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Shadow Stalker - 4.08 - United We Stand (Special Extended Season Finale)

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  • Shadow Stalker - 4.08 - United We Stand (Special Extended Season Finale)

    Series: Shadow Stalker
    Episode: 4.08 – United We Stand (Special Extended Season Finale)
    Writer and Creator: Alex Goddard (Lex)
    Editor and Proof Reader: Alex Hart (Alex)

    I do not claim credit for any of Joss Whedon’s creation and the featuring of his characters and episodes in this series is simply for my pleasure and not at all for financial gain as I do all this for free! All characters not affiliated with Jossverse belong to me, as do the plot lines and all original concepts. Season Four of Shadow Stalker runs strictly alongside Season One of its sister series “Sirens”. Please read the episodes in the order they are released, (i.e 4.01 of SS, followed by 1.01 of Sirens, then 4.02 of SS followed by 1.02 of Sirens etc.)



    The camera is looking around the meeting room of the old underwater base of The Kalipso Syndicate.


    We are seeing the scene from someone’s perspective. The person is breathing softly with two sets of lungs. The person is looking around at the meeting room, walking around the room, remarking the symbols with disgust. We are seeing from the eyes of THE UNITED.

    THE UNITED: The animals have started dying...

    The voice is a composite of two. It’s ethereal nature and source shrouds its gender, age and its belonging.

    THE UNITED: They have sensed our presence and they can feel our wrath for the mortal sins. That alone has instigated their insanity and wilted their lives.

    It turns now and looks towards the door. A large amount of explosives surround the perimeter.

    THE UNITED: But when we pray for them at night we tell them that their deaths are not in vain, and that the one who begun this war will die tonight in this fathomed tomb.

    THE UNITED cocks its head, hearing a voice approach the other side of the door. The voice of a female. The voice of SEPHY, talking to XAK on the phone.

    THE UNITED: She comes. At last we will see her again through our joined bodies.

    THE UNITED stamps its foot on the floor. The attention of SEPHY is gained.

    SEPHY (O/S): (from behind the door, to XAK on the phone) Don’t forget to leave the light on.

    The door then soon opens.

    THE UNITED faces against SEPHY who stares at it in shock.

    SEPHY: You...

    Her eyes cast to something else, the bombs on the floor. She turns back to THE UNITED.

    The scene continues briefly into a moment previously unseen.

    SEPHY: I’ll kill you if you hurt her.

    THE UNITED: Goodbye Persephone.

    The bombs ignite and the screen fills with a bright white.


    It is a dark clear night in Manhattan. The soft curtains that lace the balcony flow softly in a breeze - the balcony belonging to the highest agent, MEDUSA.


    MEDUSA, in a long flowing green robe walks on to the balcony, her hair shivers under the breeze. She approaches the railing and leans against it with a soft weight and looks around at the city below her.

    MEDUSA: Finally... it’s time for my curse to become this city’s downfall.

    Her hair caresses her, loyally. She looks at the moon washing down on the city rooftops; Rockefeller Center shining bright.

    MEDUSA: It has been three nights my darlings. They think the spell has been stopped but its postponement was all they ensured.

    She smiles, happily.

    MEDUSA: When the sun from the third morning washes that building’s summit, this city will become my gallery.

    She closes her eyes and tilts her head to the sky.

    MEDUSA: Then, my dearest United - you who did not shy away from my curse; you who embraced my talents; you will prosper as the saviour of our age...

    She laughs, insanely and holds her arms up as her hair stands on end.


    Someone is brushing STEPHANIE’S hair. The camera pans up to show CATE sat behind her, smiling softly as she plays contently with the goddess’s locks. The camera pulls back to show STEPHANIE’S eyes closed in serenity.

    STEPHANIE: You have a soft touch, Cate. You are like my butler.

    CATE rolls her eyes.

    CATE: Thanks, sweetie. I think.

    The camera rotates to show XAK and CHARLIE lying on the other sofa together. She looks content but troubled, staring at her dormant mother.

    XAK: She really remembers nothing?

    CHARLIE shakes her head slightly.

    CHARLIE: I tried to pull the memories of her lucidity out but I couldn’t get to her. She doesn’t remember what happened with Kalipso or The United at Rockefeller. It’s like it never happened...

    XAK looks down, troubled.

    XAK: Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    CHARLIE looks up at him, surprised.

    CHARLIE: How can you say that? Knowing what we know now?

    XAK: Charlie we’re on our own again and we’re the children of goddesses? I don’t know what to do with that information and neither do you. You’ve known longer than me and you still haven’t figured it out.

    CHARLIE: Hey, I’m a kick ass witch don’t forget.

    XAK: I know but... Kalipso made it sound like we’re capable of more than what we currently are. There’s more to us and I don’t think we fully understand what that is yet.

    CHARLIE rests her chin on his chest.

    CHARLIE: You think?

    XAK: Look what we made.

    CHARLIE: I know what you’re implying but she’s not that person anymore.

    He laughs slightly.

    XAK: True but something tells me that being a CEO of some business corporation is not quite all Sin’s destined to be.

    CHARLIE: You’re acting like this is a bad thing though, Xak. We’ve just found out we’re more than what we were. We’re up against the darkest thing we’ve ever faced and it’s not going to stop. We could stop this if we figure out what we’re capable of.

    XAK: The United.

    DANTE (O/S): (shouting) Xak!

    XAK and CHARLIE look up. The serenity between CATE and STEPHANIE breaks instantaneously.

    DANTE rushes in, a note in his hand. XAK and CHARLIE sit up.

    XAK: What is it?

    DANTE: I found this on Petrina’s door.

    He hands XAK the note. XAK looks at it.

    It reads:

    I know who The United is. I’m taking care of it. You’ll be safer this way. Petrina.


    It is the morning in London, England. A woman moves on to screen.

    PETRINA is in a long duffle coat, her hair tied back. She has a stern expression as the hustle and bustle of London, rushes around her. She watches her step carefully as she crosses a road, heading towards a building.


    As she crosses the street, the wind blows her jacket open to reveal a hand gun. She walks towards the building and opens the door. The camera pulls up to reveal a sign.

    The Watchers Council



    As the screen remains black for a moment, a purple sky begins to show itself, shrouded with dark clouds and lit only by the light of the moon. The scene begins to fade out of view as the words...


    ...burn on to the screen. They fade with the scene as quickly as they appeared. All that is left is black.

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    SIN is lying on her bed, looking confusedly at a book in her hand.

    SIN: Did it ever occur to American lawyers to write terms in English, not Latin?

    The camera rotates to show DECLAN and LA-REE on her floor, looking through an assortment of law books. Various notebooks are spread around them. LA-REE laughs and looks up at her.

    LA-REE: I know, right? I said the same thing to my mom... I mean it’s not some dumbass wicca junk spell book that probably says jack all anyway... you know what I mean?

    SIN blushes slightly.

    SIN: Uh, totally.

    DECLAN raises an eyebrow looking at SIN.

    DECLAN: What are you, sorority girl now?

    SIN looks at him.

    SIN: Shut up. In case you haven’t noticed Declan, finals start tomorrow.

    LA-REE: Ok, every time you say that I freak out. I’m actually having a freak out right now.

    SIN: You seem remarkably cool, mid-freak out - if that’s any consolation?

    LA-REE: Not really but I appreciate the thought.

    DECLAN looks at SIN.

    DECLAN: It’s quiet here tonight, where is everyone?

    SIN: Um... I think everyone’s taking some down time. Petrina’s gone to see her folks, but Dante and the others are downstairs.

    DECLAN: Oh that’s cool, so are they are a couple?

    SIN laughs.

    SIN: Who? Dante and Petrina?

    He nods.

    SIN: Hardly... Dante’s just a good friend.

    DECLAN smiles.

    DECLAN: He seems the type who’d be a good friend.

    LA-REE: Are you frickin’ swooning mid-study? You gonna crack out the perfumed paper now and sing a ballad, Sandy?

    SIN looks at her book awkwardly.

    DECLAN: Screw you girls. I’m gonna ace this test.

    LA-REE: Well I’m glad you’re so big-headed and cocky, because this is the toughest thing we’ll ever have to do.

    SIN looks at her, rolling her eyes.

    SIN: Ree, you’ve aced our project and every test so far. You’re a grade A student, you’ve passed this year already.

    LA-REE: I do not want a blemish on my record, Sindy. You wouldn’t understand.

    SIN looks down, hurt. LA-REE sighs, infuriated at herself.

    LA-REE: I’m sorry, I’m a major ass when stressed.

    SIN smiles, weakly.

    SIN: It’s fine.

    LA-REE: No it’s not. This was supposed to be a big fun study session but I just can’t have fun studying when I’m stressed.

    She begins picking up all her books.

    LA-REE: Look I’ll see you guys tomorrow because in 14 hours I’m gonna be a much more fun person to be around.

    DECLAN smirks.

    DECLAN: I will definitely hold you to that.

    LA-REE: Please do! I’m sorry you guys.

    She smiles nervously and then leaves. As the door closes, silence is left. SIN looks up to DECLAN, feeling awkward.

    SIN: I suppose you’ll be heading too?

    DECLAN looks at her, confused.

    DECLAN: Do you want me to?

    SIN: No.

    DECLAN: Well then I’m not leaving.

    SIN smiles.

    DECLAN: You got any music?

    SIN: Uh, Cate’s lent me some stuff... should be on the desk.

    DECLAN stands now and moves towards the desk. He begins sifting through some of the CDs on the table.

    DECLAN: Nice.

    He takes one of the CDs and then places it into SIN’S player.


    SIN smiles, hearing the song.

    SIN: I like this.

    You call me a mountain
    And I call you the sea
    I'll stand tall and certain
    And watch you swallow me...

    DECLAN moves over to the bed now and sits next to SIN, with a book in his hand.

    DECLAN smiles at her.

    DECLAN: Me too.

    SIN nods and then she continues studying, as does DECLAN. She keeps looking in his direction as if she wants to say something but she stops herself. As she does it for the third time, DECLAN looks at her and their eyes meet.

    You can move me if you want to
    You can move a mountain, you can move a mountain
    You can move me if you want to
    You can move everything, you can move everything...

