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The Final Chapters - Chapter 2 - The Battle of the Protogenoi

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 2 - The Battle of the Protogenoi

    Chapter 2: The Battle of the Protogenoi
    Replacing: Season 1 of Sirens (1.09 – 1.18)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts.



    The camera pans around a large office in what looks to be Olympus Incorporated. It is not ZEUS’S office but another of equal size and stature. What looks to be a MAN is sat behind a desk in the office. He looks old and weary but still retains a strong sense of strength and resilience. He is played by Campbell Scott.

    He is writing on a piece of paper in an ancient language when he looks up to the person sat opposite him.

    MAN: Forgive me for my rudeness. I am after all, contrary to popular belief, forgiving.


    The camera rotates to show that he is sat opposite HELEN PRIME. She looks slightly younger, naive almost. She is wearing a light flowery dress and there is a bow in her hair. She cocks her head and looks at him, blinking.

    HELEN: I do not know this word, forgiveness.

    MAN: You are simply adjusting to your new human form, Hemera.

    HELEN: Hemera... that is the name they have given me in the scriptures? Incantations and ornaments are written with this, am I correct?

    The MAN looks at her, curiously.

    MAN: Are you aware of what has happened to you, what you have become?

    HELEN shakes her head.

    HELEN: I am human.

    MAN: You are. It is what you and your family agreed to do, to help us.

    HELEN: Your words do not form sense that I understand.

    MAN: I have briefed your mother, your father and your brother too. You will adjust together as you progress through your new mission.

    HELEN tries to understand this, she nods, though clearly confused.

    HELEN: Mission?

    MAN: You and the remaining members of your archaic family pledged allegiance to the current plight of Olympus. Our very kingdom has come under threat... the kingdom you helped to form and create.

    HELEN furrows her brow at this.

    HELEN: I remember now. There is a man... Xakiel Thorn. He is not well to our beliefs.

    MAN: Yes.

    HELEN: He has tainted one of your half-gods.

    MAN: He has and he is a complex man. He is a demi-god from another dimension and has fathered a child with the daughter of my once loyal Persephone. The very threads of truth and honour that once pertained to Olympus have been tainted by the threat of a new ascension to power. It is all due to this man’s actions and he must be stopped.

    HELEN frowns at the MAN.

    HELEN: He shall be unsuccessful in destroying us all.

    The MAN smiles darkly at this, remaining calm.

    MAN: He will, but he has many allies and that’s where you come in. Xakiel Thorn has amassed an array of allies: Slayers, Witches, Lycans, Immortals, all of them easily expendable. Now though, out of the mists of his past, have emerged a group dedicated to his mother Kalipso. They are a danger to us. They have already recruited rogue gods and goddesses and they will gain more.

    HELEN: I dislike this group from what you are telling me. I am to presume that they will be destroyed also?

    MAN: Correct. We thought long and wondered greatly about how to deal with a group that we know so little about. All we have identified about them is that they are a group that can channel great powers and they are heavily knowledgeable on mythology. As a result, there really was only one solution. You.

    The camera focuses on HELEN as she looks down, listening.

    MAN (O/S): It has been too long since the Protogenoi have been worshipped and obeyed. You were the first deities to grace our mythology, so grand you didn’t even need form. You were the ones we looked at for guidance when we emerged into being. You lit the day and darkened the skies at night so we could rest. And now? Now, you are forgotten to the mortal world. I do not deem this acceptable. You shall not be ignored any more.

    HELEN looks up at him now.

    HELEN: Tell me more.

    MAN: We needed a group powerful enough to destroy our enemies but this group must not be recognisable by their physical form – it is where we found failure with The Fates. As a result, we channelled your spirits into mortal form so you could walk among them without fear of recognition and persecution.

    She looks at him, concerned.

    HELEN: Mortal form? I can be vanquished?

    MAN: No, you cannot... at least not by a way they will discover. The information of your extinction lies only with your mother and the corporation as a safeguard. You will find the Syndicate and discover what it is they wish to accomplish. Use any methods you deem necessary but do not let them uncover your true form for it is then that you will fail.

    HELEN: And the safe guard shall be activated?

    MAN: Yes. I feel it also my duty to mention that if you give in to your human form – that is, if Hemera falls to Helen Prime - then you shall live out the remainder of your days imprisoned in your human skin and be left to die as a mortal. You shall not be awarded support or pity from the corporation.

    HELEN looks at him, almost angry.

    HELEN: You are curious - you elate me so, by prospering my status as a Protogenoi, to lure me into subordination as your slave.

    The MAN looks at her, intrigued.

    MAN: The other Protogenoi did not protest, do not prove fickle Hemera...

    HELEN: Do not treat me as such.

    The MAN slams his hand on the desk causing a singed mark to appear on it and the ground to shudder. HELEN looks at him slightly fearful.

    MAN: (with seething rage) Now you listen to me girl. When you agreed to work for Olympus then you agreed to work for me. That means that when you cut it down to its most raw form you are indeed my slave and the workings of this corporation shall be carried out by you in the name of my brother, this corporation and our whole mythology. Do not dare oppose me for you know that I hold the key to your death, ancient one. Do as I command...

    HELEN looks at him and then swallows, conceding.

    HELEN: As you wish... my lord, Hades.

    The MAN stands now. He is no man at all. He is HADES... the god of the Underworld, the god of death.

    HADES smiles at her.

    HADES: Good. Now, go test your new body and learn how the humans live. You have time to adjust; we are forming a coalition with the Siren race so they will become affiliated to us loyally. Once the deal is done, they shall be yours to control with your symbol and you will hunt down Kalipso’s mysterious Syndicate and end their lives once and for all.

    HELEN: I understand. How will we contact you?

    HADES: Through our spirits we are linked, we shall host meetings by moonlight with you and my brother and me, just as we will with The United in Manhattan who has been commissioned to destroy Xakiel Thorn directly. There are no margins for error here, you will not fail us because believe me my dear Protogenoi... you do not want the God of Death as an enemy.

    He leans into HELEN.

    HADES: Do I make myself clear?

    HELEN smiles.

    HELEN: Entirely.

    HADES: Good. You may leave. Your family are outside awaiting your arrival, you have all been given the necessary tools and information to achieve success. I have no doubt that you will prosper greatly in the role you have been designated. Welcome to Olympus Incorporated, Helen Prime.

    She nods and smiles. She stands now and moves towards the door. Her face sinks as the realisation of the situation soaks into her freshly made human form.



    A shower is running loudly and the room is full of steam. As the water stops running, the camera pans around to show a woman stepping out of the shower. The steam maintains her modesty and she grabs the towel and wraps it around her.

    She moves to the wall and presses a button. A small noise indicates a modern vacuum – it removes all the steam from the room. The woman moves to the mirror and looks at her reflection, her wet hair hanging around her face, a giant scar slashed across her bottom lip. She looks sombre, sad, older and wiser.

    She is HELEN PRIME.

    HELEN (V/O): I remember when I was made.


    She moves away from the mirror now and into the morning bathed bedroom.


    HELEN moves into the bedroom. The windows are boarded up and only a fragment of the light from outside shines through. She looks through the cracks, comforted by the sight of nothing she turns and moves towards a black dress hanging up on her wardrobe.

    HELEN (V/O): Twenty years ago I was given form, a life and a new meaning. I was a weapon... a weapon that backfired in the hand of a murderer.

    She pulls the dress off of the wardrobe.

    CUT TO –

    HELEN is now stood in front of a long mirror and she is wearing the black dress.

    HELEN (V/O): Learning to be human was a difficult lesson to learn, one that I did not adjust to well. All I wanted to do when I was formed was to survive mortality. I knew that the only way to do this would be to destroy The Kalipso Syndicate, but they were the ones who taught me the lessons I would not forget...

    She frowns and moves to her bed and pulls on a pair of black high heels.

    HELEN (V/O): The closer I became to their students and allies, the more I saw the truth, the waking dawn of a new age and gradually I began to understand that all the anger from the traces of my former heritage were slipping away and all that was left... was me.

    With her shoes on, she moves to the desk in the room and pulls a book to her – it is an empty diary, yet to be written. She looks at the photo on the desk, it is of herself with a man’s arm around her. They are at the pier in Cropley Shores. They look happy and she looks deeply in love. She looks at the photo with deep sadness.

    HELEN (V/O): I loved him, which is why I’ll do this for him. I promised him I would write the tale of my past and I will... after today. He said it would help people make sense of why things happened and why I’m still here... but then... but then he died and it was hard to make sense of anything. And today... I put his body in the ground.

    She stands now.

    HELEN (V/O): So for you... my love, I do this.

    She reaches for her lipstick, her earrings.

    HELEN (V/O): This is how it all happened... what happened when the Sirens left...

    She grabs her jacket.

    HELEN (V/O): Everything that led up to the moment that Project Poseidon came into it’s devastating force and what happened when my family and I tore through the lives of the Syndicate with the full power of the corporation behind us...

    She pulls her jacket on and pockets her lipstick. She grabs the apartment keys and heads for the door, a terrified frown on her face.

    HELEN (V/O): I will tell them all about the time that has come to be known as The Battle of the Protogenoi...

    She leaves the apartment slamming the door behind her.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.
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    The scene and act opens with a pair of large iron gates opening to let in a set of three black cars. The cars wind their way down the perfectly maintained paths of the graveyard and then stop near an open grave.

    HELEN (V/O): My story begins with another funeral – the one that started the events that changed my life.

    The cars stop and the people begin to exit. From the first car, ELISE ARTAIR, TRAFFORD ARTAIR and URSULA LAKE exit. URSULA moves to put an arm around her daughter and TRAFFORD holds his sister’s hand. They are all in black attire, ELISE with a black veil over her face.

    In the second car, ECHIDNA and PANDION exit. As with their other Syndicate members, they are dressed in mourning. They hold hands, deeply upset. They follow the other three.

    The doors of the third car open and out of them steps EA BROGAN and MELODY HARP, who too are dressed in respect for the deceased. BROGAN looks at her and nods and she moves away with the others. He looks back to the car.

    BROGAN: (to another person) You ready?


    Another person steps out of the car. It is XAK THORN. He is dressed in the suit that he was seen wearing in Chapter 1 – The Requiem of Duality. He nods at BROGAN.

    XAK: Let’s go...

    They walk together towards the nearby fresh grave and join the Syndicate on one side of the grave. On the other side are the students, HELEN PRIME, ARRON PRIME, GABE PETERS, NEVAN BARNES and all the other students from the school. They all look sombre, saddened.

    The Syndicate cry...

    ELISE looks up to the marble headstone at the top of the grave and reads the writing engraved...



    1981 – 2006

    XAK looks also at the tombstone and then looks to the one next to it. His childhood friend CONCSTANCE KYLL buried next to her. His mind passes to her, of all that have died too soon.

    ELISE: (telepathically, to XAK) It’s not fair...

    He looks at her, surprised and then notices her lips aren’t moving. She looks at him now, a tear rolling down her face. He looks at all the other members of the Syndicate, they are not reacting – all taking a moment of silence.

    ELISE: (telepathically, to XAK) Shelter shouldn’t have died... her fate wasn’t done.

    XAK looks down now at the coffin resting in the ground.

    It wasn’t fair.

    CUT TO –

    ARRON and HELEN look at XAK pointedly, then ARRON pulls away from the crowd and walks away. HELEN notices and then follows. She waits until they are out of earshot.

    HELEN: Arron... what are you doing?

    ARRON turns to his sister.

    ARRON: You know who that was, don’t you?

    HELEN: Him. Xakiel Thorn, the one who started this.

    ARRON: If he’s here then we have to tread carefully – human grief can bring people together... we need to tread carefully.

    HELEN: You think he might do something?

    ARRON: We have Cherry and we’re down the Sirens. Unless mom and dad figure out how to use her in our favour and figure out how we can channel our powers to down the Syndicate once and for all... then we’re screwed.

    ARRON looks once more back at the mourning Syndicate and then pulls his sister away.


    The camera pans around the Lobby of the school. All the Syndicate and the students are stood talking, comforting one another.

    HELEN and ARRON aren’t present.

    The camera pans to the Syndicate, minus ECHIDNA and PAN who are preparing food in the kitchen for everyone.

    XAK looks around at the crying students.

    XAK: This is not right... this shouldn’t be happening.

    TRAFFORD puts his arm around ELISE and comforts her.

    TRAFFORD: I know, this whole thing is not right...

    URSULA: At least in some sick and twisted way, one of us is at peace... and Constance isn’t alone.

    BROGAN tightens his jaw. XAK looks at him and to all of them.

    XAK: I will stop this, I promise you.

    BROGAN: How? You have no leads... neither do we.

    XAK: I know but I...

    BROGAN: (angry) No Xak. You might have gone all gung ho on Medusa and we took down the Sirens but it means nothing unless we take down the bastards pulling the strings...

    Some of the students look over, hearing his raised voice. NEVAN and GABE are a part of this group.

    MELODY puts a hand on his shoulder.

    MELODY: Ea...

    BROGAN looks down.

    BROGAN: I’m sorry it’s just...

    MELODY: You don’t have to explain, we all get it... don’t worry.

    She looks at XAK.

    MELODY: And we’ll figure out. We will.

    He looks at her.


    ECHIDNA is moving around the kitchen to the fridge. She opens the freezer section and looks inside. She scoffs. PAN looks at her.

    ECHIDNA: We’re out of ice - how can we be out of cold solid water?

    PAN looks at her and frowns.

    PAN: I’ll run to the store, it’ll be fine.

    ECHIDNA: I refuse to serve warm drinks to mourners. I just simply refuse.

    PAN: It’s ok. I told you. I’ll run out and get some.

    ECHIDNA: Fine go. But take these out.

    She throws some paper plates at him.

    ECHIDNA: I don’t want them running out.

    He catches them and nods, beat. He turns to leave and ECHIDNA moves to open the oven. When she does, she pulls out a tray of muffins. She laughs. PAN looks at her.

    PAN: What is it?

    ECHIDNA: Why am I making muffins?

    He looks down, tightening his jaw.

    PAN: Echidna...

    ECHIDNA: Shelter’s dead and I’m mourning like a human would. I am absolutely devastated that she’s gone... and I’m baking to heal this pain. I am a greek goddess and look at me... this is not me. This is not what I do, Pandion!

    He moves towards her and puts an arm around her to hold her tight.

    PAN: Echidna...

    ECHIDNA clutches on to him tightly and sobs.

    ECHIDNA: (crying) I don’t understand anymore... I don’t understand...


    The camera shows CHERRY LI badly beaten and tied up to a chair in the dark dingy basement of the Prime house. Her mouth is gagged, her skin is covered in cuts, lacerations and deep bruises. Someone moves towards her and kneels in front of her. CHERRY looks up at the person in the room through her bruised eyes, disgusted. The person is HELEN.

    HELEN: Do you want something to eat? I brought you a sandwich.

    CHERRY just looks at her.

    HELEN: Is that a yes?

    CHERRY continues to just look.

    HELEN unties her gag. CHERRY spits in her face.

