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That I May Cease To Be by cousinjean starting on 7th February 2020

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    Cousinjean is one of the (many) Spuffy fanfic authors who have also published original fiction. She writes paranormal novels and you can find her website here:

    She is indeed not English but was born and raised in Oklahoma and now lives in Arkansas according to her website. The twenty pounds did totally escape my notice. Yeah, it must have been a fortune back then.
    That's great. I love to hear of fanfic writers who've published their own fiction. I'm sure she'd have a good editor who'd have picked up on these anomalies in her original fiction.


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      Originally posted by Stoney View Post
      I think I've read a few where a Charles or Charlie is used in fics that do time travel. I'm pretty sure this was true for a friend of William's in A Different Kind of Hell by offyourbird, if you've read that one. Charles takes Buffy to the party in it I think.
      Yes, thats the one! Thank you for reminding me.