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RAIN: 1.10 Runnin' Down a Dream (Part Two)

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  • RAIN: 1.10 Runnin' Down a Dream (Part Two)

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off almost two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.10 Runnin’ Down a Dream (P2)

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)




    We start right at the cliff-hanger from the previous episode but from a different perspective.

    CUT TO-

    We see BELLA in KEELEY PONG’S body on the bed in a deep sleep but her eye lids are shifting back and forth. We hear some of the dialogue from the living room between RAIN and her friends just before BUFFY, GILES and WILLOW shows up.

    RAIN: (OS) The spell did work, didn’t it?

    BELLA: (OS) Yes.

    NICK: (OS) It couldn’t have… because you’re still Rain... Rain.

    RAIN: (OS) Who are you?

    BELLA: (OS) Keeley Pong. (Beat) It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Rain Mason.

    The dialogue echoes and then fades.


    We see BELLA strapped to a wooden table but as KEELEY as if she’s experiencing her nightmares. She is unable to move her head but can still speak. There is a light above her that’s blinking off and on. We hear water dripping in the background. The COLLECTOR appears in the light.

    COLLECTOR: Hello Keeley. (Smiles) I’m sorry we’re meeting under such difficult circumstances but business is business.

    BELLA/KEELEY: (cries) I didn’t see anything-

    COLLECTOR: (touches her hair) -shh...

    KEELEY: Don’t-don’t do this!

    COLLECTOR: Such a pretty voice. (Beat) Shame you’re about to lose it.

    He opens his suitcase and we see an array of surgical instruments.

    COLLECTOR: (mutters) Drats. It seems I’ve left my instructions at home. Ah well... no worries. (Utters some words in a different language; a paper suddenly appears in his hand) There we are.

    The COLLECTOR reads it to himself as if mentally remembering. He puts down the instructions.

    KEELEY: I-I have family- please don’t...

    COLLECTOR: (smiles) I have two children myself. I’d show you some pictures but now is not really the time, is it?

    KEELEY cries.

    COLLECTOR: Would you like a little music to calm the nerves? (Beat; nods) I’ve got just the song.

    He snaps his fingers and Classics IV’s Spooky starts playing. We hear:

    In the cool of the evening when
    everything is getting kind of groovy
    I call you up and ask you
    if you want to go and meet and see a movie

    The COLLECTOR grabs bottled water and sprinkles some black powder in it. He shakes it then brings the bottle to her mouth.

    First you say no
    You’ve got some plans for the night
    And then you stop, and say, all right
    Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you

    COLLECTOR: (grabs her chin; opens her mouth) Now, are you thirsty? This is a wonderful little drink, guaranteed to quench any thirst and it tastes just like black liquorice you know. (KEELEY tries to resists) Oh Come on now.

    KEELEY chokes on the liquid, trying to spit it out but he is able to get her to swallow it.

    KEELEY: (disgusted; gasps again) Wh-what was that?!

    COLLECTOR: Just the first step to removing your voice. (Beat) Now... you’ll feel the effects in a few minutes. I can’t have you moving while I do the procedure, now can I?

    If you decide to stop
    This little game that you’re playin’
    I’m gonna tell you all the things
    My heart’s been a-dying to be sayin’

    The COLLECTOR obtains a needle made out of bone that already has suture thread in it.

    COLLECTOR: (to KEELEY) Is the patient ready?

    KEELEY: (cries) Please-please don’t.

    Just like a ghost
    You’ve been a-hauntin’ my dreams
    So I’ll propose on Halloween
    Love is kinda Crazy with a spooky girl like you

    The COLLECTOR’S hand slowly moves towards her mouth. He starts the first incision with the needle. The camera moves away and fades into black but we still hear the song followed by blood curdling screams.

    Spooky, spooky
    Oh, whoa, all right, I said spooky
    Oh, yeah, yeah, I said spooky
    Yeah, yeah,
    Oh spooky, spooky
    I said spooky


    We’re back to the guest room where BELLA is in KEELEY’S body on the bed. The camera pans back as we hear the rest of the dialogue in the living room.

    KEELEY: (OS) You should pay more attention to your visions. We’re connected… (Softly) into each generation... all the world...

    RAIN: (OS) You’re a slayer? You’re... a Chosen One like-


    MADELINE: (OS) Buffy?

    BUFFY: (OS) The one and only. Only, not so much these days. Used to be just me but now it’s more like Chosen Ones; plural... because of the scythe, the spell thingy and all of the potential slayers... it’s a whole thing.

    NICK: (OS) Okay who the hell is Buffy? (Beat) No don’t tell me. I think I’m getting a headache.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.

    Special thanks to:

    Tangent and Thomas
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    ACT I


    RAIN and her friends as well as KEELEY are all looking at BUFFY, GILES and WILLOW.

    MADELINE: What are you doing here?

    RAIN’s eyes widen as she recognizes BUFFY and WILLOW from her dreams.

    BUFFY: We saw lights twirling around outside the apartment window. It looked like a lot like someone did a spell. Care to tell me what just happened, Madeline?

    NICK: What’s going on? Who are these people?

    BUFFY: (walks closer; to MADELINE) I think the question should be what did you do to my slayer? (Points to KEELEY in BELLA’S body) Last time I checked, she wasn’t a blonde.

    RAIN: (lets go of MICHAEL; confronts BUFFY) Excuse me? Your slayer? She’s not a piece of property.

    BUFFY: I’m just trying to assess the situation here.

    RAIN: You just burst into my apartment, that’s what happened.

    BUFFY: We didn’t burst in. There was no bursting. We strolled in. It was a stroll.

    RAIN: (scoffs) Whatever.

    MADELINE: Rain...

    RAIN: (throws her hand up in the air) I don’t have time to deal with this. I need to check on Bella.

    BUFFY: Who’s Bella?

    RAIN: (bitterly) My best friend. She’s the one trapped in your slayer’s body.

    BUFFY: I really think we should-

    RAIN: -Look, I get that you’re top dog in ‘Slayerverse’ or whatever, but right now I’m going check on my friend. Is that all right with you Buffy?

    BUFFY backs off just as RAIN marches pass her into guestroom. NICK gives BUFFY an awkward glance and then follows after RAIN.

    BUFFY: (turns around to GILES and WILLOW) Well... that didn’t go as expected. I probably should have knocked, huh?

    CUT TO:

    RAIN is kneeling by the bed just as NICK quietly closes the door.

    RAIN: (realizes NICK is with her) Nick...

    NICK: (softly) I... I just figured you need a friend.

    RAIN doesn’t reply. In defeat, she lets him stay during a private moment. He leans against the wall. At first RAIN attempts to touch KEELEY’S hand knowing BELLA is inside but she quickly pulls back. Her eyes start to water.

    RAIN: I’m so sorry, Bella... had I known this was going to happen... I wouldn’t have done it. (Voice breaks) We’ll get back you in once piece. I promise. I’ll do whatever it takes.

    The camera pans back as she covers her face with her arms on the bed and begins to cry. We still see NICK leaning against the wall looking away.

    CUT TO:

    ROWE and CALUM are sitting in the backseat of the car. It seems they’re running late.

    ROWE: Well the coven seemed kind of antsy didn’t they?

    CALUM: They’re always like that. (Sees ROWE is fidgeting) Are you all right, Mr. Edwards?

    ROWE looks out the window. His hand starts to shake again.

    CALUM: Mr. Edwards?

    ROWE grabs his hand without CALUM seeing.

    CALUM: Everything okay?

    ROWE: Sure... I’m having the time of my life.

    CALUM is skeptical.

    ROWE: (out of the blue) The company’s force field... does it have addictive properties?

    CALUM: Are you worried you’ll be tempted to do magic again just because you’re near it? (Shakes his head) No there are no addictive properties. I mean you’re clean, super-duper clean.

    ROWE doesn’t reply.

    CALUM: I assure you, the cleansing process; it’s designed to get rid of all forms of addiction in your system. The demon that healed you? Very rare species. (Sees ROWE is wondering how he knows; nods) I read the file. It’s part of my job description... remember? Research? I promise you; you have no magic in your system.

    ROWE: So if I did a spell...?

    CALUM: The spell wouldn’t work. It’s like a cure in a way, if you think about it. (To himself; rambles) I guess it’s kind of like a mystical binding process but... not really. (Waves a hand) It’s really complicated. (Beat) Anyway, I’ve just texted to the Ma’lphas tribe to let them know we’re running late.

    ROWE: (mumbles) I bet they’re cranky. (Beat) So who’s next?

    CALUM: We’re meeting with a Seer and then a family of warlocks.

    ROWE: I take that back, they’re going to be really cranky. (Sighs) Is this day ever going to end?

    ROWE glances out the window again, still holding onto his hand.

    CUT TO:

    OLIVER hands KEELEY some tea and sits down next to her while MICHAEL is looking out the window. GILES and WILLOW are standing awkwardly. BUFFY approaches KEELEY.

    BUFFY: Are you okay? You’re not hurt anywhere?

    KEELEY: (sips her tea) I’m fine. Rain and her friends have been taking good care of me.

    BUFFY: (nods with relief) Good. (Glances over to MADELINE who is sitting on one of the chairs) Madeline?

    MADELINE: (looks up) Yes, Buffy?

    BUFFY: How did this happen?

    MADELINE: Sh-shouldn’t we wait for Rain?

    BUFFY: I think we need to figure what’s going on here quickly, don’t you?

    RAIN: (OS) Actually, I think an introduction would be nice.

    EVERYONE looks over to RAIN and NICK who are now in the hallway.

    MADELINE: (stands up) How is Bella?

    RAIN: (wipes her eyes) She’s sleeping but... I don’t know. (Beat) I think she’s okay... for now. (Folds her arms) So... (Exhales sharply) I know you’re Buffy Summers... and (nods to WILLOW) you’re Willow Rosenburg but you mister, (to GILES) you never appeared in my visions. So who are you?

    GILES: (clears throat) I’m Rupert Giles. (Nods to MADELINE) I perform the same role for Buffy as Ms Blake does for yourself… or at least I used to.

    RAIN: You’re Buffy’s Watcher? (Smirks) I dig the accent.

    GILES give an awkward smile.

    BUFFY: Ew... gross. (To GILES) Why is it it’s always the brunettes- (shakes her head) never mind.

    MICHAEL: (steps in; puts his hand in GILES’) I’m Michael Corbis. We spoke over the phone... Agent Parson?

    GILES: Ah, yes of course. (To OLIVER) And you’re...?

    OLIVER: (stands up; greets him) Oliver Vallon. I’m a business associate of Michael’s. I own a magic shop here in Haven.

    GILES: (too excited) Oh really? I used to own-

    BUFFY: -Giles. You can swap magic shop stories later.

    NICK: (touches his chest) And I am Nick Caro, if anyone’s interested… (Nods) just a bartender and college student, a regular guy. No powers or anything… though I did have slayer strength for a while-

    MICHAEL: -Nick. (Shakes his head)

    NICK: (shrugs) What?

    BUFFY: (arches a brow; with smirk) How about that Giles, looks like Rain here has her own little Scooby gang just like us. (Beat) Now that we all have our names tags on, what I’d really like to know is why Keeley is in (points to the guestroom) that girl’s body.

    RAIN: (darkly) Its Bella.

    BUFFY: Right, your friend, I’m sorry. (Softly) I just want to know what happened.

    MADELINE: We did a spell.

    RAIN: Madeline we don’t owe her any answers.

    BUFFY: Actually, I have a right to answers.

    RAIN: (glares at her) Excuse me?

    BUFFY: (ignores RAIN) Madeline?

    MADELINE: (shows WILLOW the spell book) They were suppose to switch bodies but the spell it-

    WILLOW: –Oh let me guess, it went soupy?

    MADELINE: Well the spell worked but... not the way we thought it would.

    WILLOW: (skims through it) More like a thick stew, then. (Beat) You know, this is similar to that Draconian Katra spell. Remember Buffy?

    BUFFY: (mutters) I knew this sounded familiar.

    NICK: A dragon spell? Do you actually create dragons because I-

    MICHAEL: -Nick. Now is not the time.

    WILLOW: (to anyone with an answer) So how were you guys able to do this? I mean you have to have a high aptitude for magic to even think about performing a spell like this.

    GILES takes the book from WILLOW and examines it himself.

    OLIVER: (waves a small but awkward hand) Actually…I performed the spell.

    GILES: Are you a warlock?

    RAIN arches her brow, intrigued by this question but says nothing.

    OLIVER: (calmly) Not really.