    CHERRY: (seething) You think I’d eat anything from you.

    HELEN looks down disgusted and wipes the saliva off her face. She looks hurt.

    HELEN: (quietly) I never wanted this. You don’t understand.

    CHERRY: Well neither do I... but your parents still continue to beat the hell out of me to find out whether I know anything or whether I don’t...

    HELEN: I’m sorry.

    CHERRY: (pleading) Tell them to stop.

    HELEN looks at her, scared.

    HELEN: I can’t, you don’t get it.

    CHERRY: (desperate) Then tell me! What the hell am I doing here?

    HELEN kneels in front of her now and sighs.

    HELEN: I’m not too sure what they want from you... I think they might use you as a bargaining chip or something but they won’t stop until The Kalipso Syndicate are felled.

    CHERRY: Why? Who are you really?

    HELEN: Something old. We were the light and the dark that shadowed and illuminated the gods and goddesses who first walked this earth. They called us the Protogenoi. Incorporeal beings who were given charge of the ether powers... day, night, morning, dusk... they were all under our control.

    CHERRY looks at her and shakes her head.

    CHERRY: You’re not even human.

    HELEN: I am. I’m Helen Prime.

    CHERRY: You might be in the body of a human but your soul is black. You could never be a human being.

    HELEN looks saddened.

    HELEN: That’s not true.

    CHERRY: You’re all going to kill me. You’re all going to kill the Syndicate and you won’t stop there, i know it.

    HELEN looks down.

    CHERRY: But you’re the worst of them all, Helen. You were the one who pretended to be my friend...

    She looks away. HELEN looks up at her tearful.

    The camera pans back to show the two of them.

    CHERRY sat, tied and reviled. HELEN kneeling, devastated and regretful.




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      ACT TWO


      It is the year 2025 again. HELEN is sat in the back of a car. Her driver is unknown. She looks out of the tinted windows to the outside world, fearful.

      HELEN (V/O): The world has become harsh.

      She passes a fire in the street. Human remains are on the fire.

      HELEN (V/O): Countless have been murdered in confusion and in anarchy against the change in authority. As crazy as it may sound, I don’t blame them for their actions. They blame me and mine and I think they should, we deserve to be persecuted. If they knew I were out here burying my love, then I would be on their fires...

      The car takes a turn now into the graveyard.

      HELEN (V/O): I don’t care if I’m risking my life for his burial, it’s what he deserves after he saved everyone. He’s a hero. He deserves this.


      The camera shows the black car driving down the small road in the graveyard. A lot of the gravestones have been destroyed and there is no one in sight.

      Cropley Shores was abandoned.



      We are back in the year 2006.

      The scene opens on MELODY and XAK hugging.

      XAK: It’s good to see you.

      MELODY laughs.

      MELODY: That’s the last thing I thought you’d say.

      They break the hug and reveal that BROGAN is also stood nearby and there’s a cab waiting for XAK.

      XAK: I think it’s the last thing I would have said about a year ago but with things being the way they are and seeing the work you’re doing here... it is truly good to see you.

      MELODY nods and smiles, touched. BROGAN moves forward and hands something to XAK. It’s a folder.

      BROGAN: Here.

      XAK looks at him, confused

      XAK: What’s this?

      BROGAN: Ursula did it for you. She pulled together everything we know. It’s not much but it might help you with The United.

      XAK nods, grateful.

      XAK: Thank you, Brogan. I’m sure whatever she’s found for us will help.

      MELODY: And hey, I doubt you have a tight rigid administration system your end, but if you do...

      XAK: Of course.

      He looks at the cab and then to them both.

      XAK: I guess I better get going...

      They don’t say anything.

      XAK: I hate that I have to leave.

      MELODY: You have to... just don’t be a stranger. If today has taught us anything, it’s that having each other is everything.

      XAK nods and then hugs his old friend

      XAK: (whispering to BROGAN) I’ll put a stop to this, I promise... for everyone we’ve lost.

      He breaks the hug and BROGAN nods at him. XAK smiles weakly at MELODY and then steps into the cab. The door closes and the car starts, driving away from the school and out of Cropley Shores.

      MELODY touches BROGAN’S arm as he stands there watching the car drive off.

      MELODY: (softly) Come on...

      She moves towards the school and BROGAN soon follows.


      The door opens and BROGAN and MELODY re-enter the school. The rest of the students have left, only the Syndicate remain. NEVAN however, has remained to help cleaning. TRAFFORD, PAN and URSULA are tidying, while ELISE and ECHIDNA are sat at the seating area, depressed. URSULA stops and moves towards them both.

      URSULA: Did he get the file?

      BROGAN nods.

      BROGAN: Yep and then he took off into the sunset on his noble steed.

      URSULA smiles reassuringly.

      URSULA: He can’t leave New York unprotected... it’s dangerous there.

      BROGAN: I know... and we can’t leave here unprotected.

      URSULA: What do you mean?

      BROGAN: We need to get to work, now.

      URSULA looks at him, surprised.

      URSULA: Ea, it’s Shelter’s wake...

      BROGAN: The only thing Shelter would want us to do is to pick ourselves up and kick some ass.

      URSULA looks doubtful at this.

      URSULA: I don’t know, Ea...

      ECHIDNA looks up.

      ECHIDNA: He’s right, Ursula.

      Everyone looks at her. ECHIDNA’S face is resilient and her expression is stern.

      ECHIDNA: Shelter was a fighter to the very end, she would not want us to stop just because she’s finally at peace. I for one will not stop. Her death only makes me want to fight these forces stronger than ever.

      TRAFFORD nods at this.

      TRAFFORD: I agree. I’m not gonna stop because she’s gone, she’d want us to do this.

      URSULA looks at them all who all agree with BROGAN. She turns back to him.

      BROGAN: What do you say, Ursula? We can’t do this without you...

      She sighs, pensive. She looks around to her mourning daughter who has her head down, depressed. She frowns and then turns to BROGAN.

      URSULA: For Shelter, I concur.

      BROGAN smiles and nods.

      BROGAN: Good.

      He looks at them all and moves into the middle of the room.

      BROGAN: Nevan, Echidna, Ursula... find the Sirens.

      ECHIDNA: What? Why?

      NEVAN looks at him, scared.

      NEVAN: Yeah, after them killing my friends and then trying to kill me, I kind of agree with her on this one. Call me crazy.

      BROGAN: We need to know if they’re gone for good. They might have lost their chief but the flock is still very much at large. We need to know where they are and if their loyalties still lie with their old masters... if they don’t then we might be able to get some information from them.

      MELODY: Wow, that’s actually really smart. I’m quite impressed.

      BROGAN: I’ll take that as a compliment.

      She smirks.

      BROGAN: Trafford and Pan, I need you to go and find out where Cherry is. No-one has heard from her and if she has been taken then we need to know more so we can find her. We need her safe.

      TRAFFORD: Of course.

      BROGAN: Ok, Mel and I will stay here. Contact us if you need anything but be safe.

      They all go to move.

      BROGAN: And remember... we do this for Shelter.

      Everyone pauses for a moment and considers this. Slowly everyone leaves, ready to end their plight against the dark forces that have grown large with hatred towards The Kalipso Syndicate.


      The camera pans across the floor of SHELTER’S old room. The carpet is stained with dried blood. It has clearly been cleaned but the stain still resonates a strong reminder that a good woman died tragically in this spot. ELISE is sat on the floor, staring at the stain, her black dress draped around her as she frowns at the floor.

      GABE walks past the room, in his suit. He looks in and sees her sat there. He falters for a moment and then goes to leave.

      ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) Stay...

      He looks confused for a moment, then he realises how she’s communicating. He concentrates, willing to reciprocate.

      GABE: (telepathically, to ELISE) How did you know it was me.

      ELISE: (telepathically) You’re the only one wearing sneakers at a funeral... the vibrations are different...

      The camera shows that GABE is indeed wearing sneakers. He smiles and then walks towards her.

      GABE: (telepathically) Should you be here?

      ELISE strokes the carpet.

      ELISE: (telepathically) This is the last place she was alive, I was last person she saw. It’s where I saw her die and it’s only right to come here to say goodbye...

      She suddenly struggles to catch her breath. GABE moves closer and looks at her as her eyes well with tears. He kneels down beside her.

      ELISE: (telepathically) But I don’t know how to say goodbye to her. She was everything to me and the only reason I’m here is because all I hear is silence...

      The tears begin falling.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Why is that fair? Why did she have to leave me...

      She sobs and clutches her face, distraught. GABE pulls her close to him. He holds her closely as she cries. A heavy frown forms on his face as he holds her. His eyes turn to the faded but visible stain – all that SHELTER left behind.


      The camera pans around the dank cave where the Sirens used to inhabit. NICOLA and EDWARD PRIME are walking around the cave. NICOLA holds her hand up to one of the walls at the back of the cave.

      NICOLA: The gateway to the Underworld has now closed... Hecate has closed our access to her.

      EDWARD: Then she has withdrawn any possibility of us providing aid should she need it.

      NICOLA: She is proud and arrogant, she always has been.

      EDWARD: You sound worried.

      NICOLA: We are without allies. The United has cut us off, the corporation have told us to act alone and now our pets have run away from home...

      EDWARD looks at BROGAN’S drying blood on the floor of the cave, drying into the stone.

      EDWARD: We do indeed need to harnass our powers in the same way Hecate has utilised hers.

      He touches the blood, the blood of a dead man resurrected – an example of true power.

      EDWARD: There’s only one way for all four of us to gain pure power over the Syndicate at one time.

      NICOLA looks at him and smiles.

      NICOLA: What do you mean? We do not have the power to force an eclipse.

      EDWARD: No, but Helios does.

      NICOLA: Helios? The god of the sun? He has been dead for four months, his Acolyte killed him and holds his chariot as a trophy.

      EDWARD: And with it, all his spells - including the Spell of the Night Day.

      NICOLA smirks, happily.

      NICOLA: Of course, our old creation. It’s genius... and they’d never survive.

      She laughs and runs towards her husband jumping on top of him. She kisses him and he holds her as she wraps her legs around him.

      NICOLA: I knew there was a reason I married you, Edward Prime.

      He looks at her in pure adoration.

      EDWARD: We’ve been together since the beginning my love, you’re my eternity. I won’t let a group of mortals or a spoilt Acolyte keep our love from extending into the next.

      NICOLA looks touched.

      NICOLA: We’ll kill her, steal the spell and then we’ll kill them all.

      She laughs and kisses her husband passionately and for a brief moment they disappear into the darkness of the cave.




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        ACT THREE


        URSULA and ECHIDNA are sat at the desk in URSULA’S office. They are looking at a laptop. URSULA shakes her head.

        URSULA: Hm, the news websites are not reporting anything abnormal about anything to do with winged animals, cave activities, weather anomalies, shadowing to the skies, attacks... nothing.

        ECHIDNA: The Sirens are not subtle, there must be something somewhere.

        NEVAN re-enters the office with a pile of books in his hands.

        NEVAN: Those books Trafford dug out for when the Sirens first came to town are useless, they just say what the Sirens did back in the day... not what they did after their contracts ended.

        ECHIDNA: But they were all the books that made references to the race. We need them.

        NEVAN: Hey, relax. I thought it would be best to look more at the spells that people use to summon them... I thought they might make reference to where they come from.

        URSULA smiles.

        URSULA: Nevan Barnes, that is ingenious thinking.

        NEVAN smirks.

        NEVAN: I get a bit better. Look what I found...

        He opens one of the spell books and then shows it to them. URSULA looks confused.

        URSULA: What is “Punta del Faro”?

        ECHIDNA nods.

        ECHIDNA: Of course, it makes perfect sense. They’re lost...

        NEVAN raises an eyebrow.

        NEVAN: Because Punta del Faro is where everyone goes to forget their troubles?

        ECHIDNA: It’s a reference to a system of caves off of Sicily, it’s where they first originated from.

        She looks at him.

        ECHIDNA: It’s home.


        EDWARD enters the lounge and walks towards NICOLA who is stood talking to the children.

        HELEN: (to NICOLA) You’re leaving now? We need you here.

        NICOLA: The Syndicate are in mourning, they’re in no position to attack us or you. Keep the girl under control until we return.

        EDWARD: (to NICOLA) I have her location.

        ARRON: Whose?

        NICOLA: The Acolyte who murdered Helios.

        EDWARD: Her name is Amelia Isherwood, the British Acolyte. She’s one of Zeus’s more treasured and she’s deluded herself into thinking she’s the new favourite...

        NICOLA laughs.

        NICOLA: Zeus has his favourite Acolyte, he broke dimensions to get her, this Isherwood girl will not compare.

        She looks to EDWARD.

        NICOLA: Where’s is she?

        EDWARD: Los Angeles, she may not be the favourite, but she’s heading up the branch there.

        NICOLA: Then we’ll go with approaching darkness and ride it to the west coast.

        They go to the front door. HELEN watches them worried.

        HELEN: Wait...

        NICOLA and EDWARD stop, on the porch. They turn back to her.

        HELEN: What will you do, with Cherry? When you come back I mean...

        NICOLA smirks.

        NICOLA: We don’t need her anymore. We’ll kill her.

        And with this, the darkening evening takes NICOLA and EDWARD into its grasps and they disappear from view.

        HELEN looks at where her parents once stood with shock and fear in her eyes.


        TRAFFORD and PAN are walking around the town, each of them with a picture of CHERRY in their hands. PAN approaches a couple and shows them the picture.

        PAN: Excuse me, have you seen this girl? She’s missing.

        They shake their head, barely caring to look properly at the photograph.

        PAN sighs and looks back to TRAFFORD who is given the cold shoulder by an elderly woman.

        PAN: This is useless. No one cares.

        TRAFFORD: We should go to her grandmother’s.

        PAN: No, we’ve staked it out... she’s not been in or out of the building. The last thing we need is worrying an old blind lady with something she can’t control.

        TRAFFORD looks exasperated.

        TRAFFORD: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

        He sits against the wall bordering the fountain.

        TRAFFORD: I just can’t imagine she’d take off and go missing.

        PAN: Nevan and Gabe did say she was acting weirdly when they last saw her.

        TRAFFORD: And that was at school.

        PAN: Yeah, first thing. She took off as soon as morning classes were done.

        TRAFFORD: And the cameras showed nothing.

        PAN: We had all eyes on Kalipso.

        TRAFFORD then looks around, losing hope and sees someone he recognises, sat outside a cafe.

        TRAFFORD: Hey, Pan...

        PAN looks at him.

        PAN: What?

        TRAFFORD: Isn’t that one of the kids from Melody’s class? The one who got busted with the others for going vigilante when we first opened shop?

        PAN looks to see a young man sat reading a book at a cafe.

        PAN: That’s the one – I remember them all from that night.

        PAN hurries towards the man.


        PAN approaches the MALE STUDENT.

        PAN: Excuse me...

        The MALE STUDENT looks up. He looks nervous.

        MALE STUDENT: Mr. Morgan... Hi...

        TRAFFORD approaches.