    DECLAN: Just spit it out Thorn, you’re driving me insane.

    SIN: Sorry, it’s just...

    DECLAN: What?

    SIN: Is it true what Ree was saying? About you liking you know... boys and girls?

    She laughs at herself.

    I will grow my own trees
    While you follow the moon
    I feel you in my knees
    Say you'll come in soon...

    SIN: Look at me, I’m like a cliché from a chick flick...

    DECLAN laughs.

    DECLAN: It’s not so much about gender as much as it is about... the person. I’m twenty one. I just enjoy life and I want people to enjoy it with me.

    SIN: But one day you’ll have to choose.

    DECLAN: One day I will. When I find the right...

    SIN: Person?

    DECLAN smiles at her.

    You can move me if you want to
    You can move a mountain, you can move a mountain
    You can move me if you want to
    You can move everything, you can move everything...

    DECLAN: Oh and just so you know...

    SIN: What?

    DECLAN: You are the least cliché girl I’ve ever met.

    SIN looks down.

    SIN: (quietly) Really?

    He lifts her chin with his thumb, meeting her eyes with his.

    DECLAN: (whispering) You’re so unique it’s scary...

    She smiles slightly, only half of her mouth responding, the other half drawn to his. He moves closer slowly and bring his lips to hers. He kisses her.

    You can move me if you want to
    You can move a mountain, you can move a mountain
    You can move me if you want to
    You can move everything, you can move everything...

    She shivers.

    The song ends as...


    CATE is stood staring into space, stirring a cup of tea vacantly. XAK approaches from behind and looks at her.

    XAK: She’ll be ok.

    CATE shakes her head.

    CATE: Why did she do this?

    XAK: She’s stubborn.

    CATE turns to face him.

    CATE: She’ll be killed.

    XAK: She might be wrong.

    CATE: Do you think she is? Do you honestly think The United is the entire Watcher’s Council?

    XAK: I guess it’s possible... it does fit.

    CATE: (frustrated) How can you be calm about this? Petrina’s gone into the lion’s den and you’re acting remarkably cool and collected while I’m avidly stirring a cup of tea because that’s all I can do from this side of the ocean!

    XAK smiles at her, reassuringly.

    XAK: Cate. I’m calm because she’s not alone.

    CATE looks confused.

    CATE: What do you mean?

    XAK: I sent back up.

    CATE: You did?

    XAK nods.

    XAK: You’re right. Petrina’s not prepared to go in alone, so he made sure she didn’t.

    CATE: He?


    PETRINA walks into the lobby of the building, her lips tightly pursed. The SECRETARY, sat behind the desk, immediately stands and walks up to her. He looks concerned.

    SECRETARY: Ms. Rae... you can’t go in there.

    PETRINA looks at him.

    PETRINA: I don’t remember asking.

    SECRETARY: (desperately) Please, Ms. Rae... your father won’t be pleased.

    PETRINA: I’m his daughter and I’m a Watcher, I am allowed access to this building. I care little for his personal preference of my location.

    MAN (O/S): You should.

    PETRINA turns around to see the man. It’s DANTE. Her mouth drops slightly and she looks at him, annoyed.

    PETRINA: You shouldn’t be using your powers, the other Senior Partners will find you.

    DANTE: You didn’t leave me with much of a choice.

    PETRINA: Got my note then?

    DANTE: We did. You’re an idiot.

    PETRINA: Perhaps, but I’m still right.

    DANTE: Are you sure?

    She sighs softly.

    PETRINA: I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

    She turns and continues walking. DANTE follows.

    PETRINA: And we’re doing this my way.

    DANTE: Fine by me, your father scares me. Can’t imagine what a room full of him will be like.

    PETRINA: Imagination won’t be necessary.

    They move off screen leaving the SECRETARY to fret behind them.


    The Watchers Council are all sat around a larger more extravagant table, far more so than the one in the cottage where they were based before. All the senior members are present. VINCENT is stood, addressing them all.

    VINCENT: I think it’s time we discussed the issue of Faith Lehane.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: What is her current status? Last we had heard she assassinated Althanea from the coven of witches in Devon?

    VINCENT: Althanea had turned rogue, her death was nothing short of necessary. Currently Faith is residing in Manhattan with her friends - that is all we know.

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: Ah yes, Manhattan. If my memory serves, Petrina is there is she not?

    PETRINA (O/S): Guess again.

    The Watcher’s Council turn to see PETRINA stood in the doorway, DANTE to her side. VINCENT looks at her, surprised.

    VINCENT: Petrina...

    She smiles at him.

    PETRINA: Father.


    The camera shows a black car pulling up to the building. It stops. The driver steps out and moves to the back seat and opens the door. A woman steps out of the car.


    VINCENT clears his throat, embarrassed as the senior council members look from him to his daughter.

    VINCENT: Petrina, can’t this wait... we’re in the middle of a meeting?

    PETRINA: I don’t recall being given notice to your little audit. I’m just granting you all with the same courtesy.

    She smiles at them all

    GREY HAIRED WATCHER: (to VINCENT, annoyed) Vincent, are you going to allow this intrusion to continue?

    VINCENT: No, of course not.

    PETRINA: Actually, yes you are. And if you try and stop me, I have a Senior Partner with me from Wolfram and Hart so... try it.

    DANTE nods at them.

    DANTE: Hey how are you all doing? Sweet digs.

    VINCENT sighs.

    VINCENT: Fine, what is it you’re here for?

    The GREY HAIRED WATCHER and the others concede, unable to stop DANTE.

    PETRINA: I’m here because I know.

    VINCENT: Your cryptic crescendo is tiring, Petrina. Please, cut to the chase.

    PETRINA: As you wish.

    She looks at all the Watchers.

    PETRINA: As you know, I was sent to Manhattan to observe Cathryn Rittle and train her, at least that’s what you all had me believe. But, I know why I was really sent to her.

    VINCENT looks concerned.

    VINCENT: You do?

    PETRINA: You didn’t send me for her.

    VINCENT looks confused now... his concern subsiding.

    PETRINA: You sent me for Xak, Charlie and Sin – to gain intelligence on them.

    VINCENT: Why would we care about them? Our only business is in the training of a Slayer.

    PETRINA: Because you’re not who you say you are, none of you are. You’re The United...


    The camera shows the woman who exited the car walking through the lobby of the building now. She has blonde hair and she is wearing a white suit. The SECRETARY instantly eyes her, fearful.

    SECRETARY: Mrs. Rae...

    The woman was SILVANA RAE. She ignores him.

    SECRETARY: I had no idea she was coming here. She wouldn’t stop. She had a friend with her.

    SILVANA: Who are you talking about?

    SECRETARY: Your daughter. Petrina’s here.

    SILVANA continues walking now, past the SECRETARY - her quickened steps evident in the echo of her heels touching the marble floor.


    The room fills with laughter at PETRINA’S accusation. All except VINCENT, who frowns.

    VINCENT: Petrina. What is the meaning of this? You can’t be serious?

    PETRINA: I am in fact. Deadly serious.

    VINCENT: We’ve nurtured you for decades. Why on earth would you think this?

    PETRINA: The United knows Xak. It’s met him before and it’s getting stronger.

    She looks at her father, intently.

    PETRINA: You’ve met him father, in fact any of you could have. He wouldn’t recognise any of you after all - any of you could have been in Manhattan. Combine this with the fact that The Watcher’s Council has an unlimited supply of power.

    She observes the room.

    PETRINA: I mean look at this place... it’s more, grander than that dingy little cottage. You’ve been doing better, more powerful one might say.

    VINCENT: And while all you’ve pointed out is the fact that the insurance from the explosion finally paid out, what exactly would our motive be as “The United”?

    PETRINA walks further into the room now, DANTE follows.

    PETRINA: The First Evil. It killed all of your friends and your family members, your lifelong work. It destroyed everything this council stood for. That, was down to Xak... Had he not killed Charlie whilst in dragon form, The First would not have gained enough power to do what it did to this institution.

    DANTE looks at her.

    DANTE: Wow, you’re scarily smart.

    She looks at him briefly.

    PETRINA: Thank you.

    She turns back to the council.

    PETRINA: You see I figured it all out when I realised we were looking too closely at the Greek world. It’s not the only faction that Xak has managed to damage... he destroyed you all

    VINCENT nods, a half smile on his face. The rest of the council merely observe the interaction between father and daughter.

    VINCENT: A grand hypothesis, Petrina. You always had an inquisitive mind. But there are many holes in this theory of yours.

    PETRINA: Such as?

    VINCENT: I could talk for hours about how pathetic and rude this idea of yours is. The United is an evil and powerful force that managed to incapacitate a goddess. No one present in this room has the power to do such a thing and survive the destruction of an aquatic base, deep on the ocean floor. We’re just humans.

    PETRINA looks down.

    PETRINA: You can try and convince me otherwise, but I know there’s something that I’m not being told.

    SILVANA (O/S): Is that so?

    Everyone in the room turns to the doorway.

    SILVANA is stood in the room. She is a beautiful, mature woman with shoulder length blonde hair. Her presence in the room is overwhelming. She is played by Glenn Close. She looks sternly at her daughter.

    PETRINA looks at her, her mouth open slightly.

    PETRINA: (whispering) Mother...




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      ACT TWO


      SILVANA walks further into the room, her eyes fixated on PETRINA.

      SILVANA: So, Petrina. We are the mysterious entity known as The United are we?

      PETRINA tightens her jaw.

      SILVANA: Had I a sense of humour, I’m sure I’d be laughing with my other colleagues.

      DANTE: (angry) Hey...

      PETRINA raises a hand to him to silence him.

      PETRINA: It’s ok, Dante. That’s tame for her.

      She smiles and turns back to SILVANA.

      PETRINA: It’s good to see you mother, you’re looking well.

      SILVANA’S eyes narrow at her daughter.

      SILVANA: How dare you intrude a Council meeting with your petty pathetic accusations and then stand there and compliment me.

      She looks her daughter up and down.

      SILVANA: You think you’ve got it all worked out, don’t you? With your comrade of friends at your beck and call to hold the pitchforks in your rally against your family. I suppose you feel indestructible?

