know what’s happening to this world?

        ELISE nods. BROGAN looks at LEIGH.

        MELODY (O/S): Whoa... talk about the day for reunions.

        BROGAN turns now to see MELODY stood in the doorway, behind IDINA and PARKER. SUSPIRIA looks around the room at them all: BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, IDINA, PARKER, GABE, HELEN, CHERRY, DECLAN and LEIGH. She smiles.

        SUSPIRIA: You’re all here, just as it should be.

        BROGAN: Just as what should be?

        SUSPIRIA: Come, let me tell you more.


        On the high rooftop of the Fortress, ELISE stands at the edge of the building. She extends her hands and begins casting a soft magical veil over the building. Behind her, SUSPIRIA and the Syndicate watch in awe of ELISE’S powers. Both ELISE and SUSPIRIA are dressed in more casual attire.

        MELODY: What is she doing?

        SUSPIRIA: We must protect the building. You have fortified it with locks but it will take greater power than objects made by man to keep out those who threaten us.

        URSULA: How is she doing it?

        SUSPIRIA: Her blood is mine. I taught her how to use her powers in the same way I learned to use mine. She’s become an extraordinary woman.

        TRAFFORD smiles.

        TRAFFORD: She always has been.

        GABE smiles also. BROGAN turns to SUSPIRIA with a more serious expression.

        BROGAN: But why does she have to? Why is any of this happening?

        SUSPIRIA: The times of the dimensions are shifting. The deletion of an entire mythology has begun and the world is turning dark for it.

        BROGAN: It’s already happened.

        SUSPIRIA: Destroying the primary gods of the mythology does not destroy it.

        MELODY: We never wanted this. We only wanted to stop the gods that wouldn’t let Xak and Charlie live their lives.

        SUSPIRIA: I understand, but in doing so the mythology has become unstable and its hold on the world is tearing it apart. It is why Elise and I had to prepare my dimension in case the world truly fell apart.

        URSULA: Surely we can stop it. Can’t we?

        SUSPIRIA: There is a way, yes. It is perilous and highly dangerous but I feel it is possible.

        She looks at them all as ELISE’S protective veil over the building finally is complete and she returns to the group.

        SUSPIRIA: It’s why we are all gathered here now. We must stop this world’s final threat.

        LEIGH: I know what it is, this lurking darkness. It’s the same thing that passed me in the chasm and it is what is written in the journal. It all makes sense: the spirits of the elder gods... The Titans.

        IDINA grabs PARKER’S hand now, tightly squeezing it.

        MELODY: (shocked) The Titans?!

        PARKER: This can’t be, surely they cannot be here?

        SUSPIRIA: I’m afraid Leigh is correct. The only powers keeping them at bay were those of the Olympians. Now their wardens have left, their spirits have risen - each from one of the chasms across the globe. They are gathering and they will turn this realm into an old world once again.

        URSULA: How can they have been here this whole time without us knowing?

        ELISE: They have been draining this life of its energy to give themselves form once again. They won’t be at full capacity but they shall be soon and what they have amassed is enough to turn this world on its head.

        MELODY: And they’ll be coming for us, won’t they?

        CHERRY: Why would they?

        DECLAN: Yeah, wouldn’t they be thanking us? I mean technically we freed them.

        ELISE: Look at where they rose.

        LEIGH: The chasms?

        ELISE nods. BROGAN looks at ELISE.

        BROGAN: Where did the chasms form?

        LEIGH thinks deeply, remembering.

        LEIGH: Well there was the graveyard where Petrina and La-Ree were buried and Blue Acres. Then there was Los Angeles, Sunnydale, the Atlantic Ocean, Rockefeller Center, the old site of Demeter’s temple in Greece, Athens, London, Devon, Vancouver and the Nevada Desert.

        HELEN: Ok, now I’m stumped.

        DECLAN: Are those places linked?

        IDINA: Yes, they’re all places that Xak, Charlie and Sin have been - they’re all linked to those locations.

        LEIGH: Vancouver, that’s where Rack met Sephy... in the woods.

        ECHIDNA: And Devon in England was where Charlie was born.

        PARKER: But the Nevada Desert?

        SUSPIRIA: I feel that place may have a future meaning to them – a meaning only The Titans know of and are protecting.

        BROGAN: So Xak and others, they’re alive?

        SUSPIRIA: They are. The state of limbo this world is still in suggests that neither side have triumphed against the other.

        BROGAN looks at MELODY. LEIGH opens the journal of PHINEAS once again and begins fervently reading it, fascinated for more clues.

        MELODY: Don’t worry, got the “I told you so” message.

        She smiles and rests her head on his shoulder. He smiles too, thankful.

        TRAFFORD: We have to find them before the Titans do.

        DECLAN: What about the others? Dante? Calen and Sephy?

        SUSPIRIA: I tried in vain to find traces of their existence but I have found neither proof of their life or death.

        DECLAN: What does that mean?

        ELISE: We think perhaps the Titans may have found them already and are using them to their advantage – they’re not as pivotal as Xak, Charlie and Sin but they know everything there is to know about them.

        Coming to a passage in the journal, LEIGH looks up to everyone and points to it.

        LEIGH: Guys, look at this.

        Everyone looks at her, intrigued.

        LEIGH: “Above they will search but none will pry their prison nor the corridors of the old judge from whence they did escape. The energies that lie there are not for the old, but for the new to discover.” This must mean the chasms. Xak and the others must be down there still.

        MELODY: Then we can find them, right?

        PARKER: From what we’ve mapped of the chasm in Blue Acres, its base is linked through tunnels spanning hundreds of miles to the chasms in New York but we don’t know where any of them actually lead. If Xak fell into that chasm, we should be able to find them through the one in Blue Acres.

        IDINA: But we don’t know what will be down there. It’s taken us this long to map the chasm because the tunnels are so extensive.

        BROGAN: We have to try. We know too much now to not.

        HELEN: Could we? I mean leave the Fortress?

        ELISE: We have to. Nowhere is safe and I feel that Xak is the key to restoring peace to this world. It is his actions that have begun the change and it will be only his that can calm it.


        The camera pans around the chasm in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York. It is heavily guarded and man-made barriers protect anyone from going near it. As with Blue Acres, an old darkness begins to creep to the surface of the chasm, answering to the message from the ether recently sent.

        ELISE (V/O): The Titans are formidable and they have only risen again as a consequence of our actions.


        The camera pans across the chasm outside the old site of Wolfram and Hart. As with Rockefeller Center, the authorities have cornered off the area, for public safety. Another shadow begins to rise from the chasm, spreading a feeling of old darkness and power throughout the area.

        ELISE (V/O: If they succeed in gaining power, they will see to it that the world pays for its abandonment of them.


        The shadow that emitted the message rises out of the chasm now and begins moving down the street, slowly and eternally looming.

        ELISE (V/O): And they will start with The Kalipso Syndicate.

        It moves with purpose, towards one large fortified building in Cropley Shores.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          BROGAN and MELODY are stood in the lobby, looking over the maps of the chasm given to them by IDINA and PARKER. He looks at her.

          BROGAN: I’m glad it went well with Marie.

          MELODY: I don’t know how you define well, but it was good to see her. So much has changed since we last met.

          BROGAN: You’ve changed, more than I think you realise.

          She nods, thinking about her life.

          MELODY: Yeah.

          She looks at him.

          MELODY: It just made everything clear in my mind, seeing her. It gave me a sense of clarity and purpose. I haven’t had that in a long time.

          BROGAN: I know what you mean.

          MELODY pauses and smiles, apologetically.

          MELODY: I’m sorry, for not believing in you.

          BROGAN: Don’t apologise, you were only looking out for me and I don’t want you to apologise for that.

          He leans in and kisses her. She smiles and then breaks the kiss.

          MELODY: Quit the kissing Ea Brogan, we gotta figure out a way of navigating these chasms and a way to keep us all defended against these Titans if they attack.

          He smirks.

          BROGAN: Yes ma’am.

          CUT TO –

          IDINA and PARKER are sat at a table nearby, he is holding her hand as she looks concerned.

          IDINA: We’re all going to die.

          PARKER: Idina...

          IDINA look at him with a serious expression.

          IDINA: We can’t take down the Titans, you haven’t met them – they’re just evil, through and through. The world was almost torn apart when the Olympians faced them last and that was just trapping them.

          She pauses.

          IDINA: How can we honestly destroy them?

          PARKER sighs.

          PARKER: Times have changed since they walked this earth. They do not recognise it as it once was, which is why they are still weak enough to be stopped.

          IDINA: The fact I don’t find that comforting is odd, isn’t it?

          He listens.

          IDINA: The Titans reign begun our mythology, the mythology that we both were born into. Now we’re seeking to destroy that.

          PARKER: Because of what our world has done to us.

          IDINA: I know that you’re right, I do...

          She looks at him.

          IDINA: (whispering) But what’s going to happen to us when it all goes?

          CUT TO –

          TRAFFORD and URSULA are sat looking through the Syndicate’s range of weaponry. URSULA keeps looking up to ELISE who is stood, completing her protective veil by sealing the front door. She has just begun her spell.

          URSULA: It’s amazing, isn’t it?

          TRAFFORD: What? That we don’t have one single weapon here that could even dent the ass of a Titan, let alone kill one?

          URSULA laughs softly.

          URSULA: No, your sister.

          TRAFFORD looks up.

          TRAFFORD: I always knew she was special.

          URSULA: You never had any doubt in her safety, did you?

          He shakes his head.

          TRAFFORD: You’ve seen the things she’s done for this Syndicate. She’s risked her lives for us countless times. If she had to leave, the least I could do as her brother is understand that and accept it.

          URSULA smiles.

          URSULA: And you were right.

          TRAFFORD: You think it would be tiring, being right all the time, but it just doesn’t.

          They laugh. She grabs his hand.

          URSULA: I’m sorry I didn’t have your faith. I’ve not been much of a mother to you. It’s just that when I lost your father, and then Elise...

          TRAFFORD: (cutting her off) It’s ok. Just know that I won’t let anything happen to either of you, ever again. I’ll keep this family safe from now on, even if it kills me.

          URSULA smiles, but then frowns at the thought.

          CUT TO –

          ELISE is almost finished securing the front door with her powers.

          GABE: Can we talk?

          She stops as she sees GABE stood nearby. She looks at him, apologetically.

          GABE: It’s strange that you can understand me.

          ELISE: It was to me too at first, but I only learnt because I needed to understand my powers. It doesn’t quite feel right sometimes, to be able to do it. It’s not fair that I can.

          GABE: It’s amazing.

          ELISE: Only someone who can hear would say that.

          She goes to return to her spell when he reaches out for her.

          GABE: I missed you.

          She looks down, stopping from recommencing her spell.

          GABE: Did you miss me?

          ELISE: Of course I did. My leaving had nothing to do with you, it was to do with something much bigger than both of us. My feelings for you Gabe, will never change.

          He smiles.

          GABE: It’s been hell without you...

          ELISE: You should have had faith in me. You need to learn that the actions I took were not truly mine to control or decide. With what I know about myself now though, it can be.

          She turns to him now.

          ELISE: I can be the woman you wanted and I can protect us all at last, even if it does make me feel a little less like how I used to.

          GABE: Maybe that’s ok.

          ELISE: I hope so.

          She smiles, uncertain and then looks to him.

          ELISE: Maybe...

          She is cut off as the front door flies open and a surge of immense energy sends them both soaring back into the lobby, taking the rest of the group with them. The weapons and the chasm maps fly up into the air in a flurry. The Syndicate look up to the door and the Sirens shriek and all fly up into the air, grasping on to the rafters of the building.

          SUSPIRIA: They’ve found us.

          ELISE jumps to her feet and hurries to the door to seal it but she is stopped in her tracks as a dark shadow begins to seep into the room. The shadow begins to take form, over twelve feet tall. The shadow forms the shape of a dark naked man, shrouded only by his own shadow and darkness. His dark eyes begin to glare at the group. He is a TITAN.

          TITAN: A foreign goddess pertaining of ether not of this world dares rule in this realm?

          SUSPIRIA looks at him and hurries to ELISE and pulls her to her feet. TRAFFORD, GABE and URSULA also run to her and pull her towards them as BROGAN and MELODY protect HELEN, CHERRY, DECLAN and LEIGH. IDINA clings to PARKER desperately. SUSPIRIA looks at the TITAN, defiantly.

          SUSPIRIA: This world is not to be ruled by the ether.

          The TITANS leans down and leers at SUSPIRIA, enraged.

          TITAN: Your presence is sickening to us like a plague. Your presence to us is known and shall be quelled as the sun the night.

          SUSPIRIA: You cannot end what will be, anymore than you can deny the sun its return each day.

          The TITAN sniggers darkly.

          TITAN: The grip on the periphery mortals you aim to protect is too strong for even you to untangle. All you wish to form in this age will not come to pass, nor will the new time you wish to incur by the genocide of ours.

          SUSPIRIA backs away now as he looks upon them all.

          TITAN: You were foolish to group and hone your powers in such a location. You should have remained living in the shadows, drenched in the confusion and doubt we have doused you all in.

          BROGAN looks at him.

          BROGAN: Who are you?

          TITAN/HYPERION: They knew me as Hyperion when I walked this world once and when I walk on your bones they shall know it, and the names of my brothers and sisters, once again.

          With one swift movement of his arm he swipes at BROGAN, but MELODY pushes him out of the way. She is hit with the full force of HYPERION’S might. She falls backwards, knocked across the room. Four of the Sirens soar down to her and catch her, cushioning the blow. They settle her on the floor.

          BROGAN and CHERRY hurry to her, she looks at them.

          MELODY: I’m fine, get the bastard.

