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Sirens - 1.08 - Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)

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  • Sirens - 1.08 - Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)

    Series: Sirens
    Episode: 1.08 – Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Goddard (Lex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season One of Sirens runs strictly alongside Season Four of its brother series “Shadow Stalker”. To fully understand and appreciate Sirens, it is advisable to read Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Shadow Stalker prior to this series, and please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The camera focuses on the Prime family’s house clock, it reads midnight. The room is pitch black. The camera pans around and shows shimmering outlines of two men stood in the centre of the lounge. Surrounding the men in four corners are four figures, all of them in dark black robes. They are NICOLA, EDWARD, ARRON and HELEN.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: The United will be here in one day.

    His voice is deep and booming, authoritative

    NICOLA: We shall be ready for them.

    SHIMMERING MAN #2: When they arrive, you will all reconnect with us then, we will inform you of our plans.

    His voice is more sinister, darker and full of discord.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: Now the Gorgon has been vanquished, we will not be supplying any further warriors.

    SHIMMERING MAN #2: It is up to you and The United now, to destroy them once and for all.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: You must complete what The Fates and Hermes failed to do.

    EDWARD: We understand wholly what is required of us.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: See to it that you do not disappoint us.

    SHIMMERING MAN #2: Is the girl now under our grasp?

    ARRON: We have given her the revenge she has long sought.

    HELEN looks up slightly, to her brother.

    ARRON: She is indebted to us, to the corporation and unto you both.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: And the Syndicate mute also?

    NICOLA: Her fate is sealed. She is not a concern of ours.

    SHIMMERING MAN #2: She can cause damage, along with all her other comrades.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: Without their help to Xakiel Thorn, Sin would never have been stopped. Their threat is exponential and their potential, catastrophic.

    NICOLA: We will not underestimate them.

    SHIMMERING MAN #2: Good. We shall contact you when the next day begins.

    SHIMMERING MAN #1: May the ether be blessed in your absence.

    Then, the two lights vanish and all that is left is darkness.



    The song begins as the darkness paves way for a new day. The sky is overcast with thick grey threatening clouds which shadow the morning.

    Well I got us on a hiway, I got us in a car
    I got us going faster than we've ever gone before...


    The camera focuses on a large chocolate cake that has been freshly baked and iced. It’s on the table and SHELTER is sat in front of it, looking at it indifferent. There is a pile of plates next to it and a knife.

    MELODY (O/S): I knew I could smell cake.

    I got us on a hiway, I got us in a car
    I got us going faster than we've ever gone before...

    SHELTER turns and looks at her, ECHIDNA and URSULA with her. She looks at them apologetically.

    URSULA: Oh wow, Shelter did you bake that yourself?

    SHELTER nods.

    ECHIDNA looks at her, judgementally.

    And I know it ain't gonna last
    And I know it ain't gonna last
    When I see your eyes arrive
    They explode like two bugs on glass...

    ECHIDNA: That cake had better not be an apology cake?

    SHELTER smiles, apologetically.

    ECHIDNA moves close to her and sits down next to her.

    ECHIDNA: You have nothing to apologise for, Shelter. What happened was a tragedy and not your doing. You were being twisted and tainted by the Sirens.

    TRAFFORD (O/S): Oh sweet, Shelter’s baked.

    MELODY turns to see BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE and PAN walking into the lobby. MELODY looks at him.

    Far above the ocean, deep under the sea
    There's a river runnin' dry, because of you and me
    Far above the ocean, deep under the sea
    There's a river runnin' dry, because of you and me...

    MELODY: Yeah but we’re not allowed to touch it, ‘cause it’s an apology cake and Echidna’s forbidden it.

    ECHIDNA turns and looks at the cake, her appetite tempting her.

    ECHIDNA: Well it would be a shame to waste Shelter’s hard spent time.

    She smiles at SHELTER and begins cutting slices for everyone. Everyone moves in closer to take a slice but BROGAN and MELODY hold back. He looks at her, smiling.

    BROGAN: Morning.

    MELODY: Morning.

    And I know, it ain't gonna last
    And I know, it ain't gonna last
    When I see your eyes arrive,
    They explode like two bugs on glass...

    BROGAN: You know, you don’t have to sneak out of my room every morning.

    MELODY: I just thought it would be easier - never been good at the “morning after” moment.

    BROGAN: Ok, well next time use the door? The window’s not convenient.

    MELODY smiles, embarrassed.

    MELODY: Sorry, habit. Just don’t want to make too much of an issue out of us.

    BROGAN looks at her confused.

    BROGAN: Why?

    She's a goddess on a hiway, a goddess in a car
    A goddess going faster than she's ever gone before...

    MELODY indicates the group, all of them.

    MELODY: We’ve got enough to worry about.

    The camera shows the rest of the group again, all of them talking happily about how delicious the cake is. SHELTER smiles, warmed by them. ELISE squeezes her hand.

    MELODY (O/S): What we’re doing is new to me... I wasn’t expecting to feel this way about anyone since everything I did last year.

    The camera cuts back to BROGAN and MELODY now. She looks at him.

    MELODY: I like you, that much is clearly obvious... but we’ve both been through too much for us to make a big deal out of this.

    BROGAN pauses, he nods.

    BROGAN: I know what you mean.

    She's a goddess on a hiway, a goddess in a car
    A goddess going faster than she's ever gone before
    And I know, it ain't gonna last
    And I know, it ain't gonna last...

    MELODY: We’re just getting to know each other...

    He smiles at her.

    BROGAN: It’s fine, Melody. We’ll take things slow.

    She smiles back at him.

    MELODY: But I’ll use the door next time. That’s something, right?

    He touches her hand.

    When I see your eyes arrive,
    they explode like two bugs on glass
    And I know, it ain't gonna last
    And I know, it ain't gonna last...

    BROGAN: Yeah, that’s something.

    There’s a knock at the front door. He looks at MELODY with an eyebrow raised.

    MELODY: What? That’s not me?

    URSULA looks up at BROGAN.

    URSULA: That’s odd? Classes don’t begin for two hours. We’re not expecting any new students are we?

    ECHIDNA: We can’t accept anymore, the classes are full.

    BROGAN: I’ll talk to them, it’s fine.

    He moves away now to the door.

    And I know, it ain't gonna last
    And I know, it ain't gonna last...

    The camera focuses on his hand as he reaches for the door handle. He grips it and reaches with the other hand to unlock the door. The lock clicks, opening. He pulls the door.

    He looks up at the person standing before him, an illustrious woman. His eyes widen as he looks at her. He falls to his knees. It was KALIPSO.

    BROGAN: (speechless) Kalipso...

    He bows his head. MELODY looks over at BROGAN, confused. She laughs.

    MELODY: Ea... what are you doing?

    URSULA looks up.

    URSULA: By Suspiria’s sister... Kalipso.

    Her eyes widen and she too falls to her knees and bows her head. MELODY looks at her, baffled.

    It ain't gonna last
    It ain't gonna last...

    MELODY: Ursula? Who’s Kalipso...

    Then TRAFFORD, ELISE and SHELTER all turn and they too see KALIPSO. Together they all fall to their knees and bow their heads.

    MELODY moves to ECHIDNA and PAN, almost scared.

    MELODY: Ok what the hell is going on, I feel like we’re in some sort of cult.

    ECHIDNA looks at her.

    ECHIDNA: Don’t you understand, Melody? Kalipso... she is the goddess the Syndicate is attributed to.

    MELODY looks at KALIPSO shocked who looks around at the original five members of the Syndicate, kneeling in front of her. Her face boasts a devastating frown.


    It ain't gonna last
    It ain't gonna last...


    As the screen remains black for a moment, a lilac mist begins to develop. Through the mist we can see a creature stood on a rock in the water. Behind the creature, in the distance, the water is lapping at the edge of Cropley Shores’ beach serenely. The mist then appears to be developing into a word. One single word.


    The mist fades.

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    The scene opens with MELODY looking at ECHIDNA and PAN.

    MELODY: What’s she doing here?

    KALIPSO suddenly appears in front of the three of them.

    KALIPSO: Echidna, of the monsters. I had heard you were aiding my Syndicate.

    ECHIDNA looks at her, jaw clenched.

    ECHIDNA: Kalipso. It has been an age.

    KALIPSO: Two actually.

    ECHIDNA: What are you doing in this reality?

    KALIPSO looks around at her Syndicate.

    KALIPSO: You need not bow your heads to me, Syndicate.

    BROGAN, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER and URSULA now all stand and move to stand near one another. ECHIDNA remains resilient.

    ECHIDNA: I asked you a question, Kalipso.

    KALIPSO: And I declined to answer.

    ECHIDNA goes to speak but MELODY steps in front of ECHIDNA and smiles happily, holding out her hand.

    MELODY: Hi! I’m Melody Harp, super good to meet you Kalipso of the goddesses.

    KALIPSO looks her up and down.

    KALIPSO: You betrayed my son and his faction.

    MELODY looks at her fearful.

    MELODY: What? Your son? I did not.

    URSULA moves closer.

    URSULA: Melody... actually, you did.

    MELODY: What are you talking about?

    BROGAN looks at MELODY.

    BROGAN: Kalipso is Xak’s mother...

    MELODY looks around at them all, speechless.

    MELODY: What?! Xak has a goddess for a mother.

    URSULA: Yes.

    MELODY: Like Charlie?

    URSULA: Yes.

    MELODY’S mind races with possibilities, scenarios and thoughts. Then she widens her eyes, realising.

    MELODY: Which explains why Sin is like the number one accessory for Wolfram and Hart and pretty much every person on this planet. I mean the child of two half-gods from two different worlds - bet that’s pretty rare.

    KALIPSO: My granddaughter is one of a kind in fact. I’m quite proud of her.

    MELODY: Well I’m atoning for all that now. Just call me Keira Knightley.

    KALIPSO looks at her confused.

    KALIPSO: You’re an odd girl.

    ECHIDNA looks worried.

    ECHIDNA: Kalipso... are Persephone and the others aware of your being in this world?

    KALIPSO: I stopped by their small kingdom. They required my help in stopping The United. If I am correct in my senses, they have managed to postpone its plans for the time being.

    BROGAN looks at KALIPSO, worried.

    BROGAN: Does, uh... Xak know? The truth about his heritage?

    KALIPSO: I had to tell him.

    BROGAN: Was he angry? With us, I mean. For not telling him?

    KALIPSO: No. He understands the importance of timing and why you kept the information hidden.

    MELODY raises a hand, confused.

    MELODY: Which was why exactly?

    ECHIDNA looks at her.

    ECHIDNA: To protect him. Charlie was killed within weeks of her discovering the truth about Persephone. There was no need to disclose the information to Xak until he required to know it.

    MELODY: Pfft, whatever... you guys have funny ways of protecting each other.

    KALIPSO: It may seem that way Keira.

    MELODY rolls her eyes.

    KALIPSO: But I have exposed myself to a world I am not supposed to be caring for, to do just that. Protect you all.