    MICHAEL: (jumps in to avoid anyone finding out about OLIVER’S ability to do magic) Oliver? Maybe you should do a reading? See if Bella’s all right?

    RAIN: A reading?

    OLIVER: (nods in agreement) Yes of course. (To RAIN) I can tap into Bella’s mind, her spirit... see how she is doing.

    NICK: (intrigued) So you’re like Allison DuBois or something?

    OLIVER: I’m sorry?

    NICK: It’s this new TV show on NBC. Medium? (OLIVER gives him a look) Do any of the adults here watch TV?

    OLIVER: Nick do you think you can-

    NICK: -Get out of here? Leave? Skedaddle? (Beat) No way grandpa. I’m staying right here. This is where the action is and I-

    OLIVER: (sighs) –I wasn’t going to ask you to... skedaddle. (Beat) I was going to ask you to help me with the reading.

    NICK: Oh...right, yeah sure. (Looks over to RAIN then back at OLIVER) I’ll help.

    RAIN: (touches his arm) Oliver, thank you. (Beat) Do you... need anything?

    OLIVER: Cedar candles.

    RAIN: (distractedly) I don’t- don’t know if I have any.

    MICHAEL: I have some in my apartment. I’ll get them.

    MICHAEL hastily leaves the living room while OLIVER and NICK enter the guest room, closing the door behind them. Lost in her thoughts, RAIN sits on a chair.

    RAIN: I still don’t understand how this happened.

    GILES: (still holding onto the book; turns to RAIN) What do you mean?

    RAIN: I was supposed to be the vessel. I had these visions of Keeley telling me to find her. When I did find her I realized she couldn’t talk-

    BUFFY: (confused; to KEELEY) -What do you mean you couldn’t talk?

    KEELEY: (sits mug on coffee table) I’m... well I was mute.

    BUFFY: Since when?

    Before she could respond, RAIN starts rambling as if not really talking to anyone directly.

    RAIN: (staring at the rug) I took Keeley in. She was so traumatized by something. I didn’t know what to do, how to reach her. So we all did this spell but... instead Bella became (looks over to KEELEY) her vessel... (A tear falls down her cheek) not me.

    WILLOW: (softly) These things happen.

    NICK appears from the guestroom holding onto cell phone. RAIN looks up at the noise of his entrance and wipes a tear from her face.

    RAIN: (stands up) What is it, Nick? Is there something wrong with Bella?

    NICK: (points) Bella’s phone. (Beat) Her father has been calling...

    MADELINE: I can talk to him. (Explains) She’s in study hall with me.

    KEELEY: Actually... I can do it.

    RAIN looks at her for a moment before realizing she can speak for BELLA. Then she walks over to NICK taking the phone from him. She glances at it and sees WARNER has called five times.

    RAIN: (to KEELEY) He’s probably worried Bella didn’t come home this afternoon. (Hands the phone to her; inhales deeply) Just tell him... tell him you’re doing homework and that you’re spending the night with me. You need the time to study.

    BUFFY: (whispers to GILES) It’s like I’m back in high school.

    KEYLEY: (dials; suddenly she slips into BELLA’S personality) Daddy? (Listens to other line) I’m fine. Yes I am with Rain. I just got caught up with homework. (Pauses) Yeah I know, I forgot to call you, I’m sorry… can I sleep over? We’re still studying and... well you know the teachers always slam us with a lot of assignments after winter break. (Listens again) Yes daddy, I’ll see you tomorrow after school. I love you. Bye. (KEELEY hangs up)

    MADELINE, NICK and RAIN looks at her in amazement.

    NICK: Okay that was creepy. You’re not a Cylon by any chance, are you?

    KEYLEY: (to RAIN; hands her back the phone) Her mother is pissed. I could hear her screaming in the background.

    RAIN: (small grin; grateful) Thank you.

    CUT TO:

    WARNER hangs up the phone. He appears to be worried as he looks away. Holding onto a journal with his own handwriting, he flips through the pages and pulls out an old photo. In the picture we can see a younger version of WARNER with his arms around a WOMAN with Russian features and black hair.

    Just then SHERIDAN appears. He calmly hides the photo and journal into the top drawer.

    SHERIDAN: Was that Bella on the phone?

    WARNER: (nods) Yes. (Walks over to a bar; pours himself a scotch) She’s sleeping over at Rain’s.

    SHERIDAN: (inhales sharply) On a school night?

    WARNER: (firmly) Sheridan... please.

    SHERIDAN doesn’t bother arguing with him and walks off. WARNER returns to his desk and pulls out the journal again. He flips through it. Then he crosses off something but we can’t see. After a few seconds the camera pans away as he leans back into the chair and take a sip of his scotch.

    CUT TO:

    The room is surrounded by cedar candles. NICK is lighting the last one. He now observes OLIVER who has his hand on BELLA. He is chanting in a strange language. Soon we see clips of various images of BELLA as KEELEY strapped to a table; a MAN in a bedroom smirking at her followed by static images of BELLA running down the hall. We hear echoes of laughter. Right after that we see BELLA in the room where the COLLECTOR did the procedure. The lights are flickering back and forth. She is huddled in a corner, hugging herself, crying. Then OLIVER’S head starts to shift back and forth as if he sees something.


    We’re back in the same scene where the COLLECTOR is leaning over KEELEY but we see her as BELLA. He is now finishing up the procedure. We can see her lips are now completely sewn shut. Then he picks up the instructions and begins to read the incantation. The sutures on KEELEY’S lips start to glow and then it slowly disappears. He smiles at her who is frantic and crying. The COLLECTOR begins to loosen the straps on both her arms and feet. Suddenly the COLLECTOR turns into BELLA’S father, WARNER. It seems that some of BELLA’S dreams are slipping into KEELEY’S.

    WARNER as the COLLECTOR: You should be able to move now that the drink I gave you is no longer in your system.

    There is a knock on the door. MAK bursts in. The COLLECTOR then slips back into his normal self.

    MAK: Are you done? Tor’loc wants her.

    KEELEY closes her eyes as if mentally trying to figure out her next move. She moves a bit and is eventually able to free herself from the straps without either of them noticing.

    COLLECTOR: (annoyed) Wh-what are you doing here? (Shakes his head) No I’m still not-

    KEELEY kicks the COLLECTOR who falls back. She grabs the suit case and throws it him. Some of the surgical instruments fall out. She grabs one and stabs the COLLECTOR in the leg. He screams in pain. MAK takes her hand and together they run out of the room.

    MAK: Come on. (Beat) We’re getting you out of here now.

    KEELEY gives him a look, confused; knowing she’s under supernatural lockdown.

    MAK: Just trust me.

    Two DEMONS appear down the hallway, talking casually. They see MAK and KEELEY realizing he is helping her escape and run towards them. Spotting the light fixture above her KEELEY quickly grips onto it and swings, using her legs to knock the DEMONS down. They both fall to the floor. MAK and KEELEY sprint out of the hallway through a door leading to a staircase. They scurry up the stairs and cautiously open the door. MAK slips through pulling KEELEY after him, leading her into a dressing room. Just as they enter it someone grabs her hand. It’s one of the STRIPPERS in her bra and underwear. However BELLA’S dreams slip through again and we see her as RAIN.

    RAIN as the STRIPPER: It’s okay. It’s me, Unique.

    MAK: (to KEELEY) There is a warlock is on the other side of the wall. (Points) You have to go through it.

    KEELEY shakes her head in confusion.

    MAK: This is it. This is the window, Keeley. It lasts only a few seconds. (Hands her his car keys) Here, take my car.

    KEELEY attempts to speak but no sound comes out of her voice.

    UNIQUE: Here... (Gives KEELEY money and a small bag of pills) You’ll need these too... to hide. I’m sorry. It’s all I’ve got. (The GIRLS hug) I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me, for all of us.

    KEELEY looks at her grateful.

    UNIQUE: (softly) Maybe you’ll be able to free us after all.

    MAK glances over to the door and sees a DEMON running toward them.

    MAK: (to KEELEY) You need to go now!

    KEELEY runs to the back of the dressing room. She gives MAK and UNIQUE a weak smile and goes through the wall. We see a blue shimmer and then she disappears.


    BUFFY is pacing the room back and forth while GILES and WILLOW are standing near MADELINE.

    BUFFY: (to MICHAEL who is standing near the windows) How long will the reading take?

    MICHAEL: (folds his arms) It varies. It can be thirty minutes or two hours.

    RAIN: (concerned) That long?

    MICHAEL: It requires a lot of mediation.

    BUFFY: (stops pacing) Then we still have time.

    RAIN: (looks up from her chair) Time for what?

    BUFFY: (approaches KEELEY) I need to talk to Keeley.

    RAIN: (defensive) Stay away from her-

    MADELINE: (stands up; touches RAIN’S arm) –let her do her thing, Rain. She’s only concerned for her charge.

    RAIN: (swings around) I just don’t appreciate her and her sidekicks coming in-

    GILES: -sidekick?

    WILLOW: (nudges GILES; holding onto the spell book) Don’t worry, you get used to being called that.

    MADELINE: Rain... we do work for them. We have to play by their rules.

    RAIN: You know how I feel about rules.

    WILLOW: (offers an answer) They’re good for guidance, structure and order to prevent chaos? (Beat) Sorry. It was a long trip… you know from there to... here. (Beat) Say, how do you manage to slay in the snow with all the slippery ice...

    RAIN doesn’t respond.

    WILLOW: (chipper) We’re the good guys, really.

    RAIN: (skeptically) Right.

    BUFFY: (Turns to KEELEY ignoring the slight) We’ve been looking for you for weeks, you know. Were you here in Haven all this time?

    KEELEY: No... just a few days.

    BUFFY: And what happened on the phone? When we were disconnected?

    KEELEY: When I called you to let you know I was interested in joining you, I stumbled onto something...something I’ve never seen before.

    BUFFY: What?

    KEELEY: Demons.

    RAIN: Wait... you’re new at this? You’ve never...

    KEELEY shakes her head.

    GILES: (explains) We met Ms. Pong in Rhode Island, asked her to join us but she… politely declined.

    KEELEY: I staked a few vampires and didn’t have a clue about demons, but still... I had no idea what was really going on until I met Mr. Giles and Buffy. I was too scared… I guess I wasn’t ready. A week after they left (Looks over to RAIN) I decided to call Buffy to let her know I wanted to help. While I was on the phone, I spotted a demon grabbing a girl in an alley. I felt I had to help her. (To BUFFY) You know?

    BUFFY nods.

    KEELEY: But I underestimated them... there were three demons. I tried to fight them off but they overpowered me. Then I woke up in an abandoned room.

    GILES: What kind of demons?

    KEELEY: Ma’lphas.

    BUFFY: (arches her brow) Mapquest demons?

    RAIN smirks.

    MICHAEL: (recognizing the breed) Ma’lphas... a very aggressive tribe. They’re mostly known for torture, slavery and of course murder.

    RAIN: These demons, they’re the ones after you? The ones in the visions?

    KEELEY: Yes. After I woke up, I realized that I was bound by magic. I literally couldn’t leave the place.

    BUFFY: The place they were keeping you ... do you know what it looks like?

    KEELEY: It’s a strip club.

    BUFFY: (surprised) Oh.

    KEELEY: They forced me to work there as a waitress. (Laughs to herself) Thank god. (Beat) Buffy... there are other girls there. The demons have their own brothel. It’s underground. The strip club is really just a front.

    BUFFY: The girls... are they human?

    KEELEY: (shakes her head) They’re half-breeds... part demons who can pass for humans. They’re trapped and I… I had to leave them there.

    BUFFY: (reassuringly) Don’t blame yourself Keeley. There’s nothing else you could have done.

    GILES: So, if I may ask, how exactly did you manage to escape?

    KEELEY: I figured since I was in the belly of the whale, I could find out what was going on, save these girls. (Chuckles) Of course I was just naive. (Takes a deep breath) One day, during my shift... I went to the back door.

    BUFFY: Back door?

    KEELEY: The backdoor leads to an underground where the brothel is but... (Shakes her head) I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. (Voice breaks; BUFFY touches her hand) I... saw things... things that no woman should ever see.

    GILES: (softly) You don’t have to tell us.

    KEELEY: No... I do. Now that I’m in Bella’s body (glances at RAIN) I’m at peace from the nightmares I’ve been living in. For the first time I can confront them without falling apart.

    RAIN: (concerned for BELLA) What did you see?

    MADELINE: (places her hand on RAIN’S shoulder) Rain...

