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  • East Wick :: INDEX

    East Wick
    Season One Index
    Created by: Dark Ages (KB)

    Banner and Avis by: [erin nicole]

    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell


    Famke Janssen - Selma Eastwick
    Courtney Cox-Arquette - Genevieve 'Geni' Eastwick
    AnnaLynne McCord - Melanie
    and Jared Padalecki as Parker Doven


    East Wick is a small town on a hell mouth, tucked away in the state of Ohio. A young woman, October Eastwick a witch and slayer, comes to the town of East Wick to prevent a major apocalypse coming in the near future brought by her mother, Selma Eastwick. October ‘s journey she will come across a verity of beings. Kat Sherwood, the half demon, flame thrower and her fiancé Asher, a demon hunter and a family of witches. They’ll have to band together when Selma’s covenant blows into town and bringing a whole mess of problems with them.


    1.01/Pilot "The Book of Enrypted Souls"
    Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
    Released: 8/8/08
    - A young woman named (October) comes to the town of East Wick, looking for an answer to saving the town, which will be un ruins in the near future. After searching the town for her answers to her many questions, October discovers that East Wick is on a hell mouth and the seal has to be activated to get a book that will help the town in the battle, that's coming they're way. October will encounter some enemies and friends along the journey to save East Wick.

    1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry"
    Episode Banner By: little albatross
    Released: 9/6/08
    - Witches and warlocks connected to the Cromwell and Eastwick family start to go missing in. October, Kat and Asher put their heads together to try and figure out what's taking these witches and warlocks. When Maureen goes missing, their time is cut limited. Meanwhile; October's aunt and cousin make their way to East Wick, but Selma's not making it easy for them.

    1.03 "Black Blossom" Pt. 1 of 2
    Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
    Released: 10/10/ 08
    - Black Blossom surfaces in East Wick, causing havoc and division in the gang. Meanwhile; October’s past comes back to haunt her.

    1.04 "I'm My Mother's Daughter" Pt. 2 of 2
    Episode BannerBy: DigitalLeonardo
    - It’s a race against time when Black Blossom and October both go after the ‘ Book of Encrypted Souls’ Meanwhile; Darwin’s ex (a member of Black Blossom) takes him hostage and threatens to take his life. Also Spencer is held hostage by the psychotic-vampire, Melanie.

    1.05 "Mr. Reaper Man"
    Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
    Released: 2/22/09
    - A Reaper from another dimension breaks it’s way into East Wick. The Reaper is out and ready to collect the souls that were meant to move on. When some of the gang is on death’s list, it's up to Kat and Asher to try to stop it from happening. Meanwhile: October does a spell that causes her to astral project to Black Blossom’s layer to get more information.

    1.06 "A Black Rose For Christmas"
    Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
    Released: 4/5/09
    - It’s Christmas Eve and it’s not all a good night. A winter blizzard hurls into East Wick, leaving everyone stuck inside their homes on Christmas Eve, besides October. October finds herself trapped with her mother, her sister and with no powers. Meanwhile: Two of the Cromwell's sibling’s comeback into town, causing a family feud.

    1.07 "Behind the Façade”
    Episode Banner By: DigitalLeonardo
    Released: 6/13/09
    -Charles is trying everything in his power to divide The Cromwell’s and the Eastwick’s. Rorri is worried about Charles’s mysterious behavior. Darwin starts back up at High School, meeting a new friend. Carter begins to train October. Meanwhile: Kat returns home, dealing with her father issues.


    1.08 "Withdrew the Dark"
    Episode Banner By: [erin nicole]
    Released: 7/28/09
    - Delilah’s sister; Sasha comes to East Wick to get the demon, Adele, out of her sister’s body. The gang find themselves trapped in Cromwell’s; outside awaiting is Selma and a very pissed off Turok-Han, ready to start the fist wave of War. Charles’s secret is revealed to the Cromwell family.

    1.09 "Our Past Is Here and Near"
    Episode Banner By: [erin nicole]
    Released: 7/28/09
    - Someone from Parker’s secret life comes to surface, causing Darwin’s trust for Parker to cease to exist. Meanwhile: The gang comes together planning to get the ‘Book of Encrypted Souls’ back and try to figure out where to start to bring down Selma and The First.

    1.10 "Quattour Everto"
    Episode Banner By: Obsessed
    Released: 9/10/09
    - Darwin and Parker rekindle their relationship. The Watcher Council sends a group of agents to France to investigate The Temple of Arkold. Meanwhile: A mysterious woman makes a deal with October and Co.

    1.11 "Bitches Of East Wick"
    Episode Banner By: Obsessed
    Released: 1/23/10
    - Darwin, Gretchen, and Abram investigate a group of popular cheerleaders after two out of three of their boyfriends end up mysteriously dead. Meanwhile, October, Carter, and Maureen head to The Watcher's Council to bring Geni back.

    1.12 "Pentagona"
    Episode Banner By: Obsessed
    - The First releases the first of many plagues that causes portals from several hell dimension to open up over East Wick, leaving the town in havoc.

    1.13 "Death Shadows"
    Episode Banner By: Obsessed
    Released: 5/4/2011
    - Darwin deals with Geni's death. October receives a visit from two long lost family members, and Selma's past comes back to bite her in the ass

    1.14 "The Wicked Will Rest At the Unholy Hour"-Season Finale-
    Released: 10/1/2011
    - In the season one finale, October’s father reveals why he faked his death for nineteen years. Darwin comes to terms with his mother’s death and confronts Selma; Kat discovers something new about herself while Carter searches for answers about his future.

    Season One Box Set By DigitalLeonardo
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