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  • RAIN: 1.12 Truth & Consequences

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.12 Truth & Consequences

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    Huey Lewis’ Workin’ for a Livin’
    starts playing. We see a mop dunking into a bucket, water splashes all over. Wearing her Michael’s Haven uniform RAIN washes the floor. We hear:

    Somedays won't end ever and somedays pass on by,
    I'll be working here forever, at least until I die.
    Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't
    I'm supposed to get a raise this week, you know damn well I won't.

    Then we’re shifted to RAIN doing the dishes. Soon NICK appears with a bin of plates. He hands it off to her. She sighs in annoyance and wipes off her brow. We hear:

    Workin' for a livin' (workin')
    Workin' for a livin' (workin')
    Workin' for a livin', livin' and workin'
    I'm taking what they giving 'cause I'm working for a livin'.

    Now RAIN is scrubbing down a table near the bar and a kid knocks over some glasses. She sighs again. MICHAEL gives her a broom. We hear:

    Hey I'm not complaining 'cause I really need the work
    Hitting up my buddy's got me feeling like a jerk
    Hundred dollar car note, two hundred rent.
    I get a check on Friday, but it's all ready spent.

    In one of the stalls, RAIN is cleaning the toilet with a brush. She tries not to breathe in the fumes. She sits up straight, rubs her back and resumes cleaning. We hear:

    Workin' for a livin' (workin')
    Workin' for a livin' (workin')
    Workin' for a livin', livin' and workin'
    I'm taking what they giving 'cause I'm working for a livin'.

    Ooh, Workin' for a livin'
    Ooh, taking what they giving
    Ooh, Workin' for a livin'
    Ooh, ooh

    The screen fades to black and we no longer hear the song. It’s now hours later in the evening. RAIN is carrying a couple of trash bags. She throws them both in the dumpster but one of bags spills all over her. RAIN just stands there in defeat. Soon MICHAEL comes up from behind and helps her pick up the garbage.

    From a distance we see a yellow skinned DEMON dressed in black watching them. Then slowly tribal tattoos seductively appear on its arms and face. The camera pans to its gray eyes and the iris starts to swirl turning into a piercing blue. As it opens it mouth, the DEMON reveal its fangs. Suddenly it teleports out of the alley, leaving a trail of black smoke. MICHAEL senses something, looks around but sees nothing. Together RAIN and he walk towards restaurant.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent
    Special Thanks:

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    Wearing a robe, BELLA studies her face in the mirror. She seems worn down, more tired than before. We hear overlapping voices from BELLA’S dreams in 1.09 Runnin’ Down a Dream. She closes her eyes.

    WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

    FEMALE: (OS) Isabella is strong.

    Upon opening her eyes, BELLA rubs her temples. She looks in the medicine cabinet and grabs a bottle of prescription pills. There is a light knock on the door. It startles BELLA causing her to knock over the bottle. On her knees, BELLA picks up the pills. WARNER slowly opens the door.

    WARNER: Honey... everything okay?

    BELLA: (not looking up) Yeah I just dropped a bottle of pills.

    WARNER: (helps her) Let me do this.

    BELLA: No, it’s okay I got it.

    WARNER: (bends down) Tinker? (Puts his hand on BELLA’S) Tink... let me. Go get dressed.

    BELLA: (sighs) Thank you daddy. (Distractedly) I-I appreciate it.

    BELLA exits the bathroom while WARNER picks up the pills. He then looks at the bottle. It’s a prescription for Topamax for SHERIDAN. He arches his brow as he looks over to the door thinking of BELLA.

    CUT TO:

    ROWE wearing a collar shirt, a tie and slacks is going over some papers and files on the couch. We hear someone entering the room. It’s CALUM dressed in a suit with a bag holding onto a drink from the Smoothie Addict.

    ROWE: Did you get it?

    CALUM: Yup. (Hands it to him) Your strawberry-banana smoothie sir.

    ROWE: (sips it; happily) Del’ick was right, it’s very good. (Sets it down) Thank you, Mr. Kipp. When you have a craving, you just gotta satisfy it, you know?

    CALUM feels uneasy at the way ROWE said this.

    ROWE: (eyes CALUM’S bag) Do you have anything else for me?

    CALUM: (nods) Uh... yes, sorry. (Pulls out an envelope) Photos of Ms. Blake, her activities for the week.

    ROWE flips through the surveillance pictures. We see images of MADELINE drinking coffee at the Tea Leaf Cafe, talking to a student at Haven High School and standing in front of Michael’s Haven Restaurant. The last photo he stops at is of her at 24/7 Workout Studios with RAIN.

    ROWE: (softly; to himself) She’s been working out a lot lately.

    CALUM: Yes... training Ms. Mason. (Hands him a file) This just came in today.

    ROWE: (flips through it) Corbis bought the building next door?

    CALUM: Yes, sir. He is in the process of renovating it.

    ROWE: Hmm... interesting. Probably adding space for our local slayer to train in. (Smugly) Not really significant. (Beat; folds his hand) Now were you able to get the file on me?

    CALUM: (nervously) No.

    ROWE glares at him.

    CALUM: (explains) Ever since you killed the Ma’lphas tribe, Ms. McCree has been breathing down my neck.

    ROWE: You did falsify the report, didn’t you? She still thinks Rain and her slayer friends killed them all?

    CALUM nods.

    ROWE: And you left out any information about my... (His hand crackles with white electricity) powers?

    CALUM: Of course.

    ROWE: (quickly diminishes them) Then I really don’t see what the problem is.

    CALUM: Can we at least wait a few more weeks? I can’t give Ms. McCree any reason to suspect your unwavering dedication to the company.

    ROWE: (sips his smoothie; nods) All right, Mr. Kipp. I accept your answer.

    CALUM sighs with relief.

    ROWE: Is there anything else?

    CALUM: (hands him a satellite map) You asked for teleportation activity in Haven for the last six years. You know... to find my sister?

    ROWE: (forgot about this request) Ahh, yes.

    CALUM: Well, the teleportation scanner who works for the company has been having a few glitches. So I was only able to get activity for this week. (Points to a specific area) This occurred a few days ago. Someone teleported to Mr. Corbis’ restaurant.

    ROWE: Who was it?

    CALUM: Rain’s brother, Tanner Dubois.

    ROWE: (arches a brow) I thought he was human?

    CALUM: He is... (Points again) but the teleportation signature is demonic.

    ROWE: A demon helped him? (CALUM nods) Well, that’s curious. (Gives CALUM a look) Wait... the company doesn’t know why he was there, do they?

    CALUM: They didn’t even know he was there. The only reason why I know it was Tanner is because the teleportation scanner told me today.

    ROWE: (sighs; a little annoyed) If Mr. Alice wants me to keep an eye on Rain, shouldn’t I be aware of something like this?

    CALUM: From my understanding, Ms. McCree said he has no interest in Tanner. His primary focus is on Rain Mason.

    ROWE: (eyes narrow; suspiciously) I’m not so sure about that.

    CALUM: (confused) Sir?

    ROWE: (ignores him) So if the company has no idea of Mr Dubois’ recent visit, why are you showing me this?

    CALUM: I just thought you’d like to know.

    ROWE: (thinks carefully) You know... in addition to the other assignments I gave you, I want weekly teleportation activity reports as well.

    CALUM: Yes sir.

    ROWE: I just might give you a raise, Mr. Kipp. (Beat; sips again) You should really try this smoothie you know. (Slaps CALUM’S leg) Tell you what the next one is on me.

    Nervously CALUM chuckles.

    CUT TO:

    We see BELLA is not in the bedroom. There is a knock on the door.

    WARNER: (OS) Bella?

    He opens the door while holding onto a package for BELLA. Once he realizes BELLA is not there, he sets it on the dresser. Just before he turns around, something grabs his eye. He sees an opened pill bottle on the floor near the bed. WARNER picks it up observing the label. It’s over the counter PM pills. He sees it’s empty. Then he spies a clear box underneath the bed, peaking out. There are more empty bottles of different sleeping remedies. Taken aback by this, he looks under the bed searching for more bottles of pills but he finds an ancient text instead. It reads: “A Guide to Mystical Herbs and Potions from Other Dimensions”. A wave of despair overwhelms him. He flips through the pages and sees one of them is bookmarked. His eyes trail to the page. It’s a dedicated chapter on herbs and potions for sleeping, insomnia, enhancing dreams and curbing nightmares. WARNER sighs. He puts everything back in its original place and leaves the room.

    CUT TO:

    Ready to work, RAIN is wearing an old Judas Priest t-shirt and jeans as she talks on the phone with BELLA.

    RAIN: So you can you come, Bella? I miss you.

    BELLA is sitting in her car parked near a used bookstore. The sign reads: “Mrs. Leary’s Used Books”.

    BELLA: (distractedly) Yeah sure, I can help. I just need to do a couple of errands first.

    RAIN: Great. Dress causal, as we’ll be doing a lot of construction.

    BELLA: All right. (Beat) Will Nick be there?

    RAIN: (smirks) Yep, he even bought a new set of tools.

    BELLA: For some reason I can’t see Nick handle a hammer.

    RAIN: Me either, unless it’s to hand it to someone else.

    BELLA: (small laughs) Funny.

    RAIN observes that MICHAEL and MADELINE are already inside the restaurant.

    RAIN: I better go. I see Michael and Madeline. (Sarcastically) He has some ground rules to go over before I start helping.

    BELLA: (small laugh) Okay, I’ll see you when I’m done.

    They hang up. BELLA climbs out of the car heading for the book store. She slowly enters the building. An elderly WOMAN knitting at the counter looks up with a smile. She sets her blanket aside to assist BELLA.

    WOMAN: (puts away her glasses) Can I help you dear?

    BELLA: Yes... I called about a book... (Looks over to a customer nearby; lowers voice) The Cresil Dimension: Exploring the Impossible by J.P. Mackenzie?

    WOMAN: You’re Isabella?

    BELLA nods.

    WOMAN: I spoke to you on the phone. I’m Mrs. O’Leary. (Beat) Come with me.

    MRS. O’LEARY gestures BELLA to follow her to the back of the store leading her to a bare wall. BELLA glances over to the front of the store and sees MRS. O’LEARY is knitting.

    BELLA: (confused; looks back at MRS. O’LEARY in front of her) H-how did you do that?

    MRS. O’LEARY: Astral projection. I need someone to watch the customers to make sure they don’t steal from me and it’s cheaper than hiring help.

    BELLA: Are-are you a witch?

    MRS. O’LEARY: (sly grin) Are you?

    BELLA doesn’t answer. MRS. O’LEARY waves a hand. The wall shimmers and then disappears. We see a large room filled with bookshelves.

