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  • RAIN: 1.11 Criminal Element

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a couple of years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.11 Criminal Element

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    November 4th, 1993 appear on the screen.


    We see a seven year old RAIN sleeping under the covers. She slowly wakes up. As her eyes open she beams a big smile. RAIN takes off the covers revealing that she is wearing Wonder Woman underoos. She goes over to her toy chest pulling out a Wonder Woman headband and cuffs. Quickly she puts it on. Then she runs out of the bedroom.

    CUT TO:

    We hear hard rock music playing in the background. A sixteen year old TANNER is in front of the stove flipping pancakes onto a plate. He turns off the stove. Then he takes the plate to the kitchen table. TANNER retrieves some OJ and pours two glasses. Just then RAIN blazes through almost bumping into him. She twirls around like Wonder Woman.

    TANNER: (smiles) Good morning Lynda Carter.

    RAIN: (giggles) No you silly goose! (Poses) I’m Wonder Woman! (Sways her hand) I can deflect bullets!

    TANNER: That’s a big word. (Hands her a glass of OJ) Well Wonder Woman you need your strength, so drink some orange juice, okay?

    RAIN: (takes it and drinks it in one gulp) Thank you Keith. (Hands him back the glass; grins) Do you know what today is?

    TANNER: Its Wednesday, isn’t it?

    RAIN eyes the pancakes and then looks over to him appraisingly.

    RAIN: You don’t remember?

    TANNER plops a pancake on her plate and add some strawberries. Then he grabs a bowl of whipped cream. With a spoon he drops a dollop on top of her pancake. He leads RAIN to the table. She sees a place card with her name on it.

    TANNER: (sees he has whipped cream on his finger) Did you really think I’d forget?

    RAIN: (frowns; looks down) Mommy does...

    TANNER: (grins) Well, not me. (Dabs the whipped cream on her nose) I’d never forget your birthday.

    RAIN: (giggles again; wipes the whipped cream off) You’re funny, Keith.

    TANNER: (hands her a fork) Now come on. You gotta eat. We have a big day in store for us.

    RAIN: (confused) But I have school. Tatum and I are supposed to feed the hamsters. It’s our turn.

    TANNER: Ahh... didn’t you know?

    RAIN: Know what?

    TANNER: As Wonder Woman you get a day off from school.

    RAIN: (surprised) I do?

    TANNER: Yep, every year on your birthday. You have to write a list of everything you want to do.

    RAIN: Wow! I really don’t have to go to school?

    TANNER: Nope.

    RAIN: I get to have you all to myself? All day?

    TANNER: (grins) Yep. We can do anything you want.

    RAIN: Anything?

    TANNER: Anything. You’re Wonder Woman aren’t you? (RAIN nods) Well, I’m Superman.

    RAIN: But you’re not wearing your costume.

    TANNER: Yes I am. (Unbuttons his collar shirt; reveals his Superman t-shirt underneath) Clark Kent is always ready to fight crime.

    RAIN giggles.

    TANNER: So what is the first thing you want to do?

    RAIN: I want to clean your car with you.

    TANNER: (laughs) You want to help me clean the car?

    RAIN: (makes a face) It’s dirty.

    TANNER: (smiles) Are you sure you want to do this?

    RAIN nods.

    TANNER: All right then, we’ll clean the car.

    RAIN: With your music. We have to clean the car while the music is on.

    TANNER: (laughs again) What do you want to listen to?

    RAIN: The first song has to be “It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock n’ Roll”.

    TANNER: Did you sneak into my room and go through my music collection?

    RAIN: (shakes her head) No... you sing the songs all the time. (Beat) And I remember everything you sing.

    TANNER: (touched) Then that’s the song we’ll start with.

    RAIN: (smiles) I love you Keith.

    TANNER: And I love you more Jelly Bean.

    RAIN: (laughs) No, today I’m Wonder Woman!

    TANNER: Well as Superman I need to (picks her up) fly you across the room!

    RAIN: (stretches her arms as if she’s flying) Higher Keith!

    TANNER twirls her around the kitchen and down the hallway. We hear laughter in the background. Soon it fades.



    CUT TO-

    TANNER is quickly packing a duffel bag. His face is covered with cuts and bruises. He takes a piece of paper from the dresser and stuffs it in his pocket.

    There is a knock on the front door. TANNER takes the duffel bag with him and answers it. We see a rather tall man wearing a black leather jacket and dark jeans. He enters the room and closes the door.

    TANNER: (a little nervous) Hey, Sorley.

    SORLEY: Are you ready?

    TANNER: Just about, yes.

    SORLEY: (hands him a talisman) Use this to call us when you’ve found the artifact.

    TANNER: (puts it in his pocket) I will.

    SORLEY: (hands him a piece of paper) These are the instructions on how to use it. (Beat) Now, you may want to close your eyes. You’re going to feel a little dizzy.

    TANNER: (realizes something) Oh wait... my face?

    SORLEY: (sighs) Of course. (Waves a hand; the cuts and bruises disappears) There you go, good as new.

    TANNER: Thanks. Okay, I’m ready.

    SORLEY utters some words in a demonic language causing the lights in the living room to flicker. Suddenly, TANNER is transported out of the room. SORLEY looks around. Before leaving the apartment, he sees a tray of cupcakes and helps himself to one.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent
    Special Thanks: Thomas

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I

    A few hours earlier appears on the screen.


    We see RAIN and MADELINE in work out clothes, carrying bags, holding onto towels and water bottles. They’re walking toward the parking lot.

    RAIN: (wipes her brow) Man, I’m pooped. Can’t wait to take a long hot shower.

    MADELINE: (sips from her water bottle) Yes, it was a good work out. Though I do wish we had proper combat training for you.

    RAIN: (offers) I’m gonna patrol tonight. You can join me if you want; give me some of that proper combat training.

    They stop at MADELINE’S car.

    MADELINE: (surprised) Are you sure? I mean I don’t want to get in your way.

    RAIN: I’d like you to come, Madeline, really.

    MADELINE: Okay, then I’ll come. (Beat) You know, you haven’t told me about the graphic design class.

    RAIN: (shrugs) We haven’t done much yet. Just learning the software and stuff but I promised Ms. Marks I’d give it a chance. So... (Feels her phone vibrate) Hold, someone is calling me.

    RAIN pulls out her phone. She reads a text message.

    MADELINE: (concerned) Is it Bella?

    RAIN: (taken aback) It’s Nick. He wants us to meet him at the restaurant.

    MADELINE: Something supernatural related?

    RAIN: Dunno. (Puts phone away) The text just says “Bring Blake to restaurant now.”

    MADELINE: (small grin) All right, let’s go then.

    They both climb into the car.

    MADELINE: (starts; the car; fixes mirror) Nick’s sure been texting you a lot.

    RAIN: (doesn’t see where MADELINE is going with this) So? (Sarcastically) He’s part of the gang now, you know?

    MADELINE: (curious) Has he thought of any new names?

    RAIN: Yeah the latest one is... are you ready for this? Wiccan Force.

    MADELINE: (chuckles) It’s a small improvement.

    RAIN: (rolls her eyes) He’s such a dork.

    MADELINE smirks at her.

    CUT TO:

    CJ is lost in a book as he makes his way to the bleachers. As he passes a fence, we see a sign that reads: Haven High School Softball Tryouts. When he hears a commotion, he looks up. His eyes fall on a few high school GIRLS playing on the softball field. One of the players hits a ball to centerfield. Centerfield catches the ball.

    COACH: Good catch Bells!

    We see the centerfield is actually BELLA. She sees CJ and runs over to him. She’s wearing a Red Sox baseball hat, t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

    BELLA: (excited) You came!

    CJ: (puts his book in his bag) Of course I came! Like I’d miss out on you chewing tobacco?

    BELLA: (hands on her hip) It’s BLC, not tobacco, thank you.

    CJ: (points at her) It’s Outta Here Original.

    BELLA: (smirks) Thank you for coming.

    CJ: (looks around, as if searching for someone) Where’s Rain?

    BELLA: Oh, she had training with (stops herself) ... a friend.

    CJ: (arches a brow) Training? What is she training for?

    BELLA: (stammers a bit) I-I mean she’s exercising... exercising... with a friend... at the gym. They have treadmills there, you know?

    CJ: I heard. They have weights, all sorts of things... yoga mats? Yep, they have ‘em.

    BELLA laughs.

    CJ: (Gives her a look) Rain doesn’t know you’re trying out, does she?

    BELLA: (bites her lips) No... but she will. I just wanted to see if I could make the team before I told anyone.

    CJ: (pretends to be hurt) Aww Bella, did you forget?

    BELLA: Forget what?

    CJ: We talked about this? Remember? Trent and Mr. Reyers sitting under a tree?

    BELLA: Right... you can predict the future. (Grins) So what do you predict?

    CJ: (taps her hat) That you will be a Haven High Softball player. It’s in the bag. (Leans closer) Trust me.

    COACH: Talmadge! Stop flirting and get back on the field!

    BELLA: (embarrassed) I better go.

    CJ: (points to the bleachers) Okay. I’ll be here.

    CJ sits down smiling as he watches BELLA returns to the field.

    CUT TO:

    MADELINE’S car pulls up in front of the restaurant. At the same time RAIN and MADELINE climbs out. MICHAEL is standing in front of an empty building next to the restaurant. He shakes hand with a WOMAN. The WOMAN goes back inside. MICHAEL turns and approaches RAIN.

    RAIN: (holding onto her gym bag) What’s going on?

    MICHAEL: The building next door is for sale.

    RAIN: This is why Nick texted me?

    MICHAEL nods.

    MADELINE: (leans against her car; plays with her keys) Are you expanding the restaurant?

    MICHAEL: Actually... (To RAIN) I was thinking maybe it would be a good spot for you to spar in.

    RAIN: (taken aback) What?

    MADELINE stands up, walks toward the windows and looks through the glass.

    RAIN: (inches closer to MICHAEL) You’re... you’re not serious, are you?

    MICHAEL: Why not? (Beat) You said that you wanted to start training.

    RAIN: And I have... with Madeline at the gym.

    MADELINE: (turns around; approaches her) Really, we’re just exercising, keeping fit, toning your muscles. You need combat training... (Lowers voice) with weapons. And I’m sure you’re tired of the treadmill.

    RAIN: (feels uneasy at MICHAEL’S gesture) I don’t know...

    MADELINE: Giles had a room for Buffy to spar in the back of his magic shop. It was very convenient. Buffy and her friends often met there to discuss supernatural doom.

    RAIN: (strolls toward the building) But... I mean to buy it for me?

    MICHAEL: Well it wouldn’t be just for you. The employees would have access to it.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) To the weapons? Is that really a good idea?

    MICHAEL: (nods toward the building) Come on, I’ll show you what I mean. Nick’s inside.

    CUT TO:

    NICK is with a WOMAN who is showing him the place. They’re just coming down the stairs. He sees RAIN is walking up to the building with MICHAEL and MADELINE.

