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The Final Chapters - Chapter 4 - The Age of the Death God

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 4 - The Age of the Death God

    Chapter 4: The Age of the Death God
    Replacing: Season 2 of Sirens (2.01 – 2.19)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Chapter 4 replaces Season 2 of Sirens.



    The camera pans along a small jetty on the beach of Cropley Shores. CHERRY LI is sat wiggling her toes in the water. She is wearing a black dress and her hair is held up in a bun. She has been at a funeral. She smiles at the water as, though it is cold from the last few wintery days of the year, she likes the feeling of the freezing water on her feet. She sits and looks out at the calm water and whistles to it, loudly.


    She whistles again and waits for a response. Nothing.

    SEPHY (O/S): I’m sorry about your grandmother.

    CHERRY looks to the side and sees that SEPHY is now sat next to her. CHERRY smiles softly.

    CHERRY: Thank you.

    SEPHY: Was the funeral today?

    CHERRY nods.

    CHERRY: I should be sad, but I’m not. She was old and she lived a good life here in the Shores. She’s at peace now and I’m happy she was able to have something that I’ve not seen before and probably won’t be able to experience.

    SEPHY smiles reassuringly.

    SEPHY: And why are you here, at the beach? The others will wonder where you are.

    CHERRY shrugs.

    CHERRY: I just wanted to check, you know... in case...

    SEPHY: ...they return?

    CHERRY: Yeah.

    She pauses.

    CHERRY: It’s been a year but I don’t think they’re gone. They have to be out there somewhere.

    SEPHY: I think you’re right but I also think that they’ll come back to us when they need to.

    CHERRY: (forceful) We need them now!

    She breathes, calming. SEPHY looks down, awkward.

    CHERRY: Xak doesn’t think they’re out there. He won’t even let us help you guys.

    SEPHY: He’s worried for you, that’s all. He’s experienced a lot of loss so he unfortunately has formed a pessimistic approach to hope.

    CHERRY: Is there nothing you can do to help find them?

    SEPHY: I would usually be able to tap into the knowledge of the sea nymphs that were once loyal to my mother. However, now my uncle has been murdered, the waters and all that live in them are being controlled by the corporation...

    The camera pans down to the water briefly and shows a small creature watching CHERRY and SEPHY talk.

    SEPHY: ...I could not trust them to find our Syndicate.

    Seeing them together, the sea creature swims away majestically. The camera moves now to CHERRY and SEPHY.

    SEPHY: All I can advise is that you bide your time. Remember you have us if you ever need help and the Sirens are always watching.

    CHERRY looks down.

    CHERRY: Can you not stay?

    SEPHY: I’m afraid not, we must be in Paris tonight.

    CHERRY: New Year’s Eve in Paris, huh? Sounds nice.

    She pauses.

    CHERRY: It’s a shame you won’t get to experience it, what with the fact you’re probably planning on killing someone. That sort of thing kind of puts a dampener on the beauty of the French capital.

    SEPHY smiles weakly.

    SEPHY: I know it’s not something you all particularly agree with.

    CHERRY: I just know that this war you’ve waged on the Acolytes and the gods is dangerous and you’re not letting us help. I know we’re not the Syndicate you all loved but we’re all that’s here right now and it’s been a year - heck tomorrow it’ll be 2008 – and you’re still treating us like children in training. Things have changed, I’ve changed...

    She looks down now and the camera focuses on her looking at the water.

    SEPHY (O/S): I know, Cherry. I do. I’m sorry if you feel belittled but that is not our aim. These Acolytes are dangerous, and highly trained. We’re doing all we can to stop them and we’re almost finished, I promise and then, well...

    CHERRY: What? Then what?

    She turns to SEPHY now but stops as she sees the goddess is now gone. She sighs frustrated, yet content. She remains for a moment and lets the water move in between her toes. The camera closes in on her face.



    In a long corridor, three small girls of mixed Asian descent run around after each other in bridesmaid’s dresses. They hurry through people’s legs and under tables, laughing and giggling. They scuttle through a doorway and then through another until they run into the bride. They stop and look up at her.

    The bride is CHERRY LI. She is in her fifties and her hair is greying and her skin is losing its youth. Her dress is yellow and she looks at the children with a soft smile.

    CHERRY: Now what are you three doing here?

    The camera pans up from the girls and their apologetic expression to show that CHERRY is stood in a large suite inside a hotel. The window to the outside is large and shows a dilapidated Sydney Opera House in the background – scaffolding surrounding it. Something had badly damaged it and the world was trying to put it right.


    CHERRY kneels to her bridesmaids.

    CHERRY: Shouldn’t you be counting my flowers?

    The girls laugh and then a woman enters – CHERRY’S MAID OF HONOUR - followed by another WOMAN with a clipboard. CHERRY’S MAID OF HONOUR is a beautiful young woman, with a stern expression. She is played by Sarah Drew. She looks at the girls.

    CHERRY’S MAID ON HONOUR: Come on girls, the flowers are here.

    The girls hurry out and she signs a form on the WOMAN’S clipboard.

    CHERRY’S MAID OF HONOUR: (to the WOMAN) They had better all be here.

    The WOMAN nods.

    WOMAN: The bride will be most satisfied, Ms. Hathaway.

    The WOMAN leaves now and CHERRY turns to her chief bridesmaid with a smile on her face.

    CHERRY: Mary, don’t be wicked.

    CHERRY’S MAID OF HONOUR/MARY HATHAWAY turns to her and purses her lips.

    MARY: I just want everything to be perfect, June.

    MARY did not know CHERRY’S real name. She knew her as JUNE.

    CHERRY: I know, I know.

    She sits at her dressing table and begins placing in her earrings.

    MARY: You’ve been planning this wedding for over two years and if you hadn’t met me, you wouldn’t be doing it at all.

    CHERRY smiles.

    CHERRY: I know.

    MARY: (happy) It’s so exciting to think that you’re about to start a whole new life!

    CHERRY looks down at this, unhappy.

    MARY: So admit it.

    CHERRY looks up at her now, confused.

    CHERRY: What?

    MARY: That I’m the only one other than your husband-to-be that knows you well enough to plan your perfect wedding.

    CHERRY smiles weakly and looks around the room at the wedding invitations and the pictures of her and her fiancé. She looks at MARY but pauses.

    CHERRY: Since we started working together at the florist, you’ve been a great friend to me.

    MARY raises an eyebrow.

    MARY: Well you didn’t know anyone when you came here.

    CHERRY pauses again.

    CHERRY: I know but you’ve been more than just a colleague you’ve been a true friend and... I’m afraid I’ve not been a true friend to you.

    MARY looks at her, intrigued.

    CHERRY: I’ve lied to you.

    MARY looks at her and then moves towards her. She sits at the dressing table with CHERRY.

    MARY: What are you talking about?

    CHERRY looks around the room - she hears and sees no-one. She turns back to MARY.

    CHERRY: (quickly) Before I came here, I did things that people now hate me for. I had nowhere else to go but the other side of the world.

    MARY looks at CHERRY, concerned.

    MARY: Ok June, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?

    CHERRY looks at MARY with a deep frown, knowing that the truth was about to come out.

    CHERRY: I was a Golden Acolyte.

    MARY gasps and grabs her mouth in shock.

    MARY: (quietly) No, June... what are you talking about?

    CHERRY: My name isn’t June Wallis. It’s Cherry, Cherry Li.

    MARY’S eyes widen.

    MARY: (disgusted) You were one of the disciples of that terrorist, Leigh Sinclair?

    CHERRY: She was not a terrorist, none of us were.

    MARY stands now, clearly distressed at learning this news.

    MARY: Because of The Golden Acolytes thousands have died, because of you...

    CHERRY: (shouting) No, that’s not true!

    MARY looks at her with arms folded.

    CHERRY: I know you have been led to believe that we are an enemy of the world’s government but I trust you enough to know that you’ll believe what I’m going to tell you. You’ll see that although things are dark now, they are that way for a reason and that reason is not the fault of The Golden Acolytes.

    MARY looks at CHERRY, doubtful. She is clearly upset. She looks out to the broken Sydney Opera House. She breathes softly and then looks back to CHERRY.

    MARY: (softly) I want to believe you. You’ve been like a mother to me, but...

    CHERRY reaches out and grabs MARY’S hands and squeezes it tightly to reassure her.

    CHERRY: (cutting her off) Then please listen, Mary. I love you. You’ve made me appreciate life again in a way that I never thought I could after all that’s happened these past thirty years. You made me realise how much I love him and how much I want this wedding. So please listen to me and I will tell you all and you’ll see that what I’m about to tell you is nothing more than the complete truth.

    MARY looks at CHERRY with tears in her eyes. She sighs softly and then tears her hand free and hurries to the door. CHERRY watches her, fearing that she will leave, but she does not. MARY locks the door and then looks back to CHERRY.

    MARY: The ceremony begins in four hours.

    CHERRY smiles at her.

    CHERRY: I’ll finish in three.

    MARY nods and then hurries to CHERRY and sits opposite her, intrigued.

    CHERRY: You know what’s happened regarding the rise of The Golden Acolytes so I shall not bore you with those details, but you only know the evil that the governments and the media portray. You do not know the truth.

    MARY: Which is?

    CHERRY: Since Leigh died, we’ve been forced to live in secret, in fear of persecution and execution.

    MARY: With all due respect, we live in the dystopian future everyone hoped would never come true. And it’s happened because of you all.

    CHERRY nods.

    CHERRY: To a certain extent yes... but you must know that we never wanted what has happened to truly come to pass. In fact when it was happening all we could see was the light and the good that could come of it. I even met the man I’m marrying today because of what we did...

    MARY looks shocked.

    MARY: He’s involved?!

    CHERRY: He was a Golden Acolyte too. In fact when he came into my life, that’s when everything changed and The Golden Acolytes came into being.

    A morbid fascination corrupts MARY.

    MARY: What happened?

    CHERRY: To understand why our ill-treatment is undeserved and why everything happened the way it did, you need to know more about the days leading up to me and him meeting because maybe then, you’ll understand the truth: that the Golden Acolytes had no choice to form and that we had no choice doing what we did.

    MARY nods, confused.

    MARY: Ok.

    The camera pans to CHERRY, the ageing bride, as she decides to finally come clean.

    CHERRY: You won’t remember it, for you’re not supposed to... but it was in The Age of the Death God.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.

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    On the final day of 2007, CHERRY approaches the school, fresh from an encounter with SEPHY and from her grandmother’s funeral. She looks at the school. The lawn is overrun with weeds and the windows are boarded up. A “For Sale” sign is hanging on the lawn and slanderous graffiti tars the walls.

    CHERRY (V/O): And it all began with a banishment.

    CHERRY moves towards the side of the building to a side annex door. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a key. She unlocks the door and moves inside, locking it behind her, descending the stairs that lie on the other side.

    CUT TO –

    Walking down the stairs, CHERRY finds herself in the disorienting basement complex beneath the school. The corridors are lit with make shift lighting and lined with odd furniture and miss-matched wall hangings. As she moves further down the corridors, it’s evident she’s not alone. The basement is full of other students, all practicing the techniques they once learned on ground level, but now they’re practicing below – hidden and out of sight. She moves amongst groups of other students practicing spells and makes her way into a large room full of people who are eating.


    The students look at her and smile apologetically and sympathetically, knowing where she’s been. She moves to a table on her own and she sits down. She puts her head in her hands, letting the artificial light illuminate her sad expression.

    HELEN (O/S): Was it awful?

    CHERRY looks up at her to see HELEN PRIME, GABE PETERS and NEVAN BARNES stood in front of her with a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. They smile at her.

    CHERRY: It’s about to get better.

    They all sit on her table with her and HELEN begins pouring a drink for them all. They all look close, good friends – older and wiser than the children the Syndicate sacrificed themselves for.

    NEVAN: (to CHERRY) You wanna talk about it?

    CHERRY shrugs.

    CHERRY: It was a funeral – a crappy sad funeral for a great woman who I loved.

    GABE: I’ll toast to that.

    She looks at him and they all clink their glasses and then down their drinks. CHERRY looks at them all as each of them recoil from the taste of the liquor.

    CHERRY: I saw Sephy today...

    They all look at her, confused.

    HELEN: You saw her?

    CHERRY: She came to pay her respects, on behalf of everyone.

    GABE: How good of her.

    He says this with resentment and an element of sarcasm.

    NEVAN: Was she after an Acolyte?

    CHERRY: In Paris it seems.

    HELEN shakes her head.

    HELEN: The Acolytes are dangerous – I met a couple when I was one of the Protogenoi. They made my blood freeze then and I wasn’t even really mortal then.

    NEVAN: I have to say, I’m not doing cartwheels about their never ending rampage of revenge.

    CHERRY: It’s not revenge... this was always going to be the next stage regardless of whether Cate died or not.

    GABE tightens his jaw and pours another drink for himself.

    GABE: It’s not just Cate who died...

    He thinks of ELISE, saddened. CHERRY frowns, missing the Syndicate.

    CHERRY: I know.

    She pauses.

    CHERRY: But what’s happened has happened and they are trying to do good. We’re doing the same.

    GABE: What we’re doing is good. While Xak is out there killing humans we’re out there saving them. Granted we’re just stopping the odd vampire here and there but we’re stronger and we’re more heroes than they’ll ever be and that’s because we learnt from the best.

    He stops now and looks around seeing that he has gained attention from the other students in the room. NEVAN looks at him, supportively.

    NEVAN: Gabe, dude...

    GABE looks down.

    GABE: I’m sorry, it’s just... we disowned our families to fight this fight and they won’t even give us the time of day.

    CHERRY: Sephy says they’re doing it to protect us. So far, she’s been right.

    She reaches out and squeezes GABE’S hand supportively. She thinks about the other things SEPHY said.

    CHERRY: So let’s give her the benefit of the doubt on the rest, ok?

    He smiles weakly and then pours them all another drink.


    Screams of pain drown the air as fire burns all hope to a cinder. A monstrous palace made of hellish rock and metal dominates the grim skyline, above the lowest point of existence. A river of souls swims aimlessly and eternally distantly past the palace - beyond there, the Dead Plains and the way to the mortal world. This was the Underworld, the home of the death god, HADES.

    In the throne room of the palace, looking out at the river and the Dead Plains, HADES stands, dressed in black. The throne room is sparse. There are endless doors off the room to various parts of the Underworld and a large skeletal throne facing the Underworld where he watches, all seeing.

    In his throne, HADES sits. He looks out at his land, at hell, with a burning deep black stare. He looks angry. He is not alone. Someone moves in front of him. It is ZEUS. ZEUS looks around, unimpressed.

    ZEUS: The Underworld is looking so ancient, Hades. You must modernise.

    HADES: Such as the building you have confined yourself to in Athens? This is my home and shall stay as such – I was not born to work from dawn to dusk behind a desk.

    ZEUS laughs, booming.

    ZEUS: You did not exactly have a choice after the failing of the Protogenoi. What will it take for you to gain some ambition and drive and to succeed when you seize it?

    HADES looks at his younger brother with resentment.

    HADES: You took my ambition, brother – millennia ago, by giving me this vile realm as my kingdom and then you banished me to it again because I failed in one minor task against the humans. We were supposed to rule together after Poseidon was felled. Once again, the elder has been tricked by the younger.

    ZEUS stops now and turns to look at him. He surveys his brother.

    ZEUS: Things are the way they are because that is how they have come to pass – do not be so morbid. You surround yourself with death so much that I fear it is tainting your mental stability.

    HADES breathes, calming himself. He looks down and finds in a distant scream of agonising pain. Gritting his teeth, he looks up at ZEUS.

    HADES: Why are you here, Zeus?

    ZEUS looks around the Underworld and then to his older brother.

    ZEUS: It’s imperative that you protect us from what lies beyond your realm. The other gods are fallen now and we are the only ones keeping our greatest enemies at bay.

    HADES: You know that it is all I have ever lived to do down here.

    ZEUS: I will bring this world to its knees when the mortal world dawns a new year - the first with only us as its rulers - but I rely on you to perform as hell’s warden more than ever.

    HADES: (firm) I have told you that I will.

    ZEUS: Good, and if you do... the humans will worship us both.