      PETRINA: Don’t act innocent mother. I know the Council know something that they’re not telling me. The fact that no one in this room has denied it just proves I am right. Whether I am wrong or not about you being The United, can you blame me for coming to such a radical conclusion?

      SILVANA looks to VINCENT now. He nods at his wife. SILVANA turns to the council members.

      SILVANA: Ladies and gentleman. I apologise for this intrusion. This is a family matter and I would like to ask for this meeting to be adjourned so my husband and I can resolve the matter.

      The council look at one another.

      SILVANA: (stern) It would be greatly appreciated.

      With this, the Council stand and all move out of the meeting room, whispering to one another about the Rae family. VINCENT follows them out, apologising. As the last Watcher leaves, the GREY HAIRED WATCHER, he turns back and looks at VINCENT.

      GREY HAIRED WATCHER: (quietly) Sort this matter, Vincent. We will not tolerate your family’s indiscretions anymore.

      VINCENT nods.

      VINCENT: I understand.

      The GREY HAIRED WATCHER nods and then leaves. VINCENT closes the door.

      PETRINA folds her arms and looks at her mother.

      PETRINA: All right, we’re alone. Talk.

      SILVANA: Your theory is wrong – the Council reformed because it should and always will exist, not because it held a grudge against Xakiel Thorn. Had it not been him, The First Evil would have come to power through the doing of other evil deeds.

      PETRINA: Is that so?

      SILVANA: I’m not too sure what you think of us Petrina? I heard all about your reluctance to abide to your father’s audit. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time with Americans.

      PETRINA: I may be a Watcher, but I’ve been your daughter a lot longer and I know when you both are hiding something from me.

      SILVANA: Well... while we do not serve to destroy your new affiliates you are right to have concerns.

      She looks briefly at VINCENT.

      SILVANA: There is something your father and I have been keeping from you. Although it was not our intention to keep this from you forever, we did not deem it necessary to show you.

      PETRINA: What’s changed?

      SILVANA: The state of play has altered. It would seem that considering the recent movements of The United, this information could actually prove useful.

      VINCENT looks worried at his wife’s confession.

      PETRINA: What is it?


      The song begins as SILVANA’S thin mouth smiles.

      SILVANA: Come with me...

      She told me not to step on the cracks...


      The song continues to the next scene and shows CATE sleeping peacefully in her bed. The night is about to break into dawn.

      I told her not to fuss and relax
      Well, her pretty little face stopped me in my tracks
      But now she sleeps with one eye open
      That's the price she paid...


      SIN and DECLAN are lying in bed together. They’re fully clothed, books around them. Her head resting on his chest, his arm around her. They sleep, carefree.

      I took a knife and cut out her eye
      I took it home and watched it wither and die
      Well, she's lucky that I didn't slip her a smile
      That's why she sleeps with one eye open
      That's the price she paid...


      CHARLIE is lying with her back to XAK who is lying on his, staring at the ceiling.

      CHARLIE: Can you not sleep either?

      XAK half smiles.

      I said, hey, girl with one eye
      Get your filthy fingers out of my pie
      I said, hey, girl with one eye
      I'll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry...

      XAK: No.

      CHARLIE: Thinking about Petrina?

      His half smile instantly loses its presence on his face.

      XAK: Yeah.

      CHARLIE sighs and rolls over to face him.

      CHARLIE: Ordinarily a woman would be pissed at her man thinking of another woman in bed but... I’m worried too.

      I slipped my hand under her skirt
      I said don't worry, it's not gonna hurt
      Oh, my reputation's kinda clouded with dirt....

      XAK: She could be dead...

      CHARLIE: She’ll be safe with Dante.

      XAK: The guy that almost killed me last time he used his powers? Doesn’t really fill me with confidence.

      That's why you sleep with one eye open
      That's the price you paid
      I said, hey, girl with one eye...

      She reaches out and runs her fingers through his hair.

      CHARLIE: You can’t think that way.

      XAK: Concern?

      CHARLIE: No. I mean, doubt.

      XAK turns and looks at her.

      XAK: Yeah, you’re right.

      CHARLIE looks up at the window, seeing the darkness outside.

      CHARLIE: The sun will be up soon.

      XAK sighs.

      Get your filthy fingers out of my pie
      I said, hey, girl with one eye
      I'll cut your little heart out ‘cause you made me...

      XAK: I guess it’s true what they say.

      CHARLIE: What’s that?

      XAK: It’s always darkest before the dawn.

      CHARLIE nods and she moves closer.

      CHARLIE: Get some sleep, I’m here. I always am.

      She watches him as his breaths slow and he closes his eyes. She closes hers.


      MEDUSA glides across the roof of Rockefeller Center.


      She smiles, eyeing the radio transmitter that The United was enchanting with eager anticipation. Her eyes turn to the horizon and she smiles as she feels the night slowly coming to an end.

      MEDUSA: In a matter of seconds, I will change this citadel forever.

      She looks closely as she sees dawn beginning to break.

      I said, hey, girl with one eye
      I'll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry...

      The song ends as...


      PETRINA is walking alongside SILVANA now as they walk slowly down a corridor. SILVANA looks at her daughter, whose stern expression saddens her.

      SILVANA: You truly detest me, don’t you?

      PETRINA: I wouldn’t exactly say you’ve been the best role model for a woman, mother.

      SILVANA: I may not be the most conventional of mothers but I do all I can to protect my children.

      PETRINA: Is that so? You haven’t even spoken to me since I arrived in Manhattan and Arthur’s been in a coma since the bomb explosion and you haven’t even visited him.

      SILVANA: Did it occur to you that while I may have been absent, I was doing what I could to protect you both?

      PETRINA stops as they approach a locked door. She looks at SILVANA, shocked.

      PETRINA: How on earth do you figure that one out?

      SILVANA: Your brother won’t get better, Petrina. I’ve tried everything to help him.

      PETRINA: Not everything.

      SILVANA: What are you talking about?

      PETRINA: Sephy could help him.

      SILVANA shakes her head, disapproving.

      SILVANA: Petrina... he’s too damaged, her magic spells could only damage him further.

      PETRINA: (angry) You don’t know that. I’m not willing to give up just because you can write off your children so easily.

      SILVANA bites her tongue to stop talking. She takes a deep breath.

      SILVANA: Think what you will, Petrina but I am doing all I can to protect you from afar by making sure I stay ahead of whatever it is that wants you dead.

      PETRINA: (shouting) Well here’s an idea, mother... how about not sending me into the path of danger?!

      SILVANA: We have a duty as Watchers to protect others, Petrina! It’s not personal.

      PETRINA laughs.

      PETRINA: (quietly) No... I know. It never is about me.

      The Rae women back off from one another. PETRINA looks down, saddened. She shakes her head.

      PETRINA: (extremely quiet) Can’t you see what you’ve done to me? You’ve got me accusing my own parents of being something so monstrous and evil...

      SILVANA closes her eyes, unable to listen.

      PETRINA: Prove to me that you’re not.

      SILVANA opens her eyes now and looks at her daughter.

      SILVANA: I’m about to...

      She walks towards the door and types a key code into the pad next to it. The door unlocks.

      TERMINAL VOICE: Watcher Archive access granted. Welcome, Silvana Rae.

      SILVANA opens the door and walks through it. PETRINA follows.


      SILVANA walks down a corridor, which seems to move endlessly through the room. All around her are different numbered metal drawers. PETRINA follows behind her, in awe of the Archives.

      SILVANA: In 1980, Quentin Travers made regular visits to a girl in America who had been institutionalised. She was plagued with hellish visions of the future and due to her fame, the girl was being handled secretly.

      PETRINA stops.

      PETRINA: Are you talking about Corinne La Fame?

      SILVANA turns back to her.

      SILVANA: I believe that was her name, yes.

      PETRINA: She died. Sin killed her.

      SILVANA: Yes, terrible fate for the poor girl.

      There seems to be no tone of remorse in SILVANA’S tone. PETRINA now continues to follow her.

      SILVANA: Quentin was asked to consult on the girls curse, her parents hearing of his talents in the occult. He was particularly interested in how the girl chose to express her curse.

      PETRINA: How?

      SILVANA stops now, and looks at one of the drawers.

      SILVANA: She drew, like any child aged four years of age would.

      She pulls out the drawer and holds it out to her daughter, unlocking it.

      SILVANA: These drawings showed terrible happenings in this world and I remember distinctly what Quentin told me about them.

      She pauses, closing her eyes... recollecting.

      SILVANA: (quoting) “This girl is cursed Silvana, I do not know if I can help her. The things she draws no girl should have to see. She draws of the fall of a woman with snakes for hair...

      PETRINA’S eyes widen.

      PETRINA: Medusa?

      SILVANA opens her eyes and looks at PETRINA.

      SILVANA: Yes. Once you had informed the Council that Medusa was a threat and a warrior for The United, I knew I had to find the drawings.

      PETRINA: They weren’t in the old Council building?

      SILVANA: Quentin held his more precious mementos hidden in foreign continents, in fear of an attack on our London office. The drawings were held deep in the depths of our offices in Tokyo.

      PETRINA nods, figuring. She smiles to herself.

      PETRINA: That’s why you were in Japan. That’s why you never called.

      SILVANA smiles.

      SILVANA: I had to see the drawings for myself before I contacted you. I returned only yesterday to England and I immediately kept them safe in the Archives – I was hoping to present them all to the other Watchers today.

      She raises her eyebrows.

      SILVANA: But it would seem fate would have it that my daughter would come first.

      PETRINA looks at her mother, touched.

      SILVANA: Who’d have thought?

      PETRINA: So you really are on my side. On our side?

      SILVANA exhales, loudly.

      SILVANA: I know you think your father and I are your ghoulish guardians and I won’t deny we do work in methods that would cause people to question us but we do get results.

      She opens the lid on the drawer.

      SILVANA: This proves that.

      PETRINA looks inside the drawer, curious. Cautiously, she pulls out the soft paper, prophetic in crayon marks. She looks at it, her eyes racing around the page.

      Her eyes widen as her breath leaves her.

      PETRINA: Oh my god...


      MEDUSA stares at the sky as the first rays of sun begin hitting the city.