    BELLA: (enters the room) Wow! When you said you carry several books on the occult I didn’t think it was an extensive collection like this.

    MRS. O’LEARY: (nods) I have a rather large clientele who do not care for that frou-frou science fiction stuff. They want the authentic information on vampires, spirits, demons (gestures to BELLA)... alternate dimensions. (With a smile) Of course we stock that too. Who am I to turn down a thriving business? (Approaches a book case; puts on her glasses to read) Here we go... The Cresil Dimension: Exploring the Impossible. (Hands it to BELLA) You know the Cresil Dimension doesn’t exist anymore. That’s why the book is inexpensive.

    BELLA: I know. It’s five dollars, right?

    MRS. O’LEARY nods. BELLA hands her the money.

    MRS. O’LEARY: I hope you find whatever you’re looking for. (Beat; warmly) And please come again.

    BELLA: (softly) I will. (Turns to leave)

    MRS. O’LEARY closes her eyes and her body catches up with the other one who is still sitting in the front. BELLA waves a small hand and leaves the bookstore. MRS. O’LEARY puts the money in the cash register and resumes knitting.

    CUT TO:

    Casually dressed, MADELINE leans on the desk. Anxiously RAIN sits on the couch. Soon MICHAEL appears.

    MICHAEL: Sorry to keep you waiting.

    MADELINE: (stands up) It’s fine.

    MICHAEL: Okay... as I said before there have to be ground rules.

    RAIN: (confused) Yeah...

    MICHAEL: As a part of your training, you will patrol with Madeline at least two times at week. There will be research sessions as well, whether at her place or here. You’re to-

    RAIN: -hold the phone. (Beat) What is this? I thought you meant ground rules for the construction next door.

    MADELINE: (shakes her head) Oh no... Michael and I talked about what happened with the attempted robbery and we felt that-

    RAIN: (scoffs) –attempted robbery? It’s not like I tried to rob a bank.

    MICHAEL: (firmly) Need I remind you, you’re still on probation.

    RAIN: You make it sound like I committed a crime, like an actual crime. It was just a stupid aritfact, even if it was a supernatural one. I didn’t even get to steal it! How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?

    MICHAEL: (folds arms) You know you we don’t have to help you, Rain. We’re not required to train you, guide you and teach you about spells and the supernatural.

    RAIN: I know but-

    MICHAEL: -Do you want us to help you?

    RAIN: Of course I do!

    MICHAEL: Then you need to communicate with us, all of us. Whenever you encounter a supernatural crisis, you’re to report to Madeline or me. And we both will know about it, understood?

    RAIN: (feels uneasy, seeing MICHAEL like this) Yes.

    MICHAEL: If you want to do a spell to harness your powers, you’re to tell us.

    RAIN: (annoyed) I have to ask permission to do a spell? I’m eighteen!

    MICHAEL: You’re still in high school.

    MADELINE: It’s to keep you safe, Rain... and well... keep you out of trouble.

    RAIN: (mutters) Whatever. (Crudely) Is Oliver in on this?

    MICHAEL: Yes, actually.

    RAIN: Unbelievable.

    MICHAEL: If you buy supplies at his shop, Madeline and I will know.

    RAIN: (mumbles) There are other magic shops online.

    MADELINE: Rain, please. This is just temporary... to get you to trust us, to trust each other. Surely you can understand that.

    RAIN: (sighs) Are... are we done? I want to help with the construction.

    MICHAEL: We’re done... for now. You can go.

    RAIN: (stands up) I was wondering if I could do the painting.

    MICHAEL: Actually, I have something else in mind.

    RAIN: (worried) And what would that be?

    CUT TO:

    At the counter, RAIN is giving a rather long order. The CLERK is annoyed as well as the customers behind RAIN.

    RAIN: (reading a list; anxiously) No, I’m sorry, that’s a large mango-peach smoothie. And don’t forget to add an extra boost of energy. I also need a small fig smoothie- ugh, now that’s just gross (the CLERK glares at her). Umm... (Tries to read) I think a large Cranberry Cooler. Two large coffees, a medium Green Tea, with honey. Three- no wait... two blueberry muffins, an omelette wrap with swiss cheese, a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and- (confused; shows paper) Does that look like a ‘n’? No? Okay... (Reads paper again; mumbles to herself) Um... I think I messed up. I have to do it again.

    The customers groan.

    RAIN: (winces; looks over to them) Sorry. (To the CLERK) Okay... a medium raspberry heaven, a small orange twist, a large mango-peach smoothie with a boost of energy, a small fig smoothie...

    CUT TO:

    In the front of the store, OLIVER sits with his laptop. The store is empty but open.

    OLIVER: Blast! I hate this thing!

    Soon, BELLA enters. He is startled by her presence.

    OLIVER: (puts laptop away) Isabella, what a pleasant surprise. (Looks over her shoulder) Is Rain with you?

    BELLA: (shakes head) Oh no, I’m here for me.

    OLIVER: Well, what can I do for you?

    BELLA: (hands him a sheet of paper) I was wondering if you have this.

    OLIVER: (reads) Oh I see... (Taken aback) this is rare flower. In fact, it’s from another dimension, the Cresil dimension if I’m not mistaken. And it’s very dangerous (studies BELLA a bit) ...but then you knew that, didn’t you?

    BELLA: I’m having trouble sleeping.

    OLIVER: (puts the paper down) Ms. Pong’s nightmares?

    BELLA: (fidgets) Sort of.

    OLIVER: (sighs; nods) The combination of your dreams and her nightmares are fighting each other inside your unconscious. It’s not surprising that it’s taking a toll on you.

    BELLA: Right. So... do you have it?

    OLIVER: The Cresil dimension doesn’t exist anymore.

    BELLA: I know but I thought maybe you carried this flower.

    OLIVER: I’m afraid I don’t. I do have herbs, such as Valerian, Chamomile, and Jasmine that just might do the job.

    BELLA: (anxious) It won’t work, I’ve tried ‘em. Even sleeping pills, both over the counter and prescription. (Beat) I need something else; something hardcore.

    OLIVER: Oh... I don’t have anything like that here. And to be honest I’m not comfortable with the idea of you trying something this dangerous. (Sees BELLA is upset) However... I may have a suggestion.

    BELLA: What?

    OLIVER: I could do a meditation with you.

    BELLA: Meditation?

    OLIVER: Yes, I can tap in your mind, explore the nightmares you’ve been having and draw them out.

    BELLA: Really?

    OLIVER: Yes. It’s very safe. (Beat) Would you like to give it a try?

    BELLA: (without much thought) Yes.

    OLIVER: Let’s schedule you in for tonight then. I don’t think we should waste any time.

    BELLA nervously smiles back.

    CUT TO:

    It’s now evening. We’re at the back of the restaurant. Covered in dust from head to toe, RAIN throws away pieces of wood. Her hair is a mess.

    RAIN: (winces as she tosses the last piece of wood) Ouch!

    MICHAEL appears holding onto four empty cans of paint.

    MICHAEL: Are you all right?

    RAIN: (looks at her finger) I think got a splinter. (Sighs) Michael, how long are you going to do this to me?

    MICHAEL: You think I’m enjoying this?

    RAIN: (mumbles) I dunno. (Complains) I-I just... I didn’t help with the building at all. Instead I was everyone’s slave, picking up after them, running errands. I don’t know how many more coffee runs I can take.

    MICHAEL: (hands her the cans of paint) Take these to the recycling center. (RAIN groans) Oh and I need you to pick up a pizza order from Nervetti’s. (Hands her some cash and his car keys) You can take my car.

    RAIN: Wh-what? Are you kidding me?

    MICHAEL: Do you think I’m kidding you?

    RAIN: I haven’t spoken to Bella since this morning!

    MICHAEL: (ignores her) Nick will go with you.

    RAIN grumbles.

    MICHAEL: Good. Now don’t be long.

    MICHAEL turns around for the restaurant leaving RAIN feeling defeated.

    CUT TO:

    Driving the SUV, RAIN rambles on and on to NICK who is on the passenger’s side trying to read a textbook.

    RAIN: (rambles) I know I tried to steal from him but don’t you think he’s taking this a bit far? I mean I even had to pick up one of the waitress’ clothes from the dry cleaners! And oh and let’s not forget I had to walk Helen’s dog. Three times! I just feel that all of this- Nick? Are you listening?

    NICK: (distractedly) Hmmm?

    RAIN: You’re not paying attention!

    NICK: (sighs; looks up) What do you want me to say Rain? You did try to steal from him. He’s not down with shoplifters. I should know.

    RAIN: Huh? What’s that suppose to mean? (Beat) Did you steal from him?

    NICK: We’re talking about you. (Beat) Look, you can complain about this or, gosh, maybe you could even take it with a grain of salt and see this as a moral lesson. Do not steal from the boss, ever again. (Beat; gestures his book) Now can I finish this chapter in peace? I have a test coming up.

    RAIN: Sorry.

    RAIN’S eyes widen when she sees a DEMON trying to break into an antique store. It’s the same DEMON from the teaser.

    RAIN: Nick! Someone is trying to rob that store!

    NICK: (doesn’t look up) Call the police then.

    RAIN pulls over to the side of the curb.

    NICK: What are you doing?

    RAIN: (points) It’s a demon!

    NICK: (sighs) It’s probably just a mask. Masks and robberies tend to go hand in hand.

    RAIN: (unbuckles her belt) I don’t care what it is. I’m going to stop him.

    NICK: Shouldn’t we run this by Michael?

    RAIN: There’s no time.

    RAIN slams the door and runs toward the store, leaving NICK behind. She carefully approaches the DEMON.

    RAIN: (firmly) Step away from the building.

    The DEMON just stands there. It doesn’t make any threatening moves. This behaviour confuses RAIN. Soon the DEMON’S eyes turn blue and the tattoos appear on its arms.

    RAIN: Cool, neat trick. Cheaper than going to a tattoo parlor, eh? (Beat; points at her) Now we can do this easy way or the-

    The DEMON suddenly teleports, leaving its signature trail of black smoke. NICK appears just in time to see the smoke fade in the air.

    RAIN: ... easy way.

    NICK: Where did it go?

    RAIN: (sighs; grabs NICK’S arm as if dragging him) Come on, I got a demon to report.

    Quickly RAIN and NICK climb in the SUV. In the driver’s side, RAIN glances over to the parking lot where she sees a truck pulling in.

    NICK: Start the car, Rain. We’re losing minutes and pizzas are getting cold. (Looks over to RAIN’S direction) What are you looking at? (Sees a couple kissing in the truck) Kinky, but... (Pauses) wait... is-is that Bella?