        MALE STUDENT: Don’t you guys worry, my thief beating days are behind me.

        TRAFFORD: We’re not here to grill you man, we just want to know if you’ve seen Cherry Li?

        MALE STUDENT: I try to keep my distance since what happened but I guess I haven’t seen her in a week, not since her and that Prime family almost run me down outside school.

        PAN: The Prime family?

        MALE STUDENT: Yeah you know those new kids? Helen and Arron? Their parents picked them all up last week after class and sped away Wacky Races style...

        TRAFFORD and PAN look at one another, confused. PAN looks back at the MALE STUDENT and nods, appreciative.

        PAN: Thanks.

        TRAFFORD pulls PAN away.

        TRAFFORD: Helen and Arron Prime were at the funeral today.

        PAN: You’re right, but Cherry wasn’t.

        TRAFFORD: Looks like they’re our next port of call. They’re the last people we know who saw Cherry...

        TRAFFORD and PAN move off screen now, leaving the MALE STUDENT in the background watching them leave. He turns back to his book, oblivious to the truth.


        In the hill of Los Angeles, close to the Hollywood sign, two figures emerge. They are NICOLA and EDWARD. They look down on the city nearby and scan the illuminated skyline. NICOLA extends a finger and points at one building in the heart of the city.

        NICOLA: Olympus Inc. – the one in the middle.

        EDWARD follows her eye line and looks at the building.

        EDWARD: And look at that. There’s one light left on.

        He smirks and then out of nowhere they disappear into the night, darkness shrouding them. The darkness approaches the city.


        MELODY is holding the door open to let three students in. She looks at a loss to what to say to them.

        MELODY: Come on in guys, but I don’t know what you can do...

        They join a smaller group of other students and BROGAN looks at them and moves to MELODY as she closes the door, locking it.

        BROGAN: Mel, what are they doing here? We can’t teach.

        MELODY shrugs.

        MELODY: I dunno, I guess they just want to be here.

        BROGAN: Why?

        MELODY: It’s time like these people band together.

        BROGAN: I think we got it under control.

        MELODY: Well, they’re here now so I’ll see if I can find them something to do.

        BROGAN: Have you heard from the others?

        MELODY: Nothing yet, but I know Gabe’s with Elise.

        BROGAN: Didn’t know they were so close.

        MELODY shrugs, smiling.

        MELODY: As long as she has someone to go to.

        They look at one another. BROGAN nods and watches her leave as she walks towards the students.


        GABE is lying on the bed with ELISE in his arms. Her eyes are bloodshot through crying. He holds her tightly.

        ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) I wish you hadn’t seen me cry.

        GABE: (telepathically, to ELISE) Don’t be stupid... I’m here for you.

        ELISE: (telepathically) Will I ever get past this?

        GABE: (telepathically) You’ll never get over it... but you’ll learn to live again, to feel.

        ELISE looks up at him.

        ELISE: (telepathically) You’ve lost someone?

        GABE: (telepathically) My best friend was killed – shot dead in a warehouse in place far from here. I know what you feel.

        ELISE: (telepathically) You didn’t say.

        GABE: (telepathically) I didn’t need to. It’s not about my pain, it’s about helping you with yours.

        She looks at him, touched.


        The camera pans around the office of AMELIA ISHERWOOD, one of the Acolytes. She is working late but she is about to leave. She looks familiar. She is played by Joanne King – she is the Acolyte seen talking to ZEUS at the end of Chapter 1.

        She closes her handbag and makes for the door when two people appear in front of her. She gasps, taken aback. The two people are NICOLA and EDWARD.

        EDWARD: Working late, Miss. Isherwood?

        She looks at them both, curiously.

        AMELIA: Nicola and Edward Prime... the human embodiments of Nyx and Erebos, the Protogenoi fighting the Syndicate.

        NICOLA: Aren’t you a smart girl.

        AMELIA: I make it my business to know all when it comes to the corporation.

        EDWARD: Yes and aren’t you doing well for yourself, heading up one of the newer branches.

        NICOLA: And so close to us too – just when we need a favour.

        AMELIA: I am not your contact, I cannot handle your request. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be leaving...

        She goes to leave but NICOLA stands in her way.

        NICOLA: I don’t think you quite understand how this works. Now my husband and I would like the Spell of the Night Day. We know you have it.

        AMELIA: I have acquired it, yes. As reward for killing Helios, Zeus allowed me some of his personal artefacts. I have promised to keep it safe.

        EDWARD: That spell was given to him by us... so it belongs not to him or to you. This is a promise you’re just going to have to break.

        AMELIA gulps.

        AMELIA: I refuse.

        NICOLA laughs, surprised.

        NICOLA: Let me tell you the uses of the Acolytes, Amelia Isherwood. You are people of the mortal world that are highly respected by the governments and as such you have been entrusted to cleanse our race of the heathens betraying us. You were ordered to destroy Helios, which you have done - your use as an Acolyte has come to an end.

        AMELIA: My mission may be complete but my loyalties lie with Zeus now, he is my god.

        EDWARD: I think we both know that’s not true. Zeus has his favourite Acolyte and we all know it – she will not be giving up her crown anytime soon and as such you do not come close to the status you think you have.

        AMELIA looks worried now and her eye momentarily twitches to a framed painting of HELIOS on her wall. NICOLA notices and moves towards it.

        AMELIA: (protesting) No!

        She moves to block NICOLA but EDWARD pushes her away, causing AMELIA to soar into the wall of her office and fall to the floor. AMELIA looks up to see NICOLA tear the painting off of the wall, revealing a safe. NICOLA effortlessly tears the safe door open revealing a single scroll inside. She smiles and removes it.

        NICOLA turns back to EDWARD.

        NICOLA: Darling, looks like we have what we wish.

        EDWARD nods, smiling. AMELIA shakes her head at them both as they disappear once again into the darkness leaving behind the bruised ego of a worthless murderess.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          BROGAN, MELODY, ECHIDNA, URSULA and NEVAN are all stood to one side of the lobby talking. Everyone is looking at ECHIDNA.

          BROGAN: Tell me more about this island?

          MELODY: Yeah, why do they have a big hard on for islands anyway?

          ECHIDNA rolls her eyes at MELODY’S comment and then looks at BROGAN.

          ECHIDNA: Punta del Faro - it’s the island the Sirens originated from.

          BROGAN: Didn’t you make them? You didn’t know this?

          ECHIDNA: I made their image, the placement of their origins was not my call.

          URSULA: Punta del Faro is referenced heavily in the summoning spells but we believe the island is not just used as a means of representing the ancient beings, it is in fact a real place.

          NEVAN: Modified geographically somewhat and its name has changed now but yeah... it exists.

          MELODY: So you guys think that the Sirens are hanging in their old haunts

          ECHIDNA: Yes. They’re confused, they thought they’d found their ultimate master and then they were betrayed. They were offered safety and then their eldest sister was murdered.... they’re lost.

          BROGAN nods, figuring.

          BROGAN: So they’ve gone back to the beginning.

          ECHIDNA: And I think I can reach them – extend the olive branch. This could be a way of finding out more about who was controlling them and what they want.

          BROGAN: I agree.

          He smiles almost content with the plan.

          BROGAN: This is good guys.

          TRAFFORD: (O/S) If you think that’s good...

          Everyone turns to see TRAFFORD and PAN approaching.

          TRAFFORD: Then wait until you hear what we have.

          ECHIDNA: Your search for Cherry was successful?

          PAN: We didn’t find her, but we know who saw her last.

          URSULA: Who?

          TRAFFORD: Helen and Arron Prime.

          MELODY looks confused.

          MELODY: Were they the kids of those two suburbanites who pretty much trashed our names around town?

          BROGAN furrows his brow, confused.

          BROGAN: Yeah, they’re the ones.

          URSULA: I don’t understand, we saw them at the funeral today, they didn’t say a thing.

          MELODY: Maybe they had no idea they were the last ones to see her?

          NEVAN: Maybe, but I bet they know something.

          BROGAN: What makes you say that?

          NEVAN: Ever since Cherry started hanging out with those guys, she started acting weird.

          URSULA: How so?

          NEVAN: She asked to see me and Gabe and was talking to us about choices and making the right ones and if we could do things over again would we... it was all very strange.

          BROGAN: When was this?

          NEVAN: When she spoke to us? The day she disappeared... it’s why we tried following her. But she’d not been herself for some time.

          TRAFFORD: Dude, you’re mentioning this now?

          BROGAN: Trafford, lay off. It’s not his fault... I knew something was up before she disappeared and I didn’t do anything. I’m just as much to blame as he is.

          MELODY: We all are.

          Everyone is silent for a moment. TRAFFORD looks around at everyone, awkwardly.

          TRAFFORD: Ok so we can beat ourselves up about not being Oprah or we can do something with what we know.

          BROGAN looks at him and then to URSULA.

          BROGAN: Get me the Prime address...

          CUT TO – BLUE ACRES

          The camera pans around the basement to show the CHERRY still tied to her chair. HELEN enters the basement from the stairs and she hurries down to CHERRY who looks at her, through bruised tear streamed eyes.

          CHERRY: I have nothing to say to you...

          HELEN looks at her, furious.

          HELEN: Shut up. My parents have travelled to Los Angeles. There they hope to gain ownership of a spell that they feel belongs to them. They will succeed in getting it.

          CHERRY: Why should I care?

          HELEN: Because if they do, then they won’t need you anymore. This spell will give them ultimate power and you become an irrelevant bargaining chip.

          HELEN reaches into her pocket.

          HELEN: And they’ll kill you.

          CHERRY loses her breath, scared.

          HELEN pulls a knife. CHERRY gasps, scared as HELEN moves towards her with the knife.

          CHERRY: Please... don’t...

          HELEN kneels down and reaches down to CHERRY’S stomach with the knife. She cuts, but not the flesh of the girl. She cuts the ropes that bind her.

          HELEN: (softly) I won’t let them...

          CHERRY looks shocked as she feels the ropes around her body fall. She looks at HELEN.

          CHERRY: Why?

          HELEN looks saddened and doesn’t know how to respond. She goes to answer...

          ARRON (O/S): What the hell are you doing?!

          CHERRY and HELEN turn to see ARRON stood on the stairway looking at them both, furious. HELEN stands and looks at him.

          HELEN: Arron...

          ARRON: Are you letting her go? Are you crazy?

          HELEN shakes her head.

          HELEN: You know this is wrong... what mom and dad are doing... it’s not right.

          ARRON: (angry) No, it’s not what they are doing, it’s what we are doing... together as a family.

          HELEN: A family? We haven’t been a family for a long time, millennia in fact.

          She pauses.

          HELEN: When we were relevant we were a family.

          ARRON moves towards her and points a finger at her, furious.

          ARRON: You little bitch, does loyalty mean nothing...

          CHERRY stands, angry.

          CHERRY: Hey!

          ARRON snaps his head to her.

          ARRON: Oh and I’m not done with you, Cherry. My sister might have gone soft, but I will not treat you with the same courtesy.

          He punches his sister, sending her soaring into a pile of wooden boxes. One of the boxes is a small ornate box. It smashes revealing a knife. The other boxes contain ancient scrolls, books and vases portraying the Protogenoi.

          HELEN looks dazed from the blow and ARRON uses this opportunity to advance on CHERRY. She instantly toughens as he approaches and clenches her fist. She throws a punch, which he dodges and he punches her in the stomach. She recoils but punches him back, hitting him square in the jaw. He throws her into the chair she was tied to and she falls to the floor, breaking it. She throws one of the broken chair legs at him and then rolls backwards, grabbing one of the vases of Aether and then hurls it at him, breaking it.

          He looks down at the broken vase and at the shards of himself. He kicks her to the floor and jumps on top of her. He grasps her neck tightly, strangling her.

          ARRON: (shouting) It’s so easy for you humans to think you can extinguish us!

          CHERRY struggles to catch her breath and she tries to reach out for something. She looks to see that HELEN is only just rousing. Only she can save herself. She looks to ARRON who tightens his grip with seething rage.

          ARRON: (shouting) You will never beat us, you can never kill us!

          She looks to her side and sees the small smashed ornate box and the knife within. She reaches out for it. She grabs it. In one swift motion she drives it into ARRON’S chest, piercing his heart. He gasps for breath in shock. HELEN, finally opens her eyes to look at her brother. Her eyes instantly widen and she gasps.

          HELEN: (screaming) No!

          A blinding light bursts from his eyes and his mouth and he screams as his spirit dies. He slumps on top of CHERRY, dead.

          CHERRY gasps for breath finally able to breathe and in shock she pushes his body off of her, the knife still sticking into his chest. His expression is peaceful.

          HELEN jumps up and runs to him.

          HELEN: (shouting at CHERRY) What did you do?!

          She looks at him and shakes him.

          HELEN: No! Arron... we can’t die... we can’t...

          She rests her head on his shoulder and sobs.

          CHERRY stands slowly and clasps her mouth in shock as she realises that she’s murdered ARRON PRIME.


          Oblivious to the events of the night unfolding, ELISE continues to lie in GABE’S arms. With her head on his chest she feels content, rising and sinking with each breath he takes. She lifts her head and looks at him. He looks at her, sitting up slightly more. They don’t say anything to each other.

          He reaches out now and touches her face, stroking her hair behind her ear. She shivers at his touch. She leans in and he moves his head towards hers. They kiss. At first it is delicate but then the passion takes over. He grabs her tightly and she clutches at his sides. He flips her so he is on top and she unbuttons his shirt.

          Removing his shirt he begins kissing her neck. She closes her eyes and gasps.

          FLASH TO –

          ELISE and SHELTER running in Central Park, laughing.


          ELISE blinks at the image. He begins unzipping her dress, unaware. Her skin feels warm, tingly with heat.

          FLASH TO –

          ELISE and TRAFFORD talking in the underwater base of the Kalipso Syndicate.


          She gasps, confused. GABE removes her dress, attracted to her heat. Her body begins to glow...

          FLASH TO –

          ELISE as a child in SMITH ARTAIR’S arms as he reads her a story, back when she could hear. She giggles laughing.


          ELISE lies back on the bed still and she looks up. All the sound from the room disappears. GABE notices something is wrong, looking at her body glow.

          Then we see things from ELISE’S perspective – GABE is not on top of her, the FIGURE seen in the Sirens’ cavern, the one who helped ELISE save BROGAN is the one above her. ELISE looks at her confused.

          ELISE: You?

          The FIGURE merely observes ELISE.

          FIGURE: You are becoming a woman through your loss.

          ELISE: Who are you?

          FIGURE: You are experiencing the pleasures of a mortal man, one that I could never hope to. I am envious.

          ELISE swallows nervously.

          ELISE: Why are you here?

          FIGURE: You are coming far, but I fear your hope and guidance is waning.

          ELISE: I lost my friend, my best friend...

          FIGURE: She would have protected you until the end but now you are down a guardian. The man you lie with will protect you but there is another who also must play a part... I will return him to you.

          ELISE: Who?