    HADES: I doubt it.

    ZEUS smirks.

    ZEUS: Scepticism.

    HADES: My doubt in the humans is not unfounded.

    ZEUS: Then allow me to restore it.

    He gestures to the doorway to the throne room, a woman is stood there. A beautiful Italian woman with a long ponytail, dressed in military wear. She is played by Kayla Ewell. She approaches and salutes HADES.

    ZEUS: I am giving the world back Celeste Woods.

    The woman is CELESTE WOODS, an Acolyte. She was one of the missing Acolytes on XAK’S list in Chapter 3.

    CELESTE smiles.

    CELESTE: Happy to be back in your ranks.

    HADES glares at her but retains calm as always.

    HADES: Zeus, this Acolyte failed in its destruction of Aphrodite, it’s why Jazz Bhat had to destroy two – why should we allow her the soul we own.

    ZEUS: We need someone to watch the children of the Syndicate’s schools. The sea nymphs say Persephone is consorting with them once again. I do not have the time to murder small humans and you do not have the strength to stop them from here.

    ZEUS smiles at CELESTE.

    ZEUS: Celeste is the perfect weapon against them – a dead foe, resurrected.

    HADES cocks his head.

    HADES: Such is the glory of the power within my world.

    CELESTE laughs.

    CELESTE: I will deal with the children in Cropley Shores. Do not fear, I shall not fail you again.

    She smiles and then leaves. HADES watches her and then turns to ZEUS.

    HADES: You hold too much trust in the Acolytes.

    ZEUS: I would have thought you would have been pleased to hear they still boast skills beyond that of murdering our own? Even with their tasks completed, they still support us and will continue to do so even when the new world forms...

    HADES: I would not call resurrecting mortals who are desperate to live, something we should be thankful for. What of the others? The ones you haven’t given an undeserved second chance?

    ZEUS: Working hard for our cause, as always. They are readying a haven on our seventh storey in Athens, to provide safety against the coming storms.

    HADES shakes his head.

    HADES: You are careless in trusting them.

    ZEUS’S silver glare narrows on HADES.

    HADES: Trusting humans is precisely the reason we have resorted to killing our own.

    ZEUS: I have learnt, as have we both, from the last millennia of deceit and betrayal.

    He walks over to the balcony and looks out.

    ZEUS: I do not care about the intricacies of the mortal life as I once did. The human serves only one purpose and that purpose is to serve. The Acolytes have been useful in this manner, far more than any of our previous agents.

    HADES: The humans are cunning in this age – they run under our feet unseen when they should be watched carefully and I cannot do it from the Underworld.

    ZEUS: And I cannot do it from the skies. I am aware that Persephone is hiding our enemies but let them hide all they want. For when we take this world, there shall be no shadow left to obscure.

    HADES shakes his head.

    HADES: But brother...

    ZEUS: (cutting him off) Hades!

    HADES bites his tongue. ZEUS is in front of him now, staring deep into his eyes.

    ZEUS: Look around. This is not the world we once ruled and as such we need to learn to adjust as leaders – it’s why Olympus has waned so much in popularity over these past years. We must learn to believe in our followers. The Acolytes will not betray us. We carefully selected them from all of the dwellers of the mortal coil and they are perfect. Look at my Leigh Sinclair, my head Acolyte.

    HADES looks away now and ZEUS fondly thinks of LEIGH.

    ZEUS: A perfect example of what hate and distrust can do. She’s turned to the true power, unwavering in loyalty. She will be my shining example when the new age dawns.

    HADES: I am not convinced.

    ZEUS: I know our allies are but none amongst the ether beings but we still retain faith in our belief and that will see us to victory. Our time is almost at hand, Hades. Do not fear a rebellion that will not have time to come to pass. Do not fear the world as you see it now for it will not be that world for long. We will not rule upon the mountains in the skies as we once did, but from skyscrapers and billboards and tablet computers. I have faith that we will rise just as we deserve to and that there are people in this world still who want us to rule. Our resurrection is upon us...

    HADES looks down, glum and doubtful. He looks up, a lying look of hope.

    HADES: (lying) I believe you.

    ZEUS smiles, believing him and then turns to leave.

    ZEUS: Let Celeste rid this world of the children and maintain warden to the prisoners. Soon this world will be ready and no one will hide from us...

    ZEUS leaves the room now and his shadow passes over HADES as he does. HADES sighs a deathly gasp of heavy doubt and dismay at his brother’s ignorance and a three headed dog barks sombre in the background.


    The camera pans around the old abandoned lobby of the Syndicate’s school. The place is empty, layered with dust and cold with the void of life. A group of ten people enter the room and hurry to the corridors. The group are some of the students, surfacing from the basement. NEVAN and HELEN move the group along.

    HELEN: Come on guys, let’s hurry it up.

    NEVAN: Just grab stuff we need, books, potions, food. Let’s go...

    HELEN looks at him as the group move further down into the corridors.

    HELEN: We need to be careful, if anyone finds out this stuff is missing then we’ll get found out.

    NEVAN shrugs.

    NEVAN: Who cares? We’re wanted for vigilante crimes, who cares if we take a few spell books?

    HELEN: Because this stuff is owned by the government now - when the rent cheques fell behind, they re-possessed the building. That means everything in it is government owned.

    NEVAN: Since when did the child of the ether care about government?

    He laughs. She smirks at him and rolls her eyes.

    HELEN: Not that kid anymore, Nevan Barnes.

    He laughs and then they move across the lobby after the others. NEVAN’S laughter is stopped short. A shot is fired from a gun. NEVAN is hit - he drops to the floor, dead. HELEN gasps and looks at him, a bullet wound in the back of his head, his mouth slightly aghast and his eyes still wide. She looks behind her to the shooter. CELESTE WOODS, the Acolyte is stood in the doorway of the school. She laughs and smirks at HELEN.

    CELESTE: Well that was easy.

    HELEN glares deeply at her as CELESTE shoots again.


    The camera pans along the edge of the water on the beach of Cropley Shores. At first all that can be seen is that of wet soaked sand. Then seaweed, stones and shells. Then, as the camera moves further along the shore, something else can be seen - a hand. Moving further, the camera shows an arm belonging to both the hand and a body. The body is lying in the wash of the sea. The body is perfect but wet. The body is that of URSULA LAKE. Her eyes are closed, she looks peaceful, breathing softly.

    Next to her lie SMITH ARTAIR and ELISE ARTAIR. Both of them too, are asleep.

    Next to them, TRAFFORD ARTAIR and MELODY HARP. Both of them too, are alive.

    Next to them, ECHIDNA and PANDION. Both of them too, look peaceful.

    Finally, the last person to be seen is EA BROGAN.

    A wave washes over him suddenly. As it recedes, his eyes open.

    The Syndicate were back.


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      ACT TWO


      It is the year 2045 again. The day of CHERRY LI’S wedding. The day she confessed all of her past to her maid of honour, MARY HATHAWAY. The ageing bride reaches out to a framed photo of three small Asian girls. MARY watches, intrigued. CHERRY removes the back of the frame to show another picture behind it, folded, old and slightly torn. She unfolds it and shows it to MARY. The picture is of a group of people surrounding a throne. On the throne is sat LEIGH SINCLAIR with a golden crown. The photo is dated 2011.

      CHERRY: This is The Golden Acolytes, all of us together for the first time.

      The others in the picture cannot be seen but CHERRY is visible in the photo, stood beside LEIGH, a hand on her shoulder.

      MARY: 2011? That would be when it all happened.

      CHERRY nods.

      CHERRY: Yes, Leigh’s coronation was later that year.

      MARY: You all look happy here.

      CHERRY smiles.

      CHERRY: We were. I haven’t seen these people in over 20 years and I doubt I shall ever see them all again.

      She looks at MARY.

      CHERRY: They were good people and they didn’t deserve to die. They are true heroes and the media paints them as extremists. It’s not fair...

      MARY looks at CHERRY, saddened.



      It is New Year’s Eve in 2007 again, when The Golden Acolytes hadn’t formed and when the Syndicate returned...

      The camera focuses on the Syndicate all lying unconscious on the shoreline of Cropley Shores. The camera moves in on BROGAN. His eyes open and he gasps for breath. He sits up in shock, instantaneously. He looks around, confused and then looks at his family lying next to him.


      The camera shows NEVAN’S body lying on the floor and HELEN standing over it, protectively. She looks at CELESTE, his murderer, with pure wrath.

      HELEN: Who are you?

      CELESTE: Why do you care? I don’t care for your identity. I have a task to perform and you have a life I must take.

      HELEN: You killed a good man...

      CELESTE: You must hate me, it’s understandable. But I’m afraid I was very clear. You must die.

      She aims her gun again and shoots. HELEN widens her eyes and dives to the floor, dodging the bullet. CELESTE scowls and shoots at her again. HELEN hides behind the old sofa as CELESTE continues to shoot. She shoots until she has one bullet left, hitting nothing but padding. She grunts in anger and then moves closer to the sofa. She darts to the side to get a clear shot. HELEN is gone. CELESTE widens her eyes but then HELEN appears to the side of the sofa and tackles her to the ground. The gun slides across the floor and the two grapple with one another. HELEN tightens a grip around CELESTE’S throat and CELESTE tries pushing her away. She can’t. CELESTE lifts her foot and kicks HELEN away from her, sending her flying back into the wall.


      BROGAN continues to look around confused by where he is. He sees the pier in the background and far out at sea, the island. He knows he is in Cropley Shores. As he realises, the other members of the Syndicate rouse. SMITH opens his eyes and gasps, rousing ECHIDNA and URSULA. They all sit up confused, looking at one another. PAN and ELISE then awaken, followed shortly by MELODY and TRAFFORD.

      They all look at one another, confused. URSULA strokes her hair behind her ears and looks down at her clothes. She is in the same clothes as when she left.

      URSULA: We’re still here.

      PAN: I don’t understand...

      TRAFFORD: What time is it?

      SMITH: The children are gone.

      MELODY’S eyes widen as she realises things are wrong.

      MELODY: I’m cold...

      She looks at BROGAN.

      MELODY: It’s winter.

      Everyone looks at one another, knowing that MELODY is right.


      HELEN recovers quickly from falling into the wall and jumps to her feet as CELESTE makes a move for the gun. HELEN grabs her leg and knocks her to the floor. CELESTE jumps to her feet and they exchange blows. HELEN’S lip cuts from a ring on CELESTE’S finger but she retaliates by elbowing CELESTE in the face, knocking her backwards. CELESTE recovers and spin kicks HELEN away from her. She walks towards the gun casually, smirking.

      CELESTE: You children have really been a thorn in my Lord’s side.

      She reaches down and picks up the gun. She turns and points the gun at HELEN who looks at her, heaving for breath.

      HELEN: You bitch...

      CELESTE: Hades sends his regards.

      She goes to shoot but then someone hits HELEN over the head with a baseball bat. HELEN looks to see GABE stood there. CHERRY is with him, she hurries to HELEN’S side.

      CHERRY: Helen!? Are you ok?

      HELEN looks at her with sad eyes.

      HELEN: (quietly) She killed Nevan... she just killed him.

      GABE and CHERRY immediately look to the body on the floor, of their friend. The sound of laughter can be heard from CELESTE.

      CELESTE: Death seems very irrelevant once you have survived it.

      She stands and looks at them all as they stare numb at NEVAN’S body.

      CELESTE: But I understand your grief - when you’re in a unit, it is a necessary requirement.

      She smirks.

      CELESTE: Unfortunately, when you all die, the world will not find it compulsory.

      The other students from the school show up now. They all surround her and she looks at them all, intrigued. CHERRY looks at her with a dark glare.

      CHERRY: You sure about that?

      CELESTE looks at the gun in her hand.


      The Syndicate are stood now and silently and slowly walk back towards the school along the promenade. People are walking, happily heading towards town for the New Year festivities. None of them look at the Syndicate. BROGAN shakes his head.

      BROGAN: This isn’t right.

      TRAFFORD: Does anyone remember anything? I just can remember the wave hitting and then...

      MELODY: Nothing. I’m the same.

      ECHIDNA: Did we save the children?

      URSULA nods, certain.

      URSULA: The barrier worked, I know it did.

      MELODY gasps as she sees something up ahead.

      MELODY: Brogan...

      The Syndicate stop in shock as they all see the same thing: the dilapidated school in the distance. They hurry towards it with urgency.


      The students continue to surround CELESTE. CHERRY moves slowly closer.

      CHERRY: Who are you?

      CELESTE: A dead woman.

      GABE: Not yet.

      She smiles at him and laughs to herself.

      CELESTE: Your comprehension that death is a solitary event for a person is endearing.

      She tightens her grip on the gun.

      CELESTE: But you are wrong. The only aspect of my second death that will differ from the first, is that this time I will be the cause.

      She smiles, closes her eyes and brings the gun up to her head. She pulls the trigger and the camera cuts to CHERRY who grimaces at the Acolyte’s suicide. She grabs HELEN’S hand and tightens her grip, reassuringly. The other students look around, in shock and confusion. GABE moves towards CELESTE’S body and notices that she is wearing a necklace around her neck. An Acolyte necklace. GABE breathes deeply and looks up to CHERRY.

      GABE: She’s one of them - the corporation must have sent her.

      HELEN: How did she find us? We’ve been so careful.

      CHERRY: We have to go; it’s not safe here anymore...

      She turns with HELEN and hurries towards the door but stops immediately, gasping at what is in front of them.

      The entrance to the school is open and BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA and SMITH are all stood there looking at them, confused.

      GABE looks up at them and his mouth falls open, aghast. CHERRY smiles at them but they do not.

      FADE TO –

      It is slightly later. The Syndicate are sat on the shot sofas, still confused. Both NEVAN and CELESTE are covered up on the floor with blankets over their bodies. URSULA has been crying and SMITH has been comforting her. GABE stands back, staring at ELISE, captivated. She notices but chooses to look down, her brother’s arm around her. BROGAN looks to CHERRY.

      BROGAN: How long have we been gone?

      CHERRY: A little over a year.

      The Syndicate look at one another, incredulous. MELODY furrows her brow.

      MELODY: What?!

      PAN: It feels like only a few hours have passed.

      HELEN: Seriously?

      They all nod.

      HELEN: You have no idea what’s happened, do you?

      TRAFFORD: In a year, I’d guess a lot.

      GABE: Why did you do it? Why did you go?

      ELISE looks at him now.

      URSULA: (softly) We had to... it’s the only way we could protect you. We had to trap the wave...

      CHERRY: (cutting her off) protect us, we know that. But why didn’t you come back?

      BROGAN: As far as we know, we did.

      HELEN: So what kept you away?

      ECHIDNA: I don’t think we’re all entirely sure.

      URSULA: It was the figure that appeared to me. She said we would be protected until our time came.

      GABE: Your time?

      URSULA: When we would be needed in the war, when it was required of us.

      CHERRY grits her teeth

      CHERRY: And what? That time is now and you just happened to not tell us?

      BROGAN sighs and looks around the room - the broken empire they once built and the two bodies on the floor.

      BROGAN: Cherry, what happened here?

      CHERRY looks choked.

      CHERRY: It’s been really hard here. As you can see, without you guys, things kind of fell apart.

      The students look down, saddened – the Syndicate notice.

      CHERRY: Don’t get me wrong I’m really pleased you guys are here; we’ve all missed you so much...

      She pauses.

      CHERRY: But I just put my grandmother in the ground today and I’m going to have to do the same to one of my best friends before the day is out...

      She indicates NEVAN’S body. MELODY looks down.

      CHERRY: This last year has been hell and we don’t even get an explanation?

      BROGAN: I’m so sorry for this last year, Cherry.

      He looks at all of them.

      BROGAN: To all of you, I really am sorry. We’d never intentionally leave you alone and I know you want to know why this happened but I don’t have the answers. We know less than you in fact about what’s happened or what’s happening now.

      HELEN looks at GABE and then back to BROGAN.

      HELEN: Then you don’t know, about Xak and the Acolytes... about everything?

      ECHIDNA: The Acolytes? They’ve become active.

      GABE nods at CELESTE’S body.

      GABE: Apparently.

