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The Final Chapters - Chapter 1 - The Requiem of Duality

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  • The Final Chapters - Chapter 1 - The Requiem of Duality

    Chapter 1: The Requiem of Duality
    Replacing: Season 4 of Shadow Stalker (4.09 – 4.18)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts.



    The camera shows an old window that is rattling in a thunderous storm. There are bars against the window that hold the person inside from getting out. The sound of crayon against paper can be heard as the camera pans down to show a small GIRL with long brown hair drawing. She is in a nightdress. She is played by Bailey Madison. All around her, the GIRL is surrounded by drawings. Her eyes are red with fatigue.


    The sound of a key rattling in the door can be heard. The door unlocks and a man enters. He is a middle aged man with the weight of an entire council on his shoulder. He is QUENTIN TRAVERS; his youth evident by the lack of grey in his hair. He walks into the room, suited, with a suitcase. He moves to a chair and pulls it up to the GIRL who has not noticed him enter.

    QUENTIN: Hello Corinne...


    CORINNE looks up hearing her name. She smiles sadly.

    CORINNE: Hello, Mr. Travers.

    He smiles at her.

    QUENTIN: It’s been a while since I came to see you. Are you well?

    CORINNE shrugs.

    CORINNE: My parents haven’t come either. I’m used to being alone now.

    QUENTIN: Well you know I’m here to help you.

    CORINNE: You want to see my drawings, don’t you?

    QUENTIN: If that is alright?

    CORINNE nods vacantly.

    QUENTIN kneels down now and begins looking at the pictures. His face sinks looking at the pictures. One of them depicts XAKIEL THORN murdering MEDUSA. One shows a girl being bled from a tall tower. Another shows a black witch murdering the world with a statue, her best friend stood in front of her. All of them show great evil battles that have yet to occur.

    QUENTIN: You have a... wondrous gift, Corinne.

    CORINNE: I know what I draw is bad, but it’s all I see.

    She looks up at him.

    CORINNE: Will you help me stop?

    He looks at her, worried.


    The camera moves down a corridor to show a YOUNG BLONDE WOMAN sat on the seats. She sits officially, a stern expression on her face. She is played by Dominique Swain.

    QUENTIN (O/S): Silvana...

    The YOUNG BLONDE WOMAN is a younger SILVANA RAE, in her youth. She looks up to her boss, hearing her name spoken. She stands to face him as he walks towards her.

    YOUNG SILVANA: Quentin, how did it go? Is the girl alright?

    He sighs.

    QUENTIN: Corinne’s ailment has a greater hold on her than I originally feared. This girl is cursed Silvana... the thing’s she draws no girl should have to see. She draws of the fall of a woman with snakes for hair, of wondrous mythological battles that have yet to pass and apocalyptic nightmares.

    YOUNG SILVANA: Is there no cure?

    QUENTIN: I will contact our coven to see if there are any further developments but I doubt she shall see old age. I have taken a sample of her drawings which I will archive into our London branch but one of these drawings concerns me more than any other...

    YOUNG SILVANA: (concerned) What one?

    He pulls out a drawing and shows it to SILVANA. It shows an entire town with a giant hole underneath it, a hole with teeth. The word Sunnydale is strewn across it at the top. SILVANA looks at it concerned and then back to QUENTIN.

    YOUNG SILVANA: Is that what I think it is?

    QUENTIN: A hell mouth - I fear it is.

    YOUNG SILVANA: This is serious, Quentin. It’s unguarded. No Slayer or demon hunter is located there.

    QUENTIN: As far as I am aware, the hell mouth in Sunnydale is dormant for now but it could soon become a veritable nest of demon activity. I’m sending you there to investigate.

    YOUNG SILVANA looks at him incredulous.

    YOUNG SILVANA: Me? But I’m just a Watcher in training... I’m not experienced.

    QUENTIN: Everything you have learnt you have learnt from me, Silvana. You are more than equipped to handle this.

    YOUNG SILVANA pauses, looking away.

    YOUNG SILVANA: What about Vincent?

    QUENTIN: He will stay in London, where the Council need him.

    YOUNG SILVANA looks down, beat. She nods and then looks up to him.

    YOUNG SILVANA: Very well.


    YOUNG SILVANA is sat on the edge of her bed now in a run-down motel. She has a phone to her ear, upset.

    YOUNG SILVANA: (to the person at the other end of the phone) I have to go straight there.


    A young handsome MAN is sat on the edge of his bed in his apartment in London. It is raining outside and he looks bleak. His phone is to his ear. He is played by Max Brown.

    YOUNG SILVANA (O/S): (on the phone) Vincent, say something...

    The MAN is a younger VINCENT RAE.

    YOUNG VINCENT: (replying to his wife) Silvana, you can’t.

    YOUNG SILVANA (O/S): (on the phone) I have no choice, this is for the Council. Quentin demands it.

    YOUNG VINCENT: (replying) What about me? What about Petrina?

    YOUNG SILVANA (O/S): (on the phone) You can call... visit.

    YOUNG VINCENT: (replying) It’s not the same, I need a wife and she needs a mother...

    YOUNG SILVANA pauses, sighing.

    YOUNG SILVANA (O/S): (on the phone) I have to get some sleep. I’ll call you when I get there. I love you...

    She hangs up. YOUNG VINCENT tightens his jaw angry. He closes his eyes and then hears a baby crying. He opens his eyes and stands, moving to a crib near the bed. He lifts the BABY out of the crib – a small beautiful baby girl, PETRINA.

    YOUNG VINCENT: (whispering) There there Petrina... it’s all going to be ok. Daddy’s here...



    The camera pans around a modern furnished room. The furniture is innovative, almost slightly futuristic. Rain is pouring around the building, rattling against the windows. The camera pans up the bed to show a sleeping OLD MAN. The thunder roars. The OLD MAN’S eyes burst open, gasping for breath.

    OLD MAN: (gruffly) Petrina...

    The camera pulls back to show the OLD MAN is linked up to a life support machine.


    The OLD MAN looks to a picture to his right on his bed side table. It is of PETRINA RAE, standing happy in St. James’s Park. His old face wrinkles into a smile.

    OLD MAN: My darling... daughter...

    The OLD MAN is VINCENT RAE, only much older... in the future. He is played by Kenneth Branagh.

    He reaches out struggling and grabs an old diary. He also holds tightly on to a pen, resting on top of it. He opens the diary and begins writing.

    VINCENT (V/O): I have had another dream about my wife, Silvana.

    His face looks grave as he writes about her.

    VINCENT (V/O): I cannot stop the nightmares about everything she did. Her sordid past and how she ruined me, Petrina and the poor others she deemed collateral.

    He stops, looking out at the rain.

    VINCENT (V/O): It has been ten years since I saw her last. The Council have heard little of her whereabouts and I care not to find her.

    A tear falls from his eye.

    VINCENT (V/O): I am dying. I do not have any more time to find her, to try and complete the family that have long waned from my life. My son since miraculously awakening is missing and my daughter... my darling Petrina; to you I dedicate my memoirs.

    His lips purse as he struggles to breathe.

    VINCENT (V/O): It is time the world knew the truth about what happened to The United in the year 2006. Why its tragedy is one this world has not lamented and why my daughter never forgave me or my wife for what we did.

    The camera cuts to his life support machine. His heart is fluttering. His time is nearly up.

    VINCENT (V/O): There are two sides to every story and it is the sad reality that so few in this world know of what happened that year to poor Cathryn Rittle. I refuse to shy from the truth. I will die an honest man. I will tell the story the world deserves to know.

    The camera pulls away, moving out of the window to show a modern building, being pounded relentlessly by an unforgiving storm.

    VINCENT (V/O): The Requiem of Duality.

    The thunder applauds.



    Out of the darkness soft piano music lights the words, written in calligraphy...


    As the words begin to fade, they are replaced by the title...


    The words are taken by the black.

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    The camera pans around a dank dripping tunnel running under the streets and buildings of Manhattan.

    VINCENT (V/O): My tale begins with the dark and twisted movements of the wolf, the ram and the hart...

    As these words are spoken, dozens of men begin to fill the sewers, armed in black-ops attire, guns and torches.


    They scope out the area and then one of the unidentifiable men touches the radio on his chest.

    UNIDENTIFIABLE MAN: (to his radio) Clear. Bring it in.

    The men clear the way now as a dozen grunt demons hobble through the sewers, a monstrous wooden box on their backs. They come to a large room in the sewers.


    The demons enter the room in the sewers.

    MAN (O/S): Stop! This is the spot.

    The man’s voice is familiar. He walks into the room, the black-ops men around him. It is SEBASTIAN CALLAGHAN, DANTE’S latest assistant from Wolfram and Hart. He looks around at the black-ops men and then to the grunt demons.

    SEBASTIAN: Place it down carefully. We can’t risk breaking it before he does.

    The demons carefully place the box on the floor. SEBASTIAN smiles.

    SEBASTIAN: Perfect.

    He walks towards the box and pulls the wood apart with ease. The camera focuses on SEBASTIAN but it is clear as his hand reaches out to touch the contents of the box that what is inside is made of stone...

    SEBASTIAN: Thank you, you have all performed admirably. I will see to it that the Senior Partners reward you wholly for your efforts in this endeavour.

    The grunt demons seem happy and push one another in appreciation.

    SEBASTIAN: (whispering to himself) Retrieving this statue cost the lives of many... this plan must have no flaws.

    He smiles, seeing no flaw.

    The camera moves up now to the ceiling. Then, it keeps on moving...

    CUT TO –

    The camera moves through the ceiling of the room in the sewers, through the earth above, through concrete, through a building’s basement, through the wooden floor of a building’s lounge, through a staircase, through to the second floor, through to a bedroom...


    The room is DANTE TURNPIKE’S bedroom. Soft music is playing in the background and the soft rays of morning sun filter in to the bedroom, lighting the bed. The camera moves up to the bed to show the entwined naked bodies of DANTE and LANCE EMORY. They’re under the covers and they look content as they just lie in the one another’s reassuring embrace, gently caressing the skin of the other. LANCE smiles.

    LANCE: (whispering) It’s good to be home...

    DANTE kisses his head.

    DANTE: I imagined what it would be like to have you back but it wasn’t even remotely like this.

    LANCE: Worse?

    DANTE punches him playfully.

    DANTE: No. Not at all!

    LANCE laughs.

    LANCE: Just playing. Though you know, we are gonna have to get out of bed some time – Xak’s back today.

    DANTE’S expression looks bleak.

    DANTE: Right, Shelter’s funeral...

    LANCE: Did Xak say what happened? He bolted out of here so fast when Ea called, he didn’t explain.

    DANTE: He called Charlie last night. Looks like her curse finally came full circle.

    LANCE: God, but someone else heard it? Doesn’t that mean they die too?

    DANTE shakes his head.

    DANTE: Usually... but she was with Elise.

    LANCE sighs.

    LANCE: And she can’t hear. God, I can’t imagine what the Syndicate are going through.

    DANTE looks at him.

    DANTE: I can.

    He sits up now and looks at LANCE.

    DANTE: I need to tell you something.

    LANCE looks apprehensive.

    LANCE: Dante please... can we not.

    DANTE: We can’t ignore this forever.

    LANCE: I told you that whatever your reasons were they don’t matter to me anymore.

    DANTE: They matter to me.

    LANCE: Why?

    DANTE: Because I need your help.

    LANCE looks at him concerned.

    LANCE: What do you mean?

    DANTE hesitates and then looks his lover in the eyes.

    DANTE: The reason I was leaving...

    LANCE: (interjecting) Dante...

    DANTE: (continuing) ...was because in order to stop Sin from destroying everything, I had to make a deal with Sofia and the Senior Partners.

    LANCE is curious now.

    LANCE: Which was?

    DANTE: To be a Senior Partner; a way into Xak’s group.

    LANCE: And you agreed...

    DANTE squeezes his hand tightly.

    DANTE: I had no choice. It was either that or the end of the world. I couldn’t play god with this planet’s life and hope for the best.

    LANCE: Ok, so what does it mean? You’re working for them again? After everything they did to me, to us?

    DANTE: No, I’m not sure. I cut them off but in order to protect Petrina in London I had to use my powers... I’m worried what the other Senior Partners might do.

    LANCE sits up and looks at him, dead on.

    LANCE: We need to be rid of that damn company once and for all.

    DANTE: I know but...

    LANCE: (cutting him off) I’m back now.

    He touches DANTE’S face.

    LANCE: So the Senior Partners, the whole god damn company, can throw what they want at us... we’ll find a way to be rid of them, for good.

    DANTE half smiles at him. LANCE grabs the back of his head and pulls him towards him for a passionate kiss.


    SIN is sat on the steps leading to her father’s apartment building. She looks out at the people restarting their lives since MEDUSA’S reign of terror through the city. Every single person that passes her is completely oblivious to her life and the dangers surrounding it.

    PETRINA (O/S): What are you doing out here?

    SIN turns to see PETRINA approaching her from inside the building; she is looking at the girl curiously.

    SIN: Today’s the day.

    PETRINA: Your results?

    SIN: Oh yeah.

    PETRINA sits next her.

    PETRINA: How do you think you have done?

    SIN sighs.

    SIN: Not as well as Ree, but maybe better than Declan? I don’t know...

    She pauses.

    SIN: If I do well, then I might get the chance to go to London for a term next year but if I do that, then I have to leave you guys and I don’t think I can.

    PETRINA smiles.

    PETRINA: Your commitment to the course has been immensely admirable.

    SIN: Well it’s all down to you.

    PETRINA: All I did was give you the forms, you did the rest Sin. And if you do end up in London? We’ll cope. You’ve fought your war and come out the other side.

    SIN: How on earth can I be so selfish at a time like this though? Shelter’s dead; the Syndicate are down on their luck and we both have some big enemies against us. I can’t leave...

    PETRINA: Sin, there’s a lot of time between now and London. Who knows what may happen...

    SIN considers this and then nods.

    SIN: Yeah, I guess.

    She then looks to PETRINA, confused.

    SIN: What are you doing out here, anyway?

    PETRINA: Your father should be due back any moment. I thought it best to greet him.


    CATE, still completely unaware that she is one half of The United, is sat on XAK and CHARLIE’S bed. She has a concerned expression on her face. CHARLIE is folding laundry.

    CATE: Charlie, you can’t keep ignoring this.

    CHARLIE: Actually, I have been for quite a long time.

    CATE: Do you not see how serious this is? You’re sick!

    CHARLIE looks up at her.

    CHARLIE: Cate, I am not sick. Look at me, I’m fine.

    CATE: Oh ok, so when you were bleeding out of your ears down in the subway, it was just a one off? Or when you fainted?

    CHARLIE: Please Cate... I’m handling this.

    CATE: How? By pretending nothing’s wrong?!

    CHARLIE: By carrying on with my life!

    CATE: But you might not have much of it left, don’t you see that? I’m not gonna watch you die again...

    She looks down, upset. CHARLIE looks at her, awkwardly.

    CHARLIE: Look...

    CATE looks up hopeful.

    CHARLIE: I’ll go to the doctors.

    CATE smiles.

    CATE: Good. You have an appointment with Dr. Mayer at 1pm.

    CHARLIE looks at her, incredulous.

    CATE: What? She’s been calling loads, she has your test results. Another thing you forgot to tell me about.

    CHARLIE: Fine, I’ll go...

    She resumes folding laundry and CATE watches her with a hopeful expression. SIN appears in the doorway. A folded letter from NYU is in her back pocket. She looks at them both. They look at her.

    SIN: He’s home...


    XAK, dressed in a suit is stood in the lounge. He unties his tie and undoes his top button on his shirt. He looks sombre. PETRINA and STEPHANIE are sat on the sofa, watching him tentatively.

    STEPHANIE: Would you like some tea? I make very nice tea.

    XAK looks at her.

    XAK: No thank you...

    DANTE and LANCE appear in the lounge now, fully clothed. They see XAK and give him a reassuring smile.

    DANTE: Hey.

    He looks at them.

    XAK: Hi guys.

    LANCE: How was it?

    XAK raises an eyebrow.

    XAK: Pretty devastating.

    CHARLIE, CATE and SIN hurry into the room now. CHARLIE hugs him tightly.