    NICK: (distractedly) Where did you say you’re from?

    WOMAN: California. (Beat) I believe said it for the third time.

    NICK: Right... right.

    WOMAN: You do realize that you’re failing at this?

    NICK: Failing at what?

    WOMAN: Picking me up?

    NICK: (nervous chuckle) Wh-what? I-I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    WOMAN: It’s like you’re not even trying. (Beat) You’re distracted... by that girl outside? The one with the black hair?

    NICK pretends to be confused.

    WOMAN: (rolls her eyes; her cell phone rings) Chloe Carter speaking. Yes... (Sees MICHAEL, RAIN and MADELINE enter) Just a moment. (To MICHAEL) So what do you think?

    MICHAEL: (Gestures to RAIN and MADELINE) I’d like to show them the place before I make a decision.

    CHLOE: Of course, I’ll be outside.

    MICHAEL nods and CHLOE leaves.

    NICK: Ladies... isn’t this place sweet?

    RAIN: (doesn’t see his vision) Yeah... sweet.

    NICK: (meets them in the center of the room) No seriously... you gotta open your mind.

    MICHAEL: (smirks) Hear him out.

    NICK: (Gestures) Yeah... in the back could be a lounge for the employees to hang out on breaks, watch some TV and play Wii... Maybe a small kitchen. The only access to this area would be in the back where the boss’ old office is... so there would be a wall here... then (turns to his left) this would be the new office. And...

    NICK takes RAIN hand and leads her upstairs. She is taken back by this.
    MADELINE and MICHAEL join them.

    NICK: (lets RAIN’S hand go) ... this is a perfect spot to spar in. I mean look the size of this!

    MADELINE: (a little excited) Maybe have a library? An area to do spells?

    NICK: (Points at her) Yes! (Looks around; nods with pride) I can totally see it.

    MICHAEL: Rain? What do you think?

    RAIN: (holding onto bag; to MICHAEL and NICK) It’s not that I don’t appreciate you even thinking about doing this but... won’t the employees think it’s odd seeing me doing spells and twirling swords around?

    NICK: Look I know you can’t see it but trust me. (Leans over the railing; points) See that wall? We’ll put a door there that will lead to the new office. So when they come in to see the boss, they’ll look up and just see the library. They won’t think anything of it. And the sparring room will be in the back, tucked nicely out of sight.

    RAIN: (walks around) Well...I dunno.

    MADELINE: I think it’s a marvellous idea. (Beat) It does get a bit crowded in the restaurant sometimes. This will allow us more freedom to do what we want.

    RAIN: But can you afford this, Michael?

    MICHAEL: Yes. (Beat) I know this may feel weird... us wanting to do something like this but remember, it’s not just for you... it’s for all of us. Nick, Madeline... Bella.

    NICK: (goofy grin) You girls could do your homework here.

    RAIN: (slowly smiles) okay I’ll admit it... it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

    NICK: (triumphantly) Then that’s settled. (To MICHAEL) Go get Chloe and sign your name in blood.

    MICHAEL gives him a look, and then turns to RAIN.

    MICHAEL: Are you sure?

    RAIN: (grins) Yeah... (Walks further down) Bella could dry her herbs... make her oils here.

    NICK: Now you’re talking!

    MICHAEL: (smiles back) Great. I’ll talk to Ms. Carter.

    MICHAEL leaves the building.

    MADELINE: Well this is exciting isn’t it?

    RAIN: (leans on the railing; grin) It sure is. (Beat) I can’t believe Michael is actually doing this.

    NICK: We should start talking paint, fabrics, furniture, you know... the works.

    RAIN: (smirks) Since when did you become an interior decorator?

    NICK: Oh, come on, Rain. (Twirls her fingers at her) Call up Bella and get her butt over here. She should help us with the shopping.

    RAIN: I can’t... she’s busy.

    MADELINE: Nothing wrong I hope? She looked like she was in good spirits today when I saw her at school.

    RAIN: Yeah... she was... it’s just...she’s been through a lot with the whole body swapping vessel thingy.

    NICK: She’s sure spending a lot of time with her father.

    RAIN: (nods) She is... I mean it’s good though... for her. It’s just that, well, I guess I just miss her. (Pulls her bag close to her) Anyway, I need to hit the showers.

    RAIN turns for the stairs.

    NICK: Can we go shopping after your shower?

    RAIN: (swings around) Sure... there is a place we can go. It’s like Pier 1 Imports.

    NICK: (claps excitedly) Awesome. When you’re done with the showering... I’ll be at the bar... bar tendering, pouring beers... and stuff.

    RAIN: (shakes her head at him) Whatever.

    MADELINE narrows her eyes at NICK as RAIN departs down the stairs.

    NICK: (sees MADELINE looking at him; quickly turns around) So where should we put the bookshelves, Blake?

    CUT TO:

    BELLA is on the bed, putting her shoes on. It appears she’s getting ready to leave. There is a soft knock on the door.

    BELLA: Come in.

    WARNER enters.

    BELLA: Hey daddy.

    WARNER: (at the door way; picks up a glove) So did we make the softball team?

    BELLA: (grins) We did.

    WARNER: (sits next to her on the bed; puts arms around her) See? I told you.

    BELLA: Thank you for encouraging me to tryout.

    WARNER: No problem. I’m just surprised you needed encouraging. You were always into sports when you were a kid. Remember the soccer team? You were amazing. (BELLA smiles; softly) Um... I found something in the office just now. (Pulls out a picture from the lining of his suit) Here.

    BELLA: What is it?

    WARNER: (Hands the photo to her) This was Halloween... gosh, what year was it? 1984?

    BELLA sees it’s of WARNER dressed as Sonny Bono and a WOMAN dressed as Cher.

    WARNER: (points to the WOMAN) You asked if your mother had black hair. I was thinking maybe you were confused because of the wig.

    BELLA: I guess… but I don’t think I’ve seen this picture before.

    WARNER: Maybe you did and you just forgot.

    BELLA: (small laughs) I can’t believe you dressed up as Sonny Bono.

    WARNER: (takes the photo back; scans it) It was your mother’s idea. I really think she wanted to see how far I’d go for her. (Beat) You know your aunt took this picture.

    BELLA: Aunt Jaime took this?

    WARNER: Yep. (Hands it back to her) Here, keep it.

    BELLA: (softly) Thank you.

    WARNER: (touches her hair) Of course sweetheart. (Gets up)

    BELLA: Dad?

    WARNER: (at the door) Yes Tinker?

    BELLA: Did mom... ever speak Russian?

    WARNER: (stiffens at this) Well... she knew a few words, phrases but she wasn’t fluent in the language. (Curious) Why you ask?

    BELLA: Just wondered.

    WARNER: (inches closer; concerned) Ar-are you having dreams again?

    BELLA: (confused) Again? What do you mean?

    WARNER: When you were young, you dreamt of your mother quite often but eventually, the dreams stopped.

    BELLA: (surprised) Really? I don’t remember. I mean I was just a baby when she died.

    WARNER sombrely looks away.

    BELLA: (sees this; gets up) I’m sorry dad. I didn’t mean to bring up mom. I know you loved her.

    WARNER: (brings himself back to reality; looks at his watch) Aren’t you going to the library with CJ?

    BELLA: (nods) He should be here any minute.

    CUT TO:

    We see a truck pulling up on the side of the street. CJ climbs out. He strolls to the steps and rings the doorbell.

    SHERIDAN: (muffled) Will someone get that?! (Beat) Rosie? Where are you?! Ugh... never mind. I’ll answer it myself.

    SHERIDAN swings the door open. She is startled to see CJ standing there.

    SHERIDAN: Who are you? (Beat; sees his truck) Oh wait... are you the gardener? You’re late.

    CJ: Actually...

    SHERIDAN: Don’t just stand there. (Gestures) Come in.

    CJ: (enters) Are you Bella’s mother?

    SHERIDAN: (closes the door; offended by the greeting) Excuse me? How exactly do you know my daughter?

    CJ: We’re classmates... (Nervously) well, we’re in a couple of classes.

    SHERIDAN: (confused) You go to high school? I really prefer not to work with adolescents. I’m sorry, this isn’t going to work.

    CJ: Ma’am, I’m not the gardener. I’m here for Bella.

    SHERIDAN: (taken aback) Wh-what? No, I don’t think so. (Laughs to herself) I think I’d know if my daughter was dating someone.

    BELLA: (OS) Are you being rude to our guest?

    SHERIDAN: (swings around; sees BELLA trailing down the stairs) Isabella... this... (Gestures) boy tells me he’s here for you.

    BELLA: (sighs in annoyance) That’s because he is... this is CJ Hodges. CJ... this is my... (Sees her father at the top of the stairs) mother... (Glances over to CJ) Sheridan.

    CJ: (offers a hand) Nice to meet you Mrs. Talmadge.

    SHERIDAN: (Doesn’t take it; to BELLA) Does your father know about him?

    CJ awkwardly smiles back.

    WARNER: (appears from behind) Yes he does... they met about a week ago.

    SHERIDAN: (looks over to WARNER) Why didn’t I know about this?

    WARNER: Because you were not around to inspect him to death, like you’re doing now. (Whispers) You went to the spa resort in Connecticut with Ava. Remember?

    SHERIDAN: (scoffs at him) I’m not inspecting the boy. It seems that no one is telling me... (Sees BELLA putting on her coat) Where are you going?

    BELLA: (picks up her bag nearby) I’m going to watch a documentary and study at the library with CJ.

    SHERIDAN: (shakes her head) No... I don’t think so.

    CJ stands there still feeling uncomfortable.

    WARNER: (firmly) Sheridan.

    SHERIDAN: (ignores WARNER; to BELLA) You’re staying right here.

    BELLA: (looks at her in the eye) Do you really think you have any control over me? I mean... really?

    BELLA opens the door, lets CJ quickly leave first. She turns to SHERIDAN.

    BELLA: (small wave; grins) Later, Sheridan.

    WARNER lets out a small smirk but quickly gets rid of it when SHERIDAN walks away in a huff.

    CUT TO:

    Using his laptop at the kitchen table, MICHAEL orders various items from the Oliver’s Occult Oasis website. His bag is open and we can see a file peeking out labelled ‘Prophecy’. His cell phone rings.

    MICHAEL: Hello?

    OLIVER: Hello Michael.

    MICHAEL: (smirks) Well, well, speak of the devil, I’m on your website, ordering some supplies and what not.

    OLIVER: (a little too excited) Are you really? (Pauses for a moment) Wait... why can’t you come here, to the shop? It’s not like we’re miles away.

    MICHAEL: (laughs) I’m ordering in bulk. (Beat) I am buying the building next door to expand the restaurant a bit and add a place for Rain to spar in and do some spells.

    OLIVER: (taken aback) Did you really buy the place next door?

    MICHAEL: Yes.

    OLIVER: We need to be careful, Michael. I mean you’re the one who wanted to keep a low profile because of the prophecy. Jackie and I are trying to follow your lead but then you go and buy a building for her?

