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SoCF: 1x07 "Their Trial" [2]

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  • SoCF: 1x07 "Their Trial" [2]

    1x07 "Their Trial" [2]
    Original Air Date: August 19th 2005

    TARA: (VO) Willow, you are using too much magic!

    FAITH: (VO) Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

    Open to “Villains” WILLOW burst into the Magic Box. As she walks in lights around her explode. ANYA runs from behind the counter.

    WILLOW: (VO) I need power.

    Willow gestures with her head. All the books on the loft shelves begin to fly off the shelves and onto the table, landing heaped all over the table. The last book lands opened to a middle page. Willow walks over to the table and looks down. Shot of the open book with the pages covered in tiny writing. Willow lifts her hands and puts them on the open pages. Her hands sink into the book as if melding with it. The words of the book start to move off the pages and up her arms, curling and scrolling up under her sleeves. We see the words also coming up her chest, and moving up her shoulders to her face. She lifts her head and her eyes are black again. The words move to the top of her head and into her hair, turning her hair black. Cut to the forest, WARREN is tied to a tree as Dark WILLOW stands with her hand out.

    WILLOW: Bored now…

    Willow makes a casual gesture with one hand. A bolt of magic rips through Warren and tears the skin off his body in a single piece.

    Cut to “The Killer in Me” KENNEDY and AMY stand in one of the UC Sunnydale classrooms.

    AMY: This is not about hate. It's about power. Willow always had all the power, long before she even knew what to do with it. Just came so easy for her.

    KENNEDY looks to AMY.

    AMY: They don't know how weak she is. She gave in to evil—stuff worse than I can even imagine— she almost destroyed the world! And yet everyone keeps on loving her…

    Cut to “Chosen” WILLOW sits glowing in a white light.

    WILLOW: (VO) I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere.

    TARA: (VO) And previously on Sorceress of Crimson Falls…

    Cut to the museum of Art and History. TARA is standing in a large white room. A much of strong burly men come by with large crates of stuff. JERRY stands beside her, making sure the movers don’t drop anything.

    TARA: What’s the next exhibit?

    JERRY: Ah, it is an amazing collection of warrior woman statues and scrolls and artifacts found threw out northern Africa.

    Cut to EDAN’S training room, ANDREW and him still sit. The door burst open, a very pissed off LIZ walks into the room.

    EDAN: Liz, you’re-

    LIZ grabs the collar of EDAN’S shirt and pins him to the wall.

    LIZ: Why the hell did you send a vampire after me?

    KENDAL: You did this?

    WILLOW: How could you? You almost got us all killed.

    LIZ: I quit.

    EDAN: What?

    LIZ lets go of EDAN and walks over to WILLOW, KENDAL and TARA. KENDAL crosses her arms.

    KENDAL: I quit too.

    FAITH walks into the door to the training room. By her said stands VI and RONE. FAITH, dressed in all black holds a stake in her hand, VI holds a few books and RONA has her arms crossed. Everyone turn to see them.

    FAITH: Hey.

    Cut to black.


    Open to FAITH tilting her head. She crosses her arms and grins, welcoming the commotion to her arrival. VI and RONA stand behind her, VI clutching a brown old book, while RONA places her hands on her hips.

    FAITH: What? No balloons and big welcoming signs?

    WILLOW: What are you doing here?

    FAITH: Willow, good to see you too.

    TARA places her hand on WILLOW’S shoulder; LIZ gives a sigh of disgust.

    LIZ: This was your fault wasn’t it?

    FAITH: The trial?

    LIZ: You almost got us killed. Do you have any idea what kind of mess you’ve made?

    FAITH: Hey, this wasn’t my idea.

    LIZ: I don’t care how high up you think you are. I know who and what you are. A Killer.

    FAITH: Who I was.

    LIZ: You can’t change that easily, a killer at heart.

    LIZ takes a step forward, FAITH punches her fist, obviously enraged at LIZ’S slewed comment. ANDREW step forward, still shaken up about LIZ’S blow out that went on moments ago.

    ANDREW: Faith, what is going on? Why did they send you as well?

    FAITH: Val’ didn’t cut it. They needed a slayer to watch these trials.

    KENDAL: Watch us get killed?

    FAITH grins at KENDAL.

    FAITH: You must be Kendal; the newbie to the gang huh?

    LIZ: This is ridicules. You’re not welcomed here.

    FAITH: And, what? You’re going to stop me? I’m one of the original slayer-chicks. The chosen two! Bring your best to the plate slayerette.

    LIZ, now totally pissed off, swings her right hook and punches FAITH right square in the face. Quick cut to black.

    Opening, “Just a Girl” by AMY STUDT, credits about 1:09.



    FELICIA DAY . . . . . VI
    INDIGO . . . . . RONA


    Based on the Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Joss Whedon


    Some lore and characters based off Joss Whedon’s ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ owned by 20TH Century Fox & Mutant Enemy. No money is made off the use of these characters; they are used for pure entertainment. All original creators created by Travis Simpson / Digitalleonardo. ‘Sorceress of Crimson Falls’ is associated with ‘Raven’ and ‘Broken Destiny’.
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    ACT I

    Open to FAITH falling back from LIZ’S punch. She holds her nose and looks up. She grins, wiping the blood from her face.

    FAITH: Gotta’ admit, didn’t see that one coming.

