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RAIN: 1.09 Runnin' Down a Dream (Part One)

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  • RAIN: 1.09 Runnin' Down a Dream (Part One)

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off almost two years after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.09 Runnin’ Down a Dream (P1)

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)
    *Banner made by Jenni Lou*




    The deserted park is covered with snow as RAIN slowly walks towards the swing set. There is no one around. She looks over her shoulder then turns back to the swing where we see MADELINE is now on it moving back and forth. RAIN glances over her shoulder again and discovers MICHAEL is nearby wearing a Michael’s Haven apron grilling some hamburgers. He looks to NICK who is on the couch reading a ‘Birds of Prey’ comic book while BELLA sits at the picnic table filling out papers. We see a spell book nearby. It’s the one that MICHAEL gave to BELLA for Christmas.

    RAIN: (shivers) What’s going on?

    NICK: (flipping through the pages) We’re having a cook out. (Looks up) We’re outside, cooking.

    MICHAEL: I’m making your favorite, The Haven Burger; extra avocado, just the way you like it.

    NICK: I want mine well-done, not a drop of blood. Don’t want any vamps bogarting my food.

    MADELINE: I just want a chicken ceaser salad.

    MICHAEL: (points at her with a spatula with a smile) And a sparkling water with a lime?

    MADELINE: You remembered!

    MICHAEL: (resumes cooking) Anything for Rain’s cousin.

    RAIN: (protests) But it’s cold and look - snow.

    NICK: (glances around) Huh, look at that.

    There is some movement in the forest. It grabs RAIN’S attention.

    RAIN: I think I saw-

    MADELINE: -I can see why you like this swing, Rain. It’s fun.

    RAIN: (sees movement again; to EVERYONE) Did anyone see that?

    BELLA: (wearing a fedora hat; to RAIN) Speaking of fun. Want to build a snow demon with me after I finish this?

    RAIN: Bella, I saw something in the woods just now.

    BELLA: (ignores her; still writing) Or we can make vampire angels in the snow. (Looks up at RAIN with a pen to her mouth) Not sure how we could do the teeth. (With a big grin) You’re such a talented artist, I’m sure you’ll think of something.

    NICK: (scoffs; doesn’t look up) A vampire angel? How funny is that?

    RAIN: (to EVERYONE who are busy with themselves) But... I swear I saw... (Points to the woods) I‘m sure of it.

    RAIN realizes no one is listening to her. She sighs and throws her hand in the air.

    RAIN: (observes BELLA still writing) What are you doing?

    BELLA: I am filling out the adoption papers. So we can be a family. (Small grin) You don’t have to call me mom. Bella is fine (nods; shrugs) with the occasional Izzie.

    MICHAEL: (smiles) Aren’t we already a family?

    MADELINE: (still swinging) I keep saying we are but nobody listens to me.

    NICK: I still think we need a name. (Thoughtfully) How about Gothic Princess and the Fearsome Knights?

    BELLA: I give it seven points.

    MADELINE: Three for me. I don’t want to be a knight. I’m already a Watcher; at least I think I am.

    NICK: What do you think Rain? Do you like?

    RAIN now sees an ASIAN GIRL in the woods. Then the GIRL disappears. Someone touches RAIN’S shoulder. She turns around and sees it’s the same GIRL. Now EVERYONE looks up to both of them.

    BELLA is suddenly standing before RAIN no longer still wearing the fedora hat.

    BELLA: (gently) She needs you to find her, like I found you.

    RAIN is taken aback when she sees the GIRL’S lips are sewn shut. Unable to speak, the GIRL puts something in RAIN’S hand. It’s the necklace MADELINE got her for Christmas. She looks up but the GIRL disappears again.

    RAIN: (turns around) Where did she go?

    MICHAEL: (approaches RAIN holding onto groceries) This looks like a secret agent mission. Can I help?

    RAIN glares at him.

    BELLA: (touches RAIN’S shoulder holding onto the spell book) Trust me. The spell will work.

    MICHAEL: (sighs) Rain, will you just let me help you?

    MADELINE: (puts on the necklace on RAIN) We’ll all help you.

    NICK: (puts down the comic book) Except me… I’m undecided.

    EVERYONE looks at him.

    NICK: (Waves his hand) Hello people? This is a dream. (Nods to RAIN) It’s time to wake-up, Rain. (Winks with a smirk) Love the ducks.


    RAIN wakes up, gasping. We can see the pattern of her PJs- blue ducks. She rubs her arms, pulls the covers to her chin disturbed by her dream.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily Van Camp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: Tangent and KingofCretins

    Special thanks to: Thomas, Mabus and DigitalLeonardo

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I


    Near the country golf club, we see an exclusive hotel where a luxury car pulls up.

    CUT TO-

    The bedroom is dark and we hear someone opening the door. It’s CALUM who walks past the bed toward the curtains, opening them. Under the covers is ROWE in deep sleep. CALUM then lets in a waiter pushing a cart filled with a variety of breakfast dishes. The waiter leaves.

    CALUM: (observes an empty bottle of red wine on the nightstand) Mr. Edwards?

    ROWE: (groggily) Hmmm?

    CALUM: I got you some breakfast.

    ROWE: (emerges from the covers; rubs his head) What time is it?

    CALUM: It’s five o’clock. (Turns to the cart) I didn’t know what to order so I got everything on the menu. I hear the crepes are really good.

    ROWE sighs. He slowly gets up and fixes himself a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

    ROWE: All right… (Drinks some cranberry juice) so tell me who am I meeting today? (Beat) I hope it’s not demons... I find them so annoyingly archaic.

    CALUM: (chuckles; looks at his planner) Let’s see we’re meeting four new clients today, Mr. Astley, a warlock at seven-thirty... a coven at nine, another warlock at eleven and then at two, a demonic tribe from Rhode Island.

    ROWE: (exhales sharply) What kind of demonic tribe, Mr. Kipp?

    CALUM: Ma’lphas.

    ROWE: Lovely. (Puts down fork) I’ve just lost my appetite. (Pushes plate away) I’m going to shower. I’ll meet you downstairs in an hour.

    ROWE gets up.

    CALUM: We need to go over- (sees ROWE gives him a look) okay, I’m leaving. (Grabs his planner and closes the door)

    ROWE stands before the bathroom room mirror and picks up a bottle of pills. His hand starts to shake. He pops a pill in his mouth and drinks some water from the sink. Rubbing his eyes, he looks in the mirror and sighs.

    CUT TO-

    We hear Keane’s We Might As Well Be Strangers softly play in the background.

    I don't know your face no more
    It's just a place I'm looking for

    Standing before the sink, MADELINE absentmindedly washes the dishes. She picks up a mug almost dropping it. It’s the same mug that BELLA got her for Christmas- “World’s Best Watcher”. After washing and drying it, she puts it in the cabinet. She glances at the rest of the dishes in the sink and then walks away.

    CUT TO-

    BELLA is sitting on a chair near the window, reading a book on witchcraft that MICHAEL gave her. Nearby she has a notepad written with potions and spells.

    We might as well be strangers in another town
    We might as well be living in a different world
    We might as well
    We might as well
    We might as well

    Just then, her father WARNER strolls in. When she realizes he is in the room she doesn’t bother hiding her stuff. He catches something isn’t right with her but still approaches his desk, looking for something. Once he finds it, he leaves but not before turning around to look at her, waiting for a response. BELLA gives him a weak smile. He nods awkwardly and leaves.

    CUT TO-

    From the hallway near the living room, MICHAEL emerges holding onto a basket of laundry aiming for the bedroom. He dumps the clothes on the bed and turns for the closet to get some hangers but sees the Christmas present NICK got him- a Red Sox Personalized Jersey on the rod.

    I don't know your thoughts these days
    We're strangers in an empty space
    I don't understand your heart
    It's easier to be apart

    Taking it off the hanger, he fixes a couple of buttons and flips it around. We see his nickname on it, “Boss”. He puts it back and resorts to putting his clothes away.

    CUT TO-

    Lost in his thoughts, NICK is staring at the Haven University website on his laptop. There is a BLONDE GIRL next to him chatting nonchalantly. They appear to be classmates. She observes him wearing RAIN’S cross necklace and admires the craftsmanship but NICK doesn’t respond.

    We might as well be strangers in another town
    We might as well be living in a another time
    We might as well
    We might as well

    He just sips his coffee as he looks out the window. The BLONDE shrugs uncomfortably and continues to talk.

    CUT TO-

    Still in bed RAIN doesn’t move, partly disturbed from the dream she had earlier and uncertain what she should do next. Eventually, she gets up, accidentally knocking over a bag filled with the Christmas gifts from her friends. One by one she puts them back inside but she stops at the case of art supplies given to her by MICHAEL.

    We might as well be strangers
    Be strangers
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know

    RAIN touches it and puts it in her desk drawer. She somberly walks towards the window, peering through the curtains, observing people going about their day. The camera pans back as she slowly leaves the room.

    CUT TO-

    MICHAEL and NICK are about to unload groceries from the back of the SUV. They both look up when they see RAIN opening the door leaving the apartment building. She notices them but doesn’t say anything as she climbs in her car. Carrying a couple of bags, NICK shakes his head at RAIN and enters the restaurant. We hear RAIN trying to start the engine. After hearing muffled foul language from the car, MICHAEL strolls to the passenger’s side and taps on the window holding onto a bag of groceries. Reluctantly, she rolls it down.

    MICHAEL: (puts the bags down; leans over) Everything okay?

    RAIN: (doesn’t look at him) Just… having some car trouble.

    MICHAEL: You could take the SUV.

    RAIN: That’s all right. I’ll walk.

    She rolls the window back up and gets out of the car holding onto her bag.

    MICHAEL: (straightens up) Look, I’m sure you don’t want to be late for school…

    RAIN turns in the direction of Haven High.

    MICHAEL: (picks up the groceries) ...and it’s too cold to walk.

    RAIN ignores him and starts to walk.

    MICHAEL: Rain, will you just let me help you?

    Remembering what MICHAEL said to her in the dream, RAIN stops dead in her tracks. She turns around and sees him standing in the street, holding a bag of groceries. NICK appears behind him to get the rest of the food.

    RAIN: Look, I’ll be fine.

    MICHAEL: (sighs) No you won’t. (Beat) If you won’t take the SUV then at least let Nick take you.

    NICK: (appears from behind the SUV) Excuse me? What am I doing?

    MICHAEL: (turns to him) Rain’s car won’t start. She needs a ride to school. (Beat) Take her.

    RAIN scoffs but MICHAEL just turns and heads toward the restaurant.

    NICK: (claps) Well, looks like I’m at your service. (Beat) My truck is around the back. (Gestures) Shall we?

    RAIN mumbles and follows him.

    CUT TO:

    The radio softly plays Landon Piggs’ Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop while NICK drives at a decent speed. RAIN is on the passenger’s side. She sees several textbooks on Education between them. She glances up at him, examining the serious look on his face.

    RAIN: (softly) Thank you.

    NICK: Boss’ orders.

    RAIN: So you do everything he tells you?

    NICK: Pretty much. (Sarcastically) The guy practically owns me. (Bluntly) So just how long are you planning on giving us the silent treatment? I’d kinda like a timeframe, so I know what to expect.

    RAIN: (caught off guard) I don’t know- look it’s really between Michael and me.

    NICK: (scoffs) Well, you got all of us involved. (Annoyed) So yeah, it’s not just between the boss and you.

    RAIN: Why are you even giving me a ride, then? I mean-

    NICK: -It’s called being a friend. (Beat) Though what do I know about friendships considering the way I treat women, hmm?

    RAIN: Nick that’s not fair.

    NICK: Yeah well… (Looks over to her then back on the road) just forget it.

    The rest of the ride continues in silence.

    CUT TO:

    NICK pulls into the parking lot, passing BELLA who is stunned to see them together.

    NICK: (leaves the car running) Do you need me to pick you up after school?

    RAIN: No that’s all right. I’ll walk.