    KEELEY: It’s okay, really. (Looks down; a tear falls down her cheek) I saw... a monster... raping one of the girls. (Voice breaks again) And when he saw me... he kept... (With disgust) hurting her. He liked it... that I was there watching. (Lets out a breath) Then... he just snapped her neck. (To BUFFY) I was so shocked, that I just... ran out of there. Then... that’s when the leader and his minions caught me. They injected me with something and I woke up in a different room.

    BUFFY: (softly) The monster... the one who… what kind was it?

    KEELEY: (another tear falls) It was just a man, Buffy. A human. Most of their clients are human. The brothel serves the most evil.

    BUFFY: (taken aback) Oh.

    GILES: (gently) You mentioned the room? Did you escape from there?

    KEELEY: Yes but that was after.

    BUFFY: After what?

    KEELEY: After the Collector literally sewed my mouth shut. He did it with magic. It’s was a glamour... (To RAIN) I literally couldn’t talk to you. I was too scared to even write. That’s why I had to use the dreams. (Beat) Just as he was wrapping up the procedure, he was interrupted by one of the club’s bouncers. It was the perfect distraction. I managed to escape with the help of the bouncer and one of the strippers. It was her who gave me some money… and a stash of the pills.

    WILLOW: But… you said you were bound by magic.

    KEELEY: The bouncer Mak… he knew a warlock. It was him who was able to open a window, allow me to escape.

    WILLOW: Keeley… once we realized you were missing, I did a zillion locator spells. How did you manage to fall off the radar?

    KEELEY: The pills… they hide you from spells... (Looks over to MICHAEL and RAIN) and induces nightmares.

    RAIN doesn’t catch on that KEELEY knew BELLA was experiencing her nightmares.

    RAIN: This Collector? Who is he?

    MICHAEL: (realizes something) Does the Collector wear a fedora?

    KEELEY: (nods) Yes... that’s him. He calls himself Ira.

    MICHAEL: (to himself) I should have known.

    RAIN: (stands back; anxious) Who is this guy, Michael? What does he collect? Those little figurines from Red Rose Tea boxes? What?

    MICHAEL: He is predominately hired to collect supernatural beings- werewolves, vampires, demons, witches and-

    RAIN: -slayers.

    MICHAEL: (nods) It’s the same guy I saw in the restaurant. He must be after Keeley.

    RAIN: But… I don’t understand how he was able to track her to Haven if she had those pills.

    KEELEY: (softly) They only last for a few hours. I didn’t always take the pills on time. It’s difficult dealing with the side effects.

    MICHAEL: That explains how he found you.

    RAIN: Wait a second. How many did you take? You… you literally locked yourself in your sleep.

    BUFFY: You did?

    KEELEY: Yes but... (To RAIN) I did it on purpose... (Explains) I needed you to have a reason to do the spell.

    GILES: (concerned) I think it might be for the best if we move Ms. Pong to a safe house now that we know the Collector and possibly the Ma’lphas tribe are hunting her… at least until we find a way to reverse the spell.

    RAIN: (firmly) No one is doing anything.

    BUFFY: Look... Giles is right-

    RAIN: (stand ground) –you’re not calling the shots here!

    KEELEY: It doesn’t matter. The Collector isn’t after me anymore.

    MICHAEL: Are you sure?

    KEELEY: I don’t know why or how I know but he's no longer chasing me.

    MICHAEL: That doesn’t make sense. Once the Collector is hired to find someone or whatever his mission is, he always finishes the job. It’s what he’s known for.

    BUFFY: Well, like Keeley said, it doesn't matter. What matters is that the tribe is still after her. (Turns to GILES) Giles? Can you get Agent Parson on the phone?

    RAIN: Wait... Agent Parson?

    BUFFY: We need to move Keeley’s body to a safe place.

    RAIN: You’re not getting this, are you? (With emotion) Bella’s is fine here. She’s with me.

    MADELINE: Rain...

    RAIN: I’ll protect her!

    BUFFY: I know this is hard but we need to get to the bottom of this. So we can get your friend back. The best way to do that is to-

    RAIN: (imploringly) -Madeline! Please... this is my best friend. (Voice breaks) My only friend!

    MADELINE: (stammers) I-I’m sorry, Rain. It’s out of my hands.

    RAIN’S eyes began to water.

    CUT TO:

    OLIVER is still reading BELLA. We hear muffled sounds from the living room. As it fades we hear voices that do not belong in the scene. The nightmares are now changing, mixing with KEELEY’S and BELLA’S. At this point we can’t determine what is real and what is not.

    No longer as KEELEY, BELLA is back in the procedure room but she’s now huddled in a corner. There is a faint sound of Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnights by the Spaniels playing.

    SPIKE: (VO; garbled) The music's just starting, isn't it... love the coat.

    Then the doorknob turns. BELLA shakes her head.

    BELLA: No... no... please go away.

    The door slowly opens.

    ANGELUS: (VO; garbled) Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... no friends... no hope.

    We see a FIGURE in the hallway. It’s WARNER.

    WARNER: (low voice) Are you sure about this?

    DRUSILLA: (VO; garbled) Be... in my eyes. Be... in me.

    Suddenly another FIGURE appears near WARNER.

    FEMALE VOICE: Isabella is strong.

    ANGELUS: (VO; garbled) You're a murderer, an animal, and you enjoy it. (Beat) Just like me.

    OLIVER snaps out of his connection. NICK stands up seeing this.

    NICK: Oliver?

    OLIVER: (opens his eyes) Oh no...

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      ACT II


      Just as GILES is about to make the phone call to AGENT PARSON, OLIVER emerges from the guestroom leaving NICK behind.

      RAIN: (immediately approaches him) Is she all right? Is Bella okay?

      OLIVER: I’m sorry... Bella is trapped in a cycle of nightmares. I believe she’s confusing Keeley’s dreams with her own and can’t release herself from them. She may well be losing her identity.

      RAIN inches back, almost knocking herself over the coffee table. MICHAEL grabs her trying to balance her but she pushes him away.

      KEELEY: (softly) I’m so sorry, Rain.

      RAIN: (to herself; remembering what KEELEY said earlier) Oh god. The pills… they induce nightmares. (To KEELEY; bitterly) Why did you do this? (Distressed) It should have been me... why didn’t you pick me as your vessel?

      KEELEY: I did. It was suppose to be short-term. I was going to just use you to communicate with Madeline to help me find Buffy and then go back to my body but for some reason... Bella is my vessel and the pills aren’t wearing off.

      OLIVER: (makes a diagnosis) It’s not just the pills that are keeping her asleep; it’s the combination of nightmares; Bella’s and yours.

      RAIN: I don’t understand. How-how did this happen? (Lost in her thoughts) I... I don’t (voice breaks; looks at everyone) I can’t do this anymore. I wish I never did this stupid spell.

      MADELINE walks toward RAIN, puts her arm around her but RAIN backs up.

      RAIN: I... I need some air.

      RAIN grabs her jacket and keys, leaving the building. MADELINE is about to go after her but BUFFY stops her.

      BUFFY: Let me. (Turns to GILES) Let’s not do anything as of yet, okay?

      GILES sighs and nods in agreement.

      CUT TO:

      RAIN is standing before her mother’s grave.

      RAIN: (sniffles) I spotted you since Main Street.

      The camera pans over RAIN’S shoulder. We see BUFFY behind her.

      BUFFY: (half smile) Sorry... I wasn’t trying to be incognito. (Approaches RAIN) Are you okay?

      RAIN: What do you think?

      BUFFY: (reads the headstone) I’m sorry about your mother... (Softly) the way she died.

      RAIN: (turns around) How do you know about that?

      BUFFY: It’s in your file.

      RAIN: (arches a brow) There’s a file on me? (A little freaked) Ok-ay... that’s not creepy.

      BUFFY: It’s not like that.

      RAIN: (annoyed) What do you want Buffy?

      BUFFY: To help.

      RAIN: (scoffs) Really? Because it doesn’t feel like you’re helping. It feels like you’re taking charge, you just do whatever you want.

      BUFFY: Look... Keeley has been missing for a month. Willow tried every locator spell in the book. Giles... all of us we were worried. Just like you’re worried about your friend. (Inches closer) So yes... I do want to help.

      RAIN: (irritated) But it has to be on your terms, right?

      BUFFY: It’s just… I’ve done this longer than you.

      RAIN: And, Giles... he’s been your Watcher since you found out you were a slayer?

      BUFFY: Well... he’s not my first Watcher but yeah...

      RAIN: (sarcastically) That’s nice. I didn’t have a Watcher until a year and half after I realized I had super-strength. So where were you guys then, huh?

      BUFFY: I’m sorry. Really I am. There were a lot of slayers coming out of the woodwork; still are actually. It’s not easy to track them all. Sometimes we miss one, sometimes a girl isn’t found straight away. I know it’s no comfort but Keeley went through the same thing you did, she was alone for months without a Watcher too.

      RAIN: (looks away) Whatever.

      BUFFY: Do you have your stake with you?

      RAIN: (scoffs) What?

      BUFFY: (firmly) You did bring it with you?

      RAIN: Is this your attempt to bond? You’re wasting your time.

      BUFFY: (throws her hands up) There’s no bonding. I’m bondage-free. It’s just…

      We hear a growl sound behind RAIN. She quickly turns around. Her eyes widen when she realizes it’s a VAMPIRE wearing a suit who just dug its way out of a grave.

      VAMPIRE: (smirks; loosen tie) I’m up for some bondage.

      BUFFY: (nervous chuckle) See, I forgot my stake. So I was hoping you brought yours.

      RAIN: Sorry, I’m fresh out.

      BUFFY: Great. (Looks over to RAIN) Ready?

      RAIN: As ever.

      The GIRLS slip into slayer mode, putting their hands up to fight.

      BUFFY: This should be fun.

      VAMPIRE: (inches closer) I agree.

      BUFFY: (to RAIN) I hate small talk, don’t you?

      RAIN: Yep.

      BUFFY: Then let’s get this over with, shall we?

      BUFFY approaches the VAMPIRE. She throws a punch, and then knees him in the stomach. He stumbles back trying to balance himself. Recovering quickly he growls and moves forwards but RAIN kicks him in the face before BUFFY grabs him tossing him the air. He lands on a headstone, smashing it into pieces. BUFFY looks around and sees a small tree nearby. She breaks off a branch and places it in her hand as her choice of weapon. Just as she’s about to approach the VAMPIRE she sees RAIN’S hand start to crackle with blue electricity. BUFFY is taken aback at this. Wasting no time as BUFFY requested, RAIN throws a blue fireball at the VAMPIRE aiming for his chest. He catches on fire and bursts into flames. The dust falls to the ground, crackling with blue electricity.

      BUFFY: Huh... that’s new. (Lowers her hand) So when did you become a witch?

      CUT TO-

      MADELINE and MICHAEL are on the couch while GILES, WILLOW and KEELEY at the kitchen table. They all look up just as RAIN and BUFFY enter the apartment.

      MADELINE: (stands up) Rain...

      RAIN nods that she’s fine.

      BUFFY: (to MADELINE) How’s Bella doing?

      MADELINE: (glances over to RAIN) She’s becoming more agitated. Oliver and Nick are with her.

      RAIN: (looks down and then turns to GILES) You... you can call Agent Parson.

      GILES: (sets his tea down) Are you sure?

      RAIN: (nods) I’ve wasted enough time as it is. The demons could be here any minute. (To BUFFY) I want Bella out of harm’s way.

      GILES: (softly) She’ll be well taken care of.

      MICHAEL’S cell phone rings.

      MICHAEL: Hello? (Listens to other line) Lachlan? (RAIN becomes intrigued) Yes... I know it’s the Collector. He’s not in the picture anymore. It’s Ma’lphas demons. What do you know about them? Places they may haunt. (Pauses; listens again) Oh really? Do you think you’ll be able to pin point where? (Nods) All right. Thanks man. I’ll call you back.

      MICHAEL puts his cell phone away. Soon NICK appears from the guestroom.

      RAIN: What is it?

      MICHAEL: (to BUFFY and RAIN) My source Lachlan said that Ma’lphas demons like strip clubs. In fact they like it so much; they always stop at one away from home. And these guys draw a lot of attention to themselves. I’m sure they’ve left a trail. We can find out which one they’re staying at.

      BUFFY: Grab a phone book and start making calls.

      NICK: (waves a small hand) Ahh... actually you don’t have to do that.

      EVERYONE looks over to NICK.

      NICK: I know where your demons are.

      BUFFY: How could you possibly know that? (Mutters) Are you some kind of witch too?

