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  • RAIN: 1.08 The Domino Effect

    This is a BtVS Spin-off that takes off a year and half after BtVS Season Seven when Willow uses the scythe to activate the potential slayers all over the world.

    Episode: 1.08 The Domino Effect

    Written by: Beth (Obsessed)



    EXT. STOCK FOOTAGE OF - Haven, Massachusetts – EVENING

    There is various stock footage of Haven, Massachusetts showing the entire town covered in snow. We hear Brenda Lee’s Rockin' around the Christmas Tree playing.

    Rockin' around the Christmas tree
    At the Christmas party hop
    Mistletoe hung where you can see
    Every couple tries to stop.

    We see mansions overly decorated from the stoop to the front lawn. A few families unload big bags of gifts from the trunk of their luxury cars.

    Rockin' around the Christmas tree
    Have a happy holiday
    Everyone dancin' merrily
    In the new old fashioned way.

    Next we see the poor side of town, small houses sparingly covered with colorful lights. In some of the windows, Christmas trees shine brightly. The neighborhood kids are in the middle of a snowball fight.

    You will get a sentimental feelin'
    When you hear
    Voices singin' let's be jolly
    Deck the halls
    with boughs of holly.

    Last we see the Maple Leaf Motel also bordered with Christmas lights, some broken. The camera pans to one door in particular that has a wreath on it, room 114.

    Rockin' around the Christmas tree
    Have a happy holiday
    Everyone dancin' merrily
    In the new old fashioned way...

    CUT TO-

    The camera pans around the bedroom. It’s a little messy; clothes are all over the floor. We see the TV is on, showing 'The 1964 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Special'. There is a tin can filled with sugar cookies and an opened box of candy canes on an unmade bed. A YOUNG WOMAN emerges from the bathroom drying her hair with a towel, wearing a white tank top and underwear.

    It’s ELENI DORCAS the dream smoker from episode 1.04 Melting Pot. She tosses the towel on the bed and goes to the mini-fridge, pulling out a carton of eggnog. Pouring herself a glass, she then adds a rather large amount of Captain Morgan Rum. Then she plops on the bed with the glass still in her hand and grabs her cell phone from the nightstand. Once she mutes the TV, ELENI dials the phone. We hear the other line ringing. A WOMAN answers.

    ELENI: Yaya?

    YAYA: Eleni! I was just about to call you. How are you?

    ELENI: (sips her eggnog) I’m good, you? Are you at Aunt Rasia’s house?

    YAYA: Yes dear. Everyone is here. Are you having a good time at the ski lodge with your friends?

    ELENI: (looks around the room, sombrely) Yeah, I am. I’m having so much fun.

    YAYA: That’s wonderful, honey. (Beat) When will you be coming home? We miss you.

    ELENI: I’m not sure. You know how it is.

    YAYA: Yes I know. I am so proud of you, all of that travelling; learning different languages.

    ELENI: Kiss my little brother for me, will you?

    YAYA: I sure will. (Says Merry Christmas in Greek)

    ELENI responds back in the same language.

    YAYA: Hug and kisses.

    ELENI: (softly) Hugs and kisses.

    ELENI hangs up, stares at her phone. Then she turns the volume back on the TV. The movie is now ending as we see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is pulling Santa’s sleigh in the air on screen while the theme song starts playing. There is a knock on the door which startles ELENI. Taking her eggnog with her, she cautiously opens the door. It’s a STOCKY MAN, wearing a black suit. He quickly pushes ELENI inside, and closes the door.

    ELENI: (fumbles; drops her glass) Hey!

    MAN: (turns the volume louder; low voice) You’re a hard woman to find, Eleni.

    ELENI: (frantic; stands near the TV) Can you tell Mr. Edwards, I am sorry? (Scared) I hadn’t heard from him in weeks. I got worried, for my safety you know? So I took off, went into hiding. (Panicky) I-I didn’t know what to do!

    The MAN doesn’t say anything as he inches closer to the bed. He pulls out a silencer and shoots her dead. We see the TV screen has blood splatters all over it. The movie ending credits appear on the screen as the blood drips down. We hear:

    Then how the reindeer loved him
    As they shouted out with glee
    Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
    You'll go down in history

    Instrumental music plays in the background and then we hear a chorus sing:

    Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
    You'll go down in history

    SANTA: (waves) Merry Christmas!

    The music fades.


    ~ ~ ~

    THEME PLAYS – Beautiful Freak by Eels

    :: STARRING ::

    Rain Mason (Mila Kunis)
    Isabella ‘Bella’ Talmadge (Emily VanCamp)
    Michael Corbis (Michael Vartan)
    Madeline Blake (Bonnie Somerville)
    Nick Caro (Jason Behr)

    Edited by: no one

    Disclaimer: The characters of AtS/BtVS belong to Joss Whedon,
    Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Television, Kuzui Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB and UPN. Original characters that weren’t on these shows belong to Odelia & me. Please do not take them without permission.
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    ACT I

    FLASHBACK – OCTOBER 27, 2004

    The deep red walls are covered with baseball memorabilia as well as pictures of WARNER as a child holding onto a baseball bat. There is also a bar with various bottles of alcohol. A large screen TV flickers to life, showing the 2004 World Series between the Red Sox and St. Cardinals about to start. On the couch, we see BELLA sitting down with a bowl of popcorn in her lap. She is wearing the traditional Red Sox hat, jersey, blue jeans and red socks. We hear a doorbell and suddenly, RAIN enters the room with a black and gray Red Sox hat and matching t-shirt, dark blue jeans and boots.

    RAIN: (panting; tosses her jacket on a chair) Did I miss the first pitch?

    BELLA: Sit your butt down, girl!

    RAIN: (plops down near BELLA) Where’s your dad?

    BELLA: (munching) Library. (Beat) He’ll watch the game in there.

    RAIN nods. The tall MAID with stylish salt and pepper hair walks in and gives her a glass of soda.

    RAIN: (takes drink) Thanks Rosie.

    ROSIE: (Smiles) Holler if you need anything.

    ROSIE leaves just as RAIN reaches for BELLA’S popcorn.

    BELLA: (turns up the volume) Oh, they’re starting!

    The GIRLS move closer together, as they watch the first pitch.

    CUT TO-

    The house is packed with college students in every room. From behind, the camera follows a MAN carrying bags of food, snacks and beer to the living room. Furniture wise, there isn’t much in this space. There are only two couches from yard sales, a trunk as a coffee table and a decent size TV. The MAN puts the bags and beer down on the trunk, sits himself down on the one of the couches between two GIRLS.

    FIRST GIRL: Excuse me!

    SECOND GIRL: Jerk!

    MAN: (puts his arm around them) Come on girls, don’t be like that.

    Soon, we see NICK has entered the room from the kitchen wearing a Red Sox baseball hat and face paint.

    NICK: (picks up the remote from the trunk) Fuller, leave the girls alone.

    FULLER: (scoffs; act innocent) What? What did I do?

    The GIRLS immediately get up and leave to another room.

    NICK: (loud; to EVERYONE) Guys! The game is starting!

    With a rush, the majority of the college students run to the living room, ready to watch the game. Some are sitting on the floor, while others are standing with a drink in their hand.

    NICK sits down and FULLER gives him a bottle of Samuel Adams beer. They toast to the game.

    CUT TO-

    We can see through the restaurant window it’s packed inside.

    CUT TO-

    Every stool, chair and table is taken and there are still more customers entering the restaurant. We see MICHAEL fiddling with a TV trying to get a clear reception. Meanwhile, the bartender is serving drinks while the waitresses are taking orders.

    VINCE: Where’s Nick? (Beat) Maybe that boy can fix that dingy old tv!

    There’s a roar of laughter.

    MICHAEL: (still playing with the TV) With his friends. I gave him the night off.

    VINCE: (looks at his watch; worried) Game’s startin’ any minute, son.

    MICHAEL: Wait... I think I got it.

    Sure enough, there is a clear reception. The crowd cheers as they watch the game start. MICHAEL walks over to the bar looks around with a smile and then mixes a drink.

    CUT TO-

    A couple of suitcases are one of the beds. Opened boxes scatter throughout the room. On the nightstand there is a Haven High School Handbook. Chinese take-out sits on a hurried scribbled list of local phone numbers. Wearing a tank top and yoga pants, MADELINE is leaning against the headboard, talking on her cell.

    MADELINE: (puts her hair in a bun) I agree she has been without a Watcher far too long, Mr. Giles. (Beat; listens to the other line) There is a deserted park she frequents late at night. I figure that might be a good way to reach her. (Beat; listens) Yes sir. I will. Good-bye.

    MADELINE hangs up. The TV is on showing the World Series between the Red Sox and St. Cardinals but the game doesn’t spark an interest in her. She is focused on something that’s in her lap. Soon we hear loud sexual moaning coming from the other room. She sighs and turns up the TV. The camera pans to what’s on her lap, a file on RAIN’S background history. One of the baseball players makes a home run which intrigues MADELINE’S interest. In that moment, she puts down the file and watches the game while eating her Chinese food.



    The restaurant is decorated for the Christmas holiday as it’s packed with employees, their families and friends.

    CUT TO-

    MICHAEL stands before his desk wrapping a gift. Just then his cell phone rings.

    MICHAEL: Hello?

    DEVON: Hey Michael.

    MICHAEL: Devon, hey... how’s Aspen? Is Court’s family treating you all right?

    DEVON: Yes, I am having such a great time. (Beat) How are you?

    MICHAEL: I’m good, just getting ready for the staff party tonight. (Beat) Listen, I don’t mean to cut this short but was there something you need? Not that I don’t appreciate your call.

    DEVON: Actually... well I wanted to know if you were going home for Christmas?

    MICHAEL: (arches his brow) Why would you ask that? You know I always- (Puts the pieces together) you spoke with Grant. (Nods to himself) He told you about our brief encounter at the hospital.

    DEVON: Yes. He asked you to come home.

    MICHAEL: (sits down) I believe he said mom wanted me to come home.

    DEVON: Regardless, it’s been years now.

    MICHAEL: Devon, look I can’t do this right now. (Beat) I mean I got the party and I’m providing meals with the Safely Homeless Shelter all day tomorrow. (Beat) You know me, I do this every year. I’m not going to stop.

    DEVON: You’re right... I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. (Beat) I’ll let mom know... but Michael... you’re going to have to face it someday.

    MICHAEL: (sighs; looks at his watch) I gotta go.

    DEVON: (sombrely) Merry Christmas.

    MICHAEL: (whispers) You too.

    MICHAEL hangs up and stares are the wall for a minute. Then he glances over at the wrapped gift resting on his desk. He picks it up. The gift tag in his hand says- To: Nick, From: Michael- Happy Holidays. Soon we hear Frank Sinatra’s I’ll be Home for Christmas playing.

    I’ll be home for Christmas
    You can plan on me
    Please have snow and mistletoe
    And presents on the tree

    CUT TO-

    Leaving the fraternity house, NICK just then puts on his suede jacket. A WOMAN with pink hair runs after him wearing a sexy Eskimo costume. She pulls him close and kisses him.

    NICK: (kisses her back; smiles) Gina, I gotta go.

    GINA frowns.

    NICK: (shrugs) I’m sorry but it’s my boss.

    GINA: (puts her arms around his neck) I thought you were going to stay a little longer.

    NICK: (places his hands on her hip) It’s a staff party. He does it every year. I never miss it.

    GINA: Maybe I’ll see you later tonight? (Evil grin) Keep your bed warm?

    NICK: (smirks) I’d like that. I’ll call you, okay?

    GINA: (releases him; tugs his jacket) You better.

    They kiss again, a little longer this time. Just as NICK releases her he runs to his black 1968 Chevy truck. Quickly, he climbs in and starts the engine. Before driving off, he pulls out his cell phone. NICK sees the call log and there is a number that has called at least five times. He looks up, watching the snow fall on this truck. Then he dials the phone.

    MAN: Hello?

    NICK: Hey, Langston... its Nick.

    LANGSTON: (amazed) Nick, is that really you?