    NICK: Quite the pedestrian, aren’t we? (RAIN gives him a look) Okay, suit yourself.

    RAIN: (closes the door) Thanks again, Nick. (Gently) Really.

    NICK just nods and then leaves the parking lot. With a sigh, RAIN walks toward the school. Once she realizes BELLA has seen her, she quickly looks away. Hurt, BELLA enters the school building.

    CUT TO:

    RAIN doesn’t make a pit stop at her locker and goes straight to English class. With her head down, BELLA strolls to her locker. She overhears NEEVE talking to her friends.

    NEEVE: Isn’t it gorgeous? (Beat) My parents gave me everything on my Christmas list, I mean everything. We’re talking make-up, jewelry, clothes, CDs (Sees BELLA; turns) –hey Bella! My mother wanted me to thank you for donating your gifts to her charity. I personally don’t care but I was so surprised when Mrs. Talmadge just showed up at my house with them Christmas morning. (Beat; smiles) Hanging out with Rain must really make you want to help the poor.

    BELLA bites her tongue, and then slams her locker.

    NEEVE: (to her friends; smirks) Was it something I said?

    Not paying attention, BELLA bumps into someone and drops her books. In a rush she picks them up but a student helps her. It’s CJ HODGES, the guy she met at the museum in episode 1.07 All for One and One for All.

    CJ: Bad day?

    BELLA: (smiles softly) More like bad week… or lifetime.

    They stand up at the same time. He hands her the books.

    BELLA: (takes them) Thanks.

    CJ: (glances over to NEEVE then back at BELLA) Just wait for the high school reunion in ten years and you’ll see. Neeve will be overweight and divorced with eight kids.

    BELLA: (arches a brow) Eight kids?

    CJ: Well yeah, sure. See her ex-husband (nods) Trent Whittington... cheated on her and left her for another lover.

    BELLA: (smirks) Really?

    CJ: Yep, and get this; the lover? (Gestures) It turned out its Jeffery Reyers, the high school principal! Go figure, huh?

    BELLA: (laughs)

    CJ: I can predict the future, you know?

    BELLA: (nods) That’s a neat power to have.

    CJ: (shrugs) Yeah, but the visions only come and go.

    BELLA: (grins) Any chance you’re getting one now?

    CJ: Actually I am. (Touches his head) I predict you will walk with me to our class.

    BELLA: Wow you’re good.

    CJ gives a smile as they make way for their class.

    CUT TO:

    All of the students are already seated, including RAIN but MADELINE is nowhere to be seen.

    MADELINE: (rushes in with a box) Sorry I’m late. (Sees RAIN but acts professional) I trust you all had a nice winter vacation?

    A few of the students nod while most of them ignore her.

    MADELINE: Great. (Takes off jacket; quickly moves on) I know in the fall, you weren’t happy with the course reading list… but I really think that you will like the change this year. (Leans on her desk) How many of you read graphic novels?

    Taken aback RAIN and some of the students gradually raise their hands.

    MADELINE: What do you get out of them? (Points to a MALE student with a punk edge) Creed?

    CREED: They’re artistic; the drawings pop out at you.

    MADELINE: (listening) Okay. (Beat) So do you feel connected with the storylines?

    CREED and a few other students nod.

    MADELINE: Who hates Mr. Eberly’s history class?

    Some of the students chuckle and lift their hands. RAIN arches her brow at MADELINE, wondering what’s gotten into her as she appears a bit aggressive in her teaching style.

    MADELINE: Why don’t you like it?

    A GIRL in her cheerleading uniform shoots her hand up.

    MADELINE: Rachel?

    RACHEL: It’s boring. There’s no emotion in the textbooks.

    MADELINE: So you feel disconnected when you learn about historical events?

    Just as RACHEL nods, CREED adds his thoughts.

    CREED: Exactly. How do teachers expect us to relate with what happened years ago when it’s just all about remembering dates? It’s like a drill.

    MADELINE: Well put. (Beat; grabs a copy of the book from the box) Has anyone read this? It’s called ‘Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi’.

    Everyone shakes their heads.

    MADELINE: You’ll have to read it by next week. (A few students groan) I know, I know but I guarantee you; you will read it in one night. (Beat) Persepolis is a graphic novel about a young girl growing up during the Islamic Revolution and the war between Iran and Iraq. (Shows them some of the pages) This is a true story. Without giving away more details (flips through the book) it’s funny, sarcastic, frightening, disturbing and emotional- it has violence in it, witty comebacks- everything that graphic novels have today just without the superpowers and the skin tight lycra.

    All of the students laugh, including RAIN.

    MADELINE: There is no homework today but when you’re done with the book, you’re expected to answer a series of questions for our group discussion next week. Come up and get your copy and then we’ll go over the answers from Friday’s test on classical theatre.

    One by one the students retrieve their book. When RAIN obtains hers, she flips through it with a small smile. Unbeknownst to her MADELINE is somberly looking at her.

    CUT TO:

    With her nose in her new book, RAIN sits in a corner on a comfy chair. A noise nearby grabs her attention, its CJ pushing a cart of books. He puts some of them back on the shelves. RAIN resumes reading.

    CJ: I’m not making too much noise am I?

    RAIN: (looks up) Sorry? (Beat) Oh... no you’re fine.

    CJ: (sees RAIN’S book) How do you like the book?

    RAIN: It’s good. It’s for English class.

    CJ: Really? I’m surprised. It’s banned in a lot of schools because of the controversial themes. (Reaches out hand) CJ Hodges.

    RAIN: (takes his hand) Rain Mason.

    CJ: (arches a brow; points at her) Wait... you’re friends with Bella aren’t you?

    RAIN: (taken aback) You know her?

    CJ: Sure, I’m in a couple of classes with her. (Beat) She mentioned you a few times.

    RAIN doesn’t know how to respond.

    CJ: (clears throat) You know you’d probably enjoy ‘Maus by Art Spiegelman’. Same idea- it’s a graphic novel about a historical event- the Holocaust. Here let me write it down for you.

    He retrieves some scrap paper from a nearby table and scribbles the name down using a small pencil.

    CJ: (hands her the paper) Here you go. (Beat) There are two volumes.

    RAIN: (takes it) Thank you. I appreciate it.

    Just before CJ responds, BELLA appears around the corner. She doesn’t see RAIN.

    BELLA: There are you are. (Grins) I’ve been looking for you. (CJ turns around) I wanted to know if you’d like to have lunch together.

    CJ: (softly; smiles) It’s meatloaf surprise today isn’t it? Are you sure you want to risk it?

    BELLA: (smiles) I like living dangerously. So what have you been doing? Other than pushing carts that is?

    CJ: (moves allowing BELLA to get a view of RAIN) Well actually, I just met your friend... Rain.

    BELLA bites her lips seeing her.

    RAIN: (awkwardly; small wave) Hey.

    BELLA: (softly) Rain... hi.

    CJ picks up on the tension between them.

    CJ: I-I should get back to work. (Puts his hand on the cart; to BELLA) I’ll see you at the cafeteria?

    BELLA nods.

    CJ: It was nice meeting you Rain.

    RAIN nods in agreement. Just as CJ leaves with the cart BELLA turns her eyes to RAIN.

    RAIN: (to BELLA) He’s nice.

    BELLA: Yeah?

    RAIN: He’s cute, has good hair. He’s obviously smart and he likes graphic novels. (Beat) Is he funny?

    BELLA: (small smile) Very. (Pauses) Wait... how did you know he likes graphic novels?

    RAIN: It was the theme of our conversation. (Beat; shows her book) He saw me reading this and he recommended a couple of books.

    BELLA: Oh... (Smile fades) I… I saw you this morning.

    RAIN: (gets up) Yeah… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have ignored you like that. I-I didn’t know what to say or how to act. (Shrugs) I guess I still don’t.

    BELLA: (inches closer) You’re doing fine so far. (Beat; arches a brow) So… you and Nick?

    RAIN: (makes a face) Ugh, please. My car wouldn’t start… and Michael made him take me to school. He’s pretty miffed.

    BELLA: Michael?

    RAIN: (picks up her bag still holding onto the book) No, Nick. He was all cranky this morning. Michael was just being Michael, trying to help me out but- yeah.

    BELLA: How was it seeing Madeline?

    RAIN: Weird.

    BELLA: Did you get a chance to talk to her?

    RAIN: No... I bolted straight out of class when the bell rang.

    BELLA gives a small nod. It’s now quiet between them.

    RAIN: (nervously; plays with her book) I-I should go.

    BELLA: (bluntly) How long are you going to do this Rain? How long can you keep on avoiding everyone?

    RAIN: (sighs) Nick asked me that this morning. (Looks down then back at BELLA) Look Bella-

    BELLA: -I get it, I do but... you can’t keep this up.

    RAIN doesn’t respond. Just then the bell rings. She looks at her watch.

    RAIN: Look I really do have to go. I have an appointment with the guidance counselor.

    RAIN awkwardly walks around BELLA.

    BELLA: (calls after RAIN) Rain wait...

    RAIN turns around.

    BELLA: Do you need a ride? After school?

    RAIN: Oh... umm...

    BELLA: It seems silly to walk in this weather.

    RAIN doesn’t answer.

    BELLA: We don’t have to talk. I just… I’m trying to be a friend here.

    RAIN: (awkwardly) All right... yeah.

    BELLA: Meet me in the parking lot after your last class then.

    RAIN: (nods; small grin) Okay. Enjoy your lunch with CJ.

    BELLA smiles back and watches RAIN hastily leave the library.

    CUT TO-

    MS. MARKS the school guidance counselor is on her phone texting just as RAIN enters.

    MS. MARKS: (gestures) Come in, Rain.

    RAIN sits down.

    MS. MARKS: (puts her phone away) So how was your vacation?

    RAIN: It was fine.

    MS. MARKS: Hmm… okay. (Sees the book in RAIN’S hand) What’s that you have there?

    RAIN: (flips through the pages) Oh, it’s just something I have to read for English class.

    MS. MARKS: Madeline Blake teaches the course, right?

    RAIN: (fidgets) Yeah.

    MS. MARKS: How do you like her?

    RAIN: (whispers) I like her fine.

    MS. MARKS: May I see the book? (RAIN hands it to her) Oh… it’s a graphic novel… (Reads a page; laughs) I can totally see Ray-gun reading this.

    RAIN smirks.

    MS. MARKS: (clears throat; hands it back) Have you started it yet?

    RAIN: Yes.

    MS. MARKS: And do you like it so far?

    RAIN nods.

    MS. MARKS: (opens RAIN’S folder) Okay, so… We’ve been talking about your future, what you want to do after you graduate but every time we meet to discuss this, art is the recurring theme. (Beat) Have you thought about becoming a graphic designer?

    RAIN: Not really.

    MS. MARKS: Why not?

    RAIN: Don’t really care for computers. That’s my friend’s thing.

    MS. MARKS: You’re referring to Isabella Talmadge, right?

    RAIN: Yeah. (Beat) Ms. Marks, I know what you’re trying to do but my artwork, it’s just a hobby.

    MS. MARKS: Oh I think it’s a little more than that. (Beat) I’ve seen some of your work in the studio.

    RAIN: (taken aback) You have?

    MS. MARKS: Of course. You’re really very talented. (Beat) Do you know Mrs. Granger? She teaches graphic design. (Looks at RAIN’S file) You have a study hall that occurs the same time as one of her classes and I don’t see why you can’t take the course instead. I am sure Principal Reyers would be pleased to see you exploring another form of art.

    RAIN: Do I have to?

    MS. MARKS: No… but I think you should. Then if you like it, you can look into the graphic design program at Haven University. I believe you have a pamphlet from Mr. Reyers.

    RAIN: (sighs) Well if you put it that way… all right… I’ll take the class.

    MS. MARKS: (Writes something down on a sticky note) Good… this is her class room number. (Hands her the note) I’ll give Mr. Reyers a call. Hopefully you can start this week. (Folds hand) Now, let’s try this again. How was your vacation?