          They jump up and head to the weapons which lie on the floor. The Sirens take to the air and swarm HYPERION, attacking him and cutting his dark skin. He yowls as their bites and lacerations wound him. SUSPIRIA and ELISE rush to one another. They grab a hold of one another and turn all their energy on to him. A beam of energy emits from them both and it hits him. He stands his ground against their attack but he still moves backwards, roaring with laughter.

          He bats away the Sirens attacking him and holds on to some of the energy sent by SUSPIRIA and ELISE. He flicks it back at them effortless, SUSPIRIA pushes ELISE to the side as the energy hits her, sending her flying back into LEIGH and DECLAN who stand helpless at the sidelines. HYPERION laughs again.

          HYPERION: You are like a mortal to me, foreign goddess. There is little your power can...

          He is stopped as someone embeds an axe deep into his back. The camera shows BROGAN and CHERRY stood holding weapons. BROGAN had thrown the axe. HYPERION turns to them and CHERRY turns her knife and drives it into HYPERION’S stomach. He bats her away with little force and pulls out the knife and axe. He turns to BROGAN and hurls them at him. BROGAN dodges the knife but the axe heads straight for him. Inches from impact, the axe stops mid-air. He winces, but then relaxes. He turns to see URSULA had stopped the axe with her magic. He smiles at her. HYPERION roars, furious and turns to URSULA.

          HYPERION: Witch. You draw on the ether as if you pertain to it.

          URSULA: I always have old Titan, it’s you who does not belong here.

          HYPERION: I am a behemoth of old – what is your claim?

          He rushes at URSULA but TRAFFORD grabs her and pulls her to the side, while the Sirens move to attack again. SUSPIRIA looks at ELISE.

          SUSPIRIA: We must cut him off from the ether, rendering his old form that of an ancient man.

          ELISE: I can do it.

          SUSPIRIA: You’re not strong enough.

          ELISE: I am.

          She turns to BROGAN.

          ELISE: (shouting) Ea! Distract him.

          BROGAN looks at her and nods. He runs at HYPERION and MELODY and CHERRY follow, while the others re-group behind ELISE as she focuses on the air surrounding HYPERION. LEIGH looks at SUSPIRIA.

          LEIGH: What is she doing?

          SUSPIRIA: She’s holding back the ether that surrounds him, cutting him off from it and making a void. It will render him powerless.

          GABE: Is she strong enough?

          SUSPIRIA: She has yet to fail in surprising me.

          IDINA and PARKER hurry to the group and watch alongside them as ELISE’S power begins to swell.

          The camera moves back to HYPERION who battles against BROGAN, MELODY, CHERRY and the Sirens. While the Sirens swarm him from above, the mortals attack with their fists, void of weapons. BROGAN punches him hard in the chest repeatedly until he falls backwards slightly. MELODY slides underneath him and turns, kicking his ankles hard, breaking them. They heal instantly but as ELISE’S hold on his ether source becomes greater, they do not heal completely. HYPERION limps forward to grab BROGAN but CHERRY spin kicks his arm hard so he misses. He swings around and sharply pushes CHERRY away into the wall. MELODY jumps up and prepares to punch him when he grabs her by her waist and lifts her off of the ground.

          BROGAN: (shouting) No!

          HYPERION laughs as he squeezes her tightly with one fist, now happily ignoring the cuts and wounds inflicted by the shrieking Sirens. He sharply kicks BROGAN to the floor and holds him under his foot, standing on him with all his might. MELODY whimpers under the Titan’s grip and looks at BROGAN desperately. BROGAN groans as he feels the blood building in his face.

          The camera cuts to ELISE whose eyes suddenly burst open. She holds her hands out and the dark glow fades from HYPERION’S body, leaving an old withered man stood in his place. ELISE looks at the others desperately.

          ELISE: (shouting) Now!

          Acting instinctively, IDINA rushes forward and grabs a crossbow. She aims it and shoots. The bolt flies and shoots straight through HYPERION’S head. He gasps as the arrow protrudes from his head. Energy crackles around him and he stares ahead, numb. He closes his eyes and in an instant he explodes. The Syndicate shield themselves as the explosion turns into an implosion and the Titan ceases to exist. IDINA looks at the place where HYPERION stood, in shock.

          IDINA: My goodness, that’s some...

          She recoils in pain and collapses. She looks up to see the Sirens shrieking in immense pain. They look at their old mistress desperately, as they all combust into flames and disappear into nothing. PARKER hurries to IDINA’S side and holds her.

          PARKER: Idina, what is it?

          IDINA: (barely breathing) The Sirens... all my monsters are dead...

          URSULA: Hyperion?

          LEIGH looks at IDINA, horrified.

          LEIGH: Killing the Titans, it cleanses the world. The more of them we kill the more that will fade from the world they belong to.

          HELEN: The Greek monsters are all dead?

          IDINA cries and nods.

          IDINA: I am the goddess of nothing. All my children have become nothing...

          She sobs and holds on to PARKER as URSULA and TRAFFORD move to comfort her. BROGAN, MELODY and CHERRY walk, wounded, to the others.

          CHERRY: (to MELODY) The world’s falling apart and we can’t stop it can we?

          MELODY smiles weakly and puts an arm around her friend supportively.

          BROGAN: (to SUSPIRIA) We have to move, it’s not safe here.

          SUSPIRIA: Agreed, the Titans will sense the death of their brother and act upon it.

          CHERRY: But can we do this? Can we win against them?

          ELISE: All we can do is find Xak before the Titans do.

          IDINA is helped to her feet by TRAFFORD and PARKER. She looks at ELISE.

          IDINA: There is no going back now, what we have begun cannot be paused... this is the end of my world.

          They move her towards the door and SUSPIRIA and ELISE follow. CHERRY and DECLAN hurry to grab the chasm maps while HELEN and LEIGH move to grab as many weapons as they can hold. MELODY takes PHINEAS’S journal and URSULA and GABE grab as many remedies and potions as they can safely carry. As they all leave, no one looks back except BROGAN who is the last to leave

          He looks back at his kingdom and frowns at the small part of the world that had just died.

          FADE TO – BLUE ACRES

          BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, IDINA, PARKER, GABE, HELEN, CHERRY, URSULA, DECLAN, LEIGH and SUSPIRIA are all gathered at the edge of the chasm summit in Blue Acres, looking down. They stare at the void, wondering of its purpose now that the creature that rose from it is dead. SUSPIRIA looks at them all as they stare down into the dark abyss.

          SUSPIRIA: I will transport us to the base. From there, we will follow the Morgan’s lead. Be on look for our enemies and for our friends. Be the Syndicate you were born to be.

          They all nod and SUSPIRIA extends her arms to them all. One by one they all glow and slowly disappear, their light moving inside the chasm. Last to leave the world is SUSPIRIA who closes her eyes, hopeful.


          We are in the year 2489 once again and the imprisoned SUSPIRIA looks at THE PRESIDENT with a mild resonance of hope.

          SUSPIRIA: The confusion that had fogged the earth since the death of the Olympians was finally starting the lift. The pieces were beginning to fit together and at last the Syndicate had formed.

          THE FIRST LADY who is stood behind her husband snarls, angry.

          THE FIRST LADY: You are telling us nothing we do not already know.

          SUSPIRIA: I’m telling you everything you don’t know, Vampire.

          THE FIRST LADY growls and THE PRESIDENT turns to her.

          THE PRESIDENT: Darling, let me handle this.

          He turns back to SUSPIRIA.

          THE PRESIDENT: 2024.

          SUSPIRIA: I presume you are referring to the year?

          THE PRESIDENT: I am referring to the year of the battle where The Golden Acolytes fell and were killed. This is something I wish to know about.

          SUSPIRIA: I thought you wanted me to tell you how they formed?

          THE PRESIDENT: But from what you have told me now, there are many inconsistencies in the world’s government’s knowledge of the event. Either our records are incorrect, or you are proving to be an unreliable narrator.

          SUSPIRIA tightens her jaw and looks upon him.

          SUSPIRIA: Your government slaughtered innocent people that day.

          THE PRESIDENT: Only we didn’t, did we?

          The camera closes in on SUSPIRIA now who looks at him and frowns.


          The camera shows a large battle occurring in a modern looking temple. Amongst the people fighting are BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, HELEN, GABE, CHERRY and DECLAN. All of them look older and world-worn, bloody, bruised and wounded. They are all dressed in a uniform suggesting they all belong to the same faction. They fight against men in black uniforms and helmets – agents of the world government.


          As the government agents begin swarming further into the temple, BROGAN looks at his faction.

          BROGAN: (shouting) Retreat...

          They all begin hurrying towards the back and in one swift movement, they barricade themselves behind a door, banishing the government agents in the entrance of the temple.


          The group have barricaded themselves in the prayer room of the temple – three statues are situated at the back of the room – small altars in front of each of them. They back away from the door, as the agents begin to pound against the doors. BROGAN grabs MELODY, protectively and the others embrace in fear, knowing their end is finally upon them all. The banging continues to echo loudly.


          Back in the year 2489, SUSPIRIA looks at her captors with her head low.

          SUSPIRIA: That is all I know that occurred during the battle at the temple – a massacre.

          THE PRESIDENT considers this small digressive tale for a moment and then moves closer to SUSPIRIA’S cell. He presses a button and an immense burst of energy surges through the cell, deeply harming SUSPIRIA. She cries out in pain and THE FIRST LADY laughs. He stops the energy and SUSPIRIA collapses to the floor, shaking and quivering.

          SUSPIRIA: I am telling you all I know!

          THE PRESIDENT: (seething) You are telling me lies, goddess...

          The camera closes in on SUSPIRIA’S scorched face as she looks at THE PRESIDENT, desperately weak.

          SUSPIRIA: (pleading) Allow me to tell the tale you have demanded to hear.

          THE PRESIDENT: Then stop telling me about The Kalipso Syndicate, for all I wish to know about are The Golden Acolytes.

          SUSPIRIA: To understand The Golden Acolytes, you must comprehend The Kalipso Syndicate. They are after all, the same.

          THE PRESIDENT smiles darkly as thunder bolts hit the earth outside the building. The old goddess was beginning to break under his grasp.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – UNKNOWN

            In the year 2011, the Syndicate slowly move through the dark and dank tunnels that lead off from the base of the chasm in Blue Acres. Leading the way, lit by small magical orbs summoned by URSULA, are ELISE, IDINA, PARKER and SUSPIRIA. IDINA still looks visibly weak, but she is aided by her husband. They move off screen revealing DECLAN and CHERRY behind them who move with caution.

            DECLAN: How you doing there, Li?

            CHERRY: Fine, we just killed a Titan so I guess I’m just fine...

            DECLAN: Crazy little world we live in, huh?

            He laughs.

            CHERRY: How can you be so casual about this whole thing?

            DECLAN: I try not to take things too seriously, whether that’s a college exam or the death of an ancient god deity, it all kinda gets greeted with the same shrug.

            CHERRY: Nice to know nothing bothers you then – us putting our lives at risk doesn’t bother you.

            DECLAN: Of course it does, how can you say that?

            CHERRY: Because all you care about is finding Sin.

            He stops for a minute and looks at her, incredulous.

            DECLAN: (quietly) Is that what you think?

            CHERRY: Can you blame me?

            DECLAN: Have I ever done anything to make you think that that’s what I want?

            CHERRY: You were in love with her, what else am I supposed to think?

            DECLAN: Clearly whatever Helen whispers in your ear.

            CHERRY rolls her eyes at this comment and continues moving forward.

            DECLAN: Look I don’t know how I’m going to feel when I see her, if I even get to. Yes, I was in love with Sin but that was three years ago... things have changed, I’m with you guys now.

            CHERRY: You’re not with me at all, you just clung on to us because you had no choice...

            DECLAN looks down, hurt by this.

            DECLAN: Nice...

            He storms ahead now to join the others. CHERRY goes to say something but URSULA catches up to her.

            URSULA: Let him breathe, dear.

            CHERRY: But...

            URSULA: (cutting her off) Let him breathe. You won’t seek any answers through conflict.

            CHERRY: Isn’t that what this is entire war is based on?

            URSULA smiles weakly and puts an arm around her, supportively.

            URSULA: Trust an old woman – men need their space to find their way.

            They move off screen now as they turn a corner. Behind them are TRAFFORD and HELEN who have watched the scene with a frown.

            HELEN: I’m such an idiot, I shouldn’t have said anything.

            TRAFFORD smiles.

            TRAFFORD: It’s ok.

            HELEN: No it’s not! You’d think being a mortal for a good four years now would have given me enough time to know not to cause drama whilst we’re in the middle of the apocalypse. And I mean “the” apocalypse, not just any old one.

            She sighs, heavily frustrated.

            HELEN: I seriously need to learn some social etiquette.

            He laughs.

            TRAFFORD: Don’t be so hard on yourself, you do a better job than most – trust me. You’re living proof of how this world could turn out if all goes well.

            HELEN smiles to herself, touched by the sentiment.

            HELEN: Well, that is a worry...

            They continue moving forward as they help one another over a bridge in the road. Near the back of the group are BROGAN and MELODY. They look at their surroundings.

            MELODY: These tunnels, I wonder how old they are?

            BROGAN: Too old but too well formed to be random. It’s like they were carved out for a purpose.

            MELODY: For us?

            BROGAN: Maybe.

            MELODY: Is it just me or is this all starting to become a lot more clear? I feel like I was meant to do this but I don’t know why. I thought I understood what my life was for but now I’m not so sure.

            BROGAN: It’s scary isn’t it?

            MELODY: We just killed a Titan back there and we’re down in this chasm that we’ve basically ignored for three years hunting down the rest of them and it’s all just feeling oddly natural when really it’s anything but.

            BROGAN: I don’t know what to say.