    NICK: (low voice) It’s me.

    LANGSTON: You’re making progress. Months ago, it would have taken you ten voice mails to get you to call me back.

    NICK: Everything okay? Is Tyrell all right?

    LANGSTON: (softly) Tyrell is fine.

    NICK: And Mom?

    LANGSTON: (whispers) She’s... hanging in there.

    NICK sighs.

    LANGSTON: I just wanted to make sure you got the care package.

    NICK: (quietly) I did thanks.

    LANGSTON: Don’t open the gifts until tomorrow, your mother’s orders.

    NICK chuckles softly.

    LANGSTON: Oh, thanks for the jazz tickets. You know you didn’t have to get me anything. I know money is tight with you going to college and all.

    NICK: I know but it’s all right. I wanted to.

    LANGSTON: You taking care of my baby?

    NICK: (taps the dashboard) She’s purring right now.

    LANGSTON: Good, good.

    NICK: I better go. My boss is hosting the Secret Santa party again this year.

    LANGSTON: All right, I should go too. Tyrell needs me right now. Have a good time and... take care, son.

    NICK: You too.

    NICK clicks on the hang up button. He looks over to the gift on the passenger seat. The label reads- To: Bella, From: Nick.

    Christmas Eve will find me
    Where the lovelight gleams
    I’ll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams

    CUT TO-

    Sitting on her bed, BELLA wraps her last gift with red shiny paper. She quickly puts it with the others in a bag just as her mother walks in wearing a dark green evening gown. SHERIDAN spies a knitted purple rabbit resting on the edge of the bed surrounded by wrapping paper and ribbons.

    SHERIDAN: (picks up the toy) I can’t believe you still have this thing. (Beat) Don’t you think you’re too old for toys like this? You should donate it to charity.

    BELLA: (looks up) Daddy got for me, mother. (Beat; takes it from her) I’m not about to part with Mr. Knitters. (gets up) I’ve had him since I was a baby.

    SHERIDAN ignores her and observes BELLA’S attire- a cashmere sweater, faded jeans and boots.

    SHERIDAN: (makes a face) Why aren’t you dressed?

    BELLA: (looks at herself; grabs her jacket) I am dressed.

    SHERIDAN: I mean for the Christmas Eve dinner with the Fourniers. (Beat) They’re hosting it this year, remember?

    BELLA: (nods) Oh, right...yeah. (Moves toward her mother with the bag) Not going.

    SHERIDAN: (aghast) Excuse me? (Steps in front of BELLA) You’re not going to dismiss me again, like you did on Thanksgiving. (Beat) Where is the gown I got you from Paris? I had the maid bri-

    BELLA: (ignores SHERIDAN; walks around her) –I told you before I have other plans.

    BELLA strolls out of the bedroom while SHERIDAN follows after her. Just before she reaches the stairs, her mother grabs her arm.

    SHERIDAN: (firmly) You are going to this dinner. (Frustrated) For once will you just listen to me? (Beat; smiles) Prescott Montgomery is going to be there tonight. I think you’d like him. He’s senior at Yale and he’s home for the holidays. His father is-

    BELLA: (removes her mother’s hand) –I am not one of your porcelain dolls mother. You can’t just dress me up, with perfect curls and expect me to act all prim and proper so I’ll get a filthy rich Prince Charming that you want. (Beat) I hate it when you do this. It makes me feel like you’re pimping me off or something.

    SHERIDAN: Isabella! The way you talk sometimes. (Beat; sighs) Look it’s not like there is anyone lining up at your door. (Voice lowers) And you hanging out with that Mason girl aren’t helping matters, either.

    BELLA: (darkly) You still can’t say her name, can you?

    SHERIDAN: (brushes her off) You’re graduating high school soon and now is the time to start thinking about your future. You need to find your place in the world, start socializing, do some charity work. It’s all about networking. And the way to do that is to meet fine young suitors such as Preston. (Puts her hand around BELLA’S shoulder) He is just perfect for you. He is so handsome and I-

    BELLA: -Mother I’m going to college. I told you this.

    SHERIDAN: I know you want to follow in your father’s footsteps, get a college education but-

    Suddenly WARNER emerges from his bedroom, wearing a dark gray suit with a red and green striped tie and black shoes. BELLA smile admiring how handsome her father looks.

    BELLA: (whispers in surprise) You’re wearing the tie I gave you.

    WARNER: (looks at his watch) Why haven’t you left Bella? You’re going to be late for your party at the restaurant.

    SHERIDAN: (stunned; her arms drop) You knew about this?

    WARNER: (plays with his cufflinks) After all of these years, you honestly think Bella likes going to these stuffy boring parties?

    SHERIDAN: Warner! Mitchell Fournier is your client! You know we have to keep appearances.

    WARNER: (ignores SHERIDAN; kisses BELLA on the cheek) Go on now, have fun, okay?

    BELLA: (kisses him back; still holding on to her jacket and the bag) Thanks daddy. (Beat; arches a brow) Later, mother.

    With a smile WARNER watches BELLA trail down the stairs. Annoyed, SHERIDAN briskly walks to her bedroom, slamming the door. He warmly waves BELLA good-bye as she leaves the house. Immediately chilly, she throws on her coat but knocks over her bag. A gift falls out. We can read the gift tag- To: Madeline, From: Bella. She picks up the gift, brushing the snow off and puts it back in the bag.

    I’ll be home for Christmas
    You can plan on me
    Please have snow and mistletoe
    And presents on the tree

    CUT TO-

    Standing in front of a glass case, MADELINE waits for the sales person to finish wrapping her gift.

    SALES PERSON: It’s an interesting combination.

    MADELINE: (anxious) Yes.

    SALES PERSON: (hands her the gift; uncertain) I’m sure she’ll love it.

    MADELINE: (gives a half smile) She will.

    Soon, MADELINE exits the store; she gets her phone out of her purse. She dials it but gets an answering machine on the other end of the line.

    MADELINE: (buttons up her coat) Hello, dad. (Beat) I... ju-just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas... I miss you. (Pauses) I know it’s confusing about why I left but- (sighs; quickly) Just call me, you have my cell number. Give my love to Morrigan. Bye.

    MADELINE lets out a sigh as she puts the phone back in her purse. She glances over to the gift. The label reads- To: Rain, From: Madeline- Merry Christmas.

    Christmas Eve will find me
    Where the lovelight gleams
    I’ll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams

    CUT TO-

    This is the same shopping plaza where MADELINE saved the little boy from incoming traffic in the previous episode. A few people are walking up and down the side walk doing last minute Christmas shopping. The camera pans to an alley covered with newspapers, cardboard boxes and yesterday’s junk. Suddenly we hear muffled noises. Two figures are hitting each other. It's RAIN and a VAMPIRE in a Santa suit.

    RAIN: So did you just wake up one day and decided you wanted to be Santa? (VAMPIRE swings; she ducks) Tis the Season, is that it?

    RAIN feels her phone vibrating and pulls out her phone while still fighting the VAMPIRE.

    RAIN: Oh look at that, I got voice mail. (Shows the VAMPIRE) It’s my brother.

    Annoyed that’s she’s not paying attention, he growls.

    RAIN: (winces) Sorry. Family comes first, after all it is Christmas. (Puts phone back in her pocket) I better return his call after I kill you.

    The VAMPIRE throws an old TV at her but it hits the ground near some broken wooden crates. Seeing this, RAIN grabs a piece off, using it as weapon.

    RAIN: You know, I thought to myself, “Rain, it’s the holidays. You’re on vacation. There’s no need to bring a stake.” (Shrugs) My mistake. You’d think after last week, I’d learn my lesson.

    Inching back, the VAMPIRE spies a beaten down cot and aims it at her.

    RAIN: (dodges it; walks closer) You know, it just occurred to me you haven’t said a word since we started this dance. (Beat) Don’t I even get a “ho-ho”? (The VAMPIRE growls; points at him) Hey, you had it coming in that outfit.

    Getting more frustrated with the witty banter and no action, he doesn’t think rationally, and lounges after her. RAIN falls on her back with him on top of her. Fortunately for her, she has a good grip on the stake and is able to pierce his heart. Quickly she gets up, brushes off the dust and snow.

    RAIN: (nods) Merry Christmas.

    She turns around the corner picking up her gift bag with a smile. Unlocking the passenger’s side of her car, she puts it on the seat. Then she climbs in the car and dials her phone.

    RAIN: (happily) Tanner? I got your voice mail. When are you coming? (listens to other line; smile fades) Oh... no of course. Angie should spend time with her grandparents. I understand... really. I’ll be fine. I got Bella. Sure... yeah. (Softly) Well... Merry Christmas.

    RAIN hangs up the phone, tosses it in the seat. She sighs. The camera pans to the gift bag. The card reads: To- Michael, From- Rain.

    Christmas Eve will find me
    Where the lovelight gleams
    I’ll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams

    CUT TO-

    The moment RAIN enters the restaurant; BELLA and MADELINE warmly embrace her. MICHAEL wearing a Santa hat smiles taking her jacket while NICK nods at her with a grin.

    We now hear Jingle Bell Rock playing from MICHAEL’S nearby radio. Holding onto a mistletoe NICK kisses almost every female in the restaurant, from young to old including BELLA. He twirls her around and then dips her causing her to giggle. RAIN rolls her eyes as she puts her gifts with the others by the bar. Soon BELLA releases herself from NICK’S arms and drags RAIN to the floor trying to get her to dance. Reluctantly RAIN shakes her head pulling herself away from BELLA but NICK grabs her. Laughing so hard she gives in and starts dancing with them. Some of employees and their relatives join in as well.

    LUIS appears with a tray of appetizers and places them near the gifts. He sees MADELINE drinking her spice cider smiling at RAIN, BELLA and NICK who are still dancing. At the bar MICHAEL pours a hot drink for an employee and then puts a candy cane in it. He hands it off to her with a smile.

    LUIS: (to MADELINE) Who would have thought Nick could get Rain to dance?

    MADELINE: (laughs at her own joke) It’s certainly a Christmas miracle.

    MICHAEL: (grabs a bite from the appetizer tray) These are really good, Luis. (Beat) You should think about opening your own restaurant.

    LUIS: Thank you but I still have a lot to learn from you Mr. Corbis.

    MICHAEL: How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Michael.

    LUIS: (small grin) Sorry, Michael. Well, I better get some more appetizers. (Leaves with a nod)

    MICHAEL: (to MADELINE) I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rain this relaxed.

    MADELINE: (takes a sip of her cider) Maybe because she’s finally home. (Beat) We’re her family.

    MICHAEL: (awkward grin) Perhaps you’re right.

    CUT TO-

    There is someone coughing, gasping for air in the background followed by screams. In the middle of the room, there is a MAN drenched tied to a chair but we can’t see his face. Another person is holding on to a bucket of water and tosses it at the MAN. We get a closer look of the MAN’S face, its ROWE EDWARDS. He clearly has been tortured for weeks indicated by the cuts and bruises all over him. The same FIGURE that gave RAIN her powers back in the previous episode appears. His hand crackles with red electricity and zaps ROWE who writhes in pain. Soon, the FIGURE pulls his phone out, reading a text. He puts it back in his pocket.

    FIGURE: (fixes his tie) The dream smoker is dead.

    ROWE: (gasping) What-what are you talking about?

    FIGURE: I am sure you remember, Eleni Dorcas? You hired her to acquire information about Rain through her dreams. (Beat; coldly) I had someone clean up your mess.

    ROWE: (breathing hard) Y-you killed her?!

    FIGURE: She was a liability. (Beat; annoyed) You know how dream smokers are, always willing to exchange their visions for a higher price. I couldn’t very well let Ms. Dorcas walk around with sensitive information about our favorite slayer, now could I? (Beat) Therefore the dream smoker needed to be terminated.

    ROWE: (takes a deep breath) I only did it to learn more about Rain’s powers.

    FIGURE: (firmly) Rain is off limits.