    CUT TO-

    CALUM is in the backseat going over some files while ROWE is looking out the window. ROWE looks at his watch; its one-forty-five. Soon his hand starts to shake. He quickly grabs it without CALUM noticing.

    ROWE: I find it curious that this tribe is even hiring us. They usually do their own dirty work. (Beat) What do they want?

    CALUM: (looks at the file) Let’s see… (Flips through the pages) someone named Keeley Pong.

    ROWE: What is she? A demon? A vampire? What?

    CALUM: The files says ‘breed: unknown’… but Ms. McCree has reason to believe that she’s here in Haven. (Refers to the file again) Pong was employed by the tribe. She has… (Reads) something that belongs to them. (Looks up at ROWE) That’s why they hired us.

    ROWE: (Sees CALUM fidgeting) Anything you’d like to add, Mr. Kipp?

    CALUM: (sighs) Ms. McCree wants to make sure that the tribe doesn’t go after… the slayer.

    ROWE: (intrigued) Rain Mason?

    ROWE observes CALUM’S nervous behavior.

    ROWE: (nods) Ahh... the plot thickens. (Eyes narrow) Why do I get the feeling the Mr. Alice left out some of the details from my job description?

    CALUM: I beg your pardon?

    ROWE: I wasn’t just hired to monitor some of his lesser clients and deal with the nuisances of his supernatural business but also to keep an eye on Ms. Mason. Would that be correct?

    CALUM: (swallows) Yes sir.

    ROWE: (to himself) Once he could trust that I wouldn’t touch her, he felt I’d be a good fit to be... her personal bodyguard? Is that it?

    CALUM: Something like that. You need to make sure that Rain is not in harm’s way.

    ROWE: Even though I am powerless? (Arches a brow) Mr. Alice must have a lot of faith in me.

    CALUM: (nervous chuckle) Well I was told you can be pretty persuasive powerless or not. (Beat) Looks everyone thinks you’re missing… dead probably and if Rain does need saving, she won’t know it’s you.

    ROWE: I see. (Gestures his face) That’s would explain the reason for the glamour. (He looks out the window and sees a reflection that’s not his own) Looks like we’re here. (With an eerie smile) Let’s meet the flunkies, shall we?

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      ACT II


      RAIN is waiting in the parking lot, looking at her watch near BELLA’S car. Soon BELLA emerges from the school building talking to CJ. Just as they say their good-byes, BELLA runs toward RAIN.

      BELLA: (breathlessly; holding onto a piece of paper) Sorry. CJ... just asked me for my phone number.

      RAIN: (arches a brow) You’ve upgraded to cell phone status?

      BELLA grins.

      RAIN: Nice. That’s progressive.

      BELLA looks over to CJ who is about to get into his car. He waves good-bye.

      BELLA: (also waves; knows RAIN is smirking at her) You’re loving this, aren’t you?

      RAIN: It’s amusing... yes. (Touches BELLA’S arm) Seriously... you like him and (turns over to CJ leaving the parking lot) he seems to like you. It’s nice.

      BELLA: (softly) Thanks, Rain... really.

      RAIN smiles back.

      BELLA: (about to open door) Well shall we go?

      RAIN: Yeah.

      The girls enter the car and the camera pans back as it exits the parking lot.

      CUT TO:

      ROWE is sitting at one of the tables while CALUM is grinning at one of the dancers. There are a few patrons nearby eating and flirting with a waitress. A MAN in his early forties carrying a tray with buffalo wild wings and a bottle of beer approaches ROWE and CALUM. We hear Gwen Stefani’s What Are you Waiting For playing in the background.

      MAN: (hands it to CALUM) Here’s your beer and wings, sir. (Beat; to both of them) My name is Jack. I’m the owner of The Exotic Lounge. If there is anything you need, please let me know.

      CALUM is not paying attention, eyes still on the dancer.

      ROWE: (waves a hand with disgust) I’m fine.

      JACK nods and walks away.

      ROWE: (uncomfortable; to CALUM) Is this really necessary?

      CALUM doesn’t respond.

      ROWE: Calum? Mr. Kipp?

      CALUM: (distractedly) Hmm...?

      ROWE sighs and grabs CALUM’S tie yanking him.

      CALUM: (jerks) Ow!! Was that necessary?

      ROWE: I prefer to meet my clients in a more upscale establishment. (Glances around) It reeks of trash in here.

      Look at your watch now
      You’re still a super hot female
      You got your million dollar contract
      And they’re all waiting for your hot track

      CALUM: (straightens his tie) Didn’t you read the company policy? We go where the clients go…. (Sips his beer) within reason of course.

      ROWE: (looks over to JACK who is pouring a glass of wine) So you’re telling me he (nods in JACK’S direction) knows about demons?

      CALUM: Yep. (Dips a buffalo wild wing in some blue cheese) This way it makes the tribe feel safe, that they can trust us. You know so they feel they have control? (Takes a bite) Besides they have a thing for strippers. They own a chain of clubs all over Rhode Island.

      ROWE: Right. (Looks around) And where is this Ma’lphas breed? (Looks at his watch; it’s now two-thirty) They’re late.

      CALUM: You know they don’t like to be called that.

      ROWE: Called what?

      CALUM: (mouthful) They don’t like to be called a breed. They think its racist.

      ROWE: That’s what they are, Mr. Kipp.

      CALUM: (wipes his mouth) Seriously they don’t like to be called... (Whispers) breeds... animals... monsters. Anything of that nature. (Sips his beer) We really need to be calm here. If we give them what they want, make sure Rain is out of the picture, and give him Ms. Pong. Then we can just go on our merry way.

      ROWE: (eyes narrow) She’s human, isn’t she?

      CALUM: Sorry?

      ROWE: This Keeley Pong…. she’s not a demon.

      CALUM: (a little nervous) I told you. The file didn’t say remember? (Shrugs) She could be anything. (Glances over to the strippers) It’s not our business anyway.

      ROWE: (pulls CALUM’S tie again) You’re lying.

      CALUM: (gasps) Please… sir. (ROWE grips on tighter) All right, all right! She’s… human!

      ROWE lets go of CALUM.

      CALUM: That’s why I didn’t tell you earlier. Ms. McCree doesn’t think you’re qualified for the job… because you have this soft spot for humans… such as your wife.

      ROWE: (stiffens) I see.

      CALUM: Is it going to be a problem?

      What you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting
      What you waiting, what you waiting for?
      What you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting
      What you waiting, what you waiting for?

      ROWE: (takes CALUM’S beer and takes a large gulp) No, no problem at all.

      CUT TO:

      The air is silent between RAIN and BELLA. BELLA looks in the rear-view mirror than back on the road. It appears she has been driving for some time.

      BELLA: (trying to make conversation) Are you patrolling tonight?

      RAIN: Probably. (Observes a spell book between them) Is this the book Michael got you for Christmas?

      BELLA: (looks over) Yeah... it’s a good read. You might like it.

      RAIN: (pauses; softly) Bella, I had a dream this morning. This book was in it.

      BELLA: (eyes back on the road) Was it a bad dream?

      RAIN: I’m not even sure if it was a dream.

      BELLA: You think it was a slayer vision?

      RAIN: Dunno. I don’t think so. (Touches the book) Can I borrow this?

      BELLA: (without much thought) Of course.

      RAIN: Thanks.

      RAIN picks up the book, flips through a few pages. Then she closes it. She glances over to BELLA.

      RAIN: (looks down) Bella…

      BELLA: Yeah?

      RAIN: (back up at BELLA) I’m really sorry... about the way I acted all through Christmas and New Years. Everything I said… I didn’t mean to hurt you.

      BELLA: (takes a deep breath) I know you didn’t. (Pauses) I don’t know what’s going on… why you acted the way you did. I’m sure you have your reasons but… it’s not just me, Rain. You hurt all of us, the one family that’s been with you through all of this.

      RAIN: (a little defensive) You don’t understand.... its Michael. He’s keeping some big secret and...

      BELLA: (sighs) This isn’t really the time… we’re almost at your apartment.

      RAIN: Bella… please. I’m trying here.

      BELLA: (softly) I know but… I have to go home right after I drop you off.

      RAIN: I was hoping we could talk about this.

      BELLA: Yeah… that’s the thing, Rain. You don’t want to… not really. You’re only doing this because you feel obligated… to ease the tension between us… between all of us so that you’ll feel better.

      RAIN: (a little hurt; holds back tears) I just… miss you. All of you, really.

      BELLA is now approaching the restaurant and apartments.

      BELLA: (parks the car; looks over to RAIN) I miss you too. I mean you’re my best friend. We’ve known each other since we were kids. (RAIN smiles softly) But I don’t think you’re ready to talk about this… not really. This all just feels forced, like you don’t really want to deal with it.

      RAIN smile fades.

      BELLA: (glances over to the road) Anyway, we’re here… (Whispers) we’re home.

      RAIN looks to the restaurant and sees VINCE a local customer come out of the building.

      RAIN: (turns back to BELLA) Thanks for the ride.

      BELLA: Sure…

      RAIN and BELLA exchange awkward but emotional glances. Then RAIN gets out of the car holding onto her bag and BELLA’S spell book. She offers a small wave just as BELLA does the same. The camera pans back as we see the car leave. RAIN shifts her body to the restaurant window where we see NICK is pouring someone a cup of coffee. MICHAEL appears with a bowl of chili soup. They don’t see her. The snow starts to lightly fall. Somberly RAIN looks up and then walks toward her apartment.

      CUT TO-

      All of the dancers are gone but the owner JACK is at the bar putting some dirty dishes in a tray. He then leaves for the kitchen. ROWE and CALUM are at the same table talking to four Ma’lphas demons. The DEMONS are wearing similar outfits; t-shirts, jeans and boots. They have silver eyes, gray skin with yellow ridges on their arms and hands. Their heads are covered in tribal tattoos and they all have piercings.

      FIRST DEMON: (gruff voice; points at ROWE) Mr. Alice promised us to use all of the resources he has to help us get the Pong girl.

      ROWE: (a little annoyed) So what do you want?

      CALUM pulls out a notebook and pencil ready to list them.

      FIRST DEMON: Muscle.

      ROWE: (sighs) Aren’t you.... full of them? (Beat) Have you been using the P90X?

      FIRST DEMON: (arches brow) Was that a joke? Are you poking fun at us?

      ROWE: On the contrary, I was wondering why the need for them? Since... (Gestures to all of the DEMONS) you all have the physique to go after Ms. Pong yourself. I mean… you usually don’t hire an outside source to solve your problems.

      FIRST DEMON: (eyes narrow) We’re well aware of the fact that Haven has their own little slayer. (CALUM fidgets) She’s got the Watcher and that Corbis guy on her team. We need someone with stealth to retract Pong without the slayer ever knowing about it. (Looks over to the SECOND DEMON who is loudly slurping a Pina Colada) We’re not exactly Mr. Smooth, you know like James Bond?

      ROWE: How many men do you need?

      FIRST DEMON: I don’t know. That’s why you’re here, no? To figure this stuff out? (Annoyed; glances over to the SECOND DEMON who is still making loud noises with the straw) Del’ick you mind?

      DEL’ICK: (burps) Sorry. It’s good. (Chuckles; to ROWE) It’s from the Smoothie Addict out on Main Street, have you been?

      FIRST DEMON: (turns to ROWE) Look, the Watcher and Corbis put up a decent fight from what I’ve heard, especially Corbis. Just get Pong without the mess and then deliver them to the Collector. After that-

      ROWE: -what’s your name?

      FIRST DEMON: Tor’loc... you may call me Tor’loc.

      ROWE: Tor’loc… did you say The Collector?

      FIRST DEMON: That’s right.

      ROWE: (eyes narrow again) You hired him? To find Ms. Pong? A human?

      FIRST DEMON: (leans back) What’s the problem?

      ROWE: (stands up; straightens tie) I don’t think we can do business together.

      TOR’LOC: (raises voice) Excuse me? Why the hell not?

      ROWE: Are you deaf? (Points to his ear) Do you have a too much wax in your ear?