    It becomes clear it’s indeed BELLA making out with CJ.

    NICK: I didn’t know Bella had a boyfriend.

    RAIN: (whispers) I didn’t either.

    NICK sees RAIN is hurt. She starts the SUV, backs up a bit and turns for the street without BELLA ever seeing her.

    CUT TO:

    OLIVER and JACKIE are carefully going over a list of supplies.

    OLIVER: Is this everything?

    JACKIE: Yes, Oliver. (Beat) When is she coming?

    OLIVER: Later tonight.

    Unexpectedly, the same DEMON from the antique store teleports in the room.

    OLIVER: Good Heavens! (Beat) What are you doing here?

    It seems OLIVER and JACKIE recognizes the DEMON.

    DEMON: I need to see Michael.

    OLIVER: After what you did? I don’t think so.

    DEMON: Please, Mr. Vallon. Hear me out.

    OLIVER sighs.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN briskly enters the restaurant while NICK follows her from behind holding onto the pizzas. They stop short when they see the DEMON standing in front of MICHAEL and OLIVER. Without much though, RAIN grabs a wooden chair, breaking the leg off and gets ready to attack it.

    MICHAEL: (eyes widens; puts his hand up) Rain, don’t! She’s human!

    The DEMON suddenly changes into human form. We see it’s a mousy white female, with brown hair.

    NICK: (drops the pizza boxes; recognizes her) Harper?!

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      ACT II


      Throwing the pizza boxes in nearby trashcans, NICK mutters to himself. He joins MICHAEL, HARPER, OLIVER and RAIN.

      NICK: (to HARPER) How are you... (Gestures) a demon?

      MICHAEL: Nick-

      HARPER: (smirks)- you know about demons? I’m surprised you didn’t run away when you saw me. (Beat) And it’s half-demon, thank you.

      NICK: (a little disgusted) We... almost... you know.

      HARPER: As if, Nick.

      OLIVER appears to be uncomfortable with their banter.

      RAIN: You dated?

      MICHAEL: (looks at his watch) Rain, don’t you have an appointment with Madeline?

      RAIN: (distractedly) Umm... yeah but I thought since you know I did bump into her at the antique store that I could-

      MICHAEL: -you don’t want to be late.

      RAIN: (protests) Michael, I-I want to help.

      MICHAEL: Clock’s ticking.

      RAIN bitterly leaves the restaurant.

      MICHAEL: (to NICK) If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to Harper alone.

      NICK: Boss... (Gestures) Harper and I have a history.

      HARPER: What history?

      MICHAEL gives NICK a look.

      NICK: This bites. (Exits the building)

      MICHAEL: (leans back against the bar) Okay, the floor is yours, Harper.

      HARPER: I appreciate you letting me see you. (Glances over to OLIVER, then back to MICHAEL) I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t important.

      MICHAEL: What do you want?

      HARPER: It’s my husband... Dridge. He’s missing.

      MICHAEL: (stands up; walks around the bar) Call the police.

      HARPER: I-I can’t... he’s half-demon too.

      MICHAEL: (sighs) Want do you want me to do?

      HARPER: I thought, well, you have resources. You can use them to find him.

      MICHAEL: No.

      HARPER: (tears up) Please, Michael.

      OLIVER: (softly) When did you last see him?

      HARPER: Umm... a couple of days ago but I got a text from him last night saying he was about to purchase an artifact and-

      MICHAEL: (folds arms) -You mean steal it.

      HARPER: No, he was going to buy it. He had a client and a buyer right here in Haven. (Explains) It’s... our business, we sell and buy artifacts. It’s all above board Michael. (Beat) I’m strictly legal these days. I don’t steal anymore.

      OLIVER: And how exactly do you know he’s missing?

      HARPER: Dridge is the same species at me. We can alert each other when we’re in danger. I sensed him last night, a few hours after I got the text.

      MICHAEL: (mellows a bit) All right, tell me more.

      CUT TO:

      NICK is restlessly pacing back and forth. On the couch, RAIN watches TV. There is a sketch book on the coffee table and some drawings.

      NICK: (to himself) I wonder how long she’s been like this.

      RAIN: (looks away from the TV) How do you know Harper anyway? What’s her connection to Michael?

      NICK: She was a waitress. He took her in, gave her a place to stay.

      RAIN: (softly) Sounds familiar. Did something happen between them?

      NICK: You could say that. She stole from him.

      RAIN: (mutters) What did she steal? An artifact?

      NICK: She stole money from him. (Beat) When she was busted, he fired her and told her to never come back again.

      RAIN: Is that why Michael is so hard on me?

      NICK: You got off easy. You weren’t fired and you still get to live here. So that’s something. (Beat; throws his hands in the air) Man I can’t believe she’s a demon!

      RAIN: Half-demon.

      NICK: (scoffs) Like that matters?

      RAIN: She’s human too, Nick. (Beat) So... did you really date her?

      NICK: (quickly) No, not really. I hit on her a few times but I-

      RAIN: -failed? Crashed? Bombed?

      NICK glares at her.

      NICK: (thinks for a minute) Maybe... she prefers he-demons. (Confidently; ****y smile) That’s why didn’t she return my advances.

      RAIN: He-demons?

      NICK: (points at her sketch book) You can do a sketch of her in demon form and show it to Madeline. (Claps hands) We’ll do research on her. Find out what breed Harper is.

      RAIN: I’m supposed to patrol with Madeline. (Looks at her watch) She should be here soon.

      NICK: Okay then, I’ll go with you.

      RAIN: (disbelief) Really?

      NICK: Why not? (Joins her on the couch) I got nothing else to do anyway.

      RAIN: (smirks) I thought you had a study date with one of those sorority girls you met the other day?

      NICK: Who? Felicity?

      RAIN: I thought her name was Fern.

      NICK: Doesn’t matter. (Shrugs) She cancelled.

      RAIN: I noticed you haven’t been going out with the ladies lately. That famous Nick Caro magic’s not cast its last spell has it?

      NICK: (ignores her; glances over to the TV) Is “The Golden Girls” on?

      RAIN: You watch The Golden Girls?

      NICK: What can I say? I got a thing for older women.

      RAIN: Gross.

      NICK: (sneaks a look at RAIN; studies her) It bothers you, doesn’t it?

      RAIN: That you like older women? I could care less.

      NICK: No... at the antique store? Bella with that guy?

      RAIN: I’m fine.

      NICK: Come on, Rain. I’m not stupid. I know pain when I see it. (Beat) You were hurt that Bella didn’t tell you she was dating.

      RAIN: I knew she liked him but I didn’t know it was getting serious. (Sighs) Bella and I used to tell each other everything. (Beat) Ever since the fight during New Year’s Eve and the body swap, we’re just so... distant. I just... keep screwing things up.

      NICK: It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t know she was going to be Keeley’s vessel.

      RAIN: It’s just that... I’ve seen more than Bella. Being a slayer and a witch... I’m a magnet to violence. And our lives are so different. She’s naive sometimes and now... I’m afraid that the body swapping spell will change her.

      NICK: It probably already has... she saw some pretty intense stuff.

      RAIN: Yeah.

      NICK: (pats her leg) So... stop moping and tell her you want to talk. I’m sure she’ll respond. You’ve been friends since you were kids, that won’t change. (Awkwardly for a second) And neither will the TV channel unless you press that button.

      RAIN smiles and hands him the remote. He gives an awkward nod back and quickly turns over to the TV and finds the channel.

      NICK: Oh I love this episode! This is one of my favorite scenes when the girls sing to the baby. (Beat; looks over to RAIN) Have you seen the episode where Blanche sings on the piano? It’s quite funny.

      RAIN: Huh.

      NICK: What?

      RAIN: We had a conversation.

      NICK: (doesn’t see where RAIN is going with this) Yeah, that’s what happens when the voices comes out, you talk and then there is an exchange of dialogues, hence calling it a conversation.

      RAIN: No I mean... like a real conversation. You listened to me. (Beat) I didn’t know you were capable of such a thing.

      NICK: Thanks... I think.

      RAIN: I’m just saying you were a being... a friend.

      NICK: (states the obvious) I thought we were friends.

      RAIN: (smiles again) We are. Thank you Nick.

      NICK: No problem. (Gestures to the TV) Now can we get back to the Golden Girls? Sophia is about a crack a really funny joke during this scene.

      CUT TO:

      After MICHAEL pours HARPER a cup of coffee, he leans against the counter. OLIVER is sitting next to her.

      MICHAEL: (folds his arms) Do you know where Dridge was last seen in Haven?

      HARPER: All I know is that he was going to purchase an artifact at the Orchard Valley Heath Center. He had a client there.

      OLIVER: (arches a brow) Orchard Valley? That’s a nursing home.

      HARPER: (nods knowing this) I haven’t spoken to the client yet.

      MICHAEL: What were you doing at the antique store?

      HARPER: We sometimes sell or buy from the people who own it. I thought Dridge might have made a stop there. (MICHAEL gives her a look; defensive) I wasn’t trying to rob the store if that’s what you think.

      MICHAEL: What about the buyer? Any leads?

      HARPER: That’s why I need your help. It’s someone you know.

      MICHAEL: (arches a brow) Who?

      HARPER: It’s some friends of your father’s, the Medina family.

      MICHAEL: (sighs) When you said resources I didn’t think you meant my father’s.

      HARPER: I’m sorry but I really need to talk to the buyers. I scoped the house. I sensed a lot of security there. It’ll be too dangerous to teleport right in.

      MICHAEL: So you figured that since the Medina family knows me, we could just walk up to the front door?

      HARPER nods.

      MICHAEL: (sighs again) All right... I’ll help you find your husband but first we need to make a pit stop.

      HARPER: Thank you, Michael. I know you don’t have to do this but... I appreciate it.

      MICHAEL gives an awkward smile.

      CUT TO:

      A DEMON with light blue skin sits against the wall in an empty room. His eyes are closed. There is a nearby laptop and printer. We hear a knock on the door.

      DEMON: Come in.

      Before entering the room, CALUM looks over his shoulder as if making sure no one sees him.

      DEMON: (eyes still closed) What can I do for you, Calum?

      CALUM: (closes the door) I-I will need teleportation activity on a weekly basis.

      The DEMON opens his eyes but they’re white, as if he’s blind. This makes CALUM uneasy.

      DEMON: I take it needs to be under the table?

      CALUM: Yes... sir.

      DEMON: Do you have the accepted form of payment?

      CALUM: I brought them. (Pulls out a wooden box and hands it to him) I’ll bring more.

      DEMON: (sets the box aside) My operation system is back online. I think I can scan again, at least for today. Would you like a report?

