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    Double Dutchess
    These things did not bother me at all. In canon S4 (Harsh Light of Day) we also see Spike back without Drusilla, and as a leader with a bunch of minions. I don't really see the difference with this story.
    That's true but he is still pining after Dru and whining to Harmony about how she dumped him. And the Gem of Amarra scheme is, in the end, nothing but a scheme to win Dru back again. He certainly is ruthless and evil in season 4 too if you think about how he tortured Angel. But he is also a bit pathetic like he was in Lovers Walk. That's what is completely missing in this story.

    Here also, the show had the same inconsistencies, so this doesn't bother me any more than it did on the show.
    That's true. there is absolutely no explanation why Spike had Buffy on her back and his teeth oin her neck in Out Of my Mind.

    A prime example of "talking big", I think.

    About Jeremiah I agree, his only purpose was to point out to Buffy that Spike was evil. I think the story could have done without him. Were did you get that Jeremiah was drinking pig's blood though? I thought he did say that he was killing people.
    I went back and looked at the fic again and you are right. he admits that he is killing people (to survive). He appeared to be such a nice guy and Buffy never staked him. That must have been why I assumed he can't be killing - lol.

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