    CHARLIE: (whispering) I’m so glad you’re home.

    He holds her, closing his eyes.

    XAK: Me too.

    CHARLIE: How was everyone?

    XAK: I don’t really wanna talk about it.

    CHARLIE nods.

    CHARLIE: Of course.

    XAK: But they did give me this...

    He reaches into a bag and pulls out a file.

    PETRINA looks at it curiously.

    XAK: A whole pack of information they’ve gathered since working at the school.

    LANCE: You sure you wanna get back into it straight away?

    XAK: Entirely.

    Everyone looks at one another, slightly unsure.

    PETRINA: Ok... well then, let’s take a look.

    Everyone begins gathering around the sofa but as CHARLIE moves, CATE grabs her arm. CHARLIE turns to look at her and CATE indicates the time.

    CHARLIE: Oh right...

    XAK looks up at her, confused.

    XAK: Something wrong?

    CHARLIE: I’m just running low on arrow root. Need some supplies.

    CATE: Yes. You can never have too much arrow root. It’s an integral part to many magical spells and potions.

    CHARLIE: (whispering, under her breath) Stop talking.

    They look at XAK, who nods.

    XAK: Sounds good. Hurry back.

    CHARLIE smiles.

    CHARLIE: We will...

    CHARLIE nods and they leave. CHARLIE shoots CATE a look.

    The camera moves back to XAK and the others as they begin looking through the pack of information, given to them by The Kalipso Syndicate.

    SIN: Wow, this is... thorough.

    XAK: Ursula always has a way with formalities.

    PETRINA looks at one of the pieces of information, curious.

    PETRINA: What’s this here... about these “masters”?

    XAK: The Sirens that were terrorising Cropley Shores were being controlled by a group. The Syndicate had an almost run in with them, they took a student – a girl called Cherry Li.

    PETRINA shakes her head, saddened.

    PETRINA: I met her... the poor thing must be terrified. Leave this one to me, I’ll see what the Council have to say about this. The Archives might have something on this ominous group.

    The camera cuts to LANCE, who has an idea.

    XAK (O/S): Great, that’s the sort of thinking we need. Finding their identities might lead us to find out who The United is and why they sent it some of those Sirens to terrorise NYU.

    The camera cuts to XAK.

    XAK: Guys, we need to find The United now. This thing is powerful.

    SIN: I get that but our best lead was Medusa and you took her head off.

    XAK: She had it coming, so now it’s up to us. Find it...


    The camera cuts to CHARLIE and CATE walking down the street to CHARLIE’S doctor’s appointment. CHARLIE looks worried. The camera closes in on CATE’S face.

    XAK (V/O): It could be anywhere...




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      ACT TWO


      We are back in the year 2021 as an older VINCENT RAE continues to write in his diary concerning the story of The United.

      VINCENT pauses from his writing, reaching for a glass of water. He sips on it, his dry dying throat now suitably lubricated. He shakily places the glass down and picks up his pen once again.

      VINCENT (V/O): The events were beginning to unfold. The United did not know it but everything that was happening - the assistant from Wolfram and Hart and his dreadful statue, Lance Emory’s ambition to cure his lover, and the constrictions of mortal health to her best friend – would all lead to its dreadful reveal.

      He coughs, his life support machine fluttering.

      VINCENT (V/O): But before I tell you of the next events, it is time to tell you first of my wife and what she did when she arrived in Sunnydale in the year 1980. For it is who she met there that changed everything.



      A younger SILVANA RAE is struggling to walk down a corridor in an apartment building as she holds on to two boxes. She looks nervous as she walks the corridor. She heads towards a locked door and fumbles with her keys to open the door.

      MAN (O/S): Need a hand?

      YOUNG SILVANA turns to see a MAN stood in a doorway, opposite to her new apartment. He is incredibly handsome, dressed in overalls. He smiles at her with a cheeky grin. He’s played by Justin Chambers. She smiles at him, nervously.

      YOUNG SILVANA: Thank you. That would be most kind...

      He moves towards her and takes the keys, opening the door for SILVANA. He looks at her, curiously.

      MAN: You’re from England?

      YOUNG SILVANA: Yes, why do you ask?

      They move into the apartment. The space is empty. It looks familiar. In just over twenty years this would become XAKIEL THORN’S apartment when he arrives in this dimension.

      MAN: Just that we don’t get many tourists around here; Sunnydale’s not that big a place.

      YOUNG SILVANA laughs.

      YOUNG SILVANA: I doubt many tourists also buy apartments. No, I’m here on business.

      MAN: Wow, big business types aren’t really Sunnydale’s regulars either.

      YOUNG SILVANA looks around the apartment.

      YOUNG SILVANA: Yes, I doubt it. This is an odd town.

      MAN: Odd?

      YOUNG SILVANA: Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. It’s just, it’s quaint... small.

      MAN: Yeah I guess you’re right. They’re building a mall though, probably means we’ll get more of you commuters in. Do my business good.

      YOUNG SILVANA: Oh yes? And what is your trade?

      MAN: Mechanic.

      He gestures to his clothes. YOUNG SILVANA laughs.

      YOUNG SILVANA: Of course.

      MAN: So listen if you need a hand with your car or bike or whatever, you know where I am.

      He winks at her. YOUNG SILVANA blushes.

      YOUNG SILVANA: I don’t even know your name.

      The MAN smiles.

      MAN: Nathan. My name’s Nathan.

      YOUNG SILVANA nods at the MAN/NATHAN.

      YOUNG SILVANA: I’m Silvana....

      The camera pulls back to show YOUNG SILVANA and NATHAN stood together in the empty apartment looking at one another.

      VINCENT (V/O): Oh Silvana... if only Quentin had sent you to another apartment building. All our problems would have dissipated...



      We are back in 2006.

      PETRINA is stood in the kitchen on her laptop. She’s looking through her emails.

      VINCENT (V/O): (continuing) ...and Petrina would not have hated us.

      LANCE (O/S): Petrina...

      PETRINA turns around to see LANCE stood behind her. She smiles.

      PETRINA: Lance, how are you?

      LANCE: Actually, there’s something I could use your help with.

      PETRINA: By all means - anything to distract me from these emails from my parents.

      LANCE looks at her nervously.

      LANCE: I need you to get Dante and I into the Archives.

      PETRINA: The Council Archives?

      He nods. DANTE moves to the screen looking meek. LANCE looks at him. PETRINA eyes them both confused.

      PETRINA: What’s going on here?

      DANTE: We want to get me out of my deal with Wolfram and Hart. We don’t know how and we thought the Watchers might have something on the Senior Partners from you know, yester year and all that time of yore crap.

      PETRINA: I suppose it’s possible they would... the Archives extend back way into the years before Sineya even was created.

      LANCE: So you’ll help us?

      PETRINA sighs.

      PETRINA: It’s not quite as simple as that.

      DANTE: We just want to look. You said it yourself that the Archives may have something that could help the Syndicate; two mega good reasons to do this.

      PETRINA: My parents would never allow it and I don’t have access to...

      She pauses as a sudden moment of realisation hits her. She smirks.

      PETRINA: But my mother does.

      She smiles, they look confused.

      PETRINA: Tell Xak we’re leaving and then get some black clothes.

      LANCE: So you’ll help?

      PETRINA looks to DANTE.

      PETRINA: Up for a spot of teleporting?

      DANTE nods, half his mouth extending into a smile.

      DANTE: Might as well make the most of the company car while we still got the keys.


      XAK and SIN are sat in the lounge of his apartment. XAK is still clothed in his suit, but it’s looking less respectable. SIN is looking through reports on the students of the school in Cropley Shores. She shakes her head.

      SIN: I still can’t believe Melody’s back and that she’s with them.

      XAK: You know, it was actually good to see her. Kinda brought me back to when times were simpler...

      SIN: When I wasn’t here?

      He looks at her, beat.

      XAK: You know that’s not what I meant.

      SIN smiles nervously, eyeing the letter from NYU which is now tucked inside a magazine on the table nearby.

      SIN: No I know... so, Petrina’s heading up the hometown glory front, huh?

      XAK sighs.

      XAK: Yep. I don’t like them being away but Petrina’s gained favour with the Council since we took down Medusa.

      SIN: So, why are the lovebirds going with her?

      XAK: You’ve met her father, apparently her mother is worse. I don’t trust the Council, never have; Petrina’s the diamond in their very big rough. So for now... it’s just you, me...

      He looks to STEPHANIE playing cards with herself on the floor nearby, smiling content.

      XAK: And your grandmother for now.

      SIN: Actually...

      She looks at the NYU letter again.

      SIN: La-Ree and Declan are coming around soon. Hope that’s ok?

      XAK: Is it about that letter you keep hiding and think I don’t know about?

      He looks at her, smirking. She looks down.

      SIN: Yes.

      XAK: Well if you feel like talking about it, you know where I am.

      SIN looks at him and smiles.

      SIN: (softly) Exactly where you’ve always been – with me.


      CHARLIE and CATE are sat in the large office of DR. MAYER. A large table is in front of them both. CHARLIE is looking down, nervously. CATE looks around the office and then to her friend.

      CATE: Are you ok?

      CHARLIE: How do you think I feel?

      CATE shrugs.

      CATE: That’s why we’re here isn’t it? To find out.

      CHARLIE looks at her.

      CHARLIE: What if it is bad, Cate?

      CATE purses her lips.

      CHARLIE: I mean, I’m not completely idiotic... I know something’s wrong. Ever since that bomb explosion, things haven’t been the same.

      CATE: But Elise fixed you. You’ll be fine...

      With this, the door opens and DR. MAYER enters the office with a file in her hands. She hurries to her desk, the girls look at her.

      DR MAYER: Charlie, I am so sorry to keep you. Your file was difficult to find, I’d asked for so many second opinions and I hadn’t heard from you in so long...

      CHARLIE smiles at her nervously.

      CHARLIE: That’s ok. If it wasn’t for my friend Cate... I probably would still be at home.

      CATE smiles at her and grabs hold of CHARLIE’S hand.

      CATE: So here we are. You asked for a second opinion?

      DR. MAYER observes CATE and then looks at CHARLIE.

      DR. MAYER: Charlie would you rather I talked to you alone? Or are you alright with your friend hearing this?

      CHARLIE: We’re here together, please just tell me what’s wrong - something is wrong isn’t it?

      DR. MAYER sighs and then smiles at her nervously.

      DR. MAYER: Something is, yes.

      A soul consuming sinking feeling drains CHARLIE.

      CHARLIE: (gulping) Uh... what... what’s wrong with me?

      DR. MAYER: There is some damaged brain tissue, some cells have become altered from what they once were since your last check up which I believe was when you were pregnant two years ago.

      CATE’S mouth falls open somehow, scared. She looks at CHARLIE and then DR. MAYER.

      CATE: But how?

      DR. MAYER: I’m not sure. Sometimes this can happen when people drown or when they are resuscitated; the cells are damaged and continue to become more damaged when new cells try to be created.

      CHARLIE: I don’t understand.

      DR. MAYER: Neither do I if I’m being honest, there’s no event that could have caused this...

      The camera closes in on CHARLIE’S face as she realises.


      It is the day of the bomb explosion on the school – the bomb KAIA THORN used to try and kill everyone. Little did she know then, she would be successful.

      CHARLIE is lying on the floor amongst the rubble and TRAFFORD has his hands hovering over her, ELISE is sat nearby, watching.

      TRAFFORD’S powers look to be wavering and his vision becomes blurred. ELISE looks worried and moves to his side. The noise of her movements rouses CHARLIE. She looks at TRAFFORD, worried.

      CHARLIE: Trafford...

      Blood starts seeping out of his nose and out of his ears.

      TRAFFORD: I can’t... I can’t...

      His eyes roll back in his head and he falls backwards on the floor. ELISE gasps in horror and looks at him. CHARLIE begins spluttering, blood once again pours out of her wounds and she passes out from shock. ELISE panics.

      She holds a hand over CHARLIE. She holds a hand over her brother.

      With all her energy she heals both of them.

      She resuscitates CHARLIE.


      CHARLIE looks down, glum; coming back to life was killing her and this wasn’t the first time.

      CATE looks at DR. MAYER, determined.

      CATE: Ok, well it doesn’t matter what caused this. The fact is that these cells are damaged, so what can we do to fix this?

      DR. MAYER looks at CATE.

      DR. MAYER: I don’t think you quite understand what I’m saying. There is nothing that I can do now. These cells are multiplying fast and are malignant. The fact they’re embedded deep in your cerebral cortex means operating would have been difficult when we last met and now? Impossible.

      CHARLIE looks at her.

      CHARLIE: Malignant? What does that mean? You can’t help me now?

      DR, MAYER nods, sadly.

      DR. MAYER: I’m afraid you have a brain tumour, Charlie. It’s terminal.

      CHARLIE stares at her, horrified; the realisation of the declination of her health suddenly sinking in.

      She was dying.




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        ACT THREE

        OPEN ON - LONDON

        We are back in the year 2021, the dying VINCENT RAE continues to narrate.

        VINCENT RAE (V/O): Poor Charlie. The dreadful realisation of her looming demise was a moment that she had to share with her best friend, unbeknownst to her was that the best friend she was grieving with, was one half of the very enemy she was fighting to destroy...

        In the corner of his eye he catches note of the photo of PETRINA in its frame. He reaches out and fumbles to remove it from the frame. The photo is old now, at least twenty years in age. He looks at the photo and lets his wrinkled fingers run over the photograph of his young daughter.

        VINCENT (V/O): It was because of moments like this, Silvana. Moments such as these that she could never forgive you. Wherever you are I hope you know this, you could have stopped it all had you been a good mother...


        The camera pans around the bedroom of NATHAN, SILVANA’S neighbour. Clothes are strewn across the floor. As the camera pans up, we can see YOUNG SILVANA sat in his bed, in her underwear. NATHAN is lying naked under the sheets. An alarm begins to ring, loudly.


        NATHAN rouses and turns off the alarm. He breathes and sighs incessantly and then opens his eyes to look at SILVANA. He smiles.

        NATHAN: Morning Mrs.

        YOUNG SILVANA smiles slightly.

        YOUNG SILVANA: Morning Mr.

        Their nicknames for one another were “Mrs.” and “Mr.”. It made their affair more credible.

        NATHAN: You’re up early, again.

        YOUNG SILVANA: I have a visit at the school.

        She looks at him, confused.

        YOUNG SILVANA: You studied there, what’s it like?

        He sits up and looks at her.

        NATHAN: It’s school Mrs. nothing extra special to report; detentions, report cards, brown bagged lunches.

        YOUNG SILVANA looks at him, surprised.

        YOUNG SILVANA: You received detention?

        NATHAN raises his eyebrows.

        NATHAN: Surprised at that?

        He pushes her to the bed and rolls on top of her. YOUNG SILVANA laughs.

        YOUNG SILVANA: Not at all actually.

        NATHAN looks at her, in complete bliss. He smiles.

        NATHAN: I love you, Silvana.

        YOUNG SILVANA looks at him, indifferent.

        YOUNG SILVANA: I’m married, Nate...

        NATHAN looks at her, shocked.

        NATHAN: You’re married?

        She nods. NATHAN gets off of her now and sits at the end of the bed.

        NATHAN: (beat) We’ve been doing this for four months and you never said a word.

        She looks down, guilty.

        YOUNG SILVANA: Vincent lives in England. I haven’t seen him since I moved here...

        NATHAN: Why didn’t he move here with you?

        YOUNG SILVANA: Because... he was looking after our daughter.

        NATHAN laughs, incredulous.

        NATHAN: Daughter?

        YOUNG SILVANA: Her name’s Petrina. She’s just turned one.

        NATHAN stands and paces the room, angry, breathing fast.

        NATHAN: I can’t believe you’re doing this... you cheated on your family and you lied to me.

        He looks at the mirror on the wall and punches it angrily, shattering it.

        NATHAN: (shouting) What else is there, Silvana?!

        YOUNG SILVANA looks at him nervously – his temper scaring her.

        YOUNG SILVANA: (meek) Nothing...

        NATHAN: And why tell me now?! Why not keep it your little dirty secret?

        YOUNG SILVANA: Because he’s coming to Sunnydale next week...

