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The Final Chapters - Chapter 3 - The Collapse of the Legend King

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 3 - The Collapse of the Legend King

    Chapter 3: The Collapse of the Legend King
    Replacing: Season 5 of Shadow Stalker (5.01 – 5.19)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Chapter 3 replaces Season 5 of Shadow Stalker.



    The camera pans around the ladies bathroom of Club Arc in the centre of Paris, France. Heavy music is playing in the background as the door opens and a woman in an electric silver wig enters and a matching short dress and heels. She looks briefly out the window at the Eiffel Tower and then moves to the mirror, alone. She applies some lipstick and adjusts her wig. She pulls her dress down slightly, revealing more cleavage. As her final act she throws some sort of device in the bin. She smiles, she turns and leaves.




    The song blares loudly as the woman begins walking through the corridors back to the club. Some people are kissing in the corridor and others are smoking. One man looks at the woman, intrigued. She ignores him and pushes open the double doors into the main room.


    She stands looking around the dance floor pit beneath her, the professional dancers on the podiums surrounding her and the bar nearest to her. The camera rotates and reveals who the woman is.


    She looks around and then walks towards the bar. She eyes a man sat at the bar, dressed in a dark grey suit, a white eye patch on his left eye and his hair slicked into a precise side parting. She reaches into her bag and then pulls out a device. She passes it to the man. He fixes it underneath the bar he’s sat at and then pretends as if nothing had happened. The man is DANTE TURNPIKE.

    CHARLIE continues walking and passes the DJ booth and looks at the DJ, who is wearing a black tank top and skinny black jeans. They make eye contact and she moves to the door and passes the DJ another device from her bag. He fixes it underneath one of the speakers. The DJ is LANCE EMORY.

    CHARLIE finally meanders down into the dance floor pit and moves amongst the dancers. She makes her way to the central podium and the brunette dancing seductively in black lingerie. She winks at the dancer and then hands her the penultimate device. The dancer is PETRINA RAE.

    The camera moves away from her now to reveal a bouncer entering the club, dressed in a black suit and tie. He has sunglasses on and his long hair brushed back, an ear piece fixed. He touches his earpiece. The bouncer is XAK THORN.

    XAK: (through his earpiece) Now...

    CHARLIE looks up at him, hearing him through her own earpiece. She presses a button on the final device in her bag.


    A loud explosion from the women’s bathroom can be heard and then the ceiling collapses, blocking the entrance into the main club.


    The camera cuts back to the main room and everyone in the club turns to the room, seeing rubble block the entrance. There’s panic and screaming as midnight and the next year fast approaches. PETRINA touches the button on her device.


    The camera pans around the security room where a number of guards and bouncers are looking at the monitors and the widespread panic throughout the club. Suddenly all the monitors turn black and the door locks. The occupants of the room protest, trapped.


    DANTE presses the button on his device and the room rapidly fills with smoke. The occupants of the club cough profusely at the fumes and just before the room fills, LANCE can be seen pressing the button on his device from the DJ booth. The room is plunged into darkness as the lights fall.

    After a lot of protests and a few moments, the lights come back on as if nothing had happened. The smoke is clearing but five people are missing...

    XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA are gone...


    XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA are now all walking hurriedly down a corridor in the back rooms of Club Arc. DANTE pulls off his eye patch revealing a perfectly undamaged eye. LANCE looks at CHARLIE.

    LANCE: Worked like a charm.

    CHARLIE: Magic and physics. That’s all it is.

    PETRINA: Juliette’s office is on the top floor. I’ll stay here and keep guard. I can play the dumb stripper quite well if I need to.

    DANTE: Except the people we’re hunting know who you are.

    PETRINA: Then you better stay with me and protect me - after all, I’m only a Watcher.

    LANCE rolls his eyes and sighs. He looks at XAK.

    LANCE: You got this one?

    XAK nods.

    XAK: We got it...

    LANCE: If you’re not back in half an hour, we’ll meet you at the van.

    CHARLIE: We’ll be quick, always are.

    With this, XAK and CHARLIE enter an open lift at the end of the corridor and the door closes behind them. DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA guard the lift.

    PETRINA: How come they get all the fun?

    LANCE: We did kill the last one...


    The camera shows a beautiful mature woman stood at the window of her office, looking out over Paris. She is played by Cristina Rose. She is holding a glass of scotch is in her hand. She smiles as she hears the raucous crowd roaring well wishing below. She watches as fireworks fill the sky.

    WOMAN: (to herself) Happy new year...

    She sips her scotch.

    XAK (O/S): Right back atcha sweetheart.

    She smirks and then turns. XAK and CHARLIE are stood in her office. They look at her seriously.

    WOMAN: Looks like you found me.

    CHARLIE: You don’t exactly keep a low profile, Juliette. French ambassador for five years and then opening a chain of successful high-end nightclub establishments, funded by the money you gained from murdering the goddess, Hestia.

    The WOMAN/JULIETTE frowns at her.

    JULIETTE: It’s Ms. Bonnaire to you and I have to say, you handle my curriculum vitae with such sass.

    XAK: It doesn’t particularly matter what your name is to us, we’re here for one reason.

    JULIETTE: Yes, you’ve been hunting us down haven’t you? We had noticed.

    She moves her arm and reveals a necklace around her neck. The necklace has a gold medallion on the end of it, a lightning bolt struck through it. This was the necklace of the Acolytes.

    JULIETTE BONNAIRE was an Acolyte.

    JULIETTE: Do you honestly think you can continue to destroy the Acolytes without repercussions.

    CHARLIE: I don’t care for repercussions.

    With this, CHARLIE extends her hand and using telekinesis slams JULIETTE into the window of her office. She groans in pain slightly and drops the glass which falls to the floor and smashes.

    JULIETTE: (scared) You know I’m human don’t you? You’re no better than some common murderer if you kill me.

    CHARLIE looks at XAK, not smiling. She turns back to JULIETTE.

    CHARLIE: My moral compass is somewhat lacking in direction recently and so is his...

    She gestures at XAK who now reaches into his jacket and pulls out a handgun. He looks at JULIETTE BONNAIRE with deep seething rage.

    XAK: Happy new year...

    He shoots. He doesn’t shoot her, but the window behind her. It shatters instantly. She falls backwards out of the window, screaming as the skies turn black with storm clouds collecting above the capital.



    An OLD MAN is scurrying through a grand corridor. Classical statues and art line the walls, encased in bullet proof glass. He continues hurrying, parchment and ink in his arms. He pushes open a large door. To the side of the door is a female guard.


    In this grand throne room of the fortress the OLD MAN stops as he kneels in front of the Queen sat on the throne in front of him. The OLD MAN is played by Tom Aldredge.

    OLD MAN: Your highness...


    The camera rotates to show the Queen. She is ageing, in her sixties but she is still beautiful. She wears a dark golden dress and her hair is held high with a large elaborate weave of wire. The queen looks at the old man, tired and withered. The Queen is LEIGH SINCLAIR – the traitor and murderer that disappeared all those years ago.

    LEIGH: Scribe, my old faithful servant, you have come...

    The OLD MAN/SCRIBE nods respectfully.

    SCRIBE: I will always serve you my Queen, what it is it you require of me?

    LEIGH: I am dying, Scribe. The government hunt me and they will find me in this tower of the Golden Acolyte Fortress where they will end me - you know of it. You know it to be true.

    SCRIBE looks sad at this.

    SCRIBE: I have feared for your safety for many a year. The Golden Acolytes are sparse now, dwindling. We used to have strength in numbers but since 2024... things have changed.

    LEIGH: This is precisely why you must document what I am to tell you.

    SCRIBE: Why, Madame?

    LEIGH: Because if people know of how it began. How I rose from the ashes to become Queen of the Golden Acolytes for over thirty years... then perhaps it would not be in vain. Perhaps they would see that what I did, I did for the future of this world...

    He smiles, hopeful.

    SCRIBE: My Queen, I do hope it restores faith to the mortals.

    LEIGH As do I.

    SCRIBE: And what will you call these memoirs, my liege?

    LEIGH considers this for a moment, looking around the room. She then turns back to SCRIBE.

    LEIGH: For a Queen to rise, a King must fall... the story of my resurrection will be known as...

    The camera closes in on LEIGH’S wrinkling face.

    LEIGH: The Collapse of the Legend King.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.

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    It is 12.05am, January 1st 2008 and the rain begins to pour over Paris.

    The camera shows a black van parked in an alleyway next to Club Arc. Behind it, at the front of the alley, blue and red lights from police cars light up as policemen frantically hold off the public from the spot where a woman threw herself out of a window of a top floor office on New Year’s Eve.

    LEIGH (V/O): My resurrection began the night Xakiel Thorn murdered the Acolyte, Juliette Bonnaire.

    The camera cuts to a side door to Club Arc and it bursts open as XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA hurry out of the building. They hurry to the van and open the back door. CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA jump in and close the door behind them.

    XAK hurries around to the front of the van and jumps inside. He does not move into the driver’s seat but he sits in the passenger seat. He shuts the door and looks at the driver.

    XAK: We did it. Juliette’s dead.

    The camera rotates to show SEPHY sat in the driver’s seat. She nods.

    SEPHY: Good, then we’re finally getting somewhere.

    The police sirens suddenly wail in the distance.

    XAK: We should go.

    SEPHY nods and starts the van, driving out of the alleyway, away from the crime scene and the Acolyte’s body.


    The camera shows a large array of fireworks being set off over the South Bank area of London and a large crowd of people wishing one another Happy New Year. The camera focuses on one young couple, kissing. They are completely irrevocably in love.

    They are SIN and DECLAN HIX.

    She breaks from the kiss.

    SIN: Happy new year, you.

    He smiles.

    DECLAN: Happy new year, baby.

    WOMAN (O/S): Hey! Guys!

    They turn to see their friend LA-REE CATHERWOOD hurrying towards them. She’s smiling.

    LA-REE: Happy new year, you two!

    DECLAN puts his arm around SIN as they fully look to LA-REE now.

    DECLAN: Happy new year, Ree.

    SIN: Where did you go?

    LA-REE: I totally have a date for tomorrow, I was doing my best flirtatious smiling at the fireworks and he came up to me and now we’re all 11am coffee in Leicester Square.

    She laughs, happily. SIN smiles.

    SIN: That’s fantastic, I’m so happy for you.

    LA-REE: 2008 is already my year, I can feel it. But just in case, can we go get a little drunk now?

    SIN laughs.

    LA-REE: I mean fireworks are pretty and all but come on, we deserve this.

    DECLAN kisses SIN on the head.

    DECLAN: You are my woman, I demand we drink.

    SIN laughs.

    SIN: Pusher...

    The three friends walk away now, laughing and talking while people continue to watch the fireworks light up the first morning darkness of January, 2008.

    As they leave, the skies begin to darken and rain begins to fall.


    The door to a large penthouse suite opens and XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE, PETRINA and SEPHY hurry into the room. LANCE locks the door.

    They hurry into the lounge and SEPHY grabs a black permanent marker and walks to a large whiteboard they have personally pinned to the wall. She puts a big “X” through a picture of JULIETTE BONNAIRE.

    SEPHY: That makes six...

    The camera moves across the board and shows pictures with information under them.


    1. Miles Anderson (deceased)
    - Based in Athens, born in Greece. Raised as a young British peace diplomat. For five years he negotiated peace deals in Europe. He was the first Acolyte to be assigned to kill a god, Demeter. In 2004 he killed her.
    - Killed by: Charlie, in Athens.

    2./3. The Handmaids (deceased)
    - Two royal sisters appointed as Acolytes to Medusa and The United. Their mission to protect them, failed. In 2006 they were killed.
    - Killed by Cate and Sephy, in Manhattan.

    4. Gerard Fahy (deceased)
    - An Irish film star, based in Dublin. Famous for many film roles across the globe. He was approached by the corporation to become an Acolyte to murder Dionysus. In February 2007, he accomplished his mission.
    - Killed by Dante and Lance, in Dublin.

    5. Madeleine James (deceased)
    - A Russian countess appointed Acolyte to Artemis. In June 2007 her mission was fulfilled.
    - Killed by Petrina, in Moscow

    SEPHY now fills out some more information on the next person...

    6. Juliette Bonnaire (deceased)
    - A French ambassador turned entertainment entrepreneur. Appointed Acolyte to slaughter Hestia and in November 2007 she accomplished her mission.
    - Killed by Xak, in Paris

    She finishes writing JULIETTE BONNAIRE’S profile and places the lid back on the pen. She looks at the board as a whole and then turns to the others who are all sat on the sofa. DANTE and LANCE look beat, they smile at one another, reassuringly. PETRINA wraps a gown around her and CHARLIE removes her silver wig, revealing her perfect brunette hair underneath. SEPHY goes to sit next to her as XAK moves into the room. He throws the gun he used on the table and then turns to the board. He looks at all the Acolytes.

    XAK: We did well tonight... we got another and we’re closing in on the rest.

    He gestures at the remaining six profiles on the board. The camera does not show them in detail - all that can be seen is there are six main Acolytes remaining.

    XAK: But we gotta get these last ones.

    LANCE: We shouldn’t get cocky, we need to keep a low profile. These people are in high society, well known faces to the media and to the public in some cases.

    PETRINA raises an eyebrow.

    PETRINA: I would hasten to agree with you, Lance but when we embarked on this mission we knew there would be danger.

    DANTE looks at him.

    DANTE: She is right, Lance.

    LANCE: I just don’t want any more of us...

    CHARLIE nods and looks down.

    CHARLIE: I know, none of us want that either...

    SEPHY: But we all must face facts. When Juliette murdered Hestia, she destroyed the last of the higher gods... and there are only two that have remained untouched.

    XAK: Zeus and Hades.

    DANTE: The brothers united.

    SEPHY: When Poseidon was murdered, the powers he had on the world shared amongst them both. They’re incredibly powerful now, it’s why their murders of the other gods have gone unrivalled. The other gods have accepted defeat.

    XAK: Not us.

    SEPHY: Killing the Acolytes will surely bruise them, Xak but we have to face them both eventually. I’m not sure I will be enough to stop them, I’m not sure any of us will.

    PETRINA looks up to XAK.

    PETRINA: Perhaps then we should call in our second wave? Just in case.

    XAK looks at her confused.

    XAK: What second wave?

    CHARLIE looks at him.

    CHARLIE: She means the Syndicate.

    XAK breathes heavily and shakes his head.

    XAK: No, no way...

    SEPHY stands, protesting.

    SEPHY: Those children can help, they want to. (pausing) For this past year...

    XAK: (cutting her off) For this past year, they’ve been pretending to be the Syndicate. They’re not ready for war, they were just learning how to stand on their own feet when the true Syndicate were killed.

    CHARLIE: (quietly) Xak, we don’t know that they’re gone.

    XAK: It’s been a year, Charlie. The flood took them, we all know it.

    The room goes silent now and he looks down, sombre.

    XAK: They’re gone...


    The camera shows DECLAN sat reading the morning paper looking out on a bleary Soho on New Year’s Day. SIN approaches him and gives him a mug of coffee. He smiles at her.

    DECLAN: Thanks, you’re the best.

    SIN: Obviously.

    DECLAN: Where’s Ree?

    LA-REE (O/S): Here!

    They turn to see her frantically moving around the apartment putting earrings in.

    SIN: (to LA-REE) What’s this guy called again?

    LA-REE: Alric Gottschalk.

    DECLAN laughs.

    DECLAN: What kind of name is that?

    SIN hits him.

    SIN: He’s German you ass, and besides you’re dating me and your giving her heat on names? I don’t even have a surname

    DECLAN clears his throat.

    DECLAN: Oh, uh... good point.

    He looks at LA-REE.

    DECLAN: Just don’t forget we’re here to study, if NYU knew...

    LA-REE scoffs.

    LA-REE: What that I went on one date in winter break? I’m shaking in fear of the consequences.

    SIN laughs and then there is a knock at the door. LA-REE’S eyes widen.

    LA-REE: Holy crap, that’s him!

    SIN gestures at the door. LA-REE breathes nervously.

    LA-REE: Do I look ok?

    SIN: (smiling) You look beautiful.

    LA-REE smiles, excited. She turns and hurries to the door while SIN and DECLAN watch. LA-REE opens the door, revealing a handsome young man stood in the doorway to the apartment. He smiles at LA-REE. The man is ALRIC GOTTSCHALK, LA-REE’S date. He is played by Kostja Ullmann. LA-REE beams at him.

    LA-REE: Hi Alric...

    ALRIC smiles at her.

    ALRIC: La-Ree, a pleasure.

    DECLAN: (shouting) Declan dude, good to meet you!

    SIN punches him again.

    SIN: Shut up, jerk.

    ALRIC’S eyes pass to SIN and then he looks at LA-REE once again.

    ALRIC: Shall we go? I have the whole day planned.

    LA-REE: Not just coffee?

    ALRIC: Coffee’s just the beginning.

    LA-REE smiles.

    LA-REE: (flirtatiously) Ok.

    She turns back to SIN and DECLAN.

    LA-REE: Don’t wait up...

    DECLAN: Oh I will.

    SIN rolls her eyes and then LA-REE and ALRIC leave.

    SIN: (to DECLAN) You just can’t help yourself can you...

    She turns to the door.

    SIN: Don’t forget an umbrella! It’s rained on and off all morning...

    As he leaves, ALRIC reaches for an umbrella in the rack and then takes another long lingering look at SIN.


    It is morning in the hotel suite in Paris. XAK is still sat in the living area looking out the window, a bottle of beer in his hand. It is raining, torrentially. He stares at the rain, curious. He looks at the black sky and sighs. PETRINA enters.

    PETRINA: Have you even been to bed?

    XAK: Can’t sleep.

    PETRINA: I guess murder has that effect.

    XAK: I guess.

    PETRINA: They deserve what they’re getting, Xak. What they did to us, what they’re doing to this world is not correct.

    XAK: I know that, it’s just hard. It’s only us that can do this, you know?

    PETRINA nods.

    PETRINA: I do. I certainly do. It would be nice if we had more allies or if the ones we had didn’t...

    They both choke at the thought of the ones they’ve lost this past year. PETRINA wipes a lone tear from her eye.

    PETRINA: Um... I’m going to settle the bill and then we need to leave Paris for good.