      MEDUSA: (whispering) Finally...

      The sun hits the transmitter on top of Rockefeller Center.

      MEDUSA turns and stares at the transmitter, her eyes glowing. A mystical glow begins emanating from the transmitter. Her hair encourages the light.

      As the power from MEDUSA’S stare mixes with the sunlight of the fresh morning, the glow on the transmitter suddenly radiates from the building at a startling speed...


      Various people are already awake; businessman, concession stand traders, commuters, mothers, fathers, children, shop workers and law enforcers. They all look up as they see the glow from Rockefeller Center travelling towards them. They shield their eyes instinctively, but it is not enough.

      As the glow hits them, they instantly turn to stone.


      An elderly couple are asleep in bed, the curtains closed. The glow hits their building, penetrating the fabric holding out the light.

      They too turn to stone.


      A handful of joggers scream as the glow hits them but their noise is quickly extinguished as they become stone.

      The camera pulls back, higher into the city.

      Statues line the streets and fill the buildings.

      The entire island had been turned to stone.




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        ACT THREE

        OPEN ON – LONDON

        DANTE and VINCENT sit awkwardly in the Meeting Room. VINCENT stares at him.

        VINCENT: Tell me, Dante. How much does it pay to be a Senior Partner these days?

        DANTE: Um, eternal commitment. There’s a sacrifice involving raccoons too. Not sure why.

        VINCENT: Really? Thought you had to sign away your soul? Or are our scriptures wrong?

        DANTE: If you work for Wolfram and Hart, your soul pretty much belongs to the Partners. I’m one of them now... my soul is my own.

        VINCENT: I see. That’s why you care so much for my daughter and the others in your party.

        DANTE: Well Cate cares about Petrina and if you were The United and if you’d killed her, I’m pretty sure she’d have been... upset. See her boyfriend and her just broke up and I don’t think she could handle having a dead Watcher to deal with too...

        He smiles, clearly embarrassed.

        VINCENT: Boyfriends? What riveting concerns you all clearly have.

        DANTE sighs, rolling his eyes.

        The door opens now and PETRINA and SILVANA re-enter. PETRINA is holding a folder, she looks at DANTE immediately, who looks at her relieved.

        DANTE: Oh look, Vincent. Petrina’s back...

        He stands and hurries to her.

        DANTE: (whispering to PETRINA) And not a frickin’ moment too soon. What took you so long?

        PETRINA: I’m sorry, there was a lot to go through. We have to get back to Xak, now.

        She looks at him, seriously.

        DANTE: Why what’s wrong?

        PETRINA: I am, I mean... I was. They’re not The United.

        DANTE: Well who is?

        PETIRNA: I don’t know, but I know how to kill Medusa. I know what it will take.

        She moves away from DANTE now and looks at VINCENT.

        VINCENT: I take it you’re leaving?

        PETRINA looks at him, apologetically.

        PETRINA: I’m sorry I embarrassed you.

        VINCENT sighs.

        VINCENT: I take it all is ok?

        He looks at her, concerned.

        PETRINA: I have the drawing. I know all about it. Mother told me everything.

        VINCENT looks at SILVANA who is eyeing him particularly. VINCENT nods.

        VINCENT: I see. Well that’s marvellous.

        PETRINA reaches out and hugs him tightly.

        PETRINA: I’m sorry you have a crazy bitch for a daughter.

        VINCENT laughs.

        VINCENT: Language Petrina, you’re still a lady.

        She breaks the hugs and smiles at him.

        VINCENT: Just promise me we can meet soon and have a civilised meeting?

        PETRINA nods.

        PETRINA: Count on it.

        DANTE (O/S): Petrina, we should go.

        PETRINA smiles once again at VINCENT and then turns and heads towards the door. She stops and looks back to her mother.

        PETRINA: Thank you.

        SILVANA smiles.

        SILVANA: You’re welcome. Be safe...

        PETRINA nods.

        PETRINA: I will be soon.

        With this, PETRINA and DANTE leave the room.

        CUT TO – LONDON

        PETRINA grips on to the folder tightly and hurries towards the lobby. DANTE looks at the folder, curious.

        DANTE: What’s that? The folder?

        PETRINA stops and turns back to him. She looks at it.

        PETRINA: It’s how we’re going to get Lance back for you.

        She opens the folder, revealing the drawing. DANTE’S eyes widen and places a hand on PETRINA’S shoulder quickly. In a second, they are gone, dissipating into thin air.

        As if they were never there.

        CUT TO – LONDON

        VINCENT and SILVANA look at one another over the table. His expression stern.

        VINCENT: What did you do, Silvana?

        She pauses, looking at her husband almost disapproving his masculinity.

        SILVANA: I showed her the pictures Quentin sourced from Corinne La Fame in the 80’s. I told her that’s what I was in Tokyo searching for and how it was all to help her stop The United’s warrior monster.

        VINCENT sighs.

        VINCENT: Those pictures have been in the Archives in London since 1992. You lied to her... (shouting) again! Not only that but you’ve given her intelligence we’re not even sure is relevant or helpful!

        SILVANA: (angry) Don’t you dare shout at me, Vincent. I cleared up a mess you clearly weren’t handling. This way Petrina thinks we’re on her side and she doesn’t ask further questions as to why she’s actually in Manhattan.

        VINCENT leans against the table, shaking his head.

        VINCENT: I’m sick of lying to her, Silvana. She’s our daughter. All we’ve done her whole life is lie to her.

        SILVANA: I’m aware of how we raised her.

        VINCENT’S eyes meet his wife’s.

        VINCENT: The truth will come out Silvana. One day she will find out about Sunnydale and when she does... her whole world will fall apart. I may have forgiven you but will she? Can you live with that?

        SILVANA smiles.

        SILVANA: I will do anything to keep the truth from her. Do you understand me, Vincent?

        VINCENT: You shouldn’t have come back. I can barely look at you without wanting to put my fist through the wall.

        SILVANA cocks her head slightly.

        SILVANA: I missed you too.

        He clenches his jaw.

        VINCENT: Why are you here?

        SILVANA: Because we must work together if we are to hide our link to The United.

        VINCENT laughs.

        VINCENT: “Our” link? You mean your link, Silvana... not mine.

        SILVANA: I will not discuss this further with you whilst you are in this state.

        She smiles as the camera closes in on her sly face.

        SILVANA: I’m back, get used to it.

        She turns and leaves the room. VINCENT watches her leave, enraged.


        The camera shows stock footage from the skyline of Manhattan. It is now mid-morning, the sun fully blessing the dead city. The sound is deadly silent. Only a soft breeze can be heard trickling through the buildings. No car, bus, train or person is moving...


        A crack in SIN’S curtain lets in the sunlight from outside. The bar of lights settles on SIN’S face, rousing her.

        SIN is not stone.

        She exhales and inhales breath, feeling the weight of DECLAN’S arm on top of her. She smiles, her eyes closed.

        SIN: I guess studying didn’t work out so well, huh?

        She opens her eyes and looks at him. He is stone. Her eyes widen, suddenly awake.

        She screams.


        In XAK and CHARLIE’S room, neither of them are stone either. Both their eyes open instantly as they hear their daughter’s screams echo throughout the apartment. They jump out of bed.


        STEPHANIE walks into the lounge, walking past CATE who is also awake. Neither of them are statues. She is holding a cup of herbal tea and she walks towards SIN who has XAK and CHARLIE sat either side of her. SIN is looking down, sad. She places the herbal tea down in front of SIN.

        STEPHANIE: Here you go, dear. I put some berries in there to calm the taste and your nerves.

        CHARLIE looks up at her and smiles.

        CHARLIE: Thanks mom, that’s sweet of you.

        STEPHANIE smiles and nods.

        STEPHANIE: No problem. What I don’t understand is, why she would go to bed with a statue?

        CATE shakes her head, sombre.

        CATE: She didn’t. He wasn’t that way before...

        SIN still continues to look down.

        SIN: He looked so peaceful. He didn’t even know.

        CHARLIE thinks about this.

        XAK: I don’t understand how she got in. There’s no sign of a break in and why him?

        CHARLIE: Hang on a minute... Declan was asleep? How did she turn him to stone? His eyes were closed.

        SIN looks up at her.

        CHARLIE: Medusa wasn’t in the apartment. She can’t have been?

        CATE: Well then I don’t understand, how did this happen?

        XAK stands now and walks out of the room.


        XAK is outside now. He walks on to the sidewalk and looks around him. He barely breathes, in shock. There is a dog walker, frozen in stone, her dog too. The lead flapping aimlessly in the breeze. Neither of them look like they’re in pain. It happened so quickly.

        He moves further away and notices a car, smashed into a lamppost, steam coming out of the crushed bonnet. He moves closer to it and approaches the driver’s side of the car. With all the steam, he can’t see inside.

        He reaches for the handle. He opens the door.

        He gasps as a shattered statue of a man crumbles out of the car. The head rolls down the street.

        XAK backs away, horrified.


        XAK re-enters the room now and looks at everyone, worried.

        XAK: (quietly) It’s not just Declan.

        Everyone looks at him.

        CHARLIE: What is it?

        XAK: It’s everyone. Everyone’s stone.

        CHARLIE and CATE share a concerned look.

        CATE: But we’re not. I mean I don’t even feel a little bit stoned.

        CHARLIE stands now and moves towards XAK.

        CHARLIE: This is the spell, isn’t it? The spell we thought we stopped?

        CATE looks panicked.

        CATE: What? The United’s spell?!

        CHARLIE looks at her.

        CHARLIE: There’s no way that Medusa could have done all this in one night, it has to be. That spell must have given her a power boost or something.

        SIN: But why not us? Why were we not affected?

        XAK: Because it’s us she wants. She wants our hearts beating when she pulls them from our chest. No friends, no allies... just us.

        Everyone looks bleak but then out of nowhere a mystical force begins to generate. Everyone backs away, scared but then the force produces two people, two allies. DANTE and PETRINA.

        PETRINA blinks, dizzy. She punches DANTE on the arm. She’s still holding on to the folder.

        DANTE: Ow!

        PETRINA: Next time ask me before you teleport us out of London!