      GILES arches his brow at this question.

      NICK: (points at her) I think the term is warlock and no I’m not.

      RAIN: (anxious) Nick, do you know which club?

      NICK: (nods) There is only one here in Haven.

      BUFFY: (smirks) And You’ve been there? Why I am not surprised?

      NICK: (defensive) I resent that.

      RAIN: (inches closer; softly) Nick... where?

      CUT TO-

      There are a few dancers entertaining customers while the owner JACK is pouring someone a drink. ROWE and CALUM are sitting at a table before the Ma’lphas tribe. He looks at his watch and observes his hand shaking more than usual. The leader TOR’LOC sees this as well as CALUM.

      ROWE: (grabs his hand trying to control it) Sorry for the delay. (Beat) Mr. Kipp and I had a lot of clients to see today.

      TOR’LOC: Something wrong? You’re not behaving like the arrogant bastard who dared to defy me yesterday.

      ROWE: (ignores him) Shall we get on to business?

      TOR’LOC: (nods in agreement) You know I don’t appreciate being ignored. Mr. Alice gave me the impression that I was top priority, above all of your clients.

      ROWE: (still holding onto his hand; disbelief) You’ve met... Mr. Alice?

      TOR’LOC: (stammers) I-I well, not officially but I’ve spoken to Ms. McCree on the phone and she told me-

      ROWE: -told you what? That you’ll have every resource available to help you extract Ms. Pong? (Sighs) Didn’t we do this song already?

      TOR’LOC: Just tell me you can do it.

      ROWE: On one condition. You leave Rain Mason alone.

      TOR’LOC: Excuse me? (Pretends not to know the name) Who is this Rain Mason?

      ROWE: Nice try, but you don’t fool me. I know you want the slayer.

      TOR’LOC: (leans back) Okay You got me. Can you really blame me though? I mean how many slayers have wiccan powers?

      ROWE: I don’t care. She’s off limits, you hear?

      TOR’LOC: (glances over to ROWE’S hand) I don’t think you’re in a position to make demands, Edwards. (Smirks) By the way... (Gestures to his) face; you’re sweating.

      ROWE touches his forehead, wiping off sweat beads.

      CALUM: (sees this too) Sir? Are you all right?

      ROWE: (loosens his tie) Where’s the restroom?

      TOR’LOC and his minions stand up.

      TOR’LOC: (folds his arms) You know.... I’m now thinking maybe (gestures to ROWE) this is an act.

      ROWE: (ignores him; to CALUM) The restroom. Where is it?

      CALUM: Down the hallway.

      TOR’LOC: (points at ROWE) You better not try anything funny, you hear me?

      ROWE: (mutters) Yeah I hear you.

      ROWE quickly heads for the restroom.

      CUT TO-

      The minute ROWE enters the bathroom we hear Hysteria by Muse playing. He flicks the switch but realizes the light bulb doesn’t work. The street light peers through the window allowing ROWE to make his way around. He barges into one of the stalls and immediately throws up in the toilet.

      It's bugging me, grating me
      and twisting me around
      yeah I'm endlessly caving in
      and turning inside out

      From the inside pocket of his suit, he pulls out a handkerchief and wipes his mouth. Then he walks over to the sink and stands before the mirror. He stares at a reflection that’s not his own.

      'cause I want it now
      I want it now
      give me your heart and your soul
      and I'm breaking out
      I'm breaking out
      last chance to lose control

      He turns on the water and rinses his mouth. ROWE observes his left hand. It’s crackling with white energy.

      It’s holding me, morphing me
      and forcing me to strive
      to be endlessly cold within
      and dreaming I'm alive

      He is startled as he drops the handkerchief on the floor. ROWE attempts to pick it up but pricks his finger with a broken piece of glass. Just as it starts to bleed, the small cut quickly heals itself.

      'cause I want it now
      I want it now
      give me your heart and your soul
      I'm not breaking down
      I'm breaking out
      last chance to lose control

      ROWE: What the...

      ROWE looks at light bulb and touches it to test a theory. His hand crackles with white electricity. Suddenly the light quickly comes on. He looks at his hand in amazement. Then he touches the bulb again, turning the light off.

      and I want you now
      I want you now
      I'll feel my heart implode
      I'm breaking out
      escaping now
      feeling my faith erode

      ROWE: (with an eerily grin)I have powers.

      CUT TO-

      The restaurant is now closed. RAIN, MADELINE and BUFFY are standing before the bar going through various weapons. MICHAEL appears holding onto a duffel bag.

      MICHAEL: Nick should be here with the supplies any minute.

      RAIN nods while MADELINE admires a small disc the size of a nickel.

      MICHAEL: You might want to be careful with that.

      MADELINE: (observes the disc) This thing? (Sarcastically) What is it? Some kind of weapon?

      MICHAEL smiles and takes it out of her hand. He taps it a few times, as if activating it. Instantly the disc transforms into a large shield. Everyone looks at him in awe, especially RAIN. He then returns the shield back into its original size by tapping it again.

      MICHAEL: (casually hands it to MADELINE) Upper level Ma’lphas demons can throw fire. So you may want to bring that with you.

      MADELINE: (doesn’t know what to make of MICHAEL) Thank you.

      RAIN: You wouldn’t happen to have any more of those, would you?

      MICHAEL: ‘Fraid not.

      While BUFFY and MADELINE admire other weapons on the counter MICHAEL pulls out an Ono axe from his bag.

      MICHAEL: (hands it to RAIN) Here... (Softly) I got this for you.

      RAIN: (awkwardly) Thanks.

      MICHAEL: No I mean... I bought it for you.

      RAIN: (taken aback) Oh... you bought this for me?

      MICHAEL: Yeah. I got it before New Year’s Eve (Looks down, then back up at RAIN) …before the fight.

      RAIN: (softly) Oh. (Grips it) Where did you get it?

      MICHAEL: (chuckles) From that website... the one Bella told us about?

      RAIN: (small laugh; grips it again) I like it.

      MICHAEL: It’s the real deal too. Not from those sci-fi shows that Nick likes to watch.

      RAIN: (small smile; quietly) Thanks.

      MICHAEL smiles back.

      BUFFY: (To MICHAEL) Okay, so how do we kill these guys without getting ourselves burned?

      MICHAEL: They need to be beheaded.

      BUFFY: (observes the weapon in RAIN’S hand; nods to her) Well that axe should definitely do the job.

      MADELINE: (weighing up a cutlass; to BUFFY) Have you figured out where you’re going to hide Bella?

      BUFFY: Michael has agreed to loan us his cabin.

      RAIN: (surprised; lowers axe) You have a cabin?

      MICHAEL: (a little awkward) Actually... it’s a summer house really. It belongs to my family. It’s near the Country Club. They rarely used it.

      BUFFY: It’s a good hiding spot. Agent Parson has already checked it out. (Sees RAIN is uncertain about their plan) Bella will be safe there, trust me.

      RAIN nods. Soon NICK appears holding onto a bag from Oliver’s Occult Oasis. Behind him we see KEELEY entering the restaurant. He lets her in. Then NICK places the bag on the counter. His eyes widen at the sight of the weapons.

      BUFFY: (approaches KEELEY) What are you doing here? You should be with Oliver.

      KEELEY: I want to help.

      BUFFY: Rain and I... we got this. Once Agent Parson gets here you’re going to the cabin with Willow and Oliver so they can reverse the spell.

      KEELEY: No. I should be in the front, fighting the demons with you.

      BUFFY: (sighs) I don’t think that’s a good idea. (Gestures) You’re in... Bella’s body. I’m pretty sure she’ll want it intact when she gets it back. If there are bits missing she might get peeved.

      KEELEY: (to RAIN) Let me do this. (Pleads) I have to... for the girls.

      BUFFY: Keeley... you don’t have slayer strength in your current body.

      KEELEY: Maybe not... but I can still fight.

      RAIN: (walks over to them) Let her come.

      BUFFY: Rain...

      RAIN: Let her fight. She needs it... (Nods with understanding) like I do. Plus I think Bella would want her to.

      BUFFY: I get that Rain… I do, but … the spell? There may not be enough time to get back to the cabin once we get rid of demons.

      RAIN: Then we better kill ‘em fast.

      KEELEY: Buffy?

      BUFFY: (sighs) Grab a weapon.

      At the same time KEELEY and BUFFY stroll over to the counter about to select a weapon. KEELEY picks up a bowie knife while BUFFY glances over to NICK who is admiring a large scythe.

      BUFFY: (takes it away from him) And that would be mine. (Beat) I really think you should leave the toys to us, don’t you?

      NICK: (offended) Excuse me? I can fight you know.

      BUFFY: (nods sarcastically) You tell yourself that.

      NICK: (looks at her for a minute; smirks) You know... (Points at her) I think we’ve met.

      BUFFY: (gripping the scythe) No, I don’t think so.

      NICK: Are you sure? Sometimes I forget the names of the girls I’ve dated, you know.

      BUFFY: You’d forget a name like Buffy?

      NICK: (chuckles) I swear... you look familiar.

      BUFFY: I assure you we’ve never met. I’m not a girl you’d forget.

      Before NICK responds, we hear footsteps coming from the back. It’s GILES, WILLOW, AGENT PARSON and a couple of Black Ops AGENTS.

      AGENT PARSON: Are we ready?

      BUFFY: Just about. (Turns to EVERYONE; all business now; still holding the scythe) Okay, I know this seems daunting and I know it's more than a little scary, but we can do this, guys. We really can. From what Michael told me about these demons, they’re strong and they’re violent (pauses, looks around) but we have something they don’t have and that’s us. We may be outnumbered and may be outgunned, literally this time, but we’re fighting for something real here, something that matters. We will win. (Looks over to RAIN and then KEELEY) We have to... Any questions?

      RAIN still doesn’t respond.

      WILLOW: (approaches RAIN; softly) Rain, is there anything you want to say?

      RAIN: (cradles the axe on her shoulder) I don’t do speeches.

      RAIN walks over to the door and exits the restaurant. BUFFY nods to herself.

      BUFFY: Right. Duly noted. (To the AGENTS) Okay… now we’re ready.

      MICHAEL: (to the AGENTS) The apartment is this way.

      MICHAEL leads the AGENTS as well as WILLOW and NICK out of the building to get BELLA. One by one BUFFY, GILES, MADELINE and KEELEY leave the restaurant empty.

      CUT TO-

      ROWE returns while CALUM is on the phone. The DEMONS are still at the table.

      TOR’LOC: (stands up) Took you long enough.

      ROWE: (claps hands) Looks like there is a change of plans. (With a smile) You can have Rain Mason.

      CALUM: (nervously) Mr. Edwards you can’t-

      ROWE: (glances around; to the DEMONS) -I hear an annoying grating sound, don’t you?

      TOR’LOC: Just a minute ago you said she was off limits. What’s changed your mind?

      ROWE: (with a smile) Let’s just say I had a sudden surge of inspiration. (To himself) A quite powerful one. (Pats CALUM on the back) Now can we seal the deal or what?

      TOR’LOC pulls out a knife and cuts himself.

      CALUM nervously swallows as he sees the blood drips from his hand.

      TOR’LOC: Where do I sign?

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        ACT III


        MICHAEL is pouring two cups of coffee. He hands one to WILLOW who is sitting on the couch reading the spell book.

        MICHAEL: (sits) So… do you think it’ll work?

        WILLOW: (takes a sip) I think so. I mean, I hope so. (Examines some of the ingredients) I can’t believe you were able to able to get some of this stuff. They can be pretty hard to find you know. (Picks up crystal from the coffee table) This is from another dimension if I’m not mistaken. And (puts the crystal back; now holds a bottle) this is what... 300 years old?

        MICHAEL: (small grin) 347 to be exact.

        WILLOW: (arches a brow) There’s got to be like only five bottles in the entire world... counting this one. (Studies MICHAEL’S face) How do you know so much about all this? (Softly) I mean Giles never…

        MICHAEL gives her a look indicating he prefers not to talk about it.

        WILLOW: (nervously; drinks her coffee) Th-this is really good, you know? What kind of blend is it? (Chuckles nervously) I hope it’s not Weasel coffee. I just don’t think I drink something that came from an animal’s butt.

        MICHAEL: (laughs) No… it’s just a mixture of blends- French Roast and Hazelnut.

        WILLOW: (relief) Oh that’s good.

        CUT TO-

        The bedroom is surrounded with candles. BELLA in KEELEY’S is on the bed clearly more agitated then before. NICK takes a wet cloth to her forehead wiping the sweat. OLIVER is chanting.