            MELODY stops and looks at him.

            MELODY: I want you to take a minute with your wife to think this through.

            He stops and looks at her.

            MELODY: What if we do actually find Xak and stop these other Titans? What is going to happen, Brogan? We delete an entire mythology and for what? What happens then?

            He goes to answer her.

            TRAFFORD (O/S): (calling) Ea, Melody!?

            BROGAN stops and looks to further down the tunnel where the group have gathered by a more natural source of light. MELODY turns, frustrated.

            BROGAN: (calling) What is it Trafford?

            TRAFFORD (O/S): You guys better come and see this...

            He looks back at MELODY and goes to leave but she grabs his arm.

            MELODY: Ea...

            He stops and looks to her.

            BROGAN: Everything I’m doing is to give my wife the happily ever after she deserves. Your life has more meaning to it than just being the messenger for the Slayer prophecy and I wanna prove that to you.

            She pauses.

            BROGAN: So please, let’s just do this because right now we have no choice... but if we did, then I would choose you, and our marriage. It’s all I want and all I never thought I’d have.

            She smiles now, her expression softening.

            BROGAN: And if you tell anyone I told you that, I’ll kick your ass.

            She laughs. He smiles and then he grabs her hand affectionately and they both move together further down the tunnel to the others.

            CUT TO –

            The group have gathered at a well lit area of the tunnels – lit not by URSULA’S magic, but by something else. BROGAN and MELODY approach the front where ELISE, IDINA, PARKER and SUSPIRIA are stood. They look at the source of the light confused.

            MELODY: Whoa, what’s that?

            IDINA: I have no idea, it’s not on our maps... this isn’t supposed to be here.

            The camera rotates to show an old archway in the tunnel, leading to another fork in the road. It is well lit with three torches. Ancient scripture lines the stonework.

            BROGAN: What language is that? Greek?

            PARKER shakes his head.

            PARKER: It’s not of any ancient dialect I can recognise.

            SUSPIRIA: That’s because it pre-dates even the gods. It belongs to the Old Ones, the beings of old; the first entities of the ether, both corporeal and elemental. The people of this world see them as the first demons that walked the earth but the Old Ones were a race that have a deeper importance.

            LEIGH hears this and moves closer.

            LEIGH: Hey, wasn’t there something in the journal about the Old Ones?

            MELODY reaches for the journal and looks at it, turning to the passage that LEIGH is referring to.

            MELODY: (quoting) “Above they will search but none will pry their prison nor the corridors of the old judge from whence they did escape.

            She looks up.

            MELODY: Do you think this could be the corridor?

            DECLAN approaches.

            DECLAN: “Old judge”... as in Calen?

            Everyone looks at one another, wondering.

            BROGAN: Let’s stop supposing, looks like we found our way in. Stick close...

            He then walks into the unmapped corridor, closely followed by his intrigued comrades.

            CUT TO – UNKNOWN

            Moving through the lit archway, the Syndicate walk through another pathway, lit well with torches on the walls. BROGAN moves first, eyeing something on the walls.

            BROGAN: What are these?

            The others move closer and look at the walls, which are lined with old black drawings. Ancient scripture surrounds them.

            SUSPIRIA: These are icons of the Old Ones.

            URSULA: What do they say? Can you read them?

            SUSPIRIA: The Old Ones language is old, but I am versed in some of their vocabulary.

            She moves closer and URSULA aids her with the lighting of her orbs. SUSPIRIA narrows her eyes, reading closely.

            SUSPIRIA: “Before the histories of the worlds began to be written, we gave form to the beliefs that would govern them. With our powers we made them, drawing on the ether of the mystic. We call them gods.

            The camera shows depictions of the Old Ones all forming together to create beings and entities through their powers.

            SUSPIRIA: “We varied them and distributed them amongst the realms. To the more prominent worlds, we gave to them more than one faction, allowing those who the gods create to choose their beliefs.

            The camera now shows the beings created by the Old Ones creating their own beings – men and demons.

            SUSPIRIA turns back to the group.

            CHERRY: So the Old Ones created the gods and the gods created us?

            URSULA: It would appear that way.

            TRAFFORD: Well they did a good job.

            SUSPIRIA: I cannot dispute the work of the Old Ones. Without them life would not have triumphed. What confuses even me is why these drawings are even here. What have we come across?

            The camera moves to ELISE who is looking further down the pathway.

            ELISE: There’s something ahead, a room.

            SUSPIRIA nods. BROGAN looks at her.

            BROGAN: What should we do?

            SUSPIRIA: If these drawings are here and these pathways are unmapped, then we must be getting closer to the answers we seek.

            She looks to them all.

            SUSPIRIA: Move with caution, Syndicate... I cannot tell what dangers lie beyond this corridor.

            The Syndicate look at one another and then follow ELISE deeper down the pathway to the room that ahead.

            CUT TO – UNKNOWN

            The group enter the room and look around confused. It is built well to represent that of an ancient temple. The room is surrounded by endless artefacts from the ancient world of the Greeks; vases, scrolls, masonry, portraits, books and clothing. It all belongs to this room. HELEN eyes it, amazed.

            HELEN: What the hell? This is like my mother’s closet...

            PARKER: It’s a treasury, but why is it here?

            VOICE (O/S): I see that you have been drawn here just as I was by the scriptures of the Old Ones.

            The voice pertains to that of an old female. The Syndicate immediately stand on guard as they struggle to pinpoint the source of the voice.

            BROGAN: Who’s there?

            The voice laughs softly.

            VOICE (O/S): Brave naive warrior, completely unaware of the magnitude he has involved himself in.

            BROGAN silences now.

            SUSPIRIA: (calling) Who are you?

            VOICE (O/S): I will not be the third of my siblings to die. Though you have tracked me to my lair, you shall not find yourself in danger here.

            The Syndicate tense on this, knowing the VOICE to pertain to that of a Titan, but MELODY hangs on one of the words.

            MELODY: The third? We haven’t killed two of you, yet.

            VOICE (O/S): Bold Slayer, it was not you who killed the first – it was the three undertakers of my world that did. They begun the cleansing of this world’s doubt and sadness, it is what has brought you here and instigated the wrath of my brethren.

            BROGAN: Xak?

            VOICE (O/S): Along with his lover and their child.

            IDINA steps up and looks around the room.

            IDINA: And instead of facing them and confronting them with honour, you cower here in hiding?

            Suddenly a darkness begins to form amongst the treasures. The form takes that of a tall old woman, with long flowing white hair. She is a TITAN. She eyes the Syndicate with an intent frown.

            TITAN: (calm) Echidna, you stand here and insult me with hypocrisy. Have you not discarded your own world too?

            IDINA softens as she recognises the voice and its soft tone.

            IDINA: Phoebe?

            The TITAN/PHOEBE nods. HELEN moves up to IDINA and stands by her as PHOEBE looks down with a sad expression, resting her hands lovingly on a statue.

            HELEN: Why are you down here and not on the surface with the others?

            PHOEBE: My brother and sisters seek to ruin the world for its insolence against us but I do not. This world was always good to us. It was our children that were not.

            PARKER: They banished you to here?

            PHOEBE: I am the protector of our old possessions, so it is not the worst of punishments. I can nurture all that has been precious to us and the corridors of the Old Ones were where we came to being. It is peculiar but it comforts me as if it were home.

            ELISE: You said Xak, Charlie and Sin killed one of your siblings, are they down here?

            PHOEBE: They were, now they are not. They are already in the hold of the High Judge further ahead in this labyrinth. Two of my siblings are also stationed amongst these corridors.

            BROGAN: What do they want?

            PHOEBE: What they want they already have. They have Persephone and the mortal man Dante Turnpike in their hold. They’re torturing them for information on the new age.

            IDINA widens her eyes, panicking.

            IDINA: We have to find them.

            PHOEBE: You shall but my brother and sister will not pardon you as I have. They will be difficult to confront but they have surrounded themselves by their very weakness, foolishly thinking that they are safe from threat.

            BROGAN: Why are you helping us?

            PHOEBE turns to BROGAN and smiles softly.

            PHOEBE: Hyperion did not treat you with such kindness, I presume? Do not let his actions tar us all with the same brush.

            MELODY: With all due respects, he’s not the only one who wants us all dead.

            PHOEBE: I understand. Our race and everyone descended from it has only ever sought to save our world and all its many beauties. I know the beings you have all faced have been monstrous in their treatment of you all but that is only because they’re fighting the inevitable.

            She walks towards them all now.

            PHOEBE: We are all dead. The plans set into motion by the High Judge are not ours to stop. You are all stronger than we are, this world is too foreign for us to successfully rule. I for one, will not stand in the way of this world’s fate.

            She looks around the room.

            PHOEBE: Not when there are too many beautiful memories to comfort myself with.

            BROGAN looks at her doomed acceptance

            BROGAN: You’re letting this happen?

            PHOEBE: Because of you we have escaped from eternal damnation under the capture of the Olympians. My siblings may see that as an opportunity to attempt to take control, but I see it as a way of finally bidding this world farewell.

            She approaches him and reaches out to hold his hand. The others look on edge at this but he doesn’t. He takes her hands and she squeezes his tightly.

            PHOEBE: You will not find kindness and forgiveness from my brothers and sisters. They stalk the earth above which now lies wholly unprotected. You must act quickly in order to stop them from destroying this world’s energy. Two of them now, you must face as you are, for they are what stand in the way to your friends and the answers you seek. Remember that their weakness is amongst them.

            She looks at them all and breaks away from BROGAN, moving slowly backwards.

            BROGAN: What will happen? If we do beat back the Titans?

            PHOEBE smiles at him.

            PHOEBE: Now that, not even I can tell...

            With this, PHOEBE places a hand on her heart and energy burns from her hands to the very core of her being. BROGAN and the others step back now as PHOEBE’S eyes close and she tilts her head to the roof of the room with a smile on her face. In an instant, she burns herself to nothing and like her brother, HYPERION, what once was an ancient first, now implodes into a void of nothing.

            The Syndicate all stand for a moment and look at the spot where PHOEBE’S suicide occurred in shock. They are soon distracted as they notice that the objects all over the room begin to fade, as if they had never existed. Before long the Syndicate find themselves situated in nothing but an empty dark cave.

            MELODY feels a sensation in her hands, causing her to look down at them. The journal she is holding, the journal of PHINEAS, now disappears as if she had held nothing at all.

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON – UNKNOWN

              The camera pans around the room that PHOEBE once occupied, looking at it with indifference. While BROGAN and a larger group of the Syndicate discuss the missing journal, a few have separated off. The camera moves to IDINA and PARKER who are sat together on the floor, by one of the corners of the room. PARKER shakes his head.

              PARKER: I thought you were just being ignorant when you wanted to ignore all this, now I see why you did.

              He looks at her.

              PARKER: You don’t want to end up like Phoebe.

              She frowns, looking down.

              IDINA: I just don’t want us to presume that we’re better than a mythology itself. It will be the undoing of this world.

              She looks away.

              IDINA: Being in charge of such power, it never leads to anything good. The Syndicate do not see that because they do not advance higher than their station – it’s what makes them such great warriors of this world. The others however...

              She looks back at him.

              IDINA: I fear that this world will change into something quite monstrous, Parker. The remnants of our old world are fading at an alarming rate – our constellations, our creatures and now our possessions.

              He grabs her hands.

              PARKER: We can belong in the new world, Idina. When I said I understand your reluctance to help it’s because I saw in Phoebe something that you think is in you too, but it isn’t! It’s not even close to being a part of you. What is happening to the Titans, does not deserve to happen to you. You’re nothing like them.

              IDINA: That does not mean to say that it will not. When all our world begins to fade, do you think I will be spared, or you? The new world holds no place for us. The life we’ve been building for ourselves these past three years was only possible because the greatest power from our world had returned and cursed the world with dumb confusion. That’s my happy ending, Parker: confusion and doubt.

              PARKER: What are you saying? That we’re not even worth fighting for?

              IDINA: We’re terminal, Parker. Our time is running out, not expanding with opportunity. What we’re doing is not fighting for an opportunity to be happy, it’s to ensure that everything we have ever done is worth it for our friends.

              He looks down, sad at this.

              IDINA: Do not be sad, old King, you gave a goddess a heart. Surely that must account for something?

              PARKER goes to reply but he can’t seem to speak the words. IDINA pauses and leans in kissing him passionately. She breaks away and rests her head against his.

              IDINA: (softly) All I have ever wanted was to be with you, but as this world gets clearer every second, I fear my longing fate to be happy is one that shall be wholly unfulfilled.

              Then, spurred by PHOEBE’S acceptance, she kisses him lightly on the cheek – a morbid goodbye to her love. She stands and moves to re-join the others. PARKER watches her leave, taking his happily ever after with her.

              The camera moves to ELISE and URSULA who are stood nearby. ELISE is showing URSULA something in the palm of her hand, though her hands are both empty.

              ELISE: You just have to focus the energy to the bottom of your fingers, not the palm.

              URSULA: (intrigued) Why’s that?

              ELISE: Suspiria taught me that the energy is most fresh there, before it has had a chance to concentrate to the palm.

              URSULA: How interesting.

              ELISE: When the energy is most fresh, that’s when its connection to the ether is at its greatest.

              URSULA smiles and looks at ELISE now.

              URSULA: You’ve really learnt a lot from your time with her, haven’t you?

              ELISE: The power alone is something that I never thought I could possibly achieve and I can never thank her for teaching me those things but... I feel different now.

              URSULA: It’s understandable; you’ve been away a long time.

              ELISE: I am more powerful, which is what I want but I don’t want it to take any part of me away. I don’t want Ea, or Trafford or even Gabe to look at me differently.

              URSULA: Everyone will always just see you for you, Elise: the strongest part of the Syndicate.

