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Sorceress of Crimson Falls: Index [completed series]

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  • Sorceress of Crimson Falls: Index [completed series]

    April 17th 2005 – April 22nd 2006

    After being freed from hell in the virtual series: “Raven”, Willow Rosenberg [Alyson Hannigan] and Tara Maclay [Amber Benson] have left Vancouver, British Columbia to journey too Tara’s hometown Crimson Falls, California. On their arrival, Tara is reunited with her old friend Elizabeth “Liz” Wilson-Bloom [Amy Jo Johnson], who has now before a full slayer, and her watcher Edan Midmore [Chaney Kley]. They are both reunited with Andrew Wells [Tom Lenk] who is now a watcher to newly-called-slayer: seventeen year old Kendal Sheers [Kate Todd]. Willow had hoped to return to school and live a demon free life, but with The Maclay’s, Amy Madison, Gods, Shakespeare and long lost daughters arriving in Crimson Falls, Willow and Tara’s normal life is over before it even started.



    These episodes were originally released between 2005 and 2006. These are now being re-released celebrating 5 years! All episodes are presented in their original formats with only slight grammar corrections and a uniform opening credit look. All episodes also have new never before seen TRIVIA! Taken from notes and my own memory of writing these episodes.

    Even though these episodes are older, FEEDBACK is always appreciated!

    1x01: "Return to Crimson Falls"
    Original Air Date: 04-17-2005
    Re-Release: 02-27-2010
    Description: Willow and Tara are trying to make a new home in the town of Crimson Falls, California: the town Tara grew up in. But things go wrong when Beth Maclay [Guest Star Amy Adams], Tara’s cousin and now demon, learns of Tara’s return.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x02: "Spawn"
    Original Air Date: 04-25-2005
    Re-Release: 02-27-2010
    Description: With a long history behind him, Giles’ [Guest Star Anthony Stewart Head] past catches up to him in the form of a long lost daughter, Sonya [Guest Star Adrienne Wilkinson]: a child born with a mixture of magic, rage and rape.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x03: "Witches 3"
    Original Air Date: 05-10-2005
    Re-Release: 02-27-2010
    Description: The plot thickens as Amy Madison emerges from the shadows and begins her plans to destroy Willow, just as she had planned back in Sunnydale.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x04: "A Shakespearian Experience"
    Original Air Date: 06-04-2005
    Re-Release: 02-28-2010
    Description: When Kendal is asked to read Shakespeare’s “A Mid Summer Nights Dream”, she, along with Andrew and Edan, are sucked into book and find themselves lost inside the mystical play where the characters want them dead.
    Written By: Alexander Brown with Travis Simpson

    1x05: "Satisfaction"
    Original Air Date: 07-10-2005
    Re-Release: 02-28-2010
    Description: Angel [Guest Star David Boreanaz] arrives in Crimson Falls seeking out the help of Andrew. But Angel isn’t the only one to visit: Justine Cooper [Guest Star Laurel Holloman] receives a slayer sized power up from Amy and takes the opportunity to finish what she started…
    Written By: Travis Simpson & Alexander Brown

    1x06: "Watched" [1]
    Original Air Date: 08-05-2005
    Re-Release: 08-25-2010
    Description: Edan and Andrew use magic to take away Liz and Kendal’s powers to test them. But the test gets a wrong when Liz and Garrett [Guest Star Nate Richert] are trapped in their home with a vampire. And Willow and Kendal find themselves locked inside the high school, powerless.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x07: "Their Trial" [2]
    Original Air Date: 08-19-2005
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: With Faith’s [Guest Star Eliza Dushku] arrival from the Watcher’s Council, Kendal and Liz quit leaving Andrew and Edan feeling horrible. But when Amy uses magic to turn the slayers evil Faith, Kendal, Vi, Rona and Liz go on the rampage attacking everyone, including Willow and Tara!
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x08: "Infected" [1]
    Original Air Date: 12-10-2005
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: The Deeper Well is broken into and all the elder gods are released into the world. To stop this on going epidemic Tara and Willow call on some old friends from Vancouver to aid them. But things get tougher when Edan, Dee [Guest Star Melissa Galinanos] and Caitlin [Guest Star Caitlin Wachs] are infected and start being taken over
    Written By: Alexander Brown

