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New suggestions for the Spuffy fanfiction discussion group

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  • New suggestions for the Spuffy fanfiction discussion group

    Hi y'all,

    this is the thread where you can suggest a fic to be read and discussed in our fanfic discussion group. If you have a fic on your mind you like to talk about, please let us know! We are always looking for stories we can discuss. Please add - if possible - a link where the fic can be found and a word count. Optionally you can also enclose a short summary or the rating, season or genre of the story.

    Below you will find a list of the stories we have already read together as well as a list of the stories that we intend to read in the future. There is also a list of fics that are under consideration for a group reading.

    List of previous discussions

    A Better Man by Sunalso 13th April 2018

    Adieu, A Dew, I Do by Lizerrrbeathan 20th April 2018

    Journeys: A Promise To A Lady, by Mary 4th of May 2018

    Journeys: Awakenings, by Mary 11th of May 2018

    The Other Side Of Midnight by Holly 25th May 2018

    Wooded Path by Linnae13 1st June 2018

    Seven short fics within two weeks from 15th June 2018

    Long day`s Journey by anaross 13th July 2018

    Reflections by MsClawdia 20th July 2018

    Walking Midnight by aadler starting 1st August 2018

    Ahead of her Time by haylecc 3rd August 2018

    Colors by anaross starting 17th August 2018

    sex, lies and sonograms by Sabershadowkat starting 31th August 2018

    Debriefing Dana/Slayers memories by Hello_Spikey starting 21st September 2018

    Turn and Face the Strain series by Quinara

    - Part I The More Things Stay the Same starting 5th October 2018

    - Part II As Good as a Rest starting 12th October 2018

    - Part II Turn and Face the Strain starting 19th October 2018

    Whose Torment is this, Anyway? by Rebcake starting 2nd November 2018

    Life Harsh/Life Hard by Soulburnt starting whenever you are ready

    Home is where they Have to Let You In by slaymesoftly starting 9th November 2018

    Super Food World by Valerie X starting 23rd of November 2018

    Christmas Rage by TheEnemyOfReality starting 7th of December 2018

    The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead starting 14th of December 2018

    Marking Time by annapurna_2 starting 22nd of December 2018

    Siren Song by Morgana starting 18th of January 2019

    Bitty Buffy and Mr Gordo Make an Impression by HCB starting 15th March 2019

    Do you Believe? by Rebcake starting 29th March 2019

    Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander starting 5th April 2019

    Fin Amour by Angearia starting 12th April 2019

    Are We Just Friends?/Just A Summer Romance by slaymesoftly starting 26th of April 2019

    Hunger by sunalso starting 3rd of May 2019

    Strip Snap by Lilachigh 70 k starting 24th of May 2019

    Ties That Bind by rainsrabble starting 12th of July 2019

    Autumn's Advancing by Cosmic Tuesdays 12k words starting 26th of July 2019

    Fixing The Factors by ImmortallySpuffy 113k starting 9th of August 2019

    Green Smoke And Empty Mirrors by apprenticebard 42k starting 30th August 2019

    The Ethnocentrism of Vampthropology by Touchstoneaf 46k words starting 13th September 2019

    Paper Promise by Jess Marie 31k starting 11th of October 2019

    A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat 26k starting 18th of October 2019

    Six Foot Deep by Kita 15k starting 25th of October 2019

    Lost In Time by seductiveembrace 170k, starting 15th Novenber 2019

    Can I Rest Now by Eve 8k, starting 22nd November 2019

    Let Nothing You Dismay by Constance 20k starting 6th December 2019

    Merry Christmas Spike by Dutchbuffy 42k, starting 20th December 2019

    That I May Cease To be by cousinjean 18k,
    starting 7th February 2020

    Clearance by Treacle Antlers 17k, starting 21st February 2020

    Scars by JamesMFan 69k,
    starting 13th March 2020

    Next to be discussed

    Best Laid Plans by LavenderBixby 102k

    Si Primo Venit by KittenOfDoomage 133k

    Carnivorous Carnival by Bewildered

    A New Dawn by kally77 42k on AO3

    Affinity by Ginmar 45 chapters on AllAboutSpike

    And Here We Go Round Again by Megan 122k

    Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandoned by Loup Noir 159k

    The Cyrano Factor by medievalchic 81k

    Love and Blackmail by Lirazel 15k

    Driving Till Dawn by PrettyPoppy (one-shot)

    Achilles Heel by Elizabeth (one-shot)

