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    Post feedback for NoZones' fics in here

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    Here's what I've posted here so far:

    Buffy and Angel Get Married

    Spuffy Day

    Maybe the Lies Are True

    Cowboy Bebop At His Computer
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      Spuffy Day

      This is...interesting, I'll admit. So, Spike paid the Dollhouse to create a Buffy active for him, like when he had Warren create the buffybot for him? I like this premise, and it seems plausible, but only in the timeline of Seasons 4 and 5.

      Also, the idea of the Dollhouse existing in the Buffyverse is a lot to wrap my head around. Interesting idea, though. Still, there's no way Spike could ever afford to utilize the Dollhouse's services.

      Also, you didn't really address in your story why it is Buffy would ever join the Dollhouse to begin with. What could happen to her that is so terrible she's make that decision?

      Interesting idea, though.
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