        NATHAN: And you want me to pretend like nothing’s happened? That we barely know each other? That we haven’t been sleeping together for months?

        YOUNG SILVANA: No... the opposite in fact. I’m going to tell him I’m leaving him... for you.

        The camera closes in on NATHAN’S face, surprised most of all by this revelation.

        FLASH TO – WHITE

        OPEN ON – LONDON

        We are back in the year 2006, but not in Manhattan. This is London, England. The night is dark with night and the sound of England succumbing to slumber resonates quietly in a midnight alleyway to the side of The Watcher’s Council.

        Three figures dressed in black, DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA make their way down the alleyway. PETRINA sighs.

        PETRINA: I’m completely getting fired for this.

        LANCE: You don’t seem to care much.

        PETRINA: I want to care but my feelings for the Council have changed.

        DANTE: Even after everything your mother did to help us?

        PETRINA: You don’t know my mother like I do – there’s always some catch or hidden loophole which makes me regret everything.

        She stops by a wall.

        PETRINA: Ok, here we are.

        DANTE raises an eyebrow.

        DANTE: This is a wall, Petrina. My spidey senses tell me you’re wrong.

        PETRINA looks at a brick and taps it – the brick is fake, a panel. It slides open revealing that there are numbers and a card slot behind it. She smiles.

        PETRINA: Take it easy Mary Jane. The Council built this escape route into and out of the building in case of lockdown or another attack. It will lead us right into the Archives.

        LANCE: Quicker than checking in at reception, I like it.

        PETRINA looks at him.

        PETRINA: Quite.

        She taps a code into the panel and then runs her access card through the slot. A green light illuminates.

        The bricks instantly part, mystically, revealing a doorway into the Council building. She turns to them.

        PETRINA: Come, we should hurry before morning comes.

        She moves inside the building. LANCE goes to follow but DANTE holds his arm back. LANCE looks at him.

        LANCE: Come on, you heard what she said.

        DANTE: I just...

        LANCE: Dante, what?

        DANTE: This could be dangerous, I don’t want you at risk.

        LANCE smiles at him.

        LANCE: You realise that risk is all our lives ever are?

        He kisses DANTE and then follows PETRINA. DANTE closes his eyes and sighs and then follows them both.

        CUT TO – LONDON

        The lights are off in the corridor and DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA walk down it with their flashlights lighting their way.

        DANTE: There are no guards.

        PETRINA: The security is so tight here and it’s in the middle of central London – any illegal break ins would instantly be reported to our security section off-site.

        LANCE: Watchers are dumb.

        PETRINA: In this instance, we are... yes. But we’re not going to steal anything. We’re going to look at the Archives but that’s it.

        DANTE: I like that we’re conscientious burglars.

        LANCE: Warms the heart.

        PETRINA rolls her eyes.

        PETRINA: Ok, here we are...

        They arrive at the door to the Archives.

        LANCE: Ok, so how do we get in? Looks pretty tight.

        PETRINA: Last time I was here my mother gained entry with her security code.

        PETRINA faces the panel and keys in a code.

        PETRINA: And I’ve always had shrewd peripheral vision.

        She punches in the last digit. The door unlocks.

        TERMINAL VOICE: Watcher Archive access granted. Welcome, Silvana Rae.

        PETRINA smiles, she looks back at the two of them.

        PETRINA: Yes, I’m a badass.

        DANTE smiles.

        DANTE: Yes you are.

        They all enter the Archives, blissfully unaware of what would happen inside...


        CHARLIE is sat on a bench in Central Park, overlooking the lake. She has her arms wrapped around her and her eyes are red from crying. CATE approaches, two hot chocolates in her hand. She sits next to her friend and passes her one, smiling reassuringly. CHARLIE takes the drink, looking at the floor.

        CATE: Remember when we were little and we’d go down to the mall in winter and we’d sit and just watch people walking past and we’d drink hot chocolate all day.

        CHARLIE nods.

        CHARLIE: I remember those days. They were good days.

        CATE: They were.

        CHARLIE looks at her.

        CHARLIE: I’ll never have days like that again.

        CATE: You will.

        CHARLIE: Cate, I’m dying. You heard her.

        CATE shakes her head, defiantly.

        CATE: No. I won’t lose you to this illness.

        CHARLIE: I’ve gone too far Cate. Everything that’s happened to my body has taken too much and given me nothing back.

        She breathes softly.

        CHARLIE: My dad altered my memory for decades, I died and was brought back by my prophetic daughter and then I died a second time... and Elise made sure I lived.

        She looks at CATE now, almost peaceful.

        CHARLIE: What was I expecting to happen?

        CATE: We’ve all been changed, it doesn’t mean we just give up.

        CHARLIE: I can’t stop this Cate.

        CATE: I think that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re stopping, you’re not fighting.

        CHARLIE: I’ve forgotten how.

        CATE: No you haven’t. You fight every day - for Xak, for Sin for everyone. You need to fight for yourself now, you need to find your strength and bring yourself back from this.

        CHARLIE: I’m too damaged Cate! I’m broken and hot chocolate and pep talks are not going to save my life.

        She puts the hot chocolate down and stands walking away. CATE looks upset and stands, looking at her.

        CATE: (shouting after her) I’m telling them.

        CHARLIE stops.

        CATE: If you don’t tell them, then I will.

        CHARLIE looks down, beat. She pauses, hesitating.

        CHARLIE: Fine. I’ll tell them...

        She turns back and looks at CATE.

        CHARLIE: (quietly) I’ll tell them.

        CATE breathes a sigh of relief and then walks towards her friend.

        CUT TO – LONDON

        DANTE, LANCE and PETRINA walk through the Council archives. They come to a crossroads.

        PETRINA motions to one of the routes.

        PETRINA: There’s a whole section down there on Other World Organisations – if the Council have anything on Wolfram and Hart, I have no doubt it will be there.

        DANTE: Thank you, Petrina.

        Him and Lance begin walking towards the section when they notice that PETRINA is not following. They look back to her.

        LANCE: You’re not coming?

        PETRINA: I need to find what I can on the Sirens’ masters for Xak and the Syndicate. I hope you understand.

        DANTE smiles.

        DANTE: Of course.

        PETRINA: I’ll meet you back here in an hour, the Watchers will begin arriving to work early, they always do.

        Both men nod.

        DANTE: Will do.

        With this, PETRINA breaks away from them both. When they meet again, they will be different people.

        CUT TO –

        DANTE and LANCE turn a corner. DANTE shines his flash light on a sign.

        DANTE: This is it. Come on...

        They hurry to the Other World Organisations section.

        LANCE: Do we actually know what we’re looking for?

        DANTE: Anything on them, how they were created, why they’re here and how the hell to get me rid of this damn contract and their board rooms forever.

        LANCE smiles.

        LANCE: I dunno, you look kinda hot in a suit.

        DANTE: Please, focus Lance.

        LANCE: Sorry, just taking full advantage of the blood flowing through my veins again.

        DANTE: Don’t let it run too fast, don’t want the wolf coming out.

        LANCE: True...

        Then it catches his eye; the symbol of the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart.

        LANCE: Dante. It’s here.

        DANTE moves close to him and they see the files. They remove them...

        CUT TO –

        PETRINA is moving through the hallways, looking through all the Archives with distinct precision. She moves alongside a wall and passes an assortment of doorways. Above each door the words “Restricted: Highly Classified” reads. She passes one door, then another. The next door she passes unlocks. She stops looking back as the door opens.

        TANNOY: Welcome, Silvana Rae. Personal files access granted.

        PETRINA looks back with an eyebrow raised and moves to the door, confused.

        CUT TO –

        DANTE and LANCE are sat on the floor of the Archives opposite one another looking through the files on Wolfram and Hart. DANTE shakes his head, infuriated.

        DANTE: This is bull. All of this stuff is just on the new damn CEO.

        LANCE raises an eyebrow, looking at one of the reports.

        LANCE: Vampire by the name of Angel? Sounds pretty sissy to me.

        DANTE: He’s an ass, causes a lot of problems – he’s sort of an obsession of the Senior Partners since Sin went off the radar.

        LANCE: Sounds like the obsession came before Sin. What’s this about the Deeper Well?

        DANTE: Illyria. That was done behind the backs of the Senior Partners – they didn’t authorise the movements of an Old One. They never would.

        LANCE: Uh, looks like they did.

        DANTE looks at him, confused.

        DANTE: What do you mean?

        LANCE: Not Illyria... another one, another Old One. It was shipped out of the Deeper Well on order of the Senior Partners about a month ago.

        DANTE: What the hell are they up to?

        LANCE: I don’t know but we shouldn’t be worried about what they’re doing. We can find this stuff out anyway we want to.

        DANTE nods, agreeing.

        DANTE: You’re right. We need to look for the stuff that no one knows... where they come from and why.

        LANCE stands now.

        LANCE: The Watcher’s Council extends back for centuries. They have nothing on the Senior Partners – only stuff on what they’re doing at the time. They have no history...

        Then, someone clubs LANCE over the head. He falls to the floor in pain. DANTE looks up and sees SEBASTIAN stood behind him. SEBASTIAN looks at LANCE on the floor who regains his footing and looks at him shocked.

        SEBASTIAN: I assure you Lance Emory, we have a vast and unfathomable history.

        DANTE moves in front of LANCE.

        DANTE: Sebastian... you shouldn’t have come here.

        LANCE: Dante, who is this man?

        DANTE: Sebastian Callaghan, works for Wolfram and Hart.

        SEBASTIAN smiles at LANCE.

        SEBASTIAN: Pleasure to meet you at last, I heard all about you through Sofia. Before I killed her, that is.

        DANTE grits his teeth in anger.

        DANTE: What are you doing here?

        SEBASTIAN: Did you really think that the Senior Partners would ignore you using your powers to help your friends, Dante?

        DANTE: They can kiss my perfectly formed behind. I literally couldn’t care less.

        SEBASTIAN: You’re cocky, it’s always been your downfall.

        LANCE: Your company was his downfall.

        SEBASTIAN: And yours Emory, and yours.

        With this SEBASTIAN hurries forward and grabs them both. In an instant, the three of them disappear from the Archives.


        SIN hurries into the lounge, closely followed by DECLAN and LA-REE. They all look nervous, clutching on to their results envelopes.

        LA-REE: I think I may vomit.

        DECLAN: Ree, calm it – we’re all nervous.

        LA-REE: Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in. This is it you guys. Everything we’ve ever done this last year comes down to what’s inside that beautifully sealed and formed piece of paper.

        DECLAN smirks at SIN.

        DECLAN: She’s very eloquent, isn’t she?

        He winks at SIN. SIN smiles.

        SIN: Very.

        DECLAN: Well then how about we turn down the pressure. We’ll open each other’s.

        SIN looks at LA-REE who nods and smiles.

        LA-REE: Ok.

        DECLAN gives his to LA-REE, LA-REE gives hers to SIN and SIN gives hers to DECLAN.

        LA-REE: Ok, on three... One.

        DECLAN: Two.

        SIN: Three...

        They all open the envelopes. They read frantically. DECLAN looks up at LA-REE.

        DECLAN: Well?

        LA-REE’S mouth is aghast, she looks at him.

        LA-REE: Dude! You totally passed, better than passed. You’re in the top three of our class.

        DECLAN smirks.

        DECLAN: Well who’d have thought sneaking out at 4am to avoid the landlord and hitting Coco DeVille every night would benefit me.

        LA-REE eyes him, angrily.

        LA-REE: Shut up.

        Her anger turns to nerves as she looks at SIN.

        LA-REE: So?

        SIN looks at her.

        SIN: You better pack your bags, you’re going to London.

        LA-REE screams.

        LA-REE: Oh my gosh, seriously?

        SIN: You joined Declan in the top three, congratulations!

        They hug, SIN laughs. The girls turn to DECLAN now.

        SIN: Well... was it a disaster?

        DECLAN: A disaster? Well I suppose that would depend on how you classify a disaster?

        LA-REE reaches over and punches him.

        LA-REE: Just tell her how she did, you ass.

        DECLAN looks at SIN who looks at him with complete hope. He smiles.

        DECLAN: Hope you got your passport.

        SIN looks at him in shock.

        SIN: I passed? I’m going to London.

        DECLAN nods.

        DECLAN: We’re all going to London, hat trick...

        She lunges forward and hugs him tightly. He holds her close, inhaling her scent.

        DECLAN: (whispering) You did it.

        Her smile is one she hopes never fades, a faint tear falls from her eye.

        CUT TO – LONDON

        PETRINA is entering her mother’s personal Archive room, deep in the depths of The Watcher’s Council. She looks around in shock at the many files surrounding her – financial records, travelling expenses, missions, personnel files and more...

        PETRINA: (to herself) My mother’s access... the Archives think I’m her.

        She walks forward and looks at the files, she runs her fingers across them and then she finds one that is marked in red and bound tight. It is old and unopened. She looks at it curiously and removes it. She moves to the table and lights the lamp on top of it and sits.

        She opens the file and removes the papers inside. She raises an eyebrow as she reads, confused.

        PETRINA: Sunnydale?

        She sees pictures of the school, reports on the geological activity in the area in the 1980s and how the diaries stop short at the end of 1982.

        PETRINA: What were you doing in Sunnydale, mother?

        She turns a page and sees a morgue report of a man who was killed in around the time that the diaries stop being made. She turns the page to see a picture of the man.

        It’s NATHAN.

        His face shows unimaginable shock and pain. His final moments before death.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR

          OPEN ON - LONDON

          VINCENT’S breaths are heavy now, halfway through his tale. He turns a page and continues writing.

          VINCENT (V/O): I can only image the confusion that ran through my daughter’s mind as she saw Silvana’s personal files.

          He coughs and the rain beats harder against his room window.

          VINCENT (V/O): I only wish I could have prepared her better for the horror she was about to experience...

          FLASH TO – WHITE


          CHARLIE and CATE enter the lounge, returning home and they look confused as they look around.

          CHARLIE: What’s going on?

          The camera rotates and shows STEPHANIE pouring champagne in glasses for XAK, SIN, DECLAN and LA-REE.

          XAK looks to CHARLIE and moves towards her.

          XAK: Sin and her friends passed their first year. They’re the top three in their class.

          CHARLIE looks at him and then to SIN. She moves towards her daughter. She smiles.

          CHARLIE: Congratulations.

          SIN looks at her nervously and looks down meekly.

          SIN: You don’t have to pretend to be happy.

          CHARLIE: Hey...

          She reaches out and lifts her chin so their eyes meet. SIN looks at her mother who has glossed eyes.

          CHARLIE: I’m so proud. (quietly) You did all of this without me.

          The camera moves to DECLAN and LA-REE who are happily talking to STEPHANIE, oblivious of the interaction nearby. The camera then moves to XAK, who is smiling at the scene. CATE is behind him – her expression is not happy. The camera moves back to the mother and daughter. CHARLIE brushes SIN’S hair behind her ear.

          CHARLIE: You’re an amazing woman, Sin. I see that now. I think I was scared to before but seeing everything you’ve accomplished without me even being a mother to you... it gives hope that you’ll be fine when I’m gone.

          SIN looks at her, confused.

          SIN: What do you mean, when you’re gone?

          CHARLIE hesitates and XAK raises an eyebrow, seeing SIN’S expression shifting. CHARLIE goes to reply and then as she does they are forced apart by the three figures teleporting into the room – DANTE, LANCE and SEBASTIAN.

          LA-REE and DECLAN scream in fear and drop their champagne. They fall back on the sofa. STEPHANIE looks shocked and instinctively moves in front of them both to protect them. SIN flies back into the fireplace and CHARLIE is forced back into XAK and CATE. They all look at DANTE, LANCE and SEBASTIAN.

          DANTE and LANCE look around confused while SEBASTIAN does not at all. He straightens his suit and looks around at them all, looking at XAK finally.

          SEBASTIAN: Lovely to see you again.

          DANTE tackles him to the ground, cutting him off. The camera cuts to CHARLIE and CATE. CHARLIE goes to jump up but CATE pulls her back.

          CATE: What are you doing?

          CHARLIE: Helping...

          CATE: No, you’re not strong enough.