          The FIGURE disappears now and ELISE gasps for breath as the reality of GABE being with her sets back in. He looks at her, concerned, holding her arms tightly.

          GABE: Elise?

          She looks at him.

          ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) Someone’s coming...

          She jumps up, grabbing her dress. He looks at her confused and then grabs his shirt and follows.


          BROGAN begins moving towards the door with MELODY, an address in his hand.

          BROGAN: We’re going to this Blue Acres place to check out the Prime family, when we come back we...

          Suddenly a burst of light occurs in the middle of the lobby. Everyone is thrown back, some of the students scream, BROGAN protects MELODY. None of the furnishings are damaged by the event.

          URSULA stumbles and grabs a hold of a wall to stabilise herself.

          URSULA: By Suspiria’s surprise what on earth...

          She looks around and then to the floor. Someone dressed in handsome materials is lying on the floor in the wake of the light. She recognises him.

          URSULA: Oh...

          She grabs her mouth.

          All the other Syndicate members look as well. MELODY, ECHIDNA and PAN do not recognise him and neither do the students.

          ELISE and GABE hurry into the lobby and she looks at the man and then immediately to TRAFFORD. The camera closes in on him.

          TRAFFORD: (quietly) What the hell...

          The camera then moves to the man on the floor. He turns over and looks at the Syndicate. His old Syndicate.

          The man was SMITH ARTAIR.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE


            It is the year 2025 again, in the future when things have changed even further.

            The scene opens in an old abandoned church. No one is around but a coffin is left open at the front of the empty procession.

            HELEN is stood in the aisle, slowly walking down it, looking sombre.

            HELEN (V/O): When my brother died, my whole existence shifted into a new age. It changed me. Though I did not know it then, Cherry Li had set me free.

            She approaches the coffin now, tentatively.

            HELEN (V/O): There was no funeral for Arron Prime, no one mourned his death but me. My power hungry parents barely noticed his spirit dying from this world and the corporation exiling it from the ether.

            HELEN looks down at the person in the coffin and bites her bottom lip to stop herself from crying. She wipes a single tear from her face and then turns from it and moves to the lectern. She looks out at the church.

            No one was here for his funeral, no one was there anymore and those who wanted to were not brave enough to leave their safe havens.

            She looks down, saddened.

            FLASH TO – WHITE

            OPEN ON – BLUE ACRES

            We are now back in the year 2006, in the dark dingy basement of the Prime household.

            The scene opens on HELEN mourning ARRON’S death, crying on his shoulder – the knife still protruding from his chest. CHERRY slowly approaches her from behind.

            CHERRY: (quietly) Helen... I’m... I’m so sorry...

            HELEN continues to cry.

            CHERRY: Helen, I had to... he was going to kill me...

            HELEN looks around to her, tears streaming from her eyes.

            HELEN: I don’t hate you for it but I can’t thank you for it either.

            CHERRY reaches out apologetically.

            CHERRY: I...

            HELEN: You don’t get it. I was a prisoner as much as you are. There’s nothing you can say and there’s nothing that I could respond to. I can’t thank you because he’s dead but I can’t hate you for it because... I would never have survived with them.

            CHERRY nods, gulping down dry air apologetically.

            CHERRY: We should go...

            HELEN nods, regretfully.

            HELEN: You’re right... if my parents find us... we’re both dead.

            She turns back to ARRON’S body and she leans down to whisper in his ear.

            HELEN: (whispering, to her dead brother) I love you. I hope your soul is not lost forever. I will never forget you, Aether...

            She reaches to his chest and pulls out the knife. She turns to CHERRY.

            HELEN: We might need this, in case... you know.

            CHERRY: They could be back any minute, we should go before they come back.

            HELEN nervously stands.

            HELEN: Where will we go? We don’t have anywhere.

            CHERRY smiles at her, reassuring her.

            CHERRY: We do, you know we do...

            LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – NIGHT

            MELODY walks into the lobby and approaches the seating area with a mug of coffee. She manoeuvres between the students, through the Syndicate to where SMITH is sat on the sofa. Everyone is looking at him nervously, TRAFFORD, ELISE and URSULA in particular. MELODY hands SMITH the coffee.

            MELODY: Here... I don’t know if they have coffee where you come from but it’s good stuff, it’ll do wonders.

            He smiles at her, appreciative.

            SMITH: Thank you... Melody, is it?

            She nods, smiling. BROGAN looks at him.

            BROGAN: Smith... I don’t even know...

            He nods at BROGAN and holds a hand up at him.

            SMITH: Don’t worry, I know. The last we all saw of each other, harsh words were exchanged.

            BROGAN: I would say harsh words were an understatement...

            ECHIDNA: I can’t believe you survived through the wars of your world.

            SMITH: Once Glorificus was exiled, her followers quickly dwindled into submission. Under the rule of two goddesses, our world soon became the heaven it once was.

            URSULA looks confused.

            URSULA: A heavenly dimension?

            They both share a brief moment of eye contact.

            SMITH: We never experienced it during its great age and now its resurrection is here and it is the true age of glory.

            TRAFFORD: So you’ve been living the dream?

            SMITH: I wasn’t given much of a choice considering the voting system that was put in place.

            TRAFFORD looks away hurt.

            BROGAN: So what have you been doing?

            SMITH: The gods gave the strongest warriors in the war rights to regions of the land. I was given our old settlement to take charge of and nurture. Life is being restored.

            MELODY: Well this is amazing and all, I mean I love it when parents come to visit, I just don’t get how you actually got here.

            GABE looks at ELISE who is looking at her father, intently.

            GABE: It was Elise.

            Everyone looks at ELISE and GABE, intrigued. TRAFFORD, URSULA and SMITH in particular look confused.

            GABE: It’s the same way she brought Ea back when he died... she used her powers.

            SMITH: Powers? Ea died?

            URSULA looks at him.

            URSULA: We have a lot to catch you up on, Smith.

            SMITH: Well quite. Where are the others? Xak, Kaia, Constance, Shelter? I’d love to see them.

            Everyone looks sombre and saddened at this. He notices and looks at them.

            SMITH: What’s going on?

            URSULA: Perhaps we should talk in private.

            She gestures to him and he stands and they move into the kitchen. Everyone is silent until SMITH is gone.

            BROGAN: Wow...

            TRAFFORD: Yeah, right there with you, man.

            PAN: (to TRAFFORD) Are you ok?

            TRAFFORD: Never thought I’d see him again, not too sure how to feel.

            MELODY: Do we know why Elise’s powers were triggered?

            GABE: I don’t know, but this good fairy routine of hers is clearly making sure that all the big guns are going to be in this war.

            Everyone nods, amazed that their elder has returned. Then the camera passes to the students behind them, unaware of what is happening and why.


            The camera focuses on the wash of the sea as its dark waters are soon illuminated with the light of the approaching morning.

            CUT TO – BLUE ACRES

            The room is empty, the front door is open and there is no one alive in the house. It is void of life.

            NICOLA and EDWARD enter the house, the spell in their hand. They look around tentatively.

            EDWARD: Something’s wrong – the children...

            NICOLA: (calling) Arron? Helen?

            There is no response. NICOLA and EDWARD move further into the room to see the door to the basement is open. They look at one another and then swiftly move through the door.

            CUT TO – BLUE ACRES

            NICOLA and EDWARD descend the stairway to the basement and instantly see the body of their son and the smashed ornaments around the room. The chair is empty and broken. CHERRY and HELEN are nowhere to be seen.

            NICOLA gasps looking at ARRON. She clasps her mouth but she doesn’t cry. She simply stares at him. EDWARD grabs NICOLA’S shoulders on sight of his slaughtered offspring.

            EDWARD: Darling...

            NICOLA: (snapping) Don’t say a word.

            She pauses for a moment.

            NICOLA: (snapping) We must contact the corporation now. They have to know our children are dead.

            EDWARD: But Helen isn’t here, there may still be hope.

            NICOLA snaps her head to EDWARD.

            NICOLA: (seething) Wise up Edward, the girl is not here either and it’s not as if she possesses power to destroy the Protogenoi. Helen has clearly betrayed the family and destroyed her brother’s soul to do so.

            EDWARD’S jaw tightens in rage.

            EDWARD: Our own daughter has become a heathen, just like many of those that once were aligned to the corporation. If Helen has aligned herself to the race of humans and if she did kill her brother, then that would mean she has uncovered your secret and that she knows how to kill us.

            NICOLA’S eyes widen in horror and immediately her eyes snap to the empty wooden box on the floor of the basement. The knife that CHERRY used was gone.

            NICOLA: We must begin the spell. It’s only us now, darling.

            She looks back to her son one final time and then both her and EDWARD leave the basement and do not look back.


            GABE is sat on one of the sofas in the lobby of the school, he looks up at the students around him and then to the Syndicate who are conversing nearby. He sighs, passing his gaze to URSULA and SMITH who are talking in the kitchen with the door closed. SMITH looks devastated at what URSULA is telling him.

            ELISE (O/S): (telepathically, to GABE) Thank you...

            GABE looks around and sees ELISE stood on the other side of the room with the Syndicate. TRAFFORD is translating for her what is being said and though she is looking at him, her concentration is on GABE. She smiles softly, knowing he has heard her.

            GABE: (telepathically, to ELISE) What for?

            ELISE: (telepathically) For not telling my friends what caused my father to return.

            GABE: (telepathically) Was it me? Was it to do with what we did?

            ELISE: (telepathically) I don’t know, but I think I’m beginning to understand how it happens, how I can do the things I do...

            GABE: (telepathically) Tell me?

            ELISE: (telepathically) When my emotions run high or I experience times of great spiritual anguish and turmoil... I can channel her, whoever she is. When Charlie and Brogan were dying, I was so worried and grieving that I wanted them both to live more than anything – I wanted everything around me to be right and proper.

            GABE: (telepathically) And with me?

            ELISE: (telepathically) I longed for the warmth and protection of a man I thought I’d never have in my life... and then it happened, I had you and I had him.

            GABE is silent now, looking down. She turns and looks at him, hearing no reply.

            ELISE: (telepathically) I’m sorry.

            GABE looks up, his eyes meeting hers.

            GABE: (telepathically) Never apologise... you haven’t done anything wrong. One day...

            He smiles at her.

            GABE: (telepathically) One day, it will be right.

            She smiles, warmed.


            SMITH has his hand over him mouth, distraught from the news.

            SMITH: I can’t believe it, Ursula... by Suspiria’s disbelief it just can’t have happened.

            URSULA wipes a tear away from her eye.

            URSULA: Unfortunately it is true. We have lost many, Smith.

            She intakes breath sharply, saddened.

            URSULA: And I apologise to you profusely for that.

            SMITH looks at her, astonished.

            SMITH: Why are you apologising?

            URSULA: I couldn’t save Constance or Shelter, I couldn’t stop Kaia and I couldn’t keep our family together as I know I should have.

            SMITH: It’s because of you that our family are together. I look at what has become of my daughter and son and it’s all because of you, your honesty and your leadership as the matriarch of this anguished group.

            URSULA: It has been so difficult without you. You cannot even begin to comprehend the capacity of this war: god’s are dying and killing one another and blaming humans for their own unbearably disgusting pride and greed. They are going to tear this world apart and I do not believe they will stop at just this one.

            SMITH: Then the Syndicate will save this world as it saved its own.

            He reaches out and puts a hand on her arm.

            SMITH: And I shall it do it by your side, as I always should have.

            She looks up at him with sorrowed eyes and then gasps as her gaze is caught by two people entering the lobby from the outside.

            Two more students had arrived...


            As the two students enter the lobby, the Syndicate are finishing their conversation.

            ECHIDNA: Ea, Melody you must go to the Prime household immediately... we cannot leave this building weak in defence whilst Pandion and I find the Sirens...

            MELODY: No problem. We’ll have Cherry back in a jiffy...

            She turns to head to the door with BROGAN but as she does, everyone notices the two new entrants to the building.

            A tear streamed HELEN and a bloody and bruised CHERRY.

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES
              LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – MORNING

              TRAFFORD enters the lobby and approaches the seated area with wound remedies. He sits next to CHERRY and begins applying the remedies, next to her is HELEN who looks at her, saddened. URSULA is sat on the other side of HELEN, consoling her. The other members of the Syndicate are stood in front of them all, along with NEVAN and GABE. BROGAN looks at TRAFFORD.

              BROGAN: Will they help the wounds.

              TRAFFORD: Within a few hours, yes.

              URSULA: Are the students...

              TRAFFORD: In the training room. I convinced them to do some extra punches or whatever it is Melody has them doing.

              MELODY smiles at him and BROGAN turns to HELEN.

              BROGAN: Ok, so there you go... you don’t have an audience – talk. You’re not who you say you are, are you?

              HELEN looks up at BROGAN and shakes her head.

              HELEN: No.

              Everyone looks fearful.

              HELEN: My family and I were sent here to destroy The Kalipso Syndicate on behalf of the corporation.

              ECHIDNA scowls.

              ECHIDNA: Who are you? You are related to me, my original family?

              HELEN: We are the Protogenoi.

              ECHIDNA is taken aback somewhat.

              ECHIDNA: Goodness... the corporation have made you corporeal.

              HELEN: Hemera was made into me, Aether to my brother, Nyx to my mother and Erebos to my father.

              MELODY looks around confused.

              MELODY: Who are the Protogenoi? I know a lot of the gods but not them.

              PAN: They were ether gods - primordial and incredibly ancient. They were the ones placed with the care of the beginning elements; the night and day, the light of the sun and darkness of the mirror moon. They were long thought forgotten.

              HELEN: That is precisely why we were used. We were the most forgotten, impossible to recognise and anticipate and still possessing great prowess in power.

              MELODY: Then why didn’t you just kill us?

              HELEN: We were given little information by our creators. Not much is known on you. We did not know your powers or the extent of your reach to allied forces. Then you grew popular in the media by opening the school and we knew we had found you and we would have to test you.

              BROGAN: (adding) And our students.

              The camera cuts to CHERRY who is being healed by TRAFFORD, then back to HELEN.

              HELEN: Yes. We all noted Cherry’s early rebellion amongst your ranks and we thought we could infiltrate her, taint her with our cause. But instead all she did was prove to me your cause... something I wish I had been brave enough to adhere to earlier.

              BROGAN looks at her resilient.

              BROGAN: Touching.

              HELEN looks at him, determined and angry.

              HELEN: (keeping calm) My brother is dead. I’ve betrayed everyone I have ever known for what I believe is true and right... do not patronise me, Ea Brogan.

              ECHIDNA puts a hand on BROGAN’S shoulder.

              ECHIDNA: She’s no different than me, Ea... remember that.

              Everyone looks down, bleakly for a moment but then CHERRY looks at BROGAN and the Syndicate.

              CHERRY: Don’t punish her... if it wasn’t for her, then I would be dead. We need her. She knows more than any of us how to stop her parents.

              URSULA squeezes HELEN’S hand.

              URSULA: What is that you know, dear? Can we stop your parents?