      CALUM quickly moves behind ROWE.

      TOR’LOC: (growls) Who the hell do you think you are?

      ROWE: Someone who can’t help you.

      TOR’LOC and the other three DEMONS pull out a gun at the same time.

      ROWE: Guns... huh. That’s a bit unexpected. (Scoffs) You’re an ancient demonic species, why don’t you use traditional weapons? You know those big bulky swords you used to be so fond of centuries ago? Or even magics? Even your breed used magic in battle.

      TOR’LOC: Did you call us a breed?

      ROWE: (to CALUM) Oops, I said the bad word.

      The DEMONS start firing but the minute this happens, ROWE and CALUM are surrounded by a force field.

      TOR’LOC: (confused) How-how did you do that? You don’t have any powers! (Beat; points to CALUM) Not even your assistant here!

      CALUM: (defensive) I most certainly do have powers; just not of the-

      ROWE: -can it Mr. Kipp. (To TOR’LOC) We’re protected by company magic. Did you really think Mr. Alice would send us in here without some form a protection? (To CALUM; winks) Looks like I read the company policy after all. (Turns back to the DEMONS) And while we’re asking questions, what were you thinking... hiring the Collector?!

      TOR’LOC: (sneers) Mr. Edwards, you’re a washed up addict. If you don’t-

      ROWE: -If I don’t what? (Takes a deep breath) Look, I think we’re all getting a little overexcited here. Why don’t we take a breather? Converse by the water cooler and then come back to discuss this again? Let’s say… sometime tomorrow afternoon? Mr. Kipp will give you a call. (To CALUM) Let’s go.

      CALUM nervously walks out of the strip club with ROWE. They climb in the car while the DEMONS emerge from the building waving their guns at them.

      CALUM: (looks behind him as the car drives away; then turns to ROWE) Sir… are you sure you know what you’re doing? Ms. McCree isn’t going to-

      ROWE: -They don’t just want Ms. Pong… they want the slayer too.

      CALUM: (arches his brow) Rain Mason? How do you know, sir?

      ROWE: They hired the Collector.

      CALUM: Who is he?

      ROWE: A bounty hunter. He only goes after demons, vampires, werewolves… witches. (Beat; turns to CALUM) They want Rain, you see? The Collector must have realized that Rain is a slayer with wiccan powers and spilled the beans to the tribe.

      CALUM: How could this Collector know she’s a witch?

      ROWE: His senses are heightened. He can spot any supernatural being from a mile away… (Smirks) he’d even sense you, Calum.

      CALUM: And you really think the tribe hired him to find Rain as well?

      ROWE: She is a rare find. (Chuckles; pats CALUM on the leg) I guess these demons are not just flunkies after all, eh? (Sighs) Which means I’m going have to keep an eye on Rain tonight, make sure the demons don’t touch her. (Annoyed) Oh joy. I really wanted to watch ‘Desperate Housewives’ too. It’s been on hiatus since Christmas. (Looks at CALUM) Do you think you can ‘Tivo’ it for me back at the hotel?

      CALUM: (gives him a surprised look) Yeah sure.

      ROWE: Wonderful.

      CUT TO-

      It’s now a few hours later. RAIN is sitting on the couch reading her book. She glances over to her watch. She stops for a moment. Then she grabs her keys, jacket and checks one of the pockets. She pulls out a stake, and then places it back in the jacket.

      CUT TO-

      There is a married COUPLE near the bank. A MAN stands before an ATM machine punching a few buttons.

      WIFE: (nervously) Robert, please hurry.

      ROBERT: Will you just be still?

      WIFE: (looks around) We’re running late. (Annoyed with herself) I don’t know why you insisted on coming here.

      ROBERT: (glances to her) We need money don’t we? (Turns back to the ATM)

      WIFE: Yes, but it’s not like this is the only ATM machine in Haven.

      ROBERT: Relax.... we’re almost done. (Beat; retrieves cash) There. (Puts it in his wallet) All set.

      The MAN turns around and discovers his WIFE is nowhere to be seen.

      ROBERT: Stacy? (Sighs) If you’re trying to prove a point, it’s not working. (Sighs) Come on. Where are you?

      ROBERT slowly walks around the bank toward the parking lot where his vehicle is parked. He is stunned at what he sees, a MALE VAMPIRE about to drink STACY.

      ROBERT: (eyes widen in horror) Please let her go.

      The MALE VAMPIRE looks up taking his attention away from STACY but not letting her go.

      STACY: (whimpers) Robert... help me. He’s too strong.

      ROBERT: (pulls out his phone) I’m calling the police.

      STACY: (annoyed but still scared) I’ll be dead by then, Robert! DO something! Find a damn weapon… hit him!

      Suddenly the MALE VAMPIRE gasps in pain and lets the WOMAN go. We then realize he’s been staked as RAIN emerges through the dust. RAIN is wearing the necklace MADELINE got her.

      RAIN: (Coughs from the dust) Ugh… he was little more dusty than usual. (Clears her throat; thumbs back to where she staked the VAMPIRE) You know... that was quicker than I thought it’d be. (Gestures) I thought there would be quite a bit of sparring considering his upper body build and well... (Nods) vampires are pretty strong.

      ROBERT runs to STACY wrapping her arms around her.

      ROBERT: (Touches her STACY’S hair) Are you hurt?

      STACY: (breathlessly) I’m fine. (Rushes) Where are the keys? We’re going home.

      RAIN: Err... hello?

      ROBERT: (to his wife) Are you sure you should be driving? You were just attacked by a vampire!

      STACY: Thank you Captain Obvious.

      RAIN: (nods; rehearsed) I know it’s a shock but yes vampires are real.

      STACY: (ignores RAIN; puts her hand out) The keys, Robert.

      ROBERT hands it to her. They both get in the car and drive off.

      RAIN: (raises voice) You’re welcome! It was nothing really! (Turns around; mutters) A little gratitude would be nice-

      Suddenly RAIN hears a whimpering sound coming from a nearby dumpster. Cautiously she approaches it. She slowly lifts up the lid, still holding onto the stake. There is a GIRL cowering in the corner covered in trash. Quickly RAIN puts the stake away. The GIRL nervously looks up; it’s the same ASIAN GIRL from RAIN’S dream.

      RAIN: (stunned; whispers) It’s you...from my- (Shakes her head to focus; offers a hand) ... It’s okay, you’re safe now.

      Traumatized the GIRL doesn’t move. Without a thought RAIN climbs into the dumpster.

      RAIN: (lowers herself) You can trust me... really.

      RAIN: (brushes the trash off the GIRL) You’re shivering. (Takes off her jacket and puts it on her) Come now... let’s get out of here, hmm?

      Keeping her arm around the GIRL, RAIN slowly helps her out of the dumpster.

      RAIN: There... that’s better. (Beat) I’m Rain… what’s your name?

      The GIRL doesn’t respond.

      RAIN: Are you lost? Do you have family? Anyone you know around here? Anywhere to go?

      The GIRL just looks her in the eyes and then sees RAIN’S necklace. She touches it, as if she recognizes it.

      RAIN: Oh, do you like it? I got it from a friend- (comes to a realization)... you can’t talk can you?

      From a distance we see the same luxury car parked on street as if it’s watching RAIN talking to the GIRL. Then it slowly drives away without her seeing it.

      CUT TO-

      CUT TO-

      With her arm around the GIRL, RAIN leads her up to her door. MICHAEL appears from his own apartment. He is surprised to see RAIN and observes the condition the GIRL is in.

      MICHAEL: Rain, everything all right?

      RAIN doesn’t reply as she tries to get her key from her jean pocket. She drops it.

      MICHAEL picks up the keys and hands it to her. She snatches it then opens the door. The GIRLS enter the apartment.

      MICHAEL: Do you need help?

      Still with her arm around the GIRL RAIN gives him a look.

      MICHAEL: Rain...

      At first it seems like RAIN wants to say something but she just closes the door. He is left standing in the hallway alone.

      CUT TO:

      We can hear the shower turning off while RAIN is in the living room skimming through a magazine, clearly worried. The bathroom slowly opens. The GIRL appears wearing RAIN’S clothes; a t-shirt with long sleeves and yoga pants. She seems to be lucid but still edgy.

      RAIN: (gets up; half smile) Hey. Are you feeling better?

      The GIRL doesn’t respond.

      RAIN: (picks up a dry erase board and pen from the coffee table) My ex-roommate left this behind. (Beat) You’re welcome to use it if you want... to talk to me.

      The GIRL seems too scared to take it.

      RAIN: (awkward; puts them down) Do you understand me? I mean do you know English?

      The GIRL gives a slight nods.

      RAIN: (nods) All right... good to know I am not talking to myself. (Nervous chuckle; gestures the other bedroom) You’re welcome to sleep here. The bed is all made.

      There is a thud from next door which startles the GIRL. She falls to the floor hugging herself and moving back and forth.

      RAIN: (runs to the GIRL’S side) It’s all right. (Touches her arm) It’s my neighbor. She’s always moving her stuff around.

      The GIRL clings onto RAIN, holding her, not letting go.

      RAIN: Hey c’mon, It’s okay... I’m not going to let anything hurt you. You’re safe with me.

      RAIN retrieves an afghan from the couch and puts it on the GIRL. She sighs, keeping her arms around the GIRL feeling a bit uncertain as to how she can help. There is another thud from the other room. The GIRL whimpers.

      RAIN: Shhh... you know my neighbor Helen... she wants to be an interior decorator. I think she’s doing that feng shui thing. Every time she learns a new style she buys stuff and moves her room around. I don’t know how she can afford it on a waitress’ salary. My friend Bella thinks she’s from a wealthy family. Nick... he’s a bartender from the restaurant below said she’s a thief. (Chuckles to herself) You know like Max Guevara, the super solider on that show ‘Dark Angel’? Helen even looks like her; though I’m inclined to go with Bella’s theory. (The GIRL slowly calms down) Are you... hungry? The restaurant makes great burgers. Or maybe you’re tired? I’m sure you’d like to get some sleep after what you’ve been through.

      The GIRL sees BELLA’S spell book on the coffee table. She gets up and picks it up flipping through the pages.

      RAIN: (laughs) Oh... that’s not mine. (Beat) It’s my friend Bella’s.

      The GIRL puts the book back down leaving it opened to a specific page. She gestures she wants something to drink.

      RAIN: You’re thirsty? Let me get you some water. (Walks over to the fridge and then back to the GIRL with a bottle) Here.

      The GIRL thankfully takes it. Then she heads for the guestroom and closes the door leaving RAIN confused.

      RAIN: (whispers) Well… Good-night... I guess.

      The camera pans to the opened book. We see a spell that says “Lifting the Veil- Communicating through Dreams”.

      CUT TO -

      The GIRL sits on the bed, then reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small lock poly bag that has a couple of pills inside. The moment she touches one of the pills it emits green energy. She pops the pill in her mouth and takes a sip of water washing the pill down. Then she climbs into bed, pulling the covers to her chin and reluctantly closes her eyes.

      CUT TO-

      NICK is at the bar cleaning the mugs, looking through the window while MICHAEL is mixing a drink for a customer.

      MICHAEL: Find something interesting to stare at?

      NICK: (still) There’s this weird guy across the street. (Pauses) I think he’s a time traveler.

      MICHAEL: (adds some cherries to the drink; looks up) Excuse me?

      NICK: Yeah... look at him. He’s dressed in the fifties, from head to toe; the olive green jacket, the fedora and the thick rimmed glasses. I mean check out the suitcase... that’s vintage. (Nods to himself) There is only one logical explanation; he’s got to be a time traveler, you know like Doctor Who?

      MICHAEL hands the drink to a customer and looks in NICK’S direction.

      MICHAEL: (observes the MAN) Doctor What?

      NICK: No Doctor Who, British cult Sci-fi... (Nods to himself) and I'm quickly remembering you don’t watch TV.

      MICHAEL: (softly almost as if bitterly) My father didn’t allow us kids watch TV. He said it was trivial.