    ECHIDNA: Protect us? From what?

    KALIPSO: I have sensed your defeat in an impending battle, just as I sensed my son’s... I have helped him and it is time I aided you all in ensuring your survival from what will be a devastating crusade.


    The song starts as the Syndicate look at one another now, worried.


    CHERRY is sat in a booth in a small cafe in the centre of the town. She looks troubled and she tentatively stirs her tea vacantly. She looks up as she sees two people approaching her. She smiles, weakly.

    CHERRY: Thanks for meeting me...

    Look like a girl but I think like a guy
    Not ladylike to behave like a slime
    Easy to be sleazy when you've got a filthy mind
    You stick to your yogurts
    I'll stick to my apple pie...

    The camera shows the two people sitting at the booth opposite her. The two people are NEVAN and GABE.

    NEVAN: No problem, what’s up? It’s kinda early.

    CHERRY: Yeah, I’ve not been sleeping much really. Just got a lot on my mind...

    GABE: Ok, seriously, what’s up?

    CHERRY: I just feel like I can talk to you guys because you guys went through a similar thing.

    NEVAN: With what?

    Girls are not meant to fight dirty
    Never look a day past thirty
    Not gonna bend over and curtsey for you...

    CHERRY: You’ve experienced loss, defeat, humiliation...

    NEVAN and GABE are quiet now. They look down.

    CHERRY: And I just wanted to know what you would do if you were given an opportunity to try and change it, to make it all different. To take power. Would you do it? Even if you had no idea about the repercussions?

    GABE looks up.

    Is there any possibility
    You'll quit your sucking up on me
    To hide your insecurities
    All you say is ‘blah, blah’...

    GABE: Cherry, are you ok? This isn’t like you?

    NEVAN looks up.

    NEVAN: (answering her) Yes. I would.

    GABE looks at him.

    GABE: What?

    NEVAN: She wanted an answer to her question, I gave her one.

    Girls they never hear from me
    Because I fall asleep when they speak
    Of all the calories they eat
    All they say is ‘na na na na na’ (na na na na na)
    All they say is ‘na na na na na’ (na na na na na)...

    He looks at CHERRY.

    NEVAN: We’ve been beaten down enough recently and lost two of our friends. If you’re asking me whether I could find some peace in acting out recklessly then I would do it for every injury and for those who have died.

    CHERRY tightens her jaw.

    CHERRY: And after?

    NEVAN: I’d learn to live with it.

    Is there any possibilty
    You'll quit your sucking up on me
    To hide your insecurities
    All you say is ‘blah, blah’...

    CHERRY almost laughs and shakes her head.

    CHERRY: Trust me, it’s not easy.

    She bites her lip and then removes herself from the booth.

    CHERRY: (quietly) Thanks guys, I’ll see you at school...

    She walks away and out of the cafe.

    NEVAN and GABE look at one another.

    GABE: What did you say?

    Girls they never hear from me
    Because I fall asleep when they speak
    Of all the calories they eat
    All they say is ‘na na na na na’ (na na na na na)...

    NEVAN furrows his brow, confused.

    NEVAN: I’m not really sure...

    All they say is ‘na na na na na’ (na na na na na)...

    The song ends.


    The Syndicate are now sat in the lobby, all of them watching KALIPSO who is stood in front of them.

    KALIPSO: I’ve sensed a darkness in this town. At first it was nothing more than a murmur and it was passable as residual energy from my granddaughter’s reign but then I realised that this energy was thriving stronger and larger.

    BROGAN: What is it? Do you know?

    URSULA: We know that there are a flock of Sirens in town, living off-shore on an island.

    TRAFFORD: They’re being commanded by something but we don’t know what it is or who or how big or how many...

    MELODY: Kids have already been killed.

    KALIPSO: You are indeed troubled in your plight. The Sirens were but an underlying threat that I have sensed. It is their masters that I fear. The power to control the Sirens is something that you should not take lightly in this age. While the creatures find their roots in the ancient world, they have not become over shadowed by contemporary scepticism, which is what has fuelled this war. They will be difficult to overthrow.

    ECHIDNA: There must be a way. The students are not ready to fight yet, we have to stop this ourselves before any of them get hurt.

    KALIPSO: I understand that this task is something only you all can be burdened with but you must understand the danger involved.

    BROGAN looks at her concerned. ELISE and SHELTER look at one another. ELISE reaches out and squeezes her friend’s hand.

    BROGAN: We’ve faced the Sirens before and survived.

    KALIPSO: Just survived. You did not best them. I have researched their presence and it is their chieftain, the one marked in red, who is your target. It is the link to their masters and removing its presence from the flock would damage both their morale and their trust in their commanders.

    BROGAN shakes his head.

    BROGAN: Don’t think we haven’t tried. That one’s tough.

    KALIPSO: I understand but that’s why I’m here. It’s imperative you win this because there is more at stake than you realise.

    URSULA: What do you mean, Kalipso?

    KALIPSO: There is an aura of death around you all. It screams out to the ether in sharp erratic waves.

    MELODY: Wait? Death!? As in...

    KALIPSO nods, gravely.

    KALIPSO: If you lose this battle, one of you will die.




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      ACT TWO


      ELISE is walking through her empty classroom now. She meanders the desks and places some books on ancient languages on each of the desks. She looks sombre.

      KALIPSO (O/S): (echoing) Elise Artair.

      ELISE stops instantly. She hears the voice. She turns and sees KALIPSO standing in the doorway. KALIPSO smiles at her – she was using telepathy.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) You can understand me?

      ELISE nods.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) I can hear your thoughts, it is an effective way of us communicating. Look into my eyes, then further and you shall connect with my mind.

      ELISE moves closer and looks deep into KALIPSO’S eyes and then beyond. She smiles, laughing almost.

      ELISE: (telepathically) And here I am teaching languages and communication.

      KALIPSO smiles at ELISE’S success. She walks into the classroom and looks around the room.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) This room is impressive, the building and the renovation are truly extraordinary.

      ELISE looks at her, worried.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Do you know how this happened? How the building ended up this way?

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) I know there was an explosion, I know you healed my daughter-in-law and in doing so you healed this building.

      ELISE: (telepathically) How do you know this?

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) The same way I know your powers are not on par with your brothers.

      ELISE looks down.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Do you know what’s going to happen to me? Will I be able to heal again?

      KALIPSO moves towards her and places an arm around her.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) You should not fear the gift you have been given.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Why was it given to me?

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) Those who inhabit the ether, the ones who decide grand concepts wanted my Syndicate to have certain advantages. You were the youngest, more malleable to enhance.

      ELISE: (telepathically) But I don’t know how to control it. I don’t know how to keep my friends and my family safe.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) Your powers are selective. You can only save those whose fates are not complete.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Like Charlie, like this building.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) You will save more when the time requires it but you will also lose when you may not wish to.

      ELISE shakes her head.

      ELISE: (telepathically) It’s not fair. Everyone’s just playing a game, where the winner’s already been decided. Do you know how it ends?

      KALIPSO pauses.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) There are dormant entities lying in wait and scriptures that speak of the end. The locations of these precious foreseers are unknown. I do not know what they say and I doubt that I ever will.

      ELISE looks unsettled by this. KALIPSO begins moving away.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) I’m afraid I must go now. There is another in my Syndicate unhappy with their fate.

      ELISE looks up to her.

      ELISE: (telepathically) You have to tell me more. I devote my life to you...

      KALIPSO stops, touched by the remark. She half looks back.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) Listen to the truth. Accept what has been given to you and you will become great.

      ELISE: (telepathically) Who gave it to me?

      KALIPSO turns back and smiles.

      KALIPSO: (telepathically) Your creator.

      ELISE looks at her with widened eyes.


      MELODY is holding a punch bag while BROGAN trains, punching it incessantly with an angry expression. MELODY looks at him with raised eyebrows.

      MELODY: Brogan. Stop...

      BROGAN: Can’t.

      MELODY: Well I don’t think it’s the punch bag that’s gonna kill one of us.

      He stops now.

      BROGAN: I’m training, obviously.

      MELODY: No I know but this isn’t something that you can stop no matter how much you train. Kalipso said it: one of us is gonna die.

      BROGAN: Think I’m gonna believe that’s true?

      MELODY: You’ve dedicated your entire life and every fight to this goddess. You have to believe her when she says that she is going to try and stop this.

      BROGAN: I can’t rely on anyone else to save us. These my people are my family.

      She moves closer to him.

      MELODY: I know.

      BROGAN: You don’t. I watched the slaughter of my parents, I buried my cousin and killed my girlfriend. I can’t lose another. I just can’t...

      MELODY tightens her jaw, saddened.

      MELODY: You got me now. I’ve survived death, twice... I can do it one more time for the people who gave me life again.

      BROGAN shakes his head.

      BROGAN: Putting you in the firing line doesn’t exactly thrill me, Melody.

      MELODY: We’re already in it and I don’t think we can avoid this anymore. You heard Kalipso. That Siren, the one with the red markings. That’s the one we need to take down, the Sirens will back down then... then it’s just us and the masters.

      BROGAN: They’re too strong.

      MELODY: Then we go in fast and heavy. These things are ancient, let’s chuck them into this century with the artillery.

      BROGAN: Guns and bombs?

      MELODY: This is war. You don’t want us to die, come up with another solution.

      ECHIDNA (O/S): Actually. We have another possible scenario.

      BROGAN and MELODY turn to see ECHIDNA and PAN stood in the doorway.

      BROGAN: What do you mean?

      PAN: There’s no denying that in a fight, contemporary weaponry may gain us an advantage but there’s another way forward. Something we need to find to gain the ultimate advantage.

      MELODY: Well what’s that crypto? This crescendo could be killing one of us?

      PAN: We need my father’s journal.


      CHERRY is sat on the beach. She looks out at the water and then lies back. It is revealed she’s lying in the middle of CARMEN and PAULETTE’S memorial site. She closes her eyes and inhales.


      SHELTER is looking through old books on her bed. The old books speak of relinquishing curses.

      KALIPSO (O/S): You will not find your answers in literature, Shelter.

      SHELTER looks up to see KALIPSO entering her room, a grave smile on her face. SHELTER opens her mouth to speak, but doesn’t.

      KALIPSO: You can relieve yourself of tension when conversing with me. It is not I who you tell.

      SHELTER: How do you know that? Sephy knew, so do you?

      KALIPSO: Only a mortal can be entangled in a curse, it cannot kill me.

      SHELTER: What my mother’s ghost said about the curse... is it true?

      KALIPSO: What did Neya tell you?

      SHELTER: A mortal witch, centuries before I was born cursed us, our family.

      KALIPSO: Unfortunately, yes. The witch was a dark entity and a shadow on my dimension. She lived in the village you once inhabited. Her dark powers were something the Elders did not approve of and she was banished by your ancestors. She retreated to the temple of my sister, Glorificus who sourced an ancient curse to the witch.

      SHELTER: Why would she do that?