          STEPHANIE moves to CHARLIE’S side. She looks at CATE.

          STEPHANIE: I will protect her. I am her mother.

          She smiles, happy.

          CATE looks to XAK.

          CUT TO –

          SEBASTIAN kicks DANTE off of him and jumps to his feet. LANCE hurries to his aid and helps him to his feet.

          DANTE looks to him.

          DANTE: Get Sin and her friends out of here... this is my fight.

          LANCE: This is our fight.

          SIN hurries now to DECLAN and LA-REE and they hurry out of the room.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN ushers DECLAN and LA-REE into the hallway and stands in front of them protectively. Both her friends look horrified.

          LA-REE: Ok, WTF?!

          DECLAN: Seriously, Sindy... what was that? Those guys appeared out of nowhere...

          SIN looks at them – shocked, aghast. She turns away from them, focusing on protecting them. She breathes trying to remain composed as energy crackles under her skin threatening to burst out.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SEBASTIAN looks at LANCE.

          SEBASTIAN: Very chivalrous of you Lance.

          XAK and CATE now step to their side.

          XAK: You’ve also gotta take down us.

          CATE: And in case you forgot, we’re not exactly big fans of you and yours.

          She smirks. SEBASTIAN laughs.

          SEBASTIAN: Do you honestly think the four of you can stop what the Senior Partners have planned for you?

          LANCE’S hand suddenly begins to shake slightly as his

          DANTE: I’ll take them down, one at time, starting with you.

          SEBASTIAN smiles and then he vanishes, appearing next to CATE. He elbows her in the face, back into the table which she smashes through. He vanishes again appearing next to LANCE who he head butts back into the wall. As LANCE stumbles back SEBASTIAN disappears and re-appears next to him and drives him back into the wall until he slumps to the floor. SEBASTIAN disappears again.

          The camera cuts to CHARLIE and STEPHANIE. CHARLIE looks at the scene helpless.

          CHARLIE: I can’t just do nothing...

          STEPHANIE looks from her to the fight, concerned.

          STEPHANIE: I will fight where you cannot.

          She stands. CHARLIE widens her eyes.

          CHARLIE: Mom! No!

          STEPHANIE hurries to the scene but as she does SEBASTIAN appears in front of her and looks at her.

          SEBASTIAN: Fractured goddess, you are not broken.

          He punches her and sends her flying back into the wall. She hits her head hard against the wall and then the floor. Her body slumps to the ground. CHARLIE’S eyes widen.

          CHARLIE: Mom!

          She rushes to her side.

          The camera cuts back to XAK and DANTE now who watch as SEBASTIAN disappears, another one of them taken out.

          XAK and DANTE look around cautiously, sensing the erratic tactics of SEBASTIAN. XAK is suddenly thrown back into the sofa, which he crashes through as SEBASTIAN appears next to him, spinning around to kick him away. SEBASTIAN dissipates.

          DANTE is the only left standing.

          CATE looks up from the floor, shocked. She looks at STEPHANIE injured and then at XAK.

          CATE: Ok what the hell?!

          XAK: Looks like the Partners gave him a power boost...

          DANTE: Shut up, both of you!

          They do as they are told. The camera rotates around him as he listens intently as the room is momentarily void of SEBASTIAN. He turns his head, sensing the disturbances through the air. His eyes widen and he turns readying his fist. He throws a punch and the scene cuts to slow motion as SEBASTIAN begins appearing where DANTE is going to land his attack. As the scene begins returning to normal speed SEBASTIAN holds out and grabs DANTE’S closed fist, blocking it with incessant speed and precision.

          The two begin trading attacks, each of them perfectly blocking punches, kicks, elbows and deathly blows.

          The camera cuts to LANCE now who watches the scene, breathing heavily. He looks at CATE his eyes are dark. She shakes her head, horrified.

          CATE: Lance... no...

          He looks at her desperately.

          LANCE: I can’t stop it... it’s coming...

          The camera moves to DANTE and SEBASTIAN again. SEBASTIAN lands a punch against DANTE’S face. He spins around deflecting from the attack and kicks SEBASTIAN away from him. SEBASTIAN lands in the corner of the lounge and smiles as he feels a small vibration of power coming from deep below. SEBASTIAN stares at the floor and holds his hand over the floorboards.

          SEBASTIAN: (whispering) Weaken...

          The floorboards creak, splintered and broken.

          LANCE growls and looks at SEBASTIAN. XAK, CATE and DANTE all watch, knowing what is coming.

          DANTE reaches out to stop LANCE but it is too late. LANCE jumps to his feet, animalistic. SEBASTIAN looks up and smiles as LANCE pounces at him. LANCE turns mid-air into his Lycan form, snarling maniacally at SEBASTIAN.

          DANTE: Lance!

          As he lands on SEBASTIAN, LANCE crashes through the boards of the weakened lounge floor taking the evil employee with him.

          The two disappear through the floor into the dark below. XAK, DANTE and CATE all hurry to the hole and look down it. They are nowhere to be seen.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera pans around the room from inside the sewers – the room that SEBASTIAN and his soldiers and grunt demons planted a statue in. The ceiling above the room bursts open as LANCE and SEBASTIAN fall down into the room. LANCE, in Lycan form lands on the statue, smashing it to small rocky pieces. SEBASTIAN falls to the side and lands on a piece of pipe, skewered.

          LANCE instantly reverts to his human form and his eyes widen as a red mist bursts out of the statue and disappears almost as quickly as it came to be. LANCE coughs violently and looks up, unharmed from the fall. He looks around confused. He looks at the statue and then to the hole in the ceiling and finally his eyes fall on a man lying dead next to him – SEBASTIAN CALLAGHAN.

          LANCE cautiously stands and walks towards SEBASTIAN. He looks down at his body and his eyes staring dead ahead at the ceiling. LANCE frowns. Then, SEBASTIAN turns his head to him in one quick unnatural movement. LANCE is taken aback. SEBASTIAN looks weak and on the fringe of death.

          SEBASTIAN: (dying) It is done...

          LANCE looks at him confused.

          LANCE: What is?

          SEBASTIAN: The will of the Senior Partners.

          He laughs, choking on his own blood.

          SEBASTIAN: No one survives them. Not even you... your clock is ticking, Judge.

          With these words, SEBASTIAN’S head falls to the side and he dies. LANCE looks at him and watches his face lose its expression. He thinks on SEBASTIAN’S final words.

          A few moments of silence pass and then DANTE teleports into the room. He looks around, confused. He sees the broken statue and then finally looks at LANCE.

          DANTE: Lance... thank god...

          He rushes to him and hugs him tightly. He touches his face.

          DANTE: You’re ok?

          LANCE nods.

          LANCE: I’m fine... a pile of rocks broke my fall. I was lucky.

          DANTE looks to the side now and sees SEBASTIAN’S body. He tightens his jaw and then looks to LANCE, still concerned.

          DANTE: Are you sure you’re ok?

          LANCE nods and smiles at him.

          LANCE: I’m fine. We won...

          The camera pans down to the floor and shows a fragment of the statue. A broken word is written on it, illegible.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK and CATE move to CHARLIE and STEPHANIE now. XAK looks to CHARLIE, concerned.

          XAK: Is she ok?

          CHARLIE looks at him.

          CHARLIE: I don’t know, she’s out cold.

          CATE looks at the unconscious STEPHANIE and frowns.

          CATE: We should take her to her room.

          XAK: Good idea.

          XAK and CATE now move to help get STEPHANIE to her feet. They all leave the room but are stopped as they see DECLAN and LA-REE both hurrying to leave the scene. SIN looks after them, tears in her eyes. They open the door and leave the apartment, in shock. XAK, CHARLIE and CATE look at her.

          SIN: (mortified) I told them everything...

          CHARLIE looks at XAK.

          CHARLIE: Take her upstairs, I’ll be up in a bit...

          XAK nods and moves to his daughter as CATE takes the weight of STEPHANIE. CHARLIE grabs a jacket and leaves the apartment.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          DECLAN and LA-REE are walking away from the apartment building silently when CHARLIE hurries out of the building after them, putting her jacket on. She looks down the road both ways and then spots them.

          CHARLIE: Declan! La-Ree!

          They stop and see her. LA-REE looks frightened. DECLAN moves in front of her and looks at CHARLIE, seriously.

          DECLAN: Please just leave us alone...

          CHARLIE extends her hands, in peace as she approaches them.

          CHARLIE: I don’t wanna hurt you, I just wanna talk.

          DECLAN: Talk? Your “daughter” already talked to us ok, we heard it all. Spooky things are real, she nearly destroyed the world, goddess mothers, Sirens attacking NYU... the whole shebang and wallop of reality came out of her mouth. So what possibly could you tell us that could make us ever live the same way again?

          CHARLIE nods, gulping.

          CHARLIE: Do you know how terrified she was about you guys finding out the truth?

          DECLAN and LA-REE listen to her.

          CHARLIE: She wasn’t revelling in her little secret, she hated every second of it. She was about four months old when she was stolen from us but she looked near to ten years old. We had no idea what was happening to her, it scared us beyond belief... and then she was gone. Some truly evil people, people like that man who attacked us just now, took every part of goodness in her and hid it deep away so she could never survive on it again. She did terrible things in their name but we stopped them and we brought her back to us again. She was broken for a long time and I held my distance because I was scared of what she might do. But since you have been in her life, since she’s been studying at college she’s found her purpose.

          CHARLIE looks too be choking on her words, tears in her eyes.

          CHARLIE: She’s a good woman now and it’s because you’re both in her life and I for one will never be able to thank you enough for saving her when I couldn’t. So please... don’t turn your back on her, because she’s going to need you both so much.

          She looks at them both nervously and then turns and walks back towards the apartment. LA-REE and DECLAN look at one another and she moves out from behind his shadow. She goes to speak to CHARLIE but DECLAN puts a hand on her shoulder. She turns to him.

          LA-REE: What?

          DECLAN: This is too much.

          LA-REE: Not for me it isn’t. It kinda makes sense really when you think about it. It is for you, though.

          DECLAN: (confused) What? Why?

          She smiles at him.

          LA-REE: Because you’re falling in love with her.

          DECLAN looks at her surprised.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          LANCE is looking at himself in the mirror hanging on his wall. He stares deep into his own eyes, confused staring at the two people looking back at him.

          DANTE (O/S): Hey...

          LANCE looks around to see DANTE stood in the doorway to his room.

          LANCE: Hi.

          DANTE: You ok?

          LANCE smiles and moves towards him.

          LANCE: What can I say to prove to you that I’m perfect?

          DANTE: I’ll never stop worrying.

          LANCE kisses him and smiles.

          LANCE: Well that makes this relationship bleak.

          DANTE: Sorry.

          LANCE: Stop apologising. Is Steph ok? Sin?

          DANTE: Sin’s pretty beat, Cate’s with her. Stephanie’s sleeping...

          LANCE nods and then figures something.

          LANCE: Oh god, Petrina’s still in England.

          DANTE: It’s ok, I spoke to Xak. I’m gonna head out in a moment to get her... she might have found something in there that’s useful. I’m not sure how much will help us though.

          LANCE wraps his arms around DANTE’S neck.

          LANCE: We’ll get through it – we made a pact only this morning to take them down and we’ve managed to kill one of their biggest weapons against us. There’s nothing they can throw at us that will bring us to our knees...

          He hugs him now and the camera shows DANTE’S concerned expression over LANCE’S shoulder. He doesn’t look convinced.

          CUT TO – UNKNOWN

          The camera pans around a large circular room. It is the room in Wolfram and Hart that all the offices of the Senior Partners lead off from.

          In the centre of the room is a large circular table and there are around twelve chairs. Only one of them is vacant. Occupying all the others are the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart. Somehow though, all that is shown on the seat is a shadow – pure uncontrollable darkness.

          SENIOR PARTNER #1: Sebastian Callaghan has been extinguished.

          SENIOR PARTNER #3: Who was it that took his light?

          SENIOR PARTNER #6: Through our connection with Dante Turnpike we see that he died as a sacrifice to see our plan fulfilled.

          SENIOR PARTNER #4: The statue of the High Judge interacted with Lance Emory?

          SENIOR PARTNER #10: As planned, perfectly.

          SENIOR PARTNER #9: It is done.

          SENIOR PARTNER #2: Dante Turnpike will receive his punishment for disobeying the order of his contract.

          SENIOR PARTNER #7: And we shall all finally be void of the Greeks.

          SENIOR PARTNER #8: One less mythology will plague this plane, let the High Judge decide what will be.

          SENIOR PARTNER #5: Let the lamentable tale of Dante Turnpike be a warning.

          SENIOR PARTNER #11: And let the tragedy of Lance Emory be an example to those who challenge the Senior Partners of Wolfram and Hart...

          The shadows of the Senior Partners all look at one another in agreement as their perfect plan develops in the world below.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          STEPHANIE is lying still on the bed, XAK sat by her side holding on to her hand tightly. He looks at her, concerned. CHARLIE enters – she looks at her mother.

          CHARLIE: How is she?

          XAK looks to her. He smiles, reassuring.

          XAK: She’s ok... she’s not hurt too bad. She’ll be bruised but that’s about it...

          CHARLIE: Think I’d be used to seeing her unconscious but no...

          She moves and sits on his knee. He rubs her back.

          XAK: She’ll be ok.

          CHARLIE: I didn’t do anything to help, I should have.

          XAK: Hey it’s ok, no one got hurt, the bad guy got killed. Another win.

          CHARLIE: Sin’s friends hate her, my mum’s unconscious and poor Petrina’s stuck in the belly of the beast back in London. I could have done something, I should do something.

          XAK looks at her confused.

          XAK: What do you mean? Are you ok?

          She looks at him, unsure, uneasy.

          CHARLIE: There’s something... something I’ve been meaning to tell you.

          The camera moves away from them now to STEPHANIE.

          XAK (O/S): What do you mean?

          CHARLIE (O/S): I wasn’t at the shops buying arrow root today...

          XAK (O/S): Where were you?

          STEPHANIE’S eyes burst open but STEPHANIE was not there anymore. SEPHY was.

          SEPHY: Where is she?

          XAK and CHARLIE look away from one another and their conversation to who they believe to be STEPHANIE.

          XAK: Stephanie, are you ok?

          SEPHY looks at them both.

          SEPHY: Who is Stephanie?

          She sits up and looks at CHARLIE dead on.

          CHARLIE: Mom?

          SEPHY: It’s me, where is she?

          XAK and CHARLIE look at one another, confused.

          XAK: Where’s who, Sephy?

          SEPHY snaps her head to him.

          SEPHY: Cate! Where is Cate!?

          XAK: She’s downstairs with Sin, why?

          SEPHY jumps out of bed now, determined. She hurries out of the room.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SEPHY hurries down the stairs. XAK and CHARLIE follow her.

          CHARLIE: Mom?! What are you doing? What’s going on?

          DANTE and LANCE hurry to meet them at the bottom of the stairs, hearing the commotion from stairs.

          DANTE: What’s going on?

          SEPHY: Out of my way, Dante.

          She throws him aside with magic and bursts into the lounge from the bottom of the stairs. LANCE looks at her in shock as he helps DANTE to his feet.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SEPHY hurries into the room, XAK, CHARLIE, DANTE and LANCE all closely behind her.

          She looks around and eyes CATE and SIN sat talking on the sofa. They look up from their conversation to see them all entering the room. CATE smiles seeing SEPHY.

          CATE: Stephanie? You’re ok?

          SEPHY scowls and rushes forward. She grabs CATE by her neck and slams her against the wall. SIN looks shocked as do the others.

          CHARLIE: Mom?! What the hell are you doing?!

          XAK: Sephy, that’s Cate!

          CATE looks at SEPHY scared.

          CATE: Sephy you’re back?

          SEPHY stares at her, furiously.

          SEPHY: Yes I am... and I remember everything you did to make sure I wouldn’t be.

          CHARLIE: What are you talking about, mom?

          SEPHY: (ignoring CHARLIE, to CATE) Show your true form. The lies and deception end here.

          The others continue watching the scene with shock as they realise SEPHY is deadly serious. The camera closes in on CATE’S face as she looks at SEPHY with a furrowed brow. Then, almost instantly CATE’S expression goes blank and her eyes glaze over with white darkness. She smirks and forces SEPHY away from her with immense power. XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE and LANCE all fall back too. From the floor they look up at CATE in horror recognising the glaze.