      HELEN: You must realise, everyone thinks you’re dead. I know you knew you’d be safe but it didn’t make sense to us so we all just... thought.

      MELODY: Xak too?

      HELEN nods. BROGAN looks at the Syndicate and then back to CHERRY, HELEN and GABE. The camera closes in on his face.

      BROGAN: Tell us everything you know.




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        ACT THREE


        The Syndicate, along with CHERRY, GABE and HELEN are all stood in the yard behind the school. In front of them is a fresh grave. HELEN approaches and places a flower on the grave. MELODY wipes a rogue tear from her cheek. ELISE puts an arm around her, supportively.

        MELODY: (softly) Isn’t it awful that we barely feel grief anymore. We’ve become so hardened to death that all we feel is anger when we’re faced with it.

        BROGAN looks to CHERRY.

        BROGAN: We should tell his parents.

        CHERRY: Obviously, but I don’t know where his family are anymore. They moved seven months ago, he stayed with us to help.

        URSULA sniffs, wiping away tears.

        URSULA: We’ll find them. When this is done we’ll give them the peace they deserve and let them know he didn’t die for nothing.

        Everyone nods in agreement. They all move now to the side entrance of the building – the entrance to the basement complex where the students have been working secretly. URSULA holds back for a moment. SMITH looks at her.

        SMITH: Are you ok?

        She nods and shows him a false smile.

        URSULA: I just need a moment.

        He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves. ECHIDNA notices and then stays behind. She looks at URSULA and then the grave.

        ECHIDNA: Perhaps the world would be better if we hadn’t returned.

        URSULA looks at her, confused.

        URSULA: We’re back because we’re needed, Echidna. Nevan’s death is a complete tragedy but the school was not attacked because we came back.

        ECHIDNA: You do not know that. We do not know anything about the movements of the corporation in the last year.

        URSULA: I know that his death would have been the first of many if we weren’t stood here now. He didn’t die because we came back. He died because plans are being put into motion that we have been brought back to stop.

        ECHIDNA looks down, beat. URSULA looks at her, entreating.

        URSULA: Stop doubting yourself, Echidna. I know times are changing for you, for us all, but you do still retain meaning.

        ECHIDNA looks at her.

        ECHIDNA: Ursula, you are not a goddess living in the 21st Century. Do not presume to know how it feels to be one.

        She looks again at NEVAN’S grave.

        ECHIDNA: (softly) My prayers for your soul’s freedom are with you, Nevan Barnes. I hope yours are also with us.

        She turns now and follows the others inside. URSULA wraps her arms around her torso and breathes softly - her eyes are fixated on the recently moved earth; the blanket over the body of a young man.


        CHERRY, GABE and HELEN lead the Syndicate through the basement complex underneath the school. The Syndicate look around as the other students are sat consoling one another in the aftermath of the attack and the demise of one of their own.

        CHERRY: We set up a training room in the back rooms over there and some of the storage facility we made into bedrooms and well, Helen’s a pretty mean cook so we do ok for food.

        PAN: I still don’t understand why you have to be down here.

        GABE: About eight months ago, the county noticed you were gone and tried reclaiming the building. We fought them the best we could, pooled all our money into fighting them but they won in the end.

        MELODY: You put money into this?

        GABE: Everything we had.

        BROGAN: You shouldn’t have done that.

        HELEN: We wanted to, me in particular. It was the least I could do after everything my family put you through.

        CHERRY looks at BROGAN.

        CHERRY: It’s done, don’t worry. Helen’s right, we all wanted this. We never lost faith in the cause.

        He smiles at her.

        CHERRY: You guys should rest, it’s been a long day.

        BROGAN shakes his head.

        BROGAN: We’ve slept for a year, trust me when I say that the last thing I want to do is sleep. Tell us what’s been happening, we need to know.

        CHERRY: Then you better come in.

        They reach the training room.


        The group move into the large open space. CHERRY shows them two boards on the wall. One of them is a map of the world which has pins in location such as Russia, Ireland and a new one placed in France. The second board is slightly smaller and shows a list of local events in the county such as missing children, the rise of cult factions, vampire nests and demon hunts. Each project is assigned a task force of students with CHERRY, HELEN, GABE or NEVAN as the leader. The Syndicate look at the boards, confused.

        SMITH: What’s this?

        GABE points to the board showing the local events.

        GABE: These are our projects. When we went underground we pulled together all we learned and decided to help the community. We’ve stopped a lot.

        TRAFFORD looks at all of the projects listed.

        TRAFFORD: This is really impressive you guys.

        BROGAN: It really is.

        MELODY: But what’s all this, on the other board? What are the pins.

        CHERRY: That’s the bigger picture – something we’ve been keeping tabs on but something we’ve not been involved with.

        BROGAN: What’s that?

        CHERRY: Xak’s fight, with the Acolytes and the gods.

        MELODY: It’s still going?

        HELEN: When we defeated my parents, The United also fell.

        TRAFFORD feels a shiver run through his body.

        TRAFFORD: (shaky) Cate?

        HELEN: They didn’t kill her, they managed to actually stop Hecate but Cate couldn’t live knowing that she could come back one day... so she sacrificed herself to save everyone.

        A tear falls from his eye and SMITH puts an arm around his son.

        SMITH: Trafford...

        HELEN looks at him, frowning.

        HELEN: She died protecting this world, she was a hero.

        TRAFFORD gasps slightly for breath and nods, he looks at her. MELODY clasps her mouth, saddened. She turns away from the group. BROGAN notices and frowns, looking down. Everyone is silent for a moment, in respect.

        TRAFFORD: She was always a hero.

        HELEN nods, agreeing.

        HELEN: But I’m afraid her death sparked a darker side to Xak and the others.

        BROGAN looks at her, worried.

        BROGAN: What do you mean?

        CHERRY: They were all so stricken with grief and rage that they turned their energies into destroying the gods, but they knew that they couldn’t do that until they tore their foundations.

        ECHIDNA nods, understanding.

        ECHIDNA: The Acolytes.

        GABE: Yes.

        MELODY: Wait, what are the Acolytes?

        ECHIDNA: A group of people formed from high ranking organisations all over the globe whose sole purpose is to destroy the gods against the corporation and to protect the ones still affiliated. The United had two under its control and Charlie and myself saw one murder the goddess Demeter. These people may just be mortal men and women but they are not a force to be reckoned with without extreme caution.

        CHERRY: Well that’s definitely true because out of the original twelve Olympians, only two remain.

        ECHIDNA looks aghast. PAN holds her.

        PAN: Which?

        CHERRY: Zeus and Hades.

        ECHIDNA: Then may the heavens find pity on us all...

        MELODY: What are their plans?

        CHERRY: We don’t really know. All we know is that Zeus is ruling all as always from his towering skyscraper in Athens. The corporation known as Olympus Inc. now have offices in twelve major cities throughout the globe, recently opening buildings in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Sydney.

        GABE: Hades on the other hand has been laying low. He was the one who initiated the Protogenoi – Helen and her family. When they failed him, he’s sort of been M.I.A. We think he’s laying low in the Underworld, but we know he’s back in play now because that Acolyte said she was sent from him.

        BROGAN looks confused.

        BROGAN: How do you guys know all this?

        HELEN: We learn what we can through the demon bars nearby but most of our intel comes from Sephy.

        ECHIDNA: Sephy?

        CHERRY: She visits when she can, like today for instance.

        ECHIDNA’S eyes widen.

        ECHIDNA: She was here?

        CHERRY: Fresh before they were heading to Paris. One of the big Acolytes was there, they were going to take her down – her, Xak, Charlie, Dante, Lance and Petrina. They’re all heading down a dark path with this and I don’t think they’ll stop until every last one of them is wiped from existence.

        MELODY: Good, they should for what they’ve done to this world...

        She looks to BROGAN, determined.

        MELODY: Ok, so we’ve been out for a year and now we’re back... what’s our next move?

        BROGAN looks from her to the boards, unsure.


        HADES is sat on his throne, a deep dark expression on his face. He stares at the misty soul of a woman kneeling before him. The soul is CELESTE WOODS. She looks up at him smiling.

        HADES: You have failed.

        CELESTE: I took one of them, one of the leaders.

        HADES: The others live, so you have failed.

        CELESTE: Send me back, I beg of you. I will destroy them all and I will die a thousand deaths to do it. I do not fear my own end.

        HADES: Your addiction to death makes you a failure in my eyes.

        CELESTE’S expression suddenly drains itself of confidence as HADES stands, a looming presence of darkness in front of her.

        HADES: The humans have taken much that is precious to me. Your entire species is the same and I will not accept your failure with the same acceptance as my brother.

        He holds out his hand and CELESTE screams in agony as he burns her soul to nothing within seconds. CELESTE is gone, forever. HADES stands there for a moment, staring at the spot where she was stood. A soft growl calms him and he looks as a three headed five foot tall dog approaches him, sniffing the spot where CELESTE was last.

        The dog is CERBERUS.

        HADES looks at the beast and strokes it. He closes his eyes.

        HADES: This had better work, Zeus or so help me...

        He opens his eyes now and stares out the balcony to his realm. His eyes fixate on THE UNITED’S castle in the distance. He glares at it and it explodes into flames instantly.

        HADES: (continuing with deep darkness) ...the world shall not find me forgiving.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          TRAFFORD and HELEN are receiving bedding from a cupboard. She points to three of the beds.

          HELEN: There’s three spare in here and there should be five more in the room by the make shift library down here. If there aren’t, just let me know.

          She smiles weakly as TRAFFORD barely responds to her. She looks at him.

          HELEN: Trafford?

          He blinks and shakes his head.

          TRAFFORD: Sorry, just got stuff on my mind.

          She nods.

          HELEN: I get it.

          She then remembers something.

          HELEN: Oh...

          She hurries to another set of cupboards in the room and opens it. She pulls out a box. She takes it to TRAFFORD and hands it to him.

          HELEN: Here, I was meaning to give this to you when you first arrived but I thought it was a bit inappropriate.

          TRAFFORD looks at her, confused.

          TRAFFORD: What is it?

          HELEN: Box of your things. We had to pack up your rooms when the raids began.

          TRAFFORD takes the lid off of the box. HELEN stares at his handsome face, enraptured by his beauty. TRAFFORD’S expression softens as he sees what is inside. As well as books, clothes and keep sakes, there is a framed picture of him and CATE – smiling, happy, in love.

          TRAFFORD: (vacantly) Isn’t it strange that she’s been dead for a year... and I haven’t even mourned her. It seems like just yesterday...

          HELEN frowns and looks down.

          HELEN: I know.

          She looks up now and breathes deeply.

          HELEN: I never really met her, only as The United, but she was really beautiful.

          TRAFFORD smiles softly and looks to HELEN, their eyes connecting.

          TRAFFORD: She was more than just beautiful. She was the one for me.

          He places the picture back in the box and places the lid back on top.

          TRAFFORD: Nothing compares to that...

          He moves away now with the box and the bedding and HELEN nods smiling at him but as he moves away her smile fades, hopeless.


          ELISE is in the kitchen, underneath the school in the basement. It’s the old boiler room with shelves of processed foods and a cheap oven and fridge attached to power points. She rifles through some of the bags of chips and immediately pulls one out. She turns opening it and stops immediately, seeing GABE stood in the doorway. He smiles at her. She smiles back.

          GABE: (telepathically, to ELISE) I can make something for you, if you’d like? I’m not quite as good as Helen at making a feast out of nothing but...

          She smiles.

          ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) It’s fine. Chips are good. I missed chips...

          GABE nods.

          GABE: (telepathically) I missed you.

          She smiles and drops the chips. She hurries towards him and hugs him, kissing him passionately. She breaks away from him and they rest their heads against one another, breathing softly.

          ELISE: (telepathically) I feel like I only saw you a few hours ago...

          GABE: (telepathically) I wish that were true.

          ELISE breaks away.

          ELISE: (telepathically) I feel so guilty.

          GABE: (telepathically) Why?

          ELISE: (telepathically) Because this is my fault, this figure or entity or whatever it is that’s inside of me... she took us away.

          GABE: (telepathically) You can’t control it.

          ELISE: (telepathically) I should be able to though, it’s a part of me.

          GABE grabs her with both hands.

          GABE: (telepathically) I don’t understand why it happened but I know this thing has only ever protected you and the Syndicate.

          She looks up at him, doubtful.

          GABE: (telepathically) I hated you being gone but I knew I’d see you again, I just knew it.

          ELISE: (telepathically) How?

          GABE: (telepathically) Because it is you and me. It couldn’t have ended with a tidal wave.

          She hugs him again, smiling to herself.

          ELISE: (telepathically) I’m so happy to be home...

          He holds her tightly.


          CHERRY, URSULA and SMITH are walking down a corridor. They approach a room.

          CHERRY: I put all your records and files in here, it’s been kind of an office space for us to share.

          She indicates the room – an oversized broom closet with a desk and filing cabinets along the wall. URSULA smiles and looks to CHERRY.

          URSULA: It’s lovely, thank you.

          CHERRY: You don’t have to lie, I know it’s crappy.

          URSULA laughs, weakly.

          CHERRY: I’ll leave you to it, if you need anything just ask – I’m gonna go check on the others.

          URSULA nods.

          URSULA: Of course, dear.

          CHERRY moves away now and slowly moves towards the other mourning students. URSULA and SMITH move into the office space.

          SMITH: Quite the kingdom they’ve established down here.

          URSULA shakes her head.

          URSULA: How can it have been a year?

          He looks at her.

          URSULA: How can these children have been left to survive like this for a year.

          SMITH: They had a choice, we all did. They’ve made sacrifices and so have we.

          URSULA: I know but they’ve been all alone.

          She purses her lips.

          URSULA: I’m so angry at Xak for leaving them to lurk in a basement as if they’ve performed shamefully.

          SMITH: You know that’s not what Xak has done. He’s been keeping them safe by keeping them away from the Acolytes.

          URSULA: Yes and look how that’s ended up.

          SMITH: We all make mistakes, Ursula.

          She looks at him.

          URSULA: I know Smith, but we’ve lost an entire year. When you came back, I thought to myself of all the selfish things we could do together... how we could love one another again...

          He breathes softly and moves towards her. He brushes her hair behind her ear and touches her cheek.

          SMITH: We can have that life together, Ursula. Let’s put an end to this and enjoy the life we’ve wanted with our children.

          She smiles and closes her eyes, resting her face on his hand.

          URSULA: (lovingly) Yes, my love...

          The camera pulls out of the office to the corridor as the grieving hopeless children pass the two optimists without thought.


          BROGAN and MELODY approach the body of CELESTE in the lobby of the school. They uncover the body and wince slightly at the sight.

          MELODY: (disgusted) God...

          BROGAN: Yeah, these Acolytes really are something.

          MELODY: Let’s just get the necklace...

          BROGAN kneels down and pulls off the necklace from around her neck, it is covered in her blood. He holds it up and looks at it in the dim light of the night.

          The camera pulls back to show someone is watching them from around the corner. The person pulls back and retreats deeper into the building. The camera cuts back to BROGAN and MELODY.

          BROGAN: So this is it, huh?

          MELODY: Not the sort of bling a girl usually wears but I see its allure I guess.

          She looks at him but he is still looking at the necklace. He looks at her.

          BROGAN: Come on, let’s get back downstairs.

          He hurries to the exit now. MELODY rolls her eyes.

          MELODY: Yo, Brogan.

          He stops and turns, looking at her.

          MELODY: We even gonna talk about the love confession – heck it’s been a year.

          BROGAN looks down, embarrassed.

          MELODY: I mean, for everyone but us it’s been a year but hey, a girl still needs to have some clarification.

          She pauses and looks at him.

          MELODY: Did you mean it?

          He looks up at her, serious.

          BROGAN: Of course I meant it.

          MELODY smiles and walks towards him.

          MELODY: So you didn’t just say it because we were about to sacrifice ourselves to a big old tsunami?

          BROGAN smiles now, his expression softening.

          BROGAN: I did not, no.

          Her smile widens.

          MELODY: I know this is kind of inappropriate timing with the whole doom and gloom that is the current war but do you think we could have a drink and talk about this?