    ROWE: (hoarse voice) There’s something different about her, isn’t there? (Nods to himself) I felt it. It’s nothing I’ve ever experienced and that’s saying a lot. (Fidgets) Is that why I am here, because I went after a teenage chick? I don’t know what you’re thinking but she’s too young for me. (Beat; eyes the FIGURE) Who is she to you?

    FIGURE: The only reason I’m letting you live is because someone with your talents shouldn’t be wasted... but your addiction hinders your ability to function in this world.

    ROWE: (clears throat) What are you saying?

    FIGURE: I’d like to make a deal.

    ROWE: (annoyed) Look Monty Hall, you’ve been torturing me for god who knows how many days and now you want to make a deal? (Beat; breathlessly) I don’t even know who you are!

    FIGURE: Mr. Alice.

    ROWE: (chuckles) You’re kidding me, right?

    With a sway of the hand, MR. ALICE draws up a contract out of thin air. The person, who threw the water at ROWE, unties him.

    MR. ALICE: (hands it ROWE) These are the terms of the contract. Sign it and we’ll send you to rehab right away.

    ROWE: (disbelief) Just like that? (Tries to give it back to MR. ALICE) I think I prefer door number two.

    MR. ALICE: There is a facility that specializes in addictions such as yours in Seattle, Washington. It’s secluded, very private. We can get you cleaned up.

    ROWE: (shivers a little) No thanks.

    MR. ALICE: (ignores him; continues) The contract ensures that you leave Rain alone. If you touch her, you’re done for. There is no bargaining for what’s left of your soul.

    ROWE: Are you deaf? (Beat) I’m not making any deals with you.

    MR. ALICE: If you’d bother reading the contract you’d see you would get something in return.

    ROWE: (looks up) What? Some kind of payment?

    MR. ALICE: Think of it as a Christmas bonus. (Points at the contract) It’s all there. No tricks or gimmicks.

    ROWE skims through it.

    MR. ALICE: Once you’ve met the terms of the agreement on the contract, I will do everything in my power to make sure you get... (Hands ROWE a pen) your wife.

    ROWE: (softly) You’ll help me get Madeline?

    MR. ALICE: Well, I won’t help you personally but my employees will. (Beat) If there is anything you need to make it happen, it will be available to you at no additional cost.

    ROWE: (slightly shivers again) And I’ll be clean?

    MR. ALICE: Clean as whistle.

    ROWE takes the pen, his hand shakes, showing signs of his addiction. We hear the pen click. ROWE signs the contract right then and there.

    MR. ALICE: (takes the contract and pen) Remember, Rain is-

    ROWE: (annoyed) -off limits. I got it.

    MR. ALICE: Well, I have appearances to make. (Beat) You on the other hand start rehab today. (Walks to the door; turns around) Oh and Edwards? Merry Christmas.

    Then we hear ROWE scream just as MR. ALICE closes the door.

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      ACT II


      MICHAEL is carrying gifts for one of the EMPLOYEES to her car. He waves her good-bye and returns to the restaurant.

      CUT TO-

      MADELINE, RAIN and BELLA are at the bar while NICK is mixing a drink.

      NICK: (pours it in a chilled glass; to BELLA) You got to try this. It’s one of my new recipes. (Beat) It’s still in the experiential stage.

      RAIN: So it could be poisoned.

      NICK: Har, har. (Nods to the drink in front of BELLA) Drink up.

      MADELINE: (raises her brow) Isn’t this alcoholic?

      Just as BELLA attempts to take a sip, MICHAEL takes the drink and dumps it in the sink.

      MICHAEL: She’s underage, Nick.

      NICK: Aw, come on boss. It’s Christmas!

      BELLA: (frowns and then quickly smirks) Now that the Secret Santa exchange with the staff is over, shall we open our gifts?

      MICHAEL: (grins back) Go for it.

      EVERYONE exchanges their gifts. RAIN opens her first and observes a basket of a variety of herbs and bottles of oil.

      RAIN: Wow, this is awesome Bella.

      MADELINE: (sips another cup of hot cider) Did you get this from the magic shop? Oliver’s something?

      MICHAEL becomes tense at OLIVER’S name but he quickly relaxes.

      BELLA: Oliver’s Occult Oasis and no. I got herbs from The New England Acres Nursery.

      RAIN: (pulls out a bottle of oil) They make these?

      BELLA: (beams with pride) Nope, I did. I included a how to guide in the basket, so you can make your own. (Beat) When Madeline and you do your witchy thingy, you can use these for your spells to practice.

      RAIN: (hugs BELLA) Thank you.

      BELLA: Welcome Spaz.

      MADELEINE: (holds a mug) Bella, very clever.

      It reads “World’s Favorite Watcher”. The mug also came with an assortment of loose herbal tea.

      BELLA: (giggles) I thought you’d like it. (Nods; serious tone) You can use it whenever there is a supernatural crisis.

      MADELINE shakes her head at BELLA.

      MICHAEL: (to BELLA) Where did you find this? (Shows an ancient text titled in Latin “Libri Portae”) This book is rare; in fact there is only one of these per dimension.

      NICK: (eating a sugar cookie) I am still uncomfortable at the idea there are more than one dimension.

      BELLA: I got it on an auction online website “”.

      NICK: (a little intrigued) Like Ebay?

      BELLA: No but surprisingly Ebay does sell all sorts of supernatural stuff like amulets, orbs, swords, enchanted boxes. (Beat) Some of them are really props from sci-fi shows like “Witch Hunters” or that vampire show “The Undead” but most of them appear to be authentic, real ancient objects used for mystical purposes... (Realizes she’s rambling; lowers voice) according to my research.

      MICHAEL: (smirks) Sounds like you’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet since Rain lost her powers.

      RAIN: (makes a face) Ugh, don’t remind me. (Beat) I keep getting a recurring nightmare where I lose my slayer strength to Neeve and she chases me throughout the hallway at Haven High with a stake in her cheerleader uniform.

      NICK arches a brow.

      BELLA: Regardless, I think every wiccan slayer needs a sidekick. (Waves a hand) Hence the research.

      NICK: (points at BELLA with his cookie) Correction, she’s the only wiccan slayer.

      BELLA: (nods; big grin) Right and we’re the Wicca-ettes. (Sees the GIRLS and MICHAEL give her a look) See Nick? I told you it was lame.

      After finishing his cookie, NICK pulls out a piece of paper writes something in it.

      NICK: I rate it 4/10 but I think it has potential.

      RAIN: (disbelief) You have a rating system?

      He puts the paper back in his pocket and doesn’t make eye contact.

      NICK: Yes I do. (Beat) Let’s move on. I’m losing my cool.

      BELLA: You lost it a long time ago, Nick.

      EVERYONE laughs but him.

      RAIN: (smirks) I see Bella got you issues of Bird of Prey. (Dryly) I’m sure she will educate you on the origin of the comic, not the series.

      NICK: (almost spills eggnog on it) Yes, I thank you. (Nods to BELLA) It’s a thoughtful gift.

      BELLA: (protests) They’re in mint condition!

      MADELINE and MICHAEL smile watching the tennis banter between the GIRLS and NICK.

      RAIN: (half smile) All right, let’s open my gifts.

      MADELINE opens hers and is surprised to see a handmade leather satchel.

      MADELINE: (touched) Did you make this, Rain?

      RAIN: (nods) It has pockets for stakes, holy water and the fabric is (smirks) blood resistant.

      MADELINE: (in awe; hugs RAIN which catches her off guard) This is beautiful.

      MADELINE comments on BELLA’S laptop bag made of colourful Moroccan fabrics.

      MADELINE: The fabric is just gorgeous.

      RAIN: (to BELLA) I thought you’d like it for your laptop, something sturdy since you’ve been using it more often.

      BELLA: (hugs it) It’s beautiful. I love it, Rain.

      NICK: (holding onto a beaded necklace with a wooden cross) Did you make this?

      RAIN: No, I didn’t. I got it from Oliver’s Occult Oasis.

      MICHAEL is taken aback that RAIN has been to the magic shop again since she lost her powers.

      NICK: It looks ancient.

      RAIN: The owner said the necklace was boiled in virgin blood and blessed with holy water under an eclipse centuries ago by Orthodox Christian monks.

      EVERYONE deadpans.

      RAIN: (laughs) I’m kidding. (Beat) They’re actually made by a local artist.

      NICK: Funny joke. (Beat; puts it on) Well, I like it.

      BELLA: (smirks) Rain probably figured you needed something to repel vamps based on the (does some boxing moves) action we’ve seen from you. (Beat) Heck, you couldn’t even fight them when you had slayer strength.

      NICK: Ignoring you, Talmadge. (Lightly hits MICHAEL) What did you get boss?

      MICHAEL: (an awkward half-smile) A camera.

      NICK: (takes it from him) It looks kinda old. (Plays with it) Does it even work?

      BELLA: Nick! It’s an antique!

      RAIN: (to MICHAEL) It’s just... to start a collection since you love... taking pictures.

      MICHAEL retrieves the camera back from NICK.

      MICHAEL: (appreciative) Thank you, Rain.

      MICHAEL pretends to take a picture of NICK, clicks on a button and the camera flashes.

      NICK: (overly dramatic) I can’t see!

      MICHAEL: Huh, look at that it does work.

      RAIN laughs.

      BELLA: Serves you right.

      MICHAEL: Who’s next?

      MADELINE: (waves a hand) I’d like another cider before we open mine.

      MICHAEL: Coming right up.

      CUT TO-

      The room is packed with wealthy people in elegant gowns and sharp tuxedos. Some are dancing while others are conversing. There is a large elaborate tree in the corner and grand piano nearby. We hear light Christmas tunes playing in the background.

      SHERIDAN is talking to a REDHEADED WOMAN, who is wearing a purple gown.

      SHERIDAN: (sips her red wine) I really think we ought to get our daughters together, Ava. (Beat) I mean they have known each other since they were kids.

      AVA: (nods) I agree but Neeve said they’re not in the same circle. (Beat; slightly shrugs) I can’t imagine why.

      SHERIDAN: (coldly) It’s that girl she hangs out. Rain Mason. (Beat) They’re inseparable.

      AVA: Neeve mentioned her name a few times. (Laughs) The students at Haven High think she’s a witch. (Shakes her head) Kids these days, such vivid imagination.

      SHERIDAN: I wouldn’t put it past her. (Beat) She dresses in black all the time, from head to toe! She has an odd sense of fashion. (Lowers voice) And her mother... I heard she was a prostitute. (Aghast) The things single mothers are willing to do to bring food on the table!

      AVA: Wasn’t she murdered by her boyfriend?

      SHERIDAN: (whispers) Yes... but I heard it was one of her johns. (Touches her chest) I’ve been trying so hard to pry Bella away from that girl but Warner is so insistent that they stay friends. (Beat) I tell you, I do not understand the man.

      AVA: (sees WARNER heading towards them) He’s coming this way.

      SHERIDAN: (drinks the rest of her wine) Thanks for the heads up.

      WARNER: Excuse me ladies.

      AVA: Hello, Warner. (Beat) How are you?

      WARNER: Good, you look lovely Ava. (Beat) Your husband has been talking about you nonstop this evening.

      SHERIDAN rolls her eyes without them seeing.

      AVA: (blushes) You’re making that up.

      WARNER: (polite grin) Scouts honor. (Beat) He’s requested a dance.

      AVA: Then I better find him. (To SHERIDAN) Shall we continue our conversation later?

      SHERIDAN: (smiles) I’d love that.

      AVA leaves searching for her husband just as SHERIDAN gestures a waiter for another glass of wine.

      WARNER: Don’t you think you’ve had enough?

      SHERIDAN: (ignores him; takes her last sip) Is there something you need to tell me? (Beat; glares) I can see it all over your face, Warner.

      WARNER: (sighs) I’m sorry but I have to go to away on business. I just got the call. I fly out in a few hours.

      SHERIDAN: (exasperated) It’s Christmas Eve! (Beat; sees he’s serious) This is unbelievable.

      WARNER: I’m sorry but-

      SHERIDAN: (waves at him) –go, just be discreet, all right? (Beat) I don’t want to deal with the humiliation that you left me stranded here the day before Christmas.