    MICHAEL: She’s starting to trust me. This will get her to trust me even more. And she does need to train especially for what’s to come. We both agree on that.

    OLIVER: (sighs) How does Rain feel about this?

    MICHAEL: She seemed uncomfortable at first but once Nick gave her the tour, she was intrigued by the idea of having a training facility.

    OLIVER: (concerned) Wait... what about the staff? Will they have access to it? We really shouldn’t draw a lot of attention to-

    MICHAEL: -They’ll just have access to the break room, you’ll see. (Beat) Did you call for any particular reason?

    OLIVER: Oh, I just wanted to know if Rain has inquired about the prophecy yet.

    MICHAEL: (eyes the file in his bag) No, she hasn’t. I don’t think she’s ready anyway.

    OLIVER: (sighs) I see. Well, it probably doesn’t matter right now since I haven’t been able to decipher it any further as of late.

    MICHAEL: We’ll figure it out.

    OLIVER: (uncertain) I hope so. (Beat) How’s Isabella?

    MICHAEL: As far as I know she’s good. Spending a lot of time with her father. (Arches a brow) Why do you ask?

    OLIVER is evasive, as if he knows something about BELLA but MICHAEL doesn’t notice this.

    OLIVER: I was just thinking of her, that’s all. (Beat) All right then, I suppose I’d better let you get back to spending an obscene amount of money on my high quality magical supplies.

    MICHAEL: (laughs) Good day, Oliver.

    OLIVER: Likewise.

    They hang up. MICHAEL resumes to the laptop.

    CUT TO:

    OLIVER puts the phone down just as JACKIE appears from the backroom. She is carrying a stack of books.

    JACKIE: (place them on the counter) Help me, dear?

    OLIVER: Of course.

    JACKIE: (picks a couple up and looks at them) Was that Michael on the phone?

    OLIVER: (fiddling with a book) Yes... it was.

    JACKIE: (walks over to a bookshelf) What did he say?

    OLIVER: Nothing new. Rain still won’t talk about the prophecy.

    JACKIE: (puts the books away) She’s not ready.

    OLIVER: That’s what Michael said. (Approaches JACKIE) I asked about Isabella as well.

    JACKIE: (quickly looks up) Oh? How is she?

    OLIVER: Seems she’s doing well.

    JACKIE: (sees OLIVER is concerned) You really think you saw something? In her dreams, during the reading?

    OLIVER: I don’t know. I can’t ascertain why but there’s something about Isabella’s dreams... that just makes me feel uneasy.

    JACKIE: Why don’t you meditate on it for a while, see if it comes to you?

    OLIVER: (nods) Good idea. (Hands her the book) I’ll do it later tonight.

    CUT TO:

    CJ and BELLA are sitting before a long table. BELLA is writing in her notebook. Trying to be cool, CJ slowly looks up at her as if he’s studying her facial features.

    CJ: (tries to make conversation) That documentary... that was pretty intense eh?

    BELLA doesn’t respond. He looks over to her notebook, realizes she’s doodling.

    CJ: Doodling... interesting subject, eh?

    BELLA: (distractedly) Hmm?

    CJ: Well, sure... there’s Histories of Doodling, Scribbles and Theories... and my personal favorite Abstract Doodling Philosophies.

    BELLA: (Looks up; small laugh) Oh... sorry...

    CJ: Look, Bella, Is everything all right? (Beat) I mean things looked pretty tense back there... with your mom.

    BELLA: (rather bluntly) She’s not my mother.

    CJ: (sits back) But when you introduced us...

    BELLA: She’s my stepmother.

    CJ: Oh... but why-

    BELLA: -It’s the way it’s always been. (Beat) I call her... (Monotone) mother.

    CJ: But you don’t want to?

    BELLA: No I don’t; but whatever Sheridan wants, Sheridan gets.

    CJ: (small chuckle) I got that that she was domineering. I could hear the whipping sounds in the background when she told you not to leave.

    BELLA smiles.

    CJ: (feeling a little awkward) So, if I may ask, what happened to your birthmother?

    BELLA: She died... when I was a baby.

    CJ: So you never really knew her?

    BELLA: (with sadness) No... I only have pictures.

    CJ: And I take it you and your stepmother always fought?

    BELLA: Ever since I can remember. (Beat) She always tried to make me do the things she likes... you know? Without ever thinking about what I want to do. (Grins mischievously) She hates that I’m friends with Rain. Really hates it.

    CJ: Does Rain know?

    BELLA: (nods) The whole town does. (Beat) Its weird... Sheridan acts like she legally adopted me... she tries so hard to pretend that I’m her daughter. With her... it’s all about image, the right clothes, the right hair style, the right car... (Looks down, then back up at CJ) the right kid.

    CJ: You think you’re a part of her image?

    BELLA: (shrugs) Yeah... gosh... I haven’t talked about her like this in so long... I mean I have with Rain but just not with anyone else.

    CJ: Well, I’m honored then.

    BELLA grins.

    CJ: (feeling the need to change the subject slightly) You know I’ve got a sudden craving for some cardboard pizza at the mall. How about you? My treat?

    BELLA: (grins) I’m up for some cardboard pizza.

    CJ smiles back.

    CUT TO:

    We’re in a store that has a selection of furniture, bedding, book cases, candles and so forth. NICK and RAIN are already looking at a few items. For a split second, NICK glances over to RAIN and then quickly turns away again, picking up a knick knack. He pretends to be invested in it. Very faintly, we hear Landon Piggs’ Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop playing.

    NICK: (looks around, taking the place in) You know the name of this place is misleading.

    RAIN: (sniffs a candles; winces) Pardon?

    NICK: (gestures the size of the store) It’s not a warehouse. (Beat) It doesn’t even have a lot of furniture.

    RAIN: (mutters) Fine, we’ll go to Ikea. There’s one in Connecticut.

    NICK: (points at her) Good thinking. We need paint too-

    RAIN: Nick, how long have you known Michael?

    NICK: That’s pretty random. Even for you.

    RAIN: (shrugs; picks up a blanket) Just curious, that’s all.

    NICK: Play 20 questions?

    RAIN: (disbelief) Are you serious?

    NICK: Yeah I’m serious.

    RAIN: (puts the candle back; plays along) Is he rich? (Beat) I mean, he bought the place today... in cash.

    NICK: He has a trust fund.

    RAIN: He doesn’t act pretentious.

    NICK: The boss is kinda private about it, being the black sheep of the family and all.

    RAIN: Yeah? (Beat) I know he has a sister... Devon?

    NICK: (nods) And a brother too.

    RAIN: Right. I saw pictures of them at the cabin. (Beat) So how is Michael the black sheep?

    NICK: All of his relatives are in the medical business except him. His father is the chief of staff at Haven Memorial. His mother is a psychiatrist. Devon is about to enter the pharmaceutical field and his brother is an ER doctor.

    RAIN: Do you think his parents wanted him to be a doctor or something then?

    Together they continue to stroll through out the store, occasionally checking out items.

    NICK: (grabs a pillow) Dunno... but he went to culinary school. (Throws it at her) That’s three questions so far.

    RAIN: (catches it) You sure seem to know about Michael.

    NICK: Well... I’ve known him for a while, you know? (Playfully hits her) We’re buds.

    RAIN: (smirks; throws the pillow back at him) You looked him up on the internet didn’t you?

    NICK: (shrugs) Maybe.

    RAIN rolls her eyes at him.

    RAIN: (walks toward a shelf carrying glasses) It all makes sense... the apartment for the employees... the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. (Beat) How long as it been since he’s seen his parents?

    NICK: No clue. (Beat) I’ve only met her sister. She stops by from time to time.

    RAIN: Interesting.

    NICK: That’s now five.

    RAIN: (scoffs) No way. I counted four.

    NICK: I didn’t answer your first question.

    RAIN: Right... how long have you known Michael?

    NICK: At least three years.

    RAIN: Have you lived here all your life?

    NICK: Changing the game are we?

    RAIN: (defensive) What? It’s a question.

    NICK: (points at himself with an incense holder) You asked a question about me, not the boss.

    RAIN: (mutters) Whatever. You don’t have to answer it.

    NICK: I moved here around ’02.

    RAIN: Where are you from?

    NICK: (smirks) That’s seven now.

    RAIN: (makes a face) Geez Nick, how old are you?

    NICK: Eight questions.

    RAIN: You act like you’re eight.

    NICK: I’m from Vermont.

    RAIN: Never been outside of Massachusetts.

    NICK: It’s nice there.

    RAIN: Family?

    NICK: (fidgets a little) Mom, stepfather and a brother.

    RAIN: Struck a nerve?

    NICK: No... just a story for another time.

    RAIN: I can respect that.

    NICK: You have twelve left.

    RAIN: That’s not fair. You didn’t tell me how old you were.

    NICK: (smiles) Twenty-six.

    RAIN: (thinks for a minute) What are you studying?

    NICK: Education.

    RAIN: You want to be a teacher?

    NICK nods.

    RAIN: (impressed) What grade level?

    NICK: High school.

    RAIN: That’s pretty cool. (Beat) What other wealthy families do you know about?

    NICK: Switching the game again, eh? (Beat) Let’s see there’s the Whittington family, most of them are business owners. Who else, umm... there’s the Fourniers. Their family has been around for generations too. They own a cosmetic company.

    RAIN: Everyone knows that. I use their products.

    NICK: Right... right. Well, the Fourniers knows Bella’s parents.

    RAIN: Yeah, I could see that. I think it’s safe to assume that they run in the same circles.

    NICK: You know Talmadge is a well known name... though fairly new to Haven. They’ve only been around maybe eighteen years or so.

    RAIN: (arches a brow) That’s pretty specific.

    NICK: I took a history course at the University. Researching the town was one of our assignments. (Shrugs) I got carried away a little.

    RAIN: Wait, you said that the Talmadge family has only been around for about eighteen years?

    NICK nods.

    RAIN: That doesn’t make sense.

    NICK: (overly confident) The facts don’t lie.

    RAIN: Bella’s parents grew up in Haven.

    NICK: (confused) I thought Sheridan was from Georgia.

    RAIN: How did you know that?

    NICK: (fidgets) I... I get bored sometimes and... read the society pages.

    RAIN: (scoffs) You read the society pages?

    NICK: (defensive) When I’m bored. Remember that.

    RAIN: (sighs) Anyway, I was talking about Bella’s birthmother. She was born and raised in Haven.

    NICK: What about Bella’s father?

    RAIN: He moved to Massachusetts from Maine with his aunt when he was six. Bella told me her parents were childhood sweethearts. So the Talmadge family has been here a lot longer than eighteen years.

    NICK: (arches a brow) Well, maybe her father changed his last name or he took his aunt’s maiden name, something like that. I don’t know. Not to be insensitive but your mom had an alias, right? You called your brother Keith for years, not knowing his real name.

    RAIN: I see your point.