    XAK nods. PETRINA walks towards the door but then stops. She turns back to look at XAK.

    PETRINA: You’re a good man still, Xak.

    XAK: It doesn’t feel like it anymore.

    PETRINA: It will one day, when all this is over and the world is safe once again. It will have been worth it for you.

    XAK looks down and shakes his head slightly, doubtful.

    XAK: I hope so.

    PETRINA breathes deeply.

    PETRINA: I know so.

    With this, she turns and leaves.


    PETRINA leaves and closes the door to the room. She walks down the corridor for a while, heading to the elevator.

    She continues walking. She reaches the elevator and presses the button. The door to the elevator opens and three men are inside, but she pays little attention to them. She walks in and turns to face the door pressing the button.

    PETRINA: I’m going down...

    Then one of the men pulls out a syringe and plunges it into PETRINA’S neck. She gasps in shock as the others restrain her. She soon loses consciousness.

    One of the men is older and clearly the leader. He looks familiar. The other two look at him and then to the unconscious Watcher at their feet.

    The three men are COLLINS, WEATHERBY and SMITH – the Watchers Council Special Ops team. The same team that failed to neutralise FAITH LEHANE. They are played by Alastair Duncan, Jeff Ricketts and Kevin Owers.

    COLLINS: Yes... you are.

    With PETRINA though, they had succeeded.




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      ACT TWO


      In the year 2042, LEIGH lurches forward in her throne and coughs, uncontrollably. SCRIBE looks up from his writing to her, concerned.

      SCRIBE: My lady?

      LEIGH holds a hand up as her coughs cease.

      LEIGH: (weak) Do not be concerned... my will is stronger than this body. I will finish this tale.

      SCRIBE nods. She breathes heavily and then looks at him.

      LEIGH: Now, where was I?



      As the light dies down, laughter can be heard. The laughter is coming from LA-REE who is sat with ALRIC in Leicester Square, drinking coffee.

      LA-REE: You are so funny.

      ALRIC smiles.

      ALRIC: Thank you, you are sweet.

      LA-REE: So what do you even do in London?

      ALRIC: I’m here on business, I used to work for the Bundeskabinett but I have just recently changed my vocation.

      LA-REE looks at him, shocked.

      LA-REE: The German Cabinet? Wow! What would make you leave a job like that?

      ALRIC: I got a better offer over on this side of the channel...

      LA-REE: Well it must be some job you’ve got now.

      ALRIC: Oh it is, and you know what?

      He leans closer to her, seductively.

      ALRIC: I feel, I have made the right decision.

      He kisses her. She blushes and shivers slightly as he relaxes back in his seat.

      LA-REE: Golly...

      He stands and extends his hand.

      ALRIC: Shall we continue this elsewhere? I want to show you London as you have never seen it before.

      Completely seduced by his charm, she takes his hand and he whisks her away.

      CUT TO – PARIS

      LANCE is packing up clothes and weaponry in his and DANTE’S room. CHARLIE appears in the doorway and knocks, casually.

      CHARLIE: Need any help?

      LANCE looks at her.

      LANCE: That’d be great, thanks.

      She moves closer and begins folding some clothes.

      LANCE: Dante’s not so good with the packing - you think he’d get used to living on the road.

      CHARLIE half smiles at this.

      CHARLIE: I have to admit, I wasn’t completely referring to clothes when I offered to help.

      LANCE: (confused) What do you mean?

      CHARLIE: I mean Dante’s contract.

      LANCE sighs.

      LANCE: We’ve been over this, Charlie – it’s impossible.

      CHARLIE: But you just gave up. When she died you gave up and stopped caring. You shouldn’t have... it’s not what she would have wanted and you know that.

      LANCE: She wouldn’t have wanted any of this, but here we are.

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: (pleading) Just let me help, please.

      LANCE: Why do you care so much?

      CHARLIE: (louder) Because nothing is more important than protecting the ones you love... that, she would have understood.

      LANCE looks at her, doubtful.

      CHARLIE: You need to protect your love. It would give me some solace to know that at least two people can find some semblance of peace from this...

      A tear falls from her eye.

      CHARLIE: (softly) Because it sure as hell isn’t gonna be me and Xak.

      He looks at her saddened face and sighs. He goes to speak but DANTE then enters who looks at CHARLIE and LANCE, surprised.

      DANTE: Uh, you guys ok?

      CHARLIE quickly wipes her face and turns to look at him, smiling.

      CHARLIE: Of course - just finishing your packing, lazy.

      He raises an eyebrow and looks at LANCE who smiles at him weakly.

      DANTE: Ok, if you say so... have you seen Petrina?

      CHARLIE shakes her head.

      CHARLIE: Not since we went to bed.

      DANTE: Well Xak saw her and she told him she went to settle the bill.

      LANCE: She’ll just be downstairs then.

      DANTE: That was three hours ago...

      CUT TO – PARIS

      The camera focuses on PETRINA who is tied with ropes to a chair in a darkened room inside an abandoned warehouse. She looks groggy, barely conscious. WEATHERBY comes into shot and slaps her softly. She blinks and comes to, more coherent. She looks up at him.

      WEATHERBY: Rise and shine, little Rae.

      She squints.

      PETRINA: (weak) Weatherby? Is that you?

      He nods. SMITH and COLLINS come into shot now too. She looks at them all, fearful.

      PETRINA: What the hell is this?

      SMITH: I think you know, Petrina.

      PETRINA: My mother sent you...

      SMITH: Silvana wants nothing to do with you and neither do we particularly...

      He shrugs.

      SMITH: ...but needs must.

      WEATHERBY: You’ve been a very naughty girl, Petrina.

      PETRINA: I thought you were busy hunting rogue Slayers? Would have thought you’d have an epidemic on your hands nowadays.

      WEATHERBY: Quite, so you can see how much of an inconvenience it is when one of our own Watchers decides to murder a Russian Countess.

      PETRINA smiles darkly.

      PETRINA: She had it coming.

      COLLINS sighs.

      COLLINS: What happened to you, Petrina? I used to babysit you when Vincent and Silvana were out of town. Your life was full of such promise... and now? Now you run around this world killing people in honour of your bastard sister’s death.

      PETRINA grits her teeth, enraged.

      PETRINA: (seething) Don’t even mention Cate’s name. I mean it.

      COLLINS: Cathryn Rittle was a killer and now I see she has doomed her older sister to the same fate.

      Then, the phone rings. COLLINS, WEATHERBY and SMITH look to it, the sound coming from within the warehouse. COLLINS looks at the others.

      COLLINS: Ready her, this one doesn’t get a trial – it’s straight to incarceration for her.

      WEATHERBY and SMITH move now to a suitcase full of chemicals and bindings for the journey back to England. COLLINS moves into the next room and answers the phone. PETRINA eyes WEATHERBY and SMITH who are pre-occupied and then looks to the next room and eyes COLLINS on the phone.

      COLLINS (O/S): (on the phone) Yeah, we got her. (he pauses) No, she was alone. (pauses) They’re probably based in the hotel we found her at, we were lucky there was eye witness at that club.

      He pauses for longer this time, surprised.

      COLLINS (O/S): (on the phone) What do you mean? Amelia Isherwood is hosting a meeting with the other Acolytes?

      PETRINA looks more intrigued, recognising the name.

      COLLINS (O/S): (on the phone, annoyed) Silvana, how can I keep Xak away from Los Angeles? We’re a bit pre-occupied drugging your daughter. If Amelia is hosting the Head Acolyte, then how do you suppose we stop him from going?

      A small smile forms on PETRINA’S face. She looks down to the ropes that bind her. Gradually she wiggles free one of her hand.


      SIN is washing up dishes in the kitchen of her apartment when DECLAN enters. He has a serious expression on his face.

      DECLAN: Seen the news today?

      SIN: Nope been too busy being the domestic goddess around here.

      DECLAN: A woman died in Paris last night, she was called Juliette Bonnaire.

      SIN stops and looks up now.

      DECLAN: Wasn’t she on that list Xak had before you left?

      SIN pauses.

      SIN: (quietly) Maybe.

      DECLAN: Sin, this is serious, they could be killing people.

      SIN turns.

      SIN: (stern) Well... they deserve it.

      DECLAN: You can’t just sit by and let them do this!

      SIN: They don’t want me involved! They made that clear! I’m here with you Declan. I love you. Don’t you see that?

      He sighs as they hear the front door open and LA-REE and ALRIC enter the apartment. LA-REE laughs but then looks at SIN and DECLAN and notes the tension.

      LA-REE: Guys... everything ok?

      DECLAN clears his throat.

      DECLAN: Yeah... fine.

      He walks out the kitchen and heads to his room, slamming the door. SIN looks down awkwardly.

      SIN: I’m sorry.

      ALRIC looks to LA-REE.

      ALRIC: Uh why do you see to your friend, I will get us some drinks?

      LA-REE nods.

      LA-REE: Thanks... sorry about this. We’re usually pretty drama free.

      She smiles and then follows after DECLAN. SIN looks up at ALRIC and smiles awkwardly. She turns to the cupboard, placing the dishcloth on the side for the time being.

      SIN: Alric, right?

      ALRIC: Yes, you must be... Sindy?

      SIN nods.

      SIN: That’s right.

      She pulls out four wine glasses.

      SIN: How did the big date go?

      ALRIC: Quite well, we walked in Hyde Park, dinner in the West End and then a drink by the river.

      SIN: Wow, you pulled out all the stops on this one, didn’t you?

      She opens the fridge and pulls out a bottle of white wine. She gestures it at him, he nods. She pours two glasses of wine.

      ALRIC: So is all alright with you and your boyfriend?

      SIN looks at him suspicious.

      SIN: I’d rather keep that between me and him if that’s ok?

      ALRIC nods apologetically.

      ALRIC: My apologies, it’s none of my business.

      She smiles.

      SIN: That’s ok.

      She sips her wine.

      ALRIC: Ree was telling me about your course, it sounds incredibly admirable. Your parents must be very proud.

      SIN looks at him.

      SIN: I guess, yeah.

      ALRIC: Do you see them much?

      SIN passes him the second glass of wine.

      SIN: Not often, it’s tough with them being in Manhattan.

      ALRIC nods studying her every move and then she goes to pour the final two glasses. Out of his sleeve he pulls a length of thin wire.

      ALRIC: Perhaps with them being so close, they could visit?

      He pauses.

      ALRIC: I mean, Paris isn’t far.

      She stops pouring immediately, with her back to him, her eyes widen.

      SIN: (quietly) I didn’t tell you my parents were in Paris.

      ALRIC is suddenly behind SIN now.

      ALRIC: I know.

      He pulls the wire tight now and wraps it around SIN’S neck, pulling hard. She chokes shocked and knocks the bottle and glasses of wine on the floor. ALRIC struggles to keep strength over her.

      ALRIC: (quietly) I’ve been trying to find you for a long time, Sin.

      She struggles for breath looking for something to grab to defend herself.

      ALRIC: (whispering) Your parents have been killing my kind, but they forgot all about you.

      He laughs under his breath.

      ALRIC: (whispering) Do not worry sweet demon god child, the corporation have not.

      She looks frantically at the door when DECLAN and LA-REE are, hoping to gain their attention somehow.

      ALRIC: (whispering, smug) I killed Ares so quickly I was awarded this triumph - the murder of the half breed’s daughter.

      SIN’S eyes widen as her face turns red and she realises that ALRIC is one of the Acolytes.


      Blissfully unaware of what is transpiring in the next room, DECLAN and LA-REE are sat on his bed.

      LA-REE: She’s always been like this, Declan. Her and her family have never been the ones that go host book clubs and garden parties.

      DECLAN laughs.

      DECLAN: I know. Part of the reason I love her is because of that.

      LA-REE: Then what’s the issue?

      DECLAN: People are dying Ree, how can I be ok with that?

      LA-REE: These are the people that ruined her life, Declan. They killed Cate - you have to remember that.

      He sighs.

      DECLAN: I know that...

      LA-REE: And she chose you... she chose this life with you. They told her to be with you and that’s what she chose because that’s what she wants.

      DECLAN: Maybe that’s the problem. All the things I loved about her - her quirky messed up life and her weirdly similarly aged parents... she just left it all for me.

      He pauses.

      DECLAN: I mean don’t think I want her to be with them if they’re doing this because I don’t. I don’t want her killing people in cold blood for revenge but... I dunno. I don’t know what I’m feeling about this. I thought all this might be behind us and now it’s here and I don’t know what we do now.

      LA-REE looks at him with a furrowed brow, sad.

      LA-REE: You gotta tell her how you’re feeling.

      DECLAN: How? When I don’t even know myself, how do I tell her?

      LA-REE sighs, unable to help.

      CUT TO – PARIS

      XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY are all in the lounge area, packed and ready to leave but they are lingering.

      DANTE: We can’t stay much longer.

      CHARLIE: We can’t leave without her.

      XAK: We need her Dante.

      DANTE: We need to leave! We just killed a French official.

      XAK: Not without her.

      SEPHY: We’ve left it too long to leave via mortal means, if we must leave then I propose lying low in Manhattan for the time being. Our property is protected there by the laws of man and we are close to the children in Cropley Shores should they need us.

      XAK: Good plan.

      LANCE: So we do have time?

      XAK nods. He looks at DANTE.

      XAK: Unpack all the weapons. Let’s find Petrina...

      CUT TO – PARIS

      COLLINS re-enters the dark room, pocketing the cell phone. He looks at PETRINA who is still tied to the chair. He scoffs and looks away from her to WEATHERBY and SMITH.

      COLLINS: Is the cocktail ready?

      SMITH holds up the syringe.

      SMITH: It’ll put her into a coma for twenty years. Just like the one we used on her brother when he found out about The United. She’ll awake an old woman.

      COLLINS smiles.

      COLLINS: (to PETRINA) Sleep like a good girl now, won’t you?

      He turns to look at her. The chair is empty, a bundle of ropes lie loose at the legs. His eyes widen. WEATHERBY and SMITH look around also. WEATHERBY pulls out a gun, aiming it around the room in case of any signs. Then, PETRINA suddenly appears behind SMITH.

      PETRINA: Guess again.

      She pulls the syringe from SMITH and plunges it into SMITH’S neck and presses down. Instantly he drops to the floor, unconscious. WEATHERBY turns and fires. She grabs the suitcase and blocks the bullet. She then swings the case at him, knocking the gun from his hands. She swings and punches him knocking him out cold.

      COLLINS grabs a knife from the table and swipes it at her, cutting her arm deeply. She screams in pain and then turns around to face him. She punches him in the face, he recoils and stumbles backwards. He reaches out to grab her but she grabs his arm and punches it with her free arm, knocking the knife out of his hand. She drops down and sweeps him off his feet with a low kick. She grabs the knife and jumps on top of him holding him down. She holds the knife to his neck and breathes heavily.

      PETRINA: Who’s babysitting who now, old man?

      COLLINS laughs.

      COLLINS: Kill me, go on. Bring on the wrath of the Watcher’s Council.

      PETRINA: Collins, it’s truly pathetic if you think a bunch of old English twits can control an unstoppable force. Buffy Summers had the right idea.

      The camera closes in on her face.

      PETRINA: I quit.

      She sharply punches him in the face, knocking him out.

      PETRINA sits for a moment, reflecting. The phone rings again, this time from COLLINS’S pocket. She looks down to the noise and reaches to answer it. She accepts the call, a stern expression on her face. She knows who she is speaking to – SILVANA RAE.

      PETRINA: (to the person on the other end of the phone) You’re dead to me, Mother. I don’t want to ever hear from you or father ever again.

      She pauses and swallows.

      PETRINA: (to her mother) Goodbye...

      She hangs up the phone and stands. She stamps on the phone, breaking it completely. She looks around at SMITH and WEATHERBY and then finally to the gun. She walks towards it, picks it up and swiftly leaves the room.


      SIN and ALRIC continue their struggle. She soon realises she can’t reach anything to defend herself. She lifts her leg and pushes back against the counter with immense strength. She backs ALRIC against the wall and then swiftly elbows him in the stomach, loosening his grip. She slips under the wire and then kicks him into the wall. The shirt he is wearing parts revealing an Acolyte necklace underneath. She widens her eyes and quickly grabs a knife from the block on the counter.

      The door to DECLAN’S room opens and LA-REE and DECLAN enter the main lounge. LA-REE has her hands on DECLAN’S shoulders, supportively.

      LA-REE: Come on champ, talk to her...

      DECLAN smiles at LA-REE thankful and then looks up to SIN and ALRIC. His eyes dart from the knife in SIN’S hand to the smashed glass and spilt wine on the floor. He then looks to the wire in ALRIC’S hands and the ligature marks on SIN’S neck. SIN looks at DECLAN and LA-REE, panicked.

      SIN: Declan! Get the gun!

      ALRIC uses this opportunity to attack SIN once again. She turns to him and stabs his arm. He recoils but punches her with his other arm. He pulls out the knife and throws it to the floor, moving on SIN once again. LA-REE screams and looks at DECLAN.

      LA-REE: (panicking) Declan, do something!

      DECLAN looks quickly to a cabinet by the door. He hurries to it and opens it. In it is a box. He pulls out the box and opens it. Inside the box is a gun and a disposable cell phone.

      The camera moves back to ALRIC and SIN who continue their fight, while LA-REE looks helplessly from the sidelines.

      SIN jabs at him quickly and her skin once again begins to crackle with energy. The hits she land singes his skin but he does not recoil, he is trained. He head butts her and pushes her backwards. LA-REE looks to the knife on the floor. She moves quickly and grabs it. She points it at ALRIC.

      LA-REE: Stay away from my friend.

      ALRIC: I think our date is over.

      He goes to knock it out of her hand but she moves quickly and spins around slashing his back with the knife twice, leaving deep wounds. He turns and kicks the knife out of her hand and then spins around again, this time back handing her on to the sofa in the lounge. SIN jumps at him now but he is quicker than she is. He kicks SIN away who falls over the dining table and he advances on her once again. LA-REE looks to her side to see a vase on the coffee table. She grabs it and throws it at ALRIC. He blocks it with his arm and it smashes.

      ALRIC: You stupid girl, do you honestly think any of you can stop me?

