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Can I Rest Now? by eve starting 22nd November 2019

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  • Can I Rest Now? by eve starting 22nd November 2019

    I am back to short stories for our group read - lol.

    We will be discussing

    Can I rest now? by eve starting on 22nd November 2019.

    Summary: A little look at Spike's life after Not fade away and what destiny awaits him.

    Word count: 8483

    Dear eve, if you have found your way to this thread, please be so kind as to read this:!

    before you proceed. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel welcome to join in the discussion. We would be delighted and honored.

    ................................ Banner by buffylover

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    What the hell have I just read? This has to be one of the weirdest and most ridiculous fics ever. I'm glad it's very short.


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      I think Eve must have been quite young when she wrote this. It has a charm about it, and isn't pretending to be anything it isn't. It's not got a lot of depth, but it's not that kind of story, though I think somewhere along the line Eve wanted Spike to be Angel-lite, which is why she turned him into an angel maybe?

      It's like an outline for a much longer fic. Most stories need a damn good editor to cut them down, this needed an editor to give us more chapters and story


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        Well, erm, okay. I just read this over lunch and there isn't much to it. Like Pricey said it is like an outline as none of the developments are built towards. The idea of Spike being used by the powers to help guide others eventually leading him back to Buffy is a fair enough idea but the execution of this is so utterly fluffy. There's a good amount of pretty cheesy aspects that I think are supposed to seem deeply romantic but just fall flat for me and don't really sit well against the tone of how I see Buffy and Spike's relationship. The diamond ring made from his dust because they were soul mates, her never moving on/dating but simply mourning him for a decade, the claim and immortality for them both, all spring to mind. And all his kisses are perfect and she under appreciated his love of course too. I genuinely laughed out loud when his wings beating in time with his thrusts raised them off the bed. Too little content, lacking characterisation I recognise and depth, a little bit of idealising of Spike and vilifying of Buffy thrown in too and waaaay too sugary/corny. It's a shame as that basic outline could have been interesting but a light fic leading to the claim/immortalisation of them as soul mates seems the purpose of the fic. I'm sure some would love it but it's not a story for me.
        Last edited by Stoney; 22-11-19, 02:29 PM.


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          I agree, the premise is good. Spike is put into 'purgatory' and has to earn his place in heaven - that could be built on for several chapters. He really didn't need the wings, but they could give him is duster and he could meet people who need his help, and these people could mirror his own life . . . sure this is the premise for several tv shows over the years.

          Buffy needs to have moved on. Definitely. So it's really not simple when Spike is sent to help Tam, he sees that Buffy might be married, might have kids, might be in a long term relationsip with Satsu/Angel/Joe Bloggs . . . anything but the mourning we got.

          I really think Eve had the seed of a good fic here, but was too young and too rushed to write it.


          • #6
            This story is wonderful wishfulfilment. It's basically everything you could ever ask for. Spike has all the ups of being a vampire - strength, speed, hearing - without the downs. He can walk in the sunlight, he can't be killed, he can't be injured. And on top of all this he even got wings. And he gets Buffy. We don't really know what Buffy has done to recieve the same reward and become a super immortal too but it's probably mostly for the sake of Spike. After all he surely wouldn't want to spend eternity alone. The writer knows that immortality can get boring after a few millenia and therfore they both get yet another reward. Whenerver they want they can just move on to a higher plane.

            It's really very sweet. But it's not earned. I have read quite a few wingfics since I dived into the Lucifer fandom. Wings can be quite sexy. I don't remember having read about sex in midair ever before though. Oh, wait. I have. In Buffy season 8. But the less is said about the that, the better....

            Anyway, what i really wanted to say is that Lucifer is struggeling with his wings. They are a burden to him, a physical deficiency. He cuts them off multiple times and it takes four seasons until he can accept them as part of what he is. That's what makes his wings interesting. He has earned them in more than one way.

            ................................ Banner by buffylover


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              I havent read this yet, life got in the way. Maybe later

              I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


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                Originally posted by GoSpuffy View Post
                I havent read this yet, life got in the way. Maybe later
                It's a really quick read GoSpuffy . . . if these reviews haven't put you off starting


                • #9
                  As flow said, this was clearly utter wish fullfilment, in the sense that Spike got everything the author ever wished for him (wings, redemption, forgiveness, immortality and of course Buffy). I've got to say the idea of Spike with wings is not unappealing, and the banner was quite yummy. The first two chapters read like a story summary. In particular Buffy's loooong monologue in Ch.2 was quite awkward. In Ch. 3 it became more like a real story, but I had to LOL at all the Scoobies bursting into Buffy's bedroom all at exactly the same time. I only skim-read Ch.4, and sadly I missed the levitation bit. That sounds fun!