              ELISE: That’s how Gabe feels too.

              URSULA: He’s very wise, foolish at times, but his love for you has not faltered.

              ELISE: He’s a good man, thank you for looking after him.

              URSULA: He’s a part of you Elise and I will always strive to protect any part of you.

              ELISE smiles and then hugs her tightly. URSULA holds her.

              ELISE: I know I may seem a lot more powerful, but I’m still just me.

              The camera moves away from them now to CHERRY who is watching them nearby. She smiles seeing their reunion. She turns and looks to DECLAN who is with the other members of the group talking about the next move. MELODY approaches her.

              MELODY: You ok padawan?

              CHERRY smiles.

              CHERRY: Yeah I’m doing as fine as I can.

              MELODY: You know this thing will work out. If we can get into the Underworld and back, then we can certainly take down a few old boots like the Titans.

              CHERRY: It’s not that.

              MELODY: What is it?

              CHERRY: It’s stupid, and really selfish.

              MELODY looks at her, seriously.

              MELODY: Hey, you’re one of the greatest women I’ve fought with – you’re not capable of being selfish.

              CHERRY: Even when it’s about Sin, the woman we’re trying to save.

              MELODY: What about her?

              CHERRY: I’ve never even met her and I’ve never been so scared of meeting someone in my life.

              MELODY: Five years ago I could understand that, but now? She’s a good woman now.

              CHERRY: Because of Declan. Every I step we take is a step closer to saving the world and to me losing him to her.

              MELODY: You don’t know that. Doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this?

              CHERRY: I guess, but why should I be feeling anything about him at all, it’s just sex.

              MELODY: Sweetie, it’s never just sex when you do the things we do. Look at Brogan and I – one kiss and bam.

              CHERRY: Great, that’s really comforting, thanks Mel.

              MELODY laughs and she puts an arm around CHERRY.

              MELODY: I’m just saying, I don’t think you’re scared of Sin. I think you’re scared he’s going to choose you.

              CHERRY considers this.

              MELODY: And now I have blown your mind, come on... we have a war to fight.

              With this, she ushers CHERRY over to the others in the group where LEIGH is discussing something in detail with BROGAN.

              LEIGH: I’m just saying, I don’t think we should leave the world unprotected. There may be two Titans down here somewhere but that means there’s seven up on the surface.

              BROGAN: We can’t go back now, we’re too close. We took a risk coming down here and it’s paying off.

              TRAFFORD: Besides, the world was fine before we left.

              LEIGH: That was before we knew that three Titans have already been taken down. If there’s anything I’ve learnt about the big bad being a team, it’s that the others get pretty pissed if they lose one of their own.

              BROGAN: We can’t defend the world without the help of the people who are trapped down here. We need them, they’re the key to all of this. They always have been.

              LEIGH folds her arms.

              LEIGH: I guess... but if we get back to the surface and the world has ended while we play Journey to the Centre of the Earth, then I’m kicking your ass Ea Brogan.

              DECLAN laughs and then she moves towards an entrance to another corridor at the back of the room. She turns back to them.

              LEIGH: Are we ready then?

              SUSPIRIA looks at BROGAN.

              SUSPIRIA: She’s very assertive.

              BROGAN: This is her on a good day, trust me.

              He turns back to the group who have now fully formed.

              BROGAN: Be on look out everyone, you heard Phoebe – we won’t be expecting a warm welcome from the rest of them.

              The Syndicate nod, accepting this. They move after him and LEIGH as they move through to another corridor.

              CUT TO –

              We now see a montage of the group moving through the labyrinth of tunnels. URSULA assists once again with large balls of orb light summoned to illuminate their way. BROGAN stands at the bottom of a large boulder in their way, helping the group over.

              CUT TO –

              IDINA trips over what looks to be a hole in the ground but DECLAN and HELEN are quick to catch her, helping her up.

              CUT TO –

              CHERRY and URSULA carefully navigate a thin corridor, watching carefully for the deathly stalactites that lurk above.

              CUT TO –

              MELODY and PARKER push aside a rock, allowing a clearer path through the corridor. He stops for a moment to catch his breath and MELODY helps him to his feet to move further.

              CUT TO –

              SUSPIRIA and ELISE are heading the front of the group now. They move cautiously as they come to a fork in the road. They go on their instinct and travel down the left path.

              CUT TO –

              The gang move as a single unit down the left path and they approach a large cavern, the sound of a sinister cackle lies beyond the entrance. BROGAN looks back at the group and nods as they move closer to the entrance.

              CUT TO – UNKNOWN

              The camera pans around the cavern as a dark tall greying woman, a TITAN, swirls around the air, circling a woman tied with dark chains to a stone slab. The TITAN cackles as we see that the woman is none other than the almost dead body of SEPHY. She has had her hair erratically cut, her skin deeply lacerated and her face almost unrecognisably beaten. She is clothed in nothing but rags of her funeral outfit. She looks lifeless, barely breathing. The TITAN laughs again, swirls in the air and then lands on top of SEPHY and looks at her with mad dark eyes.

              TITAN: Ah my dear Persephone, look at you now...

              SEPHY tilts her head up to look at the TITAN.

              SEPHY: (weak) Theia... please...

              The TITAN/THEIA, laughs at her and spits in her face.

              THEIA: (shouting) Please?! I will never relent until you or the former immortal tell all about the new world.

              SEPHY shakes her head.

              SEPHY: You don’t understand - there is nothing you or your race can do to avoid the inevitable. This world is long due for change and you will not belong!

              THEIA backhands her across the face, breaking her cheekbone.

              THEIA: Your insolence will not ensure your survival for much longer, Persephone. You are the undoing of this world and it is because of your daughter that any remnant of what we created has now been sullied!

              She holds her hand out and a rock is pulled from across the room, summoned by THEIA’S grasp of the earth. She hovers it above SEPHY who looks at it with fearful eyes.

              THEIA: I hope my brother has more luck with his mortal than we have with our own...

              She goes to drop the boulder on SEPHY who closes her eyes. A mystical sound is heard across the room and some form of energy is fired. Then the boulder explodes and THEIA is blast off of SEPHY, soaring across the cavern. The remnants of the boulder shatter and cover SEPHY in dust. She looks to her side, at the source of the shot, and her eyes widen. A smile broadens across her face for the first time in three years. The camera rotates to show the Syndicate stood, armed and facing them both. SUSPIRIA is stood at the front with her arm extended towards them both.

              SUSPIRIA: (to THEIA) I believe you have something that belongs to us.

              SEPHY smiles at her.

              SEPHY: (softly) Suspiria...

              SUSPIRIA smiles at her and then the dreadful cackle of THEIA fills the room and she rises again, floating towards them both.

              THEIA: I see my sister’s softness finally got the better of her. More fool her.

              SUSPIRIA: (shouting to the Syndicate) She’s insane, be careful!

              THEIA laughs.

              THEIA: We’re all slightly different from when we left - the wealth of knowledge and power we draw on is overwhelming. Being on the throne of an empire at this age will certainly be a revolution.

              BROGAN: Pity you won’t get to find out.

              THEIA: Do you honestly feel that felling three of us extinguishes our power. You have no comprehension of what is to come. We are stationed at the power sources of every one of the world’s factions and all the ones to come.

              MELODY: Is that why they have you playing Prison Break with our Sephy here?

              THEIA: That is a contemporary cultural reference that has no meaning to me. We all have our roles in this final act of war, Slayer. Your self-proclaimed destiny to protect those we hold captive and to assist those who seek to end our ways will sorely be cut short.

              She smiles at the Syndicate.

              THEIA: Enjoy your final moments of clarity, Syndicate. Your sanity will now crumble.

              She extends her hands now and the cavern begins to shake as she masters every part of the earth around her. The Syndicate struggle to maintain their balance as they stumble and hold on to one another for stability. THEIA laughs and the stalactites begin to fall from the ceiling. The Syndicate separate, dodging the blasts. URSULA raises her hands to the roof of the ceiling, protecting them all with her magic.

              URSULA: (to herself) Bottom of the fingers... bottom of the fingers...

              THEIA eyes URSULA with rage and charges towards her. BROGAN, HELEN and SUSPIRIA all hurry forward now and tackle the Titan to the ground. MELODY and IDINA now hurry towards SEPHY and begin to untangle her chains. IDINA looks at her lovingly.

              IDINA: Persephone...

              SEPHY: My dear...

              She looks at THEIA who is recovering quickly from the blow of the three Syndicate members. She looks back to MELODY and IDINA.

              SEPHY: You must be careful of her, she’s turned psychotic.

              MELODY: Don’t worry Seph, looks like this world is affecting all the Titans in different ways.

              SEPHY: You’ve faced them?!

              IDINA: Two. Both Hyperion and Phoebe are dead.

              MELODY: Apparently Xak took care of another, but we haven’t found him yet.

              SEPHY sighs, relieved.

              SEPHY: So they are alive, thank goodness. What of Dante?

              MELODY: Look let’s just get these chains off you and take care of that extra from The Exorcist and then we’ll have the big dramatic catch up.

              SEPHY nods, in agreement. Both her and IDINA pull as hard as they can. IDINA looks to MELODY.

              IDINA: Theia has bound her too strong.

              MELODY looks at the others.

              MELODY: Gonna need some help here!


              URSULA: (shouting) Help the others!

              TRAFFORD nods and looks to GABE and DECLAN.

              TRAFFORD: Help free Sephy...

              He turns to his sister, PARKER, CHERRY and LEIGH.

              TRAFFORD: Come on, let’s put her back in the earth...

              ELISE: I’m not leaving her.

              She gestures to URSULA who clearly looks to be struggling under the weight of the barrier keeping the stalactites out. TRAFFORD nods.

              TRAFFORD: (to the others) Let’s move it!

              With this, ELISE hurries to URSULA side and lifts her hands to her mother’s and instantly begins to help balance the magic. URSULA looks immediately relieved and she smiles at her daughter. GABE and DECLAN move to MELODY and IDINA while the others join BROGAN, HELEN and SUSPIRIA who have now all surrounded THEIA. She hovers in the air in the middle of them all, each of them holding on to their weapons, poised at the Titan.

              THEIA: You foolish mortals, with your pointless tools of war poised at me. I am the deity of all the earth’s origins and you dare point them at me as if you are even worthy of my presence?

              BROGAN: I’m getting a bit sick and tired of you and yours thinking that you’re above life, death and evolution. When it comes down to it, you’re just meat and bone...

              THEIA sniggers.

              THEIA: You shall be the first of them to die. Goodbye Syndicate.

              She then lunges at BROGAN but HELEN dives forward with a knife outstretched. THEIA knocks her to the side but not before HELEN has the chance to slash her deeply in the back. THEIA grumbles in annoyance as PARKER then hurries to punch her rapidly around the face. THEIA allows a few blows before holding his head with her hands and squeezing tightly. He shouts out in pain and TRAFFORD moves to help him but THEIA kicks him away and then PARKER too.

              Spurred with anger, LEIGH grabs her battle mace and throws it at THEIA, embedding it into her leg. THEIA roars and removes it from her limb, mumbling to herself. She throws it back at LEIGH who narrowly misses the move by dropping to the floor. CHERRY rushes forward now in LEIGH’S defence. She hits THEIA and then spin kicks her away. CHERRY’S strength is great enough to just push THEIA back as she cackles insanely. BROGAN hurries to help and the two of them trade synchronised blows with THEIA as the others regroup.

              The camera cuts to GABE and DECLAN who have now joined MELODY and IDINA in helping free SEPHY.

              DECLAN: God, what are they bound with?

              GABE: They’re too tight.

              MELODY: We can do it. On three.

              They all nod.

              MELODY: One, two...

              The camera cuts away again to ELISE and URSULA. URSULA begins to buckle under the power. The threat of the stalactites looms closer.

              URSULA: I can’t hold it.

              ELISE looks at her, concerned and then looks to the battle. She looks up and then to her mother.

              ELISE: Do you think you could draw the ether from Theia? Are you strong enough?

              URSULA: I think so.

              ELISE: Then on my command, be ready.

              URSULA nods.

              The camera cuts back to the fight as THEIA slams TRAFFORD and CHERRY with a bolt of weak erratic dark energy. They fall backwards, diving into HELEN and PARKER who are both knocked down as they move to face THEIA. BROGAN grabs a sword on the floor and moves to swipe it at THEIA repeatedly, though she fluidly dodges every swipe. He lunges the sword towards her with urgent force, but she grabs the blade without fear and spins it towards him, driving it deep into his arm and pinning him to the ground. He cries out in pain as THEIA moves closer to him, cackling.

              THEIA: As you can see, I was not incorrect when I said you would be the first to die.

              She moves to deliver the fatal blow with her dark magic, when a pure wisp of energy knocks her to the floor. Surprised and outraged, she looks up from the floor to see SUSPIRIA stood protectively in front of BROGAN and the others.

              SUSPIRIA: Perhaps you should exercise your powers on someone of the ether.

              PARKER, HELEN and CHERRY hurry to help BROGAN who is in deep pain, while TRAFFORD lies dazed on the floor. LEIGH rushes to his side to aid him with a medical kit in her hand.

              THEIA: (to SUSPIRIA) We may have been born from the same powers, but we are not sisters.

              THEIA blasts SUSPIRIA with heavily concentrated dark energy and SUSPIRIA holds her hands up as a shield. Her pure foreign energy struggles to compete against the blast, but she holds her own. She moves slightly backwards but she tries to anchor her feet into the earth.

              The camera cuts back to MELODY, IDINA, GABE and DECLAN now who all at the same time have pulled the chains to break their hold on SEPHY. With a small creak, the chains then break, freeing the goddess. SEPHY jumps up with exuberant unfounded energy.