      KALIPSO: My sister was obsessed with the prospect that one day she would die. She knew the curse could not harm a goddess and yet if she timed it correctly, she knew that she would be able to hear the words spoken and comprehend the end and then find a way to survive it.

      SHELTER: And did she?

      KALIPSO: She did not. Each time it would seem she was fated to miss her window. She came close only once – your father’s death.

      SHELTER: She saw my father die?

      KALIPSO: And your mother, the one fated to hear. You were outside. She saw you and in a fit of rage for not hearing the message, set her beasts on you. You were to be a message of warning to the Syndicate.

      SHELTER shakes her head.

      SHELTER: I didn’t know the Syndicate.

      KALIPSO: Your parents decided to live alone in order to protect the Syndicate but once they died, she knew you were the only one left. She set you on the Syndicate.

      SHELTER: She wanted me to harm them, kill one of them with my curse.

      KALIPSO nods, walking closer and sitting next to her on the bed.

      KALIPSO: But I’m sure there is a way to stop that from happening.

      SHELTER looks down.

      SHELTER: My mother was telling the truth. So she was also telling the truth about the lack of time I have. How can we stop something that could happen at any second?

      KALIPSO looks at the books.

      KALIPSO: You’re still hoping. That is important.

      SHELTER: I don’t care what happens to me. The only reason I have to live is for my friends. I don’t want to stop this curse to save myself. I’m continuing to hope that I can stop this to save them.

      KALIPSO places a hand on her shoulder.

      KALIPSO: Shelter... your life is one of great purpose. You have been loved since the moment you entered into this world. I remember the soft prayers your parents would say as you slept, wishing for your health and for happiness.

      SHELTER: I guess they failed.

      KALIPSO: I understand your hesitation to believe in the good of Jethro and Neya. But the love they gave you has given you the strength and selflessness to want to save yourself for your friends.

      SHELTER: I don’t really know what to do with that.

      KALIPSO: You have done enough, you have fought enough. The sacrifices you are willing to make for this Syndicate are breathtaking, which is why I’m going to help you stop this curse.

      A tear falls down SHELTER’S face and she looks up at her saviour.

      SHELTER: (whispering) You will?

      KALIPSO: You’re my Syndicate. I will do anything to help you all. That’s why I’m here and why when I leave I will seek out my sister’s spell and find its undoing.

      She looks deep into SHELTER’S eyes.

      KALIPSO: I will save you Shelter.

      She pulls her close in a warm, supportive embrace.

      SHELTER closes her eyes and breathes deeply.

      SHELTER: Thank you...

      She grabs on to KALIPSO, her saviour.


      URSULA is sat at the kitchen table going through some paperwork. ELISE enters and looks at her tentatively. She approaches her slowly. URSULA sees her and looks up. She smiles.

      URSULA: (signing) Hi. I wish I could attend to Kalipso in the manner she deserves but we still have a school to run.

      ELISE shrugs.

      ELISE: (signing) I think she’s busy anyway.

      URSULA nods.

      URSULA: (signing) Of course, she probably wants to talk to us all at some point.

      ELISE: (signing) Yeah, I bet she does.

      She looks worried. URSULA notices, frowning.

      URSULA: (signing) Elise, is everything alright? I know it’s overwhelming.

      ELISE: (signing) It’s not that...

      URSULA: (signing) Then what is it?

      ELISE hesitates and then sits at the table.

      ELISE: (signing) Kalipso said some things to me that got me thinking. About my birth...

      URSULA looks suddenly awkward.

      URSULA: (signing) What sorts of things?

      ELISE: (signing) That these powers I have are something that I’ve inherited, not through conventional means. Not like Trafford.

      URSULA: (signing) I see.

      ELISE looks at her, earnestly.

      ELISE: (signing) I need to know more. I don’t understand how Trafford and I can both be the product of you and my father and us not be the same. Why am I different?

      URSULA looks down. She swallows, nervously.

      URSULA: (signing) I understand that Kalipso told you what she did but I do wish she had left it to me to tell you.

      ELISE looks stern now.

      ELISE: (signing) Tell me what?

      URSULA doesn’t respond.

      ELISE: (signing) Please stop keeping secrets from me. I can’t go through this with you again.

      URSULA looks at her desperately.

      URSULA: (signing) I’m not. I just don’t want to upset you.

      ELISE: (signing) I’m already upset and I’m not saying it’s your fault I’m just saying that... I deserve to know.

      URSULA nods, seeing the desperation in her daughter’s eyes.

      URSULA: (signing) I am your mother, Elise... but Smith is not your father.

      ELISE’S eyes widen.

      ELISE: (signing) Then... who is?

      URSULA shakes her head.

      URSULA: (signing) I don’t know...

      ELISE: (signing) What do you mean you don’t know? You mean you cheated on Walter and my...

      She hesitates.

      ELISE: (signing) Smith.

      URSULA looks tearful.

      URSULA: (signing) No Elise, I wasn’t intimate with Walter, Smith or anyone else. Once Trafford was born, the guilt I felt towards Aria and Walter and the disappointment in myself made me abstinent.

      ELISE: (signing) Well here I am, so we know that’s not true.

      URSULA: (signing) But it is. I fell pregnant again but there is no father. Of course Aria and Walter suspected, as you would, that Smith and I had resumed our affair. I did not discredit the theory because... well, how could I? I was with child and I was not intimate with Walter. Smith presumed you were Walter’s and so the betrayal continued. I’d been so alone and almost fearful of what was growing inside me... but then, I could feel you were a part of me. Something pure.

      ELISE looks confused.

      ELISE: (signing) I don’t understand what you’re saying.

      URSULA: (signing) If Kalipso knows of the truth then you are indeed what I always expected.

      ELISE: (signing) And what would that be?

      URSULA: (signing) An angel, born immaculate, pure and innocent.

      ELISE: (signing) But it’s impossible. It can’t be right.

      URSULA: (signing) After everything we’ve seen, everything we’ve lived – how can you not believe?

      ELISE: (signing) Because I’m scared.

      URSULA stops and stands and moves over, holding her daughter closely. ELISE grips on to her arm, on the brink of tears.


      BROGAN and MELODY continue to stand with ECHIDNA and PAN.

      BROGAN: (to PAN) Your father’s journal? We’re talking about Phineas, right?

      PAN: Yes.

      BROGAN looks to ECHIDNA.

      BROGAN: I thought you didn’t want to find them?

      ECHIDNA: Things have changed since then. Things aren’t as black and white as they were in our time...

      She looks at PAN, then back to BROGAN.

      ECHIDNA: Mythologies are merging, extinguishing, ravaging one another; it’s time I faced the truth. We need these journals to survive.

      MELODY frowns, folding her arms.

      MELODY: But these journals could kill you.

      ECHIDNA sighs and then smiles at her.

      ECHIDNA: They could save a lot more people than an old goddess such as me.

      BROGAN and MELODY look at one another, saddened.

      PAN steps forward.

      PAN: I don’t think that’s what the journals speak of. I’m almost certain that my father saw the over throwing of the throne of the gods not of each and every single one.

      ECHIDNA looks at him.

      ECHIDNA: What do you mean?

      PAN: It was Zeus himself that wanted to punish him, not the gods. He used you to send your monsters in order to instil a sense of unity amongst your brothers and sisters. My father’s hubris was the first, from then on any form of threat against Zeus was seen as a threat to the entire race.

      BROGAN: Are you sure?

      PAN: I spent a long time in the Underworld. Many a fallen soul spoke of the same theory and held out hope for the location and finding of my father’s journal. They knew no other soul other than mine would be able to know the mind of my father as I would, so they helped free me.

      MELODY: Wow, epic.

      PAN: Quite. If we find the journal, we can put an end to this whole ordeal.

      BROGAN: Do you know where it is?

      ECHIDNA looks at him, keen.

      PAN: When I left I did my research and the old scriptures that tell of my father’s fall say that “Zeus stripped him from the world with all that it had given him and banished him to his brother, Hades and the Underworld.

      MELODY looks confused.

      MELODY: Wait, so you’re saying you escaped the Underworld only to find out that the Underworld is where the journal is? Wow, now that is ironic.

      ECHIDNA rolls her eyes.

      BROGAN: Did you not see your father in the Underworld?

      PAN shakes his head.

      PAN: No. Hades will keep his most treasured prisoners close to him. My father definitely qualifies.

      MELODY: So then the book could be with him?

      PAN: It will guarded by something powerful, something strong. One of Zeus and Hades’ most trusted champions.

      MELODY: Sounds like suicide.

      ECHIDNA: It’s easier to get into the Underworld than you realise. Very few would wish to.

      PAN: All we’re proposing is a reconnaissance mission to the River Styx.

      ECHIDNA: Pan and I would go. We’re familiar with the land.

      BROGAN: Ok, I’m not against the reconnaissance but how on earth would you both get to the Underworld?

      PAN: The Island.

      BROGAN and MELODY look at one another.

      PAN: There’s a gateway in that cave. It’s how Shelter’s mother came to this world.

      MELODY shakes her head.

      MELODY: (to BROGAN) You can’t be considering this? Kalipso just told us one of us is going to die and you wanna jump head first into the land of the dead?

      BROGAN: It’s a random play. The Sirens, their masters, the whole damn Underworld wouldn’t see it coming.

      MELODY: Random or not, it’s still dangerous. They could get hurt, or we could - trying to pave the way for them to get down there safely. There’s a whole nest of Sirens standing between us and that gateway.

      BROGAN: We’ve got a goddess on our side, Melody. Our goddess. Our patron saint...

      He turns to ECHIDNA and PAN.

      BROGAN: Get the others ready. We’re going in.




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        ACT THREE


        MELODY enters the lobby ready for teaching and sees KALIPSO stood in the middle of the room looking around. She frowns and walks towards her. KALIPSO notices. All around them are the other Syndicate members, separated slightly.

        KALIPSO: Melody.

        MELODY: Kalipso.

        KALIPSO cocks her head slightly, intrigued.

        KALIPSO: You have changed your tone towards me. Is there a reason for this that I should be aware?

        MELODY: Uh, look around you. You’ve managed to instil fear into everyone of us with your “one of you will die” speech and whatever it is you said to Elise has quite frankly got her, Trafford and Ursula looking like they’re gonna hit the bottle.

        KALIPSO looks at ELISE who is sat with TRAFFORD who looks shocked. URSULA is stood on the other side of the room, looking at them, sad and grim. KALIPSO turns back to MELODY.

        KALIPSO: You must think it odd for I to approach my Syndicate in this way.

        MELODY: Uh, kinda yeah.

        KALIPSO: But what you’re not seeing is the strength I am giving you all. Elise may be sad now but the acceptance of the truth will lead her to greatness.

        MELODY: Well I’m not going to pry because it’s not my place but I just don’t see how having a depressed Syndicate amounts to helping us survive a random death.

        KALIPSO: Because people find their fire in the darkest of times. Echidna and Pandion have conceived an admirable plan.