          He nods.

          BROGAN: I think a drink is exactly what we need.

          MELODY: Good, I got a bottle of tequila hidden in my room – I had to hide it from Ursula, she didn’t approve of my drinking habits with the kids. It should be still there, unless the government took that too.

          He smiles and leans in to kiss her. She submits and allows him to do that. She shivers and pulls back.

          MELODY: (breathless) Damn...

          She begins stepping backwards.

          MELODY: Don’t go anywhere.

          She hurries now, down into the building in the same direction as the person who was watching them both. BROGAN watches her and smiles. He sits on the sofa and pockets the Acolyte necklace. He tilts his head back and breathes deeply.


          In the training room, ECHIDNA stands looking at the larger map - the bigger picture. She breathes softly as she eyes the various locations where the Acolytes have perished. PAN approaches her. She notes his presence but continues to look at the board.

          PAN: Helen was just showing me around, she’s really progressing well as a mortal.

          ECHIDNA: Good for her.

          PAN stands with her and looks at the boards.

          PAN: Apart from the obvious, are you alright?

          ECHIDNA looks at him now, her expression softening around him.

          ECHIDNA: (quietly) I’m scared, Pandion. What if Zeus and Hades have assigned an Acolyte to me... you haven’t seen what these people can do with the power of Olympus behind them.

          PAN reaches out and touches her arm supportively.

          PAN: I can’t imagine how that must feel, but you’re safe with us... I promise.

          ECHIDNA: I feel safe with you I do, but Xak is constantly one step behind them – killing them after they’ve murdered the gods. How is that useful for anything other than avenging the death of their friend?

          PAN nods, understanding.

          PAN: I see your point.

          ECHIDNA: How are we supposed to stay one step ahead of something that they’ve been chasing for a year and are still trailing fruitlessly?

          She looks back at the board and shakes her head annoyed.

          ECHIDNA: There has to be another way...


          MELODY enters her old bedroom and an irritated smile appears on her face. The room has been raided and all of her belongings have been taken. Layers of dust and grime cover the furnishings.

          MELODY: Great, this is just great...

          She moves towards the wardrobe and lifts it with one hand, easily and effortlessly. She reaches under with the other hand and pulls up one of the floor boards. She discards the board and pulls out a bottle, half full of tequila. She smiles and places the wardrobe down.

          MELODY: (smirking) Score one for the Slayer formerly known as rogue.

          She laughs and then stands - someone is stood behind her with a syringe, the same person who was watching her and BROGAN in the lobby. The person swiftly plunges the syringe into MELODY’S neck. MELODY gasps and drops the bottle – it smashes on the floor. MELODY turns to look at the person. Her face drops.

          MELODY: (gasping) You?

          She then instantly collapses and passes out, silently. The person stands over MELODY’S unconscious body.

          The person is LEIGH SINCLAIR.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – SYDNEY

            In the year 2045, half way through her story, the soon to be married CHERRY LI looks at MARY, her maid of honour.

            CHERRY: So Leigh Sinclair was about to make her debut in my life...

            MARY: Wait a minute, I’m confused.

            CHERRY: What about?

            MARY: I thought you were going to tell me how you met Harry?

            CHERRY smiles, embarrassed at her fiancé’s alias.

            CHERRY: His name’s not Harry.

            MARY nods, defeated.

            MARY: Right, sorry.

            CHERRY: Don’t apologise, Mary – you have nothing to apologise for, you know that. I have hated lying to you about our past but I hope now you can see the sort of things we had to deal with.

            MARY nods, doubtful.

            MARY: I understand I guess but I haven’t learned much.

            CHERRY: Then let me tell you more...

            FLASH TO – WHITE

            LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – NIGHT

            The scene opens late into New Year’s Eve of 2007 with BROGAN sat on the sofa in the lobby. He looks relaxed, contemplating everything he wanted to say to MELODY when she returned. Then, he hears a bottle smash deep in the building. He looks up, alert.

            BROGAN: Mel...

            He jumps up and hurries towards the source of the sound.


            BROGAN rushes into MELODY’S bedroom but there is no-one there. He eyes the broken bottle of tequila on the floor. Nearby is a syringe, he picks it up and looks around aimless and panicking.


            MELODY is lying unconscious on the floor of the graveyard in Cropley Shores. She slowly begins to rouse, groggy. Her eyes open and she looks around. She looks at the graves and up to the one in front of her. It’s SHELTER ELM’S grave.

            LEIGH (O/S): Sorry for the relocation...

            MELODY’S eyes dart to the source of the voice. LEIGH is sat perched on CONSTANCE KYLL’S grave. She smiles at MELODY. She is dressed in her red suit - the same one she is about to wear to the Acolyte meeting in Los Angeles. The same meeting where her true identity as the Head Acolyte will be made by XAK. MELODY’S eyes widen.

            LEIGH: ...but I thought we could have some girl talk, just the two of us.

            MELODY: I thought it was you...

            LEIGH: Yeah, it is. It’s been a long time Melody, how have you been?

            MELODY cocks her head and begins to stand, defensive.

            MELODY: Reformed.

            LEIGH: Looks like we’re singing from the same hymn sheet then.

            MELODY laughs.

            MELODY: Yeah right, is that why you drugged me?

            LEIGH: Well gosh, how silly of me to think you and I could have a normal conversation. I mean am I wrong?

            MELODY: You’re nothing.

            She jumps up and attacks LEIGH. LEIGH jumps up also and the two grapple. MELODY punches her and LEIGH punches back. They block further punches and then MELODY knees her in the stomach. LEIGH recoils and stumbles backwards as MELODY runs at her, LEIGH spins and kicks MELODY in the back, causing MELODY to fall to the floor again.

            LEIGH: You idiot, I’m here to help you!

            MELODY looks up at her from the floor.

            MELODY: As if.

            LEIGH: It’s true.

            MELODY: Why on earth should I believe anything you say? You ruined my life, you ruined everything.

            LEIGH’S expression softens.

            LEIGH: I know and I’m so very sorry for everything, I am. I’m here to make amends.

            She reaches down to help MELODY up and in doing so, LEIGH’S blouse parts revealing her Acolyte necklace. MELODY’S eyes widen.

            MELODY: You bitch.

            She pulls LEIGH’S hand and flips her over. MELODY fluidly jumps on top of LEIGH and tightens a grip around her neck. LEIGH gasps for breath and looks at MELODY desperately, struggling to breathe under the power of the Slayer.

            LEIGH: (choking) I know how to kill them... I know how to stop the gods...

            MELODY’S eyes widen and she releases her grip.

            MELODY: What did you say?

            LEIGH coughs for air, grabbing her own neck to massage it.

            LEIGH: I said I know how to kill the gods, I’m their number one Acolyte. As far as they know I’ve been loyal to this point but now that’s all about to change.

            MELODY: I can see why they would see you as an asset to their faction, what I don’t understand is why you think that I would make the same mistake to see you as an ally again.

            LEIGH: I understand your hesitation but there’s no time for me to properly explain. If you think I have to convince you, imagine what it’s going to take to convince Xak and the others.

            MELODY: You’ve seen them?

            LEIGH: Not yet. I have a plane taking me to Los Angeles in a few hours... then me and that darling boy will finally have our true love’s kiss.

            MELODY: I somehow doubt it.

            LEIGH: Yeah so do I, but I have a few ways to show him that I am nothing but sincere.

            MELODY looks at her, frowning, unsure.

            LEIGH: (sincere) Melody, I promise you... I’m not the same woman I was when we worked together last. I’ve dedicated this last year to learning all I can from the inside to finally bring the corporation down and the time for that to happen is now.

            MELODY: Why?

            Then from far into town, cheers of happiness can be heard as fireworks light the skies. Both of them look to the scene.

            LEIGH: Happy New Year...

            MELODY looks at her confused as LEIGH stands.

            MELODY: 2008?

            LEIGH: The year it all changes. Do you think it’s a coincidence that today was the day you were brought back into the fight? You’ve been missing for a year and then the end of the world begins and here you are like a rabbit out of a hat. You’re the hidden weapon. I knew you’d come back today... just goes to show how clever I am.

            MELODY shakes her head.

            MELODY: I don’t understand.

            LEIGH: The thing that took and protected you, it hid you well – kept you from the corporation but I did some research of my own and I found out a lot. It was through my research that I found out you would return today, that’s why I’m here to tell you how to stop Hades.

            MELODY: Hades?

            LEIGH: Seriously, did they teach you nothing at Sunnydale High?

            MELODY: I know who Hades is, I just had no idea I was gonna kill him.

            LEIGH: Well I know you’ve been out of the game for a while honey but come on, what did you think was going to happen? You stopped the Protogenoi, this will be nothing in comparison.

            MELODY looks at her still unsure.

            MELODY: What about Zeus?

            LEIGH: I have him under control - I’m relying on Xak to come through on that one. You though, have to be the one to take down Hades. The Syndicate must kill the death god.

            MELODY looks from LEIGH to the distance happiness in the town. She then turns her attention to the skies as dark clouds begin to form above her. She looks back to LEIGH.

            MELODY: Tell me what you know.


            In the dining room, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA, SMITH are being served dinner by HELEN and GABE. URSULA looks happy at the food and takes a bite. She smiles.

            URSULA: Helen, this is delicious! What is it?

            HELEN: It’s a Twinkie and a can of Dr. Pepper.

            URSULA bites again and smiles.

            HELEN: We were supposed to do groceries today... sorry.

            URSULA: Don’t apologise, it’s most...

            BROGAN (O/S): (shouting) Ursula!?

            URSULA looks up, confused and stands as BROGAN hurries into the room, panicking.

            URSULA: (confused) Ea, by Suspiria’s anguish, what is it?

            BROGAN: We were upstairs and then... someone took Melody.

            TRAFFORD: Oh god.

            BROGAN: We have to do something, she was drugged. She could be anywhere by now.

            URSULA: I can do a location spell, somebody get me a map of the town, now.

            HELEN hurries to the side of the room and pulls a map of Cropley Shores off of the wall. She rushes back and hands it to URSULA. URSULA lays it out on a spare table and looks around, needing resources.

            SMITH: Let me get some supplies.

            URSULA: There’s no time.

            She eyes the can of Dr. Pepper on the table and pours it over the map. GABE raises an eyebrow, intrigued. URSULA hovers a hand over the map and stares at it intently.

            URSULA: (softly) We seek our friend, through your eye we must find. Melody Harp is the person we need from your mind.

            A light emits from URSULA’S hand and the soda begins forming into a small locator. It moves around the map, ethereally directing on instinct. It then darts to the graveyard and soaks into the private sector. URSULA peers closer and then looks up to BROGAN.

            URSULA: She’s in the graveyard...

            BROGAN nods.

            BROGAN: Thank you.

            He looks at them all.

            BROGAN: Let’s go and suit up... we have no idea what sort of evil we’re going to be up against.


            The camera cuts to LEIGH who is filing her nails and trying to remain composure. She is leaning against CONSTANCE’S grave and MELODY is leaning against SHELTER’S. MELODY looks at her awkward.

            MELODY: Sorry about the neck.

            LEIGH: Oh sweetie, please... I’m sure Dante will do worse when I finally see him.

            She places her file into her bag and then looks to MELODY.

            LEIGH: But once they hear what I have to say on the old thunder god of doom, I’m sure they’ll come around.

            MELODY: What do you have on Zeus?

            LEIGH: As I said, not your concern. I have faith in Xak that he will step up to the mark.

            She points at MELODY.

            LEIGH: You need to be worried about the one that lurks below.

            MELODY purses her lips.

            MELODY: (blunt) Spill.

            LEIGH: Hades is in the Underworld, he only did a brief stint in the corporation...

            MELODY: We know this.

            LEIGH: Well, then it is true – Sephy’s been keeping the little ones in the loop. Ok, skip the back story... I’ll fill in the gaps: Zeus betrayed Hades when the Protogenoi failed and sent him back to the Underworld in anger of his failure. He was humiliated again, defeated by his younger brother just as he had so long ago.

            MELODY: So history’s repeating itself.

            LEIGH: Maybe in that small predictable event, yes.

            MELODY: Hades is grounded then? Not allowed out to play.

            LEIGH: Exactly. Zeus still respects him for sticking to the true power but he’s only been charged with keeping the Underworld under control.

            MELODY: Wait do you know all this?

            LEIGH: Being the number one has its perks. The other Acolytes don’t know as much, I just told them that he’s looking after the souls down there and that’s what I’m going to tell Xak because I need him focused on the big storm and you, the Syndicate, on what lies beneath.

            MELODY: You’re asking a lot from a bunch of people who really don’t like you.

            LEIGH: I know and it’s crazy, of course it is, but hey... I don’t want anyone else to die, least of all for a cause that really isn’t worth saving. I want the corporation ended.

            MELODY: And your pardon sanctioned, conveniently.

            LEIGH: I’m putting my life at risk here, Melody. If they knew I betrayed them... I’d be ash. So you can actually shut up and listen to what I have to say or wait for the world to end in less than a week.

            MELODY pauses, uncomfortable.

            MELODY: Fine, I’ll play nice. Just tell me what we need to know.

            LEIGH sighs.

            LEIGH: Hades being in the Underworld is great because you know where to find him but it poses a problem too. He has an array of colourful nasties at his disposal and no doubt he will unleash all horrors on you but there’s one in the deep that he fears the most.

            MELODY: What’s that?

            LEIGH: When he was working in the corporation, he had a picture on his desk. This picture was said to be the greatest fear of the gods and he put it on his desk so he could face his fear every day. I just so happen to have that picture.

            She reaches into her purse and pulls out a small piece of card. She hands it to MELODY who looks at it. The picture is of a black angel. She furrows her brow.

            MELODY: What is this?

            LEIGH: I don’t actually know, but it’s all I have. Use your resources, find whatever that thing is and take down Hades. You have almost as little time as I do...

            MELODY looks up at her, concerned.

            BROGAN (O/S): (shouting) Melody!?

            They both turn to see BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, CHERRY and HELEN hurrying towards them, all of them armed. They see LEIGH and BROGAN charges.

            BROGAN: You...

            LEIGH steps back, frightened but MELODY stands in his way with her arms out toward him.

            MELODY: Whoa whoa whoa, Brogan, it’s fine...

            They all stop and look at MELODY and LEIGH, surprised.

            TRAFFORD: Leigh Sinclair.

            BROGAN looks at MELODY.

            BROGAN: Mel, what the hell is going on? I came upstairs and you were gone, I found a syringe...

            LEIGH: Just a mild sedative big guy, didn’t wanna have to bring her here kicking and screaming.

            CHERRY: ‘Cause you knew she’d kick your ass.

            LEIGH laughs and points at CHERRY.

            LEIGH: You’re a sharp one, a penny for the girl.

            LEIGH looks at MELODY.

            LEIGH: Melody, you have all you need – do good with it.

            She straightens her suit and then looks at them all.

            LEIGH: Now I have a meeting to attend to – I’m sure you’ll all hear about it.

            BROGAN: I’m not letting you leave here.

            LEIGH: How sweet.

            MELODY: Brogan, seriously... it’s fine. She’s not all bad.

            LEIGH: Gosh you guys are just flooding with compliments tonight.

            She laughs and begins walking away.

            LEIGH: Find what’s on that card, bring down Hades.

            They all watch as her red suit disappears into the distant darkness.

            LEIGH: (echoing) Who knows what he’s planning down there all alone. Even gods can go crazy...

            The camera closes in on MELODY as she looks from LEIGH’S disappearing shape to the card in her hand.

            A black angel.

            CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

            The scene opens on the sinister black stare of HADES as he looks down from his throne at three people kneeling before him – two men and a woman. We do not see their identities.

            HADES: (to them all) I require something of you three – a task to perform. I took care of your souls when you were murdered and now it is time for you to perform your revenge.

            He looks at one of the souls and the soul looks up. It is LORD CHANCELLOR BLACK, the Victorian vampire who tried to corrupt CATE. He continues to be played by Malcolm McDowell.

            HADES: Lord Black, Sin took all that was precious to you and tore it to pieces as if it were soft paper.