      CALUM: Sure, that would be great.

      The DEMON puts his hand on the laptop and closes his eyes. Soon a map of Haven appears on the screen followed by a few white circles and a time stamp for each one.

      DEMON: Huh.

      CALUM: What is it?

      DEMON: (reading the map) A significant number of teleportation activity occurred today... one at... an antique store... a magic shop and... Michael’s Haven Restaurant and Bar. (Pauses) I hear they make really good hamburgers. Is that true?

      CALUM: (ignores his question) Is the signature demonic? Wiccan?

      DEMON: Demonic... (Pauses) let me see if I can pinpoint the breed. (Types on the laptop; puts his hand on it as if scanning again) Interesting... its Trackers.

      CALUM: Trackers?

      DEMON: Demons... mostly known for thievery. They have negligible fighting skills but they’re quick on their feet. And they can sense each other and when they teleport, they leave a trail of black of smoke. I’m told it looks pretty cool.

      CALUM: Would you mind continue scanning for the rest of the evening? Keep a look out for any more teleportation activity?

      DEMON: As long as you-

      CALUM: (sighs) -yes I’ll get you some more... Milk Duds.

      DEMON: (opens the box; pops one in his mouth) They’re an American staple. Ms. McCree doesn’t like me eating. It often causes me to crash my operating system.

      CALUM: I’ll stop by later tonight.

      DEMON: I’ll be here. (A little annoyed) I’m always here. (Beat) Oh and please call me, Mullin.

      CALUM: Of course... Mullin.

      MULLIN: Do you think you can sneak in a burger from Michael’s Haven next time?

      CALUM: That might be tricky. They do smell pretty good though.

      MULLIN: Ah well. (Puts the box away) You better get going. Ms. McCree has entered the building.

      CALUM: Oh! Thank you for the warning.

      MULLIN: You’re welcome.

      Quickly, CALUM leaves the room.

      CUT TO:

      Near the cemetery, RAIN, MADELINE and NICK walk on the pavement.
      The girls are armed with weapons.

      MADELINE: (carrying a bag; to RAIN) I’m surprised you didn’t invite Bella to join us.

      RAIN: (softly) She’s busy.

      NICK: (anxiously; glances over his shoulder) Are you sure we should have come here? It’s a little on the spooky side.

      RAIN: It’s supposed to be spooky Nick. It’s where the vampires live.

      NICK: Why not someplace else, you know somewhere safe? (Beat) I think I saw a church back there. We can go there and pray for them to go away.

      MADELINE: You do realize patrolling means looking for vampires?

      NICK: Yeah but they tend congregate here, as in more than one. (Beat) Do you not remember when we all took out the Sex in the City vamps?

      RAIN: Took out? You were in a headlock.

      MADELINE: (reminds him) That happened at the park, not the cemetery Nick.

      NICK: (shrugs) Whatever.

      MADELINE: (sighs) Why did you even come?

      RAIN: (smirks) Fern cancelled their date.

      NICK: Must you share my private information with the audience?

      RAIN: What audience? It’s Madeline and me, Nick.

      NICK: (looks around) Well if we must hang around cemeteries can I at last get a stake? I need to protect myself after all.

      RAIN: (hands him a stake) Here, take mine.

      NICK: What will you use?

      RAIN: (her right hand is now covered in blue electricity) My powers?

      NICK: (startled by some rustling noise) Did you hear that?

      CUT TO:

      The mansion is surrounded with oak and maple trees as well as an iron fence.

      CUT TO:

      We see an OLDER MAN with Native American features in his early sixties toasting a drink with a YOUNGER MAN similar in appearance in his late twenties. They stand before a roaring fireplace. A BUTLER leaves with a tray but stops at the door.

      BUTLER: Will that be all, Mr. Medina?

      MR. MEDINA: Yes, thank you. (Turns to the YOUNGER MAN) What did I tell you son? Do the job and you will reap the rewards.

      YOUNGER MAN: You’re right, father. (Beat) I should have listened to you.

      MR. MEDINA: Did you put him in the basement?

      YOUNGER MAN: Heavy fella, but yeah.

      MR. MEDINA: (pats his son on the shoulder) Good. (Beat) Now let’s celebrate this moment with a cigar, shall we?

      He lights the cigar with a smile.

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      • #4
        ACT III


        We’re cut to a fight between NICK and a MALE VAMPIRE dressed in a suit in the cemetery. On the ground, MADELINE rubs her head. There is a bloody cut. It seems she was knocked out. Meanwhile RAIN is nowhere to be seen.

        NICK: (inches back; holding onto his stake) I’m not going to tell you I told you so! We so should have gone to church and prayed!

        NICK attempts to make awkward jabbing moves with his stake. The VAMPIRE laughs at him.

        NICK: (frantically) Where is Rain?!

        RAIN: (OS) Right here.

        The camera pans over to RAIN standing on a bench behind the vampire. Suddenly, MICHAEL and HARPER appear out of nowhere. NICK is stunned when he sees a trail of black smoke coming from HARPER.

        NICK: That is so cool.

        RAIN: Thanks for stopping by, Michael but I think I got it.

        Using her telekinetic powers, RAIN takes the stake from NICK’S hand. The stake flies in the direction of the VAMPIRE’S chest piercing it as the VAMPIRE is in the act of turning towards the newcomers, causing a creative twirl of dust in the air.

        HARPER: (nods) Impressive but can you fly?

        RAIN glares at her. NICK helps MADELINE to her feet.

        MICHAEL: Madeline, we need your help.

        RAIN scoffs.

        MADELINE: (surprised; touches her forehead) My help?

        MICHAEL: (sees the blood; concerned) Are you okay?

        MADELINE: (waves a hand) Oh this is nothing. After being rescued by a girl yet again, it’s probably Nick’s ego that’s in need of urgent medical attention.

        NICK: (Mutters) Thanks, Blake.

        MADELINE: (Smiles; to MICHAEL) What do you need?

        RAIN stays behind and kicks a rock feeling ignored.

        MICHAEL: This is Harper. (Beat) Her husband Dridge is missing. We need to spread out, see if we can find him.

        NICK: Your husband is missing? (HARPER nods) I’m sorry.

        RAIN: Me too.

        HARPER gives a small smile.

        MICHAEL: (Hands MADELINE a picture) This is what he looks like in human form.

        We see an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN smiling in his late twenties with his arms around HARPER.

        NICK: He’s a half-demon too?

        HARPER: Yes, he’s the same species as me.

        MICHAEL: Dridge was here in Haven to obtain an artifact from a client and sell it to a buyer here in Haven.

        NICK: (intrigued) This artifact... does it open a portal to another dimension?

        HARPER: (a little snippy) Sometimes an artifact is just an artifact. This one would have made an ideal paperweight or doorstop. In fact a door is the only portal it would have any chance of keeping open.

        RAIN smirks.

        MADELINE: Well what can I do?

        MICHAEL: Harper and I are going to visit the buyer. We think maybe it was his last stop. I need you to go to the Orchard Valley Health Center. (Hands her a piece of paper) This is the client’s name. Question her, see if she saw Dridge. Any information you can get will be useful.

        MADELINE: Of course.

        MICHAEL: We’ll keep in touch.

        RAIN waits for MICHAEL to invite her in on the mission but he doesn’t.

        RAIN: Michael, what about me?

        MICHAEL: What about you, Rain?

        RAIN: Let me help.

        MICHAEL: Go with Madeline and Nick. Interview the client.

        RAIN: Going to the buyer sounds more risky. You might need some muscle.

        MICHAEL: Harper and I got it.

        Annoyed, RAIN looks away.

        NICK: Where’s Oliver?

        MICHAEL: He had appointment. I told him to go on without me. (Beat; to HARPER) Ready?

        HARPER nods and places her hand on his shoulder. They instantly teleport out of the cemetery. Disappointed, RAIN sighs heavily.

        NICK: Well it looks like we’re going on a field trip, ladies. (Beat) Let’s get out of here before more of those vampires show up.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA slowly enters the magic shop. There is a soft glow coming from the backroom.

        BELLA: Hello? Oliver?

        OLIVER: (appears) Isabella, please come in. (Gestures to the backroom) We’ll do the mediation here.

        BELLA nervously joins him. She sees there are two pillows on a floor and a candle between them.

        OLIVER: You’re to sit here.

        BELLA: (sits on one of the pillows) This is it? I mean there are no incense, mystical herbs, and elaborate displays of candles.

        OLIVER: (smiles; joins her on the floor) We don’t need them.

        BELLA: (searching for someone) Umm... is Mrs. Vallon here?

        OLIVER: I thought it would be best if it was just the two of us since you haven’t met her. That way there are no distractions.

        BELLA: Oh, okay. That makes sense.

        OLIVER: Ready?

        BELLA nods. They hold hands.

        OLIVER: Now, I need you to close your eyes and take yourself back to the nightmares.

        They both close their eyes at the same time. Her mind shifts to when she saw KEELEY on the table being operated on by the COLLECTOR. We hear overlapping voices.

        COLLECTOR: (OS) Such a pretty voice. (Beat) Shame you’re about to lose it.

        KEELEY: (OS; cries) Please-please don’t.

        Then we’re transferred to when BELLA saw KEELEY witnessing Mr. LOCKWOOD raping and killing the girl.

        KEELEY: (OS; cries) Oh my god!

        TOR’LOC: (OS) God is not here.

        BELLA shifts back and forth, her hands almost slip from OLIVER’S.

        OLIVER: (grips her hand) Stay with me, Isabella.

        Now we’re at the part where BELLA dreamed she was in the procedure room huddled on the floor in the corner.

        WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

        WOMAN: (OS) Isabella is strong.

        WOMAN: (OS) Tinker... don’t cry. Shhh... don’t cry.

        Soon, BELLA herself voices a line that was in the dream.

        BELLA: Mom? Is... is that you?

        OLIVER arches his brow at this but stays focused. He is trying to separate KEELEY’S nightmares and BELLA’S dreams but finds himself struggling a bit. Eventually he is able to draw all of KEELEY’S nightmares out leaving BELLA’S dreams behind. However we hear more overlapping voices.

        We hear a woman singing a Russian lullaby.

        FEMALE VOICE: (OS) Isabella is strong.

        WARNER: (OS)... but the baby...

        FEMALE VOICE: (OS) No one can know she exists.

        WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

        WOMAN: (OS) I have to go. It’s time.

        Abruptly, OLIVER lets BELLA’S hands go.

        OLIVER and BELLA open their eyes at the same time.

        OLIVER: We’re done.

        BELLA is doubtful.

        OLIVER: I was able to remove Keeley’s nightmares from your dreams.