      WARNER: (not in the mood to argue with her) I’ll text Bella and let her know.

      SHERIDAN doesn’t respond. Slowly, WARNER turns around and quietly slips out of the party without anyone noticing.

      CUT TO-

      BELLA’S cell phone vibrates. She looks at it and sighs.

      RAIN: What is it?

      BELLA: (whispers; puts the phone away) It’s not important.

      RAIN sees something’s up with BELLA but lets it go.

      MADELINE: I’m sorry Michael... I didn’t get you a gift. (Awkward) To be honest I didn’t know what to get you.

      MICHAEL: It’s fine. (Beat) The kids are more important.

      NICK: (affronted) Kids? Who are you calling kids? (Beat; opens his gift) No way, you got me an iPod?!

      MADELINE: You said lost yours recently at the campus gym so I (NICK walks around the bar and hugs her)... oh!

      NICK: (kisses her on the cheek) You rock, Blake.

      MADELINE: (a little uncomfortable) Sure, Nick.

      With his new iPod in his hand, he goes back to the bar.

      BELLA: (Unwraps MADELINE’S gift) Ohh, thank you! (Shows everyone) It’s a gift certificate at Sola & Luna Spa.

      RAIN: (to MADELINE) You do realized an massacre took place there?

      MADELINE: (explains) Its under new management. (Beat) And it’s been renovated... well; really... it just has a new carpet and fresh paint. (Beat; grins) It’s good as new.

      RAIN shakes her head.

      BELLA: Let’s see yours, Rain.

      RAIN embarrassed as everyone watches her open a small box. She is speechless at what’s inside. It’s a silver necklace with two charms, a cross and a pentagram.

      MADELINE: (nervous) Do you like it?

      RAIN: (tears well in her eyes; clears her throat) I do.

      NICK: (leans over the bar) Care to show the audience?

      RAIN takes the necklace out of the box.

      MADELINE: Let me put it on.

      MADELINE retrieves it from RAIN’S hand and carefully puts it on.

      MICHAEL: It’s very pretty.

      RAIN: (shyly; touches it) Thanks.

      NICK: (points at RAIN) Now that’s some bling.

      RAIN laughs softly.

      MICHAEL: Bella? Want to tackle your gift me? (BELLA nods; opens a box) I figure that it’s time to upgrade your resources, considering you’ve been resorting to (smirks) “Idiot’s Guide to Witchcraft”.

      BELLA: (smiles) It’s an real ancient text on witchcraft! (Beat) Thank you so much!

      MICHAEL: Yiou're welcome.

      MICHAEL observes RAIN opening hers and she’s taken aback. It’s case with various drawing supplies, colored pencils, pastels and charcoal.

      MICHAEL: I thought you’d like some new supplies for a change.

      RAIN: (touches the pastels; starts to feel overwhelmed) These are expensive.

      MICHAEL: (pleased she likes it) It’s no big.

      RAIN: (looks at him; whispers) Thank you, Michael.

      MICHAEL genuinely nods to her and then turns to MADELINE.

      MICHAEL: Have you open yours yet?

      MADELINE: (to MICHAEL) I feel bad I didn’t get you anything.

      MICHAEL: (takes a sip of Scottish Holiday Sour) I wanted to.

      MADELINE smiles tearing off the wrapping paper and see it’s an encyclopedia.

      MADELINE: (reads the title) “Barzak’s Encyclopedia Guide to Demonic Species”. (Beat) Hmm... I never heard of this text.

      MICHAEL: Dr. Barzak is a local professor here at Haven University. (Beat) She teaches a course on demonology.

      MADELINE: (arches her brow) She teaches this course at Haven University?

      NICK: (bewildered; snatches the book from MADELINE) I didn’t see this class listed on the course catalogue. (Nods to himself; skims through) Cause I’d remember.

      MICHAEL: (laughs) Its underground.

      NICK: Oh. (Beat; fascinated) An underground University?

      MICHAEL: (sighs with a small smile) Something like that.

      MADELINE takes the book back from NICK.

      RAIN: What did you get Nick?

      NICK: (opens his) Score! Seat covers for my truck. Thanks boss, I really needed these.

      Before MICHAEL could respond, his office phone rings.

      MICHAEL: I better get that. (Beat) Go on with me, Nick.

      MICHAEL quickly departs.

      NICK: All right ladies, check out my gifts.

      All the GIRLS open theirs at once. They all got the same thing, a “Dingoes Ate My Baby” T-shirt.

      BELLA & RAIN: (in unison) Dingoes Ate My Baby?

      NICK: It’s a rock band.

      MADELINE: (nods) They were well known in Sunnydale.

      NICK: (impressed) You like their music?

      MADELINE: No, I’ve heard of them through one of my associates.

      RAIN: (intrigued; to NICK) What did you get Michael?

      NICK: I got him a Red Sox Personalized Jersey.

      RAIN: Nice.

      NICK: (nods to himself) I thought so.

      BELLA and RAIN roll their eyes.

      CUT TO-

      We’re on a private airplane. A WOMAN with red hair and stylish thick rimmed glasses is sitting going over some paper work. A few seats behind her is ROWE shivering under a blanket. His eyes are closed.

      FLIGHT ATTENDANT: (approaches the WOMAN) Ma’am? The pilot wanted me to relay to you if the third passenger on the manifest is not here in ten minutes, we will fly without him or we’ll have to reschedule the flight.

      WOMAN: (glances at her phone) He should be here... (Looks up) now.

      A MAN in his mid-twenties wearing a suit walks in carrying a briefcase. He sits down near the WOMAN. The FLIGHT ATTENDANT returns to her station.

      MAN: (anxiously looks over to ROWE then back at the WOMAN) Ms. McCree, I apologize for being late. (Fumbles a bit with briefcase) I ran into some-

      MS. McCREE: (doesn’t look up) –Let me guess, you ran into traffic?

      MAN: (nervously) Yes actually there was-

      MS. McCREE: -Calvin, how many days have you been working for Mr. Alice?

      MAN: It’s Calum, ma’am… no-not Calvin. (Sees she’s waiting for an answer) Umm... eight… (Clears throat) eight days.

      MS. McCREE: And how many of those days have you been late?

      CALUM: (swallows) All of them. (Nervous chuckle) I can’t seem to beat the traffic. (A little defensive) When Mr. Billings interviewed me, I explained that I live an hour and half away.

      MS. McCREE: (still not looking up) -How can Mr. Alice count on you if you’re always late?

      CALUM: I’ve never met him... so… (Shakes his head at himself) b-but you’re right I haven’t been professional.

      MS. McCREE: (marking some papers with her pen) What can you do to get yourself to work on time?

      CALUM: (nods) I suppose I could get up earlier.

      MS. McCREE: (looks at him straight in the eye) Actually, you’re moving to Haven.

      CALUM: (taken aback) Excuse me?

      MS.McCREE: Do you want this job?

      CALUM: Of course.

      MS.McCREE: (plays with the pen) Then you’ll do anything to keep it, won’t you?

      CALUM: (nervous) Yes… I will.

      MS.McCREE: Good. (Returns to her paper work) By the time you return to Haven, you’ll have a furnished apartment. (Beat) Mr. Alice will be pleased with your dedication to his company.

      CALUM: (uncertainly) I won’t be late anymore.

      MS.McCREE: Glad to hear it. (Beat) Be sure to get some shut eye. The next few days will seem like years.

      Turning around CALUM awkwardly shuts off the light above him and goes to sleep. ROWE slowly opens his eyes still shivering, wondering what he has gotten himself into. Soon, the FLIGHT ATTENDANT appears to make sure that everyone has their seat belts fasten.

      CUT TO-

      RAIN, BELLA, MADELINE and NICK are laughing, eating sugar cookies and drinking eggnog.

      RAIN: Uh, Nick, you got a little frosting on your nose.

      Quickly, NICK wipes it off with a goofy grin. BELLA giggles.

      MADELINE: (finishing her drink) Wonder what’s keeping Michael? (Beat) He couldn’t still be on the phone.

      NICK: (shoves a cookie in his mouth) Yeah, he hasn’t opened my gift.

      RAIN: (brushes off the cookie crumbs; gets up) I’ll go check on him.

      CUT TO-

      MICHAEL is on the phone talking with OLIVER. The door is slightly ajar.

      OLIVER: I know you’re concerned but-

      RAIN approaches the door without MICHAEL knowing.

      MICHAEL: (anxious) –It’s just that ever since you healed Rain from Edward’s attack she knows about you and your shop.

      OLIVER: You didn’t have a choice. You did the right thing calling me.

      MICHAEL: Her friends know about your shop too, Oliver. And pretty soon Madeline is going to figure it out. The more they associate with Jackie and you the more they will realize I’m connected to the both of you.

      RAIN takes a slight step back.

      OLIVER: Michael, I know you’re worried they’re going to find out about your past. (Beat) If they question our relationship just tell them, we’re business acquaintances.

      MICHAEL: (Sighs) Have you looked at the prophecy again?

      RAIN arches her brow in confusion.

      OLIVER: You know how they are- they’re always vague. One word has multiple meanings. Jackie thinks prophecies are overrated but I’m telling you it’s much bigger than we ever thought it would be. Rain was intentionally hidden from us since birth.

      MICHAEL: She knows she was kidnapped, Oliver. And she’s finally starting to open up to me. I can’t risk her finding out about this.

      Tears form in RAIN’S eyes.

      MICHAEL: (cont’d) When she discovers that I haven’t been honest with her, she’ll never trust me again.

      Hastily RAIN leaves, wiping her face.

      CUT TO-

      EVERYONE is sorting their gifts, putting them in bags provided by NICK just as RAIN bolts out of the hallway.

      BELLA: (arches her brow) Rain?

      RAIN: (distractedly) What?

      BELLA: (walks over to her) Everything okay?

      RAIN looks over to MADELINE and NICK who are oblivious to her emotions.

      RAIN: Yeah... (Shakes her head; thinks for a minute) Michael is still on the phone.

      BELLA: What’s wrong?

      RAIN: (anxiously) I just got a text message from Tanner. He wants me to come up.

      BELLA: (surprised) Really?

      RAIN: Angie’s grandparents want to meet me. (Beat) Go figure.

      BELLA: Strange, seems so last minute. (Beat) When are you leaving?

      RAIN: Now, actually.

      BELLA: (protests) But there is a snow storm coming in.

      RAIN: I’ll be fine.

      RAIN walks over to the bar, starts putting her gifts in a bag.

      BELLA: (turns around; strolls toward RAIN) I don’t think its safe, Rain. I’m sure if you tell Tanner about the weather conditions; he’ll understand. (Beat) Just wait a few more days.

      MADELINE: Wait a few more days for what?

      RAIN sighs as she continues to fill the bag with more gifts.

      BELLA: Tanner wants to see Rain for Christmas.

      MADELINE: Oh that’s nice… (Sees RAIN in a rush) wait you don’t mean tomorrow?

      RAIN: That’s right. (Picks up her bag) Now I’ve already said good-bye to Michael. So I better start packing.

      MADELINE: (confused) But what about the weather?

      RAIN: (a little annoyed) It’ll be all right. (Beat) I saw the same forecast as you guys did earlier this evening. Its not that bad.

      NICK: (finally realizes RAIN is leaving; looks up from wiping down the bar) You’re leaving us?

      MADELINE: Are you sure about this, Rain? The weather man said-

      RAIN: -I really want to see Tanner. (Pulls out her apartment key) I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving.

      BELLA: What about New Year’s Eve? I mean, Michael is hosting another party.

      RAIN: (mutters) Why am I not surprised?

      BELLA: (arches a brow) Excuse me?

      RAIN: (clears throat) Tanner is going to a party for New Year’s Eve with his friends. He wants me to meet them.

      BELLA: (disappointed) Oh.

      NICK: (holding onto a wet towel) We’re not talking about guy friends, are we?

      RAIN: Look I know this is sudden but I need to do this. (Beat) Tanner is family.

