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Feedback for tangent

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    About the Mission :

    It was very interesting. At first, when I start to read abut Jen I was thinking that she is one of the new slayer girls. The way how you have described her feelings and her experience, her new power, confusion - it was writting very good. I always was thinking that it is the way how feels the new slayers / potential, when they become a slayers / . You manage to fool me . And then, when I read she is actually a newborn vampire I was very surprised . And just now I realized how close are these two stuff - to be a vampire and to be a vampire slayer. The both are full of darkness. You described it very well.
    I`m not sure if I understand right - does Jen was killed by Buffy in the end ? Or you don`t tell us with purpose ? I actualy start to like her.
    Also I wanna say that your idea about army of vamps is pretty clever. In S 2 / I think it was in episode Ted / , Buffy said that the vamps are pathetic . And Giles answered ....." And that`s why there is only one slayer ....... " . But i never belive in this - the vamps are so much stupid. I.e. The Master, Darla, Spike / I don`t count Dru, she was insane/ , Angelus - they are not stupid at all. That `s why they manage to survive for so long.
    I only don`t like the description about the "New world " which Jen was imagine. It already had happened - in episode " The wish " and I think it is a little cliche . And this cattle and cow - people - like people in Pilea / ATS/ . Are you kidding me ?

    I think it will be nice to see a new war between THE ARMY OF VAMPIRES against THE ARMY OF THE SLAYERS. I like this idea ! Do you going to continue this fic ?
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      Thanks for the feedback! I started this this one off with the idea of the slayer/vampire fake out and making my hero a vamp and my villain Buffy. Then I realised that i could work in the comparison between slayers and vamps and how alike in some way they are, so i'm glad that all came out.

      I'm also glad that Jen came across as a sympathetic character although sadly she didn't make it out of the fic, commiting a kind of suicide due to her conviction and loyalty to Anna's cause.

      As for continuing, wel it was designed as a standalone but there's something more long term that i'm working on presently and, who knows, i might find a way to work the idea in there somehow.

      thanks again.

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