        BELLA sees OLIVER wants to say more but he feels uncertain about it.

        BELLA: What is it, Oliver?

        OLIVER: (sighs) I appreciate you allowing me to do the meditation. I know this was... personal for you.

        BELLA: I trust you.

        OLIVER: I don’t think you understand. (Beat) During the reading, when you were trapped in Keeley’s body, I thought it was her nightmares and your dreams fighting each other. (Pauses) Only I now realize it wasn’t.

        BELLA: What do you mean?

        OLIVER: They’re not dreams, Bella. You’re experiencing memories.

        BELLA stares back at OLIVER feeling he just confirmed what she’s been suspecting all this time.

        OLIVER: (leans back) From the look on your face I would say you’re not entirely surprised at what I’ve just told you.

        BELLA: I wasn’t sure at first... (Shakes her head) it’s all been so confusing.

        OLIVER: Now that I’ve removed the nightmares, the memories should become clearer to you.

        BELLA: That’s the thing. These memories don’t even make sense.

        OLIVER: Maybe you’re blocking something... (Pauses; tries to be sensitive) from your past?

        BELLA: Oliver... I think they’re memories of me when I was a baby... at most a few days after I was born. That’s impossible! How could I remember that far back? And... the woman... she’s Russian. I don’t know anyone who is Russian.

        OLIVER arches his brow at this.

        OLIVER: S-she’s not your mother?

        BELLA: I don’t think so. See, my birthmother died when I was a baby. So I have no memories of her. The woman in my dreams... she feels like a mother... but she not mine. I don’t get it. The woman talks about me not existing! That doesn’t make sense. (Beat) And she was singing a Russian lullaby. (Eyes start to water) Then there is my father- (BELLA stops herself) I’m-I’m sorry, I’m getting all emotional on you.

        OLIVER: No... it’s okay. (Beat) You know, we can always hold another meditation session, help clear up the fog in your head. Maybe next week?

        BELLA: Really? You’d do that for me?

        OLIVER nods.

        BELLA: Why don’t we wait? Maybe... I’ll start sleeping peacefully again and won’t need one.

        OLIVER: That’s fine too. Whatever you feel you need.

        They stand up at the same time.

        BELLA: Thank you, Oliver.

        OLIVER: I’m just glad I was able to help.

        BELLA: Oh... can you not tell anyone about this?

        OLIVER: Of course.

        CUT TO:

        RAIN, MADELINE and NICK walk up to the nursing home from the parking lot.

        NICK: We should have stopped at the gas station like I told you.

        MADELINE: This is an emergency, Nick. There just wasn’t enough time to go make a bathroom stop.

        NICK: I didn’t need to go to the bathroom. (Gestures to the building) How do you expect to get past the front desk? (Beat) My brilliant plan was to buy flowers. That trick always works.

        MADELINE: You’ve used that trick before then?

        NICK: No I just meant-

        RAIN: (glances at her watch) –Don’t worry, I’ll get us in.

        NICK: (scoffs) How? I get your all (Gestures) scary powerful but there is no way you can get in.

        RAIN ignores him and strolls toward the building.

        CUT TO:

        There is a bulky MAN in his forties sitting at the front desk writing in his notebook. He looks up and watches RAIN, MADELINE and NICK enter the nursing home. He’s wearing a name tag. It reads: Marv.

        MAN: (smiles) Can I help you?

        RAIN: We’re here to see Mrs. Williams. She’s in room 114.

        MAN: Go right ahead.

        RAIN: Thank you.

        NICK: (disbelief) What the- no way. That was way too easy. (Beat; lowers voice) Do you have mind control powers that you didn’t tell us about?

        RAIN: (rolls her eyes) I do not-

        MAN: -It’s good to see you again Rain, everyone here misses you, you know.

        RAIN: (smiles back) I miss you too, Marv.

        MADELINE: (grins) You’ve volunteered here before?

        RAIN nods.

        NICK: Cheater.

        They pass a few elderly WOMEN who recognize RAIN; one of them high fives her.

        WOMAN: Girl, where you been? Art class has never been the same without you.

        RAIN: Busy. You’re looking good, Gert.

        GERT: Oh please. Lying through your teeth as always. (Scans NICK up and down) Now... who is this fine piece of meat?

        NICK: (offended) Meat?

        GERT: You’re cute. It’s been a while since we’ve had a live one around here.

        MADELINE smirks at NICK who is clearly uncomfortable with GERT objectifying him.

        RAIN: We’re here to see Mrs. Williams. Do you know her?

        GERT: (doesn’t take her eyes off NICK) She’s new. Lives next door to Elaine.

        RAIN: Thanks. I’ll see you later, okay?

        GERT: Yeah sure, honey.

        RAIN and MADELINE walk around her. However, GERT moves in front of NICK not allowing him to past.

        GERT: Be sure to stop by again... (Scans him again; backs away) all right, sweet thing?

        NICK: (anxious) Yea-yeah sure.

        NICK catches up with RAIN and MADELINE.

        RAIN: (smirks) What’s wrong, Nick? I thought you liked older women?

        NICK: I just didn’t like the way she was looking at me that’s all, like a-

        RAIN: -sex object.

        NICK: She called me a piece of meat, Rain! Meat! That’s just... offensive.

        MADELINE: As opposed to the other things you’ve called the girls you’ve hit on?

        NICK: I don’t know what you’re talking-

        RAIN: (not paying attention to NICK) -No way... Neeve?

        Nearby NEEVE is talking to a nurse. The nurse departs and, turning, NEEVE spots RAIN and rolls her eyes.

        NEEVE: (approaches her) Well... I just don’t believe it. I really don’t. Here are you are in a nursing home... (Looks over to MADELINE and NICK) with your English teacher and... this old guy. (Turns to RAIN) I’m surprised Bella is not with you.

        NICK: (scoffs) Who is this chica?

        NEEVE: (ignores him; folds arms) Well, you can’t be visiting your relatives because well... they’re dead.

        RAIN: (bitterly) My brother is not dead.

        NEEVE: Is he your brother? I really don’t see the family resemblance.

        RAIN: You were born without a soul, weren’t you? Did your parents make a deal with the devil? They sacrificed your soul for their company, didn’t they? Admit it.

        NICK is amused by the witty banter between NEEVE and RAIN.

        NEEVE: (ignores RAIN’S question) Let me guess why you’re here. Homework? Researching the civil war?

        RAIN: Why are you here?

        NEEVE: (snaps at her) Like I’d tell you.

        RAIN: Are you a candy striper or something? In some kind after school program to read to the elderly and get brownie points so you can get into college? I mean you do need them... the brownie points.

        NEEVE: (glares at her; looks over to MADELINE and then back to RAIN) You’re hanging out with your teacher way too much, you know that Mason? It’s creepy.

        NEEVE gives her a look and walks away.

        RAIN: (hollers after her) This was fun. Let’s do it again sometime!

        NICK: Seriously, who is she?

        RAIN: (mutters) Nobody.

        MADELINE: (anxious) Can we go now? We need to find Mrs. Williams.

        RAIN, MADELINE and NICK walks down a few doors and find her room. They see an AFRICAN AMERICAN woman in her late early seventies sitting on a rocking chair. She is knitting an afghan. We hear Robert Johnson’s Traveling Riverside Blues playing in the background.

        MADELINE: (knocks) Mrs. Williams?

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (looks up) Yes?

        MADELINE: (enters the room) My name is Madeline Blake.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (waits for RAIN and NICK to introduce themselves) Well? I don’t have all day, children.

        NICK: Oh! (Offers his hand) I’m Nick Caro. (Beat; listens to the radio) I see you have good taste in music.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (disbelief) You like Robert Johnson?

        NICK: Sure my stepfather raised me on his music, blues, jazz you name it.

        RAIN arches a brow at this.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (to RAIN) And who are you?

        RAIN: Rain... Rain Mason.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: Okay Rain Mason. So what can I do for you folks?

        MADELINE: Do you know Dridge Wyler?

        MRS. WILLIAMS: Yes, lovely young man. Is he with you? I’ve been waiting for him you know. (Sees RAIN’S long face) Has something happened to Dridge?

        RAIN looks over to MADELINE who she nods for her to answer.

        RAIN: He’s missing. We thought maybe he came here to purchase an artifact from you.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (laughs) Artifact?!

        RAIN, MADELINE and NICK look at each other.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (smirks) Is that what he told you, girl? (Beat) It must have been a cover story.

        MADELINE: Cover story?

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (points to a bookcase) Can you get me the box, son?

        NICK immediately retrieves it and hands it to her.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (pulls an antique ring) This is what Dridge wanted to buy from me. (She hands it to RAIN) I don’t have any children, no relatives... so it’s just me. I put the word out that I wanted to sell it. Dridge offered good money for the ring. (Beat) He wanted to give it to his wife. (Looks at RAIN again) He’s really missing?

        RAIN nods.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (sighs) Lord... the world these days. (Pauses; to RAIN) Here... give her the ring. His wife should have it.

        RAIN: (softly) I will.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: I hope you find him.

        RAIN: Me too. (Beat) If you hear from Dridge please-

        MRS. WILLIAMS: -of course, I’ll let him know you’re looking for him.

        MADELINE: (to RAIN and NICK) Looks like a false lead.

        RAIN: Thank you, Mrs. Williams. It was nice meeting you.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: You too my dear. Don’t be a stranger now.

        RAIN: (surprised) I won’t.

        MRS. WILLIAMS: (smirks) I was talking to Nick.

        NICK gives a nervous chuckle.

        CUT TO:

        We hear a doorbell. Soon the BUTLER leads MICHAEL and HARPER into the living room. Near the fireplace, the OLDER MAN finishes up his cigar.

        BUTLER: Mr. Corbis and his guest are here to see you, sir.

        The BUTLER leaves.

        OLDER MAN: Michael! (Embrace him; pats his shoulders) It’s been far too long. How’s your father?

        MICHAEL: (stiffens) As far as I know he’s good. (Beat) This is Harper, a friend of mine. Harper... this is Charles Medina.

        CHARLES: (arches a brow) Harper? Harper Wyler? Dridge’s wife?

        HARPER: Have you seen Dridge? That’s why we’re here. He’s missing.

        CHARLES: (concerned) I’m sorry Mrs. Wyler but I haven’t seen Dridge. I did speak to him last night, to just let him know that I ended up purchasing an artifact from someone else. I didn’t sense anything was wrong.

        MICHAEL: What was the artifact?

        CHARLES: It’s a Native American statue. It’s in the basement.

        MICHAEL: No the one Dridge wanted to sell you. It could be a lead, help us find him.