      BELLA and MADELINE feel hurt.

      NICK: (tries not to take offense) What are we chopped fruitcake?

      RAIN ignores him.

      BELLA: (inches closer to RAIN; with a soft smile) Well, I guess I’ll see you next year.

      Before BELLA could hug her, RAIN briskly walks toward the entrance. MICHAEL appears.

      RAIN: (stiffens seeing him) Good night everyone.

      NICK: (scoffs) You’re really leaving us with this mess? (Shakes his head comically at RAIN) Not cool, not cool at all.

      MADELINE: (starts to approach her) Do you need help with your stuff?

      RAIN: (opens the door, letting the cold air in) No thanks. (Nods to EVERYONE; gives MICHAEL one last look; icily) Merry Christmas.

      MICHAEL, MADELINE and BELLA are taken aback at RAIN’S abrupt departure.

      MADELINE: What’s just happened?

      NICK: What do you mean?

      MADELINE: The way she left like that. It was odd.

      NICK: (perplexed) What? (Mutters) Mason always acts weird.

      MICHAEL: What’s going on?

      BELLA: Rain left to see Tanner for Christmas.

      MICHAEL: (surprised) Really? (Beat) Did she say when will she be back?

      NICK: (nods to himself) See, this is the thanks I get. (Looks around; not amused) Piffle, now I am stuck with the extra work

      BELLA: (to MICHAEL) After the New Year. (Sees the confusion on his face) You didn’t know? She told us she said good-bye to you.

      MICHAEL runs his fingers through his hear, realizing RAIN heard his conversation with OLIVER.

      MADELINE: Should we stop her? I don’t feel safe with her driving in the snow.

      MICHAEL: (softly; sighs) No… just let her be. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

      CUT TO-

      RAIN pulls into the Autumn Sun Motel parking lot and sits in the car for a minute. It starts to snow.

      CUT TO-

      Slowly RAIN unlocks the door holding onto a duffel bag. She throws it on the bed. Then she opens it pulling out a stake and a box of candy canes. After stuffing some of the candy in her jacket pocket, along with them motel key, she turns for the door. RAIN opens it and sombrely observes the snowfall. Unbeknownst to her, MICHAEL is nearby watching her leave the motel.

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        ACT III

        FLASHBACK – OCTOBER 27, 2004

        The following footage is shown in slow motion.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN and BELLA are jumping up and down at the same time and throwing popcorn at each other. In the door frame WARNER is smiling at them.

        CUT TO-

        NICK and FULLER bump their chest into each other while the rest of the people in the house roar with excitement. Soon, FULLER shakes a can a beer and opens it in front of NICK; beer sprays everywhere.

        CUT TO-

        All at once everyone inside the restaurant are shouting with approval, throwing things and hugging each other. MICHAEL is making rounds, pouring drinks, slapping high fives with everyone.

        CUT TO-

        In front of the mirror MADELINE applies face moisturizer. Quickly, she turns around and runs to the TV. As she gets a glass of red wine from the nightstand, she hears muffled cheering next door. She shakes her head with a grin and sits on the floor, leaning on the edge of the bed for support and watches Red Sox team win the World Series.



        MICHAEL is in positioning long tables in rows with an employee for the Safely Homeless Shelter’s Christmas Dinner. Just as he is about to cover them with table clothes someone walks in. MICHAEL looks up and is stunned to see who is at the doorway. It’s his brother GRANT holding onto a gift.

        MICHAEL: (to the employee) Go ahead and set the table without me. (Slowly approaches GRANT) Grant, what are you doing here?

        GRANT: Man, the snow out there-

        MICHAEL: -Grant?

        GRANT: (awkwardly) I brought you a gift.

        MICHAEL: (arches his brow in disbelief) You got me a gift?

        GRANT: It’s from mom.

        MICHAEL: (not surprised) Why didn’t she bring it herself?

        GRANT: She asked me to bring it. Mom thought maybe I could convince you to have Christmas dinner with us. She wanted me to tell you she’s making roast beef, your favorite.

        MICHAEL: And dad?

        GRANT: He doesn’t know I’m here trying to recruit you. (Beat) I’m sure you know Devon is having Christmas with her fiancé’s parents in Aspen. So it would just be our parents and you and me.

        MICHAEL: Well, this is last minute.

        GRANT scoffs.

        MICHAEL: Care to say something?

        GRANT: Let’s be honest. We both know you wouldn’t come even if you weren’t (gestures) hosting this dinner.

        MICHAEL: Then why are you here?

        GRANT: Doing mom a favor.

        MICHAEL: Don’t strain yourself.

        GRANT: (ignores him; looks around) Where is Ms. Mason? Is she still around, (glances over to the employee about RAIN’S age) working for you perhaps?

        MICHAEL: (stiffens) She’s fine, not that you really care.

        GRANT: She was my patient, of course I care.

        MICHAEL: Since we’re being honest, you only came because for mom. Not for dad and certainly not for you. So…

        GRANT: Well, dad did always say honesty is the best policy, right? (Hands MICHAEL the gift) Merry Christmas big brother.

        With the present in his hand MICHAEL watches GRANT abruptly leave the restaurant.

        CUT TO-

        Under the covers, NICK and an ASIAN WOMAN are holding onto each other. His cell phone rings. The WOMAN mumbles for him to answer it.

        WOMAN: (nudges) Baby, your phone.

        NICK: (softly) It just my boss, Gina. I’ll get it later.

        WOMAN: (opens her eyes) What did you call me?

        NICK winces. The phone stops ringing.

        WOMAN: (pushes him away) You’re not seeing Gina Wilson are you?

        NICK: (makes a face) Gina who?

        WOMAN: Nick, do not lie to me. (Beat) I am not in the mood for games.

        NICK: (runs his hand through his hair; thinks of a quick recovery) I don’t know a Gina Wilson. I know a Gina from work. (Nods rather too fast) She’s really annoying. (Touches the WOMAN’S face but she turns away) It was an honest mistake Ling, really.

        LING: (doesn’t believe him) Gina Wilson is my sorority sister.

        NICK: (swallows) Really? Well that’s nice. (Fake smile) Sisters are there for each other.

        LING: (reach over to the nightstand for NICK’S phone) So you don’t mind if call her up to just confirm that you guys never hooked up?

        NICK: (tries to reach it) Where is the trust, babe? (Smirks, embraces her) Come on let’s get under the covers again. I don’t have to be at work for another hour.

        LING: (reads his call log) Who is Violet?

        NICK quickly looks up.

        LING: (Infuriated) You’re unbelievable Nick. I should have known you were too good to be true.

        Successfully NICK snatches the phone from her. LING gets up, grabs her clothes and runs to the bathroom. Propping himself him against the headboard, NICK still holds onto his phone as if he’s waiting for LING to leave. The door hastily swings open.

        LING: (searching for something) Where is my purse?

        NICK: On the couch in the living room. (Beat) When you leave, don’t slam the door, I just got it fixed.

        LING: (turns to him) You’re a pig Nick. I’ll be sure to tell Gina you said hello.

        LING heads toward the living room, finds her purse and slams the door anyway. Then NICK dials VIOLET’S phone number. We hear the other line ring.

        NICK: (with a small smile) Merry Christmas, mom.

        VIOLET: Baby is that you?

        NICK: I’m sorry I didn’t respond. I was in the shower.

        VIOLET: That’s all right. Did you open the gifts yet?

        NICK: No not yet. (Beat) I’ll open them later this afternoon. I have to go work soon.

        VIOLET: You’re working on Christmas day?

        NICK: I’m volunteering for the homeless dinner, remember?

        VIOLET: (softly) Oh right, I forgot.

        NICK: How is Tyrell?

        VIOLET: He’s so excited. He loves the toys you got him.

        NICK: Good, good.

        VIOLET: I wish you were here.

        NICK: I know but I needed to take the mini-winter course. Plus there is my job and other commitments.

        VIOLET: I understand.

        NICK: Mom?

        VIOLET: Yes baby?

        NICK: Are you… are you doing okay?

        VIOLET: Yes. I think the medication is working.

        NICK: Really?

        VIOLET: (quietly; embarrassed) I haven’t had… those thoughts in a while.

        NICK: That’s good. (Beat) Are you going to counselling?

        VIOLET: I just started a few weeks ago. (Pauses) I know you’re concerned for me, Nick but don’t be. I’m doing what I’m told. Just ask your stepfather. (Beat) I really think I found the right medication.

        NICK: I believe you, mom. (Beat) Maybe I should come down today. I mean, its only six hours way. School doesn’t start until a couple of weeks.

        VIOLET: No, no. You’re busy with the shelter and there’s a lot of snow here. Stay where you are, son.

        NICK: Are you sure?

        VIOLET: I am. (Beat) Be sure to call me later this afternoon when you’ve open the presents.

        NICK: I will. I love you, mom.

        VIOLET: I love you too, Nick.

        NICK and his mom say their good-byes and hang up.

        CUT TO-

        BELLA is sitting in front of the Christmas tree but there are no gifts under it. Her mother is no where to be seen. The maid ROSIE appears.

        ROSIE: Isabella, will you come to the library with me?

        BELLA: Rosie, where is my mother? (Beat) There are no presents. (Frantic) We were robbed?

        ROSIE: Heavens no. (Beat) You’re mother is having a Christmas breakfast with the girls at the country club. So it’s just us.

        BELLA: (hurt) She didn’t tell me. (Arches a brow) Did mom donate my gifts to charity?

        ROSIE: Come to the library with me. (Takes her hand) Come on now.

        BELLA: (sighs) The presents are gone, everyone is gone. (Beat) This is like the worse Christmas ever.

        ROSIE: No, don’t think that yet.

        They both enter the library where there are lots of gifts on the couch.

        BELLA: I don’t understand. What is this?

        ROSIE: Your mother told your father last night when he arrived at his hotel, you were too old to have Christmas presents.

        BELLA: (hurt) So she did donate them to charity.

        ROSIE: I’m afraid so. I think she’s was just having one of her fits because your father had to leave at the last minute. (Beat) When I told him what happened, he had these gifts shipped to you.

        Tears form in BELLA’S eyes.

        BELLA: Dad was able to do this on such short notice?

        ROSIE: You know your father. He’ll do anything for his little girl. (Lightly touches BELLA’S back) Go on now. (Pulls out a digital camera from her apron) He asked me to take pictures when you open them. (Beat; smirks) Do you want to fix your hair or put on make-up?

        BELLA: (beams) No, that’s all right. I’ll go without.

        ROSIE: (laughs) That’s a first.

        BELLA: (claps her hands) So which one should I open?

        ROSIE: Oh, the big one of course.

        BELLA: (with excitement) I agree.

        As the camera pans back, BELLA approaches the couch and sits down. ROSIE starts taking pictures of BELLA opening her gifts.

        CUT TO-

        MADELINE arrives with breakfast from a drug store. The only Christmas decoration in sight is a small tree on the coffee table. After she puts her purse down, she pulls out her phone. There are two voicemails on her cell. MADELINE presses a few buttons and she is floored at what she hears.

        MALE VOICE: Madeline, it’s me… your dad. Look… um… (Pauses) you left without saying good-bye and then you tell us that we can’t know where you are. You didn’t want me in your life then when you married that Rowe fellow and you clearly don’t want me in your life now. Do not call me or your sister again.

        MADELINE eyes water as she listens to the next message.

        MICHAEL: Hello, Madeline… I was wondering if you’d like to help out with the homeless dinner I’m hosting. Nick and Bella will be here. We’d love to have you join us. Hope to see you. Merry Christmas.

        A tear falls down MADELINE’S cheek.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN is standing before GLORIA’S grave, shivering. We can see her car is parked nearby.

        RAIN: I brought you a gift, mother. (Puts a candy cane on her headstone) You always did like peppermint schnapps. (Sighs) Remember every Christmas morning when Tanner and I opened our presents that you bought from a thrift shop; you’d help yourself to some booze. Tanner always complained about you getting drunk. You said at least you were in the Christmas spirit. (Beat) Good times, eh?