      NICK: (eyes still on the MAN across the street) Huh, how about that. He smokes cloves.

      MICHAEL: (looks at his watch) You do know your shift ended half an hour ago.

      NICK: (shakes his head in confusion) Huh?

      MICHAEL: Don’t you have a date?

      NICK: (puts down the mug) Daisy! (Hits his forehead; takes off apron) She’s going to kill me.

      MICHAEL: I thought her name was Dani?

      NICK: (looks over to him; nods) You’re right... its Dani. (Beat; pats him on the shoulder) Thanks boss. Seecha lata.

      NICK leaves for the small break room to get his belongings while MICHAEL glances over to the street again. He notices the MAN is now gone.

      CUT TO-

      ROWE is in bed wearing shorts, drinking some red wine while watching ‘Desperate Housewives’. His cell phone soon rings.

      ROWE: (he pauses the TV at a scene involving Mrs. Huber) Hello? (Listens to other line) Ms. McCree… to what do I owe the pleasure? Ahh… I gather Mr. Kipp told you about our… appointment with the Ma’lphas tribe? (Pauses) Well Mr. Alice failed to mention I was hired to keep an eye on Rain, so that’s what I’m doing. If you had bothered to do your homework and realize that they hired the Collector, we wouldn’t be in this mess, now would we? (Beat) Are you questioning my work ethic? I see… (Listens) oh? You’re going to take care of him? I’m not sure he can be persuaded to back off. Once he’s hired, he completes the job. (Pause again) Am I questioning your work ethic? (Chuckles) I wouldn’t do that to you Red. (Beat) All right, we’ll meet with the tribe again tomorrow but… I don’t think they’re going to let Rain go. (Listens) Yes, I’ll make sure they only get Ms. Pong. Night, Red.

      ROWE: (hangs up; to the TV) Well… it looks like I might like this job, after all Mrs. Huber.

      He smirks but then his right hand starts to shake. ROWE drinks the rest of his wine in one gulp as if to calm his nerves. Then he pours himself another glass and resumes watching the show.

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        ACT III


        MICHAEL appears holding onto an empty bin. He approaches the bar putting dirty dishware in it. NICK is behind the bar flirting with a waitress.

        NICK: (grins) I think it looks good.

        WAITRESS: Really? (Touches her hair) It’s not too much? The highlights?

        NICK: (shakes his head) No not at all. It’s very… fetching.

        WAITRESS: (pushes her glasses up; smiles) You’re just saying that, aren’t you?

        MICHAEL: (sighs at NICK) Vivien, table four is ready to order.

        VIVIEN: Oh, right… sorry Mr. Corbis.

        VIVIEN pulls out a Michael’s Haven business card from her apron, writes her phone number on it and slips it in NICK’S shirt pocket. She smiles again.

        VIVIEN: Call me sometime, okay?

        NICK: (dreamily) Yeah sure.

        MICHAEL: (watches VIVIEN leave; turns to NICK) I need my waitresses, Nick. Flirt off hours, mm?

        NICK: (chuckles softly) Right, boss.

        MICHAEL: Are you just gonna stand there giggling or get back to work?

        He sees MICHAEL is serious.

        NICK: My bad. (Nods) I-I am gonna get back to work.

        MICHAEL: Wise choice.

        Before NICK returns to duty he looks up and is startled as he sees someone familiar.

        NICK: Michael.

        MICHAEL: (a little annoyed) Nick?

        NICK: (inches closer to MICHAEL; whispers) The time-traveler is here.

        MICHAEL: (sighs) Pardon?

        NICK: (nods) 3 o’clock.

        MICHAEL looks over and sees it’s the same man from last night. He arches his brow.

        MICHAEL: (sees the MAN is impatient looking around for some service) Doesn’t look like he’s been served. (Beat; looks over to him) I wonder why.

        NICK: (nervous chuckle) Sorry. (Defensive) Vivien says she has tickets to a local concert. I’m trying to score ‘em. (MICHAEL gives him a look; explains) It’s my favorite band.

        MICHAEL: What happened to Dani? (Before NICK opens his mouth; MICHAEL stops him) Never mind, I don’t want to know. (Glances over to the customer) I suppose I’d better go see if he’s ready to order.

        NICK: Be careful, boss. (Beat; whispers) We don’t know what he has in that suitcase.

        MICHAEL ignores him and slowly approaches the customer.

        MICHAEL: Sorry for the delay. (Beat) May I take your order?

        The customer looks up. MICHAEL observes his attire, thick rimmed glasses, and olive green trench coat. The MAN’S fedora is on a chair near his suitcase.

        MAN: Ahh… yes I was wondering if I could have the winter squash soup with the Gruyère croutons? I know its breakfast but it sounds heavenly.

        MICHAEL: That’ll be fine. Anything else?

        MAN: (hands him the menu) Herbal tea... jasmine if you have it. I’d like the water really hot, please.

        MICHAEL: (writes down the order) Coming right up. (He turns to leave)

        MAN: Oh wait, if you don’t mind me asking… the apartments, are they yours?

        MICHAEL: (arches a brow) I’m sorry?

        He pulls out a newspaper article from his pocket. We see there is a picture of MICHAEL standing before the restaurant at the grand opening. The date reads ‘September 4, 1998’.

        MAN: (shows him the paper) You’re Michael Corbis, correct?

        MICHAEL: Yes, that’s right. (Beat) I own the apartments.

        MAN: I just moved here and I was looking for a place to stay. On the internet I came across this restaurant and I was wondering-

        MICHAEL: -sorry, the apartments are only for the employees.

        MAN: All of them?

        MICHAEL: That’s right.

        MAN: Interesting. (Beat; puts the article in his back pocket) Well, thank you. I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

        MICHAEL: (feigns a smile) I’ll bring your tea.

        MAN: Thank you.

        MICHAEL turns to leave but stops at the doorway to the kitchen to observe the MAN. He pulls out his cell phone and takes a picture.


        We’re back to the same dream RAIN had earlier but it’s a little different. On the couch NICK and BELLA are watching ‘Dark Angel’ while MADELINE and MICHAEL are eating at the picnic table. RAIN is on the swings.

        RAIN: (stops; gets up) Oh man not this dream again.

        MADELINE: This salad is really good Michael.

        MICHAEL: Thanks. (Beat) You should try the chicken pot pie. (With a goofy grin) It’s a new recipe.

        NICK: (not looking up) I never thought I’d eat a pie in a pot but it’s really good, it has Portobello mushrooms, onions, peas and rosemary. (Pauses; thinks thoughtfully) I think turnip too. Yum.

        BELLA: (eating popcorn) Helen really does look like Jessica Alba, Nick. Maybe she really is a thief after all.

        NICK: Told ya. (Lightly Hits her arm) Oh watch this part. It’s when Zack shoots himself to save Max.

        RAIN: (looks around) Do you see her?

        MADELINE: See who?

        NICK: She’s talking about the Asian chick who can’t talk.

        MICHAEL: (to RAIN) I don’t appreciate you slamming the door on my face. It’s my door. I do own the apartments, you know?

        MADELINE: She doesn’t trust you. Can you blame her? Maybe if you’d just confess your crimes, she’ll open that door right up.

        The GIRL appears in the woods, her arm reaching out toward RAIN.

        RAIN: (points) She’s here. Come on; let’s try to get her to communicate with us. Find out what she wants.

        NICK: You’re not the boss of us. Boss is the boss of us.

        MADELINE: I want to be a boss... or a sub-boss. Can I at least be a sub-boss?

        Just as RAIN is about to walk toward the GIRL, she disappears and then reappears in front of her. The GIRL now has the dry erase board tied to her neck.

        RAIN: I don’t know what you want. If you’d just use the dry erase board...

        BELLA: (next to RAIN) She can’t.

        RAIN: Why not?

        BELLA: She is too scared. They won’t let her.

        RAIN: Who won’t let her?

        NICK: (eyes still on the TV) The bad guys of course. Duh.

        MICHAEL is now standing before a two-sided reversible rolling dry erase board. On the cork side its covered photos of various young girls and Rhode Island newspaper clippings.

        MICHAEL: (holding onto a bag of BELLA’S microwave popcorn) I have a theory. I think its demons.

        MADELINE: You’re not going to burst out into song, are you? I’ve heard that can happen.

        NICK: I like to sing. I sing in the shower.

        RAIN: (frustrated) Bella, just tell me what she wants.

        BELLA approaches the cork board and flips it to the dry erase side and we see an incantation for a communication spell written on it. The title reads ‘Lifting the Veil- How to Communicate through Dreams”.

        NICK: (now standing before board) Isn’t the girl already communicating with Rain through her dreams?

        RAIN: (to BELLA) I don’t understand.

        BELLA is now holding the same spell book that RAIN borrowed.

        BELLA: The dreams are not enough. She needs a voice.

        MADELINE: (reads the spell on the board; thoughtfully) You mean like a vessel?

        BELLA: (hands RAIN the book) Trust me. The spell will work.

        Suddenly OLIVER appears standing before the dry erase board now holding onto the spell book.

        OLIVER: (to RAIN) Just remember. It’s not your fault. It’s supposed to happen.

        The dream quickly ends and RAIN wakes up. She looks at the alarm clock. It’s eleven-thirty. Right away, she strolls over to the guest room and checks on the GIRL who is sleeping. Slowly she closes the door then heads for the kitchen. She grabs a box of ‘Lucky Charms’ and pours them in a bowl followed by some milk. Then she sets it on a tray along with a glass of OJ, silverware and a napkin. She takes the tray and walks over to the guestroom.

        With a sigh she knocks on the door and then opens it. RAIN sets the tray on a nearby chair. Then she turns to the GIRL. RAIN winces unsure if she should wake her up but she is concerned for her well-being.

        RAIN: (touches the GIRL’S shoulder) Wakey-wakey. Time for breakfast or… lunch really… either way I figure you need to eat. (Looks over to the tray and then back at the GIRL) I hope you like Lucky Charms.

        The GIRL doesn’t respond. RAIN touches the GIRL’S shoulder again, slightly shaking it but she doesn’t wake up.

        RAIN: (arches her brow; sits on the edge of the bed) Hey... time to wake up. It’s late… we’ve slept long enough, don’t you think?

        RAIN shakes the GIRL’S shoulder again but nothing happens. The GIRL appears to be in a deep sleep.

        RAIN: (touches her forehead; then jumps up) Oh no...

        She starts to fidget wondering what to do. Something on the floor near the nightstand that catches RAIN’S eye. It’s the other pill that was in the bag. She picks it up and is taken aback when it starts to glow.

        RAIN: What the hell?

        RAIN picks up the phone in the kitchen and dials a number. The other line rings. We hear a female voice answer.

        VOICE: Hello?

        RAIN: Bella, it’s me Rain.

        BELLA: (worried) Where are you? I called you on your cell hours ago.

        RAIN: You did? I haven’t checked it.

        BELLA: (softly) Well… I thought… you might need a ride to school. Is everything okay?

        RAIN: Oh… I’m fine… (Worried) I just… can you come over?

        BELLA: Rain… I can’t. I’m about to go to class.

        RAIN: It’s an emergency… a supernatural one.

        BELLA: (sighs) I don’t... maybe you should call Madeline.

        RAIN: Bella… I need you. (Voice breaks) Please… I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.

        BELLA: (clears up throat) All right… I’m on my way.

        CUT TO-

        There is a desk and chair in the middle of the office. We see there are no doors or windows. The phone rings. Suddenly same MAN with the fedora from the restaurant materializes in the chair. He answers it.

        COLLECTOR: Ira speaking. (Pushes his glasses up) Hello Ms. McCree, how are you? Yes, it’s been too long hasn’t it? (Doodles on a post-it) Yeah well... that’s what they paid me for. Yes I found her. In fact I was just at the restaurant this morning- (Pauses) That’s not how the Collector operates, Ms. McCree you know that. I don’t work long term. (Listens to the other line) So you’re telling me I can keep my clients and do freelance for- (stops to listen again) Oh well now that’s an interesting fee. Do I have to sign a contract? I really hate- (pauses) I don’t? That’s a bit unorthodox of him isn’t it? (Sighs) Well if you put it that way I will be more than happy to offer my services to your company. (Beat) Pleasure doing business with you Ms. McCree.