        DANTE: Jeez woman you’re freakishly strong... point taken.

        CATE: Yeah, well I’m stronger.

        She pushes PETRINA, annoyed.

        PETRINA: Ouch! Cate!

        CATE looks at her, angry.

        CATE: Don’t you dare go off to London without telling us, you could have been killed.

        PETRINA sighs.

        PETRINA: I’m sorry, I thought I could handle it.

        XAK looks at her, bleakly.

        XAK: So? I take it you weren’t right...

        PETRINA: Uh no... sincerely wrong but I’m pleased I went.

        PETRINA looks at him, concerned.

        PETRINA: Is everything ok? Despite my anarchy...

        XAK: Something’s happened.

        DANTE: What is it?

        CHARLIE: (bleak) Xak and I didn’t stop The United’s spell...

        PETRINA: Ok... but you’re all safe, it can’t have done much damage.

        SIN: We are, but the spell turned everyone else in the city to stone. We’re the only ones left.

        DANTE and PETRINA look at one another, shocked.

        DANTE: Medusa’s did this, we need to show him... now...

        XAK looks at them, confused.

        XAK: What are you talking about?

        PETRINA: The Watchers may not be The United but my parents did have some information for us.

        XAK: Information?

        PETRINA: Information as in a way to stop Medusa and kill her once and for all.

        DANTE: And everyone else will turn into real life boys and girls again. Carl, Lance... the whole damn city.

        CATE smiles.

        CATE: Well I’d say frickin’ hell yeah to that.

        STEPHANIE: I do like it when people are alive.

        SIN looks at XAK, hopeful. He nods at her and then looks to PETRINA.

        XAK: Well, show us...

        She looks at DANTE and breathes heavily.

        PETRINA: You won’t like this...

        She removes CORINNE’S drawing from the folder and hands it to XAK.

        XAK, CHARLIE and CATE all move to look at the drawing. CATE gasps.

        CATE: Holy crap...

        CHARLIE: Oh no... this can’t be, can it?

        She looks at XAK.

        CHARLIE: Xak?

        He just stares at the paper, his eyes stuck, his mouth aghast.

        CHARLIE: (repeating) Xak?

        CUT TO BLACK



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          ACT FOUR


          PETRINA is now stood in the kitchen as noon quickly approaches. She grabs a mug and places a tea bag inside it. She pauses.

          PETRINA: Screw it.

          She puts the tea bag back and grabs a bottle of malt whiskey and pours herself a measure into the mug. She quickly drinks and closes her eyes, exhaling softly.

          CATE (O/S): Tea good?

          PETRINA: Decided to go for something stronger.

          She shows CATE the bottle. CATE nods.

          CATE: I think I’ll join you.

          PETRINA grabs a mug and pours CATE a measure.

          PETRINA: As your Watcher I strongly oppose the intake of alcohol, but as Petrina Rae who has just had a run in with her mother, I don’t care...

          CATE moves closer to her and sips on the whiskey.

          CATE: Your mother’s kind of intense, huh?

          PETRINA: Imagine my father... with a menstrual cycle.

          CATE: Yikes.

          PETRINA: Yep.

          CATE: Why are they like that?

          PETRINA: They don’t talk much about their past before me or my brother...

          CATE looks at her, surprised.

          CATE: You have a brother?

          PETRINA nods.

          PETRINA: Arthur. He was injured fatally in the bomb explosion on the Council buildings. He was doing work experience... trying to please them, like I have always done. Almost got him killed and now he’s in a coma and I don’t think he’s going to wake up. My father always blamed him for the bombs – he thinks he let in the agent of The First Evil.

          CATE pours PETRINA another measure.

          CATE: I’m sorry...

          PETRINA: I just have to remind myself to not let what happened to him, happen to me.

          CATE: Maybe they’ve seen the error of their ways, they did give you the picture...

          PETRINA smiles and rubs CATE’S arm.

          PETRINA: I’m not sure if I was sent to you with honest intentions but I’m glad you’re here.

          CATE smiles at her.

          CATE: It’s gonna be a long day, huh?

          PETRINA: (nodding) I’m afraid it will be, yes.

          She now looks up at CATE.

          PETRINA: Are you ready?

          CATE: It’s not me that needs to worry, it’s Xak.

          PETRINA: I have to say, I think it will be quite a sight.

          CATE shakes her head.

          CATE: Trust me when I say keep far away.

          PETRINA: I’m needed Cate. I’m not running anymore.

          CATE: (concerned) You’ll die...

          PETRINA smiles.

          PETRINA: I won’t.

          CATE frowns as she watches her Watcher pour herself another mug measure of malt.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN is sat on the floor of her room, her knees hunched up to her chin. She stares at DECLAN lying peacefully, a statue on her bed. She frowns.

          DANTE (O/S): Hey kid...

          She looks to see DANTE peering through the half open door.

          DANTE: Mind if I come in?

          She sighs.

          SIN: I could use the company.

          DANTE smiles at her. He walks in and sits down on the floor next to him. He looks at DECLAN.

          DANTE: Cate told me. I’m sorry.

          SIN: It’s not your fault.

          DANTE: I know but, it’s what everyone said to me when it happened to Lance so... I feel I should pass on the torch, so to speak.

          SIN: Thank you.

          She looks at him.

          SIN: He had a big crush on you, you know?

          DANTE laughs.

          DANTE: Who doesn’t?

          He winks at her.

          SIN: Just saying.

          DANTE: Thank you, but don’t talk in the past tense. He’s not gone.

          SIN: We don’t know where they are.

          DANTE: I know they’re safe. Wherever their souls are, they’re safe.

          SIN: But they might be there for ages?

          DANTE: You saw the drawing right? They won’t be there for much longer.

          SIN: The drawing from the woman I killed? Yeah I saw it, made me feel tons better...

          DANTE: I’m just saying, it’s a done deal. She doesn’t stand a chance.

          SIN: I don’t doubt the power of this spell but I am worried about the repercussions.

          DANTE nods, understanding.

          DANTE: I bet.

          SIN: And what if I lose control again? What if I go all Sunnydale rooftop.

          DANTE: I stopped you once, I can do it again.

          SIN: And what if you can’t? What if the Partner in you takes over?

          DANTE stops, considering this.

          SIN: I don’t want to rain on this parade that we’re all marching in but we both have big rewards if we win. I’ve been known to do whatever it takes to get the job done, Dante and I’m worried about what that “whatever” is...

          DANTE looks down, frowning.

          DANTE: (quietly) At least this time... you’re not alone.

          He puts an arm around her and they just sit together. The dark ones.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          CHARLIE is sat on hers and XAK’S bed whilst he paces the room in front of her. She looks at him, expectantly. Next to CHARLIE are an assortment of spell books and notes.

          CHARLIE: Xak...

          He ignores her.

          CHARLIE: Xak! Will you just stop and talk to me?!

          He does. He looks at her.

          XAK: (whispering) This is too much, Charlie. I can’t do this. You can’t do this. You know what happened last time...

          CHARLIE: I can’t say it doesn’t terrify me... but maybe we can now. Knowing what we know.

          XAK scoffs.

          XAK: Don’t be so naive, Charlie. Having knowledge of my heritage does not mean that I can do this.

          CHARLIE: You told me that Kalipso gave you the gift of knowledge. It’s time to put that to good use and remember where you come from.

          XAK: Why?!

          CHARLIE: (shouting) But it’s going to save this damn city!

          XAK closes his eyes and breathes heavily.

          XAK: We’ve never done anything like this. Summoning it? How do we know it’ll work?

          CHARLIE looks at her books and notes.

          CHARLIE: The spell looks hard but with the picture I think I can do it. I can visualise the scene and recreate it through magic. So to speak...

          XAK nods.

          XAK: Ok.

          CHARLIE: So you’ll do it?

          XAK: I didn’t think I’d have to go to such extreme measures, not even with Sin did we have to go this far but if it’s the way it’s written then who am I to play with the fate of New York.

          CHARLIE nods, agreeing.

          CHARLIE: Medusa needs to be stopped. She’s not long for this millennia, it’s time she left it.

          XAK looks at her stern.

          XAK: If we do this though, Cate’s staying with you. Dante with me. They’re the only ones strong enough to keep us safe.

          CHARLIE nods.

          CHARLIE: Fine. I’ll do everything my end... you just act when the time comes.

          XAK: I won’t have a choice.

          CHARLIE: Just think of me and come back to me. That’s the only choice you need to worry about.

          XAK: You’ll be close in my mind, but far from me. It has to be that way.

          CHARLIE nods, knowing this is true.

          CHARLIE: I know.

          She breathes softly.

          CHARLIE: Let’s go...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera pans around a desolate main street in midtown. It is silent and still. The streets lined with bodies, frozen in stone. The camera quickly spins 180 degrees...

          XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, CATE, DANTE, PETRINA and STEPHANIE are all walking down the street, heading towards Times Square. XAK is armed with a sword, CATE and DANTE too. SIN nervously looks around each corner, worried. PETRINA too – they are both holding battle axes. Over PETRINA’S shoulder is a bag full of spare clothes. STEPHANIE dances between the statues, laughing, oblivious...

          DANTE: (to XAK) Ok, so you seem to know where you’re going?

          XAK: The spell had something to do with Rockefeller. I’m guessing she’s not far from the source of her power.

          CATE: Is anyone else kind of mind-numbingly afraid?

          PETRINA: It had crossed my mind... yes.

          Something then catches PETRINA’S eye. She turns to SIN.

          PETRINA: Sin, don’t look...

          SIN looks at her confused and then she sees what PETRINA is referring to.

          LA-REE is stood in front of them, a statue. Her face looks worried, concerned and stressed. SIN walks up to it and looks at her apologetically.

          SIN: I’m sorry you got pulled into my world...

          PETRINA puts an arm around her.

          PETRINA: Come on... we can’t stay here.

          SIN nods and moves away from LA-REE and they continue moving with the others.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The gang approach a stairway into the subway complex. CHARLIE stops by it.

          CHARLIE: Ok, this should be perfect.

          Everyone stops.

          DANTE: Sure it’s close enough?