    NICK: Every family has their secrets, right?

    RAIN: (nods quietly) Yeah... they do.

    NICK: Though mine involves food.

    RAIN: (distractedly) Food?

    NICK: Secret recipes? (RAIN rolls her eyes) It’s very hush-hush. I’ll never reveal them. (Count fingers) How many questions was that now? I lost count.

    FADE TO-

    November 4th, 1994 appears on the screen.


    RAIN now eight is dressed in a sweater and pants is sitting at a picnic table in front of the house. She has her eyes closed.

    TANNER: (OS) Are they closed?

    RAIN: Yes Keith! My eyes are closed!

    TANNER appears, holding onto a Wonder Woman birthday cake. The candles are lit. He places it on the table.

    TANNER: Open ‘em.

    RAIN: (opens her eyes; excitedly) Oh Keith! It’s so pretty.

    TANNER: (sits down) Make a wish.

    RAIN closes her eyes with a grin and blows the candles.

    TANNER: (cuts her a slice; puts it on a plate) What did you wish for?

    RAIN: I can’t tell you! It won’t come true if you tell anyone.

    TANNER: (cuts himself a cake) Aww... I’m not just anyone though. You can tell me.

    RAIN: (shakes her head) Nope... it’s a secret.

    TANNER: All right. (Beat) Where’s the list?

    RAIN pulls out a piece of paper with her handwriting. She hands it to him.

    TANNER: (reads) Well let’s cross off number one... we did that before the cake (Looks over to RAIN who is happily eating) Number two... watch Return of the Jedi. Please make popcorn. Use only Jiffy Pop.

    TANNER laughs.

    RAIN: And we have to watch it wearing Star Wars t-shirts. I wrote it on the list.

    TANNER: (scans back) Yes I see that. All right, better hurry up and finish the cake or I’ll finish it for you.



    This is a repeated scene from the teaser.

    TANNER is quickly packing a duffel bag. His face is covered with cuts and bruises. He takes a piece of paper from the dresser and stuffs it in his pocket.

    There is a knock on the front door. TANNER takes the duffel bag with him and answers it. We see a rather tall man wearing a black leather jacket and dark jeans. He enters the room and closes the door.

    TANNER: (a little nervous) Hey, Sorley.

    SORLEY: Are you ready?

    TANNER: Just about, yes.

    SORLEY: (hands him a talisman) Use this to call us when you’ve found the artifact.

    TANNER: (puts it in his pocket) I will.

    SORLEY: (hands him a piece of paper) These are the instructions on how to use it. (Beat) Now, you may want to close your eyes. You’re going to feel a little dizzy.

    TANNER: (realizes something) Oh wait... my face?

    SORLEY: (sighs) Of course. (Waves a hand; the cuts and bruises disappears) There you go, good as new.

    TANNER: Thanks. Okay, I’m ready.

    SORLEY utters some words in a demonic language causing the lights in the living room to flicker. Suddenly, TANNER is transported out of the room. He then finds himself in a bathroom standing in front of the mirror. TANNER almost loses his balance. Feeling the effect of the teleportation process, he throws up in the toilet. He flushes it and then wipes his mouth. There is a knock on the door.

    VOICE: (OS) Everything okay, sir?

    TANNER doesn’t respond. The door opens. It's MICHAEL.

    MICHAEL: (arches a brow) Tanner?

    MICHAEL is stunned to see him but TANNER doesn’t seem all that surprised he was teleported to the restaurant.

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      ACT II


      OLIVER is in the middle of the floor meditating on an ancient rug. There are candles lit all over the room as well as incense.

      We hear overlapping voices.

      THE COLLECTOR: (OS) Is the patient ready?

      KEELEY: (OS) Oh my god!

      TOR’LOC: (OS) God is not here.

      OLIVER shifts his head back and forth as of it trying to read BELLA’S dreams from memory.

      BELLA: (OS) Go away.... please!

      WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

      FEMALE VOICE: (OS) Isabella is strong.

      We hear a baby crying in the background. Suddenly the room gives way to a wave of mingled, overlapping sounds, like water ripples. The candles are quickly sniffed out. Smoke wafts in the air. OLIVER opens his eyes in confusion.

      OLIVER: Huh.

      After a few seconds JACKIE appears. She sees the candles are out and turns the lights on.

      JACKIE: (realizes OLIVER is concerned) What’s wrong?

      OLIVER: My meditation was interrupted.

      JACKIE: What do you mean?

      OLIVER: (looks up at her, his eyes serious) Someone just teleported to Haven.

      FADE TO-

      November 4th, 1995 appear on the screen.


      A nine year old RAIN is at home base, holding onto the bat. She has on a Boston Red Sox cap.

      RAIN: Come on Roger! Show me what you got!

      TANNER smirks and pitches the ball. She hits it and runs. The ball makes it way to the outfield.

      TANNER: (does a crowd roar) There she goes!

      RAIN slides her way home.

      TANNER: (helps her to her feet) Why did you do that?

      RAIN: The players always slide when they make a home run.

      TANNER sighs at her as she brushes off the dirt.

      TANNER: (pulls our RAIN’S list) Let’s see... number three... play video games for two hours. (Looks up at her) Okay, where?

      RAIN: At your friend’s house... the one with the tattoo?

      TANNER: Mike? But all he has is Pac Man, Space Invaders and Frogger.

      RAIN: (grins) I know.

      TANNER: (gives her a look) He knows we’re coming, doesn’t he?

      RAIN: Yep. (Beat) He said we have to bring snacks. He’ll provide the root beer.

      TANNER: You’re something else, Rain... you know that?

      He pulls her braids. She laughs and, smiling, they hug each other.



      MICHAEL is at the bar pouring TANNER a beer.

      MICHAEL: When did you arrive?

      TANNER: I‘m not too sure. I kind of lost track of the time.

      MICHAEL: (throws a towel over his shoulder) Well I didn’t see you even come in.

      TANNER: (sips a beer) I came from the back. I hope that’s all right.

      MICHAEL: Yeah it’s fine, just a little unexpected is all. Rain should here any minute. Are you sure I can’t get you something to eat?

      TANNER: Thanks, I’m good though. I think I might still be just a little travel sick

      MICHAEL nods and goes back to serving other customers.

      CUT TO:

      CJ and BELLA are in his truck. They’ve just left the mall and pass a wealthy neighbourhood. He flips through radio and stops at one channel. We hear All-4-One’s I Swear softly playing in the background.

      BELLA: (disbelief) You like this song?

      CJ: Sure why not? (Beat) I can’t like cheesy R&B songs from the 90’s?

      BELLA: I’m just surprised, that’s all.

      CJ: (pats his stomach) I don’t know about you but if you ask me that was really good cardboard pizza.

      BELLA: (laughs) It was good. Thank you. I liked the cardboardy texture especially.

      CJ: (agrees) Yeah, I mean that’s the best part if you ask me. (BELLA grins) So I guess I should take you home before you turn into a pumpkin, eh?

      BELLA: I’m a pumpkin?

      CJ: Sure, can’t you see it? You’re orange, and can make scary faces.

      BELLA: Do you realize how lame you sound?

      CJ: I can imagine.

      BELLA: (softly) Actually... I don’t think I’m ready to go home just yet. I’d like to spend a little more time with you... If that’s all right with you that is.

      CJ: Yeah, it’s entirely cool with me but if we’re late and Warden Sheridan comes out with a whip, I’m running for my life. I gotta protect my hide... just saying.

      BELLA laughs again.

      CJ: (smiling) You have such a cute laugh.

      BELLA: (embarrassed) Umm... thanks.

      CJ pulls over to the side, making BELLA nervous. He turns the engine off.

      BELLA: Wh-what’s wrong?

      CJ doesn’t answer and gets out of the truck. He approaches some trash bags and goes through it.

      BELLA: (arches a brow) What the- (opens the door) What are you doing?

      CJ: There’s some good stuff here.

      BELLA approaches him and sees him holding a lamp.

      BELLA: (makes an inside joke) What are you? The Collector or something?

      CJ: (confused; brushes it off) My grandparents own an antique shop. We restore antiques and sell ‘em. (Points to the lamp) But this is in very good condition. I can’t believe... (Looks at the mailbox; reads) the Barrowmans are giving it away. It’s a goldmine. (Beat) Can you help me carry it?

      BELLA: Umm yeah sure.

      Together, CJ and BELLA pick it up and load to the back of the truck.

      CJ: (at the driver’s side) Do you mind if I take this back to shop?

      BELLA: No, I don’t mind.

      CJ: (flashes BELLA a broad grin) Great.

      BELLA looks at CJ, not knowing what to make of him.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN and NICK enter the restaurant carrying groceries. From his seat at the bar TANNER looks up.

      NICK: I’m not telling you the recipe, Mason. Do you really think us Italians will ever reveal their well treasured recipes? I think not.

      RAIN: You don’t even speak Italian.

      NICK: That’s it, no desert for you.

      MICHAEL: (appears; approaches them) Rain... you have company. (Helps RAIN) I’ll take the bags for you.

      RAIN: (stunned to see her brother) Tanner?!

      She runs up to him and they embrace.

      RAIN: What are you doing here?!

      TANNER: I came to see my kid sister, what do you think?

      MICHAEL heads to the kitchen.

      NICK: (holding onto a bag) Hey Tanner. Good to see you, man. (Offers a hand to shake; TANNER takes it) You’re just in time for dinner. I’m about to whip up a famous Caro recipe.

      TANNER: Thanks, but I came a long way and I’m kind of bushed. I’d like to catch up with Rain first, if you don’t mind?

      NICK: (nods with understanding) Okay but I’m telling you the meatballs are delicious. The spices alone will astound you.

      RAIN: (mutters) They’re pre-packaged meatballs, Nick.

      NICK: (ignores her) Let me know if you change your mind. (Beat) Later, Mason.

      RAIN: (nods and then turns to TANNER) I can’t believe you’re here. (Worried) Is Angie all right?

      TANNER: Oh she’s fine, with her grandparents. (Looks around) Is there some place we can talk; in private?

      RAIN: (looking at TANNER searchingly, suspicious that all is not right) We can go to my apartment.

      CUT TO:

      TANNER is sitting down on the couch waiting for RAIN to bring him a drink. He’s a bit jumpier than usual. She stands before an opened refrigerator. We see she has iced tea, water, milk, Coke and Dr. Pepper.

      RAIN: (sees TANNER is not himself) All I have is Dr. Pepper.

      TANNER: That’s fine.

      RAIN grabs a can and hands it to him.

      TANNER: (sips his soda) Thanks.

      RAIN: (nods to herself) Thought so.

      TANNER: (looks up) What’s that?

      RAIN: (sits down) Something’s wrong.

      TANNER: Sorry?

      RAIN: You don’t like Dr. Pepper.

      TANNER: (defensive) I like Dr. Pepper.

      RAIN: Tanner, this is me... your sister. (Beat) You’re all edgy. I know you. I know when you’re holding something back from me. So... what is it you’re not telling me?