        IRA hangs up. He opens the door and pulls out a bag of Halls cherry cough drops. He pops one in his mouth but keeps the wrapper. With a smile he folds it creating an interesting design. Then he pulls out a Ziploc bag from his jacket pocket that has more folded wrappers inside. He tosses the new wrapper in the bag. IRA starts humming Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite by the Spaniels then he disappears. We still hear him humming in the empty office.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN is in the hallway. BELLA emerges from the guestroom closing the door.

        RAIN: What do you think?

        At the same time they walk toward the living room. RAIN sits on the couch arm rest.

        BELLA: Why am I here, Rain?

        RAIN: (taken aback) What do you mean?

        BELLA: I’m just as clueless as you are. I have no idea what’s wrong with her.

        RAIN: (softly) You’re here for moral support… to steer me in the right direction.

        BELLA: She doesn’t have a fever. I didn’t see any physical injuries. She just seems to be sleeping… but then I’m not a doctor. (Beat) You should really call Madeline… or (softly) Michael.

        RAIN: (stands up) What? No… I want to handle this myself.

        BELLA: (firmly) You obviously can’t… otherwise you wouldn’t have called me. (Softly; inches closer) Look, I want to help. You know I do but I don’t see what I could possibly do. And neither do you.

        RAIN: (thinks of an answer) I just… I’ve been wondering… what if it was supposed to happen… that she locked herself in her sleep.

        BELLA: (arches a brow) You think she did it on purpose? Why would you think that?

        RAIN: (tries to put the pieces of her visions together) My dream… the one I told you about just now. Oliver said something… that makes me wonder if she’s a witch… that she cast some spell somehow, made herself asleep. (Pauses) I think she’s trying to tell me to do the communication spell… because she knows I’m a witch too.

        BELLA: I don’t know… I mean it’s possible, I guess. (Picks up her witchcraft book from the counter) I’m learning as I go Rain, but I do know this… the spell you’re talking about is pretty powerful… it requires three people to perform it… and some of the ingredients are ancient and rare.

        RAIN: Rare?

        BELLA: Like from another reality. (Close the book; to herself) What I don’t understand is why does it have to be this spell? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

        RAIN: I don’t know but I-

        Suddenly they’re interrupted by a continuous knock on the door.

        RAIN: (surprised) I wonder who that could be?

        RAIN answers the door and is startled it’s MADELINE who rushes in.

        RAIN: Mad? What are you doing-

        MADELINE: (sees BELLA; nods as if this confirms her suspicion) I figured you’d be here.

        BELLA: (still holding onto the book) Excuse me?

        RAIN: How did you-

        MADELINE: (holding onto her bag; to RAIN) -It didn’t surprise me that you weren’t in class. You’ve skipped school before but... (To BELLA) once I heard you were sent home in the middle of the day claiming to be sick, I realized you both were ‘Team Incognito’. (Beat; puts her bag down) So tell me… what’s the supernatural crisis?

        RAIN: (defensive) Mad… I’m sorry but we have a good reason for missing school.

        MADELINE: (takes off her jacket; puts it on a chair) So what is it? Vampires? Demons?

        RAIN: (sighs) We’re not sure… but I think it’s a witch. She’s in the guestroom. She’s trapped in her sleep and she won’t wake up.

        MADELINE: You mean… like sleeping beauty?

        RAIN: (nods) There’s more… she’s been communicating with me through my dreams. And she wants me to do a spell… become her vessel.

        MADELINE: (gives her a look) She wants you to what?

        CUT TO-

        RAIN and BELLA are on the couch looking at BELLA’S laptop just as MADELINE emerges from the guestroom. She closes the door and approaches the girl. RAIN looks up.

        RAIN: Well?

        MADELINE: I think she should be in a hospital. She could be in a coma… she needs medical help, Rain. Not supernatural.

        RAIN: I told you… she’s reaching out to me through my visions. That seems pretty supernatural.

        MADELINE: I don’t know, Rain. I mean… you really think this girl wants you to do this communication spell because… she told you in a dream?

        RAIN: (nods) She needs my help, Madeline.

        MADELINE: You don’t even know who she is… (Tries to be the voice of reason) Look I agree she needs help but not from us. She needs doctors…. a specialist. (Waves a hand) And even if she was trying to contact you through your visions… it could be a trap. (Beat) What if she’s trying to get your powers? Have you considered that possibility?

        RAIN: (gets up; approaches MADELINE) I don’t know why… but I trust her. (Beat) She was terrified when I found her in the dumpster.

        BELLA: (offers an explanation) It could have been because she saw the vampire you staked.

        RAIN: (shake her head; to BELLA) In the dream… you said “they won’t let her”… meaning there is more than one bad guy. I don’t think the vampire was the reason why she was there. (With confidence) It’s something else… someone else is after her. They don’t want her to talk. She’s too scared to even write and the dreams must be the only way she could communicate without them knowing.

        MADELINE: This is all just speculation, Rain.

        RAIN: (firmly; sure of herself) No… she wants me to do this spell. I know it.

        MADELINE: (sighs) Show it to me then.

        BELLA: (hands her the book; points to a page) This one.

        MADELINE: (reads) Lifting the veil… how to communicate through dreams… (Flips through this pages) I don’t know Rain… I don’t think this is a good idea. It’s a powerful spell. I mean… we’re talking about you becoming a vessel while you’re asleep. I’m sorry to say this… but you’re inexperienced. Things could go wrong.

        RAIN: It takes three people to do it. So I figured-

        MADELINE: -That’s exactly my point. I just don’t think you’re powerful enough to handle it… (Sees RAIN is hurt) I’m sorry but let’s be honest here.

        RAIN: (looks down then back at MADELINE; sighs) I understand but that’s why I thought you could do it with me. I mean you’re my Watcher. You can guide me through it.

        MADELINE: (half smiles; touches RAIN’S arm) I appreciate you trusting me but (pauses) I don’t see a reason to do to do this. I just feel she’d be better off under the care of a doctor.

        RAIN: (remembers something) Oh wait!

        RAIN pulls out the pill from her jean pocket and shows MADELINE.

        RAIN: (the pill glows again) I found this. I think it’s hers.

        BELLA: Is... is it glowing? (Beat) That’s not a good sign.

        MADELINE: Where did you find it?

        RAIN: In the guest room. (Beat) The room has been vacant since Allie moved out. It wasn’t there before.

        BELLA: (smirks) It’s like kryptonite. Nick is gonna totally flip when he sees this.

        RAIN: It seems to only glow when you touch it.

        BELLA: (nods at her) Yeah, it’s still not a good sign.

        MADELINE: (points to the pill) This could be the reason why she can’t wake up. Who knows how many she took?

        RAIN: You don’t know what it is?

        MADELINE: No… (Knows RAIN won’t like her suggestion) but I’m willing to bet Michael does.

        RAIN: (sighs; puts her pill back in her pocket) Ugh… I just don’t… I don’t want to deal with him.

        MADELINE: (tries to be sympathetic) I know you’re hurting Rain… hurting about all of the secrets that Michael seems to be hiding from you… about the kidnapping. (Beat; sighs) I just… I don’t think he was involved. I mean obviously he knows something but-

        RAIN: (rushes) -You fought tooth and nail about how he won’t tell us why he seems to know so much about the supernatural. You’ve made it clear you didn’t trust him since the day you met him. (Eyes narrow) So why are you on his side all of the sudden?

        MADELINE: I’m not on his side. (Tenderly) I’m on yours, Rain. (Beat) It’s just… he does have the resources… and he always comes through for you… (Glances over to BELLA, then back at RAIN) for all of us; whenever we need him. He might have some answers as to what’s going on.

        RAIN: (low voice) I don’t believe this…

        BELLA: (to RAIN) You want to help her, don’t you?

        RAIN sighs as she looks at MADELINE and BELLA.

        RAIN: (gives up) All right, all right… I’ll go see him.

        MADELINE: We’ll stay… keep an eye on your friend.

        BELLA offers a reassuring smile but RAIN feels uncertain.

        CUT TO-

        Before RAIN enters the restaurant, she observes NICK flirting with VIVIEN. She rolls her eyes and then opens the doors.

        NICK: (smirks) So when did you say the concert was?

        VIVIEN: Next week… do you want to go with me?

        NICK: Why yes… (Looks up; sees RAIN) of course… (Distractedly; to VIVIEN) umm… can I call you?

        VIVIEN: (seductively) You have my number.

        NICK: (taps his shirt pocket) That I do.

        VIVIEN leaves and heads for the kitchen while NICK still has his eyes on RAIN. He pretends he doesn’t see her. He picks up a glass half empty but knocks it over.

        RAIN: (approaches NICK) Smooth, Nick. Real smooth.

        NICK: (nervous chuckle) Hey Mason… (Quickly cleans up his mess) Didn’t see you there.

        RAIN: Yeah, Right. So… you’re moving on to employees now?

        NICK: (offended) Pardon?

        RAIN: (sighs) Never mind. (Beat) Is Michael around?

        NICK: (lets it go; puts towel down) Yep. He’s in his office. He’s been in there for like an hour, like a hermit.

        RAIN: Really?

        NICK: I think he’s… researching. (Gives a lame wink) You know?

        RAIN: (stiffens) Well… that’s curious. (Beat) Do you know what he’s researching about?

        NICK: (scoffs) Hell if I know. You know how he gets when he’s all researchy.

        RAIN: (mutters) Yeah… I’m afraid I do.

        RAIN just stares at NICK making him feel uncomfortable.

        NICK: What? Do I have something between my teeth?

        RAIN: No… it’s not that… (Sincerely) I’m sorry, Nick. I didn’t mean to hurt you that night.

        NICK: (a little defensive) Yeah… you never mean…

        RAIN: I’m trying to-

        NICK: -Don’t you need to see Michael?

        RAIN: I do… (Supplies a reason in order to see if he might be interested) it’s actually supernatural related. (Softly; small grin) Want to help? (Light chuckle; looks around, then to NICK) It’s not vampires or demons so no weapons are involved.

        NICK: (leans back; fold arms) Yeah… I’m retired. No more battles with the forces of darkness for me. (Fidgets a little) I’m done.

        RAIN: (scoffs) Retired? You barely even started- (sees NICK is serious) all right. (Beat) I’m going.

        NICK nods and picks up a small shot of tequila. He drinks it in one gulp as he watches RAIN leave for MICHAEL’S office.

        CUT TO-

        There are occult books all over MICHAEL’S desk. Papers scattered everywhere. On his computer we see he is looking at a paranormal website.

        MICHAEL: (he doesn’t bother hiding the books and papers) Come in.

        MICHAEL is surprise to see its RAIN who slowly enters the room.

        MICHAEL: (straightens up) Rain… hey. (Jumps in before RAIN says anything) I just printed up the schedule for the next two weeks. Let me get it for-

        RAIN: -I’m not here for work.

        MICHAEL: All right… what can I do for you?

        RAIN: (observes the books) So you are researching. (Mutters) Figures. (Bluntly) Care to tell me what about?

        MICHAEL: Oh… (Gestures) this… it’s actually about your friend. I think someone is after her but I don’t know who or what-

        RAIN: (annoyed) -You went behind my back?

        MICHAEL: Look… you have every reason not to trust me but I assure you that I’m only concerned for-

        RAIN: -just forget it. I didn’t come here to talk about that.

        MICHAEL: (leans backs) Okay… Then what did you come here to talk about?

        RAIN: Something is wrong with her… my friend. She won’t wake up. She’s been contacting me through my dreams, as if she’s trying to communicate with me. And I think… (Pulls put the pill; it starts to glow) I think this is the reason why.

        MICHAEL: (eyes widen; takes the pill from her) I don’t believe it.

