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  • #16
    This is a good job Alex, and I love your Buffy continuations as well as the continuations of Angel. I cannot wait for your AtS S7. Looking forward to it.

    An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
    Coming Soon!!


    • #17
      It´s preety cool, by the way each episode from your season 8 coincides with wich episodes from the angel season 5?


      • #18
        Well Alex...I hope you start Season 7 cuz you have a giant fan calling
        And Everyone is Curious


        • #19
          I'm also waiting for season 7.
          Come on, we're curious to see what's next.
          But doing that must be prety difficult smetimes, so theres no mather that it's taking you so long.


          • #20
            So i was wondering something about the Alternate Fred.
            I mean what exactly happened in her world to the Fang Gang and Buffy's crew?