          CHARLIE: Oh my god... no...

          XAK: Hecate? She’s back...

          SEPHY shakes her head.

          SEPHY: She is... don’t you get it? It’s them. They are The United.

          The heroes stare at their dark tainted friend as she looks down on them all with a dark smirk. Their friend was not there anymore.

          She was gone.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – LONDON

            The lights in VINCENT’S room flicker slightly as the storm rages hard and fast against the building of the St.Helen’s Hospice.

            VINCENT looks around his room and realises that what is in this room is what he will see last. Alone.

            VINCENT (V/O): And through the selfish sacrificial fight of Sebastian Callaghan, events were set into motion and the mind of the goddess Persephone was finally healed. But Persephone’s revitalised memory had revealed something terrible and only few people can rival the news she would impart to her family...

            He sighs, sombre.

            VINCENT (V/O): Unfortunately, I can reveal something on par...

            FLASH TO – SUNNYDALE

            As the light dies down the camera shows a young man looking out on to the night of Sunnydale. He looks tired but his good looks are retaining. He is the younger VINCENT RAE. He looks calmed by the warm air but as his wife approaches their dinner table, his expression shifts. YOUNG SILVANA approaches him.

            YOUNG SILVANA: Do I not even merit a hug?

            CAPTION: SUNNYDALE, APRIL 1981

            YOUNG VINCENT looks at her, he does not look amused.

            YOUNG VINCENT: Good to see you.

            YOUNG SILVANA nods and moves to sit opposite him.

            YOUNG SILVANA: Well let’s not pretend you’re here to visit your wife, you’re here to check up on the mission.

            YOUNG VINCENT looks away.

            YOUNG SILVANA: You used the company letter head, so predictable. You couldn’t deceive your way out of a paper bag.

            YOUNG VINCENT: Quentin isn’t happy with your results.

            YOUNG SILVANA: I’m doing my best, the damn thing is dormant there’s nothing for me to do.

            YOUNG VINCENT: So you’ll be coming home?

            She looks around, uncertain. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture of PETRINA, a toddler, smiling. He slides it to her.

            YOUNG VINCENT: Petrina’s two at the end of the year and she’s not seen you for months.

            YOUNG SILVANA looks at the picture and then away.

            YOUNG SILVANA: I don’t know what you want from me.

            He looks at her, incredulous.

            YOUNG VINCENT: I want my wife back! The woman I have dedicated a marriage to for years. You were my first love, Silvana... the mother of my child.

            She looks unmoved by this.

            YOUNG SILVANA: Things have changed.

            YOUNG VINCENT: Why?

            YOUNG SILVANA: I’m leaving the Council. I’m leaving you, Vincent...

            He tightens his jaw, angry, silent and hurt.

            YOUNG VINCENT: (quietly) Is there someone else?

            YOUNG SILVANA: Yes... and I’m carrying his child.

            YOUNG VINCENT looks at her horrified and then down to her stomach and the child that is growing inside of his wife, put there by another man.

            FLASH TO - WHITE

            OPEN ON – LONDON

            As the light dies down we are back in 2006, London. PETRINA continues looking through the files of her mother’s darkest past.

            She gasps as she comes across a sonogram picture with the date of April 1981, almost two years after she was born. She shakes her head in disbelief.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The camera focuses on THE UNITED as it paces the lounge. XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY lie on the floor looking up at it. THE UNITED turns to SEPHY.

            THE UNITED: You had to go and ruin the charade didn’t you, Persephone?

            Everyone looks visibly shocked by the composite voice of their friend CATE and their once ally, HECATE.

            SEPHY shakes her head and along with the others they begin to stand.

            SEPHY: Let her go, Hecate.

            THE UNITED laughs.

            THE UNITED: Haven’t you heard? It’s not Hecate... it’s not even Cate anymore. We’re one. We’re The United.

            CHARLIE shakes her head, furiously angry.

            CHARLIE: How could you do this to her again?

            THE UNITED: It was so easy. When I left Cate she was merely a temporal host to my soul, only fragmented due to your transgressed lover’s attack. Her body had always grown around my presence – Cate is nothing but a void without me. She knew it and I knew it. Then she died; committed suicide in a world belonging to the ether of demonic and lost spirits. I seized the opportunity, I was the reason she came to life again.

            XAK: L’Arcanas... the Onyx Tonic.

            THE UNITED: She’s not just resurrected because of aortic revival techniques performed by demi-gods. I was the voice in her visions, begging her to live. She exists because I am inside her and finally we are the composite of legendary stature. We are The United.

            XAK nods.

            XAK: So all this time, you’ve been watching us, keeping one step ahead through her eyes.

            THE UNITED smiles at him.

            THE UNITED: It was so easy. Cate was so oblivious and even now I can feel the confusion running through our mind – sparks of anger and frustration trying to fight back.

            CHARLIE smiles at this.

            CHARLIE: She will beat you... just as she did before.

            THE UNITED: I doubt Cate has the will to fight back against me, dear girl. We are one after all. She can’t live without me anymore, physically or mentally.

            SEPHY: When did you turn so sour to me, sister?

            THE UNITED laughs and looks at SEPHY.

            THE UNITED: Sour? When did I turn my back on you? Probably when you turned to mortals and allowed yourself to trust only Poseidon and Echidna from our world. Do you realise how insulting that is to me? I put my life on the line to protect your bastard daughter, Persephone.

            XAK moves forward but SEPHY holds him back. SIN, DANTE and LANCE watch the scene develop in shock.

            THE UNITED: Hold him back, sister. He’s the reason we’re in this war.

            XAK: If it means taking down bitches like you, then I’m happy I started it.

            THE UNITED half laughs and then frowns at him.

            THE UNITED: I doubt you’ll be speaking with such slanderous tones of treason when mine own family tear this world from beneath your feet. Because then Xakiel, then you’ll find I tire of this body and let it wither and die...

            CHARLIE shakes her head, horrified.

            CHARLIE: You’ll never get away with this...

            THE UNITED laughs horrifically and in a burst of energy it disappears from the room leaving only a singed circle on the floor in its wake.

            CHARLIE rushes forward to the spot and reaches out for her friend and finds only air and an empty void. She clutches her mouth and cries, sobbing on the floor. XAK moves forward to her and touches her shoulder supportively. He looks behind him to the others who share his feeling of futility.

            FADE TO – MANHATTAN

            The scene fades to the next, where XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY are all in the kitchen. XAK, DANTE and LANCE are sat around the table while SIN and SEPHY are sat on the counter tops. CHARLIE is stood near the door, her arms folded, leaning against the door.

            XAK looks up to SEPHY.

            XAK: How did you know?

            SEPHY: I had my suspicions that something may have been wrong with Cate for a long time. When the bomb exploded in Hotel Devarro and Cate was hospitalised, Trafford took some x-rays of her that proved interesting.

            DANTE: What did they show?

            SEPHY: It looked as if her body was capable of encompassing two entities. There were what we perceived to be shadows where a second body could exist - two sets of bones, two sets of organs. That is, if it were ever required.

            XAK looks at her, frustrated.

            XAK: How could you not say anything?

            SEPHY: I was acting as The Sponsor at the time, I had duties to fulfil and tasks to operate – a war was waging and I did not see the need of worrying any of you, or Cate, with something that may or may not ever happen.

            LANCE: But then she died.

            SEPHY: I was never there to see what happened in L’Arcanas. I didn’t know she had actually left existence for a moment. Had I known, I would have done my best to ensure that this had never happened.

            SIN: But it did... and Hecate knew you would figure it out. So she stopped you, blew up the base and took you with it.

            SEPHY looks at her and nods, half smiling. She rubs her grand-daughter’s arm.

            SEPHY: Yes, that’s right...

            She looks at her daughter who is finding this difficult to process by the doorway.

            SEPHY: Charlie... you know I would never hurt Cate. I love her very dearly.

            CHARLIE nods, tearful.

            CHARLIE: (quietly) I know.

            LANCE looks around the room and then stands.

            LANCE: Ok, so what do we do? We can stop Hecate, right... separate them somehow and take her out once and for all.

            SIN: Yeah, like some sort of separation spell? We have those right?

            SEPHY shakes her head, doubtful.

            SEPHY: I fear Hecate was nothing but truthful to us earlier; their bodies are entwined. Pulling Hecate out of Cate would certainly kill her.

            XAK: Hecate shrugs off magic like it was water and she was wax. She slipped out of Charlie’s binding spell back in Sunnydale with barely a blink of an eye.

            DANTE: But Hecate was separated from Cate’s body then.

            XAK: What? So we target Cate?

            DANTE: I’m thinking practically. I don’t want Cate dead...

            XAK: But you want her hurt?

            SEPHY: Xak, it’s highly likely Cate will get hurt however we choose to act.

            XAK: There’s got to be another way to win this war without sacrificing the safety of each other.

            CHARLIE looks at him.

            CHARLIE: Maybe there isn’t...

            He looks at her.

            XAK: (surprised) Charlie...

            CHARLIE: I don’t want to hurt my best friend, but I don’t want her spending another second with that parasite living off of her. Everything Hecate has ever done is because of me. I will do anything to get Cate back...

            She leaves now and everyone watches her go, awkwardly. DANTE looks around at everyone.

            DANTE: I know this is the part where we’d all brood because of a dramatic exit but we really don’t have time.

            XAK nods.

            XAK: Agreed. Hecate is dangerous and she could be doing anything now in Cate’s body. We need to know what her end game is and where it’s gonna go down. We’ve destroyed everything it’s thrown at us – the Acolytes, Sirens and its Gorgon – now it’s time to face her down once and for all. Any ideas?

            LA-REE (O/S): Uh...

            Everyone turns to see LA-REE and DECLAN stood in the hallway looking at them all, sheepishly. LA-REE blushes, embarrassed.

            LA-REE: I’m fairly certain that I have no idea what you’re all talking about but I’m sure you could use some help...

            SEPHY smiles at them all and SIN looks at them both with a small smile and a lot of hope.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The area surrounding the fountain is desolate. The scene is suddenly disrupted as a burst of energy blasts THE UNITED out into the area. It falls to the floor without grace, breathing heavily – CATE was back. She looks at the floor breathing heavily, in shock.

            CATE: No... it can’t be...

            HECATE (O/S): Oh, but it is.

            CATE looks up and she sees HECATE in front of her in a long white dress, perched on the edge of the fountain. HECATE smiles. CATE shakes her head.

            CATE: You’re not real...

            HECATE: You may be seeing a fragmented reality. I have altered our mind somewhat perceptively so you can see me but I am very real.

            CATE stands, angered.

            CATE: This is not “our” mind... it’s “my” mind.

            HECATE laughs.

            HECATE: Your mind? And what did you do with it? You had your chance to live alone and prosper just as I taught you but you ruined it.

            CATE: That’s not true.

            HECATE: You cheated on your lover with his own brother, you watched him die, you associated with the vampire race and became addicted to a mind altering opiate. You need me to survive, Cate.

            CATE looks away from her.

            CATE: You’re wrong... you’re wrong...

            HECATE: I made you happy. You were stronger and unrelenting in battle and you could finally connect with your friends again. I even remember how happy you were when you met that Healer boy from the Syndicate – the bliss you felt from making love to him and the devastation you felt when I made you break his heart.

            CATE grits her teeth in anger.

            CATE: Shut up!

            She runs at HECATE but she disappears. CATE looks around and sees HECATE standing now but a few feet from where she sat. She cocks her head at CATE.

            HECATE: Do you not see how easily I have been able to manipulate your life, the lives of your friends and the life of this very city? Not one of you knew.

            CATE leans back against the fountain.

            CATE: You made the animals go insane...

            HECATE: I had never intended to hurt my beloved animals – they simply were channelling the anger in our heart and sensing the imminent end.

            CATE: Whatever you’ve got planned, I won’t let it happen – I won’t let you hurt my friends, they’re my family.

            HECATE looks at her and laughs under her breath.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            DANTE and LANCE are tidying up the mess in the lounge, they’re almost finished. LA-REE enters with a broom and a dustpan.

            LA-REE: You know, I said I wanted to help but...

            LANCE: Thought we’d start you off slow.

            LA-REE: Yeah but this isn’t an induction into bar-work. Declan got to do research!

            DANTE: Well we’re running a bit thin on the ground and in case you haven’t noticed, we’re all sort of freaked out.

            LA-REE begins sweeping.

            LA-REE: Yeah I noticed that.

            LANCE: How are you not?

            LA-REE: I dunno. I think I’m high on adrenaline from getting my results but...

            XAK enters and she quickly shuts up, frantically sweeping.

            XAK: I couldn’t get hold of Petrina, her phone’s dead.

            LANCE: She’s probably still down in the Archives.

            DANTE: It’s morning in England, the other Watcher’s will be arriving soon which means she’ll be making a quick exit... we’ll get hold of her soon.

            XAK: I don’t even know what to say to her when I do speak to her.

            DANTE: I can go back and get her, we could use her scarily useful mind right about now.

            XAK: No, I need you here, we’re dealing with a dangerous goddess who’s holding one of our friend’s hostage.

            LANCE: We’re gonna need to take her down hard and fast.

            XAK: Fast being the word. Hecate could be anywhere with Cate now... we need to stop them. Whatever she’s got planned, she’s not going to wait now...

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            SIN and DECLAN are sat on her bed, looking through books on HECATE and mythology. DECLAN laughs to himself.

            DECLAN: Here was me thinking we were done studying.

            SIN smiles.

            SIN: Yeah, sorry...

            DECLAN: I’m joking, don’t worry.

            SIN: Not about the books, idiot. About everything.

            DECLAN: I’m here by choice.

            SIN: You don’t have to be.

            DECLAN looks at her.

            DECLAN: Yeah, Sin... I kinda do. It involves you being in danger, so I’m afraid I can’t really not be here for you.

            She takes his hand and squeezes it.

            SIN: If this ever becomes too much, I’ll understand.

            DECLAN: It would be easy to walk away and pretend that this never happened, that the last year of my life didn’t include you but that would be stupid and naive and I don’t want to be the guy who ignores something because it’s serious. I don’t want to be a joke anymore. My results, you... it’s all giving me something serious.

            She kisses him.

            SIN: Then I’m happy that you’re here.

            He smiles.

            DECLAN: Now, we have to find a way to help your friend.

            SIN sighs.

            SIN: She was more than a friend to me. She was so much more than that to everyone. She brushed my hair when I was a girl. She was the most popular girl in school. She has this way of smiling and laughing that’s addictive to watch. She’s the kindest person in the whole world and now she’s the one thing we can’t allow to exist in it...

            DECLAN puts an arm around her, she rests her head on his shoulder.

            DECLAN: You used to be that thing. You’re still here.

            She nods and sighs.

            SIN: Yeah, I guess...

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            CATE is looking into the water now, looking bleak. She looks to the woman next to her, the woman in her mind, HECATE.

            CATE: You’ve changed.

            HECATE: How so?

            CATE: When you left last time you thanked me for all I did to help you. Everything I did to help protect Charlie. Now this?

            HECATE looks at her still, curious.

            CATE: It’s not just about Sephy turning her back on you, is it?

            HECATE’S expression hardens.

            HECATE: My sister ruined our family by letting that filthy son of Kalipso corrupt something that should have been pure and honourable. The corporation will not stand for it and I will see to it that all of your friends die for their sins.

            CATE shakes her head.

            CATE: You won’t succeed, don’t you get it?

            HECATE: Don’t you? The Protogenoi have already targeted The Kalipso Syndicate in Cropley Shores and once they wilt then there will be no more allies for your friends. They’ll topple from grace just as many have done that oppose us. Then power will finally be restored to the ether beings – the gods, the goddesses and all that belong to it.

            She laughs slightly looking around at the park with disgust.

            HECATE: This plane is irrelevant and I’m going to wipe it from existence.

            CATE looks at her, concerned.

            CATE: What are you going to do?

            HECATE turns to her and smiles.

            HECATE: I’m going to raise the Underworld.

            CATE shakes her head, horrified.