        CHARLES: It was just an antique paperweight. Nothing special, really. (Softly) I’m truly sorry, I wish I could help.

        HARPER’S eyes well up.

        CUT TO:

        MADELINE, RAIN and NICK are walking down the hallway.

        RAIN: Now what?

        MADELINE: I don’t know but we need to call Michael. (Beat) Maybe he had better luck with the buyer.

        As they pass a bedroom RAIN stops short when she realizes NEEVE is sitting near an ELDERLY WOMAN. MADELINE and NICK continue walking down the hallway. The ELDERLY WOMAN is humming Spaniel’s Goodnight, Sweetheart Good night.

        ELDERLY WOMAN: (lost in her thoughts) He was singing that song.

        NEEVE: Who was Nana?

        Not wanting to intrude on their privacy, RAIN moves away from them.

        NANA: The Fedora man with the glasses.

        Suddenly, RAIN gets a chill and backtracks listening to their conversation without letting them see her.

        NANA: I saw him in the doorway with a suitcase. He just looked at me and walked away. His eyes glowed too. It was very unnerving.

        RAIN’S eyes widen realizing she’s talking about the COLLECTOR.

        NEEVE: (smiles) You have a very active imagination, Nana. That’s what I love about you.

        NANA: Why don’t you believe me, Neeve? (Beat) He smelled like cough drops. The cherry kind.

        NEEVE: (gives her an extra blanket) You should get some sleep.

        RAIN gets out of sight. She catches up with MADELINE and NICK.

        RAIN: Guys, I think the Collector was here.

        MADELINE: (stops walking) The Collector?

        RAIN: One of the residents here saw him. I just overheard her describing him, the fedora hat, the glasses, the suitcase – everything. (To herself) Apparently he has a thing for cherry cough drops.

        NICK: It was probably just one of the patients, arriving or leaving.

        RAIN: No she said he had glowy eyes. (Gestures) The Collector has glowy eyes.

        MADELINE: (softly) Rain, this is a nursing home. Some of residents have Alzheimer’s. I’m sure she was just confused.

        NICK: Even if it was the Collector, why would he come back? I thought he was done with Haven.

        RAIN: I don’t think he ever left. (To MADELINE) Look, it makes sense to me. The Collector hunts supernatural beings. Dridge is half-demon, right? He was supposed to meet Mrs. Williams to buy the ring and now he’s missing?

        NICK: Maybe we should show the picture of Dridge to Marv and see if he was here.

        RAIN agrees with this idea. They walk to the front but MARV is not there. It’s a WOMAN in her early twenties listening to her iPod. She has blonde hair with pink highlights. Wearing a purple leather jacket, white t-shirt, black skirt with stripped stockings and boots, she chews her bubble gum rather loudly as she reads a Nora Roberts novel.

        RAIN: Marv’s shifted must have ended.

        NICK: So? You’re apparently so popular here, I’m sure she’ll talk to you.

        RAIN: She’s new. I don’t know her.

        MADELINE: We don’t have time for this. (Approaches the front desk; reads her name tag) Excuse me, Crystal? Can you help me?

        CRYSTAL doesn’t look up.

        MADELINE: (shows the picture) We’re looking for this man, has he been here?

        She still doesn’t respond. RAIN sighs in annoyance. She leans forward, and turns off CRYSTAL’S iPod.

        CRYSTAL: (quickly looks up) Yo, what gives?

        RAIN snatches the picture from MADELINE and shows it her.

        RAIN: Have you seen him?

        CRYSTAL: (doesn’t even look) No. (Resumes to reading)

        RAIN glares at her.

        NICK: (smirks) I got it ladies. (Reads the title of the book) Ahh… “Inner Harbor”… though I prefer the first one, “Sea Swept”. Did you know that there is a fourth book? Took me by surprise. (Overly confident) I have it…. you can borrow it sometime.

        MADELINE and RAIN gives him a look.

        CRYSTAL: You’re seriously hitting me up in a nursing home? (Beat) Dude, where’s your code of honor?

        NICK: (taken aback) Well- I… thought you know… (Chuckles) we had something in common. We both like to read Nora Roberts, (gestures toward her iPod) listen to Alternative Rock music-

        MADELINE: (sighs) Oh, forget it Nick. (Pulls out her wallet) Here, fifty bucks. (Beat) Have you seen this man or not?

        CRYSTAL: (quickly takes the cash) Yeah, I saw him.

        NICK scoffs.

        RAIN: Did he sign in?

        CRYSTAL: I can check. What’s his name?

        RAIN: Dridge Wyler.

        CRYSTAL: He was here. (Shows her the sign in sheet) That’s his signature.

        RAIN quickly looks at the other names.

        RAIN: (points) What about this man… Ira… Gatheral?

        CRYSTAL: What did he look like? I mean the only reason why I remember the other guy is because he’s been here before.

        RAIN: He was wearing a fedora, thick glasses and carried a suitcase.

        CRYSTAL: Sounds like all of the old guys here.

        RAIN: He smelled like cherry cough drops… and (winces) his eyes… might have glowed.

        CRYSTAL: (arches a brow) Don’t know about the glowy eyes part but yeah he did smell like cough drops. He had a bag of ‘em. Just the wrappers though. I thought it was weird.

        RAIN: Thank you.

        CRYSTAL: Is that it?

        RAIN nods.

        NICK: (as an act of revenge; points to CRYSTAL’S book) Philip Quinn dies in the book, you know.

        CRYSTAL just ignores him and returns to her novel. At the same time MADELINE, RAIN and NICK turn away from the front desk.

        MADELINE: It sounds like the Collector might be involved in Dridge’s disappearance.

        NICK: What’s with the cough drop obsession? Is that a demon thing?

        RAIN: The question we should be asking ourselves is who hired The Collector to kidnap Harper’s husband? And why?

        CUT TO-

        We’re in the same office where the COLLECTOR conducts his business. There is a laptop on the desk. The phone rings. The COLLECTOR materializes in the chair. He answers the phone.

        COLLECTOR: Ira speaking. (Listens) Ah yes Ms.McCree... (Pauses) I’m looking at the bank account now. Thank you. It’s a reasonable fee. (Chuckles) Well, I’m flattered but it wasn’t a problem. Yes, of course. Good-night, ma’am.

        The COLLECTOR hangs up, pops a cherry cough drop in this mouth and disappears.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          We’re in the same room where MULLIN does his teleportation scanning. CALUM is going over a satellite map with him.

          CALUM: It’s like a Christmas Tree.

          MULLIN: (chewing on a Milk Dud) I know... (Points) but this is your demon. See how the signature is larger?

          CALUM: Yeah?

          MULLIN: Your demon was travelling with someone, a human. They went to the Black Rose Cemetery and then... they paid a visit to a wealthy family, the Medina’s. Nothing special about them, they just collect a lot of tacky art. (Pauses) But you know... this demon... I wouldn’t be too concerned about her. Trackers are harmless, really. And she’s just looking for her husband.

          CALUM: (arches a brow at him) You’re concerned about something though.

          MULLIN: I picked up something else but it didn’t show up on the map. (Beat) It happened before.

          CALUM: What do you mean?

          MULLIN: Anyone who can teleport, whether they’re human or demonic, they leave a signature. That’s my gift. I can specifically pinpoint down the demon’s breed. I can even tell the difference between a witch and warlock. That’s how good I am but... lately someone powerful has been teleporting in and out of Haven and I can’t determine who this guy is, at all. I can feel him but I cannot read his signature, nothing. (Points to the map again) See this time stamp? That’s Dridge Wylyer and it was his last stop, the Orchard Valley Health Center. I sense Mr. No-Signature near this area.

          CALUM: You think this guy kidnapped Dridge Wyler?

          MULLIN: Sure looks like it, don’t you think?

          CALUM: You said it happened before.

          MULLIN: Yeah... a few weeks ago... when The Collector was in town.

          CALUM: You knew he was here?

          MULLIN: (shrugs) Office water cooler. When I first sensed him, I didn’t think it was The Collector because I knew he doesn’t leave a signature when he teleports but after tonight... I’m starting to think maybe it was him. And if it is...

          CALUM: (with concerned) He’s come back to Haven to hunt again.

          MULLIN: Fun job, eh? Makes you want to ask for a raise.

          CALUM: (sighs) Yeah, it sure does.

          CUT TO:

          MADELINE and RAIN are at the bar while NICK pours them both an iced tea. He leans back against the counter behind him.

          NICK: (sighs) Well... this is something.

          RAIN: (sips her tea) What’s that?

          NICK: We’re at a deadlock. Feels odd. (Beat) Usually at this point of the episode, we save the day, (throws a fist in the air) we rush in at the last moment, save the girl, prevent death, and generally do a lot of day saving...

          RAIN: (reminds him) Not always.

          MADELINE: I admit. I don’t like this feeling, not being able to do anything. (Beat) We have no idea where the Collector is, how to track him, who he works for.

          NICK: Sounds like, he’s our big bad though.

          MICHAEL and HARPER teleports themselves to the center of the restaurant. EVERYONE else looks up.

          MICHAEL: (walks around the bar) Turns out the buyer wasn’t involved. (Grabs a bottle of water) Any luck with the client?

          HARPER joins MADELINE and RAIN at the bar.

          MADELINE: Rain? You want to take this?

          RAIN: (swallows) Um... it seems that Dridge was at the nursing home to visit Mrs. Williams. He signed in but... she never saw him.

          HARPER: Maybe she wasn’t there when he stopped by.

          RAIN: They had an appointment. She claims he never showed.

          HARPER: (a little frantic) This doesn’t make sense. What could have happened to him? (Beat) We don’t have any enemies. Our business-

          RAIN: -Harper... have you... heard of the Collector?

          MICHAEL arches his brow at this.

          HARPER: Umm... yeah but he’s a myth isn’t he? (Laughs) I mean he’s not real.

          RAIN: He is real, Harper. (Looks over to MADELINE and NICK) We think he may have kidnapped your husband.

          HARPER: Come on. The Collector is not real... is he? (Beat) Michael?

          MICHAEL: (sighs) I’m afraid so. (To RAIN) What led you to believe the Collector is involved?

          RAIN: One of the residents and the front desk saw him. The description fits, Michael, the attire, the glowy eyes. Plus he signed himself as Ira Gatheral. (Beat) Ira’s his name isn’t?

          MICHAEL: (nods; to HARPER) It sounds like him... right down to the last name. “Gatheral” is a medieval nickname from one who “gathers-all” and would have been used for a collector of items.

          HARPER: (eyes start to water again) No... It’s not possible this guy is just a bed time story!