      He laughs and then suddenly a shot is fired. ALRIC looks down to his chest. He has been shot. He looks up to DECLAN who is holding the gun. He laughs again.

      ALRIC: Boy, you don’t want to...

      DECLAN: Go to hell.

      DECLAN fires again and the bullet hits ALRIC in between his eyes. He staggers, momentarily stunned. Then, he falls back, dead. LA-REE holds her mouth in shock and SIN lies on the floor looking at his body. The energy around her skin ceases to surge and she turns to her saviour, her lover and smiles, thankfully.

      He looks at her with complete adoration. In that moment, he realises that he has nothing he needs to tell her.




      • #4
        ACT THREE

        OPEN ON – PARIS

        XAK, SEPHY and LANCE are suited up, ready to leave.

        XAK: We’ll do a round of some of the local blocks, check out for any signs.

        DANTE: Well, stay to the alleys.

        LANCE rolls his eyes.

        LANCE: Obviously.

        He kisses DANTE and then he, XAK and SEPHY head to the door.

        XAK: If we’re not back with her in an hour, get out of here.

        He opens the door and instantly stops. PETRINA is stood there, holding her bloody arm. She raises an eyebrow at him.

        PETRINA: An hour? That’s all I get?

        XAK looks at her, then looks at arm.

        XAK: (concerned) What happened to you?

        She reveals the deep cut on her arm.

        PETRINA: I was kidnapped by the Watcher’s Council, my apologies for inconveniencing you.

        SEPHY hurries to her side and ushers her to the sofa.

        SEPHY: My dear, are you ok?

        PETRINA: I’m fine. I can take on a bunch of old English guys.

        DANTE: (more concerned) Why did they take you?

        SEPHY looks at CHARLIE.

        SEPHY: Darling, will you get the first aid kit in my bag.

        CHARLIE nods and hurries to the bag. PETRINA looks at DANTE.

        PETRINA: Why do you think? My little stint in Moscow didn’t go un-noticed.

        XAK: They were taking you to England?

        PETRINA: Apparently that was the plan and they won’t stop... they’ll come back.

        CHARLIE returns with the first aid kit and passes it to SEPHY.

        CHARLIE: We’ll leave, as soon as possible.

        SEPHY: Yes we will.

        SEPHY removes some bandages from the kit and begins wiping the wound clean before bandaging it. PETRINA winces slightly but grits her teeth. She looks to them all.

        PETRINA: We’re not leaving until you listen to what I heard the Watchers say.

        XAK looks around at the others, suitably confused. He looks back to her.

        XAK: Spill.

        PETRINA: One of them got a phone call from my mother.

        CHARLIE: Always fun.

        PETRINA: She said she had heard that there was a meeting being held in Los Angeles. The meeting was being hosted by Amelia Isherwood.

        SEPHY looks to XAK.

        SEPHY: The second in command.

        XAK: We can’t get close enough to the L.A. branch though... it’s fortified full of Acolytes.

        PETRINA: We might have to take a risk... she’s hosting all of the Acolytes, including the Head Acolyte.

        DANTE: Get outta town.

        PETRINA: I think we should. If we can take down the Head, then we bruise Zeus and his whole human army suddenly falls – no more Acolytes and whoever is left standing get the peace they’ve been looking for.

        XAK and CHARLIE share a look now that lingers. Then, from within the first aid kit that SEPHY is holding, a phone rings.

        LANCE: The emergency phone.

        CHARLIE: (panicked) Sin!

        SEPHY: Oh my...

        She rummages around the first aid kit and pulls out a disposable cell phone. She answers it.

        SEPHY: (to the person on the other end) Sin?! Are you ok?!

        CUT TO – LONDON

        SIN is stood in the lounge of the apartment in LONDON, looking shaken. DECLAN is consoling a visibly upset LA-REE. To her ear, SIN holds the disposable phone from the box that contained the gun.

        SIN: (to SEPHY, on the phone) The Acolytes found us...

        Suddenly out of nowhere, SEPHY appears in the room in a gust of majestic energy. DECLAN and LA-REE look taken aback but soon realise who it is and a wave of security hits them. SEPHY looks at SIN immediately, the disposable phone still in her hand. She drops it and hurries to her granddaughter and hugs her tightly. SIN hugs her back and smiles, content.

        SEPHY: Darling, are you alright?

        She breaks the hug and SIN looks at her and nods.

        SIN: Yeah... I’m ok...

        SEPHY turns to DECLAN and LA-REE.

        SEPHY: Are you two ok?

        LA-REE shakes her head and DECLAN indicates no feelings. He places the gun on the table. SEPHY looks at it and then to the body on the floor. SEPHY moves towards it and kicks the body over so she can fully see ALRIC’S dead expression. She sighs.

        SEPHY: Alric...

        DECLAN looks at her, surprised.

        DECLAN: You know of him?

        SEPHY: We’ve been trying to track him since he killed Ares. He’s incredibly dangerous and he’s been slipping through our net for months. How did you find him?

        SIN shrugs.

        SIN: Ree dated him.

        SEPHY turns to them and raises an eyebrow. LA-REE looks down, embarrassed. SEPHY clears her throat.

        SEPHY: Yes well uh... we didn’t try that.

        She looks at them all.

        SEPHY: Pack all you need, we have to leave.

        DECLAN stands, confused.

        DECLAN: What?

        SIN moves to him and puts her hands on his shoulders.

        SIN: Declan we have to, they know we’re here – they won’t stop.

        DECLAN looks at her, desperately.

        DECLAN: I killed someone Sin.

        SIN looks at him, frowning. She touches his face, he was cold.

        SIN: You were defending your best friend and your girlfriend. You did what you had to.

        She smiles reassuringly.

        SIN: You’re not a murderer.

        LA-REE looks at DECLAN, her arms folded tightly.

        LA-REE: I don’t wanna stay here, Dec.

        DECLAN looks at her horrified expression and then to ALRIC’S body on the floor. He looks to SEPHY.

        DECLAN: Where will you take us?

        SEPHY looks at him, a sense of sanctuary in her expression.

        SEPHY: To the others, where you’ll be safe. We’re going home...

        CUT TO – NEW YORK

        It is late afternoon. Sheets cover the furniture and fittings around the empty apartment XAK and the others used to occupy. The floor around the apartment begins to shake and a mystical aura floats around the room. Electricity flashes from sockets and fixtures and then XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE, PETRINA, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE appear in the room, bags in their hands. LA-REE topples over. In XAK’S hands is the whiteboard from the hotel room in Paris.

        LA-REE: Whoa...

        LANCE catches her.

        LANCE: Watch yourself, there.

        She smiles at him.

        LA-REE: Thanks.

        CHARLIE and DANTE look around.

        CHARLIE: Home sweet home...

        DANTE smiles at her.

        DANTE: Feels like we never left.

        She looks at him and half-smiles. While LANCE helps LA-REE to her feet, XAK hurries to place the white board on the mantelpiece with the help of SEPHY. He turns and looks at everyone.

        XAK: I wish we could settle in but we can’t... this is just another stop for us.

        SIN: It’s hard to be sentimental about a place that was just compensation from the government, where we only lived for six months and where three people died.

        SEPHY nods.

        SEPHY: That is true.

        LA-REE looks shocked.

        LA-REE: Wait? Three people?! Who else died other than that old lawyer guy?

        XAK turns to the board and points at the picture of The Handmaids.

        XAK: These two, along with Alric and a whole bunch of others who are trying to kill us. But we have a way to stop all of them in one big bang.

        SIN looks at them, intrigued.

        SIN: What are you talking about?

        PETRINA: There’s a meeting in Los Angeles hosted by one of Zeus’s treasured Acolytes.

        DECLAN: Who’s going to be there?

        XAK: With Alric and Juliette dead, there are now only five key players in the Acolyte programme. They’re all on the invite list.


        As afternoon appears comes, so do the top five Acolytes.

        The camera shows a car pulling up outside the Los Angeles branch of Olympus Inc. bringing with it the first of the Acolytes. The car door opens and a beautiful Indian woman steps out...

        XAK (V/O): The first is Jazz Bhat.

        JAZZ BHAT is the woman. She steps out of the car, her flowing black hair falls around her Acolyte necklace. She has a stern expression on her face. She is played by Parminder Nagra.

        XAK (V/O): Bhat quickly rose to fame in the Acolyte regime by murdering not just one god but two. First she took out Aphrodite and made Athena watch before murdering her.

        JAZZ walks now towards the building, opens the door and enters.


        The camera focuses on JAZZ BHAT’S profile on the white board and then XAK moves into shot.

        XAK: She’s the only Acolyte to have murdered two gods. She’s skilled in dark magical poisons. It’s how she stopped Athena long enough to kill Aphrodite. She’s a torturer, she plays with her prey.


        The camera shows a senior Asian man walking down a corridor in military clothes. A few people enter the corridor, see the man and look down.

        XAK (V/O): Number two is General Zi.

        GENERAL ZI is the man they fear. His chin is raised and he walks proudly down the corridor, heading towards the elevator. Around his neck proudly gleams an Acolyte necklace. He is played by George Takei.

        XAK (V/O): He was the Japanese Emperor’s advisor for over twenty years and was approached years ago to become an Acolyte due to his influence in government. Considering his unique approach to politics and his skills as an assassin, Zeus assigned him to kill his own wife, Hera.

        ZI approaches the elevator and presses the button to call it.

        XAK (V/O): Hera was the first to know of Zeus’s plans to regain world domination and she was also the first to decline. He sentenced her to death and Zi killed her quickly and painlessly as a favour to Zeus.

        The lift arrives, the doors open and ZI enters. The doors close behind him.


        The camera focuses on GENERAL ZI’S profile on the white board. Then, the camera cuts to SIN and DECLAN who hold one another’s hands. XAK notices.

        XAK: The kindness did not go un-noticed and he quickly became an example to follow - kill and be quick.


        The camera pans around a large office space towards the top of the building. A handsome young man is sat behind the table writing a report on his laptop. An Acolyte necklace is around his neck. He is played by Tom Riley.

        XAK (V/O): Third is Francis Isherwood, the younger brother of Amelia. He took out Poseidon last year, shifting the very fabric of the Olympians by murdering one of the three brothers.

        The man sat behind the desk is FRANCIS ISHERWOOD. He closes his laptop lid and stands. He buttons his blazer and then moves away to the door.

        XAK (V/O): Thanks to him, the world’s seas flooded and receded within the space of seven minutes. The floods killed over ten thousand people across the globe, including the Syndicate...

        FRANCIS leaves his office, the door slamming behind him.


        FRANCIS beams from his profile on the white board, proud. XAK looks at him with disgust and SEPHY narrows her eyes angrily at the picture. XAK looks to her saddened.

        XAK: And then there’s his sister...


        AMELIA ISHERWOOD is walking around a large meeting table placing agendas on the table for twelve people. She smiles and then walks towards the top of the table.

        XAK (V/O): Amelia Isherwood, the second in command. She runs the Los Angeles branch, awarded to her for her killing of Helios, the sun god. When she stood up to the Protogenoi, Zeus placed her in charge of Project Poseidon. Conveniently, she placed her brother as the Acolyte in charge and with the “success” of the plan she ascended higher in the corporation, dragging her him higher into the ranks with her.

        AMELIA caresses the head chair and looks at it longingly.

        XAK (V/O): Above her is only one Acolyte...


        A person is walking down the corridor, cloaked in gold from head to toe.

        XAK (V/O): The Head.

        The person is the HEAD ACOLYTE.

        XAK (V/O): We don’t know anything about him or her or whatever that thing is. All we know is that the Head is going to be at this meeting.

        The HEAD ACOLYTE enters the room ahead, the Grand Meeting Room, and closes the door behind.


        On the white board there is no information under the HEAD ACOLYTE’S profile.

        XAK: The Head’s been kept under wraps. Zeus has been playing this one close to his chest, keeping it hidden from the world. This is the first lead we’ve ever had.

        He turns to everyone.

        XAK: So this is where we act.

        He takes the permanent marker and marks an “X” through ALRIC’S picture. DECLAN shivers slightly and SIN squeezes his hand.

        XAK: We still have some Acolytes missing.

        The camera passes past a profile of an Acolyte called CELESTE WOODS, indicating that she is one of the Acolytes he is referring to.

        XAK: But if we take down the top five then we tear away the foundation of support for Olympus Inc.

        Everyone looks at one another. The camera briefly cuts to LANCE who is now typing on one of their laptops.

        PETRINA: The only thing is we don’t know when this meeting is taking place.

        LANCE: Well...

        Everyone looks at him.

        LANCE: It says here that Bhat and Zi were seen leaving LAX two hours ago. I’d say it’s pretty much happening now.

        XAK looks at everyone.

        XAK: I hope you’re ready...


        The camera focuses on an old picture of CATE and TOOLE. Someone reaches out, brushes the dust off of it and picks it up. The camera rotates to show the person is CHARLIE. She looks at it fondly and rubs the glass where her friends face is. A tear falls from her eye. Behind her, in the doorway, appears PETRINA. For a moment she looks around quietly, looking at her sister’s room.

        PETRINA: It seems like only yesterday...

        CHARLIE turns and looks at her.

        CHARLIE: Um, sorry I was just.

        PETRINA: Don’t apologise.

        CHARLIE wipes her eyes.

        CHARLIE: It’s not fair for me to do this, least of all in front of you.

        PETRINA: You lost a sister too that day. The only problem for me is, she loved you like one.

        CHARLIE shakes her head.

        CHARLIE: She didn’t know.

        PETRINA looks down, numb.

        PETRINA: I did everything I could to save her. I tore apart the walls of this world, I ran through hell itself to get to her... but I was too late.

        She looks up to CHARLIE now, her lips pursed.

        PETRINA: I’m not a particularly emotional person, Charlie as you know but when I lost her.

        She swallows, choked.

        PETRINA: When she died... It broke me... completely. I have nothing left worth fighting for now.

        CHARLIE looks at her, devastated.

        CHARLIE: I don’t believe that’s true.

        PETRINA: She was the only person that gave my life meaning and that was before I even knew who she truly was. She was so alone and so I was I and we gave each other a purpose. I wanted to save her so I could save us both and now I’ll never get that chance and everything I do just means nothing.

        PETRINA looks around this room.

        PETRINA: Everything in this room means nothing because I never looked it the way I should have done. But it means everything to you as it rightly should. You should cry because you can look at that picture of her and see a true loving friend and sister who loved you back the same way.

        She looks at the picture. PETRINA’S face is reflected lightly in the glass.

        PETRINA: I look at it and I see what might have been and that’s all my life will be from now on.

        She looks up to CHARLIE once again and then turns to leave.

        PETRINA: So please, cry. She’d have cried for you.

        CHARLIE watches her leave, wishing she could say something.


        XAK is stood on the edge of the roof of his apartment building looking out at the view of Manhattan – the city oblivious to the world’s dangers. The sky is cloudy.

        SIN (O/S): I don’t know how, but I knew you’d be here.

        XAK turns to look at her, he half smiles.

        XAK: Remember when we couldn’t get you down?

        SIN walks towards him and stands next to him.

        SIN: God, I was so dramatic when I was newly mortal. It’s not a redeeming feature.

        XAK looks at her, studying her movements.

        XAK: You look happy, London must be agreeing with you.

        She looks at him, guilty.

        SIN: (softly) I’m sorry I left...

        XAK: We wanted you to. I didn’t want you involved. It’s bad enough I’ve dragged everyone else through this war without pulling my daughter into it.

        SIN: I’ll always be a part of it. Whether I’m in London or the moon, I’ll always be in your war.

        XAK sighs.

        XAK: Yeah I know that... but it’s nice to try.

        SIN: You did a good job, until my best friend’s date tried to strangle me.

        XAK: Yeah that would put a whole dampener on things.

        SIN: You know she wants in, right? La-Ree. Declan too.

        XAK sighs and shakes his head.

        XAK: It’s dangerous, Sin.

        SIN: They’ve been training really hard, just in case. I’ve been teaching them to fight, to defend themselves. It’s actually kind of scary how comfortable Ree is with weaponry.

        XAK: There’s no way we’re all going to make it through this. Are you sure you want to put them through that?

        SIN: London or moon, they’re a part of this now too. They’ve already been targeted and they will be again, whether they’re with me or not. At least if they’re with me, I stay grounded and we can keep them safe.

        XAK smiles at her.

        XAK: You have a funny idea of safe.

        SIN: You too.

        XAK: We’ve come far, Sin.

        SIN: It’s not much longer now, you do know that right? The end is in sight.

        He pauses for a moment, doubtful.

        XAK: I’m not so sure about that...

        The camera pulls back and shows father and daughter stood side by side, watching the afternoon light wane.


        DANTE is suiting up with battle gear in the kitchen, an assortment of weapons around him. LANCE enters the room and looks at him.

        LANCE: We’re about set in there, when you’re ready?

        DANTE: I’m almost good, can never strap enough weapons to a thigh.

        LANCE: Kinky.

        DANTE smirks at him. LANCE goes to leave but then lingers. DANTE notices.

        DANTE: What? Want me to strap some to you too?

        LANCE laughs.

        LANCE: No.

        DANTE: Damn, what is it then?

        LANCE pauses and breathes softly. He looks at the man he loves.

        LANCE: If we make it through this... the fight with the Acolytes.

        DANTE looks at him fully now.

        LANCE: Will you fight for us again?

        DANTE: You mean the contract?

        LANCE nods. DANTE sighs and walks towards him. He grabs LANCE’S head with both hands and kisses him on the lips, lingering.

        DANTE: I never stopped fighting for us.

        LANCE: (quietly) You kinda did...

        DANTE shakes his head.

        DANTE: I didn’t. I just started caring for others more than myself for once.

        He strokes LANCE’S cheek, infatuated.

        DANTE: But it’s not just me this affects.

        LANCE grabs his hand and squeezes it.

        LANCE: No it’s not.


        XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE, PETRINA, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE are all stood, suited and ready for battle. XAK looks around at them all.

        XAK: Be prepared for anything. You know the plan and you know our targets. We get in and we get out... stick to your teams and remember.

        Everyone looks at him.

        XAK: We will win.