            BLACK looks at HADES intently as the god turns to the second soul. It is A.I.D.A., the sadistic strange creature who nurtured CHARLIE’S pregnancy in Wolfram and Hart. She is played by Harriet Sansom, like before. A.I.D.A cocks her head as HADES casts his eyes on her.

            HADES: Dearest A.I.D.A., Charlie humiliated your existence, made you a folly for your company and left you to rot in L’Azura.

            He turns to the last soul. The soul is DOC, GLORY’S second in command and the creature responsible for turning XAK into a Shadow Stalker. He is played by Joel Grey.

            HADES: And Doc...

            DOC looks at him with his narrow eyes.

            HADES: Xak disabled your entire belief system. You of all people understand my situation.

            BLACK, A.I.D.A. and DOC all look at one another.

            HADES: You have all been humiliated so rise, rise out of your predicament with me.

            They all look down and then A.I.D.A. looks up to HADES.

            A.I.D.A.: Lord Hades, do you think we wish to find defeat again?

            BLACK: We found peace finally.

            DOC: So do not presume for us to rise out of any predicament if it means jeopardising that.

            HADES breathes heavy and fast at their insolence.

            A.I.D.A.: Your age of triumph will be but a small few hours where all you are surrounded by are the deaths of the ones you had to kill to gain a small point of meaning.

            DOC: We do not fear you, Hades.

            BLACK: All the souls of your realm know you are only here to ensure the twelve of Tartarus do not escape.

            The skin of the god crackles with sheer dark rage and though the three souls notice, they do not fear it.

            A.I.D.A.: But you will fail.

            DOC: They will rise again.

            HADES: (shouting) No!

            HADES roars in anger and casts his arms out at them. BLACK, A.I.D.A. and DOC close their eyes with smiles on their faces. As with CELESTE, the souls of the three old enemies combust and are destroyed instantly, never to be seen again. CERBERUS backs into a corner, whimpering at its master’s rage.

            As the dust that was once three dark souls fall around him, HADES stares out into the fiery darkness of his realm and his world shakes, quivering with doubt and disobedience.

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES

              The scene opens on the camera moving across the first morning of 2008. Dark clouds circulate over the pier of Cropley Shores, a bleak start.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHROES

              MELODY enters the dining room with TRAFFORD and PAN, mugs of coffee in their hands.

              MELODY: I’m telling you, she seemed sincere.

              TRAFFORD: Even so, Melody – this is Leigh Sinclair we’re talking about.

              PAN: This woman has lived a bad past hasn’t she?

              TRAFFORD: Sort of the biggest understatement of the year so far but yeah.

              MELODY: I could see it in her eyes, Trafford. It’s the same look I had in my eyes when I asked you all to believe that I had changed.

              TRAFFORD looks at her.

              TRAFFORD: I believe you, I do. I just think this is a lot to trust. You just wanted to run some classes, she wants us to kill a god.

              MELODY frowns as TRAFFORD and PAN move towards a table where BROGAN, ELISE, ECHIDNA, URSULA, SMITH, CHERRY, HELEN and GABE are sat.

              TRAFFORD: What have we got?

              URSULA: Presuming that Leigh was telling us the truth? Absolutely nothing.

              The camera shows books and laptops on the table and the picture of the black angel that LEIGH gave them.

              BROGAN: I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt on this one and say she is.

              ECHIDNA: Ea, with all respect, this woman has proved - on endless counts - to be nothing but against us.

              CHERRY: Also, she’s one of those Acolytes... you remember? One of them just killed Nevan!

              BROGAN sighs.

              BROGAN: I know... and it is incredibly risky and possibly reckless but I think I think it’s the way to go.

              CHERRY looks at him, incredulous.

              CHERRY: Why?!

              BROGAN: Because while she would be nothing short of the perfect ally to the corporation she’s also in the perfect position to bring them down.

              CHERRY looks down, shaking her head.

              BROGAN: Think about all the intelligence she’s mustered, all the facts and figures she holds in her brain can bring them down.

              SMITH looks to GABE and HELEN who also show doubt.

              SMITH: Her story does check out based on what you have all learned about the Acolytes through Sephy’s intel and the demon bars. It all fits.

              BROGAN: And more than that, Melody believes her.

              MELODY looks at him and smiles.

              BROGAN: She knows Leigh better than any of us and she’s been to the same dark place she has Melody gave her life to save those students – to save Nevan - just as much as any of us. If you’re doubting Leigh, then you’re doubting Melody and everything she did to protect you.

              URSULA nods.

              URSULA: You’re right...

              URSULA looks at CHERRY, GABE and HELEN.

              URSULA: She is.

              CHERRY turns to MELODY.

              CHERRY: (quietly) I’m sorry Melody. I didn’t doubt you... I was just...

              MELODY shrugs.

              MELODY: (cutting her off) Hey, I didn’t say it... he did.

              She playfully punches BROGAN on the arm and he smirks. She sits next to him.

              MELODY: So let’s cut the guilt trip, there’s no point. Leigh was a bitch, we can doubt bitches.

              She winks at CHERRY who smiles weakly.

              PAN: So there’s nothing we can do, about this picture? There must be something we can find?

              HELEN peers closer at it.

              HELEN: I’m sure I’ve seen it before.

              TRAFFORD: Weren’t you in his office?

              HELEN: When it was on his desk, it faced him, not me. No, I’ve definitely seen it somewhere else.

              ECHIDNA: It’s not something I’m familiar with but I feel it should be.

              GABE: Perhaps it’s symbolic?

              URSULA: It could be. It would be a smart way for Hades to deter the true meaning behind it?

              HELEN looks at it and stares long and hard. Her eyes widen.

              HELEN: I know where I saw it...

              She looks at them all.

              HELEN: The Sirens cave, on the island.

              Everyone looks around at one another and sighs.

              TRAFFORD: Well, this should be fun...

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              SMITH is sat in URSULA’S small office, looking through old books. He looks at the words with a furrowed brow. Someone places a mug of tea in front of him. He looks at it, soothed by the scent. The camera pans up revealing that ELISE is the one who placed the mug in front of him.

              ELISE: (telepathically, to SMITH) It’s Norrow Berry, your favourite.

              SMITH looks up at her confused.

              ELISE: (telepathically) Oh, we found a magic shop that sold them in Sunnydale. The enthusiastic woman who worked there said it was great for a vengeance spells but I guess she never used it in tea.

              She smiles.

              ELISE: (telepathically) You used to always drink a cup before bed.

              SMITH looks at his daughter, warmed by her presence and her thoughtful nature.

              SMITH: (signing) Sorry, I’m not used to that new trick of yours...

              She laughs.

              ELISE: (telepathically) Yeah, things sure have changed.

              SMITH: (signing) But it’s nice to hear your voice, it’s beautiful.

              She smiles.

              ELISE: (telepathically) What are you working on?

              He sighs.

              SMITH: (signing) Just researching these caves.

              ELISE: (telepathically) Anything?

              SMITH: (signing) Nothing – it was once home to a demoness known as Proserpexa in the 1920s where she was said to draw on the power of the Underworld but there is nothing here that indicates anything to do with this dark angelic form.

              ELISE moves closer to him.

              ELISE: (telepathically) We’ll find out what it is, we’re kind of awesome like that.

              SMITH: (signing) It’s true that you never cease to surprise me.

              She looks down, away from him. SMITH looks at her, concentrating.

              SMITH: (telepathically) I was petrified...

              She looks at him, surprised – hearing his voice. Instantly, she feels like a small girl again. She leaves her mind open to his thoughts, listening closely.

              SMITH: (telepathically) Just before the wave hit, I thought I would lose you all again. I was unaware of your links to the greater power, unlike the others. All I knew was that I had been given back the three people I loved most and I thought I would lose them again in an instance...

              She looks sad at this and wipes a tear.

              SMITH: (telepathically) I would die for you all in a second but I had no idea you’d die for me.

              ELISE: (telepathically) Well, like it or not... you’re a part of this Syndicate so you have to deal with us loving you, especially your children.

              SMITH laughs.

              SMITH: (telepathically) I’m sure I can handle that.

              ELISE: (telepathically) When this is all done, I want you to meet Gabe...

              He looks confused.

              SMITH: (telepathically) I’ve already met him.

              ELISE: (telepathically) Properly, like a boyfriend meets his girl’s dad sort of thing. I’ve seen them do it in television shows in this world. I want to do that. It looks nice.

              She smiles meekly.

              SMITH: (telepathically) Of course. But if we’re going to do that, then I want you to meet Ursula.

              She looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

              SMITH: (telepathically) Like a mother, with me. I want you to meet us as your parents.

              ELISE smiles and hugs him tightly.

              ELISE: (telepathically) I love you.

              SMITH just smiles and inhales deeply, the sweet smell of berries in the air.

              CUT TO – ISLAND

              In the main cavern of the mountainous caves on the island offshore, BROGAN, TRAFFORD, HELEN and GABE enter, armed with flash lights. They look around the cavern, which is empty.

              TRAFFORD: Now this is one place I’d have happily gone a year without seeing again...

              HELEN smiles weakly.

              GABE: We should split up, this cave is too big and we don’t have time.

              BROGAN nods.

              BROGAN: Agreed.

              With this, BROGAN and TRAFFORD move to one side of the cave and HELEN and GABE move to the other. The camera follows BROGAN and TRAFFORD as they look along the wall. TRAFFORD moves his flash light to the floor and sees a dried stain of blood.

              TRAFFORD: Hey, Ea... check it out.

              BROGAN looks over.

              TRAFFORD: It’s where you died.

              BROGAN: Funny.

              TRAFFORD: Sorry.

              BROGAN: Are you ok?

              TRAFFORD looks at him.

              TRAFFORD: I’m fine.

              BROGAN: Really? Because Cate...

              TRAFFORD looks at him.

              TRAFFORD: Please don’t talk about Cate.

              BROGAN: Why? It’s important.

              TRAFFORD: I know it is. I’m not ignoring it happened I’m just not letting it turn me into what it’s turned Xak and the others into.

              He looks at HELEN and GABE on the other side of the cavern.

              TRAFFORD: If I do, then they turn into the same because of Nevan. I have to keep it together, Ea... you know I do.

              BROGAN nods.

              TRAFFORD: I will grieve and I will be destroyed by what happened to the woman I love... but this is war and there’s more than myself to think about.

              With this, there is a sound from within the cave that does not belong to the four humans. They all look at one another.

              HELEN: (calling) Did you guys hear that?

              BROGAN: (calling back) Loud and clear.

              GABE feels something brush past him and he looks around, only to see something move quickly out of his flashlight’s glare.

              GABE: Whoa...

              TRAFFORD: What is it?

              BROGAN moves his flashlight around the cave as one of the creatures move towards him, into the light.

              CREATURE (O/S): You have returned...

              It is a Siren.

              BROGAN, TRAFFORD, HELEN and GABE look around to see more of the Sirens moving closer to the group.

              SIREN: It has been long.

              TRAFFORD: Maybe you for you guys.

              The Sirens look at one another and click to one another in their native tongue as HELEN and GABE move closer to BROGAN and TRAFFORD.

              SIREN: If you have returned then it is as we have heard.

              BROGAN: What’s that?

              SIREN: The corporation will fall.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              In the dining room of the school’s basement, MELODY, URSULA, SMITH and CHERRY are all sat looking through books. MELODY gasps.

              MELODY: No way...

              URSULA looks up to her.

              MELODY: Sunnydale’s Hellmouth was a gateway to the Underworld?

              SMITH: A Hellmouth is a gateway to all the hells.

              URSULA: And I’d say Sunnydale was a lost cause on that now.

              CHERRY: There are others right? I heard there was one in Cleveland?

              URSULA: The chances of us surviving those that lurk on the rim of hells are slim and then when you factor into it finding the right gateway to the Underworld...

              MELODY sighs.

              MELODY: Ok, I get it... Hellmouths are dumb and pointless. I suck at research.

              She throws her book on to the table in frustration and it lands in front of SMITH. He casts his eyes at it.

              SMITH: Hm...

              URSULA: What?

              SMITH: Perhaps you’re not as bad as you think, Melody.

              MELODY looks up, hopeful.

              MELODY: I’m not?

              SMITH: Look at this...

              He turns the book so the others can see and points at a passage.

              SMITH: “At each hell there will be a gate and at each gate there will be a guard.

              CHERRY: How is that helpful?

              SMITH: Was there not a gate to the Underworld on the island offshore?

              MELODY: Yeah?

              SMITH: Were there not guardians?

              URSULA looks at him, figuring.

              URSULA: The Sirens.

              SMITH: Exactly.

              MELODY: Punta Del Faro... that’s where they come from.

              CHERRY: Could be the first gateway.

              SMITH: I’d bet a lot of money that it would lead us right into the beast’s chamber...

              CUT TO – ISLAND

              BROGAN, TRAFFORD, HELEN and GABE are stood with the Sirens surrounding them.

              TRAFFORD: (to the Sirens) So Leigh was telling the truth?

              SIREN: Ever since the ether beings noted her moment of kindness to the human counterpart of The United in L’Arcanas, they saw in her a spark of humanity that would one day manifest. Even when The United returned for her, the spark would not be extinguished.

              HELEN: Leigh tried to help Cate, when she tried to kill herself. Leigh led Xak and Charlie to her.

              SIREN: Even the darkest of the foes have learnt of their true path when faced with the end – yourself included, old master.

              HELEN looks down and BROGAN notes her awkwardness. He looks at the Sirens and holds out the picture given to them by LEIGH and flashes his light on the picture for the creatures to see.

              BROGAN: Have you seen this symbol? Helen says she’s seen it here before.

              The Sirens all peer and look at it, curious. One of them looks to BROGAN.

              SIREN: This cave has born the mark of many an entity, but the one you seek is etched on the doorway to the master of the deceased.

              BROGAN immediately snaps his head to the closed doorway to the Underworld, situated at the far back of the cavern.

              SIREN: When The United sealed the gateway, she revealed the truth of the wall – the markings etched on to it.

              BROGAN, TRAFFORD, HELEN and GABE now move towards the wall and study it. There are etchings all over it foreboding in various languages what lies behind this door. GABE points at a section.

              GABE: There...

              BROGAN holds the picture up to the markings. The Sirens move closer and look.

              SIREN: That is the one you seek, but why do you seek him?

              BROGAN looks closely. The marking on the wall looks the same as the picture. BROGAN shakes his head.

              BROGAN: I have no idea.

              TRAFFORD: Wait, there’s something written underneath.

              HELEN looks.

              HELEN: It’s in Ancient Greek, really ancient...

              BROGAN: What does it say?

              HELEN looks at it closer, squinting.

              HELEN: “The only way to escape death itself is through Thanatos...

              Her face drops.

              HELEN: Oh no...

              They look at her and the Sirens shy away in fear of the word. HELEN tries to catch her breath.

              HELEN: (breathless) I know how to end Hades...

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              In the dining room, BROGAN, TRAFFORD, HELEN and GABE have now returned from the island and rejoined MELODY, URSULA, SMITH and CHERRY. ELISE, ECHIDNA and PAN are now with the group too as HELEN speaks to them all.

              HELEN: Thanatos was first just a notion, a lot like my family originally were.

              ECHIDNA: When the gods made the mortals, they created doubt and fear in their leadership. The doubt in the gods turned them into self-questioning deities and out of that notion, came Thanatos, the angel of death.

              MELODY: So he’s like the grim reaper?

              HELEN: Sort of, yeah.

              ECHIDNA: The gods feared his reign in the world, particularly Hades. Thanatos’s grip on life and death far surpassed even his.

              HELEN: So they imprisoned him, deep in the Underworld.

              ECHIDNA: The gods tricked him and sealed his tomb with their blood.

              HELEN: It’s said only a god can free him from that cell, the catch being that no god would wish to unleash him on to this world for it would spell their certain death, perfect and clear.

              BROGAN nods.

              BROGAN: But things have changed...

              CHERRY: And we have a key.

              She looks to ECHIDNA now who looks at them all. She then turns to her love, PAN, who looks at her longingly. She nods.

