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Feedback for Firecracker

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  • Feedback for Firecracker

    Post feedback for Firecracker's fics in here

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    This series takes place a few weeks after the battle against the First, the gang's life in Sunnydale begins to return normal... (well as normal as it gets for them anyway) when a new slayer comes into their lives, coming from a future she has been sent to change. New enemies as well as old will begin to make their presence known and we will learn more about Hope and who's side she is truly on. A few changes were made to the out come of the battle against the First but I promise all will be revealed at the end so hang in there I promise not to dissapoint.

    All feedback is welcome.

    Future's Hope: Enter Hope.
    Summary: After The First is defeated and the Slayers are called a mysterious girl arrives in Sunnydale coming from a future she has been sent to change.

    Future's Hope: Into the Woods
    Summary: Second in the series, The gang investigate a series of murders after a third body is found, and the slayers get more that they bargained for when the enter the woods.

    Futures Hope: Return to Chaos
    Summary: Third in the series taking place after Chosen. After creating an army of evil slayers an old enemy returns seeking revenge on the Slayer and her Watcher, and Hope's loyalties are questioned.

    Future's Hope: Blind Sided.
    Summary: A fight with a demon has some serious consequences for Faith, and Hope proves that she is someone to be counted on.
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      I don't know if this is the right section for it or not, but I wanted to say your.' untitled.' project I liked where that was going and wanted to see more.. makes me wonder what kind of blending in your character had to do, and samuel seems so intresting as well, I hope someday you show us, or myself more of that writing... also for the time you have it up here, off subject your damon banner/icon is very cute.
      "It's Morph'in Time!"