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  • RAIN: 1.11 Criminal Element

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a couple of years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.11 Criminal Element

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    November 4th, 1993 appear on the screen.


    We see a seven year old RAIN sleeping under the covers. She slowly wakes up. As her eyes open she beams a big smile. RAIN takes off the covers revealing that she is wearing Wonder Woman underoos. She goes over to her toy chest pulling out a Wonder Woman headband and cuffs. Quickly she puts it on. Then she runs out of the bedroom.

    CUT TO:

    We hear hard rock music playing in the background. A sixteen year old TANNER is in front of the stove flipping pancakes onto a plate. He turns off the stove. Then he takes the plate to the kitchen table. TANNER retrieves some OJ and pours two glasses. Just then RAIN blazes through almost bumping into him. She twirls around like Wonder Woman.

    TANNER: (smiles) Good morning Lynda Carter.

    RAIN: (giggles) No you silly goose! (Poses) I’m Wonder Woman! (Sways her hand) I can deflect bullets!

    TANNER: That’s a big word. (Hands her a glass of OJ) Well Wonder Woman you need your strength, so drink some orange juice, okay?

    RAIN: (takes it and drinks it in one gulp) Thank you Keith. (Hands him back the glass; grins) Do you know what today is?

    TANNER: Its Wednesday, isn’t it?

    RAIN eyes the pancakes and then looks over to him appraisingly.

    RAIN: You don’t remember?

    TANNER plops a pancake on her plate and add some strawberries. Then he grabs a bowl of whipped cream. With a spoon he drops a dollop on top of her pancake. He leads RAIN to the table. She sees a place card with her name on it.

    TANNER: (sees he has whipped cream on his finger) Did you really think I’d forget?

    RAIN: (frowns; looks down) Mommy does...

    TANNER: (grins) Well, not me. (Dabs the whipped cream on her nose) I’d never forget your birthday.

    RAIN: (giggles again; wipes the whipped cream off) You’re funny, Keith.

    TANNER: (hands her a fork) Now come on. You gotta eat. We have a big day in store for us.

    RAIN: (confused) But I have school. Tatum and I are supposed to feed the hamsters. It’s our turn.

    TANNER: Ahh... didn’t you know?

    RAIN: Know what?

    TANNER: As Wonder Woman you get a day off from school.

    RAIN: (surprised) I do?

    TANNER: Yep, every year on your birthday. You have to write a list of everything you want to do.

    RAIN: Wow! I really don’t have to go to school?

    TANNER: Nope.

    RAIN: I get to have you all to myself? All day?

    TANNER: (grins) Yep. We can do anything you want.

    RAIN: Anything?

    TANNER: Anything. You’re Wonder Woman aren’t you? (RAIN nods) Well, I’m Superman.

    RAIN: But you’re not wearing your costume.

    TANNER: Yes I am. (Unbuttons his collar shirt; reveals his Superman t-shirt underneath) Clark Kent is always ready to fight crime.

    RAIN giggles.

    TANNER: So what is the first thing you want to do?

    RAIN: I want to clean your car with you.

    TANNER: (laughs) You want to help me clean the car?

    RAIN: (makes a face) It’s dirty.

    TANNER: (smiles) Are you sure you want to do this?

    RAIN nods.

    TANNER: All right then, we’ll clean the car.

    RAIN: With your music. We have to clean the car while the music is on.

    TANNER: (laughs again) What do you want to listen to?

    RAIN: The first song has to be “It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock n’ Roll”.

    TANNER: Did you sneak into my room and go through my music collection?

    RAIN: (shakes her head) No... you sing the songs all the time. (Beat) And I remember everything you sing.

    TANNER: (touched) Then that’s the song we’ll start with.

    RAIN: (smiles) I love you Keith.

    TANNER: And I love you more Jelly Bean.

    RAIN: (laughs) No, today I’m Wonder Woman!

    TANNER: Well as Superman I need to (picks her up) fly you across the room!

    RAIN: (stretches her arms as if she’s flying) Higher Keith!

    TANNER twirls her around the kitchen and down the hallway. We hear laughter in the background. Soon it fades.



    CUT TO-

    TANNER is quickly packing a duffel bag. His face is covered with cuts and bruises. He takes a piece of paper from the dresser and stuffs it in his pocket.

    There is a knock on the front door. TANNER takes the duffel bag with him and answers it. We see a rather tall man wearing a black leather jacket and dark jeans. He enters the room and closes the door.

    TANNER: (a little nervous) Hey, Sorley.

    SORLEY: Are you ready?

    TANNER: Just about, yes.

    SORLEY: (hands him a talisman) Use this to call us when you’ve found the artifact.

    TANNER: (puts it in his pocket) I will.

    SORLEY: (hands him a piece of paper) These are the instructions on how to use it. (Beat) Now, you may want to close your eyes. You’re going to feel a little dizzy.

    TANNER: (realizes something) Oh wait... my face?

    SORLEY: (sighs) Of course. (Waves a hand; the cuts and bruises disappears) There you go, good as new.

    TANNER: Thanks. Okay, I’m ready.

    SORLEY utters some words in a demonic language causing the lights in the living room to flicker. Suddenly, TANNER is transported out of the room. SORLEY looks around. Before leaving the apartment, he sees a tray of cupcakes and helps himself to one.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent
    Special Thanks: Thomas

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I

    A few hours earlier appears on the screen.


    We see RAIN and MADELINE in work out clothes, carrying bags, holding onto towels and water bottles. They’re walking toward the parking lot.

    RAIN: (wipes her brow) Man, I’m pooped. Can’t wait to take a long hot shower.

    MADELINE: (sips from her water bottle) Yes, it was a good work out. Though I do wish we had proper combat training for you.

    RAIN: (offers) I’m gonna patrol tonight. You can join me if you want; give me some of that proper combat training.

    They stop at MADELINE’S car.

    MADELINE: (surprised) Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to get in your way.

    RAIN: I’d like you to come, Madeline, really.

    MADELINE: Okay, then I’ll come. (Beat) You know, you haven’t told me about the graphic design class.

    RAIN: (shrugs) We haven’t done much yet. Just learning the software and stuff but I promised Ms. Marks I’d give it a chance. So... (Feels her phone vibrate) Hold, someone is calling me.

    RAIN pulls out her phone. She reads a text message.

    MADELINE: (concerned) Is it Bella?

    RAIN: (taken aback) It’s Nick. He wants us to meet him at the restaurant.

    MADELINE: Something supernatural related?

    RAIN: Dunno. (Puts phone away) The text just says “Bring Blake to restaurant now.”

    MADELINE: (small grin) All right, let’s go then.

    They both climb into the car.

    MADELINE: (starts; the car; fixes mirror) Nick’s sure