        NICK: (lowers his hand) I don’t think it’s working Oliver.

        OLIVER: (sighs) You’re right. (Gives up) It usually has a calming effect. I just… I don’t know what else to do.

        NICK: (points at him) I’ve got just the thing. (Retrieves his backpack nearby; pulls out a book) I borrowed this from Rain. Interesting enough, it’s about a vampire named Simon.

        OLIVER: You’re going to read to her?

        NICK: Trust me. It’ll work.

        OLIVER: I doubt a book about vampires is going to calm her any.

        NICK: Give it a chance, grandpa.

        OLIVER: (annoyed) I really wish you wouldn’t call me that.

        NICK: (smirks; proceeds to read) Okay... Bella... where did I stop? (Flips through the pages) Here we go... ‘ “It’s a beautiful night,” came a soft voice beside her. She turned swiftly, heart pounding. A young man sat there. The lamplight outlined him against the dark bushes behind like a ring of frost around the moon...’

        BELLA seems to be calming down. As OLIVER sees this, he smiles at NICK.

        CUT TO-

        BUFFY, GILES and KEELEY are holding onto their weapons on their way to the strip club while MADELINE and RAIN are behind them. Just as they’re about to cross a park MADELINE stops RAIN.

        RAIN: What’s wrong?

        MADELINE: (nods towards her) Look ahead.

        RAIN: (follows her direction) Oh man... (Mutters) Neeve. Okay, stay here. I’ll get rid of her.

        MADELINE nods, moves near the bushes.

        GILES: (observes RAIN briskly walking towards him) What’s going on?

        RAIN: Can’t explain. Something’s up.

        BUFFY: What?

        RAIN: A classmate, two o’clock.

        NEEVE is nearby with some friends, giggling. They’re all dressed up.

        KEELEY: (nervously) Our weapons...

        RAIN spots a nearby bush and tosses her in it. GILES, BUFFY and KEELEY follow suit.

        NEEVE: (now looking in RAIN’S direction) Girls looks... (Laughs) its Morticia.

        NEEVE motions her friend to wait where they are and approaches RAIN. MADELINE tries to stay hidden.

        GILES: (looks over to MADELINE) We really don’t have time for this, Ms Blake.

        BUFFY: Just play along Giles. I’m sure this will bring back some memories. (Fondly) Remember the Chosen One in Sunnydale hanging out with the school librarian in the middle of the night about to have their cover blown? Only now it’s a slayer-witch in Haven with her English teacher in the middle of the night about to have their covers blown.

        GILES: (confused) Slayer-witch?

        BUFFY: (low voice) I’ll tell you later.

        MADELINE winces.

        NEEVE: (arches brow) Hey Rain... (Eyes trail to KEELEY) Bella. Missed you guys in school today.

        RAIN and KEELEY don’t respond.

        NEEVE: (doesn’t see MADELINE) I wrote down some of the homework assignments for you out of the goodness of my heart but... (Snaps) Gosh darn it, I lost it. Sorry about that. (To RAIN) Still, it’s not like you’re actually gonna do the homework since you’re always skipping school anyway... (Points to KEELEY) but you Bella tsk-tsk I saw you leaving campus this morning. I’d hate to have to tell my mother about this because we both know she’ll tell yours. We can’t have that happening now, can we?

        RAIN: Did mommy and daddy cancel your credit cards? Is that why you’re resorting to blackmail?

        NEEVE: (pretends to care) I would hate for Mrs. Talmadge to find out that Bella here ditched school, that’s all. (Beat) You must have forgotten what it’s like to have parents who worry about you - oh wait. I keep forgetting your mom was (finger-slices her neck) murdered.

        RAIN stiffens. BUFFY sees this.

        KEELEY: I was sick, Carrot-Top.

        RAIN is taken aback just as GILES and BUFFY look at each other.

        NEEVE: (eyes narrow) What did you just call me?

        RAIN: I think it was Carrot-Top. Though I would have gone with Shaun White. (Beat) Now are we just about done here or should we swap insults for a little longer?

        NEEVE: (scoffs) Rude-much? Aren’t you even going to introduce me to your little friends? (Observes GILES and BUFFY) I see the adults aren’t letting you play by yourselves.

        BUFFY: (to NEEVE) You’re like a clone, amazing. (Lows voice) They’re breeding Giles. This is not good. We need to take care of this, pronto.

        RAIN smirks.

        NEEVE: Excuse me? (Sees MADELINE behind GILES near the bushes) Wait... that’s not... Ms. Blake?

        MADELINE: (appears from behind; weak smile) Ms. Fournier.

        NEEVE: Okay... this is just too weird. (Beat) What are you doing here? Why were you hiding behind the old guy?

        GILES: I beg your pardon?

        MADELINE: (stammers) I’m, er… helping Rain with her English homework and (gestures to GILES and BUFFY) these are my friends who are... (Nods) local actors. I wanted to show Rain what it’s like to be in a play.

        RAIN: (goes along with the story) Yes... we’re studying Medieval Theatre. (Beat) Did you know that there are thirty-two cycles in ‘The Second Shepherd's Play’? (Inches closer to NEEVE) Looks like I do my homework after all.

        NEEVE: (backs away) You’re in my personal space, freak.

        RAIN: And you’re in my face. Want to make something of it?

        NEEVE: (backing down) Whatever. I’m obviously wasting my minutes talking to you.

        Just as NEEVE is about to turn she kicks something on the ground. It’s one of RAIN’S knives she loaned to KEELEY.

        NEEVE: What the hell is this?

        KEELEY’S eyes widen.

        RAIN: (snatches it) That’s mine.

        NEEVE: (disturbed) You have a knife collection?

        RAIN: (scoffs) Can’t you tell it’s a fake? (Waves it around) It’s a prop.

        NEEVE: It looks pretty real to me. I bet it belonged to your runaway brother, Keith. Is it a souvenir? Something to remember him by?

        RAIN: (bites her lip; takes the knife to NEEVE’S neck) You know… maybe it is. Maybe I’m lying about it being a prop. Want to test it out?

        NEEVE’S friends step closer with concern.

        NEEVE: (pushes RAIN away) God, you’re so twisted!

        RAIN backs off and NEEVE runs toward the GIRLS. They go off in the opposite direction. BUFFY then retrieves all of the weapons from the bushes.

        GILES: Is it me or are high school girls actually getting meaner?

        RAIN: (hands KEELEY the knife) Sorry... (Looks over to GILES) she’s like my arch-nemesis.

        BUFFY: (gives RAIN her axe) Don’t worry, I had one just like her in high school, only with better shoes.

        RAIN smiles.

        GILES: (now holding onto his sword) Right, well if we’re quite finished with this particular spot of unpleasantness, could we possibly get back to the demons? Personally, I think they might just be an improvement.

        BUFFY: (smirks) Sorry Giles... are the high school hormones getting to you?

        GILES: (gestures to EVERYONE). It’s like I never left Sunnydale. Now can we please go kill some demons?

        RAIN, BUFFY and KEELEY laughs while MADELINE just smiles. Soon they all continue walking.


        Once again BELLA experiences KEELEY’S nightmares only it’s before MAK helped KEELEY escape. KEELEY is dressed in tight clothing holding onto a tray with alcohol. She hands off a few drinks to a couple of rowdy guys. One of them grabs her and tries to kiss her.

        ROWDY GUY: (rubs her thigh) Come on baby...

        KEELEY: (attempts to push him away) Let me go!

        ROWDY GUY: You’re much prettier than the strippers here. (Beat) Why don’t you and I... (Whispers in her ear)

        KEELEY’S eyes widen. She slaps him.

        ROWDY GUY: (grabs her)Well now; looks like you got some fight in you. (Kisses her neck) I like a girl with spirit.

        KEELEY: (struggles) Stop! Please!

        Suddenly a BOUNCER appears. It’s MAK and he grabs the ROWDY GUY.

        BOUNCER: What did I tell you? (Beat) Do not touch the girls.

        Before the GUY could answer, MAK throws him out. He turns to the other MAN but he runs out of the strip club.

        MAK: (turns to KEELEY) Are you all right?

        KEELEY: (fixes her hair) Yeah... thank you Mak.

        MAK: (gestures awkwardly) You... your skirt... its ripped.

        KEELEY: (looks down) Oh... great. I better see if Unique has another one for me.

        KEELEY turns to go down a hallway but MAK touches her arm lightly.

        MAK: Keeley... (Glances around; lowers voice) I heard you’re going to try to break out.

        KEELEY: (nervously) Wh-what?

        MAK: (inches closer) It’s all right. I know. You’re going try to escape tonight, aren’t you?

        KEELEY nods.

        MAK: Well… I want to help.

        KEELEY: (taken aback) But... you work here. You’re one of them.

        MAK: (shakes his head) No I’m not. I don’t work for the demons, not really. (Look around again) Unique... she’s my sister... my half sister. I came here to try to help her escape but this place has some kind of supernatural lock down on all half-breeds. I can come and go at any time. You might not be a half-breed but they’ll be watching you. You have to trust me Keeley. There’s no way you can get out of here, not unless you let me help you.

        KEELEY: How can you help me?

        MAK: I’m working on it. I’ve got a warlock helping me but I need a little more time. (Beat) Just wait for me, all right? And we’ll get you out of here. (Pauses) Unique doesn’t think you can’t help us… but I do.

        KEELEY: Okay but… I want to take the girls with me. All of them.

        MAK: (crosses his brow) What? There’s no way you’ll be able to save them all. No... it has to be only you. The warlock... he said he can only open a small window. You’re that window. You can get out of here and tell your slayer friends about us. It’s the only way.

        KEELEY: Then I’m going to the back door after my shift.

        MAK: (nervously) Keeley... don’t… down there… You’ve heard the stories... it’s not the same as living them. Don’t do this.

        KEELEY: (inches back) I have to, Mak. I have to let them know they have chance at getting out of this place. (Beat) I need to go. We can’t let Tor’loc catch me talking to you.

        MAK sighs and lets her go. He watches her leave.

        We now cut to another scene. Its hours later after KEELEY’S shift, she’s standing in a hallway. She looks around. We see a back door at the end. There is a sign that says “authorized personnel only”. She walks toward it and opens the door which leads to another hallway with many doors. Screams fill the hallway. KEELEY follows the screams to an opened bed room. We can’t see inside.

        KEELEY: (eyes widen; cries) Oh my god!

        VOICE: (OS) God is not here.

        KEELEY swings around and sees TOR’LOC with DEL’ICK and four demons standing behind them.

        TOR’LOC: What are you doing here, Keeley? This area is forbidden to the upper employees. (To one of the DEMONS) Take her to the procedure room.

        DEL’ICK: (nods) Right, we can’t have her telling anyone about Mr. Lockwood’s… (Smirks) activities.

        TOR’LOC: (signs in annoyance) What did I tell you? You’re not supposed to use their real names.

        DEL’ICK: (winces) Sorry, boss.

        The other DEMONS grab her as she struggles. One of them injects her with something. She drifts into a deep sleep.

        TOR’LOCK: Oh and Del’ick? Call the Collector and... (Nods to KEELEY) prep the patient.


        More restless than before, BELLA shifts back and forth. NICK puts his book down.

        NICK: Oliver!

        OLIVER, MICHAEL and WILLOW appear in the doorway.

        OLIVER: (approaches BELLA; touches her forehead) She’s burning up. It’s getting worse. She’s losing herself to her nightmares. Call Madeline. We need Keeley here now.

        NICK nods and leaves the room with his cell phone.

        OLIVER: (whispers) I’m so sorry Bella.

        CUT TO:

        ROWE and CALUM are sitting before TOR’LOC. He’s going over the contract. Just as he’s about to sign it, CALUM’S cell phone rings.

        CALUM: Hello? (Listens to other line) Ms. McCree? Yes Tor’loc is going to sign it. (Pauses) Oh... really? I see... yes. I’ll be sure to tell him. Thank you.

        CALUM hangs up. He quickly takes the contract away from TOR’LOC.

        TOR’LOC: (sneers) Hey! I was about to sign it!

        ROWE: Mr. Kipp? What’s going on?

        CALUM: (nervously) The deal is off.

        TOR’LOC: Run that by me again?

        CALUM: Mr. Alice is not interested in doing business with you anymore.

        TOR’LOC: Why the hell not?

        CALUM: You failed to mention that Keeley Pong is a slayer.

        ROWE: (slightly hits CALUM) Of course! (Points at TOR’LOC)That’s why you hired the Collector. I thought that was odd because his MO is hunting and killing supernatural beings not humans without powers.