              HELEN: You mean kill them? Yes. We can die... as my brother proves, the Protogenoi have a flaw but I do not know what it is. I didn’t see what Cherry did and the truth behind our weakness has only been trusted to my mother.

              CHERRY looks at them all and gestures at the knife.

              CHERRY: I just stabbed him...

              HELEN looks down, choked.

              URSULA looks at the bloodied knife.

              URSULA: Don’t torture yourself...

              She takes the knife from HELEN.

              URSULA: I’ll clean it up and see what I can find out.

              HELEN nods and then looks at the others.

              HELEN: I don’t know what good it will do... I don’t think there’s going to be much time.

              SMITH: Until what?

              HELEN: My parents are retrieving a spell called the Spell of the Night Day.

              PAN: I have heard of this... an experimental spell belonging to Helios.

              ECHIDNA: But he was killed by his Acolyte - Persephone told me.

              HELEN: My parents think the spell belongs to them and not him or his Acolyte. They will succeed and if they do then we will all perish...

              TRAFFORD: What’s so big and bad about this spell?

              HELEN: My parents will shift the light and darkness of this world and combine them, they’re making night and day but one event.

              URSULA: Why?

              HELEN: The Protogenoi belong to each, if they are joined, then each of us will gain powers at the same time.

              BROGAN: Your strength is equal.

              HELEN nods.

              HELEN: Yes, and unrivalled.

              MELODY: We have to stop this spell.

              HELEN: You can’t. It consists of magic that was formed before magic even existed. It won’t stop until the life that is given to it is extinguished.

              BROGAN: So we have to kill your parents.

              HELEN: Yes and there’s no way once the spell is cast. They will kill you all and then me and then the shaded world.

              MELODY: We will find a way. There’s always a way.

              HELEN: I pray that there is. My parents did not always used to be this way... if I can save them then I implore you that you let me try before your hand is forced to defend your lives.

              BROGAN: They’ve killed good people, Helen.

              HELEN: Only under orders of the corporation. They’re the ones that have ruined the lives of so many. They have taken the future of your lives, of Xakiel Thorn’s and of poor Cathryn Rittle...

              Everyone looks up at this. TRAFFORD looks at her, a dreadful sinking feeling burdens him.

              TRAFFORD: Cate... what about Cate?

              HELEN looks around at everyone and then looks down, devastated that she has to break their hearts further.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              TRAFFORD, his eyes strewn with tears that are now dried on his skin is sat on his bed holding a picture of him and CATE sat in Central Park in Manhattan. He looks devastated at the news of THE UNITED.

              SMITH knocks on the door and tentatively enters.

              SMITH: Is it ok if I come in?

              TRAFFORD nods lightly.

              SMITH: Are you ok?

              TRAFFORD doesn’t look up.

              TRAFFORD: I wish you could have known her...

              SMITH moves closer to his son now and sits down on the bed next to him, keeping a respectful distance.

              TRAFFORD: She just had this way of making me love her without even needing to do anything. I don’t think I could love anyone like I loved her... there’s no way I could.

              SMITH: I know the feeling of that – young irreplaceable love. It’s heartbreaking.

              TRAFFORD: Everything is breaking my heart recently - we’ve lost so many. We only buried Shelter today and now we find out that Cate’s being taken too.

              TRAFFORD looks at him, his eyes welling.

              TRAFFORD: I’m so happy your here, dad...

              SMITH swallows, choked.

              SMITH: Me too.

              He throws his arms around his son and holds him tightly as he sobs. The camera pans around to show ELISE is passing the room. She looks inside and sees the scene. She touches her chest, warmed by the scene yet saddened at the grief of her brother. She moves inside and moves next to her father. He looks at her and she smiles. He puts an arm around her and they both console TRAFFORD together, ELISE resting her head on his father’s shoulder. For a brief moment she closes her eyes.

              Finally, she feels safe again.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              BROGAN is sat behind URSULA’S desk in her office. MELODY, ECHIDNA and URSULA are in the room too.

              MELODY: This is insane, there’s no way Cate could be The United. I’d have known.

              URSULA: She was in the school... her Watcher didn’t even know.

              BROGAN: None of them do, not even Cate.

              MELODY: (worried) What can we do for her, can we help her?

              ECHIDNA: Hecate’s hold over Cate is one that’s long and tenuously tangled in confusion. Myself and Persephone would not even know how to disassociate the two if we could.

              MELODY: (shouting) There has to be way!

              BROGAN puts a hand on hers.

              BROGAN: Mel, we can’t. We have Nicola and Edward Prime out there ready to tear the skies apart to kill us. This is gonna have to be down to Xak...

              MELODY clenches her jaw, resilient. Then she sighs and looks at the others, conceding.

              MELODY: Fine, make the call... but if anything happens to her...

              BROGAN nods.

              BROGAN: I know.

              She turns now and leaves the room. BROGAN reaches for the phone and dials, placing the receiver to his ear.

              The camera moves to ECHIDNA and URSULA as the phone conversation between BROGAN and a confused LA-REE CATHERWOOD transpires in the background.

              ECHIDNA: Can you protect the school?

              URSULA: You’re leaving aren’t you?

              ECHIDNA: I need to get to the Sirens now. I’ll take Pan, he shies from violence and rarely succeeds in fighting. He will be more use bargaining with ancient creatures.

              URSULA nods.

              URSULA: You should go, we need to act fast. I fear we are falling.

              The camera focuses now on BROGAN as he looks down devastated, speaking to XAK.

              BROGAN: (to XAK, on the phone – softly) I’m sorry...

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              HELEN is sat with her head in her hands, she looks sad and lonely. No one is around her. She taps her foot nervously.

              CHERRY (O/S): Nevan, Gabe...

              HELEN looks to see an almost healed CHERRY stood with NEVAN and GABE. They look at HELEN tentatively.

              CHERRY: This is Helen, I don’t think you properly met her.

              They do not respond, CHERRY hits them both.

              CHERRY: She just saved my life...

              CHERRY looks at her.

              CHERRY: I just killed her brother and she doesn’t even hate me a little bit... I owe her everything.

              NEVAN waves at HELEN.

              NEVAN: Hi!

              GABE: (more guarded) Nice to meet you...

              HELEN smiles nervously and looks at them both.

              HELEN: Hi... and thanks.

              She looks at CHERRY.

              HELEN: You didn’t do anything wrong, it was my family and me that were doing the wrong. You were just doing what you had to do to survive... it’s all any of us are doing, right?

              GABE nods, agreeing.

              GABE: Yeah, I guess so...

              NEVAN: So I guess we’re the only four that know the whole truth and nothing but the truth, huh? I mean as far as the students go.

              HELEN nods.

              HELEN: Yeah, I guess you’re right...

              CHERRY looks at them all.

              CHERRY: And look at what we’ve done... just four of us. Look at the difference we’re making.

              GABE smiles.

              GABE: Imagine what a whole school could do if they knew the truth...

              NEVAN looks fearful.

              NEVAN: No... no... the Syndicate would kill us.

              CHERRY looks behind her in the direction of the training room where all the other students are based.

              She looks back to HELEN who nods.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              BROGAN, MELODY, ECHIDNA, PAN and URSULA are all stood in the exterior entrance to the school. Everyone is looking at ECHIDNA and PAN.

              URSULA: You know where you are going?

              PAN: I know the islands well, it was like I sailed their perimeters merely days ago.

              ECHIDNA looks at him and raises an eyebrow. She turns back to URSULA.

              ECHIDNA: Yes is the answer.

              BROGAN: Try and not be long. I don’t think we have much time. Whatever’s going down with the Protogenoi and The United is happening soon... probably now.

              ECHIDNA: We’ll be quick.

              URSULA: Whatever happens, we should give Helen a chance to reach her parents, just as we tried to reach those who we thought were lost to us.

              MELODY: Bull, they killed Carmen and Paulette...

              BROGAN, MELODY and URSULA continue to debate as ECHIDNA and PAN turn and begin walking away. ECHIDNA reaches out for his hand, he squeezes hers. A light begins to glow around them. He looks at her.

              PAN: Are you ok? I know how much you hate this... fighting our kind.

              ECHIDNA nods.

              ECHIDNA I do...

              She turns to him.

              ECHIDNA: But I have you now.

              Then, in a second, they disappear - teleporting majestically to Punta Del Faro.

              The camera cuts back to BROGAN, MELODY and URSULA’S discussion.

              MELODY: I just don’t think that she’s in a position to be making wishes. It’s her family that got us into this mess.

              BROGAN suddenly looks confused, hearing another voice coming from inside the school.

              URSULA: You of all people should understand the will to not be condemned by bad decisions.

              BROGAN: Shut up both of you...

              They both look at him, confused.

              BROGAN: Do you hear that?

              They listen and hear the muffled sound of a loud shouting voice coming from inside the school. They all hurry to the door to the school and open it.

              CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES

              CHERRY is stood on a table, HELEN, NEVAN and GABE are stood with her. In front of them all is the entire student body all listening to what she is saying.

              CHERRY: (addressing the students) ancient king and a goddess. As you can see they are not what they say they are, none of them are. They are not ashamed and they did not lie. They couldn’t tell you the truth because they thought we were too scared to accept it... but not anymore. Now we have to face that they are here to help us and to train us, because they know what is coming. War.

              The students look at one another, astonished at the revelation.

              CHERRY: They were told a great army would be raised here and we are that army; witches, healers, fighters, communicators and researchers all banding together in one Syndicate to destroy the Ancient Greek world.

              She gestures at HELEN.

              CHERRY: Helen Prime and myself have been a victim to them, you all know Carmen and Paulette were taken by those Sirens. I know it is scary, I’m scared and we all are too. But we can’t be prey to something so ancient it’s not even relevant anymore. So you need to choose, right now: are you going to be a victim or are you going to stand with these great leaders who have only ever protected us from evil and help fight for our lives and the lives of everything we love?

              She gestures behind the student body now to the people stood by the door. BROGAN, MELODY and URSULA have entered. They look horrified.

              CHERRY: Well?

              The students turn to look at them all, their minds racing as the facade surrounding the Syndicate’s true purpose falls away.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX
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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON – ATHENS

                The penultimate act opens on the King of the Gods, ZEUS sat behind his desk. He sighs, troubled.

                ZEUS: My faith in the Protogenoi has once again been tested by your kind...

                The camera rotates to show AMELIA ISHERWOOD, the Acolyte. She is stood in his office opposite him. She looks down.

                AMELIA: With all due respect sir, I do not regard myself as part of their race.

                ZEUS: But you break as easily as they do. You wilted when faced against Nyx and Erebos in Los Angeles. It seems incredulous you should presume you are otherwise disassociated from them.

                AMELIA: Forgive me sir...

                ZEUS laughs under his breath.

                ZEUS: Humour me, Amelia... you are one of my more favoured Acolytes. You have proved your worth well and you risked your life to protect the spells of Helios.

                AMELIA smiles.

                AMELIA: Thank you.

                ZEUS: Stay in Athens, for I am placing you in charge of Project Poseidon. If The United and the Protogenoi fall then my hand will have to be forced.

                AMELIA looks honoured.

                AMELIA: Sir, it would be my pleasure.

                ZEUS nods.

                ZEUS: Just be prepared. I do not foresee my agents surviving against the human race for much longer...

                AMELIA: The Protogenoi have spells that could rip this world apart. Should we be concerned?

                ZEUS: We can restrain them, should an apocalypse occur, but I do not sense one – neither does Hades.

                AMELIA nods.

                AMELIA: Then I will ready everything for the insurgence.

                ZEUS nods and gestures at the door to his office. AMELIA obediently turns and leaves the office.

                CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL - AFTERNOON

                BROGAN is now stood in front of all the students who are looking at him eagerly. He looks at MELODY, URSULA and CHERRY – all of whom are at a lost at what he should say. He looks back at the student body.

                BROGAN: I’m sorry...

                They all listen.

                BROGAN: We shouldn’t have lied. But I hope you can understand why we had to. We never wanted to put any of you at risk and we knew if we had told you this when it all began we would have.

                He pauses and realises that TRAFFORD, ELISE and SMITH have re-entered the room.

                BROGAN: We’re not a cult, we’re not holding you prisoner - you are all here out of your own free will and I know it’s scary and I know it’s tough but we were all like you, younger in fact, when we started at this. So if you want to make a choice, because like us you’ve lost people to things you thought you had no control over then please fight with us... because we can’t do it without you...

                CHERRY turns to the students.

                CHERRY: So if you want to leave, and I get that if you do... then now’s the time.

                All the students listen to their words. They each look at one another. Everyone is in agreement.

                No one leaves.

                BROGAN smiles and then looks at the Syndicate.

                BROGAN: Looks like The Kalipso Syndicate just quadrupled in size... get everyone ready now.

                All the Syndicate begin talking to their students now and the students listen, dazed and confused.

                BROGAN looks to CHERRY and HELEN.

                BROGAN: Risky...

                CHERRY looks at him, apologetically.

                CHERRY: Are you angry?

                BROGAN: You only did what I couldn’t... but it was still a risk.

                He looks at HELEN and smiles at her.

                BROGAN: Thank you...

                HELEN: I didn’t do anything.

                BROGAN: Yeah you did, she wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for your influence. Your inspiration is one I admire and for that I’ll give you your wish. If you can reach your parents before it’s too late... then do it.

                HELEN: (hopeful) Really?

                BROGAN: I’ve been in your position where someone I loved more than anything made a bad decision and it made her into a person she could never come back from. If I had the opportunity to save her, even though she was responsible for some truly evil acts, I would have.

                She smiles at him.

                HELEN: Thank you so much, Ea. I’ll do everything I can to stop them, I promise...

                He nods.

                BROGAN: Good, get to work... we don’t have long...

                She looks at CHERRY and then the three of them move away from each other as the scene fades into the next...

                FADE TO – CROPLEY SHORES

                The afternoon is later – some time has passed since the students were told the truth about the Syndicate’s purpose.

                The students are walking around the building, training, preparing for battle. A number of students are concocting potions for healing and battle in the kitchen with ELISE.

                SMITH is also present, teaching the children effective spells. NEVAN is amongst these students and he listens, fascinated.

                SMITH: The key to a good barrier is knowing the physics. You can only protect something in a solid three dimensional barrier if what you need to protect is rooted, such as a building or a plant – a human cannot be contained.

                URSULA enters and smiles, listening to his lesson.

                SMITH: To truly protect yourself or whoever it is you wish to protect, you must trap the threat within its own barrier – there is no means of escaping until the threat has subsided.

                URSULA nods, impressed. She moves to the sink. In her hand is the knife CHERRY used to kill ARRON. She sighs at the blood stains and then runs it under the tap. As the blood washes away, the clean metal below reveals the truth...

                Her eyes widen.

                URSULA: (shouting) Ea! Helen!

                She turns and runs out of the kitchen and hurries into the lobby. ELISE, SMITH and the other students look at her, worried. ELISE and SMITH follow.

                CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – AFTERNOON

                BROGAN who is with TRAFFORD and NEVAN approaches her.

                BROGAN: Urs, what is it?

                URSULA: Where’s Helen?