      TANNER: (puts the soda on the coffee table) Yeah... I guess you know me pretty well.

      RAIN: Is everything okay back home?

      TANNER: Umm... look, you remember how I opened up my own mechanic shop?

      RAIN: (smiles) Yes, I was so proud of you.

      TANNER: Yeah well... in order to do that... you have to have money. (Beat) I... didn’t have it. So I borrowed it.

      RAIN: (concerned) W-what do you mean you borrowed it?

      TANNER: There are these guys... who invest in people like me, who have an interest in cars. They offered to loan me the money.

      RAIN: Okay. Go on.

      TANNER: Well, I haven’t been able to pay it back.

      RAIN: And they said you’ll be gone in sixty seconds?

      TANNER: (nervously; chuckles) No but good reference there. Actually...they did ask me to steal something... not cars though.

      RAIN: What do you they want?

      TANNER: (pulls out the paper from his back pocket) This.

      RAIN reads it. We see it’s a print out sheet from the website “”. There is a picture of an artifact in the shape of a box.

      RAIN: They want you to steal this ugly thing? (Reads the paper; sarcastically) The Box of Abaddon? Is this from a sci-fi show or something?

      TANNER: They didn’t tell me why they wanted it. Just that it was stolen from them and it belongs to their family.

      RAIN: (anxious) Okay... Tanner... these guys. I know this will sound weird but... are they human?

      TANNER: (scoffs) Of course they are, they’re just a family of brothers. (Takes the paper back) Look, can you help or not?

      RAIN: How could I possibly help? I’ve never heard of it and it’s not like we even know where it is.

      TANNER: (softly) Your boss has it.

      RAIN: Wh-what Michael has this thing? How do you know? Did these ‘brothers’ tell you that?

      TANNER: It doesn’t matter. All I know is that Mr. Corbis has it. He bought it from that website. They tracked it down to him. Please, Rain. They threatened to kill Angie.

      RAIN: (frantic) They’ve got Angie?

      TANNER: No, she’s safe with her grandparents but if I don’t bring it back- I... they’ll kill her. Please, Rain... I need you to help me.

      RAIN: (quietly) You’re asking me to steal from my boss.

      TANNER: I know, I know. I hate asking but-

      RAIN: (without much thought) -I’ll do it.

      TANNER sighs with relief.

      RAIN: I can’t do it alone though, you’ll need to help me. What I mainly need is for you to keep Nick busy. Can you do that?

      TANNER: Umm... okay. I guess.

      RAIN: It’s just to keep him at bay. I don’t want to raise any suspicions. Play some pool with him or something.

      TANNER nods. At the same time they stand up.

      RAIN: I guess... I’ll go break the law.

      TANNER: Rain... I’m sorry for getting you involved in this.

      RAIN: You’re my brother. I’d do anything for you. You know that.

      TANNER nods. They embrace.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN knocks on the door but there is no answer. She slowly opens the door and sees MICHAEL is not there. Looking over her shoulder, she enters the office. Her eyes scan around the room, trying her best to mentally take everything in. Approaching his desk, she lifts papers and files looking for any signs of the artifact. Then she strolls over to the book case. She quickly goes through the titles of the books and finds one that stands out to her. It reads: A Century of Authenticating Supernatural Artifacts and Relics.

      RAIN: Sorry Tanner... (Glances over make sure she’s alone; back to the book) but that box screams supernatural.

      As she flips through the pages, RAIN notices some of them are marked with sticky notes. She reads MICHAEL’S handwriting. One sticky note draws her attention and she flips to that page.

      RAIN: (reads out loud) Here we go. The Box of Abaddon.

      Yet she finds herself disappointed. It reveals limited information pertaining to the artifact. We only see a drawing. However it offers more details, showing all four sides of the box. Each side has a different symbol. One appears to be of a female demon with four horns and a crown.

      Just then MICHAEL enters the office.

      MICHAEL: Rain? What are you doing here?

      RAIN: (drops the book) Oh! Sorry! I-I was just looking at your book.

      MICHAEL: (picks it up; reads the binder) Brushing up on supernatural artifacts?

      RAIN: (nods; stammers a bit) Yeah I mean... all part of the training, right?

      MICHAEL: What about Tanner? I thought you’d be busy spending time with him.

      RAIN: Oh... yeah Nick cancelled his dinner plans. So he took Tanner to play pool.

      MICHAEL laughs as he puts the book away.

      RAIN: What’s so funny?

      MICHAEL: Nick playing pool. (Beat; studies RAIN, suddenly serious) Rain I think I know exactly why you’re here.

      RAIN: (nervously) Oh?

      MICHAEL: (walks around his desk; retrieves a file from his bag) It’s the prophecy, isn’t it? (Hands it to her) You have questions about it.

      RAIN: Ye-yes... the prophecy. (Doesn’t open it) That’s why I’m really here. I’m curious about it.

      MICHAEL: Well, take it. It’s yours. I mean its the whole reason I put it together is for you.

      RAIN: (takes it) Right. Thank you. I’ll look at it.

      Before RAIN turns to leave, an employee appears holding onto a deposit bag filled with cash. She hands it to MICHAEL. The employee leaves and MICHAEL opens the safe putting the bag inside. RAIN’S eyes widen when she sees the Box of Abaddon on the top shelf.

      MICHAEL: (closes the safe) Was there anything else you needed, Rain?

      RAIN: (touches the file) No... I got it. Thanks again.

      MICHAEL: Of course. If you have any questions let me know.

      RAIN: I will.

      RAIN briskly walks out of the room.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN is staring at drawing she did of the artifact, showing all sides of the box. She apprehensively wonders what to do next.

      RAIN: (to herself) Why do these guys want this fugly box?

      Soon there is a knock on the door.

      RAIN: (answers it; surprised to see her) Madeline, you’re just the Watcher I needed to see.

      MADELINE: (enters the room; confused) Oh? Did you forget I was coming? To patrol with you?

      RAIN: (bites her lips) No! No... I-I just... (Shows her the sketch) have research for us to do.

      MADELINE: What’s this?

      RAIN: It’ artifact.

      MADELINE: (chuckles) I can see that but I mean... what do you know about it?

      RAIN: (shrugs) It’s called the Box of Abaddon. That’s all I know.

      MADELINE: Is Michael working on this?

      RAIN: (nods) Yeah, but he hasn’t found anything. (Points to the drawing) So what do you make of the inscription there? And the symbols on the sides of the box? It feels important- do you think it’s important?

      MADELINE: Rain, did you draw this?

      RAIN: (waves a hand) Oh... this is nothing.

      MADELINE: No I-I... why did you draw it?

      RAIN: I... I had a vision. Drew it from memory.

      MADELINE: (arches a brow) A slayer vision? Of this artifact?

      RAIN: Yeah... weird, isn’t it?

      MADELINE: This is a pretty detailed drawing.

      RAIN: I have a photographic memory.

      MADELINE: Right, of course. (Studies the sketch) Well... (Points to a symbol) this is a female demon... known as Deumos but that’s not enough to go on. I don’t recognize the other symbols and Abaddon means “to destroy”.

      RAIN: (winces) Well that can’t be good. (Beat) I was thinking maybe we could look on the internet and find more information.

      MADELINE: (arches a brow at RAIN) Shouldn’t we work with Michael on this... you know together, maybe in his office? We could use his computer, go through his books.

      RAIN: Um... no because, well he’s already did that and he found nothing.

      MADELINE: (disbelief) Michael didn’t find anything? What about his contacts? Maybe they can help.

      RAIN: Michael is with Oliver now.

      MADELINE: Oliver is helping us?

      RAIN: Yes. (Rushes) Did you bring your laptop?

      RAIN feels anxious, trying to keep MADELINE away from MICHAEL.

      MADELINE: No... but I’m sure Michael wouldn’t mind letting us use his computer. If we just give him a call-

      RAIN: -I don’t think that’s a good idea. Michael threw a fit at one of the employees for being in his office without his permission today. (Beat) So why don’t you get a head start on the research at your place?

      MADELINE: (confused) But I thought you wanted us to work together?

      RAIN: (rather quickly) I do but I, err, remembered that I need to run an errand.

      MADELINE: (frowns) Oh, what kind of errand?

      RAIN: Tanner is here, unexpected visit.

      MADELINE: (surprised) Tanner? He’s here?

      RAIN: Yeah so I need to do something for him. (Beat) Do you mind taking care of the research for a while?

      MADELINE: Yeah sure but I’ll admit that I’m a little disappointed we’re not going to be able to patrol. I was really looking forward to it.

      RAIN: The vampires will have to wait for us another night but don’t worry I don’t think we’re in danger of running out of the evil dead any time soon.

      MADELINE: (chuckles) Good one. (Beat) Tell your brother I said hello.

      RAIN: I will.

      MADELINE leaves with the sketch. RAIN closes the door.

      RAIN: (sighs) Man. You owe me Tanner.

      CUT TO:

      ROSIE enters the office while WARNER is going over some files at his desk. She is holding onto an envelope.

      ROSIE: This came for you just now, sir.

      WARNER: (takes it) Thank you, Rosie.

      WARNER waits for her to leave and then opens it. It’s a business card that reads: Kilpatrick’s Auto Detail Shop, a disk with a sticky note attached that reads: “He’s back” and a recent surveillance photo of TANNER talking to RAIN at the restaurant.

      WARNER sighs.

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        ACT III


        November 4th, 1996 appear on the screen.


        RAIN now ten years old is standing before the rink. She’s looking around as if waiting for someone. We hear the announcer over the fading music.

        ANNOUNCER: Its couples’ turn now. So grab someone’s hand and drag ‘em to the rink. Up next is Styx’s Mr. Roboto.

        TANNER rolls up to her.

        TANNER: Ready, sis?

        RAIN nods. They cup hands and skate to the floor.

        We hear:

        Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto,
        Mata ah-oo hima de
        Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto,
        Himitsu wo shiri tai

        TANNER starts acting goofy, singing to the song.

        TANNER: (makes robot moves) You're wondering who I am... machine or mannequin...with parts made in Japan. I am the modern man.

        RAIN: (joins him) I've got a secret I've been hiding under my skin... my heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.

        They swerve around the corner but TANNER falls taking RAIN down with him. He continues to sings on the floor as people pass them. She bursts out laughing.

        CUT TO:

        Its hours after RAIN and TANNER went roller-skating. RAIN is sitting at her desk painting her nails with pink nail polish. TANNER approaches her holding onto a torn piece of paper.

        TANNER: (sits down) We forgot one more thing on the list.

        RAIN: No we didn’t. (Looks up at him) We did everything... we had chocolate Fribbles at Friendly’s... rode our bikes in the woods... went roller-skating and then we fixed your car.

        TANNER: Nope... (Hands her the paper; points) look...

        RAIN: (reads it) I wrote this list when I was seven.

        TANNER: It seems we’ve forgotten number five...