        MELODY scoffs.

        MELODY: Yeah, if you call suicide admirable.

        KALIPSO: I think it is a wise plan, your leader agrees.

        MELODY: Brogan? The guy’s so blinded by wanting to protect us all he doesn’t quite see a bad idea when it comes along.

        KALIPSO: I think you are a very caring young woman to confront a goddess when she sees sadness amongst her comrades.

        MELODY: I would say it’s because I’m a Slayer but I’m really just a rude person.

        KALIPSO laughs.

        KALIPSO: Well then my advice to you, Melody Harp, is to not mistake boldness for badness.

        BROGAN moves past them now to the front doors.

        MELODY still looks unsure.

        MELODY: Whether Brogan’s idea is bold or bad we still have a school to run first.

        KALIPSO looks to BROGAN and sees him opening the door.

        KALIPSO: Ah yes, your apprentices are arriving. I am so looking forward to meeting them.

        MELODY looks at her, worried. The doors open and the students begin pouring into the building.

        The students all continue talking but as they see KALIPSO they look slightly worried. MELODY looks at them all, reassuringly.

        MELODY: Oh, ignore her... she’s just an inspector. (louder) Ignore the woman in the suit, she’s just here from the authorities to check what we’re doing is up to scratch.

        KALIPSO looks at MELODY.

        KALIPSO: I have never been ignored in all my existence.

        MELODY: (whispering) Deal with it, you’re on our turf.

        The camera moves away from them now as CHERRY enters the school. She sees BROGAN and immediately moves towards him. BROGAN sees her and smiles.

        BROGAN: Hey, you ok?

        CHERRY nods and then notices KALIPSO stood near MELODY.

        CHERRY: Who’s your friend? Another Slayer or is that a Watcher?

        BROGAN: (lowering his voice) To the other students she’s an Inspector... to you she’s actually Kalipso, the goddess.

        CHERRY: Shut up, seriously?

        CHERRY eyes her significantly.

        CHERRY: Thought a goddess would look kind of different than us.

        BROGAN: I think they did once upon a time.

        CHERRY: Why’s she here?

        BROGAN: To help us.

        CHERRY looks down, guilty.

        CHERRY: Well, seeing as help is on the cards... I think I need to talk to you about something.

        BROGAN: I need to talk to you too actually, we need your help. But listen, classes are starting so we’ll talk after, ok?

        He pats her on the shoulder and then moves away as the final few students enter the building. CHERRY goes to call after him but she doesn’t. She clenches her jaw and then takes a deep breath. She moves away, abiding.


        ECHIDNA and PAN are stood at the front of their classroom. KALIPSO is stood nearby.

        ECHIDNA and PAN are in IDINA and PARKER mode.

        ECHIDNA: Welcome, all of you. You might have seen our friend here...

        She gestures to KALIPSO.

        ECHIDNA: She’ll be overseeing the running of the school for the day, just to put any sceptics minds at ease that what we’re doing here is right and proper.

        KALIPSO smiles at them all.

        PAN: But just pretend she isn’t here. Today is a big day... we’re catching up with the 21st Century and the true history behind World War 1.

        The camera moves away to the classroom. It hones in on ARRON and HELEN who are sat near the back. ARRON narrows his eyes at KALIPSO.

        ECHIDNA (O/S): Now I’m sure you’re all familiar with the history lessons your teachers taught you in high school, but we’re here to tell you they’re wrong.

        HELEN looks at her brother.

        PAN (O/S): The story from the trenches sounded so obscure that no-one believed them to be true. Who can tell me what was the common cause of insanity in the midst of war?

        HELEN raises an eyebrow.

        HELEN: (to ARRON) What’s wrong?

        ARRON: That woman, she’s no inspector.

        HELEN looks over to KALIPSO.

        HELEN: I know, I feel it too.

        She looks back to her brother who looks at KALIPSO angrily.

        HELEN: (annoyed) Stop staring, could you be more obvious.

        ARRON: She’s not from this world. The air around her is disrupted, she only arrived recently.

        HELEN: Well we can’t do anything about it now. We have class, a façade to keep up.

        ARRON: Hell we do...

        ARRON raises a hand.

        PAN looks over to him.

        PAN: Arron, what is it?

        HELEN looks down nervous.

        ARRON: May I be excused for a few minute Mr. Morgan?

        PAN: Of course.

        ARRON stands. HELEN grabs his hand.

        HELEN: What are you doing?

        ARRON: Getting back up. We can’t handle this alone.

        He walks away now and looks down again, tapping her pen against a pad of paper.


        ARRON steps out of the classroom and pulls his cell phone out of his pocket. He dials a number and puts the phone to his ear. He waits for an answer and quickly gets one.

        ARRON: It’s me. We have a very big problem, in the form of an unwanted guest...


        NICOLA is kneeling in her garden by plant bedding. She is dressed in gardening clothes and she has a phone to her ear. Her expression looks stern and she looks dead ahead.

        NICOLA: You’ve done the right thing. Get your sister, we’re coming now.

        She hangs up as EDWARD exits on to the patio, two glasses of drink in his hands.

        EDWARD: Here we go darling, two iced teas. That’ll make taming tulips more bearable.

        NICOLA stands and turns to him.

        NICOLA: Forget the drinks and the tulips. Arron just called.

        EDWARD places the drinks down and looks at her.

        EDWARD: What’s wrong?

        NICOLA: It would seem the Syndicate have a new ally in town. We must find out who she is, she could ruin everything.

        EDWARD: The children don’t know.

        NICOLA shakes her head.

        NICOLA: No, her identity is unknown. She’s not from this world and she doesn’t belong here.

        EDWARD: Well how do we find out? We can’t contact the corporation, they told us not to contact until The United arrive tonight.

        NICOLA looks away considering this and then she looks back to her husband.

        NICOLA: We go to the flock, they’re sensitive to dimensional movements. They’ll know.

        EDWARD: Then we need to get the children to the island.

        NICOLA: Fetch our robes, the children’s’ too. I’ll get the car started.

        They hurry inside and disappear from suburban life leaving the cold drinks to condensate.


        It is slightly later. All the classes are breaking up for the day and all the students are leaving.

        NEVAN and GABE exit ELISE’S classroom to see CHERRY exiting from MELODY’S.

        NEVAN elbows GABE.

        NEVAN: Hey, there’s Cherry.

        GABE: Think we should talk to her again?

        NEVAN: Something’s bothering her. We should help...

        They go to walk towards her but as they do, something catches her eye.

        CHERRY hurries away from the corridor, seeing ARRON and HELEN rush into the lobby, hurrying towards the front door.

        CHERRY: (calling) Arron! Helen!


        ARRON and HELEN turn around to her.

        HELEN: Cherry, we can’t stop... I’m sorry.

        She looks at them desperately.

        CHERRY: (quietly) I just... I’m sorry I just feel so lost.

        ARRON looks at her, his expression softens.

        ARRON: You know what...

        She looks at him, hopeful.

        ARRON: Come with us.

        HELEN looks at her brother.

        HELEN: What?

        ARRON: Come on sis, let’s help her find her way...

        He puts an arm around CHERRY and the Prime children leave with her, disappearing into the crowd.


        NICOLA and EDWARD are sat in their car outside the school. The doors to the back of the car open and HELEN, ARRON and CHERRY enter. NICOLA looks behind her to her children and CHERRY. She looks confused.

        NICOLA: (stern) What is she doing here?

        ARRON shrugs.

        ARRON: I figured they have their ally. We have ours...

        NICOLA looks at EDWARD and then smiles at ARRON.

        NICOLA: Good work. The corporation will be satisfied.

        CHERRY looks at them all confused. She turns to HELEN.

        CHERRY: (worried) What’s going on?

        HELEN smiles at her and squeezes her hand tightly.

        HELEN: It’s gonna be ok, I promise.

        CHERRY nods, unsettled and squeezes her new best friend’s hand in return.


        NEVAN and GABE hurry into the lobby after CHERRY.

        NEVAN: (calling) Cherry?!

        They look around for her, the crowd is thinning and she is nowhere to be seen.

        GABE: Dude, she’s not here. She’s gone.

        NEVAN looks at him.

        NEVAN: Something is definitely up, you heard her in the coffee shop earlier.

        GABE: But she’d tell us right? I mean, we’ve all been through the same thing as she has...

        NEVAN: Maybe there’s more.

        GABE: Well if there is... then we’re not equipped for this. But I know a whole bunch of people who are.

        NEVAN looks at him, confused.


        The entire Syndicate: BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD, ELISE, SHELTER, ECHIDNA, PAN and URSULA are all sat around a large table. KALIPSO has joined them and is looking around the room, stood officially in between BROGAN and URSULA.

        BROGAN looks around the room and then to the door. He sighs.

        BROGAN: We can’t wait for Cherry anymore.

        He looks to KALIPSO.

        BROGAN: We should just start.

        KALIPSO nods.

        KALIPSO: As you wish.

        She turns to the group.

        KALIPSO: Phineas is the key. His journal is legendary, prophetic and believed to be entirely true.

        She looks at PAN.

        KALIPSO: Pandion is his son and knows his father explicitly well. He believes his journal is in the Underworld, where he rests. Our mission is to retrieve it.

        TRAFFORD raises his hand. KALIPSO smiles.

        KALIPSO: You may speak freely, my Syndicate.

        TRAFFORD nods and clears his throat.

        TRAFFORD: And this journal is what? A how-to-guide of how to take down the gods?

        He turns to PAN.

        PAN: I’m not too sure of what my father wrote exactly but it was enough to have him sent to Tartarus for all eternity. I don’t want him to have suffered for nothing... we have to find it.

        ECHIDNA: I have rarely seen the Olympians quiver with fear than when they saw what was written in that journal. Zeus and Hades saw their makers.

        BROGAN: Which would explain why they’re throwing everything at us; The Sirens, their masters... The United, Medusa... it’s all coming together as a way of stopping whatever is written in that journal of Phineas.

        URSULA: There are still many parts of this that do not make sense but I do feel that locating the journal could explain a lot.

        KALIPSO: This island, you have all travelled there before?

        SHELTER looks down.

        MELODY: We did, once. It didn’t go well.

        KALIPSO: So I gather. I take it you are aware of the entrance into the next world?

        ELISE: (signing) At the back of the cavern... that’s why they’re there: the guards.

        KALIPSO nods, understanding ELISE perfectly.

        KALIPSO: A smart observation.

        TRAFFORD raises his hand again. KALIPSO looks at him, she cocks her head slightly annoyed.

        KALIPSO: Trafford...

        TRAFFORD lowers his hand and smiles nervously, blushing.

        TRAFFORD: Right, sorry... I just wondered that while this plan is all good and great in the grand scheme of things, we’re still up against the things that are controlling the Sirens.

        KALIPSO nods.

        KALIPSO: The masters of the Sirens.

        BROGAN looks at her.

        BROGAN: Do you have any idea who they are?