                HELEN (O/S): Here...

                They look to see her with CHERRY nearby talking to some of the students.

                HELEN: What is it?

                URSULA: This knife, where did you get it?

                CHERRY: Is that the knife I used?

                URSULA: Yes.

                HELEN: It was just in some boxes in the basement. We keep a lot of our family stuff in there – a millennia of world occupancy means sometimes you accumulate. Why do you ask?

                URSULA: Notice anything about it?

                She holds out to show the others. The knife is engraved with red markings.

                NEVAN: They look really familiar... I’ve seen those before.

                BROGAN: Yeah on the Siren we killed in the caves...

                URSULA: The red marked Siren.

                HELEN: My mother touched her and she became the one who would channel our wishes and our desires. She was the Siren in charge of the others and she could communicate with the corporation.

                CHERRY: So these symbols are personal to the Protogenoi?

                HELEN: Oh you bet - they’re our embodiment. They were how the gods told the world about us. This is ancient language and sorcery.

                BROGAN: (to HELEN) And it was this knife that killed your brother.

                HELEN nods, thinking.

                HELEN: Yeah...

                CHERRY: Helen, is this knife the way to kill the Protogenoi?

                HELEN: Even if it was... there’s no way we’ll be able to get close enough to my parents to use it.

                URSULA has an idea. Her eyes widen.

                URSULA: Maybe we don’t have to...

                BROGAN looks at her.

                BROGAN: What are you thinking?

                URSULA: Smith, Nevan... I need you both to help.

                They nod and hurry away with her and the knife. TRAFFORD looks at the others, confused.

                TRAFFORD: Isn’t it helpful when people are curiously ambiguous?

                HELEN looks at him, a small smile on her face appears.

                CUT TO – PUNTA DEL FARO
                SHORE – EXT.CAVE – MORNING

                The camera shows the entrance to an old cavern on the edge of Punta Del Faro.

                A mystical light suddenly illuminates the area and out of it, ECHIDNA and PAN appear, hand in hand. He looks around.

                PAN: It has changed greatly.

                ECHIDNA nods.

                ECHIDNA: They are here though. I sense them...

                She looks sad.

                ECHIDNA: They are full of such sorrow, so lost.

                PAN points inside.

                PAN: Well they must be in there...

                ECHIDNA: We should go, we don’t have much time.

                He nods and they hurry inside, disappearing into the darkness of the cave.

                CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                SHORE – EXT.BEACH - AFTERNOON

                NICOLA and EDWARD, dressed in their Protogenoi robs approach the beach. In NICOLA’S hands is the spell, in EDWARD’S there are two potions. They stand staring at the setting sun. He looks at her.

                EDWARD: If we do this, there’s no going back.

                NICOLA: We have nothing to return to anyway. We have only each other now.

                She looks at him and smiles.

                NICOLA: And this world deserves to know that.

                He hands her one of the potions.

                EDWARD: Then we shall toast, to us.

                They uncork the potions and together they toast to themselves and the sky. They both drink the potion. They swallow and throw the potion bottles to the floor, embedding them in the sand.

                NICOLA then takes the spell and begins chanting in her ancient tongue. It does not sound human, it sounds demonic almost not belonging to any particular order or category.

                EDWARD smiles as he sees the lights beginning to shift in the skies. NICOLA’S chanting becomes more intense as the sun begins to blur into the sky itself. An erratic static glow furs their skin and the fabric of their robes.

                The stars begin falling from the sky and the moon throbs in pain.

                NICOLA and EDWARD laugh, feeling the almighty power of the Night Day. They look at the skin they are in and laugh.

                NICOLA: Oh, I absolutely adore this.

                Their laughs echo as the scene cuts to the next.

                CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL - ??

                Everyone in the school looks out the window of the lobby as the lights of the day begin shifting. ELISE looks out in fear and reaches out for GABE’S hand. She finds it and squeezes. The rest of the Syndicate, minus URSULA, NEVAN and SMITH are present.

                MELODY: It’s started...

                Then, HELEN screams, in pain...

                MELODY turns to see HELEN writhing in pain on the floor. CHERRY hurries to her side.

                CHERRY: What’s wrong?!

                HELEN looks up at them all, her skin lightly static and buzzing with energy and power.

                HELEN: The spell... it’s done... there’s no stopping them now...

                URSULA (O/S): We’ll see about that.

                Everyone looks to see URSULA, with NEVAN and SMITH re-entering the room. The men look happy.

                BROGAN: What is it Ursula, it better be good... we need it right now.

                URSULA smirks.

                URSULA: Oh it’s not good, it’s bad ass.

                She holds out a spell she has written. BROGAN looks at it, astonished.

                BROGAN: You’re crazy...

                CUT TO – PUNTA DEL FARO
                DEEP CHASM – INT.CAVE – MORNING

                ECHIDNA and PAN, still hand in hand, continue walking through the cave. It is dark but lights from holes in the cave walls light it dimly.

                PAN: They’re not here, this is the third cavern we’ve come across.

                ECHIDNA: They have to be.

                PAN: I think we should go back...

                VOICE (O/S): No...

                ECHIDNA and PAN are silent, hearing the voice.

                VOICE (O/S): Do not leave us, please.

                PAN: What the...

                ECHIDNA holds a hand up to PAN.

                ECHIDNA: Sh...

                She looks around to the darkness.

                ECHIDNA: You are here are you not, my children?

                VOICE (O/S): We had nowhere to go... we have lost all in our sister’s death.

                ECHIDNA: We can help you, I will help you. I will never turn my back on you.

                VOICE (O/S): We have killed your allies, you would not trust us.

                ECHIDNA: I do, just as I would trust this man - with my life.

                VOICE (O/S): Why should we trust you when we have been deceived by our old masters...

                ECHIDNA: The Protogenoi are selfish and I’m sorry they did that to you. They only seek to destroy whatever and whomever they deem a threat. I will not destroy and I do not intend to. I only want to nurture and care for everything around me... because I love this world and everything in it. But I, nor my friends, can do that without your help. We need you to fight with us so that we can protect not just the world we live in... but the one that I gave to you all those centuries ago.

                The VOICE does not speak now.

                ECHIDNA looks into the darkness pleading.

                ECHIDNA: (whispering) Please.

                Then, movement sounds and ECHIDNA tightens her grip on PAN’S hand as the entire flock of the Sirens suddenly move towards them, the light from the holes in the cavern illuminate their movements.

                ECHIDNA smiles as they approach her.

                ECHIDNA: You will come?

                The Sirens look at one another and then to ECHIDNA and PAN.

                SIRENS: (in unison) We will.

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


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                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON – CROPLEY SHORES
                  LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL - ??

                  BROGAN begins passing out weapons to the students as the light and blacks from the Night Day tussle for survival and the sound of exploding stars in the distance fracture the air.

                  BROGAN: (shouting to them all) Learn how to use the weapon you have and fast!

                  MELODY: Brogan, don’t... they’re not ready.

                  NEVAN: Melody, we have to be.

                  URSULA: There’s no way the spell will work now, it’s too late.

                  GABE: I don’t like it either but he’s right, we have to stop them.

                  HELEN continues to look uncomfortable and in pain as the spell effects her greatly.

                  HELEN: You can’t... they’ll be too strong and they’ll be coming here, for you all.

                  BROGAN: Which is why we have to leave, now!

                  Then, there is a thud at the door. The students scream as they feel the presence of great power at the door. There is a second thud and the Syndicate move in front of the students, protectively.

                  BROGAN looks to SMITH.

                  BROGAN: Hope you still got some kick in you, Smith.

                  He nods.

                  SMITH: Oh yes, Ea... I certainly do.

                  Then the door bursts open and on the wings of an entire flock of Sirens, ECHIDNA and PAN usher into the room. The students scream again seeing the Sirens but they gracefully land ECHIDNA and PAN in front of them and then form a circle around the group and hold on to the walls of the room, curious.

                  ECHIDNA: (to the students) Please! Do not be afraid!

                  PAN: They’re our friends, they have come to fight as allies!

                  BROGAN looks at her in shock.

                  BROGAN: It worked?

                  ECHIDNA nods and smiles.

                  ECHIDNA: Of course, did you doubt me?

                  BROGAN smiles back.

                  BROGAN: No...

                  His smile fades.

                  BROGAN: But the spell’s begun. We can’t stop it.

                  The Sirens look around. One of them cocks her head.

                  SIREN: The spell is strong and deafening to the ether. We must stop it.

                  URSULA: I have a way...

                  ECHIDNA: You do?

                  URSULA: I have a spell, I need the Sirens though.

                  The Sirens look at one another, interested.

                  SMITH looks at her.

                  SMITH: Ursula it’s risky... this type of spell has only ever been tried once.

                  MELODY: Yeah and look what happened there, every Potential Slayer got made into a freakin’ Slayer. What if it goes wrong?

                  URSULA: It won’t. I have Nevan, who is the most gifted Wiccan I have ever trained from this world and I have Smith, whose powers I trust and understand deeper than any. I can do this.

                  She looks at the Syndicate.

                  URSULA: I promise.

                  ECHIDNA looks at the Sirens.

                  ECHIDNA: If you trust me, then you will trust my dearest wiccan friend, Ursula Lake?

                  The Sirens confer in their ancient language. One of the Sirens looks at ECHIDNA.

                  SIRENS: We sense truth and trust in the witch’s words. We shall proceed with her plan.

                  URSULA smiles.

                  URSULA: (appreciative, to the Sirens) Thank you, so much.

                  She turns back to BROGAN.

                  URSULA: I’m going to need some time.

                  BROGAN: How long?

                  URSULA: Fifteen minutes... or so.

                  MELODY: Jeez, commercial break much.

                  TRAFFORD: It’s fine, we can do it, right?

                  He looks at his sister for support who has been lip reading

                  ELISE: (telepathically, to the group) We can do this... we’re The Kalipso Syndicate.

                  Some of the Syndicate look surprised at ELISE’S skill in communication. She smiles at them. SMITH look at her with pride.

                  SMITH: Elise is right. Syndicate old and Syndicate new... we can hold these things back for that long.

                  CHERRY helps HELEN to her feet and then looks to the students.

                  CHERRY: Are you with us?

                  They all look determined and tighten their grip on their weapons. They nod.

                  BROGAN nods, admiring everyone’s courage.

                  BROGAN: Ok... Ursula, Nevan, Smith... Sirens... stay here. Everyone else, let’s go to the beach.

                  HELEN breathes deeply, summons all her strength and then walks towards the door alone, breaking away from CHERRY.

                  HELEN: I’ll go first... wait for my signal.

                  He nods and she goes to leave. He grabs her shoulder. She looks back at him.

                  BROGAN: (whispering) I’m sorry...

                  HELEN frowns.

                  HELEN: There’s nothing anyone could have done. This is what they want, there’s nothing I can do for them now...

                  BROGAN nods and lets her leave. He looks back at the others.

                  BROGAN: (shouting) Ok, let’s go! Stay behind Helen...

                  With this, BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, CHERRY, HELEN, GABE and the students all leave the school – armed and ready for battle.

                  URSULA, NEVAN and SMITH are left behind with the Sirens. They all look at her expectantly. She pulls out the Protogenoi knife, inspecting the symbols deeply, understanding them.

                  URSULA: Now, Nevan... let me show you what true magic can do.

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  SHORE – EXT.BEACH - ??

                  NICOLA and EDWARD, highly intoxicated on the powerful effects of the Night Day, stare at the sky as the lights fade into one another and the moon sobs in pain.

                  EDWARD: This is power that nobody has ever managed to experience.

                  NICOLA: I feel like my whole existence is going to burst. This is overwhelming.

                  HELEN (O/S): Hi mom, Hi dad...

                  NICOLA and EDWARD’S dark and light eyes turn to stare at their daughter. She is stood on top of a sand peak alone. She looks at them.

                  HELEN: Did you miss me?

                  NICOLA and EDWARD look at her, observing her body.

                  EDWARD: The spell has affected you too.

                  HELEN: Of course, I am one of you after all.

                  NICOLA: You have not been one of us for a very long time, my dear daughter.

                  HELEN: I know that. I understand you must be angry... disappointed.

                  NICOLA: You have betrayed your family.

                  HELEN: Did you cry, mother?

                  NICOLA does not respond.

                  HELEN: When you found my brother, did you cry?

                  NICOLA: Your brother is dead because of you.

                  HELEN: He died because he was not willing to reason and he died not by my hand but by the hand of someone who was extending her right to live.

                  EDWARD: Listen to yourself. You have become so weak.

                  NICOLA: You stand here before us... with no one by your side.

                  EDWARD: What chance do you have?

                  She looks at her parents blankly and sighs softly.

                  HELEN: I’d say my odds were quite good actually...

                  She extends an arm up into the air – the signal. Then out from behind the mound on which she is stood, emerges the newly formed Syndicate. All of them stand defiantly behind HELEN – BROGAN and CHERRY either side of her.

                  NICOLA laughs.

                  NICOLA: How dramatic, I quite admire your courage.

                  EDWARD: To think you can overthrow two of the oldest creatures blessed on this earth is such a humble thought.

                  BROGAN: Really? I think it’s long overdue.

                  NICOLA snarls at him and her and EDWARD advance on the group.

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL - ??

                  URSULA looks to the Sirens.

                  URSULA: Gather around me in a circle as best you can. I’ll need you close.

                  The Sirens oblige, silently.

                  SMITH: Where do you need us?

                  He indicates NEVAN and himself. URSULA looks at him.

                  URSULA: I need you to be the link, between me, the knife and the Sirens. Can you do that?

                  He takes her hand and squeezes it.

                  SMITH: I can.

                  She smiles at him. SMITH locks eyes with her but then breaks away to look at NEVAN, the knife in his hand.

                  SMITH: Take my hand and the knife.

                  NEVAN nods and nervously locks his hand over SMITH’S grip of the knife.

                  URSULA: Good, now touch one of the sisters, it’s the only way to make the link.

                  NEVAN: Oh jeez, a knife one side and Sirens the other... I drew the short straw.

                  He extends his hand, grimacing, to touch one of the Sirens on its head. It grunts in acceptance of his touch.

                  URSULA looks around.

                  URSULA: Everything is set... hold on. I’m not too sure how this is going to go.

                  She reaches out for the spell and then begins reading nervously under her breath. She reads quietly, scanning the words quickly. On her third rendition she discards the paper and she closes her eyes, concentrating and reciting the incantation from memory.

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  SHORE – EXT.BEACH - ??

                  NICOLA and EDWARD advance on the Syndicate and HELEN hurries forward in front of the group to take her parents on. EDWARD goes to punch her but she spins gracefully and dodges. She extends a hand and with a sharp shove, she pushes her mother away from her, pushing her backwards. EDWARD swings around with a large sweeping kick. HELEN grabs his leg and swings him back around with such force he is pushed off balance. She punches him in the face and then fluently flips over him and kicks him in the back, pushing him into BROGAN, MELODY and CHERRY. Enraged, NICOLA jumps to her feet and rapidly grabs her daughter mid-air by her throat. She grips tightly.