    FAITH punches LIZ, LIZ takes a few steps back. WILLOW tries to intervene, but TARA quickly pulls her back. FAITH high kicks, LIZ grabs the leg with both her hands. In a quick motion, LIZ rams FAITH’S leg forward, causing FAITH to loose balance and fall onto her back.

    LIZ: What happened to that chosen two crap?

    FAITH flips up, gaining her balance. FAITH high kicks again, kicking LIZ across the face. LIZ screams as she falls against the wall. She looks up to FAITH, blood runs down her lip.

    WILLOW: We have to stop this.

    TARA: Wil, there is nothing we can do. They are two very strong slayers…

    WILLOW watches as LIZ charges in a cartwheel, swiping both her feet, kicking FAITH in the chest. FAITH manages to grab one of LIZ’S legs and pushes; LIZ regains the lost balance and does a back flip, landing on her hands and knees. FAITH grunts kicking LIZ in the gut. FAITH grabs LIZ’S shoulder and rams her into the wall. LIZ screams as blood runs more from her mouth.

    WILLOW: Quit it!

    WILLOW holds out her hand, her eyes go pure black. A serge of energy flashes from WILLOW’S hand, causing LIZ and FAITH to slam into separate sides of the room.

    WILLOW: (in a deep voice) Stop acting like children. Now!

    The energy forces LIZ and FAITH to stay pinned to the wall. TARA presses her hand on WILLOW’S shoulder.

    TARA: Willow!

    WILLOW snaps out of it, the energy fades and LIZ and FAITH fall to their knees, each panting from the magical attack. LIZ picks herself up, catching her breath and wiping blood from her mouth.

    LIZ: That is it.

    LIZ turns to EDAN.

    EDAN: Liz-

    LIZ: I quit. Take your watch-ness and shove it.

    LIZ pulls herself to the door and walks out. TARA goes after her.

    TARA: Liz, wait.

    The two exit EDAN’S. WILLOW crosses her arms and looks to VI and RONA.

    WILLOW: Why did you guys come here?

    VI: Mr. Giles sent us.

    RONA: We all took this test. It is time for the rest of the slayers and watches to do so too.

    VI: It’s been happening way before you did the slayer spell.

    WILLOW: I know. It happened to Buffy. Almost got her and her mother killed.

    RONA: Then you understand.

    WILLOW: I don’t. I thought Giles didn’t want this.

    FAITH: (off screen) It goes above him.

    FAITH picks herself up, pressing against the wall. As she does, she leaves in indent from the force she’s putting on it.

    FAITH: Damn, that was one surge of black magic there red. Thought you got over that.

    WILLOW: Faith.

    FAITH: Hey. Don’t go looking at me to blame. Giles is the one who set the test up. I’m just here to keep things smooth, like Mrs. H-M was suppose to do. If I was here, you and Liz and Buffy Jr. here would have been fine.

    ANDREW: This can’t go on. I won’t watch my slayer-

    KENDAL interrupts and turns to face ANDREW.

    KENDAL: Your slayer?

    ANDREW: Kendal, I’m-

    KENDAL: Sorry? No. I quit this. I didn’t mind the fighting and the cool powers and the occasional crap, but this is NOT what I signed up for.

    VI: You can’t quit!

    KENDAL turns her head to see VI.

    KENDAL: Really?

    KENDAL turns back to ANDREW and punches him straight on in the face, breaking his nose. ANDREW winces back.

    KENDAL: Goodbye.

    KENDAL walks to the door, VI and RONA move to block it.

    RONA: You can’t quit.

    VI: This is your destiny.

    KENDAL: Destiny? I’ll tell you about destiny. It isn’t written in stone. Now move!

    RONA: You’re going make us?

    WILLOW: (off screen) No.

    KENDAL turns to WILLOW, RONA and VI look up to the witch. WILLOW crosses her arms, a very angered look across her face.

    WILLOW: I will. Now move out of her way.

    VI: We can’t let her quit. A slayer has never quit!

    WILLOW: What about Faith?

    FAITH: I never quit… by choice.

    WILLOW: Buffy quit. Now move out of her way!

    Cut to outside, LIZ walks to her car, a black jeep. She pulls out her keys and unlocks the door.

    TARA: Liz!

    LIZ turns to TARA.

    LIZ: I have to go.

    TARA: Liz, wait.

    TARA catches up to LIZ, TARA takes LIZ’S hands.

    TARA: It wasn’t his fault.

    LIZ: It was! He almost got me killed… and Willow… and Kendal… and Garrett!

    TARA: He had to do it. It’s his job, and slaying is yours.

    LIZ: Tara, I can’t do this.

    TARA: I’m not asking you to jump off a bridge. I just need you to understand Edan isn’t at fault.

    LIZ: Then who is? He didn’t have to do the test. He didn’t have to sit by and watch us almost die.

    TARA: You know he wanted to help.

    LIZ: But he didn’t.

    LIZ pulls her hand back and opens the car door and takes a step up. She looks down to TARA.

    LIZ: I can’t stay and be lied to.

    LIZ steps into the jeep and sits in the seat. She closes the door as TARA watches. Cut to WILLOW and FAITH standing in EDAN’S place. No one else is there. WILLOW stands crossed arm, while FAITH leans against the wall.

    WILLOW: You can’t justify this Faith.

    FAITH: I know what you are all going through.

    WILLOW: No you don’t! You never took the test, did you?