        KALIPSO inhales sharply and closes her eyes.

        KALIPSO: I sense a great group that are shrouding this town in shadow. I do not sense the identity, nor their whereabouts; their powers are too great for even I to detect.

        URSULA looks troubled by this.

        URSULA: But that must mean that these masters are on par with you at the very least?

        KALIPSO: I sense that when combined the group are somewhat formidable but the shroud over this town is old and stale... they are not new.

        She looks at ECHIDNA.

        KALIPSO: They came to being long before you.

        ECHIDNA considers this.

        KALIPSO: Whatever the masters may or may not be, they are bold to take on an army of Sirens. Gods and goddesses do not possess the magnitude of the power they once did; Sirens are loyal only to themselves, not to their masters.

        ECHIDNA: She’s right. They left me as soon as they could get free.

        MELODY: Gotta say, not too crazy on this whole battling the Underworld, the Sirens and their weird masters.

        KALIPSO: I understand your apprehension Melody but you have me with you on side. I am your goddess.

        There is a gasp. Everyone turns to the door and sees it is slightly ajar. Two pairs of prying eyes are peering through.

        NEVAN and GABE are watching.

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          NEVAN and GABE, stunned, hurry through the Lobby. They stagger towards the front door silently but when they reach the door, KALIPSO is stood in their way. She smiles at them.

          KALIPSO: You should not be afraid, mortal boys.

          They step back.

          NEVAN: (nervously) Please... let us go...

          They turn and see the rest of the Syndicate, minus ECHIDNA and PAN stood there.

          BROGAN holds out his hands, cautiously.

          BROGAN: Guys please... we can explain.

          NEVAN looks at GABE who is staring at a guilty faced ELISE. She turns from him slightly, to her friends.


          ECHIDNA is walking around the room, placing chairs back in their place, pensively.

          PAN (O/S): You didn’t go after Nevan or Gabe.

          She looks up to see him re-entering the room.

          PAN: I noticed. I came back for you.

          She shrugs.

          ECHIDNA: I am tired of having to reveal the truth to mortals, when all they are really hearing is what I’ve been lead to believe is real.

          PAN walks towards her, confused as she sits on the edge of the table looking down. She cradles one of her hands in the other.

          PAN: I do not understand.

          ECHIDNA: For so many millennia, I have told my enemies, friends and family that Zeus is my father. My grace. He is not...

          PAN sits on the table next to her.

          PAN: What do you mean?

          ECHIDNA: I didn’t used to look like this. Just like the other gods and goddesses, in the era of our prime I was quite a sight - somewhat scary. I reigned with so much terror that only one loved me.

          She smiles, softly remembering.

          ECHIDNA: (quietly) He was such a monstrosity to the world, everyone feared him and loathed him including the god whose throne was threatened by his power.

          PAN nods, figuring.

          PAN: Zeus.

          Her face hardens.

          ECHIDNA: So Zeus fought him with all he had and he won. He trapped my lover in the depths of a mountainous volcano and left him there imprisoned for eternity.

          PAN shakes his head.

          PAN: I’m sorry. What happened to you?

          ECHIDNA: I had hoped I’d be imprisoned too with my mate but I was not. Instead, the King of Gods made an example of me. I would be his goddess of monsters. I would serve him and only him... forever.

          She laughs almost.

          ECHIDNA: I’ve not spoken of that for a long time.

          PAN smiles, reassuringly.

          PAN: I appreciate your bravery in telling me this tale.

          She looks at PAN now.

          ECHIDNA: So many have been wronged by him, you and I included. You ask me why I hesitate to tell these children the truth?

          He just looks at her.

          ECHIDNA: Because I don’t know what the truth is anymore. I don’t know what I am or where I should let my loyalties lie.

          PAN: Just don’t forget who you are. Who you truly are.

          ECHIDNA: I don’t know who I was or what I was before; I don’t even look like the being I once used to be. All I know is I’ve fallen for the same mistake Persephone did.

          PAN: What mistake?

          She leans in and kisses him on the lips. He closes his eyes while she looks at him. He is completely taken by her allure, her power. He looks at her intensely as they break.

          ECHIDNA: (whispering) I’ve forgotten my roots for the heart of a mortal man.

          He looks at her shocked.

          ECHIDNA: Just as Rack was for Persephone and Elias for Kalipso, you are fated to by undoing...

          PAN: (quietly) I’m sorry.

          ECHIDNA: I don’t think I want you to apologise. I’m just not sure if I want to be Echidna anymore...

          She looks at her ring finger.

          ECHIDNA: She’s barely here anyway.

          She looks up at him and smiles as she jumps off the table now and walks out of the room. PAN touches his lip and watches his wife leave the room; a dying goddess.


          The tunnel in the caves is illuminated only by the hybrid light of the dying sun and the waxing moon. NICOLA and EDWARD are walking quickly ahead, followed by ARRON. Behind them is HELEN with her arm around CHERRY, ushering her slowly through the caves. All of the Prime family are wearing their robes. CHERRY looks around, unnerved by the scene. She turns to HELEN.

          CHERRY: I don’t understand... why are we here.

          HELEN looks apprehensive but looks to her.

          HELEN: We’re going to the island.

          CHERRY: What island?

          HELEN: There’s an island offshore, about a mile out. We’ll have to go by boat, but we’ll sail don’t worry. We wouldn’t expect you to do it.

          CHERRY Why are we going to an island? Look I need to speak to you about what happened the other day.

          HELEN: I understand Cherry but this is important. It’s time for you to discover the truth...

          CHERRY: You’re not making any sense.

          HELEN smiles at her.

          HELEN: I know this must be confusing to you but soon all the confusion you feel will slip away.

          CHERRY stops walking now and HELEN is forced to stop too as the exit to the cave approaches.

          HELEN: Cherry, what’s wrong?

          She looks down.

          CHERRY: I think I’m just going to go home... I’ll catch you guys later ok? This is all a bit too much, I don’t like this.

          HELEN: You’re going to have to trust me on this one, Cherry...

          CHERRY looks at her.

          HELEN: You trust me don’t you? After everything Arron and I did?

          CHERRY: Well, yeah but...

          HELEN tightens her grip now and ushers her into walking again.

          HELEN: Great, then we should go...

          HELEN looks down indifferent – unsure of the betrayal of this mortal girl.


          NEVAN is sat looking glum on the sofas in the Lobby. Either side of him is SHELTER and URSULA. BROGAN, TRAFFORD and MELODY are stood in front of them. NEVAN looks up to URSULA, a woman he admired; his tutor.

          He has been told everything.

          NEVAN: Carmen and Paulette... they were my friends.

          URSULA looks at him, gravely.

          URSULA: (quietly) I know.

          NEVAN: They both died because of you... The Kalipso Syndicate.

          BROGAN kneels down in front of him, his jaw tightened.

          BROGAN: Yes, they did. They’re not the only ones.

          NEVAN looks at him surprised.

          BROGAN: A lot of people have given up their lives for this cause and many more will – myself included. I would die for what we’re doing here and I would die for your safety.

          NEVAN: Doesn’t change the fact that they’re not here anymore.

          URSULA: I do understand your pain but we have lost too. Husbands, mothers, friends...

          MELODY: All we want to do is stop these things from hurting anyone else.

          NEVAN looks up to her.

          NEVAN: And this book... this journal. It will help?

          TRAFFORD: We may never have to go to war. No one else need die if we can get to it.

          NEVAN sighs.

          NEVAN: I mean I knew that vampires, magic and demons existed but I never even began to comprehend the authorities behind it and what it takes to keep them at bay. Makes what happened to the girls seem less pointless and it makes what we’re doing here just that little bit more important.

          BROGAN looks at MELODY, then back to NEVAN.

          BROGAN: What are you saying?

          NEVAN: I guess I’m in.


          ELISE wanders into her classroom, GABE is sat on her desk. He looks at her as she enters. She waves at him, tentatively.

          He looks down. ELISE closes her eyes.

          ELISE: (telepathically) When you look away it makes it harder for me to talk to you.

          He looks at her surprised she opens her eyes.

          GABE: How did you do that?

          ELISE reads his lips.

          ELISE: (telepathically) With my mind... it’s something new I’m working on.

          He looks at her amazed, she smiles.

          ELISE: (telepathically) Would you like to learn?

          He nods, slowly.

          She moves forward and stands in front of him. They are close.

          ELISE: (telepathically) Look into my eyes and connect. Look further and then past that you will see me. Speak to me with your mind...

          GABE: What shall I say?

          ELISE: (telepathically) Say what you want.

          He nods and then looks into her alluring ethereal eyes. He looks deeper, past the colour of her iris and the void of her pupil. He looks past the deep and then he sees her.

          GABE: (repeating, telepathically) you? How do I know if I can trust you?

          He stops, blinking. ELISE looks down.

          ELISE: (telepathically) You did it...

          GABE: (telepathically) I’m sorry... I didn’t want you to hear that.

          ELISE shrugs.

          ELISE: (telepathically) It’s ok, you probably didn’t but it’s something I should.

          GABE looks at her, feeling guilty.

          GABE: (telepathically) So... how do I know?

          ELISE: (telepathically) I found out today that everything I believed, everything I thought was true was a lie.

          GABE listens to her.

          ELISE: (telepathically) And I don’t feel anger. I don’t feel pain. I know that things are kept secret for a reason, that not everything is a giant conspiracy to cause suffering.

          She looks at him dead on and then takes his hand.

          ELISE: (telepathically) Sometimes we do anything we can to protect.

          She smiles.

          ELISE: (telepathically) Even if it means doing things we hate because it means keeping things from those who we care about.

          She releases his hand now and moves towards the door.

          ELISE: (telepathically) So you ask how you can trust me?

          She turns back and looks at him. She opens her mouth.

          ELISE: Because I can protect you.

          She turns and walks out of the room now.


          SHELTER is walking down the promenade of the pier, the darkness of night looms over her. Behind her are BROGAN, MELODY, TRAFFORD ELISE, ECHIDNA, PAN, URSULA and KALIPSO. SHELTER turns to KALIPSO and nods. Each of them are armed with weapons and artillery. All of them dressed in black combat attire.

          KALIPSO: Ok, so are we all ready?

          KALIPSO turns and looks at the two people stood behind her.

          NEVAN and GABE. They nod, nervously. They too are dressed in black combat attire and while NEVAN is armed with his magic abilities, GABE holds a sword. He looks at ELISE who looks at him intently. GABE turns to KALIPSO.

          GABE: We’re ready.

          KALIPSO smiles.

          KALIPSO: You are very brave young mortals and I am proud to have you amongst my Syndicate.

          KALIPSO moves to the front, near to SHELTER. The mute points out to the sea in the direction of the island. KALIPSO touches her shoulder, warming her.

          KALIPSO: We will move to the island and you all shall be safe under my watch. Echidna and Pandion must gain entrance to the Underworld... at all costs. Take as many of the Sirens down as we can and I will do all that is possible to uncover the truth behind their masters...