        RAIN: (gives him a look) You’re not serious are you?

        TANNER: Oh, I am. I’m very serious. We must do this.

        RAIN: (hands it back to him) No we don’t.

        TANNER: (grins) Oh yes we do... meet outside in fifteen minutes.

        RAIN: (imploring) Keith... come on! I’m ten.

        TANNER: Doesn’t matter. (Looks at his watch) Make that thirty minutes.

        RAIN sighs.

        CUT TO:

        It’s now thirty minutes later. RAIN walks out of the house and she is stunned by what she sees. The picnic table has been set with antique but broken chinaware. We see steaming hot tea, sugar and cream. There are tuna sandwiches cut in little triangles as well as some donuts.

        RAIN: (puzzled) I... I don’t believe this.

        TANNER: You wanted a tea party... and a tea party you shall get. (Gestures) Please sit.

        RAIN: Keith...

        TANNER: Your dolls are not invited. (Shivers) They creep me out.

        RAIN laughs and sits down.

        TANNER: But before we start...

        TANNER picks up a donut with some frosting, puts it on a plate in front of RAIN. Then he adds a candle. Using his lighter, he lights it.

        RAIN: We already did this in the morning.

        TANNER: We’ll do it again. (Gestures) Now... make a wish.

        RAIN closes her eyes, and then opens again blowing the candle.

        TANNER: (cheesy grin thinking she won’t tell him) What did you wish for?

        RAIN: (softly) It’s what I wish for every year... to do this again.

        TANNER: (pretends he has a wand) Wish granted.


        PRESENT TIME – FEBRUARY 2005 –

        The restaurant is empty. It’s now eleven-thirty. MICHAEL emerges from his office. He walks passes the restrooms. To make sure no one is in the bathroom, he opens the door to the men’s and looks under the stalls. He does the same with the women’s bathroom. As he closes the door, the camera pans to the last stall. We see RAIN dressed in black carrying a backpack standing on the toilet. RAIN waits for the right moment to move.

        Now near the bar, MICHAEL looks around, making sure the chairs are turned over. Then he flicks the lights and locks the front door. RAIN opens the bathroom door, her eyes trail over to the entrance. She sees MICHAEL is now gone. Holding onto a flashlight RAIN makes her way to his office, constantly glancing over her shoulder. Letting out a sigh, she enters the room and closes the door. RAIN is now repeating the code to the safe over and over. She presses the buttons and the safe unlocks with a solid click. With a smile, she puts her hand on the handle and slowly opens it. Her smile is instantly turned into a confused frown. The safe is empty. There is no artifact, no money, no documents, nothing. In that second, the lights to the office are turned on.

        VOICE: (OS) Looking for this?

        RAIN turns around and sees its MICHAEL holding onto the artifact just as MADELINE and OLIVER appear from behind him looking at her with disappointment.

        CUT TO:

        CJ is pulling up to the store from the back. He cuts the engine off and BELLA climbs out of the truck. Following her, he unlocks the back door to the store. We hear him punching in a code to the alarm system from the inside. CJ returns to BELLA and together they carry the lamp into the store.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA sees they’re in a small room filled with shelves of antiques as well as a table stationed for restoration.

        CJ: (points) Let’s set the lamp here.

        They put it on a nearby shelf.

        CJ: (taken aback by the weight of the lamp) That was pretty heavy, wasn’t it?

        In awe of the place, BELLA leaves him and walks down a hallway that leads to the front of the store. Instantly, CJ flicks a nearby switch and all of the light fixtures come on, creating a beautiful glow throughout the shop.

        BELLA: (gazing at all of the lights) This is beautiful.

        CJ meets her in the center of the store.

        CJ: (smiles at her) No, you’re beautiful.

        BELLA is caught off guard.

        CJ: I’m sorry this is how you’re spending your first date, here helping me load trash. It’s not exactly going the way I’d planned it.

        BELLA: (small smile) Is what this is? A date?

        CJ: Well sure, can’t you tell? We had dinner, a movie.... and now (gestures above) we have the moon and stars.

        BELLA smiles again. Her heart beats fast as he leans toward her, tilting his head.

        CJ: Just so you know I’m going to kiss you.

        BELLA: (gazes in his eyes) Really? I would never have guessed.

        Soon they lock in a sweet kiss. And suddenly we hear with a burst of life, All-4-One’s I Swear playing.

        I swear by the moon
        And the stars in the sky
        I swear like the shadow
        Shadow that’s by your side

        The song fades into the next scene.

        CUT TO:

        A nervous RAIN is sitting at the bar between OLIVER and MADELINE. MICHAEL leans against counter behind him. He’s drinking a cup of coffee. The silence in the restaurant is deafening.

        After a few moments, NICK and TANNER enter, unaware of the tense situation.

        NICK: Hey boss, sorry we’re late. We were playing pool and there was this waitress that- (Picks up something isn’t right) what’s going on?

        MICHAEL: (sips his coffee) Ask Tanner.

        TANNER: (awkwardly) I’m sorry?

        MICHAEL: (to TANNER; monotone) Tell everyone you asked your sister to steal from me.

        RAIN: Tanner, don’t-

        MICHAEL: (sets his coffee down; points to RAIN) -You don’t get to speak.

        RAIN is taken aback.

        OLIVER and MADELINE shifts in their seats.

        MICHAEL: (walks around the bar; To TANNER) Who are they?

        NICK: Who is who?

        TANNER: They’re just a bunch of guys, a family of brothers. They have an auto detail shop. I owe them money.

        MICHAEL: (shakes a finger at him) No... they’re demons.

        RAIN: Michael, he doesn’t know-

        MICHAEL: -He teleported here. (Turns to RAIN) If he doesn’t know about demons, or magic... how did he teleport to the restaurant?

        NICK arches a brow as he slowly sits down and listens on along with OLIVER and MADELINE.

        RAIN: What are you talking about?

        MICHAEL: Oliver?

        OLIVER: (awkwardly) Yes... um... (To RAIN) I was meditating this evening and sometimes the process heightens my awareness of the environment around me. I hear and feel things at a much higher level. Tonight I picked up that someone had... teleported in Haven.

        RAIN: So? That doesn’t mean it was Tanner.

        TANNER: Yes it does. (Sighs) It was me, Rain. I teleported here.

        RAIN is stunned.

        MICHAEL: So do you want to tell us how you got mixed up in this?

        TANNER: Like I said, I owed these guys, or, I guess, these demons money. They asked me to steal the artifact to pay off my debt. They knew you bought it and (to RAIN) that my sister worked for you. In fact they seemed to have the whole thing worked out.

        RAIN: You knew you they were demons?

        TANNER: Not at first because they appeared human. I mean, I really was shocked to learn that there’s-

        NICK: (nods to himself) -vampires, witches, warlocks, you name it. Yep they’re everywhere.

        RAIN shoots him a look.

        TANNER: I’m sorry. (To EVERYONE) They threatened to kill my daughter.

        MICHAEL: (as if he already knows the answer) Why didn’t they steal it for themselves? Why send you?

        TANNER: They said it had to be me.

        MADELINE: (to MICHAEL) It’s probably because they’re afraid of Rain.

        We can pick up that MICHAEL, MADELINE and OLIVER know more about the artifact and its connection to the DEMONS then they’re letting on.

        TANNER: (confused) Afraid of Rain? Why would they be afraid of RAIN? Why would anyone?

        NICK: (rehearsed) Cause she’s the only wiccan-slayer of entire world. She has powers and fights the forces of darkness.

        TANNER: Huh?

        RAIN: Nick!

        NICK: (defends himself) He’s going to find out anyway. (Sits up) You know we really should do a Slayer work orientation, put it all on DVD so we don’t have to repeat all of this every time someone finds out about the supernatural side of our lives. It’d make things a whole lot easier don’t you think?

        TANNER: (confused) What are you talking about?

        OLIVER: (presses the issue) If I may interject here, did these demons ever tell you what the artifact was for?

        TANNER: (slowly looks away from RAIN) No. Just that it was stolen from them.

        NICK: (throws a hand) Look, maybe I’m being stupid here but can’t you guys just give this thing to them? I mean they’re gonna kill his kid and it sounds like it was theirs in the first place.

        MICHAEL: (firmly) No. It’s dangerous. That’s why I bought it.

        RAIN: Wh-what does it do?

        MICHAEL: It opens a portal to their world and destroys ours.

        RAIN: Oh... (Nervous chuckle) well that explains why it’s called the Box of Abaddon, then.

        TANNER: (disbelief) But it’s just an old box. I mean demons and witches sure but come on; surely something so small isn’t capable of destroying the whole world?

        EVERYONE nods at him.

        TANNER: (Sits down; runs his hand through his hair) Wow! Well, what now? I mean they’re going to come after Angela once they realize I don’t have it.

        MICHAEL: (walks around the bar; retrieves a bag) It’s simple. We’re going to take care of your debt for you.

        TANNER: And how are you doing to do that?

        MICHAEL: (Pulls out a sword) We’re going to kill them.

        TANNER looks at MICHAEL and then RAIN in disbelief.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA and CJ are laughing sitting on an old couch in the backroom. They’re listening to Toto’s Africa on an old boombox from the 1980’s. We’re hearing the last verse of the song.

        Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you

        It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
        There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
        I bless the rains down in Africa, I passed some rains down in Africa
        I bless the rains down in Africa, I passed some rains down in Africa
        I bless the rains down in Africa
        Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

        CJ: Wait, listen to this part... I thought he said, “There’s' nothing that a hundred men from Mars could ever do”. Or how about, ”I've led some raids down in Africa”?

        BELLA: (laughs) That’s funny. But it’s not as funny as “Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like the lepers above the Serengeti”.

        CJ: True, true.

        BELLA: (looks at her watch; eyes widen) Oh gosh! It’s after midnight!

        CJ: (stands up; turns off the radio) Maybe I should start sweating a bit? For the effect? You know when your stepmother runs me across the lawn.

        BELLA: (grins) Thanks CJ, I had a great time today.

        CJ: (pulls her close) Yeah?

        BELLA: (shyly) Yep.

        CJ: Well, me too.

        They kiss again. He cups her hand and together they leave the store.

        CUT TO:

        TANNER: (points at them) All of you are going to fight?

        NICK: (waves a hand) I’m not.

        MICHAEL: (doesn’t look at him) Yes you are.

        NICK: (nods; stands up, as if he had a choice) All of us are going to fight.

        MICHAEL: (turns to leave) I’m going to get some weapons. (To RAIN) Your stake won’t cut it so you might want to fetch your axe.

        TANNER: (to himself) Stake? Axe?

        RAIN: Can I just borrow one of yours?

        MICHAEL nods and heads for his office.

        TANNER: (observes everyone acting rather casually before an upcoming battle) Why do I get the feeling you’ve all done this before? Especially, you Rain? What’s a wiccan slayer? And why would you have a stake?

        EVERYONE looks over to TANNER and then RAIN but they keep to themselves.