    The Waiting Season by Annie Sewell-Jennings 11k

    Previously suggested:
    Demons I Have Known by Gwennie
    Etched in Stone by Flowerofthewolf
    Frontierland by Gort
    Dreamer by Gort
    Always come back to you by Baphrosia
    Echoes by Holly
    Blood Of the Sire by BuffymeetsSpike
    Beloved in Blood by Holly
    Prophecy And Warmth by TheBear
    What If I Loved You? by slaymesoftly
    Prologue To Life/I know You by slaymesoftly
    Not a One Night Stand by slaymesoftly
    Buffy, Season Noir by Anna S.
    The Chiaroscuro series by Miss Murchinson 285k words
    Offers You Can't Refuse by sweetprincipale 256k words
    Origins by niamh 131k words

    We usually start discussions on a Friday. The discussions take place in a separate thread for each story. I will create the thread a week or two (depending on the length of the story) before the discussion takes place. You are very welcome to join us. We would be happy to see you around!

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    I have some more fics to suggest for our little fanfic club. Please let me know what you'd like to read:

    The Waiting Season by Annie Sewell-Jennings 11k

    This Story is by a very well known Spuffy writer from times past who usually gets a lot of praise. Her fics are said to be rather dark. I think her most famous stories are Hard Candy and The Ballad of Joan and Randy. This story is a prequel to another story called Waking The Dead. The sequel unfortunately is a permanent WIP.

    Spiegel im Spiegel by fallowdoe 51k

    This story is a bit longer but still a rather short novel-length piece. I can't remember how I stumbled across it, who recced it to me or in which season it even takes place. The thing that caught my attention in the first place was probably the title which is German and means something like "Mirror in the mirror". It's also the title of a 70s composition which might or might not be referenced.

    Driving Till Dawn by PrettyPoppy
    This was a Seasonal Spuffy entry in 2018. I have no word count but it is rather short and I presume Dawn will make an appearance.

    Shards: A Series by Europania 36k words
    Buffy travels through dimensions post Chosen and meets other versions of Spike.

    When One Door Closes by married_n_mich 11k
    This is an Anne-fic, meaning Buffy has left Sunnydale after becoming Part 2 and now works as an waitress. It's one of my favorite Spuffy fic tropes.

    Achilles Heel by Elizabeth
    Another story I bookmarked for later reading and don't actually remember why or how or who recced it to me. It seems to be season 4ish and rather short.

    I would proceed with Clearance by Treacle Antlers next if everyone is fine with it.


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      Thanks as always for putting time into looking out fic read ideas flow.

      I think I've only read one fic by Annie Sewell before (Illumination), so I'd be happy to read another of hers. My only reservation on this one is whether it works as a story in its own right as it is a prequel. I would be disappointed if it ended feeling like it was a WIP as the sequel isn't complete.

      I'm less interested in Spiegel so I think it would depend on how busy I was. My understanding of that one is that it is a post apocalyptic world following The Gift. I do have a copy, it just hasn't appealed to me to read it so far. Again with Shards, it doesn't appeal to me as much, so would probably depend on how much free time I had.

      I'd go with Driving Till Dawn. I really like out of Sunnydale stories and have read When One Door Closes before so possibly wouldn't join in with that one. Achilles Heel is another I've read before but would be interested to see how/if my response to this one has changed, so I'd try to find the time for that one.

      Happy to go with Clearance next.


      • #4
        I am happy to read anything. I've read at least one of these fics, but am happy to re-read.


        • #5
          I'll read anything. I do love Joan and Randy. Has our group ever read a Jandy story?

          I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


          • Priceless
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            I'm sue we must have

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          Priceless: Do you have a good Ariane story you'd like to rec for our group read?

          GoSpuffy: Do you have a specific Jandy story in mind? I have read some myself but I have yet to find the one and only perfect Jandy story. It's difficult to write Jandy. They are too flawless. So sweet and in love The one I mentioned by Annie Sewell-Jennings isn't strictly speaking a Jandy story.

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            I have been looking for Jandy stories as per GoSpuffy's request and found Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by Kallysten and Kantarya. It's about 68k words and complete on AO3. Is anyone up for reading this?

            Shall we proceed with Scars which has a 69k word count? I would create the thread next Friday and give everyone two weeks before the discussion starts. But since it is a longer fic, please feel free to already start reading now if you want to. from next Friday on you can also start making comments while you are going through the story and hide the comments under spoilers until the discussion opens.

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            • #8
              I'm happy to read anything flow


              • #9
                I read the Tabula Rasa story before and I'm not sure I'd read it again, but obviously that doesn't stop everyone else. I'm inconsistent in managing to join anyway. But I'm looking forward to rereading Scars so I'll try to get that read in time for sure.