        ROWE stands up, CALUM joins him.

        TOR’LOC: Human… slayer… who cares? She owes me.

        CALUM: (to ROWE) There’s one more thing... Buffy Summers is in town.

        ROWE: (not amused) You’re kidding me, right?

        CALUM: Pong is the reason why she’s in Haven.

        ROWE: (eyes narrow) Let me guess... (Bitterly) Rupert Giles is with her too?

        CALUM nods.

        ROWE: (turns to TOR’LOC; smirks) Man... that’s (flips three fingers) three slayers here in this funky town and I’m willing to bet all of them are on their way to kill you. It’s just not your day, is it Tor’loc?

        We hear an unearthly growl.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN and EVERYONE are behind some trees peering through the foliage at the club. They have a view of the parking lot as well.

        BUFFY: (observes the parked cars in front of the building) Too many civilians, Giles. We need to get these people out of the club.

        GILES: And just how do you propose we lure men out of a strip club?

        BUFFY: (sees his point) Right.

        RAIN: You’re telling me that there are humans in there with demons? They actually hang out with them?

        BUFFY: I know weird, huh? (Beat) There are some nice ones, might actually get on the Christmas card list. (Winces) Although they do like to play kitten poker.

        RAIN: (makes a face) Kitten poker?

        MADELINE’S cell phone vibrates. She walks away from them to answer it.

        MADELINE: (low voice) Nick? What is it? (Listens to other line) Yes... we’re here. (Pauses) All right. Bye (Hangs up)

        RAIN: (to MADELINE) You have worry-face. (Sighs) Bella’s getting worse, isn’t she?

        MADELINE: (nods) We need to hurry.

        BUFFY: It’s not like we can just burst right in. (To GILES) Can we? Burst in? I’m really good at that.

        RAIN: (peering through the bushes) We might be able to. That civilian problem? I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

        KEELEY: What do you mean?

        JACK, a crowd of MEN and some strippers run out of the club to their cars. We see DEL’ICK in the doorway screaming and hollering at them. He goes back inside.

        BUFFY: So, the demons got cranky and kicked them out?

        GILES: (eyes still on the club) Oh dear.

        BUFFY: You know I still hate it when you say that.

        GILES points to the club. DEL’ICK is now guarding the place along with four more DEMONS.

        BUFFY: (sees this; pulls out her scythe) I guess we’re bursting in then.

        EVERYONE nods as they grip onto their weapons. They run through the trees and then down a hill toward the parking lot. Immediately they start attacking the DEMONS but they stop when they see them pulling out their guns.

        BUFFY: (Turns to EVERYONE) Fall back! They have guns!

        BUFFY, GILES, MADELINE and KEELEY turn around to run towards a couple of cars but RAIN doesn’t move.

        BUFFY: Rain! Get back here!

        RAIN drops her axe. It falls to the pavement in slow motion.

        GILES: (now on his knees behind a car) Madeline, what is she doing?!

        MADELINE realizes RAIN is about to use her powers. As RAIN lift her hand up the DEMONS saunters toward her. She waves her hand and the DEMONS’ guns fly out of their hands.

        Using her powers again, the axe flies up to her hand. GILES gives MADELINE a startled glare. Not giving her a chance to respond, he stands up and aims for one of the DEMONS. He swings his sword at him, and the DEMON flinches back. MADELINE sees another DEMON walking in her direction. With the cutlass still in her hand, she brings it to her chest and positions herself as if waiting for him to attack her. With her other hand she pulls out the small disc, attempts to tap on it but nothing happen.

        MADELINE: Damn it!

        The DEMON smirks at her. In an instant his hands burst into flames. MADELINE’S eyes widen. He aims for her about to throw fire but BUFFY pushes her, throwing her to the ground. The streams of fire hits one of the trees. It quickly burns into a crisp. Immediately RAIN and KEELEY run to MADELINE but DEL’ICK takes this opportunity to grabs KEELEY dragging her toward the strip club.

        RAIN: Buffy! (Points to DEL’ICK) He’s got Keeley!

        BUFFY looks to the building and runs for it but DEL’ICK creates a force field that surrounds the strip club sending her flying into the air. She crashes to the pavement.

        In seconds GILES beheads the DEMON he’s been fighting and calls after BUFFY. RAIN helps MADELINE to her feet. Two DEMONS approach BUFFY smirking. Without a thought, she grabs her scythe and gets up beheading them both with a single blow.

        RAIN impressed, gives an approving look. She then realizes the DEMON who threw the fire balls is now behind her. She swings around her axe beheading him before he had a chance to use his powers again.

        BUFFY: (tends to a wound on her arm) Giles... the force field. We can’t get in.

        RAIN: I can bring it down.

        GILES: (sarcastically) Oh, you can bring it down, can you? (To MADELINE) Ms. Blake? Exactly when were you planning on telling me that Ms. Mason here has magical powers?

        RAIN: (taken aback) Wait… you never told him?

        MADELINE: (stammers) I-I was going to tell you but-

        GILES: (ignores her; to RAIN) -How long have you been practicing?

        RAIN: (looks over to MADELINE confused, then back to GILES) A couple of months… although I don’t really practice as much…

        GILES: So you’ve never been trained? (Gestures with his sword) You just… one day, became a witch?

        BUFFY: Giles now is not the time. We can talk about this later.

        MADELINE: Mr. Giles I’m sorry-

        GILES: (puts his other hand up) -Buffy’s right, we can do this later. What can you do? About the force field I mean. Is there a particular spell you have in mind?

        RAIN: (nervously) Actually... I was thinking another force field might drain the energy against this one.

        GILES: (taken aback) You can create force fields?

        RAIN nods.

        GILES: (gives MADELINE a disappointed look) Then do it.

        EVERYONE stands back. RAIN lifts her hand up, blue energy crackles all over her hand. With the energy, she creates a force field near the other one. GILES is stunned at the power that RAIN possesses.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          The club has been ransacked. Tables and chairs are turned over. Food is all over the floor. TOR’LOC growls as he throws a fire ball at a wall. It leaves a scorching black mark. Rather calmly ROWE sits on the stage next to a nervous CALUM who is clinging onto his briefcase.

          ROWE: (referring to TOR’LOC use of magic) That’s more like it! (Beat) Doesn’t it feel good to go back to your old ways, just like mama did?

          TOR’LOC: (sneers) Shut up about my mother. (Beat; points at him) You were going to betray me.

          ROWE: (stands up) Now you just wait a minute. It was Mr. Alice who betrayed you, not me. (Places his hand on his chest as a sign of loyalty) I still want to help you.

          CALUM: Mr. Edwards-

          ROWE: (as if he senses something) –hush.

          He looks over to the entrance. Forgetting he’s wearing a glamour, ROWE falls back when he sees DEL’ICK dragging KEELEY in BELLA’S body.

          DEL’ICK: (holding her arm) Look what I found. She’s one of the slayer’s friends... (Sniffs her) what’s your name again, honey?

          KEELEY: (disgusted) As if I’d tell you.

          TOR’LOC: (annoyed) Who is this?

          DEL’ICK: I grabbed her and then created a force field around the place. I thought we could use her to get Pong. Negotiate.

          ROWE inches closer to KEELEY and closes his eyes. CALUM still sitting down observes this.

          ROWE: Fellas, this is Keeley Pong.

          TOR’LOC: (folds arms) Yeah I don’t think so.

          DEL’ICK: Pong is Asian. (Nods to KEELEY) She’s blonde.

          ROWE: (approaches TOR’LOC) Someone’s done a spell. She’s switched bodies with... (Pretends not to know) whoever this girl is supposed to be.

          TOR’LOC walks toward KEELEY, intrigued. CALUM clings onto his briefcase even more.

          DEL’ICK: (with a cheesy grin) Like the movie? Freak Friday?

          ROWE: (smirks) Well, Tor looks like you got what you wanted.

          TOR’LOC: (inches closer) Is that really you, baby girl? (Touches her chin) I missed you.

          KEELEY: (flinches) Bite me, Tor’loc.

          TOR’LOC: Fierce! That’s what I liked about you Pong. That bitchy attitude.

          ROWE quietly watches TOR’LOC and KEELEY as if he was reading them, KEELEY in particular.

          CALUM: (slowly approaches ROWE) Mr. Edwards? (Sees ROWE acknowledge him with a sarcastic nod) Mr. Alice isn’t going to be pleased... (Lowers voice) I mean the deal is off.

          ROWE: (whispers) Just go with the flow, all right?

          CALUM: (stares at him for a bit) How did you know it was Ms. Pong?

          ROWE arches his head at KEELEY as if he senses something from her. He closes his eyes again and opens them suddenly.

          ROWE: (to CALUM) I think you better sit down.

          CALUM: Why?

          ROWE: There’s about to be some more violence.

          CALUM: (with concern) More violence?

          ROWE: (looks at him in the eye) Sit. Down. Now.

          CALUM obeys and sits back on the stage. ROWE turns around and reads KEELEY again.

          TOR’LOC: (inches back) Shame it has to end like this Pong.

          ROWE: You know… I don’t see the logic in this, Tor.

          TOR’LOC: Excuse me?

          ROWE: I mean, why kill her when the other girl is still in Keeley’s body?

          TOR’LOC: What’s your point?

          ROWE: (calmly) Keeley witnessed a brutal crime. (KEELEY looks up; stunned that he knows her secret) The murderer saw her. He’s going want you to clean up his messes, all of them. If you kill her, you still have to kill the other girl.

          TOR’LOC: How the hell did you know about that?

          ROWE: (shrugs) Does it really matter? Point is, you kill her now you still have one more girl to kill. If you wait until they’re in their respective bodies, then you just have one mess to take care of. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the hassle to kill ‘em both. Just saying.

          TOR’LOC: (thinks for a second then mutters) I don’t have time for this. (Pulls out his gun; to PONG) Say good-bye.

          ROWE sighs and lifts up his hand as it crackles with white electricity. He places it on TOR’LOC’s back. CALUM’S eyes widen. He quickly hides behind a turned over table.

          ROWE: (whispers) Good-bye.

          TOR’LOC violently shakes as the electricity covers his whole body. He drops his gun. DEL’ICK runs at ROWE. However ROWE moves his left hand and electricity shoots out of his hand. Then he looks over to a mirror behind the bar. It starts to crack as he stares at it. Pieces of glass fly out just as a large one aims for DEL’ICK slicing his neck, ultimately beheading him. KEELEY raises her arms to protect herself from the glass but realizes ROWE controlled where the pieces went, protecting her. She inches back in awe. Just then TOR’LOC falls to the ground; ROWE grabs a metal serving tray and uses it to behead him. Still holding onto the tray as the blood drips, he approaches KEELEY.

          ROWE: (breathlessly) What’s his name?

          KEELEY: (eyes water with fear) Wh-what?

          ROWE: The man who raped her. What’s his name?

          KEELEY: Philip... Philip Lockwood.

          ROWE: (reads her again) Providence, Rhode Island?

          KEELEY nods. Just then RAIN enter the building followed by GILES and BUFFY.

          RAIN: (sees the DEMONS on the floor; grips her axe) Stay away from her!

          KEELEY: (touches RAIN’S arm) It’s okay, he killed them. He saved my life.

          ROWE backs up, tosses the tray. His face falls as he sees MADELINE entering the club.

          GILES: (with concern) Who are you?

          MADELINE sees the blood on ROWE’S hand. She arches her brow at him.

          ROWE: (quick thinking; pretends to be scared) Reece Cooper. I was just minding my own business and (gestures) these demons started attacking us. (Points to KEELEY) They were going to kill her! I was just trying to do the right thing!

          GILES: (sensing something isn’t right; to the GIRLS) I think we better leave.

          BUFFY: (to RAIN) Giles is right. We need to do the spell before it’s too late. What’s done is done. There’s nothing left for us to do here.

          BUFFY then puts her arm around KEELEY, leading her toward the front of the strip club.

          RAIN: (inches closer) Mad?

          MADELINE doesn’t respond.

          RAIN: (touches her arm slightly) Madeline? Come on. We need to go.

          MADELINE feels uneasy as ROWE looks at her.

          MADELINE: (touches her head) Yes… of course.

          They all leave the strip club while ROWE watches them with a cold look. Nonchalantly he tosses the tray.

          CALUM: (stands up) What were you thinking?!

          ROWE: (fixes his tie) Something on your mind, Mr. Kipp?