        RAIN nods at the headstone, looks at the candy cane and takes it back.

        RAIN: You’re dead, what do you care?

        From a distance, BELLA emerges from Cumberland Farms, a local convenience store holding onto four half gallons of eggnog. She puts them in her car, then her phone rings.

        BELLA: Nick, stop calling me. I am on my way. (Listens to the other line) I only got the last four. (Pauses) Yes, Nick I am bringing Rosie’s corn pudding. She made two batches. (Listens again) They don’t carry that here. Well I’m sorry but all the grocery stores are closed. (Looks up) You’re lucky- (sees RAIN at the cemetery; arches her brow) Nick, let me call you back.

        BELLA hangs up, climbs in the car and texts RAIN.

        BELLA: Merry Xmas! Having a good time w/ Tanner & Angie?

        She observes RAIN sitting on a bench texting her back.

        RAIN: I sure am.

        BELLA: Glad to hear it. Well, I better let u go. Don’t want to keep u. Be sure to call me later, I miss u.

        RAIN: I miss u too.

        RAIN gets up and lets out a sigh as she then heads for her car. Trying to inconspicuous, BELLA stays low in her seat watching RAIN drives away. Once RAIN is out of sight, BELLA pulls herself up and dials NICK’S number.

        BELLA: (looks in the rear-view mirror) Hey Nick? Sorry. What was it you wanted?


        A somnolent ROWE is strapped to a bed in a cold stark empty room filled with advanced medical equipment. Swiftly MS. McCREE walks in wearing a dark blue suit. The heavy door groans as she closes it. She approaches ROWE with caution and checks his vitals.

        MS. McCREE: Mr. Edwards?

        ROWE: (groaning; opens his eyes but it’s blurry) Huh?

        MS. McCREE: It’s McCree… Mr. Alice’s assistant.

        ROWE: (mumbles) I didn’t hire....

        MS. McCREE: Sir, we’re going to do another transfusion.

        ROWE: Another one, Maddie?

        MS. McCREE: Sir? You need to be alert for this, Mr. Edwards. (Beat) Do you remember where we are?

        ROWE: (opens his eyes more; sees more clearly) Somewhere over the rainbow...

        MS. McCREE: We’re going to try again.

        ROWE: Do we have to? How many… times has… it been? (Tries to count with his hand)

        MS. McCREE: You signed the contract, sir. (Beat) We’re going to proceed with the transfusion, now.

        ROWE: It’s still in my system, the magic.... can’t you tell? You can’t get... it out of me, no. (Mumbles) She said I’m still… an addict, yeah... my Maddie said that. Did you know… we had a child… together? It has no face.

        A NURSE enters the room about to change the empty IV bag.

        ROWE: (cont’d) I’ve never heard... of this type of… demonic species… before. Are you sure... this is healthy? I mean… we’re talking about demon blood, here... with mine. No, that can’t be right.

        MS. McCREE: In order for this to work, you need to be conscious.

        ROWE: Just tell me again... please? (Weakly pats MS. McCREE’S arm) One more time.

        MS. McCREE: (doesn’t smile) We’re going to transfuse the demon’s blood with yours again but when we begin this process, you need to be self-aware, your mind needs to be clear.

        ROWE: Right... right, crystal clear. (Gives a weak thumbs up) I remmy.

        MS. McCREE pulls out her phone.

        MS. McCREE: Let him in.

        ROWE: Who? Let who in?

        A pale white DEMON with grey eyes and little silver horns all over his head, wears a white suit and tie as he saunters into the room.

        ROWE: (looks over to the DEMON who approaches him) Oh... you again? (Beat) I’m telling you, it’s not going to work. Want to bet five bucks... I think I have... MS. McCree we should do... a pool.

        MS. McCREE: (to ROWE) The nurse is going to start the transfusion.

        ROWE: (grabs MS. McCREE tightly; directly in his eyes) I’m not clean. I’ll never be.

        MS. McCREE: (gently removes ROWE’S hand; nods to the NURSE) He’s ready.

        Soon the DEMON’S little silver horns on his head start to crackle with electricity. Then he rolls up his sleeve allowing the nurse to draw his blood. She takes the syringe and inserts it into the IV bag.

        MS. McCREE: (turns to the DEMON) Wait a few more minutes and then you may begin the cleansing.

        MS. McCREE exits the room and closes the door just as the DEMON puts his hand on ROWE’S chest. CALUM clearly has been waiting for Ms. MCCREE in the hallway.

        CALUM: (hands her a piece of paper) This was just faxed in.

        MS. McCREE: (skims through it) Thank you. (Beat) Your apartment in Haven is ready. From now on you will be assisting our patient, Mr. Edwards.

        CALUM: (protests) That’s not in the job description. It was my understanding that I was hired to research-

        MS. McCREE: -Are you going to be like this every time I ask you to something?

        CALUM: I’m sorry… I just-

        MS. McCREE: -stay here in case the nurse or the demon needs anything.

        CALUM: Yes ma’am.

        Ms. McCREE leaves CALUM alone in the hallway. There is a small window in the door, allowing the camera to catch a small glimpse of what’s to come. Curious, he peeks through the window. The entire room is filled with a blinding white light followed by blood curdling screams.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN walks in the motel and approaches a vending machine.

        WOMAN: Its broken honey.

        RAIN turns around and sees it’s the manger, the same one she saw in 1.06 Acid Test.

        RAIN: Barbara, hey. (Beat) I was gonna get a coke.

        BARBARA: Can I interest you in some hot chocolate?

        RAIN: (smiles) Sure. (Strolls to the counter)

        BARBARA: (retrieves two mugs) The girls and I really enjoyed playing Michigan Rummy with you the other night.

        RAIN: (nods) It was fun. (Beat) Though I’ve never played it with pennies.

        BARBARA: You’ve played Michigan Rummy before? You didn’t tell me that.

        RAIN: (softly) Yeah… sometimes I’d volunteer at the nursing home with my best friend. There were these two sisters there who taught us how to play.

        BARBARA: Well, the girls and I would love to have you over again.

        RAIN: (sarcastically) Sure I’m not going anywhere.

        BARBARA: (tenderly) I know it’s none of my business but I know every night like clockwork since you’ve been here, you leave at midnight and don’t return for at least a couple of hours.

        RAIN: (surprised) You’ve seen me?

        BARBARA: (gestures) I have a perfect view from this seat of you leaving from your room. (Makes a crazy sign) I assure you I am not a stalker.

        RAIN: (small grin) I didn’t think you were.

        BARBARA: (pours hot water in the mugs) I’ve seen my fair share of druggies and hookers coming in and out of this place (points at RAIN) and I know you’re not like that. I ain’t stupid. I know you’re running from something. (RAIN looks down and then back up at her) And again it’s not my business but there are crazies out there. You need to think about that. (Beat) Why just two weeks ago someone was brutally killed near that bank just around the corner. You know the one? (RAIN nods) Well the victim… had these odd marks on his neck. (Shutters) I hate to think that could happen to you, ya know?

        RAIN: (whispers) I read about the… murder in the paper. (Sees BARBARA is really worried for her) You’re a much better manger then the previous one.

        BARBARA: Oh you’re being sweet.

        RAIN: (sincere) Really thank you.

        BARBARA: (About to open a packet of hot chocolate) I’ve never met Lloyd but the employees here said he was so nasty.

        RAIN: (makes a face) He was really gross. He tried to pick me up. Ugh.

        BARBARA: You’re not the only one. And everyone they thought it was odd he just up and left after working here for so long- (realizes something) Lanky’ lizards!

        RAIN: What is it?

        BARBARA: (puts down the packet) I am so sorry! It completely slipped my mind when you first came in a week ago. I’ve been so distracted with the holidays and everything.

        RAIN: What’s wrong?

        BARBARA: (leans closer) Shortly after you inquired about Lloyd’s disappearance, a man asked me about him too.

        RAIN: (taken aback) Really? Who?

        BARBARA: He never told me his name but this guy was asking all kinds of questions.

        RAIN: When did this happen?

        BARBARA: It was right after Thanksgiving.

        RAIN: Is there anything else you remember about him?

        BARBARA: No, I’m sorry honey; just that he was really handsome. He did ask for a business card. (Beat) Oh, he was wearing a polo shirt; it had the name of a restaurant on it.

        RAIN’S eyes widen.

        BARBARA: (cont’d; makes a fist) Rats, I can’t remember which one but I think it’s a local. Does that help?

        RAIN: (stiffens) I am going have to take a rain check on the hot chocolate, all right?

        BARBARA: (confused) Yeah sure. (Beat) Does this mean you’re checking out?

        RAIN: (nods) I am going to get my stuff.

        BARBARA: (puts down the packet) All right.

        RAIN leaves. A cat suddenly jumps on the counter.

        BARBARA: (pets it) Looks like Rain girl is leaving us Elvis. Hope she comes back, soon to visit.

        The cat meows in response.

        BARBARA: (brings the cat closer to her) Aww… I’ll miss her too.

        CUT TO-

        RAIN stands before the restaurant holding onto her duffel bag and peers through the window. Already inside, BELLA, MADELINE and NICK are partying. Her eyes narrow when she sees MICHAEL appearing from the kitchen carrying a box of party favors. He passes around hats, whistles and packets of confetti.

        CUT TO-

        WARNER is talking to SHERIDAN on the phone. He has something in his hand but we can’t see it.

        SHERIDAN: You’re already back?

        WARNER: I just arrived early this afternoon. I was lucky my flight wasn’t delayed. Anyway, I have some more paper work to do and then I’ll be home.

        SHERIDAN: Well, no matter. I’m in Boston about to watch the fireworks on Mitchell Fournier’s yacht with his wife Ava.

        WARNER didn’t even know she left Haven.

        SHERIDAN: (cont’d; sighs) Bella is at a party at that restaurant, Michael’s something. Her Mason friend is not even going to be there. Thank goodness. Maybe it’s a sign their friendship is finally over. (Beat) Anyway, you’re alone tonight.

        WARNER: (confused; still playing with the item in his hand) Rain isn’t going to the party?

        SHERIDAN: Oh Bella told me why but I forgot. Does it really matter? (To a waiter on the yacht; laughs) More rum! (Back to WARNER) I need to go, Warner. Bella can explain it all to you herself. I’ll see you in a couple of days.

        SHERIDAN doesn’t even give WARNER a chance to respond or say good-bye. He hangs up and looks at his hand. It’s a business card from the Autumn Sun Motel.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          FLASHBACK – OCTOBER 27, 2004

          This about thirty minutes the Red Sox won the World Series.


          RAIN and BELLA excitedly leave the house just before waving good-bye to WARNER. He smiles back.

          CUT TO-

          RAIN and BELLA stroll near a fraternity house where most of the BROTHERS are running around spraying shaving cream at each other. A few college GIRLS are screaming trying to avoid them. A truck drives by where we see a few some college GUYS in the back with no shirts on wearing body paint hollering and screaming with joy. In the window we can see NICK and FULLER drinking, singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. RAIN and BELLA continues to walk past the house, never seeing NICK and his friend but just the BROTHERS and GIRLS.

          CUT TO-

          From the inside of the restaurant we see there are a few employees and customers outside cheering with anyone who walks past them. VINCE tries to try to teach the polka dance to a waitress. MICHAEL emerges with a big grin grabbing a pitcher of beer and pours a couple of glasses to a couple. The camera pans to the window and we can see MADELINE wearing a coat peering in smiling. She doesn’t see MICHAEL specifically, only the crowd. Then she walks away.

          FADE TO WHITE


          We can hear Regis Philbin hosting Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve from a nearby TV. In spite of the ruckus from the customers and employees, RAIN makes a grand entrance grabbing MICHAEL, BELLA, MADELINE and NICK’S immediate attention. They’re all surprised to see her yet unsure how to greet her.

          MADELINE: (whispers with a small grin) Rain you’re back.

          BELLA doesn’t say anything while MICHAEL is uneasy, knowing RAIN heard his phone conversation with OLIVER a week ago. Only NICK greets her with a surprisingly affectionate hug making her feel awkward.