        SEPHY smiles at him and then tilts her head backwards. Her eyes glow and in a burst of energy, the group disappear from the lounge, from the apartment and from Manhattan once again.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          The camera shows an over the shoulder shot of the HEAD ACOLYTE reading AMELIA’S agenda. The cloak hiding the identity of the person sat there. At the other end of the large table are AMELIA and FRANCIS. AMELIA looks at the HEAD ACOLYTE and then to her brother.

          AMELIA: (whispering) I hate that bitch.

          FRANCIS: Shh, she’ll hear you.

          They indicate that the HEAD ACOLYTE is a female.

          FRANCIS: Just bide your time, we’re working our way up. If we play nice to her, gain her trust then our time will come.

          AMELIA smiles at her brother.

          AMELIA: You’re right, thank god you’re here to keep me grounded.

          FRANCIS: There’s only one god we can thank.

          AMELIA laughs.

          AMELIA: Yeah, right...

          The door opens and JAZZ BHAT, GENERAL ZI along with an array of other Acolytes, enter. AMELIA and FRANCIS turn to them all. AMELIA approaches JAZZ.

          AMELIA: Jazz, it’s a pleasure. I haven’t seen you since your initiation.

          JAZZ smiles at her, darkly.

          JAZZ: Yes, what a day.

          FRANCIS shakes GENERAL ZI’S hand.

          FRANCIS: General, an honour.

          GENERAL ZI nods at him.

          GENERAL ZI: I have heard great things about you, Francis. The news of Project Poseidon was truly a triumph for the cause.

          FRANCIS: Thank you.

          AMELIA looks to everyone.

          AMELIA: Acolytes, shall we begin, our Head is ready to chair.

          All the Acolytes turn to the HEAD ACOLYTE and bow. They then take to their seats.

          AMELIA remains standing. She looks at them all.

          AMELIA: Now, where shall I start?

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          A security guard is sat at the desk of the building. He looks up as he hears someone walk towards him in high heeled shoes.

          SECURITY GUARD: Uh, miss... you can’t be in here.

          The camera rotates to show that the person is LA-REE. She smiles at him and laughs.

          LA-REE: But my car broke down outside, I totally just need to use your phone for a few minutes.

          SECURITY GUARD: You need to leave.

          LA-REE: Oh come on, it’ll take me a few minutes!

          He looks at her stern.

          SECURITY GUARD: Leave or I’ll make you leave.

          She smiles and then pulls out a handgun and points it at his head. He looks at her daunted.

          LA-REE: I don’t think you will.

          She holds the gun at him and touches her ear – an earpiece inside.

          LA-REE: (chirpy) Clear!

          The doors open and XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE, PETRINA, SEPHY and DECAN enter the building, armed. SIN looks at LA-REE.

          SIN: Nice job.

          LA-REE: I play the dumb blonde card pretty well.

          DECLAN: I could have told you that.

          LA-REE: Hey!

          She then takes the butt of the gun and hits the SECURITY GUARD hard and he falls to the floor, unconscious. XAK looks at DECLAN.

          XAK: I wouldn’t mess with the women in this group.

          DECLAN: Yeah, you’re telling me.

          SEPHY: Can we please take this seriously for a minute?

          CHARLIE: Someone’s watching.

          She indicates the cameras around the lobby.

          XAK: Good, then we won’t be a big surprise. I want them to know we’re here. To get out, they have to get past us.

          The camera closes in on one of the cameras. Its light glows red.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          FRANCIS is looking at the other Acolytes, discussing the main item on the agenda.

          FRANCIS: I don’t think we should be doubting the intentions of the death god.

          JAZZ looks at him, angry.

          JAZZ: Hades being in the Underworld is a risk. He has left the world unattended to, a world that is now rightfully half his to control.

          AMELIA: Of course this is a legitimate concern but Xakiel Thorn is not the only warrior that would plan to destroy the gods. Their spirits and souls must be guarded in case of rebellion.

          The doors burst open and two security guards come through the door. AMELIA looks at them, outraged.

          AMELIA: I was very specific about not disturbing this meeting.

          SECURITY GUARD #1: My apologies, Ms Isherwood but we’ve had a breach.

          AMELIA: What do you mean?

          SECURITY GUARD #2: Xakiel Thorn and his friends have entered the building, they’re currently in the main corridor of Zone 2.

          The camera briefly cuts to just the mouth of the HEAD ACOLYTE. She smiles. The camera cuts back to AMELIA now.

          GENERAL ZI looks at her, confused.

          GENERAL: ZI: How have they gotten in?

          AMELIA: We have to keep a low security front, it keeps mortal curiosity at bay.

          JAZZ raises an eyebrow.

          JAZZ: That sounds like hubris, Amelia. Do not assume that because we kill gods, we are on par with them.

          AMELIA: I am aware, now go...

          JAZZ: I beg your pardon?

          AMELIA: Prove your worth, Bhat. You and Zi shall have the pleasure of ridding this world of Thorn and his comrades.

          GENERAL ZI looks at JAZZ.

          GENERAL ZI: It would be my pleasure.

          JAZZ: I find the democracy of this meeting highly hypocritical anyway.

          She stands and her and GENERAL ZI walk towards the door and with the security guards, they leave. AMELIA looks at all the Acolytes.

          AMELIA: The rest of you return to Greece and inform the corporation of this ambush.

          She turns to the HEAD ACOLYTE.

          AMELIA: I knew this was a bad idea.

          She pulls out a gun.

          AMELIA: (to the other Acolytes) My brother and I will protect our Head for there are things I have been told to discuss with her privately – you must all go and protect our future.

          Accepting this, the remaining Acolytes stand and all leave via another exit at the back of the Grand Meeting Room. The HEAD ACOLYTE remains.

          FRANCIS reaches for another gun and moves to his sister.

          FRANCIS: What do you have to discuss with the Head at a time like this? It would be safer for her to return with the others to the haven.

          AMELIA: (whispering) I don’t have anything to say.

          FRANCIS looks confused.

          FRANCIS: Then why...

          AMELIA: (infuriated, cutting him off) Because Xakiel Thorn is going to murder the Head Acolyte today.

          She looks at her brother, smiling.

          AMELIA: (sarcastically) And I’ll have done all I can to save her.

          FRANCIS laughs.

          FRANCIS: Amelia, you are wicked.

          AMELIA smirks and turns towards the door with her brother. Both of them are stood in front of the HEAD ACOLYTE who sits calmly on her throne awaiting the outcome of the ambush.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          XAK and the others walk down the quiet corridors of Olympus Inc. DANTE shakes his head.

          DANTE: Xak something’s up, I don’t like this.

          XAK: They know we’re here but they won’t be this low down.

          PETRINA: Amelia’s office is near the top floor, as is their largest meeting room.

          CHARLIE: Then that’s where they’ll be.

          XAK approaches a fork in the road. He turns to face them all.

          XAK: Ok, everyone in their teams. Dante and Lance – you go with Sephy up the main stairway. You’re a strong trio and they’ll be drawn to Sephy. It’ll give Charlie and I enough time to sneak up through the elevator shaft.

          LA-REE: And what about us?

          XAK: You’re our back up – you, Declan and Sin. Go up through the fire escape – no one will be watching there with all the other avenues covered.

          PETRINA: And I’ll be watching you all.

          XAK nods.

          XAK: Petrina’s our eyes. This is it guys, we’re just a few floors away from victory.

          They all look at one another and then they all split into their teams and leave.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          The camera shows the interior of the elevator shaft. Fingers prise the door open from the outside. XAK is on the other side. He looks up and down the shaft and sees the elevator is based on the floor below them. He jumps down on top of it. He looks back up to CHARLIE. She jumps and he catches her. They both look at the top. He then looks at her.

          XAK: I know what you’re thinking but we’ve taken down bigger, badder and a lot less human...

          She smiles and then he pulls out what looks like a grapple gun. He shoots it at the ceiling of the shaft and then grabs a hold of CHARLIE. It roots and they soar upwards.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          Three security men are watching the security cameras, they eye the open elevator door XAK and CHARLIE just climbed into.

          SECURITY GUARD #2: At least one of them is in the elevator shaft. Blow it.

          PETRINA now appears behind the guards, a gun pointing at them. She shoots one of them in the neck and the other two in the back. She doesn’t kill them – the gun is a tranquiliser.

          PETRINA: How about you don’t.

          She turns and locks the door and then she moves to the guard sat in the seat in front of the monitors. She kicks him off of the chair and then sits in the seat. She looks around the monitors. She eyes SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE moving cautiously up the fire exit and DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY moving through the main staircase. She touches her ear.

          PETRINA: Main staircase...

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY hear PETRINA through their earpieces.

          PETRINA (O/S): (through their earpieces)’re clear.

          DANTE nods and touches his earpiece.

          DANTE: We read you.

          SEPHY moves forward now and looks back at the boys. She then touches her earpiece.

          SEPHY: Approaching the sixth floor.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          PETRINA continues to look at the monitors on the main staircase, then it goes static and she loses feed. Her eyes widen.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY continue to move up through the stairway.

          PETRINA (O/S): (through their earpieces) Watch out, I’ve lost feed.

          The camera looks up to the security camera. It has an arrow through it.

          Oblivious to this, SEPHY continues to move forward. Then she stops and looks down, gasping. In her chest she has been shot with an arrow. She looks up and sees JAZZ BHAT stood on the floor above her smiling - a crossbow in her hand. SEPHY falls back and DANTE caches her. LANCE looks up at JAZZ as SEPHY gasps for breath. JAZZ laughs and begins walking down the stairs towards them. She begins placing another arrow in her bow.

          JAZZ: Looks like you’ll be my hat trick, Persephone.

          LANCE snarls at her.

          LANCE: Jazz Bhat.

          JAZZ: I see my identity is known to you just as yours is to me, Lance Emory. But I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to kill you.

          She fires the arrow at LANCE. DANTE’S eyes widen. He lowers SEPHY to the ground and then moves at a rapid speed and dives for LANCE, moving him out of the way. DANTE then jumps up and hurries at JAZZ. She tries to ready another arrow but she is too slow. He knocks the bow out of her hand. Enraged, she punches him and tries pushing him back down the stairs. He leans backwards, unnaturally stabilising his balance. He regains a straight posture and then punches her and slams her into the wall. She head butts him and knees him in the stomach and he recoils slightly. She kicks him to the floor and jumps on top of him. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a syringe.

          JAZZ: You’ll enjoy this formula, it will make your imagination your reality. I’m sure it will mix well with the Partner’s blood flowing through you – you’re all connected after all Turnpike.

          He widens his eyes as she smirks and goes to stab him with the syringe. She brings the needle down but then LANCE makes a play for her. He tackles her and they fall over the central banister together. The sound of JAZZ screaming as she plummets to her death echoes loudly throughout the building and then it ends as she hits the marble floor.

          DANTE: (shouting) Lance!

          He hurries to the edge of the banister and looks over to see LANCE holding on by his fingertips. He looks at DANTE desperately as he loses his grip. DANTE grabs him and smiles, he pulls him up.

          DANTE: You ok?

          LANCE regains his footing on the stairs. He goes to answer but a groan from SEPHY distracts them. They hurry to her. She looks in intense pain. DANTE pulls out the arrow. It’s tipped in poison.

          PETRINA (O/S): (through their earpieces) Dante!? Lance?! What’s happened? I can see you on the next floor’s monitors now. Is Sephy ok?!

          LANCE: Oh my god... Sephy...

          She grits her teeth through the pain.

          SEPHY: Just go...

          DANTE: We can’t just leave you.

          SEPHY: It’s going to take more than voodoo poison to take me down.

          PETRINA: I’m watching her guys, the others need you.

          SEPHY smiles.

          SEPHY: See, my guardian angel...

          DANTE and LANCE hesitate.

          SEPHY: (forcefully) Go...

          With this they stand and hurry up the stairs. SEPHY lies her head back on the steps.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE cautiously move up the stairs in the narrow fire exit. SIN turns a corner and she is punched to the floor. She falls down some of the steps. DECLAN and LA-REE look at her and then look to the perpetrator. GENERAL ZI appears. He looks at them with a sinister frown.

          GENERAL ZI: The young hybrid. You are intriguing.

          SIN glares at him and stands. LA-REE cocks her gun at him and shoots, he dodges the bullet and kicks her away from him. DECLAN catches her and then SIN jumps at him. She punches him and he blocks her with his arm. He twists her arm around and then kicks her into the wall. He is strong. DECLAN attacks now and he kicks GENERAL ZI sharply in the back. He groans in pain but retaliates and sharply punches DECLAN repeatedly in the face. Bloody and beaten, DECLAN falls down the stairs.

          SIN sees and her skin bubbles with energy. She turns and a burst of energy emits from her skin. It knocks GENERAL ZI backwards. He grabs on to the edge of the wall and then he pulls a knife out of his belt. He throws it at SIN and it stabs her in the shoulder. Pained she falls to the floor and energy erratically emits from her, feebly. GENERAL ZI laughs.

          GENERAL ZI: Look at you, sullying the face of this earth with your unreliable powers just brimming under your mixed skin.

          He pulls out a handgun and she looks at him with teeth gritted. He holds it up to her.

          GENERAL ZI: I have faced many worthy adversaries in my time but none of them have been as pitiful as you.

          Then, the shot is fired. SIN closes her eyes but then she opens them as she realises she is not wounded. GENERAL ZI is the one that has been shot in his neck. He drops the gun and clutches his neck as he chokes on his own blood. He stares at SIN and then looks at his killer...


          She is holding the gun. She stares at him with narrow eyes.

          LA-REE: You’ve obviously never faced a college student.

          With this, GENERAL ZI falls to the floor, dead. LA-REE jumps up and hurries to SIN.

          LA-REE: You ok?

          SIN laughs.

          SIN: That’s the second time you guys have saved my life.

          LA-REE smiles and looks to the knife. SIN nods and LA-REE sharply pulls the knife from her shoulder. SIN winces in pain but she ignores it, looking straight to DECLAN who is out cold. SIN looks to LA-REE.

          SIN: Watch him, I have to go help my parents.

          LA-REE: What if more come?

          SIN: Something tells me you’ll be fine.

          In pain she jumps up and steps over GENERAL ZI’S body and hurries up the fire exit. LA-REE then moves to DECLAN and watches the blood from GENERAL ZI waterfall slowly down the steps towards her.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          AMELIA and FRANCIS are stood watching the door intently. FRANCIS shakes his head

          FRANCIS: Something’s wrong, they shouldn’t be taking this long.

          Infuriated, AMELIA places her gun down and grabs her radio.

          AMELIA: (through her radio) Security, what’s the status on Bhat and Zi?

          Then the door bursts open and XAK and CHARLIE enter.

          XAK: (replying to AMELIA) I’m guessing not good...

          AMELIA’S eyes widen as XAK sharply pulls up his gun and shoots FRANCIS twice in the chest. He falls down dead. AMELIA screams, enraged and goes to grab her gun. CHARLIE waves her hand and with a quick flow of magical energy the gun flies out of AMELIA’S hand.

          The HEAD ACOLYTE now stands and hurries to the back of the room. A door opens revealing a hidden corridor – she hurries inside. XAK notices.

          CHARLIE: (to XAK) Go, I’ve got Amelia.

          AMELIA watches enraged as XAK runs past her and after the HEAD ACOLYTE. AMELIA looks down at FRANCIS, a tear falls from her eye. She looks up to CHARLIE.

          AMELIA: My brother is dead...

          CHARLIE laughs.

          CHARLIE: Do you really want to get into a list of deaths that have occurred because of the corporation. I think I’ll win. Besides, you’d have just done it yourself eventually... been working your way higher and higher haven’t you?

          AMELIA: You think you know all about me, Charlie.

          CHARLIE: I know that your regime is coming to an end.

          AMELIA: And what happens then? You have your whole outcome planned out – to save the world from the evil gods that have long sought to destroy you. But then what? What comes next for you?

          CHARLIE: You won’t be around to see it.

          She goes to ready some energy in her hand but AMELIA pulls out another gun from her back pocket and quickly fires it at CHARLIE. The camera remains on AMELIA as the sound of CHARLIE falling to the floor can be heard. AMELIA smiles.

          CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

          XAK is running down the hidden corridor, close behind the HEAD ACOLYTE. They turn a corner and then another. She almost reaches a door but then XAK pulls out his gun, he fires it at the light, causing it to flicker.

          XAK: (shouting) Stop!

          The HEAD ACOLYTE stops now.

          XAK: Put up your hands.

          The HEAD ACOLYTE obliges.

          XAK: Turn around...

          The HEAD ACOLYTE does, slowly. XAK’S eyes widen as she pulls off her hood on her cloak.

          The HEAD ACOLYTE is...



          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – UNKNOWN

            It is the year 2042 again. The old Queen, LEIGH, is sat on her throne. She smiles fondly memorising the moment XAK discovered she was the HEAD ACOLYTE.

            LEIGH: That is oddly one of my favourite memories. I always had a flair for the dramatic but revealing to Xak that it was me who was heading the Acolyte faction, was simply delicious.

            SCRIBE stops writing and looks at her, confused.

            SCRIBE: Why madam?

            LEIGH: Because that was the day I stopped living a lie. I stopped being a secret and finally I could do all that I needed to be sat before you today Scribe, in this fortress...

            She looks out at the post-apocalyptic world through the windows of the fortress.

            LEIGH: (continuing) Cropley Shores.

            The fortress LEIGH is ruling in, is based in Cropley Shores.

            FLASH TO – WHITE

            OPEN ON – LOS ANGELES

            Back in 2008, the camera is closed in on a younger LEIGH SINCLAIR, still cloaked in the golden cloak of the Head Acolyte. Her dark hair hangs around her beautiful pale face. She looks at XAK with a blank expression, her hands in the air. He looks at her in shock.

            LEIGH: It’s not what you think, Xak...

            XAK laughs almost, his grip tightening on the gun.

            XAK: Really? Because I’m getting a big sense of déjà vu right now.

            LEIGH: I can explain. If you just give me a chance to...

            XAK: Why should I have to listen to anything you have to say?

            AMELIA (O/S): I’d listen to her, Xak.

            XAK turns and sees AMELIA walking in. She has CHARLIE in a head lock, a gun to her head. XAK’S eyes glance to CHARLIE’S leg which is wounded and bleeding – this is where AMELIA shot CHARLIE.

