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  • Lex

    In the following six chapters, six characters from throughout both Shadow Stalker and Sirens narrate various sections of how the tale of Xakiel Thorn comes to a close. Spanning over 1000 years, these stories have become legends that document the fates and lives of people that changed the face of the planet.

    The Final Chapters run in substitute for the rest of Shadow Stalker Season 4 and Sirens Season 1. They also replace Seasons 5 and 6 of Shadow Stalker and Seasons 2 and 3 of Sirens. The Final Chapters will show the future of the series beyond the series' finale and deal with a future I was planning to document in the novel.

    There is no main cast for The Final Chapters but each chapter will be credited a primary cast and supporting cast.

    Everything contained in these chapters is how I had always planned to end Shadow Stalker and Sirens condensed into six eight-part chapters written in script format.

    This is how it all ends

    Chapter 1
    The Requiem of Duality

    Narrated by: Vincent Rae in the year 2021
    replacing the end of Season 4 of Shadow Stalker
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    Release Date - 14/06/10
    On the eve of his death in the year 2021, Vincent Rae discloses the truth behind the tragedy of The United. In his story he uncovers his family’s darkest secret, the resurrection of a woman and the dream of two men to relinquish an eternal purpose.

    Chapter 2
    The Battle of the Protogenoi

    Narrated by: Helen Prime in the year 2025
    replacing the end of Season 1 of Sirens
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    Release Date - 25/09/10
    As Helen Prime speaks at the funeral of a friend in the year 2025, she recounts the legendary Battle of the Protogenoi and pays respect to the people who lost their lives on that day. In her story we learn more about the rise of a powerful army and the bonds that were made by its founders.

    Chapter 3
    The Collapse of the Legend King

    Narrated by: Leigh Sinclair in the year 2042
    replacing Season 5 of Shadow Stalker
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    Release Date - 24/10/10
    High in her fortress in the year 2042, Queen Leigh Sinclair calls forth her scribe to document the reason she became royalty and the sacrifices that people made for the greater good and for the ones they loved.

    Chapter 4
    The Age of the Death God

    Narrated by: Cherry Li in the year 2045
    replacing Season 2 of Sirens
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    Release Date - 23/11/10
    Four hours before her wedding in the year 2045, Cherry Li remembers the year that changed her life, her battle to save her friends and everything that led up to her meeting the man she’d spend the rest of her life with.

    Chapter 5
    The Golden Acolytes

    Narrated by: Suspiria in the year 2489
    replacing Season 3 of Sirens
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    Release Date - 05/01/11
    Locked in an interrogation cell far in the future, in the year 2489, the old goddess Suspiria is forced to tell all she knows regarding the fall of The Kalipso Syndicate.

    Chapter 6
    The Eulogy (Saga Finale)

    Narrated by: Kalipso in the year 3055
    replacing Season 6 of Shadow Stalker and acting as the end of the saga
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    Release Date - 24/02/11
    replacing Season 6 of Shadow Stalker and acting as the end of the saga
    Whilst witnessing the end of the world in the year 3055, Kalipso protects a small girl from the destruction and tells her the eulogy of her son: Xakiel Thorn, the legendary Shadow Stalker.
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  • Lex
    started a topic Sirens: INDEX

    Sirens: INDEX


    Season One:

    “There’s something about this place that calls to me. It calls to me of a great army that will be raised here...”
    Sin (Shadow Stalker - 3.16 - Coma)

    The remnants of The Kalipso Syndicate leave Xak and the others in Shadow Stalker in order to fulfil a powerful and important mission in order to protect their friends and the fate of the human world. Relocating to Cropley Shores to form an army and teach the public more about their world, the Syndicate face prejudice, love rivalry, marriage and death in order for some to escape their pasts and some to find it. Each of them with a common goal and objective, to form a legendary army that no mythology can survive against.

    First read "Shadow Stalker - 4.01 - Dead, Alive, Hello, Goodbye"

    1.01 - Out Of The Curriculum
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    Release Date - 21/12/08
    Since leaving Xak and his friends the remnants of the Syndicate unite in order to stand strong in their new headquarters: a new, and completely different institution in Cropley Shores, which is quickly faced with a persecuting public front. Two additions join the ranks, one from the past and one new, in order to stand strong against the darkness and the light just as a mysterious family show up in town...

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.02 - Have You Met Ms. Rae?"

    1.02 - Flutes And Harps
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    Release Date - 16/3/09
    With Melody and Pan becoming the new additions of the gang they find it difficult to fit in, and they haven’t got long as their presence has not gone un-noticed by the Prime family, who rally a quick resistance against The Constance Kyll Memorial School of Justice. Meanwhile a problem student begins attending classes which threatens the safety of the Syndicate more than they will know.

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.03 - Hearts Of Stone"

    1.03 - Falling On Deaf Ears
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    Release Date - 26/4/09
    After being hit by a spell cast by Nevan Barnes, Elise is stunned to regain her hearing, but for the young Artair girl her new found gift soon becomes a burden too hard to bear. How did this happen? Will she ever be cast into a world of silence again? And will her new found “gift” reveal more about Cherry’s erratic behaviour?

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.04 - Partner"

    1.04 - Bliss
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    Release Date - 3/8/09
    The secret behind Echidna and Pan’s fraudulent marriage is put the test when they are invited to dinner with Edward and Nicola in order to resolve the differences they have with the school. Meanwhile Ursula tries to control the damage she has already caused to her children.

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.05 - The Audit"

    1.05 - The Song
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    Release Date - 6/9/09
    In the wake of the resolution between the school and the protestors, Brogan takes some of the families on an outing to the beach, which ends in tragedy as two lives are lost... It soon becomes clear that there is something brewing beneath the Shores that could prove deadly as the town is lulled into a false sense of security by the song of an ancient mythological creature.

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.06 - Never Ordinary"

    1.06 - Daughters Of Sineya
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    Release Date - 25/10/09
    Melody’s new found equilibrium amongst the Syndicate is put to the test as Cate and Petrina show up for a tough reunion. Meanwhile the rest of the Syndicate deal with the aftermath of the attack and are left to face the students as the school re-opens for the first time since the beach attack and they find themselves faced with two new students joining the ranks...

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.07 - A Long Time Coming"

    1.07 - Family Tree
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    Release Date - 07/02/10
    Shelter’s life is thrown into turmoil when her mother arrives at Cropley Shores and offers her a way out of her immortal purpose. Meanwhile, Trafford is heartbroken, something begins stalking the Syndicate and Arron and Helen befriend Cherry further, issuing her information that could change everything.

    Now read "Shadow Stalker - 4.08 - United We Stand (Special Extended Season Finale)"

    1.08 - Our Patron Saint (Special Extended Season Finale)
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    Release Date - 18/04/10
    The Syndicate are stunned when they open the doors to their school one morning to discover their patron saint, Kalipso, stood waiting on their doorstep and she isn’t happy...
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