          RAIN: He went after my friend. Luckily, she got away. (Pauses) Harper, I’m sorry... but he kidnapped Dridge. (Beat) We don’t know why but we do know that he was hired. That’s how he operates. Once we figure out who hired him, we’ll find your husband. And we will find him. I promise you.

          HARPER wipes her eyes.

          MADELINE: Wait, what about Oliver?

          MICHAEL: What about him?

          MADELINE: When he meditates, he can sense when someone has been teleported, right?

          MICHAEL: Yeah.

          MADELINE: Would he be able to trace Dridge’s trail?

          MICHAEL: It’s possible. (Beat) I’ll call him. (To HARPER) It’s worth a shot.

          CUT TO:
          INT. HOTEL – EVENING

          Wearing only gyms pants, ROWE does some push-ups. There is a knock on the door.

          ROWE: (grunts) Go away.

          CALUM: (OS) It’s me sir... Calum.

          ROWE: (sighs; gets up) Alright. Coming.

          ROWE opens the door letting him inside.

          ROWE: (wipes his shoulders with a hand towel) What’s so urgent?

          CALUM: (hands him a satellite map) More teleportation activity.

          ROWE: (looks at it) Yeah? And?

          CALUM: It’s all over the map. (Beat) It’s a huge amount for one day.

          ROWE: (looks at it) The signature... its demonic, isn’t it?

          CALUM: Yes but not only that. You see how the signature is larger?

          ROWE: So?

          CALUM: The demon had a guest. Someone was travelling with her.

          ROWE: (sighs) Mr. Kipp, I appreciate your... (Nods) hard work but can you tell me why you felt you had to interrupt my work out with this?

          CALUM: (hands him surveillance photos) These were taken just tonight.

          We see a few images of MICHAEL talking to HARPER at the restaurant.

          ROWE: Its Corbis and... (Shrugs) some girl.

          CALUM: (shakes his head) This is Harper Wyler... she’s half-demon. She’s been looking for husband, Dridge who is the same species as her. They’re known as Trackers.

          ROWE: How do you know all of this?

          CALUM: It’s my job sir.

          ROWE: (a little annoyed) Do I need to be concerned about my job? Is she going to kill Rain? I’m supposed to be (sarcastically) protecting her.

          CALUM: No, Ms. Mason along with Mr. Corbis and her friends have been assisting with the search for Mrs. Wyler’s husband.

          ROWE: (hands back the map and photos) Then how is this relevant to me?

          CALUM: The teleportation scanner thinks he might have picked up someone else teleporting in Haven.

          ROWE: Who?

          CALUM: Well, it would have to be someone who is very powerful not to leave a trace of their teleportation signature. (Beat) Since Mrs. Wyler’s demonic husband is missing...

          ROWE: (realizes where he’s going with this) ... the Collector... he has this Dridge fellow, doesn’t he?

          CALUM: I think so. The scanner sensed the Collector around the time Ms. Pong was here. (Points to the map again) This was Dridge’s last stop... the Orchard Valley Health Center. (Beat) It’s a nursing home. The scanner also picked up the Collector near this area. Clearly, he kidnapped Dridge Wyler.

          ROWE: (hands back the map) Right (pauses thoughtfully) What do you know about Mr. Alice’s activities of late?

          CALUM: Nothing. I strictly work through Ms. McCree.

          ROWE: But you have access to the files, right?

          CALUM: (shakes his head) Not all of them. (Beat) Where are you going with this, sir? You don’t think that Mr. Alice and the Collector are working together, do you?

          ROWE: It’s a thought.

          CALUM: But he’s freelance. The Collector doesn’t work for anyone. He makes his own hours, fees, everything.

          ROWE: Sometimes the work environment can change... if the price is right. (To himself) You know... I think we can more get information another way to see if the Collector is really back.

          CALUM: How sir?

          ROWE: It’s been awhile since I’ve used my powers. (Beat) Let’s test them again, shall we?

          CALUM: Sir, where are going?

          ROWE gives an eerie grin.

          CUT TO:

          JACKIE lights the candles. Incense smoke wafts in the air. Throughout the room, MICHAEL, HARPER, MADELINE and RAIN are scattered about. In the middle of the floor, there is a map of Haven and an ancient rug.

          HARPER: (to JACKIE) How does this work?

          JACKIE: (blows a match) Oliver will focus all his energy on Dridge. Then he should be able to track him, trace his trail using the map. (Beat) Do you have anything that belongs to him? Something personal?

          Before HARPER replies, MADELINE offers the picture of DRIDGE.

          JACKIE: This will work.

          OLIVER appears from the front of the store.

          OLIVER: (to JACKIE) Are we ready?

          JACKIE nods as she hands the photo to him. He sits down and puts the picture on a map. He closes his eyes and begins to hum. RAIN finds herself intrigued to see OLIVER use his powers wondering how he became involved in magics. Unbeknownst to her, MICHAEL is observing her. He then shifts his eyes back to OLIVER.

          In deep trance, OLIVER tries to locate and follow t DRIDGE’S trail. This process seems to take a few minutes. Soon his eyes open.

          OLIVER: (sighs) I’m sorry.

          HARPER: Wai-Wait... that’s it? (Beat) You barely started.

          OLIVER: The meditation is finished.

          HARPER: But-

          MICHAEL: -what did you find?

          OLIVER: (stands up) I was able to pick up his scent, it was very faint. It was at the nursing home but then the scent quickly faded. It seems-

          HARPER: (eyes water) -don’t say it, Oliver.

          OLIVER: He’s gone, Harper. He’s not in Haven.

          HARPER: (angrily) Then get a bigger map!

          OLIVER: I’m afraid that won’t work. When I say he’s gone, I mean I do not sense him at all. It’s as if-

          HARPER: (inches back) -he’s dead? No! (A tear falls down her cheek) No... (Starts sobbing) This can’t be happening.

          MICHAEL puts his arms around her. Taken aback, RAIN is surprised to see this side of him.

          CUT TO:

          Cleaning up the bar, NICK dances to the music coming from a nearby radio. We hear Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen playing.

          She dashed by me in painted on jeans
          And all heads turned 'cause she was the dream
          In the blink of an eye I knew her number and her name yeah
          Ah she said I was the tiger she wanted to tame

          NICK twirls around, picking up a TV remote as his microphone. He sings along.

          NICK: (sings; points) Caribbean queen... now we're sharing the same dream. (Puts his heart into it) And our hearts they beat as one. (Shakes his finger) No more love on the run.

          He looks up realizing BELLA has been watching him the whole time.

          NICK: (tosses the remote) Bella! (Turns off the radio) What are you doing here?

          BELLA: (approaches the bar; arches a brow) Billy Ocean? Really?

          NICK: (shrugs; nods) mom likes his music.

          BELLA: (grins) It seems you do too.

          NICK: (ignores her) Not that I’m happy to see you but what brings you to my restaurant?

          BELLA: (laughs) Your restaurant?

          NICK: Don’t tell the boss I said that.

          BELLA: (smirks) I won’t. (Beat) I came to see Rain but she’s not at her apartment.

          NICK: (Looks at his watch) She should be here soon. She’s working a job.

          BELLA: Wow, Michael is really making her work hard, eh?

          NICK: (shakes his head) No, it’s supernatural related. Involves a half-demon... (BELLA shoots him a concerned look)... a good one. Anyway, this demon, she asked the boss to help find her husband. Madeline and Oliver are helping too.

          BELLA: (sits down) Oh, okay. I hope he’s okay.

          NICK: (nods agreeing with her) Anyway... Rain should be here soon. (Tries to make conversation) How are you?

          BELLA: (not convincingly) I’m all right.

          NICK: That’s good... good. (Thinks too hard) How’s your father? (BELLA looks away, then back at NICK) Oh I didn’t mean to-

          BELLA: -no... it’s not that. I-I just need to see Rain.

          NICK: I understand, totally. (Beat) What can I get you m’lady? (Beat) Something to drink? The kitchen is closed but I can make you a sandwich, toss you a mean salad.

          BELLA: (grins) Tea would be fine... Chamomile if you have it.

          NICK: Chamomile tea coming up.

          He retrieves hot water and a mug.

          NICK: (pours the water; places tea bag in the mug) Rain will be happy to see you.

          BELLA: The feeling is-

          Soon, someone enters the restaurant. We see its ROWE wearing the same glamour since 1.09 Runnin’ Down a Dream (P1). NICK and BELLA do not recognize him.

          NICK: Sorry, we’re closed.

          ROWE coldly stares at NICK and then shifts to BELLA. He glances around the room searching for MICHAEL, RAIN and MADELINE.

          ROWE: (thumbs back) The sign says it’s open.

          NICK: Yeah and we’re still closed.

          ROWE: Of course.

          ROWE takes this opportunity to read NICK and BELLA, to get a sense if anyone else is inside.

          NICK: (eyebrow narrows) Dude?

          Quickly ROWE steps back as if he read something important. He looks over to BELLA, gazing at her differently. BELLA quickly looks away feeling uncertain what just happened.

          NICK: Do I have to call the cops? (Picks up the phone) Cause I will.

          ROWE: No, I’m going. My apologies. (Leaves)

          NICK turns to BELLA and sees she’s not herself.

          NICK: Bella? Are you all right?

          BELLA: (glances over to the door) Okay, that was bizarre.

          NICK: What?

          BELLA: (trying to make sense of what she felt) That guy... I just had this weird feeling about him.

          NICK: What do you mean?

          BELLA: (shivers) It... felt like he was... reading me.

          NICK: You mean checking you out? (Beat) What’s so bizarre about that? You are an attractive girl.

          BELLA: (embarrassed) Thank you... but that’s not what I meant. (Beat; touches her temples) I swear... it felt like he read my mind. Like... he was invading my privacy.

          NICK: (disturbed) Yeah, I don’t know how to respond to that.

          BELLA: Did you feel anything?

          NICK: Other than the cool draft he let in, no.

          BELLA: I wonder why I felt it and you didn’t.

          NICK: Don’t know what to tell you, Bella. (Beat) Maybe you’re just feeling the effects from the nightmare-body-swapping thing.

          BELLA knows this isn’t true since she had the meditation with OLIVER.

          BELLA: (softly) Yeah, you’re probably right.

          CUT TO:

          CALUM is waiting in the luxury car for ROWE. Soon ROWE opens the door and climbs in.

          ROWE: (to the DRIVER) Take me back to the hotel.

          The car slowly drives away from the restaurant.

          CALUM: What happened? Did you get what you needed?

          ROWE: They weren’t there.

          CALUM: But I saw you go inside.

          ROWE: It was just the bartender.

          CALUM: Oh. (Beat) Did you get anything from him?

          ROWE: Nothing of import.