          CHARLIE: I don’t have to be close... but Times Square and Rockefeller Center are only up ahead. I’m sure this’ll be fine...

          CATE looks at XAK.

          CATE: I’ll be with her. She’ll be fine. I promise.

          She smiles, reassuringly.

          XAK: I know she will.

          He moves to CHARLIE and pulls her close, holding her tightly.

          XAK: (whispering) I love you.

          CHARLIE smiles.

          CHARLIE: I love you too.

          She breaks the hug and leans her forehead against his.

          CHARLIE: I’ll take good care of you, I promise.

          XAK smiles.

          XAK: You better.

          CHARLIE: Go. I’ll start soon...

          XAK nods and turns, hurrying in direction of the city’s epicentre.

          CATE grabs a hold of STEPHANIE.

          CATE: Come on sweetie, you’re coming with us.

          STEPHANIE looks angry.

          STEPHANIE: But I want to play in the garden with the statues!

          CATE ushers her into the subway, following CHARLIE. She looks back at XAK, SIN, DANTE and PETRINA as they move away down the street.

          She turns away from them and descends into darkness.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK, SIN, DANTE and PETRINA continue towards Rockefeller Center but as they Times Square they see a living entity. A woman in a green dress is stood ahead of them, with her back to them. A woman with snakes for hair.


          They all stop, looking at her. The camera moves closer to her as she smiles.

          MEDUSA: Only four of you. How disappointing.

          XAK: More than enough.

          MEDUSA: Is that so?

          She turns and looks in their direction. Each of them backs behind a statue to avoid her gaze.

          PETRINA: (whispering to the others) Don’t look her in the eyes. If we do... we’re done for.

          MEDUSA: (calling to them) So what do you think of my collection? Quite impressive, I think you’ll agree.

          She smiles.

          MEDUSA: I simply adore this new world you all abide in. Ancient magic combined with modern technology can do just wonders for an old woman’s power. Imagine the power boost I attained from just one of you measly mortals... I have a whole trove of souls from this city just crying to be used against you.

          There is no reply from the gang. She looks around the maze of statues, trying to eye them.

          MEDUSA: Do you think this is my first hunt, children? Even if you could out run me, nothing will stop The United now...

          The camera cuts to SIN who is listening intently to each footstep MEDUSA takes.

          The camera cuts back to MEDUSA.

          MEDUSA: It’s here, you know... watching this plan of yours unfold. It knows everything. It’s unimpressed.

          The camera cuts to PETRINA now who has her hand over her mouth to hide the sound of her breath.

          The camera cuts back to MEDUSA.

          MEDUSA: But me? I will give you credit. You have managed to kill The Fates themselves and stop an apocalyptic prophecy from coming to pass. You are a formidable enemy.

          She continues to move through the statues.

          The camera cuts to DANTE who grips the hilt of his sword with exuberant strength. His jaw clenched, ready.

          The camera cuts back to MEDUSA.

          MEDUSA: You are all worth facing. So come out. Face me!

          As she moves forward, XAK steps out from behind a statue, his sword posed.

          XAK: As you wish.

          He swings the sword. She moves back to dodge but she is too slow.

          A strand of MEDUSA’S hair is cut off and it writhes on the floor, dying.

          She growls at him as he disappears behind another statue. She screams and punches it, smashing it to rubble.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          CATE and STEPHANIE are stood near the subway stairwell nervously as CHARLIE sits cross legged on the floor, with the drawing in front of her. CATE looks at her.

          CATE: Don’t you need some like cauldron or something for this?

          CHARLIE looks at her and smiles.

          CHARLIE: I don’t need it.

          CATE nods, emphatically.

          CATE: Ok.

          CHARLIE: Get ready... this could be rough...

          CATE nods. STEPHANIE looks at CATE, confused.

          STEPHANIE: What’s she doing?

          CATE: You’re about to see your daughter save this city.

          The camera moves to CHARLIE now as her hands hover over the picture. She mutters under her breath. A mystical light begins to generate around her.

          CATE watches, worried.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          XAK quickly rolls out of the way of the decimated statue but she controls the stone with her glare. She stares at it, her eyes glowing green – she has complete control over it.

          She looks in XAK’S direction, throwing it at him. He looks up to see the rubble coming in his direction.

          A dark smile crosses MEDUSA’S face as she stares at XAK. Then, her concentration is ruined. SIN jumps on to her back, covering her eyes, intently. She looks up to one of the statues.

          SIN: (shouting) Petrina, now!

          PETRINA hurries out from behind the statue armed with both axes. She juggles one in her hand and then throws it at MEDUSA. It embeds in her stomach, causing the monster to scream in pain. In one quick movement she throws SIN from her back and turns to face her.

          MEDUSA: You shouldn’t have done that you little unwanted hybrid.

          MEDUSA’S eyes glow and just as their eyes are about to meet, SIN holds up her hand and the air betweens them distorts, causing MEDUSA’S vision to blur and the mystical stony effect to fail. SIN looks at her hand, confused as MEDUSA growls, angry. SIN then looks to PETRINA.

          SIN: Run!

          PETRINA’S eyes widen as MEDUSA turns to her. She shields her eyes and runs. MEDUSA pulls out the axe from her stomach, which heals almost instantly and throws it in PETRINA’S direction. Sensing the cutting air behind her, she panics. But suddenly the axe stops, mid air and DANTE appears in front of it. He holds it with his powers. SIN watches, concerned.

          DANTE looks at MEDUSA in the reflection of the axe, guarding himself with the sword.

          MEDUSA: You cannot win this, old immortal.

          DANTE: I think you’ve grossly underestimated us, my dear.

          He extends a hand and the axe flies back at her. He clenches a fist and the axe mystically shatters into small metallic shards. They cut her dress and pierce her skin, pluck out the hissing strands of her hair but they do not damage her. She cringes slightly from the attack and looks up to see DANTE charging... the sword raised. She dodges the blade and again as he strikes a second time. She grabs a hold of the sword’s hilt and smashes it over her knee. She kicks DANTE away, which sends him into the side of a building. She discards the sword, throwing it at him. It pins him to the wall, through his right shoulder and his chest. He cries out in pain, covered in blood.

          PETRINA looks up horrified.

          PETRINA: No!

          Her and SIN hurry to move in front of him to protect him.

          CUT TO –

          XAK is stood behind a statue, regaining composure. He looks out to see MEDUSA slowly approaching his friends, his daughter. He grips his sword tightly.

          XAK: (praying) Come on Charlie...

          He rushes out from the statue, charging towards her...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera rotates around CHARLIE as the light continues to glow and she continues to chant with her eyes closed. CATE and STEPHANIE watch, helpless.

          Suddenly the light stops and CHARLIE stops chanting.

          CATE and STEPHANIE look at one another, confused.

          STEPHANIE: Did it work?

          CHARLIE’S eyes suddenly snap open, a misty grey colour.

          CATE: Charlie?

          The whole of the subway platform begins to shake now. STEPHANIE screams, confused and CATE grabs a hold of her.

          CHARLIE continues to stare ahead, her hands over the picture.

          CHARLIE: (ethereal) I summon you. I summon you...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          As MEDUSA moves closer, XAK charges. He dives at her, knocking her to the floor. They roll across the tarmac, keeping her a safe distance from the others.

          SIN and PETRINA turn to help DANTE.

          XAK closes his eyes, acting on instinct. He throws a punch, he lands it. He throws another, landing it perfecting on her face. With one quick motion, MEDUSA pushes him off of her. The force of her push is so great, he flies back into the road, and lands with a thud. He cuts his head and lies motionless on the floor. MEDUSA stands, glaring at him, her eyes glowing.

          MEDUSA: You cannot win this boy.

          The glare in her eyes brightens as a dozen statues rise around her.

          MEDUSA: Goodbye.

          All the statues suddenly rush at XAK and pile on top of him creating a pile of rubble. XAK disappears... gone...

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          The camera continues to rotate around a grey eyed CHARLIE in the crumbling subway platform. She looks determined.

          CHARLIE: (shouting) I summon you!

          The camera continues to rotate as blood seeps out of CHARLIE’S eyes, nose and ears.

          CHARLIE: (repeating, louder) I summon you!

          The camera continues and then finally stops dead in front of her.

          CHARLIE: (whispering) Xakiel...

          Suddenly the crumbling stops and CHARLIE collapses.

          CATE rushes forwards, tears in her eyes as CHARLIE lies unconscious with blood continuing to leave her body.

          CATE: (shouting) Charlie! Oh my god... no!

          The camera pans away from CHARLIE, moving towards CORINNE’S picture.

          The picture, though drawn childishly, shows MEDUSA lying dead under a black dragon.

          CUT TO – MANHATTAN

          SIN, DANTE and PETRINA all look horrified at the pile of rubble.

          SIN shakes her head.

          SIN: No... it can’t be...

          A tear leaves her eye.

          The camera cuts back to MEDUSA who watches the rubble intently. It does not move. She smiles and laughs.

          MEDUSA: You are not so tough...

          She turns and walks away but as she does, the rubble begins to move. It begins to part and level out and something emerges.

          MEDUSA only senses this as the shadow of something large shrouds her in darkness. She looks confused and turns to look at the cause. Her hair hisses, recoiling away from the creature.

          It’s XAKIEL. Dark, grand and proud, the scaled dragon stands before her enraged.

          He roars.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT FOUR


          • #6
            ACT FIVE

            OPEN ON – MANHATTAN

            SIN, DANTE and PETRINA all stare in awe of the creature before them. PETRINA looks at him, amazed.

            PETRINA: I-I...

            She has no words.

            DANTE: Really something, ain’t he?

            He pulls out the sword from his shoulder, it heals instantly.

            The camera cuts back to the fight. MEDUSA begins backing away as the dragon, XAKIEL, moves closer.

            MEDUSA: Well well well. Look what we have here. A Shadow Stalker.

            He growls angrily at her, eyeing her significantly. Her gaze does not work on him. MEDUSA smirks, noticing.

            MEDUSA: You don’t belong in this dimension but I can hurt you in other ways...

            Her eyes glow and the statues begin rising again. XAKIEL roars and takes flight. All the statues in the area travel towards him but he dodges them amidst the buildings causing many of them to smash through windows and crumble against the walls

            MEDUSA snarls angrily as he disappears.