              SEPHY: (shouting) Suspiria! Let the barrier falter!

              SUSPIRIA listens to SEPHY and then falls to the floor, letting THEIA’S energy surge over her. SEPHY rushes forward, summoning from within her, all the power of the ether. She bursts with energy and shoots it at THEIA. THEIA’S eyes widen as her energy wilts against SEPHY’S. With an alarmed cry, THEIA hits back into the wall. The camera cuts back to ELISE who looks at URSULA.

              ELISE: Now!

              With this, URSULA releases her grip on the barrier and concentrates her energy on THEIA. The Titan gasps for breath as her grip on the ether is slowly drawn to the surface. THEIA is rendered mortal by the power. URSULA grits her teeth in pain. ELISE wastes no time. She holds both hands up, keeping the stalactites under her control. She pulls them closer to her until they all form one great combined ball of stone. With a battle cry, she turns the ball of stalactites on THEIA and sends them blasting towards her. THEIA looks at the ball of energy and cries out, weak. The stalactite ball hits her, silencing her insane voice for the last time.

              The group all look at the spot where the stalactites lie, on top of THEIA’S body. Then, as with HYPERION, there is a brief small explosion followed swiftly by an echoing implosion. Everyone shields their eyes as the implosion shakes the cavern, triggering an earthquake. URSULA collapses to the floor, ELISE moves to help her. SEPHY looks around at everyone.

              SEPHY: (shouting) The cavern is coming down! Hurry!

              With this, she grabs GABE and DECLAN and rushes to the exit. SUSPIRIA grabs LEIGH and the now rousing TRAFFORD and hurries to the location also. Once helping TRAFFORD and LEIGH through, she stands by the exit, ready to help the others leave through the small escape route. MELODY and IDINA follow but ELISE looks at them desperately, gesturing at the unconscious URSULA.

              ELISE: Help me!

              MELODY and IDINA turn to look at her. Meanwhile, PARKER, HELEN and CHERRY look to be struggling to free BROGAN from the sword, pinned to the cavern floor through his arm. MELODY turns to look at him, longing to help. IDINA notices.

              IDINA: Help your husband, I’ll help them.

              MELODY nods and smiles at her, thankful. MELODY hurries to help BROGAN. She looks at the sword.

              MELODY: You idiot.

              He smirks.

              BROGAN: Another time, darling.

              With all their combined power, they free BROGAN and he grunts in deep pain. MELODY jumps up and puts BROGAN’S arm around her, helping him to the exit. HELEN and CHERRY grab one another and jump to their feet, rushing with urgency to safety as the ceiling begins to fall. PARKER stands too and looks back at ELISE and IDINA who are helping URSULA to her feet. They move quickly towards the exit.

              PARKER: (shouting to them) Hurry!

              Suddenly a large piece of the ceiling falls down on top of them. IDINA looks up, seeing it and pushes ELISE and URSULA ahead of her, letting the large piece of stone fall on to her. She cries out in pain as she lies trapped underneath. ELISE looks behind to her, with a worried expression. PARKER’S expression falls and a sense of dread washes over him.

              IDINA: (shouting to her) Elise, go! Save your mother!

              PARKER rushes back to his wife as ELISE reluctantly moves to the exit where everyone has made it out safely. SUSPIRIA helps them through and then she looks back at IDINA and PARKER with a deeply saddened expression.

              SUSPIRIA: (shouting) Parker!

              PARKER moves to the rock trapping IDINA and moves to pull it off her. He pulls with all his strength but nothing happens. He tries again and then falls to the floor as the cavern begins to disintegrate around them. Tears begin to stream from his eyes as he realises that he cannot save her. PARKER looks at her desperately and she looks at him with a small smile on her face.

              IDINA: (softly) It’s ok... go...

              PARKER shakes his head.

              PARKER: (whispering) No.

              IDINA looks at him, confused.

              PARKER: (defiantly) It accounts for everything.

              IDINA: What does?

              PARKER: Giving a goddess a heart – it accounts for everything.

              She sobs and looks at him.

              IDINA: Kiss me, my King.

              He closes his eyes, leans down and kisses her, passionately. They embrace each other one final time as the rest of the cavern finally falls in around them burying them alive. SUSPIRIA’S gaze on them widens and she gasps, grabbing her mouth in shock.

              SUSPIRIA: (shouting) No!

              SUSPIRIA is pulled through the exit by SEPHY as the earthquake finally seals the cavern, separating the surviving members of the Syndicate from the eternal tomb of two doomed lovers forever.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX


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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON – UNKNOWN

                The Syndicate plus the goddesses SUSPIRIA and SEPHY are all sat at various points in a dark wet tunnel, past the sealed entranceway into the cavern where THEIA had just died and so had IDINA and PARKER. The only member not present is LEIGH.

                HELEN wraps her arms around her waist, crying and truly devastated that a good part of the world she once originated from has now gone forever. TRAFFORD approaches her. He just looks at her with a sad expression and shakes his head. He puts his arms around her and holds her tightly. She rests her head on his chest and silently sobs, clutching on to him.

                The camera moves away to BROGAN who is sat on the floor staring ahead, numb. To his left sits ELISE who is silently healing his arm. It is painful for him but he shows no signs of feeling it.

                MELODY walks past them and continues past TRAFFORD and HELEN to URSULA who is stood leaning against the wall of the tunnel, breathing heavily – trying to calm her erratic rhythm. MELODY smiles softly at the exhausted woman and puts a hand on her back, trying to soothe her.

                MELODY: Are you ok?

                URSULA: I think I will. It took all my strength drawing the ether from Theia. It took everything I had... and it still wasn’t enough to save us all.

                She looks at MELODY now, with tear streamed eyes.

                URSULA: I’m old, Melody. It should have been me.

                MELODY shakes her head.

                MELODY: You may have years on us Ursula, but that does make your life less valuable.

                URSULA: They were good people, trying to make a life for themselves in this horrid world. It shouldn’t have been them.

                MELODY wipes away a tear from her eye, trying to be strong for URSULA.

                MELODY: (choked, quietly) I know...

                CUT TO –

                Further down the tunnel, CHERRY has isolated herself from the group. DECLAN approaches her as she cries silently into her hands. He looks at her with a serious and concerned expression.

                DECLAN: (quietly) You ok?

                She looks at him.

                CHERRY: No, I think I’m the least ok ever actually Declan.

                DECLAN: Ok.

                She shakes her head, incredulous.

                CHERRY: How can you continue to be so casual about all of this? As if our friends dying means nothing to you.

                DECLAN: Of course it does, I’m just not good with saying how I feel. I guess it’s something that never really developed well in me. I’m trying, I am.

                CHERRY: Only because you know that all this is for your damn girlfriend who is somewhere in these tunnels.

                DECLAN: (looking down) She’s not my girlfriend.

                CHERRY: Oh really?

                DECLAN looks at CHERRY now, his hands nervously placed in his pockets.

                DECLAN: Did it occur to you that I might be falling in love with someone who is just as infuriating as she is?

                CHERRY looks at him now, not expecting this.

                CHERRY: You don’t love me.

                DECLAN: Only because you won’t let me.

                CHERRY looks away at this.

                DECLAN: You know those damn chasms were the best thing that ever happened to me, because they brought me to you. I loved Sin, I did and she’ll always be special to me. But I think the reason I met her was so that she could show me what my life could have, to show me how to find you...

                She looks up at him, beat. He clears his throat.

                DECLAN: I’m sorry. That was completely inappropriate. Declaring my love for someone when we just lost two of our friends. See I told you that I’m not so good with...

                CHERRY moves forward now and hugs him tightly, forcing him to stop talking. He smiles and hugs her.

                CHERRY: I’m sorry too.

                They stand there quietly for a moment and then she breaks away and looks up at him. He leans in and kisses her and she allows him to mean it.

                CUT TO –

                SEPHY is sat at the side of the tunnel with SUSPIRIA. She is clearly upset at the loss of one of her own family.

                SEPHY: I remember when I first introduced The Kalipso Syndicate to Echidna. They absolutely despised her - she wasn’t well liked at the best of times. They changed her into the best possible version she could be.

                SUSPIRIA nods.

                SUSPIRIA: I know.

                SEPHY: And Parker, what a brave man.

                SUSPIRIA: I think you understand more than anyone how unconditional and unwitting a mortal man’s love can be for a goddess.

                SEPHY nods and looks down, frowning.

                SEPHY: Yes, I certainly do.

                BROGAN and ELISE now move forward to SUSPIRIA and SEPHY. MELODY and URSULA join the group too. BROGAN looks to SEPHY.

                BROGAN: Do you remember anything?

                SEPHY: No, not well. This place has a peculiar effect on the consciousness of time and memory. It’s disillusioning to even those of the ether. How long have I been down here?

                MELODY: Three years, our time.

                SEPHY looks at her, surprised.

                SEPHY: It feels like only a few weeks. What do you know?

                BROGAN: The chasm you fell into was created by the Titans along with eleven others to give them access to the world once again.

                SEPHY: Of course they were freed by the death of the Olympians.

                MELODY: Leigh managed to escape. She landed on a ledge halfway down and the Sirens saved her. Then we all waited for three years.

                SEPHY: Why?

                SUSPIRIA: We believe that the Titan’s influence on the world has drained it of its logic, due to their vast need for knowledge of how the world now works. It caused a haze of confusion and doubt, making it impossible for the Syndicate to act.

                SEPHY: Then what changed? Why did you act?

                SUSPIRIA: We did not know it at the time but Phoebe told us that Xak, Charlie and Sin had passed through these tunnels and that they had faced one of the Titans and defeated him.

                SEPHY nods, understanding.

                SEPHY: Which alleviated this world of its confusing haze just enough to allow you to act on your suspicions and doubt. It all makes sense.

                She stands now with SUSPIRIA’S help and looks at them all.

                SEPHY: The Titans are truly dark and archaic beings. It is not surprising that the world is in turmoil, it was not meant for such oldness to reappear. From what I know, four Titans have now been felled and killing them has certainly lightened the shadows and illuminated some truth. However, there is still a long way to go and they will not be weakened by the deaths of one another – they are just as strong alone as they are together. We must free Dante.

                BROGAN: Do you know where he is?

                SEPHY: No, but they are most curious about him, I know that.

                URSULA: Why would they?

                SEPHY: Dante’s love for Lance is what led to the resurrection of the Old One, Calen. It is Calen that they fear but I do not know why. He must know something and they believe Dante to know it. It is the only reason they have kept him alive.

                BROGAN: How can we find him?

                LEIGH (O/S): Uh guys...

                BROGAN looks back now to see LEIGH hurrying towards them. She looks concerned.

                LEIGH: Looks like we’ve come to the end of the line.

                BROGAN: What do you mean?

                LEIGH: The tunnel, it leads to a river.

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN
                RIVER BANK – INT. CHASM – UNKNOWN

                Led by LEIGH, the group find themselves at the bank of a large river. TRAFFORD looks at it confused.

                TRAFFORD: What the hell is a river doing miles below the earth’s surface?

                SEPHY: It’s not uncommon to find underwater sources of water but this is wrong.

                BROGAN: What is it?

                SEPHY looks around her and points to the ceiling where the water is pouring from various holes to fill the river.

                SEPHY: Look, those holes there. They are artificially made in order to give this water its body. This is not a natural river.

                MELODY: Why would someone make a fake river?

                SEPHY: I am not sure but I feel if we follow this water to its estuary, we shall discover why this water has been sourced.

                LEIGH kneels down by the river now and dips her hand into it. She cautiously tastes some of it and recoils. She looks back at them

                LEIGH: It’s salt water.

                HELEN looks at her, curious.

                HELEN: Perhaps it’s come from the chasm under the Atlantic Ocean.

                DECLAN: Why?

                SEPHY: I fear I might know - we must follow the current.

                BROGAN nods.

                BROGAN: Ok, let’s follow this river. If anything it’ll give us a direction to follow. That’s pretty much all we have to go on right now.

                The others nod and all begin moving down the river. BROGAN hangs behind and watches as his beaten and tired army all walk away from him. SUSPIRIA looks back and notices him lingering, not moving.

                SUSPIRIA: Ea?

                He doesn’t look at her – his eyes stay focused on the group. His group. SUSPIRIA moves towards him.

                BROGAN: When we first came here, we were so scared of what this world would do to us. It only made us stronger.

                SUSPIRIA: It was very brave of you to follow. I had a hand in spurring Xak to this world just as my sister did with you.

                BROGAN: Is this our fate then, to die here?

                SUSPIRIA: To prosper here, Ea. That is what all your fighting has been for.

                BROGAN: We have lost so many. It is only myself, Ursula and the Artairs who remain from the original group; Xak, Kaia, Constance, Shelter and Smith... all gone.

                He looks at SUSPIRIA now.

                BROGAN: And now Idina and Parker are dead. It’s not fair.

                SUSPIRIA: It is war, Brogan – such is the nature. It is horrible to accept but unavoidable.

                BROGAN: I don’t care, these people are my family.

                SUSPIRIA: I understand your turmoil, I do. But you had better become accustomed to grief, for this war is far from over and you are undoubtedly fated to lose more than those you already have.

                BROGAN: (bleak) Great, so this really is all pointless. Everything I’ve done has been for nothing more than to see the ones I love die.

                SUSPIRIA: (entreatingly) No. You are the greatest mortal leader that this world and any other shall see.

                He begins moving away from her now, shaking his head. He moves towards the group.

                BROGAN: I’m not even a fraction of what you think I am.

                She looks at him desperately longing her for exaltation to sink in, but it does not. She sighs deeply and then follows him and the others.