        RAIN: (quickly puts on her jacket) Tanner, let’s go outside.

        Together they exit the restaurant and stand near the entrance.

        RAIN: (trying to find the words) Umm... you know what a witch is, right?

        TANNER: Rain, I’m twenty-eight, not five. Just tell me what’s going on.

        RAIN: Okay... (Gestures) well obviously you know about demons. And what Nick said was true, vampires are real too.

        TANNER: Seriously? (Anxiously; looks around) They’re here? Like right now?

        RAIN: No not now but they’re lurking about, preying on victims. Depending on the vampire they have their local haunts. Sometimes its cemeteries, alleys even spa salons.

        TANNER: And what... you can kill them?

        RAIN gives a small nod.

        TANNER: (scoffs) No offense but you’re a tiny little thing and there’s no way my self-defense lessons with you when we were kids were that good.

        RAIN: (small laugh) No... I um... I don’t know how I got my wiccan powers. I think they were activated around my fake 18th birthday (TANNER frowns at this) but... my slayer powers, I got ‘em almost two years ago. It’s a long story that involves a spell and a scythe but... before the spell; there were just a couple of slayers. Now there are thousands of slayers all over the world and I’m one of them.

        TANNER: So there are other wiccan-slayers like you?

        RAIN: Actually... I am the only slayer with wiccan powers.

        TANNER: (runs his head) This is all too confusing.

        RAIN: (winces) Like I said it’s a long story.

        TANNER: Does Bella know?

        RAIN: Yes she does.

        TANNER glances over to the window and sees MICHAEL inspecting the weapons with MADELINE.

        TANNER: How do they fit in all of this?

        Before RAIN is able to answer, NICK appears.

        NICK: Michael is ready to discuss battle plans.

        RAIN: Just give us a minute.

        NICK nods and disappears into the restaurant.

        RAIN: We can finish this later, all right?

        TANNER: (puts his hand on RAIN’S) Just tell me that we can trust them... Michael, Madeline... (Nods to OLIVER) the old guy.

        RAIN: They’re good people and they know what they’re doing. (Small smirk) Maybe not Nick but yeah... you can trust them.

        CUT TO:

        TANNER watches RAIN twirl around an axe as they wait for MICHAEL.

        TANNER: Impressive. Who knew my kid sister could handle an axe like that?

        RAIN smirks.

        MADELINE: Rain, do you want to call Bella? She might want to help.

        RAIN: (shakes her head) No she’s busy. She’s with her father.

        Soon MICHAEL appears and interrogates TANNER with questions about the demons.

        MICHAEL: Where do these brothers of yours live?

        TANNER: Redwood, near me but... (Holding a talisman) I have this. We can use it to... call them and it’ll teleport us to their exact location.

        NICK: (takes it; examines it) Cool. So you just tap it a few times and we’re instantly in some dark mysterious cave?

        TANNER: No, it’ll take them to their apartment.

        NICK: Oh. Sounds boring.

        MICHAEL: (takes the talisman from NICK) How do you activate it?

        TANNER: (pulls out a sheet of paper) I have instructions.

        MICHAEL reads it and then hands the talisman and paper to OLIVER.

        RAIN: Can I help activate the talisman?

        MICHAEL: No. Oliver will do it. (Looks at her in the eye) The only thing you’ll do is kill the demons, all right? (Hands her an axe)

        RAIN bites her lip; glances over to TANNER who looks apologetically back at her.

        CUT TO:

        BELLA and CJ are at the door holding hands.

        CJ: We’ve been standing here for about fifteen minutes and your stepmother hasn’t come out to get me yet. Should I be worried?

        BELLA: No, not at all. It either means she’s out with her friends or drunk on cheap wine and pills.

        CJ: (smirks; sings falsetto) Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you.

        BELLA grins and kisses him again. He watches her enter the house. In turn she observes him through the window. He drives away. Before BELLA makes her way for the stairs, she stops by her father’s office only to find he’s not there. Soon ROSIE appears.

        BELLA: Rosie, where’s dad?

        ROSIE: He stepped out, said he had to go take care of some business.

        BELLA: I thought it was his day off.

        ROSIE: (shrugs) It was last minute. He just up and left when he got a package. He’ll be back soon.

        BELLA: Oh, okay. What about Sheridan?

        ROSIE: With Ava Fournier, something about taking another spa trip.

        BELLA: (mutters) Of course.

        ROSIE: Will that be all?

        BELLA: Yeah... thank you, Rosie.

        ROSIE departs while BELLA strolls into the office. She decides to snoop around a bit, touching her father’s things. At first she finds nothing of value. Just before she turns around to leave, she spots something on the floor underneath the desk. It’s a wallet for business cards. She picks it up and flips through it. Most of them are related to law firms and businesses. A couple of the cards stand out to her. One reads: Kilpatrick Auto Detail Shop. It lists the phone number and location- Redwood, Massachusetts, where TANNER lives. This gives BELLA pause but she brushes it off until she sees the second card reads: Autumn Sun Motel. BELLA is taken aback by this knowing this is the same motel that RAIN stayed at during the Christmas holidays. Not sure of what to think she puts the cards back in place.

        Suddenly a voice startles her.

        VOICE: (OS) Isabella?

        BELLA: (turns around; sees WARNER in the doorway) Daddy, you’re back. (Quickly) I found this on the floor.

        WARNER: (sees the wallet; takes it) Thank you, sweetheart. (Takes off his jacket) Did you just get back from your study date?

        BELLA: (nods) Yes... (Winces) I was a bit late, sorry.

        WARNER: (sits down) As long as Sheridan doesn’t give you beef, it’s fine. (Beat) I trust you.

        BELLA: Well she’s not here anyway.

        WARNER: (not surprised; tosses the wallet on the desk) Another spa trip?

        BELLA nods.

        WARNER: (sighs and leans back) Ah well it keeps her busy I suppose. So, did you have nice time with CJ?

        BELLA: I did.

        WARNER: He seems like a nice young man.

        BELLA: (small grin) That’s because he is. (Thumbs back to the door) Well, I’m going go to bed.

        She kisses him on the cheek.

        WARNER: (pats her arm) Good night, Tinker.

        BELLA: Night, daddy.

        WARNER watches BELLA leave the office. He then gets up and closes the door. He walks toward his desk, opens the bottom drawer, retrieving a box. WARNER opens it with a key. We see an assortment of cell phones. He searches for the one he wants and dials it.

        WARNER: It’s done. (Beat) I’ll call you again in (looks at his watch) about an hour.

        He hangs up, puts the phone back in the box, locking it again and closes the drawer.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          November 4th, 1997 appear on the screen.


          An eleven year old RAIN is sleeping under the covers. Slowly she opens her eyes. She gets up, looks out the window. She sighs and walks down the hallway. RAIN stares at where TANNER’S bedroom used to be. Then she heads for the kitchen. She finds her mother at the table drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette.

          RAIN: Morning, mom.

          GLORIA: (looks up; sees RAIN is still in her PJs) Why aren’t you dressed for school?

          RAIN: (frowns) It’s my birthday.

          GLORIA: So?

          RAIN: I always miss school on my birthday.

          GLORIA: Your brother doesn’t live here anymore. He left us, remember? (Beat) So no more birthday’s off, you’re going to school. Now get dressed.

          RAIN holds back her tears. She turns for the bedroom and closes the door.

          CUT TO:

          Hours later, carrying her backpack RAIN strolls toward her house. She sees a FIGURE standing on the steps talking to GLORIA. Her eyes widen as she runs toward them.

          RAIN: Tanner?!

          GLORIA turns around. RAIN stops short once she realizes the FIGURE is not her brother. It’s WARNER.

          GLORIA: There she is... Rain... (Waves) come here.

          RAIN: (arches a brow; walks towards them) Mr. Talmadge?

          GLORIA: (tries too hard) Honey... this is Bella’s father.

          RAIN: (gives her a look) I know mom. (To WARNER; glances toward his car) Is Bella with you?

          WARNER: (softly) Actually no... She’s at house.

          RAIN: Then, not to be rude... but, why are you here?

          WARNER: (ignoring the abruptness of the question) I understand it’s your birthday today?

          RAIN: (taken aback) Yes... it is... (Arches a brow) did Bella tell you?

          WARNER: (nods) She wants to you to sleep over, celebrate your birthday with her.

          RAIN: (uncertain) Really?

          WARNER: Yes, your mother has given her full permission and has even been kind enough to pack some things for you.

          RAIN sees a duffel bag nearby.

          RAIN: (protests) But it’s a school night.

          WARNER: Indeed it is and I can take Bella and you to school tomorrow morning.

          RAIN: (to GLORIA) I can sleepover? For real?

          GLORIA: (picks up the bag) Of course honey. (Quickly kisses her on the cheek) Go on now.

          WARNER: (takes the bag; gestures to his car) Shall we?

          RAIN: (Nods with a small smile) Yeah... sure.

          WARNER puts his arm around RAIN and together they stroll towards the car. Across the street near some trees we see someone is watching them. It’s TANNER wearing a hoodie. He observes RAIN get in the car. Shivering in the cold air GLORIA enters the house. TANNER watches the car fade into the distance. He shoves his hand in his pockets and walks away.


          PRESENT TIME – FEBRUARY 2005 –

          We see SORLEY, the man from the teaser and a few guys on the couch dressed in leather jackets, t-shirts, jeans and shoes in the living room. They’re eating popcorn and watching an action movie. A supernatural alarm goes off signalling that someone is coming. Instantly they all get up, and their faces are transformed to their demon side. Their alligator like skin are in different shades of gray while their faces are covered with bruises and scars. Soon all of their eyes glow a striking violet color.

          Through magics, they create their own swords with a sway of their hands and stand prepared for a fight. Holding onto their weapons RAIN, MICHAEL, MADELINE, OLIVER, NICK and TANNER are transported to the DEMONS’ apartment. Right then and there, an attack is ignited. OLIVER stands behind, looking after TANNER who is throwing up. After an intense period of swordplay, one of the DEMONS sees TANNER. He immediately halts the fight gesturing his men to back away from the melee.

          FIRST DEMON: (to TANNER) What are you doing here? Why are you attacking us?

          RAIN: You’re a bunch of scary faced demons that threatened to murder a small child and forced my brother to steal a fugly box that could destroy the world. It’s not exactly what you’d call an overreaction.

          The DEMONS steps back a bit away from RAIN.

          TANNER: (wipes his mouth; nervous) I-I’m sorry Beircheart, I don’t have the box. Please don’t kill my daughter.

          NICK: (to himself) Barechest?

          BEIRCHEART: (ignores him) Didn’t you get my text message?

          TANNER: (arches a brow) No- what text message? I didn’t get anything.

          NICK: (to BEIRCHEART) You have a cell phone? Why not just use that instead of that dinky talisman?

          BEIRCHEART: (annoyed) The talisman is only used under special circumstances when we invite outsiders to our home. (Turns to TANNER) I sent you a text like five or ten minutes ago. I told you not to come.