            MEDUSA: (shouting) Do not hide from me, dragon! Come and fight me! Reptile versus reptile...

            Then she sees the shadow.

            She turns around and sees XAKIEL flying towards her at tremendous speed. She turns and runs as he blasts fire out of his mouth. She dodges each blast with ease and elegance but he gets closer...

            She turns to face him as he lands on top of her, pinning her to ground with his talons. Hot steam, smoke and ash burst from his nostrils as he stares her in the eyes intently.

            CUT TO –

            SIN stands and watches her father.

            SIN: He’s really going to kill her.

            DANTE pulls out the sword from his chest, the wound closes. He cringes slightly in discomfort.

            DANTE: What did you expect?

            SIN: I’m just... impressed.

            DANTE smiles, looking at XAKIEL.

            DANTE: Would you want to mess with him?

            PETRINA breathes softly, watching also.

            PETRINA: Emphatically not.

            CUT TO – MANAHATTAN

            CATE grabs CHARLIE and shakes her. STEPHANIE stands over, her hand to her mouth, horrified.

            CATE: Charlie!? Please? Not again...

            CHARLIE’S eyes begin to flicker open under the strength of her friend. Her eyes are the normal exuberant green shade. She looks to CATE.

            CHARLIE: (weakly) Cate?

            CATE breathes a sigh of relief.

            CATE: Oh thank god. You’re ok...

            CHARLIE shakes her head slightly.

            CHARLIE: (quietly) I’m sick Cate... I have been for a while.

            All breath from CATE leaves her as her eyes well with tears.

            CATE: Why wouldn’t you tell me?

            CHARLIE: (with as much energy as she can muster) I tried... I’ve been trying to ignore it... but...

            CATE looks away, biting her quivering lip.

            CHARLIE grabs her arm.

            CHARLIE: Please... don’t tell Xak. Please?

            CATE looks up to STEPHANIE trying to find SEPHY, for help.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            MEDUSA stares up at XAKIEL from under his talons. Helpless. She smiles at him.

            MEDUSA: And after a millennia of fighting to succeed I am finally taken by a creature that will kill so many belonging to my world.

            He snarls.

            MEDUSA: But you’re destiny extends far beyond our meagre ancient beliefs. I can see it now, how your eulogy will be sung.

            He listens, clearly able to understand.

            MEDUSA: You should also know that with me gone... The United will not stop.

            A fiery passion burns in his eyes, hearing the name.

            MEDUSA: It will come for you and it will...

            Bored, XAKIEL roars and silences MEDUSA forever with one sharp snap of his jaw around her head. Her sentence instantly is cut off with her head.

            PETRINA closes her eyes, cringing.

            XAKIEL flings the disembodied head away from him and looks up, roaring, stretching out his wings.

            He then looks around the streets. He sees someone walking towards him in a red dress.


            She walks towards him.

            CHARLIE: (echoing) You can stop now. Come back to me...

            He looks at her, his head cocks to side, curious. He snarls, lightly.

            Then as quickly as she appeared, CHARLIE leaves, a mirage. In her place is the light that surrounded her in the spell. It travels towards XAKIEL and covers him. He roars as he decreases in size. His roar turns into a scream as slowly the black scales leave his body and human skin and a thick head of dark hair return.

            XAK coughs on the floor, next to MEDUSA’S headless body, naked. He breathes erratically, heavily.

            PETRINA watches, concerned. She rushes to the bag of spare clothes and moves towards him slowly.

            PETRINA: Xak? Are you ok...

            He look up at her.

            XAK: (weakly) We did it... we won...

            PETRINA nods, smiling.

            PETRINA: We did. You were amazing.

            He smiles.

            XAK: You guys were.

            PETRINA: Thank you.

            She looks at him awkwardly.

            PETRINA: You’re very naked.

            He laughs and she throws the clothes in his direction.

            CUT TO –

            The camera pans along the sidewalk showing a trail of blood. The trail is coming from MEDUSA’S head. Her eyes are closed, her mouth poised in a half smile. All but one strand of her hair is dead. The final strand writhes and hisses and then finally allows the life to be extinguished from it...

            As the snake dies...

            CUT TO –

            All the statues in the area suddenly begin to glow. As the light dies, the person returns. Each person takes a large intake of breath and then collapses to the floor, exhausted.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The elderly couple return to life. They intake a large breath and then continue sleeping, as if nothing had ever happened.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The joggers return to normal. They run for a few steps and then stop. They inhale deeply and then fall to the floor.

            The camera pulls back, higher into the city.

            The statues that once lined the streets were now being replaced with glows and then finally by the people they once were.

            The entire island was back.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The camera pans up LA-REE as her transition from statue, to glow, to human happens. She looks around, surprised and then she too succumbs to the fatigue and falls to the floor, finally getting the rest she deserves.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            SIN helps DANTE to his feet and then they walk to PETRINA. XAK stands now, with jeans on. He pulls on a t-shirt. The four of them look around, amazed at the scene.

            XAK smiles.

            XAK: They’re all back...

            SIN looks around, confused.

            SIN: Why are they sleeping?

            PETRINA: Their bodies may be rested but their souls have been through tremendous turmoil. They need time to re-adjust. They’ll be fine soon... it’ll be like they just went to sleep.

            He looks at them, smiling.

            XAK: Come on. There are a few people we need to see...

            They all hurry away from the scene as some people already begin to rouse.

            The camera pans down to where MEDUSA’S body was. She fades from this world.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            CATE emerges from the subway with STEPHANIE, both of them supporting CHARLIE. The bleeding has stopped and CATE has concealed it well.

            XAK, SIN, DANTE and PETRINA hurry towards them. They all greet one another. PETRINA hugs CATE.

            PETRINA: Told you I wouldn’t die.

            CATE laughs. XAK instantly grabs CHARLIE and hugs her tightly.

            XAK: You were amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It’s like we were one...

            CHARLIE smiles at him.

            CHARLIE: (still evidently weak) You were the one... you killed her.

            XAK looks at her concerned.

            XAK: Are you ok?

            CHARLIE looks down. CATE looks from PETRINA to XAK.

            CATE: (interjecting) She’s fine – the spell took a lot out of her. Not every day she turns her man into a freakin’ dragon.

            CHARLIE looks at her and smiles, appreciatively. XAK nods and strokes CHARLIE’S face softly.

            XAK: (to his soul mate) As long as you’re ok?

            CHARLIE nods.

            CHARLIE: I’m fine.

            In the background, DANTE moves closer to XAK.

            DANTE: Uh... Xak?

            He turns to look at him. DANTE looks nervous, excited.

            DANTE: I need to see him. Now...

            XAK nods and they all turn and begin walking away, DANTE eagerly in front.

            XAK: Let’s go home...

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The camera focuses on the steps leading up to XAK’S apartment. The setting sun graces them with its dim light.

            A pair of hiking boots begin to descend the steps. The camera pans up the person revealing a middle-aged man. CARL REED. He’s healed.

            He looks around the streets and inhales deeply.

            XAK (O/S): Well, look who it is...

            CARL turns and looks to see XAK, CHARLIE, SIN, CATE, DANTE, PETRINA and STEPHANIE approaching.

            STEPHANIE: Ooh, that man looks like the statue from the roof.

            CATE rolls her eyes and looks at STEPHANIE.

            CATE: That man is the statue, hon. All the statues are gone.

            STEPHANIE looks sad.

            STEPHANIE: Oh, I liked the statues.

            XAK moves towards CARL.

            XAK: Are you ok?

            CARL: How long has it been?

            XAK: About six months.

            CARL: Is Tina ok?

            XAK: Our paths crossed a few months back, she’s doing good. She’s travelling still. I told her to live her life – I told her it’s what you would want.

            CARL smiles and places a hand on his shoulder.

            CARL: Thank you, I appreciate that.

            CATE runs up to him and hugs him tightly.

            CATE: Super good to see you, Mr. Reed.

            CARL laughs.

            CARL: Well I would say it’s good to see you but each time I do I get my ass handed to me on a platter by some Greek freak.

            She rolls her eyes.

            CATE: Sorry, we kind of attract that.

            CHARLIE smiles.

            CHARLIE: What are you gonna do now, Carl?

            XAK: He’s gonna live his life, like he was supposed to.

            CARL raises his eyebrows and looks at XAK.

            CARL: Well hang on now, that’s my decision...

            XAK: No it’s not. You’ve done enough for us and it was never your fight to begin with. You almost died. It’s time for you to live.

            CARL sighs.

            CARL: I don’t know how.

            XAK: Try Thailand.

            CARL smiles, he pauses thinking of his daughter.

            CARL: I guess that’s a start.

            He looks at them all.

            CARL: You guys are incredible... keep it up. Things will just get harder here on in.

            XAK: We’ll do our best.

            CARL begins walking away now.

            CARL: I have no doubt.

            He continues walking and then turns back.

            CARL: Oh and Dante?

            DANTE turns and looks at him.

            CARL: You got someone waiting for you on the roof.

            DANTE’S eyes widen and he turns and rushes inside. The rest of them watch as a dear ally leaves them, walking towards the light of the setting sun.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            The camera focuses on the door to the building. It bursts open and DANTE rushes out. He stops dead, his breath taken from him.

            The camera rotates and shows LANCE, lying on the floor. He’s alive.

            DANTE rushes to him, drops to his knees and lifts him up into his arms. He smiles feeling the warmth from LANCE’S body and his heart beating once again.

            DANTE: (softly) Lance?

            LANCE’S eyes flicker open and land immediately on DANTE. The men register one another.

            LANCE: (weakly) I came back to you.

            DANTE laughs, his eyes welling with tears.

            DANTE: So did I... I love you so much...

            LANCE clenches his jaw, saddened.

            LANCE: I love you too.

            DANTE leans down and kisses him passionately, embracing him tightly. DANTE breaks away.

            DANTE: Don’t you ever scare me like that again. You have no idea how petrified I was.

            LANCE: I’m sorry about everything. That stupid fight.

            DANTE: No, it’s me that needs to be sorry. The things I did... the way I’ve been...

            LANCE shakes his head.