              ECHIDNA: I’ll do it.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              A darker evening spreads over Cropley Shores as the clouds begin to thicken and bulge with a thunderous storm.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
              LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – EVENING

              As a storm rages, the students assemble in the old lobby of the school with the Syndicate stood in front of them. The room is now tidy and void of the body of CELESTE WOODS. Lurking in the rafters of the building are the Sirens, all looking over the students with an intense longing to protect.

              BROGAN: I know having us back hasn’t been easy for you the last few days and after everything you’ve had to see and experience without us the last thing I want to do is suggest what I am about to but it’s the only way and we don’t have a lot of time.

              The students look at one another, confused.

              MELODY: We have to leave again... and we’re going into the Underworld.

              The students now talk in protest, scared. CHERRY, HELEN and GABE look at one another, panicked.

              GABE: (to CHERRY) Do something...

              CHERRY nods and stands. She whistles loudly, silencing them all.

              CHERRY: Hey! Listen to them! I know this is scary but at least listen to how this is going to go down.

              GABE turns to the students.

              GABE: I’m just as freaked out as you guys about this but if we don’t act now then things are going to get so much worse.

              He looks to ELISE now and smiles. She smiles back and then she turns to the students.

              ELISE: (telepathically, to them all) He’s right. Leigh Sinclair has provided us with intelligence which suggests that the corporation’s time to act is now.

              TRAFFORD: With the New Year comes their new age and while Xak is taking down king of the storms we have to act now and take down Hades, which means going into the Underworld.

              PAN: That is scary but we have some pretty big assets to boast. You have me, the only person among us to have escaped unscathed.

              ECHIDNA: And you have me, a goddess whose veins are coursing with the key to our victory.

              URSULA: Now we don’t know what we’re going to face when we get in there but we have the element of surprise – no one knows we’re alive.

              SMITH: And bear in mind, we’re dealing with two gods who only ascended because they deceived their elders with the pretence that one of them had died.

              BROGAN: The Sirens have agreed to stay with you, in case we fail.

              MELODY elbows him as the Sirens click and hoot in agreement.

              MELODY: But we won’t, so ignore him. Listen...

              The camera closes in on MELODY now as she observes the students with a smile.

              MELODY: I’ve seen a lot of darkness and death in my life but what I’ve seen the last few days has changed me more than anything that I’ve experienced.

              She pauses.

              MELODY: I saw the death of a good man and the redemption of a woman I thought long dead. Seeing this and coming back here made me realise something I never quite saw before. The truth is... that nothing ever really dies - not when you do what we do. It all goes somewhere that we may think is lost but it isn’t. It can come back in an instant and surprise you more than you ever thought possible. These great souls are being held prisoner by something that I don’t think should ever have had the right to hold on to them.

              The camera closes in on CHERRY now who looks at MELODY, inspired.

              MELODY: We’re living in the age of a death god but death should not be ruled, it should not be governed by one entity. It’s like love...

              The camera comes back to MELODY now who looks at BROGAN with a soft smile. The Syndicate look at her, smiling in agreement. She turns back to the students.

              MELODY: So believe us when we say that this will change the world. It will set it free.

              The camera looks at the students, all of them suddenly applause at what MELODY has just said. She looks around, overwhelmed and turns to BROGAN who looks at her with deep unconditional love.

              CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

              The camera shows the Underworld from the balcony of the palace. The realm is suddenly struck with an uncontrollable lightning storm. The souls of hell cry as an almighty soul light falls from above and crashes into the realm. The camera pulls back to show HADES leaning against the edge of the balcony, his dark eyes looking out at the falling light, his mouth aghast.

              HADES: (in shock) Could it be... thunder in my realm...

              He stops and turns back to his palace.

              HADES: Has my brother finally fallen foul to the mortal wiles.

              ZEUS was defeated – XAK had triumphed.

              HADES’S shocked expression turns into one of happiness. He smiles as he re-enters his palace.

              CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

              HADES laughs as he moves towards his throne once again.

              HADES: Who is humiliated now, Zeus? As the eldest takes the throne in your demise, who is it that should kneel?

              He now sits.

              HADES: How about this for motive, how about this for drive. The heroes of this world will come for me next but I will be ready.

              He clicks his fingers and five souls appear in front of him. A dark sinister smirk appears on his face.

              HADES: Yes... humiliation is what made me and their humiliation will be my coronation.

              He looks at the souls knelt before him.

              HADES: It’s not about acting in anger; it’s about rising against those who have wronged us. Rise with me mortal souls, for your spirits do not have to die with your bodies. Let me be your lord, and you my disciples...

              The souls look up to him... four women and one man. A dark aura possesses them and they bow their heads to him, unwittingly obedient. HADES laughs at them, maniacally.

              HADES: (darkly) Yes... I, the lone ruler of Olympus. This is how it shall be...

              The thunder claps its final applause on his last laugh.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX


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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON – SYDNEY

                CHERRY, in the year 2045 and on the day of her wedding, is now applying some pink lipstick to her lips in the mirror on her table. MARY watches, resting her head in her hands, fascinated by the tale.

                CHERRY: Hades was turning insane. The last of the Olympians was clutching at straws. For millennia he longed to rule the kingdom that was rightfully his, but he was consistently forced to live in the shadows. When the moment came for his time to take the throne and rule, he acted with nothing but sheer rage and revenge against the world... as that was all he had been afforded by his brother.

                MARY shakes her head.

                MARY: How do I not remember this?

                CHERRY pauses.

                CHERRY: You’re not supposed to.

                MARY swallows, confused.

                MARY: Ok, so you actually went down into this hell world and you survived?

                CHERRY: Evident in all my bridal glory.

                She looks down.

                CHERRY: It fascinated me down there. In fact when I came back to this world and the calm begun, I studied the reign of Hades very carefully.

                MARY: What did you find?

                CHERRY: It was sad really. He was such a hated figure by so many, but really he was actually quite mistaken. He was just trying to gain some sense of honour but because all he’d ever known was hate and distrust... that’s all he could rule with.

                MARY sighs.

                MARY: Well...

                She purses her lips, stubborn.

                MARY: That seems to be the way of gods in this century.

                CHERRY smiles weakly, embarrassed.

                CHERRY: I guess that’s one way of interpreting it...

                FLASH TO – WHITE

                OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES
                LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – EVENINIG

                In the year 2008, GABE and ELISE are sorting through an assortment of weapons readying for their battle.

                ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) Just so you know, we’re going for dinner with my dad tomorrow.

                GABE smiles.

                GABE: (telepathically, to ELISE) Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?

                ELISE: (telepathically) I’ve been waiting for a moment like this for a lifetime, I’m not going to let the apocalypse get in my way.

                She looks at him and smiles. GABE nods.

                GABE: (telepathically) Yes ma’am.

                The camera moves away from them now to SMITH and URSULA who are watching them both nearby, but looking through spell books.

                SMITH: I don’t think I ever truly appreciated being a father until now.

                URSULA looks at him, softly smiling.

                URSULA: They’ve grown into remarkable adults, haven’t they?

                SMITH: They truly have.

                He looks at her.

                SMITH: We have to protect them always, no matter what the cost...

                URSULA pauses.

                URSULA: (quietly) I never stopped.

                He reaches out and touches her hand, squeezing it. The camera moves from them now to MELODY who is stood by herself, stretching and flexing. BROGAN approaches and leans against a pillar.

                BROGAN: Some speech you gave back there.

                MELODY looks at him.

                MELODY: It was nothing.

                BROGAN: It wasn’t and you know it. It meant everything to them. It gave them hope.

                She relaxes now and nods.

                MELODY: You know when we said we needed to talk last night?

                He watches her.

                MELODY: We really don’t. What we said, we meant. What more is there to say to each other than those three words.

                BROGAN looks deep into her eyes.

                BROGAN: Nothing...

                She smiles and moves towards him, kissing him passionately.

                CHERRY (O/S): (shouting) Ok! Let’s go!

                BROGAN and MELODY break their kiss and laugh as they turn to see TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA, SMITH, HELEN and GABE moving towards CHERRY – all armed and ready to take down hell.

                CHERRY: (to the remaining students) Protect the school and I’ll personally make sure that these guys come back this time...

                The students nod and watch as BROGAN and MELODY join the Syndicate. They all hold on to one another, a net of interaction. A dozen or so of the Sirens join the net, a barrier from the students. ECHIDNA is in the centre of them. She tilts her head backwards and in a glowing stare, an aura encircles them and takes them from the school once again.

                The remaining Sirens descend and move to the exit points of the building in defence. The students comfort one another, as the lonely room channels its solitary sense into their core.

                CUT TO – PUNTA DEL FARO
                ENTRANCE – EXT. CAVE – MORNING

                In a small misty morning on Punta Del Faro, the Syndicate arrive, parting the thickened air with their presence. They all look around, dazed and the Sirens take to the skies, hovering around them.

                SIREN: Go, Syndicate – the death god lies within off the lower corridors of our cavern. We shall protect your gateway.

                BROGAN nods.

                BROGAN: Let’s do this...

                With this, he along with MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA, SMITH, CHERRY, HELEN and GABE all hurry inside the cave but two of them would not return.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                Sat on his dark throne, HADES looks out at his realm which was now only a small part of his kingdom.

                HADES: And it begins...

                He laughs.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                GATEWAY – INT.PALACE - UNKNOWN

                His laugh echoes into the next scene as a large gate is thrown open in the lower quadrants of the palace. The Syndicate hurry in from the gate and look around. URSULA looks briefly back at the caverns of Punta Del Faro lying beyond the gateway and then back to the palace.

                URSULA: Well, this is it then...

                The hot dark stonework around the room oppresses the air and the screams of tortured souls deafens it. The sound of barking and laughing can also be heard as many souls move aimlessly around the palace, confused. One of the souls, a LOST SOUL, hovering without form, moves towards the group.

                LOST SOUL: King Pandion, be it you – returning for a second time?

                PAN looks at the soul confused, vaguely recognising identity of the voice.

                PAN: Linos?

                LOST SOUL: I once was... now I am but nothing.

                PAN looks choked.

                PAN: What’s happened here?

                LOST SOUL: Zeus has fallen, Hades remains.

                MELODY smiles.

                MELODY: Leigh came through, Xak won.

                ECHIDNA looks at the others.

                ECHIDNA: But Hades is the lone ruler of Olympus... this cannot be.

                LOST SOUL: Dislike if you will, but it has come to pass.

                ECHIDNA: We need to find Thanatos, now. Do you know where he lies.

                LOST SOUL: His tomb lies deep in the palace, but you would not dare release him? It would spell your own death.

                ECHIDNA: A small sacrifice.

                LOST SOUL: There may be another way.

                PAN looks at the LOST SOUL, hopeful.

                PAN: Tell us.

                LOST SOUL: Phineas’s journal resides now in the palace treasury.

                PAN’S eyes widen.

                PAN: But The United...

                LOST SOUL: (cutting him off) Failed. It returned to Hades where he carelessly holds it with other mortal trinkets and keepsakes. It will be unguarded, he does not adore corporeal mortal objects.

                PAN looks to BROGAN.

                PAN: I have to get the book... it could help me find a way to stop all of this.

                BROGAN looks unsure.

                BROGAN: We shouldn’t split up.

                GABE looks at BROGAN.

                GABE: I’ll go with him.

                ELISE looks at his lips, protesting.

                ELISE: (telepathically, to them all) No!

                URSULA looks at her and comforts her.

                URSULA: (telepathically, to ELISE) He’ll be fine, I promise you. The fight will be with us.

                GABE smiles at ELISE, reassuring.

                ECHIDNA snaps her head to BROGAN.

                ECHIDNA: Ea Brogan, this is not a discussion.

                She looks at PAN.

                ECHIDNA: (softly) Go... be safe...

                He nods and hurries away with GABE down one of the corridors.

                CHERRY: Does he know where he is going?

                LOST SOUL: King Pandion spent an eternity in this realm, he knows of its geography more than you mortal girl.

                CHERRY: Jeez, just asking.

                BROGAN: Guys come on... we didn’t come here to talk.

                He looks at ECHIDNA and hugs her tightly. She looks slightly uncomfortable at the gesture but does not harden to it. He breaks the hug.

                BROGAN: Be careful...

                ECHIDNA nods.

                ECHIDNA: I will.

                He smiles at her and the others bid ECHIDNA farewell as they leave her side, heading to the stairway to the upper levels while she descends to the depths of the realm. The LOST SOUL looks out, after the Syndicate.

                LOST SOUL: (calling) You are fools to seek out your own demise...

                CHERRY looks back at the LOST SOUL as it fades away. She looks around the palace intrigued and then follows after her friends.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, URSULA, SMITH, CHERRY and HELEN now move slowly down one of the corridors of the palace. They listen as the cry from the pained souls slowly diminish to the sound of approaching laughter. They all move with protective haste, carefully watching their movements.

                TRAFFORD: You guys, I don’t like this...

                CHERRY: He’s gotta be around here somewhere.

                BROGAN: Chill, if Xak can take down one of these bad boys, I’m sure we can...

                They turn a corner.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                The Syndicate enter into the grand staircase of the palace now, leading up to the throne room. They cast their eyes on the steps and all of them instantly fly back into the wall and are pinned there, mid-air. They look at one another desperately as they realise they cannot move. They hear the laughter more prominently now as they realise it is in the room with them. HADES approaches, descending the steps. They look at him, daunted by the darkness emanating from him.

                HADES: The Kalipso Syndicate...

                He looks at them all.

                HADES: It is intriguing that you are still alive. Though, I should have known that it was such - with you not being in my grasp, where else would you be?

                CHERRY eyes him, fascinated by the way that even the air seems to shy from his presence, suffocating all that is near him. BROGAN looks at the god with a tightened jaw.

                BROGAN: Running a bit thin on the ground aren’t you? No ferry man, no riverside castle getaway and all your bros and hoes have gone and died on you... looks like you’re on your last legs.

                HADES smirks at him.

                HADES: It’s because of insolence and attitudes such as your own, Ea Brogan, that I am in the position you find me now. But you’re wrong if you believe I am alone...

                A growling murmurs from behind HADES as his faithful pet, CERBERUS now meanders from the top of the stairs down towards them. URSULA lets out a whimpered gasp as the three heads of the dog stare at them all, snarling.

                HADES: You are the ones pinned against the wall here with no allies or support. We shall see who’s begging who for their lives.

                He moves closer with his pet in tow.

                HADES: You all fight for a cause that does not give you anything other than disappointment and you dare insult me by trespassing on property that you have no claim over?

                The Syndicate breathe slowly, tensing their muscles.

                HADES: Why must you humans contest all that has been given you by higher powers? You should let lie the things that do not concern you.

                Enraged, SMITH glares at him and struggles under the restraint of the god’s power.

                SMITH: (shouting) We fight wars against gods who think that killing humans for sport is acceptable!

                TRAFFORD looks at him desperately.

                TRAFFORD: (quietly) Dad, don’t...

                CERBERUS barks at SMITH, angry. HADES clenches his jaw, staring at SMITH.

                SMITH: We could not leave you to rule in what you deem peace because of what you and your brother have done to those closest to us.

                HADES: Strange mortal – you have no comprehension of what the people you protect will do to this world should they succeed in their genocide. Hubris is a terrible sin.

                SMITH: Perhaps, but aren’t you guilty of it too? You wish yourself better than your own race and lie in the shadow of your brother, meek and humble, awaiting your moment to announce victory.

                HADES snarls and the camera quickly cuts to URSULA who is muttering something slowly under her breath.

                HADES: (roaring) I am a god!

                The room shakes.

                HADES: I deserve to rule more than any of the gods of Olympus! I have spent my time in servitude to this faith as the obedient overseer of the dead, while the others rule in the skies. It is my time and it is not hubris to think yourself better of your own race.

                SMITH: No, but it is certainly foolish.

                HADES clenches his jaw.

                HADES: You have just secured a painful death at the hand of my canine.

                HADES looks down to CERBERUS, the dog looking at its master obediently.

                HADES: Rip them, leave only their withered souls for me.

                CERBERUS snaps its heads to the Syndicate now and begins moving towards them. HADES turns and begins moving towards his throne room once again. He leaves.

                The Syndicate breathe heavily as CERBERUS slowly creeps towards them. CHERRY looks to BROGAN.