    FAITH: No, but that doesn’t mean-

    WILLOW: It means you don’t know the pain! You have no idea the recoil it hit after Giles did this to Buffy, and you never will.

    FAITH: We aren’t doing anything wrong, if the slayer can’t beat a few vampires, then tough luck.

    WILLOW: With out their powers? We were trapped inside a school; you guys put a magical barrier around us!

    FAITH: What?

    WILLOW: You guys wanted us dead!

    FAITH: What magical barrier?

    WILLOW: The one you guys put up around the school.

    FAITH: We didn’t have anyone with the power to do that. It was just suppose to be a vampire, no magic. I don’t know what’s going on, but that spell wasn’t part of this.

    WILLOW: That doesn’t make any difference. You could have got us killed.

    FAITH: But I didn’t!

    WILLOW: You’re not welcomed here anymore, none of you.

    FAITH: I fought by your side to save the world! And you can’t trust me? *scoffs* we’re the same. We both felt the power of complete darkness, we have both killed people. You can’t tell me you’re better then me.

    WILLOW: I didn’t say I was better.

    FAITH: But you think it. Don’t you?

    WILLOW: Leave.

    Cut to ANDREW’S apartment. ANDREW sits on the end of the couch, DEE lays, resting her head on ANDREW’S lap. ANDREW runs his hands threw her red hair as she closes her eyes.

    ANDREW: It’s weird.

    DEE: What?

    ANDREW: Everything… I have never felt this way before, for anyone… not even a television show.

    DEE opens her eyes and looks up to ANDREW.

    DEE: Life’s tricky that way Andrew.

    ANDREW: I don’t wanna lose you.

    DEE: You can’t lose me, not even if you tried. Trust me.

    ANDREW: I’m not worried about trusting you… it’s the trusting me…

    DEE sits up and makes her way onto ANDREW’S lap. DEE places her hands on his shoulders.

    DEE: I trust you.

    ANDREW: You don’t know me… What I am.

    DEE: Does it matter?

    DEE sits up a little and runs her right index finger along ANDREW’S lips.

    ANDREW: Doesn’t it?

    DEE: I feel safe with you. I don’t need to know all your secrets; I can handle the mysterious Tuxedo Mask type character.

    DEE leans in, ANDREW’S lip quivers as DEE comes closer. ANDREW places his hands on her shoulders, DEE whispers.

    DEE: I trust you. I do.

    DEE playfully bites ANDREW’S bottom lip, and turns it into a kiss; ANDREW takes in a deep breath, continuing the kiss. ANDREW runs his hands along DEE’S back. DEE gets up on her knees, fully in front of ANDREW. DEE holds herself up, pushing ANDREW back; she towers over him, their kiss growing more passionate. ANDREW breaks the kiss, titling his head back.

    ANDREW: Dee you-

    DEE: -Rock your world?

    ANDREW grins. Cut to KENDAL walking into her house, she enters the front door and walks into the kitchen. Her mother is sitting at the window with a cigarette in her hand. KENDAL passes her with out saying a word.

    MRS. SHEERS: Just snub me off?

    KENDAL: Excuse me?

    KENDAL turns to face her mother, who tips her cigarette outside, letting some of the ash fall off. She puts it back in her mouth and takes a deep breath. She exhales in a pleasuring sigh.

    MRS. SHEERS: Your report card came in the mail today.

    KENDAL: I know.

    MRS. SHEERS: You failed math…

    KENDAL: I was there. I know.

    MRS. SHEERS: Is there a reason you’re that stupid? It’s not any tougher then science, which you decided to get an A in.

    KENDAL: It doesn’t work like that mom. I don’t choose what I want to fail.

    MRS. SHEERS: Is this to spite me?

    KENDAL: It isn’t about you.

    MRS. SHEERS: I hope you know this is it. You fail school, drop out, you aren’t staying here. You’re not welcomed.

    KENDAL: I’m terrified.

    MRS. SHEERS stands up, she puts her cigarette down. KENDAL takes a step back.

    MRS. SHEERS: Watch your mouth. I’m your mother; you don’t get the pleasure to back talk your flap-hole.

    KENDAL: I’m not afraid of you. One touch and I get a free pass out of this hell. So just try anything, and they’ll throw you away for good.

    MRS. SHEERS: It doesn’t work like that Kendal. You know it.

    KENDAL: Just try it. I dare you!

    Cut to LIZ pulling up in her drive way, she steps out of the car and slams the door closed. She makes her way to the door, she places her hand on it, and pauses.

    GARRETT: (echo VO) What is going on?

    LIZ: (echo VO) I don’t know. All I know is I’m powerless.

    GARRETT: (echo VO) Liz! This can’t keep up!

    LIZ takes a deep breath and turns back to her jeep. She opens the door and steps back in, she turns on the ignition.

    LIZ: He’s right…

    LIZ pulls out and turns onto the main road. GARRETT opens the house door, he watches LIZ drive off, he leans against the door frame. Cut to AMY’S lair. The walls dark covered with charms and symbols. AMY stands in front of a crystal orb, her eyes and hair black, her hands inside the crystal orb.

    AMY: Blood of a slayer… heart of the warrior. God of the war, serpent of pain… I call your powers…

    Harsh lights start to shimmer from the crystal orb. AMY starts to shake as the crystal orb starts to crack.

    AMY: Drain the flowers of the sun, I call you.

    The crystal orb starts to shake and crack.

    AMY: I call you!