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                Following the river to its destination, the Syndicate find themselves in a large deep underground lake, full of salt water sourced from the river. They all look at the lake, wondering. The water begins to pool into the form of a large blue tinted MAN. He walks along the water’s surface as if it were solid. The Syndicate, ushered by SEPHY are hurried behind a large boulder at the lakeside. She hushes them with a signal and eyes the man, concerned.

                ELISE: (whispering to SEPHY) What is it? Who is he?

                SEPHY: That is Oceanus, the great Titan origin of the world’s waters.

                The camera moves to show the MAN/OCEANUS walking around the lake, staring intently at something beneath the surface with a sinister glare. He is surprisingly youthful in looks as the continuous flow of new water constantly rejuvenates his appearance.

                SEPHY (O/S): He must be drawing on the power of the ocean to give him strength. It is his life-force.

                The camera moves back to the Syndicate who still continue to hide behind the rock. They look at OCEANUS who has still not realised they are in his home.

                MELODY: These Titans are something else.

                HELEN: They were the first Elder Gods to rule this world, but they were primarily stupid and dumb – they acted mostly on brute force alone.

                URSULA: Which explains a lot about why the world is in disarray, they’re draining too much from it to give themselves power. It’s turning them into beings they never have been before.

                SUSPIRIA: It would explain why Hyperion acted in such blind anger, why Phoebe was full of self-doubt and why Theia had turned insane. This world is too much for them, it is not the same one they walked on all those millennia ago.

                MELODY looks at SEPHY now.

                MELODY: What happens if they get the power that they want? What if they stabilise?

                SEPHY looks at her and shakes her head.

                SEPHY: I wish I knew.

                ELISE grabs MELODY’S hand, supportively.

                ELISE: Don’t worry, I’ve made sure we have a back up just in case that does happen.

                The group are then distracted as OCEANUS unleashes a deep gurgled laugh. They look to him, silently. He leans down and reaches deep beneath the surface. He pulls something out of the water, a person. The person coughs and splutters, gasping for breath. It is DANTE TURNPIKE – dressed in his entire funeral suit. He looks up at OCEANUS with bleary eyes.

                DANTE: (continuously coughing) You can’t hurt me.

                OCEANUS sniggers under his breath and then pulls DANTE towards him until their different faces almost meet.

                OCEANUS: Your feeble retorts are wavering. Why do you continue to resist?

                DANTE smirks.

                DANTE: Because messing with you bro, is all I have now. I have nothing else to lose.

                OCEANUS: You were once a great immortal to this world, at the helm of a great power. You controlled everything and you handed it away for the heart of a man who you could never contain.

                DANTE closes his eyes.

                DANTE: I will find him.

                OCEANUS: I could give you him, once again. You could have everything you wished for, a lifetime of established eternity.

                DANTE looks at him, curiously. The camera briefly cuts to SEPHY who shakes her head, worried for DANTE’S choice.

                SEPHY: (whispering to herself) Dante, no...

                The camera moves back to OCEANUS and DANTE who is clearly wavering.

                DANTE: You don’t have the power.

                OCEANUS: I am a Titan. I am of a great faction whose powers of life and death surpass any creature of the ether you have yet encountered. All you have to do is tell me how to undo Xakiel Thorn...

                DANTE looks at him, doubting his own mind. He goes to open his mouth to answer.

                SEPHY (O/S): (shouting) Dante! No!

                OCEANUS and DANTE turn to the source of the voice, where SEPHY is now stood. She is next to the boulder where her and the Syndicate were hidden. OCEANUS laughs, seeing her.

                OCEANUS: Persephone, you are alive. Am I to understand that my demented sister has finally been quelled?

                SEPHY: And she is not alone.

                OCEANUS: Yes, it would seem that the group you were once The Sponsor for have been busy running through the fabric of this world, undoing our work.

                He tightens his grip on DANTE and moves closer to her.

                OCEANUS: Tell me, where are your great warriors now?

                BROGAN (O/S): Right here, big guy.

                OCEANUS turns to see the Syndicate are all spread apart around the lake at various points. They have OCEANUS surrounded. In BROGAN’S hand is a crossbow. He aims it at OCEANUS and shoots. The arrow pierces his arm and the Titan cries out in pain. His grip on DANTE falters and DANTE is sent plummeting into the lake.

                MELODY pulls off her jacket and a knife falls out of the pocket, dropping to the ground. She then immediately dives into the water and so does DECLAN. They swim as fast as they can to DANTE. OCEANUS roars with anger and fires a jet of rapid water in BROGAN’S direction. HELEN rushes to his side with TRAFFORD but they are too late. He knocks into the wall and they too are rendered unconscious by the force of the stream. ELISE’S eyes widen as OCEANUS turns his attention back to MELODY and DECLAN. They are close to DANTE who is now lying face down in the lake. She extends her hands and a barrier forms in front of them, separating OCEANUS from MELODY, DECLAN and DANTE. OCEANUS roars at ELISE with fury, pounding on the barrier, weakening her.

                OCEANUS: You are from another dimension. Relinquish your right of power, now!

                ELISE glares at him and then she feels the arms of someone around her. GABE has moved to her side and holds her, anchoring her to the ground and steadying her power. She smiles at GABE and then turns back to OCEANUS.

                ELISE: Not a chance.

                SUSPIRIA looks at CHERRY and LEIGH.

                SUSPIRIA: Help Ea and the others.

                They nod and hurry around the lake, armed with remedies to assist their friends. URSULA watches from the sidelines, still evidently weak. She looks at ELISE, desperate to help. SEPHY turns to SUSPIRIA.

                SEPHY: Protect Elise.

                SUSPIRIA: I always do.

                With this, both goddesses rise into the air, hovering on the power of the ether and move to OCEANUS who is still trying to break through ELISE’S barrier. At the same time, MELODY and DECLAN reach DANTE and turn him over so he is facing up. They immediately begin swimming back to the bank, looking fearfully at OCEANUS whose power is surging.

                CHERRY and LEIGH arrive at the side of the lake where the unconscious BROGAN, TRAFFORD and HELEN lie. They both immediately begin applying remedies to their wounds, trying to revive them.

                SEPHY looks at SUSPIRIA.

                SEPHY: Separate Oceanus from the water. It is the only way to ensure his power is depleted and his link to the ether severed.

                The camera briefly cuts to URSULA who has overheard this advice. The camera now turns back to the goddesses who approach OCEANUS fast. He turns to them both.

                OCEANUS: Bother me not, goddesses. You have exhausted my patience.

                He moves to bat them away, momentarily stopping the pounding on ELISE’S barrier. SEPHY swims through the air, dodging his attack while SUSPIRIA blasts him with a bolt of sharp white energy. He recoils from the blast but then pounds his hands into the water creating a jet of water to surge upwards towards her. The jet hits SUSPIRIA from underneath, knocking her out of the air and down into the lake. SEPHY then concentrates her energy on OCEANUS. She moves towards him and punches him with all her might. He laughs, barely flinching. She kicks him and he allows it, not feeling any pain from her attack. As she moves to summon the power of the ether, he reaches out for her quickly. He grabs her arm, cutting her power off. He grabs her other arm, restraining her fully, and looks at her with a deep narrow fathomless glare.

                OCEANUS: You disclosed it yourself to your foreign sister. My power lies in the water... I am water. You cannot destroy me.

                With this he drives his head into SEPHY’S sending her flying down into the lake. She surges under the surface and then rises, barely breathing – finally defeated by THEIA’S torture and now the devastating blows from OCEANUS.

                The triumphant Titan laughs and turns his attention back to ELISE’S barrier with the goddesses now out of the fight. MELODY and DECLAN reach the shoreline and URSULA moves to help them out. MELODY slaps DANTE around the face, reviving him instantly. He looks at her and then they all turn to OCEANUS who pounds against ELISE’S barrier continuously.

                OCEANUS: Your tricks are impressive for mortals, but unfortunately as all things created by man, they shall expire.

                He brings his arms back and slams the barrier with all his might. ELISE falls backwards, losing her control of the magic, finally allowing OCEANUS freedom around the lake. She stumbles into GABE and they both fall to the ground. They look upon him with fear as he begins to move towards them.

                DECLAN hurries to ELISE and GABE’S side to help them up while MELODY moves protectively in front of DANTE. CHERRY and LEIGH look on helpless from the other side of the lake as they continue to try and bring back their unconscious team members.

                The camera turns to URSULA now who seems to be figuring something in her mind. She looks at SUSPIRIA and SEPHY who lie incapacitated in the lake. She then looks to ELISE and finally to OCEANUS.

                OCEANUS: (to the Syndicate) The water once tried to take you when Poseidon was killed. It is now time for me to accomplish what his death could not.

                The camera turns back to URSULA as she gasps.

                FLASH TO –

                A series of scenes now flash to the screen:

                The beach on Cropley Shores. The Protogenoi dying. The wave hitting the beach. URSULA’S idea to trap the water in its own barrier. The Syndicate joining hands, ready to make the sacrifice. The barrier trapping the wave. The children saved, all mourning the loss of the Syndicate.

                URSULA (V/O): We can save them – we can save the entire Syndicate, but it does mean making a sacrifice.

                FLASH TO – UNKNOWN

                Back in the underground lake, URSULA’S eyes close in acceptance, realising what must be done. She reaches down to the knife dropped by MELODY earlier and picks it up, concealing it in her sleeve. She stands and looks to OCEANUS who is now almost upon them all. She moves defiantly in front of him.

                URSULA: The water will not take them, only you and I.

                MELODY’S eyes widen and she looks at URSULA.

                MELODY: What the hell are you doing?

                ELISE looks at her mother, concerned.

                ELISE: No...

                She moves to grab URSULA’S arm but URSULA turns to ELISE and extends her arm. A barrier forms around URSULA and also OCEANUS. They are trapped together, just in the same way the Syndicate were trapped with the tidal wave.

                OCEANUS looks at URSULA enraged and grabs her. He moves closer to the middle of the lake trying to shake loose her power of the barrier. ELISE screams and reaches out for URSULA but GABE restrains her, protectively. URSULA turns back to OCEANUS whose grip on her begins to loosen. He is growing weak. He looks around confused and he begins to splutter and cough. He turns to her, enraged.

                OCEANUS: What is this power, witch?

                URSULA: Sacrifice.

                The camera pans down to show that the barrier has cut OCEANUS from his source of water. His power is degenerating fast. He looks down at his life force, which now falls from him as if he were impermeable. URSULA looks to be struggling to maintain the power of the barrier, clearly still weak from her battle with THEIA. He looks at her with his now desperate ageing eyes, unable to summon enough power to stop URSULA. He clings to her for hope. She looks at him, knowing she must act quickly, or her barrier will falter and he will be free again.

                OCEANUS: (weak) Why do you fight?

                URSULA turns back to look at the Syndicate. Her eyes focus on her son who is lying peacefully next to HELEN. She then turns to her daughter who is being embraced by GABE. ELISE looks at her mother with welling eyes. URSULA smiles at her. She then broadens her scope to the entire group – her Syndicate, the one she has watched over for decades.

                URSULA: (whispering) Because that is what a mother must do for her children.

                She turns now and looks upon the depleted, powerless OCEANUS. Using her spare hand, she pulls out the knife from her sleeve she had concealed earlier. Acting with all the energy and power she has left to summon, URSULA drives the blade deep into OCEANUS’S chest and he cries out in agony. ELISE reaches out to her, desperately longing to reach her.

                ELISE: (crying) Mom, no!

                URSULA hears ELISE’S words and smiles.

                The camera turns back to OCEANUS as life leaves him for the final time. He dies an old withered man with the blade of a mortal weapon deep in his heart. Like his siblings, OCEANUS explodes. For a moment, the explosion is contained in the barrier but as the explosion takes the life of URSULA too, the barrier falls and the explosion emits beyond the boundaries of her now expired power.

                The Syndicate all sob, inconsolable at the death of their matriarch. SUSPIRIA and SEPHY look up, roused by the heat of the explosion. BROGAN and HELEN also rouse but TRAFFORD does not. ELISE jumps up, pushing GABE off of her.

                ELISE: (with all her strength) No!

                She moves to summon all the power she can muster but then the implosion occurs, ceasing any sign of OCEANUS or URSULA’S existence. The implosion triggers a shockwave throughout the room and the water from the river begins to surge into the lake at an alarming speed.

                In an instant, the lake begins to flood. SUSPIRIA and SEPHY are swept underwater, as are MELODY, DECLAN and DANTE. GABE reaches out for ELISE but he too is pulled away. ELISE continues to stand while she can, focusing on the spot where URSULA was taken. The camera moves to BROGAN now who protectively grabs CHERRY. LEIGH moves to grab HELEN and they both help carry the still obliviously unconscious TRAFFORD. The Syndicate all disappear under the depths of the water, while ELISE continues to remain above the surface. She looks at the spot helplessly unaware of what she can do. She gasps for breath, crying and then the water hits her with such force, that she is swept under the surface with the others.

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                In the depths of the lake, the Syndicate are all pulled into a deep tunnel by the force of the water’s current, which acts a plug to the lake. They all unwittingly embrace one another as they are pulled into the flooded tunnel. The tunnel turns and the Syndicate hit the walls of the area, struggling to breathe. They try to fight against the current but then BROGAN notices a large hole in the tunnel up ahead leading to air and safety. He gestures to it and they all notice. He hurries to swim to it. He grabs a hold of the edge of the hole and pulls his head up, gasping for breath.

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN
                DEEP CAVE – INT.CHASM – UNKNOWN

                BROGAN climbs out of the hole into a dark empty cave, fighting against the current of the water below him. Once safe on the ground, he then reaches into the water to pull the others to safety. First to arrive are MELODY and CHERRY who are then followed by SUSPIRIA, GABE, DECLAN, SEPHY and DANTE. ELISE is next, who aids BROGAN in pulling out HELEN, LEIGH and finally TRAFFORD. He is now very much awake. He splutters to catch his breath and the camera focuses on him as he struggles to retain a sense of reality. He looks up to HELEN who is near to him with bleary eyes.