          NICK: (takes her duffel bag) Man, its good to see you. Things have not been the same since you left. Everyone in our little (whispers) witchy-slash-slayer gang has been miserable without you.

          RAIN: (walks with NICK toward the GIRLS and MICHAEL) Is that right?

          NICK takes her bag to the office while BELLA and RAIN give each other an uncomfortable embrace.

          BELLA: Did you just arrive… from Connecticut?

          RAIN nods.

          BELLA: (bites her lip in annoyance) What about that party… the one with Tanner and his friends?

          NICK: (returns) Why does she need to party with a bunch of older guys (arms around her) when she can party right here with us?

          MADELINE: (lightly pushes NICK aside) Nick’s right, things haven’t been the same without you. (Warmly hugs RAIN) We miss you so much. I’m so glad you’re home. (Looks over to MICHAEL, BELLA and NICK) We all are, aren’t we?

          BELLA and MICHAEL: (simultaneously) Of course.

          RAIN arches a brow at them, wondering why they’re acting strange, especially BELLA.

          NICK: I know I am. I’ve been covering your shift, cleaning the bathroom, everything.

          MADELINE: (hits him) You have not, Emily has been covering Rain’s shift (to RAIN) but Michael and I have been (lowers voice) patrolling, not a vampire in sight. Strange, isn’t it?

          RAIN: (fidgets) Yeah strange.

          NICK: (ignores MADELINE; takes RAIN to the bar) You have to try my new drink. (Beat) It’s non-alcoholic and poison free.

          RAIN: (sits down) Really? It must be good, then.

          NICK: (points at her; mocks laugh at her) I miss that about you, your crazy sense of humor.

          MADELINE: (joins RAIN) It is really good.

          NICK: It’s going to be on the menu but I still need a name for it.

          MADELINE: (smirks) I’m sure you’ll think of something.

          NICK: It’s process, you know? Coming up with titles? (Taps his head) All of that brainstorming? (A little too exited; to RAIN) I did come up with some more names for our gang.

          MADELINE: Don’t bother her with that Nick, she just got here.

          NICK: (scoffs; throws a hand) I’m not bothering, Rain. (Beat) Am I bothering you Rain?

          RAIN: (feigns a smile) No, you’re not bothering me.

          NICK raises his brow at MADELINE as if he “told her so”. Quietly MICHAEL walks around the bar and leans near the cash registrar.

          BELLA: (sits next to RAIN) So… were you able to meet Angie’s grandparents?

          RAIN: (with a straight face) Yep.

          MICHAEL and BELLA look at each other, and then back at RAIN wile NICK is mixing the drink. MADELINE picks up on their odd behaviour as well.

          BELLA: (swallows her hurt feelings) Oh yeah? What are they like?

          RAIN: (changes topic) Actually, I want to hear how your Christmas went… (Looks at EVERYONE) all of you.

          BELLA: (abruptly) Nothing exciting happened at the Talmadge household. (Beat) I am more interested in how your time was with Tanner and Angie.

          NICK: (turns around holding an empty mug) –I can’t do it.

          MADELINE: Can’t do what? Did you mess up the recipe again? You know it’s all about trial and er-

          NICK: (puts down the mug; points to his face) No, this façade.

          RAIN arches a brow.

          MADELINE: What façade?

          RAIN glances over to NICK, and then realizes BELLA and MICHAEL knows he’s keeping something from her.

          NICK: I’m sorry boss, I can’t do it.

          MADELINE: Can’t do what?

          MICHAEL: (stands up) Nick… don’t.

          BELLA looks away.

          NICK: I have to tell her. She’s bound to find out.

          RAIN shoots BELLA and MICHAEL another glance, still not saying anything.

          MADELINE: Find out what?

          NICK: (rambling) I mean Bella isn’t really being incognito about asking Rain how her Christmas went-

          MADELINE: (a little too loud; draws some attention from nearby customers) Okay, will someone tell me what’s going on? (Softly; To BELLA and the GUYS) The three of you have been acting really strange ever since Rain left. I chalked it up to you guys missing her but-

          NICK: (blurts it out as if RAIN isn’t in the room) -Tanner called the restaurant trying to reach Rain. It was right after the homeless dinner. He wanted to wish her a Merry Christmas and forgot to tell her he sent her a care package. (To RAIN; whispers) It’s in the office.

          RAIN bites her lips.

          MADELINE: (confused) Huh?

          NICK: (sighs) That feels so good. (To MICHAEL and BELLA) Sorry guys but I can’t keep secrets… well I can keep (quietly; gestures) the supernatural one but that’s all I can handle. (To himself) I suck.

          MADELINE: What’s this all about?

          RAIN gets irritated with her.

          BELLA: (to RAIN) We know that you didn’t see Tanner, that you’ve been in Haven all this time.

          RAIN: Yeah well-

          MADELINE: (stunned) -You never left? (Hurt) Where did you go?

          MICHAEL: Madeline... Rain was-

          RAIN: (under her breath) -No, Michael. You don’t get to talk about me.

          MICHAEL is taken aback. A few patrons look at them, then back to their drinks.

          BELLA: Rain, don’t attack him. We’ve all been worried about you, wondering what we did to make you leave like that.

          RAIN glares over to MICHAEL.

          BELLA: I mean, we knew you were at the motel but-

          RAIN: (surprised) -You knew I was at the motel?

          MADELINE: (softly) I don’t believe this.

          BELLA: Well… Michael told me when I confronted him about seeing you at the cemetery. (Beat) You were visiting your mot- Gloria’s grave.

          MADELINE: (a little upset) All this time, you guys knew Rain was here and you never bothered to tell me?

          RAIN: (to BELLA) Wait a minute, you saw me at the graveyard? (Eyes narrow) You texted me.

          BELLA: (defensive) I wanted to see if-

          RAIN: -I would lie to you.

          MADELINE: (tries to understand) Rain, why didn’t you just talk to us? Tell us what’s bothering you? I mean, we’re family.

          RAIN: (scoffs) You’re serious? (Raises voice) Madeline you have this sick notation that we’re all close with each other. There are too many secrets around here for us to be a family.

          More people take notice of their heated conversation.

          BELLA: (hurt) Rain, how can you say such thing?

          NICK: (protests) Actually, most families do have secrets. Just look at those V.C. Andrew novels-

          RAIN: (bluntly) -The truth will set us free, right Michael?

          MICHAEL: Maybe we should table this-

          RAIN: (gets up) –You’re not tabling anything. (Angry) How did you know I was at the motel?

          Some of the customers start moving away from them but VINCE stays at the bar pretending not to listen.

          MICHAEL: (looks around; tries to calm RAIN) After you left your apartment I-I followed you.

          RAIN: You were spying on me? (Mutters) Figures.

          MICHAEL: I was only concerned for your safety.

          RAIN: Uh… hello I’m a slayer and witch- that’s double the power. (Beat) I don’t need you.

          VINCE: (whispers to himself) A slayer? Witch?

          NICK: (hears VINCE) Uhh… Rain, zip on the ayer-slay and itch-way.

          RAIN rolls her eyes.

          MADELINE: Maybe, Michael’s right. We should talk about this another time.

          NICK: (to RAIN; gestures her face) Yeah, you’re not looking too hot.

          RAIN is annoyed.

          BELLA: (worried) I agree, Rain, let’s discuss this later… (Suggests) or carry this conversation elsewhere?

          Exasperated, RAIN shakes her head.

          MICHAEL: We can go to the office if you want-

          RAIN: (throws a glass on the floor) -no, let’s talk about it now! Right here!

          EVERYONE in the restaurant turns around while MICHAEL, BELLA, MADELINE and NICK are shocked at what she just did. Then they all turn to the TV and watch Regis Philbin do the count down for the New Year.

          REGIS: Five… four… three… two… one! Happy New Year!

          As the ball drop on screen, confetti is thrown in the air, crowds of people in Times Square cheer with each other. It’s now January 2005 but no one in the restaurant is cheering. They all turn to RAIN. She sighs with embarrassment. EVERYONE sombrely looks at her, especially her FRIENDS.

          CUT TO-

          ROWE is in the back seat of a black Sedan wearing a grey sweater, jogging pants, sneakers and a trench coat. He is no longer shivering. Yet he appears to be quite exhausted. Next to him is CALUM, his new assistant. The DRIVER keeps top himself.

          CALUM: (reading something) Man, there is so much to go through… this company really expects a lot from you…

          CALUM looks over to ROWE but he doesn’t respond.

          CALUM: (whispers) I have powers too, you know? (Beat) I can read really fast. It’s why I was hired to do research for- well I can’t tell you why. (Flips through his papers) It’s in the bylaws… section- oh I probably shouldn’t show you this. (Chuckles) When I get nervous, I break out in hives but luckily that hasn’t happened so far. (Beat) Are you allergic to citrus? I am.

          The DRIVER looks in the rear-view mirror then turns his eyes back on the highway.

          CALUM: (cont’d) I’m a demon too… I mean not that you are, eh. (Shakes his head at himself) So the treatment was successful, you’re power-free. You’re no longer a warlock, (rambles) well you never really were a warlock, not officially. I mean your powers were borrowed. So you’re definitely clean from magic… (Laughs as his own joke) clean as the toilet in Japan. Yeah, their toilets are really clean.

          ROWE still has his eye on the traffic.

          CALUM: (cont’d) I never forget the first time I used their toilets, I heard this tweet-tweet noise. I was like what the heck was that? (Looks at ROWE) They have different noises in the stalls so that no one can hear you. (Pauses) You know when you do your business? They even play flushing sounds all day, so you never know who flushed their… toilet. (Touches his neck) Am I breaking out? I think Ms. McCree has this affect on me; she scares me and stills me at the same time. Not that I like her. (Shakes his head) No way, that falls under sexual harassment. It’s under section- (observes ROWE; becomes concerned) Mr. Edwards, are you okay? (Beat) Sir?

          ROWE: (tiredly) Hmm?

          CALUM: Do you feel all right?

          ROWE: (blankly) I feel... different.

          CALUM: Do you need anything? (Beat) Something to drink?

          ROWE: (touches his bottled water) I have water.

          CALUM: We should be in Haven in about an hour.

          ROWE: Where are we going?

          CALUM: The hotel, sir.

          ROWE: I don’t have my own place?

          CALUM: Ms. McCree felt it would be better if you were in a hotel, you know to keep you hidden. (Beat) Though I think that’s pretty obvious, you staying at a hotel and of course I’ll be visiting you pretty often, helping you with- (Nervous chuckle) but what Mc. Cree wants McCree gets.

          ROWE: (softly) Do you feel you sold your soul?

          CALUM: (confused) I’m sorry?

          ROWE: When you signed your contract to work for Mr. Alice.

          CALUM: Oh no… I never had a soul. (Smiles) Demon, remember?

          ROWE: Right.

          CALUM: You should rest sir. Pretty soon, you’ll be home before the New Year.

          ROWE looks at the window folds his arms and watches fireworks now bursting in the sky.

          ROWE: (to himself) It is the New Year.

          CALUM: Ah… how about that? (Beat) Well, Happy New Year Mr. Edwards.

          ROWE doesn’t respond, keeps his eyes on the fireworks.

          CUT TO-

          MICHAEL locks the door after the last customer leaves. He turns around, facing RAIN but doesn’t say anything.

          MADELINE: Tell us what’s going on, Rain. (Beat) Please.

          RAIN: Look I’m sorry about the glass but I can’t-

          NICK: (sweeping up the glass) -maybe its supernatural related? (Beat) Performance anxiety? (Smirks) Are you having trouble slaying vamps?

          RAIN: You’re such a dork, Nick. You know that?

          NICK: I’ve been told worse.

          RAIN: How about jackass?

          BELLA: Rain!

          NICK: It’s all right Bella. (To RAIN) I’ve been called that, right along there with jerk, bitch and butthole.