    The crystal orb cracks open, spilling a bright light, the lights covers everything. The light fades, AMY now lays on the floor, her eyes open, still black. In front of her three rag dolls

    AMY: (panting) Excellent.

    Cut to the Crimson Falls Museme. Cut to a room inside, a large statue stands, all the lights are off except one highlighting the large statue of a woman. In her hand, a slayer’s scythe is placed.

    GILES: (VO) I’d just like to point out this is really quite ingenious.

    WILLOW: (VO) You say you sense something when you hold it?

    BUFFY: (VO) Not much. But it’s strong, and I knew it belonged to me.

    The statue glows in the light of the moon threw a sky light above the room. The amethyst-gems that in crest the stone scythe shimmer.

    BUFFY: (VO) I just knew it.

    Cut to black. End of Act 1.


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      ACT II

      Open to Crimson Falls high. KENDAL and IRINE stand at their lockers. KENDAL’S locker is open as she takes out a few books, as IRINE talks.

      IRINE: I can’t believe he’s missing.

      KENDAL: Who now?

      IRINE: Chuck Gordon

      KENDAL pauses as she hears his name. Cut back to 1.6, “Watched”, the screen is bighted; KENDAL runs over and cart wheels up onto the desk vampire CHUCK is standing on. In a spin kick, she knocks CHUCK back off his feet. CHUCK tackles KENDAL, the two fall off the desk. As they do, CHUCK gasps.

      CHUCK: Kendal?

      CHUCK burst into dust as KENDAL lands hard on her back. Cut back to KENDAL and IRINE, KENDAL closes her locker, trying to act like she doesn’t know he’s a pile of dust.

      KENDAL: Missing? Um… You don’t say?

      IRINE: Yeah, apparently he didn’t come home last night. I talked to Betty earlier, she says her moms been drinking all night worried. I hope he’s okay.

      KENDAL: Yeah…

      IRINE: You don’t sound very concerned?

      KENDAL: It’s just… I don’t know. I-I guess I’m concerned. I just, have a lot on my mind right now.

      IRINE: Well I gotta get to art. I’ll see you later.

      IRINE waves and walks off. KENDAL smiles and waves back. Cut to WILLOW and TARA’S apartment. WILLOW lays in bed, fast asleep. TARA walks into the bedroom, fully dressed.

      TARA: Come on sweetie, get up.

      WILLOW: (mumbling) It’s my day off… sleep.

      TARA: Fine-fine. But I’m off to work. Try not to sleep in too much…

      WILLOW: Will do baby.

      TARA smiles and turns to walk out of the room. Cut to outside LIZ’S house, inside her jeep LIZ sits in the front seat with her jacket as a blanket. She slowly opens her eyes looking around. She looks to the front door window, in red pen reads “LOVE GARRETT”.

      LIZ: Crap…

      LIZ opens the front door and walks out a bit tipsy. She stubbles to the front door and unlocks it and walks in.

      LIZ: Hello? Garrett?

      She closes the door and walks over to the couch and lies down, resting her head on the pillow. She cuddles herself up. Cut to AMY’S lair, she stands in front of three floating rag dolls, the ones that came out of the crystal ball.

      AMY: Now let’s see that witch try to fight off a slayer with out using that dark magic.

      RUSEIYA: I don’t understand…

      AMY: With her white magic I am no match, but if she goes back to the black magic she once lived off of I will have a fighting chance.

      AMY holds out her hand, her eyes black.

      AMY: Ashiva.

      Cut to Crimson Falls High, KENDAL stands in the bathroom in front of a mirror. She pauses, her eyes shimmer with a red glare.

      AMY: (VO) With the words I call…

      Cut to LIZ’S house, sleeping on the couch she opens her eyes, they shimmer with a red glare.

      AMY: (VO) I command those I imbed.

      Cut to FAITH inside a hotel room. VI and RONA are also in the room, FAITH puts on her jacket. As she does, her eyes shimmer with a red glare.

      AMY: (VO) The spell I invoke. I command.

      Cut back to AMY.

      AMY: I demand.

      Cut back to FAITH in the hotel room. She turns around to VI and RONA, VI looks up a few books in her hand.

      VI: I think we should call Mr. Giles…

      RONA: Yeah, get the hell out of here. I’ve heard of what Willow’s done, and I do not want to be on her bad side.

      VI: I heard from Andrew she ripped the skin off a guy while he still alive! I kind of like my skin where it is. I mean, I’ve grown attached, and find it comfy.

      FAITH: Don’t worry about her…

      In FAITH’S hand, her signature dagger given to her by the mayor is held. It is still stained with her blood after BUFFY gutted her with it at the end of season 3.

      RONA: I think we should, I mean, did you hear what she did to Kennedy?

      VI: Stripped her powers… So, I say fear is needed.

      FAITH: Fear is good, but not for her… for me.

      VI: What?

      FAITH holds up the dagger. VI gasps taking a step back, RONA looks at the dagger and raises her chin, nervous. Cut to LIZ, walking into the kitchen, face emotionless. She moves quickly, opening drawers and looking inside. GARRETT comes around the corner.

      GARRETT: Liz, we need to talk.

      LIZ ignores him, she picks up a knife and looks at the blade, she tests the sharpness with her fingers carefully and puts it down.

      GARRETT: Would you mind explaining me what the hell a vampire was doing here in the house and why you thought you had to sleep in the car?