            LANCE: It doesn’t matter. We start from here...

            DANTE looks hesitant.

            DANTE: But there’s things you need to know, why I was leaving town so much...

            LANCE smiles at him.

            LANCE: Are you gonna leave again?

            DANTE shakes his head.

            DANTE: Hell no.

            LANCE: Then it doesn’t matter.

            DANTE smiles.

            DANTE: Let’s get you inside, you’ve been outside for too long.

            He goes to lift him up.

            DANTE: (reassuringly) I’ll carry you, don’t worry.

            LANCE: No... it’s fine.

            LANCE breathes deeply and then stands, with ease. DANTE looks up at him from his knees in awe. LANCE looks down at him, smiling.

            LANCE: What? Am I gonna have to carry you?

            DANTE blinks and then stands, looking at him, amazed.

            DANTE: How?

            LANCE: I guess my body reset. I feel strong.

            DANTE puts a hand behind LANCE’S head.

            DANTE: You’re the strongest man I know.

            He kisses him again and holds him closely, keeping his lover’s head to his shoulder he holds him tightly.

            SONG: OLAFUR ARNALDS – 3326

            The song begins as the camera pulls back from the two lovers showing the apartment building becoming consumed in the dark of the approaching night.

            FADE TO – MANHATTAN

            The song continues into the next scene as SIN walks into her room, a smile forming on her face. She looks towards the bed to see DECLAN alive and sleeping soundly. She climbs into bed next to him and places his arm across her. He inhales, rousing slightly.

            DECLAN: (sleepy) Is it morning yet?

            SIN smiles at him.

            SIN: (whispering) Not yet...

            He moves closer and holds her tightly. She closes her eyes.

            FADE TO - MANHATTAN

            The song continues as the camera shows STEPHANIE in bed, asleep. CHARLIE pulls the covers tightly over her. She sits and smiles, looking at her mother intently. She tucks a stray hair on STEPHANIE’S head behind her ear.

            CHARLIE: We just fixed a whole city... we’re next.

            She kisses her on the forehead and then stands and walks towards the door and leaves.

            FADE TO – MANHATTAN

            The song continues to the next scene as CHARLIE walks into her room to see XAK stood looking out of the window, shirtless. She puts her hands around his body. He closes his eyes, content. She places her hand over his heart, feeling it beat softly.

            CHARLIE: (whispering) See... you’re still here.

            XAK turns his head and rests his forehead against hers.

            XAK: This is only the beginning you know.

            CHARLIE: Can we worry about The United tomorrow?

            XAK: I don’t mean The United. I mean us.

            She looks at him, intrigued.

            XAK: This is only the beginning of what we can do together.

            She smiles, feeling safe. Care free...

            CHARLIE: Can’t wait.

            She kisses him and he kisses her. He turns to her fully now and they fall back on the bed together.

            FADE TO – MANHATTAN

            The song continues.

            The camera pans across the floor of a dark room, lit only by candles. It lands on a chair. A woman is sat in it with white heels.

            THE UNITED.

            THE UNITED: Medusa was a fine warrior. She performed admirably and for that we will ensure that she lives eternally in paradise.

            The camera pans up the chair further now revealing that THE UNITED is sat in a chair in front of a desk. A vanity mirror in front of it, the candles lit all around it. THE UNITED is dressed in a white cloak, just as it was in Rockefeller Center.

            THE UNITED: But she was a minor casualty. We are tired of hiding behind poor acolytes and monsters. It is time we took care of matters personally.

            THE UNITED removes its hood. It has long flowing blonde hair.

            THE UNITED: The Prime family have gained all their intelligence on The Kalipso Syndicate and they will soon dispose of them. It’s time to end this and restore all glory to the gods.

            The camera pans around to the front of THE UNITED, revealing its identity, finally.


            CATE is sat in the white cloak, looking into the mirror. Her eyes are a milky white.

            FLASH TO – MANHATTAN

            Rockefeller Center.

            It is the scene from the previous episode. In the background, XAK, CHARLIE, SEPHY and KALIPSO are stood watching THE UNITED, cloaked and floating, casting its spell on the antennae. This time though, we see the scene from the front of THE UNITED, seeing that it is a white-eyed CATE under the cloak.

            THE UNITED (V/O): We will be noticed, worshipped and exalted...


            It is the scene from Sirens, where CATE is breaking up with TRAFFORD. She turns from him and walks away, towards the car.

            THE UNITED (V/O): We shall require no affiliations, no comrades or emotions...

            SHORE – EXT.BEACH – NIGHT

            CATE and PETRINA are sat on the beach, talking to the spirit of SINEYA.

            PETRINA: Then help us. Please.

            SINEYA sighs. She looks down, then turns to the women, angrily.

            SINEYA: (shouting) No! You must leave!

            CATE: Why?

            SINEYA: Because when I look at you... I see death.

            CATE’S face drops hearing the words and despite the warmth of the flames, she shivers.

            THE UNITED (V/O): We will ensure our survival, our victory and our honour...

            FLASH TO – MANHATTAN

            It is the scene from PETRINA’S first episode this season, where LANCE was turned to stone by MEDUSA.

            It is night and CATE and PETRINA are in the park, CATE slaying a vampire.

            A Vampire pushes PETRINA to the ground. CATE looks at her.

            CATE: You ok?

            PETRINA: Just get him, I’ll follow.

            CATE hurries after the Vampire and PETRINA stands.

            She wavers slightly. She doesn’t follow.

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            XAK, CHARLIE and DANTE move into the room and CHARLIE walks towards the stereo. The loud static noise continues to sound. She tries switching it off, turning the volume down and she even pulls the mains power out of the socket. The static still sounds.

            CHARLIE: (confused) Ok...

            Then the static ends, and it’s replaced by...

            RADIO VOICE: Greetings...

            CUT TO – MANHATTAN

            A white-eyed CATE is sat in the bushes of Central Park, she is entranced. She did not go after the Vampire.

            CATE/THE UNITED: (speaking, channelling her voice through every radio in the city) the state of New York.

            THE UNITED (V/O): We are unstoppable...


            It is the scene from the Teaser, where THE UNITED is about to destroy SEPHY in the underwater base of The Kalipso Syndicate. SEPHY opens the door, seeing THE UNITED.

            SEPHY: You...

            Her eyes cast to something else, the bombs on the floor. She turns back to THE UNITED.

            The scene continues briefly into a moment previously unseen.

            SEPHY: I’ll kill you if you hurt her.

            The camera rotates to show a white-eyed CATE stood there.

            SEPHY knew the truth – CATE was part of The United.

            THE UNITED: Goodbye Persephone.

            The bombs ignite and the screen fills with a bright white.

            THE UNITED (V/O): We are the force to fear...

            FLASH TO - ?/CATE’S MIND

            It is the scene from CATE’S euphoric overdose on Onyx Tonic.

            She is stood on the dance floor of The Bronze, opposite her is ALT.CATE, a white-eyed CATE.

            ALT.CATE: I’ll always be here to guide you Cathryn...

            THE UNITED (V/O): And we will never leave one another again...

            FLASH TO - SUNNYDALE

            It is the scene from Sunnydale, where the truth about CATE’S powers were revealed.

            HECATE, the dark goddess.

            HECATE kisses CATE and then the girl watches as her goddess walks away from her. Leaving her...

            But not forever.

            THE UNITED (V/O): Because we are eternal, we are forever entwined...

            FLASH TO - MANHATTAN

            We are back to the present – a white-eyed CATE is sat in her white cloak looking in the mirror, candle-light illuminating her.

            The crescendo of the violins from the song sounds loudly and eerily as the camera rotates to show CATE’S reflection.

            It isn’t her.

            It’s HECATE – once again played by Lena Olin - looking at CATE with pride. She had infected the Slayer once again...

            CATE and HECATE: (in unison) We are The United...

            THE UNITED was CATE and HECATE.

            CUT TO BLACK

            CAPTION: To be continued...

            END OF EPISODE

            END OF SEASON FOUR

            SUMMER GLAU as SIN
            and PATRICIA ARQUETTE as SEPHY

            Special Guest Stars (in order of appearance):
            IDINA MENZEL as MEDUSA


            Special Mention:
            OLAFUR ARNALDS – 3326
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              - And there you have it. The identity of The United has finally been revealed – it is our lovely Cate, infected once again with the dark goddess Hecate. As you can see by some of the scenes I showed you, it has been in the pipeline since the beginning. There’s also a subtle clue in the cast pictures in the Index as Cate’s picture is the only one without a white background – her background is black. If you’re confused about who Hecate is or can’t quite remember how she fits into the whole thing, then check out 1.14 as that is the Cate/Hecate episode. In Chapter 1 I will reveal all about The United and how it came into being once again but for now, there you have it.

              - You also got to finally meet Silvana Rae in this episode. She’s a harsh character but deep down she has a good heart. Even deeper than that she has a terrible secret that will blow Petrina’s world apart. It will be revealed in Chapter 1.

              - Lance is back in this episode, woo! But things won’t be plain sailing for him and Dante. Wolfram and Hart will not be taking a back seat any more. They will be doing all they can to ruin the relationship. Will they succeed? Find out in The Final Chapters.

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              - Charlie’s health problems are back. Will she live? Will she die? Find out in Chapter 1.

              - Carl Reed also returned and it was his final episode as I won’t be using him or Tina Reed again. They can have their happy ending. Someone deserves one anyway in my series...

              - Used another Olafur Arnalds song in this episode. That’s 3 used so far and the others will all be used in The Final Chapters. I think 3326 is his creepiest composure, which works so well in the reveal of The United’s identity.

              - “Chapter 1 – The Requiem of Duality” will wrap up all plans for Season 4 of Shadow Stalker and will deal with a whole lot more by giving you a small glimpse into the future beyond the series. I can now reveal that Chapter 1 will be narrated by Vincent Rae, Petrina’s father, in the year 2021.

              - But first... take a glance at Sirens, “1.08 – Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)” as last we left the Syndicate, Kalipso had turned up on their doorstep... What will happen? Will anyone die? All will be revealed as well as the true identity of the Prime Family...

              - Thank you so much for reading Season 4. It’s been a blast.