        RAIN: (nods not surprised he knows) So you do know what it is?

        MICHAEL: (retrieves a magnifying glass from the top drawer; to himself) I thought these were off the market.

        RAIN: Michael?

        MICHAEL: (looks up) It’s a street drug… underground really… mixed with mystical compounds among other things. It’s not local… I don’t recognize the signature.

        RAIN: What it’s for?

        MICHAEL: Primarily… (Nods at her) to communicate through dreams.

        RAIN: So I was right.

        MICHAEL: (stands up; RAIN inches back still not trusting him) It all makes sense now.

        RAIN: (plays with her necklace) What does?

        MICHAEL: (still holding on to the pill) This drugs also hides you from locator spells.

        RAIN: It does?

        MICHAEL: Yep. Your friend must have taken it to hide from whoever is after her.

        RAIN: How do you know this? Who is after her?

        MICHAEL: (doesn’t answer her question) Rain… the reason why your friend isn’t waking up is because she’s trapped in her nightmares. That’s how the drug works… you get lost in your dreams and it hides you from reality… literally.

        RAIN’S eyes widen.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV


          MICHAEL rushes out of the office with RAIN. He stops at the one of the tables and turns to LUIS, his sous chef. LUIS is chatting with a customer.

          MICHAEL: Luis… I need you to take over my shift… (He looks over to NICK) and the bar.

          LUIS: (nods) Of course, Mr. Corbis.

          MICHAEL nods back and approaches NICK who is talking to VIVIEN again.

          NICK: (throws his hand up) I’m not flirting, boss. Just taking an order-

          MICHAEL: -I need you to go come with me… now.

          NICK glances over to RAIN, then to MICHAEL. He realizes what they’re up to and shakes his head.

          NICK: (sighs) I’m not involved. Nope. Not doing that stuff anymore. You’re just going have to fight the supernatural without me.

          MICHAEL: (firmly) Nick.

          NICK: (glares at RAIN; mutters to himself) He really does own me. (Takes off his apron) Coming, boss.

          The three of them hastily leave the restaurant.

          CUT TO-

          MADELINE is talking to MICHAEL while NICK is watching TV flipping through the channels. RAIN and BELLA are in the guestroom checking on the GIRL.

          MADELINE: You’re not serious are you?

          MICHAEL: (reading the spell) I am.

          MADELINE: Michael, she’s not powerful enough.

          MICHAEL: I think she can handle it.

          MADELINE: (a little annoyed) Don’t- don’t do that… she’s my charge. I’m responsible for her. (Softly) If we’re going to do this together don’t dismiss me. Don’t cast me off to the side like that.

          MICHAEL: Madeline… we don’t have time for this.

          MADELINE: (inches closer) I defended you Michael. I told her to talk to you because I trust your resources and you always come through for her. Am I wrong?

          MICHAEL: (hands her the book; opens to the spell) The spell requires three people; someone with a higher aptitude for magic to perform it, a vessel to speak for the spirit and another person to prepare the altar and supervise the whole process.

          MADELINE: Okay so obviously Rain is going to be the vessel. And I assume you’ll perform the spell?

          MICHAEL: No… actually my friend Oliver will.

          MADELINE: The man from the magic shop? Your business associate?

          MICHAEL nods.

          MADELINE: Is he a warlock?

          MICHAEL: Kind of. (Sees MADELINE isn’t happy with his answer) Madeline… he is my business associate. I own a percentage of his store.

          MADELINE: Oh. And you trust him?

          MICHAEL: (with emotion) With my life.

          MADELINE: (surprised to see him care for someone that much; moves on) The ingredients… some of them are ancient… not from this realm.

          MICHAEL: I have some of them in my apartment… and the others are at Oliver’s shop.

          MADELINE: (uncertain) Couldn’t we just do a different spell? I mean Rain has to be a sleep for this. She might not wake up, Michael.

          MICHAEL: The pill that Rain showed you? (MADELINE nods) It’s the same ingredients as the spell. They’re connected. That’s why it’s so powerful… this is ancient magic we’re dealing with here.

          MADELINE: (sighs; with worry) I just I’m concerned for Rain. This is so much bigger than anything she’s ever done before.

          MICHAEL: Do you trust me?

          MADELINE: (looks at his eyes; hand him the book back) I don’t know why… but yes… I do.

          MICHAEL: (smirks again) I never thought I’d hear that.

          MADELINE: (small laugh) I’d never thought I’d say it. (Beat) All right… what can I do?

          MICHAEL: Keep an eye on the girl with Bella.

          MADELINE: Sounds simple.

          MICHAEL: It’s not… when the spell is done, Rain will be in the girl’s body. So Rain needs someone she trusts… a familiar face to wake up to… Bella’s and… yours. There is a chance that Rain might not recognize you. So you need to bring her back to reality.

          MADELINE: I can do that. (Slightly touches MICHAEL’S arm, making him uneasy) Michael… thank you.

          MICHAEL just nods with a small grin.

          RAIN and BELLA emerges from the guestroom.

          MADELINE: (to RAIN) How is she?

          RAIN: Still sleeping but she seems fine.

          MICHAEL: Nick? You ready?

          NICK: (turns off TV; slowly gets up) Yeah… I’m ready.

          MICHAEL: (gives him the spell book) I told Oliver you’re on the way.

          NICK takes the book but puts his hand out.

          MICHAEL: What?

          NICK: I need gas money. (Shrugs) Why should I have to pay for it?

          MICHAEL gives him a look.

          NICK: Never mind. Forget I even asked.

          NICK: (strolls to the door; points to everyone) This is it everyone. This is the last run to the magic shop. I mean it.

          BELLA: (scoffs) You’ve never been there, Nick.

          NICK: I’m telling you. After this (points to the floor)… I’m just the bartender. Got it?

          Everyone but MICHAEL smiles at him.

          BELLA: Sure Nick… whatever you say.

          NICK: I’m serious.

          MICHAEL: (annoyed) Nick.

          NICK: I’m going. I’m going.

          EVERYONE watches NICK leave.

          MICHAEL: (to RAIN) I’m going to go to my place to get the other ingredients.

          RAIN: Oh… okay.

          MICHAEL: (softly) Do you want to come with?

          RAIN: (looks over to MADELINE who gives a small nod) I… I guess.

          MICHAEL: Then let’s go.

          RAIN awkwardly follows MICHAEL out the door.

          CUT TO-

          RAIN feels strange standing in the middle of MICHAEL’S apartment, seeing all of his personal things. She sees a picture of a dog on the coffee table. He emerges from a hallway carrying a wooden box. RAIN instantly backs away.

          MICHAEL: (sets it on the kitchen table) Found it.

          RAIN: (touches it) It’s a little dusty.

          MICHAEL: Yeah… I haven’t opened it a long time.

          RAIN: How come?

          MICHAEL: (stiffens a bit) No… no particular reason.

          MICHAEL opens it.

          RAIN: (coughs) I take it back… it’s very dusty.

          MICHAEL: (small laugh) Let’s see… (Picks up a small bag) here we go… African dream root.

          RAIN: What’s that?

          MICHAEL: Silene Capensis... it’s a plant native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

          RAIN: Right... (Shrugs) I knew that.

          MICHAEL: (smirks) It’s also the main ingredient for the spell... and I suspect... for those drugs your friend took. It induces vivid dreams. (Hands her the bag) What else do we need...?

          MICHAEL examines the box but stops himself. The air is silent between them.

          MICHAEL: (softly; doesn’t look at RAIN) I’m sorry, Rain. I really am.

          RAIN: (uncomfortable) We... don’t have to do this now.

          MICHAEL: (turns to her) I need to explain myself. It wasn’t my intention to keep any of this from you.

          RAIN: You’re talking about the prophecy.

          MICHAEL: Yes.... you have to know you can trust me.

          RAIN: Can we… can we do this later? I mean… the girl needs our help, you know?

          MICHAEL: Of course… (Returns to the box; picks up a bottle) We need this. It’s from another dimension… very rare…

          RAIN picks up the bottle, pretending to look at it, but sneaking a few quick glimpses of MICHAEL. The camera pans back as they continue to go through the box.

          CUT TO-

          NICK is holding onto a basket full of products while OLIVER is going through some supplies.

          NICK: Do we really need all of this?

          OLIVER: (annoyed) Yes Nicholas. This spell requires a lot of ingredients. It takes all afternoon to prepare and hours for the spell to even work.

          NICK: Sounds like a pretty hefty spell. Do you really think you can do it?

          OLIVER gives him a look.

          NICK: Of course you can. (Bows) Why did I even ask, oh wise one?

          OLIVER: (put some incense in the basket) Are you always like this?

          NICK: (obvious) Like what?

          OLIVER: (waves at him) This.

          JACKIE: (appears holding a small bag) Leave the boy alone, Oliver.

          NICK shoots OLIVER a smile.

          JACKIE: I found the bat’s ashes.

          NICK: (smile fades) Bat’s ashes?

          OLIVER: (takes the bag from JACKIE and puts it in the basket) Well... it’s a mixture with some graveyard dirt and- (stops) Nicholas?

          NICK makes a face.

          JACKIE: Are you okay, son? You look ill. Shall I make you some ginger tea?

          NICK: No... I’m fine. Well I was... until I saw (points to one of the shelves) the cow brain in the jar. Is... that blood?

          OLIVER and JACKIE burst out laughing.

          NICK: (nods to himself) Yeah. I can see how this would be amusing, a macho guy like me grossed out by... ugh.

          JACKIE: Maybe you should sit down. Put your head between your knees.

          NICK: (moans) I shouldn’t have eaten the chili for lunch.

          OLIVER: (pats him on the shoulder) Nicholas, the brain is not real. (Chuckles) It’s just for show.

          NICK: (feigns laugh) Ahh you got me good. (Waves a hand to JACKIE) I’m fine... (Rubs his stomach) really.

          OLIVER: (looks at some candles) Do you fight alongside Rain when she patrols?

          NICK: No I just help out when she lights the bat signal but-

          OLIVER: (confused) -Bat signal?

          NICK: Surely you’ve seen Batman.

          JACKIE: (smiles) He doesn’t get pop culture references.

          NICK: (nods) Ah well... (Gestures) when the moment calls for it, I jump into battle.

          OLIVER laughs.

          NICK: Something funny?

          OLIVER: I got the impression you were more of a (waves again) sidelines kind of guy.

          NICK: (a little annoyed) Yeah well… (Softly) not anymore. I’m retired after this spell thingy.

          OLIVER: Something happen that made you decide to change your career path, Nicholas?

          NICK: (mutters) Its Nick, not Nicholas… there is no ‘olas’. (Defensive) And I’m in college. So I don’t need a career in doing (gestures the store) voo-doo.

          OLIVER: My mistake. What are you studying?

          NICK: Education.

          OLIVER: (surprised) Really?

          NICK: (serious) I want to be a teacher.

          OLIVER: (approves) That’s a fine profession.

          NICK: Thank you… (Straightens up; looks at list) so what’s next? Oh lovely, snake eyes... oh excuse me crushed snake eyes. Well that certainly makes a difference.

          CUT TO-

          Suddenly NICK and OLIVER barge in carrying bags from the magic shop.

          NICK: Honey we’re home!

          BELLA runs up to OLIVER and grabs a couple of bags.

          OLIVER: Thank you… Bella, is it?

          BELLA: (sets the bag on the table) Yes… is it all right if I call you Oliver?

          NICK: (points at OLIVER with a candle he retrieves from one of the bags) What she meant to say because you’re an authority figure, she wonders if she could call you Mr...?

          OLIVER: (a little irritated with NICK; takes the candle away from him) Vallon... but Oliver is just fine. (To BELLA) I understand that Michael gave you the book… the one we’re doing the spell from. Do you have aspirations to learn the craft?

          BELLA: (scoffs) Oh no... I don’t want to be a witch. I just like researching, learning about spells, what makes them work. I have this little herb garden. I dry them and-

          NICK gets between BELLA and OLIVER as he reaches for a can of Pringles from one of the bags.