            CATE: You can’t.

            HECATE: Oh I can, Cate. Once the Underworld and this world mix, the mortals will be begging the corporation for forgiveness. They’ll atone for their hubris.

            CATE: You’re insane...

            HECATE: Maybe but I’m sane enough to give you a choice, Cate.

            CATE looks at her.

            HECATE: Rule alongside me just as I’ve always wanted since this began. Or, I will take you by force and you will never re-surface. Your body will be but a shell for me to rule in – a reminder for those who oppose me.

            CATE: Why would you want me? I thought you were all powerful.

            HECATE: We are but one now, Cate. I feel your pain just as you feel the anguish for my race. I owe you that much, a choice.

            CATE: I could never.

            HECATE: Why? Do you think your friends will accept you now? You have no family, no friends... you only have me now Cate. Don’t you see? It’s this... or nothing.

            CATE looks down and breathes heavily.

            CATE: I will never turn against them.

            HECATE: Then I’m sorry, Cate.

            HECATE disappears now. CATE falls back and then she looks up, her eyes are glazed. She is gone... THE UNITED is all there is now.

            THE UNITED: You have chosen nothing.

            It smirks and it laughs maniacally as it disappears in a crackle of bursting energy.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The laugh carries into the next scene as the camera shows CHARLIE sat on the edge of CATE’S bed, looking at a framed photograph of the two friends from childhood. They’re smiling, happy.

            SEPHY: (O/S): I always loved seeing that photograph.

            SEPHY moves on screen and sits down next to CHARLIE.

            SEPHY: Every time I’d come to visit, I’d see you sleeping next to it.

            CHARLIE: (quietly) She’s always been there for me, Mom. How do I do this without her. I need her.

            SEPHY: We all need her.

            CHARLIE: Can we save her?

            SEPHY: Hecate’s planned this well, it won’t be easy...

            CHARLIE: But there’s hope?

            SEPHY: I think we can find a way to save Cate and stop Hecate forever. We have to.

            CHARLIE smiles and rests her head on her mother’s shoulder and closes her eyes, peaceful. SEPHY puts an arm around her and begins stroking her hair.

            CHARLIE: (softly, almost weak) That makes me feel good.

            SEPHY: There’s a million ways we can go about this but it’s integral we pick the right approach without hurting or damaging Cate’s body and soul. I will do my best to contact Poseidon, my last ally in the heavens... but he may not be able to find out anything, they may have gotten to him already. If Hecate targeted the Syndicate’s base in the ocean then they may have their claws deep into our protectors... but then there’s always...

            SEPHY’S words trail off as she feels liquid on her fingers. She removes her hand from her daughter’s hair and sees it is covered in blood. CHARLIE was bleeding from her ears. SEPHY’S eyes widen and she removes her arm from CHARLIE in shock. CHARLIE falls back, limp. SEPHY gasps.

            SEPHY: (softly) Charlie? Charlie?

            She shakes her, confused.

            SEPHY: (panicked) Charlie, wake up. Please....

            The camera closes in on her daughter as the realisation sets in.

            She was not breathing. Her heart was not beating.

            CHARLIE was dead.

            CUT TO BLACK

            END OF ACT FIVE


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              ACT SIX

              OPEN ON – LONDON

              It is 2021.

              VINCENT wipes a tear from his eye, recalling the event of CHARLIE’S death. He sniffs and continues writing, though a tear has smudged some of the ink on the page.

              VINCENT (V/O): I don’t think I could ever truly picture the looks on all of their faces when they discovered her body. But, none of them could anticipate what would unfold next for it would change their lives indefinitely.

              FLASH TO – WHITE

              OPEN ON – UNDERWORLD

              It is 2006, once again.

              THE UNITED walks to the edge of a balcony in a turret of its highest tower of the castle on the edge of the River Styx in the Underworld. It looks around, proudly at the Underworld below it.

              THE UNITED: It won’t be long now, death god. The souls have almost aligned...

              She eyes the souls in the river who seem to be forming some sort of ritualistic symbols with their bodies.

              CUT TO – MANHATTAN

              The camera pans around the lounge to show LA-REE stood at the door looking down, awkwardly. She looks up to someone, her friend SIN. SIN is sat on the sofa with DECLAN and SEPHY either side of her. DECLAN looks uneasy while SIN and SEPHY cry, silently. DANTE and LANCE watch from the other side of the room, devastated. LANCE looks to him.

              LANCE: Should we do something?

              DANTE just looks at him and then shakes his head.

              CUT TO – MANHATTAN

              XAK is sat on the floor of his and CHARLIE’S bedroom, his back against the wall. Morning breaks through the window and illuminates him and the body of his lover on the bed next to him. He breathes quietly and slowly as he stands and moves over to her. He observes her. Her eyes are closed and her body is still, void of life. He sits next to her and looks down at her.

              XAK: (shaking his head, softly) Why... why didn’t you... say anything...

              He sobs.

              XAK: (whispering) Why...

              He buries his head into her neck and cries. As the tears begin falling, they fall to CHARLIE’S skin. They glow. As XAK continues to cry, the glowing grows in intensity and CHARLIE’S eyes burst open. She gasps for breath. XAK is thrown back in shock as a glowing CHARLIE hovers above the bed. Ancient whispers wash around her and she slowly settles down to the bed. Her eyes close once more.

              XAK hurries over and picks her up in his arms, feeling the warmth of her body returning to him.

              XAK: Charlie?

              Her eyes flutter open and she smiles, seeing him. He gasps for sense and reason.

              CHARLIE: Hi...

              XAK: How?

              CHARLIE: I think we just found my power...

              FADE TO – MANHATTAN

              XAK and CHARLIE have now re-joined everyone in the lounge. CHARLIE has her arm around SIN and XAK is squeezing her hand. SEPHY is pacing the room, ecstatic. DANTE and LANCE look at her.

              DANTE: You’re gonna burn a hole through that rug, Seph.

              LANCE: Yeah and La-Ree did her best vacuuming on it too.

              LA-REE smiles, proudly.

              SEPHY: Of course. I can’t believe I didn’t see this before.

              CHARLIE: What, mom?

              SEPHY: You; your powers. It’s just as Kalipso had suspected... You’re both anomalies that are capable of incredible things.

              CHARLIE: So what I can’t die? That’s ridiculous...

              SEPHY: Is it? You were born to the world of magic which you inherited from your skilled father but you were also born to me – the goddess of the Underworld; a world that I can walk freely in without fear of death.

              She looks at XAK.

              SEPHY: And you. You were born to a great human leader but also to the darkness of monsters. You are a composite of the two.

              DECLAN: I don’t know if it’s just because I’m new to this but I’m still kind of stumped.

              SEPHY: It is rare for two demi-gods to inherit the merits of both parents but both of you have and even stranger, it would seem that you can only both realise this potential together.

              SIN: Like with Medusa and the dragon.

              XAK: And when I cried... my tears. They brought you back, Charlie.

              SEPHY: You two are more special than I allowed myself to believe.

              She looks at SIN.

              SEPHY: And you, I’m sure will shock me further.

              DANTE nods happy.

              DANTE: Well alright then! We can take down Hecate once and for all.

              SEPHY: Oh I don’t doubt that, Dante.

              She moves towards her daughter and smiles. She hugs her tightly.

              SEPHY: (whispering) Don’t you ever die on me again.

              CHARLIE laughs.

              CHARLIE: Twice is enough for one girl, believe me.

              She hugs her back and XAK watches the two of them, then his eyes move to his daughter.

              CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

              THE UNITED is sat angrily in its Throne Room, upon a monstrous throne made of bones and leathered skin. In front of it glows two energy figures. The figures that were seen in the house of the Prime family in Cropley Shores. The SHIMMERING MAN #1 and the SHIMMERING MAN #2.

              THE UNITED: What do you mean, she lives? Her mortal illness should have claimed her life.

              SHIMMERING MAN #1: Watch your tone with us Hecate.

              SHIMMERING MAN #2: Perhaps you have been around the humans too long if you feel you can speak so casually with us?

              THE UNITED bows its head, obediently.

              THE UNITED: Forgive me. My words may have been harsh but they were not without merit and conviction. Why is it that the girl continues to live?

              SHIMMERING MAN #1: It would appear she has summoned deep arcane powers and used them to defy the natural order of mortal death.

              SHIMMERING MAN #2: She, nor her lover, belong to this world entirely. The rules are different for them alone.

              SHIMMERING MAN #1: Be assured, it is a matter the corporation is investigating thoroughly.

              THE UNITED smirks.

              THE UNITED: I doubt they can match the ferocity of the Underworld, an entire plane of death.

              SHIMMERING MAN #1: It would seem we share a collective thought on this notion.

              THE UNITED: Then you agree that my plans should advance further now – with my cover as Cate decimated, now is the time to attack them. The souls are aligning and once they do, they will ascend to the world above. I need to accelerate the spell for it to occur in the present rather than the future.

              SHIMMERING MAN #2: We agree, especially as there have been developments in Cropley Shore since the death of Shelter Elm.

              THE UNITED cocks its head curiously.

              THE UNITED: What is it that you refer to?

              SHIMMERING MAN #2: One of the Protogenoi have fallen.

              THE UNITED looks at them both, angered and horrified.

              THE UNITED: Which?

              One of the Prime family had died: NICOLA? EDWARD? ARRON? HELEN?

              CUT TO – MANHATTAN

              CHARLIE is sat, talking with SIN.

              SIN: I couldn’t believe it when I heard...

              CHARLIE: What that I was dead, or that I was back?

              SIN: Both, I guess.

              CHARLIE smiles weakly.

              SIN: Why didn’t you tell one of us you were ill?

              CHARLIE: I guess it doesn’t matter now. The tumour has gone...

              SIN: Of course it matters. We’re your family... a weird family granted, but your family nonetheless.

              CHARLIE: I was scared. I only told Cate because she was there when it was bad.

              SIN: You told Cate?

              CHARLIE nods.

              CHARLIE: Seems stupid, thinking about it now. I bet Hecate was just laughing at me...

              SIN grabs a hold of her hand.

              SIN: We’ll get Cate back. Between all of us there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do... you’ve proven that.

              CHARLIE smiles, happily.

              CHARLIE: Thank you... and I meant what I said before. I didn’t just say it because I knew what was coming...

              SIN smiles, warmed.

              SIN: I know.

              The phone rings. LA-REE jumps up.

              LA-REE: I’ll get it!

              She picks up the phone.

              LA-REE: (to the other person on the phone) Good morning, Thorn-ish residence?

              She hears a reply and furrows her brow.

              LA-REE: (replying) La-Ree Catherwood. I go to school with Sindy... sorry, Sin. Who am I speaking to?

              The person replies.

              LA-REE: (replying) Ea Brogan? What sort of name is that?

              CHARLIE looks up hearing his name and runs to the phone. She snatches it off of LA-REE.

              CHARLIE: (to BROGAN, on the phone) Ea? It’s Charlie...

              FADE TO -

              It is slightly later, approaching noon. XAK, CHARLIE and SIN are stood in front of DANTE, LANCE, SEPHY, DECLAN and LA-REE.

              XAK: Brogan says they had a confession in Cropley Shores... one of the bad guys told them a great deal about Hecate.

              DANTE: Sounds suspicious.

              XAK: The Syndicate checked the story out, it’s completely legitimate.

              LANCE: What is it they know?

              CHARLIE: It looks like Hecate is doing a few things. It’s guarding a book for the gods.

              SEPHY: Book?

              XAK: The diary of a man named Phineas.

              SEPHY: My goodness, then it really does exist. If Hecate has it...

              SIN: Then they’re worried about what’s inside it. We could stop them with what’s written in there.

              XAK: No doubt, Hecate will have it heavily guarded.

              DECLAN: Wow, well do we know where this book is?

              CHARLIE: In the castle that Hecate’s had built in her name... on the banks of the Underworld.

              SEPHY laughs.

              SEPHY: The Underworld, so predictable.

              XAK: And that’s where she’s going to launch her attack. Hecate’s planning on raising the Underworld and taking down this plane unless we give ourselves up to her.

              SEPHY: She can’t do that... she doesn’t have the power.

              CHARLIE: No, but something called “the corporation” does – they’re putting all their eggs in her basket by the looks of things. They gave her a spell that aligns the souls within the Underworld which acts as a sort of ritualistic portal – basically, it moves the Underworld to a different plane.

              SEPHY’S eyes widen.

              SEPHY: They would never...

              LANCE: What is it, Seph?

              SEPHY: The corporation is one of the many casual aliases for the Olympians. If what you’re saying is true, it means that the highest gods are backing Hecate... their powers will be strong. Cate’s body may not be able to cope with the power that they’ll channel through her.

              LANCE: Her soul is strong though... it’ll see her through just like it always has through dark times.

              CHARLIE considers this.

              CHARLIE: That’s it... it’s not about her body. It’s about her soul...

              CHARLIE smiles.

              CHARLIE: I know how we can save Cate.

              CUT TO – LONDON

              The door to the Lobby opens and SILVANA RAE walks through the room looking tired and stressed. The RECEPTIONIST looks at her, confused. She notices.

              SILVANA: (snapping) What?

              RECEPTIONIST: Sorry, Mrs. Rae... it’s just that... your access code was used to enter the Archives last night and our systems show that it is still active.

              SILVANA looks at the RECEPTIONIST, enraged.

              SILVANA: Excuse me? No one has access to...

              Then she stops, her face drops.

              SILVANA: (scared) Oh god... Call my husband. Now!

              She then runs down the corridor, while the RECEPTIONIST quickly dials for VINCENT.

              CUT TO – LONDON

              SILVANA hurries into the room. She looks around and then sees PETRINA sat at the desk. PETRINA turns to look at her – she has been crying. She purses her lips.

              PETRINA: I think you owe me an explanation.

              SILVANA looks at her horrified. For the first time, the mother was afraid of the daughter.

              CUT TO BLACK

              END OF ACT SIX
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                ACT SEVEN

                OPEN ON – LONDON

                It is the year 2021 again.

                The camera shows VINCENT in his bed, dying slowly, desperate to finish his story. The camera moves away from him to the window of his room where the wind and rain continues to ravage the building.

                VINCENT (V/O): The truth was unravelling faster than anyone could control it, least of all me.

                Through the window, in the night, a MAN in a trench coat and a briefcase can be seen walking towards the building.

                VINCENT (V/O): My wife’s treachery was becoming Pandora’s Box and the lid was about to slide, revealing its dreadful contents...

                FLASH TO – WHITE

                OPEN ON – MANHATTAN

                It is the year 2006.

                XAK and CHARLIE are mixing together a potion on the floor of their bedroom. He is holding a handful of dusted herbs in his hand.

                XAK: Is this right?

                CHARLIE: Yeah, pour it in.

                He pours it into the rest of the potion. The mixture is complete. Instantly, CHARLIE corks it.

                CHARLIE: Ok, that should do it. We just have to throw this on the wicked witch and watch her melt.

                XAK: Sure it’ll work?

                CHARLIE: It’s a potion my father inherited from a gypsy clan called the Kalderash. He said they once were experimenting with ways to separate the soul of a vampire from the soul of a human in order to enslave the vampire with his own humanity. But this magic was said to be too potent to use on just a vampire so they discarded it thinking they could never use it. They called it “armaya trushal odji”.

                XAK: What does it mean?

                CHARLIE: “The curse of the hungry soul”.

                XAK: Wow... then we can separate their souls, suppress Hecate at last with Cate’s own humanity.

                CHARLIE: Exactly.

                She looks at him and there is a moment of awkward silence. He opens his mouth to speak.

                CHARLIE: We should go. We can’t waste time.

                She goes to stand but he grabs her arm. She looks at him, resilient.

                CHARLIE: Don’t...

                XAK: I’m scared for you.

                CHARLIE: Xak, we’re not Declan and La-Ree – this has been our lives for five years, you know it and I know it.

                XAK: You died, Charlie. You left this world, you left me. I’m sorry that freaks me out but it does.

                CHARLIE: I know but I’m not going anywhere, don’t you see that. I will march into that Underworld with my head held high and I will pull my friend’s soul out of it even if I make cheating death a hat trick...

                XAK: That’s not funny.