                TRAFFORD: What the hell happened?

                He notices HELEN’S eyes are wet with tears as well as the water from the flood.

                HELEN: (softly) Trafford I’m so sorry...

                TRAFFORD looks around the room, accounting for everyone’s presence. He finally looks at his sister who is searching the ground for answers on the cold ground of the cave they are now in. His eyes look at the water surging in the tunnel below him and then he looks up to BROGAN who too is deeply devastated by what has just happened.

                TRAFFORD: Dude... where’s my mom?

                BROGAN slowly looks up to him and shakes his head slowly. TRAFFORD gasps for breath and clutches his head, gritting his teeth in emotional agony. The others watch him and ELISE, destroyed.

                TRAFFORD: (shouting) No!

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                TRAFFORD’S shouts of protest echo into the next scene as the camera shows the location where URSULA LAKE’S selfless sacrifice occurred. Now, there is no sign that she was there at all.

                All that can be seen is water. The void that it has filled, too impossible to imagine

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


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                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON – UNKNOWN
                  DEEP CAVE – INT.CHASM – UNKNOWN

                  The camera focuses on the cold stone wall of the deep cave that the Syndicate now find themselves in. In the background, the hole leading to the flooded tunnels can be seen. The water is running shallow now as the waters of the world begin to seemingly stabilise.

                  Suddenly, SUSPIRIA is thrown against a wall, pinned there by ELISE. No one stops her. ELISE glares at SUSPIRIA, infuriated.

                  ELISE: (seething) Bring her back...

                  SUSPIRIA shakes her head, saddened. Even though she could overpower ELISE, she does not.

                  SUSPIRIA: I cannot.

                  ELISE: Then show me how to turn back time or find a way to save her! Please!

                  SUSPIRIA continues to shake her head and look down.

                  SUSPIRIA: The rights of life and death are not mine to abuse in another world, Elise. I would be little afforded the right in my own.

                  ELISE breathes heavily and looks at her, incredulous.

                  ELISE: You can’t just let her die.

                  SUSPIRIA pauses.

                  SUSPIRIA: (softly) She’s already gone.

                  ELISE relinquishes her grip on SUSPIRIA now and looks at her with tired mourning eyes.

                  ELISE: (angry) I hate my powers. What good are they to me when they don’t benefit the safety of those I love the most?

                  SUSPIRIA looks at her, longing.

                  ELISE: (shouting) What good are they if they allow me to hear, only to comprehend the sounds of my mother dying!

                  At this, TRAFFORD approaches her and puts his arm around her. She sobs, uncontrollably and he clings on to his sister with all his strength, controlling her grief by sharing the burden. They fall to the floor and the others look at them, devastated for their loss and the loss of their matriarch, URSULA LAKE.

                  The camera moves to a location slightly further away from the others where DANTE is sat with SEPHY. They look uncomfortable at the scene.

                  DANTE: They must hate us.

                  SEPHY: The Syndicate know that choices have consequences – they learned that from a young age.

                  DANTE: They’re a lot older now, they’re a lot more likely to hit me.

                  SEPHY: They won’t, don’t be foolish.

                  DANTE: They should, it’s my fault Ursula’s dead.

                  SEPHY: It’s not. You can’t burden yourself with that guilt, just as I cannot torture myself with the prospect that those I have lost, are gone due to my actions.

                  She grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly. BROGAN, who is sat with MELODY as she rests her head on his shoulder, turns in their direction. He looks at SEPHY and DANTE, overhearing their conversation.

                  SEPHY: We mustn’t apologise for wanting to live – survival is an instinct that we’re all afforded. Ursula’s instinct was to ensure ours, we must respect that.

                  DANTE: This isn’t just happening to us, Sephy – this is happening because of us. Because of actions you and I have made, Xak, Charlie and Sin too...

                  She nods and looks down.

                  DANTE: How can any of this be what is supposed to happen?

                  BROGAN: Because this is war.

                  SEPHY and DANTE look at him as do the others. MELODY removes her head from its rest on his shoulder and turns to look at him. SUSPIRIA eyes him also, intrigued where his words will take them. He stands.

                  BROGAN: It’s a war we’ve woken up to, a war we thought was over but it’s far from done. War is our nature.

                  He turns to TRAFFORD and ELISE who are looking at him now, still holding one another.

                  BROGAN: (to them both) We were just kids when we fought our first, and now look at us. We’re what are left of what the Syndicate used to be.

                  They nod, saddened – thinking back to the ones they have lost beyond their own mother. BROGAN looks at them both, entreatingly.

                  BROGAN: It’s down to us to continue forward – to continue protecting each other and everyone else we’ve accumulated along the way.

                  He looks at GABE, HELEN and CHERRY with pride.

                  BROGAN: Because if we don’t, then everyone walking on the surface of this world, everyone who is oblivious to the dangers threatening them, they’ll all go away. They’ll fade into nothing more than a triumphant memory for our enemies. Everyone stood in this room are the only ones who are left standing between them and the worst possible hell they can imagine.

                  MELODY nods at this and unwittingly finds herself cradling the ring on her finger.

                  BROGAN: We have to move forward for them, for the people we stand with today, and for the memory of the people we’ve all lost. We can never give up fighting, because it makes the sacrifices we make, as a Syndicate and as individuals, meaningless.

                  SUSPIRIA nods, smiling at him.

                  BROGAN: We’re so close to a world filled with safety and promise. Not one riddled with doubt and darkness. One we can finally call our home.

                  He looks again at TRAFFORD and ELISE.

                  BROGAN: We did it to our world once before and we can do it again here. It’s what she would have wanted. It’s what she died for. It’s what everyone we’ve lost along the way has died for.

                  He looks further down the cave where an exit can be seen. He gestures towards it.

                  BROGAN: Don’t let it be for nothing. That’s not what we signed up for.

                  TRAFFORD and ELISE look at him and then each other. They look at one another in a moment of clarity. They then begin walking slowly towards the exit, closely followed by GABE and HELEN. SUSPIRIA smiles proudly at BROGAN and then moves to follow the others with LEIGH. DECLAN approaches CHERRY with his hand outstretched and she gives it to him. They walk together, supporting one another, following their friends. SEPHY looks at DANTE and he sighs. She helps him to his feet and they both begin walking after the others.

                  SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0048 0729

                  The music begins as BROGAN watches the group leave with immense pride and sense of purpose. MELODY approaches him, a coy loving smile spread across her face. He turns and looks at her as she kisses him.

                  MELODY: (softly) Now there’s the man I fell in love with.

                  He smiles at her and then sighs softly.

                  BROGAN: Do you think I was right?

                  MELODY nods.

                  MELODY: I know you were. You give this Syndicate purpose and form, Brogan. Without you, we’re nothing. (softly) Without you, I’m nothing.

                  She smiles again, embarrassed.

                  BROGAN: Then I better go prove me right, huh?

                  She nods slowly and he puts an arm around her. She places hers around his and they both begin walking towards the exit, their hope.

                  CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                  The music resonates into the next series of scenes, as the Syndicate encounter a final series of tunnels leading off from their battles with the Titans. The tunnels all direct downwards, deeper into the earth and they all hold one another as they descend further into the realm they are now in. All of them, completely unaware of what they shall find when they arrive.

                  CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                  The music continues still as the Syndicate reach the bottom of the tunnels and find themselves face to face with the bottom of a large stone stairway. The stairway is very ornate, ancient and shows signs of recently being used. The top of the stairway shows a well lit area – all they need do, is ascend. They look at one another apprehensive. BROGAN and MELODY move to the front of the group and look at them all supportively. They then begin walking up the stairway and the others follow, spurred on by the movements of their leader and the mourning siblings, TRAFFORD and ELISE.

                  The Syndicate approach the top of the stairway and their vision is filled with light at what they see beyond.

                  FADE TO – UNKNOWN

                  The music begins to fade into the next scene as the camera pans across the floor of a great hallway, held up by grand decorated pillars. The walls are lined with paintings and scriptures.

                  At the end of the hallway lies a great room where three people kneel. In front of them stands a person armoured in dark red, his skin flecked with scarlet and his hair and eyes dyed the same. His arms are raised and he looks down at the three people knelt in front of him with a serious look in his eyes. The person is CALEN, the Old One who corrupted and murdered LANCE EMORY.

                  CALEN: It is time.

                  The three people look up to him. They are XAK THORN, his soul mate CHARLIE ADRASTOS and their beautiful adult child, SIN. XAK has a concerned expression. He looks confused at what they have just learnt from CALEN.

                  XAK: So this isn’t over?

                  CALEN shakes his head.

                  CALEN: No it is not, but you shall not do it alone.

                  He looks up to the people who have now entered the room through the hallway and gestures at them all.

                  CALEN: You shall have your followers – The Golden Acolytes.

                  XAK, CHARLIE and SIN turn now to look at the people he is gesturing to. Their faces fill with hope.

                  The camera rotates to show who is stood there.


                  CALEN (O/S): They are the wisest, bravest and most loyal of all the people on this earth. They have unravelled their own lives and darkness, and sacrificed even flesh and blood in order to reach you. They will be the ones who tell the world of the new age and the people who will protect them eternally.

                  The camera moves in on The Kalipso Syndicate, now branded The Golden Acolytes, as they walk slowly towards CALEN, XAK, CHARLIE and SIN.

                  CALEN: (echoing) Are you all ready to discard the old and embrace the new world?

                  The camera focuses on SUSPIRIA as a small smile forms on her face.

                  FLASH TO – WHITE

                  OPEN ON - VIRGINIA

                  The light dies down to show SUSPIRIA, imprisoned still in the year 2489. She smiles softly, remembering this moment. She looks at THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY.

                  SUSPIRIA: And that is how The Golden Acolytes were formed.

                  THE PRESIDENT: Are you implying that The Kalipso Syndicate and The Golden Acolytes were in fact comprised of the same warriors?

                  SUSPIRIA: I am. It is the truth. And now, thanks to you and those who govern this world – they are all dead.

                  THE FIRST LADY scoffs.

                  THE FIRST LADY: She is lying. The originals are not all dead.

                  SUSPIRIA: Excuse me, Vampire Queen, but I was there. I know of all their deaths. From the great battle that ensued in 2011 and the subsequent wars in 2024 and 2042... The Golden Acolytes were all wiped out from existence for crimes they did not commit.

                  THE PRESIDENT: Then how is it that the morgue records account for only near two thirds of the people you claim to have referenced in your story.

                  SUSPIRIA is silent now as THE PRESIDENT narrows his eyes on her.

                  THE PRESIDENT: We had a deal, Suspiria. You tell me of their workings and you are granted the safety of those who still follow their teachings. Do you wish a painful death on the remaining mortals of this world?

                  SUSPIRIA: No.

                  THE PRESIDENT: Then what aren’t you telling me?

                  The camera closes in on SUSPIRIA now as she hesitates to speak.

                  FLASH TO - NEVADA DESERT
                  ENTRANCE – INT.TEMPLE – EVENING

                  SUSPIRIA remembers back to the large battle that occurred in the modern looking temple in the Nevada Desert. This is what she recalled to THE PRESIDENT:

                  Amongst the people fighting are BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, HELEN, GABE, CHERRY and DECLAN. All of them look older and world-worn, bloody, bruised and wounded. They are all dressed in a uniform suggesting they all belong to the same faction. They fight against men in black uniforms and helmets – agents of the world government.

                  CAPTION: TEMPLE, NEVADA DESERT, 2024

                  As the government agents begin swarming closer into the temple, BROGAN looks at his faction.

                  BROGAN: Retreat...

                  They all begin hurrying towards the back and in one swift movement, they barricade themselves behind a door, banishing the government agents in the entrance of the temple.

                  CUT TO – NEVADA DESERT
                  PRAYER ROOM – INT.TEMPLE – EVENING

                  The group have barricaded themselves in the prayer room of the temple – three statues are situated at the back of the room – small altars in front of each of them. They back away from the door, as the agents begin to pound against the doors. BROGAN grabs MELODY, protectively and the others embrace in fear, knowing their end is finally upon them all in this small altar. The banging continues to echo loudly.

                  Her recollection to THE PRESIDENT ended here as she now remembers further into the battle.

                  A blinding light fills the room and a small portal opens in the prayer room. SUSPIRIA, of the 21st Century, steps out of the portal and into the room. She looks at them all and they look to her, surprised.

                  SUSPIRIA: I was beginning to think I would never find you.

                  ELISE looks at her, confused.

                  ELISE: (signing) What are you doing here?

                  ELISE was signing again – she could not hear.

                  SUSPIRIA: Initiating the back up.

                  ELISE’S eyes widen, lip reading the goddess.

                  ELISE: (signing) But it’s not needed.

                  SUSPIRIA: If those agents get inside this room, they will kill you all. You have spent thirteen years trying to convert this world into something I don’t believe it shall ever acclimatise to. We have to go, this world is lost!

                  The door begins to cave in under the pressure of the agents. BROGAN and TRAFFORD hurry to secure it. SUSPIRIA extends her hand to them all.

                  SUSPIRIA: Come, quickly!

                  ELISE looks desperately at TRAFFORD. He looks at her and shakes his head.

                  TRAFFORD: Go!

                  ELISE shakes her head.

                  TRAFFORD: I couldn’t protect our parents, please let me protect you.

                  The door begins to cave in further and the agents begin to swarm the room. At this, HELEN, CHERRY and DECLAN assist in fighting them, keeping them away from the portal and the others. TRAFFORD gives in holding the door and helps fighting. He looks at GABE.