    1x09: "End of the World as We Know It" [2]
    Original Air Date: 12-28-2005
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: As the elder ones start to awaken Willow, Tara, Leora [Guest Star Kate Beckinsale], Rayne [Guest Star Michael Vartan] and Carmen [Guest Star A.J. Cook] begin to fight back as well as they can do against the Gods. Illyria is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice by the new Keeper of the Well in order to save the world.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x10: "The Common Girl" [3]
    Original Air Date: 01-15-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: The spell Willow, Tara and Leora [Guest Star Kate Beckinsale] cast works and everyone forgets what had happened, except for Kendal, Illyria and the newly restored Fred! Fred returns to the ruins of LA, where she reunites with Angel [Guest Star David Boreanaz] and the graves of Wesley, Spike, Gunn, Cordelia and… Herself. As Fred finds tries to put things together, a pissed off Over Seer attacks the group trying to kill Willow, Tara, Leora and Illyria.
    Written By: Travis Simpson
    Additional Scenes: Joe Sessumes

    1x11: "Down the Aisle"
    Original Air Date: 03-11-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Thinking she is full in love, Kendal agrees to marry Demetrius [Guest Star Nathan Carter], but Demetrius’ intentions aren’t all pure. Willow tries to stop Demetrius herself, but it takes an old friend to help save the slayer in white. Liz is confronted with the painful heartache of missing Garrett [Guest Star Nate Richert]
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x12: "Off to Sunnydale We Go"
    Original Air Date: 03-23-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Having nightmares of Anyanka [Guest Star Emma Caulfield], Tara turns to Diana [Guest Star Stacey Dash] to help her return to the Sunnydale crater to spiritually reunite with her body. Agreeing, Diana sends Tara and Liz to fight the demon Anyanka and her new aid, Kira [Guest Star Kat Dennings] leaving Willow and Fred open for attack by Amy.
    Written By: Travis Simpson
    Additional Scenes: Alexander Brown

    1x13: "Remember Me, Tomorrow"
    Original Air Date: 03-26-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Pissed and motivated, Amy suits up to kill! To try and stop her, Willow, Tara, Liz, Fred, Edan and Kendal will try anything as the battle thickens with the first of four final episodes of season 1.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x14: "Forgive, Forget, Forever"
    Original Air Date: 04-06-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Tara mourns the loss of her best friend with magic trying to bring back the dead slayer. With the rest of the group in sorrow, Amy sets out on an attack on the Endless. Willow and Fred travel to the world of the Endless to stop Amy’s new partner in crime, Azrial [Guest Star Jacob Young] before he is able to get all the powers and bring forth the end.
    Written By: Travis Simpson

    1x15: "Vamped: Part I"
    Original Air Date: 04-10-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Part One of Two Season Finale Event! With the Endless powers drained, Amy Madison takes this chance to call forth the Kage gods with Azrial [Guest Star Jacob Young] and Ruseiya [Guest Star Bonnie Dennison], while they mess around with darkness, Tara, Willow and the gang are ready for a battle, but take one night to relax at a local club; while Angel [Guest Star David Boreanaz] and Illyria investigate the Endless and Azrial.
    Written By: Travis Simpson
    Additonal Scenes: Amber Rose

    1x16: "Vamped: Part II"
    Original Air Date: 04-22-2006
    Re-Release: ---
    Description: Part Two of Two Season Finale Event! Tara now a demon of the night and under the control of Amy, the group must quickly plot away to save Tara! Not only do they have to worry about Amy, Azrial [Guest Star Jacob Young] has also brought forth the darkest Kage Gods, which Angel [Guest Star David Boreanaz] and Illyria are ready to fight!
    Written By: Travis Simpson
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