      LIZ goes to a cabinet and gets out of the glass. She goes to the tap and pours water from it. As she goes to take a sip, GARRETT puts his hand on her shoulder. She reacts instantly, moving as though he is hot. She looks at him blankly.

      LIZ: I am thirsty.

      LIZ sips her water and GARRETT sighs. He slams his fist on the table, angered by LIZ’S behavior.

      GARRETT: What right do you have to put your family in danger with your extra activities? Again you completely ignore your ME because your work is SO important to you! Shit, Liz! Don’t you ever get it? This isn’t about slaying! This is about me and you!

      LIZ picks up the knife and puts it in her pocket, she walks into the living room, GARRETT follows.

      GARRETT: Let me guess, off again to kill vampires and demons and other evil things. Well I’m not going to let you do this to me much more! Walk out that door and this is over!

      LIZ stops; she turns and looks at GARRETT blankly. Then she uppercuts him in the jaw, he flies into a bookcase, causing books to fall over. LIZ turns around.

      LIZ: I’m busy.

      Cut to the next day, at Crimson Falls High School. KENDAL walks into the large gym; she is wearing her gym clothing, baggy shirt and shorts. Her make up is dark and her usually bright face is darkened by a frown. EMMA makes her way up to the, obviously very pissed off KENDAL.

      EMMA: Hey Sheers, you look a little tired.

      KENDAL: Screw off Emma.

      EMMA: Oh, ouch.

      KENDAL turns to EMMA. EMMA sighs, KENDAL raises her right hand and punches EMMA smack across the cheek. EMMA lets out a scream and falls to her knees, she holds her hand to her face where she was punched.

      EMMA: You punched me!

      KENDAL: I said screw off, didn’t I?

      EMMA: Freak! You punched me!

      KENDAL ignores EMMA’S cries and walks on. Cut to the Crimson Falls Museum of Art and History. TARA walks into the room with the now set up Slayer exhibit. A large statue of a woman holding the slayer scythe stands center of the room. The walls are covered with paintings and weapons collected threw out the ages of the slayers. A large banner reads “Power of the Warrior Woman”. TARA steps to the statue, the statue stands in fighting pose.

      TARA: That weapon…

      TARA places her hand on the statue, a pause, then a quick flash of light. Cut to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7.22, “Chosen”. BUFFY stands in the Summer’s house living room, in front of all the potentials, the scythe in her hand.

      BUFFY: So here's the part where you make a choice

      A montage of clips play as BUFFY speaks over.

      BUFFY: (VO) Willow will use the essence of the scythe to change our destiny. Every girl who could have the power... will have the power... can stand up, will stand up.

      KENNEDY gasps, she looks up smiling. Cut to VI, RONA and AMANDA gaining the slayer powers. Cut to a Japanese girl standing holding her head. Cut to LIZ in bed, laying down, on top of her is GARRETT, his bare back to the screen, he thrust forward, the blanket covering, LIZ smiles then gasps, LIZ throws her hands back, smashing the wooden head board. Cut to a girl in a school hall way gasping and leaning against a locker for support. Cut to a girl at a baseball diamond, she looks up a smile across her face. Cut to a young girl about to be punched, she blocks it, taking a grasp of the man’s hand. Cut to KENDAL sitting in a classroom, she sits beside IRINE. KENDAL pauses and gasps, she holds her head and stands, gaining balance. IRINE looks up and mouths ‘Kendal?’

      BUFFY: (VO) Slayers... every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?

      Cut to WILLOW, sitting, her hands locked onto the scythe, her face glimmers as she is over powered with white magic, her hair pure white. Tears run down her smiling face. The white grows brighter, fading back to TARA, who is still touching the statue; a surge of power runs threw her, a bright light manifest itself around her. Her hair turns lighter; her eyes go white of magic. TARA tries to break free, but as she does, white sparks hold her hand to it, the power running around and threw her.

      TARA: Oh… My…

      Then in a sudden burst she pulls her hand away and all the white fades away, TARA collapses to the floor. She looks up, her light hair returns to normal, gasping as she tries to collection herself from the magical trip.

      TARA: That was it. The power Willow felt. There’s something in there.

      JERRY: (Off Screen) Lying about like some common rat Ms. Maclay?

      TARA turns to see JERRY walk into the room, he makes himself very noticeable, he is very angry at the current seating choice of TARA.

      TARA: M-mr. Corbin.

      JERRY: Is there a reason you’re on the floor?

      TARA picks herself up and whips off dust from her skirt and shirt.

      TARA: I dropped a contact! And, I had to go, um, pick it up.

      JERRY: Right. Well I see you’ve seen the new exhibit. All set up and ready to be viewed.

      TARA: Yes.

      JERRY: I just love grand openings! It’s like Christmas, but with more money and none of that repulsive cheery holiday spirit.

      TARA: I-I better go get ready for the opening.

      TARA picks up her bag from the ground and smiles to JERRY. He nods and sees her off. He turns to the statue and grins.

      JERRY: Ah, perfect!

      Cut to the streets of down town Crimson Falls. A low drum beat can be heard which quickly turns into a rising beat. As the music raises FAITH walks down the street, rain pours over the city, dark and gloom. Lighting strikes behind her, she is dressed in dark clothing and dark make-up to match. She holds herself very sexually and very familiar to early FAITH.

      ANDREW: (VO) Looks like we have an old friend back in town.