            Instinctively, XAK grabs LEIGH and holds her in a headlock, holding a gun to her head. CHARLIE’S eyes widen, seeing LEIGH.

            CHARLIE: (to LEIGH) You...

            LEIGH: Hey sweetie...

            XAK tightens his lock on her neck.

            LEIGH: Ouch.

            AMELIA: Let her go or I’ll aim a little higher than her leg next time.

            AMELIA takes the safety off her gun.

            XAK: I don’t think so, you first.

            LEIGH rolls her eyes.

            LEIGH: Oh for god’s sake...

            In one swift movement, she grabs XAK’S gun off of him and aims it at AMELIA. She shoots and the bullet soars directly into AMELIA’S head. After a moment of shock she falls back dead, taking CHARLIE with her. XAK watches aghast with surprise. CHARLIE gasps for breath, lying on top of AMELIA’S body. Feeling his grip on her loosen, LEIGH pushes his arm off her. She walks towards CHARLIE.

            LEIGH: You’re completely welcome.

            CHARLIE looks at her with wide eyes as XAK hurries to help her up.

            CHARLIE: You crazy bitch, you could have shot me.

            LEIGH: Oh come on, I’m a better shot than Amelia Isherwood.

            XAK narrows his eyes at her, remember ASHBY.

            XAK: I remember.

            LEIGH: Ooh, touché...

            She moves over to AMELIA’S body now and parts the top of her blouse revealing her Acolyte necklace underneath.

            LEIGH: (to AMELIA) I’m sorry... but I only did what you were going to do to me.

            She pulls the necklace from AMELIA’S wilted neck. She stands and lets the gold cloak fall revealing a red skirt suit underneath. She looks at XAK as she pockets AMELIA’S necklace.

            LEIGH: I had a feeling you’d be here. Leaking information to the Watcher’s Council – the one that was being very public in their readying to kidnap the rogue Petrina Rae – would just work perfectly in getting you here...

            XAK shakes his head.

            XAK: I don’t get it. You wanted us here? You’re the Head Acolyte...

            LEIGH: Well duh! But I can’t kill them all by myself – of course I wanted you here. And I’ll explain everything to you because it’s important that you actually listen to what I have to say.

            XAK and CHARLIE look at one another apprehensively as SIN, DANTE and LANCE enter the hidden corridor. They are instantly taken aback by AMELIA’S body and LEIGH’S presence.

            DANTE glares at LEIGH and rushes at an unnatural speed towards her. He grabs her by the neck and pins her to the wall.

            DANTE: (seething) You...

            She laughs.

            LEIGH: Good to see you too sugar...

            DANTE: You’re behind this? You’re the Head?

            LEIGH: Could say that. On the other hand...

            DANTE: On the other hand what? What could the other hand possibly show?

            Looking apprehensive, CHARLIE walks towards him.

            CHARLIE: I don’t like it but she just saved my life, Dante... let’s give her a chance to at least explain herself.

            SIN looks at CHARLIE, shocked.

            SIN: You can’t be serious?

            LEIGH looks at DANTE.

            LEIGH: What you gonna do big guy?

            DANTE breathes heavy and deep and then sharply releases his grip. LEIGH clears her throat.

            LEIGH: Thank you.

            DANTE smiles falsely at her, despite her sincerity.

            LANCE looks around at AMELIA.

            LANCE: Looks like we got them all.

            CHARLIE looks around for SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE.

            CHARLIE: Wait, where are the others?

            SIN: Declan got hurt, La-Ree’s with him.

            CHARLIE: What about my mom?

            DANTE looks at her.

            DANTE: She’s hurt... badly...

            CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

            The camera pans around the old apartment XAK used to own in Los Angeles. It is still furnished the same but a lot has changed to the occupants. On the sofa, CHARLIE, PETRINA and LA-REE are nursing a poisoned SEPHY who is sweating in agonising pain from JAZZ’S poison.

            SIN, DANTE, LANCE and DECLAN are stood nearby watching XAK and LEIGH in the kitchen.

            DECLAN: So what’s the deal with this chick, exactly?

            SIN: Remember I told you about those two people who kidnapped me when I was a kid and forced me to become the girl who went on to almost destroy the world?

            DECLAN: Yeah.

            SIN: She’s one of them.

            DANTE: No offence Sin, but your dad’s nuts to trust Leigh. She’s a psychopath, she only cares about herself.

            LANCE: Maybe not.

            DANTE: (surprised) What are you talking about?

            LANCE: Leigh and Christian weren’t the only ones who did what they did to Sin. I did it too and so did Melody. If we can gain redemption, shouldn’t we give her the same chance?

            Uncertain, SIN looks at DANTE.

            The camera moves to XAK and LEIGH in the kitchen. She is brewing up a liquid in a small pot, using some magical ingredients. XAK has a gun nearby in case. He looks at her.

            XAK: What are you doing?

            LEIGH: Brewing up a potion, it should help Persephone get better. Jazz Bhat’s poisons are harsh, especially to the gods. It’s how she trapped two of them long enough to kill them.

            XAK: I know.

            LEIGH: Well you don’t know how to reverse the effects, do you?

            She turns to him smiling and then reaches for a mug and pours the liquid she’s brewing into it.

            LEIGH: Lucky for your mother-in-law, I know all of Bhat’s dirty little secrets.

            She raises an eyebrow and moves over to SEPHY, under the watchful eye of all the others. CHARLIE glares at her.

            CHARLIE: If you try anything...

            LEIGH: Yeah that would be smart wouldn’t it, in a room full of people who hate me.

            She turns to SEPHY.

            LEIGH: Here, you have to drink it while it’s hot.

            She moves it to SEPHY’S lips and the goddess sips the drink. Feeling it’s effects she drinks it deeper. As she finishes, her breaths soften and she falls to sleep, calmer. LEIGH smiles.

            LEIGH: There, she’ll be fine in an hour.

            XAK looks at SEPHY and then CHARLIE and then finally back to LEIGH.

            XAK: Ok. Talk.

            LEIGH moves over to an arm chair and casually sits in it, looking comfortable.

            LEIGH: What do you wanna know? You big brooding hero you.

            XAK: Everything. Last I saw of you was in New York...

            LEIGH: Ah my stint on the east-side, didn’t agree with me.

            SIN: Yeah, you’re not the only one.

            LEIGH: Well you turned out all smiles, can’t all have been bad?

            SIN: Not at a cost.

            LEIGH: True.

            DANTE: Where did you go after that?

            LEIGH: I wanted to escape. Once I got out of New York I laid low in the country and sought out a way of getting out of this world. I gained access to a teleportation spell.

            XAK: To get you where?

            LEIGH: I believe you know the place - L’Arcanas.

            CHARLIE looks at PETRINA.

            CHARLIE: We looked for you there.

            LEIGH: (annoyed) Yeah, seriously? You thought I was The United? As if.

            CHARLIE: (sarcastically) I’m sorry, your remarkable past made me doubt you, how silly of me.

            XAK: What happened to you there?

            LEIGH: I tried to escape. Like Cate I just wanted to be forgotten... but then I was found.

            XAK: By who?

            LEIGH: The United. It took me and brought me back into this world.

            XAK: (confused) Why would it do that?

            LEIGH: It said that the corporation wanted me, or as it was now known: Olympus Inc. It said now I was free from Wolfram and Hart, they wanted to offer me a new role.

            PETRINA nods, figuring.

            PETRINA: Head Acolyte.

            LEIGH: Shrewd. The British are smart. The Acolyte regime was unformatted. Its members had no order and they wanted me to run them – keep them in line so to speak.

            XAK: Why you though? Why would they want Leigh Sinclair?

            LEIGH: Because I was one of the few people who managed to hurt all of you and live to walk away. The things I had done to each and every one of you – they adored me for it.

            DANTE: How touching.

            LEIGH gives him a look and then turns back to XAK.

            LEIGH: They gave me instant trust and admiration. I was given access to all their plans and knowledge of their future endeavours. I had everything in my hands.

            She looks down.

            LEIGH: (softly) ...and I knew that if I could not escape this world’s evils, then I could do good with what I knew.

            DANTE: Why would you want to? You revel in other people’s misery.

            LEIGH: Contrary to your belief, I do not actually.

            She looks choked.

            LEIGH: I got caught up in a power game where I knew it was kill or be killed... but I choose to believe that there is a future where that’s not the case. I could change things, make them better and change my future as much as everyone else’s.

            The group look doubtful.

            LEIGH: I know none of you trust me but I killed my second in command today to save your asses. I planned it all. Their endgame is fast approaching and so is mine. It’s why I’ve brought you all in.

            XAK looks at her, intrigued.

            XAK: Go on...

            LEIGH: If I wanted to take the corporation down, then I knew I had to take down two things, the Acolytes and the gods running the show. We took care of the Acolytes today...

            She looks at LA-REE.

            LEIGH: Nice work with Zi, by the way.

            LA-REE smiles, happy.

            LEIGH: And then it just leaves the gods.

            CHARLIE: Zeus and Hades.

            LEIGH: Correct. Hades is busy in the Underworld – he’s concerned that the souls and bodies of fallen heroes will rise up against them. While he imprisons the dead, his brother controls the earth, readying it for the final genocide.

            LA-REE: Whoa, people are gonna die?

            LEIGH: Non-believers will die, yes. It was part of the reason we were having the meeting today. Amelia had been organising a haven where the remaining Acolytes could live while the attack took place. The message was going to be spread through the regime... once I was aware of what she was doing, I knew the missing Acolytes would be confirmed as dead and your little assassinations around the globe were going to be known to Zeus.

            LANCE: They didn’t know?

            LEIGH: All the Acolytes had their suspicions but none of them for certain knew – except me. Being the Head, I was the only one who had contact with every one of them weekly. One by one... they all stopped calling - made a girl feel unwanted.

            XAK: Ok, so you brought us in to what - avoid Zeus finding out about the Acolytes we killed?

            LEIGH: He doesn’t concern himself with such menial things such as human interactions. He had a world to plan and a world to destroy. But if he did know that his subjects were dying... then he’d have taken matters into his own hands.

            DECLAN: Guess we’re lucky he didn’t before...

            LEIGH: Maybe not. If this new world forms he’ll make an example of you all. You won’t be killed. You’ll be forced to live in torture for eternity, a public spectacle to all those who would ever dare try to oppose him again.

            PETRINA: That doesn’t sound fun.

            XAK: But not surprising.

            LEIGH: I’m not going to let any plan of his come to pass, I promise. I won’t let this happen.

            CHARLIE: What about this safe haven for the Acolytes? Do you know where it is?

            LEIGH: I don’t know for sure, we didn’t exactly have a lot of time today to cover all the bases. All I know is that Amelia sent the remaining few Acolytes to Athens, to Olympus Inc.’s HQ. I’m guessing you wanna be pretty close to there when it all goes down because now with all the other Olympians dead, Zeus has gained enough power to finally complete his plan.

            XAK: Which is happening when exactly?

            LEIGH: Xak, it’s already begun. Zeus’s takeover of the world began when the year started - it’s why we had to know the location of the haven as soon as possible. With the new year will come his new age but it’ll take him some time. Two days to be precise.

            XAK: And then what will happen, after the two days are up?

            LEIGH: Powerful super storms are brewing all over the world. Once Zeus gives them enough power they will wipe out the governments and monarchs. Within a matter of minutes order to the capitals will be discontinued.

            DECLAN: It was raining in London when we were there.

            XAK: And Paris. It was so subtle no one would have noticed...

            LEIGH: Exactly, but they’ll get gradually worse, in fact they probably already are. With each country void of leadership he’ll step in and be ready to conquer the world once again feeding off their desperation for guidance.

            PETRINA: That means we only have until tomorrow to stop him?

            LEIGH: Yes, and I know how.

            She begins to unbutton her blouse.

            DANTE: You’re gonna flash him?

            LEIGH: You wish.

            She reveals her Acolyte necklace underneath her blouse. It’s different - larger and thicker with more complex engravings. She takes it off and hands it to XAK.

            LEIGH: My necklace. It’s the one all the other necklaces were made from. It was made from the metal from Zeus’s very own shield.

            PETRINA nods, fascinated.

            PETRINA: That’s how it can channel his power, it is his defence.

            LEIGH: Yes, exactly. If we can use it to channel his storm, we can destroy him by using his own offence and defence against him - with the very weapon he’s legendary for mastering. It’s his only weakness and the time to attack is now while he’s pre-occupied.

            XAK: And where is he?

            LEIGH: He’ll be in Athens, protecting the haven and readying the storms.

            Everyone looks around at one another, unsure of what to say.

            LEIGH: So you can either sit here and frown over my past misdemeanours or we can get our asses to Athens and end this once and for all before you become an effigy of folly to the world as the globe turns into a lightning rod for the apocalypse.

            The camera closes in on LEIGH’S face.

            LEIGH: What’ll it be?

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON – LOS ANGELES

              XAK is stood looking out of the window of his old bedroom. CHARLIE is sat on the bed behind him. He looks at the darkening sky – dark from clouds, dark from the approaching night.

              XAK: It’s not looking good out there...

              CHARLIE: Xak, it’s January. You think we should trust her whereas I think she just decided to stir it up during Winter.

              XAK turns and looks at her.

              XAK: I know you don’t like her and I don’t particularly either but she just saved us and your mother.

              CHARLIE: That remains to be seen. Do you honestly think we can trust her?

              XAK: She seems sincere.

              CHARLIE looks at him incredulous.

              CHARLIE: “Seems”? Xak we have spent every fraction of last year hunting and killing the Acolytes and the second we find the Head she turns out to be the one enemy we should never have let live... but it’s all ok because “she seems sincere”?

              XAK: I know, it’s crazy. But look at the life we lead. My best friend is Dante Turnpike and Sin is rubbing shoulders with NYU alumni. Talk to us three years ago and see what we’d have made of that.

              CHARLIIE shakes her head.

              CHARLIE: That’s different, we had to. We had no choice, we needed both of them for extremely different reasons.

              XAK: And perhaps now... Leigh is the one we need.

              CHARLIE: I don’t know. We could lose everything, and I mean everything.

              XAK moves closer to her. He kneels in front of her.

              XAK: Look, she has no way of contacting anyone, she’s killed Amelia Isherwood to save you and now she’s given us a way to stop everything for good.

              CHARLIE: (doubtful) She’s played nice before.

              XAK: Not to us she hasn’t. To Wolfram and Hart, yes. To us...

              CHARLIE: Well why didn’t she come to us earlier?

              XAK: You think we’d have been more welcoming than we are right now? We need this help more than anything...

              CHARLIE: Which is why she’s doing this - she got caught. This is an eleventh hour save. You’ve not told me one reason why we should trust her.

              XAK looks beat.

              XAK: That may be, but we have no choice. You know it and I know it.

              CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

              SIN and DECLAN are sat on CATE’S old bed in what once was her room. She has a first aid kit in her hands and she is attending to a wound on his head. He smiles at her.

              SIN: What are you smiling at? We did just go through the same day, right?

              DECLAN: It was exciting.

              SIN: Really?

              DECLAN: Yeah. Fighting with you... it was like it was meant.

              SIN: Well next time don’t get your ass beat so much, it’s embarrassing having to play nurse.

              DECLAN: I don’t know, I kind of like it.

              SIN shoves him.

              SIN: Behave. Talk like that gets a girl all static.

              DECLAN: Again, not the worst scenario.

              He smirks and goes to kiss her. She pulls back, a serious look on her face.

              SIN: Declan, I’m serious...

              He looks at her confused.

              SIN: I don’t know what I’m capable of and you’ve not seen me at my worst.

              DECLAN grabs her hand and squeezes it.

              DECLAN: There’s nothing you could do to make me think otherwise. You’ve turned my whole life upside down, shown me the world in a way that no college book or sleazy downtown bar ever could. You give me meaning, Sin. So don’t think there’s anything you can do to make me think that you’re not the person I’m going to spend the rest of my days with...

              SIN looks at him doubtful and then kisses him passionately. She smiles.

              CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

              The camera focuses on SEPHY who is lying asleep on the couch. Her eyes flicker open and she looks around the room. LA-REE who is sat nearby notices.

              LA-REE: Petrina... she’s awake!

              PETRINA who is also close, hurries to her side with LA-REE. PETRINA smiles.

              PETRINA: Sephy, you’re alright.

              SEPHY: What happened?

              LEIGH moves into shot with her arms folded.

              LEIGH: You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.

              SEPHY narrows her eyes at her.

              SEPHY: Leigh Sinclair.

              LEIGH: Alive and kicking.

              PETRINA rolls her eyes and then looks to SEPHY.

              PETRINA: It’s ok, I’ll explain. Just rest...

              The camera moves away from them now to LEIGH who moves away. LANCE approaches her. She looks at him and he looks at SEPHY.

              LANCE: (to LEIGH) Looks like you did alright.

              LEIGH nods.

              LEIGH: Looks like.

              She pauses.

              LEIGH: And there’s one more thing I can do, to make it up to you.

              LANCE: To me?

              LEIGH: (softly) I owe it to you the most. Your brother...

              LANCE looks down, thinking of TOOLE.

              LEIGH: But I will make it up to you, I promise. To you and Dante I can make it up to you both.

              LANCE looks at her, confused.

              LANCE: What are you talking about?

              LEIGH: I know how to free him from his contract.

              LANCE’S face drops.

              LANCE: How?

              As he says this, SIN and DECLAN re-enter the room with smiles on their faces. LEIGH looks at them.

              LEIGH: Her...

              LANCE turns to look at SIN.

              LANCE: (whispering, in shock) How?

              LEIGH: She freed me, didn’t she?

              FADE TO –

              It is slightly later now. Everyone is sat or stood looking at LEIGH. SIN and DANTE are sat further apart from one another.

              LEIGH: I know it sounds nuts and you won’t go for it but I promise you I can do it.

              CHARLIE: No way am I letting your crazy hands into my daughter’s mind again.

              LEIGH: (forceful) I don’t blame you for feeling that way, I really don’t but I promise you that I understand the complexities of Sin’s mind better than any of you.

              CHARLIE: Well I’m sorry but your promises mean little to me.

              LANCE: Charlie, ease off.