          The camera closes in on KALIPSO’S angry face as she stares viciously at the island in the distance. Her eyes burn with a purple light.

          KALIPSO: (enraged) It’s time to show them what The Kalipso Syndicate truly is made of...

          With this, the purple light that burns in her eyes consumes her and the Syndicate and they disappear leaving a faint mist in their place.

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          The camera bursts through the forest on the island and shows the entrance to the cave leading into the cavern of the Sirens.

          Five people walk into the cave. Four of them are robed and the other is not.

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          CHERRY looks around the tunnels as the Prime family force her further into the caves. HELEN is not with her now. EDWARD and ARRON hold her arms. They are too strong for her. She looks scared. She looks at HELEN.

          CHERRY: (quietly) Ok, I really... I just want to go home. Please?

          EDWARD: Sorry kid, you’ve made your choice.

          NICOLA: I’m afraid my husband’s correct. You are a part of us now. You’ve been shown too much.

          CHERRY: Why are you all wearing robes? None of this makes sense...

          HELEN looks at her.

          HELEN: I know you’re confused but we’re not going to hurt you. We want to make you stronger. What you did with those vampires was extraordinary. We just want to show you how to be better.

          ARRON: We can show you things that the Syndicate wouldn’t dare to approach in their little school charade.

          CHERRY looks at him confused.

          CHERRY: The Syndicate? You know about them?

          ARRON smirks.

          ARRON: We’ve known longer than you have.

          CHERRY: How do you know about them? You should tell them.

          NICOLA: We plan to, but not in the way you’re suggesting.

          NICOLA then walks quicker as they approach the cavern.

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          NICOLA, EDWARD, ARRON and HELEN enter the cave. EDWARD and ARRON push CHERRY forward and she trips. She falls to the rocky floor with a thud.

          CHERRY: Ow... that hurt...

          She looks up at them. Each of them have their hoods up. She looks at them worried and then she hears the sound of wings beating against the dank air.

          She looks around them all as the Sirens soar from every part of the cavern and land in front of them, bowing to their masters. Her eyes widen, she screams...

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          In a burst of purple light, KALIPSO and her Syndicate arrive on the shore of the island. NEVAN and GABE fall to the floor.

          NEVAN: Whoa... that was intense.

          URSULA smiles and pulls the boys to their feet.

          URSULA: Teleporting is quite exhilarating isn’t it?

          TRAFFORD (O/S): Uh guys...

          Everyone turns to TRAFFORD.

          BROGAN: What is it?

          TRAFFORD: I don’t think we’re alone...

          They look to the sand beneath their feet and see five pairs of footprints walking away from the shore deep into the forest.

          MELODY: There are people here.

          KALIPSO looks closely at the marks.

          KALIPSO: Human footprints. Five sets. They’re heading towards the mountain.

          She looks up at the silhouette of the mountain looming over them.

          There is a distant scream which echoes through the trees towards them. SHELTER looks around, worried.

          URSULA: Who was that?

          KALIPSO: A girl, a young girl. She pains.

          BROGAN hurries away from the shore into the forest.

          BROGAN: (shouting at them) Come on, we have to go... now!

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          CHERRY stays on the floor of the cavern, in fear as the Prime family move forward to greet their subjects. The Sirens part as the RED MARKED SIREN comes towards them. It bows, graciously and turns its head up to the four of them.

          RED MARKED SIREN: Our masters.

          CHERRY looks at the beast and then to the Prime family.

          CHERRY: (shaking) Wait? You’re the Sirens’ masters...

          HELEN turns back to CHERRY, guilty.

          HELEN: I’m sorry...

          NICOLA looks at her daughter, disgusted.

          NICOLA: Do not apologise. Our deception is a small price for survival.

          She turns to the RED MARKED SIREN.

          NICOLA: We have come because we seek your knowledge and wisdom.

          RED MARKED SIREN: We exist only to serve you. Please, tell us what it is you desire to know.

          NICOLA: A woman has arrived in Cropley Shores. She does not belong to this world – an entity of another dimension. You are aware of her presence?

          The RED MARKED SIREN nods.

          RED MARKED SIREN: We are aware of the goddess of whom you speak.

          NICOLA looks at her husband.

          NICOLA: Goddess?

          RED MARKED SIREN: Indeed. Kalipso of the heavens belonging to herself, Suspiria and the late Glorificus. She is the mother of Xakiel Thorn, your sworn enemy.

          NICOLA grits her teeth in anger.

          NICOLA: (seething) Why is she here?!

          RED MARKED SIREN: She seeks to glorify her Syndicate, just as she did her son and his army.

          NICOLA: She must be destroyed.

          RED MARKED SIREN: Her powers are not absolute on this plane but she will not be an easy foe to vanquish. She has accumulated more allies and they are approaching our nest in the tunnels as we speak.

          NICOLA and EDWARD turn, looking towards the tunnels. Footsteps approach. EDWARD turns back to NICOLA.

          With the Prime family’s backs turned, CHERRY slowly backs away.

          EDWARD: We cannot risk them discovering us, Nicola.

          NICOLA snaps her head to the RED MARKED SIREN.

          NICOLA: Destroy them. I am tired of their existence. Do not let them escape until you have bodies lining the ground.

          CHERRY stands now and hurries away. HELEN appears in front of her.

          HELEN: I’m sorry, Cherry.

          CHERRY: (pleading) Helen, please... let me go.

          HELEN looks at her frowning.

          HELEN: I can’t.

          CHERRY screams as HELEN grabs her and they teleport away, closely followed by NICOLA, EDWARD and ARRON.

          Just as the Prime family dissipate, the Syndicate hurry into the cavern. They look shocked as they see five dark figures disappear. Only one face is recognisable... the pained expression of CHERRY LI.

          NEVAN: (shouting) Cherry!

          MELODY looks at BROGAN.

          MELODY: Was that Cherry?

          BROGAN shakes his head in disbelief.

          BROGAN: No... it can’t be.... why would she be here?

          PAN: She was taken...

          RED MARKED SIREN: To our masters, the girl now belongs.

          The RED MARKED SIREN snarls at them. SHELTER looks around, unnerved, staring at the spot where her mother disappeared.

          RED MARKED SIREN: I’m afraid they did not wish to stay for a confrontation.

          TRAFFORD: So the big bad puppet master is all scared of us? Kinda sweet.

          RED MARKED SIREN: Caution your words boy. You could barely comprehend the sheer extent of the ether our masters can touch.

          KALIPSO steps forward.

          KALIPSO: They are not alone in their gift.

          The RED MARKED SIREN looks at her, cocky.

          RED MARKED SIREN: You do not belong here, foreign goddess.

          KALIPSO: I belong where I choose to exist and wherever my Syndicate reside.

          NEVAN: Give us our friend back, now!

          The RED MARKED SIREN and the other Sirens shriek with laughter.

          RED MARKED SIREN: You are humorous to presume that we are a forgiving race. You have killed our kind and us yours. Do you find us beings worthy of pardon?

          KALIPSO: Then tell us what your masters have planned for the girl, for us.

          RED MARKED SIREN: They plan for us to be your makers, old goddess. As I have stated: the girl is theirs... you are ours.

          It then shrieks a deadly battle cry and the Sirens take to the air. The Syndicate back away into a formation. KALIPSO moves to ECHIDNA.

          KALIPSO: The tunnel to the Underworld is at the back. I will clear a path when the opportunity comes. That will be your time.

          ECHIDNA: I will act accordingly.

          KALIPSO smiles at her.

          KALIPSO: Two goddesses from two opposing factions conversing amicably. What a concept.

          ECHIDNA: Yes, what a sight.

          The Sirens shriek as they attack.

          SHELTER, URSULA and NEVAN attack from the front with entwined magicks. The combination of the three burns the very soul of one of the Sirens into a sorry black ash.

          MELODY and TRAFFORD work together as one of the Sirens attacks them both. MELODY holds on to one of the Sirens, pinning its writhing body to the floor while TRAFFORD, armed with an axe, swiftly drives it through the Siren’s neck, decapitating it in one precise motion. In one final flurry it slashes MELODY’S arm with a deep laceration. MELODY winces. TRAFFORD looks at her and holds his hand over it, healing her wound instantly. She looks at him, almost surprised.

          MELODY: Thank you...

          He smiles at her and nods. Another two Sirens attack and MELODY pulls out a handgun. She plants a bullet in their brains, killing them instantly.

          The camera cuts to BROGAN, ELISE and GABE who battle in a triangle, rotating and batting away the Sirens that attack them in quick succession. GABE looks to be suffering as one of the Sirens pushes him to the floor, breaking their formation.

          ELISE looks at him. He motions to her belt. She looks down and sees what he is indicating. Grenades. She pulls one out and releases the pin from it, arming the weapon. She throws the grenade into the crowd. As one of the Sirens hurries after it dumbly, ELISE pushes BROGAN to the ground protectively.

          The Siren which follows the grenade looks at it curiously and bites it. It explodes and with it takes three of its sisters, greatly wounding the others in the vicinity.

          KALIPSO sees the explosion and extends her hand towards the tunnel at the back of the room. A great powerful purple barrier parts all from her to the tunnel. She turns to ECHIDNA.

          KALIPSO: Your time is now.

          ECHIDNA headbutts one of the Sirens which attacks her and PAN. PAN plunges his sword deep into the chest of the Siren, killing it.

          ECHIDNA grabs his hand.

          ECHIDNA: Come, we must go...

          He nods and they run down the parted path and hurry into the tunnel to the Underworld. KALIPSO smiles as they disappear and then waves her hand so that the barrier ceases over the entrance. No one could follow.

          Her smile fades somewhat as the RED MARKED SIREN lands in front of her.

          RED MARKED SIREN: You surprise me goddess.

          KALIPSO: I do not care what feelings in invoke you, dark one.

          RED MARKED SIREN: Breaching the Underworld is a remarkable move. Do you think we are by this entrance by chance?

          KALIPSO: You’re guarding the dark god.

          The RED MARKED SIREN. We’re guarding a lot more than the death god.

          KALIPSO: Soon you shall be guarding nothing...

          KALIPSO and the RED MARKED SIREN grapple now, her skin crackles with purple energy, which singes the beast.

          The camera cuts to the other members of the Syndicate.

          SHELTER rips through one of the Sirens with searing energy, while URSULA and NEVAN perform their magical move they perfected on the beach: their tornado, which sweeps the Sirens into a frenzy of rock and dust.

          MELODY is now fighting alongside GABE and TRAFFORD, who manage to overpower two of the Sirens. MELODY stuns one of them with sharp blows to the head, allowing GABE to cease its terror with one drive of his sword. TRAFFORD single handily defeats another, by using its own speed against it. He dodges its attacks, forcing it into a wall. He holds it there and embeds his axe into its rough back.

          BROGAN and ELISE fight back to back as the Sirens target her as the main destructor of their flock. BROGAN looks to his right and sees KALIPSO grappling with the RED MARKED SIREN. He looks at the barrier protected entrance into the Underworld with withering hope.