          RAIN: (scoffs) You think you’re God’s gift to women, don’t you? You’re like a pimp only you’re not getting paid. It’s disgusting. (Beat) What kind of career do you really think you’re gonna get out of seducing women with your lame-ass drinks?

          NICK: (taken aback) Ouch. Yeah, that hurt. (Rubs his chest) I literally felt the stake you just jabbed into me. (Points at his heart) But there’s not enough blood. Why don’t you dig that trusty stake of yours in a little deeper?

          RAIN: (inches closer) Want me to try for real?

          MICHAEL: (steps in front of RAIN; touches her) That’s enough!

          RAIN: (pushes MICHAEL away) Get off me!

          MADELINE: (place her hand on MICHAEL’S arm for him to back off) I think I know what’s going on. (Turns to RAIN) This was your first real Christmas, wasn’t it? I mean the party on Christmas Eve and (looks at EVERYONE) the gift exchange we had with each other. It got to you didn’t it? You never had anything like that before.

          RAIN doesn’t respond.

          MADELINE: (cont’d) It all makes sense really. I don’t blame you reacting this way; you’ve closed yourself up so that you won’t get hurt again.

          RAIN: (coldly) Madeline, you know nothing about me.

          MADELINE: Well, not as well as I’d like to but-

          RAIN: -I can’t do this. (Beat) I gotta go.

          BELLA: (calls after her) Rain, wait.

          MICHAEL: Let her be.

          RAIN: (sneers at him) You’re pathetic. You host these elaborate parties with the staff and customers but you don’t even spend time with your own family. You’ve been so sickly generous, it makes me want to throw up. I’m inclined to think you want more from me.

          MICHAEL: (face falls) Its not like that at all Rain. I care about you.

          RAIN: (rolls her eyes) Right, you care about me. (Beat; tears up) Did you care enough to tell me that you’re best buds with Oliver?

          MADELINE: Oliver?

          BELLA: That guy who owns Oliver’s Occult Oasis? The one who healed you?

          MADELINE: When did this Oliver heal Rain?

          NICK: When Rowe attacked her. (Beat) Remember, you went after your husband shortly after-

          BELLA: -Nick.

          MADELINE: (more hurt) You didn’t tell me this, Michael. (Looks at EVERYONE) It’s like not I am not even in the loop on Rain’s life. I was hired to be her Watcher and apparently, no one thinks I am fit to do the job.

          MICHAEL: (Softly) Oliver is just someone I work with... underground.

          RAIN: (scoffs; wipes her eyes) That’s a laugh. (Beat) I think he’s more than that. The way you were talking to him on the phone, it sounds like you have quite a history. (Beat) You must have one with Jackie as well.

          BELLA: Who is Jackie?

          RAIN: (keeps her eyes on MICHAEL) Oliver’s wife. (Turns to BELLA) I don’t think you’ve met her.

          MADELINE: Should we really trust these people, Michael? (Beat) Who are they? What are they?

          MICHAEL sighs, feeling overwhelmed.

          RAIN: Just forget it. (Turns to leave) I’m done here.

          MICHAEL: (stops her) Rain… how much did you hear?

          RAIN: (eyes water again) Enough to know I can’t trust you. (Folds arms) I don’t know what it is but you’re keeping something from me. (Voice waivers) You know about my being kidnapped. (Clears throat) And then there is this prop-

          MADELINE: (to MICHAEL) –You know something about Rain’s kidnapping? (Disbelief) You’re not responsible for it, are you?

          MICHAEL: What? No, of course not!

          RAIN: (softly) I know you spoke with the manager at the Autumn Sun Motel, Michael. Asking her all kinds of interesting questions, I’m sure.

          NICK: (sighs) Oh great more secrets.

          RAIN: (to MICHAEL) When did you talk to her, sometime after Thanksgiving?

          MICHAEL: I never met this manager, Rain. The night you left, I just watched you from a distance, that’s all.

          RAIN: I don’t believe you.

          MICHAEL: I swear to you Rain, I never spoke with the manager.

          MADELINE: How do you expect us to trust you when you’re keeping vital information about Rain to yourself? (Glances around the room; softly) It’s clear we do not trust each other. (Beat) I thought we were-

          RAIN: (raises voice; infuriated) We’re not a family, Madeline. (Icily) We never were.

          NICK: (mutters) There goes finding a name for our gang.

          BELLA: What about me, Rain?

          RAIN: (a tear falls down her cheek) Bella, don’t.

          BELLA: You’re so afraid of hurting me, aren’t you? (Beat) It’s like you’re fighting so hard but you’re too tired. It feels like a losing battle.

          RAIN looks away, tears streaming down her face. Just as BELLA inches closer RAIN backs up who throws her hands in the air indicating she can’t handle it anymore. Turning around, RAIN bolts out of the restaurant, leaving EVERYONE alone with their emotions.

          CUT TO-

          A faint sound of Auld Lang Syne is heard. The restaurant is vacant but the party decorations are still up. Confetti conceals the floor while paper plates, cups and bottles scatter all over the tables and the counter. MICHAEL absentmindedly appears holding onto a trash bag. He sighs as gazes around the room seeing the vast emptiness of it. He puts the bag down, grabs his jacket and locks the restaurant from the outside.

          Should old acquaintance be forgot,
          and never brought to mind?

          MICHAEL turns around facing the street. There are families and friends hugging each other, drinking in celebration as they watch the fireworks in the pitch black sky.

          Should old acquaintance be forgot,
          and old lang syne?

          Snow drifts softly as MICHAEL pulls the collar of his coat to his face. He looks at them sombrely and takes a deep breath. Then he exhales indicating the sharp cold air. MICHAEL tilts his head down heading for his apartment.

          CUT TO-

          MADELINE emerges out from her bedroom onto the balcony wearing a thick robe. She is drinking hot tea as she looks up in the sky trying to enjoy the fireworks. They cast a reflection of different colors on her face. She can hear her neighbors singing in a drunken manner while the snow continues to fall.

          For auld lang syne, my dear,
          for auld lang syne,

          MADELINE sighs and then retreats back to her bedroom leaving her tea on the railing. Steam from the mug evaporates into the air. The fireworks continue to blast in the sky.

          CUT TO-

          Under the covers, BELLA watches different parts of the world celebrate the New Year on the TV. One of the windows is open letting in the winter air. She can hear fireworks from a distance. BELLA gets out of bed to close the window but stops herself as she sees it’s snowing outside. Then she closes it, turns off the TV and climbs into bed.

          we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
          for auld lang syne.

          BELLA pulls her iPod out of the drawer from her nightstand and puts the headphones on hopping to quickly fall asleep but her eyes are open.

          CUT TO-

          NICK can see fireworks from his seat as he drives through the snow. Loud music blares from the radio but he turns it off hastily and opens the window. He comes to a stop sign. There are college students walking about with bottles of beer and wine cooler singing off-key. The wooden cross necklace RAIN gave him sways back and forth on the rear-view mirror. He touches it, stops from moving.

          And surely you’ll buy your pint cup!
          and surely I’ll buy mine!

          A car honks at him from behind. NICK glances up and turns on to the street leading to his apartment.

          CUT TO-

          The cemetery is blanketed with snow but the headstones are still visible. RAIN is sitting on a bench with her stake wishing there was a VAMPIRE to kill. A snow flake lands on a drawing of a skull surrounded by flames on her hand but it melts causing the ink to bleed. She doesn’t bother wiping it off. Then she pulls out her new silver necklace from under her sweater plays with the cross and pentagram charms.

          And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
          for auld lang syne.

          RAIN lets out a sigh as she kicks the snow. Gradually, she gets up, places her stake back inside the lining of her jacket and walks home in solitude.

          CUT TO-

          There is a radio nearby WARNER as “Auld Lange Syne’ continues to play softly. He is drinking some Jack Daniels clearly disturbed by something. A small box sits in front of him that’s been opened with a key. He puts down his glass and examines the contents inside. As the camera pans closer, we see he’s holding pictures of RAIN. It seems as if they’re surveillance photos. They appear to be in chronological order by age, from infancy to young adulthood. In some of the images RAIN is with GLORIA and TANNER.

          Scanning through them, WARNER touches Rain’s face, each one a little older than the other. The more he flips through images; we start to see BELLA and RAIN, both about ten years old at the deserted park that RAIN frequents. There is even a recent picture of RAIN sitting on a swing at the same park. Then he flips back a few photos, searching for one in particular. It’s RAIN six years old holding onto a knitted rabbit toy only it’s blue; the same one as BELLA’S.

          WARNER: (softly; touches RAIN’S face again) I can't believe how much you look like your mother, Rain.

          RADIO ANNOUNCER: (MALE) Well, ladies and gents that was of course ‘Auld Lang Syne’. You know this song was originally a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. A little trivia for you. (Beat) It looks like we have a special request. Someone out there is not ready for the New Year. Here’s Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’, a personal favorite of mine.

          I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
          Just like the ones I used to know
          Where the tree tops glisten
          And children listen
          To hear sleigh bells in the snow

          WARNER gets up with his glass and walks over to the window and observes the fireworks.

          CUT TO-

          We see stock footage of pure white hills. A little further, there is a forest. Still snowing the camera continues to get closer.

          I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
          With every Christmas cards I write
          May your days be merry and bright
          And may all
          Your Christmases be white

          Passing a few trees, the camera slows down, approaching a dead body in the middle of the woods. The body is covered in snow but we can see the face enough to know its ELENI DORCAS.

          I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
          Just like the ones I used to know
          Where the tree tops glisten
          And children listen
          To hear sleigh bells in the snow

          The camera pans back away from the body, and then the screen fades to the hills and then to the midnight sky where the stars shine piercingly bright.

          I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
          With every Christmas cards I write
          May your days be merry and bright
          And may all
          Your Christmases be white

          RADIO ANNOUNCER: That was Bing’s ‘White Christmas’. I hope you have a Happy New Year and joining you is ‘Haven’s Own Maven’ with Zoe Carey. Good-night, folks.

          FADE TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE

          :: GUEST STARRING ::

          Ava Fournier (Melinda Clarke)
          Devon Corbis (Sarah Lancaster)
          Eleni Dorcas (Alexis Dziena)
          Fuller (Ryan Hanseon)
          Grant Corbis (Michael Trucco)
          Ms. McCree (Rose McGowan)
          Oliver (Gerry Becker)
          Rowe Edwards (Ioan Gruff)
          Sheridan Talmadge (Lisa Thornhill)
          Warner Talmadge (Victor Garber)


          • I feel bad for killing off Elena. One of you shared how much you liked her and her "species". Sorry about that. In all honesty, I forgot about her character as I was developing the episodes. So I simply killed her off. Plus I think it makes it more dramatic- allowing us to see Mr. Alice's evil side. Yet even though Elena was murdered- her "species" may appear again in the future.

          • As some of you might know, I'm a big Red Sox fan. I grew up loving the team thanks to my parents and living in MA. I actually watched the World Series with my mother (on TV). I'll never forget it. Anyway, I wanted to show a connection between Rain and her friends (as well as Haven)- before they formed their family. And it turned out the dates of the World Series fit with the timeline. I really enjoyed writing the flashbacks.

          • I love Christmas. So it may be cheesy with all of the gifts but that's how it is with my family. It's always a fun time. Course for Rain its not... poor kid.

          • The game Michigan Rummy is something I've played with my aunts. Whenever my mom and I visit them, we always plays this game with pennies. Its fun mostly because of our chats.

          • So Warner has a mysterious connection to Rain. Well, isn't that interesting.

          • The V.C. Andrews reference is a shout out to a close friend of mine. He reads the books. He's been trying to get me to read the series. That'll never happen.

          • My mom helped me with the radio announcer scene. She even came up with the title- "Haven's Own Maven". It was fun writing that. Oh and "White Christmas" is my favorite holiday song (and movie).

          • If you have some questions or feedback- let me know here-Feedbacky I would love to hear from you.

          • The next episode is 1.09 Runnin' Down a Dream (P1)- you can read the summary in the index before checking out the transcript or if you prefer to just go straight to the episode, click here. Many many thanks for reading!
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