                  NICOLA: You may think you’re strong like us, but you’re not - you are pale to me and your father.

                  HELEN: (choking) I don’t have to beat you.

                  NICOLA laughs.

                  NICOLA: Don’t correct your elders.

                  She throws HELEN to the side and she is hurled into the wash, lying face down in a slush of seaweed and frothed seawater.

                  NICOLA scoffs and turns back to the fight. She is faced with ECHIDNA.

                  ECHIDNA: Actually, your daughter is quite correct.

                  NICOLA smiles.

                  NICOLA: Idina, dear...

                  She punches ECHIDNA in the face, who is taken aback slightly. She turns back to NICOLA, her lip cut. NICOLA looks outraged that ECHIDNA is still conscious.

                  ECHIDNA: Nicola, darling...

                  She punches her and NICOLA is also taken aback slightly by the punch. Unlike ECHIDNA though, she does not bleed.

                  ECHIDNA: I don’t need to rip apart the skies to gain power.

                  NICOLA: You still won’t best us.

                  She goes to punch ECHIDNA again but the she misses. ECHIDNA grabs her fist and holds it at bay as she drives her forehead into NICOLA’S and then knees her in the stomach.

                  ECHIDNA: Perhaps not, but I have forces at work that will.

                  As the darkness becomes more prominent in the Night Day, NICOLA feels a rush of power. She stands her ground and in a flurry of blurred movements she kicks and punches ECHIDNA in quick succession. ECHIDNA looks completely taken aback by the attack and is left bruised and dazed. In one final move, NICOLA sweeps ECHIDNA off her feet with a quick low kick. NICOLA looks down on her as the rush of power from the phase of darkness subsides slightly.

                  NICOLA: Do you know why you won’t win? Because we’re not ashamed of where we come from and you are.

                  ECHIDNA lies on the floor, weak.

                  ECHIDNA: (quietly) I am not... I’m just accepting the fact that the world is changed from when we dominated...

                  NICOLA: (shouting, angrily) Then it will change back!

                  ECHIDNA shakes her head.

                  ECHIDNA: You will fail, the whole corporation will.

                  NICOLA: You will not live to see it.

                  ECHIDNA laughs, coughing up a considerable amount of blood.

                  ECHIDNA: You may have beaten me to the ground Nyx, but you cannot kill me – the Night Day does not grant you the power to kill your kind.

                  NICOLA tightens her jaw angry at her limits.

                  NICOLA: Then you will awaken to a world with no allies.

                  She punches ECHIDNA sharply in the face and she knocks her out, cold. The camera pans up slightly to show HELEN still lying in the wash of the sea.

                  The goddess of monsters and the ether daughter were out.

                  The camera cuts back to EDWARD who shoves MELODY away from him but she stands her ground and she pulls a knife from her belt and attempts to sharply drive it deep into his arm. He laughs as it impacts on his skin and the metal shatters.

                  MELODY: Son of a...

                  EDWARD smirks.

                  CHERRY jumps on his back now and wraps her arm around his neck to strangle him. He looks only mildly inconvenienced by the move. BROGAN uses the opportunity to punch EDWARD repeatedly in the chest. The steel skin of the father Protogenoi instantly bruises his hand.

                  EDWARD: Must be something in the air.

                  He punches BROGAN who flies back into GABE and ELISE. They steady him.

                  EDWARD: What can I say? The Night Day is agreeing with me...

                  He flips CHERRY over his shoulder and she hits her head on a rock. She cuts her head and instantly she loses consciousness.

                  EDWARD sniggers looking at her.

                  BROGAN: (calling out) Cherry!

                  EDWARD turns on BROGAN and the others, angrily.

                  EDWARD: All you inspire is failure in these young mortals, Ea.

                  He holds out his hand as light energy begins building up in his hands. BROGAN watches moving protectively in front of his friends.

                  EDWARD: It will cost them what it costs all humans eventually.

                  He extends his arm now and as the energy is released, BROGAN, ELISE and GABE recoil in fear, closing their eyes.

                  After a few seconds, they open their eyes and look up surprised, to see a barrier in front of them, the energy being kept at bay. BROGAN looks behind him to see a group of ten wiccan students holding their hands out, creating the barrier. They look in pain slightly, keeping such power at bay.

                  BROGAN looks at ELISE and nods.

                  BROGAN: (telepathically, to ELISE) I reckon two would take him down...

                  She smirks and pulls out three hand grenades from her belt.

                  ELISE: (telepathically, to BROGAN) Screw that.

                  She pulls out the pins and throws them at EDWARD. He looks down at the grenades and then they explode. Through the sheer force of the explosion his energy cuts off and he falls backwards. The wiccan students finally hold off the explosion before letting the barrier drop.

                  NICOLA looks from ECHIDNA to the scene, seething.

                  NICOLA: How dare you rain on our parade with mere smoke and mirrors...

                  PAN (O/S): Fire!

                  NICOLA looks to see PAN stood amongst a group of archers lined up along the wall of the beach promenade, amongst them is TRAFFORD also. They all fire at NICOLA but she waves her hand at the arrows and they all instantly combust and fall like small stars, to the sand.

                  NICOLA looks unimpressed.

                  NICOLA: This is weak. This is what has been standing in the corporation’s way?

                  She waves her hand and TRAFFORD, PAN and the archers all are forced to the ground in a swooping dark burst of energy. A group of healers hurry to their aid.

                  NICOLA turns her attention to BROGAN, ELISE, GABE and the wiccans.

                  NICOLA: It’s embarrassing, truly.

                  She clicks her fingers. Instantly a black hole begins forming behind the wiccan students. They scream as all of them are pulled towards the abyss.

                  BROGAN, holding on to the ground for stability, looks at the scene helplessly. His eyes turn to ECHIDNA, CHERRY and HELEN who are all now receiving aid from healers, yet all of them were unable to fight.

                  BROGAN: (shouting) No!

                  NICOLA points at him.

                  NICOLA: This is real power! Nothing can end us... nothing!

                  MELODY (O/S): No? Well hey, at least we’re having fun.

                  NICOLA turns to see MELODY stood behind her, armed with a shotgun. She turns it on NICOLA and fires. The shell only tears through the fabric of NICOLA’S robes and forces her momentarily backwards.

                  MELODY: So it’s not all bad, huh?

                  NICOLA recoils at point blank range.

                  The camera cuts back to the closing black hole. ELISE, GABE and the remaining students are trying to save the students as best as possible. GABE looks at the other wiccan students.

                  GABE: We need a spell to close this, now!

                  BROGAN: I have to help, Melody and the others... we’re losing...

                  ELISE snaps her head to BROGAN.

                  ELISE: (telepathically) We got this, go!

                  BROGAN struggles to his feet and crawls away, resisting the pull from the black hole.

                  The wiccans look at one another panicking and each begin chanting feebly. ELISE looks to be struggling and almost comes off her feet as she is pulled closer to the hole. GABE roots himself to the ground with a sword and holds on to the hilt tightly, ELISE in his other hand.

                  GABE: (telepathically to ELISE) I got you...

                  She looks back at him, concerned.

                  The camera cuts back to MELODY and NICOLA. MELODY continues firing until she runs out of shells. NICOLA cocks her head.

                  NICOLA: Looks like you’re out, Slayer.

                  She grabs MELODY by the neck and lifts her up.

                  NICOLA: Now, what you got to shoot me with? A flimsy stake? A weak retort?

                  BROGAN jumps to his feet and runs at NICOLA but EDWARD grabs a hold of him, tightly. He pushes BROGAN to the floor and pins him down. He grabs BROGAN by his hair and lifts up his head to look at MELODY.

                  EDWARD: Now now... stay. Why don’t you watch another one of your girls die, Ea Brogan. I bet it stings just as much the second time as it did the first.

                  He laughs as all BROGAN can do is watch as NICOLA squeezes the life from MELODY. He grits his jaw in absolute rage.

                  BROGAN: (through gritted teeth) Ursula...

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL - ??

                  The camera is closed closely on URSULA’S face and then suddenly she gasps and she opens her eyes. In front of her is the FIGURE that has been appearing to ELISE. URSULA looks around and sees that no one is around her – no SMITH, no NEVAN, not one Siren.

                  FIGURE: Ursula Lake.

                  URSULA looks back at the FIGURE. She pauses for a moment, confused and disoriented.

                  URSULA: I know you.

                  FIGURE: Yes, you do.

                  URSULA: You are my daughter’s mother.

                  The FIGURE nods.

                  FIGURE: I am the one who gave you your daughter, yes.

                  URSULA: Why do you keep coming to her?

                  FIGURE: Elise is most special and precious to me. She has a destiny and so do you all. It is not by far complete yet. I will see to it that you all remain protected until it has been fulfilled. I cannot alter your ends... but I can help prevent harm until then. The Syndicate will be protected by my hand...

                  URSULA: I don’t understand.

                  FIGURE: I do not expect you to appreciate the way I work. Just know that it will all make sense when it needs to. Have faith, Ursula.

                  URSULA: This spell... it won’t work, will it?

                  FIGURE: The witch who originally cast this spell was a lot more powerful than you. The spell will not work.

                  URSULA: My friends will die... my family... your daughter.

                  FIGURE: I told you, you are all protected by me. The spell will not work by your hand alone.

                  URSULA: What do you mean?

                  FIGURE: You need the hand of a god...

                  With this the FIGURE touches URSULA’S hand...

                  URSULA’S eyes burst open, revealing everything is back in the room where it was – SMITH, NEVAN and the Sirens. She had her eyes closed the whole time.

                  A blinding light extends through URSULA’s hands through to SMITH. He shivers as the light passes through to the knife. The red marks from the knife are carried through the light as it travels through NEVAN. The light finally touches the Sirens and all at once the Sirens glow.

                  They shriek.

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  SHORE – EXT.BEACH - ??

                  BROGAN continues to struggle under the grip of EDWARD as he helplessly watches MELODY lose consciousness under the strength of NICOLA. EDWARD smirks.

                  EDWARD: Say goodbye to the girl...

                  Then, a shadow passes over the beach. EDWARD and NICOLA are forced to look up as they release it is not coming from the Night Day. EDWARD shakes his head.

                  EDWARD: It couldn’t...

                  The camera pans towards the skies to see the fleet of Sirens soaring down on to the beach. On three of their backs are URSULA, NEVAN and SMITH. URSULA is on the front one. She points down at NICOLA and EDWARD.

                  URSULA: There stand your destroyers.

                  NICOLA: They will destroy no-one – they have no power.

                  BROGAN looks at her.

                  BROGAN: (under his breath) Look a little closer... bitch.

                  NICOLA looks closer as the Sirens loom down on both her and her husband – the Sirens are drenched in the red markings of the Protogenoi. In fear, she drops MELODY who falls to the floor in a heap. EDWARD also releases BROGAN and hurries to his wife’s side.

                  BROGAN looks up to the lifeless MELODY.

                  BROGAN: Mel...

                  He crawls towards her and picks her up in his arms. She lies, lifeless.

                  The Sirens soar over his head, while some have descended to land. Nearby, the black hole still surges and the Night Day continues to rage erratically over the skies of Cropley Shores. For this moment though, everything else is irrelevant.

                  He strokes her hair behind her ears and he notices that NICOLA’S hands have left ligature marks on her neck. He touches her neck for her pulse.

                  URSULA (O/S): Ea...

                  URSULA rushes to him with SMITH and NEVAN.

                  URSULA: (worried) Is she ok?!

                  He looks up at her.

                  BROGAN: She’s alive. Help the others...

                  She nods and hurries off with NEVAN. SMITH pats him on the shoulder.

                  SMITH: Don’t miss the show...

                  He gestures at NICOLA and EDWARD.

                  BROGAN: It worked?

                  SMITH raises his eyebrows suggestively and then hurries off to help the others. BROGAN looks up to NICOLA and EDWARD, MELODY still in his arms.

                  NICOLA and EDWARD hold one another’s hands as the Sirens swarm around them.

                  NICOLA: You cannot harm us, we are your masters.

                  EDWARD: You wouldn’t dare turn on us.

                  The Sirens all snarl at them and continue to advance. NICOLA gasps for breath, scared. She looks at EDWARD. He smiles at her reassuringly.

                  EDWARD: It is beautiful out, is it not?

                  NICOLA nods.

                  NICOLA: It’s the perfect way to say goodbye.

                  She tightens her grip on him and then they advance. In a second, NICOLA and EDWARD disappear from sight as the shrieking red marked Sirens tear apart the Protogenoi.

                  From the wash of the beach, HELEN lifts her head, weak. She sees the red marked Sirens tearing at her parents. A tear falls from her eye and she sighs, saddened.

                  HELEN: Goodbye...

                  Then, two large lights explode and fade from within the surge of the Sirens.

                  NICOLA and EDWARD PRIME were dead.

                  Back on the beach, the black hole fades and disappears – all the students fall to the floor in a slump, exhausted.

                  BROGAN looks at the scene, not satisfied or happy but feeling safe again. He looks at the sky as the blurred light begins to separate into the evening dusk once again. The sun was peacefully setting, the moon was beginning to rise and the stars were starting to shine.

                  The Night Day had died with the Protogenoi.

                  MELODY’S eyes begin to flutter open. She looks at BROGAN.

                  MELODY: (hoarse) Brogan...

                  BROGAN: Sh, don’t worry... Ursula did it, the spell worked. The Protogenoi are dead.

                  She smiles, weakly.

                  MELODY: I love you...

                  He looks at her, taken aback.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  AMELIA ISHERWOOD is walking down a corridor in Olympus Inc. She has just left ZEUS’S office for a second time. She approaches two guards and another ACOLYTE, the necklace of the Acolytes around his neck.

                  AMELIA: (to the ACOLYTE) The Protogenoi have been destroyed and we’ve just had word that The United also has failed. It’s time to activate Project Poseidon...

                  The ACOLYTE nods.

                  ACOLYTE: I will summon him and do what must be done.

                  AMELIA nods and turns, leaving the scene with a deep dark smile across her face.

                  AMELIA: (to herself) We’ll see who ends up top Acolyte soon...

                  The ACOLYTE turns and walks into a room. The two guards close the door and stand in front of it, blocking access to anyone else. On the door reads a sign.

                  SUMMONING ROOM

                  CUT TO – ATHENS

                  The ACOLYTE moves to the centre of the large room, ancient candles burn brightly around the room. He stands still and pulls back his robe revealing the Acolyte necklace on his bare chest. He extends his arms up into the air and tilts his head back. He begins chanting, the same chant used by MILES ANDERSON when summoning DEMETER.

                  The air begins to shift in the room as it turns moist. The walls condense and small puddles form on the floor.

                  In a blinding force of water light, the sea god, POSEIDON appears, blurred by the blue evanescent light. He looks down on the ACOLYTE.

                  POSEIDON: (booming, greatly) So... it has come.

                  His voice is not distinct, it is deafening and large; the third most powerful voice in the Greek world.

                  The ACOLYTE stops chanting and then looks up to his god.