          NICK: (hand on her shoulder) -See Bella here? She’s a sidelines kind of guy... err girl.

          OLIVER: (smirks) So she doesn’t jump into battle, like yourself?

          NICK gives him a look and opens the can of chips while BELLA empties the bags. MADELINE appears from the guestroom. OLIVER turns to see her.

          MADELINE: (approaches him) Oliver... I’m Madeline Blake. (Offers her hand) We’ve never been introduced. I’m Rain’s Watcher.

          OLIVER: (shakes it) I apologize for the late introduction... I didn’t realize you were unaware of my business relationship with Michael.

          MADELINE: Business meaning, supernatural?

          OLIVER: (chuckles) Yes. Please know that I never had any intention of being secretive about any of this.

          Before MADELINE could answer, NICK makes a noise with his can of Pringles.

          NICK: (sits on a chair) So how did you meet the boss, Oliver?

          OLIVER: Oh... I don’t think now is the time to-

          RAIN and MICHAEL enter the living room. They approach the table joining BELLA.

          OLIVER: Michael… (Smiles) Ms. Mason…

          RAIN: (sets the box on the table) I’m going to take a wild guess… you’re Oliver?

          OLIVER: Ah… we’ve already met.

          RAIN: Right… when you healed me. Sorry, I don’t remember much about that. (Offers her hand) I never had a chance to properly thank you.

          OLIVER: (He warmly takes it) You’re quite welcome.

          MICHAEL helps BELLA and MADELINE sort through the ingredients.

          OLIVER: (lets RAIN’S hand go) Jackie was right about you.

          RAIN: Your wife? The one who runs the shop?

          OLIVER: (nods) Yes… that’ll be her.

          RAIN: What was she right about?

          OLIVER: You have so much potential… so much to offer to the world.

          MICHAEL quickly looks up.

          RAIN: (arches her brow) You sound like one of my teachers at Haven High.

          OLIVER: (grins) Stuffy?

          RAIN: (smirks) No… you’re not stuffy at all.

          RAIN takes her keys out of her pocket, unknowingly dropping the pill on the floor.

          OLIVER: (small laugh; glances at the floor) Oh… it looks like you’ve dropped this. (Holding onto the pill; it starts to glow)

          NICK: (munches on a chip) Its glowing. (Nods in excitement) It’s like kryptonite.

          BELLA: (grins) That’s what I said!

          NICK: What is it?

          MICHAEL: It’s designed to hide from locator spells… and induces dreams.

          OLIVER: This pill is the very reason why the girl needs our help.

          NICK: So the little kryptonite pill makes you invisible?

          BELLA: She must be in real deep to take something like that.

          RAIN: (to MICHAEL) That’s a point. You never explained how you know someone is after her.

          MICHAEL: I saw him across the street last night and (turns around to RAIN) then just recently he came to the restaurant… this morning in fact.

          MADELINE: (holding onto a bottle of oil) What did he do?

          MICHAEL: He ordered breakfast, tried to act like he was interested in renting an apartment but he was obviously just fishing for information. (To RAIN) That’s why I think he was looking for your friend.

          RAIN: You still don’t know who or… what he is?

          MICHAEL: No… my contact… Lachlan from Australia (OLIVER looks up, recognizing the name; MICHAEL sees this)… he’s supposed to get in touch with me. (Turns to the table; looks at the ingredients) That’s why we need to do this spell as quickly as possible.

          OLIVER: Agreed.

          NICK moves over to the couch with his can of Pringles.

          NICK: Well… this should be an interesting afternoon. (Sees the book ‘Persepolis’ on the coffee table) What’s this? (Opens the pages) Oohh, a graphic novel. (Wipes his hand with his shirt; begins to read)

          CUT TO-

          While MICHAEL is mixing some power and oils together, OLIVER is flipping through the spell book. RAIN sits on the couch next to NICK who is still reading ‘Persepolis’. MADELINE and BELLA are in the guest bedroom.

          NICK: You know, Rain… this is similar to ‘Maus by Art Spiegelman’. (Glances over to her) Have you read it?

          RAIN: No but someone recommended I should.

          NICK: It’s brutal. It really put things in perspective. (Beat) You know I have ‘The Giver’ and ‘The Westing Game’. You can borrow ‘em if you want.

          RAIN: (arches a brow) How did-

          NICK: -I saw the reading list.

          RAIN: (stunned) That was in my bag. (Eyes narrow) Did you through my stuff? (Hits him)

          NICK: (winces) Easy on the slayer strength. (Rubs his arm) No I didn’t. Madeline saw me with this and she showed me the reading list for your class. Geez woman.

          RAIN: (sinks into the couch) Sorry.

          NICK: Yeah whatever.

          RAIN: (softly) Nick…

          NICK: (doesn’t look at her; eyes in the book) Yeah?

          RAIN: (serious tone) I know… you’re not a pimp and God’s gift to women.

          NICK: (puts book down) This is your attempt at an apology… for spitting out nails at me during New Years? Telling me I am not a pimp?

          RAIN: Look… I suck at apologies… but I do mean them. So take it or leave it.

          NICK: (thinks thoughtfully; grabs the can of Pringles) I’ll take it.

          RAIN: (eyes the can) Can I have one?

          NICK: Nope. I think you should suffer a little more.

          RAIN frowns. He sighs and gives her the chips.

          RAIN: (happily eats one) Thanks.

          OLIVER: Rain? (Gestures the floor) If you would...

          RAIN sits on the floor just as MICHAEL knocks on the guest bedroom door. MADELINE opens it. We see BELLA on the floor reading a magazine.

          MICHAEL: We’re about to start.

          MADELINE nods and closes the door. OLIVER approaches NICK who looks up at him.

          NICK: (removes headphones) Yes Mr. Vallon?

          OLIVER: (rolls his eyes) If you would please... remove yourself from the room?

          NICK: (protests) But I want to see the magic show. (Gestures) This is front row seats.

          RAIN: (offers) You… you can stay in my room.

          OLIVER: (sighs) That’s fine but... (Points to the headphones) we can’t have any interference from... these things.

          NICK puts it on the coffee table with an annoyed face, then picks up the book and strolls to her bedroom.

          RAIN: (hollers) Don’t touch my stuff!

          NICK plops on the bed, starts reading.

          OLIVER: (joins RAIN on the floor) Michael?

          MICHAEL brings a small white pillow and places it behind RAIN.

          RAIN: Err... what’s going on?

          OLIVER: When you become the girl’s vessel, it could have a major impact on your body. Michael will be behind you in case you fall.

          RAIN: Oh, right.

          OLIVER: Then we shall begin. I’ll start the incantation.

          OLIVER picks up the spell book and begins chanting in Latin. He nods at RAIN to lights up the candles. She picks up a small jar of white incense sand and sprinkles it in the bowl. Then she places a crystal in it. Next she opens up a bag and pulls out the dried African root. She takes it to the flame and then drops it in. It lands in the bowl and burns instantly. There is a whiff of smoke. Slowly, RAIN inhales the smoke and falls back. MICHAEL catches her. She is now sleeping.

          CUT TO-

          It’s now hours later. RAIN is still sleeping. The candles are half way burnt. Peering from the hallway is NICK holding onto to a copy of ‘The Silver Kiss’ by Annette Curtis Klause. He looks at his watch indicating its now eight pm. MICHAEL sees NICK and gestures with his head to beat it.

          NICK: (mouths; whispers) Bathroom... (Gestures) I need go.

          MICHAEL shakes his head.

          NICK sighs, throwing his arms in the air and the book flies out of his hand. It hits the wall creating a small thud. Suddenly the light from the candles start swirling and aims for the crystal in the bowl. The light splits in two and the two streams snake around each other, reaching up towards the ceiling before splitting. One stream turn towards the bedroom while the other curls around RAIN, caressing her gently, sending a tendril towards her mouth where it hovers for a long second before following the first to the bedroom.

          NICK: (loudly) Finally! (Bolts for the bathroom)

          OLIVER: (with concern for RAIN) Is she all right, Michael?

          MICHAEL: (touches her head) She’s fine.

          MADELINE appears from the guestroom.

          MADELINE: There’s something wrong.

          MICHAEL: (still not leaving RAIN’S side) What is it? Is the girl okay?

          RAIN moans, slowly waking up.

          MICHAEL: You need to rest, Rain.

          OLIVER: Michael? What’s going on?

          RAIN: (rubs her head) Why… did-did the spell work?

          BELLA emerges from behind MADELINE.

          BELLA: (softly) Trust me. The spell worked.

          RAIN: (dead pans; shoots BELLA a look) What did you say?

          NICK: (now appears in the living room) She said “trust me, the spell worked.”

          RAIN: (tries to get up; MICHAEL helps her) The spell did work, didn’t it?

          BELLA: Yes.

          NICK: It couldn’t have… because you’re (gestures) still Rain... Rain.

          RAIN: (lets MICHAEL hold her up) Who are you?

          BELLA: Keeley Pong. (Offers her hand) It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Rain Mason.

          MADELINE, MICHAEL and OLIVER all realize what just happened.

          NICK: Huh? Wait… you’re her… the girl?

          KEELEY: (softly) Yes.

          RAIN: (doesn't take KEELEY'S hand) Why did you want me to do the spell?

          KEELEY: You were the only one close by.

          RAIN: Who is after you? (Back tracks) Wait… what do you mean I was the only one? The only witch that could help you? I don’t understand.

          KEELEY: You should pay more attention to your visions, Rain Mason. We’re connected… (Softly) into each generation... all the world...

          MICHAEL, OLIVER and MADELINE exchange looks while NICK is still clearly clueless.

          RAIN: You’re a slayer? You’re... a Chosen One like-

          FEMALE VOICE: -Us.

          RAIN turns around quickly as well as MICHAEL, OLIVER, MADELINE and NICK. In the door way we see BUFFY walking in with GILES and WILLOW following her from behind.

          MADELINE: (stunned) Buffy?

          BUFFY: The one and only. Only, not so much these days. Used to be just me but now it’s more like Chosen Ones; plural because of the scythe, the spell thingy and all of the potential slayers... it’s a whole thing.

          NICK: (arches a brow) Okay who the hell is Buffy? (Rubs his head) No don’t tell me. I think I’m getting a headache.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          CJ Hodges (Chad Faust)
          Calum Kipp (Lee Norris)
          Jackie (Imelda Staunton)
          Keeley Pong (Jaime Chung)
          Oliver (Gerry Becker)
          Neeve Fournier (Danneel Harris)
          Tolen Marks (Constance Zimmer)


          Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller)
          Willow Rosenburg (Alyson Hannigan)
          Rupert Giles (Anthony Steward Head)



          • The episode was originally called "Witness" but as I wrapped up the story, I realized I didn't tie in the theme with the title. Ooops. I like this one better anyway. It's a title of a song.

          • Just to make it clear- in the dream when Michael refers to Madeline as "Rain's cousin", this is actually in reference to when they first met. Madeline pretended to be family when she was asking about Rain.

          • I hope you picked up on the tension between Rain and her friends. I know that the fight they had might have felt sudden but I felt storywise, it was necessary.

          • So Oliver and Jackie are now starting to get to know Rain and her friends. This will continue to happen as Michael will feel more awkward. I wonder why? That's right! You don't know.

          • Some of the reading material mentioned in this episode I actually read for a couple of children's literature classes in college. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi was my favorite. It really impacted me. The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause was written in the early 90's. Not a great read in my opinion but still intriguing. And it has a vampire in it!

          • Nick a teacher? Who would have thought!

          • The Collector is actually based on someone I saw at an airport. This guy was literally from another time- dressed like he was from the 50's. He had the suitcase, fedora hat, everything. Just like Nick, I wondered what was in the suitcase. I made a mental note of this stranger and decided to create a character using his appearance.

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky. I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.10 Runnin' Down a Dream (P2)- you can read the summary in the index before checking out the transcript or if you prefer to just go straight to the episode, click here. Many many thanks for reading!
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