      Cut to ANDREW standing at WILLOW’S apartment front door. He stands holding a paper in his hand, WILLOW takes the news paper and reads the head lines.

      WILLOW: “Two people dead last night after an attack from a young woman with dark hair and a tattoo of, what witness say “looked like wings””. You don’t think…

      ANDREW: That little old Faith from the past has some how came back and is ready for some bloody shed? Yeah, I think that.

      WILLOW: How? I mean… she was fine when I- told her to leave town…

      ANDREW: I don’t know how, but all I know is she is angry and I would start with the hiding about now Willow.

      WILLOW: Maybe it was someone else?

      ANDREW: Willow… The newspaper said she threw a man threw a solid wall.

      WILLOW: Maybe it was a Faith Robot! I mean, we’ve dealt with robots before. Buffy-bot and April! And who knows what else Warren made for you guys.

      ANDREW: Well there was the Scully-bot but she never tried to kill us… well, there was that one glitch when she tried to kill us by su-

      WILLOW: Andrew!

      ANDREW: Right, right. Faith. It could be a robot…

      WILLOW grabs her jacket and steps out of the apartment, the two turn to walk to the elevator.

      WILLOW: We need to find Faith and-

      FAITH appears standing at the end of the hallway. FAITH grins, her hands on her hips as WILLOW and ANDREW look in shock.

      FAITH: And?

      Cut to ANDREW’S apartment. DEE opens the front door and invites herself in. All the lights are off. DEE closes the door and flips on the light, she lets out a scream. KENDAL is seen sitting on the couch; DEE holds her hand to her heart.

      DEE: Geez kid! What-what are you doing here?

      KENDAL: Where’s Andrew?

      DEE: I don’t know… He told me to meet him here.

      KENDAL stands up.

      DEE: Um, did he give you a key? Cause, if he did, well, I think there is a certain line that may have been crossed with giving you a-

      KENDAL: Shut up.

      DEE: Excuse me?

      KENDAL: You’re pointless blabber doesn’t interest me.

      DEE: I don’t know who the hell-

      KENDAL holds up a dagger, similar to the one FAITH was famous for, but different. The blade already had blood on it. DEE takes a few steps towards the door.

      DEE: Okay, um… Carroll? No, Kendal, yes, Kendal! Calm down, just put down the weapon. No one needs to get hurt. I-I’ll just step out and-and go.

      KENDAL: Where is Andrew?

      DEE: I told you!

      DEE tries to open the door, but is unable too. KENDAL takes a few steps forward.

      KENDAL: Not good enough.

      Cut to TARA in the museum. She is walking around with a dark blazer and a name tag, making her way threw out the museum to make sure no one is still there.

      EDAN: (Off Screen) Tara!

      TARA turns to see EDAN, soaking wet. He makes his way to TARA. TARA crosses her arms.

      TARA: I’m not going to talk to Liz for you. It is your own problem that you have to deal with.

      EDAN: Tara, this isn’t about that.

      TARA: Edan… the museum is closed, you can’t be here.

      EDAN: Behind you!

      TARA: What?

      EDAN jumps onto TARA, pushing her to the ground. As the two fall a silver arrow fires above them, had TARA been standing it would of hit her shoulder. TARA and EDAN look up; LIZ stands with a bow in her hand.

      TARA: Liz?

      EDAN: Oh god.

      Cut to black, end of Act.2.


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        ACT III

        Open to AMY’S lair. AMY sits in her chair, the three rag dolls from the crystal orb float in front of her. AMY, her eyes fully black, smiles as the dolls move.

        AMY: Amazing, isn’t it?

        RUSEIYA, sitting in the dark, looks to AMY. She pauses.

        RUSEIYA: It won’t help… She will still win.

        AMY sighs.

        AMY: Such a downer! No fun when you can’t see what happens… Oh well. What should I be careful of? Magic? Anti-magic?

        RUSEIYA: A bright light… a weapon. Amazing power.

        AMY: My slayers can handle it. Besides, Willow and Tara won’t hurt a single hair on the slayer’s heads; they won’t want to kill their friends, now would they?

        WILLOW: (VO) Andrew, in here!

        Cut to WILLOW and ANDREW standing the hallway, FAITH stepping towards them. WILLOW opens the door and runs in, ANDREW follows her. The two slams the door, WILLOW quickly locks it and steps back, the two stare at the door.

        WILLOW: Okay, this is overly familiar. I really dislike being under people on the food-line.

        ANDREW: We need something to keep the door… locked, and un-breakable. ‘Cause, I don’t think that piece of wood is really going to keep a very pissed of Slayer away.

        WILLOW: I know, I know! Um, binding spell… protection…

        The door bust off its hinges. FAITH pushes it in, and steps forward. In her hand the dagger that was used to send her into a coma. The mayor’s dagger fit perfectly in her hand, blood dripping off it.

        WILLOW: Oh god, bad memories! Bad memories!

        ANDREW: Willow…

        ANDREW and WILLOW step back, WILLOW thinks, trying to get a hold of her-self.

        WILLOW: (under her breath) Caerimonia Minerva, saepio, saepire, saepsi.

        ANDREW: Come on… Come on!

        FAITH steps closer, ANDREW lets out a very female scream. WILLOW looks up, her eyes pure black, a strong force appears around her.

        WILLOW: Saepio impedimentum!