          CALUM: You think I’m stupid? I do research. Hello?! Why did you tell her your name was Reece? I know that’s her maiden name! Do you want her to find out? (Starts pacing the room) You do realize I have to report everything that happened here, don’t you? (Gestures ROWE’S powers) I mean everything.

          ROWE: (calmly) Calum, your sister is still alive.

          CALUM: This is not good, not good at all… I (stops himself)… excuse me?
          (Stunned) How-how did you know about my sister?

          ROWE: You read my file. Do you have it?

          CALUM: (confused) Wh-what? It’s in files and records but... you’re not cleared-

          ROWE: I need you to get me that file.

          CALUM: (swallows) Sir... I... even though I’m not happy I was demoted, I need this job. I take it very seriously. I can’t help you. And... these powers you have? That was not supposed to happen.

          ROWE observes his hands, it’s covered in white electricity but he quickly diminishes it. CALUM sees this and inches back.

          ROWE: (looks up at CALUM) I’m not going to hurt you. I have no reason to… now your sister… what’s her name? Colene Kipp? Though you call her Cole, isn’t that right?

          CALUM: (stares at him) How do you know that?

          ROWE: Look, we need to do a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of deal. (Coldly) You get me that file, do some surveillance on Madeline Blake as well and-

          CALUM: (awkwardly) -You’re forbidden to have any contact with your wife until Mr. Alice releases you from your contract.

          ROWE: (reminds him) I can find your sister.

          CALUM sighs with uncertainty and picks up his briefcase.

          CALUM: (frightened) I just... look, if Ms. McCree finds out about this... she’ll sever my contract, literally. (Hugs the briefcase) They torture you first then... (Swallows again) they do the severing. Then they bring you back alive and do it all over again. You’ve heard of Wolfram and Hart, haven’t you? Where do you think the company got its training from?

          ROWE: Ms. McCree won’t find out.

          CALUM: How do you know about my sister, sir?

          ROWE: First the file and then follow Madeline-

          CALUM: (lets out a breath; makes the sign of the cross with his hands) -All right… I’ll do it.

          ROWE: (pats his shoulder) There, that wasn’t so hard.

          CALUM: (loosens his tie) Is it hot in here? I think I’m having trouble breathing.

          ROWE: (Glances over to the selection of alcohol over the bar) Well why don’t you grab us a bottle of whiskey and we’ll get out of here? I think we should celebrate.

          CALUM: (nervously retrieves a bottle) What are we celebrating?

          ROWE: (with an eerily smile) The future.

          We hear the last verse of Hysteria by Muse again as it fades.

          CUT TO:

          RAIN is standing before a roaring fireplace. There is an array of photo frames of MICHAEL’S family on the mantle. She picks up one of them and observes a MAN with a beard in his sixties with his arms around a woman in her late fifties standing near two adults who we know as GRANT and DEVON, MICHAEL’S brother and sister. RAIN doesn’t recognize GRANT as the doctor who examined her when she lost her powers. She puts the photos back and looks at the other ones. She then realizes that of all of the photos MICHAEL isn’t in any, only his parents and his siblings. As she puzzles over this a voice startles her. It’s MICHAEL.

          MICHAEL: (softly) We’re ready.

          RAIN: Oh… okay. Thanks.

          RAIN turns to leave for the bedroom. She stops and looks over to MICHAEL picking up one of the photos. Then she proceeds to enter the bedroom.

          CUT TO:

          The candles in the room give a soft glow. Impatiently waiting, RAIN stands behind OLIVER. WILLOW is on the other side of the bed holding BELLA’S hand. Leaning against the wall NICK and MADELINE look at each other anxiously. KEELEY enter the room and walks past RAIN and OLIVER. She lies down on the bed next to BELLA. BUFFY and GILES are in the door frame, watching. The moment OLIVER and WILLOW start chanting the camera pans back leaving the room. The screen fades to black. A few minutes later the screen flickers as if someone’s eyes are opening. We realize its BELLA waking up in her own body. The first face she sees is RAIN smiling back at her.

          RAIN: (with relief and joy) Welcome back, Izzie.

          BELLA attempts to smile back but she quickly drifts back to a deep sleep. The screen fades to black again.

          CUT TO:

          ROWE is standing before a house holding onto a piece paper. He knocks on the door. A man answers it.

          ROWE: Hello, Philip.

          PHILIP: Yeah? Can I help you?

          ROWE: Are you alone?

          PHILIP: (looks up and down) What’s this about?

          ROWE: I asked if you were alone?

          PHILIP: Look man, I don’t have time for this. (Attempts to close the door; ROWE pushes him) Hey what are you doing?!

          ROWE: (closes the door; locks it) For the last time, are you alone?

          PHILIP: Yes! I’m alone.

          ROWE: (reads him) You’re not married… and you have no children. Good.

          PHILIP: Wh-what? Who are you?

          ROWE: (sneers) You should be ashamed of yourself.

          PHILIP: It’s this about my payment? It should have come through.

          ROWE: (ignores him) You raped and killed that poor girl. (Disgusted) You enjoyed it when you realized you were being watched.

          PHILIP: (nervously points at him) Hey, the demons said they didn’t have a problem with that; we’re allowed to do whatever we want. They’re even willing to clean up the mess for a lot of money.

          ROWE: (hands start to crackle with white electricity) You know... I got these new powers. (PHILIP’S eyes widen) It’s like they were a gift, you know? A cure, in a way. I can do all sort of things. (Inches closer) Want to see a trick?

          PHILIP: H-How much do you want? I’ll give you anything. Name your price.

          ROWE: I can read minds too. (Softly) Only humans it seems. (Tilts his head) Yours is telling me you’re lying. You want to reach for the baseball bat that’s in the closet but you’re wondering if you have enough time to get it before I deep-fry your brains. So... do you want to see who the quicker draw is?

          PHILIP: The bitch deserved it. You have to see that. They all do. Please, don’t kill me.

          ROWE: Actually... I was thinking of having some fun first. Test my new powers again... see what else they can do.

          PHILIP: Come on, man! You don’t have to do this.

          ROWE: Oh I think I do. You’re a monster. (Beat) And I have to... kill monsters. (Shrugs) I think it’s my calling... my future.

          The screen fades to black as we hear screams.

          CUT TO:

          BELLA is now leaning against the headboard lost in her thoughts. RAIN enters with a cup of tea.

          RAIN: (sets the tea down) I thought you’d like some tea. (Nervously; rambles)Willow gave it to me. It’s good for sleeping apparently. It has Organic Rooibos, Orange peel, Spearmint, Chamomile, Passionfruit and Stevia. I’ve never heard of Rooibos or Stevia, have you?

          BELLA: (smiles; softly) Rain... what’s wrong?

          RAIN: I just... I’m scared for you. What you went through. The nightmares... what you saw. Do you remember any of it?

          BELLA: (shrugs) Just bits and pieces but... (Touches RAIN’S hand) I’m okay. Really.

          RAIN: (nods with relief) Good... good. (Pulls out a cell phone from her jean pocket) Your phone.

          BELLA: (takes it) Thank you. (Sees her father’s text messages) Wow... you weren’t kidding. He called a lot.

          RAIN: Yeah. I’m going go downstairs... say good-bye to everyone. (Beat) Will you be all right?

          BELLA: Yes, Rain. I’ll be all right. (Puts her phone down) I’ll drink the tea. (Nods) I’m sure it’ll put me right to sleep.

          RAIN and BELLA give each other a warm sisterly embrace. BELLA smiles just as RAIN leaves. Then BELLA’S face fades as she looks at her phone.

          CUT TO:

          GILES and MADELINE are at the bar. They’re having an intense discussion.

          MADELINE: I’m sorry I withheld information. I just... I wanted to handle things here myself.

          GILES: I understand that... but I really think Rain should join us. There’s only one slayer with wiccan powers in the whole world and that rather points to her being the kind of unusual case we tend to specialize in.

          MADELINE: She’s still in high school, Mr. Giles. I mean Keeley graduated so she can go off and make these kinds of decisions. Rain isn’t done here and… she’s been through so much. I just don’t think she’s ready yet. I think Rain is meant to fight her battles right here in Haven... just like Buffy was in Sunnydale. Surely you can understand that.

          GILES: Still... I mean from what you’ve said, Rain just (shrugs) one day had these powers? That’s highly unusual. If she comes with us we’ll have Willow help her, to guide her and to perhaps get to the bottom of exactly how she came upon her powers.

          RAIN: (OS) My birthmother was a witch.

          GILES and MADELINE turn around and see RAIN at the entrance.

          MADELINE: Rain... I’m sorry we were just-

          RAIN: (waves a hand) –its fine. (Beat; to GILES) Or at least one of my parents was… if not both. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

          GILES: Really? Well that does throw open some interesting possibilities. I’m sure you’re curious to learn about your parents and whatever… talents they may have possessed. For my part I’d be more than happy to help you. And with the resources that both Mr. Corbis and I have-

          RAIN: -I’m not interested.

          GILES: I’m sorry?

          RAIN: I don’t want to know... at least not right now. I’m happy here.

          GILES: Of course. Although I do think that if you were to come with us it would help with your training. (Looks around) I don’t see a room for you to spar in. Do you train?

          RAIN: (winces) Not really but... (Grins at MADELINE) that’ll change. Buffy threw some pretty cool moves (to GILES) and I can see why.

          GILES: (awkward smile; pulls out a card) I’m sure you already have one but... (Hands it to her) please if ever you need our assistance, call me… anytime.

          RAIN smirks seeing the card, it’s the same one that MADELINE gave her when they first met only with his name on it.

          RAIN: Thanks. I just may do that.

          BUFFY and KEELEY enters the restaurant. At the same time GILES and MADELINE get up to give them a moment. They walk toward one of the tables and sit down.

          BUFFY: (approaches RAIN) How is Bella doing?

          RAIN: She’s doing all right... considering.

          BUFFY: (softly) Well, she has friends. Good ones. (Sits at the bar) Boy, I don’t know about you guys but I’m hungry. I don’t suppose you serve non-fat yogurt here by any chance?

          RAIN: (chuckles) Nope.

          BUFFY: (to KEELEY and RAIN) So what do you guys eat after a fight?

          KEELEY: Maejakgwa.

          BUFFY and RAIN give her a look of confusion.

          KEELEY: (explains) Maejakgwa is a Korean ginger cookie. It’s very good.

          RAIN: (grins and looks over to NICK who appears holding onto a bag) It’s hamburgers for me.

          NICK: (hands the bag to RAIN) The Haven Burger; extra avocado with fries.

          RAIN: (takes it) Thanks Nick.

          NICK: (smirks; eyes BUFFY and KEELEY) Ladies... (Leans against the bar) it’s a shame you’re leaving when you’ve just arrived. You know... I got an apartment. You’re welcome to spend the night... (Looks around) the red head too. (Nods) Just so that you’re well rested, you know?

          BUFFY: (to RAIN) I don’t know how you put up with him.

          RAIN: (nudges NICK) He’s harmless. He never puts the moves on me and besides if he did, I’d kick him right where it-

          NICK: (pretends to throw a defensive stance) –Don’t hurt me, Slayer.

          BUFFY: That’s wiccan-slayer, Buster.

          Just then, OLIVER, WILLOW and MICHAEL appears from the office.

          WILLOW: (holding onto a bag from Oliver’s Occult Oasis) Are you sure, Mr. Vallon?

          OLIVER: Please, call me Oliver and yes... it’s a gift.

          WILLOW: Thank you.

          OLIVER and MICHAEL join GILES and MADELINE.

          BUFFY: (stands up; greets her) What did you get, Wil?

          WILLOW: (grins) All kind of wiccan goodness. (Beat) This stone is from the SKa’ral dimension.

          BUFFY: Yeah I have no idea what you’re referring to. I flunked in Dimension History 101, remember?

          WILLOW: The Ska’ral dimension doesn’t exist anymore, Buffy. That’s how
          rare this stone is… (Bigger smile) and get this… Oliver is going to have a website for his store. So I’ll be able to buy stuff online for a discount.

          RAIN: (smirks) For some reason I can’t imagine Oliver behind a computer.

          WILLOW: Oh his wife handles all of the technology. Have you met her?

          RAIN: Once.

          WILLOW: I hear she’s nice... at least from what Michael told me.

          RAIN: (shoots MICHAEL a look) Did he?
          Just then GILES stands up.

          GILES: (looks at his watch) We really should get going, Buffy.

          RAIN: Wait... what’s going to happen to the girls at the clubs? The ones in Rhode Island?