                  ACOLYTE: You knew your brothers would eventually resort to this.

                  POSEIDON: (saddened) I had hoped they would grant me the pleasure of doing it themselves.

                  ACOLYTE: You should have conceded to them, not built underwater palaces for the enemy.

                  POSEIDON laughs, incredulous.

                  POSEIDON: Mortal men giving me advice? The time has surely come for my end.

                  ACOLYTE: You should find peace in that small truth.

                  He tilts his head back and in one sweeping moment a thunderous clap of lightning suddenly storms through the room, piercing through POSEIDON and anchoring on to the necklace.

                  POSEIDON roars in pain as the lightning slices through him, destroying him entirely.

                  As quickly as the lightning burst, it deceases, along with the master of the waters...

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  SHORE – EXT.BEACH – EVENING

                  URSULA and SMITH hurry to ELISE and GABE.

                  URSULA: Are you both ok?

                  GABE looks at ELISE who is breathing heavily. She smiles at him.

                  GABE: Yeah, I think we’re going to be ok...

                  He looks back at URSULA.

                  GABE: Still got a long way – some more than others – but this is where it begins, right?

                  URSULA nods.

                  URSULA: You’re a good man, Gabe.

                  She looks at ELISE and sighs.

                  URSULA: I know my daughter is safe, that she is being watched, but I feel better knowing she’s with you.

                  GABE smiles at her.

                  GABE: Help the others... Pan and your son are down.

                  URSULA nods and hurries away with SMITH to TRAFFORD, PAN and the archers. ELISE looks at GABE.

                  ELISE: (telepathically, to GABE) That was sweet. I saw what you said and it was sweet.

                  GABE goes to speak but she stops him.

                  ELISE: (telepathically) I got the kids here, help Cherry.

                  GABE nods and hurries to CHERRY who is still unconscious. ELISE turns to the students, affected by the black hole.

                  The camera cuts back to BROGAN and MELODY. She looks at him, expectantly.

                  BROGAN: Uh, I...

                  MELODY: Ea... did you hear what I said?

                  He looks up as the Sirens begin shrieking, erratically. He looks at them as they stand amongst the bloodied robes and remnants of the Protogenoi.

                  Something was wrong.

                  The camera cuts now to HELEN who is still lying in the wash. She looks around as the sea begins to recede around her. She turns confused to see the sea being pulled further and further out at an alarming rate.

                  The camera now cuts to ECHIDNA. She continues to lie still, out cold on the floor. Then, suddenly her eyes burst open.

                  ECHIDNA: Oh no. Poseidon...

                  She screams.

                  The camera shows everyone looking at her. HELEN crawls to her feet, moving away from the disappearing sea. BROGAN helps MELODY to her feet and they stand, walking towards her, slowly. ELISE and SMITH also appear. ECHIDNA is now crying, uncontrollably.

                  ECHIDNA: This can’t be happening...

                  BROGAN: Echidna, what’s wrong...

                  ECHIDNA: Poseidon... he’s been murdered.

                  SMITH: The god of the seas?

                  ECHIDNA covers her face with her hands.

                  ECHIDNA: (panicking) Oh no... this can’t be happening... he was our uncle, our favourite. He helped us... he helped us...

                  The Sirens continues to shriek, crying. ECHIDNA looks at them – they are staring at the sea. ECHIDNA stands and turns realising it is deathly quiet. Her face drops.

                  ECHIDNA: (softly) And the waters mourn...

                  The camera pulls back and shows BROGAN, MELODY, ELISE, HELEN and SMITH all staring out at the sea. The camera rotates to show what they are looking at.

                  A giant wave, over thirty feet high, was heading towards Cropley Shores.

                  The camera cuts back to the group. ELISE clutches her mouth.

                  MELODY: Oh my god...

                  ECHIDNA: Ea... get the students out of here... (shouting) now!

                  BROGAN turns to the students and the other members of the Syndicate. He runs towards them, MELODY follows along with SMITH. ECHIDNA looks at the Sirens.

                  ECHIDNA: (shouting) Sisters, please help us one more time... save the children...

                  The Sirens do not hesitate or pause. They take to the skies and immediately begin grabbing the students randomly and ferrying them to safety. Two of the Sirens grab CHERRY and GABE - CHERRY is still unconscious but GABE is not.

                  GABE: (protesting) No! Let me go! I have to help! Elise!

                  He looks down at ELISE who is helping her brother and the other students. She cannot hear him.

                  As the Sirens disappear with more students, the camera focuses on the ground, which is beginning to shake with the force of the approaching wave. The camera pans down to ELISE and ECHIDNA who hurry to TRAFFORD and PAN. ELISE grabs her brother and helps him to his feet. She clutches him tightly, lovingly and he looks at her, dazed, before grasping a hold on reality. ECHIDNA grabs PAN and lifts him up as he regains consciousness slowly. TRAFFORD looks at him and then to ECHIDNA.

                  TRAFFORD: Is he ok?

                  ECHIDNA nods.

                  ECHIDNA: It won’t matter though...

                  PAN’S eyes open lightly and he looks at the wave.

                  PAN: (weakly) Oh no...

                  All four of them look to the wave.

                  The camera passes to BROGAN, MELODY, URSULA and HELEN who continue to help the students to the promenade.

                  HELEN: The ground is not high enough! It won’t stop the wave...

                  BROGAN: Helen, get out of here, take the students and get out!

                  NEVAN appears, grabbing HELEN’S hand.

                  NEVAN: Come on!

                  MELODY looks at them both.

                  MELODY: (shouting) Go!

                  She shoves them both so they disappear on to the promenade. As they leave, they help more students.

                  MELODY looks at BROGAN as they help more students leave the beach area. As they do, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN and SMITH arrive to help.

                  MELODY: She’s right you know... the promenade is gonna get torn to bits.

                  PAN: They’ll drown... we all will.

                  URSULA looks around thinking and then it hits her as she remembers what the FIGURE told her earlier.

                  FIGURE (V/O): (echoing) The syndicate will be protected by my hand

                  URSULA: (to herself) Oh...

                  She realises what has to be done.

                  URSULA: Oh no...

                  BROGAN looks at her.

                  BROGAN: Ursula, we have to do something, we have to save them.

                  URSULA looks at him, devastated.

                  URSULA: We can save them – we can save the entire Syndicate, but it does mean making a sacrifice.

                  SMITH: What do you mean?

                  She looks at her family.

                  URSULA: I would never ask any of you to do this if I didn’t have faith in our plight, in our allies and in you all.

                  BROGAN: Urs, what is it? We don’t have time...

                  URSULA looks at them all before looking back at the wave. A shadow was beginning to cast over the beach.

                  CUT TO – ATHENS
                  ROOFTOP – EXT.OLYMPUS INC. – EVENING

                  The camera shows the sun setting also in Athens. Two suited men are stood side by side on the edge of the roof of Olympus Inc.

                  These are not two men - they are two gods that have just lost their brother.

                  ZEUS and HADES.

                  The elder looks to the younger.

                  HADES: Do you mourn him?

                  ZEUS shakes his head.

                  ZEUS: He made his choice. It is all rooted in choice.

                  HADES: Project Poseidon was a success.

                  ZEUS: I can feel the waters sobbing for him – the oceans cry and the puddles weep for him.

                  HADES: All I feel is power, surging - we have whittled the three brothers to two.

                  ZEUS: And it couldn’t come sooner, now Hecate has fallen and the Protogenoi have been murdered by their animals.

                  HADES: Not, Hemera. She still lives.

                  ZEUS: As a mortal. She betrayed the corporation and she knew the consequences. Hemera is dead but Helen will live and die as a casualty of war.

                  HADES sighs.

                  HADES: This is the last time we put our trust in agents, brother. It is time we fought this war as one battle.

                  ZEUS: Agreed.

                  HADES: The Kalipso Syndicate have hurt me deeply with their plight.

                  ZEUS: And I refuse to continue existing while my grand-daughter’s deceitful daughter and her dragon lover reign proudly on earth.

                  HADES: I will ready the Head Acolyte to organise her remaining troupe.

                  ZEUS: She must be ready, for we still have many children that are against us.

                  HADES: We may be alone, but we still have our honour and the strength of all the gods.

                  They smile at one another and then turn back to the setting sun as it finally disappears behind the dying sea.

                  ZEUS: I wish this world all the luck as it awakens tomorrow to a new world... for it will need it.

                  CUT TO – CROPLEY SHORES
                  PROMENADE – EXT.BEACH – EVENING

                  The Sirens safely land the final students on the promenade and they stand expectantly looking as BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA and SMITH all stand on the beach facing the promenade. They all have a look of dreaded acceptance on their faces.

                  From the promenade, HELEN, NEVAN and GABE look at them all expectantly – GABE is holding on to an unconscious CHERRY.

                  HELEN: Come on! We can all make it!

                  The Syndicate pause.

                  BROGAN: We can’t.

                  GABE: What the hell are you talking about?! Elise?!

                  She looks at him, a frown on her face. She looks away.

                  SMITH: This is what is right.

                  GABE snaps to him.

                  GABE: What the hell would you know?! You show up and in five minutes you’ve got them thinking suicide is a good idea?

                  TRAFFORD: Take it easy on him, Gabe. This isn’t his choice. It’s all of ours. We have to do this.

                  NEVAN: Then do it from here with us! We’ll help you! You don’t have to die...

                  SMITH: Remember Nevan, it’s about physics.

                  MELODY: I know it’s hard but we need to trap the water, not shut it out – it’s the best way of protecting you all and the only way we can trap something that big is if we do it all together.

                  NEVAN shakes his head, disbelieving the theory.

                  NEVAN: No, there has to be something else we can do!

                  URSULA: I’ve worked it out precisely, Nevan. I know what I am doing. The Syndicate must protect the Syndicate. Old...

                  She looks at SMITH.

                  URSULA: ...and new.

                  She looks at all of her students.

                  HELEN: What? That doesn’t make any sense...

                  PAN: Sacrifices rarely do.

                  ECHIDNA looks at the Sirens.

                  ECHIDNA: Sisters, thank you for all your help. Please protect them, they made need you.

                  The Sirens nod and cry weakly.

                  URSULA looks back and sees the wave approaching fast, roaring with grief.

                  URSULA: It’s time.

                  One by one, the old Syndicate hold hands, stood in a line between their students and the wave.

                  TRAFFORD: How is this going to work exactly?

                  URSULA looks at her son.

                  URSULA: Don’t worry, we’re all being guided by higher forces – just hold on and let it happen. Trust me.

                  He nods, looking at her.

                  TRAFFORD: I do.

                  URSULA: I love you.

                  TRAFFORD: I love you too, mom.

                  She looks at SMITH who squeezes her hand. ECHIDNA looks down, saddened. PAN looks at her.

                  PAN: I’ve got you, my love.

                  ECHIDNA nods, crying.

                  ECHIDNA: I know.

                  URSULA looks to her family in the line with her.

                  URSULA: (loudly) This isn’t the end, I promise - we’re just protecting the future. It’s what needs to be done.

                  The Syndicate nod as the students look on fearful as the wave now approaches the shoreline. ELISE closes her eyes, thinking of her recently deceased friend for help and bravery.

                  The camera cuts to BROGAN, he looks at MELODY next to him.

                  BROGAN: For what it’s worth.

                  URSULA begins counting. MELODY looks at BROGAN.

                  MELODY: Yeah?

                  URSULA finished counting.

                  BROGAN: I love you too.

                  Then, it happens.

                  The wave hits and a rush of power passes through the Syndicate. Instantly they glow and a shining barrier appears in front of the promenade and although the wave swiftly passes over the Syndicate as if they were nothing, it hits against the barrier and it is trapped perfectly, protecting the students and the Sirens.

                  Horrified, the students stand unharmed, protected and shut out. Instinctively, the Sirens wrap their wings protectively around the students, in honour of their goddess’s last wishes.

                  GABE: (screaming) No!

                  HELEN grabs her mouth, distraught and as CHERRY rouses slowly she awakens to the scene with shock. NEVAN grabs a hold of her and a number of the students cry in dismay and anguish. Through the murky water, they see the glowing lights of the Syndicate.

                  After a few minutes, water calms. The barrier flickers and dissipates and the lights of the Syndicate fade. The calmed and contained water concedes, drifting slowly back out to sea in acceptance.

                  The threat had subsided.

                  The students look down at the beach desperately as muggy sand begins to settle under the subsiding waters.

                  The original Syndicate were gone.

                  The camera pans away from them to look at HELEN. She watches the scene, numb and expressionless...

                  FLASH TO – WHITE

                  OPEN ON - CROPLEY SHORES
                  ALTER – INT.OLD CHURCH – AFTERNOON

                  It is the year 2025 once more... nineteen years after the wave, the fight against the Protogenoi and nineteen years since an immortal ether goddess became a young woman.

                  The light dies down to reveal that young woman, HELEN PRIME stood in the empty funeral church, decades later remembering that exact moment. Only now, she was older, bruised and broken from her time in the mortal coil.

                  HELEN (V/O): It’s funny...

                  Her face does not boast a smile.

                  HELEN (V/O): In retrospect, that battle was nothing to what was to come. My parents wilted in seconds, and I didn’t grieve them as I did the loss of the Syndicate that day.

                  She sighs and begins to turn towards the coffin.

                  HELEN (V/O): The battle with the Golden Acolytes a year ago though... now that was one with unrivalled loss. People died that day who should be stood here now...

                  She looks at the coffin, intently.

                  HELEN (V/O): him.

                  She begins moving towards the coffin.

                  HELEN (V/O): And now, I stand alone to give this man his final peace.

                  She stands at the edge of the coffin and looks down at the body inside.

                  HELEN (V/O): For decades he was the love of my life... and he never even saw me as anything more than his friend. I think I loved him even more for that.

                  She hesitates as she realises this is where she must leave him. She wipes a single tear from her eye and smiles. Slowly she leans down to kiss him on his forehead.

                  HELEN (V/O): Goodbye...

                  As she pulls back she reveals who it is that she’s mourning, who she is burying and who it is that she has loved for all these years...


                  TRAFFORD ARTAIR

                  CUT TO BLACK

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER


                  Main Cast:
                  JENSEN ACKLES as EA BROGAN
                  ROSE MCGOWAN as MELODY HARP
                  PAUL WALKER as TRAFFORD ARTAIR
                  BECKI NEWTON as ELISE ARTAIR
                  ALI LARTER as IDINA “ECHIDNA” MORGAN
                  BLYTHE DANNER as URSULA LAKE
                  DEVON AOKI as CHERRY LI
                  with KRISTIN DAVIS as NICOLA “NYX” PRIME
                  and DAVID CONRAD as EDWARD “EREBOS” PRIME

                  Supporting Cast (in order of appearance):
                  CAMPBELL SCOTT as HADES
                  BRYAN GREENBERG as GABE PETERS
                  EVAN PETERS as NEVAN BARNES
                  MILO VENTIMIGLIA as XAK THORN
                  JEFF FAHEY as ZEUS