                CHERRY: Hey, we have a plan for stopping a three headed hell hound about to tear us apart, whilst being mystically trapped against a wall... right?

                URSULA: We do... just stay calm... act when I make the move.

                BROGAN looks at her.

                BROGAN: Ursula what are you doing?

                URSULA: The only way is with magic - act when I act.

                She begins muttering under her breath and her hands begin to shake. She extends her fingers and the Syndicate feel the trap lifting. She glares at CERBERUS.

                URSULA: Reverse...

                The trap suddenly releases the Syndicate and they drop to the floor, the force that trapped them against the wall suddenly reverses and hits CERBERUS, sending him flying back across the stairway, smashing through the stone banister. SMITH looks at URSULA.

                SMITH: Nice work.

                URSULA smiles and then looks to BROGAN and MELODY.

                URSULA: Go, get to the throne room now... you’re the strongest fighters. We just have to hold him off until Echidna comes through.

                TRAFFORD and ELISE look at one another and then to URSULA.

                TRAFFORD: We’re not leaving you! No way!

                URSULA: This beast is strong, I need to stay.

                SMITH: I’m not going.

                ELISE studies her father’s lip movements.

                ELISE: (telepathically, to everyone) Me either.

                TRAFFORD looks at BROGAN.

                TRAFFORD: You got this one? I get the feeling this is a family affair.

                BROGAN nods.

                BROGAN: Kill it and then come to us.

                BROGAN looks at MELODY, CHERRY and HELEN.

                BROGAN: Let’s go.

                They nod and they hurry up the stairs while TRAFFORD, ELISE, URSULA and SMITH stay as the growling of CERBERUS begins to stir again and the beast makes its way, enraged, back to the family.

                TRAFFORD: Ok, how do we face this?

                SMITH: As a family.

                CERBERUS barks and launches himself at URSULA and the Artairs. He aims straight for SMITH. ELISE pushes him out of the way and spin kicks CERBERUS, stopping him in his tracks. CERBERUS growls and turns, slashing ELISE with his tail, sending her flying back into the wall. CERBERUS snaps at TRAFFORD now who punches one of the heads numbing it, he kicks another but it bites his foot. TRAFFORD cries out in pain and SMITH sees, angered. URSULA extends her hands and blasts CERBERUS off of him with a majestic wave of energy.

                ELISE jumps to her feet and hurries to TRAFFORD’S side, inspecting the wound. He winces and she looks at him helpless.

                CERBERUS jumps up again and charges at URSULA. SMITH looks at his children and then to URSULA – he jumps to his feet.

                URSULA readies herself with her magic but she finds herself pushed aside when SMITH moves in front of her. URSULA looks at SMITH.

                URSULA: What are you doing? I have this...

                SMITH: I may not have powers... but I will not allow anything to hurt my family again, Ursula.

                He smiles at her and she shakes her head desperately as she sees CERBERUS ready to pounce.

                URSULA: No!

                TRAFFORD and ELISE look up as CERBERUS jumps at SMITH, rabidly furious with the Elder’s insolence to his master. He knocks SMITH to the ground and SMITH struggles under the beast’s weight. He punches the beast furiously, knocking out one of the heads and knees it in the stomach.

                URSULA watches panicked and then readies in her hand a ball of energy. She fires it at CERBERUS but he rolls, with SMITH, out of the way of the oncoming attack. SMITH holds the heads away from him as the teeth bite air furiously, inches away from his skin. He looks to the side and sees some of the broken banister. He reaches out quickly and grabs a piece of the rock. He drives it swiftly into the head of the second head, killing it instantly. The remaining head cries in mourning for the loss of the other head and bats the rock out of SMITH’S hands.

                URSULA hurries towards him now and readies an attack.

                For a brief moment, SMITH and CERBERUS look at one another in a moment of understanding. Then, the dog plunges its teeth into SMITH’S neck and he cries out in pain.

                ELISE gasps watching and TRAFFORD grabs her hand tightly.

                TRAFFORD: No!

                URSULA’S eyes widen and she blasts the distracted hell dog with her most powerful wave of energy. The force of the magic hits the canine with such force that it soars back into the wall of the room and through it, out into the Underworld. CERBERUS whimpers softly as it falls to its death.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                TOMB – INT.PALACE – UNKNOWN

                Feeling the death of CERBERUS, ECHIDNA braces herself on the side of the stairway she is descending. She gasps for breath and then looks up at the many fathoms into the Underworld she has delved. In front of her are the final two steps. She slowly takes them and finds herself at the entrance to a large tomb door. It looks ordinary but it is sealed with more than a normal key.

                She stares at the tomb door with fear but sighs and reaches into her pocket and pulls out a knife. She slices her hand, drawing ethereal blood. She winces and then looks to the doorway. She closes her eyes and moves closer towards it. She extends her hand until it touches it. As her blood soaks into the tomb, the seal begins to glow. Slowly and creaking, the door opens and out of the glow comes a dark young boy, hovering in the air with long dark hair over his eyes on wings, dark and withered. He looks at ECHIDNA with great intrigue.

                ECHIDNA: Thanatos...

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                With CERBERUS discarded, URSULA rushes to SMITH’S side as he clutches at the wound on his neck desperately. She instantly holds her hands over the wound and holds the blood back with magic. She cries.

                URSULA: Just hold on my darling... just hold on...

                She looks into his eyes and then back to TRAFFORD and ELISE desperately. Her bottom lip quivers.

                URSULA: (to her children) Help me...

                TRAFFORD looks at ELISE and they hurry to their parents, despite TRAFFORD’S foot injury. TRAFFORD moves to URSULA and holds his healing hands over her hands to heal the wounds of his father. He concentrates greatly as SMITH looks into his eyes, feeling his life slip from him quicker and quicker. TRAFFORD looks at ELISE.

                TRAFFORD: (telepathically, to ELISE and URSULA) It’s not working... this isn’t a place for healing...

                ELISE grabs her mouth in shock and then looks at SMITH as URSULA’S magic wanes against the force of death. SMITH looks at them all and smiles. His eyes close. URSULA gasps and struggles to catch her breath. Her magic stops flowing and so does his blood. SMITH ARTAIR was dead.

                URSULA: No... we only just got you back...

                She hits the floor.

                URSULA: (shouting) No!

                ELISE looks at her and her brother. She pushes them both out of the way and holds her hands over the gaping wound. She concentrates greatly, hoping to bring another of the Syndicate back from the dead. The camera pans to URSULA and TRAFFORD who watch her, helplessly hopeful.

                Moving back to ELISE, the camera closes in on her face so that her concentration is all that can be seen. Someone places a hand on ELISE’S shoulder and sighs.

                VOICE (O/S): Elise...

                She can hear the voice. She opens her eyes. Her breaths soften.

                VOICE (O/S): ...your determination will not deliver.

                ELISE looks to the source of the voice. It’s the FIGURE once again. ELISE scowls at her.

                The camera pulls back to show that the only people in the room are ELISE and the FIGURE. TRAFFORD, URSULA and SMITH’S body have disappeared.

                ELISE: (shaking her head) Don’t you dare tell me that I can bring Ea back but not my father...

                FIGURE: Ea Brogan did not die in the world of the dead, it is forbidden to raise one here. You must come with me...

                ELISE laughs almost, incredulous at the suggestion.

                ELISE: No... you cannot play with our lives like this. You have endowed me with the power to give and take life but only as you see fit.

                FIGURE: I have given the power to survive those members of the Syndicate where it was required.

                ELISE: So you gave him back to us to kill him?

                FIGURE: It was not foretold for Smith Artair to die here but now that he has, it must remain. Now Elise, I must insist that you come with me.

                ELISE: (shouting) No!

                The FIGURE puts a hand on ELISE’S shaking hands.

                FIGURE: But you must take the step and come.

                ELISE: I don’t even know who you are. Why should I trust the entity that took a year of my life without explanation, let my best friend die and now my father!

                Then, the glow that surrounds the FIGURE begins to fade slowly, revealing the identity of the entity at last. Dressed in a flowing white dress, with her hair held high with power, is the goddess SUSPIRIA – the fellow goddess to ELISE’S home dimension, ruling alongside KALIPSO and the former GLORIFICUS. She is played by Kate Walsh. ELISE stares at her, in awe.

                ELISE: You’re my mother...

                SUSPIRIA smile at her, breathless. She nods. ELISE is taken aback by her presence but quickly soothes to her touch as she sees the desperation and care in SUSPIRIA’S expression.

                SUSPIRIA: I am risking great horrors by revealing my identity to you now but I fear there is no other way to make you believe that if you come with me now then everything will make sense to you...

                ELISE looks at her, unsure.

                ELISE: But my friends... they need me...

                SUSPIRIA: They do but they will triumph in this fight without you my dear. They need you with me, to ready for the change.

                ELISE: What change?

                SUSPIRIA: They will kill Hades and when they do, existence of this world will begin to shift into the new age.

                ELISE looks at her confused.

                ELISE: The new age?

                SUSPIRIA: The age of The Golden Acolytes. I need your help, as my daughter, to keep them safe. Will you please help me?

                She holds out her hand now and ELISE looks at it sceptically. She thinks of her friends, her lover and her family. She thinks of the future. ELISE looks around the empty room and then to her mother’s expression. She closes her eyes and takes her hand.

                In a blinding white light, ELISE and SUSPIRIA disappear. As the light dims, TRAFFORD and URSULA return to the room and look around in shock as ELISE is nowhere to be seen. SMITH’S body lies still on the floor in front them. URSULA sobs.

                TRAFFORD looks around desperately.

                TRAFFORD: (shouting) Elise!? Elise?!

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                BROGAN, MELODY, CHERRY and HELEN storm the throne room, knocking the door off of its hinges with their combined strength. They look around and see HADES sat before them on his throne. He laughs under his breath.

                HADES: I expected you would act in such a way. It is typical of you humans to sacrifice those you feel are surplus, in order to further meet your own ends. It is after all, what your success in battle has depended on.

                He looks at HELEN now, his failed project.

                HADES: It seems even great formidable powers would rather succumb to this way of living than experience true greatness.

                He stands now.

                HADES: It is what differs you poor disposable beings from me...

                Then he raises his hands and five souls begin to appear in front of him – these are the five souls that knelt before him earlier. The four Syndicate members look at the souls, confused as their forms begin to finally take.

                HADES: So tell me now, how you would truly feel facing those who you have sacrificed to stand before me now?

                The camera passes over the five people.

                The first is MACIE COOMBS, the child superstar known as CORINNE LA FAME who foresaw SIN’S apocalyptic plans and was murdered by SIN for what she knew. Her eyes glare a deep green light, a black aura surrounds her body. She is played by Jewel Staite.

                The second is MISTY MEADOWS, the exotic dancer who attempted to help the group find SIN and paid with her life. As with MACIE, her body and eyes are tainted deeply. She is played by Jennifer Garner.

                The third is CAIN TERAMELLI, the inquisitive detective who was killed for his curiosity in the cause. His appearance mirrors that of the two women previous. He is played by Gale Harold.

                The fourth and fifth souls stand together for that is how they died. These are the souls of CARMEN LEWIS and PAULETTE ROBERTS, the two girls who died on the beaches of Cropley Shores in the first attack from the Protogenoi. They are played by Carlee Avers and Whitney Vance.

                BROGAN, MELODY, CHERRY and HELEN look at the angry souls with shock. HADES laughs, having the souls of the sacrificed as his weapon.

                HADES: Tell me, Syndicate. Can you honestly cause the death of these innocents for a second time?

                The camera focuses on MACIE, MISTY, CAIN, CARMEN and PAULETTE, each of them heavily under the influence of the one god that now controls all.

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


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                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON – UNDERWORLD
                  THRONE ROOM – INT.PALACE - UNKNOWN

                  The camera moves from the four tainted souls to BROGAN, MELODY, CHERRY and HELEN. CHERRY looks at CARMEN and PAULETTE horrified.

                  CHERRY: Oh my god... no...

                  BROGAN shakes his head.

                  BROGAN: This isn’t them. Hades is controlling them. These are not the people they once were...

                  MELODY nods.

                  MELODY: So let’s free them.

                  With this, they all charge at the souls, weapons raised. HADES waves his hands and the souls move also to the Syndicate.

                  BROGAN raises his sword to CAIN and swipes at him, but CAIN disappears and appears behind him, kicking BROGAN to the ground. MELODY jumps at MISTY but MISTY spin kicks MELODY away and then appears in front of her to pick her up by her throat. HELEN fights against MACIE as they exchange sharp blows to one another – MACIE trying to desperately inflict pain. MACIE sneers as she draws blood from the former ether being.

                  CARMEN and PAULETTE target CHERRY specifically. Armed with only their fists, the three battle. PAULETTE punches CHERRY in the stomach before upper cutting her chin with a swift hit. CARMEN knocks CHERRY to the floor with a sweeping kick.

                  HADES laughs at the scene.

                  Struggling under MISTY’S grip, MELODY knees the former dancer in the jaw, knocking her back. She punches MISTY and then pushes her away. BROGAN continues to struggle against CAIN as the detective’s soul disappears from sight once again. MELODY looks at BROGAN.

                  MELODY: They’re too strong...

                  BROGAN looks at her as CAIN appears once again and kicks BROGAN square in the nape of his neck, knocking him to the floor.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  ECHIDNA backs away slowly as THANATOS begins to approach her, curiously.

                  THANATOS: Do you fear me, monster goddess?

                  His voice is raspy but youthful. The power behind it sends shivers across ECHIDINA’S skin. She looks at him with uncertainty.

                  ECHIDNA: I know what you are capable of, so indeed it unnerves me to have you free.

                  THANATOS: It is not your time yet, monster goddess. Death for our belief will be most unique and intriguing but it will also be prolonged. It will terror most, for it is the first but I sense you will not fear it. You will find your end most rewarding and it shall not be at my hand.

                  ECHIDNA: If what you say is true, then you too shall die?

                  He nods.

                  THANATOS: It shall not be me that collects the souls of those remaining. I have accepted this for some time.

                  ECHIDNA feels courage building and she looks at him with her fear receding.

                  ECHIDNA: Then your role is obsolete.

                  THANATOS: Not quite. I am still raw for revenge against the twelve who deceived me.

                  ECHIDNA: I’m afraid only one remains.

                  THANATOS: I only require the one who claims to master death more than I.

                  ECHIDNA smiles.

                  ECHIDNA: Then it will comfort you to know that it is he who lives.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                  THRONE ROOM – INT.PALACE – UNKNOWN

                  HADES watches from his throne, intrigued at the battle between the living mortals and the dead souls before him.

                  CHERRY struggles to her feet and then breaks what should be CARMEN’S arm, but it does not. CARMEN throws CHERRY into PAULETTE’S arms and PAULETTE holds her tightly as CARMEN punches CHERRY’S face repeatedly, dazing the girl.

                  HELEN blocks many blows from MACIE but she is fast and one of her moves gets through. HELEN winces at the blow and then MACIE round house kicks her, sending HELEN falling into the wall of the room.

                  MISTY moves unnaturally around MELODY, recovering almost instantaneously from MELODY’S attacks. She punches MELODY in the jaw and then again. She kicks her sharply in chest and then throws her to the floor.

                  BROGAN, finally used to CAIN’S movements gets one punch in, before CAIN disarms the sword from his grip and holds it to BROGAN’S throat, his other hand holding BROGAN’S head up to face HADES.

                  BROGAN looks around to see that MISTY is holding MELODY in a similar position. The same is happening with MACIE and HELEN. CARMEN and PAULETTE also have a strong hold on CHERRY. The Syndicate were defeated.

                  HADES laughs as the Syndicate are forced to their knees in front of him.

                  HADES: And now you kneel. The mortals held down by my power, kneel before me.

                  He stands.

                  HADES: Let this be all there is to the world from now until forever – all shall kneel to Hades.

                  BROGAN clenches his jaw, enraged. HADES looks at him and then to the five souls.

                  HADES: Kill them...