          BUFFY: We’re going to track ‘em down, one by one. Don’t worry, we’ll save the girls and make these guys pay.

          RAIN nods with approval.

          BUFFY: Well, I guess this is the part where we say good-bye. And I get this feeling you’re not the huggy type.

          RAIN: Good guess.

          BUFFY: But I’m gonna do it anyway. (Embraces RAIN; whispers in her ear) You have a lot of potential. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

          RAIN is taken aback. Soon they let go of the embrace. At the same time BUFFY, GILES and WILLOW walks over to the door and wait for KEELEY to say good-bye to RAIN.

          KEELEY: (softly) I’m sorry... for the way it happened.

          RAIN: You’re both back in your bodies. That’s all that matters.

          KEELEY: Let’s hope we don’t see each other in our dreams again.

          RAIN: (small laugh) I couldn’t agree with you more.

          KEELEY nods a good-bye. She meets BUFFY, WILLOW and GILES at the door. GILES opens it letting the girls leave first.

          WILLOW: Giles, is it my turn to drive?

          BUFFY: (following WILLOW from behind) You know I haven’t driven yet.

          GILES sighs just as KEELEY chuckles.

          WILLOW: Really? Are you sure?

          KEELEY smirks at GILES as she passes him.

          BUFFY: I’m pretty sure.

          There is no response.

          BUFFY: So can I drive? I think it’s time, don’t you think?

          RAIN watches them all exit the resturant and enter the light snow fall.

          BUFFY: (OS) Guys? Come on.

          BUFFY voice soon fades. RAIN turns to her friends.

          RAIN: (still carrying her burger and fries) Well... I’d better go. I don’t want to keep Bella waiting.

          MADELINE: Yeah I should get going too. (Puts on her jacket) It’s late. (Beat) Do you need a ride Oliver?

          OLIVER: (grateful) Actually that would be lovely. (Beat) Good night, Michael. I’ll call you tomorrow.

          RAIN raises her brow at this.

          MICHAEL: (nods) Good-night. Drive safe.

          MADELINE and OLIVER walks toward the door.

          RAIN: Madeline?

          MADELINE: (turns around) Yes, Rain?

          RAIN: I was thinking of training... maybe at the gym? The one on Greenwood Street? Tomorrow after school?

          MADELINE: (with a smile) I’d like that. Shall I pick you up?

          RAIN: (nods) That’ll be great.

          MADELINE nods back and then leaves with OLIVER. MICHAEL gives NICK a look. He quickly catches on he wants a moment with RAIN.

          NICK: (claps his hand) You know... (Points to his ear) I think I hear... (Gestures) the phone that’s... (Thumbs to the back of the restaurant) not ringing in the kitchen. So I’m going to go… (Nods) and pretend to answer it.

          NICK rushes to the kitchen.

          MICHAEL: Smooth, isn’t he?

          RAIN: (chuckles) Yeah... very. (A little awkward) So... anyway I really should-

          MICHAEL: -Rain... actually... I was hoping we could talk.

          RAIN: (gestures with the bag) My soon to be cold burger... and Bella.

          MICHAEL: I think Bella is probably exhausted... it’s been a rough day on her... all of us really. I’m sure she’s sound asleep.

          RAIN: (realizes he’s right) I suppose I could eat and listen at the same time.

          RAIN walks over to the bar and takes her burger out of the bag.

          MICHAEL: (now behind the bar) Coke?

          RAIN: (removes the plastic lid) Please.

          MICHAEL: (pours RAIN a glass; hands it to her) What do you say after a night like this?

          RAIN: (pops a fry in her mouth; small awkward grin) I know. What do you say?

          MICHAEL: That I’m sorry.

          RAIN: That works.

          MICHAEL: No… I’m really sorry. (Retrieves his leather bag nearby; pulls something out) I really didn’t mean to keep anything from you. (Holding onto a file) You have to know that... I had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

          RAIN: (puts down her burger) I know.

          MICHAEL: And I wasn’t snooping around at the motel. That was someone else… though I am curious who that person might be… for your safety.

          RAIN: Okay.

          MICHAEL: (hands her the file) The prophecy... this is everything we know about it. It’s not much but this is yours... for you to look at.

          RAIN: (doesn’t take it) It’s about me, isn’t it?

          MICHAEL: (sets it down) Yes but I didn’t know that until after we met... it has to do with a slayer with wiccan powers.

          RAIN: Why didn’t you show this to Mr. Giles or Madeline?

          MICHAEL: Well, no offense to them... but I don’t think it’s any of their business.

          RAIN: But... you made it yours. I mean you kept it from me.

          MICHAEL: Yes, and that was my mistake. (Beat) Look… Oliver has been researching this prophecy long before you were born...

          RAIN: How long have you known him? Oliver?

          MICHAEL: (fidgets) I met him around ’89... so for about sixteen years.

          RAIN: That long?

          MICHAEL nods.

          RAIN: How did you met? I mean... if you-

          MICHAEL: -No its fine... I just thought you’d like to read the file.

          RAIN: (looks at it, then back at MICHAEL) I don’t think so, not yet. I-I’m not ready.

          MICHAEL: I understand.

          RAIN: So... how did you meet? Oliver and you?

          MICHAEL: (a little uncomfortable) I just one day walked into his magic shop. We shared similar interest... research.

          RAIN: And how long has Oliver owned the magic shop?

          MICHAEL: Not sure but it’s been more than sixteen years, I can tell you that.

          There is a slightly uncomfortable silence.

          RAIN: (nods) Thank you... Michael.

          MICHAEL: I’m just sorry I wasn’t upfront. You know... Oliver and Jackie... they didn’t agree with all of the secrecy.

          RAIN: Oh?

          MICHAEL: Yeah... they wanted you to know everything.

          RAIN: Is that… everything?

          MICHAEL: (fidgets again) Well... I think so... for now.

          RAIN: Fair enough.

          Just as RAIN is about to take a bite of her burger, NICK appears.

          NICK: Okay, boss the kitchen is sparkling clean.

          MICHAEL: Thank you, Nick. (To RAIN) When you’re ready... (Nods to the file) let me know... if you have any questions, okay?

          RAIN: Sure.

          NICK sits next to RAIN.

          NICK: (gives MICHAEL a look) I’ll have a beer.

          MICHAEL: Excuse me?

          NICK: It’s been a long day. (Puts his arm around RAIN) Now that I’m back to fighting the forces of darkness, I think I’m entitled to a free beer from time to time, don’t you think?

          MICHAEL: No I don’t think... but (pours him a beer) I can take it out of your pay check. (Hands it to him)

          NICK: (throws his hands) Aw, come on, boss!

          RAIN: (smirks) Fighting the forces of darkness? You didn’t fight. All you got were magic supplies and you read a stolen book to Bella. (Points at him) I want it back.

          NICK: (pretends to be offended) Me, steal? I’m a not a thief, Rain. I merely borrow it. It looked interesting. (Shrugs) Anyway, I just realized what you do is an important job. It’s a fine profession and I would like to be a part of it.

          MICHAEL: You wanted to quit a few hours ago.

          NICK: Ahh... (Sips his beer) it was a mistake on my part. I’m allowed to make mistakes, no? (Pulls out a piece of paper; hands off to RAIN) Here are some possible names.

          MICHAEL: (takes the paper) Names?

          NICK: Hello? For our gang!

          MICHAEL: (reads out loud) Gothic Princess and the Fearsome Knights?

          RAIN almost chokes on her burger.

          NICK: (pats her on the back) You all right, Rain?

          RAIN: (drinks her soda) Yeah... I’m fine.

          NICK: What do you think Rain? Do you like?

          RAIN: (with a grin) I like. I give it a seven.

          NICK: (scoffs) A seven? Come on! (Mutters)

          NICK snatches the paper back from MICHAEL and marks it.

          NICK: (puts the list away; sips his beer) How is Bella doing?

          RAIN: Like I’ve been telling everyone... I think she’s handling it well.

          NICK: If not, she’d tell us, right?

          RAIN: Of course, Bella and secrets... they don’t mix.


          BELLA is huddled in the corner of the procedure room again. There are two FIGURES standing in the doorway. It’s similar to the previous dream.

          BELLA: Go away.... please!

          WARNER: (OS) Are you sure about this?

          FEMALE VOICE: Isabella is strong.

          The FIGURE approaches BELLA. We can see her face. It’s a WOMAN with Russian features and black hair. She is the same WOMAN from WARNER’S picture that he had secretly tucked in his journal. We hear her singing a Russian lullaby.

          BELLA: Please... don’t do this.

          WOMAN: Tinker... don’t cry. (Touches BELLA’S face) Shhh... don’t cry.

          The WOMAN bends down. WARNER inches closer but stays behind the WOMAN.

          WARNER: … our daughter…

          WOMAN: Bella has to be the one to find her…

          BELLA: (looks up at the WOMAN) Mom? Is... is that you?


          BELLA suddenly wakes up deeply disturbed by the dream she had. She takes a deep breath as she realizes the cell phone is still in her hand. Quickly BELLA dials it. A MAN answers.

          MAN: Hello?

          BELLA: Daddy?

          WARNER: (groggily) Bella… it’s late. Is everything all right?

          BELLA: Oh yeah I’m fine. I just wanted to ask you something.

          WARNER: What is it?

          BELLA: Rain and I are doing... a family tree assignment for history class. I need some information about mom.

          WARNER: Oh? Okay... what did you want to know, honey?

          BELLA: Di-did mom... have black hair?

          WARNER: (taken aback by this question) No... It’s blonde...... just like yours. Surely you remember from the pictures?

          BELLA: (chuckles) Yeah... right of course. I don’t know what I was thinking.

          WARNER: Is that all? No questions about your Uncle Russell who lives in a house made of soda cans and tires? He’s the most intriguing member of our family. Or maybe your teacher would be interested in how I know a lot of famous people?

          BELLA: (small laugh) Like Michael Jackson?

          WARNER: Course, I told you I showed him how to do the moonwalk.

          BELLA: I was like eight when you told me that.

          WARNER: Or how about when I taught Mark Harmon how to act in those Coors commercials I keep telling you about? John Schneider from Dukes of Hazzard? I mean who do you think give him driving lessons in the General Lee? That was me.

          BELLA laughs again but WARNER senses she’s distracted or not herself.

          WARNER: Isabella? Are you sure you’re all right?

          BELLA: I’m fine... just tired.

          WARNER: Then you better get some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow after school, okay? (Beat) I love you, Tinker.

          BELLA: I love you too Daddy.

          They both hang up. BELLA puts the phone on the nightstand. She looks toward the window. The moonlight shines through. Then she gets up walks over to it. She observed NICK in the back of the restaurant talking to RAIN. They’re walking toward RAIN’S car. He lifts up the hood showing her what’s wrong with it. MICHAEL appears with a tool box and hands it to NICK. NICK makes some kind of joke. They all laugh. RAIN feels as if someone is watching her. She looks up toward the guest bedroom window of her apartment but there’s no one there.

          BELLA is now under the covers. She just stares at the ceiling afraid to close her eyes. The camera pans back and we hear Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight by the Spaniels creepy play in the background.

          Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it's time to go,
          Goodnight, sweetheart, well, it's time to go,
          I hate to leave you, but I really must say,
          Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          Keeley Pong (Jaime Chung)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Oliver (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller)
          Willow Rosenburg (Alyson Hannigan)
          Rupert Giles (Anthony Steward Head)


          • The episode was originally called "Authority" but as I mentioned before the story went in a different direction. So I had to change the title. This episode was suppose to be about roles of authority between Rain, Madeline, Michael, Buffy and Giles re: Rain's wiccan powers.

          • I hope the dream sequences were clear. Bella was experiencing Keeley's nightmares and then started to go through her own dreams.

          • So we learn that Sheridan isn't Bella's mother. It's her stepmother! Yep, this was planned from the beginning. However, it does seem unclear who the mystery Russian woman is and how she is connected to Warner and Bella. And of course what happened to Bella's birthmother? Only time will tell...

          • Rowe has powers and his obsession for Madeline returns. Lovely.

          • I hope I was true to Giles, Buffy and Willow's voices. I tried my best not to incorporate their current storylines with the comic book series as I don't really follow it.

          • We learn more about Michael's connection to Oliver. So it seems they've been friends for quite a long time, eh? We also get a small glimpse of Michael's private life through his parent's summer house and the photos. In addition, we learn more about Oliver's powers. So far he can heal, read people's spirits and peform high level spells.

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.11 Criminal Element- you can read the summary in the index. Stay tuned for the release! Many many thanks for reading!
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