          ECHIDNA and PAN are making their way down into the Underworld through the tunnel. The slope is steep and the rocks are large and jagged. Their agility and accuracy is impressive as they meander unscathed through their perilous path.

          PAN: What you said back the school...

          ECHIDNA does not look at him.

          ECHIDNA: What about it?

          PAN: Did you mean it?

          ECHIDNA stops now and looks at him.

          ECHIDNA: This isn’t the time to talk about this Pan... can’t you feel the death in the air? We’re about to approach the Dead Plains that line the River Styx... beyond that is Hades. The river may be unguarded since Charon has been culled but the lord of this realm has a whole host of monstrosities still loyal to him...

          PAN looks at her, beat.

          PAN: I suppose you’re right.

          ECHIDNA: Come on... the exit is there.

          She turns around, pained and hurries towards the exit.


          ECHIDNA’S eyes widen as the mist rolling from the River Styx hits her and PAN as they make their way out of the tunnel on to the Dead Plains.

          ECHIDNA: My goodness... we are far from the world above.

          The camera rotates and shows a thick green river flowing fast a few miles ahead of them both, filled with the sound of soulless moaning. Beyond the river lies a thicker mist which hides the extent of the Underworld and those who inhabit it.

          ECHIDNA (O/S): It makes me sick to think of Persephone forced to live here for so many centuries.

          The camera cuts back to ECHIDNA and PAN. He looks to her.

          PAN: She’s free now.

          ECHIDNA: And trapped as a mortal woman under order of our enemies. It hardly fills me with solace...

          PAN smiles reassuringly but then something catches his eye.

          PAN: That wasn’t here when I escaped...

          ECHIDNA turns and looks.

          ECHIDNA: Goodness.

          The camera shows a great castle being erected on the riverside. A dozen lost souls, dressed in lowly rags are constructing the building. ECHIDNA looks to PAN, confused.

          ECHIDNA: What is going on here?

          CUT TO – ISLAND

          The camera focuses on KALIPSO as she tries to best the RED MARKED SIREN in a deathly grapple, but the power that the Prime family have imbued it with seem to be over powering her. It laughs.

          RED MARKED SIREN: You are wilting, old goddess.

          KALIPSO looks it in the eyes as she falls back. The RED MARKED SIREN goes to make its final blow but someone intervenes: BROGAN.

          The RED MARKED SIREN shrieks in anger and kicks him against the wall.

          RED MARKED SIREN: I tire of your heroics, leader of the Syndicate.

          The RED MARKED SIREN picks up his sword with its talons and with almost unprecedent speed drives it deep into his chest, piercing BROGAN’S heart. His eyes widen as the sword is pulled from his chest. He gasps for breath, spluttering blood out on to the rocky floor.

          For a second the fighting stops as the Syndicate see the pain from their leader.

          SHELTER, URSULA and NEVAN stare in horror. TRAFFORD and GABE also stop, TRAFFORD hurries towards him. ELISE clasps her mouth and follows her brother. KALIPSO stares from the floor, a faint tear falls from her eye. MELODY instantly runs at him and tackles the RED MARKED SIREN away from him. She falls to her knees and rests him in her arms. She cries.

          MELODY: Brogan no.... hold on...

          She presses down on his chest but blood pours from his broken heart out of his body on to her shaking hands. He looks up at her as blood seeps out of his mouth. He can’t speak or express the pain so he just looks at the Slayer in a moment of complete understanding.

          It was EA BROGAN that would be the one who dies.

          And then as he closes his eyes, he does.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


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            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – ISLAND

            MELODY screams in mourning as she holds BROGAN’S body in her arms.

            MELODY: No! Brogan, No!

            URSULA grabs on to SHELTER, tears streaming from her eyes. TRAFFORD and ELISE arrive together at the scene.

            TRAFFORD: (horrified) Oh god... he’s dead...

            ELISE looks to her brother and reads his lips and then she pushes MELODY out of the way defiantly and holds her hands over the wound on BROGAN’S chest. MELODY just watches, curious and devastated.

            TRAFFORD: (shouting) Elise! No! He’s dead... you can’t... you don’t have your powers...

            She closes her eyes blocking out all of her senses. The faint vibration in the air from her brother’s voice and the ongoing fight is all she can sense. She thinks hard of her family, her friends and the people she loves. She thinks of everything she’d do for them, how she’d die for them.

            Then, her hands begin to glow...

            CUT TO – UNDERWORLD

            ECHIDNA and PAN approach the castle and the tortured labourers. ECHIDNA’S eyes dart around the area looking for a threat.

            ECHIDNA: The souls ahead were once mortal, I see no danger.

            PAN smiles as he approaches.

            PAN: It can’t be...

            ECHIDNA looks at him confused.

            PAN: (shouting) Linos!

            Hearing his name called, one of the labourers stop working and turn to face ECHIDNA and PAN. He is a young handsome man. He looks pained, dirty and tired but as his eyes land on PAN his face beams with pride. He is played by Henry Cavill. He moves towards them both.

            LINOS: Your highness! It cannot be...

            ECHIDNA: Pan, who is this man?

            PAN: He was one of my soldiers; along with the rest of these men here, he helped me escape the Underworld...

            LINOS: (to ECHIDNA) Even in death I live to serve King Pandion. Who may you be?

            ECHIDNA: Echidna.

            LINOS: Of the monsters?

            She nods.

            LINOS: You do not resemble your urns, you have spent too long on mortal soil.

            ECHIDNA: I shall receive that as a compliment, even though it was said in a disrespectful tone.

            PAN: Linos, what are you doing here? Why are you building a castle on this side of the river?

            LINOS: We have been ordered by the corporation to erect this castle for the mistress of this realm.

            ECHIDNA: Persephone?

            LINOS: Goodness no! The gracious goddess has not blessed us with her kindness in a long time. This is a new mistress for us to worship.

            PAN: Who?

            LINOS: The corporation have yet to reveal her to us but we know her to be a formidable force back on earth.

            ECHIDNA: I’m confused. Who is this corporation to which you refer?

            LINOS: The corporation? I am sure it has changed a lot since your days in the heavens. It consists of the highest beings and their Acolytes – an elite group that are attempting to survive our ancient world in the new one.

            PAN: Linos, this is important... do you know if they have my father’s journal?

            LINOS: They took it. Of that I am sure... it is said it is under the watchful eye of the new mistress of this realm. Rumours are that she is bearing a book with the symbol of your kingdom etched into its binding.

            There is an angry and deafening roar which shakes the ground of the Dead Plains. The other labourers cower in fear. LINOS looks to them and then back to his King.

            LINOS: The death god knows you are here, you must escape.

            PAN shakes his head.

            PAN: I can’t leave without the journal and now I know what’s happened to you I can’t leave you either!

            LINOS: (with urgency) People have been fated to worse, you must leave my highness!

            PAN: But...

            LINOS: (shouting) Do not let our punishment be for nothing. Now go... or risk death, again. I will do all I can to secure your father’s journal and get it to you but the death god approaches.

            ECHIDNA holds on to PAN’S arm as a dark shadow begins to shroud the skies of the Underworld.

            ECHIDNA: We have to go... we can’t win this fight.

            PAN looks one more time at his loyal servant.

            PAN: We shall meet again, Linos.

            LINOS nods.

            LINOS: That we will.

            With this, ECHIDNA and PAN turn, running back to the tunnel as the shadow reaches the castle and covers LINOS and the labourers in pure black.

            CUT TO – ISLAND

            The camera focuses on ELISE as the glow extends around her and BROGAN. MELODY and TRAFFORD watch, astonished.

            ELISE opens her eyes. All around her is nothing but BROGAN lying at her feet. She looks around her and then to her dead leader before her. Someone is kneeling next to her, mimicking the motion of ELISE’S hands over BROGAN’S body. The FIGURE is pure white and its hands are resting on hers.

            ELISE: Who are you?

            FIGURE: The reason you exist.

            ELISE can hear the FIGURE’S soft androgynous voice. She smiles, amazed and looks at its pure embodiment with admiration.

            ELISE: You are?

            FIGURE: Never stop channelling me Elise. You’ll find your powers will not deny you anymore. They will lead you to me.

            ELISE: But who are you?

            FIGURE: (whispering) Find me...

            Then the FIGURE disappears and the glow surrounding ELISE disappears into the wound in BROGAN’S chest. His eyes burst open and he gasps for breath. ELISE’S eyes roll back in her head and she falls back, into the returning embrace of her brother.

            BROGAN sits up rapidly and grabs his blood soaked chest. He was healed, resurrected. MELODY, full of happiness grabs him and kisses him. The Syndicate watch, shocked.

            MELODY: (crying) Thank god...

            He looks at her, amazed.

            BROGAN: (stunned) I died.

            MELODY: You’re alive. It’s a miracle...

            He looks around and then to her, in a moment of perfect clarity.

            BROGAN: Fight with me.

            MELODY nods, smiling.

            MELODY: (softly) Hell yes.

            BROGAN turns to ELISE who lies unconscious in TRAFFORD’S arms. He squeezes her hand.

            BROGAN: (whispering) Thank you.

            The RED MARKED SIREN snarls, regaining its feet.

            RED MARKED: Enough mercy. You will not rise again.

            BROGAN turns to the creature.

            BROGAN: Neither will you.

            He jumps to his feet and with MELODY they rush to their nemesis. KALIPSO jumps to her feet too and extends her hands, creating a barrier which holds the other Sirens at bay. She looks to be struggling but as SHELTER, URSULA and NEVAN join her efforts, the other Sirens helplessly pound against the magical force keeping them from their eldest. GABE rushes to TRAFFORD and ELISE.

            The camera cuts back to BROGAN and MELODY. Together, stronger than they’ve ever been they beat the RED MARKED SIREN relentlessly. Jumping on its back, BROGAN grabs hold of its wings and pulls with all of his might. He castrates it of its flight causing it to shriek in pain. It pushes MELODY away from it and she falls to the floor. It shrugs BROGAN off but he lands on his feet, gracefully.

            In the background, ECHIDNA and PAN burst back through the barrier and watch the scene together, astounded.

            MELODY looks to her side and sights the sword soaked in BROGAN’S blood. She grabs it and turns to BROGAN.

            MELODY: End it!

            BROGAN looks at her and she throws the sword in BROGAN’S direction. He grabs the sword, spins around and uppercuts the RED MARKED SIREN with the sword, driving it through its chin, through its head and out the other side. The RED MARKED SIREN echoes a final song around the room and its body relaxes, dying. The red markings on its body fade and it falls to the floor.

            The other Sirens shout and scream at one another in anger and sorrow. They quickly exit the cave in perfectly synchronised flight.

            CUT TO – ISLAND

            The rest of the Sirens burst from the caves entrance and soar into the deep night sky, flying back out to the sea from which they were summoned.