              CHARLIE looks at him.

              CHARLIE: You can’t seriously want to do this? Risk Dante’s life... Sin’s?

              LANCE: You were the one who convinced me to think this way.

              CHARLIE looks at him desperately.

              CHARLIE: I know but...

              SIN grabs her mother’s hand.

              SIN: I wanna do this. I want to help.

              CHARLIE looks at her.

              CHARLIE: You don’t know what you’re getting into. You don’t know that we can trust her.

              SIN: Don’t you think it’s worth a shot?

              CHARLIE looks unsure she looks at XAK who is observing the situation.

              SIN: Look, even if we do beat Zeus and the bring the corporation to submission, we still have a fight with the Senior Partners on our hands. If I can pull this off then in a day... all our worries could be over, don’t you think that’s worth it?

              SEPHY: You have to be sure, Sin. If you give your mind to her, as masterful as she may be in handling it, you will completely fall into the void that once ruled you.

              SIN nods knowing this.

              SIN: I know, I remember everything and how it felt. But that was two years ago... I can control this now and I have you all here to put me down if needs be.

              PETRINA: We do have enough tranquiliser to down a whole zoo.

              SIN smiles.

              SIN: See.

              SIN looks at DECLAN, then LA-REE and then back to DANTE.

              SIN: Do you want me to do this for you?

              DANTE looks at her, blankly.

              DANTE: How can I ask you to do this?

              SIN smiles.

              SIN: You don’t.

              She turns to LEIGH.

              SIN: What do I do?

              XAK looks at SIN.

              XAK: Are you sure?

              SIN nods, forcefully.

              SIN: More than I know.

              XAK looks at LEIGH.

              XAK: If you do anything to hurt her.

              LEIGH frowns slightly.

              LEIGH: I think we both know it’s not her you should be worried about.

              SIN looks at him.

              SIN: She’s right... get the chains.

              PETRINA stands and along with LANCE she leaves to retrieve the restraints. SIN stands and moves towards LEIGH.

              SEPHY looks at XAK who has been watching feebly from the sofa under a blanket.

              SEPHY: (whispering) Do you think this will work?

              XAK looks at his daughter as LEIGH explains how it will work to her and DANTE. He then turns to SEPHY.

              XAK: I don’t know but if this turns out like Sunnydale, then Zeus will be the least of our worries.

              DECLAN overhears and him and LA-REE share a fearful look.

              FADE TO –

              The camera passes around the floor of the lounge. Chains are tied to each corner of the room, secured tightly. Each chain is tied to a different limb of SIN who is situated in the middle of the room which is now void of furniture. SIN is sat in the middle of a large black circle. DANTE is sat opposite her inside the circle. They look at one another. LEIGH circles, looking at them.

              At the edge of the room, XAK, CHARLIE, LANCE, PETRINA, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE stand nervously. PETRINA has her arm linked with LANCE, supporting him as he watches worried. DECLAN and LA-REE also do the same. SEPHY has her arm around a worried CHARLIE. XAK is stood the other side of her.

              CHARLIE: (whispering) I’m so scared...

              XAK: She’ll be fine, she’s strong.

              CHARLIE: If you’re wrong about this, Xak. If Leigh hurts her...

              SEPHY tightens her grip on her daughter.

              SEPHY: Have a little faith darling, we’ve been surprised by less.

              CHARLIE looks at her.

              SEPHY: And something tells me that Leigh Sinclair is going to surprise us greatly.

              SEPHY smiles and CHARLIE notices. XAK squeezes her hand and then she turns to him. She squeezes back and together they turn to watch as the camera moves back to SIN, DANTE and LEIGH.

              LEIGH circles SIN and DANTE. She looks at SIN.

              LEIGH: Close your eyes.

              SIN obliges.

              LEIGH: Your mind is a lake.

              She speaks softly.

              LEIGH: Walk into it, slowly. Look up at the sky. The sun is shining brightly, it’s almost blinding.

              SIN breathes softly, entranced.

              LEIGH: But the deeper you walk into the lake - the further you immerse yourself - then the more the sun begins to set in the distance and the light begins to fade.

              SIN’S eyes move erratically. LEIGH remains calm and stops walking, facing her fully now.

              LEIGH: Let the sun set, let the water take you. Feel the light fade from you as the water darkens.

              SIN’S breaths prove more erratic.

              LEIGH: The sun is set.

              Suddenly the room shakes. SIN is still. Then she begins to elevate into the air until she is in the middle of the room. Everyone watches fearful. She opens her eyes and laughs.

              LEIGH looks at them all.

              LEIGH: She’s here...

              CHARLIE squeezes XAK’S hand tighter. LEIGH looks back at her.

              LEIGH: Sin listen to me, embrace the darkness but listen to me...

              SIN snaps her eyes to her and LEIGH flies back into the wall, pinned to it mystically. She looks in pain. DANTE looks at SIN, fearful.

              SIN: (to LEIGH) She can’t hide me forever.

              LEIGH: (shouting) Don’t be afraid by the dark, it’s a part of the lake and you’re in the lake and the lake is in you.

              SIN: You stupid woman. I would have thought you’d have learnt the first time.

              She soars higher but is restrained by the chains. She snarls, angry.

              LA-REE grabs her mouth, frightened. DECLAN lurches forward.

              DECLAN: Sin, don’t!

              SIN looks at him.

              DECLAN: Sin, it’s me...

              LEIGH looks at DECLAN then back to SIN who looks more sedated as her eyes fix on his.

              LEIGH: Look at him, Sin. He’s the one who can always bring you back. He loves you.

              SIN: Love?

              LEIGH: The darkness is there but the light will always come back, always. The waters will always be shallow as you move away into it...

              SIN: The darkness... the light... it’s all a part of me.

              LEIGH smiles and she feels herself slipping down the wall as SIN’S power over her wanes.

              LEIGH: That’s right. You can walk in both and harness everything your mind allows... that’s my gift to you, Sin.

              She lands on the floor and everyone watches as she moves back towards SIN, fearless.

              LEIGH: Learn it and control the gift. Give to Dante and Lance that which you gave me all those years ago...

              SIN looks at her.

              SIN: You have taught me something valuable...

              She looks at DECLAN.

              SIN: (whispering) Love and darkness are but one.

              She looks at DANTE, curious.

              SIN: This is what you seek, for the rest of your days?

              He nods, certain.

              DANTE: More than anything.

              SIN: Then I succumb.

              Her eyes glare a deep black and she extends her hands to DANTE. He chokes, gasping for breath.

              LANCE moves forward but PETRINA pulls him back.

              PETRINA: Lance, don’t... it’s working.

              SIN concentrates on DANTE carefully – her grip on his soul pulls him off the very ground. A glow begins to be lured from within. SIN glares at the glow and he gasps for breath as it is pulled from him screaming. It clings to him, unwilling but SIN is stronger. In one quick foul blow she pulls the light from him and it instantly grows dark. He falls to the floor, weak. LANCE hurries towards him, this time PETRINA lets him.

              SIN holds the ball of darkness and stares it, intrigued.

              SIN: It’s true. Darkness comes because of love... we’ll all see that soon...

              Her eyes burn through the darkness and it dissipates into nothing. LEIGH smiles and looks at her.

              LEIGH: Sin...

              SIN looks at her and the darkness fades from her eyes.

              LEIGH: It’s dawn.

              Hearing these words, she falls to the ground and falls unconscious. CHARLIE and XAK hurry to her side. LEIGH moves to her also, as does SEPHY. DECLAN and LA-REE stay back, shaken.

              SEPHY: Is she ok?

              LEIGH: She’s exhausted, the light came back to her so quickly.

              XAK puts a finger on SIN’S pulse.

              XAK: She’s ok, she’s resting. Her pulse is normal.

              The camera passes to DANTE and LANCE now as LANCE pulls him into his arms. DANTE’S eyes open, he breathes softly.

              LANCE: Dante... Dante it’s me...

              DANTE’S eyes fixate on him. He smiles, feeling every breath he takes.

              DANTE: I’m breathing...

              LANCE nods, smiling.

              LANCE: You’re breathing.

              DANTE sits up now, incredulous.

              DANTE: I’m breathing because I have to, because I have to breathe to live.

              LANCE smiles, his eyes welling with joyful tears.

              LANCE: It worked. You’re human.

              DANTE: I’m human.

              They cling to one another’s mortal body, feeling their hearts race in their chests. PETRINA watches them and clutches her chest, touched by the scene.

              The camera moves from her to CHARLIE who looks from DANTE and LANCE up to LEIGH, astonished.

              CHARLIE: (amazed) How did you know what to do? You taught her how to use her powers...

              A soft genuine smile is on LEIGH’S face.

              LEIGH: Come on Charlie, I made it my mantra for my early twenties to study every single electrical spark her brain made. I learned a lot from her, how she worked and how she could use her powers for good. You and Xak could certainly learn a lot.

              XAK looks up at her.

              XAK: Thank you, Leigh.

              LEIGH: Don’t get emotional on me big guy, I’m not exactly one for tears.

              CHARLIE: Me either.

              She looks up at LEIGH who turns and looks at her also.

              LEIGH: Good to know.

              There is a pause.

              LEIGH: So what’ll it be momma – you’ve seen what I’m packing; no more bullets for you and yours, only a whole armoury for you to use against the legends. You game?

              CHARLIE looks around the room, at XAK and SEPHY nursing SIN, at PETRINA smiling, at DECLAN and LA-REE watching over all of them and then finally at DANTE and LANCE – eternally in love. She looks to LEIGH now.

              CHARLIE: You bet.

              XAK smiles at her.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX


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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES

                For the penultimate time, we are in the year 2042 and the old Queen, LEIGH SINCLAIR is smiling sincerely for the first time since she began her story.

                LEIGH: Oh Scribe... I wish you had been there.

                SCRIBE looks up at her, smiling softly at the tale.

                LEIGH: Saving Dante, teaching Sin and gaining Charlie’s trust. That day made me feel more a human than I thought ever possible. I had proved my worth at last and finally my crown was beginning to fit...

                She looks at him and winks.

                LEIGH: But not just yet...

                She laughs, softly.

                FLASH TO – WHITE

                OPEN ON – LOS ANGELES

                In the year 2008 it is the first early hours of the second day, the last day.

                SIN is still lying asleep, shackled to the corners of the room in her chains. DECLAN is sat nearby as she rouses. Groggy, she looks at him.

                SIN: Declan...

                He looks at her now too and moves closer. He smiles.

                DECLAN: Are you ok?

                SIN looks vacant now, remembering.

                SIN: I did it. I feel it in me still.

                He nods.

                DECLAN: You were amazing.

                SIN smiles.

                SIN: I controlled it.

                DECLAN: And you said that you weren’t that sexy when you were like that.

                SIN: Well, maybe we’ll keep the chains once we’re done stopping the apocalypse?

                DECLAN raises his eyebrows suggestively. He kisses her and they rest their foreheads against one another’s.

                SIN: (whispering) Thank you.

                DECLAN: I love you, you psycho.

                She laughs.

                CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

                In the alley behind XAK’S old apartment in Los Angeles everyone is gathered.

                SIN stands with DECLAN and LA-REE. SEPHY is stood with PETRINA and DANTE with LANCE. They can’t stop looking at one another.

                XAK and CHARLIE are stood with LEIGH facing the group.

                All of them, bar XAK, are armed with guns, knives, swords, bombs and grenades.

                All of them, especially XAK, are ready to end the war. XAK looks at them all.

                XAK: We don’t know exactly what defences Zeus will have in place but the building is likely to be fortified if the HQ is in fact the safe haven for the Acolytes. We’re going to have to move quickly – it’s already early afternoon in Greece which means that Zeus’s storm could be complete any time.

                LEIGH: I have access to the entire building, we should take advantage of that but stay together. This isn’t going to be a split up mission, we need to be a unit.

                CHARLIE: The plan is to get in and get Xak up to Zeus. We have enough power to take down security and a few low level Acolytes.

                XAK: Anyone who’s not game should say now.

                They all look around as no one speaks. PETRINA looks at XAK.

                PETRINA: Did you honestly expect anyone to say anything?

                He smiles at her.

                XAK: I did not. Let’s go...

                They all turn now, SEPHY takes the front.

                SEPHY: We’ll head to the park, being near nature will quicken my ability to move us to Athens.

                XAK holds back and as DANTE and LANCE pass him, he stops them.

                XAK: (quietly) Hey guys, hold back a second.

                CHARLIE looks at him and nods as she hurries everyone else after SEPHY.

                CHARLIE: (to the others) Come on!

                DANTE and LANCE look at XAK, confused.

                DANTE: Xak, what’s up?

                XAK: You’re not coming, neither of you.

                LANCE laughs.

                LANCE: Good one, Xak.

                XAK: I’m serious.

                DANTE: Look, I may be mortal but I’m not useless.

                XAK: I know. I know that very well – I’ve fought along both of you with or without your powers.

                DANTE: Then what the hell are you on, cutting us out of the fight?

                XAK: I have to.

                DANTE: Xak, don’t give me this bull, after everything...

                XAK: I love you both. Like brothers. After everything you’ve done and sacrificed for me, I can’t put you in danger.

                LANCE: You make us sound useless. We’re not just a love story with a happy ending.

                XAK: You kind of are, but I still need you.

                DANTE: Just not in the biggest fight you’ve ever had? That makes sense.

                XAK: Dante, If I fail today... If Zeus wins this.

                LANCE’S face drops.

                LANCE: Xak, don’t talk like that.

                XAK: If he does, I need you to be my second front. You’re the only men left alive that I trust enough to do this.

                DANTE and LANCE are silent now.

                XAK: Get what’s left of the Syndicate’s army in Cropley Shores. They’re stronger than I give them credit.

                DANTE: Xak...

                He hugs them both tightly and then breaks, smiling at them both.

                XAK: But what I’ve just said won’t matter because I’ll see you tomorrow...

                LANCE looks at him and nods, smiling.

                LANCE: (softly) Yeah, you will...

                XAK looks at them both and then turns, hurrying after the others. DANTE and LANCE stand alone in the alleyway. LANCE who watches until XAK disappears, turns to DANTE.

                LANCE: (quietly) What do we do now?

                DANTE smiles.

                DANTE: We have some hours to kill till’ the earliest flight to Cropley Shores...

                LANCE: Seems a bit inappropriate don’t you think?

                DANTE kisses him with the truest love.

                DANTE: Not even a little bit.

                He takes LANCE’S hand and leads him back inside the building.

                CUT TO - UNKNOWN

                The camera pans around a large circular room. It is the room in Wolfram and Hart that all the offices of the Senior Partners lead off from.

                In the centre of the room is a large circular table and there are around twelve chairs. The chair that previously was vacant has now been removed. Occupying all the others are the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart. Somehow though, all that is shown on the seat is a shadow – pure uncontrollable darkness.

                In the centre of a room is a sarcophagus.

                SENIOR PARTNER #4: So... we appear to have been deceived once again.

                SENIOR PARTNER #3: What is the diagnostic report of the situation?

                SENIOR PARTNER #9: Leigh Sinclair has made herself known to the realm of mortal humans once again, hidden only by her rankings amongst the god king, Zeus.

                SENIOR PARTNER #2: Encouraged by Leigh, the daughter Sin has now freed Dante of his contract with Wolfram and Hart. He is no longer indebted to us by his soul.

                SENIOR PARTNER #1: Do not forget that preparations have already been made through our last involvements with Dante, should this moment come to pass.

                SENIOR PARTNER #5: A moment that not only benefits us and punishes Dante, but one we have had in place as a future safeguard for millennia.

                The other partners murmur in agreement.

                SENIOR PARTNER #1: Our existences have too long become entangled with Dante Turnpike’s treacherous trail of deceit and dishonesty amongst our organisation. We did not build this company from the dramatic flairs of our juniors, we built it on the bones of the Old Ones - in honour of their greatness and now the time has come to remind him of our origin and to secure our future.

                SENIOR PARTNER #1 stands now, a tall looming shadow.

                SENIOR PARTNER #2: Rise, so we can activate the High Judge and save this pitiful world from those who currently wish to rule it and from the men who have betrayed us all.

                The other Senior Partners rise now and look at the sarcophagus in the middle of the room.

                CUT TO – ATHENS

                The camera shows an almost pitch black afternoon in Athens, Greece. A thick funnel of cloud has formed over the headquarters of Olympus Inc. Rain and thunder tortures the ground as people run in fear on the ground below; mere ants, pointing at the building that will bring the end of their lives.

                Panning down the building the camera shows the street leading up to it and an alleyway leading off.

                CUT TO – ATHENS

                Drenched from head to toe, LEIGH peers around the corner, she looks to the entrance of the building.

                LEIGH: Damn it...

                She pulls back into the alleyway. She turns to XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, PETRINA, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE.

                XAK: What is it?

                LEIGH: The other Acolytes got here before us... they know the truth about what happened in L.A.

                XAK hurries to the edge of the alleyway and peers around. He sees six or seven Acolytes hurrying into the building, ushered in by armed security. He sighs.

                XAK: Damn it, how bad is this?

                LEIGH: Well, the surprise is out the window... looks like we go in all guns.

                XAK: Where’s Zeus?

                LEIGH: Where do you think?

                They all move into the street and she gestures to the top floor. The room is buzzing with lightning from the sky.

                PETRINA: Looks like it’s top floor, Xak. You ready?

                XAK looks to CHARLIE.

                CHARLIE: He’s ready, he’s always been ready.

                LA-REE: Really, ‘cause I’m getting a bit wigged out by this whole apocalypse prospect.

                SEPHY touches her arm, supportively.

                SEPHY: Trust me dear, I’ve seen hundreds of them - they can all be stopped.

                LA-REE: That’s good to know.

                LEIGH looks at XAK.

                LEIGH: Whatever happens get to the top. Only you can do this, Xak. Topple Olympus...

                He looks up at the top floor, his friends, his family and his army behind him. He walks towards the building fearless and they follow.

                CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                Back in the room with the Senior Partners, they begin chanting in an ancient forgotten language - the language of the oldest. Their shadows now extend to the sarcophagus and as they touch the stone, a crystal on the lid begins to burn a crimson omen.

                SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0040

                The music begins to sound.

                CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

                The camera pans around the lounge in XAK’S old apartment. The room is lit with candles as the piano from the song begins to key into notion.

                The candle light reveals two bodies entwined on the floor, covered only by a blanket.

                DANTE TURNPIKE and LANCE EMORY.

                DANTE holds LANCE in his arms, smiling. He stares at the white of the ceiling and then briefly to the small burning passion from the candles. He sighs softly, content. He holds LANCE close to him, running his fingers through LANCE’S thick hair.

                DANTE: Let’s get married.

                LANCE smiles.

                LANCE: Ok.

                DANTE: We’ll go to somewhere far away and live just the two of us, forever.

                LANCE: That sounds nice.

                DANTE: And we should have children. I never wanted kids before but I want them now. I wanna have kids with you.

                LANCE laughs.

                LANCE: You’re insane.

                He lifts his head up and rests on his elbow so he is eye level with DANTE.

                He clears his throat, discomforted by something.

                DANTE: No I’m not. I’m in love.

                LANCE: But kids? Can you imagine Aunt Petrina taking them on a family slay? Or once a month where their daddy becomes a dog?

                DANTE laughs.

                DANTE: Crazier things have happened.

                LANCE: Yeah I guess they have.

                He coughs now. DANTE raises an eyebrow.

                DANTE: Want some water?

                LANCE blinks, confused.

                LANCE: No I’m fine I just...

                Suddenly, he coughs up blood. DANTE blinks, covered in his blood. He looks at LANCE, frightened.

                LANCE: (suddenly weak) Dante...

                DANTE sits up and tries to grab him but LANCE suddenly flies backwards and convulses on the floor. He stares at the ceiling, petrified, in deep pain. DANTE jumps up, mortified.

                DANTE: (shouting) Lance?! Lance!!

                LANCE suddenly catches his breath and everything slows down. DANTE kneels, resting LANCE’S head in his lap. The music turns tragically. Tears fall from DANTE’S eyes as he looks at LANCE.

                DANTE: I don’t understand... how is this happening... I...

                LANCE looks at him, realising what is coming.

                LANCE: Never forget that I...

                Then his expression freezes. LANCE EMORY takes his last breath and then he dies. The music stops and DANTE looks down at him, irreconcilable. He gasps for breath as he holds LANCE’S body, which is still.

                Suddenly he cries, screaming out. His scream booms loudly in complete agony for loss.

                He clutches LANCE and sobs into his chest.

                The camera moves up to LANCE’S face, to his eyes. They crystallise.

                They turn red.

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


                • #9
                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON – ATHENS

                  The camera shows five armed guards in the ground floor lobby of Olympus Inc.’s HQ.

                  They look alert. One of them eyes an approaching figure enter the building. The figure is LEIGH. She smiles at them, they recognise her. She gestures at her wet clothes.

                  LEIGH: Jeez guys, don’t rush to grab a Head Acolyte an umbrella...

                  All the guards look at her confused and then point their guns at her.

                  LEIGH: Whoa...

                  She smiles.

                  LEIGH: Too bad for you. I brought home a few visitors.

                  Lightning flashes and strikes just outside the building causing the lights to flash off and then on again. When the lights return, in the wake of a swift teleportation, XAK, CHARLIE, SIN PETRINA, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE are stood with LEIGH.

                  CHARLIE looks at LEIGH and smirks and then turns back to the guards who look stunned.

                  CHARLIE: And we’re not going anywhere.

                  CHARLIE snarls at the nearest guard and extends her hand sending him flying back with magical energy through one of the walls. LEIGH smiles and launches a punch at another guard, then tackling him to the floor.

                  One of the guards makes a move for SIN but DECLAN trips him up, sending him flying to the floor. He punches him in the face, knocking him out.

                  Another makes a move for PETRINA but she is ready, she dodges his attack, spins around and then kicks him in the back. He turns and points the gun at him but LA-REE hits him in the face, stunning him. He drops the gun and PETRINA catches it and shoots him in the leg. He cries out in pain.

                  PETRINA: Oh do be quiet.

                  She kicks him in the face, knocking him out.

                  XAK takes on another guard. He punches him and the guard pushes him back and aims his gun. He shoots but XAK dodges. He drops to the floor and sweeps the guard off his feet. The guard falls and as he does, XAK kicks him again and sends him flying through the window of the building into the outside rain drenched streets.

                  LEIGH takes the gun from the guard she tackles to the ground and holds it to his head, standing.

                  LEIGH: Leave this building and find safety in a new faction. This is not your home anymore.

                  The guard looks around at the gang as they advance on him. He stumbles to his feet and hurries out of the building. LEIGH disarms the gun and throws it to the floor.

                  LA-REE: Wow, that was easy.

                  LEIGH: That won’t be all, trust me. The Acolytes know we’re here and they’ll do anything to keep us from Zeus. Lucky for them, we’re just the distraction.

                  LEIGH reaches into her pocket and pulls out a key card. She holds it out to XAK.

                  LEIGH: On the northeast corner of the lobby, there is a hole that this fits into. It will grant you safe access to a stairway that leads to the observatory on the top floor. It’s where Zeus will be.

                  CHARLIE: We’ll distract the Acolytes long enough for you to stop him.

                  XAK nods.

                  XAK: Be safe all of you.

                  He kisses CHARLIE.

                  XAK: I love you.

                  She smiles.

                  CHARLIE: I love you too.

                  He turns now and hurries to the northeast corner of the lobby. SEPHY looks at them and then follows XAK.

                  SEPHY: (calling after him) Xak!

                  XAK turns as he reaches the key card holder, he sees SEPHY.

                  XAK: What are you doing?

                  SEPHY: I’m coming with you and if you even try to stop me, I will kick your ass.

                  XAK looks at her surprised, never hearing her sound more human before.

                  She raises an eyebrow and he almost laughs.

                  XAK: Alright.

                  He swipes the key card in the holder and the door opens. XAK and SEPHY hurry inside.

                  CUT TO – LOS ANGELES

                  A very different scene is being shown.

                  DANTE continues to clutch on to the body of his lover, LANCE. LANCE’S red crystallised eyes suddenly move and look at the man who is holding him. DANTE feels the movement and stops crying almost instantly.

                  DANTE: Lance?

                  DANTE is suddenly thrown backwards into the candles, which then fall to the floor causing a fire to surge throughout the room. DANTE coughs and looks to LANCE’S body, stunned. The body is no longer there.

                  DANTE looks up at the man stood before him. LANCE. His skin is flexed with red markings, his naked body is slowly becoming encased in what looks to be dark crimson stone armour. He stands expressionless. His hair now sparks red strands. His deep red eyes look around the room. DANTE shakes his head ignoring the fire raging around him.

                  DANTE: (scared) Lance?

                  LANCE looks at him... but DANTE knows it is not LANCE anymore.

                  LANCE: What year is it?

                  His voice is deep, inhuman and void of expression and emotion. DANTE sobs once again. Hearing the voice, he realises the truth.

                  DANTE: No... no Lance...

                  LANCE: Lance. That name pertains to this body, the one I reside in currently.

                  DANTE: An Old One... how?

                  LANCE was not LANCE anymore. He was an OLD ONE. The OLD ONE looks at DANTE once again.

                  OLD ONE: You are not confused by my presence?

                  DANTE breathes heavily, enraged by the OLD ONE’S words and becoming weaker from the black smoke and flames that govern the room.

                  DANTE: (seething) I am disgusted by your presence...

                  OLD ONE: I empathise with your pain, mortal. You have lost someone you feel for so that the High Judge may rise.

                  DANTE: The High Judge...

                  OLD ONE: Correct. I am the High Judge. Calen.

                  DANTE: (sobbing) Why...

                  CALEB: Lance Emory was fated to be my shell by the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart. His descendents through patriarch even deemed it so by marking his name as an anagram formation of my own.

                  DANTE’S mouth drops, aghast with shock.

                  DANTE: His father... no...

                  The OLD ONE/CALEN the High Judge looks around the room once again at the raging fire, unscathed and without fear.

                  CALEN: Now. What year is it that I have awoken in?

                  DANTE shakes his head, completely numb.

                  DANTE: 2008 of the mortal calendar... January 2nd...

                  CALEN looks at him.

                  CALEN: Then I do not have long to fulfil my occupation, for this world will certainly wilt without my aid.

                  He goes to leave but DANTE jumps up and grabs his arm. CALEN turns back to DANTE.

                  DANTE: (begging) Please... give him back to me...

                  CALEN: You know I could not, even if I wished to.

                  DANTE pulls on his arm and CALEN bats him away. Due to the sheer power of CALEN, DANTE soars back and through the window of the apartment just as the apartment explodes into flames.

                  DANTE falls in slow motion to the floor of the alley below; tears, glass, smoke and the ashes of his love all falling with him.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  CHARLIE, SIN, PETRINA, LEIGH, DECLAN and LA-REE make their way into the large atrium and are immediately faced with five Acolytes. They look at LEIGH angrily who immediately takes a handgun and begins shooting. The Acolytes dodge the attack and hurry at the gang. CHARLIE shoots a bolt of energy at one of them and it sends him flying through the window, screaming.

                  CHARLIE: Got one.

                  LEIGH aims her gun again and accurately shoots one of the Acolytes square in the chest, just as he goes to pull out a handgun. He falls back on the floor.

                  LEIGH: Me too.

                  CHARLIE smiles at her. The camera moves to PETRINA who squares off against one of the other Acolytes. She punches him and he stumbles backwards but quickly recovers and kicks her hard in the stomach. She falls backwards but rolls to her feet quickly. They exchange blows sharp and fast, each of them receiving bloody cuts from the hits. PETRINA reaches to her boot and pulls out a knife. She slices at his face but he punches her, knocking her back. He pulls out a knife of his own and jumps on top of her. Instinctively, she extends her hand, stabbing him in the chest. He grunts in pain and looks at her, then he dies. She kicks his body off of her and then elegantly jumps up to her feet.

                  Back in the fight, SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE are fighting against the two remaining Acolytes. DECLAN swings an axe at one of them but misses her. She retaliates by blocking his second blow and knocking the axe out of his hand. She punches him, knocking him to the ground. LA-REE kicks her and she falls into the nearby open elevator that the gang arrived in on. LA-REE pulls out one of her grenades and throws it into the elevator as the doors begin to close. The Acolyte screams, there is an explosion and then the elevator falls.

                  SIN takes on the last. She buzzes with energy and her eyes glaze with darkness as she dodges quick attacks from the Acolyte. He manages to get one punch in and then she grabs his throat and places her other hand on his chest. She stares into his eyes as she burns him almost instantaneously until all that is around her is dust and ash.

                  DECLAN looks up at her.

                  DECLAN: Whoa... not seen that before.

                  CHARLIE and LEIGH hurry to PETRINA and then they move to SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE. PETRINA helps up DECLAN.

                  LEIGH: Guys come on, this won’t be all of them...

                  SIN nods as she takes DECLAN’S hand. She smiles.

                  SIN: They don’t stand a chance.

                  The gang move towards the stairway and as they do, the camera pulls back to the Acolyte that LEIGH shot earlier. The camera closes in on the man’s chest. The bullet did not hit him - the bullet is embedded into his Acolyte necklace. His eyes open and quickly he rises to his feet pulling out his gun once again.

                  He points his gun at SIN. LA-REE turns and sees. Her face drops.

                  LA-REE: No!

                  LA-REE shoves SIN to the floor as the gun is fired. Everyone looks around at the Acolyte. This time LEIGH aims her gun and she shoots him in the neck. He falls back choking on his own blood. SIN looks around startled, she is unharmed. She looks at LA-REE who is breathing erratically on the floor.

                  SIN: (gasping) Oh no... no no no...

                  The camera moves to LA-REE now, showing that she is bleeding profusely from her stomach. She had been shot. She clutches the wound, desperately. SIN jumps up and grabs her, holding her in her arms, her hands clasping the wound. CHARLIE, PETRINA, LEIGH and DECLAN gather around, worried.

                  DECLAN: (breathless) Ree...

                  LEIGH: Declan, there’s a first aid kit in the office over there, go!

                  DECLAN nods and hurries in the direction she points. CHARLIE clasps her mouth as she watches SIN cry, holding her friend. LA-REE looks up at her desperately.

                  LA-REE: Wow that was a bit silly wasn’t it?

                  SIN looks at her, welling with tears.

                  SIN: Why did you do that?

                  LA-REE: I think you’re a bit more important than me...

                  She winces at the pain.

                  LA-REE: Ow, it hurts... it hurts...

                  SIN: I know it does, I know it does.

                  She gasps, feeling the blood pump out of LA-REE’S body.

                  SIN: You listen to me, La-Ree Catherwood. You are not less important than me, or anyone. You’re one of the bravest, strongest women I have ever met and I love you so much.

                  LA-REE laughs.

                  LA-REE: Don’t get all soppy on me...

                  Then, her erratic breaths stop and her expression freezes. SIN looks at her devastated, realising that her best friend has just died. She releases her hand from LA-REE’S wound. CHARLIE and LEIGH watch, saddened. PETRINA looks away, gritting her teeth. DECLAN hurries back, a first aid kit in hand.

                  DECLAN: (panicking) I have it, what do I do...

                  PETRINA looks at him and touches his arm.

                  PETRINA: Declan...

                  DECLAN looks down at LA-REE’S lifeless body and his face drops.

                  DECLAN: (quietly) Ree?

                  SIN look up at him, her hands covered in LA-REE’S blood. She stares enraged and then places LA-REE’S body to the ground. SIN’S body begins brimming with vengeful energy and she darts towards the stairs to the higher levels. CHARLIE and PETRINA hurry after her while DECLAN looks down at his friend’s body on the floor. LEIGH moves to him.

                  LEIGH: She was very brave doing that, she’s a hero.

                  DECLAN looks at LA-REE, numb.

                  DECLAN: She can’t... she can’t die.

                  LEIGH: I know this is hard but you need to help Sin. You need to keep her grounded...

                  She pulls on his arm.

                  LEIGH: (softly) I’m really sorry... but we have to go...

                  DECLAN swallows, he drops the first aid kit. He toughens his muscles and breathes deeply. He looks at LA-REE one last time and then bends down. He kisses her forehead and closes her eyes for her.

                  DECLAN: I won’t let this be for nothing.

                  He stands and though wanting to hesitate, he knows he must leave. LEIGH and DECLAN now hurry after the others. The camera moves from LA-REE’S body and pans to the window.

                  CUT TO –

                  The camera moves to the window and out into the stormy city as the apocalypse continues to rage. The camera soars up the edge of the building, through the lightning and the thunder raging around the summit. As the camera reaches the top floor, the camera shows that the top floor is actually an empty observatory with a king stood in the centre. The king is ZEUS. The camera moves through the fogging thunder clouds and into the observatory.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  ZEUS, the king of the gods, is dressed in a greying suit watching the sky with his silver eyes, controlling its every movement. He extends his fingers and his limbs, every movement causing a fluctuation around the globe as he closes his murderous storms over the officials ruling it. He stops and cocks his head, sensing a presence lurking. In the lone stairway leading to the observatory, two people stand, staring at him. They are XAK and SEPHY. ZEUS turns to them, momentarily stopping the surging of the storms.

                  ZEUS: Well this is a sight.

                  SEPHY looks at him with slight fear. XAK notices, the first sign of this emotion on her face.

                  SEPHY: Father...

                  ZEUS narrows his silver gaze at her.

                  ZEUS: You dare to refer to me still as a parent, when all this is your doing.

                  SEPHY shakes her head.

                  SEPHY: No...

                  ZEUS: Well, you speak a sense of truth.

                  ZEUS snaps his head to XAK.

                  ZEUS: The fault of this is also his.

                  ZEUS extends a hand towards XAK and he flies back crashing into the wall. He falls to the floor, winded, the force great.

                  SEPHY: (shouting in protest) No!

                  She moves in front of XAK, protectively.

                  SEPHY: (to ZEUS) You will not hurt him! You will stop this ridiculous threat on the world!

                  ZEUS looks at her, curious.

                  ZEUS: Why would I concede to you, Persephone? You have proved the most brazen of my breed and the cause of my deepest pains.

                  SEPHY breathes, softer.

                  SEPHY: (more relaxed) Look around, father. Where I walk, flowers do not grow anymore; the animals still frolic even though The United has fallen; the sun still shines despite the fact the god that rules it has been slaughtered and even though you ordered my mother’s murder, I still continue to fight for the future of this world... the one she helped to nourish and care for.

                  ZEUS laughs and then storm clouds clap in applause of his jovial noise.

                  ZEUS: I am the future of this world, Persephone – you are not fighting an apocalypse standing opposite me tonight. All I want is for this world to be ruled as it once was. For too long we have let this world become reliant to men and mortals. Look at your daughter and her soul mate... they will tear this world apart and for what - a happy family?

                  SEPHY looks to XAK who still is hurt. She shakes her head, turning back to her father.

                  SEPHY: They’re fighting for peace, something I had hoped you would allow. I see now that I am wrong.

                  ZEUS: They are not fighting for peace, Persephone. Do not be so juvenile as to place such trust in humans.

                  SEPHY: And you do not? You have warrior humans slaughtering your own merely to further your own powers?

                  He smirks at her.

                  ZEUS: I am not naive enough to believe that this world will survive with gods as the only inhabitants. Gods need their subjects and my Acolytes serve as that function. They are more precious to me now than my own heavenly brothers and sisters. They are the future and Hades and I will be their ruler...

                  She laughs.

                  SEPHY: Then it will discomfort you to know that the future you hold so dear and precious has perished.

                  ZEUS narrows his eyes at her.

                  ZEUS: You lie.

                  SEPHY: Have you not noticed us killing the ones you had do your bidding? Are you so out of touch with the mortal prayer that you did not feel your more treasured ones leave this plane in Los Angeles only yesterday? Or the ones who are being slaughtered like mere cattle downstairs as we speak?

                  ZEUS grunts in anger, tightening his fist. SEPHY looks unfazed by his anger.

                  SEPHY: We have been destroying them for the last calendar year and you barely even noticed. You gained your only uses from them when they killed your enemies, something you were too cowardly to commit to yourself.

                  He snarls at her. Still she does not relent.