        WILLOW raises her arm in front of her, her hand palm out, a blast of purple energy fires out blasting into FAITH. FAITH is swept up in the magic and pushed threw the open door and against the wall of the outside hallway. ANDREW gasp, taking a few steps back. WILLOW, still blacked eyed, lowers her hand. FAITH looks up, wiping blood from her lip.

        FAITH: That the best you got red?

        WILLOW: (deep voice) I’m just getting started.

        Cut to the museum, TARA and EDAN run down a flight of stairs and into another room. The room they run into is the one with the Slayer stuff. Luckily no one was around. LIZ jumps down from the floor above and lands on the ground, kneeling with her hand touching the ground.

        TARA: Any plans Edan?

        EDAN: You’re the witch! Do a spell!

        TARA and EDAN stepped back, not sure what LIZ has in mind. TARA steps towards the large slayer statue, EDAN moves away from it.

        EDAN: Come on now Liz, I-I am really sorry for the test.

        LIZ: Talk is over…

        TARA presses up against the statue she gasps as a glimpse of power charges through her. Things start to shake; EDAN falls to the ground, while LIZ stands supporting herself. TARA’S eyes turn white, as a bright light glows behind and around her. LIZ tilts her head.

        TARA: Liz!

        TARA holds out her hand. Everything becomes so bright, EDAN looks up, amazed. The white turns to a yellow type coloring making the room very warm and making TARA look like a goddess. Liz takes a step back, unsure.

        TARA: End this…

        The bright light sends a beam out of TARA’S hand, which entangles around LIZ. Cut to AMY’S lair. One of the rag dolls in front of AMY starts to brighten.

        AMY: What is this?

        RUSEIYA: The power.

        The rag doll burst into pieces of burnt doll. AMY stands up, very pissed at this.

        AMY: I see then…

        A dark light covers AMY’S body; her nails turn dark, as does her hair. Her eyes, already black, glimmer with red of rage. Cut back to TARA, still glimmering in the yellow-white light. LIZ still stands in the light, which wraps around her body.

        AMY: (VO) Sabrina wants to play?

        Cut back to AMY, very pissed off.

        AMY: We’ll play.

        Cut to WILLOW’S apartment. WILLOW stands across the room from FAITH, the living room is totally trashed, things are on fire, ripped apart and thrown all around. FAITH stands, blood on her face. WILLOW still has black hair and black eyes the two stand-off. ANDREW hides behind the flipped over couch, very afraid of both the powerful woman in front of him.

        WILLOW: (VO) Is this how it’s going to go down?

        Cut to ANDREW’S apartment. DEE lies on the ground; lifeless in a pile of blood, a large cut in her stomach. KENDAL is no where to be found.

        WILLOW: (VO) We’re just gonna fight until one of use is a bloody mess?

        Cut to a hotel room, VI and RONA sit in the room tied and gagged. Both of them have bruised and cut faces. A large gash is seen on VI’S arm. They try to break free but can’t. Cut back to WILLOW’S apartment. WILLOW tilts her head and crosses her arms.

        WILLOW: I will beat you down, Faith.

        FAITH: Do you forget? I had my hands around your neck and I could have snapped it five years ago. I still have the power witch, and a little spell can’t hold that back? Buffy beat your ass and I’ll beat it too.

        WILLOW: You’re defiantly no Buffy.

        FAITH begins grinding her teeth.

        Cut to the Museum of Art and History. The bright light has died down, and LIZ lays passed out on the ground, a white light still halos over her. TARA sits beside the large statue, which is now in pieces around her.

        EDAN: (O.S) Tara?

        EDAN makes his way over to TARA. As he gets to her he pauses, he stands up and looks to the top of the statue, which is broken in half.

        EDAN: No.

        EDAN backs up, it is revealed that a purple-blue slayer’s scythe, much like BUFFY’S sits in beaded inside the rock. It lightly glows.

        EDAN: Impossible! A second scythe?

        TARA pulls herself up and looks to the scythe in amazement.

        TARA: That is what I felt… The power Willow had with the scythe.

        EDAN turns around and sees LIZ on the ground, he quickly runs over, sliding onto his knees to be by her side. He places his hands on her shoulder and starts shaking her.

        EDAN: Liz! Liz!

        LIZ opens her eyes to see EDAN, she pushes him aside and quickly gets up. She looks to TARA, and then up to the scythe.

        LIZ: That…

        AMY (off screen) Is mine!

        LIZ turns to see AMY standing at the large arched door way. AMY stands centered in all-dark magic and pissed off.

        LIZ: Come and get it.

        AMY charges forward smacking LIZ in the face, sending her flying back and slamming into the rock statue, leaving an imprint of her body. LIZ quickly collects herself and jumps up onto the base of the statue. AMY holds out her hand and sends out a shock of dark lighting; LIZ jumps out of the way, still on the statue.

        LIZ: Missed me!

        LIZ grabs the handle of the blue-purple scythe. With a firm pull, the weapon slides out of the stone, LIZ holds it up, as she does it makes a high pitched sound. LIZ grins. Cut back to WILLOW’S apartment FAITH tackles WILLOW, gripping her back hard, the two smash into the wall. WILLOW flips FAITH away, sending her into the tipped over couch. ANDREW quivers, trying not to be spotted.

        WILLOW: Wow that is some real power you got their Faith! Just look at you go kicking my ass.