          MICHAEL: (offers an explanation) The teleportation process must have delayed the message.

          BEIRCHEART: (returns to human form) Well, it was a wasted trip coming here. We no longer need the box.

          MICHAEL: What do you mean you no longer need it?

          BEIRCHEART: We found out that it’s powers fade over time. After a hundred of your years it has become ineffectual. It’s basically useless. (Pauses; to TANNER) The threat would have not been carried out anyway. We are not vicious killers, despite what you may think of us.

          TANNER: Bu-but your wives... they beat me and threatened to kill my daughter!

          NICK: You got beaten up by girl demons?

          RAIN: Nick!

          BEIRCHEART: (defensive) Look, it was to just get you to obtain the artifact.

          RAIN: You claim you’re not violent but you would destroy our world to get yours? How is that any different?

          BEIRCHEART: (a little evasive toward RAIN) What happened to Tanner was not of our doing. We’re (gestures to his brothers) happy here. We run a successful auto detail shop. It’s our wives who want to go home, back to their dimension. (Small smile) Regardless we’re stuck here.

          MICHAEL: What about the debt? I’m sure we can work something out.

          BEIRCHEART: It was paid in full.

          RAIN: Someone paid Tanner’s debt? Who?

          BEIRCHEART remains silent and looks away evasively.

          MICHAEL: You’re not going to tell us who, are you?

          BEIRCHEART: I cannot. I’m bound by magic, not to reveal the name. (To TANNER) Does it matter who it was? The mechanic shop is yours. Your debt is satisfied, you have no ties to us. Now, can you please leave? Our wives will be coming home soon.

          RAIN: Wa-wait... I need to know. Why did you get Tanner involved in this in the first place? Is it me? Are you afraid of me? Is it because I’m a slayer?

          Hearing this, TANNER looks up, still unclear about the term.

          BEIRCHEART doesn’t answer and looks away.

          RAIN: Hello? I was talking to you.

          BEIRCHEART: (uneasy; waves a hand) It’s not of importance.

          MADELINE: (smugly) I think I know why.

          RAIN: What?

          MADELINE: They’re afraid of women! All kinds, demons and humans.

          RAIN: They are?

          MADELINE: Yes, it makes perfect sense. The symbols on the artifact that you were ranting about? They’re of female demons. And in their dimension the whole set up of their societies are based around a matriarchy. It’s quite fascinating. (Grins) Of course you’d know all this if you had done the research with me.

          RAIN bites her lips.

          BEIRCHEART: So can you please go? (Looks at his watch, obviously in a state of near panic) They will be here any minute.

          MADELINE: You’ll need to teleport us out of here.

          BEIRCHEART shoots her a look but begins to utter an invocation in his native language and they are all teleported back to the restaurant. RAIN and EVERYONE stands, still holding onto their weapons.

          TANNER sighs, gives RAIN a look.

          NICK: (pats TANNER) Hey, you didn’t throw up. (Starts to feel sick) Oh wait... I think it’s my turn. (Runs to the restroom)

          MICHAEL, OLIVER and MADELINE put their weapons on the counter.

          TANNER: Umm... I’m really sorry, everyone. I-I never meant for it to go this far.

          Only MADELINE replies.

          MADELINE: Rain is family to us, so that means, you are too. (Beat) The next time you need help though, just call us. Okay?

          RAIN gives a half smile.

          TANNER: (touched) Thank you that means a lot.

          RAIN: You know, it’s been a long day. Stay the night?

          TANNER: (nods) Okay, I guess I could use the sleep. It’s been an eventful day and teleporting really takes it out of you.

          RAIN glances over to MICHAEL who seems to be waiting for her. She gives TANNER the keys to the apartment and tells him to on without him. Then she sits down at the bar. MADELINE and OLIVER stay behind, listening in.

          RAIN: I’m sorry.

          MICHAEL: (leaning against the counter; folds his arms) What were you planning on doing with the box? Were you going to just give it to the demons? Without knowing the first thing about it?

          RAIN: I-I... don’t know I guess I didn’t think that far ahead. I tried to figure out what it was for but I didn’t think it was dangerous. (Softly) He’s my brother, Michael. He practically raised me.

          MICHAEL doesn’t respond.

          RAIN: How did you know I was going to steal it anyway?

          MICHAEL: Pieces of the puzzle. I simply put them together. I’ve been doing this for long time, Rain. You can’t dupe me. (Beat) I want you here tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.

          RAIN: (arches a brow) Excuse me? I-I... why? I’m not working tomorrow. And I don’t do the morning shift.

          MICHAEL: You’re not getting paid for this. Think if it as your community service.

          RAIN: (scoffs) You can’t be serious.

          MICHAEL: Oh, trust me, I am. You tried to steal from me, Rain. I’m trying everything I can to get you to trust me and then you go around my back? You give Madeline the run around? You lied about having a vision. You even used Nick. Trust goes both ways Rain and it needs to be earned. (Beat) Tomorrow, eight o’clock.

          RAIN: (confused) Why are you doing this? (Turns to MADELINE) Madeline?

          She doesn’t respond. RAIN glances over to OLIVER but he doesn’t say anything either. Giving her a cold and disappointed look, MICHAEL walks away. Shortly MADELINE and OLIVER join him leaving RAIN alone in her puddle of confusion.

          CUT TO:

          WARNER is at his desk on the same cell phone he used earlier.

          WARNER: The debt?

          VOICE: Paid in full.

          WARNER: Good. Tanner and Rain? They’re safe?

          VOICE: Yes.

          WARNER: Thank you.

          VOICE: You’re welcome, Mr. Fairbourne.

          WARNER hangs up.

          CUT TO:

          There are a few people with luggage and backpacks outside of the bus station. RAIN and TANNER emerge from the building and wait for his bus.

          TANNER: (holding onto his duffel bag) Thank you... for paying the ticket.

          RAIN: It's fine. (pulls out an envelope) Here.

          TANNER: (look inside) What’s this?

          RAIN: (shrugs) A little something, to help you along the way.

          TANNER: (scoffs) But... this is a little over five hundred dollars. (Beat) Rain I can’t take this.

          RAIN: It’s from all of us. We pooled the money together.

          TANNER: (arches a brow) Even the old guy?

          RAIN: (chuckles) Yes, even Oliver... everyone. It was Michael’s idea.

          TANNER: Wow. Tell them I said thank you. (Beat) I’m sorry I didn’t get to see Bella.

          RAIN: Next time. And bring Angie. (Almost forgets; retrieves from her bag) Oh, Nick got you a gift for her. (Hands it to him)

          TANNER: (laughs) It’s a comic book. She’s two years old.

          RAIN: He said you have to read it to her with... sound effects.

          TANNER: (laughs; softy) I’m sorry about the way I handled everything. (Sighs with a half smile) Your big brother made a dumb move.

          RAIN: (smirks) He sure did.

          TANNER: So... you really kill vampires? With a wooden stake?

          RAIN: Yep.

          TANNER: (shakes head) Crazy... my sister... (Pauses in disbelief) a vampire slayer. And Madeline is your Watcher?

          RAIN: (smirks) You’re never going to be able to wrap this around your head will you?

          TANNER: It’s just a lot to take in but from what I’ve seen last night, I feel better knowing you can handle against supernatural beings. God I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.

          RAIN: Give it time.

          TANNER: Rain... I’m also sorry about the way I left you. You know if I could go back...

          RAIN: It’s okay... I mean I like to think I turned out all right.

          TANNER: No it’s not okay. It’s the dumbest of all the dumb moves I’m ever likely to make. I was wrong to leave you.

          RAIN’S eyes water.

          TANNER: I was your big brother, I should have been there Rain, there to protect you, to look after you and I wasn’t. You’ll never know how much I regret that.

          RAIN: It means a lot hearing you say that.

          TANNER: I mean it. (Beat) Rain... there is something you need to know. I did check on you once after I left.

          RAIN: (taken aback) You did?

          TANNER: Yeah, just from a distance. It was on your eleventh birthday. I think it was Bella’s father who picked you up? I heard her name mentioned anyway... so I guess it was her father.

          RAIN: You-you were there?

          TANNER: Am I right? Was that her dad?

          RAIN: Yeah.

          TANNER: (nods) When I saw him, I knew you were safe.

          RAIN: Why would you think that? I had just met Bella. I didn’t know them that long enough.

          TANNER: (shrugs) I don’t know why but I just had this feeling that he would look after you. I knew you were in good hands.

          RAIN doesn’t know what to make of what TANNER just said.

          TANNER: Anyway, I just wanted you to know. (Studies RAIN a bit) It makes me wonder about mom, if she knew about you.

          RAIN shakes her head, indicating she’d rather not discuss it.

          TANNER: Rain, these powers you possess, its unusual right? I mean there are no wiccan-slayers, right? You’re the only one?

          RAIN nods.

          TANNER: That means something. Don’t you think? It has to.

          RAIN: (brushes it off) I don’t really want to get into it.

          TANNER: (frowns) Is that really a good idea? To just dismiss it like that?

          RAIN just looks away as the wind blows her hair.

          CUT TO:

          WARNER is cooking BELLA breakfast. He is trying to show off his culinary skills. She’s sitting at the counter smiling and laughing. Soon we hear RAIN and TANNER’S voices continuing their conversation from the previous scene.

          RAIN: (OS) I don’t want to know.

          TANNER: (OS) Don’t want to know why you have these powers? Why you were kidnapped?

          With his spatula, WARNER puts some scrambled eggs on BELLA’S plate. BELLA pours two glasses of orange juice. They sit down and start to eat looking at each other and smiling.

          RAIN: (OS) I’m not ready.

          TANNER: (OS) It’s who you are, Rain. You need be ready.

          FADE TO -

          November 4th, 1992 appear on the screen.


          A six year old RAIN, wearing Wonder Woman underoos is chasing TANNER around the room.

          RAIN: (throws lasso around TANNER) This is the lasso of truth! You’re now forced to tell me everything!

          TANNER: All right! All right!

          RAIN: Did you steal the artifact?!

          TANNER: Yes I did!

          RAIN: Where did you put it?!

          TANNER: Under the bed! Please let me go!

          RAIN: Never!

          TANNER grabs her and tickles her.

          RAIN: (giggles) Keith! Stop! It tickles!

          TANNER puts the lasso around her.

          TANNER: (Dramatically) Now Wonder Woman it is I who have you in my power. You are forced to tell me the truth. Who is your favorite brother?!

          RAIN: Duh, you are. You’re my only brother.

          TANNER: Do you love me?! You must tell me the truth!

          RAIN: (softly) Of course I love you. You don’t need the lasso of truth for me to tell you that Keith. I’d tell you anyway.

          TANNER: (smiles) I love you too, Rain.

          RAIN: (giggles again) Now let me go!

          TANNER: (tickles her again) Never!

          The camera pans back to the window and we see a younger WARNER standing across the street observing them. He soon walks way.

          END OF EPISODE



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