                  SEPHY: You were too blinded by your own greed and obsession with being the legend king you still think you are to see that your own creations have wilted at your feet - all of this happening while you stare at the heavens longing for acceptance and relevance once again.

                  ZEUS: (booming) Quiet Persephone, do not force my hand...

                  SEPHY sighs, almost in acceptance.

                  SEPHY: Do what you must, for I do not respect you nor bow to your command anymore.

                  ZEUS: That is a shame, for I confess I still retained some small hope that you would concede to the true power once again.

                  SEPHY: There is no true power... we are all dead to it.

                  ZEUS: You may have accepted the death of our reign but I do not.

                  She stands, defiant as XAK goes to stand once again.

                  ZEUS: Did you, and all the other gods and goddesses who have betrayed me, truly expect me to sit idly by and watch while the world I once ruled was usurped by a dragon man who is not even fit to walk in mythology’s shadow let alone stalk it?!

                  SEPHY: Perhaps you should have, for then you would still have the respect and love of your family.

                  He snarls at her, enraged and roars. He extends his arm into the air and pulls down all the lightning he can from the sky into his own body. He thrusts his other arm towards SEPHY and the lighting shoots towards her at a startling rate. She closes her eyes, her fate accepted. But she is not hit. XAK jumps to his feet and he pushes her out of the way, standing defiant in the lightning’s path. He is hit. Instantly he screams in agony as he is hit with the full force of the legend king’s storm and SEPHY watches, horrified.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  LEIGH and DECLAN make their way into the seventh floor lobby to a sight they wish they hadn’t. SIN rages through the floor with an axe in one hand and a machete in the other. She slices through her enemies with unrelenting ferocity and grace as the camera reveals over forty Acolytes surrounding the open plan room. Behind SIN, CHARLIE moves with PETRINA, guarding the mourning hybrid as she carves her way through the room. LEIGH and DECLAN follow as they see more Acolytes arriving.

                  DECLAN: God, they’re everywhere...

                  LEIGH: This must be the haven. They’ve come from all over.

                  The floor is surrounded with emergency supplies and weapons. There are television screens on the walls showing events from the capital cities of the world. Every location boasts a sky black with storm and a population rife with terror and fear. This was the Acolyte haven.

                  LEIGH turns and throws a knife at one of the female Acolytes that is hurrying to attack DECLAN. It embeds into her chest and the Acolyte falls back dead. DECLAN looks at LEIGH.

                  DECLAN: Thanks.

                  LEIGH smirks and then continues fighting by his side as a group of three Acolytes attack them. They fight as a unit, completing one another’s blows and perfectly complimenting the defences of the other.

                  Back with the others, PETRINA notices an Acolyte making a move for CHARLIE. She reaches into her boot and pulls out a long knife. She throws it towards CHARLIE.

                  PETRINA: Charlie!

                  CHARLIE turns and sees the knife. She grabs it and swings around stabbing the Acolyte, killing him. She turns to PETRINA with a thankful look and PETRINA smiles back. Then in the wake of their small triumph, everything is lost as an arrow is fired from an Acolyte’s crossbow and the Watcher is struck. PETRINA’S eyes widen as the arrow pierces her chest and protrudes through her body the other side. CHARLIE’S face drops as PETRINA looks down at the arrow and then up to the assailant – an Acolyte stood atop a table on the other side of the room.

                  SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS – 1953

                  The music begins to play as CHARLIE turns to the Acolyte and extends a hand. The Acolyte bursts into flames instantly and runs screaming the room. The noise from the room and of the murder and the mayhem extinguishes with the life of PETRINA’S murderer. All that can be heard is the music.

                  PETRINA falls to her knees and she clutches at the arrow, in pain. PETRINA’S breaths can be heard, sharp and fast.

                  She looks up as CHARLIE hurries towards her. SIN, LEIGH and DECLAN are aware of what has happened but continue to fight, giving CHARLIE passage to PETRINA.

                  CHARLIE drops to her knees and the only sound that can be heard for the next interaction is the sound of the music and of the two talking.

                  CHARLIE: I can take it out. I can save you...

                  PETRINA looks up at her.

                  PETRINA: (short) You can’t. My heart’s broken. I can feel it, grazed.

                  She looks at CHARLIE, morbid.

                  PETRINA: It’s fluttering.

                  CHARLIE grits her teeth, saddened as the music swells.

                  CHARLIE: It wasn’t all for nothing, Petrina. You were wrong about that.

                  PETRINA smiles at her and then falls to her side, feeling the life fade from her quicker than she anticipated. She looks at CHARLIE once more, shivering.

                  PETRINA: Prove an arrogant Watcher wrong, Charlie... please...

                  CHARLIE: I will, for you and your sister...

                  Then as the piano solo plays, PETRINA RAE’S eyes close, finally at peace. Behind her eyelids she sees an image of the last word she ever heard – “sister” – and she feels complete.

                  CHARLIE looks down at her and then stands, seething with rage for the death of a good woman. As the sound of the fight returns, the music heightens.

                  In a flurry of magical energy, CHARLIE and SIN, alongside LEIGH and DECLAN surge into a triumph against the remaining Acolytes in the room that they were falsely promised safety.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  The music is suddenly extinguished by the sound of a storm - the final storm between god and man. XAK continues to stand his ground as the lightning continues to hit him from ZEUS, who stares at him intently. XAK clenches his fist, pained.

                  ZEUS: (echoing) Fall dark hero... you will find no victory here.

                  The lightning begins to tear the fabric from XAK’S shirt revealing what is underneath. Then, the king releases a gasp seeing what his own weapon has revealed. His silver eyes gaze at what the destroying fabric of XAK’S shirt is showing: LEIGH SINCLAIR’S Acolyte necklace, which is rooting all of the energy that ZEUS is firing at him. XAK tilts his head down and looks at ZEUS.

                  XAK: And I beat you without even flexing a muscle.

                  ZEUS’S eyes widen.

                  ZEUS: No...

                  The lightning suddenly stops pouring from the heavens and begins firing back at ZEUS from the necklace. ZEUS closes his eyes and roars in pain as the lightning begins tearing his immortal existence to shreds. XAK continues to stand defiantly as the force of the lightning almost pushes him back towards the wall. SEPHY watches the scene from the floor, staring at her father. The lightning pulls ZEUS into the middle of the observatory and he looks down at XAK, almost apologetically.

                  ZEUS: You fool... you have no idea what you have brought upon this world now.

                  The camera closes in on ZEUS’S face.

                  ZEUS: There’s a reason mythologies are not erased.

                  Then he tilts his head to the heavens and in a blinding white light, he explodes. XAK and SEPHY squint and XAK falls to the floor from the force.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  CHARLIE, SIN, LEIGH and DECLAN all are forced back as the white light from the explosion on the top floor extends to their location. The light spares them but takes with it the remaining Acolytes, finally purging the world of their existence

                  CUT TO - ATHENS

                  As the light dies down, XAK and SEPHY remain on the floor unmoving. As she feels a break in the clouds bringing blue and sunlight from on high, SEPHY’S eyes flutter to look upon a new time. She looks around the room. All signs of her father’s reign and existence are gone, extinguished at last. She looks to XAK and hurries to his side.

                  SEPHY: Xak...

                  She shakes him and rolls him over to look at her. His eyes slowly open. She looks down to his body, noticing that the emblem from LEIGH’S Acolyte necklace has now been burnt deep into the skin of his chest.

                  SEPHY: (concerned) Xak, are you ok?!

                  He looks at her, clearly weak.

                  XAK: (hoarse) Did I get him?

                  SEPHY cries, laughing with joy and relief. The camera closes in on XAK’S face as he realises the truth – he has toppled the king of the gods, the entity that has aimed to destroy him and his family for years. That entity was now dead.

                  He smiles.

                  FLASH TO – WHITE.

                  FADE TO – MANHATTAN

                  As the light dies down the camera shows two black cars pulling up outside of XAK’S apartment in Manhattan. Someone is watching from the window of his apartment.

                  The person is SEPHY.

                  CUT TO – MANHATTAN

                  From inside the apartment we can see SEPHY watching the arrival of the black cars from the lounge. She is dressed sophisticatedly in a black dress. She turns to the others in the room.

                  CAPTION: TWO WEEKS LATER.

                  SEPHY: The cars are here...

                  In the room are SIN, DECLAN and LEIGH. SIN is sat with DECLAN who is clearly distressed and upset. She holds his hand tightly, lovingly. All of them are dressed in respectful mourning attire. LEIGH moves through the lounge to the kitchen.

                  CUT TO – MANHATTAN

                  LEIGH: It’s time.

                  CHARLIE is in the room, looking at DANTE who sits vacantly at the dining table with a glass of single malt. His face is covered in cuts and bruises from the fall into the alley. His arm is in a cast. CHARLIE looks at LEIGH.

                  CHARLIE: Give us a minute...

                  LEIGH nods.

                  LEIGH: Of course.

                  She smiles weakly and then leaves.

                  CHARLIE moves over to DANTE and sits beside him at the table. He looks tired and worn, his eyes blood shot from endless crying. She pauses respectfully and then takes his hand and squeezes it.

                  CHARLIE: (softly) We have to go now, Dante. We have to say goodbye now.

                  DANTE looks at her.

                  DANTE: Goodbye? At least Petrina and La-Ree found some sense of peace in dying the way they did. Lance was just... erased.

                  CHARLIE looks choked at this.

                  CHARLIE: We’ll find Lance, wherever he is we’ll find him.

                  DANTE shakes his head, weak.

                  DANTE: You don’t get it... we can’t find him. He’s not even dead, his soul is just gone and this thing - this Old One - is just walking around in his body like it’s a piece of clothing. No one comes back from that.

                  CHARLIE looks down.

                  DANTE: He’ll walk like Lance, look like him and even speak the way he did but it won’t be Lance, it’ll never be Lance.

                  He downs his drink.

                  DANTE: So come on, let’s say goodbye...

                  Sombre and sad he stands with a frown and walks out of the lounge and to the door of the apartment. He leaves. He is followed by CHARLIE, SIN, DECLAN and LEIGH.

                  CUT TO – MANHATTAN

                  SEPHY lingers for a moment and waits as XAK descends the stairs in his suit. He looks at her.

                  XAK: (quietly) I don’t want to do this.

                  SEPHY: I know.

                  XAK: Hades is still out there, the eldest of them. We need to find him and...

                  SEPHY: (cutting him off) Hades will be dealt with, in time. He poses no immediate threat to us. In fact I do not feel his presence anywhere. You should be focussing on what comes next and what you will do when all this is over for that time now looms closer than ever.

                  SEPHY looks at him, wondering. XAK considers this.

                  XAK: I have no idea.

                  SEPHY: Hopefully, though it might be naive of me to suggest such a thing...

                  The camera closes in on her face.

                  SEPHY: You will find peace.

                  The camera moves to XAK now who looks doubtful.

                  XAK: I don’t know if I can feel something that I have never had.

                  SEPHY: You shall, I am sure of it...

                  She then smiles reassuringly and holds out her hand to XAK. He takes it and she puts an arm around him. Together, they leave the apartment.

                  FADE TO – NEW YORK

                  The camera pans down from the sky of a beautiful afternoon in upper state New York to a funeral and two coffins holding the bodies of two good women.

                  This was the funeral of LA-REE CATHERWOOD and PETRINA RAE.

                  Stood at the feet of the coffins are the small group of mourners – XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LEIGH and DECLAN. SEPHY stands at the front of the coffins, officiating. Everyone looks numb at the scene.

                  SEPHY: La-Ree and Petrina were two women who have changed us all greatly in the time they spent with us.

                  The camera pans to SIN and DECLAN.

                  SEPHY: La-Ree showed that even in times of great doubt of self-worth, you can still find direction, truth and aim. She was a beautiful wonder who was taken far too early in her journey. She gave up her life so that those who she thought had a greater purpose could continue.

                  SIN wipes a tear from her eye and breathes softly to compose herself.

                  SEPHY: But the truth is, no life is more important than a life of a heroic, brave woman.

                  The camera moves now to PETRINA’S coffin.

                  SEPHY: And Petrina Rae who we learned to love just as much as her darling sister...

                  The camera moves to XAK and CHARLIE. DANTE is stood behind them. XAK tightens his arm around CHARLIE and looks sadly at PETRINA’S coffin.

                  As SEPHY continues to read PETRINA’S eulogy, DANTE notices someone walking towards them. This someone was a something. CALEN.

                  DANTE breaks away from the eulogies and walks towards CALEN who approaches DANTE, intrigued. DANTE looks at him, confused and devastated. He tries to maintain composure, clenching his unbroken fist.

                  DANTE: (quietly) Why are you here?

                  CALEN cocks his head.

                  CALEN: I have grown familiar of this world, accumulated the knowledge I need to proceed.

                  DANTE: Do you want me to congratulate you?

                  CUT TO –

                  LEIGH looks over to DANTE, sees he is not there and looks around the area. She sees him talking to CALEN. LEIGH grabs XAK’S arm.

                  LEIGH: Xak...

                  She points to DANTE. XAK sees and then everyone else turns.

                  CUT TO –

                  DANTE and CALEN continue to talk.

                  CALEN: You confuse me with you arrogance. This event includes you, were you not aware?

                  XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, SEPHY LEIGH and DECLAN slowly move to them, confused by the physical presence that is CALEN. DANTE looks at him curiously.

                  DANTE: The funeral?

                  CALEN: This mortal rite? No. I am talking about the god race you have murdered.

                  SEPHY: One still remains.

                  CALEN: You are incorrect, low goddess. The twelve charged with your mythology have now all been extinguished.

                  Everyone listens to this, surprised by the news that somehow HADES had been killed. XAK approaches CALEN, cautiously. He is taken aback by how CALEN looks like LANCE.

                  XAK: (wary) What do you mean?

                  CALEN snaps to XAK and is taken aback by his presence.

                  CALEN: (distracted) You are him, just as I dreamed. You are right to stand in this spot, for this is where it shall form.

                  XAK: Where what shall form?

                  CALEN: The chasm.

                  Then the ground begins to shake.

                  The group hold on to one another as at an alarming rate, the ground begins to cave in beneath their very feet revealing an eternal looking chasm below. The first to fall into the hole is CALEN, willingly jumping into the darkness with the falling earth.

                  Then DANTE falls, almost willing seduced.

                  XAK watches horrified and tries moving everyone away from the ever increasing hole that is forming in the graveyard.

                  XAK: Run!

                  They all do as he says, hurrying away from the growing chasm. They are not fast enough. The hole catches up with them – almost chasing particularly members of the group.

                  SEPHY falls into the hole, closely followed by CHARLIE and then XAK. The three of them fall in after DANTE and CALEN.

                  Feeling the hole catching up with her, SIN panics and pushes DECLAN away from the edge. He soars through the air and lands safely on the ground as the hole now suddenly stops forming. It is now over a hundred foot in diameter. DECLAN looks back at SIN, horrified.

                  DECLAN: Sin!

                  She looks at him as she realises she cannot make it to safety. She reaches for him but then she too falls into the hole.

                  Nearing the edge, LEIGH jumps. She misses, but she does not fall with the others. She clings on to the periphery of the chasm with her finger tips. DECLAN rushes to her and grabs her arms and tries to pull her to safety. She looks at him desperately. He struggles to pull her up. The gaping dark chasm lies below, beckoning to her.

                  DECLAN: (pleading) Leigh, help me out here!

                  She looks at him, her slip gripping with the moist soil crumbling around the edge of the hole.

                  Then, someone approaches DECLAN - a WOMAN.

                  WOMAN (O/S): Hey are you ok?

                  He turns, surprised by the voice and the presence of the WOMAN. His grip loosens and LEIGH SINCLAIR falls.

                  The camera focuses on her falling deep into the abyss in slow motion.

                  FLASH TO – WHITE

                  OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES
                  THRONE ROOM – INT.FORTRESS – NIGHT

                  In the year 2042, the old tired Queen, LEIGH SINCLAIR is almost asleep as her story comes to a close.

                  LEIGH: (drowsy) I fell into that chasm, I knew...

                  She yawns and then sits up, trying to be more alert.

                  LEIGH: I would emerge a different woman.

                  She tries to blink away the tiredness. SCRIBE looks at her.

                  SCRIBE: Rest my queen, it has been a long night for you.

                  She smiles and then looks at him.

                  LEIGH: You are right, I...

                  LEIGH notices something on SCRIBE that intrigues her - a red light appears on his forehead. She widens her eyes as she realises it is a sniper scope. A shot is fired and SCRIBE is killed instantly. Wide awake, LEIGH drops to the floor and hides behind her throne. She reaches for a futuristic looking gun inside her gown. She pants for breath.

                  LEIGH: (calling out) Helen, where are you?!

                  LEIGH looks at the female guard who was situated outside the door guarding the throne room. This female guard is now revealed to be HELEN PRIME. The door to the throne room is open and HELEN lies dead on the floor outside. LEIGH clasps her mouth as over a dozen armed government agents fill the room. They corner her behind her throne and aim their many guns at her. She looks at them stern, unrelenting. She throws her gun on the floor but does not raise her arms in surrender.

                  LEIGH: You may kill me if you want to. It is not a secret that the President wants me dead, but know this: it will not stop this world’s true government... and it will not stop The Golden Acolytes...

                  She closes her eyes as all the agents arm their guns.

                  CUT TO BLACK

                  Then, dozens of rounds are fired and a Queen is murdered.

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER


                  Main Cast:
                  MILO VENTIMIGLIA as XAK THORN
                  SUMMER GLAU as SIN
                  CHRIS EVANS as DANTE TURNPIKE
                  MELISSA GEORGE as PETRINA RAE
                  with PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY
                  and HUNTER PARRISH as DECLAN HIX

                  Supporting Cast (in order of appearance):
                  TOM ALDREDGE as SCRIBE
                  ALASTAIR DUNCAN as COLLINS
                  JEFF RICKETTS as WEATHERBY
                  KEVIN OWERS as SMITH
                  PARMINDER NAGRA as JAZZ BHAT
                  GEORGE TAKEI as GENERAL ZI
                  TOM RILEY as FRANCIS ISHERWOOD
                  JEFF FAHEY as ZEUS

                  Special Mention:
                  DEADMAU5 - FML
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0040
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS – 1953
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