            CUT TO – ISLAND

            The magic stops flowing and the barriers begin to fade as the Syndicate stand alone in the cavern. They all look around at one another. TRAFFORD and GABE with ELISE. SHELTER, URSULA and NEVAN with KALIPSO. ECHIDNA and PAN move back towards the group.

            MELODY looks up at BROGAN as she stands.

            MELODY: (quietly) We did it... we won.

            BROGAN looks down at the corpse at his feet. His unscathed heart softens its repetitive beats in his chest and slows to a calm settled pace.

            CUT TO – BLUE ACRES

            NICOLA, robed still, falls to her knees and clutches her perfect carpet, crying.

            NICOLA: (devastated) No... my darling Siren... it is dead, Edward.

            EDWARD kneels next to his wife, rubbing her back and shoulders. She looks up at CHERRY, enraged. CHERRY is tied to a chair, bound and gagged. Either side of her is ARRON and HELEN.

            NICOLA: This is the fault of your “wondrous” Syndicate, girl. If those Sirens are gone then it is you who will do our bidding...

            CHERRY stares at her captors in fear.

            LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – NIGHT

            The sound of the door unlocking can be heard as the Syndicate walk into the blackened unlit school.

            BROGAN leads the way, his arm around MELODY. SHELTER looks at the light switch on the wall, hovering near it for a moment. She lights the room by touching the button. ELISE is awake now, being held by TRAFFORD and GABE.

            ECHIDNA: Well it was a disaster.

            URSULA looks at her confused.

            URSULA: How exactly?

            ECHIDNA: Ea was killed, we failed to retrieve the journal and Cherry Li was kidnapped by the masters of the Sirens.

            TRAFFORD: You’re kind of missing the point.

            MELODY: Yeah, stick in the mud. We killed the big bad Siren and the others went crying back to mama.

            TRAFFORD: And thanks to my kick ass sister, she saved Ea and her powers.

            PAN: Not to mention the fact we gained valuable intelligence on the workings in the Underworld.

            Everyone moves towards the seating area while BROGAN breaks away from MELODY, looking around confused. Someone was missing.

            ECHIDNA (O/S): I suppose there is that.

            NEVAN (O/S): But what about Cherry? Why did they take her?

            URSULA (O/S): We’ll find her, I promise. They didn’t kill her, which is the important thing. They must need her...

            BROGAN moves back towards the door now and looks outside.


            Moving outside he looks out into the night. At the end of the lawns he sees his goddess, KALIPSO stood at the mouth of a small dimensional portal. She looks at him. He nods to her.

            KALIPSO: (quietly) Lead them well.

            She smiles at him with pure admiration and respect. Then, she fades into the ether. He sighs as the portal closes, leaving the Syndicate alone.

            BROGAN: (quietly) I will.

            He returns inside the building and closes the door.

            LOBBY – INT.SCHOOL – NIGHT

            The camera shows BROGAN returning to his friends as he watches them all talking. He sits down next to MELODY and ELISE and puts an arm around his saviour, thankfully.

            The island. The corporation. LINOS. CHERRY. The Sirens.

            The next step...

            One by one they all fade, retreating to rest. First NEVAN and GABE. Then URSULA and ECHIDNA. Then PAN and TRAFFORD. ELISE is next. Then SHELTER. Then finally MELODY goes to leave. She sees that BROGAN has fallen asleep on the sofa. She smiles and rests her head on his shoulder. She closes her eyes, peaceful.


            The camera observes the clock in the Prime’s house: midnight. The camera moves down to show CHERRY bound to her seat still with something watching her in a white cloak. It levels with her. It is THE UNITED: the combination of CATE and HECATE. CHERRY looks at it astonished, recognising CATE’S face.

            THE UNITED: This girl is your servant?

            NICOLA and EDWARD approach THE UNITED.

            EDWARD: Yes. She will do all we ask.

            ARRON and HELEN walk on to the scene.

            ARRON: It’s a shame you could not reveal yourself to us when you were last in town.

            THE UNITED looks to him.

            THE UNITED: Cate is an innocent girl. She has no idea what is happening to her. I had to keep the pretence of her innocence a prevalent thought in her allies. But we are stronger now. My fortress is being built and my power grows, even in my minion’s death – soon such kindness will not be necessary. I will soon be able to channel the ancient powers our world once possessed. Then, the corporation will be able to govern as they once did.

            NICOLA: (smirking) Speaking of, my dark sister. It is time.

            THE UNITED: Of course.

            With this, THE UNITED and NICOLA, EDWARD, ARRON and HELEN all gather in a circle. They join hands and close their eyes. All that is light, all that is good fades from the room and CHERRY watches in horror as the forms of the two shimmering men appear in the centre of their circle, just as they did the previous night.

            SHIMMERING MAN #1: Hecate... my darkest daughter. It warms me to see you well.

            THE UNITED look up to him.

            THE UNITED: It is an honour to kneel before you once again.

            SHIMMERING MAN #2: We are pleased with your efforts against Xakiel Thorn. We trust you will fulfil the duties bestowed unto you?

            THE UNITED: Without fail.

            SHIMMERING MAN #1: Good... Now, on to you four. The Protogenoi.

            The Prime family look up at the men. The camera falls on NICOLA.

            SHIMMERING MAN #1 (O/S): Nyx, mother of the night.

            The camera moves to EDWARD.

            SHIMMERING MAN #2 (O/S): Erebos, father of the mists of darkness.

            The camera moves to ARRON.

            SHIMMERING MAN #1 (O/S): Aether, son of the mists of light.

            The camera finally moves to HELEN.

            SHIMMERING MAN #2 (O/S): And Hemera, daughter of the day...

            The camera moves in on the men.

            SHIMMERING MAN #1: You know we have made you corporeal entities of the mortal coil to complete the destruction of The Kalipso Syndicate. We are aware you suffered a minor casualty tonight but it is time that you progressed your plans to an exponential level...

            The camera moves around the group as dark smiles appear on all their faces, while HELEN looks at CHERRY.


            ELISE is sat on her bed, sketching KALIPSO’S image. She looks up as she sees SHELTER enter her room. She smiles.

            ELISE: (signing) Hey...

            SHELTER smiles at her, revealing a mug of tea. She places it down on a table.

            SHELTER: (signing) I just wanted to bring you this. What you did back there was amazing...

            ELISE rolls her eyes embarrassed.

            ELISE: (signing) I’d do it for any of you... you know that.

            SHELTER nods, warmed.

            SHELTER: (signing) Do you know what happened?

            ELISE sighs and shakes her head, not disheartened; more content.

            ELISE: (signing) No and right now I’m just happy Ea’s ok. Maybe we could hit the books tomorrow and try and figure this out and how to get Cherry back?

            SHELTER: (signing) Sounds perfect. Get some sleep?

            ELISE: (signing) I will... I love you...

            Then, it happens. The moment that changes everything.

            SHELTER: I love you too.

            She speaks the words accidentally. She does not sign them. Instantly, SHELTER’S eyes widen and she grabs her mouth. ELISE looks at her concerned. SHELTER begins moving back towards the door but then she falls...

            SONG: BON IVER – FLUME

            The song begins as SHELTER writhes in pain on the floor. ELISE jumps to her feet and rushes to her side as the whole scene is drowned in silence. Only the song can be heard. Blood begins seeping out of SHELTER’S eyes, ears, nose and mouth as her lips move at an unnatural speed.

            I am my mother's only one
            It's enough
            I wear my garment so it shows
            Now you know...

            ELISE cries as she realises what is happening. She grabs on to SHELTER’S arm and her friend grabs her back in intense pain. Blood soaks the girls and the floor around them as ELISE helplessly watches the curse unfold and SHELTER endlessly speak of how the end of existence will come to pass.

            Only love is all maroon
            Gluey feathers on a flume
            Sky is womb and she's the moon...

            SHELTER looks at ELISE, concerned for her safety in her final moments. Then she realises... ELISE can hear nothing. She was not suffering. She was not dying too. ELISE was fated to hear something she did not have the ability to sense.

            I am my mother on the wall, with us all
            I move in water, shore to shore
            Nothing's more...

            As the song goes quiet, SHELTER utters six names and six numbers...

            Only love is all maroon
            Lapping lakes like leary loons
            Leaving rope burns
            Reddish ruse...

            SHELTER: (quieter) Vincent Rae, 2021... Helen Prime, 2025... Leigh Sinclair, 2042... Cherry Li, 2045... Suspiria, 2489... (softer) Kalipso... (softer still) Kalipso... (almost silent) Kalipso...

            She releases her grip from ELISE’S arm and then etches the final number on the carpet in her own blood. The number, 3055.

            The music returns.

            Only love is all maroon
            Gluey feathers on a flume...

            Then SHELTER’S grip goes weak and the life fades from her eyes as she lies peacefully on the floor. ELISE calls out to the others in shock but it is too late...

            The curse had claimed its last victim but a supposed disability had saved its final listener.

            The camera pulls up to a high angled shot of the two girls in a pool of SHELTER’S blood. ELISE sobs uncontrollably on her best friend’s body.

            Sky is womb and she's the moon...

            The music fades.

            SHELTER ELM was dead.

            FADE TO BLACK

            CAPTION: In loving memory of my friend Shaun Biggs who made my childhood what it was and was taken too soon.

            10/1/1988 – 1/1/2010

            Forever young.

            END OF EPISODE

            END OF SEASON ONE

            and BLYTHE DANNER as URSULA LAKE

            Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
            DEVON AOKI as CHERRY LI
            HENRY CAVILL as LINOS

            Extremely Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):

            Special Mention:
            BON IVER - FLUME


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              - Shelter Elm is indeed dead. I have to admit to you all that I wasn’t planning on killing her in this episode. I was planning on killing her at the end of Chapter 2 but her death is all the more poignant in this episode with the The Final Chapters next. As you may have guessed, in her death she speaks six names and six numbers. The six names belong to the six narrators for The Final Chapters and the years next to the names belong to the year in which the narrators will tell their stories. Shelter’s death is sad for me as she was an extremely original character. I will definitely miss writing her.

              - Apart from Shelter, you also all found out the true identities of the Prime family. They are Protegenoi; entities from the Ancient Greek world that were not corporeal and surveyed powerful unstoppable forces. They were gods and goddess which were born in the beginning of the universe and considered primeval. They pre-date everything.

              - Kalipso’s appearance may seem frustrating as she seems to know a lot but I promise you she will return and she may pay for her mistakes. She is the final narrator of The Final Chapters after all...

              - You got another glimpse of the Underworld and the castle being built at the edge of the River Styx for The United – I’ll be returning to this and concluding it in Chapter 1. You also got a glimpse of the “corporation”... this will be prevalent as will the return of the Acolytes in Chapter 3.

              - So that’s it everyone. The end of the episodes. Get ready for The Final Chapters. “Chapter 1 – The Requiem of Duality” will be narrated by Vincent Rae in the year 2021. Get ready because the secrets are over with. Everything’s going to be revealed and you’ll see that everything is happening for a reason.