                  TRAFFORD: Get my sister out of here. That’s an order.

                  GABE nods and pulls ELISE to the portal. She protests, looking at him lovingly.

                  ELISE: (softly) I love you, brother.

                  He smiles, complete.

                  TRAFFORD: Love you too, sis...

                  He turns now and continues fighting as ELISE and GABE disappear through the portal. SUSPIRIA looks at the others who continue to fight. BROGAN and MELODY fight together protecting the portal, while TRAFFORD and HELEN fight as a pair near the door. Further away, CHERRY and DECLAN fight as a unit. The agents swarm the building with ever increasing numbers.

                  SUSPIRIA: (shouting to The Golden Acolytes) It’s time to go! Now!

                  TRAFFORD looks around to his friends, they are slowly being beaten back by the agents. The portal is their only hope. He looks down to his belt and the grenades held there. He reaches to one of them and looks to HELEN.

                  TRAFFORD: Move back.

                  She looks at him, punching an agent and then shooting another square in the forehead.

                  HELEN: What are you doing?

                  TRAFFORD: Protecting our future.

                  He smiles at her. She shakes her head.

                  HELEN: (protesting) No!

                  TRAFFORD then pulls the pin from the grenade and hurls it into the crowd of approaching agents. A large explosion occurs and a series of events follow. CHERRY and DECLAN are sent flying upwards and land on a balcony in the prayer room, where they lie unconscious. HELEN is sent soaring back into one of the statues, which breaks and its debris covers her. BROGAN and MELODY fall backwards into SUSPIRIA and stumble through the portal. SUSPIRIA looks back to TRAFFORD who continues to fight the remaining agents, alone. She shouts out to him but as she passes through the portal, it closes, leaving him alone to fight.

                  FADE TO –

                  The scene that follows focuses on CHERRY and DECLAN on the balcony of the prayer room, sometime later. They rouse and listen carefully, hearing nothing but silence.

                  CHERRY: Are you ok?

                  He nods.

                  DECLAN: Where are the others?

                  She listens, hearing nothing.

                  CUT TO –

                  CHERRY and DECLAN hurry down to ground level where the bodies of agents litter the room. They hear a noise coming from the rubble of one of the broken statues and they point their guns in that direction. The person that emerges is HELEN. They look at her confused.

                  CHERRY: Helen.

                  She rushes to hug her. HELEN holds her tightly and DECLAN joins them both.

                  DECLAN: What the hell happened?

                  HELEN: Trafford. He threw a grenade in – knocked us out.

                  CHERRY: Where’s Ea? Melody?

                  HELEN: I saw them. They fell through that portal with Suspiria.

                  CHERRY nods.

                  CHERRY: They’re safe, at last.

                  DECLAN: But we’re not. We should get the hell out of here.

                  HELEN: We should separate. You two get the hell out of here and go as far as you can.

                  CHERRY: (entreatingly) We can’t leave you!

                  HELEN: I’ll go back to Leigh, I’ll tell her you both died in the fight. It’s the only way you guys can have some sort of normal life.

                  CHERRY: We can’t do that, Helen. It’s not fair.

                  HELEN: You should have had a normal life, through that portal. You should have, not me.

                  She looks to the ground and approaches one of the bodies on the floor. She kneels beside it and looks at it lovingly. The body is of TRAFFORD, heavily wounded with many bullets. He looks finally at peace. She sighs.

                  HELEN: (softly) I can’t have what I want now.

                  She wipes a tear from her eye and looks back to CHERRY and DECLAN who have noticed TRAFFORD’S body. They both look sad.

                  HELEN: But I can make sure that two people I love very dearly, do. Now go, before I make you...

                  CHERRY hugs her tightly.

                  CHERRY: I love you so much, Helen.

                  HELEN nods and kisses her on the cheek.

                  HELEN: You too.

                  She looks at DECLAN.

                  HELEN: Take good care of her.

                  He nods, understanding. He grabs CHERRY’S hand and then they both leave, unsure of where their destination is. HELEN looks down at TRAFFORD and then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a radio. She presses a button.

                  HELEN: Come in, this is Acolyte Prime. Over.

                  She waits. All she can hear is static and then the familiar voice of LEIGH SINCLAIR can be heard on the other side.

                  LEIGH: Reading loud and clear Acolyte Prime, this is Acolyte Queen. What is the status of the mission? Over.

                  HELEN: The temple has fallen, we have failed. I need an evac team now, I’m the only one left. Over and out.

                  The camera pulls back now to show HELEN stood by TRAFFORD’S body all alone and then to someone who is stood watching nearby. The person is SUSPIRIA. She has returned to help and found nothing that needs saving. She looks down and then retreats away from the temple.

                  FLASH TO – VIRGINIA

                  Back in the year 2489, the camera focuses on SUSPIRIA as she ends her private memory of the true events of the day of the battle in 2024. She looks at THE PRESIDENT.

                  SUSPIRIA: (lying) I told you all there is to my knowledge. While there may not be bodies that you have sought to find, Ea Brogan and the rest of The Golden Acolytes died that day in the temple. They all died.

                  THE PRESIDENT sighs and he gestures to THE FIRST LADY. She nods and moves off screen momentarily. SUSPIRIA watches, confused and then focuses on THE PRESIDENT once again.

                  SUSPIRIA: (shouting) I have told you all there is to know – now honour our agreement!

                  THE PRESIDENT turns on her, seething.

                  THE PRESIDENT: I will honour nothing.

                  THE FIRST LADY returns and in her hands is a small futuristic looking weapon. It is bound heavily in dark magic. It looks ornate, special and unique. It also bears resemblance to something unfinished. THE PRESIDENT takes the weapon and SUSPIRIA looks at it, fearfully.

                  THE PRESIDENT: You gods and goddesses think you are so grand, running around changing the course of fate and mythology. Even Calen, the fated High Judge of the Old One, deluded himself into believing he was a being of great importance. A being so ancient that his body was dust thought he could judge how the new world could be ruled.

                  He gestures around the room and the world. THE FIRST LADY smiles, darkly.

                  THE PRESIDENT: And now look at what he has created, where we all stand now. The ones who rule whimper like cowardly children, unable to govern as they were fated to. They have no idea what they are doing.

                  He arms the weapon and SUSPIRIA begins backing away from the edge of the cell.

                  THE PRESIDENT: (roaring with anger) Destroying mythologies is a folly of even great heroes and you run around pandering to them! It makes me sick!

                  He fires the gun. The weapon emits a bullet of indefinable energy and it shoots through the cell wall and pierces SUSPIRIA’S chest, puncturing her old heart. She gasps and collapses on the floor in slow motion. Her eyes widen as she remembers one final detail before the inevitable.

                  FADE TO – SUSPIRIA’S DIMENSION
                  STREET – EXT.VILLAGE – AFTERNOON

                  SUSPIRIA thinks to her home world, a heavenly dimension; the world ruled by her and her sister, KALIPSO and created to be as such by great men and women such as SMITH and ELISE ARTAIR.

                  The camera pans across one of the villages in this world where people from Earth have been ferried to, by Suspiria, in order to live in peace. Everyone looks happy, finally void of the dangers of the world they once used to live in. The streets are filled with joy and celebration as the villagers dance and sing to one another under the rule of a beautiful sky.

                  Amongst the people are BROGAN, MELODY, ELISE and GABE. Four people who managed to get a happily ever after, courtesy of the ferry goddess. Around them dance their children, their new friends and their now extended families – all of whom are at peace. The lives they all once lived were now celebrated annually in order to respectfully commemorate the brave lives of those who fought in and for The Kalipso Syndicate, The Golden Acolytes and the world they were once born to.

                  The back up created by SUSPIRIA and ELISE had been a complete success. The memory of the world they once failed and the friends they once lost are now nothing more than a distant legend.

                  FADE TO - VIRGINIA

                  Back in the year 2489, a small smile fades on the face of SUSPIRIA as she finally comes to the end of her long life.

                  THE PRESIDENT looks upon SUSPIRIA’S body with a evil smirk. THE FIRST LADY laughs.

                  THE FIRST LADY: The Eulogy works perfectly! It’s amazing, darling!

                  THE PRESIDENT looks down at what she is referring to – the gun he is holding, the gun that killed SUSPIRIA, was called The Eulogy. He looks at it pleased but slightly unimpressed.

                  THE PRESIDENT: It will require more than this to fell the gods of this world.

                  THE FIRST LADY: It is only a prototype my dear. We shall have our best working on improving it. Then, this world will finally be free...

                  He nods and looks at his wife. He drops The Eulogy on the floor and grabs her, passionately kissing her as the thunder storms in the outside world with more fury than before.

                  Lightning flashes across the screen and briefly, the silhouette of a roaring dragon can be seen.

                  CUT TO BLACK

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER

                  KATE WALSH as SUSPIRIA

                  Main Cast:
                  JENSEN ACKLES as EA BROGAN
                  ROSE MCGOWAN as MELODY HARP
                  PAUL WALKER as TRAFFORD ARTAIR
                  BECKI NEWTON as ELISE ARTAIR
                  ALI LARTER as IDINA MORGAN
                  BRYAN GREENBERG as GABE PETERS
                  DEVON AOKI as CHERRY LI
                  BLYTHE DANNER as URSULA LAKE
                  With HUNTER PARRISH as DECLAN HIX
                  and RACHEL MCADAMS as LEIGH SINCLAIR

                  Supporting Cast (in order of appearance):
                  BRENDA STRONG as THE FIRST LADY
                  PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY
                  CHRIS EVANS as DANTE TURNPIKE
                  CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY as CALEN
                  MILO VENTIMIGLIA as XAK THORN
                  SUMMER GLAU as SIN

                  Special Mention:
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0048 0729


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                    A MESSAGE FROM LEX

                    It has occurred to me that Chapter 5 is a lot to take in, should you not be able to remember the complexities of what has happened in the previous Chapters. As such, I have included below a small timeline in order to help you understand the basics of the events that precede the final part of the saga, “Chapter 6 – The Eulogy”.



                    2001 - 2002
                    Season 1 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2002 – 2003
                    Season 2 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2003 – 2004
                    Season 3 of Shadow Stalker.

                    2005 - 2006
                    Season 4 of Shadow Stalker and Season 1 of Sirens. Vincent Rae’s story (Chapter 1) and Helen Prime’s story (Chapter 2) also takes place during this time as Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 replace the end of the seasons.

                    Xak and his group hunt and kill the Acolytes of the gods, Zeus and Hades. Also, with The Kalipso Syndicate missing and presumed dead, their students continue to practice the school’s teachings underground. New Year’s Eve sees the beginning stages of Leigh Sinclair’s story (Chapter 3) and Cherry Li’s story (Chapter 4) unfold.

                    The remainder of the events from Leigh Sinclair’s story (Chapter 3) and Cherry Li’s story (Chapter 4) occur during the first few days of this year.

                    2008 – 2011
                    During this time, The Titans rise and draw on the world’s power to give themselves strength, sending the planet into a confused state. Brogan and Melody marry and distribute the students of the Syndicate’s school throughout the world to help fight evil on a global basis. They also turn the school into a fortress. Additionally, Suspiria and Elise ready Suspiria and Kalipso’s home dimension as a safe haven should they need it. This is covered in Suspiria’s story (Chapter 5). At some point during this time, Xak, Charlie and Sin murder a Titan, elucidating the world’s confusion enough to spur on The Kalipso Syndicate to continue fighting for the cause. This is loosely discussed in Suspiria’s story (Chapter 5) but the exact details of this will be explored in Kalipso’s story, (Chapter 6).

                    The events of Suspiria’s story (Chapter 5) take place during the early months of this year. Kalipso’s story (Chapter 6) will also take place during this year, following directly on from her sister’s. This will be the final conclusion to the saga.

                    2011 – 2021
                    The world’s various governments merge and form an alliance. This is due to the outcome of certain events that unfold during 2011. The reasons behind this will be covered in full during Kalipso’s story, (Chapter 6).

                    Vincent Rae narrates his story: Chapter 1 – The Requiem of Duality.

                    The world’s now one government sets a team of agents to attack The Golden Acolytes in a temple in the Nevada Desert. In this battle, Suspiria gives safety to Brogan, Melody, Elise and Gabe. Unfortunately she is too late to save anyone else. Trafford is killed and Helen stays with his body while telling Cherry and Declan (the only other survivors) to escape and live a new life together in peace.

                    Helen buries Trafford and narrates her story: Chapter 2 – The Battle of the Protogenoi.

                    Leigh Sinclair narrates her story: Chapter 3 – The Collapse of the Legend King. She is killed along with the rest of the surviving members of The Golden Acolytes.

                    Cherry and Declan, living under different names in Australia, now seek to marry. Cherry narrates her story: Chapter 4 – The Age of the Death God.

                    2045 – 2489
                    Throughout this time, the world’s government comes to be ruled by a Vampire known as The President. He seeks out and destroys all humans, fearing them to be followers of The Golden Acolytes. Any surviving humans are ferried to Suspiria and Kalipso’s home dimension, by the goddesses themselves, where the world has been prepared for their eternal safety. There, the survivors live in bliss along with four other survivors, Brogan, Melody, Elise and Gabe.

                    Suspiria is captured by The President at last and forced to narrate her story: Chapter 5 – The Golden Acolytes. She is killed by a weapon known as The Eulogy.

                    Over half a century later, as the world ends, Kalipso narrates the events of the final story: Chapter 6 – The Eulogy.

                    I hope this makes sense. I will update and create a completed version of the timeline with Chapter 6 – The Eulogy once it has been written and posted on the forum. Then, my story will finally be complete.

                    I can’t believe it’s almost over...