          ROWE looks away feeling anxious.

          CUT TO:

          Still at the bar, BELLA drinks her tea while NICK is cleaning some glasses. MICHAEL, HARPER enters the restaurant followed by MADELINE and RAIN.

          RAIN: (surprised to see BELLA) Bella? What are you doing here?

          BELLA: (stands up) I stopped by your apartment (looks over to MICHAEL, HARPER and MADELINE)... but I guess you were on a supernatural mission.

          HARPER: (to MICHAEL) Does everyone know about you?

          MICHAEL doesn’t reply. RAIN arches a brow at this.

          NICK: (softly) I take it you weren’t able to find your husband?

          HARPER: (shakes her head) No...

          NICK: (already knows the answer) Why not get the police involved?

          MICHAEL: He was kidnapped by a supernatural being, Nick. The cops wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of information. They wouldn’t be much help. (To HARPER) But you’re welcome to stay a little longer.... to keep looking.

          HARPER: (fidgets) I should get going. (Beat) I have a dog to feed...

          RAIN: (softly) Harper wait... (Pulls out the ring from her pocket) this is what Dridge was trying to buy from Mrs. Williams. The client from the nursing home? (Hands it to her) He was going to give it to you.

          HARPER: (eyes water; takes the ring) It’s beautiful. Thank you, Rain. (To EVERYONE) All of you...

          Trying not to be rude, HARPER doesn’t introduce herself to BELLA as she’s anxious to leave without getting emotional.

          NICK: Take care, Harper.

          HARPER: You too, Nick. (Beat) Michael, keep in touch?

          MICHAEL: (nods) I’ll contact my sources, see if anything turns up on the Collector.

          BELLA glances over to RAIN hearing this.

          HARPER: I appreciate it.

          HARPER inches back, offers a small wave and then teleports out of the room.

          BELLA: (taken aback) She teleports too.

          RAIN: Yeah it’s a long story...

          BELLA: Tell me about it in your apartment?

          RAIN: Sure.

          She then looks over to MICHAEL.

          RAIN: I’ll be here tomorrow morning, eight sharp.

          MICHAEL: It’s Sunday, so no need to come in.

          RAIN: Okay, thanks. (MICHAEL nods; To MADELINE) Patrol? Tomorrow night?

          MADELINE: I’ll be there.

          RAIN: (grins) Nick, you’re welcome to join me.

          NICK: (waves a hand) Ahh... no thanks. I’ve sparred with enough vamps for the weekend.

          RAIN: (scoffs) It was one vamp and you didn’t even fight him.

          NICK: It takes time, ya know? (Beat) I don’t want to rush into it.

          RAIN rolls her eyes at him.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN and BELLA are on the couch talking, catching up over soda and popcorn.

          BELLA: They’re called Trackers?

          RAIN: Yep.

          BELLA: And the Collector really is back?

          RAIN nods.

          BELLA: I’ve sure missed a lot in one day.

          RAIN: You sure have. (Pauses) What happened this morning? I mean you said you were going to come.

          BELLA: Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I-I... haven’t been entirely truthful with you...

          RAIN: About?

          BELLA: I haven’t been spending time with my father. If anything, I’ve been avoiding him.

          RAIN: (thinks she knows why) Why? What’s wrong?

          BELLA: The body swapping thing with Keeley? (RAIN nods) You know how Oliver said that it was her nightmares and my dreams fighting each other?

          RAIN: (feels guilty) I wish we never did that spell.

          BELLA: Actually... I’m glad we did.

          RAIN: (doesn’t understand) You saw some pretty violent stuff. Why would you want-

          BELLA: -it wasn’t dreams, Rain. (Beat) I wasn’t experiencing dreams... they were memories... memories of when I was a baby.

          RAIN: Really? What kind of memories?

          BELLA: (not ready to tell her everything) I-I’m not sure. I do know it’s a repeated memory... of a woman looking over a crib... my crib.

          RAIN: Your birthmother?

          BELLA: I’m not sure. (Sighs) I rather not get into it until I can figure out what I saw.

          RAIN: Of course, I understand. (Beat) So... this is why you’ve been distant... because of the memories?

          BELLA: Yes... I mean of course it bothered me seeing what Keeley went through but it was the memories that threw me off guard. I’ve had trouble sleeping, been unable to focus. I’ve been researching sleeping remedies, trying to help me sleep but nothing worked.

          RAIN: Why didn’t you tell me this? I could have been there for you.

          BELLA: I know but I needed to do this for myself. (Pauses) So I went to see Oliver today.

          RAIN: (taken aback) Oliver?

          BELLA: I wanted to know if he had a rare flower from another dimension to help me sleep but he said it was dangerous, so he meditated with me.

          RAIN: How did it go?

          BELLA: He was able to get rid of the nightmares. So I should be able to sleep peacefully from now on.

          RAIN: I still wish you told me.

          BELLA: (winces) There’s more. (Beat; softly) I-I’ve been seeing someone.

          RAIN: (pretends to be surprised) Oh? Is it CJ?

          BELLA: How did you know?

          RAIN: He was pretty smitten with you when I met him. So you’re dating him? Like boyfriend-girlfriend?

          BELLA: It looks like its heading in that direction. He doesn’t know what I’ve been going through but... being with him, it’s been a nice distraction.

          RAIN: Well I’m happy for you. (Gives BELLA a look) Anything else?

          BELLA: I’m on the Haven High softball team.

          RAIN: (small smile) Seems that I missed out a lot in one day too. (Beat) So softball, eh?

          BELLA grins.

          RAIN: Does your dad know about CJ?

          BELLA: Yeah, he actually likes him. (Beat) Sheridan of course doesn’t.

          RAIN: (laughs) Thank you... for telling me all this. (Pauses) I miss you Bella.

          BELLA: I miss you too. (Beat) All of you guys. Speaking of... how things between Michael and you? I know it’s been tense.

          RAIN: Doing all of the chores for him... made me realize that I need to take all the tensions with a grain of salt... that even though he can be tough on me sometimes he’s only doing it because he cares.

          BELLA: Wow, what made you realize all this?

          RAIN: It was Nick... he helped me realize what Michael was trying to do. (Beat) He told me what happened to the last person who stole from him and just how lucky I was.

          BELLA: (smirks) So Nick helped you?

          RAIN: (clueless as to what BELLA is thinking) Yeah... I think that Nick may have friendship potential after all. That’s saying a lot since I’ve never been friends with a guy.

          BELLA: He’s a good guy. A dork... but a good guy. (Looks at her watch) Anyway, I should get going.

          RAIN: See you at school tomorrow?

          BELLA nods. They embrace and BELLA leaves the apartment.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is in a deep sleep.


          We’re seeing a vivid dream. Or in this case a memory. The dialogue doesn’t necessary tie in with the scene. There is a faint cry in the room.

          WOMAN: (OS) I do not want to wake the baby.

          A FIGURE approaches a crib. The camera pans to the crib. It’s BELLA as a baby crying.

          WOMAN: (OS) ... no one can know she exists...

          There is a purple knitted bunny sitting in the corner of the crib. This is the same one that BELLA had growing up. It is also similar to the one we saw in a photo of RAIN that WARNER was looking at in 1.08 The Domino Effect.

          WOMAN: (OS) ... our daughters…

          We hear a Russian lullaby. Soon, the FIGURE steps into the moonlight a bit, allowing us to see her face. It’s the same RUSSIAN WOMAN from BELLA’S previous memory.

          WOMAN: (leans over the crib; whisper) Hello Tinker... that’s what your daddy will call you. (Pauses) You look so much like your mother. (Picks up BELLA) Shhh... don’t cry.

          WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

          The WOMAN soothes BELLA, calming her down. She puts her back in the crib.

          For a moment, she stares at BELLA. Then we’re quickly shifted to the door. WARNER is in the doorframe and he walks away.

          WOMAN: (OS) Isabella is strong.


          PRESENT DAY – MARCH 2005

          BELLA is still sleeping. There is someone in her room as someone is standing in the doorway, letting the light from the hallway peek through. The camera pans away from the bed and to the doorway. Slowly, we realize its WARNER observing BELLA. Soon he leaves and closes the door.

          CUT TO:

          There is some nearby chanting coming from a hallway. Wearing a robe, the LEADER from the COVEN in 1.07 All for Nothing All for One emerges from the hallway and walks to another room. The camera follows him. Even though we’re underground, the room is decorated with a leather couch, a TV, a desk, a bar, luxuries that any man would enjoy. Soon, a FIGURE materializes on the couch. It’s Mr. ALICE smoking a cigar and holding onto a scotch. The LEADER speaks to him, his voice is garbled but it’s clear enough for us to understand.

          LEADER: Sir, we have started the experiment.

          MR. ALICE: Good.

          LEADER: If I may sir, I don’t understand why we are doing this. (Beat) Trackers do not have a lot of power.

          MR. ALICE: I’ll take what I can get. (Beat; picks up the remote) Let’s see what’s on TV, shall we?

          MR. ALICE turns the TV on. It’s a video footage of the experiment in the other room. The COVEN are in a circle, chanting. There is a nurse nearby with medical equipment. Ms. McCREE is also in the room. As the COVEN backs away, we see DRIDGE is strapped down to a medical stretcher in the middle of the circle.

          DRIDGE: Don’t do this! Please! Let me go!

          MS. MCCREE: (approaches DRIDGE) Shhh... this won’t hurt a bit.

          DRIDGE: (cries) Harper!

          The screen fades black as we hear him continue to scream her name.

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Mr. Alice (Ian McShane)
          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          Dridge Wryler (Paul James)
          Harper Wryler (Rachel Cook)
          Jackie Vallon (Imelda Staunton)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver Vallon (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)



          • Originally, this episode was called "Community Service". It was suppose to be about Rain doing community service but I didn't want her to get arrested in 1.11 Criminal Element, so I felt the title didn't tie in with the theme of this episode- which is consequences. Though she does Michael's own version of community service- doing odd jobs here and there. And we see why- because Harper stole from him.

          • Rain volunteered at a nursing home! I see this is something she used to do before she became a slayer/witch.

          • Bella's memory become a little more clear. I would like to think that you'd realize by now that this woman is NOT her birthmother. So that's curious, don't ya think? Also- I've done so much editing with this storyline that I don't think I included the baby in the crib in Bella's dream before the last act. However, I think this can be contributed as if she had this memory off screen or that Bella sensed it, knew it was a memory when she was a baby. Oops!

          • The Collector is back. Oh joy. And there seems to be something on on with Bella and Rowe. What's up with that?! And just what is Mr. Alice is up to?

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.13 Notations- you can read the summary in the index. Thank you for reading!
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