                CHARLIE: I’m not laughing.

                She grabs the potion and then stands and begins walking out of the room. He looks down and sighs, running a hand through his hair.

                CUT TO – MANHATTAN

                DANTE and SEPHY are looking through her chest of drawers and wardrobe.

                DANTE: What does it look like again?

                SEPHY: It’s a red pouch made of leathered hide.

                DANTE: How big is it?

                SEPHY: Not large.

                DANTE: Useful.

                SEPHY: Apologies, but I didn’t think I’d require it any time soon. With Charon dead, this is the only way into the Underworld.

                DANTE: You know who’s good in situations like these? Petrina. We need her Sephy.

                SEPHY: I have not had the pleasure of meeting her properly, though I understand in my delusive amnesiac state I did.

                DANTE: Then you must somehow remember how useful she is.

                SEPHY: I don’t doubt another ally would be useful but we do not have the time. I’m sorry. We’re the rescue mission.

                DANTE looks at her.

                DANTE: I get it, it’s cool...

                SEPHY looks at him, she smiles.

                SEPHY: I found it.

                She shows him what is in her hand – a small pouch, tied together by string. He moves towards her.

                DANTE: So can I finally see what it is?

                She unties the string and pours them out into her hand. They’re seeds.

                DANTE: Oh good, some old dried seed things.

                SEPHY: These are not just any type of seeds. They are pomegranate seeds.

                CUT TO – MANHATTAN

                SIN is stood on the steps outside XAK’S apartment with DECLAN and LA-REE.

                LA-REE: I don’t want to just like... leave.

                SIN: You have to, it’s not safe.

                LA-REE: But you get to stay?

                SIN: Cate’s my family – I have to. Plus I have advantages in this field that you don’t.

                LA-REE: There must be something we can do.

                SIN: Go home, both of you and celebrate the results.

                DECLAN looks down, saddened.

                DECLAN: How can we celebrate? We’ll never see you again.

                SIN looks at him.

                SIN: You’ll see me again.

                DECLAN: Where?

                She leans in and kisses him lightly on the lips and then leans in to whisper to him. LA-REE smiles at the scene.

                SIN: (whispering) London...

                The camera closes in on their mouths as a mutual soft smile develops.

                FADE TO – MANHATTAN

                XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY are all stood in a circle in the lounge, all armed with weapons and their magicks. Each of them holding a pomegranate seed.

                LANCE: Ok, so what do we do?

                SEPHY: Eat them.

                DANTE: Ew...

                CHARLIE: Just do it.

                XAK: And remember... we don’t hurt Cate. If this doesn’t work, then we find another way. We’re not killing her.

                Everyone nods in agreement.

                XAK: Let’s go.

                They all place their pomegranate seeds in their mouths and swallow. SEPHY closes her eyes.

                SEPHY: (whispering) Lets go home.

                The room fills with the brightest light.

                FLASH TO – UNDERWORLD

                As the light dies down the gang find themselves all stood on the Dead Plains of the Underworld. Everyone looks around, amazed and horrified at the scene. SEPHY most of all.

                DANTE: Whoa...

                SEPHY: This place haunts me...

                CHARLIE moves towards her and touches her arm.

                CHARLIE: This’ll be the last time we’re here, I promise.

                SEPHY nods.

                DANTE: Guys... up ahead.

                He gestures at the castle, now fully complete.

                DANTE: Check out the crib.

                CHARLIE: That’s where Ea said she’ll be.

                LANCE: Looks quiet.

                SIN: Would you want to be around here?

                LANCE: Good point.

                XAK: Then we better get in there and end this.

                XAK begins walking towards it, the others follow.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                Inside the castle, the gang cautiously navigate the corridors. SEPHY looks around.

                LANCE: Gotta say, hate the woman obviously but Hecate sure knows how to live in style.

                SEPHY: If you have the backing of the corporation, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.

                CHARLIE: Sh!

                XAK looks at her.

                XAK: (quietly) What is it?

                CHARLIE: I hear something up ahead...

                They all look at the room in front of them, the door is ajar slightly. It is a large door. XAK moves slowly towards it, holding closely on to his knife. He slowly reaches for the handle and then quickly opens the door.

                CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                XAK appears in the doorway of the Throne Room. He looks around, the room is empty but there is a door at the back of the room. Hovering in the middle of the room, above a pedestal is a book, magic crackling around it as it maintains its levitation.

                XAK: We’re clear...

                He enters the room and the others also follow. SEPHY sees the book.

                SEPHY: That’s it, the journal...

                XAK moves tentatively forward and reaches for the journal but as he does the door at the back of the room opens and someone enters. XAK looks up.

                It’s LINOS, the labourer who once was PAN’S soldier. He looks at them all and then to XAK who has his hand on the book.

                LINOS: That does not belong to you stranger, it belongs to my King.

                DANTE: (whispering to SEPHY) He must mean one of the gods.

                They didn’t know they were on the same side, fighting the same fight.

                SEPHY: Xak... we can’t let him take it.

                XAK: He’s not going to.

                XAK looks at LINOS.

                XAK: Sorry man, not gonna happen. I’m gonna take this journal and then kill the queen of this castle.

                LINOS: Do what you want to The United but that book you shall not take - its importance expires even the life of even them.

                The sound of approaching footsteps causes the gang to stand on guard. The rest of PAN’S army approach and fill the Throne Room, surrounding the gang.

                XAK and CHARLIE look at one another, worried.

                CUT TO - LONDON

                Back in London, SILVANA approaches her daughter, tentatively.

                SILVANA: What have you read?

                PETRINA: You were pregnant? In Sunnydale? Why did you never tell me?

                SILVANA: You were a child... you could never have understood what it was like for me back then.

                PETRINA: Then explain. Did you have the child?

                SILVANA looks at her with pursed lips and then nods.

                SILVANA: Yes...

                PETRINA’S mouth falls open.

                PETRINA: (shocked) Oh my god...

                SILVANA: Please Petrina, I never wanted you to know.

                PETRINA: Why?!

                SILVANA: Because of what happened...

                PETRINA: What did happen? That man... the one that died? Nathan? Is it to do with him?

                SILVANA: Yes. Nathan died on your 3rd birthday...

                FLASH TO – SUNNYDALE

                CAPTION: SUNNYDALE, DECEMBER 1982.

                A ragged looking YOUNG SILVANA is sat on the sofa of her apartment looking exhausted. She has a cup of tea in her hands and the sound of a child crying can be heard loudly throughout the apartment. She closes her eyes and ignores the sound. NATHAN enters the room.

                NATHAN: Baby wants its mother, Mrs.

                YOUNG SILVANA looks at him with contempt.

                YOUNG SILVANA: I’m not your Mrs, Nathan. It’s a stupid nickname, I hate it.

                NATHAN looks at her angrily.

                NATHAN: What’s wrong with you?

                YOUNG SILVANA: I have a lot on my mind.

                NATHAN: Well suck it up and be a mother.

                She looks away, upset. There is a knock at the door. NATHAN looks at her, disgusted and then to the door. He moves towards it and opens it. The camera stays focused on SILVANA.

                NATHAN (O/S): What do you want?

                YOUNG VINCENT (O/S): I’m here to see my wife...

                SILVANA looks up, almost relieved.

                SILVANA: Vincent...

                The camera shows YOUNG VINCENT moving into the apartment. He ignores NATHAN and looks at his wife.

                YOUNG VINCENT: Silvana...

                She smiles slightly at him.

                YOUNG SILVANA: Hi... what are you doing here?

                YOUNG VINCENT: I knew you’d turned your back on the Council, on me... but I thought you’d remember today of all days.

                YOUNG SILVANA: Of course I know. Its Petrina’s birthday...

                YOUNG VINCENT: Three years old. All she asked for was you.

                YOUNG SILVANA: She’s here?

                YOUNG VINCENT: She’s here, yes.

                NATHAN puts a hand on YOUNG VINCENT.

                NATHAN: You need to leave man, she doesn’t want you or your damn kid.

                YOUNG SILVANA: Nathan...

                SILVANA and NATHAN’S child starts crying again. YOUNG VINCENT looks at NATHAN.

                YOUNG VINCENT: Hadn’t you better see to your child.

                CUT TO – SUNNYDALE

                The camera focuses on a child crawling across the floor of a dark room, heading towards the noises of its parents and a strange man.

                CUT TO - SUNNYDALE

                NATHAN looks at him, seething with rage.

                NATHAN: You better shut your mouth and get out of my home or so help me...

                YOUNG VINCENT: You have a lot of anger issues, don’t you?

                SILVANA stands and moves towards them both now.

                SILVANA: (upset) Please stop...

                NATHAN back hands her around her face and she falls to the floor, smashing through the table.

                YOUNG VINCENT: Hey!

                NATHAN punches him and YOUNG VINCENT falls to the floor. He wipes blood from his cut lip and looks to his right to see a small child sat by the door of its bedroom watching the scene. It is a BLONDE GIRL – his and SILVANA’S daughter. YOUNG SILVANA looks up to her baby daughter, her hands and arms cut from the broken table. The BLONDE GIRL looks up to her father, NATHAN. She looks upset. NATHAN looks at her.

                NATHAN: Go back to bed! (shouting) Now!

                The BLONDE GIRL’S eyes now turn a milky white and she stares at her father with contempt. YOUNG SILVANA and YOUNG VINCENT look in amazement. The BLONDE GIRL screams and energy bursts from her and hits NATHAN dead on. In an instant, NATHAN falls to the floor, dead. His face contorted in pain and shock. YOUNG SILVANA screams.

                YOUNG VINCENT jumps up and he grabs his wife and pulls her to her feet.

                YOUNG SILVANA: No... Vincent, he’s dead. She killed him. She’s been wrong since birth. I knew it, we both did.

                YOUNG VINCENT: Silvana, we have to go! We have to go, now!

                He drags her out of the apartment towards the door and SILVANA’S eyes look from her dead lover to her demonic daughter. Their eyes meet.

                YOUNG SILVANA: Cate...

                YOUNG SILVANA is pulled out of the apartment and out of her daughter’s life. CATE gets further and further from them, her young tainted eyes watch as her mother leaves her forever.

                FLASH TO – LONDON

                It is 2006 once again.

                PETRINA clutches the side of the table in shock.

                PETRINA: No...

                SILVANA has tears in her eyes.

                SILVANA: Nathan’s full name was Nathan Rittle. We called her Cathryn after Nathan’s sister, she died in a car accident. It’s why he wanted to be a mechanic... to fix things so they didn’t break anymore. But then she came to known to be Cate and I knew I’d lost everything I put into that girl – Hecate had her and she always had. I never had a choice...

                PETRINA: No... mother no... it can’t be.

                SILVANA’S throat is dry, she swallows to no avail.

                SILVANA: It is.

                PETRINA: Cate’s my sister?

                SILVANA hesitates.

                SILVANA: Yes.

                PETRINA looks at her and shakes her head.

                PETRINA: You left a one year old girl to fend for herself?

                SILVANA: She killed Nathan. If it wasn’t for your father she’d have killed us both too. We had to escape...

                PETRINA: You don’t know that’s true! How could you leave your own daughter?!

                SILVANA: Hecate raised her, she was inside her always. I always checked on her progress.

                PETRINA: That’s why Quentin took you back? You mothered Cathryn Rittle, the girl cursed with the goddess Hecate.

                SILVANA: He wanted me close to him, yes... but I had to promise to stay away from Cate. So he sent Rupert Giles to continue my mission on the Hell mouth, positioning him in Cate’s high school but then he got so wrapped up in his little Buffy Summers and Cate faded from the Council’s radar... our only way back in was to send you.

                PETRINA: You’re no better than him, you sent me to my sister and didn’t even tell me the truth. You knew she was The United... you put my life at risk, her life at risk and the lives of everyone. All to hide the disgusting truth.

                SILVANA narrows her eyes at PETRINA.

                SILVANA: How do you suppose I should stop her? She’s not my daughter... she never was. I gave birth to a monster.

                PETRINA slaps her, sharply around the face.

                PETRINA: (with seething rage) How dare you say that about your child. If you had been half a mother to any of your children, things might have been different for all of us.

                SILVANA touches her own face, horrified.

                SILVANA: I tried to make things different. I searched the world for an answer to save her but every door I opened led to the inevitable - the only way to save Cate is to kill her.

                PETRINA: You’re wrong, I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll save my sister.

                SILVANA: You’re already too late. The United is in the Underworld, finalising its plans. Xak will kill it... just as he needs to.

                PETRINA widens her eyes and then clutches on to the lapels of SILVANA’S jacket.

                PETRINA: (pleading) I need you to get me to the Underworld, now. You have to get me there... I have to save her.

                SILVANA: There’s no point, Petrina. You cannot save her.

                PETRINA: (stern) If you don’t do this for me. If I lose her... then you are dead to me.

                SILVANA looks at her and considers this for a moment. She takes a deep breath.

                SILVANA: Go to our Seers... they’ll get you there...

                PETRINA doesn’t waste any more time. She runs to the door.

                SILVANA: I’m sorry, Petrina...

                SILVANA turns to her daughter but PETRINA is gone. She looks at the table and sees the pictures of NATHAN RITTLE’S body. She grabs her mouth and cries uncontrollably.

                CUT TO - UNDERWORLD

                XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, DANTE, LANCE and SEPHY look around them as LINOS and his army move closer.

                SEPHY: They are not human, not anymore.

                XAK: Ok... on my command...

                SIN: Screw command, they’re gonna kill us.

                She lunges forward and attacks one of the men. LANCE smiles.

                LANCE: Like her style.

                Him and DANTE follow her example. XAK and CHARLIE look at one another and also commence attacking. SEPHY is suddenly pushed to the floor and attacked by one of the men. She looks at him appalled.

                SEPHY: Don’t you know who I am? I am the goddess of this realm.

                The man laughs and she stares at him angrily and then grabs his neck and breaks it swiftly.

                SEPHY: I will not be insulted in the world that I belong to.

                She jumps to her feet and watches as two more men approach.

                SIN faces off against a SOLDIER and punches him swiftly and sharply – energy crackling off her fists with every hit, leaving singed marks on the soldier’s face and body. The SOLDIER looks at her shocked.

                SOLDIER: Who are you?

                She pulls a knife out of her belt and swiftly drives it into his chest.

                SIN: The next generation.

                He looks at her shocked and then falls back dead. Seeing one of their own fall, two men attack SIN, pinning her to the wall. CHARLIE sees and leaves XAK’S side to help her daughter.

                CHARLIE pulls one of them off of SIN and kicks him away. She holds her hands up at him.

                CHARLIE: Incindire...

                He instantly combusts and SIN pushes the other off of her and she leans back almost inhumanely and pulls the knife out of her last victim and swiftly flips back forward and strikes her attacker in exactly the same place. CHARLIE looks at SIN.

                CHARLIE: You ok?

                SIN nods as she pulls out her knife and watches the soldier fall back.

                SIN: Feeling good.

                LINOS eyes the scene angrily and he looks to see DANTE and LANCE, both of them slaughtering his men. He then turns to XAK who has just murdered his second. LINOS grabs one of the dead men’s swords and points it at XAK.

                LINOS: You have slaughtered my men, but you shall not have victory against the will of my king.

                XAK looks at him and they lock swords. XAK blocks an attack but LINOS swiftly attacks with another which XAK barely dodges, his arm cut swiftly and sharply by the blade of the dead warrior. XAK looks at his arm, shocked and then as LINOS swings again, XAK jumps to avoid it and is successful. He brings his sword down to LINOS but he avoids it skilfully. They block and attack one another, perfectly synchronising attack and defence.

                LINOS: You fight well for a man from the new world.

                XAK: I am more than a man.

                XAK spins around now and kicks LINOS to the floor. He jumps on top of LINOS and embeds the sword deep into the dead man’s chest. LINOS’S eyes widen and he looks up to XAK.

                LINOS: You have bested me...

                XAK gulps and looks at him.

                XAK: You gave us no choice.

                LINOS smiles.

                LINOS: I would die a thousand deaths for King Pandion.

                XAK: Then you’re a...

                Then XAK realises.

                XAK: King Pandion? Pan...