        Cut KENDAL walking down the hallway of ANDREW’S apartment. Blood drips behind her from the dagger used to stab DEE. Cut back to LIZ, standing atop the statue bust, the new scythe gripped in hand.

        AMY: That is mine!

        LIZ: Come and take it from me, witch.

        AMY raises her hand sending out another blast of dark energy, LIZ blocks it with the scythe, the energy reflects blasting into the ground. EDAN quickly grabs TARA, picking her up and moving her over out of the way of the on going battle. TARA breaths heavy.

        EDAN: Tara…Tara are you okay?

        TARA: Help… Liz…

        EDAN looks up, LIZ front flips off the statue and lands on the ground planting her feet. AMY grabs an axe off the wall and swings it.

        AMY: I can do more then magic on you slayer.

        LIZ charges forward, rising her scythe, swinging down, LIZ raises her axe blocking the weapon. AMY kicks LIZ in the stomach, causing the slayer to fall back onto her back. AMY runs forward and swings down, LIZ rolls to her left, the axe slams into the ground. LIZ sweeps her leg, tripping AMY onto the ground.

        EDAN: Liz now!

        LIZ jumps up and in a swing motion lunges down, the wooden stake first, the weapon slices into AMY’S stomach, causing AMY to gasp as the wooden stake impels her. LIZ lets out a gasp of shock. Cut to WILLOW’S apartment. FAITH gasps, her red eyes return to brown. She looks up to WILLOW who sends a bolt of energy, smashing FAITH into the wall. FAITH looks up.

        FAITH: Willow wait!

        Cut to outside KENDAL’S house, KENDAL is about to open the door, dagger in hand, when she pauses, her red eyes clear as she gasps and falls forward, pressing against the door and dropping the dagger. Cut to AMY screaming sending a sonic blast out, causing LIZ to be pushed back, pulling the scythe out of AMY and falling a few feet away.

        AMY: …bitch…

        AMY fades away, leaving a bloody stain on the ground. LIZ sighs and gets up; dropping the scythe she quickly makes her way to TARA, not even paying attention to EDAN. AQUA – “TURN BACK TIME” slowly starts to play the piano introduction.

        LIZ: Tara, oh my god, Tara I’m so sorry.

        TARA: No… It wasn’t you.

        EDAN: Liz are you…?

        LIZ stands up, the drum beat starts to play, LIZ helps TARA up to her feet.

        SINGER: (VO)
        Give me time to reason,
        Give me time to think it through.
        Passing through the season,
        Where I cheated you.

        LIZ picks up the scythe and the two start to walk away from EDAN. EDAN sighs and rests against the statue.

        SINGER: (VO)
        I will always have a cross to wear,
        But the bolt reminds me I was there.
        So give me strength,
        To face this test of mine.

        Fade to FAITH, VI and RONA standing inside an airport, the three make their way to the terminal. VI and RONA seem to have healed quickly, their faces cleared. A woman takes their tickets, as FAITH is about to walk into the terminal she turns back.

        SINGER: (VO)
        If only I could turn back time,
        If only I had saved what I still had.
        If only I could turn back time,
        I would stay for the night... for the night.

        Fade to WILLOW in the apartment, tears running down her face. She sits on the ground cuts on her face, weak from the battle that just went down. She rest up against the flipped over couch. Her eyes are still black.

        SINGER: (VO)
        If only I could turn back time,
        If only I had saved what I still had.
        If only I could turn back time,
        I would stay for the night... for the night.

        Fade to LIZ walking into her house, she closes the door behind her and makes her way to the kitchen. She looks to the counter, a note is placed. She picks it up and reads, LIZ gasps and runs to the stairs. Up stairs LIZ burst into the bedroom, there the closet doors are open, half the closet is empty. She sits on the bed and bends over, resting her face in her hands.

        SINGER: (VO)
        If only I could turn back time,
        if only I had saved what I still had.
        if only I could turn back time,
        I would stay.

        Fade to TARA walking into the apartment, the purple scythe in hand. She sees WILLOW; a frown covers her face as she sees the dark eyed WILLOW on the ground. The music fades as we Fade to ANDREW’S apartment, opening the door ANDREW walks in, right away he sees DEE laying on the ground, blood all around her.

        ANDREW: Dee?

        ANDREW gasps and runs over to her, he quickly takes her hand and tries to wake her.

        ANDREW: Dee! Dee!

        ANDREW tries to shake her, trying to wake her up. He places his hand on her stomach, trying to stop the bleeding.

        ANDREW: Oh god, Dee, please wake up. Dee! Dee! Please!

        ANDREW starts to cry as he tries to wake his almost dieing love. Fade to black as ANDREW calls out.

        ANDREW: Dee…


        And AMEER


        "Turn Back Time" - Sung By Aqua


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          based off original notes written during 2005
          • While writing this episode the series “Respect Shores” was officially dropped. With it gone there was no longer a need to complete Valerie’s storyline so she was simply written out of the episode with a few strings left open incase we wanted to use them later.
          • Originally Kendal did in fact attack her mother while under Amy’s spell, but this scene was removed. It was simply too graphic of an attack.
          • Rona was originally killed by Faith.
          • The second scythe originally was introduced to set up events in season 2. The scythe was going to act as negative to the original red scythe and was going to be sought after to undo the spell done in “Chosen”. This never really happened…
          • The scene of Kendal fighting Dee was written, but taken out. It made Kendal look like a much darker character, even though she was under the spell, it was still to vicious.