                  The souls move to kill the Syndicate as they breathe heavily, unprepared to die. Then, the souls stop and HADES drops to his knees, struggling to breathe. BROGAN, MELODY, CHERRY and HELEN look surprised as MACIE, CAIN, MISTY, CARMEN and PAULETTE relinquish their grip on them. The souls stand lifeless, staring ahead with a blank expression. The Syndicate turns to HADES who looks to be choking on something. He grabs his neck and looks up through his black eyes at the two new people in the room. He shakes his head.

                  HADES: (weakened) No...

                  CHERRY turns to see ECHIDNA stood in the throne room entrance and in front of her hovers the black angel, THANATOS.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                  TREASURY – INT.PALACE – UNKNOWN

                  PAN and GABE burst into the treasury in the highest point of the palace. All along the walls adorn great portraits, gems and artefacts of the ancient world.

                  GABE: Wow... this is really something. All of this has just been here?

                  PAN moves further into the room with urgency.

                  PAN: Where better to hide them than here. No one would dare infiltrate this place. Those who have tried, have only found failure.

                  PAN looks around the room.

                  GABE: What does this book look like then?

                  PAN suddenly fixates on a plinth in the centre of the room. On it is sat the journal. It is unguarded. Unwanted. PAN’S eyes widen.

                  PAN: It’s there...

                  GABE looks at it as PAN approaches it slowly. He looks at it longingly and he reaches out. He touches it and holds it gently. He breathes slowly and GABE looks at him.

                  GABE: Pan?

                  PAN looks back at him.

                  GABE: Were you expecting something to happen?

                  PAN sighs.

                  PAN: I thought perhaps my father would...

                  GABE looks at him, sympathising.

                  GABE: He’s gone, Pan...

                  PAN nods, saddened.

                  PAN: I know but, an old King can hope.

                  GABE looks at the journal.

                  GABE: This is what he left for you to find. Don’t let his death be for nothing.

                  PAN breathes deeply and nods.

                  PAN: You’re right.

                  PAN grips the journal and removes it from its holding place. He turns and hurries out of the room, GABE in tow.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                  THRONE ROOM – INT.PALACE – UNKNOWN

                  HADES who is still on his knees clutches his neck struggling to breathe. He looks at ECHIDNA.

                  HADES: (hoarse) Echidna... save me, Echidna...

                  She shakes her head.

                  ECHIDNA: This is the fate you alone have shaped.

                  HADES looks desperately at the souls who continue to look dumb, with a doll-like expression.

                  THANATOS: You do not master death, I do. They will not listen to your orders any longer, Hades.

                  HADES snaps to him, enraged.

                  HADES: Echidna may have been foolish enough to free you but it changes nothing! The world has changed – I am it’s ruler at last!

                  THANATOS: No, you are not.

                  THANATOS extends his arms towards him and HADES loses all breath as he feels the grip of the angel taking a hold of him. A dark glow begins to murmur deep from inside HADES and slowly gets drawn to his surface and then from his skin. He tries to hold on to it but THANATOS is stronger. The dark glow leaves HADES’S body and THANATOS destroys it with a single look. The dark stare of HADES is replaced by old dying eyes. He collapses to the ground, mortal...

                  BROGAN grabs MELODY and CHERRY pulls HELEN away from the scene. They move closer to ECHIDNA and watch, enthralled. THANATOS moves closer to HADES who ages rapidly on the floor.

                  HADES: (weak) My immortality... how can you take something that is core to me...

                  THANATOS: It is your core, correct. But it does not belong to you. Without it, you wither and die. You will take with you, the past and the present leaving only the future; something you do not have the ability to control any longer.

                  HADES: The throne of the Olympus is mine! You cannot take it from me...

                  He begins crawling as he continues to age into an old man. He tries to move to the throne.

                  THANATOS: The throne does not exist in this age. You built an empire on disallowing challenges to it and as such you have orchestrated the downfall of your world.

                  HADES shakes his head as his hair and skin wilt.

                  HADES: (dying) No...

                  He claws at the ground as he reaches his throne.

                  HADES: The world I own may be ancient but it still exists even if I do not...

                  He sits in the throne, in great pain. He is barely recognisable. He looks at the Syndicate at the back of the room.

                  HADES: (whispering) Not the ghosts of their enemies, nor the souls of those sacrificed want these humans to die for what they have done.

                  He breathes slowly and his body lies limp on the throne. BROGAN looks into the old god’s eyes.

                  HADES: (to himself) If it truly is only me that wishes the success of my world... then I will gladly die as its last king.

                  BROGAN suddenly scowls and narrows his eyes at HADES.

                  BROGAN: Doesn’t look like you have a choice.

                  HADES laughs gruffly as his skin loses colour completely and his eyes go blind.

                  HADES: Mock a dying god all you wish... when you see what comes after my death... you will have wished that it was I who continued to rule...

                  THANATOS looks upon HADES now.

                  THANATOS: Enough.

                  He grips his hands. HADES closes his eyes and then he suddenly explodes. A darkness fills the room and the screaming of billions of souls erupt into the air. The Syndicate cover their ears, deafened by the sound. The darkness then implodes on itself and the floor begins to shake.

                  The camera moves out through the balcony and shows the Underworld. The souls inhabiting it float high into the air, finally free. The water of the river begins to drain and the structure and landscape begins to crumble as its eternal ruler finally meets his demise.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  TRAFFORD grabs his sorrowed mother, protectively, as the room around them begins to crumble. They both look around confused but then they feel the hands of others on their shoulders. TRAFFORD turns to see BROGAN, MELODY, ECHIDNA, CHERRY and HELEN behind them.

                  TRAFFORD: What’s happening?

                  BROGAN: Hades is dead...

                  CHERRY eyes SMITH’S body on the floor.

                  CHERRY: Oh no...

                  URSULA looks at her desperately.

                  URSULA: (faint) We did all we could...

                  BROGAN clenches his jaw.

                  HELEN looks to BROGAN.

                  HELEN: We have to go... the Underworld is fading...

                  MELODY looks around confused.

                  MELODY: Where’s Elise?

                  GABE and PAN now hurry into the room. PAN rushes to ECHIDNA and hugs her tightly.

                  PAN: You’re ok.

                  She smiles.

                  ECHIDNA: I’m fine... did you get the book?

                  He nods and shows her it. She smiles. GABE looks around.

                  GABE: Where’s Elise?

                  MELODY looks at him, sharing his concern. URSULA stands now, followed by TRAFFORD.

                  URSULA: (shaky) She’s not here... she’s gone, she’s safe.

                  GABE: What do you mean? Why would she go?

                  URSULA: (shouting at him) I don’t know!

                  With this the palace begins to fall to the ground. BROGAN looks at everyone.

                  BROGAN: We have to go... now!

                  TRAFFORD grabs URSULA and they look back to SMITH one final time as they leave. GABE looks also, panicked, but CHERRY grabs his arm supportively.

                  TRAFFORD: I love you dad, I’ll protect them always...

                  Then he, his mother and the Syndicate depart from the room as the palace begins to bury itself with the body of SMITH ARTAIR.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                  THRONE ROOM – INT.PALACE - UNKNOWN

                  With the rest of the Underworld finally dying, THANATOS watches as the souls of MACIE COOMBS, MISTY MEADOWS, CAIN TERAMELLI, CARMEN LEWIS AND PAULETTE ROBERTS all smile and look up. The dark hold over them relinquishes and their souls rise into the air and out of the Underworld finally free. He looks out over the balcony at all the free souls now leaving the realm. A small unnatural smile appears on his face and then he too dies... crumbling away with the rest of the Underworld.

                  FADE TO – PUNTA DEL FARO
                  CAVERN – INT.CAVE – EVENING

                  BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA, CHERRY, HELEN and GABE all burst through the gateway to the caverns of Punta Del Faro just as it closes and seals forever.

                  They all breathe heavily on the floor, devastated. GABE looks back at the sealed doorway, worried. URSULA lies on the floor, staring at the darkness. MELODY looks around, hearing nothing but silence. She looks to BROGAN.

                  MELODY: We did it... it worked...

                  BROGAN nods, slowly.

                  BROGAN: But at what cost?

                  ECHIDNA lies motionless on the floor, incredibly weak. PAN sits with her. CHERRY looks to HELEN and hugs her supportively.

                  TRAFFORD: (to himself) She has to be ok...

                  HELEN looks at him and then to PAN.

                  HELEN: What does the journal say?

                  PAN passes the book to BROGAN and he and MELODY open it.

                  The journal is covered in ink and charcoal words and drawing. Each page is made up of a variety of languages. BROGAN turns to the final page and begins reading what is written. His eyes widen and then he looks at them all, horrified. He looks at MELODY.

                  BROGAN: This isn’t over...

                  He looks at MELODY, speechless. She looks at him and her breaths quicken. She turns to ECHIDNA.

                  MELODY: Echidna can you get us to where Xak is? It’s time to open the can of worms and reveal we’re really back...

                  ECHIDNA looks at her with a feeble expression.

                  ECHIDNA: (quietly) I can’t. The death of the Underworld has weakened me... my powers... I don’t feel any connection to the ether...

                  TRAFFORD looks to BROGAN, numb.

                  TRAFFORD: What does the journal say?

                  BROGAN stands.

                  BROGAN: Um...

                  He looks at them all.

                  BROGAN: We need to go, I’ll explain but we need to find Xak...

                  The Syndicate look at one another, unsure and confused.

                  FADE TO – NEW YORK

                  The camera pans around a graveyard in New York as a small run down estate car pulls up to the gates of the private sector. The driver’s car door opens and someone steps out of the car. It is CHERRY.

                  CAPTION: NEARLY TWO WEEKS LATER...

                  She pulls out a cell phone and dials it, holding it to her ear. As it rings, she moves to the gate and opens it, moving inside the private sector of the graveyard.

                  CHERRY: (to the person on the other end) Helen it’s me, I’m at the graveyard.

                  She waits for a response from HELEN, walking further in.

                  CHERRY: (to HELEN) No, the third one. I’m hoping this is it. I didn’t realise the city had so many. Has Melody found out anything from the Council about where they’re burying Petrina?

                  She listens to the response and sighs.

                  CHERRY: (to HELEN) Figures. I’ll call you if I find them, let me know if you guys have any more luck downtown. I’ll see you at home.

                  She hangs up the phone and pockets it. She looks at her surroundings and then makes her way further into the grounds.

                  CUT TO –

                  CHERRY walks further into the graveyard and looks around the area when something catches her eye. A large hole is in front of her and a MAN is kneeling at the edge, leaning in. She looks at the man and the hole with confusion. She moves closer. She eyes the hole and her mouth widens as she sees it is actually a gaping chasm. She cautiously moves closer to the MAN.

                  CHERRY: Hey are you ok?

                  He turns, panicked. It is DECLAN HIX. His grip loosens on the person he is holding - LEIGH SINCLAIR. She falls into the hole.

                  CHERRY was the woman who approached DECLAN at the chasm-side.

                  DECLAN looks down at LEIGH, helpless and then back to CHERRY. They look at one another. CHERRY raises an eyebrow.

                  CHERRY: Do I know you?

                  He goes to answer.

                  FLASH TO – WHITE

                  OPEN ON – SYNDEY

                  It is the year 2045 once again, just half an hour before CHERRY LI’S wedding. MARY, her maid of honour stands and shakes her head.

                  MARY: So you stopped hell on earth, all to finally end up meeting him?

                  The camera cuts to various pictures around the room of CHERRY and her fiancé, DECLAN HIX. There are pictures of them holding hands on a beach together; pictures of them in the country; pictures of them on vacation and even pictures of them with their children. They look happy, in deep eternal love. The age of the death god had led CHERRY to him.

                  The camera moves to CHERRY now who looks at MARY, desperately.

                  CHERRY: It is how I met him, but I didn’t do those things for him and that’s not why I told you this tale. I wanted you to see that had we not acted, the world would have been ripped apart!

                  MARY turns to her, angry.

                  MARY: Ripped apart? Have you even looked outside? You think that this was the better option?!

                  CHERRY: I did what I thought was best at the time.

                  MARY: Don’t get me wrong – had I been in your position, I doubt I would have acted differently but...

                  CHERRY: But what?

                  MARY: (softly) I don’t know...

                  She sighs and strokes her hair behind her ears.

                  MARY: I won’t tell anyone your secret. I won’t because you’ve managed to find peace and dare I say it happiness in your life. But don’t confuse my acceptance as an agreement to your actions. I cannot agree with what you have done. I can’t. Thousands are dying every day because of you and The Golden Acolytes. You may have forgotten but I lost people in the bombings on the Opera House. But... although I should find it impossible to accept... I do believe you.

                  CHERRY nods, thankful.

                  CHERRY: Thank you.

                  MARY purses her lips.

                  MARY: Do not thank me. Although I believe you, I also believe that while I may not remember the beliefs you refer to in your story, I believe that those beliefs were pillars for this world and they were in place for a reason. Now, because of you, those reasons do not exist anymore.

                  CHERRY looks down, sad.

                  MARY: They offered people solace and now our higher powers are in disarray.

                  A tear falls from her eyes and she wipes it away, smiling weakly.

                  MARY: I’m sorry, I don’t want to ruin your day.

                  She composes herself and then smiles.

                  MARY: I better be off, I’ll see to the girls and I’ll see you soon...

                  She smiles again weakly and then turns and leaves. CHERRY looks at her desperately and then turns her face to the ground, defeated. She sits by herself for a moment and listens to the busy wedding preparations occurring in the building around her.

                  MAN (O/S): Darling, are you ok?

                  CHERRY looks up to see the love of her life standing in the doorway in front of her. DECLAN HIX. CHERRY smiles.

                  CHERRY: You’re not supposed to see the bride before the wedding.

                  DECLAN enters seeing her sad expression. He has aged well, still handsome. He is wearing a smart grey tuxedo. He moves closer to CHERRY and kneels before her, confused.

                  DECLAN: Now what could have my gorgeous bride sad on a day like this?

                  She looks at him and smiles, weak.

                  CHERRY: Did we go too far, Declan?

                  DECLAN: What do you mean?

                  CHERRY: Did we go too far? How do we live in this world knowing what we know and doing what we did... do you not think there should be repercussions for what we did?

                  DECLAN sighs and shakes his head.

                  DECLAN: We did what we had to, to survive.

                  CHERRY: But if Hades hadn’t died... if the old gods had...

                  DECLAN: (infuriated) Cherry, we’ve been down every avenue – we had no choice. All your research into this has clarified that. If he’d lived then we’d be living in hell.

                  CHERRY: Do we really know that?

                  He grabs her hands now and holds them tightly.

                  DECLAN: It’s been thirty years. I know how much it hurts you to make this commitment but we deserve to find happiness.

                  CHERRY looks at him, hopelessly wanting to believe in him.

                  DECLAN: Move on Cherry... move on with me. We have a chance to finally have a real life together, without punishment or fear of persecution.

                  The camera closes in on his face as he looks at his wavering bride.

                  DECLAN: Marry me today and never look back. What do you say?

                  The camera moves to CHERRY LI now as the camera closes in on her contemplative face. She opens her mouth, ready to give her answer.

                  CUT TO BLACK

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER

                  DEVON AOKI as CHERRY LI

                  Main Cast:
                  JENSEN ACKLES as EA BROGAN
                  ROSE MCGOWAN as MELODY HARP
                  PAUL WALKER as TRAFFORD ARTAIR
                  BECKI NEWTON as ELISE ARTAIR
                  ALI LARTER as IDINA “ECHIDNA” MORGAN
                  BLYTHE DANNER as URSULA LAKE
                  with BRYAN GREENBERG as GABE PETERS
                  and CAMPBELL SCOTT as HADES

                  Supporting Cast (in order of appearance):
                  PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY
                  SARAH DREW as MARY HATHAWAY
                  EVAN PETERS as NEVAN BARNES
                  JEFF FAHEY as ZEUS
                  KAYLA EWELL as CELESTE WOODS
                  JOEL GREY as DOC
                  HARRIET SANSOM as A.I.D.A.
                  KATE WALSH as SUSPIRIA
                  JEWEL STAITE as MACIE COOMBS
                  GALE HAROD as CAIN TERAMELLI
                  CARLEE AVERS as CARMEN LEWIS
                  HUNTER PARRISH as DECLAN HIX