                The expression on LINOS’S face softens and his last breath escapes his lips. XAK looks at him, horrified.

                Then the laughter of two voices in one body causes him to look up. THE UNITED was stood in front of him, in its hands was the journal.

                THE UNITED: Well there’s some irony for you, huh Xak?

                The rest of the gang look up hearing THE UNITED’S voice as do the last few of LINOS’S soldiers.

                THE UNITED: And here was me thinking you were so low on allies you didn’t need to thin the herd.

                THE UNITED then waves its hand and the journal disappears.

                SEPHY: (gasping) No...

                THE UNITED looks up at SEPHY.

                THE UNITED: Sorry sister, your jurisdiction has long expired in this realm.

                It smirks and waves its hands.

                SIN, DANTE, LANCE. SEPHY and the final few soldiers are all sent soaring out into the corridor, the door slamming behind them. XAK and CHARLIE look in shock as they see that they’re the only ones left alive with THE UNITED. It looks at both of them with its glazed eyes, intrigued.

                THE UNITED: Now, friends... it’s just the ones that matter left.

                XAK and CHARLIE look at one another, CHARLIE clutches at the potion in her pocket tightly.

                CUT TO BLACK

                END OF ACT SEVEN


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                  ACT EIGHT

                  OPEN ON – LONDON

                  The year is 2021.

                  As the storm rages on the MAN in his drenched trench coat moves seamlessly through the corridor, keeping to the shadows to mask his identity.

                  VINCENT (V/O): And with the truth of my wife’s love child finally out, my daughter raced to save the life of her half-sister in the hope that she could rescue her body and soul...

                  The MAN approaches a room... VINCENT’S room.

                  VINCENT (V/O): But it would seem that others had beaten Petrina to the souls of The United and her window of time to reach Cate was waning...

                  FLASH TO – WHITE

                  OPEN ON – UNDERWORLD

                  SIN hammers against the door to the Throne Room, scared of her parents’ safety inside. She looks behind her to the others.

                  SIN: Help me!

                  DANTE and LANCE immediately help. SEPHY turns to the soldiers.

                  SEPHY: Please, help us.

                  The soldiers all run away except one who looks heavily wounded. The remaining WOUNDED SOLDIER looks at SEPHY.

                  WOUNDED SOLDIER: You are too late, there is nothing to be done to stop The United’s spell.

                  SEPHY: You are talking about raising the Underworld?

                  WOUNDED SOLDIER: We’ll all be doomed when the ascension is complete.

                  He then hobbles away and SEPHY watches. As he disappears, SEPHY turns to the door and begins pounding on it with the others.

                  CUT TO - UNDERWORLD

                  XAK moves to CHARLIE while THE UNITED meanders the room admiring the decor.

                  THE UNITED: Thank you for coming to my castle - those men may have died easily but they’re hard grafters when it comes to architecture... but then, that’s another joy of the ancient world.

                  XAK: There are no joys of the ancient world, don’t you get it? It’s ancient for a reason.

                  THE UNITED: It soon won’t be. When my Underworld rises to your plane, all of existence in this dimension will be under my rule and the rule of the corporation.

                  CHARLIE: We can stop you... all of you.

                  THE UNITED: You can? Cate couldn’t. I gave her the option of joining me or fighting against me and she chose the latter... that’s why she’s gone, forever.

                  CHARLIE: You cannot stop Cathryn Rittle. That woman cannot be stopped by something as insignificant as you, Hecate.

                  THE UNITED snarls now and hurls the purest white energy at CHARLIE. XAK pushes her out of the way and the two of them dodge the attack. CHARLIE’S hands are now empty. She looks to XAK.

                  CHARLIE: The potion... it’s gone...

                  The camera pans to the floor near the pedestal and shows the potion lying there but they cannot see it.

                  XAK (O/S): We’ll find it, we just have to hold Hecate off... weaken her.

                  XAK is suddenly forced backwards by another attack now and he is thrown into the throne, smashing it to pieces. THE UNITED laughs.

                  THE UNITED: I don’t like private conversations in my home. Show some respect.

                  CHARLIE looks at XAK who looks weakened slightly by the attack. She stands.

                  CHARLIE: Screw respect. I’ll show you none of it.

                  She hurls a bolt of green energy at The United which hits it and though it stands its ground it looks up at CHARLIE clearly slightly affected by the attack. It goes to move towards CHARLIE but as it does it is tackled to the floor by XAK. He punches it repeatedly in the face, but all it does is laugh at XAK inanely.

                  THE UNITED: Bruise her body all you will, I’ll still be here.

                  XAK: We’ll see...

                  He slams its head to the floor and then it kicks him away. He falls back into the pedestal and THE UNITED stands mystically, facing both of them.

                  CHARLIE hurls another energy bolt at THE UNITED but it holds a hand up to block it.

                  THE UNITED: Repetitive.

                  It turns to her and all the bones that made up the throne surround THE UNITED, levitating. With a swift gesture from the composite creature they all dart at CHARLIE. Her eyes widen and she runs across the room to dodge them. She enchants her body so she moves with exceptional speed and with perfect precision she dodges all of the bones and as the last one almost hits its target she grabs a hold of it and throws it back at THE UNITED, cutting its face.

                  THE UNITED: You little...

                  With a swift teleportation spell, CHARLIE disappears and re-appears in front of THE UNITED, cutting it off.

                  CHARLIE: I don’t care.

                  She throws a punch which lands on THE UNITED’S face. The two begin fighting hand to hand. THE UNITED kicks CHARLIE in the stomach, which forces her back, winding her and then it scratches her face with its nails, drawing blood.

                  CHARLIE recoils by dropping to the floor and knocking THE UNITED to the floor with a sweeping kick. She jumps on top of it and grabs it by the throat.

                  CHARLIE: (angry) Give me my friend back...

                  THE UNITED laughs.

                  THE UNITED: (whispering) Never...

                  The ground begins to shake and THE UNITED uses this opportunity to kick CHARLIE away from it. Both XAK and CHARLIE look around, shocked. THE UNITED sniggers, happily as it stands again with complete ease.

                  THE UNITED: It is time.

                  It looks at both of them. XAK eyes something nearby which rattles on the floor as the ground shakes – the potion.

                  THE UNITED: Sorry both of you – while this fight may be enjoyable, it’s irrelevant. It’s the age of The United now...

                  It breezes through the door in the back of the room now and disappears from sight. CHARLIE looks at XAK.

                  CHARLIE: We don’t have time, we have to do it now!

                  XAK shows her the potion.

                  XAK: Done deal.

                  She rushes towards him and pulls him to his feet, grabbing the potion. They both disappear through the door at the back of the room.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  As the ground begins to shake a mystical energy begins to glow on the Dead Plains, bringing with it the ailing PETRINA RAE. She has tears in her eyes and she looks around desperately, feeling the world shudder underneath her. She eyes the castle and her face drops.

                  PETRINA: Please... let me not be too late...

                  She runs towards the castle and her sister.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  XAK and CHARLIE burst out of another door leading on to the highest turret of the castle in the Underworld. THE UNITED is stood in front of them holding its arms in the air as thousands of spirits begin soaring up into the sky and the world above.

                  XAK looks around, horrified.

                  XAK: No...

                  THE UNITED turns and looks at him.

                  THE UNITED: You’re too late.

                  CHARLIE moves forward.

                  CHARLIE: No, we’re not.

                  She holds the potion in her hand and then throws it at THE UNITED’S feet. A mystical purple light shrouds THE UNITED and lifts it in the air. It screams in pain, the voices distinguishable between both CATE and HECATE. The light suddenly enters THE UNITED through its eyes and it falls to the floor of the turret, a crumpled mess. XAK and CHARLIE look in shock as it lies still. The dead continue to rise in the background behind them.

                  CHARLIE rushes forward to it.

                  XAK: Charlie...

                  CHARLIE, on her knees, lifts THE UNITED.

                  CHARLIE: Cate?

                  THE UNITED opens its eyes slowly... it was not THE UNITED. It was CATE. Her gorgeous alluring gaze was back. She smiles at her friend.

                  CATE: Charlie?

                  CHARLIE laughs, happily.

                  CHARLIE: You’re back... you’re back.

                  She hugs her tightly and then XAK watches smiling. Over CHARLIE’S shoulder CATE sees the dead continuing to rise to the world above.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  PETRINA hurries into the corridor and sees the others.

                  PETRINA: Where is Cate?

                  DANTE turns to see her, shocked.

                  DANTE: Petrina?! What the hell?

                  PETRINA: I don’t have time to explain, where is she?!

                  SIN: She’s in there, Xak and Charlie are with her... I can’t hear anything now.

                  PETRINA suddenly barges at the door and with the strength of her friends, the door bursts open. PETRINA looks around the empty Throne Room and panics. She runs a hand through her hair.

                  PETRINA: (scared) No... no...

                  She sees the open door at the back of the room.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS – 0040

                  The song begins as CATE stands. CHARLIE tries to help her.

                  CHARLIE: You’re back...

                  CATE looks down.

                  CATE: I’m so sorry.

                  XAK: You don’t have anything to apologise for. You’re back now.

                  She shakes her head, frowning.

                  CATE: You both should have killed me.

                  XAK: We’d never give up on you, none of us would.

                  CATE: You don’t understand. She’s not gone.

                  CHARLIE looks at her, confused.

                  CHARLIE: What?

                  CATE: I can still feel her – she’s inside me still, buried deep. She’ll come back... it could take hours, days or years... but she’ll come back and she’ll finish what she started. It’ll never be done.

                  CHARLIE: (desperate) We’ll deal with that when we come to it...

                  CATE shakes her head.

                  CATE: I can’t take that chance with my family.

                  CATE moves away from her friends now and moves to the edge of the turret.

                  CATE: She’s hurt so many people, she’ll never be finished unless I’m done.

                  CATE looks up at the souls who continue to ascend. Then, she looks down at the River Styx below her. She stands on the edge of the turret.

                  CHARLIE: (screaming) Cate! No!

                  CATE looks back at her.

                  CATE: I have to do this Charlie, you know I do. If I don’t then the Underworld will rise and she’ll kill you all and the world will end.

                  XAK holds on to CHARLIE and watches, tears in his eyes.

                  CATE: I could never let that happen. Never.

                  CHARLIE begins crying.

                  CHARLIE: Please Cate, there has to be another way...

                  CATE smiles at her.

                  CATE: It’s ok, Charlie. This is what I’m meant to do, protect you. I’ve had my life now and it’s been amazing. I mean, I saw the rise and fall of Britney Spears, the ineffable seduction of Gucci and Prada...

                  She smiles softly, remembering TOOLE EMORY.

                  CATE: And I had a man. A man that I loved unconditionally and who loved me in return. But more importantly, I had you... a family. I would die to protect that family... and now that time has come.

                  CHARLIE shakes her head, devastated.

                  CHARLIE: (sobbing) But I love you... you can’t leave me! You can’t leave any of us. We need you!

                  CATE looks to XAK. She nods, content and breathes deeply.

                  CATE: Take good care of her. She’s yours forever, she always will be.

                  XAK nods, knowing that she’s doing what she has to do.

                  XAK: (tearful) I love you Cate.

                  CATE rolls her eyes and laughs.

                  CATE: Obviously.

                  She looks at her best friend. She winks and then turns.

                  In slow motion she swan dives into the River Styx below. CHARLIE bursts into tears and shouts in protest as she watches her best friend dive, disappearing from sight forever.

                  As this happens, PETRINA bursts out of the door and looks around the turret, the others closely behind her. She looks at XAK and CHARLIE crying and then sees the edge of CATE’S clothing disappear off of the edge of the turret. She screams and rushes to the edge to see her sister fall willingly into the deathly waters below.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD
                  DEPTHS – INT.RIVER STYX – UNKNOWN

                  CATE closes her eyes as she hits the water. As soon as she does, all of the spirits that were rising fall back into the Underworld and the River Styx. As the spirits land in the water they grab a hold of CATE and seem to be tearing her apart. She looks to be in pain but then what they’re really doing becomes evident.

                  HECATE is being pulled, kicking and screaming, from her host. CATE opens her eyes to look at HECATE as she finally leaves CATE’S body. In a single gaze, they say goodbye forever. HECATE looks in pain as she’s eternally pulled to the bottom of the death river, never to return.

                  CATE smiles softly, finally content and free from the dark shadow of the goddess. As she feels the life fading from her she is held gently by the hands of the river’s souls. When life leaves her she sinks slowly to the bottom of the river with their guidance, the smile eternally completing her face.

                  CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

                  PETRINA clutches the edge of the turret in an uncontrollable fit of sorrow and tears. DANTE and LANCE try pulling her back as SIN and SEPHY comfort XAK and CHARLIE, all of them in shock.

                  The camera pulls back from the turret to the sky of the sealed Underworld...

                  FADE TO – UNKNOWN

                  An incredibly beautiful woman in an official suit is wandering the corridors of an office building. Around her neck is the necklace of the Acolytes. She is the BRITISH ACOLYTE. She is played by Joanne King. She approaches an office and enters it.

                  CUT TO – UNKNOWN

                  The office is large. A MAN is sat behind the desk and he is in a grey suit and his long grey hair is tied back – his authority is threatening. He is played by Jeff Fahey.

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: Sir.

                  The MAN doesn’t look up.

                  MAN: Yes?

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: The United has failed us.

                  MAN: How?

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: Cathryn Rittle killed her – they both lie in the River Styx.

                  The MAN doesn’t look up.

                  MAN: But the Rittle girl is dead?

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: Yes.

                  MAN: Excellent. We just took one of their strongest warriors.

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: We also lost one of ours.

                  The MAN looks up now, his eyes are silvery.

                  MAN: Well then it’s time to level the playing field and remove my brother at last. Initiate ‘Project Poseidon’...

                  The BRITISH ACOLYTE gulps and nods.

                  BRITISH ACOLYTE: As you wish, sir...

                  She bows and then turns, leaving the office, closing the door behind her. The plaque on the door reads:

                  ZEUS - C.E.O.
                  OLYMPUS INC.

                  The MAN was ZEUS, the King of the Gods.

                  FADE TO – LONDON

                  And finally, in the year 2021, the sun begins to rise on VINCENT RAE’S room. He lays his head back, exhausted.

                  VINCENT (V/O): And now the truth of The United was out for all to know; the monstrous secret of my wife and her secret daughter, Cathryn Rittle, the death of the poor girl and the rise in power of apocalyptic organisations. Had we acted differently, would things be different today? Would Cate have died? I do not know... but I do know that if she were alive today, things would be different.

                  He sighs.

                  VINCENT (V/O): Countless heroes are dead and the death count will only continue to rise...

                  The door opens and VINCENT turns to look at the man who enters. It is the MAN in the trench coat. We still do not see his face, or who he is. VINCENT looks at him and gasps, recognising him well. He reaches out and clutches the picture of PETRINA.

                  VINCENT (V/O): And now I fear I must add to this number. Petrina... Petrina...

                  The camera moves away to the MAN, who pulls out a hand gun with a silencer on it. He holds it at VINCENT and fires. There is brief whimper and then VINCENT RAE is dead.

                  The MAN walks towards VINCENT’S body and pulls the now bloodied picture of PETRINA from his hands. He strokes her face in the picture.

                  MAN: Sister...

                  CUT TO BLACK

                  END OF ACT EIGHT

                  END OF CHAPTER

                  KENNETH BRANAGH as VINCENT RAE

                  Main Cast:
                  MILO VENTIMIGLIA as XAK THORN
                  AMANDA SEYFRIED as CATE RITTLE
                  CHRIS EVANS as DANTE TURNPIKE
                  MELISSA GEORGE as PETRINA RAE
                  SUMMER GLAU as SIN
                  with PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY
                  and LENA OLIN as HECATE

                  Supporting Cast (in order of appearance):
                  MAX BROWN as YOUNG VINCENT
                  RENA SOFER as DR. MAYER
                  HUNTER PARRISH as DECLAN HIX
                  GLENN CLOSE as SILVANA RAE
                  HENRY CAVILL as LINOS
                  JOANNE KING as BRITISH ACOLYTE
                  JEFF FAHEY as ZEUS

                  Special Mention:
                  OLAFUR ARNALDS - 1440
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